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The Milestones Issue ISSUE No 30 | SPRING 2021 Celebrating local shopping, dining, arts, events, and community

Fun to spare

Make the Grand your go-to destination for fun activities paired with delectable food and specialty cocktails. The fun doesn’t stop at boutique bowling; you can enjoy board games, arcade games, and a self-serve taproom with local brews and wine. Embedded in 140 years of rich history, the Grand has everything you need for an unforgettable outing.

Plan your next corporate function, birthday party, or intimate gathering at The Grand!


1621 Main Street


I N T H I S I S S U E So much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to! Join us in showering our small businesses with love as they pass impressive milestones this spring.

Fig Authentic

COVER: An ode to Columbia’s small business owners and their unwavering commitment to making our city a place we remain proud to call home. To get your own postcard, visit

We are honored to have spoken with Mayor Steve Benjamin about his administration’s continued efforts to keep our local economy blooming. 16

What will you celebrate? What are you doing to rejuvenate this spring? Read on for a list of curated solutions you can find right here in the heart of Columbia.



Celebrating Milestones We're in awe of the remarkable resilience shown by our small businesses almost a year after facing one of the greatest challenges to their longevity. With the spring season comes huge milestones worthy of joyous celebration for our community!

Fresh Face: Tulip Boutique 37 Self Care Calling: encouraging words from Jill Smith & Associates Counseling 50 Adapting for this COVID age: Joye in Aiken 51 Our 2021 Social Mission Partner: Congaree Riverkeeper 63 And of course great shopping, dining, arts, events, and community— as always. Keep Reading



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Marking Columbia's

Milestones Welcome to the Spring issue of Fig: the “Milestones” issue.

Pictured: Detail of the mural "Balancing Act" by Paul Yanko. See more of the mural on page 27!

A note from Fig

A milestone is a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place. So as I sat to brainstorm this issue and write this letter, literal mile markers came to mind. We’ve reached 1 year since our state began shutting down for COVID-19. Six years ago, after having my first son, I decided I wanted to get in shape so that I could keep up with him as he got older— specifically with running. I couldn’t run 2 minutes straight without getting out of breath. So, I signed up for a race with my best girlfriends and started working out every day. On June 13, 2015, I “ran” my very first 5k. I was nervous, I felt like I was going to throw up, I didn’t think I was going to make it, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. At one point my friends stopped to walk with me and urged me to keep going… and when I wanted to quit, they grabbed my hand and literally ran with me across the finish line. I will never forget that moment. As I look back on this past COVID-19 anniversary year, it feels a lot like my first 5k. It hurts, I cry, I feel like my heart ISSU E 30


Spr ing 2021

is going to beat out of my chest… and yes, sometimes it’s tempting to quit. And then there’s my family, team, clients, coaches, and friends that come alongside me to encourage me, to continue pushing forward—not to give up! Whether you’re a parent that is figuring out working remotely while helping your kids with virtual school, or a small business balancing the safety of your team/clients while keeping the work going and money coming in, or a person grieving that they couldn’t attend a life celebration—like the birth of a baby, the wedding of a granddaughter, or the funeral of a loved one—we see you. We want to be an encouragement and say this pain is temporary. I marvel at the beautiful resiliency and generosity we’ve seen in our community. Columbia has rallied to keep our small businesses open, our non-profits operating, and our homeless sheltered in place, always with an outreaching hand to those that have had to be isolated—like our senior community. We truly are stronger together. STRENGTH FOR TODAY, BRIGHT HOPE FOR TOMORROW, BRYNLEY FARR & THE FIG TEAM

/ Columbia, Sout h Carolina

/ T he M ilestones Issue


TRUST, STABILITY, QUALITY Not sure what health insurance benefits to offer your employees? Don’t worry — BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina can help!

Business-Minded Plans n Comprehensive dental program with a strong network of dentists n

Largest provider network in South Carolina


Low drug copayments and expansive covered drug list


Low copayments for urgent care at Doctors Care clinics


$500 extra for preventive services


Flexible health coverage options

BlueCross — a name South Carolinians have trusted for more than 74 years.


We are thankful to be a small business supporter for Fig Magazine. We understand the power of local! We work with agents all over the state of South Carolina to make sure your business has the right coverage at an affordable price.

Visit or call us today at 833-271-6661 to get in touch with a local agent.

stephanie defreese, vice president of agency sales

wes levitt, director of small group

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

paul povey, marketing manager

Allie Beads

Marie Oliver

An Orijinal Look

Mignonne Gavigan

Buddha Girl



Misa Los Angeles




Sheridan French

A refreshing & fun boutique experience L I K E FA S H I O N B U T H AT E S H O P P I N G ? We bet you haven’t been to Scout & Molly's, where you can experience a warm and inviting boutique experience you won’t get anywhere else. With a plethora of designer brands, diverse silhouettes, friendly stylists, and an experienced owner to guide you in the right direction, you’ll discover that finding a garment that makes you feel beautiful can be a lot of fun. Forget about selfconsciousness and say hello to self-esteem!


4840 Forest Drive



DYK: you can pick up flowers at Fern's studio on Devine Street Monday through Friday, or have them delivered right to you!

Your neighborhood flower shop

K N O W N F O R B R E AT H TA K I N G F L O R A L A R R A N G E M E N T S at weddings and events around town, owner Sarah Shell and her team at Fern Floral & Event Design can brighten up every day, every home, and every occasion with their vibrant floral arrangements. Allow their floral designers to create a compote or wrapped bouquet for you, or drop by on Thursdays for their weekly flower bar! 2855 Devine Street



The 1600 block of Main Street, 1967. Image courtesy of Russell Maxey Collection, Richland Library.

Cheers to 3 years! It's so much more than a mint on your pillow. Opt for handcrafted guest experiences wrapped in new age and retro design charm. Since opening in 2018 under the ownership and creative direction of husband-and-wife duo Marcus and Rita, Hotel Trundle has provided a one-of-a-kind historic destination where your Columbia staycation dreams can come true.

Cocktails, sunsets, and skylines Wine and dine in style at this Instagram paradise with dreamy rooftop views atop a historic building on Main Street. You'll want everything on the chef-designed menu featuring fun twists on classic, ethically sourced flavors. Did we mention luxe, house-made cocktails?

1224 Taylor Street


1649 Main Street


Bridal Services

Spray Tans


Skin Treatments

On Site Makeup




Photo taken at Immersion SC on Main Street

Beautiful, anywhere Pout is the place you already know and love as your one stop shop for skin and makeup needs, but did you know that their experienced stylists can bring it all to you? They deliver all of the high end products and cult favorites that are the signature of the Pout experience right to your door to create dazzling, long-lasting looks for your wedding, birthday party, private event, sweet sixteen, or bat mitzvah. You can relax and enjoy being pampered knowing Pout’s glam squad will help you look your best, no matter what you are celebrating. 2738 Devine Street




Stronger together

Cardio Strength Training Functional Training Coaching Fitness Assessments 24-Hour Access

What are your milestone goals? Need to step up your fitness game? Whether you love team workouts or need personal training, join Anytime Fitness and find a supportive community that will help you reach your fitness goals well beyond the weight room. Anytime members also enjoy 24/7 access to gym amenities, so you'll never have to worry about gym hours again. 12

2808 Devine Street


Elevate your fitness base Achieve new health and fitness milestones that you never dreamed possible at Basecamp this Spring when they open their doors to our Columbia community. Coowned and operated by local fitness enthusiasts Drew Mobley and Susanne Hicklin, the group fitness classes at Basecamp are quick and effective, and will challenge you in new ways to enhance your strength, cardio, and core. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking for a fresh take on your workouts, Basecamp’s exercises are designed for all skill levels and abilities to be able to grow. Go all in with Basecamp and sign up to start your fitness journey with them this Spring during their grand opening!

Pictured above: Whitney Nonn, Studio Manager, Drew Mobley, Owner-Operator, Susanne Hicklin, Owner-Operator

Coming Spring 2021! 13

Photo taken at Papa Jazz in Five Points


You're invited

The fearless event planners behind By Invitation Only blend luxury and approachability to create a seamless event experience for you and your guests. Whether you want to incorporate your vintage vinyl collection or savor freshly-made cocktails, Melanie Murphy, Ashly Gregor, and their mighty group of associates will make sure that your milestone celebration is filled with details that are uniquely you.


701 Whaley Street #104


Southern glamour at its best Planning an event? Let Southern Way do the work. Southern Way Catering has decades of catering experience, creative menus, and a dedicated team that will ensure your event is a success.

Weddings Private Dinners Events Corporate

Celebrating 40 years!

100 East Exchange Boulevard



Authentic | Leading the way through innovation and example

Authentic Mayor Steve Benjamin COMMUNITIES ARE DEFINED BY THEIR S M A L L B U S I N E S S E S . Indeed, the experiences that our local companies allow us to share, from food to arts and culture, are the cornerstones of the City of Columbia for residents and visitors alike. At a time when multinational corporations double in profit as a result of an exponential increase in online sales, Mayor Steve Benjamin reminds us of why it’s so vital to support both new and older small businesses that have been a part of Columbia’s history and character for decades, if not over a century. “Some multinational companies are truly amazing, but they don’t define the character of a community anywhere close to the way a small local business does,” says Mayor Benjamin. “And even more importantly, small businesses add that flavor, that spunk, the character to who Columbia is. I think they are an essential part of defining who we are.” Mayor Benjamin understands that it’s difficult to champion the cause of supporting local without raising awareness of both the effects of the pandemic on small businesses and the crucial role that they play in Columbia’s ecosystem. “The vast majority of our citizens are employed in small businesses,” Mayor Benjamin explains. “And I will tell you, I am bothered by the idea that we might be losing so much of our talent to other places across the country. I want to at least do my part to continue building a city and a true community where both young and senior professionals can succeed.” Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City of Columbia acted early in support of our local businesses and nonprofits in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak. In March, they passed our very first Resilient Columbia sustainability plan, which quickly injected a million and a half dollars into the local economy. Such early initiatives supported over three hundred small businesses very quickly, getting money out the door


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FOREVER TO THEE Did you know that UofSC is Mayor Steve Benjamin's alma mater? His service in Columbia started back in 1990 as Student Body President, twenty years before being appointed Mayor of Columbia in a record turnout election.

into the hands of small-business owners, as well as forgivable loans to help them make it through the earliest and most difficult parts of the pandemic, when shutdowns were very common throughout the country. A year after the beginning of the first coronavirus lockdown, the Mayor continues to ensure that our small businesses have the ability to operate, the capital to pay their employees uninterruptedly, and some flexibility with loans and restrictions that may otherwise not have been the order of the day, all without losing sight of his long-term goals for Columbia. “It sounds rather cliché, especially for an elected official to say it, but at our core, we want to be a clean city. A safe city. A city where people want to live, work, play, and prosper,” states Mayor Benjamin. “We hope to have a city that continues to develop responsibly and equitably in all of the ways that we want to see. And I believe that means that we have to continue to selfishly invest in our small-business capital.” The ongoing health and economic crisis hasn’t been the first major challenge of Mayor Benjamin’s political career. In fact, he was first elected to serve the people of Columbia at the end of the Great Recession, when he was in charge of making some very difficult decisions to help the community fully bounce back from one of the worst chapters of its then recent history. Ten years later, his administration hasn’t been anything short of transformational for our city.

“We have been able to balance our books and finish eight of the last ten years of the budget in surplus. We have made unprecedented investments not only in infrastructure and public safety, but also in arts and culture. In fact, we have been able to redefine our creative culture and class here. Most importantly, we have used every single opportunity that we’ve had to speak to the strength of diversity and inclusion, especially against the winds of intolerance and divisiveness that we’ve seen across the country.” Besides major infrastructure revitalizations and improvements for several social and professional groups, Mayor Benjamin’s greatest career achievement has been helping to establish Columbia as one of the most talented, educated, and entrepreneurial cities of the New South. “More and more people, both internally and externally, are starting to realize exactly how special this city is, like I did when I first got here, as a 17-year-old student, wet behind the ears, freshman at the University of South Carolina. I think that’s probably been the most significant psychological, mental, and emotional achievement over the last 10 years,” he explains. “There are so many great things, but I do believe that just having reasons to continue believing that this place is special, that we are the State’s capital, that we are the heart and soul of South Carolina and represent its strength and its diversity, is probably our greatest achievement.”

Although small-business owners continue to look towards an uncertain future, the Mayor believes that we still hold the power to step up and support them together as a true community. “The reality is that, if you do it right, you can indeed support small businesses,” Mayor Benjamin adds. “You can save money while doing it, and you can also play an incredible role in helping many of our businesses survive through what’s been one of the greatest challenges they’ve ever seen.” As a self-proclaimed optmist, he also believes that our best days are ahead of us: "We will make sure that we work together to build a city that our younger generations can continue to be proud of and excited about. A place they can trumpet to their friends wherever they go off to, and when they are able to make their own choices, Columbia will at least be one of the top options for them." When it comes to supporting small and saving local, Mayor Benjamin leads by example. He and his family love to head to Cakes LaMo’r and NoMa By Al Amir on North Main Street to fulfill their carb cravings. As pescatarians, they also love eating at seafood stalwarts like Blue Marlin. The most exciting thing they do on weekends? Hanging out at Soda City on Main Street and seeing the wonderful diversity of food options available right here in the heart of Columbia. Wherever he leads, we will follow.

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F R O M H O M E F U R N I T U R E T O A C C E S S O R I E S A N D E V E R Y T H I N G I N B E T W E E N , The Gilded Frog has a myriad of interior design options to spruce up your house, maximize your indoor space, and invigorate your personal environment. Columbia native Christina DeMates Byers understands the impact of furnishing a house. She will help you channel your inner interior designer, and work closely with you as you mix textiles, lighting, original local art, and unique accessories to create a one-of-a-kind space. 18

3137 Forest Drive


Full-service salon Weddings and special events

The magic is in the process A F T E R T R AV E L I N G T H E W O R L D in pursuit of topquality cosmetology education and professional experience, owner and stylist Barri Thompson decided to found process. in 2014 to bring premier salon services to Columbia. Over the last 7 years, her business has grown to encompass comprehensive hair care solutions for all hair types and needs, attracting team talent from all over the country to leave you looking and feeling your best.

Makeup by Pout MUA: Diana Shelton

When we opened our doors almost seven years ago, I never imagined the amazing response we would receive from new and existing guests. Our mantra is “good vibes, great hair” and our clients are just as responsible for that culture as our stylists are. I’m wildly in love with the sense of community everyone experiences at process. — Barri Thompson

3143 Forest Drive



From left: Robert F. Goings, Jessica L. Gooding, Christian E. Boesl, Christopher M. Paschal

Going all out for you The Goings Law Firm, LLC has earned a reputation as one of the preeminent litigation firms in South Carolina, as recognized in legal publications such as Super Lawyers®, Best Lawyers®, and Martindale-Hubbell ®. This Columbia-based team of accomplished, trusted, and experienced attorneys and legal professionals are here to help you and your family in times of tragedy that result in significant injury or death.



1510 Calhoun Street


Castangia Holderness & Bourne Emanuel Berg Eton H. Freeman Luciano Barbera Oxxford Clothes Scabal Zanella

Swing into great style B E AT T H E T O P O F YO U R G A M E when it comes to your wardrobe with the guidance of menswear experts Brent Skinner and Josh Colvin. BP Skinner Clothiers has clothing, shoes, and accessories for every season and occasion—warm spring days on the golf course to black tie galas. Build your wardrobe from the ground up with their custom garments, or supplement your style with their seasonal collections available online and in store.

Photo taken at Main Course's Player's Club on Main Street

1003 Gervais Street, Suite A 803.661.7665


Real Estate Relocation Services Home Buying and Selling Professional Staging Home Tours

Over the last 10 years in real estate, Kate Sweeten has sold over $100M, helped more than 500 families find home sweet home, was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, and established herself as a top real estate agent in the Midlands. She proves that the sky’s the limit when you work with commitment, professionalism, and passion for serving others.

Photo taken at Immersion SC on Main Street in "Sky's the limit" by Ija Charles.


955 East Main Street, Suite R, Lexington


Go for miles of fun

Kimberlee is wearing Copper Penny earrings, dress, and shoes. Makeup by Pout MUA: Diana Shelton

P E D A L — O R C R U I S E—your way into warm weather and longer days as you say ‘hello!’ to fun from the seat of a Pedego electric bike. Breeze through downtown on your way to Soda City Market on Saturday mornings to pick up fresh produce and flowers, or hit the Palmetto Trail for a more adventurous ride. No matter where you choose to ride, you’ll be putting the miles on the road in an exciting, new way.

Visit Pedego in Aiken, and test ride a bike for yourself to discover the right Pedego for you!

4019 Pavilion Pass, Aiken



As if surviving the year 2020 wasn't enough of a milestone, Homegrown Hospitality Group's Columbia concepts have all adapted to the new normal. Now offering online ordering for pick up and delivery via UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub, HHG is striving to be accessible to everyone. Whether it's eating in the comfort of your own home or out in a clean and safe environment, they pride themselves on going above and beyond to meet all criterias of providing a delicious and fresh meal to your table.

L I B E R T Y TA P R O O M , V I S TA After celebrating 17 years at the end of 2020, HHG's first Columbia location will hit the legal age this year! In what was originally a train station, owners Mark Cumins & Jerry Scheer opened their first Columbia restaurant in 2003. Liberty Tap Room is proud to be a part of the heart of the Vista—open daily for lunch and dinner, along with happy hour, seasonal specials, and a tasty Sunday brunch menu to ensure a great meal no matter what day or time! P E A R L Z OY S T E R B A R , V I S TA The events of 2020 cancelled the huge celebration HHG had in store for Pearlz Oyster Bar's 10 th anniversary, so get ready for a bigger and better celebration to take place this year! This Pearl in the Vista is your go to spot for fresh seafood, daily chef features, and even entertainment in the Upstairz Lounge, with live music every weekend. LIBERTY ON THE LAKE There's nothing like good food, cold brews, and Lake Murray views! Liberty Tap Room on the Lake is gearing up for their 8 th summer on the lake, but they have come to prove that Lake Murray should be visited year round! They're open daily, for lunch and dinner, with happy hour specials and something on the menu for every member of the family. K A M I N S K Y ' S D E S S E R T C A F É , V I S TA The newest addition to the bunch, but certainly not the least—Kaminsky's Dessert Café will celebrate 6 years of satisfying Columbia's sweet tooth this spring. Ranging from delectable cakes and pies, freshly spun milkshakes, or a dessert cocktail from the bar, Kaminsky's is sure to have something for all dessert lovers in town. New to Kaminsky's this year is the addition of The Sweet Spot, a private event venue perfect for bridal and baby showers, birthday celebrations, engagement events, and more!

Pictured: Homegrown Hospitality Group owners, Mark Cumins & Jerry Scheer

828 Gervais Street, Columbia 1602 Marina Road, Irmo

936 Gervais Street, Columbia

930 Gervais Street, Columbia

Sailing into your financial future T H E R A S T M C FA D D E N W E A LT H M A N A G E M E N T G R O U P AT M O R G A N S TA N L E Y is here to help families navigate the opportunities and challenges of significant wealth with confidence and control. Their team will work with you to define what is most important to you, and then create strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.

Wealth management Financial planning Executive financial services Business succession planning Trust services Philanthropic management Estate planning strategies Endowments and foundations

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC (“Morgan Stanley”), its affiliates and Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors or Private Wealth Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. Individuals should consult their tax advisor for matters involving taxation and tax planning and their attorney for matters involving trusts, estate planning, charitable giving, philanthropic planning or other legal matters. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC does not accept appointments nor will it act as a trustee but it will provide access to trust services through an appropriate third-party corporate trustee.

From left: Ben Rast, CFP®, CPWA®, Wealth Advisor; Kathryn Robinson, Wealth Management Associate; Josh Lorenzetti, Registered Associate; Emily Tarney, Financial Advisor; Matthew McFadden, Financial Advisor

Photo taken at Columbia Sailing Club

1320 Main Street, Suite 800


Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and federally registered CFP (with flame design) in the US. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC. CRC 3421364 01/21


E AT & D R I N K



E V E N T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T

Photo taken at Carol Saunders Gallery. Models are wearing clothing from Now & Then Store on Lady Street.

A whole new Vista A DY N A M I C A R T S C E N E , elevated food, and nightlife entertainment await you in the Vista. Columbia’s premier arts district is committed to keeping the arts thriving in the Midlands, with reimagined versions of favorite traditions like Artista Vista, Light and Lantern Parade, and Gallery Crawl to appeal to every taste. The Vista’s creative energy is further stoked by more than 90 dining options, nightlife establishments, outdoor recreation facilities, retail stores and hotels with the best Columbia has to offer. With so much to do in one place, it’s no wonder the Vista remains one of Columbia’s top destinations for residents and visitors alike. 26

701 Gervais Street, Suite 150–118


Pictured: Mural "Balancing Act" by Paul Yanko.

A new era of promotional marketing Celebrating 26 years! No job is too big or too small for SC Embroidery to produce. They continue to upgrade their technology and equipment and expand their offerings to businesses here in Columbia and beyond. Call Bret Jr. or Madison to discuss your promo & apparel needs.

Custom Embroidery Screen Printing Promotional Products

2 Mauney Court



C E L E B R AT I N G F I V E Y E A R S O F L O C A L !

A prime time for gratitude Primal Gourmet would not have established itself as a go-to destination for healthy, fresh, and locally sourced food without a strong support base. Your favorite kitchen, market, and meal-prep service in the Midlands owes its roaring success not only to their team's passion and dedication to help you eat better and faster, but also to the incredible support it has received from the local community over the last two years. And for that, they are thankful! 725 Meeting Street, West Columbia


The show goes on... Coplon's continues to bring you the best of the best from the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan. Carolina Herrera Christian Louboutin Erdem Jimmy Choo JW Anderson La Double J Lanvin Monse Oscar de la Renta Proenza Schouler Rhode Resort Rosie Assoulin Stella McCartney Zimmermann

4825 Forest Drive



The Gift Shoppe at Wingard’s is one of Lexington’s hidden treasures, and Lake Murray's gift headquarters! Full of authentic charm, it bursts with a variety of home decor, garden art, and gifts for both adults and children displayed beautifully in a five-room, century-old house.

Wingard’s Garden Center selections will inspire you with their lush colors and brighten any spot inside your home or outside in your yard.


1403 North Lake Drive, Lexington 803.359.9091

Also located in the Produce Department, their Wings & Things division has shelves full of items to turn your backyard into a habitat for birds and wildlife, including Cole's Wild Birdseed, bird feeders, bird houses, and more.

S I N C E I T S F O U N D I N G 5 4 Y E A R S A G O , Wingard's has grown beyond its roots as a garden center known for plants into a broader market that features gardening, gifts, fresh produce, and a backyard wild birds department. All the while, Wingard's kept its authentic charm, springing from decades-old pecan trees in the shadow of the home where the family owners grew up. With a produce market featuring a backyard birding and wildlife section, a new state-of-theart greenhouse full of tropical plants, and a gift shoppe stocked with everything from toys to Lake Murray pillows, Wingard’s commitment to making our community a more beautiful place goes far beyond blossoms. From shopping, through workshops and events, to peaceful walks surrounded by sprawling pecan trees and exquisite perennials, come experience Wingard’s for yourself!

Where children's fashion and sustainability meet A ONE- OF-A KIND CHILDREN’S BOUTIQUE, Marigold Modern is a shop where children are welcomed and mothers are embraced and celebrated. Whether it’s for a new mama-to-be, a precious newborn, a birthday girl or boy, or just because— Marigold Modern has just the gift for the occasion. Bonton

Stella Kids

Pink Chicken NY

2732-D Devine Street

Gray Label

Tiny Cottons



Healthy living

Community health

Wellness education

Bringing the well back to being Wellness has never been as accessible in Columbia as at The Well LLC. You can do yoga with their certified instructors as the sun rises, after work, or even in conjunction with tasty mimosas on a casual Sunday! With additional workshops on various topics like essential oils and breathing, CPR courses, and even a multiple-sclerosis support group, you’ll be well-equipped with all the knowledge and practical skills you need to start leading a healthier life and inspire those around you.

1720 Dutch Fork Road, Irmo


A middle school experience unlike any other B E G I N N I N G I N 5 T H G R A D E , students at Heathwood Hall take part in a robust academic and extracurricular program where they switch classes, participate in interscholastic athletics and performing arts, and establish a relationship with an academic advisor. The result is accelerated development not just of academic performance, but of lifelong skills like agency, independence, self-advocacy, executive functioning, and reflection. Learn more at their Virtual Open House, March 25, from 12 to 1pm. Register at

Serving students age 2 to 12 th grade

3000 South Beltline Blvd




Video conferencing

Virtual & hybrid events

Live streaming

40 years of excellence

Equipment rentals

Adam and Paige Vance with the founder of Sound and Images, Eddie Wright

C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S A R E I N O R D E R : this year marks the 40 th anniversary of Sound & Images! Over the last four decades, one of the top corporate audiovisual companies in the state has grown beyond video production to offer any related services you need to successfully capture the sounds and images of your company or event, from lighting and stage dressing to installations and event management. No business or event is too small or too big for the highly trained technicians at Sound & Images.


1211 Virginia Street


Sound & Images is a proud Crestron dealer

The state of the art The breathtaking art collections and striking, century-old architecture of the South Carolina State Museum are among The Vista's most notable cultural hallmarks. Their most recent exhibitions are highly curated and full of jaw-dropping art to leave you refreshed and inspired this spring.

With pieces ranging from vintage massproduced media to contemporary concert posters, The Graphic Eye: South Carolina and the Intersection of Art and Design invites the public to reconsider the differences between fine and commercial artwork from the perspective of South Carolina artists and designers. You can even put your visual knowledge to the test by learning how to better read images!

Take a peek at Early American Face Vessels from the George H. Meyer Collection. With over 100 traditional American stoneware displays, this exhibit provides a window into South Carolina's diverse roots and pottery traditions. Masterpieces in their own right, the featured face vessels are a statement to the artistry, variety, and power of a uniquely Southern art form. 301 Gervais Street



For every momentous occasion Bring sparkle and cheer to every occasion with the thoughtful, curated gifts of Blush Boutique. Owner Stephanie Niemeyer has gathered together beautiful home decor, accessories, and more in her boutique that are perfect to celebrate every milestone in life from birthdays and graduations to weddings and new babies.

5175 Sunset Blvd #7, Lexington 803.520.0643

Beauty Candles Drinkware Home Decor Paper Goods Wedding

Stephanie is wearing a dress from Pink Sorbet

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses

With an extensive paralegal background and a real passion for fashion, Suzie only recently decided to put her juridical expertise to work in the service of her lifelong dream of owning a women's boutique. “I spent the better part of my life believing that dreams are just that… dreams. Shame on me,” Suzie explains. “My path to this second act has taught me gratitude and given me peace and strength to follow those dreams. I hope this adventure inspires and empowers others. Whatever your age or circumstance, it is never too late to try new, to change, to be better.” Tulip reflects Suzie’s mission to use fashionconscious garments as a tool to help women feel special on any occasion. She wants each lady who walks through her doors to feel comfortable, welcomed, and inspired to find the perfect outfit that makes them feel beautiful and unique.

Makeup by Pout MUA: McNair Gregg

Fresh Face Tulip Boutique S P R I N G ’ S Q U I N T E S S E N T I A L B L O O M is the name of the newest ladies' clothing boutique to open doors in the Midlands this year. Tulip will carry women’s garments, shoes, and accessories in the very heart of Lexington, where owner Suzie Baughman lives and identifies a scarcity of specialty shops tailored to women.

“I am excited to meet new people and bring my love for fashion to life in a storefront,” adds Suzie. “I want Tulip to be the spot where a bride finds the perfect shower or party dress, a graduate finds her perfect graduation day dress, or a mom finds the perfect outfit for a night out or special event. I also want it to be the spot where anyone can find staple pieces for their closets that will last for years to come.” Tulip is set to open to the public in May 2021, and we can't wait!

“Over the years, I’ve grown to love shopping local and finding unique pieces in small businesses,” says Suzie. “But I felt a lack of brick-and-mortar clothing shops that offered in Lexington what you can find in downtown Columbia. I believe there is a market for that in Lexington.” Coming soon to Lexington!



A club like no other Founded in 1988 and located in the heart of Columbia, Capital City Club offers business owners and community leaders a chance to connect with like-minded local achievers and elevate their lives through exclusive leisure opportunities. Members gain access to a world of benefits, including networking events, discounted and early bird tickets to top venues in Columbia, and free golf and dining deals. The next best thing to becoming a member is hosting your event with Capital City Club: whatever life milestone you’d like to celebrate, the stunning views from the 25 th floor of the tallest building in South Carolina won’t disappoint, and the range of complimentary services the team at Capital City Club offers is guaranteed to make your event as memorable as the location.

Let Sarah Odom, Capital City Club's Membership Director, toast with you to your next event!

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1201 Main Street #2500


Gleaming styles for the little ones

Babiators The Beaufort Bonnet Company Harding Lane Kissy Kissy Nookums Southern Tide

Pictured: Tiffany & Brian Stowers

Treat your kids to a unique shopping experience at James & Eloise, a family-owned and operated children's boutique located in Lexington. Having four kiddos of their own, the fabulous husband and wife team understands the challenges of finding high quality children’s clothing that can be passed down to other family members. They handpick the most precious items for infants and ages up to 7 years old, and carry unique designer brands like The Beaufort Bonnet Company that you won't find anywhere else in the Midlands. 5175 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 8, Lexington



Miracle working cosmetic treatments About You Aesthetics makes looking good feel good. With services that range from skincare treatments to female wellness, this doctor-led clinic in West Columbia offers comprehensive and safe solutions to help women look and feel their best as they navigate physical changes resulting from age and hormonal shifts. They work closely with you to understand your goals, and formulate a specialized treatment with state-ofthe-art technologies that yield a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance in no time.

From left: Susan Steiner, Kathleen Stesienko, Dr. Kyllan Hutchinson, Jennifer Trogdon, Lauren Coggiola, RN


2728 Sunset Boulevard, Medical Park 1, Suite 202, West Columbia


Photo taken at Immersion SC on Main Street in The Trippy Drippy by Lacey Hennessey.

Pushing fashion forward

Live out your it-girl fantasies at Monkee's of Columbia with the help of Judy and Reece Miller! This talented mother-and-daughter team has been working together for eight years to help you banish boring from your wardrobe with high-quality designer brands and outstanding customer service in one of the comfiest boutique environments on Devine Street. Your wardrobe deserves that dash of wow that only Monkee's can provide. 3211 Devine Street



It runs in the family Few companies truly embody the spirit of small-business craftsmanship like Ace Glass. One of the most essential ingredients of their longevity in all areas of the glass repair and replacement industry is that three generations of the Price family have worked at Ace Glass since 1939! Today, they provide comprehensive glass solutions to a loyal customer base at three locations across the Midlands, and they plan to continue showcasing the best of their Southern roots for generations to come.


Columbia, Lexington, and Irmo Locations


Automobile Commercial


Automatic Doors

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Celebrating monumental milestones together in 2021

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Screen Printing



Direct to Garment

Jenn is wearing a dress from Pink Sorbet. Photo taken at Immersion SC on Main Street in a room with art by Austin Gee.

A year well spent Blazon opened their doors a few months before COVID hit, but 2020 was just the beginning for owners Chris and Jenn. Their team is excited about celebrating 1 year and are ready to provide your business, school, church, Little League team, and even your wedding with your branded needs—from embroidered hats to screen printed jerseys, sunglasses, umbrellas, or printed masks. Anything you need, they can personalize!


5337 US-321, Gaston


Apparel Shop

Owner Laura Okoniewski (Lola) puts her passion to work creating beautiful jewelry that is pretty, comfortable, and easy to wear

Quality in every bite

Fresh, made-from-scratch stacks of pancakes, heavenly oven baked Dutch Babies, sweet and savory Apple Pancakes… Original Pancake House has been starting off our mornings in the most delicious way possible for thirty years. Monday–Friday 6:30am–2:30pm Saturday–Sunday 7:00am–3:00pm

Get your shine on Photo taken at Immersion SC on Main Street

The welding bar is open at Sugar & Lola boutique jewelry store—schedule your Forever Bracelet fitting today! Lola will custom fit and hand-weld your choice of dainty clasp-free and maintenance-free chain around your wrist. Sparkle and shine ALL the time! Or, give the gift of a Forever Bracelet to a friend, sister, or daughter by purchasing a gift certificate.

Trenholm Plaza 4840 Forest Drive Located in the Shops at Cricket Newman Designs 803.237.0261



A five star experience With historic charmers, hip boutiques, restaurants, and a variety of other unique shops, no place in Columbia quite compares to Five Points. Their oldest small business, Groucho's Deli, has been serving the region for 80 years, and several others are also celebrating important milestones in 2021. No matter the season, Five Points continues to live up to its fame as one of Columbia's most charming shopping and dining districts.

Other Five Points businesses celebrating historic milestones: Groucho's Blossom Shop Carolina Barber Shop Pulliam Morris Interiors Group Therapy Andy's Deli Hair Designs on Santee Cycle Center Village Idiot Bar None From left: Groucho's in 1970, a 1973 shot of Harden Street, and a historic photo from the Richland County Public Library Collection

Pictured: Kelsey Hennighan, Executive Director wearing a blouse from 2G's Boutique and sunglasses from Revente


532 Congaree Avenue


Riverbanks Events & Hospitality offers innovative, eco-friendly food services for all your corporate events, weddings, and special occasions. With over 40 years of combined culinary experience, in-house chefs Jeremy Godish and Andrew Humphreys are masters of their trades, and can customize any menu to help create an outstanding event against the exquisite backdrops of animal habitats and lush gardens of South Carolina's leading attraction.

Treating mother nature with the utmost respect, the stellar culinary duo delivers classic to cutting-edge cuisine with the best sustainably grown and sourced ingredients.


Corporate events

Social events


500 Wildlife Parkway



The dream team for your event Located in the heart of downtown Columbia, The Lace House at Arsenal Hill provides an elegant setting for weddings, rehearsal dinners, corporate events and more. The historic three-story home features unique architectural details, and the surrounding lush gardens provide an ideal outdoor event space. Whether you are planning a celebration for twenty guests or two hundred, Lace House Manager Karen Hedgecock and Assistant Manager Sarah Truel will guide you every step of the way and help make your dream event come true. Weddings Celebrations Corporate Events Vendor Referrals Photography Sessions


803 Richland Street


A shower of flowers Spring is always in the air at Carolina Blossoms! Owner Vicki Walker draws on a lifelong love of flowers and gardening to transform any event space into a whimsical setting filled with the most vibrant springtime staples. From your tablescape to your wedding bouquet, Vicki's classic-chic approach to floral design and painstaking attention to detail are all you need to envelope your milestone celebration in elegance and grandeur.



W EEK EN D W I T H T H E P RO S SC Rough Riders' annual event, Weekend with the Pros, is the largest gathering of wakeboarders in the state.

Limited full day wakeboarding lessons available!



JUNE 18–19


400 BOATS • 1475 PEOPLE



Individual psychotherapy Couples counseling Children & adolescents Family therapy Virtual therapy sessions

When I was running a women’s group, the topic of mental load kept coming up. Why, we wondered together, do women so often have to carry the mental load at home: the list, the details, the meals, the dog’s water bowl... is it full? How do I let my partner know that I love doing my share, but that it feels out of balance? My male clients ask amazing, heartfelt questions of their own: why is it so hard to please my wife, to reach my wife, for her to see how much I love her? What do I do with this angst over my job performance and my fear of failure? Can I share this pressure with my partner? How do I care for myself through this pain and ask for what I need? 50

1231 Elmwood Avenue, Columbia

Self care means speaking your truth and understanding it is not your fault when others can’t yet hear it. Don’t give up. Don’t take responsibility for them. Keep sharing. Keep your boundaries, but not in a “stay away” way. You know when it feels out of balance. Find your voice. Use it. Say No. Say Yes. Respect your goals. Respect your true north. Self Care is calling. Listen.

130 Gibson Road, Lexington


Photo taken at Immersion SC on Main Street in Arabian Oasis by Laurel Smith.

Self care calling

Redefining access to excellence in the arts R E NOW N E D A RT I ST S + L I V E P E R FOR M A NCE S + SA FE T Y- CO NSCI O US VI E WI NG = PURE J OYE In 2021, spectacular performances and world-class artists return to one of the South’s most vibrant cultural destinations. Yes, we’re talking about Joye in Aiken, the non-profit organization and performing arts festival that gets us jumping for joy every year in the charming city of Aiken. Named for Joye Cottage, a Gilded Age mansion that was once the center of social life for America’s most affluent families, Joye in Aiken now carries out its mission to make the very best in the performing arts accessible to people in all walks of life

and from all backgrounds, with special attention to the needs of children.

open to aspiring jazz musicians from eighth grade through high school.

This year, the annual Festival and Outreach program continues in a new format, with mainly outdoor events spread out over a number of months to protect the safety of artists and attendees. The stellar lineup includes blockbuster crossover trio Time for Three; jazz icons Evan Christopher and Wycliffe Gordon; and Artistic Director for Jazz Riley Mulherkar, among many other favorite Juilliard alumni.

These are still trying times both for artists and for arts aficionados, but through it all, Joye in Aiken maintains its unwavering commitment to bring once-in-a-lifetime experiences to the people of Aiken and the surrounding region—experiences that “represent the highest, most joyful reaches of artistic endeavor.” Make plans to experience one of South Carolina’s premier arts festivals by buying your ticket today!

In partnership with UofSC Aiken, June brings an exciting four-day Jazz Camp

See the schedule at


Make 2021 your milestone Spring is the season of new beginnings. It represents a unique opportunity for many of us to reevaluate our priorities and to plan our next adventures. It is also an ideal time to dust off all the accumulated stress from what may have been an exhausting year, and to emerge reenergized in order to keep our resolutions. At Fig, we’ve curated a few tips to help you accomplish just that this year!

TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH At different levels, the ongoing pandemic has been taxing for many of us emotionally, and there is no shame in seeking professional help to cope with all the new challenges you are faced with. Therapy is one of the safest zones to process your emotions and how you feel! After all, the last thing you should be doing is taking out your stress on the people you care about most.


Hire a coach and accomplish something outside of your comfort zone! Whether it’s wakeboarding or surfing on Lake Murray, running your first 5k, or taking a new Pilates class, one-on-one coaching assistance can be the key for new fitness habits to stick.

What new hobbies would you like to cultivate this spring? Why not plant a vegetable garden or get some baby chicks? Columbia’s small businesses have got you covered on every front, from starting a beautiful spring garden to watching for wildlife! Not into the outdoors? Take advantage of our vivid arts scene and sign up for a (virtual) art class!

This page: Kimberlee is wearing earrings, dress, and shoes from Copper Penny. Makeup by Pout MUA: Diana Shelton. Opposite page: Kimberlee is wearing Copper Penny top and jeans, with earrings from Monkee’s. Ariel is wearing a dress from Monkee’s with shoes from Copper Penny.




Spr ing 2021

/ A iken, Sout h Carolina

/ T he M ilestones Issue

SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY If you’ve been working from home while overseeing your kiddos in virtual school, chances are that you’re tired (ahem, burned out). If that’s your case, ask someone to watch the kids and take an hour for yourself to soak in a hot tub, drink a glass of wine, go for a run, or schedule a pedicure. And if you feel guilty or selfish for putting yourself first, remember that getting a break for even an hour will help you gain perspective and make you a better parent. Now that you’ve had a moment to take a deep breath, what are you doing to make your kids’ time at home magical? How about setting up a fort and making a cup of warm vanilla milk while reading bedtime stories?

PRIORITIZE YOUR MARRIAGE The pandemic has taxed virtually every sphere of life, and marriage is certainly not an exception. When stress is heightened, it’s easy to point out all of the ways your partner is failing or annoying you. Instead of honing on what they’re not doing for you, why not plan a special moment to show you care? Serve them breakfast in bed or help them organize the garage. Quality time? Go take a bike ride together or re-watch a favorite movie. Personal touch? Hold hands while watching the kids play outside, or leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror before bed so they see what you love most about them. Gifts? You don’t need a reason to surprise them with a token of appreciation— just remember to shop local. Address, Lancaster




Clothing Shoes Jewelry Accessories

Whether you’re looking for something to wear to your next Zoom meeting, date night out on Devine Street, or your next fabulous birthday— shop at 2702 Devine. Mollie and her team are here to help select the perfect head to toe look for the most colorful season of the year!

2702 Devine Street


Photo taken at Immersion SC on Main Street in a room with art by Taylor Smith.

Step into paradise

Pressing into a new decade

2010: After 4 years attending USC, handing out business cards while waitressing, designing wedding invitations for friends and family, and working in the design business, Brynley Farr officially starts ByFarr Design. 2011: Brynley takes a trip to Italy with the NYC School of Visual Arts, works under the tutelage of famed Design Maven Louise Fili, and visits a letterpress museum in Rome. Love at first site.

2011: "Baby", a 1905 Chandler and Price windmill, starts the ByFarr letterpress fleet.

2011: Brynley and Chris Farr celebrate ByFarr getting its first brick-andmortar building, at the intersection of Gervais and Huger Streets in the Vista. 2012: The first team member, Laura Windham, joins the crew as graphic designer.

2017: Sydney Wickstrom and Chesson Merritt join the team, and ByFarr starts to create and produce Fig Columbia Magazine!

2013: ByFarr teams up with Kickstand Studio to film a documentary, Baby Heavy, about the trip to Tennessee to acquire their second letterpress (see the documentary on Amazon Prime!).

2019: ByFarr expands Fig Magazine to include Aiken, SC.

Photo of Brynley on letterpress and Laura's headshot by Kickstand Studio. Photo of Sydney and Chesson by Jessica Roberts Photography.

2021: The ByFarr team, now 9 members strong, moves into their new building, renovated by team member Chris Farr, at 2112 Sumter Street in Cottontown. Pictured: Catalina Olvera, Camlin Talbot, Chris Farr, Brynley Farr, Laura Windham, Sydney Wickstrom, Chesson Merritt. Not pictured: Jefferson Maia, Cam Farr. Marketing

2020: The world goes virtual! The ByFarr team learns to serve clients remotely and how to pivot during a pandemic.

Graphic Design Web

2112 Sumter St

803.200.1004 55

Anything but old school

Holistic learning experiences and faith-filled values collide at Cardinal Newman, a Catholic school where students in grades seven through twelve can find a well-rounded education to succeed in college and beyond. PAST: The oldest private high school in South Carolina, Cardinal Newman was founded in 1858, rooted in the foundation of Ursuline Academy on the parish grounds of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Columbia. In 1961, the school relocated to Forest Drive, from where it delivered a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities to support student achievement until 2015. PRESENT: In the following year, Cardinal Newman then took another giant leap towards academic excellence, inaugurating a state-of-the-art, 50-acre campus on Alpine Road, which is now home to the school's diverse programs. FUTURE: While celebrating 5 years on its current campus, the academic and administrative staff at Cardinal Newman continues to work hard to redefine educational excellence with two upcoming academic and athletic programs for current and future students: AP CAPSTONE: Cardinal Newman is the only private school in the Midlands and one of just 2,000 schools nationwide to offer an AP Capstone Diploma Program beginning in Fall 2021. This innovative advanced-placement program will allow students to develop a more well-rounded skill set to prepare for their college studies, including research, collaboration, and communication skills. THE FRASSATI STUDENT ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is being designed to provide a personalized academic and athletic road map for students in grade 9 and above who wish to pursue their favorite sport at the collegiate level and professionally. Pictured: new girls basketball coach Asia Dozier— Cardinal Newman's girls team holds back to back titles!

In the classroom, on the field, and in the community, Cardinal Newman continues to exceed the traditional definition of educational success in everything they do.

2945 Alpine Road



Memory Care

Assisted Living

The team at Daybreak Adult Care Services is committed to providing comprehensive in-home care for adults and seniors afflicted by Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any other conditions that make them require additional assistance to continue living fulfilling lives. Whether your loved ones need help with day-to-day activities or simply necessitate companionship, Daybreak’s dependable caregivers will be there for them, so that they can remain where they are most comfortable and happy, surrounded by the most precious memories of all their life moments… right in the place they call home. Office locations in Lexington and Aiken



The new generation of innovation Innovation is not new to the 21st century but training the next generation to be innovators is an intentional focus at Ben Lippen School. Their mission to educate the whole child includes feeding students’ curiosity and helping them to develop confidence in the face of problem-solving. In the fall of 2016, Ben Lippen received a grant to launch its Innovation Academy. Since then, students have been trained in the foundational principles of innovation with a particular focus on 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and using

technology as a learning tool. These skills are introduced in the earliest grades with hands-on learning opportunities, and are intentionally integrated throughout Ben Lippen’s academic program to accomplish the mission of the Innovation Academy “to provide students with the opportunity and training to use their God-given gifts and talents to create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically across the disciplines as they seek to solve real-world problems.” Additionally, students in grades 9–12 may choose an innovation focus such as pre-engineering, computer science,

58 7401 Monticello Road 803.807.4000

digital media, or business which acts as a vehicle for the application of their skills in problem-solving and innovation. Students who choose to graduate with an Innovative Scholar distinction complete a capstone project over the course of their senior year which showcases the 21st century skills and innovator’s mindset that they have developed over the course of their time at Ben Lippen School.

Freedom from glasses S P R I N G I N T O A N E W S E A S O N and a new you—Columbia Eye Clinic offers laser vision correction, including LASIK, for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism to allow you to toss your glasses or contacts. iDESIGN ® next generation technology takes more than 1,200 measurements of your eye to create a personalized plan to correct your vision. Schedule your consultation to see if laser vision correction can reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts.

Experience the freshest and most unique Spring ‘21 fashions now arriving at Columbia’s premier shopping destination for men and women.

Now in Granger Owings on Main Main | Trenholm Plaza 803-252-6714

From left: Dana Wolfe & Steve Taylor. Not pictured: Jack Wolfe

76 years and counting W O L F E & TAY L O R S TA N D S TA L L as one of South Carolina’s most seasoned real estate companies. In business since 1945, and with a portfolio featuring thousands of residences across the Midlands, their group’s mission is to be available 24/7 to serve you with care and professionalism. Downtown, on the city outskirts, or by the water, Wolfe & Taylor’s brokers, agents, and property managers are here to guide you through the whole process of buying, selling, or renting your home. 1216 Pickens Street



Social Mission | Making a difference in the lives of others

and events to virtual formats, we can't host in-person fundraising events, and we've reduced the size and frequency of some of our volunteer activities,” adds Bill. “BUT, for many people, the pandemic has also been a reason to explore the outdoors more, and gain a new appreciation for our natural resources and the need to protect them.”

Social Mission: Congaree Riverkeeper Fig’s mission is to serve our community well, and that goal would simply be unattainable without the hard work of nonprofits like Congaree Riverkeeper, whose mission is to look out for the Broad, Lower Saluda, and Congaree Rivers to ensure clean water and healthy rivers for both the wildlife and the people of the Midlands. The nonprofit was founded after a tragic incident in the summer of 2008, when a private sewer company dumped more than 1 million gallons of raw sewage into the Lower Saluda River. Although state and federal agencies issued some fines, a few locals concerned about the health and future of our rivers felt that not enough was being done to hold the polluters accountable and to preserve our rivers for future generations. And that’s when they banded together to form Congaree Riverkeeper circa 12 years ago. 62

1001 Washington Street

Serving as our Congaree Riverkeeper since 2011, Bill Stangler (pictured) knows no limits to protect the rivers in the Midlands of South Carolina and their tributaries. On a single day, he can go from pulling samples at a sewer outfall in his canoe to rushing across town to testify on a bill at the State House. While his lawsuit and policy wins are important to him, he certainly appreciates being out in the field cleaning up our rivers and promoting smart water policies through education. “Sometimes it's the little things that stick out, like getting to host students for a cleanup,” Bill explains. “The lawsuits and policy wins are important, but pulling a hundred plastic bags and a few tires out of the river always feels pretty good too.” The coronavirus pandemic has certainly made much of his and his team’s work harder. “We've had to shift meetings


On the same appreciation note, Bill also acknowledges Congaree Riverkeeper’s impressive achievements as an organization last year. As a team fueled by generosity, they were able to join other conservation organizations in filing a federal lawsuit to stop the rollbacks and protect the National Environmental Policy Act, one of our country's bedrock environmental laws. Wrapping up another successful water quality sampling season with the Midlands Rivers Coalition was also another highlight. For 2021, the team's vision is to enhance Congaree Riverkeeper's existing programs and continue addressing critical issues like the Congaree River coal tar cleanup. In addition they also aim to tackle new environmental issues, including the regulation of dangerous chemicals and the restoration of our environmental laws. Rivers belong to each and every one of us, and as you experience our waterways, consider joining Congaree Riverkeeper’s fight for clean water and healthy rivers. Donations fund a variety of programs at the nonprofit, from cleanups and water quality monitoring to river patrols and water policy work. You can also get involved by signing up for a river cleanup, and by staying engaged to help push our water policies towards a better future for everyone in South Carolina.

A history of giving back $200 Million+ in total grants since 1984! The philanthropy experts at CCCF have passed a significant milestone in providing financial support to nonprofit organizations addressing needs and opportunities across the Midlands and beyond. By linking individual, family, and business donors with organizations and causes in the community through charitable giving, CCCF plays a pivotal role in strengthening our region.



Midlands Gives

Charitable Funds

On the Table

One SC Fund

2142 Boyce Street, Suite 402



2112 Sumter Street Columbia, SC 29201

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Forever on a mission. CHAMPIONS FOR CHANGE

We believe creative thinking and powerful communication can transform businesses and communities.

B U I L D I N G R E L AT I O N S H I P S We create connections—between businesses, between people, between communities, and between ideas.

LO V I N G LO C A L We believe in the power of coming together as a community to encourage entrepreneurs and support local businesses.

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