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The Food & Drink Issue ISSUE No 35 | SUMMER 2022 Celebrating local shopping, dining, arts, events, and community

The POUT days of summer! With summer upon us, the girls at POUT know how to pick out the best products to match the season. The heat and humidity of summer inspire them to bring in lines that you can luxuriate in as you take in the full experience. Feel the lotion hydrating your skin, see the gorgeous new shade of lipstick on your lips, envision the sun kissed glow of the highlighter on your cheek, imagine the relaxation the scent of the candle will bring to your day. Transition seamlessly to the new season at POUT. Makeup

Brows & Lashes

Skincare Treatments

Tanning Bridal

Hydrafacial Waxing







The term “Dog Days” traditionally refers to a period of particularly hot and humid weather occurring during the summer months of July and August in the South. Make the dog days of summer much more pleasant with the right skincare and make up routine at POUT.




I N T H I S I S S U E Columbia is home to some of the best restaurants, caterers, and artisan foodmakers in the country. From savory to sweet and everything in between, there’s something for every palette.


COVER: Our cover picnic spread includes sunscreens from POUT, flowers from Fern Studio’s Thursday flower bar, pastries, spreads, breads, and veggies from CITY GRIT, meats and rosé from The Gourmet Shop, Beer from Columbia Craft, and jam from Sakhar Jams.

Fig Authentic: TEC Grills Did you know that, just outside of Columbia’s downtown, we have an innovative company making some of the best grills in the country? 48

Social Mission

Learn how the Independent Living Specialists at Able South Carolina are making a difference in the disability community. 80

The rockstars of Columbia’s food scene Meet some of Columbia’s tastemakers who are shaping the food landscape of our city. 44

Our Community Supporter: BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina 6 Spotlight: Nephron 16 ‘Round the Clock dining in the Vista 28

Plan a Soda City Picnic 34 Upcoming Summer Events 83 And of course great shopping, dining, arts, events, and community— as always. Keep Reading





Learn more about our mission and meet our team at

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A note from Fig

Summer, to me, is biting into a juicy South Carolina grown Big Smile peach and not caring that the juice makes my hands sticky; picking and slicing a tomato from the garden, and then making a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich; and drinking a glass of crisp, cold wine with the neighbors while the kids play in the yard at sunset and listening to the crickets begin to serenade the night. Summer, to me, is hearing boats humming across the lake and the chorus of singing songs. It’s smelling freshly cut grass and the earth after a summer thunderstorm. It’s seeing the glow of early morning sunrises and light night sunsets. It’s the feeling of sunscreen and hot sidewalks.

Pictured: Abundant Graze, page 36

Summer in Columbia, to me, is special. I’m really proud of our team and what we produced in this issue. It’s a beautiful reminder of everything that we are fortunate to be able to enjoy during the

summer months. We have complied four unique picnic ideas and where to locally source the ingredients. Our Fig Authentic in this issue is Bill Best, the owner of TEC Grills, and a manufacturer that was born and raised right here in Columbia. We have so many entrepreneurs that have made a career of serving up delightful things from grills to coffee, charcuterie boards, unique beverages, cakes, the best Italian food in town, and the list goes on. There are unique flavors on every corner in town and in every neighborhood! During summer, the majority of UofSC students go home. This can be a negative impact on our businesses, especially our restaurants. As you peruse the pages, we hope you’re inspired to shop and support these incredible places that make Columbia so delicious. Let’s continue to support local Columbia! Cheers and thank you for reading Fig. WITH GRATITUDE, BRYNLEY FARR & THE FIG TEAM



YOUR SMALL BUSINESS CHAMPION We are proud to be a supporter of Fig Magazine and other small businesses.

Small businesses have trusted BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina for 75 years. “South Carolina’s food and beverage industry is a catalyst for job creation, community building and our thriving tourist economy. Whether you have a bakery or a bistro, BlueCross can support your business needs with health insurance options for your employees.” — Stephanie DeFreese, Vice President of Agency Sales

Visit or call us at 833-271-6661 to get in touch with a local agent. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.


Supporting local businesses is important. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina stays on the cutting edge of health insurance offerings for small businesses. We offer: n Lower-cost options for the employer and employee. n Tax-deductible insurance options for employers. n Plan choice and flexibility, no matter the group size.

Contact us today to find the best health coverage for your employees. Call 833-271-6661 or visit

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Balloon arch by Mommy East Coast

Double the fun

Have you stopped in to check out the newly expanded Blush Boutique? Owner Stephanie Niemeyer and her team celebrated 8 years of business in Lexington by doubling their retail space and expanding the space they have for you to shop. You can now experience twice the great selection of gifts, accessories, home decor, and more that you’ve come to know and love from Blush.







Home decor


Paper goods

Drinkware Wedding

Cheers to one year! It’s been a full year since Suzie Baughman brought the upscale clothing boutique Tulip to Lexington. It’s been a year filled with stunning beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories to mix and match for the best look for any occasion. Walk into her boutique looking for something to wear to your next event and walk out with the confidence that only the right outfit can bring. Joy Joy/Jade Karlie Oliphant Southern Tide Tyler Böe

Crosby by Mollie Burch Emily McCarthy Hammitt


Glasses & table decor by Blush Boutique Cupcakes from The Honeybee Bakery

Fill your home with f lowers Whether you add an impressively intricate and colorful centerpiece to your tablescape as you host friends and family this summer, or you simply place a fresh vase or two of blooms around your house that have been curated and delivered, the energy that Fern Studio’s floral arrangements will bring to your home is unmatched. Allow owner Sarah Shell and her team to work their magic as they thoughtfully create each one of their garden-swept designs in a way that captures the beauty of each blossom, or try your hand at your own arrangement at their weekly flower bar.

M 10am–4pm T–F 10am–6pm





Make planning a piece of cake Photography: Joshua Aaron Photography Location: The Arcade Mall on Main Street Dress: Coplon’s Cake: Ally & Elloise

Every event has a list of ingredients that come together with careful planning and attention to detail to make it a resounding success. Melanie Murphy and Ashly Gregor of By Invitation Only...Event Planning and Design not only intimately know all the ingredients, but they understand the recipe backwards and forwards! With By Invitation Only at your side handling all the details and plans of your big day, you can have your cake and eat it too! #LETUSHELPYOUCELEBRATE



Corporate Events


Parties & Celebrations



DIVE INTO THE SEASON Shop Coplon’s exclusive spring/summer collections... Alexis, Christian Louboutin, Emilio Pucci, Golden Goose, Jimmy Choo, La Double J, Rhode, Sea NY, Stella McCartney, Zimmermann Shot on location at the home of Matthew and Beth Richardson




Let your home tell your story Sweet like sugar Owner and designer Laura “Lola” Okoniewski, has curated a collection of jewelry that is timeless, lightweight, and perfect for summer. From simple yet striking gold and silver pieces, to those that feature the soft rainbow hues of natural gemstones, there is something for everyone to fall in love with at Sugar and Lola.




If the pieces at McIntosh Cottage Antiques could talk, they'd regale us with stories of family gatherings that linger on long past the last light of an English countryside sunset or of the smell of freshly baked bread as it comes out of a piping hot oven. Owner Elizabeth Sheehan loves the thrill of hunting for unique, one-of-a-kind antiques from her dealers across England and France, but what she loves even more is seeing how those pieces will find a new home, so that they can continue collecting stories for years to come.


Custom suit to custom garment

E V E RY G E NTLE M A N S H OU LD K N OW WH AT IT FE E L S LI K E TO PUT O N A CU STO M SU IT TH AT H A S B E E N M A D E J U ST FO R H I M . The custom experience at BP Skinner Clothiers is like none other. Led by owner and menswear expert Brent Skinner, the team puts personal touches on every step of the process. Each garment is made to measure, based on your exact specifications, and is designed to suit your lifestyle. Shopping for new items for your wardrobe has never been easier. You can schedule your one-on-one consultation at BP Skinner Clothier's store location in the Vista, or one of their menswear experts will travel to your home or office to be more convenient for you. When it comes to your summer style, allow BP Skinner Clothiers to direct you to the best casual apparel and custom garments perfect for the hot weather. They'll bring you options that are suitable for everything from the golf course to the office and even date nights out on the town. Their goal is always to advice you on the best options that will make an impact, and to make you look and feel your best wherever you go.




Spotlight Lou Kennedy WHETHER IT’S BRINGING AT T E N T I O N to the lack of broadband access for students seeking virtual learning opportunities in rural areas of South Carolina, or her desire to see her alma mater, the University of South Carolina, succeed at the highest levels throughout the country and the world, Nephron Pharmaceuticals owner, president and CEO Lou Kennedy is passionate about improving education for all. Much of her philanthropic work focuses on education and the ways in which it can lift up students and provide them with life-changing opportunities. “It all starts in K-12,” Lou said. “We have to inspire children at a young age. It’s been said that if you can make an impact by middle school, you’ve really done a great job. It doesn’t stop there, though. You’ve got to see it all the way through to higher education because these students are our future employees and our future leaders. My husband Bill and I both love doing anything philanthropic when it makes

an impact for students and education. That’s a passion of ours.” Lou herself is a South Carolina public school graduate, having graduated from Lexington High School, and deeply understands the challenges facing the educational system today. She’s invested in doing her part to help improve them, and her focus is on allowing both students and teachers to shine to their full potential. Nephron often hosts K-12 student tour groups, has internship opportunities available for college students, and even has several employees who are also professors at the University of South Carolina. This is in addition to the financial support that Lou, Bill, and Nephron have provided over the years to local schools and universities. She knows that growth and change are happening every day, but envisions a future for our school systems that raises the bar even higher.

“The University of South Carolina is our flagship university,” Lou said. “I feel like we are missing a lot of great opportunity to champion the incredible work that goes on there, and I feel that if we focused on cutting edge research and start up companies, if we amplified those things, we’ll make our state better as well as our future employees. The trickle down effect is huge when our universities are getting it right.” One way that Lou believes the University of South Carolina can get it right is by providing ample support to the new president, Michael Amiridis, who will be the university’s 30th president when he takes the helm this summer. “I’ve seen great things coming out of MUSC and Clemson University, and

there are great things happening at the University of South Carolina, but we don’t have a large enough voice for all to know about it,” Lou said. “And I think that it starts with the governance of the Board of Trustees. We have a new president coming. We need to support him and let him do excellent things here just like he did at the University of Chicago. The Board there gave him their full support. Our Board, at this juncture, doesn’t really support the role of the president in the ways that they could.” In addition to supporting the new president, Lou would love to see the Board renew their focus on academics and bringing the best talent and resources to the university, and in turn, attract the graduates coming out of the university to stay in South Carolina. It’s the trickle down effect—she wants to see the university get it right so South Carolina can continue to grow and excel as a state.

“I think we should be more focused on academics,” Lou said. “How do we land the next big National Science Foundation professor? How do we attract and retain that kind of talent so that we retain the students that have the potential to become our future employees? 49% of students at the university are from out of state. Let’s do what we can to keep some of them here after they graduate. How are we going to achieve these lofty goals? We should be making this far and away the best university, which we can do through modernizing our Board. Why does one have to say one school is better than ours? We have really talented faculty and I don’t hear enough about what they’re doing. There are plenty of great examples of great work happening—work that everyone should know about.”

4500 12 TH STREET EX T

800.4 43.4313



Savor the flavors of summer

Monkee’s of Columbia has got the scoop on fashionable fun for the season and have filled their store with bold, beautiful styles that will carry you from the first social event of the summer to the first hint of cool air in the fall. Pair your outfit selections with coordinating jewelry and heels, and you’ll be set for every possibility that summer holds for you.

Celia B Marie Oliver Crosby Shoshanna Oliphant Olivia James Rebecca Minkoff





Be the life of the party Infuse happiness and laughter into every celebration when you shop for your party supplies at A Little Happy Shop. They have filled their shelves with a carefully handpicked selection of party props, gifts, and accessories that are as unique as they are fun. You’ll be able to make every celebration a momentous one—all you need to do is add A Little Happy to it!

Vacation is calling... ... and we suggest you pick up the phone! Your downtown Columbia vacation adventure awaits when you reserve a stay at Hotel Trundle, Columbia’s most unique boutique hotel. Give your stay an extra sprinkle of fun—Hotel Trundle offers tailored packages that highlight great local activities and that will make your experience extra sweet. Treat yourself ( you’ve earned it) and book your next vacation! Picnic Fancy

Kiddo Glamping

Classic Night Out Package Foodie Package

Sweet Stay Package

Artsy Package

Brewery Package

Life is a Zoo Package

Dresses from Monkee’s Cake from Kudzu Bakery and Market







Sip, savor, break bread together The summer months are a time to slow down and indulge in the small moments, often made more enjoyable by sharing a drink or bite to eat with each other. Leisurely morning coffees on your front porch as you start the day off with your partner, planning your day's activities. Family style brunches in the kitchen on Saturday morning where everyone pitches in to mix together the pancake batter, cut up the fruit, and make the mimosas while talking about what you plan to shop for at Soda City later that day. A late lunch with girlfriends at a local restaurant outside on their patio, where you spend time catching up with one another and reminiscing about your younger days. An unexpected stop by a craft brewery to grab a pint of locally brewed beer and a handcrafted snack to tide you over until supper time. An evening picnic with your family down by the river where you watch as the kayakers and tubers soak up the cool, refreshing water and stunning river views. A twilight cocktail on the back porch as the fireflies begin to light up your backyard and the last of the sunlight slips beyond the horizon and the stars begin to twinkle. This summer, we encourage you to take pause, slow down, and linger longer at the table or picnic blanket as you break bread together with some of the delicious, decadent food you'll find in our city.

What’ll you have?

Weddings Corporate Fundraisers Events

What drink can Black Tie Bartending pour for you and your guests? Any drink! Danny Nodine and his team have the expertise to mix up any cocktail you can imagine, including creating new ones to match the theme of your event.


A slice of summer

Sink your teeth into the quintessential taste of summer at Kaminsky's with their delicious line up of seasonal flavors and treats. All sweet and refreshing, you'll have a hard time choosing just one! Grab a scrumptious dessert and sprinkle on the fun this season. Pictured: Raspberry Lemonade Cake, Strawberry Milkshake, Coconut Lime Cake






Servings: 9


A peachy state of mind

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 40 minutes Ingredients: Q 5 peaches, peeled, cored, and sliced (about 4 cups) Q ¾ cup granulated sugar Q ¼ teaspoon salt For the batter: Q 6 tablespoons butter Q 1 cup all-purpose flour Q 1 cup granulated sugar Q 2 teaspoons baking powder Q ¼ teaspoon salt Q ¾ cup milk Q ground cinnamon Directions: Q A dd the sliced peaches, sugar and salt to a saucepan and stir to combine. Q C ook on medium heat for a few minutes, until sugar is dissolved and brings out juices from the peaches. Remove from heat and set aside. Q P reheat oven to 350° F. Slice butter into pieces and add to a 9x13 inch baking dish. Place the pan in the oven while it preheats, to allow the butter to melt. Once melted, remove pan from oven. Q I n a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Stir in the milk, just until combined. Pour the mixture into the pan, over the melted butter and smooth into an even layer. Q S poon the peaches and juice over the batter. Sprinkle cinnamon generously over the top. Q B ake at 350 degrees for 38-40 mins. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

Owned and operated since 1932, the 4 th generation of the Yonce family now leads the peach production at Big Smile Peaches in Johnston, SC, producing some of the tastiest, juiciest, most delicious peaches that you've ever eaten. Every bite will bring a smile to your face! 4,300 acres of their family farm is dedicated to growing their peach crop, and during their peak season of May through Labor Day, they are picking up to 800,000 pounds of fresh peaches every single day. Our mouths are watering as we dream of the taste of the first peaches of the season baked into a homemade peach cobbler. Plan a trip to Big Smile Peaches to pick up a freshly picked basket of the fuzzy fruit this summer! 37 YONCE POND ROAD, JOHNSTON

803.275.324 4



Smokin’ hot parties This summer, indulge in one of Main Street's best kept secrets and plan your next party at the outdoor patio at Smoked. The elevated atmosphere you've come to know and love at Smoked extends to its back patio where you can celebrate everything from birthday parties to corporate events, rehearsal dinners, family get-togethers, and more. The only question now is: What occasion will you celebrate first? For more information on the private event spaces available at Smoked, visit their website or contact their Events Coordinator Shea Seelbinder at 1643 MAIN STREET



A new meaning to seaside dining Get the seal of approval from all of your guests at your next event when you host it at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden’s Sea Lion Landing. The venue offers brilliant views of resident California sea lions and harbor seal, as well as a unique space for you and your guests to mingle, sip, and dine at your private, after hours event. Dive in with the Zoo’s event planning and catering teams—your event is sure to make a splash!



Give back with your event! A portion of the food and beverage proceeds from the evening will go towards animal conservation, helping animals and their habitats at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden and around the world.



An Italian state of mind Sit outside on the intimate patio on Devine Street, sip on a cold glass of sparking rosé, and savor a bite of their freshly made pizza. We’ll hazard a guess to say that the authentic Italian dining experience found at il Giorgione will transport you straight to Italy. Combine il Giorgione’s flavorful, creative dishes with the ambiance of their outdoor patio, and you’ll have the recipe for a beautiful summer evening out as you dine local. Featured: Robiola Pizza, Chilled Farro Salad, House Made Strawberry Shortcake, Sparkling Rosé




Club Memberships Dining Business Services Work Spaces Weddings & Events Meetings & Corporate

Welcome to the club

A membership at Capital City Club elevates your lifestyle to new heights as you gain access to exceptional business and social events, networking opportunities, enriching activities, local and worldwide benefits, and much more. The new Membership Director, Alexia Cadle, is ready to introduce you to all of those benefits and more as she assists you in joining the club. Already a member? Stop by and say hello to Alexia the next time you are visiting!

Interested in joining? Contact the new membership director, Alexia Cadle, at 803.252.2210




Lunch, drinks, dinner, dessert... whatever you are craving, you can find in the Vista! There are restaurants that have stood the test of time and are local favorites, there are ones that are bringing new flavors and experiences into the historic district, and there are ones that are quickly becoming the "go to" spot for date nights as well as business lunches. A myriad of culinary encounters await you in the Vista!




THE DONUT GUY Who doesn’t love the first bite of a hot, freshly made donut? At The Donut Guy on Lincoln Street, you can choose a large selection of different flavors and sizes to suit your craving! Fresh, delicious flavors rotate daily!

S W E E T W AT E R S COFFEE AND TEA Nothing completes a day on the go like a refreshing iced beverage from Sweetwaters, unless it's one of their accompanying pastries! Choose from their great selection of coffees and teas.

R I TA’ S I TA L I A N I C E Cool down in the hot summer months with an Italian ice treat from Rita’s! It’s a stop the whole family will love— There’s a variety of Italian ice and custard flavors to taste. Italian Ice, Frozen Custard, Gelati, Frozen Drinks & Milkshakes

Sweets & Treats

‘Round the clock delights in the Vista


BLUE MARLIN 929 KITCHEN If you’ve never experienced authentic Korean cuisine (and even if you have!), try their array of ethnic dishes that will introduce you to a new twist on Korean flavor.

Get a taste of local low country favorites at Blue Marlin as you enjoy a delicious lunch on their outdoor covered patio. Featured Dish: Seared Scallops with Penne Pasta & Cherry Tomatoes tossed in a Pesto Cream Sauce

Featured Dish: Beef Lunch Box Special with Fried Mandoo, Spicy Tofu, Miso Soup

18 01 G RILL Just steps away from Colonial Life Arena, it’s a great place for families, friends, and sports fans to dine together from their tavern-inspired menu. Featured Dishes: Smoked Gouda Appetizer, Shrimp and Grits, Smoked Chicken Pizza Drinks: Garnet Lemonade and Blackberry Smash

DI VINO ROSSO Step into fine dining with Di Vino Rosso, a restaurant that specializes in traditional Italian dishes with a twist alongside an extensive wine list. Featured: Citrus Cured Tuna-Salmon Roulade


The Vista's newest restaurant, Boku Kitchen and Saloon, is the spot to go to for Pan-Asian and noodle cuisine. Everything is made from scratch, including their noodles!

Serving fresh, local, and diverse dishes from the heart of the Vista since 1989, this farm-to-table restaurant should be at the top of your list.

Featured Dishes: Crab Rangoons, General Bob's S&S Chicken, Asian Chicken Salad, Pork Bao Buns

Featured Dishes: Blackened Grouper with Vegetable Succotash, Carrots with Yogurt and Smoked Almonds, NY Strip Steak with Fried Brussels Sprouts, Pork Chops with Butternut Squash and Turnips




ART BAR Escape the ordinary at Art Bar where you'll find an artsy vibe, live music, a dance floor, a lounge, a full bar, and a great line up of events including Open Mic Comedy and Karaoke.

TIN ROOF Turn up the music and get ready for a night of dancing and socializing at Tin Roof with the added bonus of happy hours, Taco Tuesdays, and more.

G E R VA I S & V I N E A modern Mediterranean restaurant with a vast wine and craft beer list, Gervais & Vine is a cozy spot with an outstanding patio to dine al fresco. Check out their new craft cocktail list for summer!

Real food, real delicious

Yachtail: Vodka with real pineapple juice, natural grapefruit and cranberry flavors

Plant-Based Entrées

Crack open a can of summer

Soups & Salads Smoothies & Bowls Desserts Fresh Juices & Elixirs Retail

Looking for a healthy but still delicious dining option for your summer on the go? Tasty as Fit has exactly what you need to fuel with a range of nutritious, plant-based recipes, each available in a convenient grab-and-go format. Enjoy new flavors each week as owner Emilie Blanchard meticulously perfects every recipe in-house and incorporates fresh local ingredients for her guests to enjoy.





Meet Yachtail, a handcrafted cocktail without any of the hassle that is packed with flavor, portable, and most importantly, fits into your favorite koozie! The idea for Yachtail was born poolside in 2020 as husband and wife team Kelly and Emily Barnes discussed how they could best elevate their summer drink of choice. It’s a refreshing beverage for anyone who embraces a coastal casual lifestyle and for anyone that enjoys the taste of sweet summertime. Who’s cracking open a can with us this season?

Every bite, every time With forty years of culinary excellence and catering experience, it's no surprise that the team at Southern Way Catering has left guests swooning in delight with every bite. Their catering capabilities extend from small bites and brunches to four course feasts at black tie galas and catering at PGA Tour events. Their incredible array of menu options have been a hit everywhere they go. Hosting a special occasion soon? Sit down with their team to dream up a menu that perfectly compliments your event and theme and will leave both you and your guests beyond impressed.

Pictured: Crispy Pork Belly Taco with watermelon salsa and feta cheese




Plan a Soda City

for the whole family LOCATION

Make a fort in your own backyard! Hang up a sheet, borrow or rent a projector, and have a movie night with the whole family!

WHAT TO PACK: G L A S S CO K E S & C A N D I E S FRO M M A ST G E N E R A L STO RE A sweet treat and a sweet drink. H OT DOG S FRO M CR AV E M A RK E T If you didn’t know they had some of the best hot dogs in town, now you do! CRO M E R ’ S PO PCO RN What’s a movie night without fresh popcorn to snack on? PI NT O F ICE CRE A M FRO M SWE E T CRE A M CO. The best way to end the night is with a pint of handcrafted small batch ice cream.

for a day date LOCATION

Spread out on the USC Horseshoe. During the summer, there’s less traffic from students!

WHAT TO PACK: LI L’ DUCK KO M B UCH A DYK: There are an abundance of health benefits that come with drinking Kombucha WH IG PI M E NTO CH E E S E FRO M WECO Pimento Cheese is a staple in the South, and a must for a picnic. CH A RCUTE RI E BOX FRO M G OU R M E T S H O P WITH M E AT S , CH E E S E , O LIV E S , JA M S Have Gourmet Shop give you their recommendations—You won’t regret it! G R A B A B CB S B LU E B I K E FRO M H A M I LTO N CO LLEG E Why walk when you can ride?

Picnic Day!

for a brunch with friends LOCATION

Plan a picnic along the banks of the river and spread out a blanket to share a meal with friends.

WHAT TO PACK: FR E S H PR E S S E D J U I CE FRO M G OO D LI FE C A FE Refreshing, delightful, and good for you! PA STRI E S FRO M S M A LL SUG A R These decadent pastries are absolutely scrumptious.

It’s the perfect time of year to spend an afternoon outside! Here are four picnic ideas for you to enjoy, complete with locations and what to pack in your basket.

picnic with your pup LOCATION

Head out to Lake Murray’s Dreher Island for an afternoon with your best friend.

WHAT TO PACK: G R A B LOV E L A N D O N YOU R WAY OUT Whether you hit the kiosk or their brick & mortar, grabbing a cup of Loveland to go is a necessity. G R A B N ’ G O M E A L FRO M TA ST Y A S FIT They make it easy with their prepackaged lunch options.

B I SCU IT S FRO M FAT C AT B I SCU IT S Can’t pick just one? Trust us—You can’t go wrong with whichever biscuit you choose.

JA M S A N D CR ACK E R S FRO M SA K H A R JA M S You haven’t had jam until you’ve tried their flavorful small batch ones!.

PACK SO M E FLOWE R S FO R A PRE T T Y B RU N CH S PRE A D It isn’t all about the ‘gram, but did the picnic even happen if you didn’t share it?

RE NT A SU P O R K AYA K FRO M RIV E R RU N N E R What’s a day on Dreher Island without getting in the water for a little bit?

Grazing Tables

Corporate Events


Boxes & Boards

Gather around the grazing table Original Pancake House has been serving our community out of its Trenholm Plaza location for over 30 years!

So berry delicious What pairs well with the fresh fruit that is grown right here on local farms in the Midlands in the summer months? Fluffy buttermilk pancakes and homemade Belgian waffles from Original Pancake House, of course! Top your short stack or your crispy waffle with your favorite berry, and dive into the best breakfast you’ve ever had.


Abundant Graze brings joy in the form of intricately curated and styled charcuterie presentations, ranging from individual boards and boxes up to enormous grazing tables that command center stage at every event. No matter the form of presentation, any time you come across one of Abundant Graze's creations, you'll want to linger longer, snacking and reveling in all of the tasty goodness in front of you. ABUNDANTGR A ZE.COM

Wine and dine on Main With savory dishes, an extensive drink list, and a spacious outdoor patio along Main Street, Market on Main is the place you'll want to be when you're out and about in downtown Columbia this summer. Pull up a chair outside as you take a break from your day to enjoy lunch, or gather in the evening with your friends to celebrate a birthday and listen to live music. No matter the occasion, Market on Main is always the best choice of destination! TUESDAY Trivia Night WEDNESDAY Karaoke Night THURSDAY–SUNDAY Live Music SATURDAY–SUNDAY Brunch, 10am–3pm 1320 MAIN STREET #150 803.722.4222


All aboard! Hop on board! You won't want to miss this locomotive party in the shadow of Williams-Brice Stadium. With stunning views of the stadium from the top deck, space for 50-100 guests, a full bar with food and drink catered by Market on Main, four TVs, and two bathrooms, Market Party Express has all the key ingredients to be a great venue for celebrations. From graduation parties to monthly hosted events, Market Party Express is the hottest new spot to roll into town in 2022.

Follow @marketpartyexpress for more information on how to book your event.


Follow Craft and Draft on social media for a list of their upcoming summer events and beers on tap!

Back porch brews

With ample seating, overhead ceiling fans, and an awesome selection of local and regional craft beer just inside the door, the newest patio on Devine Street is primed and ready for the summer season. Craft and Draft, celebrating their 8th anniversary this July, expanded their outdoor experience at the beginning of the year to give patrons more room to sit back and enjoy a cold one with friends. Choose a selection from one of their twelve rotating taps or grab a craft beer from their cooler—No matter which way you go, there’s always room for you to drink on their new back porch!






CRAFT AND DRAFT With 12 rotating taps of locally brewed craft beers, and coolers filled with dozens of can and bottle options, you have a variety of libations to choose from when you stop by Craft and Draft. Whether you’re picking up a 6 pack to go or having a pint outside on their newly refinished patio, it’s an ideal destination for all your craft beer needs.

Drinks, clockwise from top: Matcha Latte, the 9-5, and The "Actress"

M O LT Ó V I N O Check out one of Devine’s newest additions, Moltó Vino! Moltó Vino is a self-service wine bar with four machines that have 32 different wines on tap that are ready for tasting and enjoying. Sip, savor, and explore a variety of great vintages as you unwind from the day or get ready for an evening out on the town.

AZALEA COFFEE BAR It only takes one step into Azalea's bright, fresh, and colorful brick and mortar shop to feel an immediate boost of energy. Top that off with one of their delicious coffees or lattes, available hot or iced, and you have the perfect ingredients to a great morning or afternoon.

Sip, sip, hooray! This Spring, come quench your thirst with something DEVINE at one of their many restaurants and bars.



Step up to the plate More than just a ballpark, Segra Park is also one of Columbia's top year round event venues and certainly one of the most unique. No other venue in town offers you sweeping views over the home of the Fireflies! Complementary to the views is the food prepared by their culinary team for your event. Their team keeps their eyes on the ball and they swing for the fences with each menu they create, hitting a home run every time they come up to bat.

Formal occasions and receptions Corporate Events Nonprofit Events Parties Holiday Gatherings





DYK: All of Indah's coffee is ethically sourced and roasted in-house!

Elevate your dining experience

A brew-tiful 5 years After humble beginnings dating back to the early days of Soda City market in 2010 with a little red roaster that could, Indah Coffee is proud to now be celebrating five years in their flagship location. Their coffee shop is the perfect blend of in-house roasted and handcrafted coffee drinks, a welcoming atmosphere, and the friendliest people who are always ready to pour you a cup of freshly roasted and brewed coffee.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Is it the opportunity to soak in a day’s worth of South Carolina sunshine or dine al fresco with friends and family? For Hendrix’s Executive Chef Frank Bradley, it is the abundance of fresh local produce and seasonal flavors available for him to create unique, elevated dishes for all of his guests to enjoy. Stop by for an unforgettable meal located in the heart of Main Street. Be sure to enjoy drinks or dinner surrounded by the stunning views of downtown Columbia from the Hendrix rooftop bar and patio.







GONG CHA & KREMO ICE CREAM With two unique options for sweet treats, Gong cha & Kremo Ice Cream is a wonderful spot to find a refreshing treat to beat the heat this summer. David Tran, a Dreher High School and University of South Carolina graduate, opened his shop in November 2021 and introduced Five Points to both bubble tea (Gong cha) and rolled ice cream (Kremo Ice Cream).

JACK BROWN’S BEER & BURGER JOINT Hailing from Harrisonburg, VA, Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint made their first SC home in Five Points, coming in hot with exceptionally creative toppings and pairings for their farmto-table burger and craft beer experience. We recommend trying their rotating daily special burgers!


Beyond being fresh, local, fun, hip, and authentic, Publico Kitchen + Tap brings you outstanding cuisine alongside an outdoor dining space that can't be beat. They have a delicious Lat-Asian inspired menu featuring everything from tacos to salads, and offer 54 craft beers on tap to choose from.

The flavor of Five Points As diverse and creative as the community that lives, dines, and shops in the neighborhood village of Five Points are the restaurants that reside there! Dive into the wide variety of flavors that Five Points has to offer—from burger joints to brunch spots to bubble tea, there is something that everyone, even the pickiest eaters, can appreciate. Plan a lunch date out to catch up with your girlfriends or a romantic evening overlooking the Five Points Fountain. No matter how you choose to experience the dining options, it’s guaranteed to always be a good time! Featured dishes: Gong cha & Kremo Ice Cream: Strawberry Taro Milk Drink & Mango Strawberry Rolled Ice Cream; Jack Brown’s: Kobra Kai Burger & Greg Brady Burger; Publico: Carnitas Tacos & Chips & Salsa





Enjoy a bite of homemade Include Kudzu Bakery & Market’s delectable and fresh lunch special wherever your summer roadtrips take you! The lunch special—your choice of any sandwich plus chips, cookie, and a drink for $9.50— is perfect to grab and go before you head to a picnic with friends, a day out on the lake or poolside, or even lunch on the road as you travel. With fresh bread, cakes, cookies, pies and pastries baked daily to complement a wide selection of artisan ingredients and quality food and drink products, Kudzu is your one-stop shop in Forest Acres.



A recipe for a healthier you It all starts in the kitchen! At Profile Plan, the goal is for you to build healthy and sustainable eating habits that will help you lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Their team of certified health coaches will meet with you one-on-one to develop your plan, keep you on track to meet your goals, and provide all of the support you need during your journey. Call them today for your complimentary consultation!



Columbia’s tastemakers Does your ideal dinner out include a stop along Main Street for drinks on a rooftop bar before dining at a Cajun-Creole restaurant in the shadow of the South Carolina State House? Or are you looking for a farm-to-table experience followed by an early evening at a local craft brewery? Are you enjoying Italian, pit-smoked barbecue, seafood, Korean, or a savory Southern meal? You can find all of the above in and around our city from the middle of downtown Columbia to the suburbs of our community and everywhere in between. There is an endless supply of outstanding, locally owned restaurants and bars around the Midlands that are waiting to impress you with their delectable menus and their tasty drinks. This summer, we invite you to go on a culinary adventure around town and to try and discover new-to-you restaurants. You never know what restaurant will soon become your new favorite! Have an old tried-and-true favorite that you just can’t get enough of? Introduce a friend! Share the love of what makes our growing food and drink scene so special.

Grab a glass of wine or a locally crafted beer, sit back, and enjoy meeting the culinary experts that are leading the tastes and experiences in our community. After you’re done reading, make a reservation and dine locally this summer!

“Consideration is the best of service.” Marcella Joseph & Rodney Green,

CITY GRIT At CITY GRIT Hospitality Group, there is excitement in the air as the summer brings in an array of fresh seasonal produce, the bustle of outdoor diners, and the return of events and gatherings. Chef de Cuisine of CITY GRIT Marketplace, Marcella Joseph, and Director of Hospitality, Rodney Green, are both busy preparing for the season ahead. Marcella oversees the culinary direction of three Columbia-based CITY GRIT concepts including SmallSUGAR, an all-day café and bakery, Il Focolare, a pizzeria located in Cottontown, and CITY GRIT Marketplace, a brick-and-mortar shopping experience featuring gourmet products, a full-service wine bar, and event catering. She is constantly innovating, creating, and providing guidance and support to the rest of her culinary team. Rodney works closely with Marcella to help facilitate production orders and requests as well as provide a warm welcome to guests at the Market. For both Rodney and Marcella, providing exceptional hospitality and service is at the pinnacle of what they do, “consideration is the basis of service,” said Rodney. The respect for their craft, their community, and for their team is felt from the very moment you step into any of CITY GRIT’S concepts. 707 GERVAIS STREET



Keep an eye out for their tasty collaborations with other local Columbia businesses!

Featured drink: Sojourn of a Burning Sun

“Our cocktail program is ambitious and bold and fresh ideas are always encouraged.”

Reshma Lustman and Jessica Henry,

Sakhar Jams Business partners and best friends Reshma Lustman and Jessica Henry are bringing the delectable flavors of the season to eagerly awaiting customers, one batch of artisanal jam at a time. The pair are the creators of SAKHAR jams, and for the past 2 years in business they have wowed customers with their deliciously unique range of flavors profiles and pairings. When they first began building their book of recipes, Resh & Jess personally visited local South Carolina farms and hand-picked seasonal ingredients for their creations. Those relationships built with the farmers have grown and expanded and now the pair partners with GrowFood South Carolina to source the tastiest and freshest local ingredients for their assortment of jams and jellies. SAKHAR currently offers 2 batch drops of their jams per month, drop details and orders can be placed on their website at SAKHAR JAMS.COM

David Adedokun, Warmouth As the fresh summer breeze rolls through the open garage door at Cottontown’s neighborhood bar and restaurant The Warmouth, Bar Manager, David Adedokun is busy at work cultivating an exciting cocktail and bar program for his guests to enjoy. For David, the past few years working at The Warmouth have been filled with creativity and exploration, as he continues to research and try seasonal ingredients and new methods in which to bring those flavors onto his menu. He welcomes challenges and collaborations he says they push not only The Warmouth forward but also raise the level of the local restaurant community here in Columbia. A few months back he collaborated with local Columbia artisans, SAKHAR jams to feature a limited time cocktail that included their delicious blackberry jam. “One of the only downsides to working with fresh, seasonal ingredients, is that once they are gone, there is no more. But maybe that’s also what makes it so special.” 1209 FR ANKLIN ST

803.569.614 4


“We’ve got it all, just like Mama made it—except better.” “Ratios are the starting point from which a thousand variations begin.” MICHAEL RUHLMAN

Kiki Cyrus, Kiki’s Chicken & Waff les Sink your teeth into the home cooked Southern staples found at Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles. Owner Kitwanda “Kiki” Cyrus has made her mark on the Columbia food scene by bringing a menu filled with soul food classics, including her famous Chicken and Waffles, to two dine-in Columbia locations in addition to a mobile food truck. Growing up, Kiki always enjoyed cooking and worked in restaurants throughout her time as a college student at the University of South Carolina. She and her husband, Tyrone, met during one of those restaurant gigs and the pair continued to explore their love of the restaurant and hospitality industry together. The idea to bring chicken and waffles to Columbia came from a short trip they took to Atlanta which included a stop at the iconic Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles. Kiki saw the high demand in Atlanta and knew that Columbia was missing that “go-to” soul food location, so in 2012, she became it! Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles is now a destination for locals and visitors alike and brings with it an incredible sense of community all paired with delicious soul food staples. KIKISCHICKENANDWAFFLES.COM

Javier Uriarte, Ratio Chef Javier Uriarte has been a part of the culinary scene in Columbia for over 8 years, bringing his talents to many of Columbia’s popular downtown restaurants including Motor Supply Bistro and Hendrix. In 2020, he opened his very own restaurant in Elgin, SC called Ratio. The menu at Ratio is a proud reflection of Javier’s Peruvian heritage and each dish is created with the goal of providing his guests with the feeling of comfort and connection, even if it may be through a dish they have never tried. The name Ratio, comes from the idea that in cooking, as long as you understand basic ratios, you can expand your cooking capabilities 10 fold. He has taken that approach and applied it to every part of his restaurant, from finding just the right ratio in his food, drink, atmosphere, plating and service. This summer, Javier looks forward to introducing the staple flavors of summer, with some of his favorite being strawberries, peaches, and tomatoes, into his dishes in a unique and unexpected way. 566 SPEARS CREEK CHURCH RD, ELGIN R ATIORESTAUR ANT.COM


“We love our local farmers and have always wanted to show off their amazing products”

World renowned f lavors in the heart of Main Street Jessica Shillato, Spotted Salamander For Chef Jessica Shillato, cooking has been a part of her life since the age of 6. Her family always enjoyed coming to the table to share a meal, and that celebration of family, food, and togetherness inspired her passion and led to a professional career in the culinary arts. In 2008, Jessica opened Spotted Salamander Catering, a boutique catering company with a focus on serving innovative southern cuisine using only the freshest ingredients supplied by local farmers. In 2014, the Spotted Salamander Café opened on Richland Street serving lunch to customers Monday through Friday. Jessica has always enjoyed how cooking for others is a way to connect and make people happy. Jessica continues to focus on sourcing local ingredients for her meals “In all of our dishes there is something local, even if it’s just flour, milk or honey” she said. We love our local farmers and we have always wanted to show off the amazing products they have. The farmers and producers of South Carolina have so many wonderful quality products it makes my job a little easier.” 1531 RICHL AND STREET



Rory Macdonald, The Robinson Room Take a step into the Robinson Room, Columbia’s swanky dessert and cocktail bar nestled in the hidden lower level of The Grand on Main. Their menu of unique and decadent desserts is complements of World-Renowned Pastry Chef, Rory Macdonald. The London born and New York based MichelinStarred Chef has been perfecting his culinary artistry for over 20 years. Chef Rory approaches each of his creations with a focus first on flavor, closely accompanied by immaculate plating and presentation. At the Robinson Room you can find an enticing blend of familiar comfort food flavors like those found in the Apple Tarte Tatin, as well as unique combinations like those in his Chocolate Orange dessert, complete with early grey mousse, blood orange glaze, and a salted chocolate sorbet. Enjoy an elevated evening of hand-crafted cocktails and grand desserts from Chef Rory and his talented on-site team at the Robinson Room. 1621 MAIN ST



Authentic | Leading the way through innovation and example

Authentic TEC Grills Located just a few miles from the heart of downtown Columbia sits the main office and plant for Thermal Engineering Corporation, also known as TEC. Founded in the 1960s, by William “Bill” Best, TEC has been pushing the boundaries of infrared heating technologies ever since. From industrial paint and curing systems, to TEC heaters, and an innovative line of residential infrared grills, Bill has created long lasting products for decades using the technologies from his collection of over 120 granted patents. It was at the age of 22 that Bill began to develop his passion for research and development, when he worked to improve the air-to-air refueling system utilized by the United States Air Force. He then went on to earn an engineering degree from the University of South Carolina and later completed his doctoral degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on heat transfer and thermal dynamics through a co-op program offered by his employer, aerospace manufacturer Pratt and Whitney. It was his time working on guidance rockets for Pratt and Whitney that lead him to conceptualize the idea for an infrared burner that could be used as an energy efficient industrial space heater, and before long, that burner became his very first patented design. Several years later, Bill had the idea to place one of those patented burners into a grill for his own personal use. After constructing the grill in his laboratory, which took him less than a day to build from scratch, Bill found that the resulting product produced food that was juicy, tender, and packed with flavor. What started as a simple experiment, soon became an entirely new business venture for the team at TEC. Their first TEC grill was officially sold in 1978, and since then it has been long loved by experienced grillers and beginners alike. Because of the unique infrared technology, customers can expect their grill to reach maximum searing temperatures in as little as 10-15 minutes, plus enjoy minimal flare ups, no hot or cold spots, and a noticeable difference in moisture retention when compared to traditional gas grills.



Bill’s wife Rachael Best is an essential part of TEC and actively oversees the day-to-day operations at the plant. Every TEC grill is built by hand and assembled right here in Columbia. Rachael and Bill work together to constantly innovate and improve their current line of grills and accessories. The pair are currently in the final design and testing phase of their newest residential grill, which they are affectionately naming the “Columbia” after the beloved birthplace of Thermal Engineering Corporation. To learn more about TEC grills and the benefits of infrared grilling visit

American Patriot Coffee Roasters 1012 Broad Street Inside Blue Skies & Sunshine

Sweet Lili’s 1026 Broad Street

Crafted in Camden Nestled along Broad Street in downtown Camden, you'll find a unique collection of locally-owned shops including a town favorite, Sweet Lili's, and the newest addition, American Patriot Coffee Roasters. Roaster Kevin Smith has brought a new coffee experience to his hometown of Camden that has been fueled by over a dozen years of traveling and researching what exactly makes a coffee shop a wonderful place to visit. Just as he roasts all of his coffee beans in-house, down the street, Sweet Lili's is following the same path by handcrafting all of their ice cream in their shop. With selections like Chocolate Fudge, Butter Pecan, Princess Dream, and Berry Sorbet, you're sure to find a tasty flavor to cool off with this summer! TO LEARN MORE, VISIT DOWNTOWNCAMDENSC.ORG

Everyday modern luxury At McDaniels Porsche, they believe that a Porsche isn't simply a car. Each one is a moment that can transport a driver to a realm of new possibilities and new dreams. Turn heads as you drive by, relaxed in the luxurious comfort that comes with every model and thrilled by the excitement that comes with every press of the gas pedal. Close your eyes and imagine your summer in a Porsche: Is it fabulous? Dream bigger, and introduce a Porsche to your lifestyle. You'll make every drive more breathtaking and memorable.

Pictured: 718 Boxster Spyder

With your new car comes a community as premium and exceptional as the car itself. The dealership experience at McDaniels is rare, like Porsche, and refined to represent the exclusivity of your new car. You don't have to travel far to meet those who will introduce you to the best that the experience has to offer you. Discover Porsche enthusiasts around the globe who can guide you in the new world of modern luxury— there are over 675 Porsche Clubs in 85 countries. No matter where your excursions take you, you'll always have the connecting thread of your Porsche community. CATCH MCDANIELS PORSCHE AT THESE EXCITING 2022 EVENTS: Sportscar Together Day

September, group drive.

King Fore A Day

September 12 th

Drive Electric Columbia

Sept 23 rd–Oct 2 nd

Vista Lights

November 17 th









Skincare Treatments

Laser Skin Services

Say hello to hydration Look and feel your best this summer with the help of the team at About You Aesthetics. They offer a range of safe aesthetics treatments designed to help you refresh and rejuvenate your skin for a confident glow that shines both inside and out. Their HydraFacial service is perfect for getting your skin ready for the season as it gently exfoliates, hydrates, and saturates the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

The About You Aesthetics team is pleased to introduce you to two of their newest members! Jasmine Smith (right) works at the front desk to help schedule and greet clients and Maggie Faile (left) is their newest Aesthetician who specializes in the HydraFacial service. Middle: Lauren Coggiola.


Laser Hair Removal

Vaginal Rejuvenation

For summer’s golden moments What pairs well with a chilled glass of champagne on a sunsoaked summer day? A beautiful dress from Scout & Molly’s! Owner Amanda Gunn and her team have curated an array of dazzling dresses perfect for any occasion this summer season. Let your confidence glow all season long with Scout & Molly’s.

Shop the fabulous new summer collection from Sundress, seen here on the Scout and Molly’s team!

AMUR Celia B FARM Rio HART Koch Marie Oliver Mignonne Gavigan Misa Los Angeles Monique Lhuillier Sheridan French Sundress










Visit Jill Smith & Associates Counseling in either their Lexington or Columbia location.

A place to be yourself Step inside the door at Jill Smith & Associates Counseling, and immediately feel a sense of peace. You've arrived at the right place. You've found a therapist, you've scheduled your first appointment, and now you're ready to tackle the challenges that you're facing in a welcoming, caring environment. Jill Smith and her team are highly trained, compassionate psychotherapists that are skilled at navigating the real world with you—every up and down, they'll be there for you through it all.



Your in-town Realtor®

Dreaming of summer mornings on a front porch of a historic home in downtown Columbia? Or are you ready to put your older, charming home on the market? Meet local realtor Paul McCullough of Bollin Ligon Walker Realtors, PA. He’s a historic and older home specialist that serves Melrose Heights, Shandon, Heathwood, Forest Acres, and surrounding neighborhoods. Paul lives, works, and plays in these communities—who better to trust with your older or historic home than an experienced agent who understands not just the value of your home, but what makes living in your neighborhood so special?

Serving Melrose Heights, Shandon, Heathwood, Forest Acres, and surrounding neighborhoods

3008 MILLWOOD AVENUE 803.767.9791


Shop their new second location in Cottontown at 1211 Franklin Street.

It’s porch season Sip your coffee on your front porch rocking chair as you wake up for the day and wind down in the evening on your back porch, enjoying the crickets chirping. What could make your outdoor living spaces even better? Only the addition of beautiful plants from Gardener’s Outpost! They have a huge selection of hanging baskets, plants, soil, and gardening accessories that will completely transform your porches, decks, patios, and yards. Brighten up your outdoor space for your total enjoyment this summer with their expert guidance.





Kick back and relax this summer

WHO SAYS FASHION CAN’T BE FUNCTIONAL? At Blossom Shoes and Such, they have a wide selection of stylish footwear including a range of sneakers that are perfect for a summer on the go!


Catastrophic Injury Workers’ Compensation Wrongful Death

They’ve got your back With a firm foundation in fairness, honesty, hard work, dedication, justice, and service, the attorneys at Goings Law Firm will always stand tall and fight for you and your family. They understand the battle that you're facing as you go up against insurance companies and those who are at fault in an accident, and they have the experience to navigate you through the legal system. You'll never feel alone when you have the team at Goings Law Firm on your side.

Attorneys: Robert F. Goings Jessica L. Gooding Christian E. Boesl (not pictured) Christopher M. Paschal





A family recipe for wealth management Much like a treasured family recipe that has gathered the family around the table for generations, traditions, values, and wealth can also be shared and passed down from family member to family member. For over 35 years, The Rast McFadden Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley has been helping their clients assemble the ingredients to successfully plan for their future and the future of their families. Go on, let them give you a taste of their knowledge and guidance: We promise you’ll go back for seconds! Wealth Management

Financial Planning

Business Succession Planning

Executive Financial Services

Trust Services

Endowments and Foundations

Philanthropic Management

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC (“Morgan Stanley”), its affiliates and Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors or Private Wealth Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. Individuals should consult their tax advisor for matters involving taxation and tax planning and their attorney for matters involving trusts, estate planning, charitable giving, philanthropic planning or other legal matters. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC does not accept appointments nor will it act as a trustee but it will provide access to trust services through an appropriate third-party corporate trustee.

Estate Planning Strategies

From left: Julie Huff, Senior Registered Client Service Associate Ben Rast, CFP ®, CPWA®, Wealth Advisor Matthew McFadden, CPM ®, Financial Advisor Kathryn Robinson, Wealth Management Associate

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and federally registered CFP (with plaque design) in the US.

Emily Tarney, CFP ®, Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC. CRC 4668842 04/2022

Lauren Phelps, Senior Registered Client Service Associate



Josh Lorenzetti, Registered Client Service Associate



Bright Minds Realized LE ARN MORE AT SAN DHILLSSCHOOL .ORG 1500 HALLBROOK DRIVE 803.695.1400

Since 1975, Sandhills School has created a learning environment where bright, 1st–12 st grade students with dyslexia and related learning differences have found success. Surrounded by supportive faculty and staff that believe the possibilities are endless for each child, Sandhills students gain the confidence, master the tools and participate in the opportunities they need to realize their potential in academics and in life. Sandhills School makes every learning experience a positive one!

Exciting news! Pedego is opening a location in West Columbia at 521 Meeting Street this summer, right across the Gervais Street Bridge!

The Pedego family When you say ‘Hello!’ to fun with the purchase of a Pedego electric bike, you’re also saying ‘Hello!’ to a community of Pedego enthusiasts and experts who are all ready to welcome you to the family. Coker Day and his team at Pedego Electric Bikes of Aiken will navigate you through their selection of 17 different models to find the best one for your lifestyle, but the relationship doesn’t end there. They continue to provide premium service, group bike rides, and social gatherings for years to come so that you get the most out of your purchase. Pedal—or cruise—your way through summer in style with Pedego! 4019 PAVILION PASS, AIKEN



Set sail towards glowing skin Get your glow on this summer with the guidance of The Well LLC’s newest team member, Katie Dorsey. She’s an esthetician who works closely with her clients on an individual basis to customize skin care services specific to their needs and skincare goals. From facials to waxing, and even tips for keeping your skin hydrated throughout the year, Katie’s here to guide you to healthy, radiant skin. It’s another way that The Well LLC educates, inspires, and empowers you to put the well back in your wellbeing! Tip from Katie: Don’t forget your SPF! Use a minimum of 30 SPF on your face year round and especially during the summer months to avoid harsh burns and sun exposure that can lead to premature aging, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Add in extra moisturizer, too!

Savor your stitches With a needle and colorful thread, bring beautiful works of art to life as you learn the skill of needlepoint this summer with the help of Forest Acres Needlepoint. Beyond their selection of canvases and threads their team offers one-onone sessions and classes for those interested in learning the basics and those interested in honing their craft. Check their calendar for upcoming events and classes!





Many stories live here Dating back to 1768, this historic family owned event venue is the ideal, intimate setting as you gather to celebrate weddings and momentous occasions with family and friends. Host your next event here and become another chapter in the legendary history of Wavering Place.

Pictured at Pink Sorbet’s Devine St neighbor, Azalea Coffee Bar.

photo: Mary Catherine Echols photography

Take sunshine with you wherever you go

Weddings Private Parties Corporate Events

Pop into Pink Sorbet for your summer pick-me-up and refresh your wardrobe with the colorful and playful patterns of Lilly Pulitzer. Owner Beth Baxley and her team will brew up something special for you that will take you from hot summer days at the beach to cool evenings dining out at your favorite local restaurant with your family. Special occasion coming up? Pink Sorbet has just the dress for that, too!

Just a short jaunt from downtown Columbia, but well worth the drive! WAVERINGPL ACE.COM




Vacation mode Summer is here, and it’s time to live it up as you hit the road to explore new towns and make stops by your old favorites. Before you get out of town, make a stop by Westmore Land of Gifts to shop the summer essentials you need for any trip. Their selection of fun, colorful outfits, and accessories is the perfect way to get you in vacation mode.

Westmore Land of Gifts was voted Small Business of the Year for 2022 by the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce!



Fuel for your mind, body, and spirit Under the Corazon Holistic Health Model, nutrition plays a foundational roll, as it is an essential key to our overall health. A healthy relationship with food and deeper understanding of your own personal nutritional needs can help improve gut health, sleep, mental health, and your immune system. At Corazon Holistic Health, Registered Dietitian Melinda Geisler, is available to work with you one-on-one to create a personalized nutrition plan that is easily transferrable to your every day life on the go.


Corazon Holistic Health offers a wide range of services to strengthen the mind-body connection and promote emotional healing and wellness. Connect with their team today to see how you can start on your own personal journey to holistic health and to the wellness lifestyle you desire. 1631 MAIN ST



R eview the menu ahead of time if possible in order to have time to make the best choice

C hoose vegetables as sides

R equest sauces and dressings on the side to help control the amount of saturated fat and sodium you consume

S plit a dessert

I f having alcohol, limit to 1-2 drinks

Make your listing the sweetest

Whether you’re moving into a larger home to accomodate your growing family, relocating for a job in a different city, or downsizing as your children head off to college, when the time comes for you to list your beloved home for sale, you want to find a realtor that provides exceptional focus and client care. Kate Sweeten and The Sweeten Group do just that and more for their clients. Each of their listings stand out in the market not only because they have been staged to perfection—at no cost to the seller—but they’re also professionally photographed and videoed to highlight all the best aspects of the home. So far in 2022, Kate has closed 45+ transactions with an average sale price of $434,000 and her listings are selling in 2 days for an average of 7% above list price—With results like that, who wouldn’t want to list their home with The Sweeten Group?

RE/MAX Torchbearer Award Winner (40 under 40) RE/MAX Luxury Forum REALTrends Top Agents in America List Lifetime member of RE/MAX Hall of Fame #1 RE/MAX Agent in the Midlands 955 EAST MAIN STREET, SUITE R, LEXINGTON


Bring the fire to your workout Let the heat outside inspire the fire you bring to your workouts inside Anytime Fitness on Devine Street this summer. A good workout is a great way to refresh and renew, and when you have the help of their experienced and welcoming team, every session at the gym is bound to be a great one. Keep the momentum you've been building throughout the year going strong, even as you travel for vacation! Did you know that all members have 24/7 access at more than 4,700 Anytime Fitness gyms around the world?

Cardio Strength Training Functional Training Coaching Fitness Assessments 24-hour access





Friendly faces and compassionate care

PROVIDING SERVICES IN: Residential homes Nursing homes


Assisted living facilities

When it comes to handling matters that involve your family, it's best to have a team by your side that feels like they are part of your family. Daybreak Adult Care Services provides dependable and compassionate care for seniors in the Midlands and beyond. Their reliable in-home care team will keep your senior family members both safe and happy in their current home, and will do all that they can to help your family member maintain a level of independence. It's care you can count on. 123 LIBR ARY HILL L ANE, SUITE A, LEXINGTON

803.356.4 451



Take me out to the ball game When you’re up to bat and it’s time to select the paint for your next project, there’s only one company that’s going to help you hit a home run: Rose Talbert Paints. They have over 100 years of experience in mixing up and producing the best paint in the Midlands, and they have honed their process to where they have the ability to match and mass produce any color you can imagine, including the perfect shade of the University of South Carolina’s signature garnet color. You’ll hit a grand slam on all your home and office improvement projects this summer with Rose Talbert!

Rose Talbert Paints is a proud supporter of the 2022 Gamecock Baseball team as the 5 th Inning sponsor!

Residential and Commercial Products: Epoxies


Metal Primers


High Performance


OEM Primers & Finishes

2521 FOREST DRIVE, 803.799.7011

549 KNOX ABBOT T DRIVE, 803.796.6260





Best on the market The team at ACE Glass is up for any challenge, and with over 50 years of experience in the glass industry, they’re able to perfectly execute any idea their clients come to them with. This spring, they’re excited to be working together with locally owned restaurant, Market on Main, to bring an exciting new addition to Main Street: a sunroom! The sunroom will cover the majority of Market on Main’s current outdoor patio space to accomodate outdoor dining even in inclement weather, and all doors will be able to fully open when the weather is ideal. A new dining experience is coming with the help of ACE Glass!





Check out her exciting new collection with styles available in neutral and pastel colors, plus exotic patterns from animal prints to snakeskin and cork.

The perfect summer accessories Owner and designer Margaret Jordan, has introduced exciting new Italian leathers to her Spring collection! Fashionable and functional, on trend yet classic, it's the accessory you need this season for every event, from casual to cocktail. Shop this exciting collection at one of their two locations. CRICKET NEWMAN DESIGNS, COLUMBIA ROSE ARBOR FABRICS, PAWLEYS ISL AND JORDIEHANDMADE.COM

What do you get when you combine a unique artists’ community with an events calendar filled with weekly Friday night shopping experiences, a festival dedicated to sustainably and locally grown produce, and a music and bicycle festival featuring Columbia’s first bike powered stage to mark the start of summer? You get a recipe for a summer of fun at NoMa Warehouse! NoMa is expanding beyond their four walls this summer to bring you not only the best in local artisans and makers inside their warehouse, but to also bring you great live entertainment and family-friendly events that the entire community can enjoy together on Sumter Street and throughout the NoMa Corridor. Make it a summer to remember and join in the festivities! 2222 SUMTER STREET 803.931.3470 NOMAWAREHOUSE.COM

Rollin' into festival season

UPCOMING EVENTS: NoMa Flea Weekly on Friday nights SolFest RollFest July 2 Tasty Tomato Festival July 23

All decked out

Dive headfirst into fabulous summer style at Slate on Devine. Owner Mollie Hobbs is making a splash with the curated collection that has hit the shelves of her store— You can easily refresh your closet with the selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories found there. Put together outfits perfect for poolside lunches with friends and nights out on the town. Shop the Everyday Elevated styles available at Slate on Devine!


803.376.4 411




Seize the day and try out a free class at their studio on Millwood Avenue!

Making fitness fun What can make your workout experience even better this summer? Adding a supportive group of friends and trainers who will be alongside you every step of the way! Basecamp Fitness is all about community when it comes to their quick (just 35 minutes!) and effective workout classes that will boost your level of fitness and improve your strength, cardio, and core. Take a free trial class this summer and discover why group fitness classes are a great addition to your workout plan.

3009 MILLWOOD AVENUE #300 803.543.0594


Not Your Average Teacher. Not Your Average School.

Heathwood Hall is thrilled that 1st Grade Teacher Catherine Barnhill has been named the South Carolina Independent School Association’s 2022 Lower School Teacher of the Year. The award honors Catherine’s commitment to helping every student become a confident, engaged learner and her exceptional skill at meeting each child where they are and helping them grow to their full potential.

Catherine is a gifted, inspiring teacher—and at Heathwood, she’s one of many. That’s why, since 2001, 14 Heathwood teachers have been named SCISA Teacher of the Year. Come see for yourself how Heathwood’s talented teachers create a transformative learning experience for students age 2 through grade 12. Visit or call 803.231.7719 to schedule a tour today.





Night at the museum Bring timeless elegance and wonder to your special wedding day or next event by hosting your guests at the South Carolina State Museum. Located in a historic mill on the banks of the Congaree River in downtown Columbia, the museum boasts a variety of event spaces for you to transform to match the theme of your gathering. Their spaces are ideal for everything from intimate seated dinner parties to grand galas. Where will you choose to spend your celebratory night at the museum?





Featured Spaces: Main Lobby


Vista Room

Boeing Observatory & Terrace

Planetarium Lobby

Southern sustainability The team at SoCo Power is helping residents and businesses in South Carolina take a step in the right direction towards generating clean energy. As certified solar integrators, they specialize in the design, engineering, installation, and servicing of solar arrays, EV charging station equipment, and backup generators. Founder and owner of SoCo Power, Cody Coker, brings with him over 7 years of experience in the solar industry, and enjoys the ability to make an impact not only on the environment, but also on his clients as they are able to reduce their energy bill and with it, their carbon footprint. In today’s day millions of homeowners and businesses are making the switch to clean, renewable energy. If you are interested in being a part of the change, get in touch with the team at SoCo Power today!

If you are interested in learning more about SoCo Power’s services and how making the switch to solar can benefit you, scan the QR code below or visit their website at Pictured: Scott Truitt & Cody Coker




Cheers to community

In their family owned screen printing and embroidery business, owners Jenn and Chris Stanford have surrounded themselves with a supportive community. They have a knack for creating ways to give back to a variety of organizations throughout the state, from military nonprofits to local schools. Their commitment to people is one of the things that makes Blazon stand out amongst the crowd, just as they help your organization stand out with their in-house design, embroidery, and screen printing skills. That's something we can all raise our glasses to!

5337 US -321, GASTON 803.796.9100 WEAREBL A ZON.COM

Welcome to the neighborhood

Did you know that in addition to real estate sales, the team Wolfe & Taylor also specializes in property and association management? For assistance with your property, give their team a call today!

Photo taken at Postic Law Firm

Wolfe & Taylor has served the Columbia market since 1945, and they have generations of experience finding the right house for you and your family. Their growing team of talented real estate agents and property management staff goes above and beyond to make everyone feel at home in the Midlands. You will fall in love with the vibrant neighborhoods and businesses that make up our community, especially when everyone at Wolfe & Taylor is so passionate about all things local! They’ll give you the inside scoop on what it’s like to live here and help you navigate the real estate market to find the best place to call home. 1216 PICKENS STREET








Friday 9am–5pm | Saturday 8am–12pm

Friday 8am–4pm | Saturday 8am–12pm

Saturday 2pm

A weekend of wake Nearly two decades ago, a love of watersports and desire to learn from the best led a group of college students, dubbed the SC Rough Riders, to put on the very first Weekend With the Pros in the backyard of one of their parents' homes. The now annual twoday event centers around wakeboarding and bringing in professional riders to teach lessons out on Lake Murray before throwing down their biggest and best tricks for all to enjoy. It's easily the best weekend on the lake all summer with over 1,200 spectators on 400 boats rafting up to share a love of watersports together.

This year's event is sponsored by Captain's Choice Marine, Lake Murray's Malibu and Axis boat dealer. They lead the way in the industry with their outstanding service and ability to find the perfect boat for every family.

Pro Wakeboarder Bec Gange


Donovan McMasters is the Photographer and Designer and he combines his talents to masterfully capture images that enhance the brand, print collateral, or website.

Meet the team behind the magazine

Ashleigh Simpson is the Fig Coordinator and she works one-on-one with clients to discover the heartbeat of their business and the best way to showcase it.

RJ Jackson is the Designer and he focuses on illustration, branding, and websites as he visually brings a client’s story to life.

Chesson Merritt is the Social Media Director and she researches and creatively tells clients’ stories through writing, photography, and videography.

Laura Windham is the Creative Director and she works closely with the design team to make sure that they collectively meet clients’ visual needs.

Chris Farr is the Director of Operations and he guides the business in best practices, processes, and procedures, as well as HR and accounting.



It takes a team of wildly talented individuals that complement one another’s skillsets to achieve the accomplishments and accolades that ByFarr Design House has garnered throughout the years. With in-house talents that stretch across design, marketing, writing, photography, letterpress printing, operations, and more (like Fig Magazine!), they continue to take on any and all opportunities that come their way head on. The team at ByFarr Design House is on the move, and they can’t wait for you to see what’s in store next.

Brynley Farr is the Founder and leads the team in a direction that serves our Columbia community and beyond through marketing and design.


Giving Back | Making a difference in the lives of others

Giving Back Able South Carolina JULY IS DISABILITY PRIDE MONTH!

AT A B L E S O U T H C A R O L I N A , the term “independent living” represents more than just a collection of services they provide their members, or “consumers,” it is a foundation for who they are, how they live, and the philosophy they use to teach and empower those in our local community living with disabilities. The independent living philosophy is simple, it is the idea that people with disabilities are the best experts on their own needs. While simple in theory, individuals with disabilities are often facing physical and invisible guardrails that may keep them from achieving this approach to life immediately on their own. These roadblocks to independent living can come in the form of parental guardianship or difficulty finding employment. They can also include communication barriers or a lack of confidence in making their own decisions. That is where the team of Independent Living Specialists at Able South Carolina can help consumers by providing the resources, knowledge, and tools needed as they craft their own unique life journey. These specialists work one-on-one with consumers to identify and create goals for independence and the road maps for achieving them. This array of services includes assistance with employment, housing search, household management, organizational skills, budgeting, and more. Able SC can also assist people with disabilities with living where they choose and maintaining their independence in the community. They can help consumers navigate a move from any environment, including institutions. Dori Tempio, Director of Community Outreach and Consumer Rights, shared with us her biggest takeaway from the independent living philosophy: “Being a part of the disability community has shown me that we all have power and control over the goals we want to achieve and the dreams we want to accomplish. We just have to find the tools that work best for us! Independent living doesn’t mean doing everything yourself, it means building a support system and being in the driver’s seat for the goals that are important to you. Everyone needs support and building a strong support system truly makes a difference, especially when it is your peers with and without disabilities!”



In addition to the array of daily life skills, Able South Carolina also provides peer support groups and mentoring as well as advocacy and outreach opportunities so that we can continue to work together and share the all-important message that independence is for everyone. To learn more about the incredible impact that Able South Carolina has had in the state of South Carolina and nationally visit,

Listening. It’s where all progress begins. Committed people putting their ears in the right places to learn what our region needs most. Then comes the leveraging of data, networks and alliances for maximum philanthropic impact. This is Central Carolina Community Foundation.

Aided by a 2019 Connected Communities Grant, The River Alliance created unique recreational access throughout Cayce, Columbia and West Columbia, including miles of ADA accessible trails at its

This is investing for impact.

“12,000 Year History Park”.

Photo by: Katie Bryant Photography and Heather Crouse

The venue of your dreams

Where in Columbia can you find a venue located next door to the Governor’s Mansion that combines classic French architectural style with a storied history? The Lace House at Arsenal Hill is a historical three story home built in 1855 surrounded by lush, charming gardens awaiting you and your next event. Invite your guests to walk through and explore the gardens as you prepare to make your grand entrance, and then dine and dance the night away under the stars of a beautiful South Carolina night sky.

Photo by: Jessica Hunt Photography






NOMA FLEA Weekly on Fridays, 6–9pm Start your weekends off right in the Cottontown neighborhood with the NoMa Flea at NoMa Warehouse. This funky and fun artisan market features creators, curators, tastemakers, storytellers, artists, craftspeople, and collectors for a truly unique shopping experience.

COLUMBIA FIREFLIES BASEBALL GAMES Now through September Let’s Glow! Head out to Segra Park this summer with your family and friends for an evening of Fireflies baseball, delicious ballpark food, and a pint of River Rat Brewery’s Luminescent Lager, brewed especially for the Fireflies.

SC ROUGH RIDERS WEEKEND WITH THE PROS June 10–11 Hit the water for the largest annual gathering of spectators and wakeboarders in SC this summer at Weekend With the Pros. The weekend includes lessons and riding exhibitions from pro wakeboarders, and a huge boat raft up.

LAKE MURRAY 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION July 2 By boat or by land, you won’t want to miss Lake Murray’s annual Independence Day Celebration! Held the Saturday before the 4th, the celebration includes a Boat Parade during the day and a grand fireworks show as soon as the sun sets in the evening.

SALUTE FROM THE SHORE July 4, 1pm Join thousands of spectators along the beautiful South Carolina coastline as F16s, C17s, and vintage aircrafts fly down the coast from just north of Myrtle Beach down to Bluffton. Show your patriotic pride and don’t miss the chance to salute our troops as they pass by.

BREW AT THE ZOO August 5, 7–9:30pm Join Riverbanks Zoo for a sippin’ safari adventure. As you stroll through the zoo, sample local and regional craft beers and enjoy one-of-a-kind animal encounters at this signature event.

DEVINE STREET SIDEWALK SALE August 5–7 Shop the local boutiques and shops that line Devine Street during their annual Summer Sidewalk Sale where you can find the best deals of the year as you get ready for a new school year and a new season. LABOR DAY FESTIVAL & PARADE September 3–5 Spend the long weekend celebrating Labor Day in Chapin with live music, a 5K on Saturday morning, a Classic Car Show, a Labor Day Parade, and a festival featuring over 100 vendors and a children’s play area.

Summertime Events

SODA CITY MARKET Weekly on Saturdays, 9am–1pm Stop by Main Street on Saturday mornings for the weekly Soda City Market where creators and artisans from the Midlands and beyond gather to bring the best artwork, food, clothing, jewelry, and more for you to peruse and shop.

LEXINGTON COUNTY PEACH FESTIVAL July 4 The Peach Festival returns this year for the 62nd annual 4th of July celebration. Celebrate in style at this family-friendly festival that features live entertainment, fresh peach treats, the Peach Parade, and fireworks.



Fairways and Greens with LASIK

Columbia Eye Clinic’s experienced surgeons can help you enjoy the active lifestyle you love without the hassle of glasses or contacts. Laser vision correction, including LASIK, is an outpatient procedure to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism and get you back to your busy life quickly. See if the precision of bladeless LASIK is a hole in one for you! Call today to schedule a consultation at Columbia Eye Clinic to see if laser vision correction can help you reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts.





Photo: Mark Green Model: Madi Huffman

803.771.0101 701WHALEY.COM

At Lexington Medical Center, we want you to lead a long and healthy life.

And we’re here to help you do just that. Our experienced physicians, nurses and health professionals want nothing more than to help make you well again. Our network of care includes more than 70 physician practices in Richland and Lexington counties. Our community medical and urgent care centers offer lab work, diagnostic tests, outpatient surgery and after-hours care. And our state-of-the-art hospital stands ready to care for you whether you’re welcoming a new baby, seeking treatment for cancer or need surgery for your heart. Whenever you need us, Lexington Medical Center is here for you. So if you don’t already have a doctor or you’re looking for a new one, visit We wish you a lifetime of good health and happiness.

Be well.

2112 Sumter Street Columbia, SC 29201

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