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The Milestones Issue ISSUE No 8 | SPRING 2021 Celebrating local shopping, dining, arts, events, and community

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At the forefront of the Coronavirus fight Schedule an appointment for your vaccine or stop by for any of your pharmacy needs and experience the friendliest staff who will greet you by name and go the extra mile to assist you. The new coronavirus vaccine is available at both Family Pharmacy locations on Price Avenue and Newberry Street. 333 Newberry Street NW 803.649.1776 110 Price Avenue 803.648.1776

I N T H I S I S S U E We commend the remarkable resilience shown by Aiken’s small businesses almost a year after facing one of the greatest challenges to their longevity.With the spring season comes huge milestones worthy of joyous celebration for our community!

Our 2021 Social Mission

COVER: An ode to Aiken’s landmarks, which continue to make our city a place we remain proud to call home. To get your own print, visit

We are honored to have spoken with Nancy Wilds and Caroline Gwinn about Aiken Center for the Arts’ continued efforts to keep our local arts scene blooming. 8

Fig Authentic Bright and Bold! Longtime Aikenite Byron Bush continues to find novel ways to stay engaged and serve small businesses in the community.



Celebrating Milestones We're in awe of the remarkable resilience shown by our small businesses almost a year after facing one of the greatest challenges to their longevity. With the spring season comes huge milestones worthy of joyous celebration for our community!

Letter from the Editor 5 Spotlight: Carson Kight 16 Adapting for this COVID age: Joye in Aiken 25 What will your milestones be this year? 28 And of course great shopping, dining, arts, events, and community— as always. Keep Reading



Spr ing 2021

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/ T he M ilestones Issue



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A note from Fig

We are starting to open a new chapter in the pages of Aiken’s history with the new year. Our city has always been known as a winter colony with her milder temperatures, but for me, it’s in the spring when she truly comes alive. Springtime in Aiken is perhaps the most charming of all the seasons! With this new spring issue, we take a moment to sit, reflect, and celebrate the depths to which we have grown within the last year as a small-business community. I can honestly say that the past year has put so much in perspective for me. I can clearly see that the way those who live and work here fearlessly rally around each other during times of uncertainly is an essential component of Aiken’s charm and gentle grace. We have learned so much about ourselves, our businesses, and our city as we now move forward into the new year, and my love for Aiken has only taken on stronger and deeper roots. Spring is symbolic of growth and rebirth, so I ask you to reflect on this time last year and to celebrate the differences you notice: In what ways have you grown? Are you more determined? Do you have a renewed perception of what brings joy to you and your family? Do feel a sense of pride for supporting local? Are you a small business owner that pivoted and kept your doors open? Are you someone in the medical ISSU E 8


Spr ing 2021

field that tirelessly worked to keep your community healthy? Did you know that several new businesses also opened during the pandemic? These entrepreneurs took on one of the biggest challenges in our history and slowly put one foot in front of the other, intentionally choosing to chase their dreams with fortitude and belief. Our housing market has also boomed! Out-of-state residents flocked to Aiken for the lifestyle, culture, and pinescented air we continue to honor here. These, my friends, are milestones that should be recognized, honored, and celebrated. So, whether you’re going on a coffee date, a date night out, or shopping for new wardrobe pieces or houseware items this spring, celebrate these small moments and the ability to shop local. Chat with the shop owner. Learn more about our resilient smallbusiness community! We have so much to commemorate and look forward to. I’m excited as we move into this new spring season also because of all the fresh faces to welcome and the new connections to make. I encourage you to take the time to greet, connect, sip, and enjoy our city at the peak of its vibrancy. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Milestones Issue of Fig Aiken. ERIN TRUITT & THE FIG AIKEN TEAM

/ A iken, Sout h Carolina

/ T he M ilestones Issue


Dine like a monarch The Restaurant at The Willcox offers a wide selection of chef-curated dishes that will tempt even the most jaded palates. You can also simply relax in their Lobby, known as “Aiken’s Living Room,” and order a handcrafted cocktail or glass of award-winning wine to enjoy alongside an appetizer from their Bites Menu.

Nurture your mind-body connection The Willcox offers a variety of services and experience enhancements that encourage relaxation and comfort, including specialty baths, sleep-well programs, relaxation massages, AromaTouch therapy, hair and nail services, wellness practices, and more. Their Salon and full-service Spa treatments are guaranteed to help you mindfully reconnect with your body, release stress, and unwind.

Listen to the sounds of nature Immerse yourself in Aiken’s breathtaking parks and trails surrounding The Willcox, and let the serene pine-scented air and cool artisan water work their healing magic on your energy levels.

Dedicate time for your loved ones The Willcox is committed to providing guests with family-friendly programs ranging from scavenger hunts and nature hikes to arts & crafts, children’s spa treatments, and even cooking classes. The luxury resort is also in the vicinity of Aiken’s most renowned cultural institutions for the perfect supplement to your staycation.

A luxurious destination right at home Plan a staycation at The Willcox this spring, and indulge in sumptuous self-care to feel relaxed and refreshed in 2021. Boasting world-class amenities and an award-winning restaurant, Aiken’s premier luxury resort is nothing short of magical. And just when you think it couldn’t get better, you discover the fullservice salon and spa! Whether you’re in the mood to escape to the great outdoors with family and friends or to enjoy a purposefully tailored romantic getaway indoors, make The Willcox your destination to relax and rejuvenate this spring.

100 Colleton Avenue SW 803.648.1898

Photography by Brent Cline

Social Mission | Making a difference in the lives of others

Nancy Wilds, 94, in front of one of her stained glass pieces

Social Mission Aiken Center for the Arts FIG’S PURPOSE IS TO SERVE O U R C O M M U N I T Y W E L L , and that goal would simply be unattainable without the hard work of nonprofits like Aiken Center for the Arts, whose mission to inspire and educate by providing unique visual and performing arts experiences for all ages dates back to 1972. The then-called “Rose Hill Arts Center” was started in part by Mrs. Nancy Wilds with the purpose of delivering the best available programming and instruction in fine arts and crafts to our region via a non-profit gallery. She acknowledges, however, the role of happenstance in her career choices. “I was very fortunate to live at Rose Hill, which was one of the old winter colony homes, and it had a large stable,” explains Nancy, standing in front of the stained-glass work that has become the hallmark of her prolific 70year artistic career. “It was my husband’s family home. At first, Aunt Claudia Phelps suggested that I could have the whole garage and an additional room there as 8

my studio and office. And later, when she realized that they were never going to use the stable anymore for horses, she decided to offer it for an art center if I wanted it. And I thought it was a great idea! So, we established the Rose Hill Arts Center.” In 2000, Rose Hill Arts Center changed its name to Aiken Center for the Arts, and through the “Painting the Future” capital campaign, they were able to complete renovations of their Laurens Street property in 2004. Over the years, Aiken Center has established quite a reputation as a go-to destination for the arts in the South, and for that, Executive Director Caroline Gwinn and her team thank Nancy Wilds and the other founding artists. “We always want to share with Nancy all that they have made possible in our community,” adds Caroline. “It is incredibly rewarding for us all to have her visit and see what is happening in the classrooms, meet the students, and enjoy the artwork in the galleries.”

Learn more about fig Giving Back at

Aiken Center for the Arts’ 49-year history as a nonprofit tells the very story of creativity in Aiken. Planning, coordinating, executing, and sharing art, music and the creative process always bring in something new, and last year certainly wasn’t an exception. With the coronavirus pandemic redefining the way we all engage with art, Caroline and her team’s creative responses to the limitations of COVID are in and of themselves a cause for celebration. “In March, I felt an incredible responsibility to the 53 artists who were participating in the American Academy of Equine Art’s annual juried exhibition,” illustrates Caroline. “Even though our arts center had been forced to close, we hung the show and created an online gallery with the support of the City of Aiken. The positive feedback from this exhibition was a high point of 2020 because it happened at the intersection of our largest exhibition of the year and the height of pandemic uncertainty.” Our community arts center continues to look ahead and search for diverse ways to deliver its unique mission to residents and visitors alike beyond the immediate challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic. Making art more inclusive and accessible to everyone is a high priority for the organization moving forward, so more people can gather in the spirit of community and celebrate art as a shared experience right here in Aiken.

Women’s apparel Jewelry Shoes

Busy as a bee It’s been a busy first year in business for Brooke Thomas, the entrepreneur and USC Aiken graduate who founded Ginger Bee last year to provide all the Aiken ladies with on-trend and timeless items to glam up any closet. She can’t wait to help you take your glam status to the next level in 2021, and neither can we!

110 Laurens Street SW



Space Planning Decoration

Architectural Design

Kitchen and Bath Design

Renovation Design

Furniture, Fabric, Art, Accessory and Rug Procurement

Construction Management

Custom Window Treatments Team, from left: Katharine Hanes, Julie Dulac and Milisa Peachey

The ultimate bespoke touch As we emerge out of winter, you may be looking around your home and feeling it needs some help! Catherine Hersacher and her talented team at Bespoke are ready to guide you through the process. Your home is ready to be show-stopping! From Renovation Planning to Decorating, the ladies at Bespoke have it covered. Ask about their consultation package—it’s a great way to get the ball rolling!


2441 Wagener Road


Room with a view

You can have a room with a spectacular view by choosing this lot on which to build your home. Is there anything more tranquil than views over water? Such a lovely spot to enjoy your morning or afternoon coffee or tea! Experience the peace and serenity. To inquire about how to capture this view, contact Nancy.

Lot 43 on Blue Roan Court in Kings Ridge is currently for sale. To see full info about the lot, visit

Contact Nancy at 803.295.3424 or


D E N TA L S P E C I A L I S T S I N S AV I N G A N D R E P L A C I N G T E E T H “Wow, what a year! If you’re reading this article, you know what I mean. Jennibeth and I have much to celebrate and much to be thankful for—from the opening of our state of the art oral surgery clinic to the graduation of our oldest daughter, Ysabel, from DePaul University in Chicago. However, we have not forgotten the events presented to us as a community and as a nation. Despite facing challenges of a pandemic and contentious political election, our Advanced team stood firm, using this gift as an opportunity for growth. Our response to the pandemic and a seemingly divided nation is simple: practice unity and practice it with intention.” — Dr. Shawn M. Velez

18 & 20 Tea Olive Ct Aiken, SC 29803 803.648.0056

Photo by Brent Cline

Authentic | Leading the way through innovation and example risen as a prominent figure in Aiken’s recreation scene with Bright & Bold Entertainment, “a peaceful and positive entertainment company” he founded to provide DJ, emcee, sound, event management, and other entertainment services in Aiken and surrounding areas. Byron opened yet another business branch in 2016 to further support Aiken’s small-business community. “I’m happy and thankful for every person and experience I’ve encountered my entire career and life,” says Byron. “I believe it takes more than one person to accomplish anything of great measure. It takes more than me to make more than me, which is why B&B Network’s mission is to be an association of all the people and establishments I’ve met that are respectfully working together to create and develop business, wealth, and leadership.” Byron’s latest entrepreneurial venture is BNB Solutions, a service he just started to provide comprehensive and tailored strategies for personal and professional development in Aiken. “In order to help others, I need to also help myself,” he elaborates. “The idea behind BNB is simply being better: at life, at business, at progression, at accomplishing goals, and helping others do the same. Helping create vision, standards, and a protocol of actions and characteristics for accomplishing goals and objectives.”

Authentic Byron Bush BY RO N B U S H I S O N E O F TH OS E WA R M A N D C A P T I VAT I N G P E O P L E you feel like you have known forever the minute you meet him. A native from Ellicott City, MD, but longtime Aikenite since his family moved here in 1989, Byron is a true master of all trades. With a degree in accounting from South Carolina State University, he has held positions in business development at companies of both local and nationwide scope, including Aiken Personnel Services, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, and Empowered Global Solutions. In tandem with his business career, Byron’s sports background has also enabled him to work as a football coach in Aiken County Public School District. Over the last eight years, he has further

Outside of work, Byron’s passion for service reflects in the various seats he takes as board member and fellow associate of local nonprofits, including UofSC Aiken’s Inclusion Advisory Council, Education Matters, Aiken Center for the Arts, Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness, Paladin Productions, and Georgia Cyber Center. He also loves enjoying a staycation at The Willcox and shopping for different styles of hats and other accessories in downtown Aiken. For 2021, Byron wishes nothing but to work and get better every day as a community. “My mission now is to progress personally and professionally and to help others do the same,” he adds. “I also want to create a peaceful and positive environment in all I do. Let’s engage, work together, and support each other’s progress and success. We are better together!” Learn more about fig Authentic at


Beyond real estate Home is where memories are made, laughter is shared, and love is felt across generations. More than simply assisting you in selling or investing in property, Cissie Sullivan, Tracey Turner, and their experienced team of REALTORS go above and beyond real estate standards to help you and your family find a place like no other in Aiken to truly call ‘home.’ Discover the good life in Aiken with Sullivan Turner Team!

The Cottage on the Rail 1354 Audubon Drive SE Price upon request


142 Laurens Street Northwest


Pediatric dentistry Soft tissue laser treatment from age 0 Exams & fluoride treatments from age 6mo Cleanings from age 2 Digital x-rays from age 4 Protective sealants from age 6 Restorative treatment through college

For your child’s every milestone

Your child’s dental health is the number one priority at Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry. With a first-hand understanding of the unique needs of children and the concerns of their parents, Dr. Thom and his wife Anna will ensure the development of good habits that will benefit your child for a lifetime of milestones and memories. Kitfox is here to redefine pediatric dentistry and leave your kids feeling accomplished, happy, and excited to come back for their next appointment.

1395 Silver Bluff Road



Aside from her passion for dentistry, Dr. Kight also finds many reasons to smile outside of work due to her longstanding involvement with foster care in South Carolina and the hundreds of children whose lives she’s touched. “I feel that I gained this interest from my Dad, who, as an educator for fifty years, was so very passionate about advocating for the well-being of area children,” adds Kight. “In particular, foster care is near and dear to my heart because both my husband and our adopted son were once children in the foster care system.”

Spotlight Dr. Carson Kight S M I L E S A L L A R O U N D ! That may not be the motto Dr. Carson Kight lives by, but it certainly is how she leaves her mark in our community.

1991, she started her own practice from the ground up, and is currently serving Aiken County in a state-of-the-art dental office on Tea Olive Court.

Born in Prosperity, SC, and based in Aiken County since 1968, Dr. Kight knew from as early as elementary school that she wanted to be a dentist. Her professional career started in 1981 under the mentorship of Dr. David Miles, complemented by top-quality education from Medical College of Georgia (now Augusta University) and Medical University of South Carolina. In

“I am often asked what ‘Distinctive Dentistry’ is.” Dr. Kight explains, “I would say that what sets us apart is our family-based dental practice, our comprehensive services that employ the latest technologies and procedures available in dentistry, and our commitment to comfort… Our team goes the extra mile to ensure the most pain-free dental care possible!”


10 Tea Olive Court


Appointed by Governor McMaster to the Foster Care Review Board of South Carolina in 2018, Dr. Kight ensures that the necessary efforts are being made by supervising agencies to preserve the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of local children seeking a permanent home. Distinctive Dentistry of Aiken is guided by the same caring principle, and you can be sure you will feel cared for from the very first moment you call to make an appointment. The practicing dentist/foster care advocate’s go-to gift shops in Aiken are Unique Expressions, Aiken Office Supply, and Aiken Center for the Arts. You can also find her and her beautiful family enjoying a meal at Malia’s, What’s Cookin’, Bobby’s BBQ, and Blue Top Grill (She recommends the cheeseburger and fries)!

Celebrating independence in Aiken for 50 years

The year was 1971. Pant legs were flared, You’ve Got a Friend was climbing the charts, and the community of Aiken found a new friend in Aiken Senior Life Services. For fifty years, ASLS—a private, charitable nonprofit organization—has provided meals, transportation and essential services to older adults in Aiken County so they can gracefully age in place. Happy anniversary to Aiken Senior Life Services. Happy independence to the seniors they serve. To learn more, volunteer, or donate, visit

Going the extra mile for you

Personal insurance or educational funding? Individual retirement accounts or pension plans? Estate planning or business succession? Save yourself all the hassle, and let the advisors at Herlong & Doran light the way to a safer and less complicated financial future. Their custom, all-inclusive approach to financial services is a serious game changer that will help you not only see your entire monetary picture at once, but also find triedand-trusted wealth management solutions to help you achieve impressive milestones in both your personal and business life. Personal Planning

Business Planning

Wealth Management Solutions

Eagle Strategies, LLC

The Nautilus Group®

Andrew Doran and Thomas Herlong, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC Registered Representatives offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC., (member FINRA/SIPC, A licensed Insurance Agency). 6100 Fairview Road, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28210, 704-371-8500. Financial Advisors offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC., A Registered Investment Advisor. Herlong & Doran Financial Group, LLC is not owned or operated by Eagle Strategies, LLC or its affiliates. Nautilus services offered through Andrew Doran Member Agent, The Nautilus Group® is a service of New York Life Insurance Company.


237 Park Avenue SW, Suite 210


Thank you to Car Cave USA and owner Chris Swindle for use of the Defender

45 years of classic good taste High-performance footwear, made-tomeasure suits, and wow-worthy tuxedos, oh my! The best season has arrived, and his wardrobe deserves a big upgrade with the classic and contemporary men’s clothing you can only find at Lionel Smith. Since 1976, their local menswear experts have provided Aiken’s gents and lads with the finest apparel to suit any occasion, wrapped in exceptional customer service and delivered in a welcoming atmosphere.

Peter Millar Smathers & Branson Southern Tide Robert Graham

132 Laurens Street SW 803.648.2100

On Cloud

Changing smiles, changing lives You’ll feel at ease when you meet with the team at Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. With expertise ranging from dental implant surgery and wisdom tooth removal to corrective jaw surgery, their doctors can help improve your smile and your quality of life.

Wisdom Teeth Dental Implants Bone Grafting

CFOMS.COM Dr. Bradford P. Huffman, DMD

1907 Pawnee Street, Aiken

803.716.9586 • 101 Nutgrove Drive, N. Augusta

803.278.2050 • 7011 Evans Town Center Blvd, Evans


Aiken Horse Farms Aiken Real Estate Long/Short Term Rentals Historic Properties Equestrian Properties Executive Relocation

Crème de la crème What a year it has been for Deirdre Stoker Vaillancourt! The Montrealborn, Aiken-based realtor celebrates over 18 years helping locals and out-of-state clients find home sweet home in her beloved Aiken. From sprawling estates to charming cottages, Deirdre sold over $11.5 million in 2020 alone! Outside of work, Aiken’s most connected real estate agent remains a successful equestrian competitor. She also is a Business Sponsor of The Hitchcock Woods Foundation and a Park Sponsor of The Aiken Horse Park Foundation, which help to preserve what makes our city such a special place for residents and newcomers alike.

Photo taken at La Parisienne Bakery & Restaurant


142 Laurens Street SW



Assisted Living Recreation Programming Rehabilitation Services: Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy

Under the Shadow of Care The Place at Shadow Oaks has earned the admiration of Aikenites from all walks of life for its upscale amenities, outstanding rehabilitation services, and vibrant recreational programs for seniors seeking a unique, homelike assisted living community. 22 years after its founding, Shadow Oaks continues to redefine excellence in adult care with a devoted team who truly loves the residents they serve 24/7.

108 Gregg Avenue



Cleanings and Exams

Gum Disease Treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants

Restorative Dentistry


Dental Fillings

Root Canal Therapy

Dental Crowns

Bone Graft

Dental Implants

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Dental Bridge

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder Treatment

Dentures Porcelain Veneers Dental Bonding

Tooth Extraction Sleep Apnea Therapy

Perfecting your Signature accessory Meet the husband-and-wife dentists behind Aiken’s Center for Dentistry! Leah and Tal Wilkins have over 30 years of combined experience in high-quality, custom cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Together, they lead a team of top dental professionals in Aiken who you can entrust to achieve a smile you love at every stage of your adult life.

1391 Silver Bluff Rd



Go for miles of fun P E D A L — O R C R U I S E— your way into warm weather and longer days as you say ‘hello!’ to fun from the seat of a Pedego electric bike. Breeze through downtown on your way to the farmers market on Saturday mornings to pick up fresh produce and flowers, or hit a local trail for a more adventurous ride. No matter where you choose to ride, you’ll be putting the miles on the road in an exciting, new way. Save the date for Pedego Palooza 2021! On April 17, join Pedego Aiken’s customer appreciation party for great live music, giveaways, food, and drinks that are free for registered Pedego owners.

Visit Pedego to test ride a bike for yourself and discover the right Pedego for you!

4019 Pavilion Pass 803.226.9007


Historic Estate with Mansion Full Service Event Venue Executive Chef Designed Menu Overnight Guest Accommodations Outdoor Function Areas

Say “yes” to historic Southern charm From your wedding design to catering to the venue, you can’t go wrong when you choose to work with the experienced event planners at Rose Hill. Get ready to be swept off your feet all over again as you tie the knot in lavish facilities spread across five acres of pure Southern allure dating back to 1898!

24 221 Greenville Street NW 803.648.1181

Photography by Mark Williams Studio

Redefining access to excellence in the arts R E NOW N E D A RT I ST S + L I V E P E R FOR M A NCE S + SA FE T Y- CO NSCI O US VI E WI NG = PURE J OYE In 2021, spectacular performances and world-class artists return to one of the South’s most vibrant cultural destinations. Yes, we’re talking about Joye in Aiken, the non-profit organization and performing arts festival that gets us jumping for joy every year in the charming city of Aiken. Named for Joye Cottage, a Gilded Age mansion that was once the center of social life for America’s most affluent families, Joye in Aiken now carries out its mission to make the very best in the performing arts accessible to people in all walks of life

and from all backgrounds, with special attention to the needs of children.

open to aspiring jazz musicians from eighth grade through high school.

This year, the annual Festival and Outreach program continues in a new format, with mainly outdoor events spread out over a number of months to protect the safety of artists and attendees. The stellar lineup includes blockbuster crossover trio Time for Three; jazz icons Evan Christopher and Wycliffe Gordon; and Artistic Director for Jazz Riley Mulherkar, among many other favorite Juilliard alumni.

These are still trying times both for artists and for arts aficionados, but through it all, Joye in Aiken maintains its unwavering commitment to bring once-in-a-lifetime experiences to the people of Aiken and the surrounding region—experiences that “represent the highest, most joyful reaches of artistic endeavor.” Make plans to experience one of South Carolina’s premier arts festivals by buying your ticket today!

In partnership with UofSC Aiken, June brings an exciting four-day Jazz Camp

See the schedule at


With Open Doors For You From the sprawling fairways of the golf course to socially distanced Club amenities and events, our warm community of Members offers you total peace of mind so you can improve your golf game and stay safe while having fun. At Woodside Country Club, membership is what you make of it—from Social Memberships for family fun to our Full Golf Memberships with benefits that extend far beyond our fairways. Members also have the opportunity to upgrade


1000 Woodside Plantation Drive 803.649.3383

Fitness Center Golf Events Tournaments & Outings Swimming Pool

benefits for special offerings at hundreds more resorts, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues worldwide. Looking to host an event? You don’t need to be a Member to plan your wedding, corporate meeting or socially distanced celebration at Woodside. Want to learn more about ClubLife? Contact us today!

Fine Dining Worldwide Benefits Event Planning & Management Tennis & Pickleball

Functional medicine with you in mind A few years ago Veronica and I felt God calling us to fellowship training in Functional Medicine. We followed that call and now are both board certified in the specialty. This training has allowed us to offer natural therapies as an alternative to, or to compliment, traditional treatments for both common and uncommon health problems. Nothing thrills us more than to see our patients health and lives improve! If you are struggling to find answers, know that we are here for you! GREGORY L . EAVES, MD

Heart attack & stroke prevention Diabetes prevention 210 High Gate Loop

Weight loss

Hormone replacement 803.646.5003


Make 2021 your milestone Spring is the season of new beginnings. It represents a unique opportunity for many of us to reevaluate our priorities and to plan our next adventures. It is also an ideal time to dust off all the accumulated stress from what may have been an exhausting year, and to emerge reenergized in order to keep our resolutions. At Fig, we’ve curated a few tips to help you accomplish just that this year!

TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH At different levels, the ongoing pandemic has been taxing for many of us emotionally, and there is no shame in seeking professional help to cope with all the new challenges you are faced with. Therapy is one of the safest zones to process your emotions and how you feel! After all, the last thing you should be doing is taking out your stress on the people you care about most. A staycation at The Willcox is a wonderful way to relax and reset!


What new hobbies would you like to cultivate this spring? Why not plant a vegetable garden or get some baby chicks? Aiken’s small businesses have got you covered on every front, from starting a beautiful spring garden to watching for wildlife! Not into the outdoors? Take advantage of our vivid arts scene and get involved with Aiken Center for the Arts!




Spr ing 2021

/ A iken, Sout h Carolina

Hire a coach and accomplish something outside of your comfort zone! Whether it’s running your first 5k, or taking a new Pilates class, one-on-one coaching assistance can be the key for new fitness habits to stick.

/ T he M ilestones Issue


A classic take on a classic sauce The most distinctive Southern BBQ sauce with just the right amount of homemade ingredients, aka “The Sauce,” has been a part of the Waters family for over 50 years. Donald Waters’ father, Jack, taught him to make this recipe in their home kitchen in Beech Island, SC! The arrival of the seasons meant that the Waters Family reunion was soon approaching, and that’s how they knew it was time to gather around the kitchen to make their all-time favorite family recipe together and fill their home with the most delicious aroma. Let the unmatched flavors of this classic family tradition be the binding ingredient for all the lasting memories you’ll share with family and friends as well! Gluten-free and compatible for marinating or basting in crock pots, grills, ovens, and saucepans—or simply as a table dip, The Sauce is all you need to pour even more love into your next BBQ family reunion.

SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY If you’ve been working from home while overseeing your kiddos in virtual school, chances are that you’re tired. If that’s your case, ask someone to watch the kids and take an hour for yourself to soak in a hot tub, drink a glass of wine from Cork & Cap, go for a run, or schedule a pedicure. And if you feel guilty or selfish for putting yourself first, remember that getting a break for even an hour will help you gain perspective and make you a better parent. Now that you’ve had a moment to take a deep breath, what are you doing to make your kids’ time at home magical? How about setting up a fort and making a cup of warm vanilla milk while reading bedtime stories? Or going for a family ride on your Pedego bikes? 803.508.3275


Pressing into a new decade

2010: After 4 years attending USC, handing out business cards while waitressing, designing wedding invitations for friends and family, and working in the design business, Brynley Farr officially starts ByFarr Design. 2011: Brynley takes a trip to Italy with the NYC School of Visual Arts, works under the tutelage of famed Design Maven Louise Fili, and visits a letterpress museum in Rome. Love at first site.

2011: "Baby", a 1905 Chandler and Price windmill, starts the ByFarr letterpress fleet.

2011: Brynley and Chris Farr celebrate ByFarr getting its first brick-andmortar building, at the intersection of Gervais and Huger Streets in the Vista. 2012: The first team member, Laura Windham, joins the crew as graphic designer.

2017: Sydney Wickstrom and Chesson Merritt join the team, and ByFarr starts to create and produce Fig Columbia Magazine!

2013: ByFarr teams up with Kickstand Studio to film a documentary, Baby Heavy, about the trip to Tennessee to acquire their second letterpress (see the documentary on Amazon Prime)!

2019: ByFarr expands Fig Magazine to include Aiken, SC.

Photo of Brynley on letterpress and Laura's headshot by Kickstand Studio. Photo of Sydney and Chesson by Jessica Roberts Photography.

2021: The ByFarr team, now 9 members strong, moves into their new building, renovated by team member Chris Farr, at 2112 Sumter Street in Cottontown. Pictured: Catalina Olvera, Camlin Talbot, Chris Farr, Brynley Farr, Laura Windham, Sydney Wickstrom, Chesson Merritt. Not pictured: Jefferson Maia, Cam Farr. Marketing

2020: The world goes virtual! The ByFarr team learns to serve clients remotely and how to pivot during a pandemic.

Graphic Design Web

2112 Sumter St, Columbia


No cap on spring fun Aiken’s newest neighborhood bottle shop has aged beautifully since its opening last year and undoubtedly already earned a special place right in the city’s heart. Husband-and-wife duo James and Erin bring you all the special drink varieties they’ve spent a lifetime learning about—at the same price as retail! Trust us; there isn’t a better way to enjoy your lunch or happy hour this spring than with a glass of beer or wine in the sunny courtyard of their adoringly restored historic cottage. 146 L AURENS STREET NW



An Italian dream Warning: May cause cravings. Apizza di Napoli was founded in 2012 by Cliff and his wife Wanda to bring to Aiken all the authentic aroma, taste, and craft of pizza-making found in Naples, Italy. Faithful to the authentic Neapolitan traditions, Apizza is indeed the only pizzeria in South Carolina and neighboring states to be honored with the distinct Certification of True Neapolitan Pizza from the prestigious Associazione Verace Pizza Napolitana (AVPN). Molto bene! 740 SILVER BLUFF RD 803.226.0700 APIZZ ADINAPOLI.COM

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