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The Celebration Issue ISSUE No 40 | WINTER 2023 Celebrating local shopping, dining, arts, events, and community

Empowering Positive Change THE TEAM AT ASR MEDIA PRODUCTIONS is known for their passion for harnessing the incredible power of storytelling to inspire, transform, and unite their community. They believe that every narrative has the potential to drive meaningful change and leave a lasting impact. Through video production, ASR Media aims to inspire action, empower individuals to embrace positive change, and cultivate a sense of unity. They understand that stories have the capacity to bridge divides, dismantle barriers, and bring communities together on a shared path of growth and progress. For ASR Media Productions, storytelling is more than just a profession; it’s an unwavering passion and a commitment to leaving a lasting impact on the Lehigh Valley.


IN THIS ISSUE Celebrate the spirit of generosity and gratitude as we raise a glass to the local businesses, impactful nonprofits, and wonderful people that make Lehigh Valley so special.

Be inspired by Lehigh Valley nonprofits that are passionately committed to uplifting our region, as well as the community organizations that support them all year long. 3 7- 5 3

Step Back in Time

Experience the rich history of Moravian Bethlehem, a community poised to shine on the world stage as a UNESCO World Heritage destination. 7- 9

Photo by Guy Daniel


Our region’s thriving culinary scene and artisanal drink creators craft the perfect libations for every celebration. Cheers to you, Lehigh Valley!


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Gifting Guide

Explore our annual Fig Gift Guide—your go-to resource for local gifts that will delight everyone on your “nice list.” 19 - 3 0

South Bethlehem Craft Beverages Powered by Wind Creek Bethlehem


Get to know the awardwinning creative leader, DEI advocate, and Founder of Te Lo Juro Collective

Stories of Hope in Healthcare


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Meet the young mind giving old flowers new powers through Bloomerang

Powered by St. Luke's University Health Network

Fig Giving Back: Siddhant Khandelwal

Rising Tide Community Loan Fund


Learn more about our 2023 Social Mission Partner and the small businesses they support



Fig Authentic: Edith Gutierrez-Hawbaker

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A note from Fig

Lehigh Valley W E LC O M E T O our winter issue of Fig Lehigh Valley! This time of year is a celebration of togetherness, kindness, and the spirit of giving. In this issue, you will discover the stories of our beloved local small businesses and nonprofits, their journeys, and unique offerings.

Lehigh Valley. Whether you get involved by volunteering, donating, or simply spreading goodwill, we encourage you to find your passion, connect with a nonprofit (or several), and work alongside your neighbors to make good things happen.

The people featured on the pages of Fig are the heart and soul of our community. Your patronage directly impacts them—your neighbors and friends. Keeping your dollars local helps our economy thrive, ensuring our community remains vibrant and resilient. Isn’t it fun to roam our Main Streets, from Nazareth to Emmaus, looking for that special something?

At ASR Media Productions, we are proud to be a strong part of our community. Throughout the year, you’ll find us creating Holiday Hope Chests for the Volunteer Center, painting a room for United Way’s Day of Caring, and competing in ‘She Nailed It’ for Habitat for Humanity. The team loves to get involved and we hope you will too!

The season isn’t just about buying gifts; it’s about giving back. In the following pages, you will find inspiring stories of individuals and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact in the

Join us on this journey of loving local. Cheers! Ashley Russo



Danielle Dupuis gives a donation to St. Luke's Monroe Campus President Don Seiple.

was set to expand into Monroe County with the construction of a hospital in Bartonsville. “We were very excited about having such a great hospital just a few minutes away, particularly at this point in our lives, when we started having health issues,” Danielle said. In addition to Roland’s treatment for prostate cancer and side effects that developed as a result, Danielle suffered a stroke (from which she fully recovered) about a decade ago and a pulmonary embolism five years later. “I had a really, really wonderful doctor who took such good care of me and I’m so grateful for that,” she said. “The people at St. Luke’s also took care of some of our employees and they were tremendous with my husband, and he went through a lot. I can’t thank them enough for all that they did and the wonderful care they gave him, and me.”

A Head for Business and a Heart for Giving D A N I E L L E D U P U I S A LWAY S HAD A HEAD FOR BUSINESS. “Even as a child I was wheeling and dealing­—always busy. When I grew up, I was very enterprising,” she said. Danielle’s greatest success was founding and running Century Wire Products Corp., a 100% womanowned global supplier of lashing wire and messenger strand. Established in 1998 by Danielle and her late husband, Roland, Century Wire Products Corp. serves the telecom and CATV sectors and other industrial markets 6

from its Wind Gap headquarters. Before long, Danielle had signed AT&T as a client, followed by industry giants Time-Warner and Graybar. From there, their client list expanded and the couple outgrew their small starter space in Washington, New Jersey. “Then we heard about this place,” she said, referring to a former blouse mill in Wind Gap, “and the price was right.” It was during this time that the couple became acquainted with St. Luke’s University Health Network, which

Danielle has shown her appreciation through a number of gifts to the health network, starting with generous donations to support the cardiac program, the construction of the Monroe Campus, and several schoolbased intervention projects. She also provided the funding for the purchase of the Senographe Pristina mammography system and the Savi Scout surgical guidance system for the Monroe Breast Center. More recently, Danielle made a donation in her husband’s memory to help fund the expansion of the Monroe Campus, which will double the size of the existing hospital when it opens in early 2024. In total, she has donated more than $195,000 to the Monroe Campus. Danielle says this is in appreciation for saving her life and caring for her husband’s.

Historic Moravian Bethlehem's Journey to UNESCO

World Heritage Designation





I N T H E H E A RT O F L E H I G H VA L L E Y, Historic Bethlehem has long been a haven for those seeking a glimpse into the past. Founded in the 1700s, this community boasts a rich Moravian heritage steeped in history. The grounds of Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites are home to more original structures than Colonial Williamsburg, including the awe-inspiring 1741 Gemeinhaus, believed to be the largest 18th-century log structure in continuous use in the United States. Visitors can immerse themselves in the Moravian experience through guided tours, led by docents in period attire, revealing a society that championed education, healthcare, and equality for all. 8 1250 SIMON BOULEVARD, K102, EASTON 610.810.1676 DISCOVERLEHIGHVALLEY.COM

N O TA B LY, T H E R E G I O N has been nominated for inclusion on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, with the designation expected as soon as summer 2024. This nomination includes historic Moravian church settlements here in Bethlehem, along with Herrnhut, Germany, and Gracehill, Northern Ireland/United Kingdom. This international recognition is both a testament to the exceptional value of Bethlehem’s Moravian history and a celebration of Bethlehem’s role in fostering unity among diverse populations, as the Moravians historically supported inclusivity. Bethlehem’s UNESCO World Heritage status would bring significant benefits to Lehigh Valley and Bethlehem. Bethlehem would join a select group of cultural World Heritage sites in the United States, becoming one of only 25 such sites nationwide and one of just two in Pennsylvania. This recognition would enhance heritage preservation efforts, stimulate tourism, and boost the local economy. As our community eagerly anticipates this historic designation, Discover Lehigh Valley invites you to step back in time and experience the unique culture of Bethlehem, a city poised to shine on the world stage as a UNESCO World Heritage destination.

Photos courtesy of Discover Lehigh Valley®

Fresh Branding D I S C O V E R L E H I G H VA L L E Y, in partnership with the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation, has unveiled an exciting rebrand for the region. This new logo represents the unity of two counties and two organizations while showcasing Lehigh Valley’s diverse landscape and urban growth. The highly legible logo emphasizes “Lehigh Valley” and successfully magnifies the region’s voice, making marketing efforts more effective and efficient. Lehigh Valley businesses and community organizations are encouraged to show regional pride by using this new logo. The brand guidelines provide flexibility, allowing partners to incorporate the logo into their existing branding and colors. For organizations contemplating logo usage, Discover Lehigh Valley is ready to provide tips and suggestions on how to effectively integrate the logo. The Lehigh Valley rebrand brings a fresh, unified perspective to this vibrant region, reinforcing its appeal to a wide array of audiences and encouraging collective pride and promotion of the Lehigh Valley identity.

BRAND GUIDELINES Discover Lehigh Valley® and Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation


Become a Lehigh Valley Ambassador Today! A R E YO U PA S S I O N AT E A B O U T L E H I G H VA L L E Y and eager to become an advocate for this remarkable region? Look no further than the Lehigh Valley Ambassador program! Launched in May 2023, this free initiative has already seen over 960 engaged individuals become regional champions. A Lehigh Valley Ambassador is someone who genuinely cares about the area and how it is represented, contributing to unforgettable

experiences for both visitors and locals. They serve as trusted resources for friends and neighbors, fostering connections with community members and leaders annually. Joining is a breeze! The free online session takes only 30-45 minutes to enhance knowledge of all the incredible offerings Lehigh Valley provides. Become a Lehigh Valley Ambassador today at ambassador-program.





Feel the beat C O M I N G I N 2 0 2 4 : Stand in front of this gigantic glowing human heart model and feel the heartbeat rumble through the floor!







This incredible experience will be in the Immersive Body exhibit, part of the Lehigh Valley Health Network My Body exhibit gallery at Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion!

C E L E B R AT I N G S T E A M : S C I E N C E , T E C H N O LO G Y, E N G I N E E R I N G , T H E A RT S , A N D M AT H . Celebrating the STEAM team (including everyone not pictured here!) who are at the heart of Bringing Science to Life and MORE Lives to Science when the new Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion opens in 2024! 12 3 145 HAMILTON BOULEVARD BYPASS, ALLENTOWN 484.664.1002 DAVINCISCIENCECENTER.ORG ASK@DAVINCISCIENCECENTER.ORG

When your child is sick or injured, you feel it too. We’re ready to help. St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Bethlehem has the pediatric care you need in one place. Everything from treating sniffles to setting broken bones to performing complex surgery. We’re close to home, convenient for family and easy to access. You’ll find a full range of specialties to care for your child while making you feel better too. After all, our Children’s Hospital is new, but we’ve been caring for kids for 150 years.

801 Ostrum St., Bethlehem, PA 18015



Social Mission

Transforming the Community Together

SMALL BUSINESSES ARE A TRUE GIFT TO O U R C O M M U N I T Y. They enrich our neighborhoods, create jobs, and contribute to our vibrant local culture. Rising Tide Community Loan Fund, a subsidiary of the antipoverty nonprofit Community Action Lehigh Valley, exists to support those small businesses through accessible loan products, business counseling, and marketing assistance. Over 250 small businesses have received oneon-one assistance from Rising Tide, and these are just a few of the faces behind those businesses. Fig is proud to partner with nonprofit organizations that are working to transform our community. This year, we are partnering with Rising Tide Community Loan Fund as our 2023 Social Mission Partner. 16 THERISINGTIDE.ORG


Join Rising Tide in uplifting the remarkable impact of local entrepreneurs and find out how you can contribute to this meaningful cause. Visit to learn more and make a difference. From left to right: Kathy Cruz Owner of Silveri & Company Jeraldin Abreu Muñoz Owner of J. Garden

Wilberto Jimenez Owner of Trifecta Gaming by Acrafts, LLC. Kaela & Briana Gardell CMO Kaela & Owner Briana Gardell of Goblies

Scan to learn more about the businesses featured

A happier, healthier you W H I L E I N T E N D E D F O R J OY A N D T O G E T H E R N E S S , this time of year can occasionally bring on a case of the holiday blues. Licensed professional counselor Jacquelyn Otto understands the challenges this season presents and offers expert assistance. At OnTrak Counseling, Jacquelyn specializes in supporting individuals with mental health hurdles. She creates a safe and empathetic environment for clients to express emotions, explore coping strategies, and prioritize mental well-being. Contact OnTrak Counseling today to start your journey towards a happier, healthier you.


Counseling Services





Photo Credit: Joan Willis

Beautifying Our Communities T H E G R E AT E R L E H I G H VA L L E Y C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E ' S M A I N S T R E E T F O U N D AT I O N has been a driving force behind the revitalization of main streets across the Lehigh Valley for 15 years, contributing over $1 million directly back to the community. This funding has been channeled into more than 275 projects, ranging from eye-catching murals to comfortable park benches and improved lighting. These projects have transformed streetscapes and created inviting public spaces. 18 LEHIGHVALLEYCHAMBER.ORG


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation also provided essential relief by offering over $500,000 in support to 400 small businesses and restaurants. This lifeline ensured that the heart of these communities continued to thrive. In line with The Chamber’s mission, the Main Street Foundation has played a crucial role in boosting the local economy and enhancing the quality of life throughout the Lehigh Valley.

WRAPPED with LOVE I N O U R A N N U A L F I G G I F T G U I D E , we’ve scoured the Lehigh Valley to bring you a curated selection of local gifts and goodies that are sure to delight. Whether you’re looking to adorn your home, refresh your wardrobe, or find the perfect must-have gifts for your nearest and dearest, you’ll find inspiration on the following pages. So gather your friends, visit our unique small business community, and make a local-loving day of it!


Owner Ann Marie Supinski

Shop with a purpose 74 West Broad Street, Bethlehem | 610.419.2037

A S T H E OW N E R O F A M LU X E , Ann Marie Supinski’s dedication to style is rivaled only by her dedication to making a difference. She has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the community and woven social responsibility into the fabric of AM Luxe. Recently, she hosted a Fall in Love with Yourself Fashion Event in collaboration with Liverpool, benefiting Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley. Attendees marveled at the stunning outfits on display. Local breast cancer survivors and clients of AM Luxe graced the catwalk as models for the evening. The event raised substantial funds to aid in the mission of supporting those affected by breast cancer in Lehigh Valley. This fashion show was not only about clothing or raising money, it was about empowerment and solidarity. The evening brought women together, emphasizing how we are stronger when we unite together. AM Luxe has created a home for women who want to not only look and feel good, but DO good too. So, if you are in search of more than the latest trend and want your fashion choices to leave a lasting impact, shop with a purpose at AM Luxe in Historic Bethlehem.



For all seasons. Great in all sizes. For women and men.

Photo credit Tim Unger, Steel Pixel Studios


Stay gorgeous all winter long 128 West 4th Street, Bethlehem | 610.849.2011

EMBRACE THE SEASON with beautiful, healthy hair at A-List Salon. Their team of talented stylists offer exceptional service to help every client look and feel fabulous. Looking to give the gift of glamour to a loved one (or treat yourself)? Gift cards are available!


Owner Andrea Lee

22 22 ADDRESS ###.###.#### WEBSITE


Owner Andrea Diehl

Empowering Entrepreneurs: A Success Story 2845 Center Valley Pkwy, Center Valley

T H E P R O M E N A D E P O P- U P S H O P in Lehigh Valley is a launchpad empowering entrepreneurs, exemplified by Andrea Diehl’s inspiring journey with Sweet Diehl Boutique. At Sweet Diehl Boutique, Andrea curates fun accessories and unique prints in diverse sizes to create a welcoming, judgment-free atmosphere. The boutique emphasizes inclusivity, providing comfortable and body-positive clothing ranging from small to 3X. Andrea’s personal touch extends to handpicking fabrics and fostering customer relationships. Her motto, centered on kindness, love, and confidence, resonates in her business. A down-to-earth mom of four and immigrant from Ecuador, Andrea’s entrepreneurial spirit dates back to her youth. Her determination to create her own brand led her to launch her online boutique in 2019.

Pandemic-driven demand propelled her from home-based sales to a warehouse, where Sweet Diehl Boutique continued to expand. Upon discovering the Promenade Pop-Up Shop, Andrea saw an opportunity for dramatic growth. She transitioned her operations to this vibrant space, where her store gained exposure and flourished. Andrea appreciates The Promenade’s community of shoppers, legitimacy, advertising efforts, unique events, and supportive team. Her success there sealed her decision to sign a 12-month lease in a larger Promenade space. Today, her boutique’s new location in the Promenade encompasses a physical storefront, live sales, shipping, and warehouse space alongside robust online sales. The Promenade Pop-Up Shop continues to uplift entrepreneurs, just like Andrea, as they pursue their dreams. Visit their website to learn more about this unique opportunity!



Fresh. Fierce. Fun & Fine Jewelry. 1746 West Allen Street, Allentown | 610.434.8001

F I N E J E W E L RY I S N ' T J U S T ABOUT ELEGANCE AND S O P H I S T I C AT I O N , it can also be playful. The team at Susan Bella Jewelry believes that jewelry should express your personality and style. Their collection boasts an array of exceptional pieces that add a touch of flair to your daily look. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or simply adding some sparkle to your everyday attire, Susan Bella Jewelry offers a thoughtful curation of stylish luxury that is attainable. Explore their collection of pieces and be delighted by fine jewelry that’s as fun as it is exquisite.



Owner Susan Bella Linksi


The Van Haute family featuring Ward, Rebecca, and their children. Handmade ornaments by Danny Polk Jr. and Ward Van Haute.

Handcrafted Holiday Cheer 459 Main Street, Bethlehem | | 610.419.6262


T H I S S E A S O N , immerse yourself in the warmth of art and creativity as you explore the latest stunning collection at Bethlehem House Gallery. The gallery’s Holiday Show features the festive handmade ornaments pictured here. Director & Curator Ward Van Haute and his family stand beaming before a dazzling curtain of Ward’s handcrafted stars. They are surrounded by magnificent trees crafted by Ward from repurposed materials, adorned with twinkling lights and an array of artisan ornaments perfect for gift giving. You can find these one-of-a-kind creations and more at Bethlehem House Gallery on Main Street this winter season. Bring home a piece of this creative magic to share with your own family.



Your one-stop holiday haven 3131 Linden Street, Bethlehem | 610.867.8111

T R A N S F O R M YO U R H O M E I N T O A W I N T E R WO N D E R L A N D with Azar Supermarket! Visit their outdoor nursery for all your winter decor needs, including fresh Christmas trees, wreaths, evergreen planters, and festive boxes. Feeling overwhelmed with holiday preparations? Their shelves are stocked with fresh favorites and everything you need for a delicious holiday spread. When you shop at Azar Supermarket, you support your local family-owned grocery store, making holiday shopping even more special.



Find holiday spirit at Easton Winter Village | 610.250.6600 FROM NOVEMBER 18 TO DECEMBER 17, Centre Square becomes the festive Easton Winter Village. Each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can visit 40 holiday huts offering unique gifts and tasty treats. Skate on the rink with family or friends. Enjoy entertainment including live holiday music, ice carving, a warming station, performances, and much more—including the Peace Candle lighting and Small Business Saturday on November 25. Best of all, you’re only seconds from the rest of the food, arts, and shopping that make Easton a perfect holiday destination. Free Admission: Fridays 5-9 pm | Saturdays 1-9 pm | Sundays noon–5 pm This celebration of Easton is proudly presented by




TOLINO VINEYARDS | 610.253.6461 @thecarmelcornshop | thecarmelcornshopeaston | 610.829.9657 @tolinovineyards_easton | tolinovineyardseaston

B E LO V E D A N D H I S T O R I C E A S T O N I N S T I T U T I O N for old-time candies, roasted nuts, chocolates, and of course, homemade carmelcorn. The original since 1931.

LO C A L LY G R OW N and crafted artisanal wine from the Tolino family, who pours their strong Italian heritage and agrarian roots into every bottle.

CASA 401 | 484.401.7586 @_casa401_ | casa401co

D I S T I N C T I V E C O LO M B I A N G O O D S that prioritize everyone’s casa: the Earth. Shop for items that reflect Latin America’s diverse cultures and rich natural textures.



BELLEVILLE MARKET | 484.212.5605 @bellevillemarket | thebellevillemarket

A C O L L E C T I O N O F independent makers and small businesses, modeled after the Paris neighborhood of the same name. Find gifts, home decor, vintage goods, and more.


PLANTS + COFFEE | 610.515.8000 @visitcrayola | crayolaexperience | 610.905.5030 @plantsandcoffeeeaston | plantsandcoffeeeaston

E X P LO R E T H E WO R L D ' S L A R G E S T S E L E C T I O N of Crayola products as well as unique gifts and souvenirs.

C O M E I N for a quick espresso and leave with your new favorite houseplant. Experience “coffee in a jungle.”




SHOP MORE THAN 50 I N D E P E N D E N T boutiques, stores, and galleries. Warm up with hot cocoa or a libation. Grab a bite at one of our acclaimed eateries. Take in a show at State Theatre. Embrace the Peace Candle’s timeless message. Plan your visit (and buy Easton gift cards) at


VOTED THE BEST PUBLIC MARKET in the U.S., Easton Public Market (EPM) has the highest quality produce, meats, seafood, and ingredients from Saylors & Co., Silver Shell, and Highmark Farmstand, along with prepared foods, charcuterie boards, wine, and more from 11 other merchants. Need a foodie gift? Try an EPM gift card or Farmstand gift basket! Enjoy easy parking in the new 4th Street garage.­











Th g n i


te n i W


ic ped rtho gins O e b e’s Luk l care l St. a ta c e i o s t g hoo ss sur e-day c , n d re m cla ntow opedic cae, world-rsed in say, hand an e l l h v ve ic ati ger oA ort ng t e best in us. Innovsurgeonsulder surrthroscopotator i m o p ic th ho ea dr Is C eed nd Cam thoped ees, s nvasiv CL an edic n un r p i A E k o o y t g y l d f in o rtho es y to an nimal en clud tified o surger ve. Wh ital – W rt team r hips i n i m , r d p e er lo fo es , an ou you Hos an exp juri nts rd-c me urgery ted in o boa owing what y e h t c i t a a l l w u pl y s ts-rel ng y fo t re mit t yo doi join r extre r spor onnec therap ck to a o l c f e a b upp dures us, we physic t you e ce g Pl n i . o r d r s i t n p a rep ry a ialis cuff al spec recove r ic clin en you ck i u q



IC PED 521 Cetronia Road, Allentown, PA 18104 | 484-526-1735

Cute & Cuddly Companions

S A U C O N VA L L E Y C U T E & C U D D LY S C H N A U Z E R S , L LC offers eight-week-old well-bred puppies and a Puppy Prep School. Their puppies come from parents that are DNA tested. They breed the best quality puppies so they are able to offer a 10-year health guarantee on their schnauzers. Shawn and Jim Hayashi are passionate about creating perfect family pets, as you can see in their YouTube Channel: SVCC Toy Schnauzers. All puppies are well-socialized and ready to become a beloved member of your family.


Photo courtesy of C.F. Martin & Co.


Holiday Magic L E H I G H VA L L E Y is known for its rich industrial heritage and is home to some of the most iconic brands in the world. Martin Guitar, with its exquisite craftsmanship, has been creating beautiful music for over a century. Just Born, the creator of PEEPS® and MIKE AND IKE® candies, sweetens our lives year-round. Crayola, the beloved art supply company, sparks creativity in generations of artists. Manufacturing is the lifeblood of our region, contributing a remarkable 18% to Lehigh Valley’s economic output. This percentage surpasses even the national GDP figure of 12%. Moreover, manufacturing is the largest sector of our regional economy based on GDP, creating job opportunities and driving economic growth. In Lehigh Valley, we take pride in making things that enrich lives worldwide. As we celebrate the holidays, let’s also celebrate the incredible brands that have made our region a manufacturing powerhouse. These iconic names are a testament to the region’s enduring legacy of innovation.






FIRST AND ONLY MEDICAL SCHOOL. Born at St. Luke’s Bethlehem Campus, Sophia Starner was inspired to become a doctor after witnessing the extraordinary care her younger sister received there after her premature birth. “I was amazed at the ‘magic’ of the doctors and nurses and NICU team,” says Sophia, a third-year student at the Temple/St. Luke’s School of Medicine. As the first doctor-to-be in her family, Sophia is eager to serve her community at the area’s only Top 100 Hospital, where she and her sister entered the world under different circumstances. “I love St. Luke’s,” she says. “I could see myself working here for the rest of my life, bringing the magic of medicine to people as a healer in my community.”

Savor the

Season I N D U LG E I N W I N T E R B L I S S with the new Chocolate Peppermint Bowl at Toastique Bethlehem! This scrumptious smoothie bowl— featuring spinach, cacao, peppermint, banana, strawberry, almond milk, honey, granola, walnut, and mint—will have your taste buds reveling in the delightful blend of wintry flavors. Enjoy all the delicious seasonal menu items made fresh just for you at Toastique.




Authentic | Leading the way through innovation and example

Authentic: Edith Gutierrez-Hawbaker E D I T H G U T I E R R E Z- H AW B A K E R is an award-winning creative leader and DEI advocate. As the Founder and Director of Te Lo Juro Collective, Edith leverages her design talents and gives back to Latinx communities in the Lehigh Valley, celebrating her culture through fashion, art, and design that champions diversity and embodies positivity. Edith is a team builder with a spirit of generous collaboration and a commitment to elevating Latinx artists. When Edith began her career as an Editorial Art Director in New York City, she was often the only Latina in a leadership role at the companies where she worked. Her work with DEI began when she advocated for increased representation in the media. After spending years honing her skills and

cultivating a wealth of experience from which to draw, Edith now uses visual storytelling and equity-forward design to celebrate different perspectives and tell the stories of the Latinx community with authenticity and honesty. Since its founding, Te Lo Juro has established a strong presence in the Valley. From collaborating with ArtsQuest at the ¡Sabor! Latin Festival to vending at the Allentown Rock the Walk, Te Lo Juro partners with local nonprofit organizations to raise funds and awareness for their work. Furthering her commitment to the Lehigh Valley community, Edith recently joined the board of directors for the Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley. Te Lo Juro translates to “I swear,” and for Edith, that means that she


promises to show up as her authentic self wherever she is present. She has dedicated her work to encouraging people to do the same, unapologetically celebrating who they are, honoring where they come from, and pushing into the future confident in what they bring to the table. Edith embodies the belief that when you find your purpose and commit to living it out wholeheartedly, you grow in ways you never thought possible. It’s this belief that fuels Edith’s relentless compassion for people and deep commitment to uplifting the community that surrounds her. Get to know Edith and shop exclusive Te Lo Juro merchandise at

GIVING BACK IN OUR ANNUAL GIVING BACK GUIDE, w e invite you to uncover the inspiring stories of Lehigh Valley nonprofits and the community organizations that support them all year long. From the leaders who are paving the way for change to the volunteers and staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes, the faces behind Lehigh Valley nonprofits are an essential part of what makes our community special. Use these pages to discover local nonprofits doing work that you are passionate about and ways you can support them with your time, talents, and treasures.


Our valley, our home L E H I G H VA L L E Y P H A N T O M S are on a mission to inspire the community on and off the ice. To learn more, head to





Every day is a new day TA I L S O F VA LO R ® PAW S O F H O N O R has been changing lives for a decade. This remarkable organization is on a noble mission to provide rehabilitation and support to Veterans, police, and first responders grappling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) through the training of service canines. Each service dog is lovingly named in honor of a fallen hero, becoming a trusted companion and aiding in daily routines. These furry friends don’t just offer assistance; they bring a sense of security, emotional healing, and purpose to those who have

sacrificed so much for our safety. What’s truly heartwarming is that Tails of Valor® provides animal assisted therapies and fully trained service dogs at no cost. This nonprofit is thrilled to showcase their newly acquired 19-acre campus nestled in Upper Bucks and Lower Lehigh County. This expansion marks a significant step forward in their mission and provides a serene atmosphere for healing. As they celebrate a decade of making a profound impact, Tails of Valor® continues to be a beacon of hope, offering lifechanging purpose to our nation’s heroes.

Durkin named for Army Sgt. Sean M. Durkin

Dominick Amedo & Myers named after Allan C Myers. Navy Seabee


1776 Salem Road, Quakertown


Donald Berger & Kurt named after Army Spc. Kurt E. Krout

Klinger named for USMC PFC Joshua P. Klinger


$2 $10 $25


a week

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DONATE TODAY United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley





Owner Dr. Tim Fox

Sights for Hope aids children like Mallory

The Gift of Sight A S T H E OW N E R O F F OX O P T I C A L with decades of experience in the industry, Dr. Tim Fox is no stranger to the impact of vision loss. That’s why he is a longtime supporter of Sights for Hope—an independent nonprofit that transforms the lives of people with visual impairments and blindness in Lehigh Valley and Monroe County. Sights for Hope serves those with visual impairments and blindness by removing barriers to independence and wellbeing. Their services include life skills education, technology


28 East Third Street, Bethlehem


solutions, individualized support, and transport services. They also provide education programs, vision screenings for children ages 0-6, and connections to eye exams and glasses that advance school readiness. Most services are offered at no cost. Dr. Tim Fox is a former board member of Sights for Hope and continues to support the work they do as a sponsor. He encourages those who are able to give to this worthy organization and contribute to the gift of sight.

Inspiring Inclusion READING IS LINKED TO CHILDREN'S ACADEMIC A C H I E V E M E N T, with advantages measured well into adulthood. When children see their own identities in the material they read, they are more engaged in the learning process. Diversity in a children’s library also helps children understand and appreciate characters who are different from themselves. However, very few children’s books today feature people with disabilities as main or supporting characters. Mikayla’s Voice books fill this void. Written by kids for kids, these books highlight central characters with disabilities: Mikayla has a brain injury, Jeffery has Down syndrome, Brady has autism, and Dot is a ladybug who cannot fly. These main characters demonstrate how they share more similarities than differences from those around them. Through Mikayla’s Voice, these books share important lessons in school assemblies and as part of home libraries. High school mentors read them to younger students in our community. Families read them together. These books provide the opportunity to be Mikayla’s Voice and spread the message of kindness, inclusion, and friendship. Bring home your own copy by visiting

P.O. Box 232, Nazareth




rescue, rehabilitate, & restore homeless men. men.

More than a shelter T H E A L L E N T OW N R E S C U E M I S S I O N is the largest men’s homeless shelter in the Greater Lehigh Valley providing services to hundreds of men each year, like Brandon (pictured above). But it is much more than a shelter. The Mission offers three distinct programs to address each man’s unique needs. The Emergency Shelter provides the most urgent needs, including safe shelter, nutritious meals, hot showers, and free medical care. Men in search of greater change and healing can join the eight-week Transformation Program which teaches guests life skills


355 Hamilton Street, Allentown


and Bible classes. The day after guests graduate from the Transformation Program, they are eligible for employment on the Mission’s Clean Team Workforce Development Program. By the time the men leave the Clean Team Workforce, they’ve typically saved enough money for an apartment, secured permanent housing, and have ended their homelessness. The Mission could not continue to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Restore homeless men, like Brandon, without the help and generosity of private donors and community supporters like you.

Giving Back | Making a difference in the lives of others

Community Service in Bloom A S PA R K L A N D H I G H S C H O O L G R A D U AT E S I D D H A N T “ S I D ” K H A N D E LWA L embarks on his freshman year at University of Pittsburgh, he cannot help but to be grateful for the trail of community service he has blazed, simply by making people smile. “The ability to help someone is so important,” Sid said, while adding that making someone smile is the real joy. Sid pondered a way to create more smiles, but in a way that would make an even larger impact. Enter Bloomerang.

Sid formed Bloomerang in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. His mission was to create smiles with the power of flowers. Bloomerang takes donations of used flowers from business and community functions, upcycling them to create new arrangements that are personally delivered to senior living facilities and hospitals. “It kind of clicked to me, why not take the flowers that were wasted at so many events and donate them to hospitals and retirement facilities where people need them the most,” Sid said.

To date, Bloomerang has delivered almost 30,000 flowers to 70 facilities, upcycling over $130,000 flowers in total. As Sid now looks to prepare for Bloomerang’s future, he has begun encouraging students in other states to open new branches of Bloomerang so it can become a nationwide endeavor. “The goal is to somehow get it running on its own,” Sid said. In the meantime, Sid savors the joy that his life of community stewardship has given him. “It brings this happiness in you that you can’t obtain from anywhere else.”



A gift that lives forever T E N Y E A R S A G O, the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania* was just a dream. With a decade of unwavering commitment to building endowment funds, the Catholic Foundation is creating a vibrant future for all Catholic causes in our region. Donors love knowing that a gift made



to an endowment fund during any season of the year helps the Catholic Foundation fulfill a promise made 10 years ago: to ensure Catholic parishes, schools, and ministries have future income so they may fulfill their missions forever. Invest in forever with a gift to your favorite Catholic cause.


* The Catholic Foundation is a 501(c)( 3 ) charitable organization independent of the Diocese of Allentown.

Compassion. Service. Hope. A S A PA RT O F T H E L A R G E S T P R I VAT E N E T WO R K of social service organizations in the United States, Catholic Charities Diocese of Allentown offers much needed programs and services to the local community. Catholic Charities Diocese of Allentown implements the social mission of the church by serving the people of our community regardless of their faith or culture.

Catholic Charities programs include two soup kitchens, low and no-cost mental health counseling, veteran’s housing assistance, pregnancy support services, homelessness prevention, and ombudsman services at assisted living communities. Want to make a difference? Join as a volunteer or make a donation to support their programs. Visit their website to learn more.




Forge Lasting Connections D I S C O V E R T H E H E A RT of Social T Marketing & PR—a compassionate ally in the world of nonprofits. Their company culture is all about making a positive impact and it extends far beyond their office walls. At Social T, they are dedicated to supporting the causes that matter most to our community. They understand the stories behind their nonprofit clients and they’re driven by a desire to share their clients’ incredible impact with the world.



Their roots are firmly planted in the Lehigh Valley and they take pride in being a part of this vibrant community. Social T is not just a marketing firm; they’re a team that’s committed to generosity, empathy, and social responsibility. When you choose to work with them, you’re not just choosing a marketing partner, you’re choosing a company that believes in the power of giving back. Join Social T in making a difference and spreading the spirit of community and kindness.


Unsung Heroes W H AT D O E S I T TA K E T O D I S T R I B U T E nearly 12 million meals a year to our neighbors facing hunger? Behind the scenes at Second Harvest Food Bank, it takes a dedicated team that works tirelessly to feed our community. Every day, the warehouse team sends out 25 tons of food to pantries, soup kitchens, and other partners. Second Harvest’s drivers travel thousands of miles each week through all types of weather and road conditions to ensure no one has to wonder where they will get their next meal. The warehouse and transportation teams are essential to creating a community that thrives. They work every day with purpose and passion to drive Second Harvest Food Bank’s mission forward. Together, we can envision a hunger-free Lehigh Valley. Help support their work by making a donation to end hunger today.

Consider making a donation today!

6969 Silver Crest Road, Nazareth


Your Year of

Inspiration Be the guiding light in a girl’s journey! Join Girl Scouts as a volunteer and nurture confidence, leadership, and lifelong skills. Your mentorship shapes future trailblazers, creating a positive impact in our communities. Together, let’s empower girls to thrive.





Learn more at

77 Wind Creek Boulevard, Bethlehem



O V E R T H E PA S T Y E A R , the property has extended a helping hand through varying initiatives—ranging from drives and cleanups to donations and event support. “We wanted to ensure that our programs provided support across several essential areas,” said Patrick Ryan, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Wind Creek Bethlehem. Some of the property’s key initiatives included the ongoing facilitation of donation drives throughout the year, providing Wind Creek Bethlehem Team Members with opportunities to give back. This year’s donated items included clothing, food, books, and back-to-school necessities—ensuring local adults and children had access to basic supplies.

Wind Creek Bethlehem wouldn’t be the property it is today without support from the community. It only makes sense that we champion the community who championed us. — Patrick Ryan

Executive Vice President and General Manager at Wind Creek Bethlehem

In addition to supporting ongoing drives, Wind Creek Bethlehem Team Members volunteered their time at notable events including Musikfest, Oktoberfest, Christkindlmarkt, and more. “Our Team Members continue to show up for their community in remarkable ways,” Patrick said. “We couldn’t be more thankful for their efforts. Their contributions undoubtedly yield positive impact across the entire Lehigh Valley.” Community relations initiatives have also been extended to Wind Creek Bethlehem guests. In 2019, the property debuted a program that encouraged guests to donate unused gaming vouchers earned from slot machine play into collection boxes located throughout the property. To date, close to $270,000 has been collected and donated to local recipients.


77 Wind Creek Boulevard, Bethlehem


77 Wind Creek Boulevard, Bethlehem



Brian Williams Co-founder of Five Maidens Cider Company

Jim Flynn Managing Partner of F&A Grog House

Diamond Martinez-McCall Bartender at Social Still

Mika Crandell Bar Manager at Social Still

Mike Kromer Brewer for Country Club Brewing





Craft Beverages T H E S O U T H S I D E A RT S D I S T R I C T I S O N A FA S T T R A C K to becoming the craft beverage district of the Lehigh Valley. This holiday season, gift yourself a tour of the unique flavors created by the skill and passion of our local beverage crafters, all within the comfort and familiarity of South Bethlehem’s small-town atmosphere.

Country Club Brewing 323 Pierce Street Country Club Brewing Company offers beers brewed on location which are hearty but balanced and include Stouts, IPAs, Lagers, Sour Beers, and more. Brewer Mike Kromer personally recommends their Coconut Falls Imperial Stout, which has won accolades for “Best Dark Beer” and “Best Overall Beer” for its rich profile of toasted coconut, coffee, vanilla, and bourbon flavor. F&A Grog House 117 East 3rd Street F&A Grog House boasts a whopping selection of 52 beers on tap. If you are ambitious enough, you can take on the Grog House 52 Challenge to win a t-shirt and beer bragging rights. But you have to try their house-made grog!

Grog is a fragrant alcoholic beverage made with rum, water, sugar, fruit and/or a variety of spices such as cinnamon. The drink is typically served hot, great for the fall and winter weather! F&A Grog House offers a rotating seasonal grog. Social Still Distillery 530 East 3rd Street Social Still Distillery sources local corn, wheat, rye, barley, and other grains produced by small family farms to distill into premium small-batch spirits using a traditional pot still on location in Bethlehem. One of their best whiskeys is their Sasquatch Vanilla Maple Bourbon, which is infused with Pennsylvania maple syrup and vanilla beans to produce a sweet, woody, and smooth flavor.

Five Maidens Cider Company 327 South Polk Street Five Maidens Cider Company is co-owned by longtime friends Brian Williams and Andrew David. The cidery opened its doors in August of 2021 and hosts a family-friendly tasting room offering quality house made craft ciders with profiles ranging from sweet to dry, and with a complexity of flavors and varieties. Their CiderDonut Cider is a crowd favorite for folks who want to enjoy a multidimensional beverage with sweet apple notes, balanced with flavors of brown sugar, spiced caramel, and vanilla aroma.

Powered by Wind Creek 324 SOUTH NEW STREET, BETHLEHEM




B A C H ’ S M A G N I F I C AT + C H R I S T E N ÄT Z E T D I E S E N TA G , B W V 6 3 + C A R O L S Saturday December 9, 2023 | 4 pm First Presbyterian Church, Allentown Sunday December 10, 2023 | 4 pm First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem Livestream Option


Musical Traditions

U N I T E I N J OYO U S C E L E B R AT I O N at The Bach Choir’s enchanting Christmas Concert. The music resonates through centuries, bringing us together in shared history. The Bach Choir is excited to feature a new carol composed just for their Christmas concerts. Get ready to join in singing new and beloved carols at the conclusion of the performance. Dive into the heart of holiday tradition with The Bach Choir and embrace the joy of the Christmas spirit through the universal language of music. Can’t make the concert in person? Join their global audience for a livestream broadcast of The Bach Choir’s Christmas Concert on December 10 from The Christmas City! 56 440 HECKEWELDER PLACE, BETHLEHEM 610.866.4382 BACH.ORG

W I N T E R L I G H T S P E C TA C U L A R AT L E H I G H VA L L E Y ZO O November 10 – December 31 CHRISTKINDLMARKT BETHLEHEM November 17 – December 17

L I G H T S I N T H E PA R K WAY November 24 – December 31 H E L L E RT OW N L I G H T U P N I G H T November 24 S M A L L B U S I N E S S S AT U R D AY November 25 HISTORIC BETHLEHEM MUSEUM & SITES DINNER AND AUCTION December 2 PEEPS FEST December 30–31 NEW YEARS EVE D OW N T OW N A L L E N T OW N December 31 L E H I G H VA L L E Y E C O N O M I C O U T LO O K January 24

Winter Events

EASTON WINTER VILLAGE November 18 – December 17

A M E R I C A N H E A RT A S S O C I AT I O N ' S H E A RT B A L L February 3 G R E AT E R L E H I G H VA L L E Y C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E ' S S N OW B A L L February 24 Bethlehem House Gallery captures the spirit of the season with their collection of handmade ornaments and other one-of-a-kind creations.

For more information on these events and a full list of community events, visit 57

Leo Fights Like a Lion to Leo Fights Beat Like aStage Lion 5to Kidney Cancer Beat Stage 5 Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital and CHOP work together to care for Leo Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital and CHOP work together care for Leo Leo On Aug. 11,to 2022, 2-year-old

Kidney Cancer was brought to Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital with blood in On Aug. 11, 2022, 2-year-old Leo his pull-up diaper, which led to an was brought to Lehigh Valley Reilly unexpected discovery: Leo had Children’s Hospital with blood in tumors on his kidneys and lungs, his pull-up diaper, which led to an affecting his veins. He was diagnosed unexpected discovery: Leo had with stage 5 kidney cancer. tumors on his kidneys and lungs, Due to the intricacy of his tumors, affecting his veins. He was diagnosed Leo needed his right and part of with stage 5 kidney cancer. his left kidney removed. Because Due to the intricacy of his tumors, of Lehigh Valley Health Network Leo needed his right and part of (LVHN)’s partnership with Children’s his left kidney removed. Because Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Leo of Lehigh Valley Health Network had access to the specialized expertise (LVHN)’s partnership with Children’s this intricate procedure required. Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Leo had access to the specialized expertise this intricate procedure required.

“ “

CHOP’s pediatric urologist and organ-sparing surgery expert, Thomas Kolon, MD, worked closely CHOP’s pediatric urologist with LVHN’s Jacob Troutman, DO. and organ-sparing surgery expert, After Dr. Kolon removed Leo’s Thomas Kolon, MD, worked closely right kidney, Leo returned back to with LVHN’s Jacob Troutman, DO. the Lehigh Valley to receive chemo. After Dr. Kolon removed Leo’s His second kidney surgery was right kidney, Leo returned back to delayed because he got the flu. the Lehigh Valley to receive chemo. When new scans were done, they His second kidney surgery was revealed significant improvement delayed because he got the flu. in the tumor on his left kidney. When new scans were done, they Surgery was canceled. Leo continued revealed significant improvement receiving chemo and began radiation in the tumor on his left kidney. at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Surgery was canceled. Leo continued Hospital. During this time, Leo was receiving chemo and began radiation also diagnosed with Beckwithat Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Wiedemann syndrome (BWS). Hospital. During this time, Leo was “From overgrowth of one side of also diagnosed with Beckwiththe body to enlarged organs, BWS Wiedemann syndrome (BWS). affects every child differently. “From overgrowth of one side of However, all children with BWS are the body to enlarged organs, BWS at an increased risk for childhood affects every child differently. cancer. Now that we know Leo has However, all children with BWS are BWS, we can be proactive, keeping at an increased risk for childhood an eye out for any concerns and, if cancer. Now that we know Leo has so, addressing them quickly,” says BWS, we can be proactive, keeping Dr. Troutman. an eye out for any concerns and, if so, addressing them quickly,” says Dr. Troutman.

On May 23, 2023, Leo received his last dose of chemotherapy. Leo is currently in remission and will On May 23, 2023, Leo received continue having follow-up scans to his last dose of chemotherapy. Leo make sure the cancer doesn’t return. is currently in remission and will Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s continue having follow-up scans to Hospital offers world-class cancer make sure the cancer doesn’t return. care close to home. Their experts Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s diagnose and treat children with Hospital offers world-class cancer pediatric cancers, pairing the latest care close to home. Their experts therapies with clinical expertise to diagnose and treat children with offer children the best chance at pediatric cancers, pairing the latest great results. therapies with clinical expertise to offer children the best chance at great results.

LVHN’s partnership with CHOP makes sharing patient information easy. We effortlessly share important information between teams. Leo and his family only had to travel to Philadelphia for his surgery and were able to stay close to home for his scans and checkups. LVHN’s partnership with CHOP makes sharing patient information easy. We effortlessly share Jacob Troutman, DO, Pediatric oncology important information between teams. Leo and his family only had to travel to Philadelphia Lehigh Reilly Hospital for his Valley surgery andChildren’s were able to stay close to home for his scans and checkups. Jacob Troutman, DO, Pediatric oncology Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital 58 1200 SOUTH CEDAR CREST BOULEVARD, ALLENTOWN 888.402.5846

Make Your

Whole House Happy this Cyber Season

' T I S T H E S E A S O N F O R J OY—and connecting to fast, reliable Internet. Plus, check out Astound’s new mobile service with plans that work for everyone. Get Astound Mobile, Internet, and TV and save on the best services available. Switch to Astound today. 2124 AVENUE C, BETHLEHEM

Join Astound Broadband for the 38th Annual Dream Come True Telethon and Auction on Astound TV Network (channel 4 and 1004) on Monday, December 4, 2023 at 6 pm. Visit the online auction at through December 4 or donate directly at




From left: Herman Gross, Lothar Gumberich, James Lalley

Older Adult Meal Program Helping Seniors Forge Social Connections A S K T H E S E N I O R S who avail themselves of the Older Adult Meal Program at St. Luke’s why they keep coming back and you’ll hear a number of motivations: convenience, healthy food, and great value. Retired Dietz & Watson salesman John Hardock is convinced it is all those reasons and more. “I think we really enjoy the company,” he said. “Yes, the food is good and it’s nutritious, and I have no problem cooking for myself— I’ve been in the meat industry for years. But for me, coming here means I’m not eating at home, alone. We are sitting around a table, having supper, and having conversation. It’s really something I look forward to.” Most Thursday evenings at St. Luke’s Anderson Campus in Bethlehem Township, John joins friends Herman Gross, a retired general manager for East Penn Eye Associates, James Lalley, a retired contract coordinator for the 60

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, and Lothar Gumberich, a former leader of management training programs for Penn State in Reading and in the Lehigh Valley. The group of four gentlemen met when their late spouses were seeking medical treatment at St. Luke’s and continued meeting when some of them joined a grief support group. “We sort of met right here and struck up conversations,” James said. “We were all going through the same thing at the time, so we decided to stay in touch and made a habit of coming by every Thursday.” Herman adds, “I always look forward to the camaraderie that I share with the three other fellows. I also appreciate the upbeat employees behind the food counter and at the register for always making the dinner experience enjoyable and comfortable for all of us.” The foursome continued to meet during

COVID-19, avoiding the sense of isolation that impacted so many. They enjoyed healthy meals while talking about current events, politics, and their social lives. “Sometimes, we reminisce about our late spouses and the things that remind us of them,” Herman said. Whatever the topic of conversation, the meals are enjoyed in a warm and welcoming environment, surrounded by other seniors and their family members. The Older Adult Meal Program—which is open to the entire community—is offered weekdays at various St. Luke’s campuses including Anderson. The cost at the Anderson Campus is only $3.99 a person (for those 65 and over) and includes entrée, salad, side dish, vegetable, dessert, and a 12-ounce drink. All the meals are prepared fresh daily and many of the ingredients are grown at St. Luke’s Rodale Institute Organic Farm, a 14-acre area that produces 70 varieties of 30 types of produce.

Dedicated to Dining Excellence T H E T E A M AT LO T U S R E S TA U R A N T G R O U P is committed to providing each and every guest with an amazing meal. Their passion and attention to detail begins in the kitchen and ends at your table, making your dining experience one to remember. West Broad Street Suite 220 Bethlehem, 610.814.0100

1800 Sullivan Trail Suite 150, Easton 484.544.0624 1800 Sullivan Trail Suite 435, Easton 610.438.1602

Edge and Surv curbside charities have given back to the community raising over $50,000 in the past 3 years.


Special Moments at SteelStacks S T E E L S TA C K S I S T H E P E R F E C T V E N U E for your next event. The ArtsQuest Center and the surrounding campus is an ideal location to host a spectacular social or corporate experience your guests will be talking about for years. From the first hello to the final farewell, every detail is handled by ArtsQuest’s courteous hospitality professionals. Contact Molly McGovern at or 610.332.1304.

" From the stunning views of the SteelStacks, to the beautiful architecture, to the friendliness of the staff, everything was a dream!" — JOEL & CHRIS B.




LARRY AND CHRISTINE MCHENRY can’t wait to move to Garden Spot Village. The couple is on the Radar Screen and waiting for their next home. In the meantime, they visit Garden Spot Village several times a week. They enjoy walks through the Legacy Garden, dinner at The Harvest Table, and time in the Wellness Center. Christine loves to play pickleball with her future neighbors and Larry enjoys working in the metal shop. Christine says, “When we are at Garden Spot, it’s like we are already home.” Read more of Larry and Christine’s story at


190 Brodhead Road, Suite 302 Bethlehem, PA 18017

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THIS CONTINUES TO BE A SELLER’S MARKET with higher than ever sales prices for homes in our area. However, with rising inflation and interest rates, we may be nearing the peak of this cycle. If you’ve been considering selling, this is a good market in which to do so. We invite you to visit for in-depth information about the properties we represent. There are details describing our extraordinary marketing program, interesting facts about our agents, client reviews, and more. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your real estate needs and goals, and look forward to being your real estate counselor, both now and in the future.


Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.