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Hope for every


Through the eyes of children who are just beginning to see the world to the eyes of those that have lived through and seen it all, we are seeing hope emerge in Columbia. Dive into this issue to see where we have found hope this fall: it comes in the form of inspiring local artwork, resilient entrepreneurs, and from those who call our vibrant city home.

Fig Authentic

Fig Authentic

Sharing her love of Columbia throughout our state and beyond: Kim Jamieson

Making an impact on our community and its future: Alex English

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Painting the Town

Color It In

Meet local artists who are using their work to share uplifting messages, to bring beauty to blank walls, or to brighten someone’s day

Discover a coloring page just for you (or your littles) to color. Share a photo of it on social media and tag @figcolumbia and #LMCWithYou

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great shopping, dining, arts, entertainment, and services— as always. KEEP READING

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Social Mission

Discover the ways you can support and enjoy Columbia's Arts & Culture this fall with dedicated nonprofits

Learn more about our 2020 Social Mission Partner: Home Works of America

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PA G E 4 3 Photo Above: Ija Monet (learn more about this artist on page 20!) ISSUE 28 / FALL 2020 / COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA / THE ARTS & CULTURE ISSUE


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Growth begins

outside of your comfort zone D I D YO U K N OW T H AT C O F F E E ’ S B I RT H P L A C E I S E T H I O P I A ? In Ethiopia, coffee isn’t typically enjoyed first thing in the morning like here in America. Instead, it’s enjoyed at noon or even after work. The coffee beans are roasted in a pan over a fire, brewed, and then served, often accompanied with a snack of popcorn. Incense burns while you sip the delicious, robust beverage. How do I know about this awesome experience? It’s because I’ve been able to experience this beautiful, authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony right here in Five Points at Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant. I would have never discovered this cultural tradition that has inspired me so much if I had not ventured out of my comfort zone. Welcome to the Fall Arts & Culture issue—we’re stepping into a season that looks completely different than last year for all of us. The annual events that we look forward to each fall have been postponed, our theatres have not yet reopened, and social distancing has become the norm. It’s a world that’s well outside of our comfort zones, one that none of us have experienced before. So in this issue, we’ve put together our fall editorial section with the mission of lifting up our local artists, sharing ways that we can still participate with the arts with virtual concerts. Our cover features children running, laughing, and being silly together in front of the new art installation of HOPE on Main Street as a reminder that we need to be leaders for the next generation, as their views of the world are being shaped every moment of every day. The next generation needs love and hope— their little worlds have already changed drastically in just six short months. Part of the change that we have seen in our country over the last few months is a renewed emphasis on elevating the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and

people of color). As a magazine that represents a diverse community, being a platform for all voices is paramount to our mission. With that in mind, we chose two dynamic Columbia changemakers for our Fig Authentic spotlight this fall: Alex English and Kim Jamieson. Their voices and stories are powerful, and we look forward to continuing to uplift a variety of voices from our community in future issues. The beginning of a new season is an opportune time for new goals and new challenges. This fall, I’m going to challenge myself to do more things outside of my comfort zone. Will you do the same? I’m sure that your comfort zone is going to look different than mine. It is unique to each of us, and all the same, outside of it is where growth happens. Here are a few ideas for experiencing something new in Columbia: go try a restaurant that you haven’t been to before, invite someone that doesn’t have the same background as you for a glass of wine and conversation, give or volunteer with a local non-profit, find what you typically buy on Amazon in a local shop or boutique instead, sign up and train for a fall 5K, try your first outdoor yoga class, or do an anonymous flower drop on a friend’s front porch. It doesn’t have to be something huge, but whatever it is for you, growth will come to you… and joy. You never know what connection, experience, or opportunity exists for you outside of your comfort zone until you step out and embrace the experience. As we step out of our comfort zones this fall— let’s grow TOGETHER, not apart. B RY N L E Y FA R R & T H E F I G C O LU M B I A T E A M

Pictured: Amy Beattie and Roshanda Pratt

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1201 MAIN STREET #2500



W I T H D R E A M S O F L E AV I N G C O LU M B I A T O M O V E T O N E W YO R K C I T Y , Kim Jamieson kept her roots planted in her home state of South Carolina after she graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Masters in Mass Communications. “All of my friends can attest to hearing me talk about this dream for years,” Kim said. “But after graduate school, and to this day, the countless blessings, the amazing friends I’ve made, and the numerous open doors I’ve been granted, were all here in Columbia. Columbia has this magnetic and magic je ne sais quoi that keeps pulling you back in… and I’m so thankful it did.” A native of Greenville, South Carolina, Columbia drew Kim in and has kept her here for nearly two decades, since her first days at the University of South Carolina. In that time, Kim has seen, and continues to see, Columbia change with tremendous growth and momentum. “The number of individuals relocating to this region, the expanding infrastructure, the development of The BullStreet District, the revitalization of Main Street, a bustling airport offering a variety of nonstop destination options, the various farmer’s markets scattered throughout the city, the higher education expansions, and so much more, all contribute to making this city what it is today,” Kim said. “I can’t wait to see what the region looks like in the next 10 years.” She has been actively involved in our community, helping shape it into what it will become in the future. She does this through raising her hand, saying yes, and stepping into planning and leadership roles. A self-described foodie, Kim has loved one of Columbia’s newest events—the Columbia Food & Wine Festival—from both the planning and the attending side. “There are so many fun and eclectic events that take place in Columbia, and it would be too hard to choose just one favorite,” Kim said. “I have loved listening to music in the



AUTHENTIC Leading the way through innovation and example.

Authentic: Kim Jamieson

DYK: Kim is a 2020 Ambassador for Experience Columbia, SC. She is also a graduate of Leadership Columbia (2014) and Leadership South Carolina (2015). She’s actively involved in making Columbia a better place and promoting our city throughout the state.

streets at both the Jam Room Music Festival and World Famous Hip Hop Family Day. I also make it a point to regularly attend Devine Night Out, Vista Lights, Famously Hot New Year, and Oktoberfest.”

Kim has seen these opportunities first hand, and recognizes the steps that our town can begin to take to make a change. “The peaceful marches on Main Street and on the State House grounds that occurred a few months ago were really encouraging to witness. Seeing people of all ages and races, young and old, joining together in support of Black lives and racial reconciliation, while also speaking out against racial injustices, was the beginning of a change that I truly feel is finally being seen as needed. That change, I hope, can one day be coupled with actionable steps forward.”

With COVID-19 shaping our everyday interactions with the city and the events offered this year, Kim has still found ways to support our community, the arts scene, and the locally owned businesses in town. “Pre-COVID, and now as things are beginning to reopen, you’ll regularly find me and my amazing boyfriend, Chip, at the Columbia Museum of Art, Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, strolling along Cayce’s Riverwalk, or visiting any of the art studios around town—like Stormwater Studios,” said Kim. “We recently enjoyed a picnic in the gardens of Historic Columbia’s Seibels House— which was just idyllic. In addition to expanding our cooking skills to include more ethnic dishes from around the world, we are also venturing out to restaurants for delicious take out or al fresco dining. Currently on repeat for us is Al-Amir on North Main Street. That Damascus Hummus with Chicken is… well, just go try it! You’ll see.”

One direct way that Kim believes we can begin making lasting, impactful change in Columbia is by taking a close look at the lack of diversity on boards.

This year was a year of reflection and change for our city, our state, and our country as our world came to a screeching halt with the COVID-19 pandemic and as our perceptions and attitudes shifted with the Black Lives Matter movement. Both have provided new opportunities for learning, for empathy, and for compassion for others.

“Whether this behavior is realized or not, it’s always disappointing to see a lack of diversity on the numerous boards throughout Columbia,” said Kim. “So often I’ve witnessed people simply ask their close friends to join boards without considering the makeup of the current leadership, or the best thing for the organization’s mission, vision, and goals. There are so many talented, accomplished, gifted individuals with diverse backgrounds, personalities, abilities, perspectives, and experiences ready and willing to serve. It takes effort to think beyond the lowest hanging fruit, but that’s exactly what is needed and should be the rule—not the exception.” Kim suggests asking yourself what books you can read, what qualified thought

leaders can you follow and listen to, what community events can you attend, and what volunteer opportunities can you sign up for as small, actionable ways that individuals can begin creating ripples of change. “The smallest actions can create a multitude of change making waves that our city, state, and country desperately need,” Kim said. “We need more listening, more questions asked, more open and tough conversations, more compassion and understanding for differences.” Investing in our community is something that Kim deeply believes in. To continue making our city a wonderful place to live and to help transform it into the next iteration of Columbia requires giving back, and Kim excels at doing her part to give back to Columbia. “I give back to our community by doing a few simple things,” Kim said. “I raise my hand, I say yes, I get involved. I’m honored to serve on a number of boards and am connected to organizations that specifically work to enact change in the community. These organizations stand for women’s equality and empowerment, support the needs of women and children, pray for, serve, and financially fund underserved communities and preserve Columbia’s history—while not shying away from telling and learning from our city’s difficult and painful past involving race relations.” Follow along with Kim on Instagram at @kljamieson and follow her fork at @eatinsc!



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AUTHENTIC Leading the way through innovation and example.

Authentic: Alex English NOTED AS ONE OF THE FIRST BLACK S P O RT S S TA R S AT T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H C A R O L I N A , where he started every game of his four-year career as a Gamecock from 1972–1976, Alex English went on to play in the NBA for sixteen seasons before returning to his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. Columbia is where his roots are planted, and it’s a town that he’s known since the days of segregation. Alex, born in 1954, grew up in a Columbia that older generations remember well but one that younger generations are fortunate to only hear about from their grandparents or read about in history books. “I grew up in a very segregated and racist Columbia,” Alex said. “I have been subjected to racist incidents that I am sure people of color that grew up in South Carolina have also experienced. I remember as a young boy getting hit with a white fist, violently, for nothing other than it was his privilege to do so. I also remember after selling newspapers on a hot South Carolina summer day, going into a gas station to get a drink of water, and getting kicked in the butt, because it was a water fountain that only ‘whites’ could drink from. These were incidents that we knew could happen because you were Black, and considered a second class citizen.” Fortunately for Alex, he grew up in his grandmother’s home where she did her part to prevent her family from succumbing to the racist mindsets that they encountered throughout their day. “She would soothe us with her presence and determination,” Alex said. “She made us understand that not all white people were unkind, that there were some ‘good white folk.’ She told us to not let their bad behavior consume us, because it would make us a coconspirator, and God doesn’t want that.”



DYK: Alex is actively involved with Family Promise of the Midlands, serving on their National Board of Directors as well. This nonprofit focuses on finding shelter for homeless families in the area, which has become difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. Alex is hosting the Alex English Celebrity Golf Tournament for Family Promise of the Midlands this October to raise money to contribute to helping our community during this troubled time.

Alex spent his earliest childhood days in a fully segregated South Carolina, with desegregation beginning in the state when he was around 10 years old. “I grew up in downtown Columbia, on Barnwell and Gervais,” said Alex. “Growing up in a segregated Columbia had some positives to it—one was that all of the Black businesses did well because they had a built in clientele. Black people patronized Black owned businesses because we weren’t welcome in the front door of most white owned businesses.” Alex refers fondly on these businesses from his childhood. "I can remember places like The Shady Rest restaurant that had some of the best hash and rice around, and Nell’s Restaurant where people could go and get the best dinners, especially on Friday when she served the best baked short ribs around,” said Alex. "There was A and B House with the best banana pudding in town—people would drive from as far away as Greenwood to get their banana pudding! But, there has been so much Black history lost in the name of progress. As a native Columbian, it’s sad to see a lot of the old Black neighborhoods that have disappeared throughout the years. There is a lot of our history that has been bulldozed over.”

One thing that Alex enjoys about today’s Columbia is the multitude of opportunities that our community has to experience other cultures, to learn and share about our city’s history together, and to interact with new people. In particulate, he loves going to a variety of annual festivals that are put on in Columbia each year. “Columbia is a city of festivals,” said Alex. “I try to take in as many as possible. I especially make it a point to attend The Pride Festival, the annual Jubilee at the Mann-Simons Site, the Greek Festival, the Latin Festival, the Rosewood Arts Festival, and the International Festival, among others.” Alex also loves to spend his Saturdays out and about in Columbia, starting off with Soda City Market on Main Street. “It has such a big city feel that brings all elements of our society and cultures together,” Alex said. “It’s one of the rare times that all of our races and ethnicities come together, which is too bad, because we need to come together more often and share ourselves, learn about each other.” For Alex, an ideal Saturday in Columbia doesn’t stop after a trip to Soda City Market. His favorite Saturdays are the ones where he can also attend a festival or a Gamecock football game. Weekends are also perfect days for spending the afternoon at the Columbia Museum of Art or the South

Carolina State Museum, or an evening catching a play at Trustus Theatre or live entertainment at The Township Auditorium. “Columbia is a beautiful city, but I don’t like that we are still so separated from one another,” Alex said. “Once we leave work and school, we go back to our sometimes segregated neighborhoods where only people that look like us are the ones that we interact with. We don’t take the initiative to cross our comfortable boundaries to get to know our neighbors that don’t look like us.” Alex recognizes the steps that Columbia is taking today to recognize and honor the African American history and the trailblazers that left their mark on our city. From the African American monument on the State House grounds to recognizing the contributions from great African Americans, the city, he says, is doing its part to begin making Black history more accessible for all. He believe that there is still a ways to go and there are still changes that all of us can make to make Columbia an even better place to call home. “White citizens need to attempt to try and understand why people of color feel the way they do,” Alex said. “Stop being afraid to step over the line of privilege, and actually get to know the real history of the United States of America.”



The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds. J AWA H A R L A L N E H R U

Hand-blown and hand-sculpted glass. Large scale murals that brighten up alleys and parking lots. Live paintings that tell the story of places and moments in time. There are spectacular works of art everywhere you look, created by supremely talented artists that weave their craft in seamlessly with the aesthetic of our town. They breathe life into hidden corners and blank walls, and bring inspiration to our community through their vivid colors, unique style, and passionate messages. Meet 14 artists that are shaping our town with their artwork.

“A lot of my artwork deals with people, their feelings, motivations and human psychology in general. I attribute this tendency to my fascination with people, from the physical characteristics to deep emotional and psychological issues. I never get tired of looking into various things that make us who we are.”

“Being an Artist is a sacred position to me. I, as an Artist, have been bestowed with the awesome opportunity to create and shape space that can be transformative and deeply impactful to society for its betterment, even when it’s tough issues which seem to be ignored or less addressed than it should be. It’s a duty I don’t ever take lightly!”

We Be Hangin Like Some Strange Fruit

Forgetting Self

Olga Yukhno

Sammy Lopez “It gives me purpose and intrigue. Not necessarily because I’ve always felt I was born to be an artist, but more because I’m not done with art and it’s such a longstanding and complicated relationship that I have with it that I don’t want to give up on it. I need to see where I can take it and where it can take me. I’m never satisfied with the level of quality of my art and at any stage in my life, so I think after 25 plus years of practicing and pushing, I still want to see what my future looks like with art in it; and my what my art looks like in the future for that matter.”

Memorias del Pasado

@sammyivanlopez |

Cedric Umoja “My work I’ve always viewed as spells and medicine, which gives people what they need. In some cases, it takes its time slowly seeping in, yet working on its viewer nonetheless, while other times it jolts conjuring an immediate response. In either case, I hope it provides people with what they need and not what they want. Usually what we need is the hardest pill to swallow, but it does the most to provide us with teachable moments that offer up the greatest growth.”

@umojaizm |


“Working with female creatives and bringing ideas to life on skin is an amazing job and honor. I think I have the best job in the world, but I guess anyone can say that who absolutely loves what they do for a living. The combination with working on Main Street in the beautiful historic Arcade Mall has really brought it all together.” — Shannon

@ophidiantattoo |


“With my art and me as a person I, a fellow resident of Columbia, just want to inspire people to show them that no matter where you come from no matter what your circumstances may be, you can paint your canvas of life with anything we put our minds to.”

Ija Monet


“As an artist, I feel like art has to be more than just a pretty picture for me. I add my soul to each piece that I create because for a long time art healed me and the emotions that I carried through my work. I believe that being an artist helps me gain that chance to bring light into dark rooms of people’s lives that get to view my work.”

Nate Puza

"Growing up I was inspired to make stuff by seeing album art, gig posters, skateboard graphics, graffiti and zines. It would be cool if something that I made could reach a kid in a similar way and inspire them to make their own stuff."


Lady Vista, located at 920 Gervais

Cait Maloney

“I have had a passion for visual communication and carbohydrates for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, I was one of a few with a serious interest in art and design, but I knew I could make a career of it when one of my early works was stealthily heisted from a maximum security bulletin board in high school. I went on to navigate the waters of art school and earned a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University. When I’m not brainstorming a new brand concept, adjusting kerning in a menu layout, or inking a drawing—I’m working on art for myself, reading a magazine on the beach, or seeing some live music.”

@caitmacncheese | The Artista Portrait, By Britt Hunt

Alejandro Garcia Lemos “Under these unexpected circumstances, isolated in our homes, our house became our main source of distraction and refuge and joy, as well as the best way to entertain us during this very long Spring. So it was unavoidable that I started enjoying nature—and birds in particular. They have not left us, on the contrary, the birds have been bringing us joy and satisfaction every day. So, even though I have been working on other artworks, at the same time I have been rejoicing with the birds and decided to honor them as my company during this Social Distancing time. Our house and its nature, that what has kept us sane…”

Trahern Cook

Tyrone Geter

“Those who find me painting at that time—it’s where we are, and we’re sharing the air, sunlight, shade, and laughter of that exact moment and place. It’s when the painting breathes.”

@easelcathedral |

Jane Schwantes

Just Cause Life Don Throwed You a Curve Don’t Mean You Gotta Catch It

In Lieu of a Bridge

“I’m a storyteller. Capturing the life moving around me, it plays like a song."

“When I taught visual arts, my classroom seemed most alive and the children expressed the most joy when we were working with clay. Later, I placed my studio in the middle of my garden and from benign neglect my garden grew up around it. And the creatures came. Frogs colonized the pond and dragonflies buzzed above it. Little anoles skittered across a fence post. Now I make my pottery based on nature that is close at hand. I press leaves that I find outside my studio doors into the petals of my bowls and platters. The closer we look at our immediate world the more we see.”


Frogs and Palmetto Bowl

“I believe that the subconscious shows me what to draw. I see something and it won’t register with me at that time. Environment is the most important thing for me when painting. If the paper or medium isn’t right when I start it, I’ll have to start over again and try a different way.” I also don’t start with any sketches. All my work starts from the emotional response to that first central image. I am subject to paint anything and my style depends on how I feel when I start it. Every piece tells you what to do next, but don’t be afraid to screw it up or make mistakes. Trust the accidents. I try very hard to get the correct title because I don’t want to force the viewer what to say. I want to take them to a certain point and then their own personal experiences will take them from then on.”

@tyrone_geter |

Tropic Like It’s Hot

Christine Lutfy

“I have an enormous passion for art and creativity. I went to school for marketing and started my Phunky Artz business after graduating from college. My paintings have a whimsical and creative vibe for a different perspective and one of a kind pieces. The past couple of years, I have been painting murals and trying to put a funky mark on Columbia and Charleston, but like to do so anywhere where I can get my hands on a large wall. I hope to continue doing murals in other cities and spread my phunky art everywhere I can.”

Jay Talbot

“My art style started in my drawing class in college when I learned that random marks can create something beautiful. To me, being an artist is something that I’ll always be. If I were poor or a billionaire, I would still create art. It’s a bonus that it happens to pay the bills. I hope that my art inspires people to do what they love to do.”

@jayboart |

One Eared Cow

Find more in their studio on Huger Street @oneearedcowglass @phunkyartz |

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As the leaves begin to change colors, the temperatures drop, and we welcome a new season in Columbia, visit Scout & Molly’s to update your wardrobe for the fall. Owner Amanda Gunn and the team at her upscale women’s boutique will work with you to find the best clothing, shoes, and jewelry for your style. You’ll fall in love with the fashionable options you find at Scout & Molly’s and the confidence that you gain when you look and feel your best in your new outfit.

A P PA R E L , ACCESSORIES & SHOES FROM Allie Beads CeliaB Karlie Marie Oliver Mignonne Gavigan Misa Las Angeles Parker NY SAYLOR Sheridan French

Fall in love with style 4840 FOREST DRIVE




CeliaB Chocolat Blu Crosby by Mollie Burch GiGi NY J Brand Lele Sadoughi Marie Oliver Shoshanna

Bright days ahead Put your shades on and walk confidently into the new season—the designer clothing, shoes, and accessories at Monkee’s are going to brighten up your year with their colorful designs and bold patterns. Shop in person with Judy and Reece at their boutique on Devine Street, or online anytime with their new online shop.





Your home is your stage

From finding just the right home that’s ready for your interior design and artistic touch to beautifully staging your home to sell to the right buyer, Kate Sweeten and The Sweeten Group will navigate the real estate market for you. They put their experience and knowledge to work for you so that you can focus on just how you’ll decorate your new home.

Home staging is included when you work with The Sweeten Group. They have a warehouse full of furniture available to stage your home— for free!

Kate helped local interior designer and owner of EHS Designs, Hope Sypert, find her new home in Melrose Heights. Sypert transformed the interiors into a work of art with her talented eye for design.

Kate is a member of the Re/Max Hall of Fame!




Support the arts in Columbia this fall

Since March, we have seen the ways that COVID-19 has impacted our everyday lives and the lives of those that surround us. We have reached out to support the local businesses and entrepreneurs, our favorite neighborhood restaurants and craft breweries, and to lend a helping hand or word of encouragement to the healthcare workers we know. One industry that has been severely affected by the pandemic, and continues to feel its impact today, is the arts and culture industry. Our city is full of non-profit arts and culture organizations that have worked tirelessly to bring stunning, conversation-starting, and awardwinning artwork to Columbia to change our lives for the better. Now it’s our turn to make a difference for them. Learn about a few of the many non-profit arts and culture organizations in our community that could use your help this fall:

Historic Columbia

One Columbia

SC State Museum

H OW T O G I V E B A C K : • B ecome a member • M ake a donation to help their preservation everts • Attend a special event

H OW T O G I V E B A C K : • D iscover a new artist or theatre through their website

H OW T O G I V E B A C K : • Purchase a yearly membership for your family • Contribute to their annual fund • Volunteer as a guide, or docent, for the museum

E X P E R I E N C E N OW : • V isit Historic Columbia’s gardens • Attend a virtual workshop • Take a virtual tour of Historic Columbia's 19 Districts, including Main Street, The Vista, and African American Heritage Sites

E X P E R I E N C E N OW : • Watch their 1 or 2 Series, a partnership with Richland Library, Free Times, and SceneSC to present performances of local artists. • Sign up for their Arts & Culture Delivery Service, a daily dose of arts & culture bits via email



S C M U S E U M .O R G

Columbia City Ballet

Columbia Museum of Art

Trustus Theatre

H OW T O G I V E B A C K : • M ake a donation to their Annual Fund • Donate to the Pointe Shoe Club • P articipate in their Adopt a Dancer program

H OW T O G I V E B A C K : • Purchase a yearly membership for you or your family • D onate to their annual fund

E X P E R I E N C E N OW: • Enjoy a socially distanced visit to the museum with updated guest care guidelines and procedures • P articipate in their virtual trivia nights

H OW T O G I V E B A C K : • M ake a donation

E X P E R I E N C E N OW : • Celebrate their 60 th Anniversary Performance Season with their historic posts on social media, each one highlighting a different performance and year of the ballet.

E X P E R I E N C E N OW : • Reserve your ticket in advance and visit the museum in person— with their enhanced sanitization and social distancing guidelines • P articipate in a virtual class or virtual family fun night

E X P E R I E N C E N OW: • Follow along on social media as they highlight their Trustus Company members—discover something new about your favorite local actor! • Attend a virtual event, and don't forget to donate while you're watching Trustus' one-of-a-kind live performances!



T R U S T U S .O R G

Have you missed attending arts & culture events? Consider using the funds you would have spent attending events or museums and donating it to your favorite arts & culture organizations. H OW D O N AT I O N S T O C C C F M A D E A N I M PA C T T H I S Y E A R : $542,000 granted to local nonprofit Arts & Culture organizations, such as theaters, museums, and artists. Projects funded included a public mural, a veterans park, and general operating support in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In partnership with Knight Foundation and One Columbia for Arts and Culture, a $100,000 Artist Emergency Fund was created to provide 40 grants to support professional artists in the Columbia area. Make your donation today by visiting and giving to their Community Fund, which allows for your donation to meet the most pressing needs of the community this fall, or the One SC Fund which is currently activated to fund statewide COVID-19 response efforts.





Winter 2020

Give, Gift, and Gather issue Contact Brynley Farr at 803.200.1004 or to secure your page today!

E V E RYO NE NEEDS A LIT TL E HA PPY In the South, we’re raised to celebrate and love on one another during all of the special moments in our lives. Blush Boutique is here for you with the perfect gift for the occasion—and they’ll even wrap and ship it, too! From an encouraging gift for a frontline healthcare worker to one that honors a new baby, a new wedding, or a birthday, you’ll find just what you need at Blush. Art by Lori Dodd Harris 5175 SUNSET BOULEVARD #7, LEXINGTON 803.520.0643 BLUSHBOUTIQUESC.COM

Floral installation by Something Special Florist

Melanie Murphy

Ashly Gregor

Photo by Joshua Aaron Photography Rentals by Party Reflections

Soak in the atmosphere of your big day and let By Invitation Only…Event Planning and Design handle everything else. Owner Melanie Murphy and her team utilize their creativity and organizational skills to to take care of all the details to create a celebration that’s as beautiful as it is unforgettable. 701 WHALEY STREET #104




From left: Dana Wolfe & Steve Taylor Not pictured: Jack Wolfe

Making Columbia your home

Steve Taylor and Dana Wolfe lead a team of experienced agents and property managers who know Columbia inside and out—from the best restaurants on Main Street to the best neighborhoods for your family. For 75 years, Wolfe & Taylor has been a leader in the local real estate market, developing lifelong relationships with clients throughout the Midlands. Let their brokers, agents, and managers put their real estate knowledge to work for you when it comes to professional property management and buying and selling a home.





Live an independent life

Providing services in: Residential homes Nursing homes


Assisted living facilities

Daybreak Adult Care Services provides dependable and compassionate care for seniors in the Midlands and beyond. Their reliable, in-home care providing team will keep your senior family members both safe and happy in their current environments, and they will do everything possible to ensure they maintain their level of independence. Give yourself peace of mind and your family member their independence with the team at Daybreak. OFFICE LOCATIONS IN LEXINGTON AND AIKEN




Anytime, anywhere


The personal trainers at Anytime Fitness are committed to their clients, and to continuing on with their fitness journey. They have the ability to provide their clients with training both in-person and virtually to ensure that no matter where you are, access to improving your health and fitness can remain a top priority.





Make Aiken the first stop on your tour of South Carolina, where you can participate in Pedego’s weekly historical tours to learn more about the town.

YOUR NE XT ADVEN TU RE STA RTS H E RE Take a tour this fall of the incredible art, culture, and history that our state has to offer from the seat of your Pedego e-bike. Whether you bike through the historical side of a town you’ve never explored before or cruise around town to check out the latest murals, there’s so much to explore by two wheels. Pedego is family-owned, located in Aiken, and offers complimentary delivery to the Midlands!






Skincare Treatments



Vaginal Wellness

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Skin Services


The team at About You Aesthetics believes that women should look as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside, and through their wide array of state-of-the-art nonsurgical aesthetic treatments offered, they can help you enjoy a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. They work alongside gynecologists and obstetricians to be able to help give women comprehensive care for their entire health and wellbeing.

From left: Kathleen Stesienko, Jennifer Trogdon, Dr. Chris Hutchinson, Dr. Kyllan Hutchinson, Lauren Coggiola, RN





V I B R A N T BLOOM S & ST YL E With a long time love of nature and flowers coming from childhood days spent in her grandmother’s garden and an eye for exceptional floral design, Vicki Walker of Carolina Blossoms brings her creativity and her elegant, classic blooms to your day. She’ll take your idea and transform it into a blossoming, colorful reality that exceeds your expectations.






With the nation’s largest network of dentists, get the right partner in dental benefits to make sure healthy smiles are the face of your healthy business.

From left: Allison Cashman, M.D., Sara Faulks Bruton, M.D., Greta Zimmerman, D.O., Sean Thomas, M.D., John Mouzakis, M.D., Asha James, M.D., Richard Laws, M.D., April McNeill, PA-C, Cody Connor, M.D., Anna McKie, PA-C, Alfonso Gonzalez, M.D., Ph.D., Laura E. Winn, PA-C, Jim Chow, M.D.

TH E Y' VE GOT T HE MI D L A N DS COVE RE D ! With the addition of Dr. Cody Connor and Dr. Sara Bruton and their new location at 448 Old Cherokee Road in Lexington, Columbia Skin Clinic has the entire Midlands covered. They're giving the same great professional care, plus the addition of telemedicine with any of their care providers. Call 803.779.7316 to make an appointment.





Medical dermatology Surgical dermatology Cosmetic dermatology Aesthetic services

VISIT ONE OF THEIR FOUR M I D L A N D S LO C AT I O N S : Columbia | Irmo | Lexington | Camden

Social Mission: Home Works of America AT F I G , W E B E L I E V E I N T H E P OW E R O F A C O M M U N I T Y that works together to identify needs and find solutions—one that creates connections and is passionate about helping its neighbors. For our 2020 Social Mission partner, we’ve chosen Home Works of America, an impactful non-profit whose good works contribute to our thriving, local community.

beyond the home repairs, the new roof, or the custom built ramp into the home. What isn’t immediately seen is the lasting, and far reaching, impact that these repairs have for the home, the homeowner, and the homeowner’s family. The average demographic of an assisted homeowner is a 76 year old African American woman, who annually lives on $12,000 or less.

Home Works of America has been providing free home repairs to elderly, disabled, and veteran homeowners in our community and throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia for 24 years. They use a model of student volunteer workforce, application verification, and quality compassionate construction to provide the needed repairs. Reliant upon the generous donations of individuals, corporations, churches, and foundations, 92.4% of every donated dollar goes directly to funding the repair costs of the homes. In 2019, Home Works of America had their biggest year yet, completing 174 home repairs.

Prior to a Home Works repair, the average remaining life expectancy of a home is just 0–3 years, and after a repair, it’s extended to 7.5 to 15 years. This not only increases the affordable housing inventory, but it allows seniors to age in place to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal assisted living funds. These homes are often upgraded to have a higher energy efficiency, which saves the homeowner money that can then be used to purchase necessary medicine and food.

The unseen side of the work that Home Works of America completes goes

The health of the homeowner also greatly improves with the interaction with Home Works. Not only do the repairs address potentially dangerous safety situations and helps to avoid costly trips to the ER, but the social

interaction with the volunteers provides care and compassion these often isolated seniors do not receive on a regular basis. It boosts their mental and emotional health, alongside their physical safety. In addition, dividing inequality lines begin to disappear when neighbors begin helping out one another and when frustrations of cost burdened housing are erased through compassionate construction breaking the barriers for social mobility and economic justice. The dividends that Home Works of America provides to our community and our state are immeasurable—they help to solve the problems of affordable housing, workforce development, and racial inequality through their proven model of home repair. Learn more about Home Works of America, the work that they do, and how you can make a donation to their mission by visiting their website,, or by calling 803.781.4536.






Direct to Garment Printing

Blazing fast embroidery



Next Level

Richardson Hats

The North Face

& More!

Whether you have your own designs or need their creative designers to bring your vision to life, the team at BlÄ zon prints and produces exceptional promotional items in-house. Their ability to design, screen print, embroider, and direct-to-garment print in-house ensures the best quality and the quickest turn times.


5337 US -321, GASTON



Ashley and her husband Gary Smith are the owners of ADS Supply. They use PURE® Hard Surface both in their office and at home, where the sanitizer and disinfectant is safe enough for their children and dog to be around.

SERVING BOTH RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL CLIENTS Private residences Schools Places of worship Gyms Daycare Businesses & more

KEEPING YOU SAFE THIS FALL Maintaining a high level of health and sanitation in our workplaces and homes has never been more important than it is today, and ADS Supply is ready to create a safe environment for you. Their sanitizer and disinfectant, PURE® Hard Surface, is a no wipe formula that is ready to use, non-toxic, odorless, colorless, EPA-registered, offers 24-hour protection, and kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including the Human Coronavirus within 60 seconds of application. ADS is now offering application services to help protect your business, home, or place of worship. Contact them today for an affordable solution to your pandemic needs





Call 803.779.3070 to schedule an appointment

FRE E DOM F ROM GL AS SE S AND CO NTACT S Laser vision correction, including LASIK, for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. iDESIGNÂŽ next generation technology takes more than 1,200 measurements of your eye to create a personalized plan to correct your vision. Schedule a consultation to see if laser vision correction can reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts.

Better Together: Ben Lippen Fine Arts B U S I N E S S I S B O O M I N G in Ben Lippen Fine Arts! The 2019–2020 academic year saw tremendous growth in several programs across the department. In the Visual Art Program, the completion of the $5.5M Arts & Science Center provided students with a state-of-the-art studio and allowed students to explore creative methods in Drawing, 2-D Art & Design, and 3-D Art & Design. Student work was featured at the South Carolina State Fair and in the SCISA Art Show, with multiple students earning ribbons for their creations. In the Choral Program, Ben Lippen renovated its Choir Studio and welcomed over 70 students to the curricular program—the highest program enrollment in recent years! Stemming from increased student interest, Ben Lippen launched its first a cappella group composed entirely of male students. With members representing grades 7–12, Varsity Men’s A Cappella stunned the audience with their debut performance at the 2020 State of the School Address. Building on the success of this group, Ben Lippen is planning to launch Varsity Women’s A Cappella in Fall 2020. Ben Lippen’s Guitar Program has—once again—been recognized at the national level. Guitar teacher, Chris Essig, was

featured in the 2019 article, Guitar Class in 50 States, published by the National Association for Music Education. With Mr. Essig’s award-winning instruction, the Beginning Guitar Ensemble and the Advanced Guitar Ensemble both received superior ratings at the SCISA Music Festival. Additionally, four individual students were selected to the South Carolina All State Guitar Ensemble, bringing Ben Lippen’s total to 16 students over the past two years. Two students from the Honors Bluegrass Band were selected for additional scholarships from the South Carolina Bluegrass and Traditional Music Association. The Ben Lippen Band is wildly popular among the student body. With the addition of multiple performance-based classes, the program has doubled in size over the past two years. Students in the program have brought Band into the center of Ben Lippen culture by presenting fun performances at football games, at pep rallies, and yes—even in the cafeteria! The growth doesn’t stop with the music programs, however, as Ben Lippen’s 2019 production of Annie included 86 students in the cast and crew. With the premiere of Madagascar Jr. in Fall 2020, Ben Lippen will inaugurate an ambitious season, featuring three full-length musicals at the lower school, middle school, and high

school levels. As more students gain skills through participation in theater, Ben Lippen will continue to develop a strong culture of well-rounded students and superb school spirit. The philosophy behind this growth is simple—Ben Lippen Fine Arts personifies the motto, Better Together. “Better” signifies our commitment to creating music, theater, and art of the highest quality for the glory of God. We teach our students that they are creators who reflect the ultimate Creator, and as a result, we seek to reflect Him well in our work. We practice, grow, and invest because we serve a glorious God. At the same time, “Together” reflects our department’s value of community. We teach our students that their music, art, and theater are not simply for themselves. Rather, these products are gifts to be given away in service to those around them. We are thankful for God’s blessing on Ben Lippen Fine Arts. If you are committed to creating music, theater, and art of the highest quality, and want to invest in the next generation of creators for the glory of God, we would love to connect with you. Visit to view donation membership levels, or email BLS Fine Arts Director, Taylor Nelson, at



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Forever family. Forever First.

Feel better faster. We’re taking extra measures to keep you safe. Physical distancing measures Precautionary face coverings Online check-in to limit lobby time Increased cleaning and sanitization

Open late and weekends. Walk-ins welcome. 13 Convenient Midlands Locations

Check in online at

G et st ar te d on pl anning th e ba r fo r yo ur ne xt ev ent by ca lling 803. 237.3 99 9

R A I S E YOUR GLASSES Cheers to a new season and new memories

Delight your guests at your next microevent with the most innovative handcrafted drinks by the talented mixologists of Black Tie Bartending. They bring the finest glassware, spirits, and recipes to pair along with their professionalism to your event where they can serve up any drink you can imagine.




The team (from left): Margaret Berrier, Market Manager; Easton Matthews, Customer Relations Manager/ Administration; Jennifer Boyd, General Manager; Greg Martin, Owner; Ashley Bundrick, Executive Chef

The Bourdain mosaic featured in their West Columbia location was created by West Columbia Police Officer Chris Yarborough, also known as Soda City Artist.

T H E TA ST Y SID E OF H EA LTH Y Bringing you delicious, healthy meals made from the highest quality, freshest, and most local ingredients is the incredible team at Primal Gourmet. Owner Greg Martin and the all-female management team at Primal Gourmet have spent years building a network of local vendors and crafting recipes that combine to create a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and works for you. 725 MEETING ST, WEST COLUMBIA





presorted standard us postage paid fig industries 17604

F I G C O LU M B I A 2112 Sumter Street Columbia, SC 29201

Forever on a mission.

CHAMPIONS FOR CHANGE Fig believes creative thinking and powerful communication can transform businesses and communities.

B U I L D I N G R E L AT I O N S H I P S Fig creates connections—between businesses, between people, between communities, and between ideas.

LO V I N G LO C A L Fig believes in supporting neighbors and strengthening local economies. In fact, it’s at the very heart of what we do.

Join us on our mission and discover the impact of investing in your community.