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feelgood ink.

Köln/ Cologne, Germany

feelgood ink. - Hello. I'm Katrin, a graphic/ UX Designer, illustrator, design addict. Online magazines are one of my favorite ways to transform ideas or topics into visuals. Contrary to fast-moving social media and TicToc formats, magazines invite you to dive deeper into ideas, pictures and topics, to read more text and to get more depth and meaning.


artlab_magazin No 2

April 4, 2022

artlab_magazin No1

February 1, 2022


August 27, 2017

Design1812 guide2017

December 21, 2016

Unser Haus in Malmedy

August 18, 2014


May 22, 2014


November 24, 2013

Gaymann magazin3

November 13, 2013

Flora & Fauna

October 26, 2013


July 14, 2013