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PRESIDENTS' CORNER Where to start. ARTSA 2022 was fantastic we all had a massive party and got business done. It was great to see everyone and celebrate a great year of tabling, massive congratulations to all of the members of this greatest organization in the world. We have made such an impactfulchange in our communities and had a blast doing so. ☺ Well done Wayne Stevenson and the ARTSA committee on a great ARTSA- one for the books. It was really great to have an ARTSA to this magnitude after not having a live ARTSA for the past 2 years. Well done to Stefan Grobler on a superlative year you have made yourself and your family very proud and you can hold your head up very high. YSTER ☺ Christo Bezuidenhout TOTY with your project fight for sight what a massive achievement and hence you are our association tabler of the year…. Well done All the other prize winners and the outgoing council that accomplished so much last year well done on your term you guys smashed it out of the park. A big congratulations to the new council and let's ignite the Table fire.

We have big shoes to fill but we have the best gentlemen that can help us Adopt Adapt Improve. YIT Werner Swanepoel R.T.S.A President 2022/23


FELLOWSHIP COINS AND RULES Fellowship coins have gained a great deal of popularity over the last couple of years with many Tablers creating some sensational designs resulting in unique collectable items to trade with fellow local and international Tablers at conferences and meetings. Many Tablers who have travelled a bit have collected hundreds of them and these often sit in a pride of place in their ‘man cave’ and create a unique talking point (as well as a fair degree of envy) amongst those who are lucky enough to view them. I know that everyone will be familiar with the Table Coin Game, so below the generally accepted rules and regulations originally published by Bryanston 128 – ‘the home of the original Fellowship Coin’. 1. It is in every Tabler's best interest to carry his coin with him at all times. 2. The tradition of a challenge is the most common way to ensure that the members are carrying their coins. 3. The challenge, which can be made at any time, begins with the Challenger drawing his coin, and slapping or placing the coin on the table or bar.

4. A challenge can happen at any time when Round Table members get together socially, it does not have to be an official Table event. 5. In noisy environments, continuously rapping the Fellowship Coin on a surface may initiate the challenge.


FELLOWSHIP COINS AND RULES 6. Accidentally dropping a Fellowship Coin is considered to be a deliberate challenge to all present. 7. Everyone being challenged must immediately produce their coin and anyone failing to do so must buy a round of drinks for the Challenger and everyone else who has their Fellowship Coin. 8. Each member present who fails to produce their coin will buy a round of drinks for the Challenger and every member who has their coin. 9. However, should everyone challenged be able to produce their coin, the Challenger must buy a round of drinks for the group. 10. While most Tablers usually carry their Fellowship Coin in wallets or pockets, the rules permit a challenged person "a step and reach" to fetch their coin. 11. Leaving the room to get a coin is not permitted and this determined a forfeit.

YIT Matthew Helm


EASTER EGG HANDOUT Round Table No 1 held our annual Easter egg handout on the 13th of April 2022. This is a long standing project with great impact in our community. Each tabler oversaw securing a minimum of 5 boxes each. A HUGE thank you to Toby Nzuza for coming through and managing to secure some massive egg donations totalling R1300.00 sponsorship. Which set us up nicely for a good handout. This year we decided to have a hands-on face to face approach, as with Covid-19 this was not possible for the previous 2 years. We started by spoiling the ladies and gentlemen at McClelland Adult Centre, almost not getting in as the security guard on duty the evening was doing his patrol and left the tablers shouting at the locked gate, almost resorting to tossing Robbie over the fence to get them to open up for us! In the end we got in and the folk there were very happy to see us. Next up we took a bit of a drive to “Helping those in Need” where we were warmly received. The kids were fantastic and even put up a dancing show for us with their favourite music videos and dance moves, maybe a future thought to have new inductees perform the same dance routines?! After that we popped in next door to Greensleeves, was a bit of a disappointment, as they confirmed to have a lot more kids on site the evening than we actually met, nonetheless I’m sure they all would’ve enjoyed the treats! A total of +-2376 individual eggs were distributed during the drive and handout. We handed out at the following places: • McClelland’s adult centre • Helping those in need • Greensleeves Children Home • St Bernard’s Hospice • EL Child and Youth care Centre • Daily Breath Children’s Home I would like to extend a big heartfelt thank you to all the Tablers and their partners who helped make this project a success whether by donating eggs, packing of the eggs, or spending time with us distributing the eggs to those in need. Y.I.T Ruan Jordaan


PAASFEES Wat is Paasfees sonder 'n heerlike paaseier of twee? Op Saterdag, 9 April, het Aliwal se Round Table-manne paaseiers bymekaargemaak om aan die inwoners van Huis van der Horst en die kinders en personeel by die Aliwal Hospitaal, uit te deel. We want to thank Pick &Pay and OK Grocer for allowing us to use their premises as the designated collection points for the Easter eggs. All the eggs that were donated were handed out by some Round Table members. At the Hospital it definitely brightened the day for all the children and patients. Na ons besoek aan die hospitaal, het ons ook paaseiers by Huis van der Horst gaan uitdeel. Dit was 'n voorreg om die paaseiers persoonlik te kon uitdeel aan al die woonstel-inwoners. Daar was genoeg paaseiers sodat al die ander tehuis-inwoners ook 'n eier of twee kon geniet. Vanaf Round Table Aliwal 55 se kant wil ons aan elkeen wat paaseiers geskenk het of enige ander donasie gemaak het, baie dankie sê. Saam maak ons 'n verskil in die lewens van ander in ons gemeenskap. YIT

Ludwig Kruger


BUSHVELD A.G.M Exactly one year since my induction at Busveld AGM 2021 and what an AGM 2022 hosted by Tzaneen 96. Hitting the road from Montana, Pretoria we set out on the road to Bushveld AGM 2022. Myself and my wife Cecile along with Garth Roeloffze ;PTA 136 Chairman; his wife Samantha, our very own IPP Christo Bezuidenhout along with his wife and not to forget our designated driver the then Bushveld Vice Chairman Antonie “Snoopy” Smit. On the way we had some good laughs and a couple of cold one’s as Christo entertained us with some stories and the odd dance move from his younger days. We had to make a “quick” detour to collect some jackets in Polokwane, not as quick as our driver made out to be, but we made the best of the moment and had a little parking area party to keep the mood going. On arrival at Tzaneen hotel, we quickly booked in and got ready for the Table shirts Party at Tzaneen 96 club house. What a warm welcome as we entered the club house. Seeing some old friends and making some new ones. A challenge was put out by Leon De Lange that stated we would drink 800 Kleine Kellers before the weekend was over. We had the stripping pair of Tiaan Schoeman and Christiaan Merts not disappointing on the dance floor.


With morning creeping closer we made the call to knock out at around 1am. Early rise on the Saturday of AGM, we made our way to the club house. A toast to the ladies to see them off for their tour and we got set for our meeting, and what a meeting. It was a proud day for us as Bushveld as we can from this day now call ourselves BOSVELD, all thanks to Christo Bezuidenhoud and Leon de Lange for the time and effort they put in to get a dormant Bosveld 222 to change their name to Pongola 222. From there it was downhill, with Vos Botha handing over his chairman’s seat to Antonie Smit for his year at the helm for 22/23. One could also see which of the guys suffered from “aankoms agressie” as they were pulling amps from the night before. The induction dinner was held at Tzaneen Hotel. It was a special moment as it brough back memories of a year ago. The video shared by Sarel Ras, PTA 87, was such a great moment to celebrate Bushveld now also known as BOSVELD. I must take the time in this article to thank Tzaneen 96 for one awesome, well put together and memorable A.G.M. The work you guys put into this AGM could be seen by all present. To the Antonie Smit and his council all the best for your year and let’s keep our motto alive……#Bushveldwegotyourback…well in the new words…..#BOSVELDonshetjou.

YIT Marko Hall Pretoria 136 Vice Chairman


ARTSA JEFFREYS BAY 2022 Well Simply amazing, one of the best experiences I have ever had!!!It was my first ARTSA this year and the build up and stories I heard regarding it was 100% true but, you have to have been there to experience it in person. Upon arrival on the Wednesday and registering there was this atmosphere around the venue that one cannot explain unless you are there. From the get-go the fellowship start by meeting other tablers from around the country. The Thursday night was special with the opening of the Hardcore Hut and the build up with the music and the fellow tablers made it one of the highlights of the weekend, everyone was dress up Hippie style and taking it all in.

I never in my table career exchanged table shirts with anyone and did it twice in one weekend. There was a moment during the evening where I stood back and had a look at what was going on around me and all I could see was fellow tablers exchanging pins and coins each one telling their tables story or individual stories. I have never learned so much or made so many new friends. Saturday at the Gala dinner I could not have been prouder at being a Pretoria 136 tabler where we brought home 3 trophies of which the one was the association Tabler of the year trophy which Christo Bezuidenhout won. He has truly been an inspirational tabler and leader well deserved. To sum my experience, I am still getting goose bumps telling my story and sharing my experience, THANK YOU ROUND TABLE AND MY FELLOW TABLERS!! Without you this would not have been possible. YIT Garth Roeloffze


ARTSA JEFFREYS BAY 2022 Coming into ARTSA 2022 I had high expectation. All I could ever hear was tablers telling me that you cannot miss an ARTSA. And boy they were right. Being a young tabler and attending my very first ARTSA, all my expectations were blown right out of the water, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The GEES that was building for ARTSA was immaculate, it could be heard far and wide that this was going to be a good one, given that this is RTSA’s first physical ARTSA in 3 years, given the dreaded restrictions from COVID 19. From the travelling to the fellowship, it was all an amazing experience, meeting people in person you have been friends with on Facebook for months, and all that surrounds you are brothers, and their wives supporting them every step of the way. I would never have imagined my first ARTSA to be this good. The venue was a very well chosen one and a huge congrats to the organisers and the RTSA board. I don't think we could’ve asked for better leadership for the 2022-2023 term. Exchanging pins, coins, stories, friendships and so much more is something you cannot put a price on, these are times you will remember for the rest of your life. I am super proud of all RTSA have done in the past year, the Bosveld area and Pretoria 136. Pretoria 136 managed to win the Extensions trophy with Our very own Christo Bezuidenhout’s project: Fight for sight which managed to raise just shy of R1 million, Christo Bezuidenhout himself for winning Tabler of the year, and I who brought home the Speaker’s cup, for my first ARTSA, I couldn't have asked for a bigger honour. In conclusion, I am NEVER missing an ARTSA from this point forward. #136Proud Marcu Kriegler Pretoria 136 Secretary


ARTSA JEFFREYS BAY 2022 ARTSA 2022!!!!!! The build up to ARTSA started for me on the Sunday with the 4 days to go count down. Christo Bezuidenhout had 12 tables left on his Fight for Sight project and had left them for the week leading up to ARTSA. Taking the seat left front we departure Sunday 24 April 2022 from Pretoria on our way to Cradock as our first stop. We were welcomed at their club house and shared in some of the history of their building, it being the old mortuary next to the graveyard. The visit would also not be complete with a visit to “Harry Potter’s” grave. Fellowship continued at Simon Ward’s house who hosted us for the night. Our next stop, Somerset West, unfortunately a small table with only two members, we could only meet up with JC at Cookhouse to share in the F$S project. From their Adelaide, and what a stop it was. If you ever find yourself out there do make a stop at the Post Office, which funny enough is right next to the Post Office. Leaving there a bit later than planned we made our way to the last stop for the Monday, Fort Buefort. Unfortunately a bit late to see their club house we could still have a well-prepared braai and some brandy. Before leaving the Tuesday morning we had to stop at the Fort which is believed to have been built in the wrong town years back. What a site to have been able to enter the fort and see the original cannon on the roof of the unbelievable building. Table 5 on what has been unforgettable, Grahamstown, where we were treated to great coffee and a breakie bun that went down as good as brandy the night before. Just be careful they make the best crispy bacon, so crispy that CB chipped a tooth. Heading towards Port Alfred stop number 6 I could feel that the coastal air was going to bring this pre-tour in to the next level, and boy the Port Alfred boys did not disappoint. Our next stop is properly one of the best with one of the best views for a club house Kenton/Alex. Enjoying some local craft beer and boerie rolls, we received some warning from Kirkwood that we should be careful of the roads into town as there was some unrest with seasonal workers striking. Heading into Kirkwood you could smell in the air that it has been burning around the town.


This did not stop the gents from having some fellowship. Enjoying the prepared steak, you could feel the unease in the air with notifications coming with some reason for concern. CB and I offered to assist with some patrolling with Cheetah. Leaving Kirkwood the Wednesday morning we could not stop thinking of the people and community and what they must have gone through for almost a week. Heading to PE and with the last 4 tables to go on this amazing project and trip, I could start to feel the ARTSA vibe building. With a quick stop at the airport to pick up Garth Roeloffze and his wife we hit the first of the PE tables. This was truly a “mooi” story jumping from one table to the next and the next. Then the time came to head to J-Bay and the last table on this epic road trip where the project past the R900 000 mark. Stopping outside Mentorskraal and seeing the ARTSA banner above the entrance, I felt like a kid on his birthday, the excitement of all the stories I have heard from older tablers, it was here. What can I say….all I could do is just take in every moment of every day. The opening of the Hardcore hut will probably stick with me for some years. Meeting tablers from all over, guys I met for the first time and reconnecting with ones that I have met before, including the international tablers. If it wasn’t for the older tablers I would maybe not have done the forums but so glad I did, what I learned that day and having confidence to actually standing up and saying something. Also hearing a fellow tabler of 136 raise a point that we had discussed a few hours before, made me feel that the younger guys do want to learn. Saturday morning entering the meeting hall and seeing all the delegates you actually see that this organization is the best Young Man’s’ organization in the world.


One night I will never forget, and sure a few other people, The Presidents Ball. Sitting and taking in the atmosphere, I could not help thinking about my granny in the way that Alan Malan performed his duties as MC. Having the 41ers on stage and seeing them off for the last time one could not help feel sad. I have to congratulate everyone the received a trophy. I do have to make one correction, thus the reason I would not forget this ARTSA, and that is that the Speaker Trophy was actually awarded to one of my fellow tablers at Pretoria 136, Marcu Kriegler, there was a bit of confusion. For every new tabler that was not fortunate to be at this ARTSA, don’t miss the next one, if you go to your first you would not want to miss another. YIT Marko Hall Pretoria 136 Vice Chairman


ARTSA JEFFREYS BAY 2022 Thank you Mr Chairman, Dignitaries, fellow Tabler’s and guests. With all due protocol observed, I herewith give my report on the annual ARTSA conference held from 28 April to the 1st of may 2022 at Mentors kraal in Jeffreys bay. (See I did learn Something at RTSA)My current wife and myself had an early start, and got on the plane at 06:00 Tuesday morning to get some rest before the big function kicked off. The best made plans soon turned into nothing as we met up with fellow Tzaneen delegate, Andre Rossouw and his wife on Wednesday. We innocently went to explore the quaint little town of Jeffreys-Bay, when we realised that the Jolly Dolphin was already filling up with fellow Tabler’s from the rest of the country. A quick dop turned into another and upon ordering a loop dop, happy hour was announced. At R30 for 2 brandy specials the wheels soon came off and amongst some early pin exchanging, a pool competition and proper socialising we soon found ourselves in the early morning hours ordering fatty slap-chips and Russians from the local Indian grocer. The fresh air and the lack of brandy flow soon caused our honourable chairman to feel light headed, and with great glee and laughter, we had to assist him to the passenger seat, where he spent the drive home holding onto the dashboard very tightly for emotional support.

So, after not resting before the official opening of ARTSA…….. We had to drag ourselves out of bed for registrations, only to find that the bar had already opened, and tokens were already up for sale. Being the responsible Tabler’s that we are, we had to sample the goods for the rest of the Tabler’s that still had to register, as I refuse to have anyone drinking vrot brandy. After or wives dragged us out of the hardcore hut, we went home for a quick nap and to dress up for the beach party. What a party it was. Jagermeister flowed like rivers and brandy on tap seemed never ending. Beach balls kept flying everywhere as grown Tabler’s acted like children and it never stopped being funny when someone gets hit on the head. This resulting in Mrs Rossouw writing-off her glasses to a stray beach ball and her husband having to lead her to the waiting shuttle by hand and going into town the next morning to hunt for a new pair of glasses. I vaguely remember doing the macarena, and singing girls just want to have fun at the top of my voice, and then waking up the next morning with 3, half eaten garage pie’s in a plastic bag next to the bed. Luckily there were some Rennie’s and two grand-pa’s in the bag as well.


ARTSA JEFFREYS BAY 2022 An early start on Friday to get to the forums, Antonie will attest that I was there first, and sat in the front row of his forum, at least that is how I remembered it. I again offered myself to taste the new batch of brandy on tap, to make sure that no vrot brandy needs to be consumed by anyone. This went straight over to the area food table function where we sampled among others, brandy from the Freestate, skaapkop from EP, pankakes from the Netherlands and biltong and braaibroodjies from the Bosveld. We had some live entertainment for the evening that beguiled us with sing along hits from the 80’s and 90’s. We also had the exec acting as if they did not enjoy themselves to make sure everybody knew that they were mad at the Tabler’s that emptied all 8 of the fire extinguishers on the venue, but the smiles soon returned to their faces. Another big thank you for the shuttle company that made sure that all Tabler’s arrived safely home, as this Tabler would certainly have tried to reverse back to his accommodation. Saturday morning there was a sombre vibe, and a lot of red eyes. The delegates from 157 was especially sombre. It turned out that one of their personal “Members Only” pictures had leaked. This picture showed their efforts at saving water with two of their members in the shower together, I assume that delegate number 3 had gotten out of the shower to take the picture, which could have saved another 30 seconds worth of precious water. I personally will from this day onwards refer to these dear friends of ours as the “157 Willy-washers”.

We now know why they are such a close-knit group of blokes. The AGM was over without much ado, all motions passed, and a new executive was elected and/or announced. Barry the baboon again had us in stitches with his antics, and after a nearly ten year run the official new translator for Barry will be Bosveld’s very own Bernard Venter. Our RTI president graced our AGM with his presence, and he cemented his love and adoration from every area in ARTSA with his comment, that we should stop referring to ourselves as the best national association. What I guy, you cannot help but love him, after all, he has climbed all the ranks. The brandy just started to get lekker again when the AGM was finished. The ladies had such a ball doing their Ladies tour, slash Boeresport that we at least had some more time to sample the goods.


ARTSA JEFFREYS BAY 2022 I have it from the organisers that the group of bosveld ladies attending the ladies tour had the best attendance, and certainly the most gees, although this could be because they consumed the shooters of the teams that did not rock up for the ladies tour. My personal wife will forever keep telling the tale that she ate raw sheep-liver to make sure her team wins the ladies tour competition, and then no winner was announced. The rest period between the day activities and the gala evening seemed too short, and when I woke up from my 1 hour nap, putting on the mooi-moois seemed like a lot of effort. My taste for brandy had vanished, and it felt like my kidneys and liver was having a proper schoolboy brawl inside of me. I was forced to drink water for the whole evening, which came in handy, as this was the most exercise I got for the week, it felt like every person at ARTSA had his own standing ovation. I have now completed my squats until after July. A few honourable mentions for the evening: • • • • •

Anthonie Smit was officially inducted as Bosveld Chairman Vos Botha got the award for exceptional service to the association from the ARTSA President Pretoria 136 won the extensions trophy as well as the speaker’s cup Christo Bezuidenhout was awarded the Tabler of the year And Bosveld won the food tables trophy.

There were a lot of trophies, awards and inductions for the evening, but I do not want to spoil the reading of the newsletter or you. All good things had to come to an end and I realised on Sunday morning for the first time in what seemed like forever how it felt like not to wake up with a babbelas. I would like to thank my fellow Tabler’s form Tzaneen 96 for the opportunity to represent our table at this flagship event, and moreover for the financial assistance that was afforded the delegates, it really helps a lot, and will make a big difference to get more of our Tabler’s at these type of functions. I want to implore all Tabler’s that have not been to ARTSA and all pipeliners present to make it is a goal for next year. As the function will be on our back door. You have to attend ARTSA, and you will after that try never to miss it again. I will not accept any questions, as what I said is all I can remember, so I hereby move my report for adoption. YIT Albert Vermeulen Tzaneen 96 Vice Chairman


LETTER TO R.T.I PRESIDENT Coming to the point I want to make. It saddens me, even makes me very angry that a person in the highest possible Chair of the International organization would use his platform to address the entire Association and everything that was said breaks down the hard work that goes into running and maintaining our beloved Association, the same association you belong to Mr International President. At the last 4 physical ARTSA’s that I have attended, and the International president at

the time had an opportunity to address the association, it was positive and motivational. I think back to the AGM and remember the absolute disbelief on members faces during your address I remember members of ASSCO asking each other “did he really just said that”. You Mr International President had the opportunity to inspire, to be positive, to encourage to make the association proud but you chose the opposite. The question was asked how many of the attendees was at their first ARTSA, many raised their hands. The message that was given to them is “are you really the premier Association” “You are not what you were years ago”. Mr President, you where the talk of the town for the rest of the ARTSA, members in disbelief of the message that was given to the members of RTSA by the highest chair in the World of Round Table. I suppose you would not know that as you were nowhere to be found. Being in position of power comes with great responsibility as well as opportunity. As I said before Mr International President, you had the opportunity to motivate and inspire the association, the one that you are a member of, and you did exactly the opposite. It must be remembered that charity start at home. #BESOMEONEWORHFOLLOWING BEING IN POWER GIVES YOU GREAT OPPORTUNITIES, IT IS YOUR DECISION WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH IT YIT Vos Botha BOSVELD IPC 19

EASTERN PROVINCE - AREA CHAIRMAN Fellow tablers, at this point I can take a slight breather before a very exciting busy year ahead, following ARTSA 2022 proudly brought you by our very own Eastern Province. I shout out to the convenor, Wayne Stevenson, and his committee what a massive success. I am a proud EP tabler and want to thank each table, tabler and partners for their contribution/s. I had the privilege to be the PRO on ARTSA 2022 committee and although I regretted it some days (smiling), I can tell you now that if Wayne asked me again I would say absolutely YES again. It is something that will stay with me for all my life. The memories, the friends and skills learned. Gents, if I could make a recommendation, put your hands up for portfolios and yourself and use what this organisation offers you. LEAVE YOUR LEGACY!

It is a great privilege to serve not only Eastern Province Area as chairman but also RTSA on the ASSCO the year ahead in my role as Area Chairman. I have been hanging around the EP Area executive for some time and held portfolios of secretary, Trunktales Magazine Editor and Public Relations Officer and recently Area Vice Chairman role. Each of these roles has assisted me to develop new skills and will ever be thankful for Round Table that has given me the opportunity. 38Years young I occupy myself during the day with the sales and marketing of gases and welding related items for the past 13 years. The supply of these products plays a critical part in most industries from industrial, manufacturing, food, hospitality and medical markets and many more. Very proud of Round Table Eastern Province area that consist of 11 tables with around ninety members. We are a unique diverse group of young men, but like-minded and passionate with no lack in the fellowship department. The EP Area has delivered strong national tablers in the past and have no doubt that we will continue to see future leaders at national level.

Let’s accept change, Be Bold and Leave a Legacy! Lets #IgniteTheTableFire. As we say the the EP Area #LosVoetspore Pienaar Allers - Die Balju #MemeBonanza


CHAIRMAN'S MEETING To give a little background on the day, the purpose of the Chairman Meeting is to bring the new group of Table Chairman together and discuss a few focus points for the year. In essence to capture the moment when the energies are still at a high and the Chairman are still fresh in their seats as Chairman. Our Esteemed Area Chairman, Pienaar “Die Balju” Allers, aimed to continue to change the way meetings are held, focusing on getting a greater participation from the floor while trying to make it fun. Meeting had started with water pouring out of the heavens while we all hid under a marquee tent, listening to the opening address of past Tabler and Current Port Alfred 41r, Pierre Coetzer. We moved over to some welcomes, and it was fantastic to have 5 new inductions from two Round Table Clubs at the meeting from Kirkwood 78 and Port Alfred 177 respectfully. Our Meeting initially started a little reserved and quiet with Pienaar looking to engage the floor on Topics such as membership, which soon had the men come to the forefront with many observations and other gems of wisdom. New Elected Round Table Eastern Province council briefly layout their focus areas for the year which then rolled over to the Chairman Present at the meeting. Topics were engaging and soon a fun activity bonanza was initiated by a few chairman, as arrange by Pienaar prior to the event, these “games” facilitated a fun dynamic to the normally mundane meeting format and soon had the chaps all in stiches as they challenged each other to participate. This was a wonderful way to get everyone on the same page as to the way forward for the year and it is surely going to be an EPIC year. YIT Jacques van Wyk EP PRO


“SITRUS AFSKOP” Kirkwood 78 held our “Sitrus Afskop” event on the 2nd of April 2022 at the Annerkant Venue after the first very successful event in 2021. We sold over 150 tickets and people flocked to the venue on a cold and rainy Saturday to enjoy the live music we had on offer. The gates opened early as Letters from Jane entertained the eager beavers in the late afternoon before Mario took over to open for returning Jan Rhaap to entertain the crowd into the night. We had the famous KWD 78 beef burger available to hungry patrons and always had the bar fully stocked and ice cold. The Sitrus Afskop will be a regular occurrence in the KWD 78 Calendar. Hope to see you there next time. Y.I.T Michael Schnetler


DON’T CAMO YOURSELF As it evolves.

I have over the last few weeks thought about the nature of the “Don’t Camo Yourself” initiative and specifically what would or could lead to it being called a success. We at Round Table Alex/Kenton210 had lost a 41r to suicide and a few years ago and the unanswered questions still plague us to this day. As some of you might know, It started with small ambitions of just doing something, anything, with the hopes of visually taking a stand through the wearing of LUMO Camo Clothing, intentionally to act as a conversation starter and to counter “hiding in plain sight”. Male Mental Health as we all know by now so often happens in the background even in the shadows if you might excuse the expression, it takes the back seat in societal expectation and touches the broad dynamics involved with being a man, after all “Cowboys don’t cry”. It is for that exact reason that unique clothing, in my opinion, plays such a strong role. It is through wearing the clothing that we can all say, “We are with you” and “You are not alone”, without placing any expectation of direct response on our impacted friends. At our recently held National AGM called ARTSA it became visually apparent as to the size of the uptake in support from fellow Tablers, families and other contacts.


DON’T CAMO YOURSELF Up until now, we have launched the “Don’t Camo Yourself” Jackets, Shirts and very recently at ARTSA we released a Speedo Edition in Pink. Our Round Table Southern African President, Stefan Grobler and Vice President Werner Swanepoel were the 1st to receive their Support Speedo’s as a token of appreciation for encouraging us to go bigger and bolder. It is all part of a much larger ambition to grow awareness and making an impact in the lives of many men.

As for the opening line to this article, as to what would make the “Don’t Camo Yourself” initiative a success, after all it isn’t possible to indicate how many men we have assisted or helped but, I believe the Success sits in the heart of the man that now takes another breath with a little more hope in his heart. We will never know the exact figure of impacted friends and will in all likelihood only hear from the tip of the Iceberg but, what is already visible is that people care and that we have started a ripple in a massive body of water. In the words of Jo Black, a South African Musician, “it’s OK not to be OK”. Don’t Camo Yourself! This is a developing story… YIT Jacques van Wyk EP PRO


POTJIEKOS SOCIAL As a standard tradition for a few years now, Round Table PE West 142 held its annual year end function at our clubhouse. Fiercely contested, the potjiekos competition is the main attraction for the day, all trying to dethrone the potjieking Piens, Die Balju. All started the afternoon, a real family day. Ladies chattering away, men playing with fire and kiddies playing around excitingly waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. With a great smell in the air, the kids open their presents with great excitement. Whilst all was going on Ernest and Callie practiced their clay skills with sculpting a new 142 trophy for the annual potjie winner in the shape of a potjie winner. Considering all the refreshments gents not a bad effort, we look forward to this as our annual trophy. This was family business in true fashion, ultimately what Round Table is about. Schalk Rossouw and his team was announced as deserved winners by the judges. However, the real winner was a massively successful year by 142 and its family. Yours in Table

Pienaar Allers 2021/22


JOY JARS As an annual project done by 142, Joy Jars are aimed at putting a smile on faces on kids during the festive season. The Joy Jars, jars filled with sweets, are sold to the public over the span of two months leading up to the official handover. The past year we partnered with Hendrina, whom has been running soup kitchens in the informal settlement of Helenvale of well known as Gatanga in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth. Unfortunately, the area has its own social problems and gangsterism. We as 142 thought it well to assist the children in the area to a treat. The selling of the jars was a massive success this year and we sold in excess of 450 Jars at R80 a jar. Then it was the packing of Jars, always a joyful evening with the gents and partners coming together with just sweets and ribbon all over the show. In addition this year RT 142 used profits of the project to purchase food items for Hendrina’s Soup Kitchen to also give the kids a warm meal, something we have not done in the past. The day of handover finally arrived, all jumped in to assist with the preparation of the soup kitchen and a whole lot of potatoes was peeled whilst Hendrina and her ladies was cooking up a storm. The gents of 142 also thought it well to clean up the local basketball court in the municipal park since shattered glass was all over the place. Then it was time for the handover, regalia and gazebos was set up and kids from all over flocked in from the streets. This was a real emotional moment for all. The kids was handed a warm meal and Joy Jar, success was at the end of the day a filled tummy and a smile on faces of the

kids. The event also drew some media attention with an article in a local newspaper. Yours in Table Pienaar Allers


EASTER EGG COLLECTION NEW YEAR NEW BEGINNINGS, Algoa 108 Members started their first project for the year with their Annual Easter Egg Collection. The beneficiary voted in for this years Easter Egg Collection was MTR Smit Children’s Haven with over 80 kids needing some extra motivation and smiles, with our relationship being strong with Acres Spar they had no hesitation to allow us to host two collections. The first collection was on the 12th Of March, a sunny Saturday afternoon with members eager to start collecting the first bunch of eggs, it started of slow but at the end of the day we collected just over Five Hundred Easter Eggs. The Second Collection on the 26th Of March was one to remember as we had Nicole from Acres Spar and Tanya from MTR Smit Children’s Haven to assist and get us over the line with another Five Hundred and Forty Easter Eggs Collected on the day. Final day of collection done and dusted with the members excited for the distribution day. Just before the distribution day on the 9th of April, Acres Spar went even beyond their generosity and donated extra juices, chips, bubbles and even more chocolates for the Easter Egg Packs. On the day of the distribution the kids lined up with anticipation and smiles across their faces excited and ready to receive their goodie bags, the members enjoyed every moment of bringing joy to every child at MTR Smit Children’s Haven with the help of Acres Spar.


Before the members were about to call it a day, we noticed one of the houses on the MTR Smit Children’s Haven complex that had seven old folks aged between Seventy and Ninety-Seven years of age and us as members of Round Table we wanted to bring smiles back to their faces just as much as we did for the kids, each of them received a goodie bag as well for all that they have done. With the MTR Smit Children’s Haven hand out going so well we were approached by Twinkle Twinkle Children’s home in Bethelsdorp, and once again Round Table Algoa 108 did just that by distributing the last few goodie bags to the kids on the 14th of April bringing them joy and happiness this Easter. Easter Eggs Collected 1040 Easter Eggs Congratulations to my Algoa 108 family for this amazing feel-good project of 2022!

YIT - Michael Ward Vice Chairman


TRUNK TALES EDITOR I grew up in Somerset East and on a farm on Bosberg near Somerset. Later we moved to Cradock, and I finished school at Marlow. After that my brother Yster and I took over my father’s computer business which also moved from Somerset to Cradock. All I knew was small towns and computers until my brother was inducted into Roundtable. He started getting invited to go on hunts and travelled South Africa with international guests. I was invited to join as well, and I grabbed it with both hands because it seems like a great place to get to know some people. It turned out to be so much more. I met some amazing people and I’ve had some awesome experiences in Table. I’ve grown so much as a businessman and gained a lot of self confidence while taking on portfolios as Grog Father, Treasurer and Chairman in my table. My brother and I have travelled to a lot of Area Conferences and have gotten to know so many of the Tablers in EP. The journey so far has been mind blowing and I look forward to what this year as EP Trunk Tales Editor will bring. YIT Stefan Maré Cradock 37 Chairman Trunk Tales Editor


INTERNATIONAL BLOOD DRIVE It is not uncommon for Round Table to be mistaken as a bloodthirsty organisation, but this misconception usually involves drinking animal blood during or after meetings or so we have heard. Round Table International has promoted March as International Blood Donation month pleading tablers across the world to partake. In true table style, we took up the challenge and oathed to donate. This sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. Getting seven tablers together in one spot that does not involve a club meeting, especially during office hours, is not an easy task. Then this “gathering” must also take place on a day, not after a table meeting, and not a day of a table meeting, for obvious reasons. Therefore, we decided to rather do it on a “go when you can” plan of action, which worked well for this event. We encourage tablers to not only donate on occasions like these but to make it a regular entry in your calendar. Yours in Table, Cornel Strydom PE West 142 - Treasurer


CHAIRMAN'S MEETING HOSTED BY 177 Round Table Port Alfred 177 had the privilege to host the EP Chairman's Meeting 1st of April at our Clubhouse. Always nice to host any area event, makes you feel super important and a bit of pressure to pull off some good hosting skills for the area superstars we call Brothers in Table. Meeting was opened by our 41er Pierre Coetzer and the assassin 41er Huge Catherine sniping out some chatter boxes. The ladies enjoyed themselves a even with the challenging weather that was thrown our way. Awesome weekend and we'll attended. Port Alfred also added 2 new member that got inducted at the meeting, Robbie Alberts and JJ French. Two gems of our community. Welcome gents to the best organisations in the World.

177 FISH AND CHIPS EVENING On the 25th of February 2022 Port Alfred 177 ran the bar at a combined fish and chips event with Port Alfred Lions club. Through the joining of the two service clubs it was supported very well by the community. As always lots of fellowship was had and complement to the chefs. We managed to make a very decent profit "although most of the food sales were takeaways" to future the aims and objects of 177 of R4000 with a total of 40 man hours. Thank you to the 177 family for their continues hard work.


177 CUPCAKES FOR CANCER Our Table ladies took to their ovens and baked over 200 cupcakes in aid of #CupcakesForCancer. On the 15th of February 2022 (Childhood Cancer Awareness Day) they had a Pop-Up stall at our Clubhouse where their cupcakes were available to collect and they worked on a donations-basis. All proceeds went towards assisting children with cancer and their families. A whopping total of R2600 through 60 man hours was raised. We applaud our sweet ladies in all the hours they put in for this very worthy cause. They hope to make this an annual event in our Table calendar.

177 EASTER BISCUITS REPORT "The RT177 ladies were asked to please do their fantastic Easter biscuit decorating kits again this year so they did. They each made a batch of dough and got together to bake and package all the kits. Just over 60 kits made in total. Part of the funds raised will go to our wonderful needy community! A total of R4586.80 was received with a profit of R3236.70 made in 56 man hours YIT Melissa Marais"


ZWARTKOPS 195 CRABTALES Down in Port Elizabeth (or try-to-pronounce-it Gqeberha) there is a Table called Zwartkops 195. We are not the largest Table, nor do we have a large bank account…but we have what we call the x-factor. Over the years we have embraced the saying as being a Table full of alcoholics that have a charity problem, however in hindsight, charity is never a problem for a Zwartkopian. Our Table was established in 1974 and we are nearing our 50th. I was inducted into 195 during the 2020 Eastern Province Spring Conference at the ripe old age of 34. I am however a second generation Tabler and therefor have large shoes to fill. My dad, Marius “Mr Melodrama” Olivier, was a Zwartkopian from 1986 for 16 years and based on his stories and some personal experience when I was a little crablette at the time, he was a legend in Table. I remember Table functions at the Swartkops yacht club, Melodrama rehearsals at the old showgrounds and a lot of Table socials. This is where I experienced the Round Table family for the first time and sadly my only regret is that it took so long for me to start my own Table journey.

Marius Olivier in the Melodrama skit called the “Vrystaat Chippendales” or the “Flippen-whales”.

When I joined Zwartkops, my goals was to bring back the focus on charity work as well as bring back some of the Zwartkops 195 traditions that were there in my dad’s days. Two of these traditions are the making of our copper crab banners as well as bring back our traditional Appeltjies welcome drink.


ZWARTKOPS 195 CRABTALES ZWARTKOPS 195 COPPER BANNER The Zwartkops 195 copper banner is a unique banner in Round Table and generally only given to Tablers that make a significant contribution to Round Table or to Zwartkops 195. Each banner is moulded and painted by Zwartkops 195 members and therefor no banner is the same. I was elected to be the 195 Chairman for the 2022/2023 year and so far the year has been a blast: •

• • •

Early in February, Zwartkops 195 hosted the Port Elizabeth Tables induction dinner (the first formal induction dinner in two year) and as expected it was one big night of fellowship. A week later I was blessed with the birth of my son (I can already see that he will be a future Tabler). We then had some nice projects for example the Lake Farm Boerie Braai, the Zwartkops 195 Music Trivia and our annual Easter collection and hand out. Then finally it was time for ARTSA. The first in person ARTSA in three years and it was hosted in the Eastern Cape. Congratulations to Duncan “The Gnome” Morris who was elected to be the editor of this great magazine.

The year started off with a bang and we at Zwartkops 195 will be keeping the momentum going and bring the x-factor to Table and to our communities.

Yours in Table Carl “Picky” Olivier (195 Chairman)



CHAIRMAN REPORT The passed year has been full of new and old challenges but none of them insurmountable as a table. We had COVID again hitting us back again with regulations as the amount of people, time curfews and list go on but none of them stopped us moving forward. We started the year at the AGM with one of our own “Des Williams” receiving the Louis Marchesi award for serving this wonderful organisation for more than 20 years. With that said we inducted two new tablers and brought back two 41’ers to serve as honorary members. We have a 25 Numbers Meeting in February 2022, and we need as much experience as possible to make it success as this only been held every 10 years in South Africa. The next agenda we needed to deal with was we had no clubhouse for last few years. We as the older tablers had to make sure that the new tablers will have the experience to call something home. We hit ground running as soon as possible with the idea of new clubhouse but the surprise we had is that one of new tablers made it possible for us to move into a new clubhouse the beginning of May. The feeling to have a meeting in your clubhouse surrounded by all the old regalia you cannot explain to anyone. We had also a very good year regarding projects. We, our sister table “Round Table 158” and Enco had excellent golf day in April and raised funds more than R200 000 before expenses. We also did another two golf days that also raised together another R150 000 or more. Then in addition to this project we also helped the farmers in Jagersfontein district after the fires. We send them 4 interlinks of feed for the animals and received support from Round Table 158, Sani 152 and Jacques Strydom Boerdery to raise the funds to make the change as required. During the year we stilled made changes in multiple other people lives with other donors and we as a table is grateful that there are still good people that is willing to donate to help these changes. We also inducted another new tabler during the year. We also attended the Winter Conference via Zoom and attend the Tri conference in Prieska. This was like a small ARTSA, seeing old friends and making new friends. What a weekend! During the year was the discussion to see our fellow brothers more. We arrange a mass raid and visit 6 out of the 7 Free State tables in one day and then later on the last table. We also did a cross border Raid to Douglas just before we attended the Tri Area. The year was a huge success in my own opinion and just want to thank my fellow tablers/brothers. Lihann Kriek Bloemfontein Chairman 25 Bloem25 for live


BUKS GRADIDGE – FIGHT FOR SIGHT Buks Gradidge has become a very special project for us during the last year. With the help of Pretoria 136, we managed to get Buks to Pretoria for his second operation. Welkom 40 puled together and we took him to Pretoria. There were some complications and Buks’ recovery was a bit longer than initially expected. Buks and his wife, Driekie, had to stay in Pretoria for 4 days to make sure that everything was in order. Buks was released on the 4th of February and his eyesight is now 100%. Buks started interviewing for positions on the mines in the Welkom Area and managed to get a job in April of this year. Buks is almost through his first month and will be able to provide for his family again.

We as Welkom 40 would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help and support through this process: Centurion Eye Hospital – specifically Carla and her team. Round Table Pretoria 136 – specifically Marko Hall, Christo Bezuidenhout and Garth Roeloffse. Your help with lifts, food and support was invaluable during this process. The Welkom 40 Tablers who have put this as priority and have supported the process from day 1. The Buks Gradidge story has been one that I hope has inspired Tables around the country and that have shown what can be done if we work together. YIT Jurgen Schoeman


RONDEGAT RALLY 2022 Welkom has always liked a little bit of mechanics, fast cars, and loud music. So, when the guys from Harrismith 140 started talking about a rally, the Welkom guys were in before they knew what the rules and arrangements on. Hannes, Hennie and Eddie jumped in and started building a car. The little Polo Vivo that was used as a base looked very different from what you might find on the road these days. The car had a monster sound system in and even sported BMW racing seats in the front. The Woekerkoets 2.0 turned out to be an unqualified success and a firm crowd favorite in Harrismith. Welkom 40 won the day as Hannes Fouche put the Woekerkoets through its paces on a course that turned out to be designed for 4x4 vehicles. Hannes drove like a champ and put a few very expensive Prado’s and Fortuners to shame on the day! We would like to thank Andre, Koos, JP and Pottie and their wives from Harrismith for the amazing fellowship and hospitality that we experienced there. The camping was fun and helped the Welkom guys and girls bond beautifully. We even met Callie and Keith from Hilton 242 there as well. Take the time and look at the pictures. It will clearly show the fun that was all around on the day!

YIT Jurgen Schoeman


BETHLEHEM 60 INDUCTION DINNER Op 4 Februarie 2022, hou Bethlehem 60 sy induction dinner by The Hank Gaste huis in Bethlehem.Bethlehem 60 was heel eerste op die lys, van al die ander tafels. Aidan Shields was ook daardie aand induct, as een van ons nuwe broers. Die induction dinner was ‘n groot sukses daar was nog steeds covid 19, reels gevolg, daar was krag onderbreking ook gewees maar gelukkig het die gastehuis ‘n krag opwekker gehaat. Baie dankie aan my vrou vir al die beplanning en die reëlings.Ons moet ook soos altyd op ons tone wees, vir die “sargent” dit was gewees Jaco Cilliers wat hom baie goed van sy taak gekwyt het. Mnr Louis du Toit area voorsitter en sy vrou Coleen en hulle jongste het ook die geleentheid bygewoon. Riaan Joubert het die toekenning vir Tafelaar van die jaar ontvang, Lerene Joubert het tafel vrou van die jaar ontvang. Rudi skêr vat ‘n honouree year, na 13 jaar van tafel, so ook Werner Erwee, na 5 jaar van tafel.

Bethlehem 60 se induction dinner was weer ‘n reuse sukses, en baie stylvol, en die dames het almal baie mooi gelyk. Na afloop van formaliteite het almal soos gewoonlik baie lekker saam gekuier en saam ge fellow. YIT Riaan Joubert


RUN4CHANGE Aidan Shields, only 21 and 2nd generation Tabler, who just got Inducted as a new Bhm 60 member on 4 February 2022, decided that he wants to “hit the road running” at the start of his Table career, and volunteered to run his first ever 21,1km Surrender Hill half marathon on 5 March 2022, to raise money to buy school shoes for the less fortunate kids in Bethlehem and surroundings, on condition that RT Bhm 60 had to support the Marathon with a “Round Table water point” along the road.Very early on the morning of 5 March all the Bhm 60 Tablers set up the water point and supported the almost 400 runners with drinks and refreshment. Aidan had a good race and with no sweat completed the 21,1km in 1hour 55minutes. With the assistance of his fellow Tablers, he went out and asked for pledges of R10 per km that he completes in the race and managed to raise a total of R7830 for this project. Table 60 then reached out to Mr. Rudi Haarbron from Spar in Bethlehem and he agreed to sell school shoes that they had in stock from a previous project at R50 per pair, but at the end Spar donated a full 340 pairs of shoes (R17,000) to RT Bhm 60. With the money raised from the Run4Change project and the shoes that was donated, RT Bhm 60 was able to distribute the shoes and extra food to different organizations, nursery schools and day care centers for the needy in Bethlehem. Aidan wish to thank his fellow Tablers and the community for supporting his first ever Table project and making it a great success. YIT Aidan Shields


CEDRIC & ANN - EHLRICHPARK Dear fellow Tablers,

I, Norman Steyn and one of our 158 Pipeliners, Pieter Cockeran took it upon ourselves to take over this specific need from a former tabler to try and help these two individuals. Cedric and Ann are a married couple that stays in Ehlrichpark, Bloemfontein and is currently struggling to stay ahead and has therefore approached Round Table 158 Bloemfontein for assistance. Cedric works at a local wholesaler where he packs the client’s groceries onto their vehicles for them and Ann works as a Car watch at a Checkers Centre. We have done our investigation and we established a definite need in the form of essential food products and some electricity, furthermore they are also in desperate need of some warm winter clothes and a blanket or two. We then took this need to table and suggested that we assist with some food to the value of R 1500.00 which was then voted in by all tablers. We also managed to get some warm clothes from a few guys that we will collect and take to them soon. After further discussion with the two we realized that Ann walks to and from work everyday and this takes her approximately 1 hour, and the area she walks through is very dangerous. We asked her if it would help if we can get a bicycle sponsored from someone for her to get to work and back and she said that it would definitely help. We are currently busy with this and should be able to help her very soon.

Cedric and Ann are very grateful for the assistance and praises the work that Table are doing, I definitely believe that we have made a difference in their lives and that this has given them the necessary motivation to keep going. Yours in Table Juno de Castro


UMPA KRUGER DENNER WORD 41’ER Wat is ‘n Staatmaker? Volgens Google wat ons almal meer vertroud is stel hulle die Definisie van ‘n staatmaker as volg: Definisie staatmaker - lojaal, betroubaarenhardwerkend. Wat is Sinoniem met Staatmaker In Bloemfontein Tafel 25? Beslus Henry John Denner. Denner soos ons almal hom ken, het vanaf hy begin het by Tafel op 5 November 2013 ‘n Groot Impak gemaak in Bloem 25, asook in Bloemfontein, die Stad van Rose. Denner is welbekend in Bloemfontein, en soos baie mense dit stel, daar is net 1 Denner, en almal weet as jy praat van Denner. Hy is ‘n gesogte man, wat sy trots reflekteer op alles wat hy doen, of dit nou sy afrigting is, sy werk, sy huwelik, Politiek of Tafel is. Jy moet weet as Denner iets aanpak, is dit met geen twyfel net ‘n sukses. Henry Denner is ook die rede hoekom ek by Tafel wou aansluit. Hy het gestraal, en geen man kan anders as om op te kyk na ‘n reguit, agtermekaar man met ambisie, trots en ‘n omgee hart nie. Ek het ‘n paar Mede Tafelaars by Bloem 25 gevra hoe hulle Denner sou opsom. Hier is wat hulle te sê gehad het. LihannKriek: “Betroubare Tafelaar, wat Projekte aanpak en die Risiko op hom vat. ‘n Man wat wat enige projek laat werk. Hy speel ‘n ondersteunende rol in elke Tafelaar se ontwikkeling, Staatmakerpersoon, eerlike persoon, altyd ‘n comeback vir enige iets. Eenvoudig – ‘n GENIUNE OU!!!!” JC Coetzee:“Denner is ‘n man wat sy alles gegee het vir Tafel, en ook vir Tafel 25 Projekte. Hy het altyd die grootste projekte aangepak, dit nie net laat werk nie, maar ook die projekte Jaar op Jaar laat groei. Hy het ons grootste projekte weer herleef, en sy projekte het ook altyd die meeste geld ingebring. Hy het nie geskroom om al sy kontakte te gebruik om ‘n sukses te maak van die projekte wat hy aangepak het nie. ‘n Tafelaar wat 25 deur dik en dun. Hy was altyd geraak en het die nood raak gesien in ons omgewing. ‘n Groot omgee Tafelaar”.

Des Williams: “Henry Denner is ‘n voorbeeld van hoe ‘n Tafelaar sy Tafel loopbaan moet aanpak en fyn lewensbalans moet handhaaf. Hy het teen koste van sy werk en persoonlike lewe altyd gesorg dat Tafelronde en nog meer Bloemfontein 25 se naam altyd hooggehou word in ons gemeenskap. Hy glo sterk Tafel se sukse slê in die kwaliteit tafelaar wat jy tafel toe bring…. QUTALITY above QUANTITY…..Dennersal 3 projekte geluidelik hardloop en nie skroom om nog een aan te vat net om ‘n verskil in ons gemeenskap of in iemand se lewe te kan maak nie! Hy Tafel hard, en fellowship nog harder en alhoewel hy nou by die 41’ers aansluit, sal hynog steeds sy stem dikmaak”.


Daar is met geen twyfel dat Denner sy alles vir Tafel gegee het nie, waar hy gedien het op verskeie portefeuljes. Sy karaktervolle impak, sy stralende persoonlikheid gaan verseker gemis word by Tafel. Dankie vir al die groei waar van jy deel was met jou mede Tafelaars, jou omgee hart, jou hardegattye en ook alles wat jy vir RTSA en ook Tafel 25 in Bloemfontein gedoen het. Jy het die meeste gemaak van Tafel wat baieTafelaars van sal droom. RTSA kan baie dankbaar wees vir ‘n Rolmodel Tafelaar soos jy wat altyd bereid was om die nood te verlig. Laastewoord van Denner: “Tafel het vir my persoonlik baiebeteken. Buiten vir baie tafelvriende oral oor het dit my funksie na funksie nederige en dankbaar gemaak vir al die gawes en seëninge wat ek persoonlik ontvang het van Bo. Ek het ook geleer nood is baie keer baie nader aan jou as wat jy dit verwag het.” Sy tyd was almal se tyd, en ons gaan hom verskriklik mis by Tafel. Sterkte met jou volgende reis wat jy aanpak om ‘n verskil te maak. Alles van die Beste.

LFTM Umpa Kruger


JUST IN TIME BABY SANCTUARY The Wolf Pack of Round Table have been a busy bunch since the new committee has been announced. Seeing as though its the first article written by new incoming PRO Donovan Farinha, we would like to formally congratulate our Chairman Chris Oldacre for his Tabler of the Year award. We look forward to a successful year under your leadership. First up, The Wolf Pack of Northridge are tackling a new project and is excited to be working with Georgina Caetano at Just In Time Baby Sanctuary. Just In Time Baby Sanctuary is a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies from new-born to 2 years. It is a new project we are teaming up with Ladies Circle 7. The circumstances of the babies who are placed with Just In Time by the court varies from abandonment to neglect and abuse. The sad reality is that on average 40 babies are abandoned each month in Gauteng alone. Sometimes these babies lay in state hospitals for months where they are cup fed and they may not be picked up for any other reason other than to be fed, changed or bathed. There simply are not enough safe care facilities to cater for all of them. There are a few renovations which we will be taking under our wing and we started off by measuring and seeing what had to be done. After making waves in the workplace, we headed off after work to see what needed to be done. We reached out to local businesses and gave them a comprehensive list of Just In Time’s needs.


Starting a project is always exciting but finishing it is even more important. We have a family day arranged for 28 May and should be generating some good publicity out of our little renovations project which will gain a lot of attraction, and hopefully, some extra donors, to assist Georgina to foster these children even better. Going to be an auspicious occasion for us to socialise amongst fellow tablets with our families. Children are some of the major beneficiaries at Northridge 117 and we are always excited to make a difference in the youth. They are our future and deserve every bit of love and attention that they can get. We are hoping to nurture our newfound partnership with Georgina and Just In Time Baby Sanctuary. We cannot wait to show the after photos, and more importantly, the impact we will be making. Bring on the 28th May. #Howling YIT Donovan Farinha


CUAN’S SHAVE RAFFLE FOR CANCER The date was set and venue confirmed!! With my shave project was now in full swing after having visited a few areas and clubs promoting my project, naming STNOFS area AGM, Roodepoort 162i AGM, Pretoria 136 and 87 business meetings, as well as our own Gauteng area AGM, getting commitments for entries to my raffle. At a cost of R50 per entry to the draw the terms and conditions consisted of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, first place would get to shave my hair and beard as well as receive a bottle of Jameson Select, second place would receive a bottle of Jameson stout caskmates and third place would receive a normal bottle of Jameson. Should the winner not be present the shave would be forfeited to second and thereafter 3rd place. The money raised would go to our cancer fund to be, and my hair grown for the last 3 years would be used to make a wig. The only thing left to do, and the hardest part, was to follow up and get the commitments at ARTSA in Jeffrey’s bay… It proved to be more difficult than I had initially anticipated as each ticket would have to be written out… with some people buying up to 17 tickets it was difficult to keep the balance between selling and writing out tickets as well as being social and keeping a good conversation. After all, and whilst having fun with fellow table brothers, I manged to sell 160 tickets which totalled to R8000.00 and the time had come to do the draw. We were in the RTSA AGM and whilst tallying the votes for the new RTSA IRO our then President Stefan Grobler did the draw. Walter Van Rooyen from Boksburg 17 won the draw but was unfortunately not present and the right to shave my hair went to Hanno Redman from Sandown 150. Third place went to Brad JV Rensburg from Sandton 121. Well done to the winners and thank you to each and every person who supports the cause and bought a ticket. Hanno made it through to our Business meeting and joint project meeting with Edenvale 63 to shave my head and the cycle was completed!! The last time my head was shaved was at Vereeniging 20 in June 2016 by no other than Adrian Ihlenfeldt. I had forgotten how cold it is. My neck, my ears, my chin and my head all freezing but it was totally worth it! Let the grow begin!!


ARTSA 2022 JEFFREYS BAY And we were off, at long last, to the first physical ARTSA in 3 years, with great anticipation, excitement and… a mandate… “Jeffrey’s bay here we come!” We could not wait to get there! My dogs; Jaco and Rudolf, my girlfriend (Benita) and I, as well as two of the Jukskei boys – Wez De Kock and his wife Vee, and – Claud Cornelissen filled the Venue. The Hyundai Venue! We marked our wheels in chalk with our initials and at each stop those whose initials were at the bottom had to take a shot. With Wez at the wheel and Claud as the trusty navigator, DJ and bar tender, our first overnight destination was Bloemfontein. We reached our Airbnb called Bedrock and obviously we braai’d! What would a road trip be without a braai? The alarm bell sounded, Ice cold morning air greeted us early on Wednesday morning and by 4am we were back on the road. Stopping at a few places including Gariep dam for a tequila sunrise, Colesburg for breakfast where we purchased some Northern Cape skaap choppies and skilpadjies for our braai to be that evening after suffering a barrage of suicidal locusts we made our last stop before hitting Jeffrey’s – Middleton, a quaint little railway town to stretch our legs and wet our throats.After a quick stop and walking the dogs we were on our way to Jeffrey’s Bay, with Jaco keeping an eye on the two front men we set off to our destination ARTSA. When we arrived in Jeffrey’s we made our stop at the first drinking hole. I noticed the Matlosana 219 Lads vehicle still dusty from their unofficial “hard way down”, I gave Hoppies a call, they were at the Dolphins pub and we waved at each other in excitement from a distance. It had started, the excitement, the fellowship, the buffalo greetings, pins and coins, seeing fellow tablers for the first time in years and catching up. It was bound to be a great conference! Seafood at the sea was a must before going to our beach house. We unpacked, started the fire and relaxed… and what a braai we had that evening, Braai broodjies, Salad, Northern Cape Lamb chops and to top it off the best Skilpadjies I have ever tasted! Wez was shook at that moment for some reason, and after a long 2 days of traveling we rested.


ARTSA 2022 JEFFREYS BAY Thursday, the first day and start of ARTSA, we had to take advantage of the sunrise over the beach Dave and Dove were the first to greet us in the morning whilst Benita had some work to do and I had admin to do writing out raffle tickets for my hair shave project as the rest of the household started waking up. And so it began ARTSA 2022. We set off to the hardcore hut to get our registrations done and get our regalia of which I took 1 of everything. The place was busy with familiar faces and very easy to get stuck there for a while just by greeting everyone. however we kept it swift and were in and out before we got caught up in that. Taking the afternoon easy and having some Mexican cuisine for lunch before headed off to the hippie beach party and the official opening of ARTSA. From here on out it is difficult to describe in words, and also because of blurry memory, my experience, therefore I will mostly let the photos do the talking. Friday morning we woke up later than usual, with our first hangover of the weekend and we unfortunately missed the forums. Cilliers pulled out some pipeliner skills and made us all an exquisite breakfast to start the day off with. Wez and I set off to fetch our esteemed area Chairman, Mr JC Duarte from the airport. The man in charge of our area food table, the man with the plan. Out of uncontrollable excitement for the day I hardly greeted JC when we picked him up and started enquiring about the plan for the food tables. Cool calm and collected he assured me everything is under control. It was so windy that some of the porta potties blew over with Wez commenting that he can hear someone screaming for help stuck in the fallen porta potty.

It was a great day for fellowship which became a late night as well, filled with cartwheel competitions, tattoos and a lot of alcohol as well as trying to sell raffle tickets in between which proved more difficult than I initially anticipated. One of my favourite memories is meeting Sander van Eck, international guest and National treasurer for the Netherlands, who when we met in the loud crowd of the hard-core hut and I could not make out what his name was, he generously introduced himself as the AC/DC song “Na na na na nana na nana Sander!” 51

ARTSA 2022 JEFFREYS BAY The day had arrived for our National Annual General Meeting – ARTSA, and D-day for my hair shave raffle. We put on our suits and we were ready for our meeting! There was a late motion which came from Pretoria 136 to increase the per kilometre traveling fee to R4.50 which passed along with the budget and cap fee increase. My only mandate was to vote in favour of the budget and cap fee increase Whilst the vote for the new national IRO was being tallied between Gerhard “Ginger Ninja” VD Berg and Louis Du Toit, I noticed that the draw for my raffle was not included under general and I approached the board. Our president Stefan Grobler had the honour of doing the draw. The winning ticket was the one and only Walter V Rooyen from Boksburg 17 who was not there and therefore forfeited to shave my hair, Second place was Hanno Redman from Sandown 150 who in turn took the right to shave my hair, and third place was Brad JvR from Sandton 121, each winning a bottle of Jameson whiskey. Right after our AGM, thirst got the best of me, maybe too many tequilas? All in our stride. We went home played some table tennis, and fell asleep. Benita the wonderful partner that she is, struggled to, but just-just managed to pull me together, get me up, ready and presentable for the gala dinner. Needless to say, I did not make dessert or witness the speeches. I was finished, K.O’d, Klaar.And so came the end of our Jeffrey’s Bay ARTSA, and what a blast it was seeing everyone I have missed over the years as well as meeting new lifelong friends for the first time! We made our last trip to the beach on Sunday morning,we had breakfast and said our goodbyes to all the Round table brothers making their way with heavy heads and hangovers before making our way back home to Pretoria. Thank you Round Table Southern Africa for once again an Epic ARTSA, definitely one for the books! Y.I.T Wez Warrick Area P.R.O



MPUMALANGA SUMMER CONFERENCE Round Table Middelburg 126 was the proud host of Mpumalanga Summer Conference 2022. Foxie & JaJa Hosted a great Event at Spicy Abica Middelburg. We had a great meeting, Our Sergeant was “on the Ball“. The “Gees” was really strong during the meeting – few rounds of laughter and off course strict meeting procedures just to keep the flow going, Mpumalanga for sure is the Prima Area Table In RTSA. The Past area Council did a great Job over the past year and fully fulfilled their portfolio. We also had the honor of selecting the new MPU Area Council. (Picture Below) Some 41’ers also made an appearance and said a few inspiring words, MPU is blessed with the involvement and by stand of their 41er’s. The same Evening Round Table Middelburg 126 Hosted the Area Chairman Induction Dinner at their local ZARPS 31 Canteen. It really was a spectacular evening and the hard work showed. Area New Council: Area Chairman – Brian Rossouw Area Vice-Chairman – Wikus Claassens Area Secretary – Tjaart Sauerman Area Treasure – Walter Serfontein


Middelburg 126 recharted back in 2019, but we were officially opened in 2020. We started with only 5 members and since then we have grown at a steady pace. There were ups and downs with a lot of challenges, however we kept pushing and the results have shown in our community work, Table growth and Fellowship. Since then we are running strong with 9 Tablers, 1 pipeliner (On his way to a Tabler) and 3 Guests. The future for 126 is looking great. Our mindset, passion and commitment is in great balance and we are looking forward to Serving our Community and create impactful change wherever we go. We just want to Thank our IPC (Immediate past Chairman) for his spectacular service this past year and what he has done for his fellow tablers and Community. • Middelburg 126 New Council 2022: • Chairman – Gavin ‘JaJa’ Geldenhuys • Vice-Chairman – Francois ‘Foxie’ Lieuwes • Treasure – NJ van Wyngaardt • Secretary – LJ de Jager • IRO/PRO – Brendon von Kloëg • Club House Convener / IPC – Stephan ‘Voelvry’ van Vuuren Welcoming our new Tablers: Donavan Reed – Inducted NJ van Wyngaardt – Inducted LJ de Jager – Inducted Tjaart ‘Tjoppie’ Sauerman – Transfer from RT200


FAMILY IN NEED PROJECT Middelburg 126 a had the great Privilege to Help two Children in need of assistance the Sibling both live with different Families, Danté is living at both his grandparents and Baby Nikki at her caretaker Round Table Middelburg 126 Assisted Danté with Summer and Winter Clothes and Shoes. He gets a Prepacked Lunch Every day and sees a Therapist twice a month. Baby Nikki is the younger sister who is only 2 years old.

She has Horseshoe Kidney, Hirschsprung’s disease and she has effect of down syndrome, she is current going through Operations to make her life better for her. Round Table Middelburg gave her Over 600 Nappies as she goes through 15-20 a day and we gave over 3 Containers special formulated milk to get her weight back. White River 64 also played a part in this project Both Siblings are doing better and we still by their side for any help needed Any Support are welcome #126Fire Y.I.T Gavin Geldenhuys



First and foremost, I want to mention what an absolute honor it is to be part of Round Table Southern Africa. I have not been in the Table for long, but it has already taught me so much that I cannot be more thankful for. Especially ARTSA, what I have seen in fellowship, friendship as well as the part we bring to our community is unforgettable. I have met so many Tablers at ARTSA 2022, but it was like I already knew them for years because they treated me like their brother as I have to them. To see how so many Tablers can come together and rejoice in what we do is amazing, it has just opened my eyes to Table and further convinced me that this is where I need to be. The festivities, socials, forums and meetings have given me so much knowledge of what it means to Table, that I am looking forward for the future in Table and to grow as a individual. I cannot wait for the next ARTSA and all of the ARTSA’s forward to come as I plan on joining each one possible to further my knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a Tabler. YIT Alec Senekal



I am Jaco Swarts from Secunda 231 Pipeliner I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to be part of the best organisation in the world, it has been the best thing I have done since sliced bread. I went to ARTSA 2022, it has been a great experience and I have learned a lot of new stuff, met some amazing people, made some good friends and had the greatest time of my live. It is a good learning curve, to hear the stories of where people are from and meaning behind pins, pins is not just a pin you collect or to see how many you can have on your jacket. Every pin you collect has its own story, friendship and meaning behind it. Even my wife made some incredible friend. Thanks to all tablers and especially my tablers at Secunda231 for showing me this side of the World where we can make # impactfulchange YIT Jaco Swarts Pipeliner



WEL213 AGM 2022 It’s that time of the year again RTNAM AGM hosted by SWK145. It’s always a pleasure to drive down to the coast for the Namibian AGM. It has been a log awaited AGM as finally covid restriction were lifted to the degree that we were able to now host up to 250 people indoors and 500 in the open. Wel213 was ready to depart at 14h00 from Windhoek but had to wait for a certain someone to finish work even though he was supposed to be on leave that day. So, the wait started with 10 min and ended up with an hour…don’t worry the SGT will sort him out at the next meeting. Finally, on the road to Okahandja and Picked up our last member Xavier who has been waiting 12h00. With a few stoppages along the road and numerous trucks we eventually made it to Swakopmund “better late than never”. The gentleman already at the Friday night festivities where way ahead of us and it was great to some of the fishing boogy guys still standing. Always a treat to see the SA tablers and more so the RTSA Pres and a person whose name is synonymous with round table “Spidy”. The Friday evening flew by and with not so much sleep Wel213 was at the meeting the Saturday morning where a “bright eyed and bushy tailed” SWK145 was waiting. The meeting went well and chaired by Jens. It was a real treat to have Louis Radley address us on his Vice Presidency Campaign and Louis Du Toit on his IRO campaign great to see the passion the gents have for the Rondel. Namibia Also had three, yes you read it correctly, 3 candidates for Namibian Area Vice Chairman in the form of Eduard Gous of Hochland 154, Stefan Du Raan also from Hochland 154 and Werner Wormsbaecher of Windhoek 34. Each had addressed the Namibian Area and each of them showed their willingness to serve. But there can be only one. The RTSA President Stefan Grobler showed that he still had some surprises u he’s sleeve (other than is capability to complete 2 fishing boogy’s in a row) and Awarded 10-year service medals to Jens van Vuuren and Amize Adams.


Namibian Area Chairman Jens also handed out the trophies as follows: Attendance Trophy - Welwitschia 213 V.A.R.K. Trophy

- Amize Adams (Welwitschia 213)

Inkundla Trophy

- Mark Kissler (Windhoek 34)

Digger Trophy

- Eduard Gous (Hochland 154)

Project of the Year - Hochland 154

Table of the Year

- Hochland 154

Tabler of the Year

- Mark Kissler (Windhoek 34)

SlapGat Trophy

- Leigh Westerdale (Walvis Bay 36)

Well-deserved winners of the Namibian Area trophies. Jens van Vuuren the Namibian Area Chairman handed over the chair to Byron Westerdale as the 2022-2023 Area Chairman of Namibia Area. The voting result was out and Eduard Gous was named the Vice Chairman for the Namibian Area 2022-2023. The Council was introduced as follows: Area Chairman

- Byron Westerdale (RT36)

Area Vice Chairman

- Eduard Gous (RT145)

Area Secretary

- Matthew Vuzijena (RT145)

Area Treasurer

- PJ Badenhorst (RT34)

Area Constitutional Advisor - Jens Van Vuuren (RT36) Area IRO/PRO

- Mark Kissler (RT34)

Area Webmaster

- Amize Adams (RT213)


One more matter was to be dealt be dealt with and that was the fair-well to the 41érs which was especially hart wrenching with Area Secretary Ian Pienaar being bid fair-well. This a tremendous loss for RTNAM and WHK34. Ian has walked a long road with RTNAM and WHK34 and always used the opportunity to table outside his club and area. You will be missed and I for one hope you will not just disappear in the night… The meeting was closed and after some downtime it was time for the themed party which was the 1st letter of your name. It was great to see everyone made the effort to keep to the them with Musketeers, Golfers, Butchers and even Harry Potter making their appearance. The boat races was called and Hochand took the men’s teams and Christo Murry was the individual winner. Wel213 would like to thank Harry Rence and the whole of SWK145 for hosting a great AGM, you have made it a memorable one with the efforts you have put in. Wel213 took the road back to Windhoek at around 10h00 the Sunday morning after a quick breakfast in Swakopmund. There was a bit of a problem though cause when we drove to Swakopmund we were 4 people in the vehicle but came back with 7…but that’s a story for another day. Cant wait for the next one...

Y.I.T Mark Kissler


INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP Fellowship, meeting new individuals and networking are some of the best parts of being a tabler. SWK 145 had the privilege of hosting Anders Lind and his girlfriend from Round Table 53 in Sweden. They were traveling through Namibia and contacted us for a get together and obviously a few cold Namibian brews. Many stories were exchanged as well as a few flags and pins. Anders also has the 1st Namibian coin in his area. He reported his visit back to his table and sent us a photo of the gents holding our SWK145 flag. Awesome guy, we will definitely try and visit.

NAMIBIAN AREA/AGM 2022 SWK 145 had the pleasure of hosting the FEB 2022 AGM for the Namibian Area. We would like to congratulate our new area Chairman, Mr Byron Westerdale, and his council. We are confident these gents will take our area to the next level. Thanks goes out to all our SA brothers for joining as well. We understand that after a fishing boogie one can be a little tired, but not Ockie and Cois – Gents we will see you next year.



Here is the recipe for unforgettable fellowship: Ingredients: • • • • • • •

4x ARTSA veterans 2x ARTSA “virgins” 3x table legs A few days in Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape Mopane worms, Kleiner Keiler A large and exquisite estate serving as the ARTSA venue Toothpicks and a lighter

Preparation: Register online for ARTSA 2022, receive and settle invoice for participation inclusive of regalia. Thereafter book your accommodation and flights. On the day before your travels ensure your suitcase is packed, passport readily available, valid PCR test results are negative (if not vaccinated against Covid-19) or have your vaccination card and certificate on hand. On the morning of the 27th of April, wake up at 03:00, have copious amounts of coffee to wake up and await your “Uber”, in this case Ernst and his father, to pick you up at 04:00 sharp. Proceed to Hosea Kutako International Airport and ensure you yawn at least twice every three minutes to let your body know that you are in agreement that you should still be in bed. Zen of body and mind is crucial here. Check-in at the Airlink counter, go through customs (which are their usual sarcastic and inefficient self) and sit down at the restaurant for a final coffee before the flight departs to Joburg. Observe silence between Ernst and Mark who remain half asleep whilst sporadically taking sips of their Ethiopian roast java. Board the plane, a modern Embraer E190 E-Jet, pay semi-attention to airhostess on presentation of rules aboard the aircraft and proposed behavior in case of an emergency, and take off heading southeast for Gauteng. Land at OR Tambo International Airport on Freedom Day and you know us smalltown folk are in for chaos. Have your passport stamped, collect luggage at the conveyer belt carousel and head out of the arrivals’ hall to the nearest Vodacom shop to acquire a sim card with data so that you are connected with the world via your smartphone. Thereafter go straight to Airport Craft Brewers for a few moments of relaxation, refreshments and most importantly: a bathroom break.



Continue your journey to the “self check-in counter”, which you then realise is out of order and subsequently queue amongst hundreds of travelers at the Safair counter. Never forget to wear your facemask, adequately covering both mouth and nose, indoors. With all the hippies in transit this is an easy chore. Fly in an antiquated and partially pink-painted Boeing 737-800 to Chief Dawid Stuurman International Airport located in Gqeberha (formerly known as Port Elizabeth) and appreciate breathing in fresh air after an hour and a half of being seated next to a fellow with questionable body hygiene. Proceed to collect your pre-booked Suzuki Swift, a car so tiny it fits into the purse of any self-proclaimed diva. Yet, to your surprise, enjoy its ride comfort and sporty-looking interior (carbon fibre inserts on the dash, sport seats and steering wheel squared off at the bottom) whilst being squeezed into it for an 80km ride to Jeffrey’s Bay. Oh, don’t forget to take the wrong exit on the highway and get lost in an area that bears a significant resemblance to Chicago’s Southside district. Arrive at Jeffrey’s Bay at about 18:30, ask Google Maps to direct you to McDonald’s and enjoy your burgers, fries and McFlurry on the promenade. After all it’s a “delicacy” we don’ have in Nambabwe, right? After supper you drive straight to your guesthouse, which to our disappointment turned out to be a Wendy House. Albeit the views were breathtaking, the accommodation turned out to be a resort for lost souls, unemployed surfers, persons who seem to enjoy narcotics and with its shared bathrooms did not quite fit into the planed itinerary for the delegates of Windhoek 34. No, we did not expect a 5-star hotel and personal butler, but a room with a door that can lock properly and not having to share your bathroom with 50 other homo sapiens is not too much to ask for, or is it? After coming to the realisation that this is not where we would reside for our stay in JBay, we swiftly surfed the internet for an alternative solution. Ernst called a few blokes from table and the friendly Walvis Bay 36 crew of Jens, Leigh and Nicci kindly took us in. Sjoe, what a relief. You three will forever be dear to us for helping us out. Thanks, guys. You are legends! .


Cooking and roasting: Having arrived at a late hour at Mentors Country Estate just outside Jeffrey’s, our spirits were high and it was great to see familiar faces from the Fishing Boogie. Hendrik, Ockie, Spidey and Wikus to name but a few greeted us with enthusiasm, and we were introduced to maatjies from their tables. Music and conversation filled the air, cold beverages were in abundance, bar service quick and efficient and many pleasant introductions were exchanged that evening. May the memories never fade.On the next day, the 34 delegates officially registered and drove to town for a brunch at Tasty Table. It is here where we were seated next to RTI President Graham Cornelissen who corroborated with the friendly staff that we not only be served our first meal for the day, no, also 25ml each of agave spirits and then another 25ml of chilled herbal liqueur produced in Wolfenbüttel. Needless to say, we proceeded to the Jolly Dolphin straight after brunch and met up with a bunch of tablers at this local pub. Upon our return to Mentors Country Estate we continued with the fellowship in true table fashion. Only if you attended an ARTSA will you truly know what this means. This fellowship continued late into the night with the official opening of the Hardcore Hut, live music and the accidental usage of a fire extinguisher by a tabler who will remain anonymous. All we know is: he is not from Namibia Area! That is the truth and nothing but the truth. After the AGM Brian almost got Walvis Bay 36 “shunted” from RTSA and hence the entire Namibia Area would have fallen apart as we require a minimum of five tables to be permitted to exist as an area. This story is, however, one that needs to be told by Brian himself and is a funny one of note. Thank you, Stefan, Christo, Spidey and Werner, for being such good sports in pulling off this prank with Brian. We were almost unable to contain our laughter. In the afternoon we took it a little more relaxed and unwound at our self-catering apartment and got ready for the big evening: the Presidential Banquet with the induction of Werner Swanepoel as the newly elected President of RTSA at the helm of our organisation and the eagerly anticipated awards ceremony.


Alan Malan led through the evening like no other in his capacity as MC. A polite and profound philosopher in the arts of Round Table and black tie afficionado, no one could have done a better job at being host on such a fine evening. Congratulations are in order to Christo Bezuidenhout who was awarded the RTSA Tabler of the Year Award and rightfully so. His travels and endeavors for his Fight 4 Sight project over the last twelve months deserve this accolade. Bravo!Walvis Bay was honored with the hammer of Thor, also know as the Apex Gavel Travelling Award. Well done, chaps of 36. Your hours and mileage of travelling have been recognized and acknowledged. Another prize was awarded to Namibia Area, the Inkundla Award, for the greatest contributions towards the RTSA inhouse magazine. Congratulations to all who have made invaluable contributions towards Namibia being recognized as an editorial force. Sadly, we did not make the cut for the Stan Anderson trophy for best magazine. These honours are shared between the areas Western and Eastern Province. Post the Presidential Banquet, the Namibians have had their quota of mingling over the past days and remained quietly in the comfort of their patio. A fire was lit, few last drinks enjoyed and accompanied by a few rounds of knobeln. The return flights home were a lot more relaxed and less exhausting than the previous flights. Immediate past chairman of 34, Ernst, travelled further onwards to attend the AGM of Round Table Britain and Ireland (RTBI). What a legend to table for one and a half weeks straight. We eagerly await his feedback on his trip to Big Ben. Furthermore, it is a must to mention that Brian Langer from Walvis Bay 36, with the assistance of his fellow 36 guard, raided on of the ARTSA banners. It was successfully captured from the entrance and kind assistance was provided by Eugene “Huge” Catherine. Thanks for that, Huge! Serving: It has been a long article to read, but rest assured, the experiences have been condensed significantly. Having lost the ARTSA “virginity” can be expressed as follows: an experience deferred for many years and finally exposed to, a sheer pleasure, though pricey, unforgettable memories created, and treasured traditions upheld. No advertising can ever pay tribute to how magnificent this encounter has been. Do yourself a massive favor – start saving and attend ARTSA 2023 in the Bushveld Area. You will not regret it. YIT Mark Kissler


THE BOOGIEMEN Set in the country, 'Boogeyman' tells the haunting tale of a young man traumatised by memories of terrible events he experienced in his childhood bedroom and who, years later, reluctantly returns home to face his fears of a monstrous entity that could be real or merely a figment of his imagination. In no way a horror movie as depicted above nor set in the countryside per say, the 2022 edition of the annual Round Table Windhoek 34 Fishing Boogie resembled a mixture of motivated fishermen reeling in their conquests (that means actual fish caught), a fraternity of men with unparalleled fellowship characteristics and a moderately deranged bachelor party which was crazy but never out of hand. Unless your initials are CB, which is to say his deadliest catch is still swimming around happily in the Atlantic Ocean. It all started with the arrival of Sarel, Marius, Wikus and Abri who arrived by plane on Saturday, the 12th of February. Some of the tablers of 34 made their way to Benchwarmers in the afternoon to meet this group of SA tablers and 41ers.The following day, after the compatriots of 34 held their social and final Fishing Boogie project meeting at Smokey Mare and packing the trailer for this event, we got together for some friendly banter and other shenanigans in anticipation of the week ahead of us. Mr. Meiring can surely attest thereto. Airsoft for the win! The evening was ended off with a braai at Ian’s house on the Elisenheim Estate and some more fellowship. On the Monday evening we gathered at the shared clubhouse of 34 and 154 and were joined by delegates of all three Windhoek based tables for Christo Bezuidenhout’s legacy project: Fight 4 Sight. All in all another fantastic meet and greet for all who were in attendance with a sizeable amount raised for the Fight 4 Sight campaign. Well done, Christo. Not a bad way to raise money on Valentine’s Day! On the Tuesday morning all tablers who had taken leave to attend the Fishing Boogie and who were already in Windhoek met up at Ian’s house from where we proceeded to Okahandja, a mere 70km north of Windhoek for some delicious pies as dictated by tradition. En-route to Wilhemstal we came across multiple part-time vendors selling omajova (Termitomyces schimperi), which a large mushrooms associated with the termite species Macrotermes michaelseni. It grows in the northern part of Southern Africa, from Namibia up to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and eastwards to Malawi and Mozambique, and to the Ivory Coast in the west. In Namibia it is commonly referred to by its Herero name Ejova (singular)/Omajova (plural). German Namibians refer to the mushroom as "T 68

A trip to Swakopmund takes roughly 3 hours and a few minutes if you don’t have any pit stops and adhere to the speed limit. Our trip took quite a bit longer but who cares when you’re having fun, right? After some vehicles of the FB convoy stopped in Swakopmund to pick up some last minutes supplies we all met up at Windpomp 14, a camping site and restaurant between Swakopmund and our final destination Wlotzkasbaken. This is where we were also greeted by other tablers from Kameeldoring 92 and Yzerfontein 276 (the troublemakers on the trip, haha).Landed at last at the beloved FB house, which is owned by Round Table 36 Walvis Bay and kindly was rented to us, we got the rooms and supplies ready for the rest of our trip. After a few hours of some much needed and seemingly never-ending nonsense conversations it was time to induct the first time FB entrants by shaving off their hair. All complied well except for the ageing Baywatch Hasselhoff a.k.a. Marius Meiring. He refused to partake in the initiation process and was a real Rapunzel. Next time, dear friend, we hope you’ll take part. The result was a new nickname to Johan Geldenhuys who forthwith is known as “Mr Burns” from The Simpsons. This genuinely was a lekker bonding session.We ended off the first evening with a braai including Namibia’s finest meats, the delicacy of omajova and fantastic salads. Naturally the tradition of nageln (spykerblok) was upheld that evening and throughout the entire Fishing Boogie. Afrikaanse Sokkie Treffers played over the speaker and was only overruled by the voices of tablers that refused to go to bed. Yes, the talk is of three particular ones on the first night. Early the next morning the 34 tablers woke up at 05:30 to prepare some freshly brewed coffee, clean up and prepare the trailer for imminent departure to Henties Bay just north of Wlotzkasbaken where we all met up with our fishing guides and bought freshly baked Brötchen from Spar. On a side note: This supermarket has recently burnt to the ground but will be up and running before the next Fishing Boogie. We have this information on good authority and from a reliable source so not to worry, next year we shall have fresh Brötchen once again.


After our convoy departed for travelling up north the team started to somewhat break up, unintentionally though. Mark had to refuel and needed to catch up to the convoy that was waiting about 100km north of Henties Bay. From there on Philip and Ernst led the way, however neither Ian, Werner, Mark nor any of the guests kept an eye on where they drove. Needless to say the Mahindra and one Ford were left searching for the cars. This is in close proximity to St Nowhere, the name a clear indication that cell phone reception in the area is either non-existent or very poor. Should we have failed we at least had the advantage of being in possession of the trailer and all of its supplies. Tablers, however, never fail!

Once caught up to Philip we made our way to our first fishing spot, just to stop a few hundred metres away from it to see that Ernst had punctured his tyre on the beach which was covered in sharp pebbles. The spare was quickly retrieved, however the nuts on the rim of the damaged tyre didn’t want to come off. It was a sight to behold: multiple men trying to assist. In the end it took some alternative tools, force and determination to get the wheel changed after what felt like a lifetime. Eventually at the fishing spot the guests from SA caught multiple barbers and some Blacktail (kolstert/dassie). We enjoyed a well-deserved brunch prepared by 34 and slowly made our way back south, stopping multiple times to try our luck in hope of more fish. At this point it is very important to mention that whether you knew the attendees prior to the Fishing Boogie or not, everyone got along very well and became friends instantaneously. All worries in the world were left behind us for just a moment and the fresh air and sun rendered us in sensational bliss. We felt manly, happy and satisfied with life. It doesn’t get much better than this, does it?


Willie, Jannie, Niël, Werner and Mark left the fishermen congregation a little earlier to drive back to Henties Bay and explore the Skubbe establishment and enjoy some fresh calamari before heading back to Wlotzkasbaken where tablers from Walvis Bay 36 were already waiting for our arrival.Once all returned to the home base, we enjoyed a spectacularly prepared seafood pot (Thank you WB36). The day had been long, the air full of oxygen and the sun left the skin a little tender. All in all a fantastic first day of fishing and male madness. Unsurprisingly there was no rest for the wicked and the wood fire burnt into the early morning hours and laughter echoing through the unoccupied vacation settlement that is rustic Wlotzkasbaken.Namibia might not be a country that is filled with skyscrapers, herds of people trying to beat rush hour nor does this arid place provide for much vegetation, BUT Southwest is a slice of heaven where one can escape the madness of routine and stress. Why else do South Africans love to come here? Day 2 of fishing was a repetition of the events of the foregone day, albeit a little less travel northward yet still no fish willing to be hooked by CB. That evening we braaied some tasty beef rump steaks and enjoyed the last few hours in Wlotzkasbaken. After dawn on the next day, it was Friday, we all aided in cleaning up the premises, packing and thanking Ian for discarding the garbage we created and bagged into yellow bags at the nearby rubbish dump. After a thorough shower for most in Swakopmund we reconvened and met at Altstadt Restaurant to conclude our Fishing Boogie 2022 with good meals, more refreshments, plenty of laughter and the best fellowship this world has seen: Table brothers of South Africa and Namibia having become friends for life! YIT Mark Kissler


SWK 145 N$5 PROJECT On the 30th of April, We ran our very 1st N$5 project. Convenor Jandre van Eck was on point with assistance from his fellow tablers. The gents were on site early to catch the 1st batch of shoppers, armed with their N$5 the SWK gents did what they do best. By midday they had raised N$5979.50 which Is pretty Awesome for our 1st run at it. The parcels were sorted and packed and off they went to Maggies soup kitchen. Maggie provides meals to almost 200 learners after school everyday. We will continue supporting her and running the very successful N$5 project.

HANDOVER TO RHENISH CHURCH SWAKOPMUND As part of our Pre Winter Knights distribution, we managed to assist the Rhenish church with 15 food parcels. Ds Eugene and his congregation has identified less fortunate people in the Swakopmund community and will be helping them with the parcels. This drive is to promote the upcoming Winter Knights campaign and create more awareness so we can assist more of Swakopmund’s most vulnerable. The church has also started a food pantry which will allow all members of the community to either help those in need or benefit from the pantry. We are looking into more ways to help them make this a success. 72

FLOOD RELIEF EMPANGENI 61 During the recent flooding in KZN, many families in our community were also affected and were left in dire straits. The Robin Hood Foundation South Africa managed to secure about 1.3 tons of relief parcels for local families in need which were allocated to Open arms foundation in our community. EMPANGENI ROUND TABLE 61 were contacted for assistance in transporting these goods from Pinetown Westmead up to Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal. The members did not hesitate when the call came and sprang into action, a vehicle was arranged and was driven down from Empangeni to Durban to collect and drive back to deliver these items at the Open arms foundation offices in Empangeni. We would like to thank Jackie Psannis from The Robin Hood Foundation South Africa and Phumlani Banda from Open arms foundation for allowing us to be part of this project, we are grateful for all they do in supporting families in our community!




HELPING THE PAWS OF OUR COMMUNITY It all began on the 10th of March 2022, RT61 Past-Chairman - Johan Herselman, now Honorary Member was finally at that point of his membership with Empangeni Round Table 61, not expired so to say but in actual fact it was his Axing Day! The decisions were made, and the planning was done with the 41ers and current members, Johan has been a Salesman for most of his professional career, so table decided to put his skills to the test! However, it was not going to be so straight forward. A day of fun and exciting activities were planned for the axing, there was 4 stages (no not load shedding), of tasks set out for Johan to complete, and with his new and improved Salesman-suit he was sure going to make some heads turn. Stage 1: Make Blow-up balloons in the form of animals, swords or anything he could possibly make to sell at a local supermarket.

Stage 2: With funds raised from selling the balloons he had to buy a 5KG bag of Hullets sugar from the supermarket and try to sell at a Local Pub called Hullets at double the price he earned at stage 1. Catch the trend yet!

Stage 3: Once the sugar was sold and all the funds collected, Johan had to buy different flavored 350ml Supa-M milkshakes (Chocolate, Strawberry, Etc.) to sell it at a local restaurant called Soweto Jive, once again doubling the amounts earned in stage 2.


Stage 4: We had a final course set up for Johan and this course had a time limit set on it, but to make things interesting we decided to take in bets, so people placed bets on the times he would finish his course! The winner received half the earrings of the total bets. The Total amount of funds raised on the day was R1421.40 and Empangeni Round Table 61 decided to allocate those funds towards supporting our local SPCA, With the goal in mind of making an impactful change to the paws in our community, Empangeni Round Table 61 bought various items which were much needed such as a 40KG bag of dog food, 3x 5KG bags of cat food, 8x tins of cat food, 5x cat food sachets and 18 Dog Blankets as we are headed into the Winter Season.

On the 23rd of April 2022 a beautiful warm sunny Saturday in KZN, Branden Kipps Chairman, Hein Perkins - Vice Chairman, William Cloete – PRO along with Johan Herselman set off to deliver the goods to the SPCA at their local SPCA Paws Shop where Sheryl Whitteker was more than grateful for the much-needed dog/cat food and blankets. Congratulations on the fund Johan and we hope you enjoyed your Axing for a good cause! Y.I.T

Brendan Kipps


DOUGLAS 224 BRAND DANS In April 2021 begin Douglas 224 die beplanning om ‘n “Herfs Dans” te hou. Die datum word gekies as 22 Mei. Die ‘band’, Jan Rhaap, word geboek, store gereël posters gedruk en die besprekings maak oop. Daar is beperkte kaartjies beskikbaar aangesien lockdown reels geld, en al is die dorp uitgehonger vir ‘n massiewe partytjie moet gesondheid top prioriteit vat. Die kaartjies verkoop goed en besprekings stroom in. Die projek beloof om ‘n groot sukses te wees. Hierdie geesdrif sou ongelukkig nie lank hou nie. ‘n Week voor die beplande datum tref die 4de vlaag Covid-19 vir Douglas hard met ‘n 70 nuwe positiewe toetse in een dag. Die verwagting is ook dat die president nuwe lockdown maatreëls sou aankondig en ons neem toe die moeilike besluit om die dans tot verdere kennis uit te stel. Soos verwag tree die nuwe lockdown reëls in werking ‘n paar dae voor die dans. 4 Maande later, in September en Oktober 2021 word Douglas en die nabye gemeenskap hard getref deur veldbrande. Vure word geveg reg rondom die dorp, al die pad vanaf Prieska en Hopetown, deur Douglas en tot in Kimberley. Die skade beloop duisende hektare en baie boere van die Douglas gemeenskap loop self deur. Daar is groot nood in die gemeenskap. Die 4de Covid vlaag is ook terselfdetyd besig om te bedaar en Douglas 224 besluit om weer die herfs dans op die been te bring, maar hierdie keer ten gunste van Douglas se Jongboere Vereeniging om sodoende verligting te bring vir die wat skade gelei het onder die brande.Die idee kry groot inkoop vanaf die gemeenskap en ons word oorweldig met skenkings vir die veiling op die aand. Alles van bul-kallers, jagpakette, toerusting, en ‘n vuurvegter word geskenk vir die saak. Teen die tyd wat die aand aanbreek word daar ook amper 400 mense verwag. Douglas het bitter lanklaas so saamtrek gesien by ‘n dans en Jan Rhaap get gesorg dat die geesdrif hoog loop. Die veiling was ook ‘n reuse sukses met baie gewilligers wat die goeie doel raaksien. Dit was heel moontlik Douglas 224 se mees suksesvolle projekte ooit en ons bedank graag al ons vrouens, tafelaars, stoele en borge wat die aand moontlik gemaak het. ‘n spesiale dank gaan ook uit aan elkeen van die gemeenskap wat die geleentheid bygewoon het. Dis ‘n eer om te tafel in ‘n dorp soos ons s’n.


BOERIES 4 CANCER Alles het begin toe ons 'n nood gesien het in ons dorp waar daar 'n paar vrouens in 'n stryd is met kanker. Na baie beplanning en borge soek kon ons darin slaag om 'n uiters suksesvolle Boeries4cancer dag te hou op 25 Maart. Op die dag het ons 'n aansienlike klomp worsbroodjies verkoop asook mense van ons dorp toegesluit vir "Jail for bail" , die 200 worsbroodjies wat oorgebly het kon ons ook skenk aan Rusoord ouetehuis en die Adrian Losper sopkombuis. OFM radio stasie het ons gehelp met bemarking vir die dag en ons het hulle gekry om ook op die dag "live" uit te saai. Ons kan vandag baie nederig en dankbaar sê dat ons 'n bedrag van R121 240.00 ingesamel het te danke aan ons gemeenskap se mense en besighede wat hulle harte en beursies oopgemaak het. Vryburg 72 groete YIT S.P Fourie


INHULDIGINGS DINEE 2022 Op die 8ste April 2022 het ons die geleentheid gehad om ons mooi-moois aan te trek vir die inhuldigings-dinee van Jacques Engelbrecht as Round Table Douglas 224 se voorsitter vir 2022/23 te Villiera Gastehuis. Ons was geëerd om lede van ons 41ers-klub daar te hê saam met n paar van ons ondersteunende Stoele. Ons was ook bederf met lede van Hartz 186. Dankie Michael, JP en Louis, julle was die cherry op die koek die aand. Die aand was 'n guldige geleentheid gewees vir die uitgaande voorsitter, Chapo Cilliers, om sy amp te oorhandig aan Jacques Engelbrecht, asook om 'n paar trofees uit te deel. • Stirrers Spoon - Kobus Visser • Kakmakers Ketting - Jacques Engelbrecht • Stuurman - JJ Albrightson • Stoel van die jaar - Barend Cilliers

Sterkte aan Jacques vir jou jaar, ons staan almal agter jou YIT JJ Albrightson Douglas 224



BREAKING THE STIGMA As a men’s organization there are some topics that we would never expect to read about in this publication or ever really consider, as it is of the most part, out of our scope. The unfortunate reality is that many young South African girls, as much as 30%, miss out on school and their right to basic education as a result of this topic. And dancing around this subject is a deliberate representation of what is exactly the problem tragic situation. Statistics show that around 7 million South African girls are affected by period poverty. This refers to them not having access to sanitary products and, as a result of some bad characteristics of the society we live in, are exposed to teasing and have to face ridicule from their peers. Thus, out of fear they elect to rather stay away from school and tend to miss between 3-5 days of school. As this is a continuous cycle, just imagine the number of days they miss from their valuable education each year. The cost and availability of sanitary products poses the biggest problem for these girls, especially in rural areas. A company with the name Palesa Pads ventured to address this problem head on, and developed a high-quality, reusable cloth sanitary pad that they now manufacture and distribute on a large scale. When the Spartans Motorcycle Club reached out to us regarding a project where they wanted to provide less-privileged schools with sanitary products, Palesa Pads was a very welcome and obvious choice. Round Table 32 Mossel Bay provided them with enough of these revolutionary products to ensure that a 100 girls will now never have to fear going to school as a result of period poverty, and with a lifetime of 5 years, get a long and continuous education they so very much deserve.

A very proud partnership and contribution by Round Table Mossel Bay 32, Palesa Pads and the Spartans MCC. Y.I.T A.B Tromp



At Round Table - Mossel Bay 32 , we believe in investing in the future of our community's children. We received word from a local at Brandwag that the schools sport equipment is nonexistent. It saddened us that our future generation won't be able to achieve their full potential. With all the gang violence & drugs among the youth of today. We're creating an "escape" to show that there is more to life. We knew something had to be done. Meetings were held & with a few phone calls our members set out to drive #ImpactfulChange. On the 23rd of March we had the privilege of giving back to the Brandwag Primary School by gifting a sizable sports equipment donation.

Through the medium of sport, these children can develop physical skills, exercise, make new friends, have fun, learn to be a team member, learn about fair play & improve selfesteem to name just a few...who knows, we might even have the next Lenize Potgieter, Cheslin Kolbe, or Eben Etzebeth coming through the ranks here. To all the teachers & coaches, keep up the great work & we hope the youngsters enjoy their sports. We look forward to supporting you again in the near future. Special thanks to Chris Venter & the Mr Price Sport Team at assistance & friendly service

Langeberg Mall for their

#MaaknVerskil #ThirtyTwo Y.I.T Arno Stander


MOSSEL BAY 32 BEACH CLEANUPS At the start of 2021, after conducting alarming research, Round Table Mossel Bay 32 vowed to tackle the global plastic pollution crisis by crossing swords on home shores. With a couple of events postponed or cancelled due to the then-gripping pandemic & unfavorable weather conditions, the boys of 32 with the help of their partners, 41ers & volunteers soldiered on to ultimately close the rounds on 7 recorded beaches cleanups. On the 20th of February 2022, RT32 embarked on their 8th cap to protect their shorelines, opting for Bayview Beach & recording their 9th cleanup on the 27th of March this time targeting Diaz Beach. On both occasions collecting a staggering amount of plastic waste, the culprit of the deaths of more than 1 million seabirds & 100,000 marine animals every year. Mossel Bay 32 would like to thank the Members of George 30 & the South Cape Area Chairman Wentzel Stewart, for joining in the fight to protect our environment during our last cleanup effort. We are delighted to see scores of Tables following suit, including our neighboring Club George 30, that stepped up to action their first beach cleanup earlier in March. Hopefully, the latest movements are the birth of our dream of a nationwide "coastal or blue Tables" project. Here's to turning the tide on ocean pollution together! Y.I.T Neil Enslin


SOUTH CAPE FOR WAR VICTIMS The current situation in Ukraine has left well over 10 million to flee from the safety & comfort of their homes, their lives irrevocably changed. Many of them still not able to cross the border. The filtered images that reach us through mainstream media can never portray the desperate situation that these people face everyday since the situation unraveled at the end of February. These refugees aren’t hardened and trained military forces but mostly women, children and elderly fearing for their lives and fleeing from what used to be their safe space. These refugees are in dire need of aid in the form of food & medical supplies and to assist with support, Round Table South Cape area has initiated a relief campaign to provide aid to these refugees via Gift of the Givers to support teams in the Ukraine through their partnership with UAZA (Ukranian Association of South Africa), a Mossel Bay local, De Villiers Venter & his wife Natalia, a Ukrainian national currently based in the Ukraine after visiting family when the unfortunate events unraveled. She has coordinated support with the help of locals and the network Star Angels to source and distribute relief packages to any and all groups of refugees on their radar. All the Tables within the South Cape area have pledged a R1000 each to get the ball rolling, and we would like to extend the challenge to you to support this noble cause in the same manner. In these tragic times, we have the opportunity to show our compassion & provide invaluable aid to these refugees without having to leave the comfort & safety of our own homes. All donations can be transferred to the South Cape Area account from where it will be allocated to Gift of the Givers and applied to aid in the purchasing of the necessary medical &food supplies required. RT South Cape Banking Details: Acc. Name: Round Table South Cape Bank: FNB Acc. No. : 5323 5056 265 Refference: Table Name & Ukraine Relief Please send your proof of payment to or

Y.I.T A.B Tromp 86

HONOURING THOSE BEFORE US Honouring those that laid the foundation of our beloved Mossel Bay 32 Club: Natie Myerson, a well-known architect, developer & former Mossel Bay Mayor, selflessly served Round Table Mossel Bay from 1959 to 1974 before retiring. The late Mr. Myerson played a pivotal role in the early development of our town & left a legacy.

After his wife's recent passing, the Myerson family entrusted his Table retirement gift back to the Table where it was received. As a Club rich with history & tradition dating back from 1956, we pride ourselves on keeping these traditions & history alive. We would like to thank the Myerson family for bestowing upon us this great honour. We will display this with great pride & preserve his memory for the future generations of Tablers to come. Rest in peace Mr. & Mrs. Myerson. Y.I.T Paul Hoeksema


MARIO “LID” MARAIS RTSA EXEC Mario “LID” Marais. Where do we start and where do we stop when talking about a modern great of Round Table Oudtshoorn, Round Table South Cape and now Round Table Southern Africa. Let’s start at the beginning. Mario was inducted into Round Table Oudtshoorn 33 in July 2018. It is the opinion of this author, having spent many hours of tabling, “GEES” and learning from Mario, that he would always be destined for the top echelons of Tabling, whether it be in his own Table, his area or his very beloved own, RTSA. You will have to search far and wide to find a single person that embodies the values of Round Table more than Mario Marais. Sidenote: for those that don’t know, his second name is Johan. Who would have known? Let’s recap some of his notable positions held. Oudtshoorn 33 Chairman for the first time in 2020. Oudtshoorn 33 Tabler of the year twice. South Cape Tabler of the year twice. And most recently, South Cape Area Chairman for the term 2021 – 2022. Having said this, if you know the man, which undoubtedly most people do, accolades mean little to Mario.

His number 1 drive and passion are the betterment of the Rondel. Very seldom do you meet a man with as much passion and drive for the purpose of Round Table. Spend time with him and his beautiful family, you very quickly realise that you have entered a household that lives and breathes the values of a Round Table. It is therefore no surprise that Mario, towards the end of his tenure (in terms of age), was appointed to the RTSA National Executive Council as the Secretary for the 2022 – 2023 term. It goes without saying, that the entire South Cape Region is extremely proud of Mario, representing us on a national level. We value your contribution to not just your Table, your Area or your National structure, but most importantly, to every Tabler you encounter, none more so than the youngest of Tablers from the South Cape that cross your path. In his own words, “GOOI THE GEES” LID. Make the most of the role you now hold. With it comes great responsibility and great opportunities. Very soon, you will come home as a very wise, very wily, and very energetic 41’er. Cheers to you LID.


ATRSA 2022- JBAY For many Tablers attending this years ARTSA, it was their first. For many, their first since 2019. What a wonderful experience it was for all, regardless of which group you fall in. Where you meet old friends for the first time. A term largely used to describe this event. More so true it can’t possibly be. Where you learn invaluable knowledge of the inner workings of Round Table as an Organisation, if you were strong enough to attend all the forums, after the opening night. Where you get to know our leaders past and present, in person. Where you get to experience the glamour of the Presidents Banquet, along with your partners, a memory that will ignite your excitement for the very next ARTSA.

As the South Cape area, we had delegates, members and even a pipeliner present from each of our 4 Tables. What a wonderful opportunity it was to further strengthen our friendships over the course of the weekend, build camaraderie over a potjie, showcase our beautiful region at the food tables, see our wives and girlfriends dominate at the ladies tour event and lastly, dance the night away in the hardcore hut. It also gives us the South Cape great pride in congratulating Paul Hoeksema, with his very special and well deserved RTI Honour Medal. We welcomed in our Area Chairman for 2022 – 2023, Mr Wentzel Stewart. Lastly, one of our own, Mario “Lid” Marais was appointed to the National Exec Council as Secretary for 2022 – 2023. All in all, you were great ARTSA. We will see you in the Bushveld in 2023. Y.I.T Neil Enslin


STEFAN DU PLESSIS – GEORGE 30 TRASFER George welcomed Stefan Du Plessis as a transfer from Kroonstad 42 in late 2021. It did not take Stefan long to find his place in our Table, where he fit in like a glove in no time. We’ve shared many a laugh, hard work and auspicious occasions with our new brother from the Free State. We thought it fitting to sit down with to find out more about the man we call “STEPS”. 1. WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME, DO YOU HAVE A NICKNAME? Stefan Du Plessis, aka STEPS or STEFANUS 2. WHEN WERE YOU BORN? 15 April 1996 3. WHAT SCHOOL DID YOU ATTEND? Kroonstad High School – Bloues (Nobody ever heard of this school. 4. WHAT WORK DO YOU DO? Plumber by trade 5. HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ROUND TABLE? I noticed what a difference Round Table made in my community where I grew up and knew I wanted to be part of it. 6. \WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS IN ROUND TABLE? I see myself as the Chairman of George 30. 8. WHAT IMPACT DO YOU HOPE TO MAKE IN ROUND TABLE ? To teach the same values I learnt as a young Tabler to those that come after me. To create a new generation of upstanding young gentlemen. 9. WHO INVITED YOU TO ROUND TABLE? Pieter Geldenhuys from Kroonstad 42, he is now a 41’er. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you better Steps. You are much loved and valued by your new Table at George 30 and we look forward to walking the road to greatness with you. YIT

Stefan Du Plessis 90

SOUTH CAPE AREA CHARIMAN An ode to Wentzel Stewart. In an ever changing, ever evolving and for the most part, diversely volatile time we live in, what more can any organisation ask for, then a Wise, Experienced and Calm Head behind the wheel. As Round Table Southern Cape, that is exactly what we found. We found that in the form of Wentzel Stewart. A man that’s seen it all, experienced it all and ceremoniously succeeded at it all. Let’s recap; Inducted into Round Table Port Shepstone 83 in 2012. Made his way down to George 30 where he embedded himself into the folklore, the furniture and very essence of what the modern face of South Cape Table stands for. He held every single position you can at Table level; George 30 Chairman twice, George Tabler of the year twice, Area Treasurer, Area Secretary, Area Constitutional Adviser and now, for the second time, we welcome him as our South Cape Area Chairman. You will have to look far and wide to find any Tabler who does not know of Wetzel or his beautiful family. Entrenched into Round Table South Cape culture as both a servant of Table and a pillar of knowledge and strength to old and new. We welcome your term Mr Area Chairman. We welcome your knowledge, your calm under pressure and your plans for our future. Under Wentzel’s guidance, we as the South Cape will look to cultivate the seeds of impactful change, we will undoubtedly make a lasting difference and we will ignite the Table Fire. Here’s to you, Mr Area Chairman. Y.I.T Neil Enslin



SANI 152 PUMPKIN COMPO The second annual Sani pumpkin compo recently held its prize giving at Underberg Primary School. The initiative was started during the course of last year with the aim of encouraging kids to get their hands dirty and appreciate where their food comes from. The past growing season was a very tough one; limited sunlight, regular bouts of hail and according to some of the old farmers in the area, “the most rain since the 1960’s”. The pupils did very well to grow some great pumpkins in some trying conditions. A big thank you to our two sponsors: Forge Agri and Mayford Seeds, they put some great prizes together.

Last year’s champion grower, Logan Van Huysteen, retains his title with a sizeable 15.38kg specimen (slight increase from his previous entry which ‘only’ came in at 15.2kg). Teacher Mrs Wiggill took home the teacher's 1st prize with a decent 11.48kg entry. Out of interest, the Sani Tablers and 41er families dominated the prizes, not bad considering there were 100+ entries. A total of 360kgs worth of pumpkins was weighed and more are expected to be brought in to be distributed into the surrounding rural areas through the Underberg Farmers Association which was commenced during 2020. Y.I.T Kev Fraser


STEAK AND BEANS EVENING Thursday 24 March marked the first Kloof Round Table 190 Steak and Beans evening to be held for many years. The process is a simple one - bring a guest who is eligible to joining Round Table and you are entitled to a lovely steak meal. However, if you show up without a guest, then you are relegated to enjoying a can of cold baked beans for your supper! What started out as a quiet evening quickly developed into a mini Q and A session as the many guests used this as an opportunity to find out more about Table and what we do, and why we do what we do. A short meeting was followed up with a great deal of fellowship and discussion with the guests and we must thank the numerous 41ers who joined us and regaled us with stories of events and memories from yester-year. This is an event which Kloof 190 encourages all Tables to convene as it allows for many guests to have the ins and outs of Round Table explained to them in a sociable setting. Definitely one for the books and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended!

Y.I.T Matthew Helm


KZN FLOOD RELIEF During the course of April, the KwaZulu Natal region was rocked by a tremendous amount of rainfall in a short 24-hour period that rendered large portions of the province without access to fresh water, electricity, and saw many homes being damaged as well as the loss of life of over 450 people. Tragic as this was, the Tables in the KZN region knew that swift and active assistance was required and jumped to it. During the course of 48 hours, various collection points had been set up with the assistance of our local community partners and further assistance from Tables around the country started coming in. By the close of the day on Wednesday (storms were on the Monday), the first drop off had been organized and completed and over the ensuing 3 days over R100 000 worth of donations (food, blankets, clothing, necessities) totaling more than 3 tones was distributed to various charities and organisations in some of the hardest hit areas of the province. As the dust settled and more reports started coming in, the donations continued to flow and at the time of writing, plans are being put into place to make a significant donation towards the rebuilding of one of the local schools. This event and subsequent action taken by the Westville 189 and Kloof 190 Tablers showed many the true power of Table and we would like to thank all those who contributed or dropped us messages of support during a difficult time. Of special note: Golden East 181, The Robinhood Foundation, and We are South Africans provided so much support and the Tablers were only too happy to be able to play a supporting role in their distribution drive. Y.I.T Matthew Helm


SPLASHY FEN Have we returned back to a normal way of living after 2 years of restrictions??? It sure felt like it at Splashy Fen this past Easter weekend. It was clear to see that the people have been longing for the return of this iconic festival. It is customary for a bit of mud at Splashy and there was certainly enough to go around this weekend, it did not “dampen” the spirits however and happy faces and good vibes was the order of the weekend; everyone who came though the “white pillars” left with a full heart and memories for a lifetime. We had a decent weekend selling ice; however, the bad weather did affect the sales in the second half of the festival. Thank you to Iain Knox and Acorn Ice for getting us through the weekend. We were privileged to have been joined by Christo Bezhuidenhout (RTSA President of 2020/21) and his family as part of his Fight 4 Sight tour, Sani donated R15200 towards his project. It was also great to catch up with many other 41ers and current Tablers, fellowship was plentiful and those Tablers that haven’t been to Splashy need to put it on their bucket list, it is an incredible experience and is right on your doorstep A huge thank you to Fuzz, Stu and the rest of team for pulling this off, there has been nothing but positive feedback; until 2023, STAY HUMAN\ Y.I.T Grant Trollope


A TRIBUTE TO SGT GRANT One of the many enduring traditions of Round Table 189 is the ‘Toast to Sgt. Grant’. This tribute pays respect to a past Tabler Greg Grant and is always conducted before the dreaded sergeant’s session in any RT189 meeting. The mists of time and the dynamic nature of Round Table often brings with it the loss of the ‘background’ story to many of these great traditions. As a proud RT189 41er and past RTSA Pres, I was asked to shed light on the legend of Sgt Grant. Greg Grant was inducted into RT189 by the late and legendary NSCA chair Keith Dempsey in 2004. Incidentally, Greg was born in the year that RT189 was chartered (1973), so a perfect fit! He was an instant hit and truly lived up to our nickname at the time, ‘Pigz in da City’, with his zany, irreverant antics and his innate ability to tell it like it was with zero diplomacy. In fact, RT189 has a drinking mug called the DILLIGAF, so named after Greg and his ‘Does It Look Like I Give A ……’ attitude. This all made sense when one became aware of Greg’s chosen profession – a Sergeant in the KwaDabeka SAPS – clearly a no nonsense type of job! During his time in Table, Greg also met the love of his life, Nikki Fernandez, who proposed to him at a NSCA weekend conference that coincided with a leap year! Their amazing love for each other was plain for all to see and they even referred to their affection as ‘unforcountable’. Childish and silly yes, but endearing nonetheless. Greg held many positions in the club and became Chair in 2009 and led the Table with great distinction. His term was tragically cut short on the 8th of July 2009 when Greg was killed in a motorcycle accident during the course of his duties. RT189, Nikki and their families were devastated to the core in losing their Chair, brother and husband but surrounded each other in the fraternal love that only Table families know. At the first meeting after Greg’s funeral it was decided to forever pay tribute to the only ‘real’ sergeant RT189 ever had. And so the ‘Toast to Sgt. Grant’ began (complete with Greg’s epaulettes attached to the sergeant’s helmet) and continues to this day, some 12 years later. Long may the legend of Greg Grant live as he smiles down whenever we propose a Toast to Sgt Grant! Tiny Tim Brauteseth 41er RT189 RTSA President 2005/6



TRIPOD TO THE PENTAGON At ARTSA 2018 Upington, we as 219 mostly stood recognised as “the TRIPOD” as we were three members strong, and all three of us were inseparable, went to all area and national events and projects together. We held each other up and made one another stronger. We have since our last (100% attended ARTSA) expanded our group of friends to five and keeping with traditions we tent to do most things together, saying most things as some of us also got themselves “better halves” , And aren't to keen to start some new “keys in a basket” tradition. ARTSA 2022 What a blast!!! All five of us attended ARTSA 2022 J’BAY and the three legs of table as well. Now why the pentagon, just as the famous US department of defense in Washington DC, which is a five-sided building, and is widely speculated that this is to symbolise the five different aspects or branches of there defense. Each different with there own strong and weak points, but coming together, it surely is a force to be recon with. Such as we, five members have got very different personalities and thus very different strong and weak points, we stand very strong together as we just know how to support one another and in what aspects, that's why we love doing projects together. We were the convening table at the STNOFS AREA FOOD TABLE 2022 and seeing and feeling our well-oiled machine working together surely made this ARTSA very special.


We would also like to thank all other STNOFS members for giving us a hand and supporting us. ARTSA 2022 was also our first one together with wives and girlfriends, which was these ladies first ARTSA as well. We needed to be more respectful of bathroom ethics, and what time we are finishing our last drinks at the hardcore hut, but with all of this, it only made for a beter ARTSA , we felt fresh in the mornings, with breakfast already on the table and coffee in the machine. 219 legs we will not be doing this without you again!! In closing we would like to thank the convening committee under Wayne’s leadership for there ARTSA 2022, we really appreciate all the effort that was put in to make this the success story that it was. 219 WE ARE COMING FOR ARTSA 2023. YIT

Jan Albert De Kock


219 1ST TIMERS Inducted into RT219 March 2019 Owner- fueling station , Diesel depot (J/R DIESEL) Lives in Hartbeesfontein Passion is wildlife and national parks His experience at a first ARTSA ? Wat om te se Dit was ongelooflik lekker on a hard way down te doen om by nuwe plekke te sien en saam leke vriende /broers te kan kuier en J bay toe te toer. Donderdag Theme party, mens voel weer jonk met leke beach party klere was dit leke om nuwe vriende te maak en pins uit te ruil. Vrydag Area food table saam die girls, hard aan die bak en brou met By kosse en die mans besig om die vuur en pot reg te kry. Was baie lekker om van die ander areas se kos te proebeer van skaap stert tot bunny chow en n skaap kop na die ete het ons leke in die hardcore hut partytjie. Saterdag Meetings en ladies tour Was merkwaardig om te hoor hoeveel geld ons uit deel om mense te help WAT A ORGANIESASIE!!!!! Met die aand se galla dinner almal in hul mooi moois en leke kos. En ek dink STNOFS moes 2 bekers gevat het ma nou weet mens hoe om te adopt adapt en improve.” YIT Ryno Kruger


219 1ST TIMERS Inducted into RT219 Aug 2019 Owner/designer - ORYX DESIGN CUPBOARDS Lives in Klerksdorp Passion is gourmet food, premium woodwork His experience at a first ARTSA “My first ARTSA was an amazing experience paired with an amazing trip. As North-Westerners we grasp firmly at any opportunity to leave our province and drive on actual roads and Jeffrey's did not disappoint. The old adage of meeting old friends for the first time proved to be extremely true, and I had a blast at my very first (but certainly not last) ARTSA. Here are a few do's and don'ts for any virgin ARTSA'er: Do: Travel with friends (that are like family) Don't: Bring your grandma (unless she parties) Do: Make friends in the bathroom - this is an excellent place to trade pins, shirts, and skin care tips. Don't: Get friendly in the bathroom. Do: Plan an epic trip to ARTSA. Don't: plan the trip back from ARTSA. Do: Take full advantage of the brandy special. Don't: Forget the "babelaas pakkie" Do: Eat as much fresh seafood as you can in Jeffrey's. Don't: Feed prawns to your allergic friend (you might find him hiding under the bed) But honestly, the most important first ARTSA "do" is to just have fun and wees lekker. Also... bring enough pins.” YIT Jacques Moolman


ROARS WITH LIONS On the 6th May 2022, Roundtable Stilfontein 53, were invited to attend a wine and pasta evening with Klerksdorp Lions club! This was a special occasion where both Chairman Stephan Henderson and Tabler Stephen Lucas attended the event where we were main guests of the evening along with others to help each other in the near future with projects, events and handouts to better our communities and in helping the needy! We thank the Klerksdorp Lions club for a successful evening that we were apart of it, and looking forward to the near future to see what it has in store for both Roundtable Stilfontein 53 and the Klerksdorp Lions Club! Y.I.T Stephen Lucas

RETHABILE MOVIE NIGHT PROJECT On the 14th April 2022, Roundtable Stilfontein 53, hosted a movie night for all the children aged 3 – 18 years old, at the Rethabile Children’s home in Klerksdorp. Pipeliners and brothers, Willie and Bernhard van den Berg, together with Stephen Lucas, ran the project, to make sure we host a successful event for the children. Tablers, 41er’s and Legs of table, all joined in to help as well, where we handed out hot dogs, lucky packets, popcorn and cooldrink to each child while watching 2 movies, from 5.30pm till 10.30 pm. We would like to thank all our sponsors in helping make this event a huge success and well done to all. Total amount sponsored and man hours included is to the value of R13 115.23. YIT Nicus Prinsloo PRO 2022/23



FRIENDSHIP FREDDY Friendship Freddy has been in circulation in Somerset West 31 for generations. The general idea is to promote friendship among families within the Table. Each month, Freddy has to be passed to another family by means of at least a hot meal and some good company. When hosting Freddy, you need to invite the family who hosted you, as well as the family you would like to get to know better. Having the Chairman over is always a bonus and as far Freddy goes, the Chairman is always keen to be there. Record your social event in the Freddy Booklet with a short story and photo and keep the memories for generations to come!

Looking at Freddy pass-overs from the past, we can only imagine the number of times poor old Heidelberg was painted purple! From amazing race evenings to Mexican dinners. From chicken braai to a-la-king. Freddy has seen it all. In recent times, Freddy has gotten new vigor and the Friendship within Somerset West 31 are stronger than ever. Long live Freddy! Long live Friendship! Y.I.T Super Skaap


PAASFEES IN SALDANHA Saldanha 226 het op 10 April besluit om die gemeenskap bietjie te bederf en vir die kindertjies paaseiers uit te deel. Ons het begin by Huis Hadasa, n huis wat hawelose en mishandelde kinders huisves en na hulle omsien. Dit was vir ons as tafelaars n groot blydskap om te sien hoe ons glimlagte op die kinders se gesigte sit toe die Paashaas daar instap en vir hulle paaseiers uitdeel. Ons het daarna deur die hele dorp gery en waar ons n kind sien het die paashaas en die plaashaas al hoppend vir hulle paaseiers uit gedeel.

Ons het daarna n lekker 'social' gehad op Jacobsbaai by die kreeffabriek waar ons as tafelaars met ons vrouens en kinders gaan kreef en vis gebraai het. Y.I.T JP Bezuidenhoudt


ROBERTSON 115-BY ARTSA Robertson 115 het in volle glorie op Jeffrey’s Baai toegesak om ARTSA 2022 by te woon. Hierdie klomp wingerd en wyn boere ken nie van stadig ‘n tekkie pak nie, en sak soos ‘n klomp los jellievisse die baai in om hoender en kraai te laat weet – jy kan mens uit Robertson haal, maar Ashton gaan altyd saam. 7 van die 14 Robertson manne het die geleentheid meegedeel en van Woolworths aartappelslaai, Viswijf paella, mexikaanse “holontplof” fajita’s en ‘n tannie se garlic pizza is genuttig. Die “hardcore hut” was soos altyd ‘n wenner en namens Robertson 115 wil ons al die organiseerders bedank vir ‘n uitstekende geleentheid. Tequila is koning, nuwe vriende is gemaak, ou gesigte is raakgeloop – die herinneringe sal vir altyd bly. Bosveld hier kom ons!!

Y.I.T Super Skaap


EASTER EGGS DONATION On Easter Friday we as RT Paarl 44 took it on ourselves to spoil the elder people in our community. As we all know the elder people get dropped there and the no one comes and visits them. We wanted to make their Easter special by giving every elder person at an old age home a soft Easter egg. We handed over 1500 easter eggs. The smile on the elder people’s faces was a very special moment to see. We even got hugs from then to say thank you. Each Easter egg had a nice message stapled on it to encourage the elder people. This was heartwarming for RT Paarl 44 to serve the elder people of our community.

SAVING LIFES This is a long-going tradition of RT Paarl 44 to donate blood. We run a blood drive every two months. We make our poster that states where and when we are donating blood. This poster is then all over social media and even posted in the local newspaper. We try to make this as visible as possible so that the WHOLE Paarl can join our blood drive. On this day five of our Tablers donated blood.


SEEING IS BELIEVING We got contacted by a school in Paarl regarding one of their premises workers’ houses being burnt down. The worker was helped with donations of food and clothing, but one thing was still short. The worker had glasses and they also got lost and burnt down with the house. This was one of the school’s best workers and he could not do his job properly. As this man was the head of the house, he had to bring in the money for their monthly food. Paarl 44 decided then to donate the money for his new glasses so that he can see clearly and do his job properly. When the glasses were delivered, the man was very happy that he can see the world in clear vision again. #paarl44maaknverskil

CHRISTO VISIT RT Paarl 44 was privileged to have Christo at our clubhouse for his fight for sight project. We had a LEKKER braai and a few drinks. For our new Tablers, this was the first-time meeting Christo, and the fellowship grew instantly. Christo explained his project to us and how it all started. RT Paarl 44 then donated towards the project and will be framing our coin to put it on our wall in our clubhouse. This project of Christo and how it started also has given RT Paarl 44 another perception of our projects and inspired us to think outside the box. Thanks for the visit, Christo, we as RT Paarl 44 appreciate it.


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