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This March, we are proud to dedicate not just one, but multiple issues to the indomitable spirit, resilience, and achievements of women entrepreneurs and leaders across various industries.

Our decision to spotlight these incredible women stems from a deep-seated belief in the power of their stories to inspire, educate, and empower. Each narrative we've chosen to share reflects not only the personal triumphs of these leaders but also their significant contributions to reshaping their sectors and, by extension, our world.

Women have long been the backbone of innovation, creativity, and change, yet their stories have often remained in the shadows. It is our honor at Exeleon to bring these stories to light, celebrating the milestones achieved while acknowledging the hurdles that still exist. Our aim is not only to pay tribute to these trailblazers but also to foster a community that supports and uplifts women in their entrepreneurial and leadership journeys.

Through this series, we invite our readers to delve into the lives of women who have broken barriers, challenged the status quo, and set new precedents. From technology and science to arts and social enterprise, these women have carved paths of excellence, demonstrating what is possible when talent meets tenacity.

But let this not be merely a moment of reflection. Let it also serve as a clarion call for ongoing action and advocacy for gender equality and inclusivity in every sphere of life. The stories we share are beacons of hope and catalysts for change, reminding us all of the work that remains in ensuring that every woman has the opportunity to reach her full potential.

In closing, I extend my deepest gratitude to our readers, contributors, and the remarkable women whose stories we are privileged to share. Your support fuels our mission to not only highlight achievements but also to create a platform for dialogue, learning, and progress.

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Galit VenturaRozen

Empowering Women with the ICONIC Framework


and attract more clients.


The primarily goal behind starting the Everyday Woman community was to create a space where women could connect, support each other, and ind ways to develop their business in order to support their families.

While building the community, one of the most common requests Galit received was about how to attract more clients and increase revenue in their businesses. “What we found at Everyday Woman was, you must be known, be seen to get more clients,” Galit points out.

To address this need, Galit and her Co-Founder Angela Giles introduced the ICONIC Framework, designed to enhance visibility for women through various channels such as a TV network, authorship opportunities in books, and branding upgrades.

Galit is dedicated to helping women

become more visible and thereby attract more clients to their businesses. By offering opportunities to host their own TV shows, become authors, and participate in high-end photo and video shoots, Everyday Woman empowers women to establish themselves as credible authorities in their respective ields. This visibility is crucial for their business growth and client acquisition.

In 2021, as part of its ICONIC framework, Everyday Woman released its irst anthology project –featuring stories from 21 women leaders. Since then, the platform has published six books, collectively showcasing the experiences and insights of over 200 women.

Galit mentions, “We have found that women want to share their story to inspire and empower others. But also want to be credible, visible and authorities in their ield.”

“Becoming part of one of our books or creating their own anthology

Exeleon Shorts

One Book Entrepreneurs Must Read – The Big Leap – Guy Hendricks

One Productivity Tool / App that you use –Asana for task management.

One Quote that Motivates you the most –“Surround yourself with a trusted and loyal team. It makes all the difference.” —Alison

with multiple authors and we do all the work has become a magnet for many women that reach out and can see the value in becoming a part,” she continues.


Galit encourages women who are contemplating entrepreneurship to take the plunge without waiting for the perfect moment. “Women are always waiting for the perfect time to start; the perfect time usually never arrives because perfect does not exist.”

She believes in the power of taking small, consistent steps towards one's goals and emphasizes the importance of dedicating time to work on entrepreneurial aspirations while maintaining a current job. This approach can eventually lead to a successful transition to full-time entrepreneurship.

Pincus, Co-founder of One Kings Lane

One Marketing Strategy that you Follow –FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP

One Movie / Show you would Recommend – The Greatest Showman (the movie) so inspiring and I do love musicals.


Coree Sullivan

The Mindful Entrepreneur

As a best-selling author, speaker, and certiied Life Coach specializing in Mindful Coaching, Coree Sullivan has dedicated her life to helping others ind their authentic selves and lead fulilling lives.

Born and raised in Northern Colorado, Coree resides in Windsor, Colorado, where she guides individuals on their personal journeys through her company - This Restored Heart Ministries.

Coree's journey began with her own struggles. As a single mother raising two daughters, she found herself lost in the chaos of providing for her family and navigating unhealthy relationships.

It was this realization that led her to seek guidance and embark on a path of selfdiscovery. Despite attending counseling sessions and seminars, she felt that something was still missing. Until she stumbled upon the concept of mindful coaching.

Skeptical at irst, mindful coaching became the transformative approach Coree needed to reconnect with her true self. She recalls,


“As I explored this new concept, I began to discover a beacon of hope, shining its light on a path for my transformative journey towards self-discovery and genuine connection to my authentic self.”

Little did she know, this exploration would lead her down a path of profound awakening, where each mindful session became a sacred space for self-relection and the discovery of her true self. This method of mindful coaching went beyond traditional coaching techniques by emphasizing deep awareness of the present moment and the journey that led to the current state.

The coaching method allowed Coree to unravel the layers of pain and wounds that had obscured her identity for years.


For Coree, her entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force throughout her life. With over 30 years of experience, starting in marketing and eventually owning and operating a successful construction and rooing business, she has always sought to help others achieve their goals.

In January 2013, Coree launched a Divorce Recovery program, "Destiny After Divorce," which has since helped hundreds of individuals ind freedom from the pain of divorce and embrace a thriving, full life. Her best-selling book by the same name, along with a workbook, has become an essential resource for those navigating the challenges of divorce.

Building on the success of her Divorce Recovery program, Coree

founded "This Restored Heart Ministries." This organization is dedicated to helping divorced men and women heal from their past wounds and the trauma of divorce, guiding them toward spiritual, economic, and relational restoration. Over the years, Coree has become a source of hope and healing for countless individuals seeking to rebuild their lives and discover their true paths.


Coree understands the importance of creating a nurturing environment where women can thrive, share their experiences, and grow both personally and professionally.

She believes that genuineness and transparency are crucial in building a supportive network. By being open and honest in her interactions, she creates a space where clients feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This level of trust is the foundation of any strong community.

Active listening is another key strategy in Coree's approach. By paying attention to the words and actions of others, she validates their feelings and acknowledges their perspectives. This not only helps in understanding their unique stories but also fosters meaningful conversations that are essential for community building.

Coree also leverages social media to facilitate her community. She emphasizes the importance of consistency in presence and engagement, which helps build trust and reliability. By creating content that encourages participation in activities,

discussions, or events, she fosters a sense of belonging and involvement among her clients.

Celebrating achievements, both big and small, is integral to her strategy. She mentions “I always like to recognize and celebrate both big and small achievements of all my clients. A journey is made up of small and big steps which all deserve recognition and celebration.”

This approach not only motivates individuals but also strengthens the sense of community.


Coree views mentorship as a critical component of success for women entrepreneurs. “ Following in the footsteps of other successful, Iconic Women, is an effective way to avoid the pitfalls of so many things.”

With the rapid advancements in technology, it's easy to get lost in ineffective programs and tools. She believes that having a mentor who is actively using successful strategies and tools is invaluable.

Not to mention, Coree takes immense joy in helping other women succeed, recognizing that mentorship is not just about imparting knowledge but also about inspiring and empowering others.


Coree has a clear vision for her future growth, both professionally and personally.

From a personal standpoint, Coree states “My health is always important to keep up so that I have the energy and focus to thrive in



Coree understands the delicate balance one needs to keep between entrepreneurship and personal life. According to her, “A truly successful life is a well-balanced life.”

Coree emphasizes the importance of setting aside time for personal and family relationships, proper nutrition, and exercise. She acknowledges that maintaining this balance requires great focus, and any imbalance can lead to a loss of one's authentic self.

every area of my life as is setting time aside to be with friends and family. I try to set aside at least 3 of these interactions a week.”

These connections provide her with the energy and focus needed to excel in her professional endeavors.

On the other hand, her professional aspirations involve expanding her programs and increasing her visibility in the ield of mindful coaching and personal development. She understands the importance of staying current and effective in her work, which is why she is committed to continuously updating her knowledge and skills.

By staying abreast of new materials and programs, Coree ensures that she can provide the best possible support and guidance to her clients.

An 8-Step Advice for Women Entrepreneurs Starting their Journeys

“I try to always be sure that I am setting time aside for personal and family relationships as well as eating properly and exercising. It takes great focus to accomplish these areas of my life but when one is lacking, I ind that a part of my true self is suffering. I'm not my authentic self,” she explains.

A practical approach for Coree when it comes to balancing her professional and personal life has been integrating her work schedule with her personal calendar.

Believe in Yourself: Conidence and self-belief are essential for success in entrepreneurship. Trust your instincts and be open to taking calculated risks.

Align with Your Passions: Choose a business that resonates with your interests and passions. This alignment will make the journey more enjoyable and increase your chances of long-term success.

Stay Curious and Committed to Learning: The business landscape is constantly evolving. Staying informed about industry trends, new technologies, and strategies is vital for staying competitive.

Develop Resilience: Entrepreneurship is illed with challenges. Cultivate resilience to navigate tough times, learn from failures, and use setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Understand Financial

Management: A solid grasp of inancial management is crucial. Know your numbers, create a budget, and manage cash low effectively to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Set Clear Goals: Deine both shortterm and long-term goals for your business. Break them down into manageable tasks and celebrate achievements along the way.

Network: Networking is a powerful tool that can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships.

Manage Your Time Eficiently: Prioritize tasks and focus on what truly matters. Delegate responsibilities when possible and learn to say no to activities that do not align with your priorities.


Kashmira Contractor

Reimagining Success with Diverse Ideas

Kashmira Contractor is a multifaceted professional and entrepreneur, known for her resilience and determination in maledominated sectors. With a background in Information Technology, she has lived and worked across multiple continents, accumulating global knowledge and networks.

Her journey is guided by the mantra "Be like a river, chart your own course," relecting her lexible and purposeful approach to her career. She is the Founder of Reimagine Property Group, which is a residential redevelopment company serving the greater DFW Area. Our company strives to create custom solutions to complex real estate issues.


Originating from India and educated in Information Technology in the United States, Kashmira has gathered a wealth of international experience, living and working across various continents. She regards herself as a "work in progress," navigating her journey with pride and tenacity.

In her journey, despite encountering gender-based challenges and cultural biases, Kashmira has consistently shown empathy and understanding, striving to walk in the shoes of others. Her global experiences have enriched her life, making her feel “like a tree with multi-colored lowers, each one representing the various places I have lived and worked in.”

Beyond her IT pursuits, Kashmira has ventured into real estate investment,


diversifying her portfolio through redevelopment projects. As a key player at Reimagine Property Group, she aligns her personal interests with her business acumen, showcasing her passion for transformation and growth in the real estate sector.

Her commitment to making a positive impact goes beyond her professional endeavors. She mentions, “I am deeply committed to philanthropy, focusing on empowering women and children in disadvantaged situations. Through my heart-centered projects, I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate.”

With over 30 years of experience in various corporations worldwide, Kashmira has always felt destined to create innovative, competitive, and user-friendly technology solutions. However, her entrepreneurial spirit, inherited from her grandfathers and father, led her to explore real estate investment as a means to create generational wealth and achieve inancial and time lexibility. This shift allowed her to dedicate more time to her philanthropic projects, helping disadvantaged women and children.

Kashmira states, “I am a testament to the power of determination, compassion, and vision. I continue to inspire and break barriers, proving that anyone can make their mark in diverse and challenging ields, regardless of their background or circumstances.”


Having studied, lived, and worked across various continents,

Kashmira has encountered people from different walks of life, enriching her perspective and approach to leadership.

She mentions, “I strive daily to be the best in my industry by participating in industry discussions, conferences, online classes and publications.”

Throughout her life, leading diverse teams has been a signiicant aspect of her career. Kashmira values inclusivity and ensures that her teams are composed of individuals from varied backgrounds, heritages, and cultures. She fosters an environment of trust and openness, encouraging everyone to speak their mind and share their unique perspectives.

Furthermore, authenticity is a core principle for Kashmira. She believes in being true to oneself and maintaining honesty and transparency in all interactions. By admitting her mistakes and embracing her vulnerabilities, she sets an example for her team members and mentees, encouraging them to seek guidance and advice when needed.

This commitment to staying authentic coupled with her deep understanding of diverse cultures, has positioned Kashmira as an established thought leader.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs & Mentorship

Kashmira Contractor emphasizes the importance of building a supportive network and community for women entrepreneurs. She believes that creating an environment where women can connect, collaborate, and thrive is essential for their success and

empowerment in the entrepreneurial world. Her strategies for fostering this supportive network include:

Ÿ Hosting Networking Events: Organizing events where women entrepreneurs can meet, share experiences, and build long-lasting relationships is crucial. These gatherings provide a platform for collaboration and mutual support.

Ÿ Establishing Online Platforms: Creating online communities where women can connect, and access resources is vital. These platforms offer a space for sharing success stories, which can inspire others and provide valuable insights.

Ÿ Setting Up Mentorship Programs: Mentorship is key for women starting their entrepreneurial journey. Connecting them with experienced mentors can provide guidance, support, and opportunities for growth.

Ÿ Promoting Inclusivity: Ensuring that the entrepreneurial community welcomes women from diverse backgrounds, industries, and experiences is important for fostering a rich and supportive environment.

Kashmira also highlights the signiicance of mentorship for women entrepreneurs. She views mentorship as a powerful tool that can help women overcome obstacles and achieve long-term success. “The mentor-mentee relationship can be a critical factor in overcoming obstacles and



Kashmira offers insightful advice for women entrepreneurs starting their entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the importance of selfrelection and honesty in identifying one's passion and calling. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to seek out experts and mentors in their industry, engage in continuous learning through online classes and podcasts, and actively participate in networking events to build supportive connections.

Moreover, she stresses the signiicance of being inancial savvy, advising entrepreneurs

achieving long-term success as an entrepreneur,” she explains.

She advises seeking out experts in the ield, even if their expertise is not directly related to one's industry, as their life lessons and experiences can often be applied universally. Kashmira also believes in the importance of giving back by being both a mentor and a mentee. Being inquisitive and learning from mentors' experiences can lead to valuable insights and wisdom.

Talking about her own experiences, she shares “I have been mentored in the past and present and it has been invaluable to me. I have learned and grown and leveled up and been provided ideas and solutions that I would not have fathomed on my own.”


to manage budgets and cash low effectively to ensure the sustainability of their business. She advocates for a gradual approach to growth, viewing failures as opportunities for learning and emphasizing the need for resilience in overcoming challenges.

Kashmira underscores the importance of staying committed and focused on one's goals, while also embracing the uniqueness of each entrepreneurial journey.

Finally, time management and delegation are highlighted as key aspects for an entrepreneur to attain success.

Looking ahead, Kashmira plans to level up and become a powerhouse in the real estate industry with her company Reimagine Property Group. She intends to use her online platforms, speaking engagements, and podcasts as tools to educate, mentor, and empower aspiring women entrepreneurs, especially those interested in starting their own real estate investment ventures.

She also adds, “I want to continue to buy properties that need to be rehabbed and make neighborhoods better places to live in. Help disadvantaged women and children and give them back their voices and independence because women and children do matter, and they play a

very pivotal role in society.”

On a personal level, Kashmira is focused on self-relection and growth, striving to understand what aspects of her life and work are effective and which need adjustment. She stresses the importance of self-love and care, understanding that nurturing oneself is essential for extending the same level of care to others. Kashmira is determined to live her life authentically and unapologetically, thus writing the remaining chapters of her story on her own terms.


Tracy Nosal

The Journey of The Renegade Mentor


In today's high-stakes business environment, women need more than just skills to create and sustain a competitive advantage. Whether it be independent entrepreneurs or corporate operators, the obstacle women face is steeper, thus requiring deeper wisdom and guidance to overcome.

Tracy Nosal, a seasoned entrepreneur and coach, understands these challenges irsthand. After a pivotal transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship nearly two decades ago, Tracy found her true calling in empowering other women to navigate their own paths to success.


Tracy's journey began with a deep sense of unfulillment in her corporate role. Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact and pursue her passions, she embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Along the way, she pondered if others shared her longing for transformative change.

Guided by an innate realization that she had more to offer, Tracy decided on helping others navigate transformative change effectively.

Tracy integrated her diverse backgrounds in science, business, and metaphysics to create a holistic approach to personal and professional development. This marked the beginning of her coaching practice, where she became known as The Renegade Mentor.

The Renegade Mentor emerged as a vehicle to guide others on their journeys to discover

themselves and overcome the obstacles blocking their personal and professional growth.

According to Tracy, her coaching provides a safe space for clients to journey inward to uncover the suppressed energies stunting their progression in both personal and professional spheres.


Tracy's coaching is centered around guiding women to discover themselves and overcome obstacles blocking their personal and professional growth. She provides a safe space for women to journey inward and uncover suppressed energies that hinder their progression. By clearing these energetic blocks, Tracy helps women carve out their unique paths and face adversity with resilience and determination.

She explains, “For entrepreneurial women, clearing energetic blocks is essential to carving out their own unique paths. They will inevitably face adversity throughout their journey. To overcome, they must confront the adversity head-on with sustained resilience and determination.”

Demonstrating such courage and grit is the mark of an iconic woman with the power to inspire others. Tracy believes there is an icon within all of us; her coaching philosophy centers on empowering women to uncover and embody their own inner icons.



One of the greatest challenges female entrepreneurs' faces is balancing the demands of business and personal life. Tracy emphasizes the importance of time management as the foundation for maintaining equilibrium. Working from a home ofice, she acknowledges the need for a well-structured schedule to stay on track.


Tracy believes that rising to icon status is not a solo endeavor. She credits much of her entrepreneurial success to having a solid network of supporters and mentors.

As a lifelong learner, Tracy has leaned on her own coaches and mentors to level up her growth, both personally and professionally. Mentorship has been a strategic power move in accelerating her growth.

In addition to formal mentorship, creating opportunities for women in business to come together in community has been a way for Tracy to create a broader platform for support. And for community building, there is no better than social media. She uses social media

She practices disciplined scheduling and delegation to navigate the demands of entrepreneurship without sacriicing personal well-being. This approach ensures that she can allocate time for both professional and personal commitments, maintaining a healthy balance.

to connect to like-minded women and foster a supportive environment. She advocates for reciprocity, encouraging women to stay open to the process of giving and receiving, as progress is made when women lean on each other.

“Perfection is not possible; women progress further when they lean on each other,” she states.


Looking to the future, Tracy aims to create generational wealth by continuing to guide others on their unique paths to empowerment. Her journey to becoming The Renegade Mentor serves as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and continuous learning.

Tracy hopes her story will inspire

other women longing for more in life to stay motivated and persevere through challenges. She advices “Mindset propels entrepreneurs forward in the face of any and all adversity. Challenges are inevitable, but the ability to persevere distinguishes the truly successful.”

With her resolute renegade spirit, she encourages entrepreneurial women to have faith in themselves, reminding them that the journey may be challenging, but the rewards of true fulillment are immeasurable.


Michelle Renee Weihman

Guiding Women to Dare to Care


At the heart of Michelle Renee Weihman lies a story of transformation, a journey from being a seasoned nurse to being an example of empowerment and hope.

Her 30-year nursing career, rich in leadership and profound patient interactions, was a prelude to her true calling. She always felt as if her journey was yet to lead her towards her true purpose. “This wasn't just about expanding my professional horizons; it was about deepening my impact and reaching more people,” she explains.

Eventually, it was through entrepreneurship and life coaching where Michelle found her teue mission: to empower individuals, especially women, on their path to self-discovery and empowerment.


The inception of the Dare to Care community and movement was a natural extension of Michelle's vision. It began as a platform focused on empowering individuals, recognizing the often-overlooked importance of self-care and personal development in women's lives.

As a nurse and leader, Michelle witnessed the transformative power of empathy and compassion and sought to create a space where these values could lourish.

She recommends, “If you're ever curious about deepening your understanding of mindfulness, there's a book I came across, 'Into the Magic Shop' by James Doty. It delves into mindfulness in an accessible way, blending personal narrative with practical insights. It's a helpful resource if you're looking to explore mindfulness techniques and their impact on empathy and compassion.”

Whether it be through her coaching sessions or speaking events, Michelle's goal is to be a beacon of empowerment and hope.


Drawing from her personal experiences and the collective wisdom of countless trailblazers, she shares invaluable advice to guide women entrepreneurs through the exciting yet challenging journey of entrepreneurship.

"Embrace the uniqueness of your vision," Michelle urges. She believes that the world is enriched by diverse ideas, and it's the individual perspective and innovation that set each entrepreneur apart. In a world where trends come and go, authenticity is the beacon that sets one apart.

Authenticity in business ventures is vital, she advises. Aligning one's business with core values and beliefs not only shines through but also helps forge genuine connections and build lasting relationships. These relationships often unlock new opportunities and pathways.

She emphasizes resilience as a secret weapon. The entrepreneurial path is a tapestry of triumphs and trials, and it's resilience that will chart the course of the journey. She encourages treating each challenge as a steppingstone, an opportunity for growth and learning. After all, the most extraordinary achievements often come from enduring the toughest of times.

Building a supportive network and inding a mentor is a crucial aspect of the journey. Entrepreneurship can feel isolated at times, but having a tribe of like-minded individuals and a mentor provides unparalleled support. These connections offer not just business insights but also emotional support and



Today, Dare to Care has evolved into a nurturing community, a sanctuary where members can embark on a journey of selfimprovement and mutual support. She mentions, “We've created an environment that celebrates self-care, encourages the recognition and embracing of personal strengths, and supports each member in the pursuit of their dreams.”

Michelle's role as a guide and mentor has been instrumental in helping members discover their inner strength, tackle challenges with conidence, and set meaningful goals. Meditation, a key tool shared within the community, has proven to be a powerful aid in enhancing focus, clarity, and overall well-being.

She shares that by incorporating regular meditation into our daily routines, we can enhance our overall ability to concentrate, make mindful decisions, and approach our goals with utmost clarity and calmness.

guidance, sustaining one through the entrepreneurial voyage.

Michelle reminds aspiring entrepreneurs that the measure of success goes beyond proit margins. It's also about the impact created and the legacy left behind. The journey is an opportunity to make a difference in the community and

Moreover, workshops and events within the Dare to Care community are not just about imparting knowledge; they are about fostering connections, inspiration, and practical skill-building. The community thrives on shared experiences and the formation of lasting bonds.

Talking about the Dare to Care community, Michelle shares “The community aspect of Dare to Care is something I'm incredibly proud of. It's a space where every member can ind solidarity, share their experiences, and celebrate their victories, big and small. This sense of belonging and mutual support is at the core of what we do.”

Michelle's vision extends beyond individual growth to address broader issues such as mental health and life balance, advocating for a more supportive and equitable society. Dare to Care is a movement that empowers each member to live their potential, ind their voice, and step into the best version of themselves.

industry, creating something that resonates and endures.

Lastly, she encourages leaders about the need to embrace every part of the journey, including its ups and downs. Celebrating every victory, learning from each setback, and continually moving forward is key.

She wants women to be bold, courageous, and steadfast in their pursuit. Through it all, caring for oneself, the community, and the vision is fundamental.


Angela Giles

Elevating Women in Business

With a background that spanned over two decades in the corporate world, Angela made a bold leap into entrepreneurship to create a space where women could thrive, be visible, and make a lasting impact in the business world.

Her journey from having a six-igure corporate job to becoming an inspiration for women entrepreneurs is a story of resilience, learning, and unwavering dedication to her vision.

Herein, we delve into Angela's journey, her

strategies for building supportive communities, the vision behind the Everyday Woman platform, the signiicance of mentorship, and her advice for women entrepreneurs to be iconic


Angela began her entrepreneurial journey in 2002 when she left a 6-igure corporate job to be at home with her babies. "I saw all these amazing men making millions of dollars in the online space and decided I wanted to do the same thing," she recalls.

With no social media and landing pages in those days, Angela spent an entire summer


in her laundry room to research and learn how to generate free and inexpensive leads online. Her perseverance paid off when she discovered how to generate 99-cent leads from eBay.

However, in her pursuit to learn about lead generation, she spent over 27,000 dollars in expenses on her credit cards. “Some could say it was a waste of money - I look at it differently. It helped me learn and get to where I am today,” she clariies.

Eventually, Angela shared her experience by writing an eBook on generating free and inexpensive leads, thus helping other entrepreneurs, especially women, in their individual journeys.


Along with her partner, Galit Ventura-Rozen, Angela has a clearly deined plan for the Everyday Woman platform. “Our plan for the Everyday Woman platform is to share with women all over the world the importance of recognizing that visibility is important so others can ind you and work with you.”

In today's fast paced and interconnected world, gaining visibility can feel overwhelming for any entrepreneur. To address this, the platform offers the Iconic Woman Experience, a comprehensive service designed to allow women to shine in their true essence. This experience takes care of everything, from professional photo shoots and video production to creating engaging social media graphics and lifestyle videos.

Angela's goal is to remove the burden of personal branding from the shoulders of busy entrepreneurs. "What we do at Everyday Woman through our Iconic Woman Experience is give women the opportunity to show up as their fabulous selves and everything is done for them," she explains.


Angela Giles believes that mentorship is an essential ingredient for women on their journey to becoming iconic. She likens having a mentor to possessing a personalized guidebook, crafted by someone who has already navigated the tricky waters of entrepreneurship. "They're like the GPS to your inner explorer, pointing out the best routes and the ones that might lead to a dead end," Angela adds.

A mentor serves as a personal cheerleader, providing encouragement and belief in one's potential, especially during moments of self-doubt. This support can be the catalyst that propels an entrepreneur toward her dreams with newfound conidence. She emphasizes the value of the real, lived experiences that mentors share—stories of triumphs and setbacks that offer invaluable lessons and insights, helping to sharpen instincts and fuel the journey to success.

Networking is another signiicant aspect of mentorship. Mentors act as connectors, introducing entrepreneurs to a network of individuals who can open previously unseen doors. This

access can be transformative, providing opportunities that might have otherwise remained out of reach. “It's like suddenly having VIP access to the coolest clubs in town, but for business.”

Moreover, she also addresses the loneliness that often accompanies the ield of entrepreneurship. Having a mentor provides a sense of companionship, someone to share the highs and lows with, offering support and grounding through the challenges.

For women, in particular, mentors who have experienced breaking through glass ceilings can offer guidance on navigating and overcoming barriers in industries where gender disparities still exist.

She sums up saying, “In essence, mentorship isn't just a nice-to-have; it's your backstage pass to the world of the iconic. It's about growing, learning, and connecting in ways that not only propel your business but also carve your name in the stars. It's the journey, the struggle, the triumph, and the legacy—all rolled into one.”

Another key area that she touches upon is maintaining work-life balance as an entrepreneur. She advises setting clear boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring quality time for oneself and loved ones. Delegating tasks, taking breaks, and saying no to nonessential commitments are also key strategies for maintaining this balance.


Angela's plans moving forward revolve around elevating women to



Angela has mastered the art of creating a supportive network and community for women entrepreneurs. She believes in fostering a warm and welcoming environment where every woman feels like she belongs to a tribe. In her own words, she shares the strategies for building this inclusive and empowering community:

Get Real with Empathy: It's like having a good heart-to-heart. Understand what ires up these amazing women, what challenges they're tackling head-on, and what dreams they're chasing. This kind of deep listening helps in crafting support that hits just right.

Open the Doors Wide: Make sure everyone feels they've got a seat at the table, no matter what their story or where they're at in their business journey. It's about celebrating our differences and inding strength in them.

Spotlight the Trailblazers: Sharing stories of women who've already blazed a trail is super inspiring. It's like saying, “Look at these incredible journeys! If they can do it, so can you.”

iconic status in their respective ields. The strategy involves a blend of inspiring mentorship, captivating visual storytelling, and empowering women to become best-selling authors. "We're on a mission to help women shine bright in their niches and totally own their industries," she declares.

Professionally, the focus is on further elevating the platform's offerings. Angela plans to

Plus, it's a goldmine of lessons and tips.

Buddy Up: Linking up newbies with veterans is like having a business big sister. It's gold! The advice, the pep talks, the been-there-done-that wisdom—it's invaluable.

Make Magic Together: Organize get-togethers, workshops, maybe even virtual coffee breaks—any space where ideas can bounce around and collaborations spark. It's in these gatherings that some of the best ideas and partnerships are born.

Cheer Like Crazy: Celebrate every win, no matter the size. Got a new client? Cheers! Nailed a pitch? High ive! Creating an atmosphere where everyone's wins are celebrated makes the journey so much sweeter.

Her approach to building a supportive network for women entrepreneurs is about more than just business. It's about creating a sense of belonging, fostering personal growth, and empowering women to lift each other up.

collaborate with renowned experts and industry leaders to mentor the next generation of iconic women. Enhancing the media presence of the platform is also a priority, ensuring that each woman's unique story is showcased through striking visuals and engaging content.

The overarching goal is to create a ripple effect in the industry, inspiring a new generation of women to assert their presence,

differentiate themselves, and pursue their iconic status with determination.

She envisions a future where professional ambition and personal passion converge, demonstrating that women can indeed have it all. "Let's make the future ours, shall we?" she concludes saying.



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A Pioneer in Aesthetic Innovation

Interview with Dr. Randa Jaafar

Can you share more about your journey from specializing in pain management to founding FILD Studio in the heart of New York?

My roots in pain management have catapulted my career in aesthetics and given me a deeper and multifaceted approach to treating patients with injectables that have multiple uses. Botox is used for pain and for aesthetics. So, if I can get rid of my patients' pain and give them a beautiful cosmetic effect, I think I beneitted them much more than the average "cosmetic injector".

Pain management is also why I started treating patients for weight loss, because a lot of painful conditions come from being overweight or obese. If I can decrease someone's weight, they will have less pain and feel more beautiful.

FILD Studio emphasizes a premium client experience free from misconceptions about injectables. How do you educate your clients about the safety and eficacy of these treatments?

At FILD, our utmost priority is ensuring a premium client experience that is rooted in transparency and education regarding injectable

treatments. Safety and assurance are extremely important to me. Our procedures are conducted with care and expertise by our skilled injectors. I always like to emphasize the minimal risk that is involved with the injectables – there's less than 1% chance a patient will experience complications such as bleeding, infection, or nerve damage. The most common potential risks are bruising or swelling, which typically diminish within a week post-treatment.

Prior to any procedure, each client undergoes a thorough consultation session. We discuss the beneits of the treatment and carefully review the individual medical history and whether they have any health issues including thinning blood, pregnancies, or allergic reactions to other injections they may have previously had. If this is the case, they are not deemed eligible to proceed with the treatment.

A question I typically get among our patients pertains to the duration of the results. I like to inform them that illers typically last around 6 months, while Botox lasts approximately 3 months. Also, the body gradually breaks these substances over time. By educating clients about the natural breakdown process, it allows them to understand that it's not an abrupt cessation of


effects but rather a gradual decline:

Ÿ 1 month: 30% decrease

Ÿ 2 months: 60% decrease

Ÿ 3 months: 90% decrease

Lastly, we always address concerns regarding the quality of the products used in our procedures. It's important to reassure patients that our Botox is not diluted; rather, its breakdown is a natural process that occurs within the body daily.

Injectable treatments for wrinkle prevention can vary widely in approach. How do you personalize treatments to meet individual client needs and expectations?

I always like to start with understanding previous experiences and preferences with my patients. We initiate the consultation process by delving into the patients past experiences with injectable treatments.

Rather than rely solely on external reference like a photo of someone else, I prefer to understand what the patient loved and what they disliked from their previous treatments. This involves them showing pictures of themselves rather than other people or celebrities. This type of insight allows me to tailor the current treatment plan to align with their preferences and goals.

Also, it's important to recognize

that each individual has unique aesthetic preferences. Whether it's achieving a more natural appearance or opting for a more dramatic transformation, I take the time to understand their expectations. We often ind that men tend to prefer a neutral outcome, while women often seek a lifted appearance, particularly around the eyes.

For clients considering iller treatments, I prefer to employ a hands-on approach for visualization. I let them hold a mirror to watch every single step and demonstrate the effects of iller. I start with one side of the face irst, allowing the patients to witness the immediate results. This provides an interactive experience and allows the patient to provide feedback in real-time, indicating whether they want more or less iller to achieve their desired look.

Unlike iller treatments, the effects of Botox injections may take 7-10 days to fully manifest. We let our patients know about this timeframe by emphasizing the importance of patience in observing the inal result. It's critical to set realistic expectations with Botox and that if they do want more, it's a gradual enhancement. Also, I always emphasize that Botox wears off naturally over time, whereas illers can be dissolved at any time if needed. This reassurance is important to me and shows that the treatments we are provided are unique to each patient and their evolving needs.

A Day in My Life

A day in my life is often a whirlwind of activity, with work taking center stage most of the time. Sometimes it feels like all work and no life! Especially, with the constant stream of calls and emails that demand my attention. I've found myself relying on Uber recently to get around, using those moments to catch up on emails and texts.

My schedule varies day by day, but on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I head into the ofice after 2 PM. The other days, I kick off my mornings at a cozy coffee shop, armed with my computer to tackle meetings over the phone and sift through various documents like reports and patient lists.

I make it a point to prioritize spending time with friends, especially since I don't have family nearby. Whether it's grabbing dinner or a quick drink after work, these moments of connection are essential to me.

I recognize that my life currently leans heavily towards work, with only a fraction left for personal activities. But I try to make the most of those moments, whether it's indulging in some retail therapy or hitting the gym. Whenever New York has a sunny day, I love to sit outside at a nearby park and just take in the sun. It's all about inding those small moments of joy amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


As a leader in cosmetic medicine, what advice would you give to young physicians interested in entering this ield?

As a leader in cosmetic medicine, the most valuable advice I can offer to young physicians aspiring to enter this ield is to prioritize the happiness of your patients above all else. Each patient is unique, with individual desires and expectations, and it's crucial to tailor every single treatment to meet their speciic needs and goals.

Mastering the technical aspects of cosmetic procedures is undoubtedly important, but the true skill lies in understanding how to make each individual patient happy. This means actively listening to their concerns, preferences, and desires. I've realized with my years of experience that it's not just about the inal outcome of the procedure, it's about the overall experience and how you make them feel throughout the process.

If you want to be successful, put the patient irst and ensure that their

wants and needs are at the forefront of every treatment plan. By focusing on what they want and actively listening to their feedback, you can create personalized treatment plans that truly make a difference in their lives and how they feel.

What are your future aspirations for FILD Studio? Are there new technologies or treatment methods you are excited to explore or introduce to your clients?

My future aspirations involve expanding to multiple locations and reining our business model to better serve our patients. I'm particularly passionate about enhancing our marketing efforts to reach a wider audience and make our services more accessible.

One area I'm especially passionate about exploring is the integration of weight loss drugs into our offerings. I've seen irsthand how much joy and conidence cosmetic treatments and injectables can bring to our clients, but I truly

believe beauty is about feeling comfortable and conident in your own skin, regardless of size or shape. I want to help our clients achieve their desired weight goals and feel empowered in their bodies.

There's still a lot of stigma surrounding weight loss injections. Many people have feelings of shame or fear of the potential risks and side effects. I really want to break those barriers and reduce the labels associated with seeking help to look and feel your best. It's essential to create a supportive and nonjudgmental environment where patients feel comfortable exploring their options and making informed decisions about their health and wellness.

Ultimately, my goal for FILD Studio is to be a trusted partner in helping my patients look and feel their best, inside and out. It's important to continue embracing new technologies and treatment methods, while also prioritizing compassion and understanding.



What according to you makes one transformational? How do you integrate the same thought into your leadership?

Transformation in most circumstances is a very slow process. At least slower than most of us would like. Showing up every day and actively caring about your company and the people it affects is 90% of the battle. If you dedicate time consistently, there's no way you can avoid transformation. It's going to happen as long as you give it patience and time.

Talk to us about your growing up years. What is your earliest memory as a leader that you can remember?


One of my earliest memories of being a leader is being the “director” of the theatrical “plays” my cousins and I would put on for our family. I always had ideas on which play we should do, who should be in what roles, and I would always make sure everyone showed up to watch the performance! I was probably 5-7 years old during my “play director” phase.

What has been the journey like for Cassie Petrey, from your childhood fascination for Backstreet Boys to running a leading marketing and music management irm?

The journey has been slow and steady. It doesn't feel surreal because the process to get here has been really consistently paced. It has all seemed to happen as I'm ready for it. It's fun to think about who I was when I was 12 years old, and I know that person would be so

Crowd Surf

excited about their future. I always believed in myself, though.

This has always felt like what I'm supposed to be doing. I see the future too, and there's still a lot more to accomplish. I don't feel nervous about it. I know I'm on the right path and showing up every day doing my best.

Looking at this journey, what would you do differently if you were to start again?

I would try to better understand that there will be big moments you need to miss in your career in order to be there for your family, and that's okay. In the moment, you may think it will hurt your career, but it won't. More opportunities will always come in the future.

When my grandmother was passing, there was an important meeting that week. She told me to go to the meeting instead of coming back to see her. I wish I hadn't taken her advice. I know she was looking out for me, and I admire that unconditional love as she was rooting for me. However, I regret taking her advice at that moment.

Talk to us about the impact of social media for artists new and old. How do you leverage these powerful platforms to help them reach a wider audience?

Social media is an incredible tool. We have to constantly remind ourselves that it's a tool, and nothing more than that. I like to help my artists ind what their goals are outside of social media and construct a plan to use social media to help accomplish those goals.

Looking ahead, what is your vision for Crowd Surf? What are you most excited about?

The overall goal for Crowd Surf is simple. I want us to keep evolving to help artists as much as possible and I'm excited for what that will look like! I didn't know what social media would become 25 years ago, and I don't know what our company will look like 25 years in the future. In terms of goals for the next couple of years, we want to sign a few more artists to manage and plan on launching a record label. Separate from the company, I'm also working on writing a book and I'm pretty excited about that as well.


Sick and Successful

My Journey to Empowering Women in Business

When life gets tough, as it often does, I'm faced with two choices: giving up or getting going. For me, giving up has never been an option, even when faced with a major health challenge. I didn't just sit back when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I decided to turn my struggle into something positive. Rather than letting my illness slow me down, I let it push me to do something remarkable! I not only made lemonade but went on to build a thriving digital marketing agency in the process.

I share my story with people, not for fame, but to show others that it's possible to overcome substantial obstacles and still make your dreams come true.


Success for me hasn't transpired by pretending that everything is perfect. Quite the contrary; it's my raw and honest approach to sharing life's ups

and downs that has resonated with over 30,000+ followers.

This is the side of business rarely shown on social media, where vulnerability meets strength. I show up, unapologetically myself, sharing the realities of juggling a signiicant career with the unpredictability of a chronic illness. Here lies an important lesson: You can foster a community and build success by simply being genuine.

• Embracing Vulnerability- I have been candid about my struggles with Crohn's disease, a chronic illness that has signiicantly impacted my life. Instead of hiding this aspect of my identity, I have chosen to share my experiences openly, setting a new precedent for what leadership can look like.

• Redeining Strength- Through my openness, I have redeined the conventional image of strength. Strength, as I exemplify, is not about presenting an invulnerable front. It's about


•acknowledging your struggles, facing them head-on, and using them as a foundation to build something greater.

• Inspirational Leadership- My approach to blending personal vulnerability with undeniable strength has not only contributed to my success but also inspired those around me. My story encourages other women to own their stories, embrace their challenges, and lean into their vulnerabilities as a source of strength and empowerment.

• Creating a Supportive Community- By sharing my journey, I have fostered a community where openness and support lourish. This community serves as a reminder that one does not have to face their battles alone. There is strength in numbers, and even more so in collective empathy and understanding.


What's remarkable about my journey is not just my commercial success but how I support and uplift other women to achieve their own goals. I understand the unique challenges faced by women, especially those who are sick, yet I push the narrative that these obstacles don't deine one's capabilities.

• Relatability- My openness about my life's challenges enables me to connect on a personal level with my audience. My story serves as a beacon of hope and a source of

strength for anyone facing their own battles, silently or otherwise.

• Trust and Credibility- By sharing my journey, I've built a foundation of trust and credibility. My followers and clients don't just see me as a business leader; they see me as a trusted advisor who understands the complexity of balancing health challenges with professional ambitions.

• Empowerment through Visibility- I use my platform to shine a light on the oftenoverlooked truth that illness does not preclude success. My visibility and success provide tangible proof that women can forge their paths in business, regardless of the obstacles they may face.

• Inspiration to Act- Beyond just sharing my story, I inspire action. I encourage my followers and clients to embrace their own narratives, leverage their unique insights, and pursue their professional ambitions with vigor and conidence.

At S&S Creative, the mission goes beyond achieving results; it involves recognizing that the entrepreneurial women we serve come with a diverse range of life experiences, including health challenges. It's an agency that stands as a reminder: your circumstances don't deine your success.


My 'Sick and Successful' podcast

not only echoes the sentiments of my professional journey but also offers a platform to discuss the seldom-shared complexities of managing a business while encountering health struggles. It's a source of solidarity, inspiration, and practical advice for those navigating similar paths.

• Connects on an Emotional Level - Stories, especially those involving personal struggles and triumphs like mine, forge a deep emotional connection with the audience. It's this connection that makes my message more impactful and memorable.

• Serves as a Source of Inspiration- My own journey, shared through my podcast and public speaking, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. My story exempliies that it's possible to overcome signiicant challenges and achieve success, providing a powerful motivational boost to those who may be facing their own struggles.

• Educates Through Real-life Experiences- Beyond just inspiring, my storytelling is educational. I share tangible insights and lessons learned from navigating the complexities of managing a chronic illness while building and running a successful business. These stories offer practical advice that listeners can apply in their own lives.

• Builds a Community of Support- Sharing stories creates a sense of shared experience, fostering a


About Natalie Suppes

Natalie Suppes is the Founder and CEO of S&S Creative, a thriving digital marketing agency known for its innovative approaches and tangible results. With over ifteen years of industry experience, including roles at multi-million-dollar organizations, Natalie has established herself as a leading expert in the ield. Her battle with Crohn's disease has not only shaped her resilience but also inspired her to empower others, especially women, through her work and her voice.

As a beacon of hope and strength, Natalie shares her journey of being "Sick and Successful" through her podcast, aiming to uplift and encourage those facing their own challenges. Her authentic storytelling and dedication have cultivated a community of over 30,000 loyal

followers, making her a true inspiration in the digital marketing world and beyond.

•community among listeners and followers. This community becomes a source of support, encouragement, and further storytelling, amplifying the message that one is not alone in their struggles.

• Promotes Awareness and Understanding- Through storytelling, I also play a crucial role in raising awareness about chronic illnesses like Crohn's disease. My openness in discussing how it affects my life invites greater understanding and empathy, contributing to

breaking down stigmas associated with such conditions.


For every person who has ever felt overshadowed by their circumstances, my story serves as a powerful reminder: Your battles may shape you, but they don't deine you

I defy the traditional narrative of success, not just surviving, but

thriving, proving day in and day out that you can be both sick and successful. And I encourage everyone, especially those battling chronic illnesses, to redeine their limits and chase after their dreams. Through strategic planning, relentless perseverance, and unwavering self-belief, you too can carve out a slice of success. It's all about turning the tough stuff into a stepping stone, not a stop sign.

May my journey remind you to embrace your journey, celebrate your battles, and always stride forward!


What according to you makes one Iconic ?

“Everyday Women,” a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of women leaders, brings together six remarkable women to share their perspectives on what it means to be truly iconic.


Galit Ventura-Rozen

Becoming iconic isn't just about achieving success or recognition—it's about leaving a lasting impact, imprinting your essence on the world. It's about embodying authenticity, daring to stand out from the crowd and staying true to yourself, even in the face of adversity.

To me, an iconic individual possesses an unwavering commitment to their values and beliefs, fearlessly charting their own course while inspiring and uplifting others along the way. They radiate passion, resilience, and unwavering determination, igniting a spark within those around them.

Furthermore, an iconic igure isn't afraid to stumble, to face setbacks, or to embrace vulnerability. They harness these moments as opportunities for growth, transforming challenges into triumphs and paving the way for others to do the same.

In essence, what makes one truly iconic is the ability to leave an indelible mark on the world, to shape narratives, and to create a legacy that transcends time—a legacy that inspires, empowers, and resonates with the hearts and minds of generations to come.

Coree Sullivan

Ibelieve that Iconic Women have a signiicant inluence on culture, society, or their particular industry. They inspire and motivate others, leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.

Many iconic women are trailblazers who break barriers, challenge norms, and pave the way for others. They contribute to positive change and progress. In my construction business, I felt as though I was a trailblazer since that is a male dominated industry. I found that utilizing

my organizational skills and strategies to accomplish projects for my clients were key to my success.

In my coaching business I also utilize those skills to enable my clients to achieve their goals and healing so they can thrive. Everyone is unique, as are their individual situations. Being able to look at their situation in that light helps me customize my approach and tools to help them get where they want to be in a time eficient manner.


Angela Giles

Being iconic is all about standing out and leaving a mark that lasts. It's about being yourself, but also being a bit of a trailblazer, doing things that haven't been done before, or doing them in a way that's totally unique. When I think about bringing this into my leadership style, it's really about leading with heart and guts.

Michelle Renee Weihman

In my perspective, the essence of being iconic lies in the harmonious blend of resilience, hope, and inspiration. These elements are not just qualities I admire, but they are integral to my approach as a leader and empowerment coach.

Resilience, to me, is more than just a trait; it's a practice, an excellence that we build with every choice and action. Eric Greitens put it eloquently when he said, 'Resilience is an excellence we build. We can practice it in the choices we make and the actions we take. After enough practice, resilience becomes part of who we are.' This quote resonates deeply with my journey. Whether in the demanding environments of nursing or in the empowering world of coaching, I've strived to embody resilience,

demonstrating that it's possible to emerge from challenges not just unscathed, but stronger and more insightful.

Hope is the shining light that guides us through our darkest times. In my leadership, instilling hope is a priority. I maintain a positive outlook and focus on the vast realm of possibilities, creating an environment where hope can thrive. I see every challenge as an opportunity for growth and a chance to reinforce the hopeful spirit that is so vital in overcoming obstacles.

Inspiration, meanwhile, is the force that propels us forward. It's about igniting a spark in others, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and believe in their immense potential. In every interaction, I aim to be a source of inspiration, sharing

I try to be true to who I am, make bold decisions that might not always be the norm, and really focus on lifting others up so they feel inspired to reach for the stars too. It's all about making a difference and doing it in a way that feels genuine and, hopefully, a little bit extraordinary.

stories and actions that uplift and motivate.

Integrating these aspects – resilience, hope, and inspiration – into my leadership is about more than just guiding; it's about empowering others to recognize and embrace the best in themselves and in their situations. It's about creating a ripple effect of positivity and strength.


Kashmira Contractor

Iconic is a term that is used across different cultures, communities, and time periods. It is also subjective to individual perspectives.

As an icon, one must be recognized for their style, or skill set or achievement in their ield of expertise. Icons can inluence and inspire others to level up and reach new heights. To survive an icon status, one must always be relevant in their ield of expertise and be someone that others can go to for guidance and advice.

One needs to be authentic, unapologetic, and always stay true to their values and basically 'practice what they preach'. They also need to be innovative in their industry and to do that at times they need to push the boundaries so that they can introduce new ideas and make people realize that they are implementable. Their ideas should transcend and impact cultures locally and globally along with having lasting impressions for years to come.

To be iconic is to possess a profound sense of selfawareness and authenticity, radiating a powerful energy that commands respect and admiration. It's about embracing vulnerability and honesty, recognizing, and addressing the patterns and behaviors that hinder personal growth.

Iconic individuals navigate the complexities of life with grace, setting healthy boundaries to protect their energy and prioritize self-care. They understand the importance of

inner balance and alignment, continually evolving and shedding old patterns to reach higher levels of consciousness. Reclaiming one's power involves acknowledging and releasing fears, insecurities, and the need for validation, thus empowering oneself to conidently create and manifest their desires.

It's about being unapologetically true to oneself, standing irmly in one's own sovereignty, and embracing the journey of selfdiscovery and transformation with courage and determination.

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