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Efficiency is the FUTURE the future is EXAFAN

EXAFAN works to achieve two fundamental objectives: animal wellbeing and the success of our customers’ investments. Reaching a level where our entire range of products meets the highest standards of quality and performance has not been an easy task. Thus, over time we have equipped our systems with details and features derived from the suggestions of our customers, who we listen to at all times, showing the clear vocation to service of our company. As the result of a job well done, EXAFAN has become the most reliable option for the realization of your projects.

Juan Pascual Nadal Chief Executive Officer

01. General Table of Contents


03.Company 03.01 Organization 03.02 International Expansion 03.03 Global Solution 03.04 In-house production


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04.Energy Efficiency


05.Types of houses


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General Table of Contents 06.Characteristics


06.01 The design of the house and its climate control 06.02 Functionality of the houses 06.02.01 Broilers 06.02.02 Rebreeding of Pullets 06.02.03 Heavy Breeders 06.02.04 Laying hens

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07.Technology and Innovation


08.After-sales service


08.01. Technical department


08.02 Consultancy

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08.03 Continuous training




02. Introduction


A Whole Farming World inside

02. Introduction EXAFAN is positioned today as a world leader in the development of automation systems for the poultry sector. Our aim is to create the optimal conditions, both for the housing of the animals and for the management of the farms.

bilateral relationship, which will finally result in the achievement of the project.

This excellent status is achieved by combining climate control, automation of feeding and the remaining parameters that influence the development of the farm activity, without forgetting a very important part: obtaining and recording all the data relating to the breeding of the animals, which will allow us to dispose of valuable information to take the most suitable decisions.

A suitable climate, a system of intelligent feeding, precise observation of the animal behaviour, as well as their most suitable comfort, create a synergy that will result in healthier animals, while providing better farming yields.

The analysis of the data obtained with our control systems, together with long experience in the interpretation of data, allow us to obtain the information necessary to carry out the design of the poultry housing. In its projects, EXAFAN supplies the most advanced technology, with the aim of its customers obtaining a high level of production on their farms, with attention to the smallest detail so that the animals have a habitat with conditions that are similar to, or even better than, the natural one. The nature of our products is technical, just as the providing of services and customer attention has to do with the personal side. EXAFAN works with the customer on the basis of collaboration, taking their needs and suggestions as a source of inspiration and improvement, and generating a close

EXAFAN offers you total control of your farms, as well as a global solution to your needs.

Therefore, for us, feeding, ambient temperature and housing form a single entity, which translates into total Management of the farm, providing, in turn, highly valuable and constant information of priceless value for your business. You will be able to control, react, direct, execute and decide, always maintaining complete control of your farm, from inside or from outside. Innovation Our company’s policy of continuous improvement, together with the seeking and obtaining of products and solutions that best adapt to the new market needs have required continuous effort by EXAFAN in R+D+i, the basis for our innovative spirit and source of our origin.


03. Company Organization International Expansion Global Solution In-house Production




Commercial Team


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Company Organization

Have made EXAFAN a company consolidated as one of the market reference companies at a world scale while constantly widening its presence in the sector day by day. There are four identifying factors that certify it:

√ A market leader.

√ More than 10,000 customers.

√ Progressive growth.

√ Presence in more than 76 countries.

The R+D+I Department of EXAFAN is of key importance in obtaining a high level of quality in the products, in its daily efforts for innovation and improvement of the products.

that back it up as a leader: • Stock proportioned to guarantee a quick and effective supply. • A selection of materials that ensure the maximum durability and resistance of the products. • A young and dynamic Commercial Department that is perfectly trained, present worldwide, capable of advising and providing the most suitable solution for each need. • Exhaustive control of all the processes of manufacturing, production and logistics necessary for the distribution of the products, applying the most novel techniques to carry out all the operations in a way that is truly efficient; this ability is one of the greatest successes of EXAFAN in recent years.

Moreover, EXAFAN has other extraordinary qualities


Growth and Internationalization Our products are present in 72 countries of the five continents; this expansion is the result of our philosophy of quality and innovation, as well as of commitment to the customers. Since the internationalization of the company began 20 years ago until today, our presence abroad has increased progressively, both due to the opening of a number of subsidiaries in the American and Asian


continents, as well as due to the commercial and distribution agreements established that have shaped our own network of distributors. Currently, our expansion is mainly addressed to countries located both in America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

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International Expansion



Waste management

In-house production




Intensive Breeding

Global Projects


Rabbits Mushrooms






Feed Factories

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Global Solution

Only a company like EXAFAN can offer a Global Solution, uniting in a single concept the design and complete construction of a farm and the equipment necessary for breeding of animals, offering continuous consultancy from the start of the project until its conclusion.

Construction of the farm Design



Our mission in each project centres on understanding the needs, desires, aspirations and realities of our customer, individually and specifically studying each situation, rationalizing the processes, incorporating new products, applying innovative technologies, and always with criteria of energy efficiency.


Intensive breeding




A Whole Farming World inside


Global Solution

Feed factories

Laboratories Incinerators Water treatment plants


Most of the products we commercialize are of in-house production, which makes us highly competitive as compared to other companies, whose production depends on third-party companies. In this way, EXAFAN is directly responsible for the product guarantee, an important added value in the after-sales service as it does not depend on third-party companies, either in the purchase of raw material, or in the design and production of the systems.


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In-house production


Currently, we are ready to offer the realization of integral projects of animal production farms: the group of installations necessary to complete the processes required by the customer, from the manufacturing of feeds to the animal slaughterhouses. This is the new direction that EXAFAN is taking in its projection of the future, steadily advancing.

DEVELOPMENT OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS CONTINUOUS RESEARCH AND INNOVATION EXAFAN offers to the market an extensive variety of components, systems and integral solutions for the start-up of livestock farms. • A complete range of products for equipping farms: regulation, ventilation, chimneys, windows, window actuators, heating, cooling humidification, accessories, thermostats, peripherals, weighing, feed housing, watering troughs, lighting.

In this continuous bid for technological improvement in the development of new products and solutions, EXAFAN collaborates with national and international technological centres, such as ITA or AITIP and the University of Illinois in the United States, respectively.

• Moreover, EXAFAN will be responsible for carrying out all the procedures for the construction and equipping of the farm. This extensive and specialized range of modern products and solutions are the result of EXAFAN’s trajectory from its beginning.


04. Energy Efficiency


A Whole Farming World inside


Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is the future; the future is EXAFAN

ginning of each project:

The poultry sector is immersed in a continuous transformation, motivated, on the one hand, by the application of new health and environmental protection regulation; and on the other hand, by the restructuring of the sector itself with the purpose of adapting to the levels of competitiveness that allow them to lead the market.

• The climatic conditions of the region.

Making farms more competitive is also our objective, for which EXAFAN is working to obtain the maximum automation, equipping them with greater levels of mechanization. At EXAFAN we are convinced that there is no better and more direct benefit than saving. Another of the important aspects for reaching a high degree of competitiveness is energy efficiency: savings of energy to reduce energy costs and promote economic sustainability, increasing effectiveness and maximizing profit.

• The local particularities of the zone. • The environmental needs inside the housing according to species, age and physiological condition of the poultry. • The cost-efficiency relation of the investments in the elements and machines comprising the poultry installation. Thus, we achieve energy efficiency designing a balance combination of rules for construction and equipment of the material units that will mainly comprise the project, such as: insulation, ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting. In this way, we ensure the correct integration of the different systems without the operation of any of them supposing a waste of energy.

To obtain a higher energy efficiency index, a series of factors that are directly involved must be taken into account, which EXAFAN will analyze at the be-


05. Types of houses

One of the main lines of business of EXAFAN is the poultry sector where we aim to accompany breeders in seeking greater profitability in their business, always keeping in mind the well-being of their animals. Other products obtained are those produced by other livestock orientations, from which meat (turkeys, ducks, quail and partridges) and eggs (quail) are commercialized.

Depending on the type of product desired, the technical characteristics of the installations change considerably, as well as the number of cycles and the operation of the farms. In this way, depending on the type of animal to be bred, we will have to define the installation.

Meat production chain Genetics companies

Strain companies Pure lines Great Grandparents

Dark Houses

Nest housing

SELECTION FARMS Hybrid Grandparents

Fattening houses


MULTIPLICATION FARMS Parent farms Hatchery rooms

Fattening houses


Broiler chicken farm


A Whole Farming World inside


Types of houses Egg production chain Genetics companies

Strain companies Pure lines Great Grandparents

SELECTION FARMS Grandmother farms

Fattening houses


Hatchery rooms

Dark Houses


Battery housing


Commercialization of eggs


06. Construction Characteristics Ventilation Functionality

Broiler Rebreeding of pullets Heavy Breeders Laying Hens


A Whole Farming World inside

06.Construction Characteristics

Modern agriculture and livestock farming activity must, in order to achieve its objectives, know how to perfectly conjugate the following factors: Installations, equipment, genetics, and human team. One of the main concerns of EXAFAN is that the installations provide the animals with the maximum climatic comfort that allows us to reach the desired level of production at the same time as a comfortable environment so that the human team can carry out their work. In the design and dimensioning of the compartments built by EXAFAN factors are taken into account that are essential to achieve good breeding results, that is, the suitable dimensioning of the same is essential to obtain adequate air speeds in order to ventilate, cool and heat, likewise planning the location of the necessary machines and systems for this purpose. Likewise, it is very important to not forget that the design and dimensioning of the compartments must include, in a very rigorous manner, the interior housing of elements such as nest boxes, laying batteries, feeders, feed distribution systems, watering troughs, etc. which are directly linked to the structure of the house, as they depend on them not only in their fastening, but also in their installation and form for daily operation.

One aspect we cannot ignore due to its importance is insulation. EXAFAN insists strongly on the area of insulation, both in the enclosures and in the roof, as not only the comfort of the animals will depend on it, but also the energy savings that will make the production unit efficient. It is necessary to have a preliminary study that will allow us to make necessary housing in the enclosure so that the air inlets are installed at the suitable height and distance to maintain the perfectly atmosphere perfectly renewed; Likewise, in order for such important elements as water and feed to be effectively placed, it will be necessary to have a good design of the structure that plans for the suspension systems as well as the distribution and the appropriate measurements so that when the feeders and watering troughs are installed the animals access them easily, eliminating the risk of stress that is involved when having to compete for its access.


Types of ventilation Transverse PASSAGE OF VENTILATION

- Transverse ventilation


Transitional ventilation - Tunnel ventilation


- Transverse ventilation - Transitional ventilation - Tunnel ventilation


A Whole Farming World inside


Everything is perfectly calculated; no detail is left to chance, more than 25 years of experience constructing livestock buildings allow us to have studied and controlled even the most insignificant details, applying this criteria for the choice of factors such as the pitch of the roof, the nature and shape of the metal structure, the dimensions, the choice of the materials, the insulation, etc.


A Whole Farming World inside


Design of the house and its climate control

The direction of the air currents, the flow volume and its speed are essential parameters to be taken into account in order to ventilate efficiently, always aiming for the air currents to strike the animal as little as possible, as this would affect its well-being considerably;

In the same way, the choice of a slight slope limits the air volumes of the interior of the shed, something very important to be taken into account with “tunnel� type ventilations.



A Whole Farming World inside


Functionality of the houses


EXAFAN supplies houses that are well designed, equipped, and able to meet the highest standards of hygiene required. Designed to control the environment, providing the poultry with all their ventilation needs, air, temperature and space quality; covering the nutritional needs of the animals, supplying in quantity and in quality both feed and water, thus achieving homogeneity of the poultry.


A Whole Farming World inside

06.02.01 Broiler Houses for the fattening of broilers.

-Supply of water,

Several of the main resources of poultry activity are controlled by the global system of construction of poultry houses supplied by EXAFAN,

-Control of ventilation (heating cooling...)

-Storage and supply of feed,

-Air inlets -Lighting -Surveillance, safety

Distribution of feeders and drinking troughs in a broiler fattening farm



A Whole Farming World inside

06.02.02 Totally dark to control the growth of the poultry with the aim of obtaining optimal laying levels in the desired time, EXAFAN provides this type of compartments with specific elements such as: light traps or blinds, to prevent the entry of any beams of light, synchronizing the sexual maturity of hens and stimulating the onset of laying. The system of aerial distribution of the feed is the ideal system for the rebreeding of pullets, which

Rebreeding of pullet have restricted feeding (they only eat once a day and in a small amounts), because distributing the feed uniformly over the entire surface of the shed the poultry access the feed without competition, the poultry breed more uniformly and the mortality levels decrease. The number of animals per square metre is greater due to not having obstructions on the floor, which improves the animal well-being considerably.

Pullet rebreeding house



A Whole Farming World inside

06.02.03 Buildings equipped with a higher level of bio-safety with controlled access both for persons and for vehicles; even the silos are located near the perimetral access area, so that loading is done from the outside. Equipped with storage warehouses where the eggs are sent that come from the conveyor belts connecting this room with the collection houses.

Heavy Breeders egg collection belt, with slats on both sides to facilitate the entry of the poultry into the nest. Specific feeders for both the males and the females, normally plate feeders, which allow quick and uniform distribution of the feed.

Designed to house the communal nest boxes placed in the centre of the building, with ejection systems to prevent the hens from sleeping inside, with

Heavy breeders house



A Whole Farming World inside

06.02.04 Specific buildings for housing the different types of battery cages, fulfilling the new regulations in force in the sector. Cages with large-capacity feeders, double hot-galvanized mesh floor. Cages with a central that blows air into the poultry

Laying Hens dung to obtain better drying of the same. Drinking troughs separate from the feed to promote the rotation of the hens. Poultry dung extraction belts, moved by metal rollers with counter-roller, the elevation can be fixed or adjustable in height. With possibility of supply of egg grader.

Laying house


07. Technology and innovation

Monitors the status of the temperatures, ventilation, heating, cooling as well as any other parameter of work of your farm, even at a distance and in real time. Moreover, you can modify the work data and consult all the data bases stored in its system. Study the control of inputs, outputs, losses, etc. in your production houses. You will also be able to control the days of vaccination and the notes of observations provided by the persons in charge of control of the compartments.


Administrative control The most complete range of computers for the integral control of all parameters. All the regulators for the control of poultry houses have the option of connecting to a central computer (remote control is possible).


A Whole Farming World inside

07.Technology and Innovation Poultry weight

Control of silo weighing

The UCP-400 system for weighing control can be connected to a computer with the DN-PC software so that you will be able to obtain information in real time of the weight of the animals, as aswell of the water consumption. escasa.

Control for the filling and replacement of the feed, as well as interpreting the consumption of feed stipulated for the poultry, according to the growth curve, with the purpose of detecting any problem in their normal ingestion of feed. Essential for preventing lack of feed in the silos.

The weighing plates of Exafan are developed to obtain the greatest possible number of weighings, even when the animals are in their last days of breeding and the mobility of the poultry is limited. Sensor de pesaje para silos con sistema antivuelco

Data: - Breeding graphs - Graphic data - Control of alarms - Automation of processes - Exporting data - Printing registers

Consola de visualizaci贸n de pesos.

Access to: Remote Control and handling of the regulators of the farm. Additional controls: - Control of the UCP-400 system - Control of animal weight, - Control of water consumption - Control of the feed by silo weighings. - Visual control by surveillance cameras - Administrative control.


08. After-sales service Technical Service for the products

Installation Start-up Repairs

Customer services Training for use

EXAFAN maintains a close relationship with its customers, which goes beyond the sale. We advise them at all times, even after the installation and works, offering continuous training in the operation of the equipment and systems, with the aim of obtaining the maximum yield from their farms. At EXAFAN, quality is a strict rule which extends from the design and development of the best products and services to after-sales technical attention.


A Whole Farming World inside

08.01 The EXAFAN After-sales Technical Service is comprised of an in-house team with high professional qualifications in the installation, repair and maintenance of all our products. EXAFAN has an exhaustive internal training plan for all personnel comprising the Technical Service of the Company. This continuous training programme ensures that both our team and the customer’s personnel are up-to-date in the use and installation of the products and systems.

Technical department from repairs of the equipment on our installations to on-site intervention in the customer’s country, both for the resolution of a technical problem and for training the local team or to carry out the start-up of the installation. From the Telephone Attention department, trained simultaneously together with the technical personnel, painstaking coverage is offered of information of all products in the range.

The electronic regulators that comprise the installation of a livestock farm are those that offer greater complexity in operation. For this reason, both the interface and the instruction manuals are presented in the language of the customer. The scope of action of our Technical Service ranges


For EXAFAN, Interaction with the customer is a reason for continuous improvement. The After-sales service we offer fulfils two basic, directly related objectives: customer attention and “feedback� that we receive from the user, of key importance in the development and improvement of our products and services.


A Whole Farming World inside

08.02 Consultancy

At EXAFAN we collaborate with expert nutritionists, veterinarians and integrators, with whom we continuously maintain close collaboration and exchange of information.

With animals as a centre of interest of our Company, we observe their patterns of behaviour to innovate and develop products and solutions that provide a differential value as compared to our competitors.

At EXAFAN we believe in collaboration with the companies, the customers and the professionals of the sector. In this way, together and thanks to the trust you place in us, we can determine the best strategies that promote mutual knowledge, resulting in improved utilization of the resources and finally, achieving better yield and profit from your business.

EXAFAN will guide you regarding the lines of business to follow thanks to a deep knowledge of the uniqueness of each territory, as well as the applicable law in each case, with the continuous support of our large network of distributors, who become our main ally in the personalized study of each situation.

Training courses, fairs, congresses, technical visits to farms, and commercial support for our distributors are some of the many platforms where EXAFAN shares its experiences, concerns, and problems.


The final objective of EXAFAN is the satisfaction of the customer. With this philosophy, the sale represents the first of the steps to reach it.


A Whole Farming World inside


Continuous training

Customer loyalty becomes the extension of the effective management of EXAFAN. It is backed by a complete number of services provided: installation and start-up, training for the use of our products and systems, follow-up visits to the customer, courses programmed at origin, or the promotion of the systems to reach the maximum efficiency ratios and as a result, a reduction of problems derived from incorrect use (unnecessary heating and cooling expenses, etc.)



A Whole Farming World inside

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