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Construction of Pig Farms

Exafan´s goal is to achieve the animal well – being as well as the success of your investments. The fact of positioning ourselves, at a level where the whole range of our products responds to the highest standards of quality and top performance, has not been easy. That is why, we are so proud of our service orientation focus, bearing in mind all of our customers´ suggestions and recommendations, always with the purpose of providing the product with all the details required no matter how insignificant they might seem. As a result of a good job, we may guarantee that Exafan has become the most reliable option for your projects.

Juan Pascual Nadal Managing – Director


Pig farms must be designed and built correctly in order to deliver the maximum performance possible as well as to minimize labor costs, the same way, they must facilitate a good environment for the animal well – being and health. We have to guarantee the essential services availability and accessibility, such as food supply, water, and electric power. The environment must be convenient to build the draining and manure management system, therefore, the distance between the neighbors and other farms does not have to be that much. The site must comply with the local policies, such as conicity and environmental considerations. Expansion possibilities must be also considered.

At Exafan, we offer a “Turnkey Project� final solution where we commit ourselves to conceive, build and operate the farm once finished and after having been conceived, planed and designed in cooperation with all the parties involved. 5

In order to choose the convenient pig facilities, we have to take into account several aspects: required environmental conditions, functionality, investment costs, animal well-being, future expansion possibility and environmental impact. The environmental conditions include temperature, humidity, concentration of noxious gases, air speed, noise, surface and volume available for the animal. The functionality refers to how appropriate the facilities are in order to achieve the maximum efficiency in terms of manpower, especially regarding the following aspects: food supply, elimination of manure, loading, unloading, transfer and surveillance of the animals, environmental control and application of the hygienic – sanitary treatment required.

The concept of animal well-being refers to the following aspects: accommodation and comfort, abundant clean water and balanced feeding, free movement, company by other animals and opportunity to have a normal behavior similar to what it would be in nature. There are multiple pollution sources having an impact on a pig farm, let´s underline the volume of manure, mineral excretion and ammoniac volatilization. Further ahead, we have included a section concerning manure; let´s now talk about the pollution caused by heavy minerals and ammoniac. The ingestion of minerals by the pigs is greater than the animal retention. 7

Design of the facilities for


The fundamental assumptions determining the preliminary design of the pig farm (genetics, multiplication, grand – mother sows), are the following factors: - Breeding cycle of the sow and weaning age. - Genetics. - Crossed breeding strategy. Variation is one of the integrating parties of the pig biology. The interval between weaning and mating, the percentage of births and the gestation period varies from an individual to another on the basis of the season too. In contrast, the building dimension is fixed and cannot vary. Therefore, the design is always a compromise that must comply with certain production assumptions; however it can be never exact.

The design of the facilities for pig farming is one of the fundamental pillars if we wish a correct pig farm production performance, the same if we wish to make the species management easier. The design of the facilities will depend on the farm production goal expected. Facilities must be adapted to the requirements of the species to accommodate, by using resistant materials for the construction, hard enough to support the damage pigs may cause and the impact of time and constant disinfections, made of materials available in the region.


Design of the farms for


Planning a pig farm for weaning begins with the biologic assumptions required for the breeding cycle that is about to take place in the farm. This means that there are many alternative design systems. On the other hand, the design must be conceived bearing in mind the number of animals within each group and how they are expected to be managed. The dimensions of the farm, or the width of the building specifically, are other factors having an enormous impact on the design of the facilities, likewise, the intake of fodder and exit of animals as well as manure must be considered very carefully.

The post – weaning stage is one of the pig´s most critical periods, regarding the breeders and the people involved in the production process, we all wish the pigs to continue with the adequate growth speed after they have been weaned. “Train wagon” facilities”. They are featured by having a side or central corridor having access to independent rooms; in a way that each of them corresponds to a lot of weaning pigs, with the purpose of working with piglets with similar ages, and therefore, with homogenous lots. Advanced climate control for ventilation as well as heating and cooling.


Design of

Fattening pig farms The design process of the facilities during the pig breeding process is a key factor, since these have an enormous impact on the final production cost, that is why, we have to consider what construction elements to bear in mind and which facilities are going to be necessary.

At the time of building a farm, we must bear in mind what conditions better adapt during the production cycle. Good insulated closures and roof allow us keeping the temperature inside the facilities in an efficient way, without any loss of heat in winter and no gain in summer.

The fattening stage is the most significant economic phase having an impact on the pig production profitability.

Fattening pigs, the same as to what happens in other stages, have special minimum ventilation needs that in case we don´t meet them, most probably problems will come up.

Efficiency in this fattening stage depends on several factors. The Improvement of the indicators in the fattening stage is one of the pig breeding companies´ major concerns, as well as the animal efficiency during this period.

It is increasingly usual to find totally automated buildings for fattening pigs with climate controllers managing ventilation, heating and cooling, totally controlling all kinds of environmental gases such as CO2, NH3 etc.


Design of the pig farms regarding

Genetic Centers Selection Farms And research.

El objetivo de Exafan es Implementar sistemas de proExafan´s goal is implementing pig production systems with high quality genetic material and sustainable production systems by meeting extremely demanding requirements providing high added value.

The most demanding facilities in terms of facilities, biosecurity, equipment and climate control are the ones in charge of valuable genetic material, either concerning obtaining (farms for boars) as what regards to the race selection.

Exafan gives interesting possibilities in order to improve the industry organization in relationship with fundamental aspects: sanitary, productive, and animal well-being, providing technological progress related with these kinds for facilities.


At Exafan, we commit ourselves to provide a global project, including the management of civil, earthmoving and foundation works, pipelines, precast material placing, defecation pits, etc..

Works are made by professional staff perfectly trained in the different aspects necessary to carry out the works required in a lasting and efficient way.

Civil Works At Exafan, we put all of our means and commitment in these construction projects requiring high technological and working capacity, destined for farming purposes, whose finishing and functionality must be demanding. All of this under sustainable criteria; including economic, social and environmental aspects. We print a quality stamp to all of our projects, our customers rely on us and on our mission and business vision, in continuous development, this motivates us to continue to do what we like the most: a good job and the satisfaction of our customers.




At Exafan, we understand the notion of earth moving works as the set of works made on the ground to carry out the works we want. Prior to the beginning of any work, at Exafan, we carry out the overhauling works, preparing the access of the equipment, trucks, ramps, etc. Before beginning with the earthmoving works, we get in charge of the work regarding the ground surface, cleaning bushes, plants, trees, dead leaves, weeds, and trash on the ground, (removing and clearing). When the ground is clean and free of obstacles, let´s overhaul and begin with the earthmoving works.

We are specialized in carrying out geotechnical studies, laboratory analysis and geophysics. Our geotechnical studies are adapted to the CTE requirements, admitted to the Regional Governments, City Councils, Professional Associations, etc. But, we don’t just keep up with the geotechnical studies, but recommend about the ideal foundation to build, counting on a consulting service once the geotechnical study to the customer has been delivered.

Earthmoving: Earthmoving works, whose goals are based on reaching the building starting plan, that is to say, the foundations. When the ground is clean and free of obstacles, let´s overhaul and begin with the earthmoving works. • Deforestation. • Emptying. • Terracing.



In the construction of farming buildings, it is essential for the foundation to be correct In terms of the dimension and levels in correlation with the kind of structure we are about to assemble and where we have studied and checked the admissible tension of the ground where we want to settle the building and the concrete supplied is going to be used with a layer of concrete certified by AENOR. The importance given at Exafan to the foundation section, makes us deal with this issue very carefully, by trying to manage the best way possible, we proceed to open the basements and foundation trenches, without a lot of time between the opening of the foundations and the concreting works, taking special care that no water accumulates in the earthmoving works so that they remain clean and refined. -Concrete quality essays are carried out to confirm that the quality standards required are met.

In order to carry out the building foundation works correctly, at Exafan we especially focus on the following aspects: Overhauling of the pillar axis, dimension of the concrete basement, foundation trenches and final levels to be considered for the precast structure to fit in such building foundation.

Features: • For the structure not to touch the ground, we have at least a layer of cleaning concrete available 10 cm thick. • The waiting period and the structure overlap are controlled; they should be also clean and correctly tied. • The covering thickness of the structures should be at least 3 cm thick. • Regarding the concrete works of the remaining concrete basements and trenches up to the final level, we use the concrete required by the Construction Standards as well as features and tensions admissible by the ground where we want to build the farm. • Once the kind of concrete is defined, we control it is supplied from a central unit certified by AENOR and that its commissioning work does not present any type of forging, desiccation or segregation. • During the concrete pouring, it is vibrated for its uniform layout. • In case the temperature, at the time of the concrete works, is below 0º C, or over 40º C, specific additives are added. • In case it is necessary to mold the external parameters of the concrete basements or foundation trenches shaping the building construction, we will make sure the different elements of the scaffolding are correctly watertight and rigid, also that they have not deviated 4 cm regarding the theoretical dimension.



The installation of the sanitation system is based on the sewage evacuation generated through pipes (sanitation equipment, washing rooms, kitchens, irrigation, industrial effluents, etc.) and also storm water (on the roof, rooftop, courtyards, etc.). Unloading is carried out by the gravity towards the general vertical pipes (downspouts), and other smaller ones (waste pipes). When we talk about any kind of construction, we always must consider the materials available such as pillars, columns, roofs, etc. However, we have to go little by little; we also have to think about the internal structures, which are the ones helping to have more resistant constructions. The pipes are the ones in charge of transferring liquids such as water or waste throughout the building, Exafan uses long - resistant and specific materials.

Animal feces fall on the slats in order to make the exit of manure easier through a network of sanitation trenches. Manure is carried through a network of pipes made of PVC with a slope of 1% and through some caskets up to a pond for the manure located outside.

Radiant floor heating

The heating system is considered to be essential in any farm; it plays a fundamental role in reducing the production costs and keeps the animal health. A good design of the facilities and the heating system control is essential to keep the environmental temperature stable and without any variation, in order not to generate stress episodes on the animals and people. Radiant floor system, emitting heat throughout the floor surface of the facilities by keeping a comfortable temperature of the ground concrete, through a net of pipes of hot water. The kind of heat emitted, uniformity of the layout and space use, present many advantages why to install radiant floors.


• Thermal uniformity inside the building. • Heat is carried directly towards the animal, by reducing the loss of heat through the roof and by aeration. • Elimination of the internal oxygen consumption. • No combustion gases are generated inside the building. • Adaptation to any kind of power and paving.

On top of it, this kind of system allows some energy savings. 25


Due to the fact that farms generate a lot of waste, we must get in charge of them correctly. The emissions and impact on the ground and the water coming from the internal housing equipment must be zero. To achieve that, we guarantee the construction features and maintenance of the concrete deck as well as of the excrements collection systems. We manage to guarantee their water tightness this way. The wastes generated in the farm, as well as the management measures, are described as follows: Excrements, we will build pits 50 cm high under the internal housing equipment, with the purpose of collecting the excrements. Finally, by means of a net of sanitation networks linking the pits to the collective storing ponds, the manure generated will be carried there. The pond capacity will be three months due to the use of agricultural fertilizer on the manure. Afterwards, by means of a tank, the manure will be distributed to the agricultural lots owned by the farmer.

We carry out ground permeability tests. These tests are required by the Environment in order to determine the permeability of lower layers. The permeability coefficient Ks is determined, which varies according to the type of ground to be more or less argillaceous, that is to say more or less impermeable.

Separation and treatment of the manure: There are multiple pollution sources affecting a pig farm, let´s point out the volume of manure, mineral excretion and ammoniac volatilization. The elimination of manure in intensive pig farms, on top of being a problem that is not really solved, it increases with the pig census growth. The problem is aggravated if we bear in mind many facilities lack of territorial base with agricultural ground supposed to absorb the generation of manure, resulting in increasing environmental pollution

At Exafan, we recommend implementing state - of - the art manure handling and recycling systems such as for example • System to separate the solid and liquid phases of the manure at the bottom of the pit. • Composting generators, including separation, filtering, pressing and scrapping of the manure on sight. • Shakers - removers for the pits.


At Exafan, we adapt ourselves to the most convenient structures, according to our customers´requirements and our construction department experience.

Structures are construction elements whose fundamental mission is to support a set of loads, at Exafan; we supply duly calculated structures and comply with the most demanding standards in vigor in each country.

Structures At the time of choosing the kind of structure, we will have to bear in mind: The structure stability dis what guarantees such structure, understood as a solid and rigid set; it complies with the static conditions, when requested by the external actions that can act on it. Resistance is what makes not exceed the admissible tension of the material and no section to get broken. The limited deformation implies a restriction (within certain limits) of the deformation to take place because of the loads affecting the structure. These limits are marked by the use of the structure, constructive reasons and others.



Reinforced concrete structures have been one of the most widely used construction systems, due to the great advantages offered by this kind of structure. The building structure is the skeleton supporting all the loads. The building structure does not only support its own weight but also other loads and situations altering its initial total load. It will have to support modifications in terms of the distribution of the loads, coverings, even to support the static and dynamic elements derived from climate control components such as for example fans, chimneys, air inlets, etc. Other natural phenomena such as wind, snow, and even seismic movements very usual in other regions of the planet also have an impact on the structure. Structures made of reinforced concrete have been diffused covering almost the entire range of low and medium high buildings thanks to their constructive flexibility and efficiency. It is the most widely used constructive system in the world without a doubt. During the project stage, the most convenient structural diagrams regarding the design geometry and compatible details will be set in order to achieve their long endurance and adaptation to the environment.

ADVANTAGES: • The structure useful life is much longer than other construction systems. • Relatively low maintenance cost. • High resistance to compression. • Resistant to the water effect. • Resistant to fire, if an adequate covering made of steel is provided. • Great malleability in order to shape whatever is necessary thanks to the use of scaffoldings. • It confers a monolithic character to its structures, which enables withstanding side loads against wind and earthquakes more efficiently. • Its great rigidity and mass avoid structure vibration problems.



Building structure based on structural steel with European standard framing type IPE; chosen by its flexibility, quality guaranteed, mechanic resistance and adaptability to the building designs optimized by Exafan. Each building is studied in an Individual way, which enables setting the sections of each element, such as pillars, knifes, belts and reinforcements. The structure consists of profiles made of steel type IPE. Bolted on sight with galvanized beams type “C”. The protection against the corrosion of columns and beams is made through a deep hot galvanization process; the lintel is protected by means of a grey chlorine-cork layer. The links between the elements are designed to be re-assembled on sight, which enables guaranteeing the correct connection between any non - guaranteed welding action to carry out on sight. All the linking elements (screws, nuts, washers, …) have been calculated according to the DIN standard (German National Normalization Entity), it is a European Standard. The same way, their quality is 8.8 according to the standard UNE EN 7046 - 2:2012. Screws made of steel quality class 8.8, screws made of stainless steel and non - ferrous metal screws. Bearing in mind all these aspects, exclusive for each project, the metal structure is calculated and optimized according to the European standard Eurocode 3. Metal structure projects. A steel quality of S275JR is used according to the standard UNE EN 10025:1994, hot rolling products, made of non - alloy steel, for metal constructions of general use.

ADVANTAGES: • Equally resistant material in all the requests. • Hot galvanized finishing. Long durability. • Light weight and high resistance. • They keep their excellent properties indefinitely. • These structures admit no reform. Easy adaption to new circumstances. • High resistance and endurance. • No debris.



Modular detachable structure type “meccaono”, flexible and adaptable, designed to be carried and occupy the smallest area possible during its transportation, which makes us extremely competitive for those facilities where it is required to move material over long distances. The structure type C consists of cold galvanized profiles type C or Z. 100% of the structure is assembled by means of hot galvanized bolted joints. This structure is outstanding thanks to its galvanized finishing, which adds some special protection face to environmental corrosion, thanks to its lightness and easy transportation in containers, which implies an economic solution for the markets abroad. 

The assembly system on sight avoids the fact of having to weld unnecessarily. Assembling the structure is made on sight, by means of a simple system of bolted joints allowing an easy, quick and safe assembly, avoiding any non - controlled welding on sight.

ADVANTAGES: • Hot galvanized covering (since 275 g/m2 a 600 g/m2) • With no limit of snow load. • Light and resistant material. • Adaptable design to the structure according to the ground conditions where we want to install. • Guaranteed delivery deadline. • Costs reduced.


Regarding the construction of farming buildings, enclosures, coverings and faรงades, are especially important if we wish to achieve more efficient constructions. Thermal and acoustic insulation systems are precisely applied on these enclosures. At Exafan, we are focused on the efficiency of our farms; therefore, we design specific enclosure systems for each situation. The materials used by Exafan allow achieving a uniform and high quality finishing, making the execution of the works quicker

Part of the farming building success is based on the correct insulation of our building; energy efficiency will trace our business future, that is why Exafan considers the quality of the materials used for the construction to be critical. A good insulated building will more easily allow achieving the parameters required for the recommended comfort, and as a consequence, improve the performance of the climate control equipment in order to achieve such parameters.

Enclosures Facade panels are enclosing systems without a structural function, since these are subject to structural elements, whose function is providing hygienic Insulation, the same for the structural support of the dynamic elements inherent to climate control and supplies, etc. The chances to combine the different kinds of panels allow us designing any kind of project, independently of its complexity, being possible to put it in vertical or horizontal position, according to each work requirements.



The concept of precast concrete originates in the engineering field, in the bridge construction technology and is very quickly applied to find a solution for the most complex challenges regarding construction and coverings. It is so that this industrial product begins its unstoppable race until meeting the requirements of modern construction, which requires a combination of versatility, design, quickness and above all, quality and endurance. Standardization is the fundamental feature of precast concrete, but the modulation and repetition of the elements should not add a static feature to the construction system. At Exafan, we work hard to combine all these elements as we understand that this system enables “to architecturize” the spaces.

Briefly, let´s name the advantages that on top of the concrete intrinsic properties, explain why precast concrete has gained an important niche in the construction market and how it positions itself face to other kinds of conventional constructions:

ADVANTAGES: • Flexible design. • Control of costs and deadlines. • Exhaustive control and quality. • Quick execution and assembly. • Endurance. • Resistance to fire. • Acoustic insulation. • Safety on sight • Reduction of the number of tasks. • No debris.



THERMAL CLAY is a low density ceramic block, with some special features that make it very advantageous face to other existing materials in the market. Starting from a mixture of clay, with lightening additives that are gazed during the cooking process at more than 900 ºC, leaving no waste, it originates from a fine homogenously distributed porosity throughout the ceramic mass of the block. This special constitution of the ceramic material along with the specifically studied piece geometry, adds new singular features to this product, including some upto-now unknown possibilities to be used, so that blade walls present some equivalent or superior features in some aspects, walls include different layers, since they include the entire set of features in a single material required in a modern construction.

Even though there are other materials offering good thermal and acoustic insulation, acceptable mechanic resistance, etc. none of them is capable of including all the high quality features met by THERMAL CLAY.

ADVANTAGES: • Good thermal insulation. • Good acoustic insulation • Ceramic material • No toxicity problems. • No radiations • No allergies • Lower economic costs than the other alternative solutions.



The insulated sandwich panel is a panel 30 mm thick made of polyurethane, with external pre-lacquered sheets in white color, with an insulation coefficient of 0,55 Kcal / hm 2º C, conceived in a such a way that it is directly fixed to the metal arcades of the structure, leaving a hidden dilatation space between the sheets for aesthetic reasons. The sandwich panel allows closing the construction or making some internal divisions in a quick and aesthetic way.

Cut according to an exact measure and with a wide modularity, it is possible to build the enclosures with little structure. They usually consist of two sheets made of framed and pre-lacquered steel that adds extra mechanic resistance to the set and of a core made of polyurethane or polyisocyanurate meeting excellent thermal and acoustic insulating functions.

ADVANTAGES: • High portable capacity with low weight. • Excellent and lasting thermal insulation. • Good barrier against water and steam. • Excellent sealing against the air. • External surfaces capable of resisting atmospheric agents and corrosive environments. • Possibility to lift structures quickly with no need for complex lifting equipment. • Easy to install under adverse weather conditions. • Easy to repair or replace in case of failure. • Economies in the mass production of high quality and uniform components. • Lasting with low maintenance costs. • Resistance to fire panels with a core made of mineral wool.



Ytong is a highly mechanic insulating mineral, it can be used as a structural element. With the YTONG, the production quality increases. It is ideal to breed and store animals. More comfortable for the animals and lower mortality rate in summer; it improves the storage of grains and vegetables. Sustainability and Energy: The YTON cellular concrete is a material that is environmentally friendly in each phase of the life cycle: no pollution due to the COV or due to other toxic products. No bacteriologic proliferation and without any humidity and stinking odor. YTON construction system elements allow reducing thermal bridges to a great extent, as it is a massive and homogenous material including isotropic features.

Thanks to the Ytong we manage to achieve high energy savings. Power consumption in your facilities decreases, either in heating or ventilation terms. Placing it is quick and efficient, with minimum waste and a top performance delivery which makes it very competitive.

ADVANTAGES: • Resistance to fire. • Mechanic resistance. • Earthquake resistance. • Acoustic insulation. • Energy savings. • More comfortable for the animals. • Ecologic material. • Easy to be used in construction sites. • Thermal inertia to keep the environmental temperature. • Easy to execute: 5m2/h




Fibrocement is a flat multiple - use sheet for pipelines inside and outside. It is stable and resistant to cement, easy to work with.

Building enclosures are made of sandwich panels consisting of - Frame made of Nordic pine wood. - Insulation made of polyurethane 40 mm thick - Two flat sheets made of fibrocement 5 mm thick K insulation coefficient: 0,486 Kcal/hm 2º K.


FEATURES: • Sheet made of cement for its use outside. • Ideal alternative to brick and a block made of ceramic and concrete. • Consisting of Portland cement, additives and lightening elements. • 100 % resistant to water and moisture. • Bending up to 1 meter of radio. • Robust and highly resistant to impacts. • Incombustible (A1). • Very easy to install, we may cut it even with a cutter. • Safe, hygienic and sustainable.



Roof The roof is the most delicate part of every farming building, which undergoes strong energy losses in winter and is very exposed to solar radiation in summer. The roof design and installation demands reliability and endurance. Guaranteed by Exafan on the basis of the technique and know - how acquired during many years of activity in the industrial construction. We apply our own demanding high quality values linked to our experience in the use of steel, sheets, sandwich panels and waterproofing, offering different kinds of farming building roofs.




Sheets made of fibrocement without asbestos, made of a homogenous mixture of cement, additives, natural and synthetic organic fibers that do not damage our health. Thanks to Its excellent features, minimum maintenance and easy installation; it is the ideal material to be used in farming building roofs. Endurance is the main advantage of the reinforced fibrocement sheet thanks to its high resistance against humidity, as well as robustness thanks to its safety belt made of polypropylene.

Roof panel made Fibrocement with an integral roof solution including: “Roof + insulation + internal finishing”

ADVANTAGES: • Length. • Insulation. • Cleanliness. • Profitability (production improvement). • Health standards. • Adaptability (we may combine it with natural lightening).

• “Granonda” sheet made of reinforced cement • Injected foam made of polyurethane (Insulation). • Reinforced polyester (Internal finishing). • Insulation thickness of 40 Kg/m3.




Exafan supplies a wide and complete range of panels for the construction of roofs on farming buildings, specially innovating, capable of matching, efficiency and functionality the best way possible. Thanks to the multiple solutions proposed, Exafan is in situation of meeting any client´s constructive requirement.

Insulation made of polyurethane - Maximum thermal insulation - Optimal mechanic performance - Stability in time of the chemical – physical features.

Self - portable insulating sandwich panel made of continuous polyurethane and double metal roof made of lacquered steel.

FEATURES: • Insulation made of polyurethane • Sheets made of pre-lacquered steel • Reaction to fire C S3 D0 • External ribbed finishing. • Polyurethane without CFC’s, nominal density of 40 Kg/m3. • Reaction to fire B-s2, d0 according to the EN 13501-1 standard. • Insulation to air noise: 25 (-1;-2) dB (1) Application domain: roofs tilted with a minimum slope, as it may apply, 7%. Fire performance ext.: BRO

Garnish External side Fixing screw Polyurethane Internal side

Linking detail of the joint-cap link.



Bordered roof sheets are sheets used for the roof in case of industrial, commercial and farming buildings, available in steel and aluminum. It can be also manufactured in the micro-drilled version. This kind of sheets is very common, and increasingly used. At Exafan, we recommend building the roofs by always combining higher quality insulation. The bordered sheet has a detailed geometric design. This sheet has an overlapping system, which will allow an installation using roofs with a small tilt that eliminates all kinds of filtration. Since it is going to be installed outside, the covering is ideal to protect this sheet against external weather agents, such as sun, rain, wind, coldness, etc.

Simple bordered sheet systems are especially easy to install, including straight sheets and curves, it can be bended on sight according to its thickness.

FEATURES: • It can be used for roofs or wall coverings. • Step 1000 mm. • Available in the micro - drilled version. • Available with an inversed profile (LG 40R).


The set of elements shaping the farming buildings: walls, roof, floors, etc. have the protection of the animals located in the internal housing equipment against weather agents outside as main function. These elements have the required hydrothermal features allowing to keep the most favorable and comfortable conditions, providing the animals a top comfortable environment allowing to develop their maximum productive potential.

In order to efficiently contribute to save energy in the farming buildings, we must control and monitor the environmental control systems correctly, something at Exafan we are specialists, in order to be this really efficient, it Is essential to begin by insulating correctly all the elements included in the farming buildings.

Insulation under Roof Farming buildings must own an adequate thermal insulation in order to carry out the breeding process efficiently and profitably. A correct insulation as well as a good environmental control management are significant factors in terms of costs and improvement of the production rates. The turnkey project offered by Exafan makes such insulation level unbeatable, tanks to its concern in the selection of materials, quality, and added value given by the experience of a leading company in the farming building construction industry. Exafan´s external equipment achieves the highest insulation standards, elements such as air exhaust fans, air inlets and different accesses inside the building have been designed to face extreme weather conditions.




Panel made of rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) covered by two sides of lacquered embossed aluminum. One of the panel sides uses aluminum with a layer of decorative protection lacquer in white color. Among its main features, let´s point out its high thermal resistance, which enables using a less thick insulating panel; its rigidity and lightness make its manipulation easier. The PIR GR panel high insulating power ensures a high thermal comfort once installed. On one side, the finishing in aluminum protects the panel against aggressive environments and makes pressure washing easier, this way; we manage to achieve optimum agricultural facilities. Roof panel made of fibrocement with an integral roof made of fibrocement consisting of: “Roof + insulation + internal finishing”

ADVANTAGES: • Lower insulation thickness thanks to the low thermal conductivity coefficient of the foam made of polyisocyanurate. • Practically null absorption of water thanks to its polymer structure enclosed cell. • Highly rigid and light panels. • The covering made of aluminum protects the panel against the usual aggressive environment inside the farm. • Easy to manage.

Embossed aluminum 50 microns thick. • Thermal conductivity coefficient (7d 10ºC) (W/mK).................................................0.0215 • Declared thermal conductivity coefficient D 10ºC (W/mK)......................................................0.023 • Resistance to compression (kPa) (thickness between 30 and 40mm)....................................................200 ±25 • Resistance to compression (kPa) (thickness ≥ 50mm)............................................250 ±50 • Product reaction to fire .................................. C-s2, d0




Sandwich panel consisting of a thermal insulating core made of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) with a covering made of galvanized steel on both sides. There is an option of a panel with a sheet made of reinforced polyester on one side, and on the other, a sheet made of galvanized steel with a finishing made of polyester painting or with both sides of the polyester sheet made of reinforced glass fiber. Kinds of covering: Sheet of galvanized steel Z225 (0,5 mm) with a finishing made of polyester painting (25 microns) Opaque plastic laminate, elaborated with resins made of polyester with reinforced glass fiber, flat superficial finishing (2 mm) and in white color.

ADVANTAGES: The finishing in polyester confers great advantages to the final product such as: - Opaque plastic lamination made of polyester resins with reinforced glass fiber. • Easy to install. • Lasting panel • Minimum maintenance and easy to clean. • Highly hygienic and protective performance. • Highly resistant to hits. • Apt for food contact since it does not allow the formation of moisture, it does not absorb any stinking smell, or rust.

Sandwich panel made of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) or glued polyisocyanurate (PIR) by means of highly resistant mechanic continuous lamination and highly thermal resistant as well.

• Rigid foam density of PUR/PIR (kg/m3)....................40 • Thermal conductivity coefficient PUR/PIR (W/mK)..................................................................0.023 • Declared thermal conductivity coefficient D 10ºC (W/mK)......................................................0.023




Panel made of rigid polyurethane (PUR) covered on both sides with a multi-layer complex made of aluminum - kraft. Among its features, let´s point out its high thermal resistance, which enables using less thick insulating panels, its rigidity and lightness makes its manipulation easier. The panel high insulating power PUR AL ensures a high thermal comfort level once installed. On the other side, the finishing in aluminum protects the panel against aggressive environments and makes its pressure washing easier, this way; we achieve optimal hygienic levels in our farming facilities.

Panel made of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) covered on both sides with a multilayer complex of aluminum - kraft.

ADVANTAGES: • High thermal resistance. • Highly rigid and light panels. • Highly insulating. • The multi-layer complex made of aluminum protects the panel against the usual aggressive environments inside the farm. • Easy to clean. • Easy to manipulate.

• Thermal conductivity coefficient (7d 10ºC) (W/mK)...................................................0.022 • Declared thermal conductivity coefficient D 10ºC (W/mK)......................................................0.028 • Resistance to compression (kPa)....................200 ±25



Projected polyurethane is the most efficient and lasting thermal insulating material. Its low thermal conductivity and innovating technological manufacturing process have put it on the top of the products contributing to save energy through its thermal insulation.

Insulating self-portable sandwich panel made of polyurethane (PUR) and double metal covering in lacquered steel.

FEATURES: •Insulation made of polyurethane. •Sheets made of pre-lacquered steel. •Reaction to fire C S3 D0 •External bordered finishing •Polyurethane without CFC´s and a nominal density of 40 Kg/m3 •Reaction to fire B-s2, d0 according to the EN 13501-1 standard Insulation to air noise: 25 (-1;-2) dB (1) Application domain: tilted covering with a minimum slope, as the case may be, 7%. Fire performance ext.: BRO




The building roof insulation does not consist only of the upper part but also of the lower part, even of the Intermediate area, which may be also isolated sometimes (polyurethane projected) in order to obtain the best results with a better cost / profit relationship. Under certain circumstances, Exafan proposes large flow air chambers, which contribute to improve the insulation thermo - regulating action, at the same time; it decreases the superfluous air flow we wish to heat.






In order to obtain top performance animals, it is essential for the environment created inside the building to be adapted to its requirements in terms of size, design and location inside the farm. Exafan offers a solution for each situation according to the kind of breeding process; it deals with the animal and people optimal conditions the most efficient way possible. Exafan offers a total control of your farms, as well as a global solution for your needs.

Exafan provides state - of - the art technology to his customers´ projects, with the purpose of obtaining high production levels for your farm, taking care of the slightest detail, so that the animal enjoys similar conditions as the ones existing in its natural habitat or even better.

Climate control & Equipment

Adequate environment, intelligent feeding system, precise observation of the animal behavior, as well as optimum comfort, they all create a synergy that will result in more healthy animals, at the same time a higher farm performance. So, for us, the feeding, the environmental temperature and the internal housing equipment constitute a single entity, which translates into a farm total management, which will provide a highly valuable and constant flow of information for your business.


Genetics has developed to be more productive, but also has become more demanding and sensible to environmental stress, at Exafan, we work hard to turn your facilities more adaptable to state - of - the - art genetic progress, this way; your business performance will be unbeatable. Thanks to its touchscreen climate controllers, you will be able to completely control any room or building inside a farming complex. Exafan offers a range of top computers and climate controllers to manage and control all the parameters having an impact on the animal breeding process. It includes the most simple and economic climate controllers available to manage simple functions, but also complete computers capable of managing, interpreting and controlling all the variables involved in your business climate control and management.

Air and light inlet management and control. Exafan´s air inlets have been designed to obtain an optimum distribution and dosage of the air inlet flow. They are made of materials resistant to corrosion, on top of ensuring an unbeatable insulation. - ACTUATOR MOTORS - REDUCTION MOTORS - AIR INLETS

Exhaust air systems. Exafan´s exhaust air systems have as main goal to provide oxygen inside the building, eliminate gas, eliminate the water steam caused by the animal excrements and breathing as well as control the temperature inside.

Customized design according to the climate area and animal production. Exafan´s technical proposals are focused on designing a ventilation system to be adapted to each farm´s individual production, as well as ensuring the minimum consumption of energy.

At Exafan, we don´t only adapt the design to the kind of ventilation according to the climate control area where the farm is located, but we also carry a customized study of the client´s particular needs, size and farm location, taking care of factors such as the changes in the production system and genetic improvements

Intensive pig production is really focused on environmental control; we are creating an artificial environment in our facilities, which enables a higher animal density and productivity.

Investors have to follow the trend of modernizing ventilation systems and develop towards a complete environmental control if high production levels are desired.

Climate control systems in clear farms. • Gestation • Insemination • Fattening • Weaning • Centers of artificial insemination • Quarantine.

Climate control systems in modular farms. • Weaning • Farrowing




EOS. It controls the climate in average complex rooms: farrowing and weaning (wagon type). Three versions: EOS, EOS-P, EOS-C

ARGOS. It controls and monitors the different variables involved in the climate control corridors. It interprets the readings made by the different sensors used to manage the heating and cooling systems. They adapt the air inlet flow inside the farrowing rooms.

FAETÓN. Base computer allowing to control all the independent climate controllers inside each modular room from a single point.

ATLAS. Powerful and reliable for especially complex rooms. Renewed graphic interface, easy to use. It manages multiple functions as well as controls an intelligent environment.

Farm monitoring via Internet from any location in order to absolutely control it in real time. Receipt of notices regarding previously defined situations.

ADVANTAGES: • Operation through a touchscreen interface. • Display. • Multi-touch. • Multi - language. • Codified access including several security levels. • Energy savings. • Durability. • Mobility. • Pre-setting. • High definition display. • Management system of alert warnings «alertsend». • Easy to install. • Assisted set in motion. • Pre-setting of the ventilation calculation systems.




The most complete range of products aiming at controlling and handling the different air inlets, safety air inlets in case of emergency and zenithal ridges. This wide range of products is complemented by overpressure air outlets and natural light inlets, meeting all kinds of requirements.







Wide range of climate controllers and actuators capable of interpreting variables such as temperature, wind direction, etc.

With a robust design, in order to work under the most adverse conditions while delivering an excellent quality / product result.

Systems to intake the air inside the building, either statically or dynamically (forced), which can be isolated on the basis of the region´s or customer´s climate requirements.

Ideal for facilities where it is required to act on a large number of air Inlets. No maintenance cost




Exafan has provided a ventilation logics that Is present in all of our computer programs, which manages to put together the concept of low energy costs and introduction of the convenient quantity and direction of air inside the room, avoiding disturbing air flows at the animal level, therefore, we may assure you that that the system developed by the EXAFAN corporation is the only one dealing with these two parameters rigorously.




Chimneys totally made of high density and quality polyethylene, non - polluting material, free of waste during the production process, resistant to light and temperature changes. Easy to clean.

Exafan´s fans are designed to work under the most demanding circumstances and environments, since each component has been chosen and designed in detail; as a consequence, we have achieved an optimum consumption - performance relationship with a long lasting product.


Range specifically developed to work under the most aggressive environments: corrosive environment, high humidity, coldness and heat. “EnergySave” Range New Ec fans, equipped with efficient synchronous motors without any brush abut with a permanent magnet and electronic commutation. They comply with the Erp 2015 standard, required within the European Community



Exafan´s farm cooling and heating systems are very comfortable for the animals, this way; we avoid stress and problems such as fertility in summer temperatures, essential to keep the required climate conditions to breed the animals adequately.







The need to install a heating system is defined by the physiological features of the animal determining its thermal requirements. Heating efficiently is an essential requirement in order to combine it with ventilation so as to absolutely control the climate conditions inside.

The cooling system by means of cooling pads is a very resistant set of evaporative cooling pads 10 or 15 cm thick, made of stainless or galvanized steel, where we may achieve larger cooling surfaces with a good relation between efficiency and investment.

It produces a pulverization curtain obtaining cooling through an evaporation process Evaporative cooling is a simple but yet effective method, where water requires calories to evaporate, so it takes 600 calories from the environment per each gram of water to be incorporated in the air. The environment will be fresher as long as more water evaporates



Quality and reliability. Development of intelligent systems. Research and permanent innovation. Exafan offers a wide variety of components, systems and farming integral solutions to the market. Entire farming equipment range of products: Climate control, ventilation, chimneys, air inlets, actuators for air inlets, heating, cooling, fogging, accessories, thermostats, peripherals, weighing, feeding, internal housing equipment, drinkers, lightning ‌ Most of the products we trade are manufactured by ourselves, condition that makes us highly competitive before the remaining companies, whose production depends on third parties. This way, EXAFAN directly responds of the product warranty, an important added value of our post-sales service since it does not depend on third parties, either in terms of the purchase of raw materials, or in terms of the systems design and production.



In farming, water is collected directly from the underground or from the surface and then stored in ponds, deposits, etc. before its consumption. Independently of its origin, we must make sure that it is under the best conditions possible at the drinker level if we wish to obtain the highest farm profitability rate possible.



Water as we find it in nature cannot be used without treatment; that is why we strongly recommend treating it in order to eliminate noxious particles and bacteria on top of other agents potentially noxious for the animal health.

Exafan´s water supply systems are very hygienic and keeps water clean, improving the animal health and growth. They are very resistant and adapt anatomically the correct way.



Exafan has developed a ventilation concept that is present in all of our computer programs, which is achieved by combining low energy costs, on top of introducing the convenient air quantity and direction inside the room, avoiding disturbing air flows at the animal level, whereby, we may assure you that the system developed by the Exafan Company is the only one dealing with these two parameters rigorously.



Exafan supplies a wide range of metal corrugated silos made of polyester including all the required accessories for their installation and perfect operation.

EXAFAN´S feeding systems guarantee the fodder supply to all the animals as well as with enough space and convenient conditions.



Exafan works really hard to provide effective solutions to the internal housing equipment systems and animal´s comfort, flexibility to adapt to the different farm sizes, robust structures, reliability and endurance. A wide range of slats complete the internal housing equipment.



Exafan offers internal housing equipment systems easy to clean and adapted to the animals.

Made of highly resistant, lasting and flexible polypropylene.

Internal housing equipment with a modular system that allows designing any kind of pen independently of the existing building.

Exclusive design of resistant ribs allowing to clean more easily and preventing the animal from getting inside.


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