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EXAFAN´s goal is while achieving the animal welfare; it is also to maximize your investments. The fact of having reached a point where the whole range of products meets the highest standards of quality and performance has not been an easy task. To do so, we have always been very proud of our service oriented mind, bearing in mind all of our customers´ requests and recommendations, we have never hesitated to provide a product with all the details required, no matter how insignificant they might seem. As a result of such a good job, we may guarantee that EXAFAN has become the most reliable option for your project execution worldwide.

Juan Pascual Nadal Managing – Director

GENERAL CONTENTS 01 Construction 01.01 Structure 01.01.01.- Metal structures type “IPE” 01.01.02 .- Metal structures type “C”

01.02 Insulation 01.02.01 Roof 01.02.02 Internal insulation 01.02.03 Lateral enclosure

01.03 Gates 01.04 Lateral gable 01.05 Technical premises

02 Equipment 02.01 Climate control 02.02 Air inlet control 02.03 Air extraction 02.04 Heating 02.05 Cooling 02.06 Wastewater treatment 02.07 Fodder storing 02.08 Feeding systems 02.09 Water supply systems 02.10 Poultry internal housing equipment

03 Services 04 Means contribution 05 Administrative management 06 Civil works 07 Reforms

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Metal structures constitute the most widely used construction system in most countries. It is ideal given its malleability, hardness and resistance features. Its structural efficiency is very high, due to the fact of being produced in sections with the most convenient shape so as to withstand flexion and compression. At Exafan, we consider that the most convenient systems for our designs are the ones named type IPE and the ones named type C, given that their performance is perfectly linear and elastic, which makes the structure performance in relationship with this material very predictable. The material high ductility enables to redistribute an effort concentration.

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01.01.01.- Metal structures

Building structure based on a steel structure with a European standard metal framing type IPE; it was chosen thanks to its flexibility, quality warranty, mechanic resistance and adaptability to the Exafan Company´s customized building designs. Each building is analyzed on an individual basis, which allows determining the section for each element, such as: pillars, knives, belts, and reinforcements. 


The structure is made of steel profiles type IPE, screwed in on sight and with galvanized beams type “C”. The protection concerning the beam and pillar corrosion is made through a deep hot galvanized process; the lintel protection is made through a grey chlorine rubber primer.

Bearing in mind all these aspects, exclusive for each project, we manage to calculate and optimize the metal structure according to the European regulation Eurocode 3. Metal structure project. A steel quality of S275JR is used according to the UNE EN 10025:1994 standard. Hot laminated products made of non – alloy steel, for metal constructions aimed at general use.

We bear in mind all the loads corresponding to the internal equipment and its position in order to adequate the metal structure to these elements so as to achieve a complete and functional building design plus the equipment. Feeding systems, as well as the water supply systems, they both hang on the structure given the fact that they play a major role in the load supported by the structure.


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Structural calculations are made according to the records gathered in the construction zone, the basic wind load is also determined, as well as we consider the different categories of the ground – vegetation area, possible isolated obstacles (trees, buildings) separation between one another -, according to the Eurocode 1. Project bases and actions on the structures. We also consider the dead loads corresponding to the building construction elements themselves (corrugated roof sheet, insulating sheets,…) and the metal structure weight + the metal belts.

Wooden belts

Metal belts

• Building pillars are finished in hot galvanized material allowing to increase the endurance of these elements and prevent their corrosion.

the design are adjusted to the range S of the European standard UNE EN 36.573:1979 Steel Products. Open profiles conformed under cold conditions. Profile CF

• The building slope is determined according to the poultry housing internal equipment, with the purpose of facilitating, optimizing, and improving their ventilation systems.

• The links between the elements are designed to be screwed in and assembled on sight, which guarantees the correct connection between them, it also prevents any welding procedure to carry out on sight without the convenient safety measures. All these linking elements (screws, nuts, washers,..) have been calculated according to the DIN standard (German National Standardization Organism), it is a European standard. Likewise, their quality type is of 8.8 according to the UNE EN 70462:2012. Screws made of stainless steel and non – ferrous metal screws.

• The tightening belts between the arcades are designed in metal type C, and cold galvanized in order to avoid their corrosion. These belts are made according to the European regulation UNE – EN 10327, sheets and steel bands in carbon recovered in a continuous process by hot immersion in order to conform them under cold conditions. Supply technical conditions. The profiles used for

01.01.02.- Metal structures “C” type

Detachable modular structure “Meccano” type, flexible and adaptable, designed to be transported occupying a smaller area; this makes us tremendously competitive for facilities where it is required to transport material to a long distance. 

The building design system by means of the assembly system kit type not only makes its transportation easier, but also thanks to its very much analyzed assembly procedure of the different structure parts, human errors are minimized and the structure assembly process is enormously simplified.

The fodder transportation system, feeders, as well as the water transportation system hang from the structure.


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The structure “C” type is formed by galvanized profiles conformed under cold conditions of C or Z type. 100% of the structure is assembled by means of hot galvanized screwed – in links. This structured stands out thanks to its galvanized finishing, which allows a special protection before the environmental corrosion provided its lightness and easy transportation in containers, a perfect economic solution for markets abroad.

Identification of the different elements for their later and easier assembly. The structure assembly process is made on sight, by means of a simple system of links using screws allowing an easy, quick and safe assembly process; this avoids any uncontrolled welding process on sight.

Light and resistant Profile C, use of light materials with forms designed to offer a higher resistance performance by using the lowest quantity of materials possible; this allows reducing costs in terms of product and transportation.

• Hot galvanized recover (from 275 g/m2 to 600 g/m2) • Without any snow loading limit. • Adaptability of the structure design to the conditions on the ground where to install. • Delivery term guaranteed.

The assembly process system on – sight avoids any unnecessary welding.

Poultry farms must have an adequate thermal insulating system in order to make the breeding process in an efficient and profitable way. A correct insulation as well as a good environmental management control system is critical in terms of cost reduction and improvement of the production index.

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In order to efficiently save power inside the farming buildings, we must monitor and correctly check the environmental control system, something we are truly specialist at Exafan; however, in order for this practice to be really efficient, it is essential to begin by correctly insulating all the elements included in the buildings. Roofs, internal insulation, lateral enclosures, and mobile accesses, are the elements providing the building with the convenient insulation level required so as to maximize the control process. The global insulation level of a building is defined by the weighted average coefficient of all the enclosures surrounding the building. The turnkey project solution offered by EXAFAN makes such insulating level unbeatable, given its concern care regarding the election of the materials, their quality and added value given the company´s experience as a leader in the construction sector of farming buildings. Exafan supplies all the external equipment required according to the highest insulation standards, elements such as air extractors, air inlets and building access gates have been designed to successfully face the most extreme environmental conditions possible.

Insulating a farming building is a requirement because of the following reasons: - In order to efficiently contribute for an energy saving program. - Higher animal comfort. - Building better maintenance. - Better environmental quality. - Less fodder consumption.

Insulation in farming facilities shaped by the roofs, enclosures, and climate control elements such as air inlets and extractors. Pag.-16

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Different insulating combinations for the roof.

Insulation on the roof with a sandwich panel and uncovered belts.

Insulation for the roof with a simple sheet and an internal panel with an insulating nucleus PUR or PIR.

Insulation on the roof with a simple sheet, air chamber with a glass wool, and a simple sheet false ceiling.

Insulation for the roof with a simple sheet, air chamber with a glass wool, and a false ceiling made of a panel sheet with an insulating nucleus PUR or PIR.

Materials used for a correct insulation Polyurethane: It is an insulating synthetic material for different construction applications; its high insulating power as well as extreme lightness, makes it an ideal material as an insulating nucleus for the enclosures of the roof or perimeters. Very low thermal conductivity synthetic material; it is the lowest one considering all the insulating materials. This is important given that it allows a higher insulation degree with less thick material Polyisocyanurate: the combination of the polyol and isocyanate elements gives some very specific features to the material due to the different chemical structures. The insulating PIR sheets are used given their higher thermal stability features and resistance regarding fire. Rock wool: or glass fiber, it is a material made of volcanic rock. It is mainly used as a thermal insulator as well as passive protection device against building fire, due to its fibrous multidirectional structure, which allows storing relatively immobile air inside. The structure made of rock wool includes some dry and stable air inside, therefore it works as an obstacle to the transfer of heat, insulating against low and high temperature.

Air chamber

High volume air chamber contributing with a better insulating thermo – regulating action as well as decrease of the quantity of “superfluous� air to heat.

The metal roof is the most delicate part of any farming construction building subject to a strong loss of energy in winter and very exposed to sun radiation in summer. The design and installation of the metal roof require high degrees of reliability and endurance. A warranty that EXAFAN confirms on the basis of its technical know – how acquired in the industrial construction sector for many years. We apply our demanding quality values along with an experience in the treatment of steel, sheets, sandwich panel and waterproofing. We offer different kinds of roof for farming buildings.

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External insulating roof


Kinds of roof

In order to meet the highest quality standards, Exafan offers different solutions regarding the building roof and insulation while meeting a large proportion of the requirements set up by our customers. Most of the building calorific loss takes place through the roof, thereafter, the relevance of the whole set shaped by the external roof and the false ceiling. The roof is in charge of removing out the environmental elements such as snow and water, whereby the calculation of the slope is made with the purpose of avoiding any filtration, and always bearing in mind factors such as the climate zone where we are positioned.

The building roof is a gabled roof type. The roof parts are fixed to the belts by means of the galvanized self – drilling screws supplied with also galvanized washers in an armed bituminous product. The material used complies with the corresponding current regulation. We always bear in mind the manufacturer´s specifications, such as the separation between the belts and the minimal lap.

For a better protection of the facades, the tilted roof is extended further on the façade plan by shaping an eave.


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Reinforced fibrocement sheet

Fibrocement sheets without any asbestos, they are made of a mixture of homogenous cement, additives, and natural and synthetic organic fibers that do not harm one´s health. Given its excellent features, minimum maintenance and easy installation, it is an ideal material for the construction of farming roofs. Endurance is the main reinforcement fibrocement sheet virtue, due to its everlasting resistance against humidity, as well as its great robustness obtained thanks to the safety band made of polypropylene.

Simple metal sheet roof

Built in a metal sheet made of galvanized or pre – lacquered steel in different thickness possibilities. Thickness according to the customer requirements. Its exclusive overlapping system allows its installation on roofs with a minimal slope while eliminating any filtration. 1,6% made of silicon

Finishing: - Sheet lacquered in the desired color 43,4% - Galvanized sheet made of - Aluzinc zinc

55% made of aluminum

Composition of the aluzinc

Metal roof made of insulating panel (sandwich)

thickness in mm. 30



thickness 60



0,5 mm

thickness 0,6 mm

0,7 mm

0,8 mm

5 mm

The building roof insulation does not only consist on the upper part, but also on the lower part, for such purposes, Exafan has developed a kind of under roof insulation providing the best results at a better cost / benefit relationship by using a rigid panel foam made of polyurethane (PUR) covered on both sides by a complex multi – layer made of aluminum – kraft. Among its main features, let´s underline its high thermal resistance enabling to use a lower insulating panel thickness, rigidity and lightness facilitating its manipulation and installation. The panel PUR high insulating power allows ensuring a high thermal comfort once installed.

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Insulation under roof


Insulation under roof

The thermal insulating function aims at avoiding a calorific loss of the thermal bridges. Exafan manages to ensure a high thermal comfort by means of some very specific construction techniques. On one side, the quality of the materials used tries to protect from some aggressive environments while making pressured washing easier thanks to optimized hygienic farming facilities. We always keep on thinking off the building endurance.


insulating nucleus





photo IBR

Glass wool

photo PUR PRY


insulating nucleus




(7d 10ºC) (W/mK)

Panels 1.200 thick. Panel made of rigid polyurethane foam covered by a multi – layer alu- Length upon request, up to 9 m. minum kraft complex on both sides.

30, 40 and 50 mm.


Panels 1.200 mm. Panel made of rigid polyisocyanurate foam covered by goffered alu- long. minum 50 microns thick. The finishing in aluminum protects the panel Length upon request, from aggressive environments and makes pressured washing easier up to 4,5 m. by achieving an optimized hygienic farming facility.

30, 40 and 50 mm.



(7d 10ºC) (W/mK)

80 and 100 mm.



(7d 10ºC) (W/mK)

30, 40 and 50 mm.





Light blanket made of glass wool, covered on one side by a kraft layer Blankets 1.2 m. or 0,6 acting as a barrier against moisture. m. wide. Thermal and acoustic insulation in the metal sandwich construction Length 12 m. on sight.

insulating nucleus



Plastic material used as thermal and acoustic insulation material with a cellular composition, also waterproof material for the building and industry sectors. Projected polyurethane is an insulating material with a lower conductivity value.




Covered sheets

Sheets built in rigid foam made of polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) made by means of a continuous foaming and laminating process. The products obtained are excellent thermal insulating materials with a high mechanic feature, low weight and high rigidity. Thanks to such rigidity, it can be manufactured in lengths of up to 9 m., this allows minimizing the number of junctions during its installation. Such installation is very easy and quick thanks to the simple assembly procedure by means of profiles made of PVC and the grooved panel system.

Rock wool or glass fiber

Light blanket made of glass wool, covered on one side by a kraft layer acting as a barrier against moisture, high level of thermal and acoustic insulation. Ideal for the construction of a metal sandwich on-sight . It may be adapted to an irregular surface thanks to its flexibility. non – biodegradable and odorless, it avoids the development of microorganisms without any maintenance supervision whatsoever, totally ecologic.

Projected polyurethane

Foam made of polyurethane to be applied by projection on-sight, easy application (around 100 m2 per hour), which considerably reduces the cost in terms of manpower. Given that it is a material made on sight, customized, it does not require any cut, it penetrates through any groove we wish, it doesn´t leave any junction and does not generate any waste

Belts uncovered

This option is only considered when the insulation provided is not enough for the roof, as long as we deal with favorable environmental conditions, very little aggressive in terms of temperature variations.


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Insulation Enclosures


Insulation of the lateral enclosures

Part of our farm success is based on the correct building insulation, the energetic efficiency of it will mark the pace of our business, therefore, the importance and priority Exafan gives to the quality of the materials used during the construction. A well insulated building will help achieving the comfort parameters recommended more easily, therefore, we will be able to improve the performance of the climate control equipment in order to reach such parameters; insulating the lateral enclosures is as important as the roof insulation, which along the front sides and the quality of the elements – mobile ones such as gates and air inlets – guarantee a relevant saving in energy.

Panel thickness

Thermal transmittance (U) W/m2 K

Steel / steel panel weight (Kg/m2) Nominal sheet thickness (0,5mm)

The thermal transmission coefficient (K) has been calculated according to the insulating nucleus thickness while bearing in mind the superficial resistance.

Façade panel with an insulation made of polyurethane.


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The set of elements shaping the farming building: walls, roof, floors, and carpentry, have the protection of the animals inside face to environmental conditions from outside as their main function. These elements will have the required hygrothermal features helping to keep the best comfortable conditions possible, providing the animals with a sufficient welfare level to develop at their maximum production potential.

Sandwich panel: insulated panel 30 mm thick made of polyurethane, with external pre - lacquered sheets in white color; insulating coefficient of 0,55 Kcal / hm. 2º C, conceived in such a way that it is directly fixed to the metal arcades of the structure, they leave a hidden dilatation space between the sheets for aesthetic reasons.

Air inlets for the tunnel: - Cuatrivea: Multiple air inlet ideal for applications in air inlets type tunnel and under very cold environmental con ditions requiring a lot of air flow. - Peepholes: they are used for the air inlet tunnel ventilation of 12 m., type “peepholes”; they are made of the same material as the closure, this guarantees the watertight enclosure. - Shutters: galvanized


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In a farming building, it is essential for us and regarding the lateral as well as gable end gates to observe some insulation guidelines in terms of watertight, robustness and practicality. • Sandwich panel gates made of pre - lacquered sheet with insulating material made of polyurethane. • All the gates have some fixing elements so that during the loading and cleaning times, the gate does not become an uncontrolled element. • Closing and safety mechanisms.

Wooden internal frame to fix the gate, it helps us to avoid the annoying thermal bridges.


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Closing rubber to ensure its water-tightness. The gate frame is made of galvanized 1.5 mm. thick. Oven – painted through a washing treatment, degreasing and phosphate, dried in the oven at a temperature of 180º C. The sheet is made of a sandwich panel with a pre - lacquered sheet in the same color as the frame. Between both trays, let´s put a rigid panel made of rock wool 55 mm. thick, the thickness of the sheet finished is approximately 50 mm. thick including some insulating polyurethane. A highly dilation intumescing junction between the sheet and the frame guarantees a perfect water-tightness to contact.

Hinges and handles. Robust hinges made of highly resistant steel.

Detachable skirting board.

Wooden skirting board to avoid the contact of the grave with the gate.

Fixing systems of handles and closing devices.

To avoid any uncontrolled movement caused by environmental elements. Handle made of metal covered by polyamide in black color. Closing and safety mechanisms.


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Lateral gable

Galvanized and lacquered lateral gable; It is applied on the building areas where the air inlets are located. It is composed of some simple lacquered metal roof sheets with a maximum length marked by the distance between the arcades; it is fixed to the structure shed by means of regular as well as galvanized screws and bolts. Its purpose is avoiding a negative influence by the external wind and achieving an exhaustive control of the air flow and speed.


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The election of the poultry farm location is subject to a series of conditions: regulation, infrastructures (access, water, and light), elimination of the waste, etc. In general, we should search for a healthy land, protected from strong wind, but sufficiently airy, dry and well drained, this avoids additional problems since the very beginning of the installation. In order to avoid such negative influences on the calculations of our ventilation system, we recommend taking into account some natural windbreak barriers with the purpose of avoiding a dependency on them. Exafan provides to its rooms with a lateral gable that tries to minimize the adverse wind effects on the ventilation calculations.


Protection 20 times h

The air is forced inwards the room in such a way that it gets inside the building at the convenient speed and direction.


Standard technical premises 4 x 4, made of the same materials and qualities as the remaining building, designed to hold the building electric control board, and its protections as well as all related with the animal water consumption and the way of taking water for cooling.

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Technical premises

The global solution offered by Exafan does not only stick to what´s related with the building where we will put the animals inside, such premises are complemented by all kinds of annex premises, which may be designed for different functions: - Technical management and control premises - Reception and conservation warehouses - Premises to store generating sets and water deposits with their corresponding purification equipment. - Administration premises - Dunghills - Service corridors


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The genetic improvement makes our animals grow more in less time and with less fodder year after year, also makes them more sensible, and as a consequence, the gains in terms of weight are penalized even more if the environmental conditions are not optimum. Exafan´s constant development has given as a result, the most complete range of computers capable of managing all the required factors for such environmental conditions to be perfect; this way we achieve some unbeatable conversion rates so highly valued by the integrators.

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Climate control

02.01.01.- Management and control computers

Poultry weighing


Water control

Fodder weight

Control of the statistics

Control of the cameras

Exafan offers to you the most complete range of computers to manage and control all the parameters having an impact on the animal breeding process Including the most simple and economic climate controllers to manage very simple functions as for example ventilation or heating, but also the most complete computers managing all the variables within a poultry farm, (it can be also remote control computers).

Administrative control

Remote management

It studies how to control the inputs, outputs, leaves, etc‌ taking place in the production buildings. You will be also able to control the vaccination days and the remarks provided by the people in charge of controlling the exploitation.

All the climate controllers used to control the poultry buildings have the possibility of connecting to a central computer (that can be controlled through a remote control device).


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SCA features • The simplest and most intuitive computer on the market. • Control of the breeding process by means of curves. • Configuration versatility. • Follow – up records of the breeding processes. • Remote control management. • USB port. - Program updating. - Portable data.

SCA. Probably the most powerful poultry controller on the market.

The most complete range of computers to integrally control all the parameters. All the climate controllers used to control the poultry buildings have the possibility of connecting to a central computer (it may be controlled through a remote control device).

• Automatic calculation of the minimum ventilation. • Modulation control of the fans and rotation of the groups. • Management of a large quantity of peripherals.

- External – internal relative humidity probe. - Internal anemometer. - Luxometer. - Depression meter - Scales for silos - Water and fodder meters


02.01.02.- Integral controllers

The SCA system program enables us to control by means of curves, given that ventilation requirements vary according to the animal age. Even though in other lines of climate controllers, this programming technology is incorporated with curves, the easy way of changing and correcting all the SCA computer influences increase its control possibilities. The system also enables us to register the building events in detail, storing in a file all the information regarding the temperature, air inlets, fans,‌This enables us to follow a record file of the breeding processes through all the data stored.


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Ref.: 03170 RNP

Exafan has created the RNP climate controller, capable of completely controlling any building with cross or tunnel ventilation as well as the first fans working in all / nothing mode. It is about a system complying with the optimal relationship of mechanical or electric robustness with an easy management at a low cost.

Ref.: 03172 MCA

The MCA climate controller is in charge of completely controlling the environmental conditions of a poultry farm in an intelligent way. The MCA system program enables us to control by means of curves, given that the ventilation requirements vary according to the animal age. Even though in other lines of climate controllers, this programming technology with curves is incorporated, the easy way of changing and correcting the climate controller influences increases the control possibilities.

Ref.: 04020 EHG COMPACT

Exafan has designed a climate controller named EHG that controlled by a microprocessor, enables us to manage all the systems shaping the ventilation equipment within a farm. The EHG line has been developed in the WINDOWS graphic system, linking electronics and computer science. This guarantees your comfort and easy farm management. The EHG - PE program enables us to control by means of curves, given that the ventilation requirements vary according to the animal age. Even though in other lines of climate controllers, this programming technology with curves is incorporated, the easy way of changing and correcting the influences of the EHG computer increases the control possibilities The system also enables us to register all the events taking place within the building in detail, storing in a file all what refers to the temperatures, air inlets, and fans.


02.01.03.- Lightning

Color lights: when the poultry is bred in environmentally controlled buildings, the light is artificial with the purpose of controlling such light at our own will. Different research studies show that a diversity of light spectrums has an influence on the animal growth; therefore, green light stimulates the growth of the animal mainly at an early age, whereas the blue light stimulates the growth at the end of the animal breeding period.

Light installation made with LED displays at an electric power consumption of 720 W.

Light installation made including traditional fluorescents with an electric power consumption of 1.608 W.

The different kinds of lightning offered by Exafan, has as main purpose to be able to favor the animal growth. At Exafan, we build farms without light inlets with the purpose of being able to control the light intensity inside the room. Therefore, with the different light programs available or by controlling the light intensity, we may promote the chick activity and stimulate the access periods to the fodder and water as well as the periods of inactivity in order to reduce the animal aggressiveness, its level of anxiety, or even unnecessary expenses in terms of power consumption. By doing this, we achieve heavier animals in the slaughterhouse and a better feeding conversion index, due to the power saving achieved because of a lower activity and higher quality of the channels of the animals as well as fewer injuries due to a more docile behavior.


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02.01.04.- Intermediate steps

Ref. 08010 PU 8 Ref. 08030 PU 40

The power stages PU-8 /EU- 25 / PU-40 are power units used as a support to single - phase ventilation equipment. The capacity of these stages is of 8, 25 and 40 Amps respectively. Their functioning may be manual, by means of a rotating control device, or by means of a computer, varying the ventilation through the analogical signal delivered by a computer (RCI, EHG, DN‌). Ref. 08050 EGC

Control stage for ventilation. Analogical signal conversion to control the exhaust fan winch stages.

Ref. 08080 ECV

The ECV (air inlet control stage). It is a link position peripheral for the control computers to manage the three – phase winches activating the air inlets in an automatic or manual way.


02.01.05.- Differential pressure meters

The differential pressure meters help to better control the farm resources when providing a reading if the air inlet speed within the building is the correct one. The DP is a differential pressure meter that by means of obtaining a reading from outside the building may deduct the differential pressure caused by the ventilation inside the facilities. Once the information obtained, the DP gives a signal of 0/10Vcc or a signal of 0/5Vcc for the ventilation control equipment to determine the opportune corrections in order to get the best working conditions possible.

Ref. 10070 Static pressure meter (Depression meter)

Configurable pressure range For an optimum adaptation to the pressure applied, the transmitter may be commuted among various pressure ranges. Configurable response time The response time of the outlet signal may be set up by means of a jumper. Easy calibration compensation Any zero point derivation may be compensated automatically


at regular intervals. We don´t need to re – calibrate, this reduces the monitoring and maintenance effort. Measure method Transducer of resistant piece pressure. Assembly position We may assemble on any position. The transducer of self – compensated resistant piece pressure eliminates any possible assembly error.

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02.01.06.- Sensors

Ref. 10035

Ref. 10045

Ref. 10041

Ref. 10120 Ref. 10021 Ref. 10020

SIMPLE-STC Temperature probe to control the boiler

SHR-EX-H.H.2 Relative humidity probe for high humidity and high precision.

SHR-EX-H.H Relative humidity probe for high humidity

ST/EH COMPACT ST-SCA ST Temperature sensors

Ref. 10010

Ref. 10060 Ref. 10061

Ref. 10050

Ref. 10040

STB Blanket temperature probe (only bulb)


Revolution probe for fans

SHR-Exafan-INT Electronic relative humidity probe to measure inside or outside



Loop commutation

For large farms, farms with various productive nucleuses distanced one another, where the distance is caused by the dispersion of the buildings, it is important to have a complete vision of the whole set. The loop communication system monitors the computers of the buildings in a centralized way while enabling us to extract and present the graphic data chosen. The system may transfer the data to each manager individually, but it is also possible to extract the data coming from different farms and remit them to a central office in order to elaborate an analysis regarding each farm and production unit with the purpose of copying the building computer configuration. This way, if the building obtains a better performance, the computer configuration may be copied to the remaining computers. The


Nucleo 3

Nucleo 2


@ @




Nucleo 1

Different controllable parameters.

system presents the climate control and production data very clearly and provides the poultry farmers with a quick vision of the complex. The system may extract a lot of data as for example, key values regarding humidity, cooling, mortality rates, population fattening, etc. It allows getting access to the climate control and alarm data of all the building computers. We only need an internet connection. The application allows minimizing the risk of losses in case of a failure has taken place while following – up the development process of the animals even if you are not physically in the building.

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02.01.08.- Monitoring and early warning systems

The current buildings work in a way that they can accommodate a large number of animals inside in the smallest space possible, however this way, we may run the risk of the animals suffering a collapse because of asphyxia since they obligatorily depend on forced ventilation in case the electric power supply fails; Exafan recommends installing the alarm systems controlled by a computer for an immediate action to be taken in case a failure happens in our facilities, and so, to be able to repair it as soon as possible.

Remote control monitor of the poultry by means of some video cameras

Detection and warning systems

The farm remote control communication system provided by Exafan allows you to visualize your animals at any time and location, no need to actually go to your farm, it also enables to monitor your facilities surroundings by means of the different surveillance cameras available.

Due to the relevance of an immediate response in case of failure or wrong operation of the modern facilities, Exafan offers a wide range of failure detection systems: independent safety thermostats from the electric power supply, “failure by zones� warning signals, supply sources for the system to work without electric power supply, acoustic and light signals.


02.01.09.- Weighing and dosing

The weighing process of the silos is the ideal response to quantify their content. The Exafan weighing technology offers an incomparable precision level, it will control the filling –in and reposition process of the fodder, on top of interpreting the fodder consumption stipulated for the poultry according to the

Ref. SILO-1040 BCMS Electronic Central Unit BCMS

Ref. SILO-1010 CELULA-PESAJE-10T Weighing cell of 10.000 Kg IP68

growth curve aiming at detecting any problem during the ingestion of the fodder, essential in order to avoid the lack of fodder in the silos. crecimiento, con la finalidad de detectar cualquier problema en la ingesta normal de alimentos de los mismos. Imprescindible para evitar la falta de pienso en los silos.


The use of water meters is an excellent way to estimate the fodder consumption.

Ref. 07120 Contador de agua Water meter (1 litre / push)

Changes in the water consumption level must be investigated because this may indicate a water leaking problem, an animal health issue, or a problem related with the poultry feeding process. Usually, a low water consumption level is an indication of a certain problem.

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Independent water registration to manage the water consumption level of the animals

Ref. 07300 CA1 Individual weighing pan

Climate controller associated to the water meter, supplied at 12 v or 220 v, it allows us to check and record the daily water consumption of the animals, it allows configuring the alarms for an early warning with the purpose of detecting and correcting any anomaly it might take place (maximum or minimum consumption).

A continuous control of the animal weight is required to assess the growth process of the animals, the sooner we have this information, the sooner we will be able to implement a corrective measure.

Ref. 07095 ESPAN- PAN Central weighing unit, autonomous

Ref. 07020 UCP 210 Central weighing unit, autonomous Ref. 07070 UCP 110 Central weighing unit, dependent of an EHG

The system UCP – 400 used to control the weighing process is an important management tool, this way, you may obtain the information of the real animal weight live, as well as the water consumption. EXAFAN weighing pans have been developed to obtain the largest number of weighing processes possible, even when the animals are in their last breeding days and their mobility is scarce. An excessive or insufficient weight has a negative effect on a successful production rate as well as on the performance potential of the animals.


Exafan air inlets have been designed to obtain an optimal distribution and dosing of the ventilation air flow. The VEA air inlet has been built in highly dense polyurethane, with screws and bolts made of stainless steel, materials all of them resistant to corrosion, on top of ensuring an unbeatable insulation level and therefore, avoiding thermal bridges as well as the annoying condensation.

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Air inlets

02.02.- Air inlet control

The air inlets made of polyurethane by the Exafan Company on top of directing the airflow at your convenience; they provide with a perfect insulation level and avoid the intake of parasite elements that would increase the heating consumption and affect the ventilation system, and so would distort the air circuits projected, and therefore create wrong ventilated areas.



Summer: with more than a 57% opening degree, the air flow is divided into two proportionate and progressive ways; it is very beneficial in summer, since the higher temperature, the largest the air flow is directed towards the area where the animals are located; this improves the environment and delays the set in motion of the cooling systems. Winter: with less than a 57% opening degree, the air flow is directed towards the upper part and get mixed with the already existing one in order avoid the fall of cold air on the animals, it is ideal for cold seasons.

Veas: the synergy level generated when widening the air inlets specifically designed by Exafan is essential at the time of achieving the required precision level, such level is not possible to achieve if another kind of more generic air inlet is used.


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The air inlets made of polyurethane by the Exafan Company are type VEA, made of high density polyurethane, with screws and bolts made of stainless steel; materials all of them resistant against corrosion, on top of ensuring an unbeatable insulation level, which avoids thermal bridges and therefore, the annoying condensation.

Capacity in m3/hour at a static pressure of:

Capacity in m3/hour at a static pressure of:

The use of high-density polyurethane with a high insulation index, makes it an ideal material to use along with air inlets given their “thermo -stable plastic” feature, high resistance and low weight; insensible to corrosion and resistant to acids and gases. Its high insulation value does not create any condensation. Its lightness enables us not to have to oversize the metal structures.



Air inlets made of PVC • MVC Anti – V material • Color in white and orange • Very light weight • Non – toxic Adjustable (Motorized opening system) Measures: 1395 x 395, 1195 x 395, 995x 395, 795 x 395, 595 x 395 mm


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Air extraction

02.03.- Ventilation

The development and construction of poultry farms, along with their equipment (fans, feeding systems, cooling, heating, and climate control), as well as the poultry internal housing equipment, are a major activity within the Exafan construction and engineering departments. At these departments, a customized analysis of the client´s needs is made; as a consequence, an unbeatable transformation index regarding your animals is achieved, as well as the highest hygienic levels possible while preserving the environment at the same time. Obtaining the highest quantity of weight per animal with a good formation of the channel and an excellent meat quality are some of the achievements that Exafan has been accomplishing thanks to its long experience in the sector, this way success is just guaranteed. SHEET 0,5 mm


The buildings designed by Exafan are conceived to locate all the ventilation system and absorb the vibrations and tensions caused by these, their distribution is made with the purpose for the direction, height, and uniformity of the air flows to be ideal while searching for the highest energy power efficiency possible.


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Ventilation has as purpose: to provide with oxygen inside the room, eliminate CO2 , dust and other gases, eliminate the water steam caused by the animal breath and the feces as well as control the temperature inside. • Dynamic ventilation: it is made by means of fans moving the required air during each production stage.

Insulating lids, they provide the building with the highest water tightness possible while shutting any leaking caused by the fans not in use.

Light traps

Our specific dark buildings for the rebreeding process have some light trap systems for the accommodation of so many delicate animals under total dark conditions and with the purpose of breeding a uniform herd at a compatible weight and aiming at sexual maturity as goal. It is essential for the building finishing to be perfectly watertight in order to avoid any slit where light could get through.


Another important aspect to consider in order to reach a high competitive level, is energetic efficiency; energy with the purpose of saving reducing the energetic cost and promoting economic and environmental sustainability while increasing and maximizing your profits.

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02.04.- Heating

Hot air generating sets Due to little inertia, the guiding element chosen is air, since it provides with a quick temperature increase, the Exafan hot air generating set was chosen because it requires a low initial investment level and little maintenance to make sure a clean combustion process takes places (it does not require any smoke duct). With the new modulating atmospheric burner, we make sure the consumption levels remain as low as possible. The burner supplied incorporates an electronic turning – on and control device by means of some ionization electrodes guaranteeing the heater turning –on, it reduces the presence of CO2 in the air flow to only 0,3%, (Clean combustion) which together to its total reliability, easy maintenance and maximum performance makes it the most convenient option.



mm mm mm

705 495 800

MODEL Nominal thermal power

80 Kw (1) (1) 68.800 Kcal/h

Air flow *15c


Thermal spring

135 ÂŞK

Launch distance 30m Sonorous pressure

64 dB

Electric fan winch supply

0,373 Kw

Maximum fan winch current

3,0 A

Kind of equipment


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Infrared radiators The infrared gas radiator is created to offer a solution in terms of energetic saving and efficiency. Possibility of acquiring the radiator with an infrared micro pilot patented ensuring the turning – on of the main burner with no need of electric power supply, eliminating unnecessary combustible consumption.

• Possibility to progressively regulate the power, from 10% to 100%. • Ideal radiation distribution, without obstacles. • Two radiating surfaces, even at a low regime. (Two metal radiating surfaces formed by two concentric cones, that is to say, two radiators in one). • Absence of an air filter, and still keeping a correct combustion process. • Washable with water, internal and externally. At the end of the breeding period, we may wash the radiator with water, either internal and externally.

Burner barrel Burner barrel G 100/KW to suspend 100 Kw / 86.000 Kcal/h. The unit introduces clean air from outside in order to guarantee a perfect and constant combustion, even in very dusty environments.

• Automatic LPG burner incorporated to provide low emissions of CO2 and ethylene. • Designed in high performance stainless steel. • Automatic turning – on. • Controllable from the computer. • Controlled flame by an ionization electrode.

Progressive heat exchanger of calories ICR 180 The ICR is a progressive heat exchanger of calories with a perfect air diffusion thanks to its regulating deflector regarding the height and width. It includes a precise control of the air renewal from the beginning thanks to the progressive fan and recycling trap. The IRC 180 can get coupled to a dynamic fan since the time we have a state – of – the art generation device at 4.000 m3/h, the PRC 180 performance is superior to a tubular exchanger in 40%. • An improvement in your environment (performance of 85%). • A remarkable decrease of the gas consumption (till 28%). • A considerable improvement in the bed quality. Pag.-69

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02.05.- Cooling

The Exafan high pressure line of sprayers produces a pulverization curtain obtaining a cooling environment through evaporation. Evaporative cooling is a simple but yet effective method, where water requires some calories to evaporate, it takes 600 calories from the environment for each gram of water added to the air. The environment will be fresher as long as there is more water evaporating. High pressure nozzle made of stainless steel, with an anti – dripping support in order to be installed on the pipe made of copper, PVC or stainless steel. Nozzle; Angle 60º

Liquid inlet pressure

Pulverization angle

Pulverization distance


Water intake for nebulization

Hot dry air

Cold humid air

Excessive water output


Humid bulb flame (constant)

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The cooling system ethrough a humid wall consists on a durable set of modules of cooling panels by evaporation 10 cm or 15 cm thick, made of stainless steel and with which one may achieve a larger surface as long as a good relationship between efficiency and investment. • Panel 10 or 15 cm. thick. • The entire infrastructure is made of stainless steel (AISI 304 – 2B) • Screws and bolts made of stainless steel. • A plumbing kit and a pump of 440W made of stainless steel are included. • High panel performance • Air speed at 1,5 m/sec for a panel 10 cm thick. • Air speed at 1,8 m/sec for a panel 15 cm thick. • Little loss of air load when getting through the panel. • Environmentally friendly. • Great versatility, it adapts to the air inlet size. • Each pump may supply to up to 12 m of humid wall. • Reduced electric consumption. As a whole, they form an ideal and complete system in order to supply some cooling in the ventilation system of a farm or greenhouse.

The systems, equipment and materials used by Exafan for their facilities, in relationship with the water treatment, do not produce any noxious substance exceeding the values permitted by the Royal Decree 140 / 2003, neither modify the organoleptic features or healthiness of the water supplied. They are resistant to internal corrosion and capable of efficiently working under the expected service conditions; they must not present any electrochemical incompatibility between one another. They are compatible with the water supplied and do not promote the migration of any material from the substances.

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Water treatment

02.06.- Water treatment

Water as it is found in nature can not be used without any treatment, whereby we highly recommend its arrangement and eliminate the noxious particles of the bacteria and other potentially noxious agents for the animal health. We have the required means to purify and improve the water quality according to the different uses. We advice on the different solutions available and design according to the particular project requirements and how to install the required equipment by using the best technologies available on the market.

EXAMPLE OF A WATER DISTRIBUTION PANEL. • Plate made of white PVC 120 x 120 cm. • Precision meter 620C 20.190. • Impulse emitter HRI 1 x 1. • Transparent Filter 3/4” 3P. • Pleated cartridge 20 μ. • General pressure controller. • Input pressure manometer 0 – 6 bar. • Output pressure manometer 0 – 10 bar. • Female and input and male output ¾” • Dispenser by - pass system. • Cooling output.

Filtration Chlorination Decalcification Denitrification Demineralization Inverse osmosis


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Ref.: 28020 DA

Anti – lime dispenser

Ref.: 43011DISPENSER-MED-1 Ref.: 43013 DISPENSER-MED-2

Gauge dispenser D25 R2 (Dispenser from 0,2 until 2%) Gauge dispenser D25 RES (Dispenser from 11 until 5%)


Water filter for polyphosphates. Container including 3 pieces for a filtrating cartridge, robust, made of plastic material and alimentary quality, bolster made of polypropylene with a thread made of bronze, transparent glass made of polypropylene, manual purgative nut.

Ref.: 44010 SHAKING SET125L Ref.: 44011 SHAKING SET-275L

Shaking set to guarantee a uniform concentration during the dosing period, adjustable by means of a digital timer.

Ref.: 43040 DA-4 Ref.: 43030 DA-3-PEROXIDO-AUTOPU

Chlorinator dispenser 7 bar. 3 liters Chlorinator dispenser Gp3, auto – purgative for peroxide


Filtrating cartridges, pleats made of polyester and cellulose, non – toxic alimentary quality and greatly efficient as well as filtration surface.

Our engineering department analyses and develops the equipment and complete dosing and water treatment systems according to our clients´ requirements, providing a response to a dosing problem, product application, pulverization systems, water arrangement….If the facilities require it, we may carry out the entire installation process, maintenance works, etc.


Exafan supplies a wide variety of metal silos including all the required accessories for your facilities and perfect functioning. Totally water tight silos in order to avoid the intake of water as well as any kind of animal (rodents) preventing the outbreak of the salmonella food poison in the fodder for example. Standardized ladder according to the UNE – EN ISO 14122 standards.

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Fodder storing

02.07.- Fodder storing

The access to a correct feeding process is one of the fundamental aspects in order to guarantee the poultry welfare. The presence of fodder is a critical point, under no circumstance, the synchronization of the supplying system may be deficient to a point for the farm to remain with no feed. In order to avoid this situation, Exafan provides its facilities with state – of – the art fodder presence control devices for the silos.

Control to fill in and replace the fodder, on top of interpreting the feeding consumption expected for the poultry according to the growing curve and with the purpose of detecting any problem during the normal ingestion of the feed. Essential to avoid the lack of feed in the silos.


Automatic silo decompression. The feed must be transported by means of the vehicles mainly aimed at this activity, your vehicles and workers should not access the facilities. In order to make this supply easier from outside the safety area in non - specialized trucks, there is a possibility of acquiring the silo including a pneumatic loading system.

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Silo flat sheet silo The links are made by means of screws and the linking junctions sealed with mastic made of neoprene for perfect water tightness, the lid is made of smooth galvanized sheet including an opening system from the floor, the legs are made of a galvanized sheet omega profile, safety cage ladder.

Corrugated sheet silo Our silos are made of high quality stainless steel with an innovating protecting layer. This protecting layer is made of aluminum zinc and magnesium 10 times more resistant to environmental corrosion than the traditional galvanization method. This high resistance enables us to guarantee our silos against environmental corrosion. Modular design without any welding or painting, it is made of a smooth corrugated sheet to better store the products with a tendency to get stuck to the wall inside.

Silos made of polyester The silos made of polyester are light, hermetic, and offer high mechanical resistance as well as a thermal insulation. They have a long endurance power because they do not get corroded or oxidized, they do not need any maintenance work and are easily controlled from inside.


Independently from the feeding system chosen, its design guaranteeing the supply to all the animals with sufficient space and convenient conditions is critical. The feeding distribution and proximity of the feeders vis-Ă -vis the animals are key factors if we wish achieve the programmed feed consumption rate.

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Feeding systems

02.08.- Feeding systems

At Exafan, we consider the choice for the kind of feeder to use according to the kind of poultry as important as the space for feeding available (it is absolutely critical). If the space for feeding is insufficient, the growth rate will decrease and the uniformity of the lot will be seriously affected. The distribution of the fodder and proximity of the feeders to the animals are key factors that at Exafan we bear pretty much in mind if we wish to achieve the programmed feed consumption rate. Exafan´s support even gets to the point of advising the producers on

The corporal weight control of the poultry is achieved by continuously adjusting the quantity of feed supplied to the chicks while taking the real weight of the poultry and their relationship with the ideal curve weight as a reference.

At Exafan, we consider that a correct choice regarding the feeders is as important as their proper management, the feeders supplied by the Exafan Company are semi – automatic and can be regulated in terms of their height in order to supply the adequate quantity of fodder according to the animal age.

how to manage the feeding system with the purpose of providing a defined program including the entire range of balanced diets meeting the nutritive requirements of the animals during their whole development stages, in order to obtain optimal efficiency and profitability without compromising the animal welfare or the environment.


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According to the kind of poultry we wish to breed, we will choose the feeding system:

Linear feeders

Air distribution

Dragging by means of a chain

The main features that Exafan tries to provide with its feeding systems are: - Little dedication of manpower. - Avoid the waste of feed. - Long endurance. - Easy access to the feed from the first starting – up day. - Improvement of the hygienic conditions.

Distribution of the feeders in a farm for broilers


Poultry feeders The feeder Leo complies with the goal of feeding the chicks since the first day. Thanks to the pan height only 7,5 cm high, the chick one day old is capable of feeding itself at its own will.

The analyzed design of the feeder Leo prevents the chick from getting inside the pan. It teaches the chick how to learn to eat from outside through the contention rings.

The Eos is the new and innovating feeder for the broiler industry. The EOS has been analyzed in detail to get perfectly adapted to the animal requirements, since the first days until the cycle end. During the first days, the pan remains on the floor. The flat bottom (only 55m high) makes the access to the food by the chicks very easy. The central bell favors the feed to

remain clean and with no risk of getting polluted. The quantity of feed getting to the pans decreases according to the animal age, thanks to an innovating system of rotating openings.

The Lyra is a multipurpose feeder including a design guaranteeing an excellent result with broilers, turkeys, laying hens, etc. Thanks to the feeder Lyra, changing the kind of animal, race or cycle period is no problem any more.

Regarding the days 55/60 for the turkeys and 40/45 for the ducks, a collar is available to be assembled on the pan external border.

The Superpito is designed to accompany the turkey during its growth since the very first day. It has two interchangeable pans analyzed for the different stages of the breeding period. The Superpito feeder is dimensioned to feed according to the turkey wish since the very first days preventing it from getting inside. It is efficient and economic on top of very easily installable. The Atos feeder. Here, hens are particularly aggressive and vigorous. The fodder rationing gets them nervous; therefore, it is an ideal feeder, robust and with a wide area allowing the hen to easily access.


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The feeder Leo reduces the manpower required, the pan height is automatically regulated in all the pans simultaneously according to the animal age, this way, we reduce the manual regulation for each pan.

• Capacity: of 350 to 700 kg / h. • Dimensions of the pan: Diameter: 33 cm. Height 7,50 / 6,3 cm • Tube diameter: 45 mm • Number of animals: 50 / 80 broiler

Along the cycle day, the pan is lifted from the floor, minimizing the availability of the fodder and optimizing the space available, it enables to easily feed the adult animals.

• Central bell reducing the open area in order to prevent the chick from getting inside. The feeder Lyra reduces the fodder waste at a minimum level. Easy regulation of the fodder fall depending on the kind of it thanks to its three-point regulation system. Due to its easy dismantling process, cleaning is easier; this gives an excellent health level and hygiene for the animals.

• Optimization and saving of the quantity of fodder. • Growth speed during the first period. • Cleaning and hygiene.

• Capacity: 70 kg. • Pan diameter: 35,4cm. • Pan height: 7,2 cm. • Number of animals: 55/65 turkey • Tube diameter: 45 mm.

• Capacity: 70 kg. • Pan diameter: 33 cm. • Pan height: 7,5 cm. • Number of animals: 10/12 hens. • Tube diameter: 45 mm.


02.08.- Feeding systems

The Flatline feeding system is very versatile, all the components are easy to install and situate where necessary. Some accessories may be added at any time so that the system can be adapted and get increased according to the requirements. The transportation unit can be added to the hopper. Made of a painted steel sheet. It is available in different versions, of 1-2-3-4 tracks, with an approximate capacity of 150 kg. There are extensions available for the hopper in order to increase the capacity in sections of around 100 kg. The supporting legs are easily adjusted in terms of its height.

Great reliability and flexibility. Easy management and maintenance Exceptional price – quality relationship

Dimensions of the hopper: 72 cm x 101 cm x 72 cm high. Available in versions 1-2-3-4 tracks with a capacity of 150 kg. for feeding, possibility of increasing the capacity in 100 kg.


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Hanging feed transportation system.

The feeding system is completed with specific feeders for hens – LYRA –

The feeding transportation system FLATLINE hangs from the building structure with the purpose of lifting it during the cleaning operations.

Building for broilers


02.08.- Feeding systems

Air feeding distribution system Features Differential scales - Maximum weighing: 250 kg. Waiting hopper: - Standard capacity: 300 filters - Dimensions: 160x60x113 Multi – rotor: - Equipment including a three – phase winch 0.5 Hp - Winch speed of 1.400 r.p.m.

Advantages Higher number of fowls per square meter Reduction of the manpower. Lower feed consumption. Uniformity in the rations. The granulated feed is not destroyed. Uniform distribution along the entire shaken surface.


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The air distribution system is an ideal system for breeding fowls of chicks experiencing a feeding restriction (they only eat once a day and little quantity), since at the time of distributing the feed uniformly through the entire surface of the shed, animals get access to the feed without competing against the others. Fowls are bred more uniformly and the mortality level decreases. The hopper does not destroy the granulated feed, that is why the hen finds it easily, and the distribution system in rain mode does not damage the eyes of the animals. The number of animals per square meter is higher as there is no obstruction on the ground, which considerably improves the animal welfare.

The entire feed distribution system as well as the heavy air distribution hoppers hang from the room metal structure, that is why the option for a productive unit supplied by the Exafan Company makes it the most convenient alternative.

Building for breeding chicks SHEET 0,5 mm


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Water supply

02.09.- Water supply systems

Basically, water is used in poultry farms for the animal to drink as well the cooling and cleaning process systems. In every new intensive exploitation project, one of the sections we must take care of is the accumulation, storing and distribution of water

At Exafan, we also take care of the animals having a comfortable access to the drinkers, which must be well located and accessible at a distance below 1 meter during the first life stage. Water must be fresh and good bacteriological quality as well as chemically treated. The supply of clean and fresh water with adequate flow is fundamental for the poultry production. Without an adequate water consumption level, the fodder consumption will decrease and the general performance of the animals compromised.

At Exafan, we consider that water is essential for the development and welfare of the animals; they must have convenient access to it in order to meet their needs and avoid liquid feces and therefore humidity on the bed.


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Drinkers with / without drip cup

In order to achieve a transformation index, a correct water supply is essential. Nipple drinkers present a polluting rate below the open drinkers. They must be adjusted at the required height and pressure for fowls of different size. Nipple made of PVC and made of stainless steel.

For an optimal performance of the productive units, we recommend using a system of drinkers with drip cup, the probability of pollution and waste of water is below a system without drip cup.







At Exafan, we take care of our buildings reflecting the natural environment whenever possible, so that animals behave according to nature; in compliance with the current regulation welfare, we provide our facilities with elements such as perches, layers, nests, etc. to sump up, spaces designed for the animals to perform under the best conditions possible.

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02.10. Internal housing equipment

02.10.- Internal housing equipment

Internal housing equipment for broilers and layers AVIO is a laying nest designed for a double use, broilers and layers. The care and detail we have taken regarding the design of the AVIO provides the hens with a comfortable environment for the laying process. Nests do not damage the eggs and are stored safely and clean. The versatility of the laying nests AVIO enable them to position back to back along the length of the farm. They also enable the existence of a certain space between the laying nests allowing the animal free circulation. The hens may enter through any side of the block of nests. Eggs are laid on a special synthetic coating and roll very over easily on the central collection channel. Each nest floor is galvanized with a mesh and a drilled

blanket �Astrturl�, both sides can be easily removed for their cleaning. We may avoid the hens to remain on the nests too long. Inside each nest, there is a mesh panel, which can be advanced automatically for the hens to Pag.-98

move outside the laying nest. This way is possible to keep the nest empty. The eggs pass through a wide and rigid belt made of polypropylene and arrive healthy and safe to the designed place as the collection point. The belt speed can be electronically ad-

justed according to the existing number of eggs on the conveyor belt. A series of holes on the collection belt removes any dirtiness and guarantees the eggs will not roll over during the recollection process.

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Laying nest in a row Length of each element: 240 cm. Holes for each element - 4 units (two sides) - 2 units (one side)

The dimension in terms of room height and width is optimized in order to be able to accommodate the laying nests inside, the same as for the feeding and water supply lines; making the animal access to all the farm elements easier as well as facilitating a homogenous distribution, which favors the animal welfare.

Building for broilers


02.10.- Internal housing equipment

Internal housing equipment to breed the chicks GEMINI The GEMINI is an aviary to breed the chicks, it was designed to train the future layers to be placed in these aviaries. Only the chicks bred in these aviaries behave conveniently as layers in these aviaries. Higher density of fowls and easy management. - Adjustable drinkers - Belts to remove the hen feces - Grids - Lightning channel - Perch




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Accommodation system for the laying hens on the floor LIBRA The LIBRA facilitates the fact of breeding more hens per square meter than a breeding system on the floor. The hens may move around freely inside the building and according to the stratified cage standards. - Feeders - Adjustable drinkers - Belts to remove the feces - Nests - Lightning tubes - Perch - Balconies (optional)








Exafan keeps a close relationship with its clients, relationship that goes further beyond the actual sales contract. We advice them any time, before and even after the installation of the facilities; we offer training courses regarding the management of the equipment and systems with the purpose of obtaining the highest performance level possible. Likewise, we offer whatever service you may need no matter how complicated it might seem, we get in charge of all the elements included in the system if necessary.

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Electricity Exafan offers you the possibility of choosing the electricity service you wish, a very simple electric board, or a complete installation for all your facilities. The electric board and the electric wiring made by the Exafan Company comply with the current standards stated by the international regulation IEC60364, of the low-tension regulation. This way, such installation is carried out by authorized technicians, awarded with the electrician and installer professional certification while holding the corresponding responsibility insurance.

Plumbing Exafan´s mission is only usually limited to the building internal facilities, all the external tasks are on the client´s account, in case a client wishes an integral service, Exafan can get in charge of hiring the most experienced and trained professionals to solve the water supply system.

Heating With the purpose for you not getting worried about anything, Exafan advices you according to your needs and helps you during the entire gas installation process, including the engineering project as well as the product supply. All of it carried out by very competent and authorized staff.









07.- Reforms

At Exafan, we are specialists at the construction of poultry buildings, at this department, we really focus on the sector of updating farming buildings, implementation, rehabilitation and reforms. We take care of the entire integral process, from the design stage till the final execution, through the layout and division of the space as well as the required installation (electricity, lightning, climate control, equipment, internal housing equipment, water and gas supply)

Reforms: Bricklaying Clearing Cover repairs Wall activation Sandwich panel insulation Under cover internal insulation Replacement of the inlets (gates) Equipment installation and set in motion Electricity, heating and plumbing

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Pag.-115 Pag.-115


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Phone assistance Asistencia telefónica Horario 24 h 07:00 a 15:00 976 694 530 15:00 a 07:00 629 385 878


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International presence Exafan is a company focused on a clear international expansion strategy. Exafan is actually present all the over the world with products that can be adapted to each country´s specific requirements and regulations. Exafan´s loyalty to its principles makes it a top player worldwide, capable of offering the widest range of products, developing new activities and increasing our presence in the world by means of distributors as well as own commercial delegations, which enables us to be present and participate in the most outstanding projects taking place in more than 70 countries.

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The information, features and images of the products included in our catalogues and brochures may be modified without previous notice given their continuous technological development.



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