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Reality TV Truths

Former Miss USA and Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kenya Moore Talks Reality TV, Nene Leakes and the Truth about her Relationship with Walter Jackson BY: TIFFANY D. TAYLOR

“This is my reality. My life is not a joke.”

Miss USA turned reality TV personality, Kenya Moore, is the latest break out star of Bravo’s hit show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. EGL caught up with the beauty during taping of the hit show’s fifth season to discuss the ups and downs of reality TV, NeNe Leakes’ the truth about the alleged fabricated relationship with Walter Jackson and all the fabulousness of a crowned stallion. Watch her TWIRL!


EGL: How did you become a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Kenya: I had been friends with Lawrence Washington [Ms. Lawrence]. He told one of the producers that I had moved to Atlanta, and it got wings from there. EGL: Did you watch it before you became a cast member? Kenya: I definitely watched it before I got on the show. I can’t say I watched every episode, but I definitely was a fan of the show. Of course, Ms. Lawrence being on the show and being one of my very good friends, obviously I was familiar with it. I wanted to do the show because it was a step outside my comfort zone. I wanted to get awareness out on a few projects I’m working on, also the work I’ve been doing for my foundation, The Kenya Moore Foundation. Reality television offers tremendous opportunities in your career. I’m a film producer and I’m in Atlanta. This is where everything happens. It’s definitely a platform for my business. It also affords me the opportunity of having some stability where I can pick and choose the projects that I want to be a part of versus taking a job because I have to. It offers you some flexibility and freedom in making different choices. EGL: Are you happy with the way you were portrayed on the show? Kenya: It doesn’t show all of who I am. I have a lot of layers. When you’re watching a reality show you may shoot 1000 hours and it ends up being 45 minutes. With that, you don’t necessarily get the full picture. EGL: Do you believe reality TV is a steppingstone into bigger and better things? Kenya: Absolutely. Let’s face it; Real Housewives put all these other reality shows featuring all women cast on the map. They’re all carbon copies of the Real Housewives franchise. The show is number one for a reason. It’s sustained it ratings. It’s wonderful entertainment because you get to see the lives of regular people that you can sort of identify with. It is real and there are no fabricated moments.

“I love being in a position where I empower other people.”

EGL: Has RHOA changed any of your personal relationships? Kenya: My personal relationships haven’t changed at all. I’ve always been a very strong person, and I’ve always been sort of a maverick in my family. I’m very independent. My family and friends have seen some of the harsh criticism and they’ve made sure to check on me more often. They rally around me just to make sure I’m dealing with it well, and I feel that I am. EGL: Were you hesitant at first about revealing your breast cancer scare? You are an inspiration to women. Have you received positive feedback from your decision?

FEATURE Kenya: I have received wonderful feedback from sharing my breast cancer scare on the show from women all around the world who were afraid to go to the doctor or undergo testing. Making the decision was difficult at first because I honestly didn’t know what the outcome would be. With the help of my amazing surgeon, Dr. April Speed, who is one of the best breast specialists in the country, she helped me realize the importance of early detection. If together we could save one life, then it was an easy decision. I encourage all women to get tested and perform monthly self-breast exams. EGL: Yes, that is important for our EGL readers to know. Switching gears, we all know with fame comes praise and criticism. How are you dealing with that? Kenya: Criticism is natural. Yes that’s what I signed up for, and yes, people will judge and criticize you. I’m okay with that. What hurts is when people assassinate you via blogs, Twitter or Facebook. It hurts when they go for the jugular instead of just stating what their opinion is and moving on. Some people make everything so personal and it feels like unnecessary attacks. That’s what I didn’t sign up for. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there’s never ever a need to be downright disgustingly mean and atrocious on any platform whatsoever. EGL: Speaking of criticism. Recently on “The Wendy Williams Show,” NeNe stated you weren’t being truthful regarding your relationship with Walter on the show.

Kenya: Well, let me just say that Nene’s job is to be controversial. Everything that comes out of her mouth is controversial, so I take that with a grain of salt. It doesn’t matter to me because I know the truth. I

certainly would never put myself in a position where I would have someone on a show that isn’t in love with me or doesn’t want the same things as me. Everyone knows that I want to be married and I want to have children. A logical thinking person would never look at my situation on the show and think that I was acting. Now if he was acting, then shame on him. However, I’ll make better choices with men and that’s the only thing that I can do. I’m a target now. People will try to use me and it’s unfortunate that I was even in a situation like that. This is my reality. My life is not a joke. I have to keep positive and move forward from here. I’m focusing on myself and I hope that the man of my dreams will find me. EGL: I’m sure he will. Now let’s move on to your accomplishments. How did you get into film production? Kenya: The opportunity came when I was offered an Associate Producer position on the film Trois. Trois was the first time I was a leading lady on a film. I was always interested in how things came about in the entertainment industry. I always wondered how movies were made and how television shows developed. It just always fascinated me. I’m just not one to sit there and be happy with being told where to stand, what to do, how to look, what to wear. I’m a boss by nature. I wanted to find out what happens behind the camera. The happiest times in my life are when I’m producing. It’s my calling. I’m very talented. I love being in a position where I empower other people. I put together every single aspect on a project and I hire everyone on the set. When you see the project come together and you see the response from other people, it’s nothing like it in the world.

EGL: Besides RHOA, what else are you working on right now? Kenya: I have a television show called “Brothers” that’s in development. Hopefully, we’ll get the green light to shoot. It’s over at TVONE. I’m also producing another film project for 2013. I’m really proud of it. It’s a project I’ve been developing for a long time. I also have my fitness project. I’m really excited about that. It really does focus on women and getting them into shape. People always ask me what do I do to stay in shape and how do I keep my body together, now I can show you! EGL: Our EGL readers would like to know, are you a girly girl? Kenya: I can be. I think I’m a weird mix of both. I love heels and looking pretty. I love wearing makeup. I can’t go anywhere without eyelashes, but then I have a lot of testosterone and I love being physical. I have a very strange mix of the two. EGL: We are in the middle of spring! Do you have any spring rituals that you do each year to bring in the new season? Kenya: I always do spring cleaning. I also go through a really deep moisturizing in terms of beauty. I’ll get intensive scrubs and peels. The winter is so drying that you have to start all over for spring. I’ll definitely have a day at the spa and make sure I get all the intense exfoliating treatments. I change my hair color as well for the spring. I usually go a little bit lighter. EGL: Speaking of hair, you hair is gorgeous. People want to know…is that all your hair? Kenya: Yes! It is all my hair. It’s a long ritual and I’m actually developing a hair care line. Hopefully next year you guys will be able to buy that. I’m working on it every other day. It’s something that is really important to me. I don’t really care if you wear your own hair or if you don’t, but I think if you want to wear your natural hair you should be able to be and feel proud of it. I have a lot of secrets. I know how to grow long beautiful hair. I know how to keep it healthy. I want to share that with women all over the globe.

K m


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To Train with the Best

Celebrity Trainers and Their A-List Clientele! Ever wondered how Kimora Lee Simmons was able to look so fab after three kids and two fashion empires? Or how Kelly Rowland has been able to maintain those killer abs she flaunts in all her videos? Myth leaves us to think that these celebrities are just born with their banging bodies, when in reality they work four to five times a week for it with celebrity trainers that are in high demand. Want Rihanna’s legs or J-lo’s firm butt? EGL has listed their celebrity trainers along with their work out plans that you can do too!



As founder and President of “The Hollywood Trainer”, Jeanette Jenkins has been whipping celebrities into the best shape of their lives! The superstar fitness guru has dedicated her life to helping others gain control of their weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Jeanette is unique in her own way because she is not exclusively a “celebrity” trainer; her dedication extends far beyond the Hollywood scene. Under her brand, Jeanette is the author of “The Hollywood Trainer Weight- Loss Plan: 21 Days to Make Healthy Living a Lifetime Habit”, Hollywood Trainer DVD Collection- her newest and very popular venture,! Jeanette’s fitness roster includes Queen Latifah, Kimora Lee Simmons, Alicia Keys, Carmen Electra, Tia Mowry, and Nia Long…just to name a few. Along with client Kelly Rowland, Jeanette has added Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland as part of her new Hollywood Trainer Celebrity Series, so her at-home clients can get that body her star clients possess! It may seem that her list of projects is pretty extensive, but this is only half of what Jeanette has her hand in. Aside from her personal brand, she is also a Nike Training Club Ambassador and a Gatorade G Series FIT Team member. Jeanette’s commitment to healthy, holistic living keeps her motivated and her clients happy!



Harvey Pasternak

Hailing as one of the most prominent fitness experts, Harvey Pasternak is the man responsible for some of the BEST bodies in the entertainment industry. As founder and creator of the 5-Factor Fitness Program, Harvey has been able to develop a strategy to tackle weight loss through his nutrition and fitness philosophy. Harvey’s biggest, and possibly most well known transformations are Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson. With dietary help from Weight Watchers and fitness instruction from Harvey, these two songbirds lost a combined total of 140 lbs! He is also the face of New Balance sneakers, Coca-Cola’s Fuze, SmartWater, and Powerade Zero.

Harvey’s trick to keeping celebs like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Kimora Lee Simmons in shape is his implementation of “custom brief “ fitness programs that can easily be implemented while on tour or away on location. His clients are conditioned to eating meals that contains five ingredients, five times a day. He then creates a “signature fitness program” that consists of five-minute sets. The fitness guru places a lot of attention on the 5-Factor Product Line, which consists of meal plans, workout DVD’s, snacks, and meal plan! Trainer Harvey Pasternak takes his work seriously to ensure “Real People Hollywood Results”!


Tracy Anderson Fitness and wellness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson is not your typical celebrity trainer…some may not refer to her as a trainer at all. Tracy Anderson is responsible for Madonna’s timeless body, Nicole Richie’s healthy snapback physique, and her business partner Gwyneth Paltrow’s lean, toned frame. As the brain behind Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson, the fitness pro uses the tactic of “muscle confusion” as effectively train her clients. This fitness routine encourages a lean look accompanied with muscle definition. Over the past few years, Tracy has invented regimens and workout plans suitable for pregnant mothers and their children, ranging from ages 10 and above. One thing that makes Tracy sought after is the intensity of her program. The exercise component also consists of a liquid diet, meaning that all foods need to be blended! One hour, 6-days a week for 90 days is the commitment needed for a plan such as Tracey’s. Even though she is relatively new to the game, her work out is endorsed by big names and has proven to be effective. We think she’ll be around for a VERY long time.


A Tall Glass of Water


By: Mareissa King

The Essential Guide to Proper Hydration

Water, as we all know, is the most essential fluid our body needs. Therefore, let’s take a look at the importance of daily consumption for our health. For starters, we need to drink half our body weight of water every day (in fluid ounces). In other words, if a person weighs 140 pounds, their daily consumption needs to equal 70 ounces of water per day. 140/2=70oz. of daily water consumption If the average glass of water is 8oz, then that equals to 8 glasses of water per day! Now that we have come to terms on how to figure out how much water is needed, let’s be sure to pay attention to the important times of the day that we should be drinking some of those glasses. 2 glasses of water after waking up- helps “wake up” internal organs 1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal- helps with digestion 1 glass of water before taking a shower/bath- helps lower blood pressure 1 glass of water before going to bed-avoids stroke or heart attack

Source: Breaking Muscle • For those (soda and juice lovers) having a hard time breaking adjusting to a daily water regimen, here are some quick tips to stay motivated and well hydrated! • Keep a water bottle with you everywhere you go as it will remind you to keep drinking throughout the day. • A great way to test our hydration is by urinating. If urination is frequent and a light yellow color, you’re on the right track. • Raw fruits are another great way to consume water. Water can be received from certain foods aside from liquid water as well. Source: Replinishing Soul

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Top Celebrity Body Transformations If anyone’s weight is constantly under scrutiny it’s Hollywood’s leading ladies. With constant flashing lights and cameras rolling; actresses, singers and reality star alike have to deal with the pressure of having the “Hollywood Body.” Where as many have fallen victim to the pressures of losing weight in an unhealthy way. There are some that have taken that negative pressure and turned it into a positive body and life transformation!



A Transformation

Jennifer Hudson From the moment she graced the American Idol stage during the auditions round, Jennifer Hudson has wowed the nation with her effortless capability to belt out any tune. Always content with her size 16 curves for as long as she could have remembered, the Chicago powerhouse considered her body/weight normal. It wasn’t until Hudson became pregnant with her son that she decided to shed some pounds. “Right after I had [David], I began trying to change things,” she explained in SELF Magazine. More so about becoming a healthier eater, Jennifer opted to exercise in her own way (via bike-riding, jogging, playing basketball, etc.) and joined Weight Watchers (as a spokesperson with a hefty endorsement deal) where she “learned about balance.” After all was said and done, the singer lost a whopping 80lbs in total – giving her a seemingly new body and an even stronger voice of confidence to match! Saying bye-bye to her size-16 and hello to a size-6, Jennifer Hudson’s body transformation took her about three years to attain. Now at the weight that she wants to be, the 31 year-old singer serves as an inspiration to not only fans but to all Americans that, “when there is a will, there is a way.”



When we were first introduced to Laura Govan of VH1’s Basketball Wives, she had just given birth to her fourth child – so fair enough, she was not at her ideal weight. Weighing in at about 255lbs (her heaviest), Govan did not solely put the blame on her pregnancy, but did credit her overall weight gain to bad eating habits. “I was averaging about two cakes a week,” the reality star and fiancée of Gilbert Arenas told Celebuzz. So how did Laura slim down and end up losing over 85lbs? According to her, she used pictures of her old and new body as motivation all around the house. “I had to remind myself that this is where I was and this is where I want to be. I worked my a-off.” With time being her biggest challenge, she set up a work-out schedule around her children. “…I’d work out with them at soccer practice. I was running up and down the court.” Mommy-and-kids time worked out extremely well for Laura Govan; she’s now at 140lbs and looks amazing!

before after


ENTERTAINMENT Now 27 years old, Raven-Symone has been a household name since she played little Olivia on The Cosby Show. As a voluptuous teenager, her weight continued to increase at a steady rate as seen in her role as Raven on the hit-Disney series and her stint in The Cheetah Girls movies. Citing the heavy responsibility of showbiz as the fat culprit – losing weight became a healthy decision for the actress. By stressing less, yet still eating in the same proportion as she previously did (without overeating, of course) Raven was able to drop a reported 70lbs. Confident and content in her skin as she was when she had a little extra junk in her trunk, Raven isn’t fazed by others’ opinions. “People say, ‘You look so pretty!’ But I was pretty before… I could look in the mirror and see me at 200lbs or 135lbs and I’m still the same person.” The only plus side to now having a transformed body is how “great [it is] to put on clothes and not wear a girdle,” the witty Raven-Symone has said to PEOPLE.







Born into a rock-n-roll family, Kelly Osbourne was never the skinniest child growing up or throughout most of her adulthood. Similar to her mother and brother, she has publicly discussed her personal battle of being overweight. After quite some years, the now 28 year-old Fashion Police co-host made the huge step of evaluating other internal issues hindering her (such as drug usage & going to therapy). “I had to love myself first… Losing weight was just one benefit of putting the hard work in and sorting myself out…,” Kelly explained in Cosmopolitan Body. Finding her self-worth led her to a full transformation which included her obvious weight loss. With the assistance of being clean, happy, and of course exercising – which was not initially easy for Osbourne – the former reality star was able to get rid of an impressive 69lbs. “Working out is not fun, I’m not going to lie and say it is. I sweat my a-- off and I’m miserable for the hour I’m doing it but when I’m done, I feel amazing… There’s no quick fix and it does take a long time…” Though the process of getting what she wanted was neither fun nor easy, Kelly Osbourne does understand and now knows the power of making a lifestyle change!



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Founders Get Real About Staying Fit, Healthy and Sexy BY: CHEYLIN PARKER

Ashley Hicks and Toni Carey

feature You and Toni call each other sisters, how did you two initially meet? Ashley: Toni and I are line sisters, AKA’s, so we met back in 2008 in college. So tell me how Black Girls RUN! came about? Ashley: Toni and I started BGR back in 2009. At the time I had been running for a few years, she had just started running. We were having a conversation about how few black women were involved with sports and that kind of led to us saying ‘You know what? We should blog about this and give people advice and tell our own personal journeys and stories about running.’ We just started blogging and two years later we were thinking it would be cool to have running groups. So we launched a running group and it just grew from there. You first started the blog in 2007, then you launched the running group. What was the turn out like?

Ashley- “As long as I’m alive, I’m going to be working out. As long as I’m alive, I’m going to be eating healthy.” Ashley: The turnout was really good. We actually had a meet-up in Atlanta before that, and at a race they were just like, “you guys are really good. You want to come and run a race with us?” We thought that would be cool and we had people come and we were really pleasantly surprised. Everyone was like, “you guys should have a running group.” We just put a post on the blog stating, “If you would like to start a BGR running group let us know,” and the emails just kept rolling in from all these different cities

We know… ladies don’t necessarily like to talk about their weight. But with obesity becoming prevalent in our communities, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks say it’s time to put the shyness to the side and get REAL. Former college classmates, line sisters, running buddies and now business partners; Carey and Hicks are setting the fitness world on blaze! Black Girls RUN! (BGR ) is an effort to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the AfricanAmerican community and to provide encouraging resources to both new and veteran runners. The organization strives to encourage women to make fitness and healthy living a priority. EGL recently chopped it up with the BGR founders about getting focused and healthy and building a business and initiative to impact the world!

On your blog and website it says your aim is to really tackle the issue of obesity in the African-American community, but what are some other goals that you have for Black Girls RUN!? Ashley: It’s to inspire a younger generation to get fit and healthy. To create healthy eating habits and exercise. I believe that’s one of the most powerful things that’s come out of the groups is now that we realize that by inspiring our members who are moms, they are now inspiring their kids. So we have a lot of kids who are running which is really cool! It’s something we didn’t initially think of, but that’s now our goal; to constantly give our members resources on how to get their kids active.

Toni: I want to inspire people to do something different and take our health seriously. History speaks for itself. It’s time that we take the steps, no pun intended, to change how history has defined us. What’s been your personal journey with running and exercising that you bring to Black Girls Run? Ashley: I think for me, my story is that [I’m] really just embracing the lifestyle. I grew up being an athlete. I played soccer pretty much all my life. I played in college and after I stopped playing, I started to gain weight. I didn’t understand how to be fit outside of the organized sport realm. So that is when I found running and I thought that this was a great way to manage your weight and stress and all these other things. Even now, it’s just embracing that lifestyle. As long as I’m alive, I’m going to be working out. As long as I’m alive, I’m going to be eating healthy. What inspired you? Toni: When you look at the statistics about African-American women’s health, they are absolutely alarming. I’m crazy enough to believe that those statistics CAN change! I also want to dispel all of those myths and stereotypes that often prohibit the African-American community from progressing. What have been the high points of Black Girls Run? Ashley: I think it’s the success stories. We hear how it’s just really impacting people’s lives. Sometimes these people are crying and they have these stories that are so amazing. We had our event in New York and this lady was saying how her best friend’s son was shot and killed, going on to explain that running really saved her because it was like she could go do that and deal with the stress that way. It’s a healthy way to deal with stress. Just things like that

really keep us going. Did you ever think you would become a business owner? Toni: Yes! It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. Ashley: Yea, I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and Toni’s the same way. Even though this isn’t the first for either one of us, we didn’t even go into this thinking it would be a business. What are some of the lessons you all have learned as business owners? Just with trying to keep Black Girls Run afloat and successful. Toni: Owning your own business is tough. You have to be willing to sacrifice ALOT to make it work.

Toni- “When you look at the statistics about AfricanAmerican women’s health, they are absolutely alarming.” Ashley: I think one is building a strong team, finding people who are experts in their field and allowing them to give you advice and advise you on how to make your business stronger. Also, knowing how important communication is; it’s absolutely vital. It’s a virtual business, so Toni and I talk almost every day. We’re texting, Facebook messaging, and on the phone. There are so many moving parts so it’s just imperative that we do it. Where do you see Black Girls run in one year to five years? Where would you like to see it go? Ashley: We hope to expand into other sports, like Black Girls Yoga. We hope to

feature launch more events so right now we have our annual race and conference, which I think is a fabulous opportunity for black women to get together. Hopefully we’ll do a HBCU tour at some point. People are always like,“hey you’re really needed on college campuses,” so those are things we hope to accomplish in the next year. Toni: We definitely want our membership to continue to grow and [to] add more groups. Our hope is that in 10 years, we will see the obesity rates among AfricanAmerican women dramatically decrease. What are some things you have been faced with to keep Black Girls RUN! going? Toni: One of the biggest decisions I had to make was quitting my full-time job in order to commit more time to Black Girls RUN! It was an extremely difficult decision and very scary, but I really believed in Black Girls RUN! Looking back on it, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Have either of you ever wanted to give up or ran into obstacles where you were just like, ‘you know what, maybe this isn’t what I should be doing?’

Ashley: I think so. I mean the funny thing is, Toni and I are always like we boot shopped this business. We don’t have any loans or anything of that nature, and there are days that you’re like, “I literally took a pay cut to start doing this full time.” And there are days that I’m like, “let me polish up my resume.” But then you know, I’ll hear about a good story and focus on what our mission is; impacting people’s lives and creating a need for social change. Toni: There are definitely days I want to throw in the towel, but I stay focused on our mission and what we have been able to accomplish thus far. How do you stay dedicated to your running and workout schedule? Ashley: It’s really difficult because the more we grow the business, the less time we actually have to run. To me, it’s just finding a balance of how many days a week I’ll definitely have to work out, finding new things to do. The group has really been a blessing to me.

Toni-“We all have a responsibility and the power to make this world a better place.”

What would you say to women who aren’t exercising or eating healthy to take those steps to make positive changes or feel like they don’t have time to? Toni: Change is hard, but not impossible. Set a goal and take it one day at a time. If you fall off the wagon, because you will, don’t beat yourself up too bad. Just get up, dust yourself off and try again. What’s one thing you would want people to take away from Black Girls RUN!? Ashley: They have to know that there’s support out there. There’s an entire network dedicated to helping them with their running fitness and journey. That’s one thing we want people to know. Toni: We all have a responsibility and the power to make this world a better place. BGR! Is currently on its first national “Preserve the Sexy” tour until June 8, 2013. The tour stops in Richmond, Atlanta, Mississippi and South Carolina. Interested candidates can register at


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Business Spring Cleaning

Every year, when the Robins fly north and the flowers peek their heads out of the ground after a long winter, people start to think about spring cleaning. Many people do spring cleaning around the house but have you ever thought of trying it at work? Business leaders can thrust new life into a company by allocating a springtime sequence in the workplace. Each spring can function as a reminder to focus on ways to make your business more efficient. Now is the season to put spring fever into action! Snatch up some of that energy and funnel it into your business. Right now, you can do some spring cleaning in your business and make vigorous changes that can enhance the path you’re on for the rest of the year.

A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Business: How to Keep Your Business on the Road to Success. Tips for Cleaning the Clutter, Streamlining Your Business, and giving it New Life

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas on how you can spring clean your business to attain a fresh outlook, improve strategy and reinvigorated motivation.

Spring Clean your Thinking: This type of spring cleaning is an opportunity for businesses to look at making improvements across the company. Rather than framing the exercise around what may be wrong with the business, it can focus on how everyone can improve their performance and improve the business. We as human beings have our times when we hibernate a little; spring cleaning is an essential seasonal emergence from that slumber.

Spring Clean your Strategy: A typical problem for many businesses is realizing and implementing an ambitious business strategy. They know what they want to be, but in most cases they don’t know how to do it. The goal is to embed new essential skills in the business that will support longterm business goals. For a business wanting to spring clean business strategy, this means: • Sitting down and identifying the work that needs to be done • Identify who is going to do the work and in what time frame • Identifying skill and capability gaps • Readjusting strategy where tasks cannot be completed in the original time frame

Hire Some Help: If you’re committed to a thorough cleaning you may want to call in an expert to help make sure nothing is overlooked. It’s not unusual for people to hire housekeepers, landscapers and other service providers to enhance spring cleaning. In the business world, it’s a good idea to bring in an objective third party to identify organizational clutter. Be sure to hire an expert with a proven track record.

may be some things among your employees and colleagues that need to be dealt with for growth to occur. If mistakes have been made or goals haven’t been met, one of the best ways to facilitate a fresh start is with a candid discussion. Then, let the past be the past so there aren’t any more distractions.

Sharpen Your Tools: Lots of folks invade the garage in the spring to inspect the tools they use outdoors, and they usually find that the tools need sharpening. Spring may also be a good time for employees to review and sharpen their skills or learn new ones to improve work efficiency to last the rest of the year.

Embrace Social Media: The pace of change in the social media space just keeps accelerating. Businesses who don’t jump on the northbound train towards great social media will be left at the station. The sooner you get in the sandbox and start playing, the sooner you will understand the inner workings of the social media world. Social media is a space where business is increasingly competing for market share, mindshare and market relevance. It’s all about making and maintaining deeper consumer/supplier relationships.

Refresh Your Colors:

Repurpose Things: Martha Stewart is an entrepreneur who has made a living out of turning old hats into centerpieces and broken chairs into plant holders. Apply this type of thinking to your employees. Some of them might be happier and more useful if you thought of a different way to leverage their talents.

Clear Out the Clutter: Think about business activities that no longer add value to your organization. If products or services have outlived market demand, sweep them out. It may be a difficult decision, but clear the clutter and focus your business energy on what will be hot in the coming quarters. Take a quick inventory of the emotional baggage at work, too. There

Maybe your brand could use a new look to give it a fresh appeal to customers. But remember, a brand is more than colors, shapes and logos. It represents your business’ value proposition and what customers can expect from your company. However, if your business has begun to serve new markets in new ways, maybe it’s time to modernize the company’s brand.

Don’t forget to think positively. With the economy in rebound, you need to power up your positive thoughts even more. Get ready for growth, even if you’re not totally certain it’s coming. The businesses that will benefit from the recovery are those who have a solid plan.


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Patting Herself on the back

ODE TO THE By: Aramis Grant, Essence Cohen and Renee King

We at EGL are constantly on a mission to

encourage women to discover their own

selves into the ones that we love, until we

have nothing left for our self. As this innate drive to be altruistic is within our essence

and at the core of our greatness; we must

apknow when to take time to reflect and ap

preciate our many complexities and worth! felSo this Month we appreciate all of our fel low EGL women with a special poem!


greatness. It is so often that we pour our-

The Struggle Making sacrifices in life and career, to give our children a life that is fair. Through the pain and the struggle we must stay strong, for we are looked upon as the backbone. Face our fears and hide our tears, we must fight for the right to succeed with our peers. For the ones we love; we help, heal, and make their dreams real. We endure pain, but we always push through, just like a rainbow we always shine through. EGL women, so brave and so strong, never failing, never to fall. EGL women so passionate and beautiful; to live, love, standing tall through it all.

The Strength Not defined by her physical ability But by her willingness to rely on faith, Even when it seems that she can no longer bear the pressure, Challenges are met with style and grace. Exemplifying refinement and redefining beauty, Exuding love and passion is her eternal duty Ever changing, ever growing, and everything you’re proud of She is Everything Girls Love EGL Woman, so brave and so strong, never failing never to fall EGL Woman so passionate and beautiful; to live, love, standing tall through it all

The Resolve The weight of the world is on her shoulders, but she lifts and lifts, making them all a believer People do their best to break her spirit and crush her dreams, but she’s an experienced wound healer When times are tough and there are few to count on, she holds her composure, so many storms to weather She is skilled with the craft of life and capable of handling what she has been dealt, because she is an… EGL Woman, so brave and so strong, never failing never to fall EGL Woman so passionate and beautiful; to live, love, standing tall through it all




Fitness Issue/June/Kenya Moore  

Fitness Issue/June/Kenya Moore

Fitness Issue/June/Kenya Moore  

Fitness Issue/June/Kenya Moore