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Spring 2016

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Spring 2016



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Beauty Obsessed!


Skin Care Secrets from Japan, Africa, and Beyond Written By: Lawanda J

From the peaceful Peruvian Amazon to the

lace-curtained bistros of France, the world ensnares our spirits with its unfaltering vastness and beauty. The eclectic nature of the world around us brings an appreciation of its uniqueness and a yearning to know all its secrets. Among the many differences offered, are the beauty routines of the millions of women around the globe. Each similar, yet distinct within each culture. And each giving an opportunity to learn and possibly revise our own current beauty routines. Read on as we explore some of the many skin care secrets from beauties all around the world.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Photo Credit: [untitled image of woman]. (N.D). Retrieved January 29, 2016 from https://cdn.tatcha.com/images/uploads/TAT14-geisha-hands.jpg

When you think of Japan, one can’t help but think of geisha’s. Trained in music, dance, and conversation, geisha literally translates to, “artist” and have been around since the 1700’s. Shrouded in mystery and allure, the geisha have devoted themselves to the pursuit of beauty and art. Behind the opaque white paint and scarlet red pout, the women are known for their flawlessly, smooth skin. Whilst some of us can become product junkies, the geisha’s beauty rituals comprise of four main ingredients: rice, seaweed, fish, and green tea.

most surprising on the list is rice but Japanese rice paddy workers noticed how soft and supple their skin would become after their hands had been submerged in rice water all day. Now, geisha use rice water to wash their face for silky, smooth skin. Rich in vitamin E, rice water provides hydration and prevents or fades age spots. Try this: NeoGen Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser, $19.00. This hydrating foam cleanser is made with fermented green tea extract to brighten skin and remove impurities.

It comes as no surprise that green tea makes the list. The powerful antioxidant touts plenty of benefits, including warding off hormonal acne, wrinkles, and saggy skin. The

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com



The people of India have always understood the power of nature and natural ingredients. They learned a great deal about the abundance of plants that grew around them and used these herbs to beautify their skin, hair, and cure diseases. The knowledge of the herbs has been passed down through generations and is now known as Ayurveda. First recorded in the Veda, the world’s oldest existing literature, Ayurveda is believed to be over 1200 years old and is still used today. Neem, a common ingredient used in Ayurvedic practice, is a versatile plant used to promote a healthy, clear complexion. With antifungal and antibacterial properties, neem is a panacea for those with chronic skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin ulcers, and fungal infections. Try this: To clear acne, boil 20 neem leaves in half of liter of water until water turns green and leaves are soft. Strain and store mixture in a bottle. Use this liquid as a skin toner and use a cotton ball to wipe face daily with mixture. Regular use will clear acne, scars, and blackheads.

Kenya Rich with culture and history, it’s so easy to immerse yourself in the beauty of Africa. From the greatness of Mount Kilimanjaro to the beauty of raging waterfalls cascading from the Nile, the people of Africa, quite naturally, have a deep connection to nature and the earth beneath their feet. In a land rich with nutrient dense botanicals, the ancient beauty secrets are pure and natural, given with deep love from Mother Nature. The famed Cleopatra maintained her beauty, while in Egypt, with fruits from the land. From skin softening milk and honey baths to toning white clay masks, the legendary beauty became one with the earth. Black soap (also known as African black soap, anago soap, alata simena, and dudu-osun) is traditionally made in West Africa from secret recipes. Made from

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

the ash of harvested plants and barks of plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark, the soap has the highest shea butter content of any soap. Chock-full of vitamins A & E and essential minerals, this beauty bar is gentle, nourishing, and healing to the skin. Black soap has long been used to treat eczema, acne, dark spots, and fine lines. Try this: Shea Moisture African Black Soap, $4.99. Not just your regular soap, this bar is designed to cleanse, hydrate, and heal problem skin.

Photo Credit: [untitled image of group of women]. (N.D). Retrieved January 29, 2016 from http://uptowncollective.com/ wp-content/uploads/2012/07/African-Dance-Class.jpg

Photo Credit: [untitled image of woman]. (N.D). Retrieved January 31, 2016 from http://bridalguide.com/sites/default/files/article-images/beauty-%26-fitness/makeup-%26-skincare/beauty-secrets-around-the-world/indian-bride.jpg

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Sexy and sultry are few adjectives that may come to mind when thinking of Brazil. The people of Brazil prefer their skincare and beauty regimens to be as natural and healthy as possible. Firm believers feel that beauty starts from within, Brazilians create delicious beauty elixirs that are rich in antioxidants. These beauty drinks pack a powerful punch and include ingredients, such as Graviola, Goji berries, and Acerola. One common superfood used in Brazilian beauty juices is acai berries. Loaded with antioxidants, these pulpy berries help with wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, and environmental skin damage. You can find acai berries online or at any local health store. Try this: Make your own Brazilian power smoothie with acai berries (called batida de acai). Take 2 cups of acai juice (or 2/3 cups of dried acai berries), 1 cup plain yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 banana, and 3 tablespoons of oatmeal. Blend and enjoy.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Get inspired by these natural looks that we are loving for spring!


Natural Hair Looks We Love for Spring Written By: Princess Kabakole Spring is almost here, and we couldn’t be happier! Time to think about ditching that weave and look forward to natural styles. During the winter, the cold air can be very drying and damaging to our hair; and in the summer it’s difficult to maintain perfect hair with all of the humidity, but springtime weather is just right to support all of our natural hair goals.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Photo Credit: [untitled image of woman]. (N.D). Retrieved January 29, 2016 from https://cdn.tatcha.com/images/uploads/TAT14-geisha-hands.jpg

Style: Two Strand Twist Try this style, it’ll bring out the queen in you. Two strand twist are a cute way to rock your natural hair while keeping it protected. Did I mention that they are also very low maintenance and very easy to do yourself.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Style: Pin Up Whether you have braids or two strand twist, this look can be both classy and sporty. By pulling your hair back, it allows you to show off your face. Great way to keep your face from breakouts and keep cool.

Style: Twist Out Twist outs just won’t go away! There is nothing more naturally fabulous than a twist out. This style gives the look of a rod-set or wand curls without the damaging heat. Maintenance is fairly simple and usually requires a few touch ups with moisturizing products to add shine.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Style: BlowOut

This style is for the lady who wants to ditch her curls without damaging her curl pattern. It’s true that too much heat is damaging, but sometimes a little heat is needed to obtain a certain look. If you want flowing and voluminous hair, try a blowout. This look is achieved using a round brush and blow-dryer after a wash. Luckily, the heat is minimal enough to allow your curl pattern to resume after just one wash. Maintenance is simple and only requires you to wrap or roll hair into two buns.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Style: Bantu Knots Unleash your inner Rih Rih, and rock these fun Bantu knots. They are very out of the box and require a lot of confidence to pull off however, if you’re on the shy side just unravel your Bantu knots the next day for a beautiful luscious curl look. Maintenance requires that you re-twist the hair in Bantu knots before bed, but the end result will be worth the hassle! Whatever your style, we hope you are inspired and ready to take on the spring with the hottest natural looks!

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Spring Beauty Trends for 2016 Written By: Leslie Baker and Lungi Moore

Spring is upon us and we are super excited! With a new season comes new trends to try. Here are some our favorite upcoming spring trends:

Even though Spring is normally associated with pretty pastels and floral, we predict that matte black will be back this spring as recently seen by Essie on the Paris runway.

Photo Credit: [Nails] (N.D.) retrieved on 1/29/2016 from https://s-media-cacheak0.pinimg.com/736x/3e/fa/74/3efa745ef2a00ac5d19829e2b32f554f.jpg

Spring nails are fun to play with. Whether you’re not quite ready to let the dark colors go or you’re totally here for the spring flowers, we’ve got the scoop on three nail trends that will have everyone covered.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Liquid Chrome nails as seen at the Chanel runway are another nail trend perfect for this spring. More along the lines of the traditional pastel colors we’re used to but with a twist!

Photo Credit: [Nails] (N.D.) retrieved on 1/29/2016 from http://www.emilydenisephotography.com/photos/maniswap1.jpg

Nautical nails with floral designs scream SPRING IS HERE! A

Photo Credit: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwjzk7OT4arMAhUFPiYKHdRFA68QjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.londonbeautyqueen.com%2F2015%2F01%2Fnew-models-own-colour-chrome-liquid.html&bvm=bv.120551593,d. eWE&psig=AFQjCNEhiv-sp3r53zv_IagC5vmLwjNE-Q&ust=1461707010122604

nice clean pin stripe background paired with some pretty pastel floral design is a great spring nail design. Keeping the classic floral themes with the pretty pastel pinks is a nail trend that is sure to be around for many springs to come.

[Nail Polish Brush] (N.D.) retrieved on 1/29/2016 from http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-J0sxn7XB2Yo/VL0TaHSEZSI/AAAAAAAAYRM/ux3Fps6ORzg/s1600/ Models%2BOwn%2BColour%2BChrome%2BLiquid%2BMetal%2BMetallic%2BNail%2BCollection%2B3.png

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Photo Credit: [Makeup By Shayla] (N.D.) retrieved on 1/29/2016 from http://websta. me/p/906051230188436758_17828070#XFhMlHUFeJ3lDJjK.32


Fall/Winter burgundy lip colors will transition into spring. Models sported the red lip across the runway. Some had the ombré lip paired with dark eye shadow, but still had dark rich reds on the lips.

Photo credit: [Makeup By Shayla] (N.D.) retrieved 1/29/2016 from http:// thirstyroots.com/32-eyebrows-on-fleek.html

Eye makeup has toned down significantly. More neutral colors are used on the lids versus the bold colors from just a few years before. However, we hear that is making a change! We will see a switch in the use of pastels pinks being used on just the lips. This spring forecasts using pretty pastel pinks and oranges on the eyelids as predicted by Peter Philips at Dior.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

It’s clear to us that these spring beauty trends are throwing tradition out of the window and we’re definitely here for it! Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Pictures were taken from each person’s Instagram

entertainment entertainment

@amberrose @blacchyna @ciara @christinamilian @karrueche @iamsafaree @sevyn @shadmoss

Moving Forward After Heartbreak Written By: Tina Red


Fly-girl Amber Rose separated from her husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa after only a year of marriage citing irreconcilable differences. Even though she still admits to him being the love of her life and the key to her happiness, Amber has since made major moves following the split. She’s become a modern day feminist with the plight of dismantling sexist double standards and victim blaming by speaking against the injustices, as well as organizing her first annual Slut Walk in LA. She also published a book “How to Be a Bad Bitch” and nailed her first major acting role in the


say breaking up is hard to do but these celebrities seemed to have hit the ground running. Instead of moping and crying, they’re out here like “new life, who dis?” Find out how some of your favorite celebrities have found happiness, fortune and even love after heartbreak.

movie Sister Code.


Blac Chyna split from the father of her child, Young Money rapper Tyga, but her life continues on without a hitch. The bombshell enrolled in JLS Professional Makeup Artist School and graduated in 2013. Following, she became the proud owner of Lashed; a beauty bar specializing in facials, threading, body waxing, lashes, and a plethora of services that every girl loves. She took her entrepreneurial endeavors further and launched her own brand of adhesive eye lashes called Lashed by Blac Chyna and started Blac Velvet, an online clothing boutique. Chyna is currently dating none other than Rob Kardashian, the brother of Kylie Jenner, who just so happens to be the rumored culprit behind the split between Chyna and Tyga. Talk about things coming full circle.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Karrueche TRAN

Karrueche Tran refused to be labeled as just Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend. After a tumultuous off and on relationship, Karrueche finally left and found her wings. The beautiful Willhelmina model was spotted on the cover and in the pages of multiple magazines. Even more impressive, she finally attained one of her most sought after goals; acting. Karrueche beat out over 100 other actresses for the role of Vivian Johnson in the “Vanity Girls” series. She also starred in her first film, 3-Headed Shark Attack. Adding to her impressive streak, she teamed up with ColourPop Cosmetics to release KaePop, her own line of cosmetics. Do your thing, Kae!


Christina Milian is no stranger to heartbreak. She has always shown strength in tough times and her latest breakup with rapper Lil Wayne is no different. She told Extra’s host AJ Calloway “I’m in a great place. I’m happy. I’m single.” And she’s indeed in an awesome place! She added a new title to her extensive portfolio; reality star. She has her own show “Christian Milian Turned Up,” which focuses on her day-to-day life with her sisters and mom. She’s also starring alongside John Amos in the new series “Grandpa.” The series even won a People’s Choice award. Great job, Christina!

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

R&B songstress Ciara split from her super rapper fiancé Future soon after the birth of their adorable son, Future Jr. This breakup was a tough blow as everyone was rooting for CiCi’s happily-ever-after. Even though it wasn’t how we originally envisioned it, Ciara is still winning. She dropped her hit single “I Bet,” an ode to exes and it went platinum, certifying her as the first female to have a platinum R&B song in 2015. She also dropped her sixth studio album Jackie to rave reviews. But her ultimate trophy was finding love in Seattle Seahawks star quarterback, Russell Wilson. They took the entertainment world by surprise when they attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner together and the lovebirds have only grown closer since. Wedding bells are certainly in the near future.


News of Sevyn Streeter dating ATLien rapper B.o.B. was the rave, especially after his eggplant broke the Internet and she claimed it as her own. Unfortunately, only 9-months later the relationship dismantled. While Sevyn stayed quiet about the breakup, her ex didn’t…bringing her song “B.A.N.” to fruition. Since the split, she’s been blazing stages and red carpets, dropping remakes of popular songs, and working on her second studio album. Instead of focusing on lost love, she’d rather focus on making money. But don’t fret; she’ll be spilling the tea on her next album! She told Twitter, “I don’t fight my battles, but I do write about’ em. Don’t allow PEOPLE to put u through shii 4 free…wise up & turn pain into profit on dae azz #TeaOnDaAlbum.” Stay tuned!

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


SAFAREE SAMUELS Many only knew Safaree Samuels as Nicki Minaj’s hype man. Color us all surprised to learn the two were actually a couple for 12 years. News of their breakup was solidified when Safaree covered up the tattoo portrait of Nicki on his chest. If you thought he was going to go back to obscurity, you’re sadly mistaken. Originally giving up his own music career aspirations to support Nicki’s rise, Safaree went right back to his passion; rapping. He released his first mixtape ITISWHATITIS Volume I and “Burner” became an Internet favorite. He’s since developed a huge following of his music and brand “Stunt Gang.” His love life has also started to blossom. He’s been linked to R&B singer K. Michelle, Wild’ N’ Out’ model Zashia Santiago, and lingerie model Ana Montana. Who says your life ends after a breakup? Seems like Safaree is just getting started!


Shad Moss’s engagement to reality star Erica Mena didn’t end on the best of terms. In the midst of slanderous accusations, he’s continuing to make bigger and better career moves. Already having 20-years in the music, film and television industry, he continues to build his legacy on “CSI: Cyber.” Shad also just landed another huge gig with CBS Entertainment. For the first time in history, the network hosted a live red carpet show prior to The Grammy Awards and Shad hosted it! Shad’s career appears to be reaching new heights and if it’s up to him, his love life will soon follow. He told Instagram he has his eyes set on Adrienne Bailon. Will his lucky streak continue? Only time will tell!

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


YOUNG & HOT IN HOLLY WOOD Written by Kisha Forde

Hollywood is full of movers and shakers, but there are those who are making such moves at an astounding rate way before their prime. From the Jenner sisters to mega star Zendaya, these young starlets prove that they can handle rising to the top while juggling it all.

If you were to open any magazine right now, chances are that Kendall Jenner would be dominating one of the pages. The reality star turned model has been gracing runways, booking campaigns, stopping shows and achieving the ultimate dream: becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel! Fendi, Calvin Klein, and Estee Lauder are just some of the branded deals the 20-year-old has been able to snag without hesitation. With an estimated worth of around $10 million, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with and is making sure her career is one that takes center stage.

Kendall Jenner

Pictures were taken from each person’s Instagram @zendaya, @kyliejenner, @kendalljenner, @gigihadid, @ iamquvenzhane, @christiaingrey (Jaden Smith), @amandalastenberg, @ @officialyarashahidi

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Kylie Jenner

There’s no doubt about Kylie Jenner being the talk of the

Gigi Hadid

town—for many different reasons, but it seems like the

Model Gigi Hadid is plastered across almost every billboard imaginable these

young starlet is continuously able to capitalize on it all. Not

days, and the public can’t stop eating it up with good reason. Although she

only is she living on her own like older sister Kendall, but she

is the daughter of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster, the

has also ventured into her various businesses, which include

20-year-old has morphed into having her own career and explosive dynamic

hair extensions and a lip kit line—that sold out in seconds,

on every runway she comes across. She’s starred in numerous videos including

literally! Anything the 18-year-old wears from makeup down

those of Miguel, Joe Jonas, Cody Simpson and more, which just adds to the

to nail colors has made businesses and the star herself mil-

reasons of why she’s one of the hottest stars walking in Hollywood.

lions. Although she hails from one, she’s well on her way to owning her own empire.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Zendaya Named Covergirl’s newest face, CHI’s first-ever celebrity brand ambassador, and Woman of this year by multiple publications, it’s no wonder why Zendaya is the woman of the century to beat. The Disney star has made a seamless effort from television star to style icon, singer, designer, author, and model. Not only is she racking in the bucks with her multiple shows and

Amandla Stenberg

endorsement deals, but she also is a role model in her own right. Her estimated net worth has already reached a whopping $1.5 million, and with everything she has in store, we can’t wait to see her climb even higher.

Not one to hold her tongue, Amandla Stenberg has come to be known as one of the most powerful voices of her generation—which isn’t surprising given that her name means “power.” Although just 17, her outspoken but well thought out responses to society’s standards has placed her in a leadership role like no other. Besides having incredible intelligence, the actress has starred in The Hunger Games, Rio 2 and Colombiana. The young and powerful activist has expressed in so many ways that she is comfortable exactly the way she is and is proud of her culture, which is why we love how she uses her power so much.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Jaden Smith Known best for breaking the standard mold, actor and child star Jaden Smith has always played by his own rules and invented his own guidelines. The Karate Kid star has transformed from being an actor to rapper and spokesperson, especially as of lately, becoming the newest face for Louis Vuitton. He’s starred in numerous films including The Pursuit of Happyness, After Earth, and The Day The Earth Stood Still, and is slated to star in upcoming films in production as well. Jaden always keeps us guessing with his next move, but one thing is for certain—this young star’s shine won’t be dimming anytime soon.

Quvenzhane Wallis

At age 10, Quvenzhane Wallis has scored an impressive amount of firsts that is well beyond her years. The super young star scored the youngest Academy Awards nomination ever for her incredible performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild. She then followed that up with a role in 12 Years A Slave, Boneshaker, and last but certainly not least, the much talked about remake of Annie. True to her nature, she then broke records again by being the youngest major child celebrity to be the face of a luxury brand. If Quvenzhane continues to knock it out of the park, by this rate we can only imagine what she’ll blow us away with in the next couple of years!

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Yara Shahidi

The gorgeous 15-year-old has caught nationwide attention by landing a role in ABC’s smash hit “Black-ish,” and has found herself surpassing that spotlight as a rising star. Already known for appearing in ads like Ralph Lauren, Target, Disney, and Guess Kids, this NAACP Image Award winner is well on her way to becoming the next household name we’re obsessed with.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com




Me Fashion

For your newborn, keep the girly vibes going

with this pretty, pink terry cloth bodysuit- dress with matching cardigan and sparkly mary janes with rosette detail from Carter’s. The fabric is not only breathable, but durable and washable, as well.


that winter is gone and the snow has melted, it’s time for moms and their little chicks to emerge from their homes with a new spring in their step. Though transitioning from winter to spring can be a bit difficult to navigate, it’s no problem at all if you’re up to date on the spring’s newest trends for you and your little girl. Here’s how moms can do some of the season’s most popular styles.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Dress: 2 Piece Terry Bodysuit Dress Cardigan Set $14 – Carters, Shoes: Sparkle Rosette Mary-Jane Crib Shoes $12 - Carters

Written By: Lenisa Kelly


is the new black this spring and we’re not talking about the show. This vibrant color was all over the runways for Fashion Week. Keep your toddler on trend by putting them in this orange polka dot jumper from H&M and these springy white slip-on shoes from Carter’s. For moms with toddlers, keeping up with them and on style is no problem at all with these orange wide-leg trousers from Won Hundred and cone heel pointed toe heels from ASOS. This white crochet top is light and airy and the perfect complement to finish off your look. LEFT TO RIGHT: Shoes: Quilted Slip-on Shoes $23 – Carters, Jumpsuit: Patterned Jumpsuit $18 – H&M, Hair Accessory: Mesh Bow Headwrap $1.98 – Children’s Place. Bracelet: Open Metal Cuff $12 – Sole

For moms with newborns, this spring is all about delicate touches

of lace, similar to the hem of this white blouse from Yoins. Pleats are also going to be big this season, and this pink midi skirt with elastic waist will keep you right on trend and extremely comfortable. Complete your outfit with a few ultra feminine details, like this Oasis filigree stretch bracelet and the punch hole detailing of these Dune pumps for an extra touch of romance.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Society, Necklace: Frame

LEFT TO RIGHT: Purse: Mocha Snake Mixed

Triangle Necklace $29 – Wanderlust +

Tote Bag $96 – Wallis, Top: White Lace Hem

Co, Pants: Clea Wide Leg Trousers $93

Blouse $21 – Yoins, Skirt: Creamy Pleated

– Won Hundred, Shoes: Shush Pointed

Mini Skirt in Pink $42 – Chic Wish, Shoes:

Heels $37 – ASOS, Top: White Floral

Alexis Flat Leather Pumps in Blush $43 –

Crochet Tank Top $39 – Genuine Peo-

Dune London, Bracelet: Filigree Stretch

ple, Bag: Cream Zip Panel Duffle Bag

Bracelet $17 – Oasis

$26 - Newlook

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Another trend dominating this season is suede and faux suede. If you have

a teenager, she is going to love these suede tassel booties from Sole Society. Add a pair of boyfriend jeans and a crochet detailed top like this one from Nordstrom, and she’ll start looking up to you as her fashion icon.

Touches of Spanish influence were an unexpect-

ed treat on the runways this season, making it one of the easiest trends for moms to wear. This red-and-black floral, pleated A-line skirt from Relipop and strappy heels from Nine West will have you looking ‘muy caliente’. Finish off your look with a white button up like this tie neck, long-sleeved blouse from Shein and a black structured bag.

Motherhood not only

makes you stronger, it can also amp up your style too. Try some of these trends on yourself and your little one this season and prove that no matter how old your daughter is, her mom will always be her fashion idol. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeans: Allie Low Rise Boyfriend Jeans $62 – Abercrombie & Fitch, Shoes: Tallie Suede Tassel Bootie $36 – Sole Society, Top: Fire Floral Crochet Top $22 – Nordstrom, Necklace: Multi Rows Silver Necklace $15 – Genuine People. Bag: Black Classic Metal Embellished Tote Bag $14 – Romwe, Shoes: Rustic Strappy Sandals $60 – Nine West, Blouse: White Tie Neck Long Sleeve Slim Blouse $15 – SheIn, Skirt: Floral Pleated Knee Length A-line Skirt $16 – Relipop, Bracelet: Black Filigree Cuff $33 – Lisa August.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com



for Curvy Cuties

Jumpsuits are one of the easiest fashion pieces created. Slip it on, add a few accessories, and you’re ready for the day. This gray GS Loves Me Classy Knee Cut-out Jumpsuit, $26.99, will be great for running errands or even some weekend fun. It can be dressed up with a pair of heels or keep it sporty with these gold metallic GoJane Pedal 2 The Metal Sneakers for $42.00. Add a light coat and a handbag and the outfit is complete.

Written By: Ashley D. Wilkins

April showers bring May flowers. Spring time is here! It’s time to clear out those dark-colored sweaters and heavy snow boots, and make room for some colorful dresses and strappy heels. Here at EGL, we love to keep our curvy cuties fly, so here are some cute spring-time essentials we know you will rock.

Stripes Stripes are making a comeback this spring. They have been seen in variations of vertical or horizontal, black and white, orange or tan. In the past, curvy cuties have been told to stay far away from stripes, but things have changed. Curvy cuties are rocking striped t-shirts and striped leggings, even striped dresses like this one from Eloquii for $119.90. You can accent your stripes with pops of color or even floral print. Whichever way you wear it, make it your own!

JUMPSUIT: GS Loves Me Classy Knee Cut out Jumpsuit- $26.99 | SHAWL: Boohoo Plus Saskia Suedette Shawl Coat- $35.00 | SNEAKERS: GoJane Pedal 2 The Metal Sneakers- $42.00 | BAG: DSW Steve Madden Bello Crossbody Bag- $39.95

DRESS: Opposing Stripe Fit & Flare Dress from Eloquii- $119.90 | JACKET: Forever 21 Plus Size Faux Leather Moto Jacket- $39.90 | SHOES: GoJane Clear the Way Pointy Pumps- $30.50 | CLUTCH: GoJane Ladies Night Bow Clutch- $25.00

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com



Showing off those cute ankles are what spring is all about. Show them off with a pair of culottes. Culottes are great for those ladies who want to show a little without showing too much. These ASOS CURVE Premium Culottes in Suede for $129.00 are great for the fickle, spring weather. They can be worn with boots or a chunky heeled sandal. Make it dressy, yet casual with a cute blouse. Try color blocking with this green Forever21 Faux Leather Mini Satchel for $22.90. CULOTTES: ASOS CURVE Premium Culottes in Suede- $129.00 | BLOUSE: New Look Plus Size Cream V Neck Shell Top- $21.35 | SHOES: New Look Red Suedeette Tassel Drop Block Heel Sandals- $35.60 | BAG: Forever21 Faux Leather Mini Satchel- $22.90

Denim Dress Remember that jean dress you would wear with your cute lace socks and sneakers? Well it’s back with a more refined fit and style. This ASOS CURVE Denim Shirt Dress with matching belt is not your 90’s jean dress. A little fitted, cut a little shorter, this gown-up style is sure to turn many heads. Pair it with a bucket tote bag and a funky shoe like these GoJane City Strut Floral Wedge Booties for $34.40. Bye bye 90’s fashion, hello spring 2016!

DENIM DRESS: ASOS CURVE Denim Shirt Dress with Belt- $52.00 | SHOES: GoJane City Strut Floral Wedge Booties- $34.40 | BELT: Braided tie belt with fringe- $16.95 BAG: Forever21 Faux Leather Bucket Bag- $24.90

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Two-Piece Matching Set Two is always better than one. Matching sets are such a classic look. Try this Geo-Patterned top and bottom set from Forever21. Switch it up with a pop-color shoe. Match everything with this cute black GoJane Street Level Decisions Reversible Bag ($37.00). Matching made easy!

TOP: Forever21 Plus Size Geo-Patterned Top- $15.90 | SKIRT: Plus Size Geo-Patterned Skirt-$17.90 | SHOES: ASOS PUBLISHER High Heels- $72.00 | BAG: GoJane Street Level Decisions Reversible Bag- $37.00

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


CM It’s very rare that you find a singer-songwriter like

Chrisette Michele. The flower child and kind rebel has been captivating audiences ever since she appeared

Chrisette MICHELE Finding Love and Reaching New Milestones

Interview By: Ericka Smith,

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

on rapper Nas’s track, Can’t Forget About You. With her unique style and soulful voice, you can’t help but to be intrigued by Chrisette’s every move and melody. Now her own boss, Chrisette is set to release her new album, Milestone on her record label, Rich Hipster. Everything Girls Love caught up with the beautiful songstress, where she opened up about her new music, upcoming television show, her Rich Hipster Life and of course, her engagement to longtime manager, Doug “Mr. Biggs” Ellison.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

feature EGL: Congrats on your engagement!

when we started off we really loved each

You have your new docuseries Becoming

other so much and it was a wonderful

Mrs. Ellison. Tell us more about that.

thing we had going. Then we ended up

Michele: My fiancé and I decided that

getting broken apart with all of the things

it would be fun for him to join some of

that happen in the music industry. I think

the escapades I’ve been filming with my

that truthfully, we didn’t realize how much

squad over the last few months. He kindly

we missed each other until the lawsuit

obliged [laughs] so now you guys are see-

was over. When the lawsuit was over and

ing Becoming Mrs. Ellison. We’re literally in

I started my own record label, he had

Los Angeles right now taking meetings all

already started his own production com-

over Hollywood because people want to

pany. We both sat down and spoke to

buy the show. What you guys are seeing

each other for the first time in years and it

online is actually something that’s going

was as if we hadn’t missed a beat. It was

to be on the television screen this summer.

shocking to the both of us. We were like,

We can’t believe it; we’re overwhelmed

‘Oh my God, I still completely have feel-

and overjoyed. There’s a production

ings for you. None of them are gone and

company that’s going to be following us

I miss you.’ That’s really what happened.

around as we go on tour this year all the

It wasn’t like we had to get over it, it was

way up to the wedding this summer. I am

more like you’re the thing I’ve been miss-

overwhelmed, shocked and amazed at

ing over these last seven to eight years.

what’s happening.

EGL: Have you decided on what type EGL: It was reported that you and your fiancé filed lawsuits against each other. How did you two move past that and find true love?

Michele: It was really tough because

of wedding you want?

This is the year my fans have been waiting for where Chrisette can let her hair down and tell the absolute complete truth.

Michele: I’m from Long Island, so we were thinking something in the Hamptons, kind of outdoorsy at a mansion, maybe. We want to do an outdoor garden party, something Great Gatsby-themed.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


I think it’s going to be one of those albums that stand the test of time. EGL: Let’s talk about your new single Steady.

lot of fun on this song.

It’s more of a trap music, edgy sound from you.

Michele: It’s so important and that’s exactly

Michele: I had missed so much doing the

what I wanted to say to my fans, ‘You know

more Hip Hop-based tracks. When I first came

what, you can play. You don’t have to be seri-

into the music industry, I was with artists like

ous all the time.’ I think people think we’re just

Jay-Z, Nas, Rick Ross and Drake, but I never got

sitting down, burning incense and reading po-

to do those types of tracks for myself. So when I

etry to each other and we’re not. We go to the

started my own label, I decided I was going to

same spots that everybody goes to, we dance

have some fun with Hip Hop and do what I’ve

with everyone else and we have a good time,

been missing, so that’s what you’re hearing.

so I just wanted my new album to feel that way.

These are songs that I’ve written, that I’ve put

I’m really excited about the acceptance. The

together and just taken a chance and put out

record has been getting 120 spins per week

myself this time.

and it just came out three weeks ago, so it’s been really awesome.

EGL: You’re new album, Milestone is coming out. What can we expect?

Michele: It’s coming this Spring and I’m so freaking excited about it because it’s going to crossover genre barriers. It’s going to have that Hip Hop side of it, but you guys are going to get those big ballads that you’ve loved over the years. We’re going to add that 808 to it; that bottom to it, so you can feel it. It’s going to

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

EGL: We know you can do the big, amazing

be a cross of Blame It On Me and Aston Martin

love ballads, but it seems like you’re having a

Music. It will be a lot of fun.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

EGL: Are you nervous about this

who may want to start their own

album being that you are the mas-

businesses. I’ve been able to hire a

termind behind it all and it’s being

young girl named Carol Cox to pro-

released on your label Rich Hipster?

duce Becoming Mrs. Ellison, which

Michele: No, because I feel like

is going to be on a major television

this time around I got to do exactly

network. That feeling, to be able to

what I wanted. I know my fans have

hire who you desire and put money

a lot of questions and one thing I

in the hands of people you believe

want to say to them is, ‘Listen, this is

in, feels really amazing.

the time where I’m being myself the most.’ So if you think that somebody

EGL: I enjoy watching you on TV.

else put this together, this is a time

I never thought you would be the

where I completely had reign over

type of person who likes to wear

whatever I wanted to do and that

fairy wings, so it’s fun to see your

feels absolutely amazing. What’s

personality shine.

even more exciting is being a black

Michele: [laughs] I know and it’s

entrepreneur and being able to hire

so funny because I didn’t think ‘Oh,

other young black entrepreneurs

do things people don’t expect.’

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Being on TV is therapeutic because you get to watch yourself and see what you like about yourself and what you don’t.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

full speed. You guys saw that with the TV show

whelmingly blessed and grateful to God for

R&B Divas: LA, so you’re going to see me pretty

everything he’s doing.

grounded on “Becoming Mrs. Ellison” and standing my ground when I believe in what I’m

EGL: We know Chrisette Michele, the singer.


Tell us, who is Chrisette Michele outside of music? What do you do for fun?

EGL: Tell us more about Rich Hipster. What’s

Michele: One of my favorite things to do

the message behind the brand?

for fun is travel. I love to get in an airplane and

Michele: I was in Brooklyn and I came up

go really far away. You know, places that you

with this concept of, ‘Why do rich people wear

can’t pronounce like Capri, Belgium or places

dirty Chuck Taylors?’ That was the first ques-

that you read about or that you hear about

tion that was asked by the CEO of Rich Hipster

and then go see what they’re really like. I like

[Chrisette] and I decided that everybody loves

to feel like I’m in a storybook. I like to play. I

art, everybody loves culture and everybody

love to do charity. I love to meet people who

loves to be a part of something. No matter if

are in less fortunate circumstances than I am

they’re rich or poor, everybody has a need

and see their perspective on life; be there

to be accepted, to be loved, to be needed,

as an ear and as a help, but also realize that

wanted and useful. So when I started Rich

everything is not about how much money you

Hipster, it was about having a group of people

have or what type of restaurant you eat at. I

online, on my website and on my social me-

find that people with less often find happiness

dia who love and lift each other up, and we

in other things.

could have communities of all different types

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

of people who weren’t judgemental. That was

EGL: Do you cook?

the beginning of Rich Hipster and this culture

Michele: I’m obsessed with what I put in

of kindness and then it morphed into so many

my body. I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syn-

other things from a social media brand to a

drome), so it’s important that I watch my ingre-

film company and record label. Now, we’re

dients and create recipes that are beneficial to

producing our own television show. I’m over-

my health condition. I’m actually working on a

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

a crazy struggle trying to figure out what kind of food we should or shouldn’t eat and what’s good for us, but at the end of the day, if you’re a foodie, you’re a foodie and that’s what I am. I love food, I love to cook it and I love to go out to restaurants. I want to share my recipes with the public, especially the ones that are vegan.

EGL: What are you excited for in 2016? Michele: I’m excited for 2016. I feel like this is Rich Hipster Nation year. I feel like this is the year my fans have been waiting for, where Chrisette can let her hair down and tell the absolute complete truth. RichHipster.biz is where we all hang out and I will be sharing all my tour dates on there. The year is startedwith symposiums, pop-up shops and we’re going on tour after the album drops. I want Rich Hipster Nation to stay tuned and be there, because I want to meet everyone all over again in 2016. It’s going to be an epic year.

2016 is definitely going to be a wonderful year for Chrisette Michele. Be sure to purchase her new single Steady on iTunes and be on the lookout for her upcoming album, Milestone.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Dancing His Way to the Top Written By: Ericka Smith “Clean pair of sneaks, with a designer belt” is

the verse heard around the world from celebrities, news anchors to kids and dance fanatics; ILoveMemphis had everyone “hitting the Quan”. The 23-year- old platinum selling artist is just getting started and this time he’s dabbing. He just released the official video to his song “Lean and Dabb” and it has already received rave reviews.

EGL recently got a chance to chat with ILoveMemphis where he opened up about being a voice for kids, his upcoming “Let’s Dance” tour and how he feels about people saying he can only make dance records. Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

EGL: Were you surprised by the success of “Hit the Quan.” ILoveMemphis: Absolutely, I was surprised and shocked, but it’s a blessing. EGL: How did you come up with the song? ILoveMemphis: I was with a friend of mine and he’s a Rich Homie Quan fan. We were listening to Rich Homie Quan so much [his song “Flex”] and he was doing those moves in the video so that’s why the song is called “Hit the Quan.” That’s where the idea came from. I called my engineer, my producer and told him to chop me up a beat I can do the dance to and it went from there. When I got inside the studio, I made a verse, it was a freestyle verse, and that’s the part that went viral. “Clean pair of sneaks, with a designer belt.” I never thought that part could connect like that and go viral. EGL: Now we have your new single “Lean and Dabb.” Tell us more. ILoveMemphis: I shouldn’t be giving out the game, but I tend to follow the trends and dabbing was the biggest trend after “Hit the Quan.” So, I was like, ‘Hey, let me make a song with dabbing in it.’ That’s where the idea came from. When I make my songs, I tend to do a 15 second part for Instagram that I can promote. After I get that 15 second part for Instagram, I can make the rest of my song saying Honey Nut Cheerios [laughs]. EGL: With Cam Newton dabbing all the time, it’s a big craze. ILoveMemphis: Cam Newton man, that’s crazy. When you get sports involved in it, that’s crazy! Dabbing is the biggest dance out right now! EGL: Because you’re doing a lot of dance records, do you think that’s going to box you in? ILoveMemphis: I went platinum, so if I have to make dance songs to go platinum, I’m going to make dance songs for the rest of my life. When I think about it, I’ll rather make dance songs and songs for the younger generation because that’s the generation that needs help. It’s a lane that’s wide open and I feel like it’s a positive lane to show kids they can be themselves and go a different route. We have Hip hop today that’s very violent and it’s a bunch of cursing and negative vibes, so I feel like my music and what I have going on as far as dancing is helping the world become a better place because it’s a lot going on. We have to keep the kids happy. Every day a mother calls or text me and lets me know I must have their child hypnotize because they watch my videos over, over and over. I would rather for the kids to be watching that kind of stuff than violence, guns and materialistic things.

“I prayed to be in this position to show love to the kids.” Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

EGL: You’ve already had so much success. Do you think you can reach a higher peak? ILoveMemphis: Absolutely! I was just talking to a friend about that; I just thank God because I prayed to be in this position to show love to the kids. It’s working for me. To answer your last question, I have other songs but what’s working for me is working for me. So if I have to keep making dance songs, it wouldn’t bother me if a person said that’s all I know how to make because as we all know, dancing is the biggest trend out right now, so it would make me the leader of dancing. I think it’s a good thing.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

EGL: You’re getting ready for the “Let’s Dance” tour with Silento, DLow and more. What are you looking forward to? ILoveMemphis: Oh man! On that tour people can expect to turn up. I’m just looking forward to being around artists with big dance songs just like me. I’m looking forward to the experience because I know it’s going to be wonderful and I’m blessed to be in the position. EGL: Who has been your favorite celeb to do one of your dances? ILoveMemphis: I’m going to have to say Chris Brown. The Rock did it, he’s a huge star but Chris Brown just did it and ran with it. Chris Brown did it on tour. I saw him the other day saying he liked “Lean and Dabb” too, so Chris Brown much respect to him. EGL: What advice do you have for teenagers who are trying to venture into the music world? ILoveMemphis: Never give up. Always have faith in God and always have faith in yourself and follow your first mind. Work hard, promote your own music, be kind to people, Have a strong team, negative people will only make things difficult for you in the end. EGL: What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned so far?

ILoveMemphis: You can’t help everybody, that’s just in general. The hardest thing in the music industry is making sure you don’t get too comfortable. You have to make sure you’re always working. When I was growing up and listening to music, people use to always say you can only put out one song at a time but we found out that’s not true. You can drop as many songs [as you want]. As far as dancing goes, I would rather drop a dancing song every month than let someone else come in and drop a dancing song and they blow up before I do. So that’s the mindset as far as you have to keep working. You have to keep working, because whether you know it or not, somebody is out there working even harder than you trying to be the next superstar. EGL: It’s almost like you took marketing classes, because the way you engage with fans and promote yourself is crazy. ILoveMemphis: I used to throw parties so I know how to promote. That’s all I did so when I started getting involved with music, it was easy second nature. I think a lot of artists’ problems is they get too comfortable and it’s easy to get comfortable when you go from a lifestyle of nothing to living comfortably. But you have to stay grounded and keep God close. EGL: So what’s next for you?

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

ILoveMemphis: “Lean and Dabb.” I just dropped the official video last week and it has 300,000 views, so it’s doing really good that’s what’s buzzing right now. But as the summer comes I’ll be dropping a song called “I’m Ballin.” it’s a pretty nice dance; people are already tuned to it. I’m shooting the video now. As you can see, ILoveMemphis isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Be sure to follow him on Twitter @ IHeartMemphis, Instagram @MemphisCityKid and Vine @ILoveMemphis!

“You have to keep working, because if you know it or not, somebody is out there working even harder than you, trying to be the next superstar” Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

feature feature

Vivian Green: Written by: Chey Parker

A Vivid,

vibrant new way. Far from the young, broken hearted girl who belted sultry notes on the hit song, Emotional Rollercoaster, Green is certainly on her grown woman and showing her fans a side of her that they’ve never seen before. From exploring new ways to express herself through her music, empowering women and being a mother, Miss Vivian Green is embarking on a vibrant, vivid path.

pr I se s/ ueev/eer yvtehriyntghgi ni rgl sgl ior v l sel o. cv o em .com S p rSi n g i Insgs u

New Direction

Vivian Green is taking on the world in a

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

feature EGL: First and foremost I definitely want to jump right in and talk about this amazing album that you have, Vivid, What inspired you to give this different sound for this album? Vivian Green: Thank-you! Well, Kwame who produced the whole album, wanted to go into the studio with a different type of energy and mindset to make a different kind of music than what I’ve made before. While it’s still very much R&B soul music, it definitely has a more energetic approach. He was adamant about it being that way because he’s like, ‘you’re this really high spirited person. You’re funny and crazy and none of your music shows that; I would think you would walk up in here as a sad depressed, angry girl but you’re nothing like that at all. Why haven’t you made music that truly reflects you and your personality as a person?’ I said, “You know what? No one has ever asked me that before. I wasn’t one hundred percent open to what he was saying but, I understood and the only reason why I wasn’t initially open to it is because I was afraid of what the fans would think or how they would feel with my sound changing a little bit. So we fought about it at first and then we started making some records and I was like, “Wow, I really like this feel and then before we knew it, we had an album. So, shout outs to Kwame for seeing me differently because Get Right Back to My Baby was my highest performing single in ten years and my first top five record in ten years. So, he was

right about a few things..

EGL: Going back to being nervous about people who may not like the new sound from you, how do you feel about taking your music in different directions now? Vivian Green: Well, I think that all artists would like to take their music in a different direction, but because we are put into these genre boxes, it really limits our creativity and I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on that. You kind of have to stay in your lane and appeal to your initial audience that fell in love with you and it’s difficult to do that sometimes. The fear wasn’t that I couldn’t do it, it was would people like it? You kind of battle with your inner creativity and what your fans would want, so the response that they’ve had to this music, assured me that they are open to some things. But I would so be very cautious as to how far I can actually go making a published album. I wouldn’t stray too far from where I am now. I say that because I don’t think that creative people are stuck to one genre in their natural element of creativity. I think being in the music business makes them stuck to one genre of music and I know that’s just how it is. EGL: After you recorded all the songs, how did you choose the ones that made it to the album? Vivian Green: It’s been so difficult to narrow it down to the ten to twelve songs that make it. It’s so hard listening constantly every day. You

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

have to try to figure out what songs are the best cohesively. I knew I wanted this album to be empowering, so [that’s where] songs like One, Two, Three, Count Your Blessings, I’m Not Broken came from.

EGL: How would you describe your evolution, personally and musically, from your first album to VIvid? Vivian Green: A Love Story as a young broken hearted girl and Vivid as a strong, crazy, happy, wise woman. So that’s how I would describe the difference in my growth from then to now. I’m such a different person. You just grow up. I wrote my first two albums before I turned 25 years old. I think any woman under 25 is going to be completely different ten years later. At 25, you’re just kind of getting grown and starting to put the childish things away for good. EGL: What would you say has been your biggest lesson in life thus far? Vivian Green: There are so many lessons. It’s not easy to narrow it down to just one.

EGL: Is there anything you would go back and do differently? Vivian Green: If there’s anything that I could have done differently, it would probably be not having so much space between my second and third album, which was five years. But after that, I wouldn’t have done anything differently because I had to take that time off to deal with

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


EGL: What was it like having a big hit on emotional rollercoaster on your very first album? Vivian Green: :At the time, I had a really big record deal with Sony Columbia Records, so I knew they were going to put the money into making it do what it did. I still don’t necessarily think it’s the greatest song in the world; it’s okay. But if you put enough money into a song, anyone will catch on, so I think that’s what kind of happened with that. But I know people love it and it’s my first number one song. I’m really grateful for it and I’m happy it happened. But I tend not to get excited about too many things. I like to keep my feet on the ground as much as possible. I’ve always been a very grounded person; so when that first single hit, it was weird in a way. I knew it was happening but somehow I was standing outside of it. I didn’t feel like I was in the middle of it. I don’t remember the first time it was on the radio. When my friends would call me excited about it, I would let them get out a couple of sen-

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

tences and then I would change the subject. I don’t always want everything to be centered on me. So at the time when Emotional Rollercoaster was at its height, it was number one for some weeks and it was great when I went out on the road to perform. It’s awesome when you meet people and they say the song touched them. I love meeting fans, taking pictures, being on the road for weeks and weeks and weeks; that whole thing was really great. But when I got home, I kind of just wanted to be home. I wasn’t at the mall or at home with the Vivian Green t-shirt on. I’ve always tried to balance the fame and I don’t even consider myself to be incredibly famous, but I’ve always tried to balance it where there’s still some for me in my life.

EGL: How do you do it all? Vivian Green: It’s definitely hard. I home school my son. I don’t know how I do that, but somehow he has managed to make it work for the past six years. I get yelled at a lot. Just yesterday, one of my girlfriends was like, ‘I haven’t seen you in over a year! When are we going to have lunch with the boys?’ And it’s like, ‘aww I miss you too, but I just really can’t schedule that right now because if I have to cancel on you you’re going to be mad at me. I just have to wait until things slow down.’ You don’t always get to see your friends. I try to see my family as much as I can and because of that, I never get to see my friends. You kind of do what you can, when you can and try not to make promises.

my son and be a mother. But I understood now that taking long periods of time off can be detrimental. I did not understand that then as much as I do now. When you become a bit wiser as an artist, you see yourself a little more human then you did at first. As an artist, with a brand new record on a major label, you have this feeling of invincibility. But anyone can get played out and you just don’t necessarily feel like that in the beginning of your career. You feel that you will always be around and that every record you put out is going to be number one.

… I don’t think that creative people are stuck to one genre in their natural element of creativity.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com



EGL: What’s next for Vivian? Vivian Green: Well, definitely a follow up album sooner than later. You can expect the ‘I Am Different, I Am Human’ PSA campaign in a few months. I am a mother of a special needs child. Jordan was born with an unknown syndrome, but he’s the best person in the world and I just want to raise awareness for the special needs community. 57 million people in the United States suffer from a special ability and that’s 19 percent of the population. I feel like people don’t know that.

EGL: What is Jordan up to now? Vivian Green: Being an eleven year old going on

When you become a bit wiser as an artist, you see yourself a little more human then you did at first

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

twelve. A sixth grader who talks back to his mother and thinks it’s funny. He’s a really funny child with this amazing sense of humor and he gets it from me. We’re a family, we’re loud, and we laugh at anything. He’s always joking and playing around. I have to draw the line in the sand sometimes. But he’s so assertive, which I think is really great because I know that if he’s out there in the world and I’m not with him, he’s going to speak up for himself. He’s a really strong kid and I’m really proud of him.

We think Green is just getting started.

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modern domestic


Haute Spring Fling Destinations

By Leslie Matthew

Costa Rica Costa Rica has become a very trendy

Back in your teens and early 20’s, Spring Break was the holy grail of vacation and adventure, especially for college students. Co-eds traveled together in big groups hoping to find lots of sun, crazy fun and cheap drinks. Well, you’re a few years wiser now, but never too old to enjoy some real adventure. Take the time off, get your girls together (or go solo) and plan your own Spring Break vacation. You may still enjoy sun, fun, and a beverage or two, but not necessarily traveling the same beaten path of the trendy college crowd. Here, Modern Domestic has rounded up 3 thrill-seeking destinations for the mature woman looking to unwind from the grind and let down some hair. Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Costa Rica Image 1: Photo Credit: [untitled photo of Waterfall in Costa Rica]. (N.D.) Retrieved January 29, 2016 from http://edugeography.com/ content/costa-rica.html

destination over the last several years, with resorts popping up all over the country. Though with a little bit of “Googling” and some luck, you may still find exactly what you’re looking for if it’s fewer crowds you want. The advantage of it being popular is that now, flights are cheaper too! Southwest recently opened up direct flights to the terrain-rich country that is very reasonable (don’t forget that means free checked bags!) Accommodations range from cheap shared lodging to upscale and modern private rooms. However, if your vacation dates are flexible, it’s highly recommended that you don’t book during Easter weekend as it may be harder to get reservations. December through April is considered the dry season (locally called summer), which means it is less likely to rain even in the rainforest, and not at all

in the tropical dry forest areas further north. Packing an umbrella is still a must, just in case. , There’s tons of activity to get into, with such a diverse landscape of mountains, beaches, and rainforests. San Jose is an excellent base to start from, where there’s lots of free things to do in the capital with easy access to the lively city of Jaco. There you can zip-line through the jungle, speed around on an ATV tour, view the wildlife by horseback, and enjoy the festive nightlife. Renting a car and taking a drive up north for the day will get you closer to more secluded areas where you can hike through the mountains of Guanacaste and enjoy the beautiful beaches and waterfalls in peace. This Central American country may be a hot spot for droves of college kids, but here you get the best of both worlds in exciting adventure and tranquility.

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And finally, for those who don’t care

modern domestic

about traveling somewhere warm and actually prefer a cool destination, Dublin, Ireland is the perfect spot. The spring weather is crisp and characterized by brief showers with highs in the mid-40’s to 50’s range. So bringing comfortable layers and rain gear is essential. Flights may be a little more expensive, but the abundance of frugal hostels around the city more than makes up the difference. Not to mention they are located in prime areas close to shops, pubs, parks in full bloom, and regular city life. Take advantage of the free walking tours to learn more about Dublin or just to meet your next partner in crime to join you in hitting the club scene. The people of Ireland are some of the most friendly and helpful

Dublin Image 6: Photo Credit: [Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland]. (N.D.) Retrieved January 29, 2016 from http://www.discoverdublin.ie/ about-dublin/temple-bar/

people you will meet, a real gem in getting to know the culture. Don’t get stuck here, though. Renting a car to get out of town is very easy and highly recommended. A couple of hours drive through the luscious green landscape (worth the drive on its own) will get you to Kilkenny Castle, a breathtaking experience of opulent art and architecture. Head further south to the oldest Irish city of Waterford to learn about its significant Viking heritage and tour the popular Waterford crystal factory. And if you’re really adventurous, a flight to the UK on Ryanair will cost you less than $40. The options are endless. Whether you’re interested in immersing into a rich culture or just love the national pastime of drinking stout and whiskey, the Emerald Isle is a beautiful and fun place to visit.


Singapore If you’ve never been anywhere in Southeast

Asia, you are in for a treat. Singapore is an island city-state bustling with tons to see and do. Flights out of major airports are reasonable, and lodging varies from cozy cheap to lavish resort. The weather during springtime is humid and tropical, averaging in the 80s, with frequent, afternoon rainstorms cooling things down by evening. Besides the cooling effect, capturing the massive storm clouds rolling in from sea is worth getting a little wet. From traipsing the botanical garden parks to sipping Mai Tai’s out on Sentosa Island beach, you will never be bored. Nighttime is the best time to get great IG selfies with Merlion, the statue, and symbol of Singapore. An incredible light show illuminates all of Marina Bay every evening, and the view of the city from

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

atop the Singapore Flyer (a Ferris wheel) is amazing. The popular main drag, Orchard Road, is great for window shopping and experiencing the buzz of the multi-cultural population. But if you’re looking to get some real shopping done, there are plenty of cheaper boutiques and shops tucked around the city that will delight your fancy. Choosing to go mid-March to April gets you access to the best in Asian and international cuisine at three annual food festivals ranging from cheap street eats to fine wine and dine. Overall, the people are very hospitable, and the squeaky-clean city is refreshing. You will definitely want to come back and visit the Lion City when it’s all said and done.

Wherever you choose to travel this spring, be sure to make the most of it. Plan as early as possible, research the areas well, and most importantly, have fun! Singapore Image 4: Photo Credit: [Merlion Park, Singapore]. (N.D.) Retrieved January 29, 2016 from http://www.travelonapp.com/skyline-travel-singapore/

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Spring Forward: Make the Most of Your Long Days

Written By: Sabreen Shabazz-Straker

As we spring forward into Spring, let’s do more with our extra one hour than just sleep in. There’s so many things you can do to make productive use of your time this season. Things that will ultimately make you discover, explore and embrace the realms of new possibility.

Embrace your time.

Most of us always procrastinate and put things off until a more convenient time, which is usually at the last minute. This is how laundry stacks up, files never see the file cabinet and friends always seem to stay estranged. One great formula to use to embrace the time that we have and get the most out of everyday life, is to write down a to-do list. Now, we know what you’re thinking (Whoopee, another to do list … Wow!), but this list is not just any to-do list. This list will prioritize items and force you to complete any tasks that takes under five minutes. This really can breathe fresh life into those tired to-do lists. The five minute rule is a must to keep the list down and more tasks done in a prompt manner, meaning not letting one list pile so high that you end up

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throwing it away. You will find that most tasks do not take that long. So repeat after me...I will pledge to complete any tasks that I can do in five minutes in… five minutes

Explore with time. With As the sun is giving us more of its life and throwing less shade, we can make the great outdoors part of our daily routine. There will be more time for an evening stroll in the park with the hubby, tracking down seasonal insects with the kids, and winding down to maybe a Wednesday Wind Down concert with the girls at your city’s local park venue. Or if you want alone time to read that special book, take a class in painting or join a new adventurous club, maybe like the Sierra Club, protector of wildlife in wild places, it can now be done with more ease. The world is your oyster with a buffet of new

ventures all thanks to the extra love the sun sees fit to share.

Elevate my time. Now

here it is, just as we start off with the New Year...New Me stuff. The moment is now that we have a little extra space on our day to make ourselves better. It’s time to think about that possible inner peace that WE all talk about achieving. Now we have room for mindful meditation that we can incorporate in our daily space. The clearing of mental energy can open your spirit to new thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. #Inmymorganfreemanvoice, time is relative and can slip away from us with the snap of a finger, so heed these letters and don’t let time be just a...word. Embrace time to the fullest, explore with more time without regard, and elevate your time and transcend into a better, and more positively aware you.

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Conquering the Cocky Complex By: JournalisticChic


whiff of arrogance from a man will most times

Be patient.

All dogs have their day and all cock-

send a woman running for the hills. But for some, it’s

iness eats humble pie at one point in life. Don’t be in a

something about an arrogant, cocky man that can be

rush to get verbal or emotional revenge for his actions.

stimulating; while also being a nuisance. The amount of

The fact is, you like and are attracted to him and relish

praise he gives himself is nauseating but because there

in his arrogance at times. Exude the best YOU and

may be some truth to his actions, it still arouses you. The

watch how many levels his arrogance falls. Slow and

problem occurs when there is an unequal balance. Too

steady always wins the race, even in egotism.

much arrogance and not enough humility is a turnoff to the woman who is not knowledgeable on dealing with

Although the cocky man titillates off of women who

his kind. The arrogant man uplifts himself in attempts to

are either shy, insecure or swoon over them, secretly he

undervalue others. What he doesn’t know is that the

admires a woman who knows she is also a specimen of

message he is sending not only shows his weak insecuri-

opulence. Every man likes a challenge and the ability

ties, but it can shine light on his innermost secrets. To be

to hunt, so reassure him that you have substance and

vulnerable is something most men don’t take well to, so

can handle his arrogance with meticulousness. Engag-

shielding it with egotism may seem feasible for them. To

ing in open dialogue with him can also reveal why he

avoid falling prey to his conceit, here are a few ways to

feeds so much of his ego. If he is worth it, then it is worth

conquer his cocky complex..

getting to the root of the issue. Dilute his haughtiness by

Be witty. He thinks his sarcastic, cynical comments are the best thing since sliced bread but he

showing him what really matters and that is the longevity of good character. Bow down gracefully to being open and vulnerable, but not to his arrogance.

needs to be aware that your comebacks are the next best thing to the light bulb! Turn his switch on and off with your wit. However, do it with precision, you don’t need a comeback for everything. Throwing it out in moderation so he knows you have it in you will show him that you can bust back when necessary. Be realistic, but not cutthroat.

Know what you bring to the table. Nothing slices arrogance thinner than a hearty piece of self-confidence. Don’t be afraid to wear your worth on your sleeve. Let him know that you are just as much a prized possession as he gloats to be. Your confidence should sparkle through without you speaking a word. Show him that your character and qualities far supersede his degrees, looks and valuables. There are far and few things greater than a poised woman.

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Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

fashion Fashion & Art Through the Eyes of

Kris Keys. Written by: Joce B

Fashion can take on many forms and this brilliant beauty

from Memphis has dedicated her life to taking on the artistic form. No matter the subject, her lines and strokes never fail to depict fashion in the most beautiful way. This is our conversation with fashion illustrator, Kris Keys. EGL: HOW DID YOU BECOME A FASHION ILLUSTRATOR? KEYS: I’ve always wanted to be an artist and a fashion designer since I was a little girl. I studied Fashion Merchandising in Tennessee, but it wasn’t until I moved to New York that I decided to pursue Fashion Illustration. I took a life drawing class at the Fashion Institute of Technology from a teacher that was working in fashion illustration. He shared his stories and experiences that inspired me to pursue fashion illustration as a career.

the holidays when she was a fashion student. I would sneak into her portfolio and go through her garment samples and try to imitate them. I knew then that I loved fashion and I started looking at fashion magazines and entering into drawing contests throughout my city. Everything I drew back then had some sort of a fashion influence. EGL: IN YOUR LIFE, WHAT EXPERIENCES HAVE BEEN MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU THAT RELATED TO FASHION ILLUSTRATOR? KEYS: Moving to London had a huge impact on me as an illustrator. I had the opportunity to have amazing mentors in fashion illustration, and I went to so many exhibitions that influenced my artistic style. Also, having to chance to illustrate live at London Fashion Week helped to improve my speed and swift style of painting.  EGL: WHAT ARE TOP 3 SKILLS FOR A FASHION ILLUSTRATOR? Keys: The top three skills would be an imagination, ambition, and patience. Like anything else, becoming skilled doesn’t come overnight. It’s great to practice drawing all the time to find a style of art that you like, which takes time to develop. Also, ambition is important because there are thousands of illustrators, so it’s important to push yourself and continue to find projects/brands to collaborate and work with.  EGL: WHAT’S BEEN YOUR GREATEST PROFESSIONAL DISAPPOINTMENT? Keys: When I first started illustrating professionally, I would often second guess myself and my expertise in fashion illustration. That led to underpricing and taking opportunities that didn’t fit my brand. That’s growing pains, but I wouldn’t be the person or artist that I am today without those mistakes.

EGL: GIVE US A QUICK RUNDOWN OF YOUR RESUME. KEYS: I worked as a visual merchandiser in New York for 2 years for a womenswear brand, then I moved to London in 2011 and started illustrating full time. Since moving to London, I’ve illustrated for NARS Cosmetics, WGSN, Harlem’s Fashion Row, the Cosmetic & Perfumery Retailers Association, Highline Park New York, and a lot of independent designers and small businesses throughout the UK and USA. EGL: IN YOUR OWN WORDS, WHAT IS A FASHION ILLUSTRATOR?

Photo Credit:

KEYS: The definition of a fashion illustrator is changing constantly for me. A fashion illustrator is an artist that takes an idea and interprets it through their way or a brand’s way of expression. Through fashion illustration, I’ve created packaging designs through prints, completed live illustrations for an audience, and worked as a sketch artist drawing ideas for brands. In this stage of my career, I’m enjoying illustrating live, so that my viewers can experience the illustration come to life. EGL: EVERY GIRL HAS A STORY OF WHEN SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH FASHION, WHAT’S YOURS? KEYS: My aunt is a pattern maker for a uniform company in the states. As a little girl, she would visit my hometown, Memphis during

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


EGL: WHAT ARE SOME TECHNIQUES YOU USE? KEYS: I use watercolor and ink mediums. I also use a Japanese technique called Shodo, which involves big movements on paper and beautiful details in the brush strokes. EGL: WHO OR WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE TO ILLUSTRATE AND WHY? KEYS: I started an illustrated story series on women and their thoughts on beauty throughout the world. I take women and illustrate their portraits live while documenting their thoughts on beauty. My first story was based on three women in Memphis, TN. http://www.bykriskeys.com/#/beauty-in-memphis/ The next story will be released in March on beautiful women in London. Completing this series has been my favorite to illustrate thus far.  EGL: WHAT’S NEXT FROM YOU? WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? KEYS: My next series of illustration stories will be released in March illustrating women in London and hearing their stories/thoughts on beauty. The story will b e released on www.bykriskeys.com I’m also working on a degree in Fashion Design at London College of Fashion, so a line of printed womenswear garments is on the horizon. Kris Keys is definitely the future of the industry and we have must keep an eye on her!

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


“Everybody has a history and everybody has some type of skeleton. This was mine.” Brawner and close family members kept his HIV status under wraps for so long during his childhood that he carried it right along with him into adulthood. In fact, he’d completely detached himself from it mentally and enjoyed life as any other popular, good-looking guy on a college campus, as he frequented the company and beds of numerous women he met. He went by the nickname “Reds,” was not using condoms during sex and was NOT notifying his partners of his status. Brawner spoke of his reckless behavior as a young adult when said, “In high school, you have 1,000 people in school and in college you have 10,000 people. Going to Howard University, there’s all different types of people from all different types of backgrounds, which opens up a world that reaches a lot more. I think it’s because of all the access I had to different types of people that played into my [promiscuity]. The ‘invincibility’ came more because I was still alive. I didn’t have many complications, so what I felt was the typical story for most people in my condition, wasn’t my story. I felt like it wasn’t gonna touch me.”

Living with HIV Written by: Do´rea´l Quarles

n today’s world, people living with the HIV virus

are able to lead happy and healthy lives with the

Brawner suffered severe burns during a traumatic

help of advanced medication and strong support

incident in his home that required him to receive

systems. They are productive members of society

blood transfusions and skin grafts. As if the pain and

who build careers, fall in love and raise children,

trauma of the event weren’t enough, he contract-

just like everyone else. However, the road to peace

ed HIV from the transfusions. In an effort to shield

and fulfillment is far from easy, as many of these

her child from being stigmatized by his diagnosis,

men and women carry painful burdens behind

Brawner’s mother told him when he was five years

closed doors. For instance, William Brawner’s tu-

old not to tell anyone about his status. She show-

multuous journey with HIV began with a horrible

ered him with extra love and attention, since she

accident when he was just 18 months old and took

wasn’t sure how long he would be alive.

several unexpected twists and turns thereafter.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Brawner received a roaring backlash from former lovers and classmates about not sharing his diagnosis sooner. Everything he and his family had feared about disclosing his status had come true. He struggled with extreme depression and suicidal thoughts every day. The documentary, “25 to Life,” followed him years after graduation as he traveled back to his college campus for homecoming, no longer hiding under the guise of his alter ego, “Reds.” It also chronicled his valiant efforts at seeking forgiveness from people whose lives he may have put in danger years ago. The title of the film may lead one to believe Brawner was criminally prosecuted for endangering the lives of others, but he was not. However, he explained that he isn’t oblivious to the potential repercussions of his actions as a young man. He states, “The same way I did this with someone else’s daughters is the same way someone could do this to my daughters. So I understand completely why somebody would insist that I be punished. I made painfully wrong decisions that I have to live with for the rest of my life. It’s not black and white; it’s very complicated. Everybody has a history and everybody has some type of skeleton. This was mine.”


up. So, then I began disclosing. I was already in the process of communicating with people who I had been with, but by the time I got to the radio, I hadn’t gotten to everybody. I didn’t compute that the same way I went to Howard and came home to Philadelphia, a lot of other people did that, too. So when I got on the radio and disclosed, I didn’t compute everyone hearing it, but they did...and it spread like wildfire.”

After graduating from college, Brawner came to grips with his irresponsible ways and shocked the people of his hometown by disclosing his status during a local radio show interview. Brawner said, “Once I graduated from school, I stayed in D.C. for about a year and a half. Things weren’t as busy and hectic, and I began to realize, ‘you gotta deal with this HIV thing. Remember, you have that?’ I had a lot of time to myself to figure out what was really going on. Now, it’s really eating me

Remarkably, Brawner has now been living with HIV for 35 years, has been married twice and has three healthy children. He travels the country sharing his compelling story in hopes of ending the stigma attached to the virus. His faith and will to help others with HIV are the tools that guide him on his journey to forgiveness and redemption.

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wellness beauty





eeping yourself in top-notch spiritual condition is just as hard, if not harder, than watching your precious figure. Either way, discipline is key and both practices are vital to staying healthy. We have control over what seeds we plant in our spirits and what we allow to take root in our lives. If you water the weeds, which are the negative spiritual habits, worry, pain and hurt will surface. However, when we harvest good things, we find that peace, joy and prosperity will grow in our homes and loves. Be mindful of what you are feeding your spirit. Here are 10 things that will slow down your progress to achieving a healthy spiritual life.

Every Girl Loves 2 a Healthy Spiritual Life


Being a Worry Wart, Instead of a Warrior.. A warrior finds peace in constructive optimism. A true diva knows that failure is inevitable and that losing is a part of winning. Often times, God puts us in uncomfortable situations to set us up to win, so stop worrying.


Having a Complaining Spirit. Whatever we speak out loud, we hear within ourselves. Hence, if you’re complaining, you are telling your subconscious and spirit what will occur. Take control of which direction your life is headed by declaring victory over your life, instead of cursing it. Be joyful of what you have. Remember, happiness doesn’t come from getting what you desire. It comes from enjoying what you have. Make it a habit to stay positive and be grateful, instead of complaining.


Engaging in Purposeless Activity. Be still. It’s human nature to get overwhelmed when we have so much on our agendas. We often stall or procrastinate to avoid facing the pressures of our daily lives. When our schedules are maxed out, it seems easier to take on more in search of ways to lessen our current obligations. However, avoid the temptations to do so. Stay calm and have a steady focus. You will never develop a calm spirit by becoming overly busy.

L I F E Written By:

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

beauty wellness



7. 8.


Being Alone all the Time or Spending Too Much Time With the Wrong People.: In order to encourage spiritual growth, it is necessary to cultivate relationships with other believers who nurture you and build you up. Sometimes we fall in love or become attached to the wrong people who absorb our energy. This is called a spiritual tie. We need others, but they need to be the right people to aide in our spiritual growth. Don’t stop giving and receiving encouragement.


Having a Bad Temper. With the media being quick to glorify a bad temper, it’s respectable to express anger and be the one to never back down from confrontation in today’s society. However, the media never shows the part where the consequences are served. Revenge may be sweet, but being out of control isn’t. The number one rule to a healthy spirit is having self-control – one without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. The end result is losing everything.


Giving Too Much Without Replenishing Yourself. If you are in fact spiritual, then you usually show compassion to others. You would probably give the clothes off of your back for someone else. This is fine to do, however, in order to be a vessel and an influence in the lives of others, when you give, you must build yourself back up through meditation, scripture, relaxation and enjoying the things and people you love.

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Keep Your Life Free From the Love of Money. Hitting the Powerball jackpot would likely be in everyone’s wish list. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things that money can buy. But the problems start when you let it control you – you develop greed and selfishness. It is better to work on spiritual riches than material possessions, because you can’t take them with you when you leave this earth.

Neglecting to Eat Spiritual Food. What Not Committing to the Principles comes out of a person is what defiles of Spiritual Growth: If you are them, so if negative things are in your waiting for spiritual growth to just heart, that’s what will come out. Every happen with time, then you will day, feed your spirit with the Word of God. Read and have a hard time maturing. Ultimately, growing on listen to positive and inspirational things, so when the the inside is a commitment to staying positive, reading time comes for you to react to a difficult situation, scriptures, praying and listening to God. Spiritual your response will be positive. maturity isn’t measured by the calendar, but happens once you make a commitment to grow. Never Forgiving. Have you ever heard the saying, “never let someone live rent free in your head?” Well forgiveness has its way of liberating us and cleansing us from the inside. Don’t allow past problems, guilt and blame to be responsible for messing up your spiritual life. It will block your blessings.

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Celebrity Fitness "It" Girl TR



Alicia B




Written By: Krystle Jones Alicia Bell, who is based in Toronto, is the ultimate personal trainer. She has certifications ranging from personal trainer, kinesiology, precision nutrition, cross-fit, stretch therapy, and much more. Alicia’s clientele ranges from celebrities to stay-at-home moms. Her goal is to not only help others reach their personal fitness goals, but educate them as well. Everything Girls Love had the opportunity to sit down and chat with this incredible woman about her best kept fitness secrets, journey to success and healthy Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


EGL: Alicia, tell the EGL family a little about yourself, to start. Bell: Well, I have a background in health. In college, I always had an interest in health and fitness. After college, in 2005, I began to take it more seriously. I got into track and field; I started to work with track stars and also began helping women lose weight. EGL: What events in your personal life led you to becoming a fitness trainer? Bell: In college I was asked to coach a track team. A former coach asked me to help out. Through this, I realized how much I loved coaching and sharing my knowledge. In and out of personal training, I played in the Indian Super League and tore my ACL, which motivated me to come back harder. Also, last year, I had a rare tumor as a result of a molar pregnancy, which occurs when a fetus turns into a multiple cell. It migrated, causing me to lose my uterus and undergo chemotherapy. It changes your life. But I’d like to encourage other women who have gone through it and are going through it that it’s treatable and not the end of your life. The chemotherapy makes you feel very tired. However, I found exercises that helped me through the process. When I was tired, I walked the treadmill. Just moving helped me feel better and more energized. I did a lot of walking and light weight lifting. If you schedule it in, it’ll help you overcome your ailment. No one ever regrets a workout. You always feel better afterwards EGL: Wow. So you’ve been through a lot. How long have you been training? Bell: I’ve been training 12 years. My client base ranges from celebrities, such as NBA player Dwight Howard, former NBA player Rashad McCant and rapper Lil John, to stay-at-home moms, children and cancer patients. EGL: Nice, What do you like the most about what you do? Bell: I love track and field and helping the youth develop. One of my former clients went off to the Olympics, which was amazing. I also love being able to transform and change someone’s life. EGL: So, tell us, What are your fitness sessions like? Bell: I have different sessions. The 12-week sessions are in-person and the eight-week sessions are online. During the online program, I send questionnaires and transition programs. Everything is specific to the person. I also do one-on-one [sessions], which is more specific [and the focus is] based off of what [the client’s] goals are. I [also] do small group trainings; four girls per group, three times a week .

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

EGL: Do you travel for those who aren’t in your area? Bell: Every couple of months, I travel and go to different cities and states. However, I invite everyone to private Facebook groups, which serve as support groups. They include recipes as well. The Facebook groups create a community and motivate and push others. Accountability is established and they know that they can achieve their goals. It’s not just [about] money when it comes to what I do; I want to make a lasting impression. I want to keep them motivated. EGL: What are some of the best workout routines that yield lasting results? Bell: First, your water intake is a huge part. So many people are dehydrated because of their lack of water intake. It’s important to try to drink a gallon of water [as often as possible]. It washes out the toxins in your body and allows it to do more. [The speed of your] metabolism will also [increase]. Secondly, one must learn how to do a proper squat. Have that body and mind EGL: What are your current fitness routines?

Bell: I lift weights a minimum of four times a week. I also do cardio, which includes: treadmill, sprinting for a minute and walking for 30 seconds on an incline. Because I’m so busy, I order from a meal prep company. That’s how I keep myself on track. If I don’t order from the meal prep company, on a Sunday night I’ll measure out my meals for the week. I put them in Tupperware and then in the freezer. Lastly, I always carry a giant jug of water. EGL: What are some of your biggest accomplishments? Bell: A few of my biggest accomplishments were coaching team Canada as a spring coach in Israel, where they won several awards. I was the only female. I’m proud to have been featured in three fitness magazines and I’ve had the pleasure to work with many people, including Hill Harper, an amazing actor.

also see the change in your body as you get in shape. Track your progress and keep a journal. Document everything, including your moods, what exercises changed the moods and how you feel mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Alicia Bell prides herself in educating others and pushing them to their fullest potential. She also uses her personal health and wellness experiences to better help her clients, making it her business to leave her clients with tools, outside of her personal sessions, that will help them live a healthy life. Keep up with Bell by visiting her website, trainitright.com. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @ trainitright.

EGL: What are a few tips and tools that specifically benefit women when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle? Bell: Always be comfortable in the skin that you’re in. Totally love yourself along the journey of change. Always take a photo. From experience, you can see who you really are in a photo. You can

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com


Every Little Step:


is upon us, and as usual peo-

ple have begun fitness regimens. For the small few who are overweight and feeling like the biggest person in the world, you are not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese法. Though these statistics are alarming, for those looking to get into shape for 2016 help is right around the corner. Below are a few exercises to help the average beginner get moving, and above all healthy.

Beginner Routines for New Exercisers

Written By: Kanarian Kindred

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Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com



Step 2: Strength Training

Step 1: Get Moving With any fitness regimen the key is to get moving, and above all stay moving at a consistent pace. Therefore, the perfect solution is to begin walking in order to get the heart pumping, and the calories down. The benefits from walking are enormous including bone strengthening and improving your balance and coordination to name a few.


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Walking alone is fine but adding a dose of weekly strength training can be an added bonus. The benefits include muscle tone, sleep management, and improved glucose control. According to the Center for Disease Control, “One 12-month study conducted on postmenopausal women at Tufts University demonstrated 1% gains in hip and spine bone density, 75% increases in strength and 13% increases in dynamic balance with just two days per week of progressive strength training. The control group had losses in bone, strength, and balance. Strength training programs can also have a profound effect on reducing risk for falls, which translates to fewer fractures.â€? ²

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Step 3: Yoga For those wanting to get healthy and show no interest in walking or strength training, yoga is the perfect fit. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation続. Items needed to participate are a floor mat and soothing music if requested.

Before beginning any fitness regimen, please contact your local physician or healthcare professional for more information before starting.

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Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

Spring Issue/ everythinggirlslove.com

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