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Fashion These wooden-framed bad boys are definitely a trendy accessory, but we must admit that we love the look of them this season. The touch of wood adds an element of surprise to your average eyewear, and this surf-inspired look is one that can take you all the way through summer, too.


Get The Look: Shwood Belmont 48mm Polarized Wood Sunglasses $185, Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Voluptous Lipstick Nude Monice $43

Dear summer, the perfect and EGL’s favorite season for breaking out our round sunglasses. With music festivals and barbeques in full swing these ‘70s-inspired frames will serve you well for months to come. We all know fashion repeats itself and as the trend forecasters state, round frames have been appearing since 2009 but it’s now in full effect everywhere. Everything girls love has got that ROUND FRAMES fever honey, it’ contagious! Get The Look: LC Lauren Conrad Myth Framed Round Sunglasses $18, Dior Nude Rouge Lipstick $34

Get The Look: ASOS Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses $23, TopShop Lips in Infrared $16




There is nothing more FEARLESS than a woman strolling down the street in Cat Frames, ladies do you agree? All we can think about is Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” rocking her black cat frames, EPIC! EGL has always been drawn to a softer version of the cat-eye sunglasses trend. It’s a little more timeless, and it creates a feminine shape for the face. In addition, it’s a perfect accessary to any fit.

A pair of classic wayfarers by Ray Ban is something every girl should own. If you find a wayfarer style you fall in love with, it is definitely worth investing in. Not only are they stylish they are functional as well, we confess, here at EGL we’ve dropped our Wayfarers a million and one times and it’s still fashionable and in shape, no wears or tears, Wayfarers, we’ve got your back! Get The Look: Ray-Ban RB301649 ClubMaster, MAC Cyber $15

New Dior So Real glasses in the style of the 50 ‘s, with round lenses and thin metal arches with CD’s logo is the embodiment brilliant ideas of Creative Director for Dior Raf Simons and his futurism expressed in a retro style. This is the EGL Fashion Team’s sunglass pair for the summer! Get The Look: Dior Dior So Real Metal & Plastic Sunglasses $505, Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick, Red Door $25

Hustlapreneur 3. Offer a Summer Savings Discount for Services Nothing says client engagement like an additional savings for a special time only. Who doesn’t love a discount? I mean really! Depending on the type of services or products that your company provides, dedicated clients understand the value in knowing that you are hard on the job, even during the summer months. And, because you have such a loyal customer base, offer up a discount or two for booking early bird services for the next workshop, for referring new clientele, for being a donor or sponsor for your next event. Then tweet about it, FB status it and add it to your news feeds. You may want to include a catchy title theme to it to make it stand out to potential or current clients. For example, “Summer Savings…Get Them While They Are Hot.” No matter what your current vacation plans are for this summer, your business should not be on vacation with you. Keep clients active and engaged in your business happenings by staying in touch and staying ahead of your competitors.

Quick Treats To Beat the Summer Heat: ADULT CAPRI SUNS-Bag o’ whatever you like

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest. com Retrieved: 3/25/14

The idea is to freeze your treats before you leave the house. Add fresh lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, or berries to your favorite adult beverage. This will be a great icee style drink for the beach. m

You can thank us for this amazing fun, later!

Photos Courtesy of Retrieved: 3/21/14

Feature Best known for her breakout role as Diamond in The Player’s Club, LisaRaye McCoy has been through the trenches a weathered her personal storms. From being a sex symbol, to the first lady of Turks and Caicos, McCoy has reinvented herself time and time again. This time, after going one of the hardest times of her life, McCoy says she’s back and better than ever!

EGL: You recently had a birthday and I know a lot of people were talking about your appearance in Jaheim’s latest video. Do you think that the words to that song really embody you and that you do get better with time? LisaRaye: Yeah, I do feel that way. I’ve been saying that for a long time, for the last couple of years actually. Its just something so rewarding and solid knowing who you are and recognizing your past and realizing that you don’t want to make those same mistakes and that you want to do better. So, grasping that and grasping the knowledge you know you need to get there is such a trip. It’s a journey. And it’s been good for me to stay open and want to receive it and now I’m really living. I’ve always lived and felt the grass grow under my feet, I’ve always been that type of girl, but now to say that I am a woman and mean it and embody it and hold it is like yeah! EGL: A lot of times we see in the media that life is all about being young and being beautiful, what are some of the things that you’ve learned growing older and through life that are way more important than those things that we see portrayed in the media? LisaRaye: Girl, just being healthy, happy and peaceful, and in that order. I don’t want to stress anymore than necessary than we have to in life anyway. Time waits for no one. We’re not just on this Earth to stay here forever so you’re going to get older. Do that gracefully and be healthy. I want my mindset to be peaceful, joyful and happy.

Feature EGL: As a woman and as a mother, throughout your life and going through different experiences, have you ever found it difficult to find your sexy? LisaRaye: Yeah. I don’t want to say that I’ve felt uncomfortable with feeling sexy but I didn’t get it at first. You know that you’re a pretty girl or a cute girl or you got something or some kind of ‘it’ factor, but when people used to be like sexy this and sexy that, I would ask guys and girls what is that thing that you see in me that’s sexy? And I got all kinds of answers from the way you eat to the way you talk. I don’t really get it but that’s cool because if I did I would probably try to ham it up some more so it’s more of a natural thing. But I know that I’m a woman. And I feel strong. That comes with a whole different confidence and I got that totally. I really go there when I act, to when I’m in a crowd to when I take pictures. I got that. And I’ve gotten that through my experiences and time. EGL: So what is it that you would say to your daughter or other woman about making sure you’re comfortable in your own skin and making sure you’re not doing anything that’s outside of your boundaries? LisaRaye: I have given her ton of advice. Now whether she takes it … I can tell you right now honey, she don’t listen and I don’t believe that when we were that age we listened that much either, but I do think I listened and respected authority a little bit more than what this generation does now. But it’s no different than what our mothers used to tell us be careful, don’t drink and

drive, have intuition, have your little self conscious mind be able to tell you what it needs to say or do and listen to it and adhere to it. Paying her dues; you have to get out there and do things to mold your craft. It’s not always about money, it’s about opportunity. I think writing is really therapeutic because you need to have a to-do list or goals that you write down. That’s important because you can check them off and say, “I got that, I did that. So even a spiritual foundation is important. Get someone that you relate to that can be an advisor to you, a motivator to you, a therapist to you, a consultant to you; someone that you call a friend that you kind of admire that’s got it going so you can mimic that. We already can mimic the bad and we know that that’s not going to get us that far. So why don’t we try to mimic some of the good things? EGL: What was that thing that sparked that fire inside of you and made you realize that acting was what you wanted to do? LisaRaye: I think acting chose me. I was modeling in Chicago and pretty happy with that but I liked that all-eyes-on-me feel. I knew that. And it took someone else to see something in me that pushed me. That’s what I mean by having people around you that can see something in you and you can take their word for it and say okay. When they said you should try and do movies and acting I was like, “Really?” My first big break was The Player’s Club.

“When you are on your knees, you are at the mercy of God like, ‘just tell me what to do.”


“It was amazing the truth that I found in that past for me … You can’t grow with everybody and everybody isn’t supposed to come along with you.”

EGL: Speaking of The Player’s Club, that’s what most people feel was one of your most iconic roles as Diamond. What was it like playing that role? What was that first day on set like? LisaRaye: That’s so funny that you asked me that because just yesterday I was cleaning my house and I found my original Player’s Club script with all my notes and stuff in it; my call sheet and my crew list and all my autographs from all the cast that were in there like Bernie Mac, Jamie Fox, Ice Cube. So Diamond was that role. It was a breakout for so many of us. For Jamie Fox, for Michael Clark Duncan, for Bernie Mac, for LisaRaye, for Ice Cube himself for his directorial debut, so you know I’m not ever going to shy away from being Diamond. I’m forever Diamond and I so appreciate Ice Cube until this day. I lied on my resume like I had done all this stuff and I came clean in the midst of shooting and he was like, “Wow, really? You would never know.” And I was like, “I know huh?” And he was like, “you’re gonna be a star,” and I was like, “yeah, you think so?” And that’s exactly what he wrote in my book when I read it, “you’re gonna be a star,” and I was like (gasps) “he was right!” So I was learning. I don’t think I had that much fun in the beginning because I was really about doing what I was supposed to do, being on time, still nice with everybody and playful but I was into my studying on what it meant to be an actress. EGL: Did you find the character you played in Lapdance similar to any character you played? Or do you kind of pull from all your different roles and your personal experience to really bring the character to life? How’s the creative process for you? LisaRaye: That role was a small role for me. It was

Feature a little bit more than a cameo but it was for a friend. For me, it was a call back for Diamond, per say getting older and still being in the strip club. EGL: You and Stacey Dash starred in Single Ladies together. It was reported that you two had a big falling out and there were a lot of rumors. How was it working with her again on Lapdance? LisaRaye: I didn’t have any scenes with Stacey in Lapdance. However, the public has perceived us to not be friends and we are friends. They blew up us having a disagreement on the set as if that was going to breakup a friendship or last forever. We’re women, we work together to three, four, five o’clock in the morning. We were tired and we had an argument. Move on. They made more of it than what it really was. EGL: Do you think you channel Keisha Green or Single Ladies in real life? LisaRaye: I channel a whole lot of different women but there are some things that Keisha and LisaRaye share. When you play any character you bring you to that character as much as you can. So I think when people say you played

that so well, it just means I did my job greatly and you believe in that character. I liked playing Keisha, at least I did for the last two seasons. They’ve changed Keisha in this season. She’s [now] more of a supportive character for Malcolm, so I was missing some of that wit and some of that charm that Keisha normally has. EGL: Speaking of TV shows, The Real McCoy was a reality TV smash hit. Would you give reality TV another try? LisaRaye: Oh yes. I’m in talks now with the networks about another reality show. I don’t want to say too much about it but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and I think its something that’s going to be fresh and something that’s needed. It’s something I’m excited to do. I’m happy that in my career and in my life it’s something that I’m even able to do. With the reality shows it’s so different because before we got paid because we had a skill. We get paid now but we’re competing with reality stars. Even when we do red carpet stuff you might be next to a Love and Hip Hop celebrity as opposed to a Desperate Housewives celebrity. EGL: With the premiere for Pastors


of LA, there was a lot of buzz about your relationship with Bishop Noel Jones?

“It was a fairytale, to a nightmare…”

LisaRaye: The show had already started and people were saying I was in the first episode I still haven’t seen it and no one else has so I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. I think like this, if someone is engaged to get married, happy or whatever, that’s a happy time in their life. So I don’t know anybody that would try to hide it. I wouldn’t try to hide it. I haven’t hid any of my relationships. So if that was true and anybody was to ask me, I would say [it’s] true. I don’t know who I’m going to fall in love with. I may try to protect it until I know what it is that we’re doing but by the time you get engaged to somebody you would know what you’re doing so you would tell somebody that news. So ya’ll haven’t heard me say, “I’m getting married” or engaged and ya’ll damn sure haven’t seen no ring. EGL: What was it like getting a divorce from being a first lady? LisaRaye: That was hard and the embarrassment that came with it. All the rumors and everything that came with; it’s like, “how did I get here?” It was a fairytale to a nightmare at the time. I did not realize

that I had a lesson to realize from that. But I was confused when I came back because I had shied away from the sex symbol image when I became First Lady. So when I was First lady and came back to the States, it was like, am I still a sex symbol? Do I still have it? Do I still represent that? Do I rebrand myself? Who am I? And it took really good friends like the Rev. Al Sharpton. I remember him coming to me and being a real friend and counseling me and saying, “I need you to look at all the tapes of your work. Remember who you are. I want you to remember that you are funny, I want you to remember all the people you entertained in your lifetime and the people who came to your birthday parties and your foundation parties, the things that you’ve hosted and the people you’ve spoke to. Go through your phone book and look at the people. Who the who’s who and give your heart.” And I was crying because when you are on your knees, you are at mercy at God like, “just tell me what to do.” That’s what it was really about. You stopped listening to me. You stopped giving Me the glory. You stopped praising Me. You thought you had this all on your own and figured out. Let me show you, you need me. EGL: In going through that difficult

Feature phase in life, did you find that the people you thought were your friends weren’t?

friend how to be your friend, that’s what that’s about. Bridge that gap.

LisaRaye: Oh, girl, when I tell you damn near everybody in my life that I was helping, giving money to, and start up companies and making sure that they were okay were not there for me … from my stylist to my hair stylist to one of my celebrity friends, to people that even work for you. It was amazing the truth that I found in that past for me. But it was so necessary for me to go to the next level. You can’t grow with everybody and everybody isn’t supposed to come along with you. I understand and appreciate that now. People are in your life for a reason and a season. I appreciate that.

EGL: I know you had a lingere line and a jean line and also a hair line. Give us some hints or clues about what you have coming up next.

EGL: At EGL we’re really big on uplifting women and trying to create a genuine sisterhood and bond so that’s definitely refreshing to hear. LisaRaye: Even me and Vivica fell out after my wedding and that’s no secret. We’ve talked about it on air and everything but we’re friends now. We actually did Jaheim’s video together and on set when she cam up to me people were holding they’re breath and she tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and we said “HEY!!” People were like, “oh, they’re friends?” I love the fact that I can share that story because yeah, you’re friends, you fall out but are you going to let that devastate either one of you? And if you miss each other and there’s something you need to shake off and get each other straight on, get each other straight, move on and say, “girl, I’m sorry. That will never happen again.” Treat your

LisaRaye: Yes, I’m looking for an investor for the jean line still. I do have a flat iron coming out by Red Fro and they’re one of the large hair companies. They’re in all the beauty supply stores, Walgreen, Target and K Mart. I have a small t-shirt line on I also have a hairline coming out with shampoo and conditioner. I’m also launching all of the hair care stuff for the Bonner Brothers hair show that takes place in Atlanta in February. EGL: What was your inspiration for getting into other business ventures aside from modeling and acting? LisaRaye: Well I’m executive producing. I executive produce The Real McCoy, and I’m executive producing my new reality show. I have a film that I’m doing with another writer and the creator of Single Ladies as well, and just looking forward to more work that speaks to me as an actress. Even Keisha. I’ve done Keisha for over three years now so I want something more, something different. EGL: What has it been like being a black actress for you? LisaRaye: There aren’t a lot of roles for us. As much as you say you want to build your own opportunities or whatever, you know who

rules and runs Hollywood and it’s not us, so you kind of get in where you fit in. I hate the fact that it’s always the chosen ones. For a while, Halle Berry spoke to the masses of being the black actress, the go-to girl was Gabrielle; Regina King had it for a while. You always have that one girl who speaks for all of us and it’s like no, there’s a whole lot of us! Even when you go to the Oscars, you see a lot more of them than you see of us and it’s like, “well what is that saying?” LisaRaye is working on several business ventures for the near future and a new reality show! Even through disappointments and bad times, LisaRaye s the ultimate EGL woman; balancing a successful career and a family that she loves, all with class and style. Stay tuned, we haven’t seen the best of LisaRaye McCoy yet! m

[Love on the beach.] [Photographer Unknown] Retrieved on November 28 from

Love & Sex

Mandingo 28, and Portia 27

Where Did you two meet?: We met in 2008 during a Morehouse/Spelman College Homecoming through a mutual friend. Two years later we began to hang out more frequently and sparks began to fly…

Johnnie 28, and Tileah 27

How long after dating did you know he/ she was the one? Him: Portia had known each for 4 years and

How Did You Meet? We met through mutual friends. The friend was hosting an event themed Mardi Gras in Brooklyn. According to Johnnir, as soon as Tileah entered we shared a vibe and began talking briefly. Following this meeting we exchanged numbers and began dating from then on.

we had dated for two prior to our engagement. I knew she was the one early. We had a connection on all levels. I truly understood the phrasing of “finding your other half.” I feel a sense of wholeness and completion with Portia. Her: I have never been so in tune with someone like I am with Mandingo. It goes beyond finishing each other’s sentences we are spiritually connected. We have a true friendship and mutual respect for one another. We also motivate one another very well.

For Single Couples: How long after dating did you know he/ she was the one? Johnnie: It didn’t take long after we began dating that I knew she was the one. I actually had an idea following our first date.

What’s your favorite memory of your significant other? His memory:

My favorite memory of her was on our first date. We agreed to meet up in the city at a spot of her choice. When we arrive to the place, come to find out the place was no longer there so she was a little embarrassed. We laughed about it and we ended up having dinner at the restaurant that was in the original spot’s place. This is my favorite memory because it knew from then on she was the one.

Her memory:

My favorite memory of him was our first Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day fell on a week day and I was really busy with work and school and him the same. He surprised me and came to my apartment, while I was still at work, and decorated the house with flowers, teddy bears, candles, soft music and other little gifts. He always makes an effort to ensure that I have a smile on my face.

What’s your secret to success?

Our secret to our success is communication and willing sacrifice. We have been in a long distance relationship since we started dating so we’ve never get to see each other as frequently as other couples so for us daily communication has greatly helped keep us together. .

How long did you date before getting married?

We began dating in the fall of 2010 and I moved to Atlanta the following year. We got engaged in the fall of 2012 and are getting married in March of 2014.

What’s your favorite memory of your significant other? His: In the beginning of our relationship I was doubting myself as a contributor to the house-

hold and my future as a possible husband. We were listening to Pandora and “Closer I Get To You” began playing. We danced in the middle of our bedroom and had a conversation with no words, just our eyes. Hers: His proposal. He asked me “Do you know where we are?” Me being fairly new to Atlanta and still learning my way around, my response was “Midtown”. He responded, “no we are at the exact spot where we first met ( back in 2008) and this is where I want to start our forever” Then he got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I really felt like I was on cloud 9. Of course I said “yes”.

What’s your secret to success?

You have to know what you want before you embark on a relationship and express it clearly. Honest expression of self also goes into it. Present all of yourself out to your mate, flaws and all, if you are truly thinking about forever. It also starts with a strong foundation; we had a friendship before we thought of each other romantically. Friendships have ups and downs but typically they can be lasting when both parties genuinely like one another and have a mutual respect. Out of this comes honesty, everything else will fall into place.


every girl loves m Finding Your Way Back To Love Stay the Night A night on town may seem like the simplest solution to rebuilding that connection with your partner, however this can serve as a distraction from the real issues that may be plaguing your relationship. So opt to stay in, and use the opportunity to listen and understand. Create a peaceful environment with calming scents and aromas that allow you both to be open mentally and emotionally. Cook a meal together as you bond and discuss how you can bridge your communication gaps and come to a place of appreciation for your partner. When choosing your meal stick with foods that won’t weigh you both down and distract from you communication. Salmon with lemon, capers and rosemary is a satisfying and healthy dish to keep you both focused on reawakening your love and starting anew.

Salmon with Lemon, Capers, and Rosemary Recipe courtesy of

Prep Time: 20 min Inactive Prep Time: Cook Time:10 min Level: Easy Serves: 4 servings

Reconnect & Rekindle: Finding Your Way Back To Love By Amina Cush, Lifestyle & Culture Editor Photo Retrieved From:

We’ve all been there, laying back to back at odds with our significant other forgetting why we ever feel in love in the first place. The truth is everyone is seeking the same thing, understanding, comfort and love. But what happens when we digress from a place of compassion to a place of contempt? And how do we find our way back? The first step is rebuilding the connection. Start by doing things together, and enter each experience with an open mind. Sometimes we don’t have to go far to find our way back to the heart.

Ingredients 4 (6-ounce) salmon fillets 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary leaves 8 lemon slices (about 2 lemons) 1/4 cup lemon juice (about 1 lemon) 1/2 cup Marsala wine (or white wine) 4 teaspoons capers 4 pieces of aluminum foil

Directions Brush top and bottom of salmon fillets with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and rosemary. Place each piece of seasoned salmon on a piece of foil large enough to fold over and seal. Top the each piece of salmon with 2 lemon slices, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of wine, and 1 teaspoon of capers. Wrap up salmon tightly in the foil packets. Place a grill pan over medium-high heat or preheat a gas or charcoal grill. Place the foil packets on the hot grill and cook for 10 minutes for a 1-inch thick piece of salmon. Serve in the foil packets.

Per Serving: Calories: 377; Total Fat: 25 grams; Saturated Fat: 4 grams; Protein: 34 grams; Total carbohydrates: 2 grams; Sugar: 1 grams Fiber: 0 grams; Cholesterol: 94 milligrams; Sodium: 451 milligrams




every girl loves m a fresh start


By: Lawanda Ja

It’s been said that ‘nail art is a language’ and the talented, celebrity manicurist Bernadette Thompson happens to be fluent! Thompson has been working with celebrities, designers and magazines since the 90’s. With clients such as Beyonce¢ to Madonna, Thompson’s trend-setting nail art has proven to be bold and sophisticated. I recently picked her brain on her refreshingly, chic collection, perfecting a home manicure & more. Check out our talk down below! Lawanda J (LJ): You started doing hair and then went into nails, what made you want to get started in the beauty industry? How did you get started working with celebrity clients? Bernadette Thompson (BT): In terms of doing makeup and hair, it was all very natural to me. I started doing my friends hair then decided to start going to school for it, not as business, but as a hobby. I started doing too many heads, so I said ‘let me put some nails on so that I can tell my friends no’ because they would come to my house at two in the morning on their way to a club asking to get their hair done. So I put these long nails on so I wasn’t able to braid or sew in weaves and I fell in love with them. Later on, maybe 8-10 years later, I actually went back to school, a nail school. First I went to cosmetology, then I went to nail school and I opened a little shop in Yonkers, quit my job, and said I’m just going to try this full time in a salon. Mary J. Blige, we went to school together, her sister came into the salon and got her nails done so she went back and Mary said ‘oh who’s doing your nails?’ and her sister said ‘Bernadette’.

Mary said get ‘Bernadette over here’ and sent this big white limousine to pick me up, by myself, it was so embarrassing in the hood and that’s when I started doing nails for celebrities. Mary started taking me everywhere, for 10 years after that, I just followed Mary everywhere on tour. Mary called me every 4-5 days to get her nails done and I just became part of her glam squad and really got to see what the industry was all about, and see that there’s people who go to photo shoots and make some good money from doing this and it can really turn into something big.

So, I closed the salon and went full-time with Mary. She introduced me to Puff Daddy and he started having me do all his female artists at the time, like Lil Kim and Missy Elliot. On that last Total photo shoot, there was a fashion photographer that was doing music for the first time, and they liked us and called me to do a campaign. The first campaign I ever did in the fashion industry was Louis Vuitton. After that, I started doing more fashion and beauty, and consulting for other cosmetic companies. After 10 years, I was creating all these colors for brands and bringing all these genius ideas from the street into fashion so I decided to start my own nail line. LJ: I love the colors in the collection. What inspired the colors in the Bernadette Thompson Collection? BT: I was inspired by being on the shoots every single day. Traveling all around the world, those experiences and seeing the collections before they hit the stores. You sit at the table with all these creative people and come up with all these creative ideas so I think a lot of it was inspired by fashion because I did go to FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology]. I’m already inspired by fashion, and colors and fabrics. Most of my inspiration comes from the mood I’m in at the moment, you’ll know when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m in love or when I’m getting divorced, you’ll see it in my colors [laughing]. LJ: What tips do you have to making manicures last and is there a specific product you would recommend to achieve long-lasting

manicures? BT: I re-launched my old line and the gentlemen that did the package design for Calvin Klein, Victor & Rolf, Armani, etc., he designed the packaging for my new collection. In March 2014, I launch a treatment kit because I thought people needed to repair their nails from all the damage and all the experimenting with all these different overlays, not really knowing how to care for their nails. I’m really excited about the treatment kit! I think that women, in addition to wearing all the beautiful nail art have to take care of their nails first and then everything else on top and outside will just shine even more, but you can’t keep doing all this nail art, and all these colors, and then removing with nail polish remover that’s harmful to your nail plate. Just spend a little extra time with the foundation first and then put whatever you want on top. So, starting with a good nail polish remover is the most important thing. For me, that’s the foundation, not your basecoat but actually your nail polish remover so removing the nail polish should be done gently, not with pure acetone, not harsh nail polish removers, something gentle that will remove the polish but not dehydrate the nail plate. Next, the basecoat is also important, a must, every time you polish your nails you should always use a basecoat first. After the basecoat, add two coats of your polish and then your topcoat. There are all these amazing topcoats out now, UV protectant topcoats, 35 second quick dry topcoats, non-yellowing topcoats and formaldehyde free topcoats. All those things are good and healthy for your nails.


T i a & Ta m e r a I just love this dynamic duo. These new moms make motherhood look so easy. Beware: Stripes can be very tricky, they have a tendency to make you look wider so make sure your choosing the right pieces that work for your body type. And don’t be afraid to mix and match prints this season!

Rachel Zoe An all black everything kind of day! Super chic and trendy Zoe always looks amazing but how cute is this captured moment of her playing cars with her son. This defines “Mommy Chic” you can be fashionable and yet comfortable for those impromptu moments that matter most.

“Through millions of dollars, all the exposure and fame, I can truly say it didn’t change me.” No, not at all. To be honest, all those things you mentioned are simply, me. Family has always been everything to me. Religion, as stated in the book is the foundation of my emotional well-being. I was raised Muslim and as I think back, as a little girl, I have always had a very strong spirit. I always felt I was different. When my mom abandoned our family, it felt like my strength and everything else all kicked in. When she left, it was automatically my responsibility to step up to the job ahead of me. I have to stay home and take care of my younger siblings. All these things to be honest truly came into play when I was only 14. This is one of those ages or periods when I knew all these qualities were in me. Back then, I didn’t understand, but as I got older, I was looking at my life and thinking, why am I in disarray? It was only then that began to understand it was because of everything that I had gone through as a youth. “X” used to always tell me I was “wifey” material. I didn’t really realize it at the time and now as an adult I’m like oh…okay he must have saw the qualities I have now back then. So to wrap it up, family, God and all the things in the book that you mentioned all represent moments in life where they all came to the forefront. EGL: I want to dive into another subject you touch on in the book, which is your life prior to marrying DMX. You talk about raising your siblings after your mom left, your dad’s state of disarray during her abandonment and all the difficulties you and your dad went through after her departure. I realize your life before your marriage may be diffi-


cult to share, but will you elaborate on it for a moment? For a long time, yes, I was a bit ashamed of everything I’ve experienced as a child. After being with him and in this industry, I would have to say I stayed the same. Through millions of dollars, all the exposure and fame and living the lifestyle that many can only imagine, I can truly say it didn’t change me. I would have to say this humility had to come from my foundation. It is from this foundation where I learned to appreciate the real things in life and never to lose myself. As I watched “X” blow up I also began to witness him losing himself. Mind you, at first we came into fame on the same page, but slowly but surely, I saw him lose his self. EGL: I can see how the two of you had a lot in common, especially some of the things you both encountered as kids. That commonality is what fueled our attraction. He and I are like night and day, but we both came from the same childhood struggles. And, I’m telling you, (sigh) we’ve cried so much as children, worrying about how we were going to be as adults that we would share these memories throughout our relationship. We both knew that we didn’t want to be like the adults we grew up with. He was a very dedicated father, but when the money and fame came, he changed. It was one of the most hurtful experiences I’ve gone through. I don’t think I expressed the level of hurt to the highest

degree in the book, but this change was very…very painful. I used to try my best to keep him grounded, but there were too many “yes” men around. Because of all the “yes” men, I started looking like the enemy and a “hater.” EGL: People don’t really know what a vital role you played in trying to rehabilitate him. The public saw you stand by your husband. Buy, it had to be challenging as you were questioned about other women and children outside of the marriage. When he said he was rapped, I know people may have questioned your loyalty to him, take us back during this time, what was your mindset? Were you trying to protect him or was it a combination of things?

“It gives me great pleasure when I see the healing that my story has on people.”


I knew he was lying, I knew from day one. But at the same time, I’m like… okay what do I do and say; he’s my husband and takes care of me and our children. It was very embarrassing and the sad part was, I didn’t want the people, especially fans, to know he was like this. So, I just went along with it for as long as I could. I decided it was safe for me to just be quiet or be “stupid”, basically.

EGL: I find it interesting that you talked about your meeting with Iyanla Vanzant in the book. She (Iyanla) brought out the parallel between “X” and your father. Prior to meeting Iyanla, did you ever see a commonality between your father and “X?” No, I honestly didn’t see it until Iyanla pointed it out, she was very raw and straightforward. She told me that I married my dad and at first I was a little offended and was like ‘what?!’ She broke it down and I was like ‘Oh S**t! I didn’t even realize that.’ It was so true. I mean my dad was the same way to my mom, but not as bad as “X” was. But the same ways in that he was very manipulating and controlling. She told me that I needed to move on and she felt like I was trying to still protect “X” too and it made me really sad. I started crying actually. You give the reader some insight on your dad in the book. I wanted to talk a little about your mother. how are you and your mom now? Are you two on good terms? Or are you two still trying to work on your relationship? Both… We are on good terms because I started to really realize that as I got older, you can’t really judge, you know. I don’t know what my mother was dealing with. She’s from Panama, she had a different upbringing. She wasn’t as strong as I was, I mean that I am. You know, I just realized that you can’t judge so I mended the relationship with her and we’re working on it. But, I definitely forgave her. I’ve been trying to bring her back in because with my siblings, I’m the mother figure to them.

When you guys did VH1’s Couples Therapy, a lot of people that watched that show were shocked at just the overall dynamics of you and X’s relationship. And then we learned that you two were separated at the time of the show, correct? It was so hard to do that show! I mean, Oh My God! To be around him again, it was hard and not just because of love, but because I know how his energy was so draining and how verbally and mentally abusive he was. To be honest, the abuse is what really made me leave. He was so abusive, not physically, but you know in all the other ways. It was almost too much. I went hoping that, first of all he could start taking care of us financially. I thought we could at least be friends, I didn’t care about whom he was with, I just want him to help take care of our kids, but he got on the show and he was so disrespectful. He would get on the phone with girls in front on me and get on national television and discuss how he didn’t want to get married. I couldn’t believe it! I’m thinking, you were the one talking about marriage since the day I met you. I felt as if he was trying to assassinate my character on television. That hurt me so much, because I did absolutely nothing to him. EGL: I wanted to ask about your relationship with God now. What does faith mean to you now, especially growing up as a Muslim. As you said, you’ve always had that connection with God since you were a kid. It means everything to me. Every day when I wake up, I thank God for waking me up like clock-work. After I put my daughter on the

school bus, for a whole half an hour from like 8:30am-9am, I’m constantly praying. Asking God to guide my day. When I tell you, it was only Him! When I look back now, I don’t know, it was only Him and he is still working on my life. I still see God working and blocking stuff. I know for some people it’s hard for them to believe that it’s a person you can’t see, touch, talk to or feel that pulled me out of some of my darkest, darkest holes. EGL: What do you really want people to take away from the book? One of the main reasons why I decided to do the book was when I realized that I could help people. I do a lot of motivational speaking so it gives me great pleasure when I see the healing that my story has on people. For people to sit and watch someone who has had millions of dollars and lose it all and still be very humble and happy, that alone is healing enough. I’ve been told this, and that’s why I can say it, it gives people hope. What I learned and what I want people to take from this book is that you have to let go of anything that goes on in life. We have got to keep God first and keep it moving! Equipped with a new found confidence, faith in God and a blossoming romance, Tashera has written the blueprint for a survivor. It’s not easy to make a comeback from a high-profile relationship, let alone, become a beacon of hope for others in the same situation. “You Think You Know, But Have No Idea” is not only Tashera’s story, but also her testimony. m

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fter meeting at a mutual friend’s home in the summer of 2011, we hit it off and the rest was history! We were engaged only 8 months later in March of 2012. I then moved down to Philadelphia to join Ansel to begin building our life together. With the motivation and encouragement of Ansel, I am in the process of completing and publishing my therapeutic children’s book “That’s Not Okay” which teaches children advocacy, assertiveness, and appropriate boundaries, while working full time and contributing to EGL. He gives me the confidence to achieve my wildest dreams, and for that, I love him.” -Essence E. Cohen, Love & Sex writer


e met outside in the neighborhood where our parents live…I had no idea he would later become my husband but I did know one thing when I met him that night: FIIIIINNNNNE!!!!!!!!!! …When the opportunity came for me to transition from classroom teaching into beauty, I called Karl and told him about the opportunity, I was on an emotional roller coaster. In that call Karl talked to me and reminded me of my dreams, my goals and the vision I had for myself, then hung up the phone. A few short minutes later he called me back, told me he loved me and said GO FOR IT! He never asked about money or benefits. He focused on my dreams and me living them! I appreciate him so much for being my rock and best friend!” -Regina M. Tucker, Beauty editor

When the right man walks into your life, it may take you by surprise.

However, the men of EGL made an impact on their women that they’d never forget.



‘m a southern girl and I fell in love with a city boy when I was 15. At the time we were too young for anything steady and managed to keep a long lasting long-distance friendship for nearly 6 years; then later we decided we wanted something more exclusive. H.D., I appreciate you for loving me endlessly, motivating me to pursue my dreams, encouraging me when others were discouraging, keeping me grounded, never judging, and always treating me like a queen. You are my very best friend and the love of my life.” -Triena Deniese – Lifestyle Assistant editor



n today’s society it has become extremely hard to find a significant other who can stand by your side and help build a relationship together. Most importantly assist you with furthering your dreams. My guy Patrick Braxton has been in my life since I was 15 years old. Although we both are young adults now, in the early stages of our relationship we always pushed and encouraged each other to pursue our goals and dreams.” As for the saying ‘men are intimated by hard-working women’ I personally can’t say I agree. Whether it is late night article writing or last minute events to cover Patrick is by my side passing me coffee or accompanying me to shows.” – Krystal Johnson, Beauty writer

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every girl m


“They say when He taketh a life, he giveth’s a life. God placed him in my life at one of the hardest times, when I lost the most important person to my heart, my grandmother. I thank God for him each day and I have complete faith everyone before him was preparation. I love you!” -Tori Owens, Public Relations Coordinator


A “

hat I adore most about him is that he challenges me mentally and spiritually. Since the beginning he has brought me closer to our higher power and played a pivotal part in my mental growth. Saying he has humbled me is an understatement. He has pushed me to reach for my dreams in a way I’ve never thought imaginable. We are one. We have vowed to experience life as partners and I can say I wouldn’t have it any other way.”



n EGL man will still love you at your worst but strives to bring out your best. He will protect your heart and treat your children like his own. The commitment these men show for their women proves that true love never fails. “


here’s Ruby and Ossie, Pauletta and Denzel, then there’s Coco Queen and King Art! I met him last year while working in higher education. I immediately saw the God in him and we hadn’t exchanged a single word…Oh, how I’d love to write a 20-page statement about how wonderful he is! But I’ll just say that he feeds my mind and soul and I wouldn’t trade my king for anything.” -Michelby “Coco” Whitehead, publicist



y husband, Cor’re and I are high school sweethearts. I admire three things about him in particular. First, I love his eyes. When I look into them, they still make my panties wet. Second, he is a true stand-up guy. He is a devoted family man, and still able to hold his own in the ‘streets.’ Third thing I love is his opinionated attitude. He has a mind of his own and has challenged me to think outside of my comfort zone. I couldn’t imagine my life without him right now.” -Jessica E. Williams-Bee, Hustlaprenuer editor


here’s nothing like having unconditional love, a judgment free zone, and someone who has the most respect for themselves and others. Evans Manuel is all of that and more. We met at a party on a random night in college. We instantly connected not only because of our similarities but our differences as well. Having been through quite a few heartbreaks in my time, Evans changed my perspective on love. He has really encouraged me and is a strong source of support. Without his shoulder, it would’ve been difficult to get through many of the hardships I’ve faced. He is a complete gentleman, hard working and extremely determined! Not to mention, we work in the same industry (in addition to his job as a case manager). I don’t know what the future holds, but I can truly say that having Evans in my life was one of the best things that ever happened to me and I will forever appreciate the person he is! My EGL Man!” -Novia Rose, Entertainment writer


Reem “


eem and I met through our two best friends and we’ve been together for almost a year and a half. When we first met, I never imagined that we would’ve made it this far, but I’m certainly glad we did. Both of our lives our pretty busy and we sometimes have to maintain our relationship long distance, but every time I’m with him he makes me feel super special and that whatever is stressing me out or being added on to my plate isn’t as big of a deal as I think it is. Nine times out of ten, he brings a calm to my life and that’s what I appreciate most about him.” -Chey Parker, Editor-in-Chief


met my hubby in high school and we were good friends until after college. I appreciate that he has a great sense of humor. There’s nothing like a good laugh during high stressed times and he knows exactly how to put a smile on my face.” -Lawanda T. Jackson, Assistant Beauty editor


Love & Sex

y husband and I met in elementary school, the sixth grade to be exact. A child hood crush and friendship blossomed over the years and as adults we were mature enough to take our relationship a step further. The one thing about our relationship that stands out to me is its effortlessness. He is truly my best friend and we love spending time with each other, we love our family and we love the idea of building a future together. he is my number one supporter he fully supports anything I do in any way he can even if that requires managing the house hold while mommy travels the world to build a legacy for our children. I thank god every day for him because according to statistics we are an anomaly. We are a young black couple that married young and have a successful loving relationship. It doesn’t hurt that he is 100% my type- tall, dark, handsome warrior with a soft side for his family and friends. I wouldn’t change a thing about our story.“ -Latoya T Bond, Partner/CEO




amon is probably one of the most thoughtful people you will ever meet. What started off as a smile ended up sweeping me off my feet. I appreciate him most for his selflessness. He puts my daughter and I before any and everything. Jamon’s relationship with God is one of the reasons I respect him. He is a true family man and I am truly thankful to have him in our lives.” -Lynn Gray, Entertainment writer

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Verana, Mexico Prices start at $220 Per Night It’s the jungle fantasy of your dreams. This place attracts people who love beauty and nature. You can book bird walks, whale watching and paradise picnics on a deserted beach or just swing on a hillside hammock.

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Hustlapreneur The Top 5 Destination Spots Recommended by Travel Agent, Margie Jordan


1. Paris, France (check out Shangri la hotel there)

2. Kauai, Hawaii 3. Venice, Italy 4. Mykonos, Greece 5. Sanibel Island, FL Rent Your Own Private Island Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs, CA Escape Mediterranean-style with this romantic retreat unlike what you’ll find anywhere else. Prices are very reasonable ranging anywhere from $169 to $399 per night.

Sky Beach Club, Eleuthera, Bahamas Prices Range Between $295 and $395 Per Night With the Sky Beach Club, you’ve got 22-acres of the Atlantic on one-side and the Caribbean on the other. Enjoy these secluded pink sand beaches for a great price.

Musha Cay is an exclusive private-island resort in the Bahamas with luxurious accommodations for up to 24 guests. This is the place for you if you ‘got it like that’ and really feel like splurging! Prices are pretty steep starting at $37,000 Per Day!!! m


every girl loves m Rock Candy

EGL’s Rock Candy

Roscoe Dash By: Ericka Smith Since he first burst onto the scene with his flashy clothes and larger than life mohawk, Roscoe Dash has been captivating audiences around the world. EGL’s Rock Candy is all about being grown and sexy, so read on as Roscoe Dash tells EGL about his new music, his style evolution, what type of girl he’s looking for and his relationship with Karlie Redd. EGL: You’ve made so many hits including “Show Out” and “Sexy Girl Anthem.” As the originator of “Turnt Up,” do you feel like you get the recognition you deserve? I feel like people are going to gravitate towards whatever the trend is, like that’s just how the world works nowadays. With that said, I feel like the fact that everybody uses ‘turnt up’ or ‘turned up’ or whatever the phrase may be in their everyday vocabulary, that’s enough recognition for me to know that I can even come up with something that’ll be global like that. EGL: Your mixtape “Roscoe 2.0” generated plenty of buzz. What were your expectations for this mixtape? I really just needed to get some music out. I felt like, you know, I would like to put out timeless stuff. I don’t like to really keep up with the trends and I feel like that’s how you oversaturate yourself, so I kind of try to steer away from that a little bit and just take my time when it comes to releasing my music. With “Everyday” and even with the “Usta” record, it was just like I really needed to feed the people who were there from when it started, and the people who became fans along the way. I kind of wanted to create a new style, so I just ran with it and that’s when I came up with the whole 2.0 thing. EGL: Many of your songs are club bangers, dance tracks. Do you feel like the Hip-Hop industry expects a certain sound from Atlanta artists? I feel like Atlanta is the hub of music. Before then, it was in New York. Being from Atlanta is kind of one of the things that I love to hold up under my belt.

Illustration: William Townsel – The Notorious Ink

Feature It makes me feel a type of way because we’re one of the very few people that get to set trends and really have an opportunity to create something that can be great, that can be epic. So, I just try to use that to my advantage all the time and kind of keep that in the back of my mind whenever I’m creating records so that people can relate, and it’s stuff that’s timeless. EGL: When you first came out, you were rocking Mohawks and bright colors. What prompted you to change your style? You know people grow up. When I started I was 18, so to have all that attention on you, you kind of have to have like malnourished ways, I like to call them, like ill ways or whatever. You kind of get by with the things that you know rather than taking the time to understand and learn if you just really be yourself all along, people are gonna gravitate to that if they love your music and they love what you do and they love you as a person, so if you have that type of appreciation or whatever up under your belt, you just have to learn how to use it to your advantage and show people that they can also be themselves and be the same way. This is just a job for me. It’s not anything that separates me from the next man that goes to work and clock in and clock out every day. I just make music and do what I love to do every day. EGL: With that said, how do you separate Jeffrey Johnson Jr. from Roscoe Dash? What’s the difference? Well now I can say over the past couple years, there really isn’t a difference. It’s kind of like the same thing. My life is really

meshed into one now, versus earlier on in my career even before I was even famous everything was separate. Like I played basketball when I was growing up but I did music. I was the popular kid,but I was the kid that got in trouble all the time, everything was always separate for me. I always went from one extreme to the next and so over the years, I’ve just kind of learned how to blend them all together, which is really just me all together. Instead of trying to be a certain type of way at certain times, you can really just be yourself and learn how to deal with that and people will learn how to deal with it and appreciate it the same way. EGL: That’s great! So as a father, how do you balance fatherhood and being a rapper? The only time it really gets difficult is when I have to go to my daughter’s recitals, her graduation, or things of that nature and even when I’m trying to go out and I might want to take her to Dave & Busters, Chicago, or something crazy just for her to enjoy herself and it’s kind of difficult whenever you have someone constantly trying to get your attention, but she understands what the circumstances are. She knows who I am. She knows what my job is. She knows how to adapt to it. My kids are smart. They adapt to things well. EGL: On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we saw you and Karlie Redd. You two definitely seem to have some chemistry. Can you tell us more about that? [Laughs] I mean it’s not... to be honest with you, it’s like me and Karlie are cool. We’ve been cool for a while. We had probably

Feature EGL: Alright Roscoe! Every girl wants to know, are you single? Oh yea. EGL: So no Karlie Redd? Nah man. A lot of people be hittin’ me with that. I’m 23 years old. I’m living my life, enjoying what I do, and traveling. I aint out here like the rest of these guys. Now, a lot of these guys be out here going crazy and indulging in a lot of things. I just kind of just kick it and just live life and be appreciative at the same time. It’s all about sacrifices and putting things on the line that you’re just not willing to sacrifice and that’s just how it is.

EGL: What type of characteristics do you look for in a girl? I like women that are really mature. I know people say “mature” all the time but mature can mean a lot of things. When I say mature, I mean just being aware, being an intellectual. I like a girl that likes to read and stuff like that. I like those natural girls that are just comfortable with themselves. Confidence is everything and of course, if she got a nice body and everything after that but I’m more so... I like a headstrong woman, a woman that has her own opinion, that knows how to communicate, that knows how to help me be a better person. In return, I’m gonna do the same for her. EGL: What would a date night be like with Roscoe Dash? It depends on what type of stuff my female is into. I really like to just leave it on her because it gives her an opportunity to be creative and come up with something. A lot of women like to sit back and let the guy do it, and I ain’t one of them type of guys. I sit back and enjoy what my woman has to offer at the same time so...but it’s definitely going to be interesting and elegant.

EGL: Does Roscoe Dash likes a girl with J’s or heels? Um...J’s. EGL: Long or short hair? Short EGL: Would you like your girl enhanced or natural? Natural. EGL: Last but not least, would you date a girl

been cool for about a year and a half before we shot the Love & Hip Hop stuff, so it was just an opportunity where we could just help each other and really spark something up and get things poppin’ and that’s really just what it was. That’s my homie. I still talk to her on a consistent basis whenever I’m able to and with each other it’s all love. I’m not going back on Love & Hip Hop [laughs] but that’s still the homie.

EGL: Well Roscoe, we’re about to play a quick little question and answer game. You just choose.

EGL: Do you have any upcoming projects you’re working on? Oh yea. The “Usta” record I just put out there, that’s my new wave I’m on man. I’ve been producing lately and learning how to play the keys and learning how to be more hands on, which is what I prefer to do anyway. I just never really took the time to kind of just sit down and learn it. Now that I’m doing that, I can kind of just learn how to make things from scratch and complete a whole thought versus just creating something based off of what somebody already started and that’s what the result is so I’m just rocking. I’m just tryna get back out here and take back what’s mine man. I think people are really missing me in the clubs and even on the radio and stuff like that. Music just aint what it used to be, so I gotta get back out here and get it poppin’ for these people.

that’s a celebrity or just an everyday girl? It depends. If it were a celebrity that’s an everyday girl...If I can get both in the same thing, I’ll break my neck for it. If I had to choose, I would definitely choose the everyday girl. Roscoe Dash has definitely transformed musically and personally. He’s looking forward to making his return to the industry, and creating timeless music. Make sure you guys download his song “USTA” and mixtape “Roscoe 2.0.” m


Yes, that’s right, mules. The mule is the newest addition to the list as it has most certainly made a come back this year during fashion month. Mules were featured in a few of our favorite designers collections such as Alexander Wang and Gianvito Rossi. Mules come in so many different styles it can be hard to choose which one is right for you! We say go simple and monochromatic. Mules can be a flirty yet sophisticated addition to any summer nighttime look!

The loafer is the perfect summer shoe for doing limitless amounts of daytime activities. They’re ultra easy to slip on and include thousands of fun prints and patterns to go with a sundress, linen pant, or Bermuda short. A cute look that is always a win in the summer is nautical loafers! Find a pair with stripes, an anchor or starfish, and prepare to set sail!


every girl loves m to learn from a legend


Johnnie Walker

by: Kanarian Kindred

EGL: How did you get into the business? My career started in Mississippi in Country Radio where I was an air personality. Later I was able to convince my General Manager to support my concept of playing Black music on the station. He gave me a two hour show that developed into a six hour, high revenue generating day part.WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? EGL: Upon getting your foot in the door in this business, what obstacles did you face? When I started in Country Radio, the primary obstacle was I was Black and I just didn’t fit. However, I didn’t allow that to deter my determination to become an air personality and a member of the station’s staff. In later years, I wanted to Program and that was almost like taboo... everybody told me ‘women didn’t program.’ Of course I thought that was ridiculous and went on to become Program Director of the station that I worked for in Memphis.

EGL: What would you say has been your biggest career high? Being named Senior Vice President at Def Jam Recordings. The first, and only woman to hold that position. Low? When I left Def Jam, the circumstances that surrounded my departure was a career low for me. I had given a lot to that company and they had given a lot to me; however, the final chain of events were unfortunate for us both. EGL: What’s your opinion on the business today? It’s mediocre; I’m watching it sink. I see all the quickie microwave artists... they leave as quickly as they come. Everything seems so dependent on the technology. I love music technology and it has certainly made a lot of things easier... it just didn’t make those things better. We seem to have exchanged people for programs and apps.

Feature EGL: As a woman of color in the business what’s the key to longevity? I think the main key is to remove the ‘woman of color’ aspect from your thinking, its hard enough just being a woman in business! The color lines are added baggage for your mental psyche. Additionally, you have plan... and plan strong. You have to know what you want and who can help you get to where you’re trying to go. In business, it’s not who you know... it’s who knows you! Tenacity, good character, discipline, proper training, patience and faith are all good tools to have in your arsenal. EGL: What are your keys to success? I use the tools I just spoke of and when I first got into the record business, a gentleman by the name of Boo Frazier told me, ‘work the job, ... don’t let the job work you!’ I have lived by that principle and it has worked for me. EGL: What are the Top three mistakes that most up and coming talent make when approaching you for help in starting their career? 1) They don’t know how to present themselves or their product; they want a quick fix, an easy solution for success. 2) They have no concept of business and never heard of a marketing plan. 3) They think making a record or being able to sing is the doorway to stardom. EGL: Who’s making you proud today...carrying the torch? Elder Vikki Johnson at BET, Cynthia “CJ” Johnson over at Sony, Mona Scott-Young is doing incredible work, Paula Madison, Owner of the LA Sparks is awesome, Mamie Coleman at Fox., Wendy Lewis VP at Major league Baseball ... there are a lot of women out there that are really making it happen.

EGL: Describe your personal style? These days, I relax more. I’m comfortable. I take time to smell the roses and enjoy my grandchildren. My passion for NABFEME (National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Inc) and Women Who Jam are the engines that drive me every day. I’m happy and satisfied with myself. EGL: Any advice for young women trying to break into the business today? Understand that sometimes it’s not your time. Be patient, what God has for you no one can take away. Be prepared, believe in yourself and go for it. EGL: Any projects in the works? Women Who Jam Radio keeps me pretty busy, we’re working on a Women Who Jam CD and NABFEME continues to grow daily... these projects keep me very busy! EGL: Any other points you would like to share with our readers? Yes, if you’re looking to build your relationships and network with power players in entertainment ... join NABFEME. We are a networking empowerment support group that provides education and access to industry leaders that can assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals. Visit us at m

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EGL Summer Issue Lisa Raye McCoy 2014  

EGL Summer Issue Lisa Raye McCoy 2014