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every girl loves m To Be a Boss

Boss - A person in


t seems as though the year 2013 is the year of the independent woman. Many women across the globe are taking control of their futures and opting to leave dependable to become entrepreneurs and follow their passion.

charge of a worker or organization; a chief; master; head.

Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

spending more than they’re saving, or even spending more than they’re earning. We call this, living beyond your means. As an individual who is looking to start a company, you will want to budget properly. Save your funds; you may need them for a down payment on rental property or a business vehicle.

2. Pay your bills on time. It seems as though it is becoming harder

• Have you found what it is you love to do? • Have you devised a way to turn that passion into a profitable business? • Create a vision board: Write down your goals, set

Tips for Budgeting: 1. Save More Than You Spend: Many people find themselves

deadlines, set short term and long term goals. • Be Realistic with your goals. Do not rush. Take the time you need to learn everything about the busi-

and harder for people to budget and pay their bills on time. Many people believe that if they pay it within days of the due date or make a partial payment that it doesn’t negatively affect them. Wrong! Any bill you may have under your name needs to be paid on time or before the deadline. This will ensure that a delinquency is not reported to credit bureaus. Your credit will become a major factor when planning the start-up of your business.

ness. Set yourself up for success not failure.

Develop a Good Branding Strategy:

Planning: Statistics show that almost 1 million woman owned businesses gener-

ate revenue of more than $100,000. These numbers are promising but, in order to build your empire you must first have a solid financial foundation. Know what it is you’re investing in, how it will benefit you and your company, and make smart financial choices.

Your brand is what will help consumers identify your business. For example, McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’s Macintosh apple symbol. Brand yourself! If at any point you choose to diversify your company and expand to additional products/services the consumer will be able to put a familiar face or name with that particular item. m


every girl loves m a career transformation



Society will always know her as the “Illest Pitbull in a Skirt”, but over the years Eve has toned her life down. After she appeared in the rap game as the female emcee for the Ruff Ryders, Eve’s lyrical satire and rugged flow grabbed the attention of many! Her ability to blend hip hop with pop, like her single “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”, made her a rarity in the rap game. It wasn’t too long into her career before Eve took a back seat to music and focused on her television career, with her hit show “Eve” and big screen films, such as “Barbershop” and the sequel “Barbershop 2”. Just as her music, acting had proven to be a successful venture for her, thus causing her to dabble in the realm of fashion with her line, Fetish. After making that move, Eve slowly fell off the radar. She started to become more famous for who she was involved with rather than what she was known for! However, after such a long hiatus, she’s ready to reclaim her spot in the rap game, as well as, get her face back on the big screen and reclaim her place on the top of the charts.

Draya Michele


Although she was introduced to the world on bad terms, Draya Michele worked hard to prove herself to society! Not only did she dominate magazines, but she also turned herself into a brand. She came onto the scene as a cast member on Basketball Wives: LA, where her lifestyle was instantly criticized by society and other cast members. Because of her connection to men in the entertainment industry, as well as, her profession as a “vixen”, many were not feeling this “Draya Chick”. With hard work and determination, Draya proved herself and changed the opinions of many. She slowly started to shy away from life in front of the cameras and took a seat in the executive chair. As the founder of MintSwim, Draya has surpassed the limitations placed on her by her peers and society! Her bathing suit line has become so successful, that some of our favorite celebs can be spotted rocking it! With the success of MintSwim, Draya has branched out on another venture and launched her “Fine Ass Girls” Line. Just as its sister line MintSwim, Fine Ass Girls is so successful that all of Draya’s merchandise has SOLD OUT! From stepping off the pages of the magazine to seeing her merchandise filling those same pages, Draya Michele has transformed herself into a BOSS!


Nicki Minaj Known for her Barbie ways and her animated personality, Nicki Minaj’s name is associated with her gimmicky antics! However, it’s those same gimmicks that built the Pink Empire for Nicki Minaj. From the multiple characters to the costumes and wigs, Nicki Minaj has successfully turned rap music, which was once a gangster’s paradise, into a candy-coated dream. Known to her fans as the “Head Barb”, Nicki seems to be ready to do away with the glitter and gumdrops and embrace a softer, more romantic side. It seems that after Nicki’s role on American Idol, she’s come to realize that she needs to make some adjustments to her image in order for people to take her seriously as an artist, as well as, a businesswoman. With the release of her second MAC Cosmetics lipstick, launch of her fragrance Pink Friday and her new clothing deal with Kmart, Nicki has decided to let go of the rainbow sorbet colored wigs and Candyland inspired costumes for a more toned down look that oozes sophistication with a hint of sex appeal! As a fashion designer and businesswoman, Nicki is proving that simplicity is sometimes what’s best!


Toni Braxton: When great music is mentioned, the name Toni Braxton always appears on the list! The powerhouse vocalist’s talent on the stage is unmatched and worthy of the title as “One of the Greatest”! After topping the Billboard 200 in the 90’s with her debut album, Toni continued to steal the hearts of her fans. As a music icon, it’s noted that she has paid her dues to the music industry. Hits like “Unbreak My Heart”, “You’re Making Me High”, and “Breathe Again” have brought the diva much success, however, Toni is ready to switch gears in her career! She recently announced that she might be finished with music, which was a shocker for many! Due to release her 8th album entitled Chapter VIII: The Encore of a Gemstone, Toni is bidding farewell to her musical roots…but not from the entertainment industry. Ms. Braxton is ready to channel her energies and talents into her acting career; what better way to do so than to jump right in! Toni has been a part of her family’s reality show for several seasons; however that’s not quite the avenue she wants to explore. She’s also starred in the Lifetime original film, “Twist of Faith”, which is more her speed. Not one to leave her fans high and dry, Toni plans to continue to perform her classics, however, her new number one focus will be the big screen! m

Feature Feature

every girl loves m to learn from a legend


monami by Chey Parker

Dishes on the Truth Behind “Love & Hip Hop,” the REAL Her and the Key to Success

Mona Scott-Young is doing nothing short of living the life that we all hope for. She’s a mother, a successful businesswoman and a wife. She’s acquired much success, including her rise to glory through building the Love and Hip Hop reality television series empire. But, even though she has more than enough on her plate, she makes sure to never lose herself. Everything Girls Love chopped it up with Mona and got an inside look into how she handles all the success while juggling a family and the real deal behind the show we’ve all come to know and love, “Love & Hip Hop.”


“There were times in the middle of the night where I was like, “What the hell have I done ?” EGL: You’re a power house and involved in so many things, but if you could describe yourself and what you do in a few words, what would you say? Mona: How would I describe myself? I would like to think of myself as a multimedia person who is involved in different platforms creating content. Whether it be in music [or] in television EGL: Up until this point, what would you say has been your biggest accomplishment if you could name just one? Mona: Having my children, raising my family and being in a committed relationship. EGL: Having a family and a successful career … how do you balance it all? Mona: The balance of it is a juggling act every day. It is something I’ve yet to master. I think there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything that I aspire to do in my career and spend every moment that I would love to spend with my family, so it definitely is a constant juggling act. EGL: What was your first initial start in the entertainment industry? What was that thing that really sparked your interest that made you say, ‘This is what I really want to do with my life? ’ Mona: I started out very early working at Radio City Music Hall and I guess that gave me

my first sense of being around talent and seeing the inner workings of productions come to life. There was always something very exciting about that. Through my work with a company that did artist development, I worked very closely with Robin Dunn, which brought me into closer contact with artists and helping them develop themselves as artists. All of those things pulled together awakened my desire to be a part of the process; to help artist realize their dreams and find a way to deliver their gifts. EGL: What was your education or career path before violator? Mona: I was living on my own at a very early age and needed to work to pay rent and found that the college path just wasn’t right for me. You can go out there, work hard and accomplish and achieve your dreams. I was able to strike out and find my success and find my way through life on my own. EGL: I know that you were the former co-owner of Violator Management. You went on to create MONAMI Entertainment. What fueled your decision to leave Violator? Mona: It was just a matter of time. I had been there almost twenty years at that point. I had been doing that successfully [and] built a great empire together. I felt like there were other things I wanted to branch out and develop and get into. It was a matter of personal growth for me.

Feature EGL: On the second season of “Love and Hip Hop” we see the demise of the relationship between Jim Jones and Yandy. They were like family, but she also managed him. Have you ever had a situation like that in your own personal career? Mona: Luckily it’s not something that I have encountered personally. It’s something that I am very conscious of so I’ve always navigated in a way that didn’t get me caught up in a situation like that. EGL: Most people outside of the industry know you for being one of the mastermind producers behind the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise. So how did it really all start?

EGL: Was that a scary decision for you? Were you nervous or were you ever like, ‘Wait, what am I doing?’ Mona: It was terrifying, absolutely! There were times in the middle of the night where I was like, ‘What the hell have I done?’ You spend so many years building a brand and attaching yourself to it, giving it your all, building it from the ground up really, and then stepping away and starting something from scratch all over again. EGL: You managed the careers of people like 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes… what was it like managing your first artists? Mona: I approached it from the standpoint of again, if I’m going to help this person realize their dreams then I need to be involved in every phase of what they’re doing. Whether it’s on a personal level…help-

ing them make sure that everything was straight in their personal lives so that they focus on being music artists or making sure that the stage show was right. This is what they aspire to be. My job is to help them get there.

Mona: The show started out as a show about Jim Jones and at the time, he was trying to get this show going with VH1. He was going through a lot of personal turmoil in his life, and was second-guessing if he wanted to be on television or not. Yandy came and joined me at MONAMI and brought Jim Jones as a client, knew that I was making the move into television and had relationships at the network as well. In the time frame that this was happening, I saw that the VH1 audience was changing. There was more of an interest in the female ensemble cast on television in general. It made all the sense in the world to create this more as a docu-follow about a group of women navigating this world with Jim and his mom, and Chrissy, his girlfriend as the anchors for this ensemble cast.

EGL: Did you ever find it hard to separate your life or even your personal feelings that you became so involved in every aspect of their lives? Mona: It’s a very fine line to walk. It’s very easily blurred at times. I always try to maintain a certain level of professionalism in my dealings with clients, but it’s very hard not to get personally involved with them. You grow to care for these people. They become a part of your family. They do become an extended family to you. It is a very, very fine line to walk.

“We are not telling stories. We are telling THEIR stories.”

EGL: Everybody wants to know if it’s real? Do you just put them in the same room and see what happens, how does everything unfold? Mona: None of this is made up. It’s the real events that are happening in their lives that are just strung together, so that we can tell a complete story. Everything that they say in those scenes are their words and feelings; experiences that they’re recounting. None of that stuff is coming from us EGL: Would it be safe to say that you and the producers of the show are the storytellers not the story makers? Mona: We are not telling stories. We are telling THEIR stories.

EGL: You and the producers have received a considerable amount of backlash from the “Love and Hip Hop” shows. Some people say it exploits women, especially Black women. How do you counter those critics? Mona: Well I think everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I wouldn’t call any of these women stupid or gullible, I think they’re human. I think that if we’re honest, we all know people that have gone down the same path, have made the same

mistakes, experienced the same things. I think if we’re truly honest, some of us may be able to see a bit of ourselves in these women. EGL: Some of the cast members from “Love and Hip Hop” felt as though their story was not told in the light that they wanted [it] to be told, like Somaya Reese. Were those situations hard for you to deal with? Mona: There is a very big difference between not liking what is being portrayed versus whether or not what is being portrayed is true. Once you sign up for the show and you sign up to tell your stories fully, you understand that there isn’t going to be censorship in a way that allows you to control what is told. EGL: Did you ever think it would be so big and so successful? Mona: I knew that it was an untapped world. I knew that it was a fascinating world. I knew that there were people who wanted to know more about it. I don’t think anybody anticipated it would become the cultural phenomenon I dare say, because it certainly has permeated our culture. That’s what happened. We couldn’t be happier about the success of the show.

EGL: In the long run, what do you feel is in store for the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise? Mona: I get a lot of request to take it into other cities. If I meet a set of compelling folks in another city, then maybe we do branch into that city. We seem to have found some good traction and success in New York and Atlanta. We will continue to tell those stories because there are so many of them to tell. [But] I don’t want to ride it until the wheels fall off and until people no longer want to hear these stories. I definitely want to preserve the integrity of the franchise and what we managed to create. EGL: What’s next for you? What do you feel like is the next step for you? Mona: Continuing to explore the different mediums for creating content. I’m working on developing some digital content and developing a platform to expose that content through. Still continuing to do brand development... I just want to continue to grow in the production side of the company in all areas. That’s where I am in my second phase of my career; becoming a multi-platform content creator and developer.


Feature EGL: Out of all the things that you do with music, reality television, production, movies, what do you love most about it? Mona: I think all of it is rooted in my desire to help people achieve their goals. They aspire to a certain goal [and] it’s [about] helping them get there through the telling of their stories. It’s really just about helping them get there and providing a platform that allows them to do so. That’s what I enjoy the most. EGL: What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have of you? Some people may say, “oh she’s mean, oh she seems like she’s only about business.” Mona: The people who really know me know that’s not the case. I can’t concern myself with what people who don’t know me have to say about me; because they’re coming to their conclusions from a very narrow perspective. Maybe I am mean in the pursuit of what it is that needs to be done. I try to maintain a reputation of doing good business and of being a good person to be in business with. So I hope that’s what the people who are in business with me have to say. EGL: That makes sense! What is the top thing that you like to do in your free time?

Mona: Believe it or not, just let my brain rest! I love new movies. I love watching procedurals. My husband DVRs my favorite shows and I’ll watch them backto-back to back. It’s entertaining for me. I love anything that has to do with human nature and just understanding what makes people tick. Criminal Minds and Law and Orders, I love those type of shows! I can watch those types of shows for hours on end. That is kind of my personal enjoyment.

“Every day that you get up, whatever it is that you aspire to do, go for it with everything that you got.” EGL: Besides “Law and Order” and “Criminal Minds,” are there any other scripted shows that you are watching? Mona: “Scandal!” Shonda Rhimes is a genius. Brilliant! I love the show. EGL: To that young woman, or young girl who is trying to find her way and is looking up to you as a role model and wants to follow that path, what are your words of encouragement to her? Mona: I just encourage people to never give up on those dreams. To never think that they can’t do something or can’t be something. We are all born on an equal playing field. I just think that we all need to recognize that the sky is the limit. Every day that you get up, whatever it is that you aspire to do, go for it with everything that you’ve got. Really there is nothing to stop you but yourself. If you had any doubts in your mind before if the drama we see on reality television is real, Mona cleared that right on up! It will be interesting to see what she as in store for the world. We’ll be on the edge of our seats watching! m


MArtist U A every girl loves m a comeback story

confessions of a




Lights, camera, action! The life of a makeup artist is fast paced, adrenaline driven and passions turned into fortune. We applaud many women in this industry of beauty and love what they bring to the camera but do you ever wonder what got them to where they are today? Everyone has a story and I am here to share mine.

Beauty knew it was time for a change. I knew I was not doing what God called me to do on this earth and If I didn’t fix myself and my life I knew that it would ultimately lead to a horrible existence and possibly death. Through my recovery is where I found my passion for makeup. I will never forget the day I dropped to my knees and asked God to show me “what I am on this earth for?” The answer came quickly when my mother sent me a card that said, “Life is not about finding yourself it is about creating yourself”. This stuck with me and one day a friend called me up and said “I need makeup for a video.” I always had the skill and creativity for makeup but my addiction held me back from realizing that. When I did her makeup that day I had a spiritual connection, and I knew I had found my calling. From that day on I studied every day. I attended workshops and even sat in Barnes and Nobles for hours reading books by Scott Barnes and Bobbi Brown, which are my artist inspiration.


eaders at EGL know me as Miss Whip Appeal but to my friends my name is Tish. I am a selftaught makeup artist that has studied my craft every waking minute for the past 2 years! I specialize in glamour, HD video makeup application and airbrushing. I have touched the faces of Yandy Smith, Vivian Billings from the Gossip Game, Angela Yee from Power 105.1, Karen Graziano from Mob Wives and Dutchess from the Black Ink Crew just to name a few.

I work hard every day to create a life of happiness for myself and give happiness to others by helping woman feel beautiful through makeup. Whether it is my Queen B Yandy Smith or a blushing Bride, I aim to put the smiles on these women’s faces because I know how it feels to feel less than fabulous. As many people do, I dealt with depression and anxiety through my alcoholism but I quickly turned my tribulations into triumph. I made the decision to challenge myself to be the best version of myself. Today I follow a program of recovery to stay sober and actively work on myself. I pray all the time and know that my higher power is the only one who has awarded me this life I live today. I am sober and proud and I wear my journey, as a badge of honor because the personal development I have received is priceless.

I am a makeup artist that works very hard to put “the beat down” on these faces but I had to go through a struggle and journey to get to where I am today. I am 28 years old and I am a recovering alcoholic that is 2 years sober as of August 2013. I have been sober about the same


amount of time as I have been a makeup artist in the music industry. Before makeup artistry I was working in corporate America and living a life that was not destined for me. I lived from other people’s perspective. I pleased people by living and doing what they believed I should be doing with my life. I wasn’t happy with myself, my situation or who I was when I looked in the mirror and alcohol helped me forget about that. If I was uncomfortable I drank, if I felt ugly I drank. Any thing I perceived as a problem alcohol fixed it. I found myself needing it to function and at the same time my life remained stagnant. I had no progression in my life at all and I




I found my passion through the stroke of a brush and Im just getting started. One might think that being in the music industry as a makeup artist is a very challenging task. I’m here to keep it real and tell you that what other people do has nothing to do with me. The life and career I have built as a result of being sober is one that I would not trade for the world. Some can “party” and go home but that is not the case for me. A

drink is not worth my happiness. I have accomplished a lot in just 2 years I have become a freelance makeup artist running my own business. My work has been published 3 times in XXL, I have worked on videos with Hip Hop’s finest like Raekwon, French Montana, Meek Millz and Rick Ross. My work PHOTO CREDIT: CHEVONMCINTYRE.COM

has also graced the stages of New York Fashion Week. I have worked at countless beauty bars and maintain a commitment to do community service as well. I teach women with disabilities how to do simple makeup applications and brighten a child’s party with face paint.

I love what I do! Talk about a life beyond my wildest dreams, Passion is everything! A life with passion is a life worth living. I found my passion through the stroke of a brush and I’m just getting started. m


every girl loves m A Little Balance

i u h

Start in the bedroom. Your environment

The fall season brings changes on many fronts. Whether you are looking for a new job, new love or simply a fresh start, the practice of Feng Shui is the perfect way to achieve the harmony and balance needed to reach your goals. Feng Shui focuses on orienting one’s life and physical environment to achieve positive energy flow. The most important element of Feng Shui to allow for the free movement of is clearing clutter. A clutter free environment chi – or energy – brings harmony and good aids in clearer thinking and healthy freedom luck. This energy is distinguished by Yin & of expression. When the mind focuses on Yang. Yin energy is peaceful and passive the process of clearing the physical space, and equates to feminine energy. Yang enit automatically goes into cleansing mode. ergy by contrast is masculine and fiery. It is Allowing you to focus on your goals and the balance of these energies that Feng Shui realize solutions to seemingly impossible seeks to achieve. challenges. Now that you have organized and removed any clutter from you environment it’s time to arrange. In Feng Shui arranging your space

should reflect your desires. Swap out photos of you and your besties with artwork of loving couples on your walls. Avoid sharp angles in furniture especially if it is pointed directly at you and your new love. Sharp angles promote negative energy that can actually be toxic to your love life. Rounded corners for furniture especially if the furniture faces you while you sleep are preferred. Rounded edges allow for proper circulation of chi. Work should be always be kept out of the bedroom, whether it be reports, cell phones or a work desk - this energy sucks the life out of the romance you are looking to achieve. Your décor should also reflect pairs as this attracts good luck in your romantic life. Televisions and other electronics should not be prominently displayed, as the electromagnetic fields interrupt restful sleep. Nightstands, lamps and other decor should always be displayed in pairs; reflecting the energy you wish to achieve. Mirrors should never face the bed as it is said that mirrors reflect a third person and can attract infidelity in a relationship. Stick with solid bed sheets and bedspreads as patterned linens can negatively affect romantic chi. With these tips you should snag your new honey in no time.

S g n


Feng Shui and Romance

Love & Sex

every girl loves m to be loved

Flirty Season vs. Cuffing Season You must be very cautious as to not allow your dating status to be determined by the climate and current conditions. Women and men alike tend to use the spring and summer months as a flirty season-casting their net far and wide. If they are lucky enough to land a catch by the end of the season, then that person is there just in time to transition to the cuffing season-and the cycle begins all over again… Fall is the time of year where most men and women try to have a partner locked down. It’s the insurance that you’ll have someone to cuddle with; just in time for the winter holidays. But regardless of the season, YOU are the constant, so cuff yourself this Fall and preserve your flirt for the one who will outlast each season.

By: Vanity Poise

Don’t Fall Back Into the Arms of Your Ex, Fall Back In Love with YOU As we transition into fall, autumn brings about a refreshing air with a renewal of things passed. It is a time of reflection as we harvest the seeds of love that we have planted throughout the year. And with the yearning for warmth and comfort that came from the sun in recent months, it becomes easier to simply fall back into the arms of your ex, in an effort to find that same solace. But what good is solace if it causes you to take steps backward in your emotional development…No good at all! Thus, we have outlined ways to avoid that tempting trap this year. Fall offers a smooth conversion from warm days to cold and cozy nights, and we have gathered ways that you can engage yourself in a healthy and healing relationship while also giving you tips and ideas on fun indoor activities. So ladies, use this autumn as a time to fall back in love with YOU.

Signs That You’re Falling Back to The Ex ‘Hmmm, I wonder what he’s been up to? These kinds of thoughts are the first indication that you’re preparing to fall back into the arms of an ex. Do you find yourself going to places where you know he frequents? Do you purposely ask his friends about him so they can go back and tell? Have you ever “accidently” called, texted, or butt dialed? Are you keeping yourself available “just in case’? Ladies, recognize these signs early and stop the cycle.

Ok, so we know that it seems like everyone is boo’ed up but you. The only thing you can think of is to go back to that safety net, your ex. Stop right there! You have to force yourself out of that comfort zone…and here’s how!

Tips on How to Avoid Running Back to Your Ex

Love & Sex

1) Find someone else that you could be interested in. Of course; you don’t have to jump right into bed with the new guy…but the anticipation and chemistry can build if you like each other enough…and it can create a beautiful blaze between you two. 2) Hang out with your single girlfriends. Do more girls’ nights activities: house gatherings, going out for dinner and drinks, maybe even bar/club hopping. 3) Last but not least, whenever you feel tempted, think about all the reasons why you two broke up in the first place and remember, he’s your ex for a reason! Just remember that you are better than being someone’s “go to girl,” when the weather is cold. Your dignity and respect will keep you warmer than that ex who is most likely cold during the warmer months.

No time for Ex’s When its Passion Time A girl’s night at home with a passion party consultant is the ultimate experience. Not only can you laugh and giggle with your girlfriends but you can also shop for something you can use by yourself. You can make sweet deserts or serve sexy fruits. You can talk to the consultant about any sexual concerns you may have and you can play many fun games to win prizes. Not only will your girlfriends thank you but your body will too. For more information on passion parties, party themes, and having a girl’s night in with a passion party consultant, then visit . m


every girl loves m to get fit Ask Maurice is our monthly fitness series conducted by Maurice Talton. A certified trainer, each month he selects questions from EGL readers, and provides his expertise on fitness and nutrition. The following are previously submitted questions.

Ask Maurice

1.What are productive fall outdoor exercises for those of us in areas where it snows? I think the winter exercises are a good way to obtain the best results with your training. I said that because the cold weather let you to have more success with the exercises. You can dress up in the winter to feel more comfortable so you can have the best performance. If the weather is hot, you will not able to run the same distance, as you would in the winter. During the winter time and when it snows, you can perform exercises such as Squats, jogging, jumping jacks, burpees, jump squats and running in place. It would be great idea to have some kettle bells or weights. If you don’t have weights than grab a book bag or something you can put shoes in to add weight. Jump rope is a great exercise, if you don’t have a jump rope than fake like you do. Constant moving in the winter time burns more calories. Note: always add ice to your water to shed more pounds.

2. What are the benefits of Yoga? I tell my clients all the time. Stress causes belly fat. If you can relieve stress that’s 80% of your battle. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety to the body so you can perform at your highest level. Yoga also helps you to improve mental and physical strength. There are many different styles of yoga out there. Make sure you understand which one is best for your body.


3. Can sit ups alone create a six-pack? No it can’t. You must perform variety of exercises that works your core such as Turkish getups, jump ropes, punching bag, planks, V-ups and lateral V-ups. Abs are the hardest part to target. Everyone man/ women needs to use resistance to target their abdominal and implement a clean eating meal plan to shed the weight

Photos: Yoga – Six pack Fish Oil – Heart Rate -

4. Why is Omega 3 Fish Oil important when it comes to getting healthy ? Taking omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil can lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels. You can also get Omega 3 fatty acids from, tuna, sardines, salmon, cod liver, flaxseed, walnuts and soybeans.

5. When exercising, what is my target heart rate? Well this depends on your current weight. Your target heart rate for someone who barely exercises should be at 50 to 65% and someone who works out on a regular basis should be 60 to 75%.

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The Powers Of Effective Communication

By Keshia Turner

The fall is finally here and women everywhere are preparing for those new year’s resolutions list filled with all the things they want to change or improve. Don’t forget to add Improving Communication skills to that list. Whether it is negotiating for a new job, starting a new relationship or even making a large purchase in a store; it is essential to be effective in the art of communication. If you do not tell someone exactly what you need, you will continue to get what he or she gives you. Communicating effectively is vitally important to the success of a woman in business.

As a businesswoman, you should always feel comfortable expressing your desires. Delegating special tasks to your employees can help you focus on important issues. That is a quality of a boss. Be mindful of treating others with respect. You can have employees that will do the bare minimum to get their job done or employees that will go above and beyond solely because of how you treat them. Effective communication is key in getting desirable outcomes in not only the business world, but life as well. You will not get what you need or want if no one understands your message. People only do what you allow them to do.


Tips on Becoming an Effective Communicator: 1. Be aware of your own interaction with other people. This is the first step in improving your communication skills. As cliché as it might be, the phrase “treat others the way you want you want to be treated” goes along way. Keep that in mind as you communicate with others on a daily basis.. 2. Be accountable. You must accept responsibility for your own behavior and do not fear apologizing for errors in judgment or insensitive actions. 3. It’s not all about what you say. Your non-verbal communication is equally as important as the things that you say. Positive body language is extremely important in your interactions with other people. 4. Less talking, more listening. In order to learn how to improve your communication skills, you must become a great listener. You must fight the urge to respond immediately and really listen to what the other person is trying to communicate. 5. In due time. Improving your communication skills is a process and cannot be accomplished overnight. Trying to improve or change too many things at once will always result in counter-productivity. 6. Give more of the good stuff. Maximize your positive personality traits and use them in your interactions with others. When it comes down to it, being an effective communicator is all about self-determination and self-awareness. Becoming an expert on your communication skills will result in you truly developing ways to communicate with others. m


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egl celebrity baby backpack

essentials! With back-to-school season right around the corner, Everything Girls Love thought of the perfect backpack essentials for some of our favorite Hollywood kids! Although some of these little ones can’t even spell their name, they will be equipped with things that are near and dear to their hearts!




Although Blue Ivy is still running around in diapers, it’s only fair that we made sure this little star was prepared for any and everything—whether it was her first day of school, or first play date with North West! Before she branches off from mommy and daddy, she needs a few essentials in her “diva pack”. Beyoncé has been busy tearing down stages across the world on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, so it’s a must that Blue packs a copy of Bey’s tour book for fierce memories. To make the transition smoother, we’re sure aunt Solange and cousin Julez will teach Blue all the nursery rhymes from their hip-hop toyline, “Baby Jamz”. Speaking of rhymes, Jay-Z recently changed the hip-hop game with his Magna Carta Holy Grail album, and Blue is eager to let her friends listen to the masterpiece; the clean version of course! Blue’s “diva pack” is equipped with all the things she needs for school, except for one thing—lunch! Although Beyoncé loves herself some In-And-Out Burger, the family’s personal chef will fix Blue a healthy and delicious meal for school every day. Blue is all set; have a great first day!

When your mom is an original diva and your dad is a funnyman, expect double trouble! Monroe and Moroccan are the coolest twins ever, and they’re definitely used to the glamorous life. While other kids have to wait for the big yellow school bus, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s little munchkins will probably be chauffeured to school by a “Wild N’ Out” girl. Don’t expect them to sing “The Wheels On The Bus” either; these cool kids get to listen to their mommy’s hit single “Beautiful” on their way to the school house. When DemBabies burst into the doors at Lambily Pre-School, they’ll immediately draw a crowd, thanks to their dad teaching them some of the funniest punch lines and jokes. However, even though they spend most of the day as the center of attention, they may get homesick. With that said, we’ve packed their “twinzie packs” with the perfect essentials while they’re away from mom and dad. For nap time, we included a copy of Mariah’s song “Lullaby,” so the twins can drift off peacefully. We also made sure to throw in a DVD of their dad’s Nickelodeon series, “The Nick Cannon Show” for movie day. With these two components in their “twinzie packs”, we’re sure Monroe and Moroccan will be just fine at school.



Following in his dad’s footsteps, Kiyan is a big fan of sports! The 6-year-old had a tough time leaving his mom for school this year, as we saw on “LaLa’s Full Court Life”. But like all kids, once they finally enter the doors on their first day, they settle in perfectly. To make Kiyan feel a little more comfortable while he’s away, we have packed his backpack with the perfect components. Considering that his dad is a powerhouse player for the New York Knicks, we definitely have to include a basketball for Kiyan to play with at recess. We’ve also packed sports gear from Jordan Kids, which happens to be the clothing line that Kiyan models for. Now, that we have the appropriate gear in his backpack, we have to give Kiyan something to remind him of mommy! Since pictures are worth a thousand words, we packed a photo album full of our favorite moments with Lala and Kiyan from their VH1 reality show. This little boy is all set for school, and we’re sure he will have a great day. Just a reminder Kiyan, stay away from the little girls at school, Nicki Minaj is your sweetheart!

With Swizz Beatz being a talented artist and Alicia Keys as a smooth poet and musician, their 2-year-old son, Egypt, will definitely make his mark in the Arts. From acting and singing to painting, little Egy has the genes to conquer it all, which is why we packed his backpack with an artistry kit! Since Swizz just sold one of his Basquiat paintings to Jay-Z, we included a set of paintbrushes in Egypt’s “artsy bag”. In addition, we also packed some tea, so Egypt’s voice will be up –topar when he sings for the ladies. Hopefully, Blue Ivy will appreciate his sweet tunes. Now that we have some of the essentials out the way, we can’t forget about recess. Egypt is a huge fan of basketball; the New York Knicks to be exact. Therefore, we packed him up a notepad so he can create victory songs for his favorite players. We also included a little keyboard, so Egypt can practice on being a great pianist like his mommy. Since Egypt’s parents are zen and mellow, he shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in at school. We can definitely see him posted by the building blocks, spitting out tight rhymes for the little girls. Have a great day at school Egypt; your backpack will surely get you through the day.



There’s no doubt that Suri Cruise will be the most stylish on picture day! While other kids are putting together puzzles at the age of seven, Suri Cruise is putting together fashion-forward ensembles. The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has been a muse in the fashion world since she was a toddler. Now that she’s going to school, she has to impress her classmates with her sophisticated style. However, don’t expect Suri to rock designer clothes to her Catholic school. Katie Holmes insists that her little diva-in-training lives a “normal” life, which is why she doesn’t want Suri draped in designer threads, heels or lipstick that she’s often spotted wearing. With that said, we have to make sure Suri has all the fashion pieces needed in her “Saks pack”. No outfit is complete without a stuffed animal as an accessory, at least not when you’re Suri Cruise. Therefore, we made sure to include the little fashionista’s favorite four-legged friend. Since Suri has to wear a black and white uniform, we also included pink accessories and headbands in her backpack, so she can stand out like the star she is. Now that we have plush and accessories, Suri’s backpack is complete! We just hope she doesn’t her carry-on is so last season! m


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Life is a constant learning process for me.

By Milan Zoe Rapper and “Love and Hip Hop New York” Star Joe Budden Gives the Real Scoop on His Relationship with Tahiry and Kaylin, Drug Addiction and Slaughterhouse.

Rapper Joe Budden is no newcomer to hip hop as he’s been spitting some of the realest bars we’ve heard. But he has recently gained major attention from being on the third season of Love and Hip Hop New York, going beyond music and giving the world a bird’s eye view into his love life. EGL sat down with Joe who kept it more than real about his love triangle, drug abuse and musical inspirations.

EGL: Originally you came out as a solo artist and now you’re apart of a group called Slaughterhouse. Why the change? And do you prefer one over the other? Joe Budden: I wouldn’t say a change because at the end of the day each of us is still very much a solo artist in our own way. The group was more of a side project that kind of developed into something that the fans wanted so we continued to do it. But we are still very much so solo artists, and I can’t say that I prefer one over the other. They’re both very different. The main difference currently would be as a solo artist, there is no one else to consider but yourself. And in the group, you know, I have three other guys that I have to look out for and always keep in mind. Sometimes it can mean a lot of chiefs in the kitchen, and other times it means people stopping you from stopping yourself. EGL: In 2009, you won me over when you participated in the BET Cipher. What was that experience like alongside Nicki Minaj and Buckshot Shorty? Joe: To be 100% honest with you, I was going through probably the worst breakup of my life at that point and I really didn’t want to be there. I had written that verse the night before, I didn’t put very much energy or effort, and my mind was totally elsewhere during the time. You know they say that people write their best material during heartache, and in watching it, it comes across as someone who almost does it effortlessly. But from me looking at it, it was like I really hate that I’m here right now and I would much rather be out fighting with my ex. EGL: You came back after that and did it with Slaughterhouse. What was the difference? Joe: Oh, well see now for that cycle I was very present. It was very exciting, just being alongside my brothers and Eminem and to hear what everyone else did. That was our first time hearing each other on the spot as we performed it. It was fun. Like I said, experiences with my group members is always really, really fun and

anytime I’m with Slaughterhouse it should always be enjoyable. The second that it isn’t, is that second that we will stop.


EGL: In your song Ayo you said, “I’m 29, going through a new puberty.” What was going on at that time of your life and how have you grown since then? Joe: Life is like a constant learning process for me. At that time I was kind of re-learning myself, sort of like what people do when they’re going through puberty. I was re-learning everything about me; my likes, my dislikes, my triggers, my comfort zones, everything. I was just totally opened-minded. EGL: What advice would you give another artist about maintaining longevity in this business? Joe: Always be yourself no matter what. Don’t compromise your morals or your integrity. You want to always stay ahead of the curve. You don’t want t to get into what the crowd is doing. You want to create what the crowd is doing. EGL: So, what’s next for Slaughterhouse and then Joe Budden the artist? Joe: I got an album called No Love Lost out right now and I was on the last season of Love & Hip-Hop NY. But with Slaughterhouse, I’m hoping we can get in real soon and get back to doing what we do. EGL: I recently saw an interview you did with Angie Martinez on HOT 97 and you said you were a Trinidad James fan. Are you really or were you just messing with everybody? Joe: No, it’s enjoyable! I feel like all music has a time and a placed for it. I used to not want to hear anything that wasn’t a certain way but as I aged, I learned to appreciate music in all forms. So, there’s definitely a time for Trinidad James as well. EGL: So it’s ok that you’re drunk in the club at 2:30 in the morning, everybody is on their way out and you get that one last crunk song in. It doesn’t really matter what the lyrics are because you’re drunk.

“I take very little seriously”

J “There’s no reward in this universe without risks.”

Feature Joe: Exactly, exactly. The beautiful thing about music is that the listener decides. If you want to listen to Trinidad James as soon as you wake up and blast it in your house, guess what? You reserve that right to do so. If you only want to hear it when you go out to the club and you’re drunk, you deserve that right too. You’re free to do whatever it is that you want to do and listen to whatever it is that you choose. EGL: Over the years your personal style has changed a lot. How would you describe it now? Joe: My style is always going to represent who I am. I’m Joe Budden, on a planet by myself or in a room full of people. That’s just one thing that doesn’t waiver and today it’s from a very mature place. Today it’s very aged, very seasoned, very savvy. I’ve been around the block a few times and in listening people should be able to hear that. It’s not the same thing that I would be doing years ago. EGL: So, now we’re going to get into some “Love & Hip-Hop” questions. Why did you decided to join the cast? Joe: I thought it would be a good opportunity to give people a better look into who I am, the music that I am, the mind that I have and my way of thinking. As transparent as I like to think I’ve been throughout the years, there is nothing better than a visual. So for people to be able to get that visual once a week, I thought it was a great idea. I love me enough to have absolutely no quarrel with showing the world who I am. EGL: Did you have any reservations or fear that it could be detrimental to your career in any way? Joe: It could be. I’m only human. I leave all that up to God. I know you can’t steal second base, and keep your foot on first. There’s no reward in this universe without risk.

Courtesy of VH1

EGL: A lot of people in the industry have had a history in regards to drug abuse. Why do you think it’s so common? And how did you cope with the struggle to stay clean while maintaining the Joe Budden brand? Joe: A lot of us come from humble beginnings. A lot of us come from poverty and even if you don’t, so many of us look for an escape at times. Whether that escape be in the form of music, whether it be drugs, you do look to get away from reality at some point, or at least get some help to cope with it. Me, I was fortunate enough to go through the duration of my career without a single drink, or drug, but recently I just became overwhelmed. But I have a tremendous family, tremendous support group, and a tremendous God, so luckily and fortunately, it didn’t get too bad. EGL: Reality TV has been known to take a toll on couples. Do you think being on the show with Kaylin was negative for your relationship? Joe: No, no. I think that, like with everything else in this world, if your foundation is strong nothing can tear you down. Unlike a lot of reality TV predecessors, Joe Budden is 100% organic, authentic, sincere and genuine. It’s real, I’m real and I keep it real. I’m extremely honest with her and myself. When you live that way, you’re not really worried about anything bringing you down. EGL: Over the years you have had very public relationships. Have you ever regretted it? Joe: No. If you live with regrets, you’ll die with them as well. EGL: I know a lot of people have commented and felt one way or another. Joe: Those that mind don’t matter, those that matter, don’t mind. Life is about learning. You make mistakes, you fall

down, you wipe yourself off, you get up, keep it moving. As long as you learn something, then no experience is wasted. All my yesterdays made me the person that I am today. EGL: So what’s a deal breaker for you in a relationship? Joe: Dishonesty. EGL: What is your preference when it comes to a woman? Joe: I don’t have a preference when it comes to that. Naturally, what attracts us initially in most instances is our physicality. But God makes beautiful creatures in all shapes, sizes, and forms. So I don’t have any preferences, as far as that goes. I’m much more into the brain and how that functions. EGL: There’s a clip in the show where Tahiry is telling you that you can’t treat everyone the same. Do you think that with you all’s past together her feelings are valid and justified? Joe: Well, the thing about feelings is that they don’t need to be justified. She’s entitled to feel anyway that she wants even if there’s absolutely no reason for her to feel that way in my mind. Those are her feelings. I’m certain she has a reason to feel that way even if I disagree with it. When you love people, you respect how they feel. EGL: So, do you love her enough to respect it? Joe: Definitely. That’s why I was sitting there having that conversation on the show. The only thing that I know for 100% certainty is that I love her, and she loves me. I couldn’t go beyond that and I’m not sure I need to. EGL: What drives you? Joe: Life and just living it.


EGL: Is there anybody in particular that you really looked up to growing up, or even now continues to inspire you when it comes to your music? Joe: That list would be too long to even begin to name. Anybody who is just as passionate about the craft as I am. When I say ‘craft’ I just mean the art of creating. That is inspiring to me. EGL: Can you tell us one thing that a lot of people don’t know about you or that no one knows? Joe: I take very little seriously. !m

“Whether that escape be in the form of music, whether it be drugs, you do look to get away from reality at some point.”


: e s i s ’ t R n e e h T m n n i O terta s e n c E w Fa e N

every girl loves m a girl on the rise

Every year the entertainment world is introduced to a new class of Hollywood starlet’s to be on the lookout for; this new class of “It Girls” is taking over the entertainment scene with block buster movies and gold-worthy album releases. Is Angel Haze the next great female MC we have all been waiting for? Who else can say they have won an Oscar without taking any acting classes like Jennifer Lawrence? You may have heard of some of these starlets, and some you may have not. This edition of ‘Fresh Faces’ introduces to some and reintroduces to others a group of young women who are creating so much buzz that’s it’s only right we dedicate an entire list to them! When this class graduates into stardom, remember where you saw them first.


Tiara Thomas Music is Tiara Thomas’ master, and she’s just the messenger! What makes this 23 year-old so special is her gifted raspy-soulful voice, which is easily infused on a hip-hop track. Folks were officially introduced to Thomas back in the summer of 2010 when she appeared on Wale’s “The Cloud” off his More About Nothing mixtape. Thomas is now signed to Rico Love’s Division 11 record label, which doubles as a joint deal with Interscope. The Indiana native (and recent Ball State University grad) is a self-taught guitarist who has built a strong following thanks to her YouTube mash-up covers, stage performances and American Eagle Outfitters backto-school campaign, We The People, where she served as one of the brand’s spokespersons (20112012). Tiara Thomas is truly making way for 2013 to be her breakout year as she rides the buzz-wave of her latest Wale feature, “Bad”, and is currently working on her debut album, respectively entitled Sallie Mae. With clever-relatable lyrics, raw vocals, and instrumental skills, it’s hard to ignore her boundless



Tiffany Foxx

Bred from a city that birthed the likes of Nelly, JKwon and Chingy, female-rapper Tiffany Foxx is looking to represent St. Louis through her music. Influenced by women-MCs before her, Foxx is not only Lil’ Kim’s protégé, but is signed to her International Rock Star Records label. Don’t let the infamouslycute blonde hair and über-feminine attire fool you; one listen to any of her singles such as, “Jelly Bean”, “Jay-Z” or “Twisted,” will let you know that she’s the real deal! Holding it down for all the BOSS CHICKS, Foxx’s latest mixtape, Yellow Tape, garnered serious attention throughout the industry for its hard-hitting production and lyrical content. With backing from her mentor and other female musicians like Lola Monroe, Lil’ Mama and Miley Cyrus, Tiffany Foxx aims to pave her own lane in hip-hop this year –

she’s ready, are you?

Emeli Sandé


Emeli Sandé continues to melt hearts and alter minds with her riveting music and powerhouse voice! The British singer-songwriter has penned singles for some of today’s hottest artists. Like many extremely talented songwriters, she decided to pursue a solo artist career. Upon her Virgin Records deal, Sandé released several acclaimed singles, but didn’t reap huge recognition & success until her debut album, Our Version of Events (2012). With popular tracks like “Next To Me”, the LP became England’s best-selling record for 2012. While her musical-style has been compared to the great likes of Beyoncé, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder and Lauryn Hill, she has said that she wants her music to be remembered like that of Nina Simone’s. Last year was an incredible one for the musician. She debuted a chart-topping album, wed her boyfriend of seven years and sung at the opening and closing ceremonies for the London Summer Olympics. Still on 2012’s successful high, this year is set to be just as great for Emeli Sandé as she currently racks up at award shows, continues to write for other artists and looks to make an exceptional music-crossover

in the States.

Rita Ora


If Mr. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter co-signs you, your music cred is pretty much solid! Luckily for Rita Ora, her talents can stand alone. Having King Hov’s approval is just the icing on the cake. Although the blonde-hair-red-lip songstress is often compared to Roc Nation mate, Rihanna, it’s a compliment for the Brit-beauty. Known for her music’s heavy influences of pop, rock, R&B, and dance, Ora gained worldwide attention for 2012 singles, “R.I.P.” (ft. Tinie Tempah), “Shine Ya Light” and “How We Do (Party)”. The majority of the European success of her debut album has since allowed the singer to monetize her platform as she looks ahead to make 2013 career-driven. Months in, she’s already embarked on her eight-date UK Radioactive Tour. She just appeaered on Snoop Lion’s latest single, “Torn Apart”, and is also working on her sophomore LP. Enlisting the help of Dev Hynes (producer, songwriter, composer, artist) for her next album, which she says is “pretty straightforward” and will show the many “angle[s] to a party girl,” the best is yet to come

for the more self-assured Rita Ora this year!


Angel Haze

With a reminiscent swag to the late Aaliyah in her early days, rapper Angel Haze is making incredible feats in hip-hop all on her own. Considerably an ‘underground-indie’ artist to many, it wasn’t until taking part in BET’s infamous Hip Hop Awards cypher last year that the buzz really began to brew for the Brooklynborn-Detroit-raised MC. Her latest mixtape, Classick, allowed her fan base and music to grow even more; and with tracks like “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” people’s ears have since began to perk up when hearing her name in a musical conversation! Early this year, Haze acquired some unwanted attention (or was it?) when she and Azealia Banks went tit-fortat against one another, resulting in diss tracks from both ends. The spat quickly died out as it was announced that Haze, as well as other artists, moved from Universal Republic Records to Republic Records. She’s currently in Los Angeles putting in studio work for her debut album, Dirty Gold, which see says is about 50% finished and will be released this fall. Besides a tentative season release, Angel Haze has been extremely tight-lipped about any singles that shall drop in the near future. The suspense is killing us; yet we know she plans to murder the rest of 2013!

Quvenzhane Wallis Quvenzhané Wallis may only be 9-years-old, but she’s already making power moves! The actress exploded on the scene for her role in Beasts of the Southern Wild, where she delivers strong monologues and displays courage as the character Hushpuppy. However, she almost didn’t land the role in the cwritically acclaimed drama. At the age of five, Wallis was too young to audition for the film because the minimum age was six, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her! Not only did she beat out 4,000 girls for the role, but she also became the youngest actress to receive a nomination in the Academy Awards ‘Best Actress’ category. With so much success already under her belt, Wallis is making sure that she leaves a lasting impression on Hollywood. The actress is in the process of filming the historical drama, 12 Years a Slave, alongside Brad Pitt, and she will also be starring in Will Smith’s adaptation of the movie Annie! We’re so proud of this little angel and can’t wait to see her grow into a young lady. From her love of pink and dogs to her larger than life personality, Quvenzhané Wallis is becoming a household name!


Tika Sumpter After landing roles on television shows like One Life to Live, Gossip Girl and BET’s The Game, Tika Sumpter began generating buzz for all the right reasons! However, the New York native didn’t start off as an actress! Sumpter made her mark in the industry as a model, and then she began filming commercials for brands like Liz Claiborne and Hewlett-Packard. Realizing that she had a passion for acting, Sumpter perfected her craft, lending her talents to movies like, Stomp the Yard 2, Think Like A Man and Sparkle. But don’t think you’ve seen all of Ms. Sumpter because she has some huge things in store for us this year! The actress now calls Oprah Winfrey’s network OWN home, where she’s starring in Tyler Perry’s scripted series “The Have and Have Nots”. She’s also currently filming, A Madea Christmas, which will hit theatres this December. So, no more asking, “who’s that girl?” because Tika Sumpter is nothing short of a star!



Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s new IT girl! The

actress has been the topic of conversation since she won an Oscar for her performance in the film, Silver Linings Playbook, where she plays a recovering sex addict. Jennifer is so captivating that you would be surprised to know that she’s never taken acting classes. After graduating high school two years early with a 3.9 average, Lawrence landed her first acting gig on the TBS comedy, The Bill Engvall Show. She later went on to appear in movies like X Men, House at the End of the Street, and Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence has earned the respect of many critics and she’s going to continue to reign in 2013. The actress will be starring in the depression-era thriller, The Falling, and she is gearing up for the November release of the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. She will also continue in her role as Mystic when X Men: Days of Future Past is released in 2014. We can’t wait to see her new



Emayatzy Corinealdi

When you hear the name Emayatzy Corinealdi, you automatically

wonder who is she and where is she from? Well, Ms. Corinealdi is a breakout actress from New Jersey and she’s ready to set this industry on fire! After landing her first principal role in the TV movie, The Nanny Express, Corinealdi began to appear in television series likes Cold Case, Young and the Restless and Romantically Challenged. The actress also starred in the short film Akira’s Hip Hop Shop. Corinealdi is currently known for her lead role in the film Middle of Nowhere, where she plays a woman who dropped out of medical school to focus on the well-being of her incarcerated husband. The film has received rave reviews and Corinealdi won a Gotham award for her role and she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. The actress appeared in the short film The Door this year. Stay



Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp has graced our small screens countless times! The Canadian actress is known for her roles in the television series Everwood, Brothers& Sisters and her current leading role on ABC’S Revenge! VanCamp began her career at the age of 13 on Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? She later appeared in the short films Rings and The Ring Two and also made a special appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. VanCamp is most recently appeared in the movie Carries and Hallmark’s Beyond the Blackboard. You can expect more from this actress in 2014 because she recently landed a lead role in the superhero film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We’ll definitely keep this rising star on our radar!


every girl loves m the ultimate balance


Youth and Political Activist Valeisha Butterfield Jones dishes on being a Mother, Basketball wife and Career woman.

It’s just funny how even when following your dreams, you still have to be flexible.

In today’s world, young girls often glorify and look up to women who are married to athletes, rappers and other prominent and wealthy men. But, we would like to introduce you to a boss chick whose marriage affiliation just a bonus to her many accomplishments. All before the age of 40, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones held positions as executive director of his Hip Hop Summit Action and worked for President Barack Obama as deputy director of public affairs for international . She’s also the founder of the organization WEEN, the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, that is committed to supporting, defending and promoting the balanced portrayal of women in entertainment and society.

EGL: You attended Clark Atlanta University. What was your major and how did your education prepare you for what laid ahead of you after graduation?

So I became an asset to the building. Finally I started bringing in money and once I started bringing in money, I kind of wrote my own salary.

Valeisha: I was a political science major. I chose political science because no one would’ve believed in my dream in high school to work in the music business. Because it was such a foreign concept I figured that I’d be an entertainment lawyer. I did my research and found that most lawyers majored in political science.

EGL: How did working for Russell in that capacity for seven years prepare you to work for the leader of the free world?

EGL: Did you always plan to go into the field you’re in today?

EGL: That goes back to what you were saying earlier about how you might not know why you’re doing something but it prepares you for the next thing. So what are you working on now?

Valeisha: Absolutely not. It’s funny because both of my parents are politicians. You’d think that with both of my parents as politicians, and me majoring in political science, it would kind of be the next logical step, but no. I thought it was boring, stuffy, and lame. I just wanted to go to New York and do what I saw on TV. I would’ve never predicted that there would actually be a Black President and that I would eventually work for him. It’s just funny how even when following your dreams, you still have to be flexible. EGL: When you began working for Russell Simmons you went from an intern to a vice president in just 3 years. Please explain how you managed to do that! Valeisha: I left my paid job at HBO for an unpaid internship. At that point I was soon to be 24 years old. I told myself I had to walk into this building with a plan. Yeah, it’s an unpaid internship, but it’s a foot in the door. After a couple weeks in, I said let me figure out the holes. Everybody was creative and had a bright idea but no one knew how to execute. I was like I’m going to be the executer in this building. They came up with ideas and I came up with a plan to make things happen, and that’s what I did.

Valeisha: Oh man, I call my work with Russell my MBA. Russell was a tough love kind of boss. He was very tough and very direct. If he didn’t like it he let you know. It gave you tough skin.

Valeisha: A part of me wants to go back to DC but I think it’s time for me to focus on consulting and building my own business and firm around politics. So I’ll always continue to work in Washington and in politics, but now it’s time for me to kind of do it in my own way. So what’s next for me is making sure we don’t forget about other candidates. We got Barack back in office and that’s a great thing, but now we’ve got to focus on Congress and the Senate. We have to make sure we’re getting the right people elected in those seats because that’s where you feel the real impact in our own communities. EGL: What does it feel like to wake up every morning knowing you’re an African-American female and a part of such a small percentage of people who get to work for the President? Valeisha: It feels good. Yes I’m an AfricanAmerican woman, who’s under 40, who’s worked for the President of the United States and worked her dreams to get there, but what’s most exciting about my journey is that I wasn’t perfect. I had to make some mistakes. So whenever I talk to girls I’m always like, ‘yeah,


“Yes, I’m an African American woman, who’s under 40, who has worked for her dreams to get there, but what’s most exciting about my journey is that I wasn’t perfect.”

Feature it looks shiny but you’ve got to know the hurdles and the struggles, and the falls and the get back ups that I had to take and make to get to this point.’ That’s what the journey is all about. I think if it were easy and if it was just handed to me and I didn’t have to struggle I wouldn’t even appreciate the moment I’m in right now. EGL: Did you run into any roadblocks because of your gender, age or ethnicity? Valeisha: Oh yeah! Just think about the music industry. Working for Russell was a safety net because Russell protected us from a lot of that in his building. The music business is male-dominated and it’s the same in Washington, DC. So being a woman can be twice as challenging because you have to work twice as hard to show your value, worth and ability. Then being somewhat attractive can be a challenge as well. Not only do guys not take you seriously, but women don’t take you seriously. Sometimes they assume the worst about you, like “what are you here for?” When I was a lot younger and the new kid on the block they figured I didn’t know much. I had to prove my intelligence. Even though I’m in my thirties now, I’m looked at as young in Washington because it’s an older group of people there. So I constantly have to prove and reinvent myself.

EGL: What keeps you going? Valeisha: I’m motivated by other women. My grandmother didn’t graduate from college, she’s 91 years old and the kindest woman you’ll ever meet. She put her family first. She was just an all around great woman. She was honest with me when I needed it most. She was my number one inspiration. I’m obsessed with my peers and young women who are on their grind and trying to figure it out as well. I really like Michelle Obama and Shonda Rhimes. EGL: It’s obvious that powerful women motivate you. What was your initial vision for WEEN? Did you anticipate it taking off like it did? Valeisha: Man! No I didn’t. I told Russell I had this idea for this program and I wanted to start focusing on young women and giving them other options other than wanting to be a video model or a dancer. There’s nothing wrong with that but I just want to create a program that shows young women what people like me do in this business. He was like, “yeah, yeah, do it,” like it was another idea. So I went back to the drawing board and had a meeting at my apartment about bringing together all the top executives in the music business. At the time, I was respected but I wasn’t quite there yet, so I didn’t know if people would respond. Sure enough, a few top executives came to the meeting just from my little email request. In that meeting there were 120 of us and the meeting lasted about 3 hours. So we walked out of it with a


“I always have humility and remind myself that theres a world full of outstanding successful women. I’m not the only one.”

plan and the plan was we were going to create an organization to focus on creating balance in the music business. EGL: What’s your goal for WEEN in the next 5 years? Valeisha: It’s time for us to reach a wider audience so I want us to get involved in television and film. That’s one way we want to be able to touch girls in a meaningful and larger way. Also, if we talk it, we got to live it. We talk about the positive portrayal of women in television but we’ve got to be on television to create that balance. It’s time for us to start creating content and creating programs that focus on the lifestyles of women like you and me. There’s an entire audience out there full of women in college who want to do what we do but they don’t have that example portrayed on television. EGL: How important is giving back to you? Valeisha: It’s the most important thing. I always listen to something Oprah said a long time ago. She said, “Follow your passion and the money will follow.” I’ve

always adopted that motto. My passion is giving back. I think it’s something we’ve all got to commit to. If we don’t then we’re doing all this work and not leaving anything behind or creating a new generation to take the reigns. EGL: What advice would you give to women trying to make it in a man’s world as an executive? Valeisha: Let the word “no” be your best friend. I think that “no” is a powerful word and it requires no attitude or explanation. I didn’t use it at first. As women, when we’re young and trying to follow our dreams in a male-dominated world, we just want to say yes. We’re nurturers and we just want to accommodate. I think sometimes people take advantage of that and the word “no” can be powerful in a lot of settings. EGL: So what do you have planned in 2013? You mentioned starting your own firm. Can you talk to us more about what your plans are? Valeisha: Yes, it’s the firm and its television. The firm first will connect Hollywood to Washington DC and is all about creating that Cinergy between the the world of politics and the world of entertainment. It’s launching now and we already have clients and people who are involved. Television is also really important in regards to sharing the stories of women working behind the scenes and watching those women chase their dreams. The television programming would be an extension of what we do with WEEN to empower young girls.

“Let the word NO be your best friend.”

Feature EGL: How did you know your husband was the one? Valeisha: Timing was everything. I’ll never forget… I was at a point in life with relationships where I just gave up. I felt like love was going to have to find me at that point. Sure enough, a mutual friend of ours introduced us over lunch and the moment he walked into the restaurant my heart dropped. For a girl that’s been over it, he was fine, but it was something else about him and till this day I can’t put my finger on it. EGL: How do you deal with being a “basketball wife”?

EGL: That’s exciting! So, now that you are a mother, how has motherhood changed your life? Valeisha: Ha! Oh boy, I wish I knew. Motherhood will shut everything down in a great way. I have a six-month-old son, and my entire adulthood, before he came around, was about jet-setting. I didn’t plan ahead. I worked hard, but I played hard too! I would enjoy my girl time on the weekends and hanging out. My son is definitely the boss. He runs this house and so mommy-hood definitely changes your priorities. Now, I don’t care about the hot party. I care about really creating a legacy for my son and being an example for him of what I hope his wife will be one day. It’s definitely changed my perspective.

Valeisha: It’s really hard and I didn’t understand how hard it would really be, especially when you have a career of your own. Now, if you completely give your life to your marriage and your husband and you don’t have a job or goals outside of that, it’s probably not as hard. You can pick up and go when he gets traded or moves to another team. But for me, it’s really hard because in the beginning of our marriage we were a long distance couple. We didn’t even live in the same house until our son came. We’ve only lived together for 7 or 8 months. EGL: How do you balance being a wife, mother, philanthropist and executive? Valeisha: I have goals and I plan ahead. That’s one way to have balance. It helps me cut out a lot of BS or things that don’t matter or won’t contribute to my goals. My goal is to have a healthy household, a healthy marriage, a healthy growing son that grows up to be a great man one day and a career that matters. EGL: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to women dealing with the balancing act? Valeisha: Spend a day to just shut down. All the way down. I take time to go to the beach, even if it’s to Miami for a two-day trip by myself.

I only take my husband’s calls and that’s it. As a woman, you need your time to just unwind and release. EGL: How important is it for you to maintain a sisterhood and to make time for a girls’ night out? Valeisha: I’m a girl’s girl! My husband was out of town for the last two days so Rocsi came to Dallas. We ordered pizza, we played taboo and we didn’t go to any parties. We just had girl time. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in your family that you forget about your girlfriends. EGL: Describe yourself in one word. Valeisha: Humble. There’s always someone better than me and better than us. There’s always someone smarter, better looking, and more successful. So I always have humility and remind myself that there’s a world full of outstanding successful women. I’m not the only one. m




publ icist Publicists have a hard enough day getting everything done in eight hours, so the last thing you want to do is complicate things with fussy clothes… comfort is a must. Trousers are office appropriate and super comfortable.

We all know the saying

“style is your way of speaking without using words!”

Reta i l Me r chandise r Merchandising is a demanding business. A cute outfit finished with a cute pair of flats leaves you ready to take on a long day of running around.

Zara pencil skirt $60, B.Young Ronald Top $62, Silveton flats $88, C.Wonder snake skin clutch $80

a r t buye r Any women who can pull off a full leather dress is a work of art. This look is perfect for a day at the office or a premiere. Accessorizing with statement jewelry pulls everything together. Snake leather dress $80 topshop. com, BCBG Entreat pumps $189, BCBG stone snake necklace $98, Peakin cocktail ring $78

every girl loves m looking like a boss

so show the world you mean business and dress to the nines, while working your 9 to 5! The right outfit not only conveys a message to the world; it can also do wonders for your selfconfidence on and off the job! Whether you’re a practicing attorney handling a major case, a new graduate just entering the workforce as an intern, a busy fashion editor on the go, or a stay at home mom shuffling from school to soccer practice, you should look and feel your best at all times. As usual, the EGL Fashion Team is here to help with knockout looks to help bring out the boss in you.

Mango studded embleshied top $44, Piazza blue trousers $305, Aldo sandals $120 aldo. com, Top handle square bag $55

teache r As a fashion major, I always want to see my teachers be a little more, well, FASHIONABLE! An interesting, yet professional look is sure to keep students attention, even when the lecture is less than thrilling.

Kardashian Kollection ombre printed jacket $95 -, 1950s Party Dress $100 -, Zara Flat Thong Sandals with Buckle $80 -, Eyebobs-Iris Apfel Collection- $100+ -, Black Toms Womens Classic Morocco Crochet $70  -


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The best thing about being a newly graduated intern is the shopping spree your mom takes you on to buy new clothes because she is so happy that you have landed your first job! As an intern, you don’t necessarily have to be suited up and formal. Cute, sophisticated, and original is prefect in most cases.

docto r

inte r ns A plaid shirt paired with printed high waist shorts and wedges is a simple, yet funky look. Wedges and tons of simple arm candy and studs complete the look. Mixed prints are easy to pull off, as long as you stay within the same color family.

Who says you can’t help save lives and be stylish at the same time. For the most part certain Doctors wear basic scrubs as uniform, however, for the women who only have to wear the infamous white jacket try rocking a clean and classic look with neutrals. We all know how long and crazy a Doctors schedule can be so opt for a kitten heel for comfort. Lafayette 148 New York Plus Barrow Pants $398 (www. * Manon Baptiste Chiffon Pussy-Bow Blouse $211 ( *Miu Miu Bow Embelished Patent Leather Pumps $590 ( *Valextra 24 Hour Executive Briefcase $4,240 ( * Starker Collection by butter LONDON $15 (

atto r ne y

inte r ns If your internship requires a little more polish, a preppy dress and pearls is a surefire hit! Paired with cutout oxford flats for just the right amount of edge to balance an otherwise super girly look. Capricia Dress - Lilly Pulitzer $298 -, BaubleBar Pearl Cluster Rose Studs $22  -, OASIS Pearl & Crystal Flower Stretch Bracelet $22  -, Deandri Archie Oxfords $125 -, Spring Fling Tote $168 - lillypulitzer. com

Typically we see lawyers dressed up in stuffy suits in neutral colors; but as a BOSS you’ve worked hard and earned the right to be a little stylish. Trade in boring for sleek by wearing a suit with color. Burgundy, dark red or wine colors can be just as professional. Style Tip: Keep shoes and accessories simple and classic.

Tahari Arthur S. Levine Two Piece Skirt Suit $320 ( * Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pump $625 ( * Salvatore Ferragamo Revival Briefcase $1,800 (www.barneys. com) * 1 TCW 18K White Gold Stud Earrings $7,264 (

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fashio n edito r As a fashion editor, it’s my job to stay on top of trends! But contrary to popular belief, most of us elect to rock classic pieces with pops of flash and “of the moment” trends! True style is effortless and timeless. Add to that, the fact that our days can be long, with plenty of miles logged hitting the pavement. From showrooms, to events to long nights at the office, chic & comfy yet polished is the name of the game! A roomy statement bag is a major must have for any busy boss lady on the go! In addition to the latest fashion magazines, my iPad and glam kit, I almost always carry a pair of flats with me. As much as we love the way they look, heels are not the ideal footwear choice for running the concrete jungle. A high quality basic tank is the perfect accompaniment to everything from the season’s trendiest pants to a formal suit! Tons of cool, thoughtful accessories take the look from simple & comfy to forward and fashionable!

Crunching numbers can get monotonous, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be! Spice up your look smartly, without ruffling HR’s feathers. Some firms adhere to a conservative dress code. Remain professional while breaking up the boredom of a monochrome outfit by adding playful prints and textures. The ever alluring combination of demure & edge, a nude heel is a great investment. They go from the board room to happy hour! It’s always a good idea to tote a pair of flats; you never know what your commute will bring! Keep accessories simple and functional. The excuse that your “checking the time” on your cell phone doesn’t fly in many corporate environments. Spare yourself the office manager memos, invest in a snazzy watch that doubles as a slim bracelet. Besides, ever try typing with loads of Leopard Pussybow Blouse $ 180.00, Michael by arm candy? Michael Kors, Navy Slim Leg ‘Panilla’ Pant $126.00 Reiss, Not so fun! Nude Patent Leather Heel $100.00 Michael by Michael Kors Zappos, Nude ‘Emma’ Suede Flat $110.00 Sam Edelman, ‘Inzi’ Studded Cognac Tote $129.00 Lorisshoes. com, Foiled Gold Coin Earrings $145.00 Ben Amun, Goldtone Bracelet Watch $165.00 Fossil

stay at ho me m o m Like every other full time job, staying home with children can be compared to a hard day at the office. A slip on sneaker is perfect for running around after the kids and running errands. Mom doesn’t have to mean ‘frumpy’. Choose trendy pieces that are comfortable and you’re sure to be the best dressed mom on the block! – Shana Gelisa Outfit details: Crystal bow tie blouse $60, MADEWELL tailored shorts $78, canvas sneakers $25, Issac Mizrahi New York shopper $158

So remember ladies, always be professional and polished, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the cubicle! Integrate fun accessories and prints for a wicked, work worthy wardrobe! Any lady can get dressed, but it takes a true BOSS to own her look! m

Love & Sex

every girl loves m when her man can be vulnerable

Believe It Or Not… Vulnerability is Not Just for Women! By Precious Avorkliyah Although most people in relationships can recognize when they have entered into a state of intimacy, some struggle with accepting the transparency that intimacy affords. We want our man to be open and honest with us, but not enough for him to actually show fear, weakness, or even worse VULNERABILITY! As women, we sometimes say we welcome vulnerability from our men, but then we behave as if vulnerability was reserved just for us. We say with our mouths that, “There ain’t nothing wrong with a man crying,” but when a man demonstrates their broken spirit or surrender emotionally, their emotion is met with challenges to their manhood. These ideas are further perpetuated and reinforced by statements like, “Man up,” “be a man,” “stop being so soft,” or even “stop acting like a B#@%H!” Little do we know ladies, that the more we send these messages, the larger the wedge that is driving us apart from our man. The pressure to maintain a strong façade and behave like a “warrior” at all times negates the very intimacy that we seek in our men. In case you haven’t noticed, most men have a tendency to generalize concepts. Thus if you tell your man to “man up” as it pertains to his pride being hurt due to a trivial situation, he will likely be guarded in every discussion thereafter that might relate to his pride being bruised in order to “man up”. If we are seeking a relationship where complete intimacy is going to prevail, there must be room for vulnerability that is free from judgment on both ends of the relationship. We aren’t simply talking about wiping your man’s tear when he has lost a loved one, because we hope that there is already at least allowance for grief, but we’re talking about the disclosure that happens in confidence. This is when a man can turn to his woman in confidence, and say,

Love & Sex

“…You know what babe, I think I have separation issues, because I still ‘til this day wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because my mother use to leave in the middle of the night and not return for days”. This is about men being able to reveal their scars and say “I am hurt,” “I have fear,” “I am lost,” “I don’t know what to do,” “I need help,” “I need guidance,” etc. Ladies, when our men invite us into their souls like that we are charged with the responsibility of conveying the message that he is entitled to unveil those scars in the security of our loving embrace. But we can never be so arrogant as to think that we have the ability to mend those wounds, because only he can find his healing. We often offer our nurturing powers when men attempt to manipulate us into believing that they are wounded, therefore their abusive behaviors should be excused and fixed by our undying loyalty. However, we must know the difference between what their actions say and what they are telling us. Assess the total presentation to determine if they are telling you: 1. “I am broken, it is up to you to repair me”, or “I am broken, I know this and I am open to the repair process”. The first male is manipulative while the latter is being vulnerable. Vulnerability takes strength because men have to break the mental chains of propaganda that has taught them not to feel, in order to invite you in. All the more reason why it should never be taken for granted, ridiculed, or dismissed. The reality of the situation is that there is no love without intimacy. Intimacy is born out of vulnerability because it requires us to relinquish our guards and invite one another into our souls; thus love commands vulnerability. It comes with the package. m


every girl loves m to get fit

Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin’ ... Get Moving! By: Kanarian Kindred

Let’s face facts. It’s easy to blame those extra pounds on genetics, and use it as an excuse to remain overweight. I think we’ve all heard others use the following clichés at some point in our lives: I’m not fat just big boned, big girls run in our family, or I’m happy in my own skin and love being an overweight woman. But “it ain’t no future in your frontin’!” In other words, if you could magically wake up tomorrow in a slimmer body, would you really walk away from it? Doubt it.

Therefore, it’s time to get moving… literally. With that being said, use this summer as the starting point of a healthy diet and exercise program. Here are a few tips to get you motivated! The first step is being honest with yourself. In other words, how did you get to this point? Are you willing to put in the work needed to slim down? Can you commit to a healthy weight loss regimen? Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, the next step is to assess your level of body movement. If walking around the block almost causes you to black out, jogging once a day will not be the right fit for you. Instead, focus on an exercise regimen that works, as well as peaks your interest.

Wellness should be “A great way to get started is speaking one on one with your local nutritionist. During the initial consultation, a licensed dietician helps the individual create a realistic diet and fitness plan. Most importantly, the individual is made aware of various nutritional combinations needed to get healthy. If followed correctly weight loss will be achieved in no time.

For those unable to consult a nutritionist, the internet provides numerous outlets to get you started. There are several websites such as and offering online fitness quizzes. The multiple choice questions can help determine a good workout routine for you. These sites also offer fitness assistance including: workouts, weight loss tips, motivation, and so forth. On the flipside, a solid exercise routine would be nothing without a healthy diet. It’s imperative to maintain a proper meal plan to ensure your daily nutrient count isn’t off-balance. A great first step would be to eliminate all sugars, junk foods, and sodas from your household. Instead, replace these items with fresh fruit, vegetables, and bottled water. In other words, grabbing a piece of fruit and water goes a lot further towards your goal versus the junk food.

Online sources such as and offer information and assistance with calorie counting, meal preparations, reduced calorie menus and more to get you started on your journey to eating healthier. Remember, all good things come in time! Keep the faith and work hard. Those pounds will disappear in no time! m

Medical Advice Disclaimer All information provided on these web pages is intended for general information purposes only, and is provided with the understanding that neither EGL owners, bloggers, nor any of its employees, is engaged in rendering surgical or medical advice or recommendations to those who read it. Further, use of this site does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between the user and EGL owners, bloggers, nor any of its employees. This information should not be considered a substitute for evaluation by a board certified physician to address individual medical needs. Individual facts and circumstances will determine the treatment that is most appropriate

every girl loves m To Know the Facts


when using a realtor, they know exactly what you want and where to find it.

One downside of working with a realtor or broker is that the fee is high. Generally, a finder’s fee is equal to the apartments first month rent.


This can put you over bud-

Truth in Renting

Spring and summer are the

biggest moving seasons of the year. Finding apartments are not easy especially in certain neighborhoods. Rent prices are astronomical in cities like New York. But finding a great apartment is not as simple as seeing one you like and submitting your security deposit, along with your application.

Believe it or not your credit

and criminal background can affect where and how you live. Your credit file affects just about anything that involves doing business with others nowadays. It affects how much you’ll pay for a loan or whether or not someone will even rent to you. There are three ways of

obtaining an apartment. You can go through a broker, the building owner or the property management agency.

When property management companies run your credit, they don’t go by your credit score. They go by certain factors on your credit report, and give an overall recommendation on whether you qualify to live at the community based on a few screening criteria. Landlord tenant court, foreclosure, and bankruptcy are major factors that affect your living circumstances

get, as you’ll need to pay the fee, security deposit and first month’s rent just to get the keys to the apartment. Also, when working with a realtor, they go by your credit score and report in its entirety. If your credit file is not in top shape, then using a realtor may leave you looking at the shabby apartments.

by: Keshia Turner

because they show past situations where you have had difficulties meeting your financial obligations. Student loan debt and medi cal collection accounts are usually not considered in most situations.

There are

some great benefits of using a property management company to rent an apartment. Sometimes they offer flexible security deposits as low as $250 and discounts on the first month of rent. The amenities such as dishwashers, laundry rooms, pools, tennis courts,

fitness centers, and landscaping are great benefits as well. However, if you’ve gone to landlord/tenant court even if it’s of no fault of your own, you will automatically be declined a rental property. If the landlord filed any court proceedings against you for non-payment, they can and often times do report it to the three major credit bureaus.

Using a realtor to find an apartment also has some great perks. First off, dealing with someone who is a neighborhood expert is definitely in your favor. However, this does not mean that you should do your own research and visit the neighborhood a couple times before deciding to sign your lease. Also,

Renters have the biggest

advantage when renting directly through the homeowner. Negotiating your monthly rent is easier because there is no middleman. Research area market rates to so that you’ll have strong talking points to negotiate lower terms. Also, most private owners will not go through the hassle doing credit checks because they will need a realtor to do that.

Whether you

are renting your first apartment, looking to upgrade,

or going through major life changes make sure to do your research before signing on the dotted line. After all, this apartment will be your new home and you want to make sure it is everything that you wanted. m


Mogul in


every girl loves m a good MUA (make up artist) EGL: How long have you been in the beauty industry?

EGL: What well known public figures have you worked with?

Tekoah: Professionally, 13 years. I was raised in the beauty industry. I watched my mom go through beauty school. Before starting kindergarten, I remember my mom taking me to school with her on days when she didn’t have a babysitter. My mom said she knew when I was born that she had to do something better with her life. She became one of the most sought hairstylists in my hometown for many years and owned several salons. Being in that environment cultivated my craft and naturally made me gravitate to the beauty industry in my professional life.

Tekoah: Amber Rose, Lynn Whitfield, and Mona Scott-Young EGL: What are your current projects that you are working on? Tekoah: The Teknique Agency has many irons on the fire . We will continue to work and expand within the tv industry as THE go-to agency for putting together a spectacular glam squad. We plan on producing more events, integrated marketing and participating in philanthropic endeavors. New Shows to look out for: Gossip Game on VH1 Playing with Fire on E! EGL: When you work on the set of Love and Hip Hop what inspires your looks of choice on certain personalities?

EGL: Tell me about your business the technique agency. What is your purpose and passion behind it?

You may have seen her work on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop” or you may just know this beauty from the lives she has changed with the Teknique Agency. Tekoah Hash is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment and beauty industry. With the work she has displayed on our Queen B Yandy Smith, Tekoah and her flawless skills show us she is not going any where any time soon. I had the pleasure of interviewing this makeup mogul and diving deep into her mission and purpose as a makeup artist.

Tekoah: The Teknique Agency offers a platform to artists to make a living off of their craft within the entertainment industry. My passion at the Teknique Agency is to help my colleagues in the industry make a living off of their passions. “Find your passion, find your fortune.” is what I live by and I want to help others do the same. I connect the dots between client and artists. On many different levels.

Tekoah: I listen to the client/talent. I take in account their level of comfort with makeup. The last thing I want talent to worry about when their filming is what their makeup looks like. They have enough pressure than to be concerned with their makeup. We also take into consideration the scene they will be filming. We consider their clothing, hair, accessories, and their mood of the day. Some cast members will say,” I’m feeling like a bad girl, today give me a vamp lip!” Another will say, “ I’m not in the mood for makeup today, let’s go natural”. By the end of the season, as an artist, I would’ve had the experience of doing many different looks on each cast member that I work with.

FEATURE EGL: If you weren’t a makeup artist what would you be doing? What other passions do you have? Tekoah: I would either be a chef, a writer, or a sports agent. Cooking, Writing, and Sports are my other passions. Theirs always time to reinvent myself! EGL: What favorite products do you use? Tekoah:My fave products that I am in absolute love with are: Nag Champa incense, MAC Zoom Lash Mascara, Queen Helene Cocoa Butter in the Jar, Tancho Stick for my hair, Beauty Blender, Armour Beauty gloss in Candy, and Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation! EGL: What’s in your makeup bag? Tekoah: Shhhhh! I don’t have one! I borrow from my work kit! It’s time to be a big girl, and get my own! EGL: If there was one makeup item you had to choose and you couldn’t take anything else what would it be and why?

EGL: What is a day like working as a makeup artist in this industry with your own agency? Tekoah: Not one day is the same. Being a freelancer, you have to be flexible to all experiences. I promote the artists that are committed to the ground work as much as they are committed to the glitz of it all. Early mornings, long days, & longer nights of working to get closer to your dreams! EGL: Is there any advice you would give aspiring makeup artists? Tekoah: Find a mentor, take classes, practice and never give up! m

Tekoah: Concealer! Keeps you looking young and fresh!

There you have it ladies! A mogul in the making.



every girl loves m great fall TV

go of her “fun-loving, slightly irresponsible life” as a former bachelorette. The wonderful Sheryl Lee Ralph (“Moesha”) reprises her mother-figure role in the show as she plays Stephanie’s dotting mom, Maggie. NickMom’s “Instant Mom” will be a great watch for people of all ages as we tune into to see the comedic inner-workings of how the former party-girl aims to adjust to her new life as a full-time stepmom. The series has been picked up for thirteen episodes and will premiere this Fall on NickMom and will have encore airings on Nick at Nite!

almost human fox

fall tv guide Television this season is prepared to bring us the ‘good’, the ‘bad’, and the SCANDALOUS…literally! EGL is here with the rundown on what’ll be on your television screen this fall!

instant mom

nickel ode on / ni ck a t ni t e Tia Mowry-Hardrict is back! Though the hot mama parted ways with BET’s “The Game” last season, she made sure it wouldn’t be the last time we’d see her on-screen. This fall Nickelodeon will unveil their new primetime programming spot entitled NickMom which features “Instant Mom;” its first original scripted comedy series! The premise of the new se-

ries will follow Stephanie (Mowry-Hardrict) as she adapts to the role of stepmommy to her husband Charlie’s (Michael Boatman) three children – two elementary-aged boys (played by newbies Tylen Williams and Damarr Calhoun) and a pre-teen girl (Sydney Park). What makes this ‘new gig’ a bit challenging for Stephanie is she’s having a hard time letting

Ladies, Michael Ealy is on our television screens every week this Fall! Can we get an “AMEN”? Whew, yes! He’s starring in the sci-fi crime drama on FOX, “Almost Human,” the sexy hunk plays Dorian or DRN who lives during the fast-forwarded year 2048 as a human-modeled android called on to assist a city as it undergoes a massive crime outbreak. The police department has made the conscious effort to pair each human cop with an android model like Dorian in order to fight against the apparent ruckus. Unfortunately for the almost human (Ealy), he’s been paired with Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) who hasn’t taken kindly to “these robots” and has also happened to just awaken from a 17-month coma. Will the no-bull cop and his fellow android and emotional companion be able to come together and help put an end to the city’s warfare? We’ll have to tune in to find out as the series premieres November 4th on FOX. For any of us into the crime-based shows and LOVE action; “Almost Human” is the new show for you! Lili Taylor (Captain Maldonado), Mackenzie Crook (Rudy Lom), Micahel Irby (Richard Paul), and the super sweet Minka Kelly (known for roles in “Friday Night Lights” and “Charlie’s Angels”) as Valerie Stahl, round out the solid ensemble cast.


scandal abc


ladiators, our time is here! Scandal” returned for season three on October 3rd at 10PM/ EST. ABC’s hottest show is picked-up roughly twenty minutes after the über juicy season two finale. Now that we’ve learned Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) father is Rowan (Joe Morton), the head of B613 and the man

who gave the now-captive Jake (Scott Foley) orders to sleep with his daughter, how will this information effect the season? What will Olivia do about her love for the president, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)? Has Quinn (Lowes) really turned into ‘Baby Huck’? And what’s up with Harrison’s (Short) story – how come we haven’t dug into him yet? See, so many damn questions which MUST be an-

swered. With our luck, of course, these questions will be answered throughout the entire season. With the criminally-devoted-yet-comedic Cyrus (Jeff Perry) making up the full cast of “Scandal,” it’s certain that anything and anyone can go either way this season. It’s up to us to tune in every Thursday on ABC to see how the scandalous happenings all unfold!


city sisters bravo

Bravo’s “City Sisters” is a new reality series that follows a group of “up-and-coming movers and shakers” in New York City who all share some similar characteristics. They’re all successful in their own right – with professional careers in industries like real estate, fashion and media, they all call the city that never sleeps home, they’re all on fiercely focused on the “pursuit of [their] personal and career goals,” and oh yea, they’re ALL single! As the tight group of friends, hence why they refer to themselves as sisters, navigate their way up the ladder of both their respective professions and romantic lives, they will soon realize that it may be a bit harder to “have it all” than what meets the eye. Although the new Bravo show has a release date of this October, the network’s been quite hush-hush on who makes up the cast of chicas. Reports claim former video vixen and model turned host / television personality, Melyssa Ford serves as the leader of the pack. Only time will tell though who actually comprises of the described more up-to-date version of everyone’s favorite quartet belles from “Sex and the City.” As the one-hour long weekly series eyes a Fall premiere and has major backing from female reality heaven – Bravo, ladies, we can assure “City Sisters” will be one NOT to miss!

the new atlanta bravo

Atlanta, Georgia has definitely made its mark as the nation’s largest city; creating buzz for its larger-than-life personality and night life. As the ATL continues to draw a younger generation, Bravo highlights five up-and-coming socialites in the city with the new reality show, The New Atlanta. The show features Africa Miranda, Alexandra Dilworth, Emily Lipman, Jevon “Vawn” Sims and Tribble Reese as they embark on careers in fashion, music, event planning and business. When you put five dominate personalities together, drama is bound to pop off! The season promises to

be filled with hookups, catfights, displays of jealousy and broken friendships as everyone tries to reign as grand supreme in the big city. Bravo’s Media Senior VP Shari Levine revealed that the casting process for The New Atlanta was very similar to the network’s Real Housewives franchise, which includes Georgia peaches Nene Leaks and Phaedra Parks. The cast of The New Atlanta seems very feisty and entertaining to say the least. Hopefully, they’ll bring more to the table than bickering and hair pulling. Tune into the of The New Atlanta on Bravo Tuesdays at 9p ET/PT. m

Love & Sex

every girl loves m to move on from the pain

A KISS GOODBYE By: Latoya Hoyte

It was just an ordinary Sunday, filled with lunch, laughs and a little bit of shopping. How was I to know four days later, my life would change forever? It was a Thursday afternoon and I was in a rush to make my dinner date. While getting dressed, a story flashed across the television screen, stating a shooting had occurred. I would later find out my date was the young man shot and killed.

Everyone talks about meeting the love of your life, but no one ever thinks about losing them. Most little girls dream of their wedding day and the perfect place to tie the knot. Unfortunately, the church of my dreams became the church for his funeral, which tore my heart into a million pieces. I can honestly say the hardest part of moving on, was moving. I had to move out of my bed every morning and learn to live again. Finding yourself after a tragedy takes time, but it can eventually be done. Here are a few self-reflecting questions & tips that helped me deal with my lover’s death.

ing a personal journal expressing your grief can serve as a form of therapy. Keep a momentum and clear away the extra. You can’t spend the rest of your life sitting in a museum. Meaning, you’re not being disrespectful to their memory by moving on with your life. Speaking for myself, I realized I couldn’t move on emotionally if his clothes remained a part of my scenery. So I packed everything into a box and re-arranged my room.I decided to keep his pictures in a folder instead of hanging them on the walls. I also carry his memorial card in my handbag.

Once in while, you may have a teary episode reminiscing over How are you supposed to live cherished memories. Whenever without them? I endure one of those moments, One day at a time. I pull the card outhe’s of my wallet ‘Hmmm, I wonder what been and look atof it. thoughts This is my way of Everyone has their own special up to? These kinds a piece of you’re him close to path to healing. are thekeeping first indication that my to heart at all into times. Everyone handles grief and preparing fall back the pain differently. Moving forward arms of an ex. Then, because you Push yourself “friends”, and go outside after the loss of your soul-mate two have remained you ... Literally. is a physical and mental chalmight invite him over or accept his You are still yourself in the land of the lenge, especially when facing invite. Do you find going living. Therefore, do he not allow the world around you. Believe to itplaces where you know yourself to become a ask prisoner or not, your surroundings directly frequents? Do you purposely of your own affect your emotions and in turn, his friends about himsadness. so they It’s canokay toand cry. tell? You’re allowed to have a your behavior and vice versa. go back Have you ever bad day or time alone. Unfortu“accidently” called, texted, or butt at keeping some point you have Talk to them. dialed?nately, Are you yourself to get to your normal rouWrite a letter and pour your available “justback in case’? Ladies, tine. I know it’searly hard and to go back heart out. Basically, talk about recognize these signs there, but you have to try. m the good times, bad times stop theout cycle. and things you never had the chance to say. For some, keep-


dr. sherry interview a healing therapy


verything Girls Love had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Sherry Blake, psychologist to the stars, recently to gain insight on how she has been able to gain so much success in the field of psychology. Dr. Sherry has been dominating the field of psychology for years and along her journey has had to balance many roles including, wife, mother, author, treatment provider, inspirational speaker etc. Dr. Sherry has definitely earned her right to be regarded as a Boss in the field of Clinical Psychology and across the board. We have witnessed Dr. Sherry counseling The Braxtons and the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, therefore, we at EGL jumped at the opportunity to find out the keys to her success and what advice she may have for the rest of us, who are striving for greatness. While discussing her professional growth with EGL, Dr. Sherry explained that she never had someone who she could look to as models for her future career in psychology; however she felt that she benefited from the many friends and family who provided steady positive reinforcement. Dr. Sherry explained that simply having a mother who would tell her, “…go for it and let’s see how it works out”, allowed her enough motivation to venture out into the field of psychology. It is clear that surrounding ourselves with positive people who will feed you positive messages can add a boost to your determination.

every girl loves m a good listener

“Don’t be discouraged because things don’t work out the first, second or even the third time.” Dr. Sherry went on to explain that aligning with other woman is also very important in reaching goals, however you shouldn’t give others a “free ticket” to your circle. We need to be particular in order to gain honest, supportive individuals who will encourage and aid you along your progression. However, self-motivation is still vital, especially when we begin feeling beat down by life, we need to have the ability to be honest with ourselves. Dr. Sherry urges us, “…don’t be discouraged because things don’t work out the first, second or even the third time”. Determination and resilience are all you need to break through the hard times. But, for those of us who feel as though we have worked very hard and gained much success as a result, but now the act of balancing it all is even harder; Dr. Sherry has recommendations for us too. She shared that we should prioritize and understand that while you may not be able to “have it all at the level that you want it all”, you can still balance the career and family without letting either fall behind. Dr. Sherry shared that she had to release herself from the pressure of doing everything herself and being particular about how things were done. Dr. Sherry also explained that she always prioritizes her family, even when it comes to the romantic time with her husband Dr. Victor Blake; she makes sure she schedules quality time with him. Dr. Sherry indicated that she and her husband have done things such as chosen to take a road trip as opposed to a flight just to extend the alone time that they share together. Lastly, Dr. Sherry explained that women should to take the time to learn themselves and know their own worth in order to not only reach their professional goals but their goals for romantic relationships as well. Dr. Sherry shared that women need to know the difference between “wanting to be in a relationship and needing to be in a relationship”. She explained that if you are needy, it leaves room for being misused as opposed to conveying that ‘I will be okay without you’. Dr. Sherry shared that his will allow us the confidence to “do the choosing as opposed to being chosen” You can learn more about the advice that Dr. Sherry Blake has for all you superwomen out there, in her book “The Single-Married Woman”. m