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Successful property sales are built upon solid advice

Experience, professionalism and integrity. The cornerstones of our service.

Anyone who is considering selling their prop-

Right from the start, we will do all we can to

erty wants to place it in the best of hands –

market your property in order to obtain the

with property experts who appreciate its spe-

best outcome for you – the highest possible

cial qualities. With Engel & Völkers, you will

purchase price.

benefit from our more than 30 years of experience in the brokerage and marketing of

With warmest regards,

top-quality properties. Thanks to our worldwide network, we have access to a large pool of prospective global buyers, while our agents Christian Völkers, CEO/President

are experts in their regional markets.








Founding of Engel & Cie, later Engel & Völkers, in Hamburg

Founding of the Grund Genug publishing house

First shop outside Germany opens on Mallorca

Founding of the Engel & Völkers Real Estate Academy

First shop outside Europe opens in South Africa

Head offices open in Hong Kong and New York

More than 330 shops on four continents in 26 countries



steps to successfully marketing a property


We will do your homework when you place the sale

Professional contract

of your property in our expert hands.

6 5 Successful home

4 3 2 Expert property

1 Individual initial consultation


Customised marketing

Personalised marketing contract



Frequent client communication


Comprehensive after-sales service

Individual initial consultation. Getting to know our clients and their aspirations is essential for a successful sale.

1 Anyone who is looking to sell their property

real estate companies with an international

is mostly interested in one thing: obtaining

profile, Engel & Vรถlkers can guarantee you

the best possible purchase price within the

exceptional service that starts from day one.

required time frame. Our experts cannot

We understand that an individual consult-

promise to bring a suitable buyer to your door-

ation is the best starting point for swiftly

step tomorrow; however, as one of the leading

and profitably selling your property.

Reasons for choosing Engel & Vรถlkers Dedicated agents with extensive local knowledge Unique shop concept ensures a strong market presence

International network, with over 330 shops in 26 countries Access to an international clientele

Expert property appraisal. Trust our experts to determine the true market value of your distinctive property.

2 When putting your property on the mar-

receive personal care and attention from a

ket, the market appraisal plays an under-

team of experts, starting with an individual

standably important role in sales success.

assessment of the value of your property

Only someone with the right experience –

and continuing with a thorough analysis of

someone with a wide-ranging knowledge

the market and target group. The ultimate

and a profound understanding of the mar-

aim, after all, is to locate the right buyer

ket – will be able to appropriately appraise

for you – and to obtain the best possible

the value and potential of your property.

purchase price for your property.

In your Engel & Völkers shop, you will

Our measures for property valuation Expert appraisal of the property

Preparation of market reports

Detailed analysis of the target group

Research on comparable properties on the market

Continuous market and trend research

Personalised marketing contract. Our complete dedication to exceptional service yields high returns.

3 We take pride in providing our clients with

ing activities and up to date local market

an unparalleled level of service. With our

knowledge. Once you have chosen to work

marketing contract, you can be assured

with Engel & Vรถlkers, you will immedi-

that both you and your property will

ately benefit not only from our wealth of

receive our full support and attention.

unique marketing tools and activities, but

This personal focus and dedication to

also from our exceptional level of service,

meeting your unique needs includes

dedication and support. This sets us apart

regular updates on the status of your sale,

from our competitors and gives you a clear

reports on the effectiveness of our market-

sales advantage.

The advantages of a personalised marketing contract Individual consultation

Marketing programme tailored to your needs

Targeted selection of prospective buyers

Comprehensive evaluation of marketing activities

Customised marketing programme. We listen, learn and design a marketing plan specially suited to your needs.


Examples of possible marketing activities Professional, high-quality property exposés Engel & Völkers “For Sale” sign

Presence on and other online portals

Advertisements in print media

Open house events

Your property is unique. In order to accentu-

more than 400,000 around the world – then,

ate this, we will prepare a tailored marketing

with your agreement, we will execute the

programme for you. We first market your

specialised marketing strategy we have pre-

property in a focused manner to prospect-

pared for your property, which includes, print

ive buyers we have specially chosen from

and online advertising, direct mailings and

within our network. In the event that we are

public relations. To ensure that your needs are

not able to find a suitable buyer among our

accommodated, all our proposed marketing

existing global customers – who number

activities are first agreed upon with you.

Successful home viewing. From its open spaces to hidden corners, we showcase your property in the best possible light.

5 You only get one chance to make a first im-

outset. You will benefit from the experience of

pression – so it is essential that a viewing

our agents, as they know how to show off the

with a prospective buyer should not be left

most attractive features of your property to its

to chance. Proper planning and preparation

best advantage. Because one thing is certain:

are vital in order to ensure that the potential

a successful viewing is a key component of a

buyer can visualise their future home from the

successful sale.

Proven measures for ensuring a successful viewing Development of an individual viewing concept

Advice on aesthetic repairs that may be needed

Jointly agreed plan for on-site viewing

Recommendations for ensuring a welcoming atmosphere

Frequent client communication. With more ways than ever to communicate, we promise to keep you involved.


Detailed information to keep you up to date Written reports after each viewing

Latest market information

Activity reports on the status of your sale

Evaluation of marketing measures

When you commission a company to sell

You will receive regular updates on the sta-

your property, you place great faith in them.

tus of your sale, written reports on viewings,

We take this responsibility seriously and fully

details of planned marketing measures, and

understand your desire to achieve a successful

information relevant to the contract. We con-

sale. Therefore, you will be given a personal

sider open and frequent communication with

contact who will accompany you through-

our clients to be essential – for without this,

out the entire marketing process and make

neither our expertise, nor our comprehensive

sure you are involved in all our activities.

service, can produce the desired result.

Professional contract negotiation. We use our refined skills and resources to achieve the best possible purchase price for you.

7 The marketing experts at Engel & Vรถlkers

complete passion. Our service focuses on

have committed themselves to a clearly

quickly relaying purchase offers and ad-

defined goal: to identify the potential within

vising on the submission of quotations,

your property and sell it for you as profit-

the negotiating process itself and con-

ably as possible. Using our broad range of

tractual issues.



of the highest level of expertise, market

received at our company-owned academy,

knowledge and negotiating skill from

we dedicate ourselves to this goal with

Engel & Vรถlkers.




You can always be sure

Ideal conditions for a successful contract completion Agreement between all parties concerning the purchase price and other key issues in advance of contract signing Proper preparation of all required documents

Regular communications between all parties Professional advice and referral information

Comprehensive after-sales service. We continue working on your behalf, so you can enjoy the important things in life.

8 The name Engel & VĂślkers has always stood

support in dealing with organisational issues

for the very highest level of quality and serv-

related to your move. And it goes without

ice – which is why, even though your sale

saying that we would be delighted to assist

has been completed, our service is far from

you with any future purchase or sale of a

over. We will guide you through a success-


ful handover of the property, and will remain

Our services following the completion of your sale Assistance during the handover of the property

Recommendations for service providers

Support for the buyer following the purchase, if required

Professional advice regarding any future brokerage or marketing of a property

at your disposal at any point subsequently.

Thank you for placing your trust in us – and

We can also, if requested, provide you with

for recommending us to others!

Your property Examination of possibilities for sale

Appraisal of the property


Marketing programme

Discussions with selected customers

Preparation of property details

Presentation in property catalogue

Display of “For Sale� sign

Directmarketing promotions

Presentation on the Internet

Insertion in local media

Presentation in shop display window


Insertion in international media

Insertion in GG magazine


Reports to seller/owner about viewings

Updates to seller/owner

Personal discussions with seller/owner

Credit investigation of potential buyers

Sale negotiations

Preparation of sales contract

Signing of contract Support for buyer in new property

Handover service

Overview of our marketing activities

Contact and support for seller/owner

Price List Classic •

Property Exposé


“For Sale” Sign


Engel & Völkers Global Network



Online Portals


Regional Advertisements


Direct Marketing


Open House


Premium •

Exclusive Property Exposé



Private Residences

Home Away from Home

Private Office •

Private Office Package:

Private Office Exposé, Private Office Collection, Private Office Mailing

EUR 9,900

• Private Office Silver Package:

Private Office Package plus 1 double-page GG-Advertorial at the special price of EUR 3,990

Private Office Gold Package:

Private Office Package plus 2 double-page GG-Advertorials at the special price of EUR 7,390

All prices above are quoted in Euros and are subject to statutory value-added tax (VAT).

EUR 13,890

EUR 17,290

Expert marketing. The key to a successful sale.



Private Office

Take advantage of the many local marketing activities

Our Premium service is aimed at clients who wish to go the extra

This highly exclusive marketing service allows you to target well-to-do

covered by our traditional service – without any extra costs.

step when marketing their property.*

prospective buyers and persons of independent means worldwide.

Exclusive Property Exposé Our exclusive 4-page property exposé features a more detailed description of your property and its surroundings, along with a large number of photographs. This tool is ideal for larger properties, or those with unique features or an interesting history.

With its headquarters in London, our Private Office division offers a unique and very personal service. Aimed at clients requiring the ultimate in discretion and privacy, this division offers a search and selection service that is second to none. With exclusive access to some of the most desirable properties on the international market, the Private Office is the first port of call for the world’s most discerning buyers.

Private Office Collection This limited-edition brochure does more than full justice to your property over the space of four pages. Here, too, professional and sophisticated photographs of your property play a significant role in ensuring that this premium marketing tool achieves the desired effect. Our experts are happy to explain to you how to present your property in the most professional and persuasive manner possible.

Private Office Exposé This elegant 4-page exposé is produced in line with your personal wishes and aims to showcase your property to our exclusive ‘search and selection’ clients. With a print run of 500 and exceptional print production quality, this exposé is designed to exceed the expectations of even the most seasoned global buyers.

Private Office Mailing These mailings which are sent out to 3,000 affluent, hand-picked recipients from around the world, allow you to target an audience that would otherwise be difficult to reach through conventional marketing channels. Each mailing contains a personal letter, a Private Office Collection and the latest edition of GG, our lifestyle and property magazine.

Property Exposé A high quality, full colour exposé featuring the key facts and features of your property, sent out to prospective buyers and presented in our shops. “For Sale” Sign A tried and tested classic. This sign will be placed on or near your property. Particular advantage: your property will be noticed by passers-by who are not necessarily local to your area, and by latent buyers. Engel & Völkers Global Network The worldwide presence and interconnection of our property shops create ideal marketing opportunities and ensure that your property is showcased throughout the world. Your property will be offered for sale on our Web site – an indispensable way of reaching prospective purchasers swiftly and easily.

Online Portals We also use independent property portals to steer prospective buyers towards your property by means of a link to our home page. Regional Advertisements A small text advertisement featuring the key facts (position, size/living space, fittings and furnishings, purchase price), or an individual advertisement including a photograph and description of your property, will raise awareness of the property and help you to reach a wide target audience. Direct Marketing Mailing your property details to our extensive database will enable you to reach potential buyers directly. Open House An open house event enables us to bring together potential purchasers at your property. These well organised events create a sense of urgency amongst potential buyers.

GG -Advertisement An advertisement in GG – our internationally renowned lifestyle, architecture and property magazine – will help you reach a wider group of potential buyers, beyond your own region and abroad. With a circulation of more than 100,000, the magazine is published quarterly in German, English, Spanish and French. GG-Advertorial A multipage advertorial in our GG magazine is an attractive and distinctive way of showing your property, and all its

unique features in the best possible light. It is the perfect tool for generating interest among discerning readers and prospective buyers. Private Residences This attractive property catalogue contains both first and second homes and has a special focus on the local region. It contains the finest, professional property images to ensure the highest quality is maintained. Home Away from Home This stylish brochure features a collection of the finest second homes from around the world. Published annually, with a global readership of over 120,000, “Home away from home” provides the perfect international showcase for your property.

* Respective prices on application.

Engel & Völkers - Successful property sales are built upon solid advice