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AMSTERDAM /// MONDAY, 28 May 2012 /// /// ISSUE 1

Eurospine 2012 Welcome to Amsterdam! As local hosts we are proud to organize the SpineWeek 2012 in Amsterdam, after the previous successful events in Porto (2004) and Geneva (2008). We would also like to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Dutch Spine Society, the national spine society of the Netherlands.

Marinus de Kleuver

Spineweek is a unique opportunity for you to come to one of the world’s largest spine conferences, to learn from the programs organized by multiple excellent spine societies from all over the world, that you might not normally come into contact with. This will allow you to meet new ideas, innovations, colleagues, patient associations and of course the medical industries. This year the following societies will provide you with their top scientific programs: Spine Society of Europe (SSE), the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine (ISSLS), Cervical Spine Research Society (CSRS), Scoliosis Research Society (SRS), North American Spine Society (NASS), Sociedad Iberolatinoamericana de Columna Vertebral (SILACO) and the Brasilian Spine Society (BSS). We expect more than 3,000 par-

Welcome Address by the President of EuroSpine ticipants from all over the world to come to this meeting.

in a very professionnal way. European courses in english were followed by regional meetings in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. The education week hosted in Lucern was a great success. Marco Brayda Bruno, EduCom Chair and Gerard Vanacker, CEO of the EuroS pine Foundation, were the keys for the success of this course attended by over 100 surgeons with theoretical and practical sessions in cadlabs. I would like to thank all the faculties who attended and provided their help for this course.

Amsterdam has always been a wonderful city, where culture, science and medicine meet. Amsterdam is the „Venice of the North“, with wonderful canals and beautiful historic buildings, in some of which we will host the society dinners. The famous painting by Rembrandt „Anatomy Lesson“ was painted in Amsterdam in 1632. And of course we have all heard of “Tulips from Amsterdam”. Whilst you are here for this great meeting, there is much for you to see and do! All societies will have their own scientific programs, which are free for all participants. Furthermore each society will have its own social event, for which you must register separately, but you do not need to be a member of a society to join its evening event. On Monday we have a welcome reception for all participants and on Thursday we have the all societies gala event in the “Concertgebouw”. Finally, we would like to encourage those of you who are currently not involved in one of the societies, to be open to the possibilities it can offer you, and the benefits that such a membership would bring to your practice. You are all welcome to join! We wish you a great stay in Amsterdam! Barend van Royen Marinus de Kleuver Wilco Peul Ronald Bartels

Jean Charles Le Huec- President of EuroSpine, the Spine Society of Europe

Dear Friends and Colleagues, It is my great honour to invite you to join the Society at its next annual scientific meeting at Spineweek 2012, to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from May 28 to June 1. Spineweek is the biggest spine meeting of this year, it promises to be a great scientific and social success. The EuroSpine meeting is regularly attended by over 2,000 delegates as well as representatives from the industry. EuroSpine has one of the highest academic standards with 85 of the best submissions accepted for oral presentations and a further double accepted for short and poster presentation. The industry and the other scientific societies join the EuroSpine Society in hosting workshops, pre-meeting gatherings on specific topics and expert

lectures. The European Spine Journal continues to become a strong arm of the society with one of the highest impact factors of the speciality. EuroSpine‘s Spine Tango database will continue to offer it‘s possibilities to the members to collect data in order to become one of the strongest tools for health technology assessment in the future. Our goal is to fully own this tool in order to be totally independent from any third party and to provide the best quality of analysis of clinical data. EuroSpine members are requested to participate in the success of Spine Tango which is a unique international medical database. This year EuroSpine together with the EuroSpine Foundation, which is dedicated to help EuroSpine with its different tasks, developed the education program

The economic downturn with the inevitable pressure on health care budgets necessitates a strong and active society, dealing with the academic, economic and regulatory pressures on behalf of its members. We, as spine surgeons, have to develop new ideas and concepts to provide the best care to our patients, based on innovations and evidence based medicine (EBM). EBM is now the standart for innovation and Eurospine society want to support this concept. Spinal implants must follow the new trends for a sustainable environment. The 2012 EuroSpine meeting in Amsterdam is a tremendous challenge with the Spineweek organisation. This historical site is a centre of art and culture, the social aspect of the meeting is an assured success and keenly anticipated. Also to that end, if you are not already, I would encourage you to become a member of EuroSpine and participate in the tremendous development of our speciality in Europe. All active members are welcome to participate in committees.

AMSTERDAM /// MONDAY, 28 May 2012 /// /// ISSUE 1

EuroSpine Lunch Symposia 2012

Education Week 2012

Monday, May 28 Hall G104-105, 12:45-14:00 Management of Spinal Metastasis Chair: Antonio Martin-Benlloch, Valencia, Spain 12:45-13:00 Spinal Metastasis. Update of treatment evaluation algorithms. Alessandro Gasbarrini, Bologna, Italy 13:00-13:15 The State of the art toward defining the role of Radiotherapy for After 3 years of defining and spinal metastases. refining, the EuroSpine SociAntonio José Conde Moreno, Castellón, Spain ety (SSE) and the EuroSpine Foundation (ESF) have deve13:15-13:30 loped a full curriculum for spiThe role of vertebroplasty in spinal metastases ne specialists. Layout, logistic Luis Alvarez Galovich, Madrid, Spain and partnership agreements with Med Tech were managed 13:30-13:45 by the ESF, while course conMinimally invasive surgery in the management of spinal metastases tent, scientific compliance and Alessandro Gasbarini, Bologna, Italy faculty selection were ensured by the SSE Education Com13:45-14:00 mittee. Surgery in the spinal metastases. Is “en bloc” resection really necessary? The first edition of EducaAntonio Martin -Benlloch, Madrid, Spain tion Week was successfully launched last March. During Tuesday, May 29 6 days, the full curriculum of Hall G104-105 the European Spine Course „Hot case - cold case“ - Cervical arthroplasty Diploma as well as master Chair: Michael Mayer, Munich, Germany courses have been delivered to 12:45 – 14:00 Interactive Case Discussion Moderator: Michael Mayer, Munich, Germany Co-Moderator: Ralph Kothe, Hamburg, Germany Round Table: Luca Papavero, Hamburg, Germany Rudolf Bertagnoli, Bogen, Germany Frank Kandziora, Frankfurt, Germany

The brand new EuroSpine 2.0 App provides all information about the SpineWeek 2012 in Amsterdam. Learn about the EuroSpine Society and get the latest news about the conference! Explore the scientific program, get to know all the speakers and read practical information about the congress venue and the exhibition area. All exhibitors from the industry are included in the app. An inter-

Additional modules addressing non-surgical approaches will be integrated in the curriculum and a new format of SSE-ESF Master Courses with cad labs will be launched. Finally, a review committee with the mission to collect faculWe really believe that Educa- ty feedback as a continuous tion Week is a milestone and validation and improvement will become the new gold process will be implemented standard in terms of scientific to ensure the highest possible and ethical compliance. ethical compliance and quality control by independent professionals. future development steps More courses are already pl- Marco Brayda-Bruno anned in Turkey, Austria, Italy, Chairman of SSE Education Spain, Greece and France, but Committee also outside Europe. Gerard Vanacker CEO EuroSpine Foundation

Discover the city’s rich history Travel into the past at the Amsterdam Historisch Museum, which holds the last eight centuries of urban evolution including curious objects like 700-year-old shoes. Exhibitions here are anything but dusty history. Next, hop over to the Museum Amstelkring, a charming attic church that has been wonderfully preserved. The main attraction is upstairs, and goes by the name of Ons‘ Lieve Heer op Solder, or “Our Sweet Lord in the Attic”. Built in 1663, this church was used by Catholics during the 17th century when they were banned from worshipping after the Alteration. It‘s been beautifully preserved, too, the altarpiece featuring a painting by 18th-century artist Jacob de Wit. The church is often used

EuroSpine App 2.0

a total of 110 participants, that enjoyed rotating among the different modules and cadaver labs. Faculty was unmatched with 35 leaders in the spine field interacting closely with all participants.

active map shows you the exact location of their booths in the exhibition hall and assists you to find your way to the lecture rooms. The Audience Response System (ARS) lets you participate in interactive voting sessions, rate presentations and ask questions directly on your smartphone. You can rate each presentation of a EuroSpine session and therefore help to find the best rated paper presentation. The voting feature will be used in

for services and a wide variety historisch museum A of other meetings. Don‘t miss Kalverstraat 92 it. Open: 10am-5pm Mon-Fri; 11am-5pm Sat, Sun. The museum is named after Admission Fee: 7 € the historians that saved the church from demolition. Anne frank huis B Prinsengracht 267 Round off your day with a trip Area Canals to the Joods Historisch Muse- Open Jan-Mar, Sept-Dec 9amum in the old Jewish quarter. 7pm daily. Apr-Aug 9am-9pm Housed in four former syn- daily agogues, it‘s crammed with Admission Fee: 7,50 € photos, painting and artifacts exploring the history of Juda- museum Amstelkring ism in the Netherlands. Oudezijds C Voorburgwal 40 Also interesting is the famous Open 10am-5pm Anne Frank Museum, that at- Mon-Sat; 1-5pm Sun. tracts almost a million visitors Admission Fee: 7 € a year and shows an interesting and touching exhibition on the Joods historisch D history of the Jews and their museum persecution during the war. Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1 Daily from 11am to 5pm Admission Fee: 12 €

the EuroSpine Lunch Symposium „Hot case-cold case‘ - Cervical arthroplasty“on Tuesday (12:45h, Room G104-105). The expanded bookmark feature helps you organize your daily conference life. The App automatically reminds you of each bookmarked session 10 minutes before it starts. Alternatively you can export all your favorite sessions to your personal mobile calendar. The EuroSpine 2.0 App is available for iPhone, Android. A web-

app was designed for all other smartphones with an HTMLbrowser. All three versions can be found at

AMSTERDAM /// MONDAY, 28 May 2012 /// /// ISSUE 1

City MAp of amsterdam

UTRECHTSEDWARSTAFEL - one of the best dining experiences in the city

BALTHAZAR‘S KEUKEN hospitality almost like home


Within strolling distance from Theatre Carré there is the stage of culinary artists Hans Verbeek and Igor Sens. Their performance is often discribed as a ballet of wine and food. The concept is clear. Igor purchases the freshest, regional and seasonal products and subsequently composes fine delicate dishes for a multiple course menu. Just mention the number of courses you wish to eat. For every menu Hans offers the perfect wine arrangement.

Utrechtsedwarsstraat 107-109 Tel.: +31 (0)20 625 41 89 Price: €€€ - €€€€

DE KAS Healthy and bright Green – Greener – De Kas


Located on the Elandsgracht in the heart of Amsterdam‘s Jordaan district, this small restaurant is always crowed, so you really need to book in advance in order to enjoy an excellent set menu of meat or fish dishes. Karin Gaasterland and Alain Parry converted a former blacksmith‘s workshop into what is now Balthazar’s Kitchen. There is no fixed menu card, depending on the seasons, the 3 course menu changes every week. The menus rediscover the world of international cuisine continuously. The starters are a combination of small bites seemingly appealing to all tastes. The main course consists of either fish or meat with fresh herbs and fine ingredients. Elandsgracht 108 Tel.: +31(0)20 420 21 14 Price: €€


Situated in a huge greenhouse, the restaurant De Kas grows its ingredients right next to the kitchen in its own gardens. What cannot be harvested within, the greenhouse comes from local farmers and markets. The restaurant is a well known institution in Amsterdam, a beautiful venue and the food is undeniably excellent. Organic, healthy, fresh and a unique ambience.

ZAZA’S absolutely fabulous


Located in the district De Pijp, the restaurant offers an international menu and a relaxed atmosphere. For almost a decade Zaza’s is known as “Ab Fab” the place to be for those who want to enjoy a really good evening in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere with that special touch. The theme “Absolutely Fabulous” is about enjoying life to the fullest and above all having fun. The main aim at Zaza’s is to please with an attention to detail and perfection. The menu is highly influenced by French cuisine, the Mediterranean and Asia.

Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3 Frankendael Park Tel.: +31 (0)20 462 45 62 Price: €€€€

Daniel Stalpertstraat 103 Tel.: +31 (0)20 673 63 33 Price: €€ - €€€

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AMSTERDAM /// MONDAY, 28 May 2012 /// /// ISSUE 1

Program highlights

monday, May 28. 2012 The Welcome Address by Jean Charles LeHuec, President of the EuroSpine Society and the report of the Program Committee (both take place at the Auditorium at 8:00) are the perfect events to start the Spineweek 2012 in Amsterdam.

La mitja

Society, will moderate the debate „Is discography dead in this decade?“, where Jörg Franke and Phil Sell will be the debaters on stage.

To get to know the EuroSpine Society better you should also not miss „The Spine Society of Europe Update“ (12:15 at the Auditorium), where also the The Spine Tango Annual Re- Grammar Award will be hanport (9:00, Auditorium) is the ded out. next event you should not miss. Everard Munting will present If you have time in between an overview of the develop- the lectures, don’t forget to visit the exhibition halls and ments of the last year. get an overview of the latest At 9:15 Ferran Pellisé, Vice- trends and technological devePresident of the EuroSpine lopments.

Fotocredits: Merce Cot

In the last issue of this journal at the Milan meeting we announced our research project and we would like to update it for the attendees. After obtaining the endorsement of the EuroSpine Society and with the agreement of the organizers of the event we have moved forward with the project concerning the impacts of running on the spine. The participants of “La Mitja” (half-marathon run organized every year in Gra-

nollers, near Barcelona, Spain) 2012 received our survey (paper form) aimed at gathering information about the intensity of the sport activity, their own back symptoms and the perceived relationship between both.



The Spine Times is a free congress newspaper published by The EuroSpine Society. Publishing House: EuroSpine, The Spine Society of Europe Judith Reichert Schild Seefeldstrasse 16 8610 Uster-Zürich Switzerland Tel. +41 44 - 994 14 04 Fax +41 44 - 994 14 03

Burning Questions Each issue of The Spine Times will include a burning question for the readers that features an interactive voting process. To participate you just have to scan one of the QR-codes (according to your designated answer) with your smartphone. The results will be published in the next issue.

Spine surgeons usually have a background as either orthopaedic, trauma, or neurosurgeon. Would you want Spine Surgery to become an independent, board certified specialty, rather than a subspecialty of these mother disciplines?

We have received some 1,500 answers that are currently being entered in an electronic database. The next step will be the statistical analysis of the gathered data. With this material we intend to produce

Publisher: Jean Charles Le Huec (EuroSpine President) Haluk Berk (EuroSpine Secretary) On-Site Editors: Emre Acaroglu, Thomas Blattert Editor-in-Chief: Christian Lendl

an abstract for the 2013 meeting which will be submitted next fall. We thank the Executive Committee of the EuroSpine Society for their encouragement and hope that we will be able to present exciting findings in 2013. Frederic Font Barcelona, Spain Federico Balagué Fribourg, Switzerland Contributors: Federico Balagué, Ronald Bartels, Andrea Berner, Frederic Font, Marinus de Kleuver, Jean Charles Le Huec, Wilco Peul, Barend van Royen Photographs: EuroSpine Society, Merce Cot, Christian Lendl,Martin Steiger. Feedback: Powered by



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