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ISSUE 2 | THURSDAY, 20 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

EUROSPINE Medal Lecture 2018  Today, 10:30 in the Plenary Hall

Exactly 20 years ago Martin E. Schwab held the Medal Lecture at the first EUROSPINE Congress. On the occasion of EUROSPINE‘s anniversary this year, he is returning for a second time, presenting the topic New therapies to repair the neuronal hardware and improve functional recovery after spinal cord injury. For many decades, the spinal cord with its tract systems, local interneuron circuits and motoneurons was seen as a rather static, ‘hard-wired’ structure with low potential for repair after injuries. Recent animal studies lead to a very different picture: Interrupted descending tracts

can sprout and establish new connections to local neurons including propriospinal neurons the axons of which have been spared in cases of incomplete injures. Functional studies show that such a ‘detour pathway’ can mediate key aspects of functional recovery. This plastic potential of spinal cord, brainstem and cortex is an important basis of training-induced recovery of function. Axonal growth can be enhanced massively in the injured spinal cord by the suppression of endogenous growth inhibitory factors present in the adult spinal cord and brain. Nogo-A, a membrane protein in CNS myelin, is the most potent currently known inhibitor and can be neutralized by anti-

World Spine Day Every year on 16 October people from around the world join together on World Spine Day to raise awareness about spinal disorders. World Spine Day, part of the Bone and Joint Decade’s Action Week, has been successful in bringing together professionals and organisations from many disciplines. Since 2012 the event has grown in momentum and with that was able to provide a forum for ongoing discussion about the burden of spinal disorders and the sharing of best practices.

EUROSPINE is again an official supporter of World Spine Day. This years motto is #LoveYourSpine to highlight the importance of spinal health and wellbeing, promoting physical activity, good posture, responsible lifting and staying active.

bodies. After large, incomplete spinal cord injuries in rats and monkeys, intrathecal application of anti-Nogo-A antibodies leads to enhanced fiber tract regeneration, enhanced circuit plasticity, and a high degree of recovery of locomotion, skilled hand movements, and bladder function. A Phase 2 clinical trial with anti-Nogo-A antibodies in acute ASIA A-C patients in currently on-going in a network of European spinal cord injury centers.

Martin E. Schwab is professor of Neuroscience at the Institute of Regenerative Medicine of the University of Zurich and at the Dept. of Health Sciences and Technology of ETH Zurich. His research focuses on the mechanisms of structural and functional plasticity and repair of the brain and spinal cord. He postulated the concept of specific inhibitors of neurite growth as a cause of the absent regeneration of injured fiber tracts in the CNS. With his group he isolated the membrane protein Nogo-A and showed that Nogo-A neutralization leads to fiber regeneration, enhanced plasticity and functional repair after spinal cord or brain injuries in adult rats and monkeys. These results led to currently on-going clinical trials.

Official Congress Evening

A relaxed atmosphere and a stunning sea view will invite all delegates to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EUROSPINE. Enjoy the sunset together with “old” friends and new colleagues at an exclusive location – Café del Mar. The evening will start with a welcome drink and some typical Catalan food will be provided. Listen to live music of singer Gigi McFarlane and learn to dance Rumba Catalan from a professional Rumba Catalan group. A bus transfer will be provided from the congress venue to Café del Mar at 19:30. The last shuttle back to the CCIB will leave at 23:30. A few remaining tickets are still available at the networking events booth for €95.

ISSUE 2 | THURSDAY, 20 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

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Faces of EUROSPINE EUROSPINE has a very diverse memberbase – be it from specialities, experiences or nationalities. This diversity is our strength as during our conferences and meetings the exchange between our members allows growth on personal and professional level. We hope that you take the opportunity to meet many of your colleagues. Exemplary we have the honor to introduce some of our members to you in this format - Faces of EUROSPINE: Name: Raquel Madeira Gonçalves Joining year: 2015

Nowadays, I am investigator at i3S, Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde at Porto, Portugal. I engaged in the area of intervertebral disc research in 2009, when I participate in a EU project.

understanding the role of mesenchymal stem/ stromal cells on disc degeneration, using more advanced models of research and high-throughput tools, that allow us to go deeply in the knowledge about intervertebral disc cells.

What was the reason for joining EUROSPINE? I want to learn more with clinicians and understand the most relevant clinical problems that my engineering background could help. Also, I wanted to present our basic research work to the European community of researchers.

What do you think the clinical outcome of the study will change for patients? Our research can impact on the field of cell therapies for low back pain and disc degeneration, by providing knowledge about the cell mechanisms in the degenerated intervertebral disc microenvironment. Moreover, this research could help to design novel therapies that aim to restore the intervertebral disc, avoiding surgery.

Did participating in EUROSPINE activities help you for your network and research? Where are you from, where Yes, particularly in Portugal. Nowadays, I know do you practice, where did that many Portuguese clinicians are aware about you study, what is your our research in the disc field because our work speciality etc.? was presented in EUROSPINE meetings. I am originally from Lisbon, Portugal, and I have studied Chemical Engineering What did you participate in so far? at Instituto Superior Técnico, where I later did my I participated in the annual meetings since 2015. PhD in Biotechnology, more precisely in stem cell expansion,in collaboration with the University of Why do you think the research you have been Nevada, Reno, USA. funded for is important? The EUROSPINE funded projects have focused on

For your research group, does this mean that you will go further ahead and will apply for further funding? Yes, we have been also applying for funding in other calls and other sources, to go further on our research. Do you think that the application process was smooth with EUROSPINE? Yes, the application process is very smooth.

PIONEERING Visit us at Booth #20



Stop by our booth to test drive ExcelsiusGPS® |

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ISSUE 2 | THURSDAY, 20 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

Our Social Media Reporters

What are you looking forward to as a social media reporter? Having fun keeping people informed about the scientific and social highlights and maybe amusing a few with items like pictures of the past Presidents beautiful balls Why are social media so relevant for communication? Short sweet coverage of hot topics.

Name: Phil Sell Joining year: 1994

What is your goal as a social media reporter at the congress? Where are you from, what is your background? My goal is that at the end of my conference Leicester, UK. Home of Leicester City football club, tweets, the delegates should be able to reflect Leicester Tigers Rugby club, and burial place of on their professional practice, complete their King Richard III, killed in battle, who was known own professional development plan for to have a large scoliosis. Enjoyed myself whacking appraisal and revalidation and most importantly balls around Europe when I was EUROSPINE understand irony , satire and false news. President. Leicester FC

Scoliosis of Richard III

the Past President’s balls

Name: Clemens Weber Joining year: 2016 Where are you from, what is your background? I am a neurosurgeon from Germany, currently working in Stavanger, Norway. I am also a junior board member of the Eurospine Foundation. What are you looking forward to as a social media reporter? I am looking forward to keep friends and colleagues updated on scientific and social news from Eurospine 2018 in Barcelona. Why are social media so relevant for communication? More and more spine experts, hospitals, scientific journals but also patients are using social media to inform and get informed about news and content about the spine. What is your goal as a social media reporter at the congress? My goal as a social media reporter is to keep EUROSPINE participants updated on what is going on at the congress and to reach out to those colleagues and friends that are not attending Eurospine and keep them informed.

Name: Angelo Fragarkis Joining year: 2016

What was the reason for joining EUROSPINE? Was there a positive influence of your membership in regards to exchange with colleagues and Where are you from, where learning so far? do you practice, where did Throughout my studies I have been always you study, what is your fascinated by the spinal pathophysiology and speciality etc.? attended over the years a number of courses I was born in Greece and within different societies. Nevertheless despite received my medical and their indubitable importance, I always felt that specialisation degrees in T&O from the University was challenging to establish and maintain an of Naples, Italy. During my specialisation I had the interpersonal relationship. However this is not the opportunity to work in the National Spinal Injury case with Eurospine where there is a sense of Centre for Paraplegics in Toledo, Spain. I continued belonging to a bigger family. my academic and professional growth in UK obtaining an MD degree in research from the Another reason for joining EUROSPINE was the University of Leeds, where I am also a honorary well-structured basic and advanced diplomas. lecturer. I have been a spinal fellow of Leeds Attending the Education Weeks helped me to General Infirmary and Stoke Mandeville, with next reshape my knowledge in a more systematic destination the Great Ormond Street Hospital. manner and provided the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues in a very dynamic and

Michael Ogon 1960–2018

We are mourning a warmhearted, wonderful colleague and friend. We owe him so much: As a highly esteemed spine surgeon and scientist he was dedicated, helpful and supportive to our society on so many levels. For many years he was a very active member of our Executive Committee, holding positions like treasurer and eventually becoming our president. Michael was heading the comprehensive Spine Centre at the Orthopaedic Hospital ViennaSpeising in Wien, Austria, for the past 16 years. He eventually became in charge of both the spine

surgery as well as the conservative medicine department. Michael Ogon passed away unexpectedly on 10 September 2018 at the age of 58. Our deepest sympathies are with his wife Eva and his five children. We miss him so much. The Executive Committee and Staff on behalf of EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe Michael Ogon’s official EUROSPINE functions President: 2016 Treasurer: 2011–2012 Chair Nomination Committee: 2017 Local Host: Annual Meeting Vienna 2010 and Spring Meeting 2018

vibrant setting. We have also created a WhatsApp group between few of us to keep in touch and discuss clinical cases, even if we live miles apart from each other. Would you recommend to join EUROSPINE and if yes, why? The beauty of the spinal field is that except for few well standardised concepts, for all the rest, different solutions can be considered for the same problem. In such a dynamic setting you need a highly qualified and friendly environment to share your scientific dilemmas. If you are looking for a spinal society built around you, allowing to enhance your professional growth and develop an international network in a friendly and supportive environment, then I could not recommend enough EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe.

ISSUE 2 | THURSDAY, 20 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

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What to do in a day in Barcelona? compiled a list of the best spots you need to visiting Barcelona for just a day! So without further ado, here you go! Beginning a day trip, you should almost always start out from the heart of a city and move out from there. In Barcelona, this is the Plaça de Catalunya. It is a beautiful plaza on its own with trees and fountains and a great photo op. This is also where Barcelona’s tourism head office is located so you can help yourself to brochures, guides, maps and much more. You can also talk to a representative for the best spots. But whatever you decide to do, you need to move quick! You only have a day and not a lot of daylight hours to get what you want to do. Next stop should be Casa Batlló. This is one of the many famous structures made by Antoni Gaudí. This is one of his most famous houses. A ticket is €18 and every Euro is worth it. The house is an architectural marvel. The guide is done via audio and concludes with you looking at the dragon like roof.

Barcelona is a large and beautiful place – you cannot experience the feel the amazing city provides simply by reading about it.

From here you absolutely have to move on to Anton Gaudí’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Família Church. This church is widely considered to be Gaudí’s magnum opus and for good reason. It is

Planning a day in Barcelona but you do not want to spend money on a travel guide who might not even show you all the great spots? We have



: C E R V I C A L


Next stop – The Gothic Quarter! This is the place that saw the most development in Barcelona’s golden age during the 13th to 15th century. The buildings here have quite well earned the Gothic moniker as the dark and somewhat eerie buildings will still amaze you with the distinct beauty. You can spend an entire week here but recommended spots are the Picasso Museum or the Palau de Musica. Ending your day, you should then move onto the Castell Montjuïc which is a magical experience around sundown. This place also has a Magic Fountain which is a fantastic visual within itself. The Castell Montjuïc is situated at some height so it gives an amazing view of the city at sunset. The Magic Fountain does not do a show all the time and if you want to catch one you will need to plan it out! Between 20 and 22 September the show is at 21:30 for one hour. If you attend you can end your day with an amazing show!






also considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. You will have to pick your jaw up from your floor looking at the coral like structure. Entry tickets cost €20 and are purchased for certain time slots.

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4 0






F O L L O W - U P

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ISSUE 2 | THURSDAY, 20 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

Have an additional day? Here’s what to do! attention. But one of the benefits of this is that there are not going to be a lot of people there. So you can enjoy these spots in peace!

If you had a day out in Barcelona and followed our guide, you probably must have only visited the spots we recommended and that means you visited the best and most popular sites in Barcelona to see. But if you have an additional day in Barcelona and do not know what to do with your time, well fret no further as we have gone through some other places that are perfect for a day’s visit in Barcelona. Granted, these places are not the most famous of places but they are still worth a visit. It would not be false to say that much of these places in Barcelona are underrated and deserve a lot more

Park Güell While it may be a bit crowded since it is garden complex after all, you can visit Park Güell. Another one of Gaudí’s works is an absolute marvel to be at. You do not want to skip any of this since the tile work alone is enough to take your breath away. The view from one of the park’s terraces will then proceed to take the breath that was left away as well. This view is best enjoyed at night as the orange lights come on illuminating Barcelona. A favourite thing of many tourists to do is to get some wine, cheese and meats to fully enjoy the European experience on offer in a picnic. La Rambla If you were done with the La Sagrada Família there is a street not far by with a lot to offer. With the statue of Christopher Columbus by the sea you will find probably the most famous street in all of Barcelona.

La Rambla is best experienced by walking, so you would have to abandon any and all transportation for an amazing experience. La Rambla is a 1.2-kilometre-long walk full of fresh fruit and produce, kiosks, coffee shops and other attractions. It has earned high praise from visitors who marvel at the lights and wonderful atmosphere during the night in the stretch. This street is banked by two of Barcelona’s most famous places with the Plaça de Catalunya towards the middle, the Barri Gotic to the east and the El Raval towards the west. This is the area to be if you want to see Barcelona’s most famous attractions and want to see them quick. La Rambla has earned historical praise for its vibrancy but has also earned a bit of a misfortunate reputation in recent times because of opportune thieves looking to make a quick buck. Still whatever the case may be, both of the above mentioned locations will require a huge chunk of your time and if you find yourself a day extra, these are the perfect places to go!

Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudí was born in the Catalan village of Riudoms or Reus and from the start of his life, he was fascinated by nature and its structures. Gaudí was forced to serve in the military as a part of compulsory service but had to drop out due to his health, something he struggled with the rest of his life. But with this free time, Gaudí was able to invest his interest in structures by studying at the Llotja School and then later the Barcelona Higher School of Architecture. If there was a phrase to describe Antoni Gaudí and his work, it would absolutely be “mad genius”. Even the director of the Barcelona Architecture School, Elies Rogent, proclaimed that they were in the presence of a genius or mad man during his nature he thought it had with is extremely unique, His greatest work however, is yet to be created, graduation ceremony in 1878. almost unrealistic designs. even after his death. In his final years, Gaudí focused all of his energy into the Sagrada Família, And almost a century, we see the exact push and Gaudí’s designs are out of this world. It’s as if which would become the tallest, most complex pull of his mind so precisely described by his something from a Salvador Dali painting has come Church in all of Europe. He focused his last mentor in his beautiful work. His work is so out of its frame and adorned the streets of Spain. eleven years on earth on the Sagrada Família versatile, unique it holds its own singularity in the But they aren’t just for show. Gaudí’s underbefore being hit by a tram and dying in 1926. history of architecture, as he did not conform to standing of structure and support are nothing present architecture trends, nor is he susceptible short of master engineering. Integrating catenary The foundation for the Sagrada Família was laid trends starting from his own complex work. His curves, hyperbolic paraboloids, hyperboloids and down in 1883 when Gaudi was just 31 and work, still in active construction, lives on, making helicoids, he designed his structures to be although he may not be alive to see it, the Sagrada an immeasurable effect on architecture for years extremely dynamic. Família has entered its final phase of construction and years to come. and it could be completed as early as 2026. The And for the rest of his life, Antoni Gaudí works overseer of the project, Jordi Fauli, looks to th Gaudí sought inspiration from the late 19 century changed the landscape of Barcelona forever. Some complete Gaudí’s vision to erect six magnificent gothic architecture, even as they were running out of his work include Casa Vicens, Parc Güell, overarching towers to raise the “Tower of Jesus” of style and favor. Gaudí took this Revival Gothic Colonia Güell and Casa Milà. to 172.5 meters, making it the tallest structure in inspiration and decided to build on the ‘imperfect’ all of Barcelona and the tallest church in Europe.

ISSUE 2 | THURSDAY, 20 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

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Programme Highlights: 20 September 2018 Honorary Members 2018 11:30-11:50 Plenary Hall

Degenerative Thoracolumbar Spine 8:30-10:00 Plenary Hall EUROSPINE Presidential Address 11:00-11:30 Plenary Hall EUROSPINE Medal Lecture 2018 10:30-11:00 Plenary Hall

EUROSPINE Lunch Symposium 4

EuSSAB 11:55-12:00 Plenary Hall

Refining your Osteotomy Technique

EUROSPINE Lunch Symposium 3

12:00-14:00 Room 111

Adolescent Spinal Deformities and Treatment Options

12:00-14:00 Room 112

Growing Spine, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 14:00-15:20 Plenary Hall

Adult Deformity, Epidemiology 15:50-17:05 Plenary Hall

EUROSPINE Member Cocktail and General Assembly 17:05-18:00 Room 111

OFFICIAL CONGRESS EVENING 20:00 Café del Mar – at own expense

New orthobiologic solutions


OsteoStrand & OsteoStrand Plus ™



Graft Delivery System

Advanced Demineralized Bone Fibers

D0001729A 2018 09

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ISSUE 2 | THURSDAY, 20 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

ISSUE 2 | THURSDAY, 20 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

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Burning Questions Voting Results Burning Questions Day 1 Today you will find two questions here which you can answer in the EUROSPINE conference app.

1. I am a spine surgeon. I would definitely attend a EUROSPINE diploma course on conservative management of spinal disorders.

1. A European Spine Diploma Exam would strengthen spine surgery as a subspecialty?

YES: 180

2. I would consider taking the exam (if I was still in training)?



NO: 61

2. I am a spine specialist but not a surgeon. I would definitely attend a EUROSPINE diploma course on conservative management of spinal disorders.

To participate, please use the EUROSPINE smartphone app (available at The results will be shown in tomorrow‘s issue. Thank you for your participation!


YES: 32

Patient Line website update Patient Line is part of EUROSPINE, whose goal is to provide up-to-date information to patients. It is managed and edited by a committee of experts from different disciplines, including clinicians and researchers, and the information is based on the most recent evidence. Patient Line offers public access to the accumulated know how and expertise represented by the members of EUROSPINE. Information is in accordance with the majority of the members and/or the literature.

With the brand new update the website is now available in 8 languages and will reach an even larger audience. The languages are: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish and Hebrew.

The platform allows patients to easily navigate and learn in simplified language on topics such as neck pain, low back pain and much more.

We believe that through this platform patients will have better satisfaction, confidence to manage their problems and ultimately better outcomes.


NO: 58

Curious Barcelona

Barcelona did not have any beach up until 1992! How peculiar! A city that is now called the ‘’best beach city’’ did not always have those beaches. It was during the preparation for the 1992 Olympics that the city saw massive development and the construction of the 7 beaches. It has a vibrant 4.5km long coastline with some of the world’s best beaches. Who would have thought they only recently came into being! Barcelona was the original intended home of the Eiffel Tower! Not Paris! Now this is due the city’s own behest since they did not allow the architect Gustave Eiffel’s project to erect in Barcelona simply because it was at too much odds to the local architecture itself. But if things had gone according to plan, one of the world’s most famous monuments today could have been in Barcelona! Barcelona is Europe’s largest cruise port! With the Mediterranean Sea right next to the city, over 3.6 million boats, cruisers and other water bodies pass through this port every year.

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