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ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

Welcome Message of the President Dear members, colleagues, guests and friends, It is my pleasure and a great honour to welcome you to the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting 2018 in Barcelona, the beautiful and world famous pearl at the Mediterranean Sea. This Annual Meeting marks 20 years of EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe. EUROSPINE, as the largest spine society in Europe with its constantly growing number of members, gives us the opportunity to continuously expand the horizon of knowledge and research with regards to excellent spine care. During our Annual Meeting several thousand participants from more than 80 countries gather with their colleagues to exchange knowledge, skills and the latest advances in research and clinical findings in order to improve our patients’ treatment and ensure the best spine care possible. Among other amazing things, this meeting happens to take place in one of the most striking conference places. Our venue is the CCIB, Barcelona International Convention Center, a very modern location which offers all amenities one can expect.

programme ready, which offers ample opportunity to establish new contacts and deepen existing ones. Enjoy the local attractions such as museums and ancient history of the lovely city.

you will enjoy networking and learning about the best in spine, all that is left for me is to once again welcome you all in Barcelona to our EUROSPINE Annual Meeting 2018 for our 20th anniversary.

Our local hosts Luis Alvarez, Ferran Pellisé and Juan Bago keep a very diverse networking

As I am really excited and looking forward to sharing these four days with you and hoping that

Frank Kandziora EUROSPINE President 2017–2018

Bienvenidos – Benvinguts!

The 2018 annual EUROSPINE meeting and congress in Barcelona is the scientific highlight of the year for all spine professionals and experts in Europe and beyond.

EUROSPINE 2018 does not only provide its visitors with an outstanding scientific programme and the latest in spine research, treatment methods, and healthcare, it also allows for numerous opportunities to meet renowned specialists from all continents and mingle with your colleagues from around the globe. EUROSPINE 2018 takes place at the CCIB – the Barcelona International Convention Centre, which is conveniently located close to the heart of the city. The CCIB also stands out for it’s modern presentation amenities and offers excellent access to the city’s public transportation system and many hotels in walking distance. Just the perfect place to focus on spine! With 4.7 million people, Barcelona is the capital city of the community of Catalonia and the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. It has a lot to offer, we would like to encourage you to check out the numerous cultural and architectural prospects. EUROSPINE 2018 provides a very attractive programme which will allow all meeting participants to enjoy striking presentations,

excellent seminars and research panels, allowing you to take up-the latest information and techniques and to bring them back home. Welcome to Barcelona! Luis Alvarez Galovich, Ferran Pellisé, Juan Bago Local Hosts 2018

Welcome Reception Join us today at 17:30 at the EUROSPINE booth to toast to EUROSPINE’s 20th Anniversary and take advantage of the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with the finest minds in spine care that have shaped EUROSPINE since its beginnings and made it a world-class organisation!

ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

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12 Months of EUROSPINE Events two day live educational event

CAOS-EUROSPINE Degenerative Disease of Spine and Spinal Trauma Course EUROSPINE collaborated with the Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons in a two day live educational event in Wuhan, China. The trauma module (module 4) and the degenerative module (module 2) were delivered by a combined faculty from Europe and China. The Chinese faculty was Professor Yan Wang, Professor Yong Hai, Professor Fang Li, Professor Feng Li, Professor Yu Liang, Professor Baoge Liu, and Professor Yong Qiu. The EUROSPINE faculty was Professor Bernhard Meyer, Doctor Joerg Franke, Professor Thomas Blattert and Mr Phil Sell. This was a continuation of the delivery of the European spine education programme that began with module 1 in Xi’an, China in October 2016. The language for the classroom components of modules was English. There were around 30 delegates at the event with live streaming to a further 300. Case based discussion built upon the

interactive lectures. The cadaveric workshops were taught in Chinese with the European faculty acting as moderators and facilitating questions. Live streaming of the workshops reached out to 4000 delegates. The perception was one of eager learning and active sharing of ideas and technology. 68 participants

EUROSPINE Advanced Course 2017

and advanced operative techniques module also included a practical workshop in the cadaver laboratory. The Revisions and complications management module provided opportunities for practical workshops with bone models and Real Spine simulators, including minimally invasive procedures. For the second time, we had a wonderful collaboration with Real Spine and wish to thank staff for the support provided during the workshop. If they wished to, participants could also learn about our partner’s latest innovations during the Innovation Hour that took place after the first day sessions.

The second Advanced Course took place in Strasbourg, France past October. 68 participants Congratulations representing 25 countries worldwide attended this activity. Countries most represented were Germany (n=14), Egypt, Italy, Spain and Switzerland (n=5) and Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom (n=4). The main specialties represented were neurosurgery (n=30), spinal surgery (n=19) and orthopaedic surgery (n=17). The two modules required to obtain the EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma took place during this Advanced Course. Both sessions were highly interactive with case based discussions and included group work. The Extended indications

First EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma graduate We are happy to announce that Dr. Matthias Spalteholz has recently received the first ever EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma after obtaining the EUROSPINE Diploma, completing 2 modules of the Advanced Course and a 12-months fellowship validated by EUROSPINE. Congratulations from all of us at the EUROSPINE family to Dr. Spalteholz!

Low-dose image enhancement platform LessRay* is an image-enhancement platform which seamlessly integrates with a standard C-arm and substantially improves the quality of low-dose images. When viewed on LessRay, these images have similar diagnostic capabilities to full-dose images. This proprietary imaging algorithm results in significantly reduced radiation emissions in the OR.1 Also included are tools designed to increase OR efficiency through streamlined surgical workflow and redefined anatomical visualization.

Visit to learn more.

Wang TY, Farber SH, Perkins SS, et al. Internally randomized control trial of radiation exposure using ultra-low radiation imaging versus traditional C-arm fluoroscopy for patients undergoing single-level minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. Spine 2017;42(4);217-23.

NuVasive, Inc. 7475 Lusk Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121 USA +1 800.475.9131


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ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

recommendations, tips and tools they were given during the morning sessions. Groups reconvened and debated their findings with the faculty.

Interactive Porto


Spring Speciality Meeting

Strategies to prevent spinal disability Cairo

EUROSPINE Research Symposium at 7th Annual Meeting of the Egyptian Spine Association (ESA) and 11th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Cervical Spine Society (APCSS) The research symposium took place 9 November 2017 in Cairo. Rachid Salmi, EUROSPINE TFR Research Course Director and EUROSPINE Members Ahmed Shawky and Nasir Quraishi were representatives of the society. The objective of the Symposium, a parallel two-hour session during the meeting, was to sensitize surgeons to the importance of research on spinal disorders and provide information on EUROSPINE activities in terms of support for research (training and funding). The symposium had two parts: 1) Clinical research on spine disorders: What should you read and what should you publish? How to make your research relevant for clinical practice? and 2) Opportunities for training and funding in Egypt, and at EUROSPINE.

How to prevent spinal disability? This was the theme of a 2-day Spring Speciality Meeting recently organised by EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe, in Vienna. Spinal disorders are the leading cause for loss of quality of life and disability worldwide. 11 NGOs and participants from 28 countries recently discussed prevention strategies of spinal disability in Vienna at EUROSPINE’s Spring Specialty Meeting. Prof. Frank Kandziora, President of EUROSPINE and co-host of the event, was very satisfied with the result. „The event has shown that we have a responsibility for society as a whole. Only together – from doctors, insurers and politicians to researchers – we can manage the global burden deriving from degenerative spinal diseases“.

Third Time in Toulouse

Critical Appraisal of the Spine Literature The 2018 Critical Appraisal of the Spine Literature course took place in Toulouse, France on 11 January 2018. This is the third time that the course is organised in partnership with IFEC (Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie) and hosted at the IFEC locale in Toulouse. 5 countries worldwide were represented: Germany (n=1), Switzerland (n=1), United Kingdom (n=1) and we had one participant from the Syrian Arab Republic, currently located in the United Arab Emirates. Most students came from France (n=11).

7th annual global spine congress

EUROSPINE supports Global Spine Congress

EUROSPINE, the largest international spine society in the world, held a lunch symposium on „Cervical Spine Injuries“ at the 7th Annual Global Spine Congress from 2–5 May 2018. EUROSPINE supported AOSpine, the second largest spine society worldwide, at its scientific annual congress. The GSC is one of the biggest gatherings for thousands of spine surgeons from all over the world. The congress provides an outstanding forum to exchange ideas, network with fellow Specialties represented were clinician or student spine professionals, and to learn about the latest chiropractors (n=12), one of which also a research, techniques, and technologies in spine veterinary chiropractor, a neurosurgeon, an surgery. Prof. Kandziora, Chief Physician of the orthopaedic spine surgeon and a representative Spine Centre at BGU Frankfurt and current from the implant industry. The morning was EUROSPINE President, who had taken over the dedicated to lectures delivered by world-class chairmanship of the symposium, said: „I am very faculty and covering introduction to critical pleased to be able to support our friends from appraisal of the literature, randomised controlled AOSpine.“ AOSpine and EUROSPINE will continue trials and cohort studies. Most of the afternoon their cooperation in the future. The next step will was dedicated to workshops. Participants were be a joint spring symposium at EUROSPINE’s divided in small working groups and were tasked upcoming Spring Specialty Meeting, due to take to do a critical appraisal of an article, based on the place from 2 to 3 May 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.

13 participants bravely faced an extraordinary storm in Porto to take part in the EUROSPINE 2018 TFR Course “How to make your research more relevant, feasible and publishable”. This highly interactive course was hosted by Professor Paulo Pereira on 12–16 March 2018 at the Crowne Plaza in Porto, Portugal. Each day of the course was divided into lectures about the theory and methodology of clinical research and provided insight on how to properly design a study. Cohort studies, sample size calculation and qualitative studies were also discussed. Lectures were followed by practical workshops. Participants were grouped in small teams allowing for a high level of interaction in each group. On day one, the groups were asked to formulate a research question and derive a hypothesis for the evaluation of a treatment intervention. One group wanted to investigate OLIF effectiveness versus MISS-TLIF in improving functional outcome for degenerative grade I/II spondylolisthesis, another group explored if patient-tailored early rehabilitation improves disability of patients with residual post-surgery low back pain. The third group decided to conduct a multicentric superiority randomised controlled trial on a novel M6-L lumbar prosthesis as an alternative to anterior lumbar fusion in the assessment of adults with degenerative disc disease (DDD). In the following days and with guidance from the faculty, each group had to start designing their studies based on the research question formulated on the first day. The teams then started planning participants selection, data collection and started planning their sample size calculation. On the fourth day of this intense week, participants were given the opportunity to experience a focus group. This session was especially designed to illustrate how focus group methods can be used to define disability. Finally, the groups were left to work on their own to prepare their podium presentations, which were commented and assessed by the faculty on the final day of the course. During the week, participants also had the opportunity to hear first-hand from the European

Spine Journal chief editor, Professor Gunzburg, about how the review and publication process works. They were given expert tips for their future publications. The use of Spine Tango registry data for clinical research was also explained by Dr Mannion and on the last day of the course Professor Nordin, EUROSPINE Past-President and a highly experienced researcher, gave her views on why research is rewarding (and fun).

ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

Lunch Symposium

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this year’s Education Week was a success. Case discussions, question & answer sessions as well as practical workshops in the Cadaver Laboratory or Simulator Laboratory were an integral part of the programme this year again to guarantee a high leEUROSPINE, the largest spine society in Europe, vel of interactivity. Participants and faculty had the supported World Spinal Column Society during its About Wings for Life World Run: The Wings for Life opportunity to discuss, debate, reflect and share 8th annual meeting between 13–18 April 2018 in World Run is a global charity event with a unique, their experience during sessions and workshops. Porto, Portugal. EUROSPINE held a lunch symposi- and uniquely fun, format. It’s a worldwide run Overall, 130 surgeons representing 30 countries um addressing the topic of “Revision Spine Surge- where everybody starts simultaneously and the worldwide attended EUROSPINE Education Week, ry” that was attended by more than 200 mainly finish line chases you! 100% of all entry fees and some of them attending several modules througneurosurgical participants from more than 30 all donations raised through fundraising campaigns hout the week. The most represented countries countries. Prof. Kandziora, EUROSPINE President go directly to life-changing spinal cord research were Germany (n=25), Switzerland (n=21), United said: „We, EUROSPINE, as a multidisciplinary spine projects and clinical trials at renowned universities Kingdom (n=11), Denmark (n=7) and Spain (n=7). society, are very pleased that we can support our and institutes worldwide. The nonprofit Wings for Other European countries were well represented neurosurgical colleagues in their excellent deveLife Spinal Cord Research Foundation is a driving and participants from Asia, the Middle East and Aflopment. The World Spinal Column Society has force behind the mission. Save the date for next rica also attended the Education Week. It was also become an excellent platform for the exchange year‘s World Run: 5 May 2019 a pleasure to welcome participants and faculty of neurosurgical innovation in recent years. „ members from the two Advanced Modules at the EUROSPINE and the World Spinal Column Society A great Success Biocluster of nearby hotel Les Haras for the very are collaborating to support each other in further first time during an Education Week. The practical developing the field of spinal disorders workshops at the Cadaver and Simulator Laboratory were also appreciated by the learners, as 395 km with 34 team members they not only allow for hands-on practice, but also allow for interaction in smaller group with faculty members and colleagues. We wish to congratulate the participants who were awarded the EUROSPIThanks to the 53 renowned and dedicated faculty NE Diploma this year. The 2018 EUROSPINE diploThat was quite something – what an amazing members, to IRCAD’s and Biocluster’s very mates are now eligible to obtain the EUROSPINE experience! #TeamEUROSPINE was able to run 395 professional staff and to the support of our partAdvanced Diploma once they will have competed km (+97% compared to 2017) with 34 team mem- ners (Cerapedics, GCCI Medical, HTWK Leipzig, the two advanced modules and obtained validatibers (+10 compared to last year) for those who Medtronic, Nuvasive, Spineart, Zeiss and Zimmer) on by EUROSPINE of their 6-months fellowship.

EUROSPINE at World Spine 8

#TeamEUROSPINE did amazing @WFL World Run

can‘t. This year we had branded team shirts to give the team a face, even if we were not all running together in one place. Our supporters were located in AT, BE, CH, DE, IT, NO, UK and USA. A big shout out and thank you to #TeamEUROSPINE!

Education Week 2018: Great discussions and exchange during sessions and workshops

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ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

12 Must See Places in Barcelona Barcelona is the city that offers itself to the curious and to the ones with an adventurous soul. The very essence of Barcelona is brimming with art and wonder, the city almost like a fantasy world full of the wonderful creations of Antoni Gaudi. From the great Sagrada Familia to the coast of Barcelona, to the hundreds of churches and cathedrals that adorn the streets, to the lively celebratory nature of the people that it more Barcelona than what the buildings make it. More than the sights, the people are worth seeing, as they are what makes it worth it. Here are top ten places that are a must visit in Barcelona, and if locals are there, it’ll make it all more worth it! 1. Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia has been in construction since 1886 and has been Antoni’ Gaudi project that he was not able to complete in his life. His vision for the project however, still lives on almost a hundred years after his death. The Sagrda Familia is in its last stages of construction and it might be completed as soon as 2026. Sagrada Familia is the tallest church in all of Europe and Barcelona as well as shows off Antoni Gaudi’s genius mind in the perfect way. Six tall towers with an almost alien like base and complex structure with catenary curves, hyperbolic paraboloids, hyperboloids and helicoids, he designed his structure to be extremely dynamic. Visit the Sagrada Familia to witness Europe’s best holy structure in its tallest state yet.

all of Europe, the MACBA is Barcelona’s modern art museum. Designed by Richard Meier, an American architect, the MACBA has hosted some of the most impressive displays of history and art by modern artists of the 20th and 21st century since it’s opening in 1995.

hospital in 2009 after it’s opening in 1930. Today the Sant Pau hospital is open to the public as a center of culture and museum.

6. Mirador de Colom Mirador de Colom is a structure that stands at the end of the pier of La Rambla, paying homage to Christopher Columbus who visited the Catalan capital before he set sail to America. The monument is a tower that you can view the rest of the city from. Access to the top can be provided by elevator.

11. Montjuïc Castle The Montjuïc hill houses the castle at the very tall since the 17th century, first constructed as a military base and fortress. It was also used as a military base and prison in the civil war. It is now open to the public as a museum. It is sort of a climb to get to the top and some people overlook it, but it’s absolutely worth climbing up to see the Montjuïc Castle.

9. Joan Samaranch Olympic Museum The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona opened the rest of the world’s eyes to Barcelona and it became an international phenomenon for tourists. Ever since 4. Picasso Museum then, the Joan Samaranch Olympic Museum is a Pablo Picasso might be one of the best artists of the last century, his work has embedded itself into heartfelt tribute to the sporting event to make Barcelona into the city that is today. It features art history and it’ future. Barcelona, the city that made Pablo Picasso into what he is, celebrates his interactive displays and exhibitions and hosts live sporting events as well. life and work through the Picasso Museum that stands at Carrer Montcada. 10. Agbar Tower The Agbar tower is the newest addition to the 5. Barcelona Cathedral skyline of Barcelona, the Agbar Tower is built in The Barcelona Cathedral or formally known as Aigues de Barcelona for the city’s water company. “The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint th Eulalia” is a 13 century cathedral that stands as a French architect Jean Nouvel built the tower to testimony to the history and culture of Barcelona. hold some 4,500 LED lights so that at night time, And to many people’s misconception, the Sagrada they illuminate the night and act as sort of a light Familia is not even a cathedral. The Barcelona house in the middle of the city. It also integrates Cathedral is a humble structure showcasing what smart temperature control system which uses inspired Barcelona to be what it is. automatic sensors to control blinds.

7. Camp Nou Stadium Camp Nou Stadium is perhaps as religious as the 2. Park Güell churches themselves since it attracts patrons from It’s hard to avoid Gaudi if you’re roaming Barcelona, some would say it’s avoiding Barcelona all over the world. Especially during the season, itself If you’re ignoring Gaudi. Park Güell is one of fans of FC Barcelona and football in general have the most popular outdoor attractions. It was first to visit Camp Nou to watch their favorite players built as a revolutionary housing estate and Antoni and heroes in action. Camp Nou also holds the FC Barcelona Museum that displays the history of Gaudi along with his Eusebi Güell originally the team, their achievements, trophies, original planned to construct a model home. Funding for football shirts and other memorabilia. the house project was pulled and once it was abandoned, the area was reconstructed into a public park after it was donated to the local council. 8. Sant Pau Hospital Ever associate beauty with a hospital? The San Pau Hospital stands as one of the most beautiful 3. MACBA hospitals even though it stopped functioning as a One of the leading institutions of preservation in

12. Port Vell Aerial Tramway The Port Aerial Tramway is an airborne cabin that takes people from the Port Vell to the slopes of Montjuïc. It was first opened in 1931 and at first it went straight to the peak of Montjuïc but ever since the Civil War, the Tramway suffered great damage and it was re-opened as a new tramway and has since become a popular attraction for tourists for great views of the city.

ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

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Crossword Puzzle

The first three fully solved puzzles that are either published and tagged 3 #EUROSPINE2018 will receive a small prize at the EUROSPINE stand. 1 4


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1. inflammation of vertebrae 2. part of the spine that consists of 7 vertebrae 3. situated away from the centre of the body 4. a state of infection of tissue due to disease-producing bacteria or toxins 5. surgical transection of a nerve root

1. how old is EUROSPINE (number) 2. where will EUROSPINE 2019 take place? 3. most famous architect in Barcelona 4. what food is Barcelona known for? 5. a metallic element used to make surgical implants

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ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

Current Events in Barcelona September is perhaps the best time to visit Barcelona to get an authentic look at the city. The tourists are all leaving and those summer vacation months that bring in the heaviest crowds have subsided. The Barcelona locals are back from their own vacations and city has this ‘normal, everyday life’ feel to it. It’s life as it is and you get to experience it first hand.

Festa al Cel

Festa al Cel is an air show that takes place from the 22–23 September that showcases acrobatic aero planes above Catalan skies. Aviation enthusiast and curious locals gather to see the acrobatics of skilled pilots who embellish the weather. Not only will you see the usual crop duster, but historic planes, military planes and Barcelona weather still shines in September, you’ll even fighter jets in actions. get to enjoy a lot of warmth and sunshine, which is the perfect setting for some of the best events Magic nights at Casa Batlló this fall season has to offer you. On top of Gaudi’s architectural jewel you will have the chance to end the evening with an elegant Party at the La Merce (21-24 September) open-air concert with a view over the city. La Merce is the one of the most anticipated events Depending on the evening you will hear Blues, of the year in Barcelona as the entire city comes Swing, Jazz, Disco or more. out to celebrate the end of the summer, a tradition first started to celebrate the life of patron Picasso Discovers Paris saint of Barcelona, the Virgin of Grace. The Gothic quarter and Placa Juame I are at the center On 21 September 2018 this new exhibition will of these celebrations. You’ll see a lot of Castellers start at the Barcelona Picasso Museum. The (human towers). Street art, parades, concerts such exhibition focuses on the early years of the as BAM(Barcelon Accio Musical) will be hosting spanish painter. Picasso moved to Barcelona when a myriad of artists from all over the country and he was 14 years and the city played a key role in even Portugal. his development. Also the influence of his first two Paris visits is shown. Many artists as Manet, Celebrations last four days and after the four days, Degas, Cézanne and Gauguin are shown. the entire city gathers to witness an amazing display of fireworks, to mark an end to the event. Gu-Inno-Vart Summer nights at Poble Espanyol This series of events consists of a set of cultural and leisure activities ranging from music, comedy to films. This Thursday you will able to enjoy some of the best blues alfresco in the small and calm venue by Capibola Blues, the Blues School of Barcelona.

20 Anniversary Photo Challenge And the winners are... Tobias Lagerbäck who wins a ticket to the EUROSPINE 2018 congress evening at Café del Mar Lounge worth €85 (1st prize), Takeshi Aoyama who gets a supercool #TeamEUROSPINE running shirt (2nd prize) and Kelly Graber who is in for a surprise gift (3rd prize). Congratulations to all of you!

First words to get Around

The official presentation of all winners will be during the Welcome Reception at the EUROSPINE booth on Wednesday, 19 September 2018 from 17:30–18:30

CATALÀ Hola Adéu Bon dia Bona tarda Bona nit Si us plau Perdoni Gràcies De res

Turbulencias at the Caixaforum shows the works of 20 different contemporary artists. The works wish to inspire the visitor to reflect on the world that surrounds us. Visit Camp Nou

September is the start of the football season and for fans of FC Barcelona, the Camp Nou is like a The Music Museum reviews the 10 years since the church they have to visit to pay their respects. death of Josep Guinovart by traveling through the Take chance to see your heroes in action in their music styles which inspired the work of the artists. own backyard. If you aren’t able to score tickets You will see a reinterpretation of flamenco jondo for upcoming matches, the local bars and cafes singing, how Verdi’s Aida is staged in a picture, provide an excellent alternative, getting as rowdy how a trumpet player hides behind the curtain or as the stadium itself. how blues becomes a color. Visit the Beach


We are happy to announce the three winners of the 20th Anniversary photo contest „My 1st EUROSPINE experience“:

Turbulence. La Caixa contemporary art collection

CASTELLANO Hola Adiós Buenos días Buenas tardes Buenas noches Por favor Perdone Gracias De nada

The beach is almost empty during late September but not because the temperatures are falling. In fact, the temperatures are extremely welcoming, warm and just right to get a good sun bathing in. The tourist crowd are all heading out, so it’ll just leave you and the locals, sometimes not even them. So you’ll have the entire beach to yourself, for a dream experience, watch the sunset along the horizon for the best time. Barcelona is brimming with life and art, it’s a city that offers itself to the curious and one with an adventurous soul. The Gaudi network of structures that encapsulate the city give it an almost fiction like aura will guide anyone who wonders the beautiful city. The September time weather lend itself to the adventurer, as temperatures are at their most comfortable.

ENGLISH Hello Goodbye Good morning Good afternoon Good night Please Sorry Thanks You’re welcome

ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

| 08

Dining in Barcelona Barcelona is a petri dish, growing a culture of some of the best restaurants in the world. The home land to one of the best chefs in the world, Ferran Adria, Barcelona sports an over encumbering supply of Spanish cuisine. Whether it be paella that you’re after, the maritime district of Barceloneta has got you covered, whether it be traditional Catalan dishes that the Bari Gotic or Gracia, you’ll be able to find plenty of tiled dining places to fulfill your tomato rubbed bread needs. You can’t have a hearty meal without the appetizing bite of your traditional Spanish tapas, now. Tapas are an integral part of Spanish cuisine and have evolved from a mere appetizer to being served as entire meals in restaurants all over the world. Today we’ll be going over a few restaurants in Barcelona that show off Spanish cuisine to its fullest. Can Culleretes Found in Barri Gotic, Can Culleretes is the second oldest restaurant in all of Spain. Adorned with oil paintings of previous happy partons (you could become an oil painting in the future as well if you’re not careful), the restaurant serves authentic Spanish cuisine such as the wild boar stew, pica pica, and the partridge amongst others.

into a tapas bar. El Portalon holds pride in its heritage and it unashamed to be old-fashioned. Pa amb tomaquet (bread spread with tomatoes), served casually with wine from terracotta jugs and alongside, charcuterie and cheese means a good time. Pla Pla is a romantic hideaway built in the historic brick arches of the building it occupies. It introduces and comfortably immerses it’s décor in modern artwork and paintjobs. Pla features a Mediterranean menu that includes appetizers such raspberry gazpacho, baba ganoush and smoked eel. For main courses, you can bet Can Culleretes offers mid-range prices and is often they have some good roast chicken with wild busy with tourists. mushrooms and seared tuna. But you don’t go to Pla for their roasted chicken (as good as it is). You Els Quatre Gats go to Pla for their desserts. Beautifully decorated What’s better than a restaurant called The Four plates of blood orange sorbets. Cats? A former hangout place for the likes of Picasso and his contemporizes, the Els Quatre Gats El Atril is decorated with tiles and oil paintings. It serves If it’s the season you want to experience, El Atril up Mediterranean cuisine but also acts like a café offers cuisine under the umbrella on the Placa de of sorts where patrons may sit back with a coffee Sant Cugat. The restaurant specializes in and take in the surrounding area. Moules-frites when in season and in what seems to be completely out of place yet so true to its El Portalon heritage, Kangaroo Steak. Enjoy a laid back slice of For a rugged, rustic feel, visit El Portalon, which Kangaroo steak for a pretty affordable price and was once a former medieval stable, now turned enjoy Barcelona as it’s finest!

History of Barcelona Barcelona is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, and the second largest municipality of Spain. Within the city limits 1.6 million citizens spread over 10 districts - with the neighboring municipalities this number increases to 4.8 million people, which makes it the sixth most populous urban area in the EU and the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean. Barcelona is one of the richest cities in Europe with regards to history and culture. It is also one of the oldest cities in the region. The residents of Barcelona are proud of the deep culture and history of their city. Origins of Barcelona The city has been inhabited by settlers as far as back in the Neolithic era. The first semblance of a city or a proper settlement came into being around 1BC when the Ancient Roman Empire colonized the area and named is Barcino. This is also when the settlement was surrounded by a defensive wall to protect some thousand

inhabitants in the city/settlement. Remnants of these ancient walls can still be seen in the old city. Barcelona at the time was ruled by Muslim emperors who ruled for over 200 years. These rulers were then thrown off their throne by the Christian Conquest and came under the rule of the Aragorn Crown. This period in Barcelona’s history is what made it what it is known to be today. The social, political and economic status of Barcelona was achieved during this medieval times. This lasted from the 13th to the 15th century and remnants of this success are still visible in the wealthy Gothic Quarter. Decline This success and fortune did not last. The city of Barcelona experienced major setbacks that declined its status in the region. This decline was a result of the Civil War from 1462 onwards. This war had weakened the ruling Crown. It is also because of the union of the two Catholic Monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand. This was done to unite the Castille Kingdom. The decline was also influenced by the conquest of America, decline in the importance of the Mediterranean and Turkey emerging as a powerful maritime force.

significant. This period is referred to as the Renaixenca. Art and culture grew under the care of the city’s industrial bourgeois. Madrid’s Nueva Planta was mirrored in the city’s development. These efforts culminated in the Eixample District where the modernist movement was focused.

Modern History The Civil War in 1936 and the following dictatorship was a setback for the city as many freedoms were restricted. But in the 1978, democracy was restored and Barcelona started to regain its economic strength. Catalan was also restored. Barcelona quickened its development as a result of two major events. Spain was added to the European Community in 1986. The EU funds helped to quicken the pace of the major developments across the city. In 1992, Barcelona Rise was host to the Olympic games and this further The city began to gain significance once more pushed the city’s development. Much around the th during the mid-19 century when the textile world, the city is known for being the origin of the industry had arrived and matured in the area. This Football Club Barcelona that has earned was also when Catalan regained importance and international recognition. Barcelona is considered its use as a literary language became the capital of Catalonia.

09 |

ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

Get in Touch with the EUROSPINE Team Join us at the EUROSPINE booth during the coming days to get to know the society and all aspects it has to offer. Our team is looking forward to get to know you.

Julie-Lyn Noël

Name: Years in team: 2 years Looking forward to at EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona: I look forward to the 20 years celebration of the EUROSPINE. Favourite part of the EUROSPINE year and why: I always love the Annual Meeting when a good representation of the spine community meets. It is always a good ambiance and in the good spirit of collegiality. What part of the spine do you identify most with? I identify with the cervical spine which basically supports the weight of the head. I compare this with my function too where I serve and support where I can the brilliant minds of the EUROSPINE leaders and members.

Sandy Sutter

Name: Years in team: 1 year and 3 months Looking forward to at EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona: Meeting our members. Favourite part of the EUROSPINE year and why: The Education Week! It is very exciting to see the courses come to life, see the CadLabs, SimLabs and the great exchange and discussions during the interactive sessions. What part of the spine do you identify most with? The lumbar spine.

Anna Faber

Name: Years in team: 7 years Looking forward to at EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona: A very special atmosphere true to the motto “Cheers to 20 Years”. Favourite part of the EUROSPINE year and why: The Annual Meeting – the moment of the year when the large EUROSPINE family gets together. What part of the spine do you identify most with? The spinal cord. It is essential as it allows for communication between the brain and the body. It affects the quality of life – like the way we communicate with others.

Judith Reichert Schild

Name: Years in team: forever Looking forward to at EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona: All the Jubilee Activities and the set-up of this years’ EUROSPINE Booth. Cheers to 20 years! Favourite part of the EUROSPINE year and why: Awesome and therefore really memorable conference dinner in the Liverpool Cathedral 2013 in terms of ambiance and food! Fabulous and comfortable CCDublin 2017 accompanied by a very welcoming and friendly Irish hospitality. More on the list, have to stop somewhere….* What part of the spine do you identify most with? Atlas. Because it is on the top and allows a greater range of motion than other vertebrae - and with this helps to satisfy my curiosity.

Claudia Ortner

Name: Years in team: almost 5 years (1 year baby break) Looking forward to at EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona: Celebrating or 20th anniversary with our existing and new members and the medal lecture given by Martin Schwab Favourite part of the EUROSPINE year and why: Our annual meeting, as this is the best occasion to meet our members in person. Moreover, it is the time of year when all our committee members come together to discuss the future or our society. It is a very busy week, but it is great to be part of it. What part of the spine do you identify most with? The lumbar spine, always trying to keep the balance!

The EUROSPINE Booth: Where is it located? What does it offer?

Exhibition Hall, Level 0

ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

| 10

Programme Highlights: 19 September 2018 Opening, Welcome and Introduction 8:30 Plenary Hall

Debates • eLearning, is it the future of spinal surgery education? • Low Back Pain: How specific can it ever be?

Non-operative Treatment, Medical Economics, New Techniques 8:40-10:00 Plenary Hall

EUROSPINE Lunch Symposium 2

10:30-12:00 Plenary Hall EUROSPINE Lunch Symposium 1

Surgical Management of Spinal Disorders in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Cervical and Thoracolumbar Osteotomies Surgical Video Session in cooperation with OOT

12:00-14:00 Room 112

Concurrent Sessions – QuickFires – Short Communications

12:00-14:00 Room 111

Degenerative Spine, Non-Operative Techniques

Concurrent Sessions – QuickFires – Short Communications

Concurrent Sessions – QuickFires – Short Communications Adult Deformity /  Growing Spine

14:00-15:20 Plenary Hall

Basic Science, Infection, Complication

14:00-15:20 Room 111

Degenerative Cervical Spine, Tumor 15:50-17:30 Plenary Hall Exhibition Opening & Welcome Reception 17:30-18:30 Exhibition Area & Entrance Foyer





T I - L I F E

14:00-15:20 Room 112







11 |

ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

Faces of EUROSPINE EUROSPINE has a very diverse memberbase – be it from specialities, experiences or nationalities. This diversity is our strength as during our conferences and meetings the exchange between our members allows growth on personal and professional level. We hope that you take the opportunity to meet many of your colleagues. Exemplary we have the honor to introduce some of our members to you in this format - Faces of EUROSPINE:

University of Bristol, running a project sponsored by the Medical Research Council looking at risk factors for the development of first-time low back pain. After this, I moved to the Schulthess Klinik and got more involved in clinical/ outcomes research, the field in which I now work and thoroughly enjoy.

interventions and their outcomes, and ensuring the data are used to produce high-quality research papers. What has changed in 20 years? Probably the now widespread and commonplace use of patientreported outcome measures as the primary determinant of the success (or otherwise) of our spine treatments.

What was the reason for joining EUROSPINE? I attended the first meeting of the combined societies of the European Spine Society and the European Spinal Deformities Society in Zürich in October 1996, presenting some of my early work done in the Schulthess Klinik on the microstructure of the paraspinal muscles in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. I really enjoyed it, and when the two societies then merged, it was the natural thing to do, to join the combined Spine Society of Europe (which then became EUROSPINE).

Has your membership positively influenced your knowledge exchange with other colleagues from around the globe and did it have an impact on your on ongoing training and education? Yes, indeed. Being part of the society, I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with Name: Anne Mannion like-minded colleagues with whom I have had Joining year: 1998 the good fortune to work on many collaborative projects. I consider my training and education Where are you from, where do you practice, to be an ongoing thing, which is always boosted where did you study, what is your speciality etc.? by attendance at the EUROSPINE meetings and I live in Bristol, UK, but I work for the Schulthess You have won multiple awards, received grants EUROSPINE courses, regardless of whether I am a Klinik in Zürich, Switzerland. I am a postdoctoral and are one of the longest members of EUROSPI- participant or part of the faculty. research consultant to the Spine Center there, and NE – all in all a very active member – in hindsight, There is so much to learn, especially from people have been working with them for 22 years. I am what do you see as your biggest achievement working in other specialties, who can share their a Basic Scientist by training. My first degree was in the society? Probably it would have to be my different perspectives and experiences with you. It a BSc Hons in Physiology and Zoology from the involvement in EUROSPINE‘s Spine Tango registry. makes for a more interesting, interdisciplinary University of Sheffield in the UK. I then did a PhD I have worked on its Committee (now Task Force) approach to research, something that our progress in muscle physiology/biochemistry (University of since its inception, helping to get the registry off in the treatment of spinal disorders is likely going Salford, UK) and finally worked as a postdoc at the the ground, so as to allow the standardised to be reliant upon. Comparative Orthopaedic Research Unit of the documention of surgical and conservative

Surgical Spine Centres of Excellence Project (SSCoE) EUROSPINE supports sustained improvement in spine surgery patient outcomes

The EU community seeks to promote excellent health care across all member states. This is in spite of differences in the various national health care systems. In response, the EUROSPINE developed a certification programme for spine centres in hospitals throughout Europe. This is taking a step further from educating spine surgeons. EUROSPINE believes that quality, satisfaction and value in spine care goes beyond the qualifications

and the treatment chosen by the spine surgeon. It certification company. will involve the complete delivery of spinal serviThis autumn 2018 to winter 2019, the certification ces to the patient. process will run pilots in various centres in Europe from Belgium. Czech Republic, France, Germany, The EUROSPINE Task Force Surgical Spine Centres Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, the of Excellence has developed a European Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom. certification process. The Task Force is a collaboration of the EUROSPINE, EUROSPINE The goal of the certification is to enhance Foundation and the German Spine Society (DWG). treatment quality in spine surgery. The A Delphi process has been done to build consencertificate will provide guidance for patients with sus as they developed internal rules, guidelines spinal disorders by displaying spine centres of a and criteria to be used as a basis for an indepencertain quality. dent certification system which will audit and certify centres which are focused on spine surge- Your hospital is welcome to apply and receive this ry. The centre’s implementation of services that valuable certification. advance spine surgery and spine care as a whole will be assessed. The audit and certification will be Find more details on the EUROSPINE Website: done by an appointed and independent

Burning Questions EUROSPINE Photo booth Every day you will find two questions here which you can answer in the EUROSPINE conference app. 1. I am a spine surgeon. I would definitely attend a EUROSPINE diploma course on conservative management of spinal disorders.

2. I am a spine specialist but not a surgeon. I would definitely attend a EUROSPINE diploma course on conservative management of spinal disorders. To participate, please use the EUROSPINE smartphone app (available at The results will be shown in tomorrow‘s issue. Thank you for your participation!

Don’t you sometimes wish to instantly take home a photo that you have just posted online?

Social Media We would also love for you to stay in contact with us over social media. Follow our different Social Media outlets Facebook @EUROSPINE

Guess what? Now you can! Visit the selfie corner at the EUROSPINE booth, tag your photo using the hashtags #EUROSPINE2018 or #EUROSPINE20th and pick it up right there. All photos tagged with #EUROSPINE2018 or #EUROSPINE20th on Twitter and public Instagram profiles will be printed automatically.

Twitter @EUROSPINESoc Instagram @eurospine2018 #EUROSPINE2018 #EUROSPINE20th

ISSUE 1 | WEDNESDAY, 19 September 2018 | EUROSPINE2018.EU

| 12

Walking Down Memory Lane – Cheers to 20 Years!

Time Capsule

ESF Charity Run 2018

We have taken this anniversary as an opportunity to look back at the early years, achievements that make us not only proud but also formed the society to what it is now, successful meetings and events, as well as relationships between colleagues that have grown to great friendships and are also part of what gives EUROSPINE its familial flair.

#TeamEUROSPINE - Runnin together for excellence in spine education and research

Come and see EUROSPINE’s Time Capsule in the entrance area and be in for a surprise according to the motto “Cheers to 20 years!”.

For the first time in 2018 a EUROSPINE Foundation (ESF) charity run is organised to support advancing knowledge of spinal disorders, improving the standard of care, and the recovery and well-being of patients with back and neck problems. The ESF Charity Run is supported by SPINEART

Event Details Date: Thursday, 20 September 2018 Time: 07:00–08:00 Distance: 5 km Meeting Point: 06:30 at the main entrance of CCIB – Barcelona International Convention Centre (Willy Brandt Square 11–14) Start: 07:00 – Passeig de Garcia Fària, 69, 08019 Barcelona (in front of Hotel Front Maritim Barcelona) Registration Fee: €25* * 100% of your registration will be donated to ESF to support spinal education and research!

Imprint The Spine Times® is a free congress newspaper published by EUROSPINE. Publishing House: EUROSPINE, The Spine Society of Europe Seefeldstrasse 16 8610 Uster-Zürich Switzerland

Publishers: Frank Kandziora (EUROSPINE President)

Contact: E: T: +41 44 994 14 04

Thomas R. Blattert (EUROSPINE Secretary)

Feedback: E: W:

Tim Pigott (EUROSPINE Vice President)

Editors in Chief: Thomas Blattert, Dominique Rothenfluh

Administrative Director: Judith Reichert Schild Onsite Editor in Chief: Felix Degeler Contributors: Arno di Leporano, Frank Jensen, Judith Reichert Schild, Anna Faber, Claudia Ortner, Julie-Lyn Noël Photographs: Martin Steiger, Mario Habenbacher, Alexander Hinteregger, Daniel Kleinfercher

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