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ISSUE 1 /// WEDNESDAY, 2 September 2015 /// EUROSPINE2015.EU

welcome message from the local hosts

20 Years of Eurospine!

Dear Colleagues, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends, colleagues and spine specialists,

The Congress of the Spine Society of Europe, the EUROSPINE, is the most important platform for exchanging the latest research results and innovations in the prevention and treatment of spinal disorders. The aim is to combine existing knowledge and to develop and implement concepts - for the benefit of patients across Europe. Continuing this successful path together with your support is the formulated wish of the EUROSPINE 2015 from 2nd September to 4th September in Copenhagen.

20 years! It will be the twentieth anniversary of the ‘’EUROSPINE’’ congress in 2015, Copenhagen. EUROSPINE was the name used at the first conjoined meeting before the merging of two spine societies, European Spinal Deformity Society and European Spine Society. Since then the society has grown tremendously and achieved many successful activities.

For this year, we are planning the official EUROSPINE 2015 evening as a large gathering of the entire spine community - in other words, we would like to welcome scientists, physicians and industry representatives equally at this function. With the Opera House, we have booked an impressive and suitable location, which offers us the possibility to provide space for up to 750 participants. An impressive view and culinary pleasures promise a special night - please support this with your participation!

Finn Bjarke Christensen, MD Institute of Clinical Medicine University Hospital of Aarhus Aarhus, Denmark We look forward to the further organization and the progress of the EUROSPINE 2015 and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to Copenhagen. We would also like to thank all those, who joined us on the long and extensive path of preparation of the congress.

Martin Gehrchen, MD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Rigshospitalet National University Hospital of Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark

Haluk Berk, MD President of Eurospine

Finn Bjarke Christensen & Martin Gehrchen

It is my great honour and pride to welcome you to EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe, at its annual scientific meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark to be held from September 2 – 4, 2015.

Welcome to Copenhagen As Lord Mayor of Copenhagen it is my pleasure to welcome all of you to our city. I am pleased that you chose our city for your annual Congress of EUROSPINE - the Spine Society of Europe. This shows that Copenhagen offers a great environment for an exchange fo knowledge that hopefully will solve a lot of issues in the future in the medical field we currently face and to improve our current health care system, that we are so proud of in Europe, through physicians that are in the top of their field through up to date knowledge.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with our partners in the Spine Industry through exhibits and lunch industry workshops.

We are looking forward to meet you all in Copenhagen! Kind regards

At the same time, it is your chance to explore the city and its many attractions. Copenhagen is designed for life. From the sustainable solutions and many bikes, the fantastic food and intelligent infrastructure to the clean water and green parks, the city is firmly focused on the balance between work and play. I hope that our city will provide great memorable experiences and new communities for everyone – enjoy your stay in the City of Copenhagen!

The congress will include premeeting instructional courses, blindly selected best abstracts, debates, lunch symposia, keynote lecture and e-posters. The EUROSPINE programme committee worked very hard to achieve and surpass the academic standards that have been improved over the last 20 years.

The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen

I am sure that you will find EUROSPINE lunch symposia topics such as: ‘’Adult deformity in the cervical spine. Treatment concepts’’, ‘’Neuromuscular and early onset scoliosis. Are new techniques better?’’, ‘’Anterior approach is back to stay?’’, ‘’Adjacent Segment Disease – Facts and Myths’’, ‘’The raise and fall of new technologies’’ quite interesting and appealing. Spinal oncology and Aging spine are the topics to be covered in premeeting courses. I would encourage you to participate to these high level state of the art courses.

We aim to offer an open academic forum that will stimulate discussions on the latest scientific developments on prevention and treatment of spinal disorders.

Our local hosts Finn Christensen and Martin Gehrchen have been working hard to assure the high quality and integrity already set in our flagship annual meeting. On behalf of the local hosts and the EUROSPINE society, I look forward to welcoming you to our annual meeting in Copenhagen September 2 – 4, 2015. I strongly encourage you to become a member of the society to reap the many benefits of membership. You can become part of the future of leading edge knowledge and skills within the society.

ISSUE 1 /// WEDNESDAY, 2 September 2015 /// EUROSPINE2015.EU

History and Facts about Copenhagen Population: 1.26 million Currency: Danish Krone (DKK) – 10 DKK = € 1.3 = USD 1.5 Most important historical dates: • Founded: 10th century • Capital of Denmark: from 15th century • Redevelopment of city after plague and fire in 18th century • Bombardment by Vice- Admiral in the 19th century Copenhagen was founded as a fishing village in the 10th century and is Denmarks capital since the 15th century. At that time Copenhagen was the capital of what is today Norway and Denmark. In the 18th century the city had to be redeveloped after suffering from effects of the plague and fire. Some of the greatest landmarks of Copenhagen, as the Royal Theatre or the Royal Academy of Fine arts, come from this time period. Bombardements of ViceAdmiral in the early 19th century were followed by the Danish Golden Age that is responsible for the Neoclassical look of Copenhagen’s architecture.

Internationally the most famous sight is the bronze statue of the little mermaid, inspired by the story written by Christian Andersen in 1837. The statue was donated by the Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen after he was so moved by a ballet of the tale.

EUROSPINE General Assembly (Members only) Thursday, 3 September: 17:30 Plenary Hall

Christian Andersen wrote many of his most famous stories in Nyhavn, a 17th century waterfront, canal and entertainment district, as the little mermaid or the ugly duckling. 55% of Copenhageners cycle to and from work. You will see that the bike lanes, bike parking and special traffic lights dominate the city.

Copenhagen is home to the world famous Carlsberg brewery that is one of the most visited tourist attractions today. The oldest working observatory in Europe, built in 1642 is one of Copenhagen’s iconic landmarks. Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world according to the World Happiness Report 2013.

New Members and TFR Course Alumni Cocktail (by invitation only) Wednesday, 2 September: 17:30– 18:30 EUROSPINE Booth (see floorplan)

EUROSPINE 2015 Best of Show Papers and Best Podium Prize Best of Outside-Europe Presentation Award Friday, 4 September: 10:30– 12:00 Plenary Hall

The Danish flag is the oldest state flag in the world that is still used by an independent national. The flag was adopted and used independently since 1219.

Official Congress Dinner at own expense Thursday, 3 September: 20:00 The Royal Danish Opera House

Bella Center A/S Center Boulevard 5, 2300 Copenhagen

Floorplan @ Bella Center A/S EUROSPINE booth The EUROSPINE booth is located in the Center Hall on the ground floor. Seize the opportunity to learn more about the activities of EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe, and how to become a member. New at the EUROSPINE booth We have a lot in store for you: • As EUROSPINE member you can have your professional portrait picture taken and receive it in high resolution for personal use after you have created your My EUROSPINE Profile on our website! • Access the comfortable Members‘ Lounge where you will be offered hot and cold drinks as well as snacks while you can follow the programme in the plenary hall via live feed. • Come and play with the newest feature at the EUROSPINE booth, the interactive touch table, which will provide you with all necessary Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Fun Facts on Copenhagen Copenhagen’s name comes from its history – in original Danish it means “Merchant’s Harbour”. Copenhagen is home to one of the oldest amusement park rides, Tivoli Gardens. If you find time walk through the flower gardens or take a ride on the 720 meter long roller coaster. It is said that Walt Disney took Tivoli Gardens as an inspiration for Disneyland.

Medal Lecture (Jon Kjær Nielsen) Thursday, 3 September: 11:30 Plenary Hall

Exhibition Opening & Welcome Reception Wednesday, 2 September: 17:30 Bella Center (see page 39)

In Copenhagen 1000 people live in a self governed zone that lives according to the community’s own laws. Visitors are welcomed but cameras for example are not allowed. The “Freetown” was created in a squatted former military area in 1971 – since then there were a few conflicts with Denmark’s police and legal force – currently negotiations are ongoing how this anarchistic community can continue on.

Today Copenhagen is the third richest city in the world and is increasingly connected to the Swedish province of Scania due to the almost 8 km bridge opened in 2000 connecting the two countries. Copenhagen, the largest and most visited Scandinavian city. According to the World Happiness Report Copenhagen it is also the happiest in the world.

Important Dates Press Conference Wednesday, 2 September: 11:30 Bella Center A/S, Room B3 M7

To stay up-to-date, like us on and follow us on twitter ( Please use the official congress hashtag #EUROSPINE2015 for tweets about the conference.

information regarding the EUROSPINE congress. • Get first hand, personal information on EUROSPINE projects like Education,

Research, Spine Tango, Patient Line, and of course Membership!

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ISSUE 1 /// WEDNESDAY, 2 September 2015 /// EUROSPINE2015.EU

SCIENCE FIRST IN COPENHAGEN New submission categories, rigorous quality management standards and prestigious awards have yielded a record number of abstracts – and our strongest scientific programme to date. EUROSPINE 2015: A MILESTONE IN OUR WAY FORWARD STRATEGY Meeting activities are at the core of our educational and scientific offering, and we’re working hard to continuously improve content quality. This year we’ve refined our abstract selection process and expanded discussions on research and innovation. We’re delighted with this year’s programme and the outstanding level of scientific content we are able to offer. The response from both delegates and presenters has been overwhelmingly positive. And most importantly, the themes addressed this year will be valuable to members, meeting participants, and stakeholders – but most importantly – to patients. RECORD NUMBER OF ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS The annual EUROSPINE Congress is considered the leading platform for sharing innovation and the latest research in the treatment of spinal disorders. This year has proved to be the most successful on record with 949 abstracts received! This is an increase of over 70% from last year’s meeting in Lyon. Furthermore, we introduced a new scientific category: “New Techniques and Patient Safety”, which prompted the submission of more than 200 abstracts for this topic alone. This high level of interest confirms that we are on the right track, and inspires us to introduce further new topics and other original elements to our meeting set-up.

EUROSPINE WAY FORWARD STRATEGY – ON TRACK FOR THE FUTURE scientific presentations on the topic of “New Techniques and Patient Safety”. Preparations for our 3rd EUROSPINE Spring Speciality Meeting in Kraków, Poland (May 12-13, 2016) are underway, where Trauma and Emergency Spine Surgery will be key themes. HIGHER QUALITY MANAGEMENT STANDARDS As part of our Way Forward strategy – and to ensure our Annual Meeting remains the foremost scientific gathering in Europe for spine specialists – we’ve introduced certain changes to our Annual Meeting. For the Copenhagen event, formal requirements for abstract submissions have been strictly enforced. Furthermore, the declaration of interests from every abstract co-author has been made mandatory throughout the review process and upon presentation of accepted abstracts during the conference. (Over 60 submissions were refused due to insufficient or invalid disclosures, and the authors notified accordingly.) The integration of basic science presentations into clinical sessions – which has proved highly successful – will be continued. National representatives from leading basic research centres have been invited to an informal meeting on ‘future concepts of cooperation’ during the Copenhagen conference. NEW AWARD: BEST OF OUTSIDE-EUROPE PRESENTATIONS A new scientific award category has been introduced: the Best of Outside-Europe Presentations to be presented at the Annual Meeting. This award serves to illustrate the fact that interest in our Annual Meeting extends far beyond the borders of Europe!

2015 has been a year of action and further positive change for EUROSPINE, moving us ever closer to achieving our vision – to be the driving force and the primary and preferred partner in Europe for all spinal care issues. We have made steady progress on all fronts, firmly establishing EUROSPINE at the forefront of spine societies.

Thomas Blattert Head of Meeting Council 2015

EUROPEAN SPINE SOCIETIES ADVISORY BOARD (EuSSAB): A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD Our first two EuSSAB meetings (in Lyon and in Barcelona) set the right tone for providing a neutral communication platform for all spine-related societies – who have joined EUROSPINE as “Institutional Members” – to meet and connect on a regular basis. Since October 2014, a total of 17 societies have joined EUROSPINE as Institutional Members, representing approximately 4707 Associate Members from across Europe. The Barcelona EuSSAB meeting was well received, producing a strong commitment to focus on education topics. Our next EuSSAB meeting will be taking place right here in Copenhagen and will focus on our plan to jointly develop a pan-European and compatible Spine Diploma.

Haluk Berk, MD President of Eurospine When I took over as President of EUROSPINE last year, I had big shoes to fill. My predecessors, Ferran Pellisé and Phil Sell, and colleagues – members of the Executive Committee and Society Committees – had been working for two years on the Way Forward strategy, defining a new mission and vision for the Society. From that we had developed a concrete action plan. As incoming president, I made a commitment to continue to drive that plan forward on four fronts: 1. Members - Expand our membership base and establish the EuSSAB 2. Stakeholders - Formalise stakeholder relationship management and sponsorships 3. Activities – Improve meetings, education and research services 4. Organisation – Align the organisational structure to deliver on our promises TREMENDOUS MEMBERSHIP GROWTH

DIVERSE THEMES FOR ANNUAL MEETING AND SPRING SPECIALTY MEETINGS To address the interests of all spine specialists, we will be varying the themes of our Annual and Spring Specialty Meetings. While this year will focus on adult thoracolumbar degenerative conditions and deformity, growing spine, cervical spine and on basic science, next year in Berlin we anticipate including even more


Since implementing two new membership categories eight months ago, “Young Members” and “Institutional Members”, the number of new applications has almost doubled from last year to 177. With over 915 individual members (5622 including associate members), EUROSPINE now has a membership base that is larger and more diverse than ever before, positioning us as a truly international society.

STRUCTURED STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT AND SPONSORSHIP In order to support, coordinate and prioritise stakeholder-related matters, EUROSPINE has set up a new, dedicated Stakeholder Management Council. The council’s mandate is to take a targeted approach in addressing the individual needs of our eight stakeholder groups. We have intensified our dialogue with our stakeholders and MedTechs to strengthen our relationship, with a view to establishing mutually-beneficial partnerships and ensure ongoing financial support for our current and future projects. IMPROVEMENTS TO MEETINGS AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME

which we were able to develop a rich scientific programme. We have taken great strides in the development of a comprehensive new “Education Week” which will be delivered for the first time this coming October and are cooperating closely with national societies in our pursuit of establishing an accredited “European Spine Certification”. REALIGNED ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE This year we restructured our Executive Committee (ExCom) to make it more effective in focussing on EUROSPINE’s strategic priorities. The new organisation chart is structured to make each ExCom member responsible for a Council. This system helps the ExCom to define high-level priorities and provides each Council with a voice at the ExCom, where priorities are then set democratically. We have further streamlined our organisation and processes to deliver services to members, spine professionals, patients and stakeholders in the most efficient way. In addition, all educational activities have been moved back under the umbrella of EUROSPINE, offering greater control over content, quality and cost.


On Track for the Future Annual Report 2014/15

This year in Barcelona we held our second spring meeting, “Spinal Deformity from Early Childhood to Adulthood”, in cooperation with SRS. Ferran Pellisé , Marinus De Kluever, Ahmet Alanay and I were Chairs and Programme Organisers. Nineteen faculty members from both societies representing 12 countries played a role in making the meeting a success, bringing together 1607 spine specialists interested in spinal deformity. The EUROSPINE team has again put considerable effort into making this year’s Annual Meeting in Copenhagen a success. From a scientific point of view, we are happy to say that we received a record number of high-quality abstracts, from

SETTING UP FOR LONGTERM SUCCESS Each of these accomplishments is helping to lay a solid foundation for EUROSPINE’s future success. With the unwavering commitment of the Executive Committee and Committee Members, we are building a strong international Society that puts patient care in the spotlight. I am proud to have had this opportunity to serve as EUROSPINE’s president and look forward to continuing our efforts in making EUROSPINE the leading spine society in Europe.

ISSUE 1 /// WEDNESDAY, 2 September 2015 /// EUROSPINE2015.EU

Information on Scientific Programme EUROSPINE 2015 Debates There will be two debates about common, but hopefully stimulating topics with the intention to stimulate thinking and discussions on areas of controversy and to explore areas of consensus. The audience will be asked for their vote on the case management before and after the presentations to see if they could be persuaded to change their views as a result of the arguments presented. Wednesday, 2 September 2015 10:30–11:15 Debate 1: Evidence-based practice: A way to reconcile science and the practitioner’s and patient’s perspectives, or just a pain in the neck? Rachid Salmi, Bordeaux, France Moderator: Finn B. Christensen, Aarhus, Denmark Debate: Where do we go from here?

Eurospine App

E-posters: The E-posters will be accessible for the participants during the whole meeting in the exhibition area (Hall C1). Presentation types: All abstracts were graded by a minimum of four reviewers by means of a blind peer review process. Only about 20% of the submissions were accepted for podium presentation. Regular presentations: 5 min. + 2 min. discussion QuickFire presentations: 3 min. + 2 min. discussion App-Voting: In marked presentations the audience is invited to vote on specific questions via the EUROSPINE App.

App-Rating: Each of the marked presentations shall be rated by the audience by assigning 1 (worst) to 5 (best) stars in following categories: Topics, content, performance. Best Podium Presentation: Will be evaluated within the Best of Show papers (Friday, 4 September 2015, 10:30–12:00). Again with the audiences’ support and rating. Best of Outside-Europe Presentation Will be evaluated within the lectures signed with this label with audience’s support and rating.

Exhibition Opening & Welcome Reception Date 2 Sept. 2015 Time from 17:30 Location Bella Center A/S Center Boulevard 5 2300 Copenhagen Fee included in registration fee The Opening & Welcome Reception for registered participants and exhibitors will take place at the Bella center Copenhagen, in the exhibition area.

The registration fee for EUROSPINE 2015 congress participants includes the attendance to the Opening & Welcome Reception.


Contact: Tel. +41 44 - 994 14 04 Fax +41 44 - 994 14 03

Editors in Chief: Thomas Blattert, Dominique Rothenfluh

Publishing House: EuroSpine, The Spine Society of Europe Seefeldstrasse 16 8610 Uster-Zürich Switzerland

Publishers: Haluk Berk (President of EUROSPINE) Michael Ogon (EUROSPINE Vice President) Everard Munting (EUROSPINE Secretary)

11:15–12:00 Debate 2: Traumatic central cord syndrome in patients without cervical spine fracture should be managed with urgent decom pressive surgery Moderator: Selçuk Palaoğlu, Ankara, Turkey - For surgery: Tim Pigott, Liverpool, UK - Against surgery: Bernhard Jeanneret, Basel, Switzerland The Spine Times® is a free congress newspaper published by EUROSPINE.

5 Great Reasons to join EUROSPINE Members are the heart of EUROSPINE. Our society is fortunate to have a membership base of experts in spine care who are at the cutting edge of new technologies, procedures and practices. As part of our new “Way Forward” strategy, we are currently taking a number of steps to simplify and improve membership processes and communications. In addition, we are implementing regular member surveys to ensure that our members are always heard and that smart ideas are implemented. To realize our goal of providing services to spine care professionals from diverse disciplines, cultures and countries, EUROSPINE is seeking to expand its membership base. This growth will not only benefit members as a whole, as new ideas and concepts come to light, but will also increase EUROSPINE’s political influence as an advocate for spine issues. EUROSPINE members enjoy a number of benefits:

New Members and Alumni Cocktail Reception Date 2 Sept. 2015 Time from 17:30 Location EUROSPINE Booth by invitation only

Administrative Director: Judith Reichert Schild Managing Editor: Stefan Knoflach Art Direction: Michael Wieland Photo Director: Martin Steiger Special Contributor: Beat Leimbacher

Have the most relevant and upto-date conference information at hand! Not only will you be able to easily access scientific and logistical congress information (e.g. programme, speakers, sessions, congress venue,...), but you will also be able to participate in interactive votings, bookmark your favorite sessions and access the exclusive e-version of “The Spine Times”. Free WIFI is available within the entire congress venue. Download the EUROSPINE app for all smartphones and tablets from

CME Points and Certificate of Attendance CME points are assigned to participants per halfday. To collect your CME points for your certificate you need to use the self-scanning stations located in front of the Plenary Hall and SCAN THE BARCODE on your name badge, each half-day, at the following times: Morning between 08:00 and 11:00 Afternoon between 13:30 and 16:30

Your certificate will be available for download via a personal link which the organisers will send you via e-mail one week aft er the congress.

Contributors: Arno Amfort, Anna Faber, Felix Degeler, Frank Jensen, Andrea di Leporano, Judith Reichert Schild, Conny Schmutzer


Photographs: Copenhagen Media Center,, Mario Habenbacher, Alexander Hinteregger, Stefan Knoflach, Christian Lendl

Meetings, Courses & Workshops EUROSPINE members pay a reduced fee to attend the Annual Meeting, which is a well-established networking event presenting innovative scientific discussions of primary interest to all spine specialists. In addition, we’re planning to further diversify our meeting activities with short specialised events in order to meet more sub-speciality demands. Education & Research Our members receive preferred and prioritized access to EUROSPINE’s education and research activities. EUROSPINE is constantly looking for new opportunities to provide education on the best patient care and prevention of spinal diseases. In contrast to other spine organisations, EUROSPINE’s education program also offers more than academics, including live educational events and webcasts. EUROSPINE provides research grants and offers seminars on research skills. Expertise EUROSPINE keeps you informed of the latest developments in spine care and provides assessments

The scientific programme of the EUROSPINE 2015 congress has been accredited a maximum of 18 European CME credits (ECMEC), 3 per half day, by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

… is a worldwide operating business consultancy focusing on comprehensive communication strategies and sustainable investments.

of current techniques and treatments, as well as “best practice” spine-related learning and research. The European Spine Registry offers our members the opportunity to benchmark data on the quality and effectiveness of patient treatments, while Patient Line provides important information to patients in 6 languages. Committees & Activities Members are strongly encouraged to become involved in EUROSPINE activities and to participate on committees (e.g. presenter, faculty, committee member). Committee participation involves extensive teamwork, allowing members to share their expertise and learn from other professionals. Networking Develop a network and exchange ideas with leading spine experts in a multi-disciplinary environment. Our events and committees offer great opportunities for expanding your contacts on a professional level while developing friendships with like-minded colleagues in Europe and all over the world.

ISSUE 1 /// WEDNESDAY, 2 September 2015 /// EUROSPINE2015.EU

TOURIST INFORMATION Copenhagen Visitor Centre Vesterbrogade 4A, 1620 Copenhagen V Tlf.: +45 70 22 24 42 E-mail: Opening times: May - Jun: Mon - Sat: 9 AM - 6 PM, Sun: 9 AM - 2 PM. Jul - Aug: Mon - Sun: 9 AM - 7 PM. Sep: Mon - Sat: 9 AM - 4 PM, Sun: 9 AM - 2 PM. Oct - Dec: Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 4 PM, Sat: 9 AM - 2 PM, Sun: Closed. DENMARK’S TIME ZONE +1 GMT, + 6 EST, + 9 PST

SHOPPING ATM: See markings on the map. Currency: Danish Krone (DKK): 1 USD = 5.37 DKK, 1 EURO = 7.46 DKK 1 GBP = 9.06 DKK, 1 AUD = 4.98 DKK (January 2015). Credit cards: Credit cards accepted everywhere – a few exceptions might occur, e.g. market stalls. Please note: Maestro Card is not accepted in most shops/other. General Opening Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM, Sat 10 AM - 5 PM. If open on Sundays, mostly: 10 AM - 5 PM. TRANSPORT Public Transport: S-Trains, Metro, and busses.

Joint-ticket system for all three options. A 2-zone city ticket costs DKK 24, valid for 60 minutes. If you need to get to and from the cruise terminals by public transportation, then catch bus number 26. Tickets: Tickets bought on the bus: DKK Cash only. Tickets can be bought at DSB ticket machines found at all S-train and Metro stations, almost any credit card accepted. Many S-train stations have 7-eleven kiosks, purchase your ticket here, credit cards accepted. Note: Not Maestro Card. Please beware: Fines of DKK 750 if no ticket. Other Options: Taxis, Bike Taxis, Rental Bikes,Sightseeing Busses Hop-On/ Off, Canal Tours.

Normal taxi start tarif: DKK 36 and DKK 12 per km driven. Or buy a Copenhagen Card: free entrance to 72 museums and attractions and free transport. Choose between 24/48/72/120 hour options. Buy at S-Train stations, Airport, Central Station or Tourist Off ice, opposite of Tivoli. FURTHER INFORMATION Map provided by

ISSUE 1 /// WEDNESDAY, 2 September 2015 /// EUROSPINE2015.EU

* all pictures if not stated otherwise are used with authorization from Photographers: Page 1: Opera House, Ty Stange; Page 2: Little Mermaid, https://commons.wikimedia. org/wiki/Category:The_Little_Mermaid; Park, Building: Kasper Thye; Press Conference: Christian Alsing; Opera House: WoCo; Venue, Flag: Bella Center Copenhagen; Inlay: Danish Playhouse: Ty Stange; Boats – Canal: Tuala Hjarnø; Bridge: WoCo; Bella Sky: Claus Starup; Castle: Ty Stange

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