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2008 Eugene Bell Foundation

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EugeneBell Delegation collecting tuberculosis patient’ s sputum

Delivery of drugs to a patient with MDR TB

Aid supplies received by the Tuberculosis Care Center

A Letter from

the Chairman well aware that treatment for MDR TB requires two to

We also made progress this year on another

three years and are committed to insuring that all

exciting program. Under our‘School Children’s

patients that begin treatment finish the full course.

Health Program’ local hospitals are provided with a mobile X-ray vehicle and the support they need to

Connecting People Who Care to People in Need

Two to three years of treatment with expensive

screen children in local schools for tuberculosis and

medications? Who will insure that EugeneBell is able

other medical problems. With this modern equipment,

to keep this commitment to MDR TB sufferers in

a medical team can give physical exams, eye tests and

North Korea? Like all our other work, the success of

dental screening to hundreds of kids a day. We hope to

this program will also depend on the generosity of

encourage schools to give each child a daily vitamin

people like you.

(also provided) and nutritional supplements where needed. This is just another example of how we try to ‘personalize’your support.

Thanks to your generous support, our other programs are thriving too. For instance, this year we were able to send soybeans and soymilk making

Thank you for entrusting your care and concern for

machines to a number of institutions to help with

needy people in North Korea to EugeneBell in 2008!

patient nutrition. We have also developed‘care Gratefully,

the opportunity to connect people who care to people

packages’for pregnant women, new mothers and

milestones for EugeneBell. In one sense, we made a

in need. In 2008 our expanded multi-drug resistant

infants, and tuberculosis patients who have to spend a

new beginning but at the same time, we also‘got back

tuberculosis program was a good example of a

long time away from their families in care centers.

The year 2008 witnessed several important

to the basics’of what this work is all about. Ever since its founding in 1995, EugeneBell has

Stephen W. Linton, Ph.D. Chairman

‘people-to-people project’that does just that. As we reported last year, ever since 2006,

relied primarily on the generosity of private citizens in

EugeneBell has been exploring ways to help patients

Korea and the United States to support its programs.

who do not respond to ordinary tuberculosis

This is how it should be. As a‘non-governmental

medications. Called‘multi-drug resistant tuberculosis

organization,’our primary mission is to help‘regular

(MDR TB)’ sufferers, people infected with this form


people’identify and support effective, transparent,

of tuberculosis have little hope for a cure without

Chairman : Dr. Stephen W. Linton

and economical humanitarian aid programs in the

access to expensive second-line medications. Thanks

Democratic People’ s Republic of Korea (North

to your support, this year we were able to provide the


first MDR TB medications to more than 150 patients.

This commitment to help private citizens does not

The first large shipments of MDR TB medications

Board of Directors







Board of Directors : Rev. Park Eun Sung Father Gerard Hammond Rev. Choi Il Do Mr. Kim Jung Nam Mr. Park Ju Sup Mr. Hong Sun Gyun Mrs. An Young Ju Auditor : Mr. Lee Sea Bok

arrived in the spring of 2008. By fall our MDR TB

governments. For years EugeneBell has received

program had already won enthusiastic support from

generous funding from the Republic of Korea, and in

patients and caregivers in the medical facilities where

2008 the United States government also asked

we delivered the medications. When our delegation

Chairman: Dr. Stephen W. Linton

EugeneBell to assist with a major hospital generator

visited in November, we could see the difference the

Vice-Chariman: Mr. James H. Lim

program has already made in the faces (and figures) of the patients. Most have gained so much weight that

It is exciting to be asked to do something new.

they do not even look sick anymore. Thankfully, the

Still, the most satisfying part of humanitarian work is

well-trained North Korean medical professionals are

2 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2008














Standing Director : Mr. James H. Lim

mean we do not also appreciate support from




Board of Directors : Dr. David Hopper Mr. Michael Derian Mr. Scott Snyder Mr. Hong Se Heum Mr. Brian Park Mrs. Sohn Chuong Ok

Seoul Office

Starting from the bottom right, members are listed in a clockwise direction.

James H. Lim (CFO), Stephen W. Linton (Chairman), Hyuna Lee Linton, Park Myung Ja (Advisor), Shim Jung Taek (Senior Consultant), Kim Hye Jin (Director of Public Relations and Planning), Shin Hye Young (Secretary of Finance and General Affairs), Hwang Jee Hea (Office Manager), Suh Hyun Duk (Director of Finance and General Affairs), Choi Eun Jae (Secretary of Public Relations and Planning)

Washington Office Ms. Christina Choe Mr. Bill Jenkins



EugeneBell News ▶▶▶


2008 Board of Directors Meeting

A Meeting held with Church Representatives to Lay the Groundwork for Building the‘EugeneBell Missionary Memorial Hall’ September 1 - A meeting of leaders from several churches founded by Rev. Eugene Bell took place at Gwangju First Presbyterian Church to discuss the building of the EugeneBell Missionary Memorial Hall - EugeneBell Missionary Memorial Hall Committee was formed

Shipment of Aid Supplies to North Korea During the First Half of Year 2008


Chairman: Gwangju First Presbyterian Church Pastor Kyung Hong Paik Vice-Chairman: 13 leading church pastors Secretary: Elder Sun Kyun Hong

January 15 Eugene Bell Foundation office 5 board members attended (Dr. Stephen Linton, Mr. James Lim, Mrs. An Young Ju, Rev. Park Eun Sung, Mr. Hong Sun Gyun), 2 auditors attended (Mr. Lee Sea Bok, Mr. Kim Jung Nam) ※ All seven board members were reappointed, and Mr. Kim Jung Nam was nominated as a new board member.


The‘Tongil Dolmuji’Donations Program in Pyeonghoa-Nuri Park

The‘ Tongil Dolmuji’donations program was launched at Imjingak’ s Pyeonghoa-Nuri Park, Paju City, Gyeonggi Province. For every tablet of stone, $10.00 is donated to aid tuberculosis patients in North Korea.


April 2 10,000 tuberculosis drug kits; 47 MDR tuberculosis drug kits; 18 sets of Tuberculosis Care Center Packages and People’ s Hospital Tuberculosis Re-supply Package; 4 sets of the Children’ s Care Package; 4 sets of the Maternal and Infant Care Package; 1 set of the Operating Room Re-Supply Package; 4 MDR tuberculosis hospital sets; 1 Vehicle Re-supply Package; 1,950 cartons of vitamins


Deloitte Anjin Financial Audit

April 2~4 The 2007 fiscal year accounting record audit was conducted with the help of Deloitte Anjin accounting firm

EugeneBell Delegation’ s Visit to North Korea

4 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2008

September 1 7,050 tuberculosis drug kits; 153 MDR tuberculosis drug kits; 20 sets of the Tuberculosis Care Center Packages and People’ s Hospital Tuberculosis Re-supply Packages; 1 set of the Operating Room Re-Supply Package; 4 sets of the MDR tuberculosis hospital packages; 5 sets of the nutrition support packages; 2 sets of the Vehicle Re-supply Packages; Children’ s Care and Maternal and Infant Care supplies; 3 generator packages Shipment Location: Incheon Port Sponsor Organizations Participating in the event: Love of Friends, Love of Wheel Chairs, Youngnak Church’ s North Korea Missions Center and Samnan Global Mission Society, Soky C&T, Caritas Korea, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers


May 6~17 - The shipment of goods for the spring year was distributed, and the work progress was evaluated - Duration of time: May 6~May 17 - Locations visited: 17 tuberculosis related medical institutions and People’ s Hospitals in Pyongyang City and the North Pyongan Province

Shipment of Aid Supplies to North Korea for the Fall 2008 Visit and the Photo-op held to Mark the Event

Congregation held at Mokpo Yangdong Church

October 15 Church leaders from Gwangju, Jeolla Province convened to discuss ways to collect the funds for building the EugeneBell Missionary Memorial Hall. Venue: Mokpo Yangdong Church Speaker: Dr. Stephen Linton

‘1,004 Campaign’ Delivers Donation from Australia


September 11 The North Korea Missionary Committee, which is administered by the Council of the Ministries of Korean Churches in Sydney Australia, launched a fundraising campaign to fund the purchase of tuberculosis examination vehicles in North Korea. On this day, the first 60,000 dollars in donations of the needed 100,000 dollars was given. The campaign is expected to continue until a 100,000 dollar fund is established from 2,008 people (1,004+1,004) donating 50 dollars each.

Walkathon held at the Unification Bridge



October 25 A walkathon to help North Koreans was held at the Imjingak District of Gyeonggi Province. This event was organized by the Paju City Volunteer Center, which has been sponsoring EugeneBell since 2002. Thinking about their North Korean brothers and sisters, participants walked around the Imjingak District and the Unification Bridge, which is usually off limits to civilians. At the walker’ s destination, called Pyeonghoa-Nuri (Peace Park), was a photo exhibition featuring EugeneBell’ s medical aid activities in North Korea. Participants wrote messages of hope on postcards for the North Korean patients.



EugeneBell Delegation’ s Fall Visit to North Korea


EugeneBell Board of Directors Meeting


Dr. Stephen Linton’ s Lecture in the United States and Canada


Project Launched to Provide North Korean Hospitals with Generators

November 18 Eugene Bell Foundation office 7 Board members attended (Dr. Stephen Linton, Mr. James H. Lim, Mrs. An Young Ju, Rev. Park Eun Sung, Mr. Hong Sun Gyun, Father Gerard Hammond, Mr. Kim Jung Nam) 1 Auditor attended (Mr. Lee Sae Buk)


November 1~15 - Aid supplies shipped in August were distributed and the progress of on-going projects was evaluated - Duration of time: November 1~ November 15 - Locations visited: Roughly 20 tuberculosis related medical institutions and People’ s Hospitals in North Pyongan Province and Nampo City

EugeneBell Sponsoring Committee of the National Capitol Region was Established

November 19 Churches affiliated with the sponsoring committee: Suji All Nations Community Church, Seoul Youngdong Presbyterian Church, Jamsil Joongang Presbyterian Church, Seomoon Presbyterian Church, Apgujeong Presbyterian Church, Yangmoon Church, Anyang Ilsim Church

EugeneBell - Harvard Joint Seminar was held on “Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Drug in the Korean Peninsula”

Lectures were given throughout the United States (all year round) as well as visits to package sponsors, churches, and briefing sessions following the visits to North Korea. - A briefing was held in Canada (June 21, December 6~8) for supporters. The briefing was organized by the North Korea Famine Relief Society, members of which are from the Korean church community in Vancouver.

6 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2008

- United States: Harvard University College of Medicine, WHO, NIH, etc.


- 1 visit to North Korea: February 27~March 1 Planning and Consultation nd

- 2 visit to North Korea: May 17~22 (during the normal EugeneBell Delegation visit) Visits to sites of installation rd

- 3 visit to North Korea: October 1~7 Verification of the arrival of shipment and delivery th

- 4 visit to North Korea: November 5 (during the normal EugeneBell Delegation visit) Verification of Installation


November 24~25 Participating Institutions: - Korea: National Masan T.B. Hospital, Korean Institute of Tuberculosis, Hanyang University Preventive Medicine Department

With a grant provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) three North Korean hospitals were provided with generators.


Special Fundraising Activities

※ Hospitals benefiting from the project: South Pyongan Province General Hospital, South Pyongan Province Maternity Hospital and the South Pyongan Province Dental Hospital

A fundraiser was held prior to Easter to provide support for North Korean patients (March) A fundraiser was held during the spring to provide North Koreans with MDR tuberculosis drugs, 1:1 sponsoring was arranged (June) A fundraiser was held to fund Winter Care Packages for North Korean tuberculosis patients (August) A special fundraiser was organized by churches in the Honam district (October) A fundraiser was held during the fall to provide North Korean patients with MDR tuberculosis drugs, 1:1 sponsoring was arranged (November)


Special Events and


A Night to Aid EugeneBell On June 14th, three faithful supporters of EugeneBell, Hyun O’ Brien, Eunsung Park, Insook Sung, hosted the 5th annual Night to Aid EugeneBell. Approximately 100 people gathered at this early summer event which was held at Ms. Insook Sung’ s residence in Seoul. The funds raised by these three women (all born on the same year), along with their family and friends helped to make it possible for EugeneBell to send a steady stream of support to tuberculosis sufferers in North Korea.

Seoul Foreign School (SFS) - The Love of a Folded Paper Crane Seoul Foreign School students, who raise support every year for Dongdaewon Care Center, a long-term tuberculosis sanitarium near Pyongyang, expressed their wish for the complete recovery of North Korean tuberculosis patients in a special way. These students folded paper cranes and a representative of the school delivered the cranes to the Dongdaewon Care Center. The patients hung the neatly folded paper cranes in their windows, which brightened up their rooms and helped them feel more cheerful.

Gwangju Speer Girls’Junior High and High School, Song-Il High School Centennial Sponsorship Commemoration The Gwangju Speer Girls’Junior and Senior High School and the Song-Il (Boys’) High School commemorated their 100th anniversaries by making donations to the Eugene Bell Foundation. The donations were received by Dr. Stephen Linton, 4th generation grandson of Rev. Eugene Bell, who founded the schools 100 years ago.

Samnam Global Mission Society of Youngnak Presbyterian Church sponsors a Photo Exhibit on EugeneBell work

EugeneBell and his wife, Lottie Witherspoon Bell, were sent to Korea in 1895 by the Southern Presbyterian Church. They devoted their entire lives to evangelical and educational work. Through these gifts the two schools expressed their appreciation for help they had received in the past by providing assistance to needy people in North Korea today.

On March 16 th Samnam Global Mission Society of Youngnak Presbyterian Church held a North Korea Humanitarian Aid photo exhibition. The exhibition displayed images of Eugene Bell delegations visiting North Korean hospitals and patients. Many members of the Youngnak Church and others interested in North Korea visited the exhibition and made contributions to the work. Support received through this exhibition allowed Samnam Global Mission Society of Youngnak Presbyterian Church to donate an X-ray machine to be used to repair a mobile X-ray vehicle at the North Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital. 8 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2008


Introduction to EugeneBell’ s

North Korea Aid Programs

People’ s Hospital Aid Projects Maternal and Infant Care and Pediatric Care Aid

Aid Projects to Eliminate Tuberculosis General Tuberculosis Support North Korean medical authorities consider tuberculosis the nation’ s primary public health challenge. EugeneBell’ s general tuberculosis support program distributes tuberculosis-related assistance ‘packages’to a network of long-term tuberculosis treatment facilities (care centers) and hospitals in the northwest where approximately 1/3rd of the population live. The Tuberculosis Care Center Packages are comprised of medicines, diagnostic equipment, agricultural support for better patient nutrition, transport vehicles as well as various parts and expendables for maintenance and repair of related equipment. Each site receives a‘re-supply package’every 6 months.

MDR Tuberculosis Program Some patients do not respond to ordinary treatment. To give these patients a second chance, delegations collect sputum samples from each patient who is suspected of having multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB). Confirmed cases of MDR TB are provided with individualized prescriptions of expensive secondary medications.

Nutrition Aid Package The Nutrition Aid Package is designed to provide long-term hospitalized patients with better nutrition. The program makes it possible for caregivers to provide their patients with more protein by supplying all the ingredients and equipment necessary for manufacturing soy milk and tofu.

EugeneBell provides various‘support packages’for community hospitals (called‘People’ s Hospitals’). These are designed to help local caregivers - specifically obstetricians, gynecologists, and pediatricians - provide better care for their patients. Two on-going local hospital projects are a Maternal and Infant Care Program and a Pediatric Care Program (designed for school-aged children). Each project is divided into several‘steps’that provide more and more specialized support based on outcomes. Hospitals that make good use of the first ‘step’qualify for additional assistance. The Maternal and Infant Care Package provides basic medical equipment and supplies to assist with pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care for mother and child. In the near future, EugeneBell hopes to expand this program to provide undernourished pregnant women and nursing mothers with nutritional support through participating local hospitals. The Pediatric Care Package is designed to encourage local hospitals to provide annual medical checkups for local school children. Hospitals that make good use of primary diagnostic equipment donated through the program qualify for additional vision and dental equipment. In the near future, EugeneBell hopes to provide nutritional support to undernourished school children identified by local hospitals.

Generator Aid Project In 2008 the Eugene Bell Foundation received a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide electric generators and diagnostic equipment to three North Korean hospitals. The first phase of this project has been completed and the second phase, consisting of medical equipment and supplies will be shipped soon.

Mobile X-ray Vehicle Because of a shortage of critical medical equipment, North Korean hospitals sometimes have to rely on mobile x-ray vehicles to help diagnose and treat patients. The Eugene Bell Foundation has so far donated 21 medical vehicles and continues to distribute various kinds of accessories and supplies necessary for maintaining and repairing these vehicles. These vehicles are also used for screening the general population for tuberculosis.

10 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2008


2008 Aid Locations and


Visits to North Korea

Financial Summary

Donations Total Revenue: $7,289,289.00

2008 Delegation Itineraries Spring and fall visitations to North Korea 40 or so medical centers in South and North Pyongan Province, Pyongyang City, and Nampo City Spring Visitations to North Korea (May 6 ~17) May 6 May 7 May 8 May 9 May 10 May 11 May 12 May 13 May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17

Arrival in Pyongyang North Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital (TBH), Sinuiju City Tuberculosis Care Center (TBCC) Yomju County Tuberculosis Care Center, Jongju City Tuberculosis Care Center Gusong City Tuberculosis Care Center Kwaksan Tuberculosis Hospital, Hadan Tuberculosis Hospital Anju City People’ s Hospital, Anju City Tuberculosis Care Center Sunchon City People’ s Hospital Chollima County People’ s Hospital, Dongdaewon District Tuberculosis Care Center Pyongyang City Tuberculosis Hospital, Sadong DistrictTuberculosis Care Center Ryongsong District Tuberculosis Care Center MOPH meeting Departure from Pyongyang, Arrival in Incheon via Beijing

Cost of Assistance Provided to North Korea Total Expenditures: $7,192,340.00

Fall Visitations to North Korea (November 1~15) November 1 November 3 November 4 November 5 November 6 November 7

November 8 November 10 November 11 November 12 November 13 November 14 November 15

Arrival in Pyongyang Pyongsong City Tuberculosis Care Center South Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital, 3 hospitals that were helped with provision of generators Hadan Tuberculosis Hospital, Gusong City People’ s Hospital Kwaksan Tuberculosis Hospital, North Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital Anju City People’ s Hospital, Anju City Tuberculosis Care Center, Mundok County Tuberculosis Care Center Bukchang County Tuberculosis Care Center Sunchon City People’ s Hospital, Sunchon City Tuberculosis Care Center Gangso County Tuberculosis Care Center, Daean County Tuberculosis Care Center Chollima County People’ s Hospital, Ryonggang County Tuberculosis Care Center Nampo City Tuberculosis Care Center, Nampo City Tuberculosis Care Center Ryongsong District Tuberculosis Care Center, Dongdaewon District Tuberculosis Care Center Departure from Pyongyang, Arrival in Incheon via Beijing

12 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2008

The Year Aid Aid provided in the spring of 2008 General Tuberculosis Medication; MDR TB Medication; Tuberculosis Treatment Facility Support Packages; Pediatric Care Packages; Maternal and Infant Care Packages; Surgical Assistance Packages; Vehicle Support; General Medicines, etc. Aid provided in the fall of 2008 General Tuberculosis Medication; MDR TB Medication; Tuberculosis Treatment Facility Support Packages; Pediatric Care Packages; Maternal and Infant Care Packages; Surgical Assistance Packages; Vehicle Support; Nutrition Support Packages; Hospital Generator Packages; Vehicle Support, etc.


이근수 이기수 이기열 이기영 이기택 이남희 이대홍 이동명 이동은 이동희 이동흥 이만열 이명경 이명규 이미경 이미정 이민규 이범익 이병교 이병덕 이상연 이상윤 이상진 이선희 이성숙 이성진 이세정 이소정 이소정 이수룡 이순섭 이순애 이승용 이승종 이시중 이신행 이양준·최재열 이연경 이영두·전순애 이영림 이영미 이영민 이영배 이영삼 이영주 이영창 이옥경 이옥순 이옥자 이욱진 이운학 이유진 이윤정 이은숙 이은혜 이은호 이인숙 이인철 이정순 이정심 이정은 이정희 이종열 이종호 이종화 이주영 이주한 이준행 이지은 이진행 이창우 이채성 이충기 이현교 이현신 이현영 이현우 이현지 이해돈 이홍규 이홍승 이희재 이희철 인요한 임광석 임문우 임미라 임상완 임상하 임성빈 임성언 임수주 임순화 임승묵 임은혜 임응수 임익순 임종필 임지숙 임창현 임철기 임춘희 임치원 임현미 임희방 장경숙 장경현 장경희 장권정 장남길 장돈수 장동수 장동숙 장명숙 장부길 장상순 장성순 장영란 장은영 장정수 장환빈 전강수 전성훈 전수현 전영란 전영순 전영하 전완수·정미례 전채은 전희자 정경아·송이오 정경문 정규문 정규자 정길자 정다은 정덕재 정미옥 정봉서 정석영 정순희 정승규 정시웅 정영기 정영훈 정유진 정의철 정의채 정의헌 정재훈 정정숙 정종문 정종선 정주영 정지환 정태식 정해전 정현옥 정 희 정희정 정희철 조광현 조근호·강원길 조득현 조명국 조명진 조병옥 조삼규 조상래 조성우·이복주 조세현 조수진 조승남 조연주 조원래 조은이 조인준 조정호 조정희 조해봉 조혜도 조호윤 조희구 주성권 주성용 주영남 지승화 지영선 지정택 진상만 진용성 차상희 채민욱 채혜성 천성규 최경일 최경화 최도영 최도현 최산옥 최선열 최성우 최세나 최수승 최수전 최숙자 최시성 최 영 최영미 최영자·권오재 최영희 최윤봉 최윤희 최은재 최익화 최재훈 최전도 최종복 최종철 최종필 최지원 최지형 최혜정 최화순 표은봉 피영희 하성희 한경순 한대식 한대용 한명주 하숙자 한상희 한선희 한세희·최세문 한용수 한용외 한은경 한재진 한현옥 한현희 함제도 허경발 허경희 허성민 허수정 현복자 현선양 홍명우 홍사원 황선주 홍세출 홍영섭 홍영표 홍재경 홍지혜 홍화숙 황순기 황의열 황의인 황인학 황춘자 INGRID BOU, James Kozinsk&Alison J.Lamp, Johan Vandromme, John P.Penick&Judith E.Penick, Father Patrick Bergin, Father Henry Beninati, Father Carl Costa, Father Alfred Fleming, Father James Gilligan, Father Gerald O'Connor, Father Richard Rolewicz, Father John Soltis, Father Michael Zunno, Father Carmen La Mazza, .M.M, Father Gerard Hammond


Donor List

We truly appreciate the support from our sponsors. If you find your name or organization has been omitted by mistake from the following list, please contact us so we may correct our list.

Package Donations

고삼금님가족 메리놀외방전교회 한국지부 사회복지공동모금회 서울외국인학교 영락교회 북한선교센터 영락교회 여전도회 유경재단 이랜드 전남영광대교회 천주교 청주교구청 카리타스 파리외방전교회 한국복음주의협의회 Fullerton Presbyterian Church, I Label Co., Inc., Korean United Church of Philadelphia, North Korea 동포돕기회 (Vancouver Korean Churches), One Clothing, Inc., Philadelphia Koreans For Christ World Mission, Steps Apparel Group, Inc., Toronto Korean Milal Church, Tto Kamsa Mission Church, Youngnak Presbyterian Church of LA

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U.S.A. & Canada GS칼텍스㈜ SK텔레콤(Core2팀) 가음정교회 감리회본부 강릉영광교회 거제교회 경기관광공사 경인냉장 계양정밀 광산교회 광성교회 광주기독병원 원목실 광주미문교회 광주서현교회 광주수피아여자고등학교 광주수피아총동창회 광주숭일고등학교 광주제일교회 광주중흥교회 광휘교회 군산대흥교회 글로벌케어 금동교회 길가는교회 길가에교회 나우리교회 남북협력기금 남순천교회 남원산성교 회 네이버해피빈 다대중앙교회 다큐피아 대전순복음교회 대진건설㈜ 대전프뢰벨 강남동산교회 동심교회 동아세미콘 동아에스텍㈜ 동아일렉스㈜ 등대선교회 들샘교회 라이브남부가정교회 마산재건교회 말씀교회 맥쿼리증권한국지부 미성기업㈜ 보라비전교회 산소망교회 삼전복지재단 삼천동부교회 부광교회 부림교회 부산온천제일교회 부안동초교4-3 부천복된교회 분당종로약국 브니엘교회 상진 새길기독사회문화원 새마을이북5도부녀회 새마을지도자이북5도협의회 새일교회 서머나교회 서울영동교회 서울중앙교회권사회 서현교회 선린약품 성경적토지정의를위한모임 성덕교회 성수교회 송탄충현교회 수지사랑의교회2권사회 순천동부교회 순천매산여고 순천용림교회 순천은성교회 시온교회 신광교회 신실한교회 신일광학 신한맥쿼리금융자문 맥쿼리증권한국지부 실로암교회 싸이월드기부 부산아름다운교회 분당아름다운교회 아모스컨설팅그룹 안나의집 안양교회 안양제일교회 언약교회 여수은파교회 여수은현교회 열린교회 열방교회 영락교회제3남선교회 예성교회 예수피아교회 옥토교회 월드비전교회 은파선교회 은평제일교회 의탄교회 이대부속중학교 이메이트 인팩지씨에프 인포메드 일산은혜교회 장승포교회 전주신흥고등학교 전주예심교회 제자들교회 주사랑선교회 천안양문교회 천우기획 크리스탈성구사 큰나무교회 키엔스코리아㈜ 파주시자원봉사센터 푸른하늘땅교회 풀무학교 풀무학교일요집회 한남대학교 한빛교회 한빛침례교회 한신교회 한영교회 함께하는교회 함양사랑의집 향상교회 화명교회 HSMJ

강경표 강귀배 강남연 강명옥 강민형 강성원 강성진 강승훈 강영모 강영자 강원숙 강인호 강진구 강 철 강철구 고동하 고병헌 고영민 고영민 곽명손 곽숙재 구희서 수피아여고 국용호 권미영 권용준 권주원 금상호 기모란 기오석 길희성 김가영 김가현 김강미 김경숙 김경호 김관욱·김도연 김균태 김기훈 김남식 김덕천 김도영 김도윤 김도훈 김동수 김동욱 김경아 김 린 김맹섭 김명성 김명숙 김명식·민순애 김명호 김미숙 김미영 김미자 김민식 김병일 김보열 김봉철 김상기 김상범 김상용 김상재 김상현·김은미 김석향 김선식 김선영 김선영·한상균 김선오 김선택 김선호 김성덕 김성문 김성숙 김성엽 김성오·김종미 김성훈 김수응 김수정 김성문 김숙자 김순덕 김순영 김순자 김승구 김승신 김승욱 김신남 김양안 김에스더 김영구 김영무 김영미 김영빈 김영옥 김영춘 김옥심 김옥주 김옥현 김완순 김용국·재원 김용란 김용식 김용욱 김용일 김 욱 김 원 김원배·조임형 김유경 김유식 김윤명 김윤희 김은식 김은영 김은희 김이사 김이화 김인숙 김인자 김 일 김재한 김재호 김재희 김정수 김정식 김정신 김정연 김정철 김종민 김종민 김종숙 김종진 김종채 김종혁 김주덕 김주수 김주식 김주영 김주환 김준우 김준일 김중민 김지명 김지영 김지은 김지현 김진승 김진태 김진항 김질연 김찬빈 김창훈 김충실 김태성 김태수 김태승 김태완 김태호 김태희 김한배 김향임 김현미 김현숙 김현지 김형진 김혜선 김혜연 김혜옥 김호철 김효섭 김효순 김후정 김흥국 김흥규 김흥숙 김희수 나금희 나용화 나희정 남봉우 남인택 류근형 류기조·손혜련 류두열 류희두 문기상 문민경 문세영·강영옥 문 숙 문정옥 민성길 민성호 민해원 박경란 박경미·손혜진 박경임 박경하 박경혜 박계열 박국인 박금옥 박기자 박기천 박기태 박뇌현 박덕문 박명자 박병선·김은지 박사라 박선표 박성광 박성자 박성준 박성철 박세홍 박수애 박수전 박수현 박순배 박순애 박승제 박승희 박신배 박영신 박영애 박옥경 박용상 박용성 박용호 박윤덕 박윤상 박윤수 박윤종 박윤주 박은경 박은우 박은정 박은주 박인숙 박의곤 박자민 박재남 박정권 박정기 박정기·장숙희 박정아 박준영 박준호 박진기 박춘근 박태동 박현숙 박현하 박형철 박혜영 박혜은 박효남 박희자 밝우리나라 방조자 방효진 배광수 배재석 배종호 배지현 백남도 백남선 백봉자 백봉현 백성희 백운기 백원경 백주연 변근주 변상화 봉정표 서광선·함선영 서순자 서영배 서유권 서유상 서은식 서재문 서재현 서정민 서진성 서진숙 서평원 서향주 석동수 석진수 성경희 성광현 성기방 성기준 성기홍 손동한 손문자 송규영 송낙중 송동훈 송명훈 송상호 송수갑·장경순 송정석 송주희 송형석 신광선 신나미 신도현 신동열 신상영 신양식 신연숙 신유정 신은식 신창윤 신한글 신현우·신경철 심소형·박성철 심양희 심지혜 심하보 안성희 안순임 안영운 안은숙 안정숙 안정애 안진영 안종숙 안지민 안충영 양도경 양돈규 양미영 양영옥 양옥희 양은미 양장교회 양창섭 양해생 양해운 양효승 어 관 엄주현 여명숙 염혜정 오광국 오경옥 오덕호 오신정 오중교 오형율 우명애 우승민 우형섭 위도복 유근선 유남효 유미배 유상현 유재희 유종남 유중하 유혜경 유희열 윤덕진 윤명중 윤미영 윤윤자 윤을로 윤정화 윤주남 윤진호·박성희 윤현봉 윤혜진 윤화숙 윤희영 원병훈 이강영 이강우 이경희 이계영 이고운 이광희 이규성 이 균 이근수·김애영

14 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2008

Churches, Civic Organizations and Businesses

U.S.A. & Canada Individuals


2W Fashion, Inc., Aiea Korean United Methodist Church, All Nations Baptist Church, Areundown Presbyterian Church, Arumdaun Presbyterian Church, Austin Korean Presbyterian Church, Baltimore Korean Seventh Day Adventist Church, BK Vision Inc., Boun Presbyterian Church of New Jersey, Brazil United Church, Calvary Korean United Methodist Church, Central Presbyterian Church of New York, Cheltenham Presbyterian Church, Church of the Lord, Dayton Korean UMC 요한속회, Disciple Methodist Church, DuRaleigh Presbyterian Church, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Epiphany Catholic Church in Georgetown, Evergreen Church of Boston, Faith Reformed Episcopal, Faithful Covenant Church in NJ, First Korean Presbyterian Church, First Korean UMC of Cherry Hill, Glory Korean Presbyterian Church, Hebron Presbyterian Church, Holyhill Evangelicant Church, Immanuel Korean Presbyterian Church, Jin & Joo Lee Family Foundation, Korean Bethel Presbyterian Church (NC), Korean Glory Presbyterian Church of NY, Korean United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor, Learning & Caring Center Inc., Manitoba Korean Presbyterian Church, Mansfield Textiles, Inc., Marlton Korean Assembly of God, MIT ACF & KSA, Morningware Inc., National Korean UMC 화요기도모임, New Hope Reformed Church, New Life Presbyterian Church, Orange Hill Presbyterian Church, Phila Koreans For Christ World Mission, Philadelphia Korean Methodist Church, Podowon Baptist Church, Qualcomm Matching Gift Program, Segaero Presbyterian Church, Segaero Presbyterian Church Somanghoi Group, Susie Collection, Inc., Terre Haute Korean Baptist Church, The Council Of Korean Churches In New England, The First Korean Presbyterian Church, The Hanmaum Korean Presbyterian Church of Williamsport, The Holy Spirit Church of New York, The Jesus Fund, The Korean Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth, The Lord’s Church, The Love of Christ Presbyterian Church, The Montreal Korean United Church, The So Myung Church of NY, Tidewater Korean Baptist Church, Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program, Virginia Presbyterian Church 한나선교회, Women’s Association of the MID-WEST Presbytery of the Korean Presbyterian Church in America, Young Kwang Bible Presbyterian Church

Allen Michael, An Kwi Dok, Bae John, Bae So Young, Bae Kunil & Young She, Baker Edward J., Boo Shawn, Cho Kyung Mi, Choi Daniel, Choi John H. & Christine Chung, Choi John Hyung, Choi Kyong Sun, Choi Kyung H., Chu Insook, Chun Man Do, Chung Il, Chung Matthew, Cranor Thomas, Enzinna Maureen Enright & Paul F., Evans Thomas & Sunae, Geiter Jisoo & Lawrence J., Han, Bruce W., Hopper David, Ihm Peter S., Jhu Steven, Jung Eunmi, Kang Dong In, Kang James Heung, Kang Jong E., Kelder Magda A., Kelly James A., Kim Abraham, Kim Chung Ja, Kim Chung-Whun, Kim David, Kim Dohyun, Kim Dong Il, Kim Doris Yangsoo, Kim Dukhong, Kim Hak Hyun, Kim Hie Chul, Kim Hyun Jung Lee, Kim Inhwan, Kim Jaehee, Kim Manshik, Kim Samuel S., Kim Se H., Kim Seong K., Kim Soon Kyum, Kim Suki, Kim Sun Mi, Kim Sung Sim, Kim Vana, Kim Yong M., Kirby William & Yvette, Ko Hye Yong, Ko Tong Won, Kohari Sunhee, Korth Jennifer, Kwon Nan Y., Lee Chung J., Lee Debbie, Lee Hee Choul, Lee Hi Young, Lee Jennifer, Lee Kunsoon & Yongil, Lee Matthew D., Lee Moo K., Lee Sang G., Lee Soon Ja, Lee Tae Young, Lew John, McCain Brad, McMunn David J., Moon Brian T., Moon Sejin, Moon UiKun, Moore Toby, Nah Yu Jin, Nam Hu Nam, Oberdorfer Donald, O’Brien Timothy & Bong Hyun, Oh In Sue, Olsen Denyse Pyo, Overman Douglas E., Pae Yoon S., Paik Han Won, Paik Meegyeong, Pak Jooil, Park Chong Oak, Park Eui Ung, Park Hui Sook, Park Joon Man, Park Sook, Park Sung Min, Parris Kevin, Peterson Arnold, Ra Moon Joo, Rhee Sheila Youngsil, Rhee Shin Hyung & Noe, Jeungmin, Roe Hyo Jong, Ryu Gi Yung, Ryu Seongsug, Seo Insook, Seo Simon, Shin Young H., Shin Younghee, Shinn Joel, Sir Jung Rim, So Young Sup, Sohn Ho Won, Song Hah Seong, Song Kyoung Ok, Stewart Kwang S., Suh Young P., Suh Young S., Voelkel Harold J., Wasyary Jong Myong, Whelan William F., Winfree Younghee, Wong Jenifer K., Yoo Shinjae, Yook Ken C., Yu Young Jae, Yune Heun & Kay, Zosel Fred

런던갈보리교회 런던한빛교회 벤쿠버베다니한인교회 브라질썽파울로연합교회 상하이한인연합교회 시드니한인교역자협의회(북한선교위원회) 호주 유진벨재단

Churches, Civic Organizations and Businesses


Personal Essential Kit (for inpatients): $20.00 (20,000 KRW) per set North Korean tuberculosis patients often lack basic necessities. Through this program, EugeneBell provides inpatients with a variety of‘personal care items’that make their stay in long-term care facilities more comfortable and pleasant.

Regular Tuberculosis Medication Kit: $38.00 (38,000 KRW) per patient EugeneBell distributes regular tuberculosis medication kits every six months to long-term treatment facilities and local hospitals. Tuberculosis is highly contagious and, if left untreated, tuberculosis can be fatal. With proper medical care, most patients (approximately 90 percent) can be cured. Your help can save a life and send a patient home to live a normal life.

Multi-drug resistant patient support: $95.00 (95,000 KRW) per month Some patients languish for years in long-term treatment facilities because they have developed a multi-drug resistance to regular tuberculosis medicines (MDR TB). Even with proper care, multidrug resistant tuberculosis is difficult to cure and requires long-term treatment (two to three years). Support for this program makes it possible for EugeneBell to provide new hope for the‘hopeless’in the form of individualized prescriptions of expensive secondary drugs. Sponsors are able to follow the progress of‘their patient’ through periodic updates. ※

Please note that stated prices of aid supplies and kits are open to change depending on the rate of inflation and exchange rate.

Further Information



For a tax deduction in Korea:

Eugene Bell Foundation P.O.Box 15394 Washington, DC 20003

Eugene Bell Foundation Rm 605, Seokyo Bldg, 395-166 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-Ku, Seoul

Tel : 202-393-0645 Fax: 202-543-2390 E-mail:

Tel : 02-336-8461 Fax: 02-3141-2465 E-mail:

Woori Bank Account #: 298-356991-13-001 Woori Bank (Foreign Currency) Account #: 298-356991-41-002 The Worri Bank 378-5 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul, Korea

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