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Smiling patients patients whose whose health health has has gradually gradually recovered recovered with with the the help help of of EugeneBell EugeneBell Smiling

North Korean children gather together to be examined with the X-ray machine donated by EugeneBell

EugeneBell's MDR program bears its first fruits, as seen in the laughter of the recovering patients. EugeneBell’s 2009 spring visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) did not look promising. In April, we received word that our trip scheduled for early May could be delayed due to ongoing diplomatic tensions. Thankfully, that did not happen, but unexpected production delays meant that part of our shipment did not arrive on time. While these kinds of difficulties are a normal part of this work, I feared that we would meet with further unexpected difficulties before the end of our journey. Once we arrived in North Korea, I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything went. Every effort had been taken by the Ministry of Public Health to ensure that our visit was a success. Despite its rough beginning, this spring’s visit was one of the best ever. The very best part of this spring’s visit was seeing progress in our two-year-old multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis treatment program. Patients who need individualized prescriptions of secondary drugs must remain on these medications for two to three years, much longer than ordinary tuberculosis patients. Consequently, good follow-up is essential. By the fall of 2008, a system was in place to ensure that all patients diagnosed with MDR TB in Pyongyang City received the proper treatment and follow-up. On our visit this spring, we were gratified to find that all persons diagnosed with MDR TB in South

2 EugeneBell Spring 2009 Newsletter

Spring 2009 EugeneBell s North Korean delegation Pyongan Province under EugeneBell’s program will be treated in a single medical facility. By this fall, a similar plan will be in place for North Pyongan Province. Needless to say, the best part of the trip was seeing how well many of the patients in our MDR TB program are responding to the expensive medications provided by EugeneBell donors. These are people who failed to respond to ordinary tuberculosis medications. Many were in very poor health. Not all of the news was good as our delegation was saddened to hear that some of the people in the program had not survived, despite our best efforts. Still, it is a particular delight to be able to give hope even to the most desperately ill TB patients, thanks to your prayers and support.

Stephen W. Linton, Ph.D.

Spring Visitation Schedule (May 5-May 19) May 5 (Tuesday)

Arrive in Pyongyang via Beijing

May 6 (Wednesday)

North Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital

May 7 (Thursday)

Sinuiju City Tuberculosis Care Center

May 8 (Friday)

Hadan Tuberculosis Hospital

Yomju County Tuberculosis Care Center Jongju City Tuberculosis Care Center May 9 (Saturday)

Gusong City Tuberculosis Care Center,

May 11 (Monday)

Pyongyang City Tuberculosis Hospital,

May 12 (Tuesday)

South Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital,

Anju City People’s Hospital Sunchon City People’s Hospital South Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital, Children’s Ward. May 13 (Wednesday) Kwaksan Tuberculosis Hospital May 14 (Thursday)

Nampo City Tuberculosis Care Center Nampo City Tuberculosis Hospital

May 15 (Friday)

Sunchon City Tuberculosis Care Center

May 16 (Saturday)

Ryongsong District Tuberculosis Care Center

May 18 (Monday)

Dongdaewon District Tuberculosis Care Center

May 19 (Tuesday)

Depart from Pyongyang

Sadong District Tuberculosis Care Center

Donated Materials Summary, Spring 2009 ($457,285.00) Aid to MDR Tuberculosis Patients EugeneBell sponsors have a 1:1 sponsor-to-patient Relationship and individualized medical treatment is given to each patient by his or her donor

Tuberculosis Care Center Aid (20 sets of Tuberculosis Care Center aid packages) Tuberculosis medicine and diagnostic equipment needed for the treatment of tuberculosis patients, agricultural supplies used to produce the raw materials for nutritious meals, nutritional supplements, heater to raise the room’s temperature, 1 ton truck, equipment maintenance and repair

MDR Tuberculosis Patient and Tuberculosis Patient Nutrition Aid (11 sets of soybean processing machines, soybeans, and other ingredients) Machine that produces soybeans and tofu to improve the nutrition of tuberculosis patients, soybeans and other ingredients

Maternal and Infant Care Aid (4 sets of follow-up supply packages) Follow-up supplies needed for the mobile X-ray machine that is used to examine children for tuberculosis and for basic health problems

Generator Aid (2 sets of generators, 13 sets of follow-up generator supplies) 50 KW generators for the stability of the hospital’s electrical supply, follow-up supplies for the maintenance of the generator


North Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital

We were again able to evaluate the health of children after repairing the X-ray equipment that had become broken after much use.

Sinuiju City Tuberculosis Care Center Yomju County Tuberculosis Care Center

Tuberculosis patients who live apart from their families and have been hospitalized for a long period of time.

Despite the privileges of fresh air and serenity derived from this secluded location, supplies from EugeneBell are used very sparingly here because of the lack of readily available transportation.

4 EugeneBell Spring 2009 Newsletter

Medical workers have been collecting documents regarding the use and management of tuberculosis treatment for the past 6 months and are still organizing them.

Hadan Tuberculosis Hospital

We sponsored a mass generator this spring in order to ensure safety during operations for tuberculosis patients nationwide and were able to contribute also by saving energy throughout the hospital.

Jongju City Tuberculosis Care Center

We sponsored farming equipment, seeds, and other agricultural products in order to improve the patients’ nutrition through the use of farming in the sanitariums. After finishing the ward expansion and concentrating increasingly on the health of the patients, the Eugene Bell Foundation was able to produce fresh vegetables for patients with the agricultural equipment it supplied.


Gusong City Tuberculosis Care Center

It is always a great pleasure to meet patients who are receiving treatment.

Tuberculosis patients listen to the instructions of a EugeneBell delegate after having received their prescribed medicine.

Anju City People’s Hospital

This is the “X-Ray Medical Examination Vehicle” sponsored by the Eugene Bell Foundation to check for childhood tuberculosis and to examine the basic medical status of children.

Children from the Anju Elementary School are waiting in line to receive medical check-ups from the “X-Ray Medical Examination Vehicle.”The Anju Public Hospital has been a leading hospital for the last two years in supporting the ‘children’s hygiene package’ sponsored by the Eugene Bell Foundation and has been able to discover many cases of tuberculosis and other diseases through the “X-Ray Medical Examination Vehicle.”

6 EugeneBell Spring 2009 Newsletter

Pyongyang City Tuberculosis Hospital

This is the tuberculosis medicine sponsored by the Pyongyang City Tuberculosis Hospital, which has been in charge of treating many tuberculosis patients.

Sunchon City People’s Hospital

A tuberculosis patient is being examined using the EugeneBell-sponsored X-ray machine.

South Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital

The Sunchon City People’s Hospital has been receiving hygiene packages for children and mothers as well as medical equipment from the Eugene Bell Foundation and has been achieving excellent results in the treatment of patients.

A EugeneBell delegate joyfully greeting a doctor of the Sunchon City People’s Hospital

These are sponsored soy milk machines and soybean packages for the nourishment of patients. Long-term patients and childhood tuberculosis patients have been able to defeat their susceptibility to malnutrition through the consumption of soy milk and tofu.


South Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital, Children’s Ward. Young tuberculosis patients in the South Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital, Children’s Ward. Tuberculosis not only infects adults but also children with weaker immune systems and has recently led to the construction of separate wards for child-patients. The Eugene Bell Foundation sponsors drugs for their treatment, X-ray machines and other equipment, including nutritional support.

Kwaksan Tuberculosis Hospital

Tuberculosis treatment drugs to be delivered to patients

Eugene Bell delegate and medical team examining patients’ documents

8 EugeneBell Spring 2009 Newsletter

Patients hospitalized in a newly created children’s ward

Nampo City Tuberculosis Care Center

After having met with the EugeneBell delegates, patients leave to receive their medicine.

Long-term tuberculosis patients receive nutritional packages and soy milk in order to maintain their physical condition while enduring the side-effects of tuberculosis treatment.

Nampo City Tuberculosis Hospital

Director Han Tae Shil has often told EugeneBell delegates, “I will dedicate my life to the complete treatment of all tuberculosis patients in Nampo City.� Although she has been unwell for the past couple of years, Director Han, as always, meets the delegates with a bright smile on her visit.

The medical team and associates of the Nampo City Tuberculosis Hospital joyfully greet the EugeneBell delegates in beautiful hanboks. The Eugene Bell Foundation and its sponsors find renewed strength and encouragement by seeing all those who have dedicated themselves to the treatment of tuberculosis.


Sunchon City Tuberculosis Care Center

Ryongsong District Tuberculosis Care Center

Inside the Tuberculosis Care Center, a general tuberculosis examination is taking place. EugeneBell continuously donates the supplies needed for the bacilloscopy (bacteriological examination) rooms.

The amount of prescribed medicine is different based on body weight. In order to calculate the change in the patient’s prescription, determining the patient’s body weight and height is necessary.

10 EugeneBell Spring 2009 Newsletter

Ryongsong TBCC has been utilizing the agricultural supplies donated by EugeneBell and is now providing its patients with vegetables from their greenhouses.

Sadong District Tuberculosis Care Center

The North Korean patients, who continue to smile despite the difficult situations they face, are able to travel this road together with the staff members.

Sadong TBCC boasts not only spacious land and a good environment but also staff members who are energetic about their work. Therefore, we have great expectations for the treatment of the tuberculosis patients here.

Dongdaewon District Tuberculosis Care Center

Because of the special 1:1 relationship of each donor with each patient, the patients who are in the middle of their medication cycle look healthy and bright.

Since 2004, EugeneBell has been providing 1 ton trucks to each care center. Afterwards, EugeneBell continues to provide repair components and other supplies for them. In particular, the care centers in the countryside are making good use of these vitally important trucks.


The beautiful scenery on the way to the tuberculosis care centers.

Now, let’s go meet them!

At six o’clock in the morning, though fatigued, we rush out of our living quarters. The tuberculosis care centers sponsored by EugeneBell in the vicinity of Pyongyang that are closest in distance are one hour apart from each other, and the furthest care centers are three to four hours apart from each other. At this hour, the roads of Pyongyang are empty, and the car, full of EugeneBell representatives, is leaving the heart of the city.

After driving for a long time, we see the villages outside the car window. Past the fence, we see the rooftops of deserted farmhouses, and next to it, we see fields with vegetables growing. The car, full of representatives and aid supplies, follows the road ahead of it.

12 EugeneBell Spring 2009 Newsletter

After passing the mountains, we see a wide river ahead of us. To get to the care centers, we cross the river by riding an oxcart.

Where do you think they are going? Teenagers with beautiful smiles stroll alongside their bicycles, and after passing the riverbank, they call out their greetings to the EugeneBell representatives.

A mischievous little boy throws rocks into the river and runs around wildly with his shoes in his hands, having too much fun.

At last, we see the entrance to the tuberculosis care center. Just thinking about meeting the staff and patients who are anxiously awaiting us causes us to forget about our fatigue, and immediately smiles creep upon our faces.

We have just one more hill to pass before we reach the care center. Because there is so much to do once we arrive, we rest for a short while and have a quick lunch. Although our meal consists simply of kimbap and beverages, as we hear the sounds of birds chirping, we are reminded of the picnics we used to have in our childhood.


Creating the “EugeneBell Road” on the Way to the Tuberculosis Care Center unpolluted, this Care Center was built in an isolated area. As we were going over a mountain path that was barely wide enough for one car to pass, the person sitting next to me said, “Before, cars couldn’t pass through this place, but this road was created because EugeneBell traveled over it Kim Soon-Ae, Missionary for more than ten years. I wonder if there is any other organization that This spring, I visited North Korea as a searches every nook and cranny of the land to help EugeneBell representative. Looking at what EugeneBell others.” has done, I could see the building momentum that was spreading God’s love throughout North Korea. Meeting Looking at this “EugeneBell Road”, I had to bow my numerous patients and medical staff, I was deeply head in respect for the EugeneBell North Korean touched at how EugeneBell’s work was beautifully visitation teams which, with rich passion and love to bearing fruit. The rich compassion and love for the save North Korean TB patients, had traveled this path patients filled my own heart. for over ten years, and for all those donors who are sponsors from far away, even though they have never set Because it was my first visit to North Korea, I was foot here. slightly nervous and frightened when I arrived at Pyongyang Airport. However, I felt relieved and excited At the Tuberculosis Care Center, the EugeneBell as we departed for the service area the next day. Since representative team began delivering medicine to the we were visiting Tuberculosis Care Centers and People’s patients. We delivered the medicine box and nutritional Hospitals in the countryside, there were streams that supplements with the patient’s picture and sponsor’s followed the mountain trails and the modest scenery of name to the patients, and also we delivered the message agricultural land. We even boarded wagons to cross that their sponsors hoped for their speedy recovery. rivers that were too deep for cars to pass. It seemed as if time was flowing in reverse, and I was visiting the The Care Center’s workers, who assist the EugeneBell hometown that I used to play in as a child. delegation, admitted that it was difficult for them at first to work with them because their procedures were very There is one road leading to the Tuberculosis Care detailed and they went to every location to deliver each Center in North Pyongan Province. Because TB patients aid package in person. But as time went on, they saw the must receive treatment where the water and air is gradual changes in the patients and felt very happy and satisfied with their work with EugeneBell. As I was helping my husband Lim Ho (EugeneBell Executive Director) who works for the Eugene Bell Foundation, I learned about the difficult realities for the North Korean TB patients through the Visitation Reports and have been praying for their speedy recovery.

After visiting eighteen Tuberculosis Care Centers and People’s Hospitals in two weeks, on the morning of the 19th, I boarded the Korea Airlines plane at Pyongyang Soonahn Airport and began to pray earnestly. Lord! Thank You for allowing me to contribute to the work of saving lives through EugeneBell. You are the source of life, and let Your true love be delivered to our beloved neighbors in the North. To those many people who are suffering from spiritual and physical illnesses, let there be true hope and healing.

14 EugeneBell Spring 2009 Newsletter

The “Small Promise” I kept is the “Medicine of Life” to the Patient I began a relationship with EugeneBell after hearing a lecture about tuberculosis aid in North Korea by Dr. Linton (Chairman of the Eugene Bell Foundation). Unlike most North Korean aid organizations which are limited in the areas they can TB Patient 1:1 Sponsor visit, EugeneBell personally Prof. Kim Ok-ju visits TB Care Centers around Seoul National University North Korea to understand the Medical School patients’ needs and directly deliver medical supplies and living necessities. One day, as I was reading the EugeneBell report, I understood that a TB patient’s life cannot be saved without someone to support the medical expenses. So, I decided to become a TB sponsor, and through EugeneBell, I have formed a relationship with a TB patient since last May. Every May and November, EugeneBell directly delivers medicine to the patients and urges them to continue to have hope and to conscientiously take their medicine. EugeneBell also sends all this as video footage to the sponsors. When I see EugeneBell representatives and the patients in these videos, I feel like I have been there

myself and know their current situation. I feel a strong connection with the patients. Last November, a patient earnestly said to a EugeneBell representative who was returning to deliver six-monthsworth of medicine, “Thank you for keeping your promise.” The question of whether the TB medicine will be delivered six months after the first dosage is a question of life or death. The small promise I kept every month for six months was the TB medicine, which in turn meant hope for life to a TB patient who must take the medicine for two years to get better. “Thank you for keeping your promise.” These words made me realize the importance of sponsorship, and made me decide to support another patient. Once again this year, I can see the improvement in the appearance of my sponsor patients every six months. I was worried last November because my patients seemed to have grown thinner because of the cold, so I was thankful to see the improvement in their appearance this May. I pray that they will completely recover and enjoy healthy and happy lives with their families.

The present situation of patients featured in the last Visitation Report “Thank you for giving me hope (that I can live).” The patient from the cover of the 2007 Autumn Visitation Report Newsletter

“ I will take my medicine well in the remaining period and deliver only good news to my sponsor.” The patient from the cover of the 2008 Spring Visitation Report Newsletter

The same patient in May 2009 North Pyongan Province Kwaksan Tuberculosis Hospital

Kim Myung-Hee (alias), patient Began taken TB medication since the fall of 2008 In the spring of 2009, patient became TB bacilli negative in only six months

The same patient in May 2009 Pyongyang City Dondaewon District Tuberculosis Care Center

Kwon Sung-Mi (alias), Patient Had failed to treat TB for three years Began taking TB medicine since the spring of 2008 In spring of 2009, patient became TB bacilli negative within only one year of treatment


MDR tuberculosis patients are in need of sponsors. “MDR tuberculosis patients are waiting for people who are willing to become their sponsors.” These North Koreans are patients diagnosed with MDR tuberculosis, a type of tuberculosis that is difficult to treat with normal tuberculosis medicine. Please become a tuberculosis sponsor who can pray for and continuously aid these patients until they are completely recovered.

1:1 MDR Tuberculosis Patient-to-Sponsor Aid $95.00 (95,000 KRW) per month Please become a sponsor who can help the lives of these patients.

Patient Partnership

Aid Report

Term of Sponsorship

Once you decide to begin a patient-to-sponsor partnership and once the patient and his or her examination results are ready, a partnership is formed with a new patient. The sponsor is then given the patient’s picture and information.

General Tuberculosis Medicine $38.00 (38,000 KRW) per person

The patient’s name is attached to the box of medical aid. After the box is directly delivered to the patient, verification of the patient’s information, with photographs and a video of the delivery, is given to the sponsor.

Necessities Set (Hospital patient) $20.00 (20,000 KRW) for one set

In order for the MDR tuberculosis patient to be fully recovered, a two- year uninterrupted supply of medicine is absolutely crucial. Once a patient-to-sponsor partnership begins, EugeneBell asks that sponsors commit to two years so that the patient is fully recovered.

*The price of aid supplies may vary based on the fluctuations of the exchange rate.

Further Information:



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Eugene Bell Foundation Rm 605, Seokyo Bldg, 395-166 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-Ku, Seoul Korea

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2009 Spring North Korea Visit Newsletter - English  

A report on progress at Eugene Bell tuberculosis treatment centers in North Korea following the Spring 2009 Eugene Bell delegation visit.

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