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Patients from the Dongdaewon District Tuberculosis Care Center smiling after receiving paper cranes folded by Seoul Foreign School students who pray for their recovery

A Letter from

the Chairman

Taking Steps Together in 2009 People sometimes express an interest in what

Korea’ s hard-working medical caregivers; providing

makes EugeneBell different. Do we know someone

the tuberculosis medications, diagnostic equipment

influential who‘opens doors’? Is there a special

and other assistance they need to take better care of

‘negotiating technique’used to reach agreements?

their patients.

What is different about EugeneBell? The rapid expansion of our Multi-drug Resistant Much of our work is unremarkable. We apply for

Tuberculosis Program (One-to-One MDR TB

visas in the‘normal’way and our visits are subject to

Program) in 2009 is also characteristic of this close

the same restrictions as those of other organizations.

partnership. Because of greater complexity and

EugeneBell was founded in 1995 and has been

expense (treatment for MDR TB can cost as much as

working in the Democratic People’s Republic of

100 times per patient) we were reluctant to try MDR

Korea (North Korea) for fifteen years, a long time but

TB work and would not have done so, but for the

not so long when compared to the decades-long

urging of North Korean caregivers. Again and again

histories of other humanitarian aid organizations.

they pressed us to help their‘special patients’who did not respond to regular TB medications. Dr. Chunae

The only characteristic that I can think of that

Kim from the Rongsong District Tuberculosis Care

makes EugeneBell different is our working

Center was particularly persistent in encouraging us to

relationships; especially with the North Korean

take our first step in 2007.

Ministry of Public Health. From the beginning of our medical work in 1997, when the Vice Chairman of the

Like all of our other programs, our One-to-One

Ministry of Public Health formerly invited EugeneBell

MDR TB Program took‘small steps’in the beginning

to provide tuberculosis-related assistance, we have

until we had developed the consensus and trust needed

walked‘step by step’with our North Korean partners.

to expand it. In this sense, 2009 was a pivotal year as

Perhaps most importantly, each step we have taken

the program more than trebled until we now have

has been a step taken together. From the beginning we

approximately 600 multi-drug resistant patients under

have tried to support, rather than replace, North

care. First-line tuberculosis medications are becoming

2 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2009

more available in the North through other

assist. In this sense, 2009 was no different from any

organizations, making it possible for EugeneBell to

other year. While our programs have grown and we

provide more help to those who do not respond to

have taken on new challenges, everything we do

DOTS (first-line) medications.

depends on your unchanging love and support for people in North Korea who need your help. It has

Thankfully, EugeneBell is not alone in its

been our honor to serve you in 2009. We look forward

partnership with North Korean caregivers. We

to taking more steps together in 2010.

represent an even greater partnership; that between our donors and the patients they sacrifice so much to Stephen W. Linton, Ph.D. Chairman







Korea Chairman : Dr. Stephen W. Linton Vice-Chairman : Mr. James H. Lim Board of Directors : Mrs. Young Joo Ahn Rev. Il Do Choi Fr. Gerard Hammond Mr. Sun Gyun Hong Mr. Jung Nam Kim Rev. Eun Sung Park Dr. Ju Sup Park Mr. Jung Taek Shim Auditor : Mr. Sea Bok Lee

U.S.A. Chairmanďźš Dr. Stephen W. Linton Vice-Chairman: Mr. James H. Lim Board of Directors : Mr. Michael Derian Mr. Se Heum Hong Dr. David Hopper Mr. Brian Park Mr. Scott Snyder Mrs. Chuong Ok Sohn Auditor : Mr. Leo J. Knighton CPA















Seoul Office Starting from the bottom right in a clockwise direction

Jung Taek Shim (Finance Director), James H. Lim (Vice-Chairman), Stephen W. Linton (Chairman), Hyuna Lee Linton, Eun Jae Choi (Secretary), So Young Shin (Projects & Support Manager), Hye Young Shin (Financial Secretary), Jee Hea Hwang (Office Manager), Hee Jung Ko (Public Relations Secretary)

Washington Office Hyunduk Seo (left), Alyssa Woo (right)


2009 EugeneBell

Major Activities


Donation from Pyeonghoa Nuri Unification Dolmuji Program at Gyeonggi Province


USAID Official Visits EugeneBell’s Korean Office

March 10~13 USAID representative, Frances L. Outland, paid a one-week visit to EugeneBell’ s Seoul Office to conduct a review of a US government funded generator project.


2009 EugeneBell Korea Board of Directors Meeting at EugeneBell’s Seoul Office

Pyeonghoa Nuri Park_ March 6th The Gyeonggi Province tourism office manages the Pyeonghoa Nuri Park donation program which has an ongoing ‘EugeneBell Dolmuji Support Project.’ Mr. James H. Lim (Vice-Chairman) represented EugeneBell in the donation ceremony at the park for contributions collected in 2008.


Seoul Office_ March 17th EugeneBell Korea Board of Directors (Mr. Sun Gyun Hong, Mr. James H. Lim, Dr. Stephen W. Linton, Rev. Eun Sung Park) and auditor (Mr. Sea Bok Lee)

Preparation and Shipment of Spring Donations for North Korea

March~April In the first half of 2009, EugeneBell sent eleven containers of assistance to North Korea.

4 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2009


Pyeonghoa Nuri Park Children’s Day Festival

May 5th At the Gyeonggi Province Pyeonghoa Nuri Park, children have a chance to think about children in North Korea and learn why charity is important.


A EugeneBell Delegation Visits North Korea


The 6th EugeneBell Donation Night

June 6th A fundraising event was held at the home of Mrs. In Sook Sung (Former Senior Secretary to the First Lady) on June 6th which raised more than $16,000 for EugeneBell.

May 5~19 A EugeneBell delegation visited 18 tuberculosis medical facilities and local hospitals in North and South Pyongan Provinces, Pyongyang City and Nampo City. The delegation included Mr. Wolfgang Gestner, Fr. Gerard Hammond, Grace Kim (wife of EugeneBell Vice Chairman, James Lim), Dr. Stephen W. Linton, Mrs. Hyuna Lee Linton, and Fr. Michel Roncin.



EugeneBell Seoul Donors Conference

June 15th In November 2008 eight churches in Seoul sponsored a donors’conference for EugeneBell. In the first meeting, the churches shared their thoughts about fundraising activities. *Participating churches and pastors included the following: Anyang Ilsim Presbyterian Church (Pastor Hong Seok Kim), Apgujeong Presbyterian Church (Pastor Eun Hwan Roh), Jamsil Joongang Presbyterian Church (Pastor Yeol Kim), Seoul Shimin Presbyterian Church (Pastor Oh Hun Kwon), Seomoon Presbyterian Church (Pastor Jin Hwan Han), Seoul Youngdong Church (Pastor Hyun Goo Jeong), and All Nations’ Community Church (Pastor Byeong Man An) Pastor An chaired the conference.


EugeneBell US Board of Directors Meeting


Preparation and Shipment of Autumn Donations for North Korea

July 11th


EugeneBell US held a regular board of directors meeting in its Washington, D.C. office. Pictured here are five board members: Dr. Stephen W. Linton (Chairman), Mr. James H. Lim (Vice Chairman), Dr. David Hopper, Mr. Brian Park, Mrs. Chuong Ok Sohn

Supplies for North Korean tuberculosis patients, to be delivered in the latter half of the year were packaged and shipped from Incheon, ROK to Dandong, China. They included special winter provisions and a mobile X-ray vehicle provided by The Council of the Ministers of Korean Churches in Sydney, Australia.

6 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2009


Construction of Mobile Patient Wards


EugeneBell Charity Music Festival

August 24~September 5

November 3rd

The construction of mobile patient wards for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patients took place in late summer. These warm, comfortable units were built by Habitat for Humanity Korea volunteers at the Gyeonggi Province Pyeonghoa Nuri Park and later shipped to the North.

Sponsored by long-time supporters of EugeneBell Professor Mrs. Hyon O’Brien, Professor Eun Sung Park and Mrs. In Sook Sung, a charity music festival was held at the BuAm Art Hall. Mrs. Gin Hoh Noh’s 60th birthday anniversary was also celebrated while the audience enjoyed a performance by Jung Geun. The event raised $11,200 for EugeneBell’s work in North Korea.


Donation from Friends of Love

November 10th In order to help sick North Korean children, Friends of Love made a $10,000 donation to EugeneBell. Friends of Love Advisor and Former First Lady Lee Hee Ho personally handed the donation to EugeneBell’s representative in a ceremony at the Kim Dae Jung Presidential Library and Museum.


A EugeneBell Delegation Inspects USAID Funded Project

November 13~17 A EugeneBell delegation visits the Provincial People’s Hospital, Provincial Maternal Hospital, and Provincial Dental Hospital in Pyongsong City, the capital of South Pyongan Province. The delegation confirmed the arrival of large generators and electrical equipment funded by a grant from USAID. Pictured (from the left) are Dr. Stephen W. Linton, Mr. James H. Lim and Fr. Gerard Hammond.



EugeneBell Pyeonghoa Nuri Park Bazaar

November 21~22 At an event called‘The Unification Marathon’, held in Gyeonggi Province Pyeonghoa Nuri Park, representatives of EugeneBell and UNICEF held a fund raising bazaar. Soky C&T Company handed out free samples of soap and perfume to participants. Many who took part in the event made donations to EugeneBell.


A EugeneBell Delegation Visits North Korea November 24~December 8 A delegation visited tuberculosis treatment facilities and local hospitals in North Pyongan Province and Nampo City. Miss Sarah Carpenter, Bishop Rene′Dupont, Mr. Wolfgang Gestner, Fr. Gerard Hammond, Dr. Stephen W. Linton, Mrs. Hyuna Lee Linton, Dr. Kwon June Seung comprised the delegation.


Press Conference

December 11th EugeneBell Seoul Office (Seokyo Building 301) After a EugeneBell delegation returned to Seoul from a visit to the North, a press conference was held to draw attention to the needs of multi-drug tuberculosis patients in North Korea.

8 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2009


Events Featuring EugeneBell Work

Throughout the year EugeneBell representatives were invited to talk about EugeneBell sponsored programs in North Korea at public meetings, worship services, and special events in Australia, Canada, South Korea and the United States.

April 19th_ Masan Jaegun Presbyterian Church

March 29th_ Pusanbuk Church

December 20th_ Saeronam Church

August 29th_ The Sydney Pastor’s Conference Music Festival February



Korean United Church of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pa. USA) Democracy, Peace and Unification Advisory Council (Miami, Fl. USA) Democracy, Peace and Unification Advisory Council (Atlanta, Ga. USA)

Gimpo Full Gospel Church (Gimpo, Korea) Gilganeun Presbyterian Church (Bucheon, Korea) SeoMoon Presbyterian Church (Seoul, Korea) Jamsil Joongang Presbyterian Church (Seoul, Korea)

Gyungnam Jinju Presbytery North Korea Mission Committee (Gyungnam, Korea) Yongsan International School of Seoul (Seoul, Korea) Ryukyung Foundation (Seoul, Korea)



Gwangju First Presbyterian Church (Gwangju, Korea) Jeonju Jungbu Presbyterian Church (Jeonju, Korea) Korean Pastor’ s Association (Sydney, Australia) Young Nak Presbyterian Church (Seoul, Korea) Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea) Pusanbuk Church (Pusan, Korea)

Korean United Church of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pa. USA) Tidewater Korean Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, Va. USA)


April Eunpa Mission (Grace Wave Mission) (Suwon, Korea) Young Nak Presbyterian Church (Seoul, Korea) Ewha Unification Leadership Program (Seoul, Korea) Masan Jaegun Presbyterian Church (Masan, Korea) University of North Korean Studies (Seoul, Korea) Taejon Christian International School (Taejon, Korea)

Handong Global University (Pohang, Korea) Sarangnuri Presbyterian Church (Ilsan, Korea) Saeronam Church (Daejeon, Korea) Eunpyong Presbyterian Church (Seoul, Korea)

August Florida Vision Church (Orlando, Fl. USA) Toronto Korean Milal Church (Toronto, Canada) Sydney Dongsan Church (Sydney , Australia) Sydney Young Nak Presbyterian Church (Sydney, Australia)

September Philadelphia Koreans for Christ World Mission (East Norriton, Pa. USA) Church of the Lord (Burke, Virginia, USA) Young Nak Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, Ca. USA) Fullerton Presbyterian Church (Los Angeles, Ca. USA) LA All Nations Church (Los Angeles, Ca. USA)



Happy Together

Hello Northern Friends! Children’ s Day, Gyeonggi Province Pyeonghoa Nuri Park Festival On May 5th, Children’ s Day in South Korea, an event was held at the Gyeonggi Province Pyeonghoa Nuri Park, which sponsors the EugeneBell Dolmuji Support Project. Through special displays, young people were encouraged to think about children in the North and how they might help them. Kids who attended the event with their parents visited EugeneBell’ s booth, looked at pictures of North Korean children and learned about the importance of charity. Some children poured their thoughts and feelings into pictures that they drew on fans and wrote messages for their northern friends. Others folded boats with colorful paper, symbolizing North and South Korea as two‘brothers’floating in one ‘boat’. Children also participated by placing donations into the collection box.

Connecting South and North through Music EugeneBell Charity Music Performances Two charity music performances were held, one in June and one in November, to support EugeneBell’ s work. The June performance took place at the home of Mrs. In Sook Sung, a long-time supporter. The November performance was held in the BuAm Art Hall. Both professional and amateur musicians shared the stage at the performances. Long-time EugeneBell supporters were joined by their families and friends as they shared their hopes for a healthier and happier future for their northern compatriots. Donations raised at the event were delivered to EugeneBell for tuberculosis work in North Korea.

10 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2009

In 2009

Major Projects

Spring Visitation Schedule_ May 5 ~ May 19 May 5th: Arrived in Pyongyang via Beijing May 6th: North Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital May 7th: Sinuiju City Tuberculosis Center and Yomju County Tuberculosis Care Center May 8th: Hadan Tuberculosis Hospital and Jongju City Tuberculosis Care Center May 9th: Gusong City Tuberculosis Care Center and Anju City People’ s Hospital May 11th: Pyongyang City Tuberculosis Hospital and Sunchon City People’ s Hospital May 12th: South Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital and Pyongan Province Tuberculosis Hospital, Children’ s Ward May 13th: Kwaksan Tuberculosis Hospital May 14th: Nampo City Tuberculosis Care Center and Nampo City Tuberculosis Hospital th May 15 : Sunchon City Tuberculosis Care Center May 16th: Ryongsong District Tuberculosis Care Center and Sadong District Tuberculosis Care Center May 18th: Dongdaewon District Tuberculosis Care Center May 19th: Departed Pyongyang

Summary of Major Activities During the two week regular visit to the North, tuberculosis medicine, diagnostic equipment, agricultural assistance, nutritional supplements, and maintenance and repair supplies were delivered to eighteen medical facilities Delegation members met personally with every patient enrolled in the One-to-One MDR TB Program. Each of the 185 patients in the program’ s progress is carefully recorded by medical professionals. To improve patient nutrition, supplies such as soymilk machines, soybeans, noodles and powdered milk were also provided. A donated 50kw generator, wiring and supplies will insure a reliable supply of electrical power to a hospital.

11 11

In 2009

Major Projects

Autumn Visitation Schedule_ November 24~ December 8 November 24th: Arrived in Pyongyang November 25th: South Pyongan Province Children’ s TB Ward Center November 26th: Bukchang County Tuberculosis Care Center November 27th: Sadong District Tuberculosis Care Center November 28th: Mundok County Tuberculosis Care Center December 1st: Ryonggang County Tuberculosis Care Center December 2nd: Kwaksan Tuberculosis Hospital December 3rd: Anju City People’ s Hospital and Sunchon City People’ s Hospital December 4th: Dongdaewon District Tuberculosis Care Center December 5th: Ryongsong District Tuberculosis Care Center December 7th: Pyongsong City Tuberculosis Care Center December 8th: Departed Pyongyang

Summary of Major Activities During the two week regular visiting period, tuberculosis medicine, diagnostic equipment, and materials required for maintenance and repair of various donated items were delivered to 12 medical centers. EugeneBell representatives personally delivered MDR TB medications to 297 patients enrolled in the One-to-One MDR TB Program. To help against the winter cold, winter supplies were delivered to hospitalized patients in care centers. A mobile digital X-ray vehicle to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis was delivered.

12 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2009

USAID Project Visit Report_ November 13~ 17 On the second trip related to the USAID Hospital Generator Project, a EugeneBell delegation confirmed the arrival of medical equipment donated to the South Pyongan Province People’ s (General) Hospital, Provincial Maternal Hospital and Provincial Dental Hospital. This was the second phase of the project. In the first phase large generators were installed to provide a continuous supply of electricity to these facilities.


Financial Report


Total Revenue: $ 7,289,289.00

Medical Equipment and Supplies Donations from the Republic of Korea Donations from the United States and Other Western Nations Government Grants (ROK and USA)

Cost of Assistance Provided to North Korea Total Expenditures: $7,192,340.00

Tuberculosis-Related Projects Local Hospital Projects USAID Hospital Generator Project Other Medical Equipment and Supplies Project Implementation Expenses Fundraising and Public Relations General Administrative Expenses

13 13


List of Supporters

We truly appreciate the support from our sponsors. If you find your name or organization has been omitted by mistake from the following list, please contact us so we may correct our list.

Package Donations

전남영광대교회, 카리타스, 한국복음주의협의회, 이랜드, 길가는교회, 전주중부교회, 영락교회, 영락교회 여전도회, 유경재단, 고삼금님 가족, 파리외방전교회, 메리놀외방전교회 한국지부, 나성영락교회, Seoul Foreign School, I Label Co., Inc., Fullerton Presbyterian Church, Korean United Church of Philadelphia, North Korea 동포 돕기회 (Vancouver Korean Churches), One Clothing, Inc., Philadelphia Koreans For Christ World Mission, Steps Apparel Groups, Inc. Toronto Korean Milal Church, Tto Kamsa Mission Church, Young Nak Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles

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SK텔레콤(Core2팀) 가덕침례교회 가음정교회 가톨릭여성연합회 강남동산교회 강동밝은안과 강릉영광교회 거제교회 경기관광공사 경남IVF 경남진주노회북한선교위원회 경인냉장 광산교회 광성교회 광주기독병원선교회 광주기독병원원목실 광주서현교회 광주양림교회 광주일곡교회 광주제일교회 광주중흥교회 광천교회 광휘교회 구리영락교회 국민은행 군산대흥교회 길가는교회 길가에교회 김포은총교회 나우리교회 남광교회 남부교회 남순천교회 남원산성교회 네이버해피빈 늘소망교회 다대중앙교회 대동제일교회 대전국제학교 대전마중물교회 대전순복음교회 대전즐거운치과 대전프뢰벨 대지석유 대진건설㈜ 대학약국 데네스 동심교회 동아세미콘 동아에스텍㈜ 등대선교회 들샘교회 뜨인돌교회 라이브남부가정교회 레이디스모임 로이드 마산상남교회 마산성은감리교회 마산재건교회 말씀교회 보라비전교회 부림교회 부산동부교회 부산북교회 부산아름다운교회 부산온천제일교회제4여전도회 부산초원교회 북부교회 북학선교 브니엘교회 브니엘목장 사랑누리교회 사랑의친구들 삼전복지재단 삼천동부교회 새길기독사회문화원 새로남교회대학1부마하나임 새로남교회대학1부 새마을지도자이북5도협의회 새일교회 새소망교회 서머나교회 서문로교회 서울경신교회 서울대학교JOY 서울서문교회 석천교회 선린약품 성경적토지정의를위한모임 성덕교회 성수교회 소키씨엔티 순복음광주중앙교회 순천동부교회 순천매산여자고등학교 순천용림교회 순천제일교회 순천하늘씨앗교회 스위코인터네셔널㈜ 시온교회 신실한교회 신일광학 실로암교회 싸이월드기부 아델리안교회 아모스컨설팅그룹 안나의집 안성삼일교회 안양교회 안진회계법인 양동제일교회 양장교회 언약교회 여수은파교회 여수제일교회 연세가정의원 열린교회 열방교회 열방추수교회 예성교회 예수피아교회 예일주일학교 오션테크㈜ 오치애양교회 온빛교회 온천교회 용동교회 울산한빛교회 월드와이드교회 육일약국 은파선교회 은평제일교회 의탄교회 인포메드 일산은혜교회 임마누엘교회 의정부교구신앙교육원 잠실중앙교회 장승포교회 정읍영락교회 제3영도교회 제자들교회 죠이클럽 주님과동행하는교회 주사랑선교회 중부산노회 진주삼일교회 천안양문교회 충도교회 캐나다밀알교회 큰나무교회 키엔스코리아㈜ 평택소망교회 포교성베네딕도수녀회 푸른하늘땅교회 풀무학교일요집회 하나교회 한국국제기도원협회 한국천주교평신도사도직협의회 한남대학교 한밭교회 한신교회 함께하는교회 함양사랑의집 현대증권 효천푸드 JW MARRIOTT 강경표 강귀배 강남연 강달영 강명옥 강민형 강성원 강성진 강수경 강승훈 강신애 강인호 강정아 강진구 강철구 강철수 고낙섭 고동하 고병헌 고영민 고재유·이정옥 고주형·재형 고진선 공춘자 곽노현 곽명손 곽숙재 곽태선 곽채은 구유림 국용호 권봉도 권용준 권은영 권주원 권현진 금상호 기모란 길희성 김강미 김경옥 김경자 김경호 김경희 김관욱·김도연 김규철 김균태 김근수 김기훈 김기흥 김남식 김대중 김덕천 김도영 김도윤 김도현 김도훈 김동수 김동우 김린 김맹섭 김명란 김명성 김명숙 김명호 김모란희 김문규 김미경 김미선 김미숙 김미영 김미자 김미희 김민식 김민주 김범준 김병일 김보열 김봉철 김봉환·김도애 김상범 김상용 김상철·노연화 김상현·김은미 김석산 김석향 김선경 김선식 김선애 김선영·한상균 김선택 김선호 김성덕 김성문 김성엽 김성오·김종미 김성은 김성훈 김수경 김수응 김수정 김수진 김숙자 김순덕 김순영 김순자 김승구 김승신 김승욱 김시현·유하나 김신남 김신해 김양식 김양안 김영구 김영미 김영빈 김영서 김영순·정경련 김영식 김영억 김영옥 김영운 김영춘 김영호 김예은 김옥심 김옥주 김완순 김용국·재원 김용식 김용욱 김용일 김욱 김원 김원배·조임형 김유겸 김윤석 김윤옥 김은빈 김은식 김은정 김은진 김이화 김인수 김인숙 김인숙 김인자 김일 김재성 김재송 김재한 김재호 김정수 김정숙 김정신 김정연 김정자 김정현 김종숙 김종진 김종채 김종혁 김주덕 김주식 김주연 김주영 김주호 김준우 김준일 김중민 김지명 김지성 김지애 김지영 김지은 김지현 김진승 김진오 김진태 김진희 김질연 김찬빈 김창훈 김철재 김태성 김태수 김태승 김태완 김태은 김태호 김태희 김한배 김한성 김향임 김현미 김현은 김형진 김혜옥 김혜원·김석원 김혜진 김호정 김호철 김효순 김후정 김훈순 김흥국 김희수 김희순 나금희 남상일 남용화 나정웅·성인숙 남봉우 남정이 노경희 류기조·손혜련 류재훈 류희두 맹선배 명재성 문기상 문세영·강영옥 문숙 문은희 문정옥 문창기 민경휘 민성길 민성호 박경란 박경미·손혜진 박경하 박경혜 박계열 박광혁 박국인 박기자 박기태 박뇌현 박덕문 박덕이 박명숙 박명자 박문주·이정주 박병국 박병선·김은지 박병윤 박병전 박사라 박상희 박선숙 박선희 박성광 박성광·김진근 박성규 박성시 박성자 박성철 박성호 박성화·이강선 박세홍 박소은 박수애 박수전 박수현 박순배 박승제 박승희 박신배 박열우 박영숙 박영신 박영애 박영춘 박요한 박용상 박용성 박용학·이은·창대·혜나 박용호 박원선 박윤덕 박윤정 박윤주 박은민 박은주 박이락 박인국·박인성 박인숙 박의곤 박자민 박재남 박재석 박정권 박정기·장숙희 박종기 박종렬 박종필 박종희 박주성 박준 박준서 박준영 박준호 박지수 박진기 박찬덕 박찬운 박태동 박현남 박현숙 박형철 박혜영 박혜은 박혜자 박효남 박희붕 밝우리나라 방조자 배숙희 배재석 백남도 백봉자 백봉현·Timothy J. O'Brien 백운기 백운서 백주연 백진현 백진희 백철현 변상화 봉정표 상진 서동우 서범석 서영배 서유상 서은식 서재문 서재현 서정민 서향주 석동수 선현구 성경희 성굉모 성기방 성기준 성송자 성송희 성수경 성의현 손종효 송경회 송규영 송낙중 송상락 송상호 송수갑·장경순 송영근 송정석 송재희·송재관·송재홍 송주희 송하련 송현도 송형석 신광철 신나미 신도현 신동열 신미경 신상영 신유정 신은식 신정순 신창윤 신한글 신현우·신경철 심소형 심수현 심양희 심정택 안다운 안성희 안순임 안영운 안은숙 안정숙 안정애 안종숙 안지민 안창영 양도경 양영옥 양영전 양옥희 양은예 양창섭 양해생 양해운 양효승 어관 엄지연 연숙진 염혜영 염혜정 오광국 오경균 오병실 오보미 오성환 오신정 오중교 옥양숙 우내단 우명애 우승민 우형섭 위도복 유근선 유동주 유미배 유상현 유서하 유선희 유재희 유종남 유한준 유혜경 유희숙 유희열 육홍타 윤명숙 윤명중 윤미영 윤상경 윤신재 윤여권 윤운문·최유정 윤윤자 윤을로 윤인섭·염은주 윤정화 윤주남 윤현주 윤혜진 윤효원 윤화숙 윤희영 이강영 이강우 이건규 이경아 이경혜 이경훈 이경희 이계성 이고운 이광희 이규성 이근수·김애영 이근수 이기수 이기열 이기영 이기택 이남희 이대홍 이덕교 이동명 이동희 이명경 이명규 이미경 이미정 이민규 이범익 이범태 이병교 이병덕 이보영 이부영 이상연

14 Eugene Bell Foundation Annual Report 2009

이상윤 이상은 이상전 이서현 이선희 이성숙 이성진 이성찬 이성호 이세정 이소연 이소정 이수룡 이수미 이숙희 이순섭 이승엽 이승원 이승용 이승종 이신행 이실비아 이양준 이연경 이영두·전순애 이영배 이영삼 이영주 이영준 이영창 이영희 이옥경 이옥순 이옥자 이운학 이원 이원주 이유진 이윤정 이은숙 이은정 이은혜 이은호 이인규 이인숙 이인철 이장휘 이장희 이재권 이정수 이정심 이정우 이정원 이정은 이정희 이종호 이종화 이주영 이중근·박은성 이진숙 이진행 이창우 이창호 이채성 이충기 이태영 이태용·박지화 이한 이한주·전향숙 이현교 이현신 이현영 이현우 이현주 이현지 이해돈 이홍규 이홍승 이효영 이화인 이희경 이희재 이희호 인재근 임광석 임규현 임미라 임상완 임상하 임성빈 임성언 임세령 임수연 임수주 임순화 임승묵 임용 임은혜 임응수 임종필 임창현 임춘희 임치원 임평용·장정숙 임한나 임현미 장경현 장경희 장권정 장기영 장남길 장돈수 장동수 장동숙 장명수 장명숙 장부길 장성순 장영재 장윤진 장은영 장은정 장인화 장정수 장향숙 장환빈 전강수 전성훈 전수현 전영란 전영순 전영하 전희자 정경아·송이오 정광삼 정광자 정규자 정길수 정길자 정다은 정미영 정미옥 정봉서 정석영 정소양 정수옥 정수인 정순희 정승규 정시웅 정영기 정영훈 정유석 정의철 정의헌 정은석 정재훈 정정숙 정종선 정주영 정중섭 정지은 정지훈 정철도 정철호 정태식 정판철 정한 정해전 정혜란 정효영 정희 정희정 정희철 제갈양진 조갑철 조건영 조근호·강원길 조득현 조명국 조명진 조미숙 조병옥 조석준 조세현 조수진 조애순 조연주 조은이 조인준 조정호 조창환 조해봉 조혜도 조호윤 조희구 주성권 주성용 주연아 지승화 진상만 진용성 차상희 차영화 차요섭 차용태 차희원 채민욱 채승경 채한나 채혜성 천상배 최경일 최경혜 최경화 최덕환 최도영 최미라 최병규 최병승 최산옥 최선 최성우 최세나 최수승 최수전 최숙자 최시성 최영 최영건 최영미 최영자·권오재 최영희 최윤봉 최은숙 최은재 최재칠 최재훈 최전도 최정윤 최종복 최종철 최지형 최진팔 최혜정 추연봉 탁승호 표신지·조준휴 표은봉 피영희 하병영 하성희 하숙자 하재원 하진 하현재 한대식 한대용 한명주 한상렬 한상영 한상희 한선희 한세희·최세문 한용수 한은석 한일규 한정은 한태식 한향기 한현옥 한희자·이정혜·신지혜 한희정 함선영 함순섭 함승희 함형진 허경발 허성민 허세원 허수정 허양금·김모세 현동호 현복자 현선양 현정은 홍기출 홍명우 홍사원 홍세출 홍영표 홍재경 홍지혜 홍진표 홍화숙 황규봉 황미영 황의열 황의인 황재윤 Irene Larn, Jane Mulryar, Maria Adorno, Nancy, Rick Lund, WEON JUN, YISS

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2W Fashion, Inc., Aiea Korean United Methodist Church, All Nations Baptist Church, Austin Korean Presbyterian Church, All Nations Church, Peniel Prayer Group, Bethel Printing & Design, Inc., BK Vision Inc., Boeun Presbyterian Church of New Jersey, Central Presbyterian Church of New York, Cheltenham Presbyterian Church, Church of the Lord, Dayton Korean United Methodist Church, Disciple Methodist Church, DuRaleigh Presbyterian Church, Emmanuel Gospel Mission Church, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Epiphany Catholic Church in Georgetown, Evangelical Mission Presbyterian Church, Evergreen Church of Boston, First Korean UMC of Cherry Hill, Global Mission Church, Glory Korean Presbyterian Church, Grace Church, Greenboro Korean Baptist Church, Henderson Mission Church, Holy Spirit Church of New York, Jin & Joo Lee Family Foundation, KAPC World Mission Society, Kirk Humanitarian, Korean American Pharmaceutical Association, Korean Bethel Presbyterian Church, Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh, Korean Church of Williamsport, Lycoming Presbyterian Church, Korean Glory Presbyterian Church of NY, Korean Peace Presby. Church, Korean Presbyterian Church of Orlando, Korean United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor, Learning & Caring Center Inc., Lord Jesus Korean Church Presbyterian Church, Lords Presbyterian Church of San Diego, Maga Church, Marlton Korean Assembly of God, Matthew D. and Katherine H. Lee Foundation, MOA International, Inc., National Korean U.M. Church, National Unification Advisory Council Atlanta Chapter Inc., New Hope Reformed Church, Orange Hill Presbyterian Church, Peniel Presbyterian Church of Washington, Philadelphia Korean Methodist Church, Podowon Baptist Church, Ramstein Chapel Tithes & Offering Fund, Segaero Presbyterian Church, Edmonton Korean Roman Catholic Church, Susie Collection, Inc., Terre Haute Korean Baptist Church, The First Korean Presbyterian Church of Orlando, The Holy Spirit Church of New York, The Korean Church of Atlanta, UMC, The Korean Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth, The Lord's Church, The Love of Christ Presbyterian Church, The National Unification Advisory Council Los Angeles Chapter, Tidewater Korean Baptist Church, USAID, Virginia Presbyterian Church, Young Kwang Bible Presbyterian Church, The Grace and Mercy Foundation, Inc., St. Jung Ha Sang Edmonton Korean Roman Catholic Church

Allen Michael, Bachrach Edgar, Bae John, Bak Philip Y., Beck, Naomi Y., Boo Shawn, Brown Michael, Chamberlin, Catherine Ann, Chei Andrew, Cho Kyung Mi, Cho Ohmoon, Cho Yong Hee, Choe Jayoung, Choi Christine, Choi Hyung Kee, Choi Kyong Sun, Choi Seung Ju, Choi William, Chong David, Chu Insook, Chun Man Do, Chung Matthew Emison, John A., Evans Thomas & Sunae, Foster-Carter Aidan, Frank, Elizabeth, Ho Su Gyong, Hong Sehum, Hopper David, Ihm Peter S, Jeong Yonggap, Jhu Steven, Jun Young Ja, Kang Dong In, Kang James Heung, Kang Jong E., Kee Jung-Min, Kelly James A., Kihm Richard, Kim Shin Wha, Kim Abraham, Kim Charles Allen, Kim Chung Ja, Kim Chung-Whun, Kim David, Kim Dong K., Kim Doris Yangsoo, Kim Dukhong, Kim Gun Hun, Kim Hie C., Kim Inhwan, Kim Jong I., Kim Jung Suk, Kim Kevin, Kim Ki Hwan, Kim Kyung Ho, Kim Manshik, Kim Seong Hyun, Kim Soon Kyum, Kim Suki, Kim Sun Mi, Kim Sung Jong, Kim Won Young, Kim Yong M., Kim Yoon H.(IRE), Kim Young J., Kirby William & Yvette Ko Hye Yong, Ko Tong Won, Kohari Sunhee, Koo Jennifer Sung Ok, Kwon Jong Hyo, Lavey Brent, Lee Chung J., Lee Debbie, Lee Dong Eun, Lee Hee Choul, Lee Kun Yong, Lee Kunsoon & Yongil, Lee Moo K., Lee Seul Ki, Lee William K., Lee Yongil, Lee Young Y., Lim John, Lim Kyung, McCain Brad, Moon Chris Hyun, Moon Sungsil, Moon Ui-Kun, Moore Toby, Nah Yu Jin, Oh Tae S., Olsen Denyse, Pae Yoon S., Paik Han Won, Paik Meegyeong, Pak Jooil, Park Eui Ung, Park Eunyoung Eunice, Park John, Park Joon Man, Park Kenneth K., Park Kyung Mee, Park Sook, Park Sung Min, Ra Moon Joo, Reinhardt Angela, Rhee John, Rhee Sheila Y., Rhim Aesop, Ryu GiYung, Seo Insook, Shim Sung Ho, Shin Stan, Shin Young H., Sinclair B. Jean, So Young Sup, Sohn Ho Won, Song Hah Seong, Stewart Kwang S., Suh Young P., Suh Young S., Sul Susan, Um Justin, Wasvary Jong M., We Jong Hyun, Whelan William F., Wills Richard, Winfree Younghee, Yook Ken C., Yoon Jae, Yoon Young, Yu Young Jae, Yune Heun & Kay, Zosel Fred 강민선 권영식 김미숙 동산교회북한선교회 박태랑 백관진 서문찬 서문해주 서보성 서부장로교회 선영호 손정란 손종원 시드니영락교회 시드니한인 연합교회 신봉재 신선영 신지영 어머니기도모임 오상원 오상원치과병원 윤성택 이도연 정 백 정시순 차정선 최유찬 풍성한알곡교회 허정민 황글라라 황숙기 A & H HealthClinic, KIB YI YS YI, P/L, WE GO Holding

런던 갈보리교회 런던한빛교회 브라질썽파울로연합교회 상하이한인연합교회 Morrissuzuki TeresaI


Primary (DOTS) Tuberculosis Medicine Kit (full course) - $38.00 per patient These small boxes of WHO (World Health Organization) recommended tuberculosis medicines, delivered every six months to TB treatment facilities, are often the only hope for people in the North suffering from tuberculosis. Even though regular (non-resistant) TB can be treated with a six to eight month course of primary tuberculosis medications, chronic shortages and a lack of early detection means that many patients have advanced tuberculosis and must be treated in care centers (isolation wards). *Please help send these life-giving tuberculosis medicine kits to these patients, who are separated from their families and must battle their sickness away from home.

Personal Essentials Kit (for inpatients) - $18.00 per kit North Korean patients are responsible for providing their own personal care essentials during hospitalization. Many have difficulty obtaining these necessities because they are hospitalized far from home or lack funds. A Personal Essentials Kit provides comfort and encouragement to these patients, many who are already exhausted by their fight against sickness.

One-to-One MDR TB Program ($95.00 per month for maximum of 36 months) Unlike regular TB which can be cured in six to eight months with primary (DOTS) medication, people who are infected with resistant strains of tuberculosis take far longer (up to 36 months) and are much more expensive to treat. Many patients suffering from MDR TB give up on life after failing treatment with several courses of DOTS medications. And yet s One-to-One MDR TB there is hope! Your participation in EugeneBell’ Program can provide a patient with another chance to recover and to return home to their families. *Participants in our One-to-One Program will receive periodic updates on the progress of their adopted patient(s).

Nutrition Kit for Inpatients ($29.00 per Patient) Successful treatment for tuberculosis requires good nutrition. When possible, family members of North Korean patients try to provide supplemental feeding to their hospitalized loved ones. To ensure tuberculosis patients can enjoy an adequate healthy diet, EugeneBell Nutrition Kits for Inpatients provide patients with mixed-grain high-calorie nutritional supplements that do not require cooking. *Costs may change due to changes in prices and currency exchange rates.

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