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Introducing The Tailored Closet: An Old Friend with a New NameSame Great People, Same Great Quality

Okay. I think that just about everyone would admit that organization is critical to a well-run home or business. But for some of us, the mere thought of trying to tame the jungle that is our stuff is overwhelming.

So where do you start? What better way, than to call a professional. Not only do they know the products and trends available to help you organize your life, but they can help you determine the options that best fit your specific needs and challenges.

One such company that has developed a well-earned reputation for quality and service, organizing just about any area of the home, is Tailored Living of West

Have you ever purchased an item you were pretty sure you already had, but just couldn’t find it? How many hours do you spend searching for those less often used tools? Do you have to move piles or boxes of stuff in order to get to the one in the back? You may have lots of shelves, but are they the right size for your needs?Knoxville, which includes their garage division: PremierGarage. We recently learned of some exciting developments for our friends at Tailored Living – the most important of which is their new name: The Tailored Closet. Not only do they have a new name, but they have also acquired new expanded office space for both The Tailored Closet and PremierGarage in West Knoxville.

East Tennessee’s Mountain Views recently met up with Kathryn Norton and Brian Falls, two of the co-owners who manage the day-to-day operations, at their well-appointed showroom to find out more about their relocation, new name, and high-quality services.

MV: Let’s start at the beginning - what is the background and history of ownership of your company?

Kathryn: Dan Morgan, who owned his own food brokerage company prior to our business, bought PremierGarage in 2010 and added Tailored Living very soon after. Dennis Falls, a retired manager from Alcoa, and myself, a former communications executive with Coca-Cola, joined Dan as co-owners in 2012. A short time later, Dennis’s son, Brian, joined the company.

Brian: I became a co-owner in 2016 and was initially focused on the garage floor coating process, developing the best techniques and using the latest technology to make sure we installed the best garage floor in East Tennessee. This led us into opening Premier Concrete Surfaces, which

Dennis Falls, Kathryn Norton, Dan Morgan and Brian Falls

serves concrete coating needs outside the garage, such as basements, retail spaces, industrial settings, and restaurants.

Kathryn: With our four diverse backgrounds and skills, we continue to work well together for our growing companies. From day one, our business philosophy was clear: maintain a sharp focus on providing great customer service with the best products at a reasonable price.

MV: Why the name change to The Tailored Closet?

Kathryn: Home styles have evolved over time, and so has Tailored Living. Last November, Tailored Living became The Tailored Closet. The name change better reflects our services and makes it easier for potential customers to recognize what we do. We remain the same great company with the same great people - just with a more brand-specific new name.

Brian: The name change happened to coincide with moving our offices to 10301 Cogdill Road, Suite 305. Located off Lovell Road, our larger office, warehouse, and workshop area includes a showroom with comfortable meeting spaces for customers. The move to West Knoxville puts us closer to our core market and makes it easy for clients to visit our office to meet with designers and see our products firsthand.

MV: Besides The Tailored Closet, you also operate PremierGarage. How do these companies complement each other?

Kathryn: More than 12 years ago, we saw a growing demand for high-quality

flooring and cabinetry for the garage, so we purchased PremierGarage, which had been in business in Knoxville since 2007. Tailored Living, part of a national franchise specializing in the design and installation of closets, home offices, pantries, and other spaces inside the house, came next. Whether inside the home or in the garage, combining the two businesses gives us the ability to help homeowners who want to organize their lives, not just a closet. We can help to “calm the chaos” in all areas of the home.

Brian: You won’t find any two designs from The Tailored Closet or PremierGarage that are exactly alike, because we tailor a design to meet each individual’s needs. The high percentage of repeat customers and referrals we receive is a continued testimony to our successfully being able to help homeowners in all aspects of organization.

MV: Can you walk us through a typical customer interaction?

Brian: We know from long-term experience that a new closet, pantry, or a renovated garage will change a person’s everyday life for the better. By developing a relationship and learning about our clients’ organizational obstacles, we can help solve problem areas in their home.

Kathryn: The showroom allows us to share with clients the various wood finishes that are available, styles and colors can be discussed, and accessories for the pantry, closet, or garage, along with our

YOUR RENTAL AND MANAGEMENT SOLUTION (865) 408-3100 LakesidePropertyRentals.com
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isorganization. It causes stress, wastes your time and energy, and can even cost you money!

Tailored Closet cover article continued ...

concrete coating options, can be chosen. A 3D design is then presented on a large monitor, where we can adjust elements to arrive at exactly what our client is hoping to accomplish.

MV: How can your services aid homeowners in ways they may not be aware of?

Brian: We are experienced in modifying any size of closet and pantry to utilize every inch of available space - laundry room efficiency upgrades, mudroom or entryway organization, and home office optimization (including guest bedroom features, if needed) inside the home, as well as the perfect storage options and flooring to make your garage into exactly what you want to use it for.

Kathryn: We had a “vertically challenged” client who really needed to be able to reach her everyday closet items. With lower rods for hanging clothes and a top rod that folded down with a flip of a switch, we solved a very real and basic need for her. She actually cried when she saw the finished closet!

A popular but little-known item is a fold-out ironing board. It is magically hidden behind a drawer front! Simply flip the “drawer” front down, and the ironing board unfolds and swivels to any angle - perfect for closets and laundry rooms. Another closet accessory we often install are slide-out panels that hold necklaces and bracelets. The panels keep jewelry protected and make it easy to see each piece - no more tangled chains!

Brian: And should you ever decide to put your house on the market, custom-designed closets and an upgraded garage will add value and appeal for potential buyers.

MV: Anything else you would like to share?

Kathryn: If you need better home organization or your garage needs remodeling, give us a call and let us prove that we can help make your life easier and less stressful. From our owners to each member of our team, we are passionate about what we do. Our trained team does all the design work and installation.

Brian: When we talk about designs to specifically meet a customer’s needs, that’s not an exaggeration. Every person is different in terms of their lifestyle and what will make their lives easier and more organized. And, most importantly, we want our relationship with clients to last as long as they’re in their home. We will be here to make any future additions or revisions that need to be made. They’ve got us for life!

The Tailored Closet/PremierGarage

10301 Cogdill Road, Suite 305 Knoxville, TN 37932




2A • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March, 2023
March, 2023, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views • 3A
108 Oostanali Way Loudon,
130 Foster Rd. Lenoir City,
Way Loudon, $829,900 Leza Barnard, 865-582-1799
7474 Grimes Rd, Loudon, $240,000 Leza Barnard, 865-582-1799 LARGE
of Tellico Village 142 Noya Lane Loudon, $75,900 Zach Miller, 865-408-1616 A very
slope. 251 Gadusi Way Loudon, $49,900 Jim L. Davis, 865-414-3601 AMAZING LOT! Located in a quiet cul-de-sac. Goweli Tr Vonore, $79,900 Dusty Hurst, 865-315-6300 7+ lightly restricted acres 25998 E Watkins Rd Loudon, $229,000 Zach Miller, 865-408-1616 Seasonal Lake View - .27 Acres 297 Dudala Way Loudon, $74,900 Zach Miller 865-408-1616 Perfect Building lot in the north end of Tellico Village. 221 Tahlequah Drive Loudon, $83,900 Zach Miller, 865-408-1616 LEVEL lot in beautiful Tellico Village!! 262 Gadusi Way Loudon, $59,900 Zach Miller, 865-408-1616 Beautiful building lot in Tellico Village. 220 Choowa Trace Loudon, $50,000 Zach Miller, 865-408-1616 Beautiful Golf Front home, one of a kind with a Grand entry 135 Inata Circle Loudon, $625,000 Leza Barnard, 865-582-1799 Two Waterfront Lot ,200 feet on The Main Channel, Valley Drive Loudon, $299,000 Dusty Hurst, 865-315-6300 PENDING PENDING PENDING LOTS LOTS REDUCED PENDING PENDING REDUCED 03/23
Nice building lot with Barn in Lenoir City with no city taxes. Lot 3 Foster Rd Lenoir City, $49,000 Zach Miller, 865-408-1616 Convenient location with a very private wooded yard.
$595,000 Jim Davis, 865-414-3601 A brick ranch home with acreage right in Lenoir
no city taxes!!!
$299,000 Zach
Golf Front Home. Park like setting.
Geya Circle
$775,000 Leza Barnard, 865-582-1799 Golf Front Home with wide open views, a car lover’s dream.
Santee Way Loudon, $779,000 Leza Barnard, 865-582-1799 An excellent lakefront house built by Michael OHare. 298 Dudala Way Loudon, $1,325,000 Jim L. Davis, 865-414-3601 Rare LAKE FRONT DOCKABLE LOT in Tellico Village. 315 Inagehi Lane, Loudon, $625,000 Cindy Nash Miller, 865-224-1696
Horse Farm. Newer home on over 20 acres.
Malone Rd
Barnard, 865-582-1799 Amazing Golf Front Home Meticulously maintained.
Totally updated, new
cabinets, windows, water heater, toilets, front deck.
mostly level building lot on the
conveniently located wooded lot with a gentle

March Highlights From the Publisher


f you’re like us, you can’t wait for Spring to arrive. Flowering trees are beginning to blossom signaling that Spring is just around the corner and with it our beautiful East Tennessee transforms again. Trees and flowers bud and blossom. The birds are singing, the days are longer, and outdoor opportunities increase.

This month, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views focuses on the home and home improvements and enhancements all meant to get you motivated to eliminate those chores on your list. You’ll find services for your home, organization, deck, garage and more.

We welcome spring. It’s a time to refresh and rejuvenate, and to spring forward to tackle your goals!

Tim & Kathy Rose East Tennessee’s Mountain Views

Spring is all too short here in East Tennessee, so make the most of the milder weather and maximize your time outdoors.to set your clocks to SPRING forward –March 12th, 2:00am



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designs you can T R U S T

Her husband replied with a grin, “And here you thought I was out enjoying myself!”

“The Last Request” Bridget Callahan went to meet Father Byrne in tears

one day. When Father Byrne saw her, he asked in his most compassionate voice, “Why Bridget my dear, whatever could be the matter?”

“It’s my husband, Father,” said Bridget. “It’s terrible, he passed away suddenly last night!”

“Oh Bridget,” said the Father, “that’s terrible to hear! Did he by chance tell you of any last requests?”

Bridget nodded. “Just one, Father.”

“What was it, child?”

“He said, ‘Bridget, put down that gun’!”

“The Trial”

One day, a local judge tried the case of a man accused of drunk and disorderly conduct. After reviewing the evidence of the defendant’s behavior, the judge sternly rebuked the man, warning him of the many evils of drink. Since it was the defendant’s first charge of this kind, the judge dismissed him with that warning and a fine.

As soon as the defendant turned to go, the judge wagged a finger at him and said in a gruff voice, “Now don’t you ever let me be seeing your face again, lad!”

The defendant shook his head. “I’m not sure I can be promising you that, Your Honor,” he said.

“Oh? And why might that be?”

“Why Your Honor, I’m the barman at your favorite pub.”

“The Vat of Beer”

Mrs. O’Malley was waiting at home for her son, Seamus, who had gone with his friends on a tour of a local brewery. Finally, there came a knock at the door, much later than she had been expecting. She opened it and saw his friends standing on the porch.

“Mrs. O’Malley,” said one of them, hat in hand. “We have something terrible to tell you. You see, there was an accident at the brewery. Seamus, he fell into a vat of beer. It was a big one, you see, the biggest you’ve ever seen. And, well, he fell in. And he drowned.”

“Drowned?” said Mrs. O’Malley. “My poor boy! Did he suffer?”

“I should say not, Mrs. O’Malley,” said the friend. “After all, he got out three times to go to the bathroom!”

“Trouble with at the Doctors”

“I’m sorry, Liam,” said Doctor Murphy, shaking his head sadly. “I can’t seem to diagnose your illness. It must be related to drink.”

Liam nodded. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry yourself, Doctor. I’ll just come back in when you’re sober.”

Y o u r S t y l e – H a v e a n i d e a o f d e s i g n s t y l e s a n d c o l o r s y o u l i k e F e e l f r e e t o g a t h e r i n s p i r a t i o n f r o m o u r w e b s i t e

–Moving? Remember this! CELEBRATE ST. PATRICK’S DAY

C o n s i d e r h o w y o u w a n t t o a d a p t t h e h o m e t o y o u r l i f e s t y l e E n t e r t a i n e r s m a y w a n t a h o m e b a r o r a m p l e g a m e - n i g h t s e a t i n g T h o s e w o r k i n g f r o m h o m e w i l l n e e d q u a l i t y o f f i c e f u r n i t u r e t o k e e p o r g a n i z e d a n d p r o d u c t i v e F a m i l i e s w i t h k i d s o r p e t s w i l l w a n t d u r a b l e f u r n i t u r e a n d r u g s w i t h s u r f a c e s t h a t a l l o w f o r e a s y c l e a n i n g , w h i l e t h e w o r l d t r a v e l e r m a y w a n t g r e a t d i s p l a y s p a c e s t o s h o w o f f c o l l e c t e d t r e a s u r e s E a c h h o m e w e d e s i g n i s u n i q u e t o y o u r l i f e s t y l e

–w w w S a n d y K o z a r D e c o r a t i n g D e n c o m s k o z a r @ d e c o r a t i n g d e n c o m 8 6 5 3 9 2 6 2 2 2

S e l e c t a r e a s y o u w a n t t o i n v e s t i n – n o w , l a t e r , a n d o v e r a l l I f y o u a l r e a d y h a v e p i e c e s t h a t y o u w o u l d l i k e t o i n c o r p o r a t e , w e g l a d l y w o r k w i t h t h e s e p i e c e s , a n d c a n o f f e r s u g g e s t i o n s o f o t h e r f u r n i s h i n g s t o c o m p l e m e n t y o u r d e s i g n Y o u r L i f e s t y l e Complimentary Consultations


Tellico Village Library’s programing

as Memory Care and facility operating and maintenance costs.

4A • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March, 2023 13 C E L E B R A T I N G years!
a n d s t a y o p e n - m i n d e d ! W e c a n s h o w y o u d e s i g n p o s s i b i l i t i e s y o u m a y h a v e n e v e r c o n s i d e r e d ! Y o u r I n v e s t m e n t c a l l t o d a y t o g e t s t a r t e d ! FURNITURE | ACCESSORIES | LIGHTING | WINDOW TREATMENTS | BEDDING | WALL COVERINGS FLOOR COVERINGS | ART | OUTDOOR FURNITURE | HUNTER DOUGLAS
M o v i n g c a n b e b o t h e x c i t i n g a n d t e r r i f y i n g Y o u ’ r e m o v i n g i n t o a s p a c e w i t h s o m a n y n e w p o s s i b i l i t i e s , b u t n o t k n o w i n g w h e r e t o s t a r t c a n f e e l o v e r w h e l m i n g R e m e m b e r , y o u d o n ' t h a v e t o d o i t a l o n e ! W e c a n h e l p y o u u t i l i z e y o u r h o m e b y s p a c e p l a n n i n g a n d c o o r d i n a t i n g f u r n i s h i n g s w i t h f a b r i c s , l i g h t f i x t u r e s , a c c e s s o r i e s , w i n d o w t r e a t m e n t s , f i n i s h e s , a n d m o r e P l u s , w i t h o u r r e a l i s t i c r o o m r e n d e r i n g s , w e c a n g i v e y o u p e a c e o f m i n d b y s e e i n g h o w i t w i l l a l l l o o k H e r e a r e t h r e e t h i n g s t o k e e p i n m i n d : W h e t h e r y o u w o u l d l i k e t o s t a r t a r o o m a t a t i m e o r c o m p l e t e t h e w h o l e h o u s e a t o n c e w e c a n h e l p t a k e t h e b u r d e n o f f o f m o v i n g i n G i v e u s a
benefit Friends of the
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By Joseph Rose
We’re fast coming up on another St. Patrick’s Day this year, falling on Friday, March 17th, 2023. This holiday was originally created to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and it has since transformed into a celebration of Irish culture as a whole. We thought we would do something fun this year and share some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day and Irish-themed jokes. Enjoy!
“Out Enjoying Myself”
Fed up with her husband vanishing and not coming home for hours at a time without a good explanation, a wife once followed her husband when he left the house. She was not surprised to find that he was running off with his friends to the local pub. In a huff, she followed him inside and saw him drinking a pint of Guinness.
It’s not just our clocks that “Spring forward!” There’s something about the longer days, the sunshine, and warmer weather that is energizing and gives us that extra motivation to tackle those jobs around that house that have been waiting all winter. Spring is the season when we tend to focus on our home’s interior and exterior, as well as landscaping and garden areas. It’s time to do a thorough house cleaning with organization of closets and storage areas. Windows need washing, carpets require cleaning, walls could use painting, and then there’s all those household repairs that have been begging for some attention.

This impressive model home located at 211 Seminole Cir C le in beautiful Coyatee Coves in the coveted north end of Tellico Village, is now finished and ready to view.

You’ll have an impressive street view as you approach your home and drive into the courtyard garages.

Following are just a few of the Special Features in this beautiful custom-built model home:

• 2,109 sq. ft. of living area with a modern Craftsman style

front elevation and a courtyard garage entrance.

• This beautiful hand-crafted model home also includes a

partially finished and conditioned lower level for storage

and workshop area.

• Massive coffered ceiling throughout the main living area,

a double tray ceiling in the master bedroom, tray ceiling

in the dining room/office and beamed ceiling in bedrooms

#2 and #3 add a sophisticated feeling of elegant volume.

• The spacious and deluxe kitchen design includes quartz

counters, upgraded top-of-the-line Kemper Echo solid

wood cabinets with dovetail drawers and soft close doors,

and premium Frigidaire Gallery appliances (including


• The master bath features an oversized, custom-built,

curbless and doorless walk-in shower with built-ins for

soaps, shampoos and accessories. A transom window

supplies plenty of natural light into the shower.

• Huge “his” and “her” walk-in closets with deluxe shelving

and drawer stacks.

• Custom gas fireplace with stone surround.

• Beautiful hardwood floors throughout the entire living

area and master suite.

• Large laundry room is fully cabinetted.

• Dual fuel, high-efficiency heat pump with propane back-up.

• The garage has large windows and a “man door” and it is completely finished and painted and includes a utility sink

and attic space.

• Enormous 10’ x 25’ screened patio, and 10’ x 17’8” open

grilling and sunning porch with gas valve for your grill. Both

are built with maintenance-free composite materials. • 13-month builder warranty.

The rear elevation shows an abundance of outdoor living space and “conditioned” walk-in lower level.

You can see the construction from beginning to completion by going online to https://www.flickr.com/photos/lakepointhomes/, then go to AlBUmS, scroll across the page until you reach 211 Seminole CirCle – SUnriSe riDGe ii PlUS. Click on that image to see photos of the construction.

March, 2023, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views • 5A
Located at the only red light intersection on Rt. 444 (Tellico Parkway) in the Y of Tellico Village 865-458-0089 lakepthomes@comcast.net Serving ALL Area Lake Front Communities Lake Point Homes, Inc. TM “ We didn’t invent home building, we perfected it!”TM The Most Trusted BUILDER in Tennessee © Lake Point Homes, Inc. 2022. This plan is protected by Federal Copyright Laws. Do noT Co Py. Any use in whole or in part is a criminal offense punishable by law. Specifications and features can change without notice, liability or obligation. Artist renderings, dimensions and photos may not be representative of actual construction. This property includes a premium landscape package with sod, stone, mulch, trees, and shrubs. onlY $ 613,500.00 neW ConSTrUCTion ForSAle Hand-crafted by Tellico’s finest and most trusted custom home builder –Lake Point Homes, Inc. Call today to make a personal appointment or for our Open House schedule! move-in re ADY !


Construction to start soon on an oversized lot at 306 Gado Trace in scenic Mialaquo Coves. There is still time to select some colors and finishes.

WOW! A 1,000 sq. ft. finished garage.

2,100 sq ft. of luxurious living Space. PlUS a massive 1,000 sq. ft. Garage. Optional Bonus Room, In-law or Caregiver Suite.

Large, welcoming front porch is the perfect entrance for family, friends and guests. This screened patio is a great place to relax and enjoy nature.

The open “Grilling Porch” and patio features no-maintenance composite decking.

In addition to our long list of Standard Specifications, this home at 306 Gado Trace features the following Special Options and Extras.

• Outstanding curb appeal and impressive Craftsman style architecture.

• Designer floor plan that optimizes floor space and includes an impressive “drop zone” and home office.

• Every room is a practical and functional size.

• This beautiful home also includes a useable walk-in “conditioned” lower-level space for storage and workshop area.

• The entry, great room, kitchen, and dining areas feature magnificent soaring 10’ ceilings.

• The master bedroom has a trayed ceiling and bedroom #2 has a vaulted ceiling.

• Both bedrooms #2 and #3 feature high transom windows.

• As you enter through the front door, you’re greeted by the spacious grand foyer with a 10 ft. ceiling that will usher you into the great room.

• The great room features a gas fireplace with impressive stone surround.

• The master bath features an exotic, oversized, custom built, low maintenance, curb-less, walk-in shower with seat and built-ins and a large drying area with seat. A large transom window supplies plenty of natural light.

• Bedrooms #2 and #3 share a spacious bath with an oversized garden tub/shower and an oversized vanity with two drawer stacks.

• The very large laundry has an abundance of base and wall cabinets and large counter area.

• The super functional “drop zone” features a closet, a bench with upper and under cabinets, and a counter with large base and wall cabinets.

• Hardwood floors in the main living areas and in the master bedroom, with carpet in bedrooms #2 and #3.

• Premium tile in baths, laundry and drop zone.

• The large covered and screened deck and open grilling porch is constructed with maintenance- free composite decking.

• Includes a gas valve for your grill to provide an abundance of practical outdoor living space.

• The garage has a large window, a “man door”, utility sink, 8 ft. high garage doors, and is completely finished and painted.

• A dual fuel, high-efficiency heat pump with propane back-up.

• 13-month warranty by Tellico’s highest rated and trusted custom builder, Lake Point Homes, Inc.

6A • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March, 2023
This photo shows the rear elevation which includes a walk-in lower level.
Located at the only red light intersection on Rt. 444 (Tellico Parkway) in the Y of Tellico Village 865-458-0089 lakepthomes@comcast.net Serving ALL Area Lake Front Communities Lake Point Homes, Inc. TM “ We didn’t invent home building, we perfected it!”TM The Most Trusted BUILDER in Tennessee © Lake Point Homes, Inc. 2022. This plan is protected by Federal Copyright Laws. Do noT Co Py. Any use in whole or in part is a criminal offense punishable by law. Specifications and features can change without notice, liability or obligation. Artist renderings, dimensions and photos may not be representative of actual construction. This lot-home package built on our lot at 306 Gado Trace (with walk-in lower level) Only$599,900.00 ............ Built on your “builder-ready” lot (no lower level) Only$559,900.00
The Bridgewater Floor Plan

Just a few of the Special Features of this Impressive home:

• 2,386 sq. ft. of luxurious living space with a 944 sq. ft. 3-car garage

or optional 1,324 sq. ft. 4-car garage.

• Outstanding curb appeal and impressive craftsman style architecture.

• Award winning designer floor plan that optimizes floor space (no wasted space in this home!)

• Every room is a generous and a functional size.

• Your great room features a gas fireplace (select a “traditional” or stone surround.)

The Moonstone Manor features some of the newest design elements – creating a contemporary twist on the popular Craftsman style.

• All of your rooms will have unique ceilings. The great room features a massive tray ceiling, the office has a tray, the master bedroom has a double tray, and the dining room has a very dramatic reverse tray. Both bedrooms #2 and #3 have unique beamed ceilings.

• Your spacious office features a built-in bookcase.

• Because of the magnificent soaring ceilings in your great room, all doors that are visible from this main living area will be 8 ft. high.

• As you enter through the front door, your spacious foyer features a very practical coat closet.

• Your elegant and functional kitchen design includes stone counters, upgraded top-of-the-line “Kemper Echo” cabinets, Frigidaire Gallery

(or equivalent) appliances (refrigerator not included). *NOW! If you hurry – this is where you can make many custom upgrades.*

• Your master bath suite features an exotic, oversized custom-built, curb-less, doorless, walk-in shower with seat and built-ins for soaps, shampoos, and accessories and it features a large and luxurious drying area with seat. Your lavish shower also includes a very large

transom window which supplies plenty of natural light into your luxurious bathing space.

• Bedrooms #2 and #3 share a “Jack and Jill” bath with an oversized garden tub/shower unit and large transom window.

• Your home also features a conveniently located half bath.

• Your home will have the largest laundry/drop zone we have ever built. *If you hurry, you can have a hand in designing and customizing this great space.* This area could include a large number of cabinets, a bench, a closet or even an area for a second refrigerator or a freezer.

• Hardwood floors are included in the main living areas and in the master bedroom. Tile will be in the baths and laundry.

• The large covered and screened deck and open grilling porch are built with no-maintenance lifetime decking, and a gas valve is included

to provide an abundance of practical outdoor living space.

• Your garage will have a large window and a “man door” and it will be completely finished and painted and will include a utility sink.

Your oversized garage will have 8 ft. high doors and glass panels.

• Your home includes a dual fuel, high-efficiency heat pump with propane back-up. • 13-month builder warranty.

March, 2023, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views • 7A This spectacular home is our newest, modern, and expansive home plan. It is designed with more custom luxury features than you can imagine – all included! The Moonstone Manor – by Lake point Homes, inC. –Located at the only red light intersection on Rt. 444 (Tellico Parkway) in the Y of Tellico Village 865-458-0089 lakepthomes@comcast.net Serving ALL Area Lake Front Communities Lake Point Homes, Inc. TM “ We didn’t invent home building, we perfected it!”TM The Most Trusted BUILDER in Tennessee © Lake Point Homes, Inc. 2022. This plan is protected by Federal Copyright Laws. Do noT Co Py. Any use in whole or in part is a criminal offense punishable by law. Specifications and features can change without notice, liability or obligation. Artist renderings, dimensions and photos may not be representative of actual construction. For Sale at 147 Sikwa Trail on a very private (over ½ acre), level and cleared lot bordering large common areas. Only$679,900.00 with 3-car garage Only$699,900.00 with 4-car garage For Sale at 308 Gado Trace on our oversized cul-de-sac lot. Only$659,900.00 with 3-car garage Or on your “builder-ready” lot. Only$629,900.00 with 3-car garage © Lake Point Homes, Inc. 2022 Shown here w IT h an op TI onal 4-car garage.
8A • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March, 2023


Our agents have the expertise and unmatched experience in just about every situation you can imagine. Some of these are wonderful moments: finding your dream home on the lake, your forever home on the golf course, or the magical home with spectacular views of the mountains and an extra bedroom for the grandkids

Some situations are more di cult, but are part of life for many of us: divorce, moving to assisted living, losing a spouse, the need to downsize, moving closer to family due to aging, Estates and Trusts or Probate issues, a home sale with a reverse mortgage, or the loss of a parent and selling their home while you live miles away.

For over 30 years we have been here in Tellico Village serving all of Loudon, Monroe, and Knox Counties. We are good at what we do. This is why we come to work every day - to make your life a little easier and help you Through the Transitions.

Buying or Selling a home can be easy, but sometimes stressful. We can help. In the past decade, we have assisted over 2,800 clients and Sold over 800 million dollars of property. *

March, 2023, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views • 9A OUR TEAM. OUTSTANDING AGENTS. OUTSTANDING RESULTS. bhhslakesiderealty.com (865) 458-9600 100 Chota Center Loudon, TN 37774 Phone: (865) 458-9600 Toll Free: (800) 745-8448 ©2021 BHH Affi liates, LLC. An independently owned and operated franchisee of BHH Affi liates, LLC. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices symbol are registered service marks of Columbia Insurance Company, a Berkshire Hathaway affi liate. Equal Housing Opportunity. For Life
life takes you, we’ll help you get there.
*per the Knoxville Area Assoc. of Realtors, 01/01/2012 - 12/31/2022 114 Saloli Way MLS# 1212365 $564,900 333 Mingo Way MLS# 1215732 $610,000 170 Noya Point MLS# 1218164 $1,950,000 Lakeside’s Comparative Market Analysis is always free, and our o ce is open 7 days a week. If you are thinking about selling or buying, call us or stop by. We’d love to talk real estate with you.

First Baptist Continues Good News Sermons in Mark

Charlie Campbell, our interim pastor, is walking us through the entire Book of Mark chapter by chapter into early April. Sermons in March will cover the 11th through 14th chapters – the 2nd through 5th Sunday of Lent. Here Brother Charlie will begin teaching us about the last week of Jesus’ life on earth as He prepares to be the sacrificial Lamb for the sins of all who believe. As the sermon series continues into April, Brother Charlie’s study will include a moving Tenebrae service on Good Friday and conclude on Easter Sunday when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

If you are looking for a church home, come and hear the Words of Jesus and Worship with us. Our exceptional music ministry includes our choir and an orchestra under the leadership of David Whipple, Jr. Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples, and we take that charge quite seriously. Under the leadership of our Associate Pastor Kem Lindsay, we offer several adult Bible study options. Sunday Worship services are 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM and adult Bible study options available at the same times. For more info visit us at FBCTV.org.

First Baptist Church Of Tellico Village

205 Chota Road, Loudon, TN 37774 (865) 408-0110 | www.fbctv.org

Lent: An Opening Up of Possibility

Christians are observing Lent in these days ahead. The noticeable changes include more purple in our worship spaces, slower hymns, and perhaps extra services in the evening time. We at Shepherd of the Lake are singing vespers each Wednesday evening in Lent and hearing readings from a devotion centered on the last words of Jesus from the cross.

While outwardly these changes for Lent might not represent a huge departure from the regular, there is the hope that inwardly and spiritually the changes are greater. The reason? We all get used to the way things are. We get used to accepting things we would rather change both in ourselves and in the world. Some amount of acceptance is of course necessary in this imperfect life, but how often do we accept too much that we could actually change? Lent invites us to ask difficult questions like that and invites us to do something about our answers.

There are some who find Lent “dreary.” It begins after all with a day in which we have ashes spread on our foreheads and receive a reminder of our own mortality. Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return. However, those ashes, that reminder, and the whole season are meant to spur us into an appreciation of the opportunity before us as God’s children. We can heal those broken relationships. We can be people who worship. We can give up those things in our lives that we know are hurting us. Lent is an opening up of possibility.

We are animal lovers in our family. We really enjoy a day at the zoo, and we try to support organizations that work to make sure that animals are treated fairly there. One thing I have noticed, especially about the big cats, is that they seem to know when their space is too small. If they have been given too little space to roam, they pace with intensity and perhaps even anxiety. “Things are not as they should be,” is their expression. The expression and bearing of a cat with enough territory is on the other hand powerful and joyful.

Lent is a time to ask ourselves, “What cages we have set up for our own souls, or what cages we have allowed the world to put around us while we have been too docile? How have we allowed apathy and sin to limit the territory in which God would have us be active?” In the gospel of John, Jesus says that he came that his people might have life and have it abundantly. In what ways have we handed away that opportunity to live abundantly, and how might we, through prayer and the power of the Spirit, wrest that opportunity back? What do we need to leave behind and give up so that our souls can be nimbler and leaner to serve God? Lent is far from deary, brothers and sisters. It is freedom itself. May we honor it with full hearts.

Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church

143 Chota Center Loudon, TN 37774



Crafter’s Annual Spring Sale

The Crafter’s spring sale will be held at the Community Church of Tellico Village on Saturday, April 1, from 9 am to noon in the Christian Life Center of the church located at 130 Chota Center in Tellico Village. Check the baked goods first while there is a good supply of cakes, cookies, snack items and other treats. The timing is perfect for Easter the following weekend.

There will be florals, mailbox covers, plenty of items made by the sewing group (placemats, napkins, quilted items, etc.), plus jewelry, bridge tallies, cards, needlework items, and Jezebel sauce. Bring cash or your checkbook as credit cards are not accepted.

All of the proceeds go to benefit local charities in Loudon and Monroe counties some of which are Child Advocacy Center, Good Samaritan of Loudon County, Tellico Village Fire Dept.- First Responders, Good Shepard of Monroe County, Shelter My Sheep (veterans), etc.

Crafters meet most Mondays throughout the year creating items for the following sale, but it is a wonderful way to meet new people. Anyone is welcome to join; you do not have to be a member of the church. For more information about the Crafters group, contact the church office at 865-458-1516.

10A • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March, 2023
Worship With Us First Baptist Church of Tellico Village Live Stream link at top of Home page 205 Chota Rd. • Loudon, TN 37774 • 865.408.0110 • www.fbctv.org Love God, Love Others, and Reach our World for Christ! Sunday Bible Study & Worship: 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.

Don’t Let Uncle Sam Get More Than His Fair Share

Tax season is in full swing, and I can hear the collective groan of US taxpayers as we calculate how much is owed by April 15th. It can be a pretty helpless feeling each year, as the final numbers become clear, but let me be an encouragement to you and point out some ways that you CAN take control of at least some areas of your tax return.

First, if you have investment accounts that are creating taxable income, focus on choosing tax-smart investments. For example, hold investments that create qualified dividends instead of ordinary dividends. Qualified dividends are taxed at 0% to 15%, while ordinary dividends are taxed at your normal tax rate. For fixed income, mix in some municipal bond funds, whose interest is federal income tax free. Or keep the interest off of your tax return all together and use tax-deferred, guaranteed-rate fixed annuities.

Second, if you’re taking Required

Minimum Distributions

and also giving any money away to charities during the year, PLEASE use the Qualified Charitable Distributions rule to lower your taxable income. By instructing your IRA custodian to send a portion of the RMD straight to your charity, you can exclude that gift amount from your taxable income. Super easy – just remember that you can’t take possession of the funds; it has to go straight from the custodian to the charity.

Third, if you’re working and have access to a high-deductible health plan, set up a Health Savings Account and take a tax deduction for funding it: $3,850 for an individual or $7,750 for a family in 2023, plus another $1,000 if you’re over age 55. An HSA is triple tax-advantaged: You get a tax deduction, it grows tax-deferred and it’s tax-free when you use it for a wide range of medical expenses. It’s not too late to fund an HSA for 2022 if you were already in a high-deductible health plan. You have until the tax filing

deadline to do so.

Lastly, a little trickier idea, but if you’re in the mood to do Roth IRA conversions and you also have a charitable bent, consider doubling up your charitable giving into one year to create enough of a tax deduction to offset the taxable Roth conversion. You build tax-free wealth in a Roth IRA and your favorite charity gets to help the world be a little better place. Let me know if you’d like to learn more about any of these strategies – saving taxes is one of my specialties!

March, 2023, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views • 11A
Marsh Wealth Management, LLC Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor 504 Ebenezer Road Knoxville, TN 37923 865-622-2162 www.marshwealth.com Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC, is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov. 50 4 Ebenezer Road Knoxville , TN 37 923 865.622.2162 admin@marshpros.com L earn more at: www.marshwealth.com Let Us Help You Optimize Your 401(k). Visit www.marshwealth.com/401k-investment-advice to learn more.

Custom Glide-Out Shelves for More Space, More Access, and More Joy

Custom Solutions

ShelfGenie custom Glide-Out shelves are the best way to eliminate common frustrations in the kitchen, pantry, and bath. Our design will help fully utilize your space and our shelves pull out the full depth of your cabinets so you can see, reach and retrieve items with ease.

Custom design, sturdy wood construction, quiet rails that hold up to 100 pounds per shelf, and professional installation- all backed by a transferable, lifetime guarantee- will ensure your satisfaction.

Your Experience

Getting personalized attention from the ShelfGenie team is easy. Here’s what you can expect from our custom design process.

Free Design Consultation: Work with a ShelfGenie Designer to create a custom solution to solve your home pain points, eyesores, and trouble areas.

Custom Solution: Your personal Designer will present a design plan built just for you and your needs and show you a 3D-rendered plan of what your future home will look like.

Professional Installation: We handle it all. After measurements are taken and your products are hand-crafted, your Installer comes to your home and installs everything for you in one day.

Schedule Your Free Design Consultation Today!

One of our talented ShelfGenie Designers will come to your home and create a design plan, customized just for you – no obligation required.




American Legion Swearing-in

During the February meeting of the American Legion Tellico Lake Post 256 the following new members were sworn in. Post 256 meets on the first Thursday of the month at 9:00 am in the Rarity Bay Clubhouse. Visit http://www.tellicolakepost256. org for additional information.

Friends of Tellico Village Library Book Sale: MYSTERY MADNESS & MORE!

Mystery Madness mini book sale returns on March 25 from 9 am until 12 noon at the Tellico Village Public Library on Irene Lane. Featured mystery authors include the likes of Patterson, Baldacci etc. Science fiction is also a featured genre. Other categories include Home & Garden, Travel, and Nature & Plants. These gently used books range in price from $2 to $4. Also available are $2 puzzles and $1 audio books. Items may be purchased with cash or check with monies providing several Friends of the Tellico Village Library programs such as Memory Care as well as support for the library’s building maintenance and operating costs.

12A • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March, 2023 March 4 - Rarity Bay CAC 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (reservations call 423-884-3550) (limited seating) March 17 - The Villages of Farragut 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM March 17 - St. Patty’s Day Party @ St. Thomas 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM For advertising information call 865-657-3077 | www.etmv.com 12 NO INTEREST NO PAYMENTS *On Approved Credit* MONTH Call for Your FREE Design Consultation (865)270-5465 | shelfgenie.com *Limit one offer per household. Must purchase 5+ Classic/Designer Glide-Out Shelves. EXP 03/31/23. Independently owned and operated franchise. © 2023 ShelfGenie SPV LLC. All rights Reserved. Custom Glide-Out Shelves for your existing cabinets and pantry. 50% OFF INSTALL!
(LtoR) Commander Steve Buelow, Don Amundson, Chuck Everett, Ed Frandle, Seth Reichenback, (Visiting Post 256, East Tennessee Vice Commander Todd Mckinley), Newton Williams, William Wall, John Little.
Tonya Bledsoe Broker 865-643-0644 Tim Kukla 865-403-0400 Ron Lascola 865-705-6691 Paula Miller 865-805-3331 Larry Smith 865-789-1942 Kelli Monger 865-382-9800 Angie McNabb 865-679-0637 2022 Hometown Favorite Real Estate Office Smoky Mountain Realty 1010 E. Broadway Lenoir City, TN 37771 865-986-4646 Brittani Clements 865-386-8309 Tracey Dailey 865-803-2935 Deborah Underwood Ward 865-742-0544 David Martin 865-389-9025 Dawn Moats 865-254-3675 Jennifer Vineyard 865-898-0915 Misty Tidwell 865-680-9819 Terrie Dal Pozzo 865-936-8687 Kenda Yates 865-388-2385 Jodi Moody 865-936-4745 Bledsoe 865-253-1788 Kathy Cardwell 865-680-0380 Scott Schiller 865-242 2323 Stephanie Morrow 678-571-4337 Ron Kukla 630-781-7355 Amy Martin 865-740-7360 Ashlyn Callahan 865-324-3505 Lindsay Barlow 865-405-8406 Bailey Hammontree 423-519-7097 Ceria Hall 423-300-4859 Ryan Hall 865-209-7791 Tonya Bledsoe Broker 865-643-0644 Jodi Moody 865-936-4745 Brittani Clements 865-386-8309 Kelli Monger 865-382-9800 Larry Smith 865-789-1942 David Martin 865-389-9025 Ron Lascola 865-705-6691 Tracey Dailey 865-803-2935 Tim Kukla 865-403-0400 Dawn Moats 865-254-3675 Jennifer Vineyard 865-898-0915 Deborah Underwood Ward 865-742-0544 Paula Miller 865-805-3331 Ron Kukla 630-781-7355 Marcie Bledsoe 865-253-1788 Kathy Cardwell 865-680-0380 Blake Gonyea 865-963-8351 Jamie Stafford 865-300-4113 Natalie Thomas 865-257-5383 Misty Tidwell 865-680-9819 Scott Schiller 865-242 2323 Bailey Hammontree 423-519-7097 Terrie Dal Pozzo 865-936-8687 Stephanie Morrow 678-571-4337 Valerie Kaeding 865-722-8803 Kenda Yates 865-388-2385 Over 100 Acres! THIS IS A REMARKABLE PIECE OF EAST TN. 3050 Oakland Rd Philadelphia, TN 37846 MLS# 1208109 $1,150,000 MUST SEE!! Beautiful Updated Condo on the 6th floor of Regal Tower with mountain views. 603 Regal Tower, 603 Maryville, TN 37804 MLS# 1208383 $329,900 Tellico Village Beautiful 3 Bedroom 2 1/2 Bath Ranch - Located in Tanasi Greens 128 Kenosha Lane Loudon, TN 37774 MLS# 1215910 $532,400 3 BEDROOM 1.5 BATH WITH ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES!!! 263 County Road 500 Englewood, TN 37329 MLS# 1211842 $188,000 UPDATED Brick Home on 2.8 Acres. Parklike setting. 2315 Cusick Circle Lenoir City, TN 37772 MLS# 1208395 $475,900 Calling All Investors!!! 10.37 acres and a Home!! 1026 Ruritan Rd Harriman, TN 37748 MLS# 1217068 $299,900 This property is great for homeowners and investors alike! 144 Northshore Drive Andersonville, TN 37705 MLS# 1216497 $524,900 Come build your dream home in beautiful Vineyard Cove Subdivision! .93 Acres. 130 Vineyard Cove Drive Loudon, TN 37774 MLS #1214275 $65,000 Waterfront home in the heart of downtown historical Loudon! 1201 Main St Loudon, TN 37774 MLS# 1210732 $427,500 INCREDIBLE 5 BEDROOM HOME IN ATLEE FIELDS. 1661 Meadow Chase Lane Knoxville, TN 37931 MLS# 1195526 $589,900 REDUCED REDUCED REDUCED NEW CONSTRUTION - ALL BRICK 5 BEDROOM HOME SITUATED ON A NICE 1/2 ACRE LOT! 431 Flora Drive Lenoir City, TN 37771 MLS# 1209285 $511,900 REDUCED BRICK BEAUTY WITH LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES! 2170 Pinecrest Circle Lenoir City, TN 37772 MLS# 1207563 $499,900 SMOKY MTN MV 03/23 1010 E. Broadway Lenoir City, TN 37771 865-986-4646 SmokyMountainRealtyTN.com | WeGetEmSold.com Kelli Monger 865 -382-9800 I can help you LOVE your new home! OPEN HOUSE 2-4 MARCH 5TH

Changing Gears

Many of you who are regular readers of this column know that the past three years have found many small businesses in survival mode. Our salon was no exception, and we are proud to say that we have survived the most difficult three year stretch of our thirty four year history and are now ready to change gears.

While cutting costs and streamlining daily operations are very successful tools for survival, they are not particularly effective for growth. In our defense, the recent economic climate has essentially demanded this type of approach and it has brought us out of the storm so to speak. Now however, it is time to change gears and once again focus on our growth.

The greater Tellico Village area continues to grow, and the demand we are facing validates that growth. In an effort to focus on our salons growth, we have hired our first ever General Manager. Mister Andrew Hess is now in charge of our day to day operations and is also charged with leading us as we change gears into our growth phase.

Andrew is blessed with the gift of youth and has a temperament that is perfectly suited for this position. Everyone here at The Village Salon is very excited about Changing Gears and we all look forward to serving our guests as we emerge out of our survival mode.

Special thanks to each and every one of you who have supported a local small business during these past few years. You are greatly appreciated and without your support, survival mode would have looked a lot different.

CHEO Invites you to:

Balancing Thyroid and Adrenal Hormones: Panel Presentation

With Dr. Charles Adams, MD & Dr. William Burkhart, MD

Monday, March 20, 2023 - 6:30 pm- Rarity Bay *

How’s your energy level? Are your thyroid and/or adrenal glands working properly? You don’t want to miss the March 20th presentation with our expert panel members, Dr. Charles Adams from Personal Integrative Medicine and Dr. William Burkhart from Beacon Primary Care. Learn about:

What internal and external factors can cause hormones to be out of balance.

What tests are needed to find out how well these glands are functioning?

What can be done to help bring hormones back into balance – lifestyle, supplements, synthetic or bio-identical hormones?

A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation. GREAT DOOR PRIZES.

*LOCATION: Rarity Bay Community Activity Center

150 Rarity Bay Parkway Vonore, TN 37885

Please check the CHEO website www.cheoknox.org for more details on the location of this CHEO program, or call Diane Minch at 423 884 6031. Please note that CHEO programs will now be held on the third Monday of the month and program locations may vary from month to month.

CHEO programs are free for members, with a $10.00 suggested minimum donation for all guests. CHEO is a non-profit organization supporting holistic and integrative wellness. CHEO provides the community with many opportunities to discover pathways to well-being. CHEO is a nonprofit organization and expressly disclaims all liability.

VÉçtàxx [|ÄÄá exáxÜäx

Village Homes is proud to announce that only 7 new home sites are still available in Phase I and II of Coyatee Hills Reserve. Located in the North end of Tellico Village, only minutes from Lenoir City and West Knoxville. These lots are available as house/lot packages. Coyatee Reserve is a very private, wooded area with a nature trail surrounded by acres of common property. Call Village Homes at 865-458-6813 for availability, pricing, and home plans.

14A • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March, 2023 100 Chota Road • Tellico Village • 865.458.6813 Wes Cooper • Dan Cooper wcooper@villagehomes-tellico.com “Experience, Integrity, Quality” VILLAGE HOMES Licensed TN Contractor and RE Brokers
The Salon for Men & Women 865-458-9332 222 Village Square • Tellico Village Salon Hours: Tues. - Fri. 8am - 6pm • Saturday 8am - 5pm Early & Late Hours by Appointment VISA • MASTERCARD • DISCOVER Celebrating 34 Years of Service to Tellico Area Residents Gift Certificates Available
Colore Into Your
Put Life Into Your Colore ..... Offering The Latest Colore Styling Techniques
Life .....

Great Style for Everyone

As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb! We’re hoping there’s a lot of truth in this as we look forward to the return of sunny days and fun spring fashions!

From floral, to watercolor, to plaids - prints are everywhere this season... already matched for you, you’ll have no trouble wearing the looks with confidence!

Glorious florals and other garden-inspired elements are trends this season. Tops covered in ditzy floral prints and petal embroidery on jeans and blouses bring a fresh and fun look to spring 2023.

Neutral shades are a beautiful but subtle knock-out... they’re elegant and so easy to work with. Champagne, blush, beige, and putty color tones are an essential as you begin to build your spring wardrobe.

Remember that gray can look much softer on the skin

than black or navy and its strength is to highlight lines and details... choose grays that emphasize cut, fabrication, and craftsmanship. Perfect to pair with every color, gray can be worn as your basic, giving a fresh change from your basic black.

There’s going to be a great style that appeals to everyone... the fashion trends this season are so diverse! If you’re the classic, tailored gal... a crisp button down blouse with a pop-over, sleeveless vest is the spring 2023 trend you’ll want to try! If a laid back style is more your “thing,” don’t worry; joggers and sneakers are still a top trend going forward.

There’s never a dull moment in our wonderful world of fashion - it’s fun and exciting as we gear up The Lily Pad to greet you with our fabulous selections for spring 2023!

Remember... you can shop for three generations at The

Lily Pad! It’s a great place to spend the day and enjoy a girl’s day together... taking a lunch break at one of our fabulous eateries in Sweetwater and leaving with lots of happy spring fashions for each of you!

Happy spring, and happy shopping!

The Lily Pad Boutique 209 N. Main Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 423-337-5537


Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm


Heritage Family Dentistry

Care Beyond Compare

believe I was one of his first patients,” said Virginia Curtis, Loudon native and former entrepreneur of 32 years, when referring to Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw,

DDS, founder of Heritage Family Dentistry in Farragut. “The office staff is extremely nice and always ready with a cup of coffee, warm compress for my neck, lots of fun and laughs,

and anything else I might need.”

Recently Dr. Bradshaw replaced Virginia’s lower denture with implants.

“They stay in place,” she said. “I never have issues eating, and the convenience is a major factor as well. Dr. Bradshaw did a beautiful job. I’ve had no pain and zero issues. He explained everything so thoroughly; I just didn’t worry about a thing. They look incredible, and I’ve received many compliments on my smile and teeth. Honestly, most people don’t even know they are implants.”

But Virginia has other reasons to appreciate the caring and compassionate team at Heritage Family Dentistry.

“I have multiple myeloma, and Dr. Bradshaw has prayed with and for me, given countless hugs, and even sent flowers during a rough chemo time,” said Virginia. “Not many people can say they have been pampered and comforted by their dentist.

“I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Bradshaw. My entire family, including my late husband of 54 years, Allen, my children Tammy and Tim, their spouses Reid and Amy, my five grandchildren Jacob, Macey, Emma, Aly, and Will, and many friends are now his patients. I truly know they will receive the best care in Knoxville… well, anywhere.”

Heritage Family Dentistry

11121 Kingston Pike, Suite C Farragut, TN 37934 865-816-9211 www.hfdsmiles.com

March, 2023, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views • 15A Bill Cooley (865) 599-9457 billcooley@comcast.net Pamela Hardy Cooley (865) 604-8060 tvlake87@hotmail.com Travis Hardy, Jr. (865) 548-1026 Tjhardy87@gmail.com Gwen Gavin (702) 203-8318 gwengavin@bhhslakeside.com 100 Chota Center, Loudon, TN 37774 | (8 65) 458 -96 0 0 | bh h sl a ke sider e a lt y c om CALL FOR A FREE MARKET ANALYSIS | TOP PRODUCERS IN THE INDUSTRY 121 Indian Shadows Dr., Maryville $1,599,900 - MLS# 1197671 106 Amohi Way $481,900 - MLS# 1214359 105 Amohi Way $495,900 - MLS# 1214358 119 Atsila Trail $599,000 - MLS# 1215745 157 Oostanali Way $759,900 - MLS# 1215225 Most Real Estate Agents Look To Sell More Homes... Forever Agents Look To Market Your Home For More. We are dedicated and loyal to our clients! Whether selling or buying, let our experience of over 45 years of combined service work for you. The Cooley Team - Chairman’s Circle Platinum Award - top 1% of teams in Network for 2022 LOTS FOR SALE Nunyu Trail (Kahite - NEW LISTING -MLS #1214503 - $55,000 306 Uhdali Place - NEW LISTING -MLS# 1201674 - $598,000 104 Wapiti Lane - NEW LISTING -MLS #1216618 - $40,500 Irene Lane (37 ac) - NEW LISTING - MLS# 1210733 - $650,000 155 Tahlequah Lane - NEW LISTING - MLS# 1194693 - $180,000 254 Scenic Hill Lane - NEW LISTING - MLS# 1210940 - $59,900 308 Okema Way - NEW LISTING - MLS# 1213169 - $44,000 203 Amohi Trace - MLS# 1212574 - $43,777 127 Chuniloti Trace - REDUCED - MLS# 1204162 - $21,000 147 Oonoga Way - MLS# 1194513 - $65,000 206 Chota Landing View $539,000 - MLS# 1209271 SOLD NEW “TO BE BUILT” REDUCED 201 Chota Hills Lane $399,000 - MLS# 1214354 PENDING 03/23 REDUCED PENDING
The Clear Alternative to Braces » Family Friendly Dentistry » Cosmetic Dentistry » Crowns & Bridges » Dental Implants » Implant Dentures » Prevention & Gum Treatment » Invisalign® Orthodontics » Mercury-Free Restoration » Digital Radiograph Dentistry for Your Family Now Accepting New Patients | 11121 Kingston Pike, Suite C, Farragut, TN 37934 865.816.9211 | www.hfdsmiles.com
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The Lakeside RenovationsYou’ve Been Looking For

Does your home match your vision for what it should be? If it falls short, as is so often the case, have you considered renovating your home, only to push the thought aside because the project either seemed too small to warrant it, or too big to be realistic? Perhaps you’ve struggled to find renovators you can trust to make your dream a reality. If this describes you right now, then it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Mike and Lisa Tapola and their local, family-run business, Lakeside Renovations.

MV: Lakeside Renovations has recently celebrated your 1-year anniversary in Tennessee. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers about your first year here in east Tennessee?

Lisa and Mike: Our first year has been amazing! We have been blessed with great clients, some of whom we are still in touch with. We really do treat people like we would want to be treated and they, in return, have treated us like family. Our business has been a success thanks to our trusting clients and our commitment to treating our clients right. We only take on one client at a time so each can get all of our attention and we can serve them better. Lisa offers a free design consultation to walk our clients through available options. If they are struggling with designing their new areas, she will even give them ideas. We are just so grateful and thank God for making our business such a success. We really look forward to helping everyone with their renovation needs and can’t wait to make their dream a reality.

MV: So, tell us a little about yourselves and what inspired you to move your family

out to Tennessee?

Lisa: We are from Southern California, born and raised. Mike and I got married as high school sweethearts and are now blessed with 3 amazing children and our wonderful niece. As for what led us to move out to Tennessee, we really felt like God was leading us out of our home state due to the wrong direction California was headed. We traveled to 33 different states before we found beautiful Tennessee, and Tellico Village, and have been proud to call it home ever since.

MV: What do you feel sets you apart from other home renovators?

Mike: I believe what makes us different is we are a family-owned business that understands the importance of being honest and reliable. We have a passion for home renovation and take great pride in our quality of workmanship, from my own manual labor to my wife’s skills in design and giving clients the greatest range of options and ideas. Our business philosophy has and will always be to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.

MV: What sorts of things have you heard from your customers?

Mike and Lisa: We have had numerous testimonials. Here are a few:

“Need renovations done? Ranging from small to large? Lakeside Renovations (661992-6333) is the company you need to call! Michael Tapola and his crew renovated and enlarged our bathroom. They had to tear down partitions, build new ones, put in an oversized tub. Took up old tile and laid beautiful new tile. Anything and everything we asked them to do, they did perfectly....and cleaned up after themselves, leaving no materials for us to deal with. They gave us a reasonable free estimate before hand and held true to it. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”— J. Blackman - Tellico Village

“My husband and I used Lakeside Renovations for the design and remodeling of our outdated kitchen. Mike Tapola is very professional, efficient, and a master tiler. We were so impressed with the quality of the work, along with his ability to get the job completed quickly, that we hired Lakeside Renovations to update our guest bathroom.

Once again, the quality of the tile work was outstanding, so we immediately hired them again to remodel our master bathroom. We are very pleased with all three remodels and highly recommend Lakeside Renovations.”— D. Solis - Kahite “Lakeside Renovations is an amazing company to work with.

Michael was professional, respectful, and easy to work with. Definitely give them a call to talk about your renovations.” —B. Manifold – Tellico Village

MV: Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Mike: Our goal is not to have quantity, but to strive for quality and the utmost satisfaction from our customers. So, we hope to hear from you soon for all your renovation projects, both big and small.

Don’t wait any longer. Take the first step in making your home renovation a reality, and call Lakeside Renovations at 661-992-6333. Allow them to wow you with their excellent customer service and commitment to top-notch, quality results.

Lakeside Renovations

Mike Tapola 661.992.6333

Volume 23, No. 3 March 2023 www.etmv.com
2B • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March 2023

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

In my over four decades of experience in the carpeting, tile and hardwood flooring industries, I have observed firsthand the ongoing evolution in the residential and commercial flooring products marketplace. I have seen some truly innovative new products introduced. But, the one product that really stands out in my mind is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring or LVP.

This posh Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is one of the most sought after interior features by both homeowners and designers today. Available in both wood and stone finishes, these surfaces offer unparalleled beauty, versatility, longevity and resale appeal. And you can now install LVP Flooring in any room of your home or business, below grade, in kitchens and baths, there’s no limitation. Virtually indistinguishable from their genuine hardwood or stone cousins, Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring offers authentic wood and stone surfaces rich in texture, grain and contour, and in all the colors, tones and hues imaginable, just as nature intended.

If you’re contemplating a single room or an en-

tire home update or remodel, I would like to personally invite you to visit our showroom located 3107 Highway 411 in Madisonville, across from Sequoyah High School.

Let us show you the virtually unlimited selection of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring and explain their many advantages over traditional wood floors. LVP Flooring won’t warp or stain, is waterproof and highly resistant to scratching. We can help you to create that classic look of traditional hardwood and stone flooring for less money and maintenance.

And while you’re visiting, be sure to ask about our semi-custom, solid wood, kitchen and bath cabinetry lines. Discover how to achieve that showcase look for far less then you might have imagined. Country


March, 2023, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views • 3B No commissioned sales people. 423-442-8860 3107 Hwy. 411 Madisonville, TN 37354 (Across from Sequoyah High School) Your One-Stop Destination for All Your Flooring and Cabinet Needs
For the Look and
of Genuine
Hardwood or
Cabinets 3107 Highway 411 (Across
countrycarpet@bellsouth.net www.country-carpet-and-flooring.com New Home Construction
30 Years Experience Giving You the Highest Quality of Workmanship & Materials
Carpet & Flooring /
from Sequoyah High School) Madisonville, TN 37354 423-442-8860
us put our experience to work for you! Contact us today for an estimate! Ask About Our Village Series Plans WL&D Home Construction & Remodeling Al Wilson Insured & Licensed TN Contractor #00063200 Office: 865-458-1748 • Cell: 865-640-5816 or at Village Realty 865-458-3500 www.awilsonhomes.com
By Rick kleveno owneR countRy caRpet & FlooRing / caBinets

“Put the “Magic” Back into Your Expensive Oriental Rug!”

Are you someone who’s hand-picked the perfect (and expensive) Oriental rug for your living space, only to wonder over the years if wear and care is tarnishing its eye-catching beauty? Each Oriental rug is unique with a “magic” all its own, and yours is no exception. If you picked it out, it’s a representation of your particular

taste, and if you inherited it, it’s a manifestation of your family’s history. In both cases, it’s a special investment-after all, you’ll never have another rug exactly like it. Preserving its colors, protecting its longevity, and maintaining its attractive appearance requires maintenance and care.

That’s where Superior Rug Cleaning comes into the picture. Thanks to their commitment to innovation in new, state-of-the-art technology, they provide the comprehensive servicing your rug needs. But don’t just take our word for it. Just see below what their customers have to say about the service they received:

» Superior Carpet and Rug Cleaning is a fine specialist in handling handmade rugs. Owner, Kerry McDuffie, analyzes the make, age, and condition first and THEN carefully proceeds. He is thorough and knowledgeable and treats each rug with vital individual care. - J. Harmer, Lenoir City, TN

» I am so pleased! My 20+ year old oriental rug looks new... The colors are so vivid. I highly recommend them. Thank You! - W. Shepherd

» I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the jute rugs in our den. They look as nice as they did when we first purchased them! The rugs in our hall and bedroom look equally as clean. We have been pleased each time we’ve used your company. - S. Wallace

» Fantastic experience from start to finish. Kerry and his team were extremely professional. They showed up exactly when they said they would and did an amazing job. We were very pleased with the value we received and will absolutely use them again. Anyone looking for this type of service should look no further! - M. Stooksbury

» I have known Kerry and used Superior Carpet and Rug Cleaning for many years. My rugs are cleaned perfectly and are always returned in beautiful condition. Superior Carpet and Rug Cleaning will always be my choice. - K. Gotcher

Don’t wait! Call or text Superior Rug Cleaning at 865-680-1450, or email them at info@superiorofknoxville.com or reach out on Facebook to schedule your Oriental rug cleaning today. Restore your rug to its full beauty and, once again, experience the “magic” of what it’s like to be absolutely in love with it!

Superior Rug Cleaning 865.691.5686


T-BART Tellico Boaters Assistance Response Team

The Tellico Boaters Assistance Response Team (T-BART) is a non-profit organization that responds to requests for non-medical / non-emergency assistance from boaters on Tellico Lake. T-BART has over 150 members who serve as a Captain or Crew and maintain 365-day coverage of the lake.

T-BART will come to the aid of a stranded boater on Tellico Lake who may need assistance for such things as running out of gas or lost battery power. They will tow the boat to a safe location free of charge. Operations are from sunrise to sunset. For boater’s assistance on the lake, call 911 who will facilitate communication with T-BART.

T-BART offers a Tellico Lake Orientation Seminar. These free 3-hour seminars are great if you are new to boating or a seasoned boater new to Tellico Lake. Experienced boaters guide the session covering topics such as safety, lake hazards, points of interest, marina locations and more. The class guides you mile by mile down the 31 miles of the lake in a casual environment where questions are welcomed. 2023 dates are March 11 & July 22 at the Tellico Village Yacht Club and May 13 at the Kahite Community Center. All sessions run from 1 PM to 4 PM. Registration is required by emailing TBARTlakeorientation@ gmail.com

T-BART is an all-volunteer organization currently recruiting new members. If you would like to join this group of men and women to help promote safer boating on Tellico Lake, contact T-BART by visiting www.T-BART.org.

4B • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March 2023 For advertising information call 865-657-3077 | etmv.com Has your rug lost its magic? C A L L K E R R Y A T S U P E R I O R R U G C L E A N I N G T O D A Y ! Specializing in Professional Oriental & Area Rug Washing Since 1985 865-691-5686 | WWW.SUPERIOROFKNOXVILLE.COM
the Knoxville area for more than 15 years, PremierGarage’s durable garage flooring, custom cabinets and organizational systems transform cluttered garages into clean, efficient spaces. Call for a free consultation.

East Tennessee Wildlife: The Great Horned Owl

Photographing the beauty of Tennessee, and the wildlife who call it home.

Mom and Baby - As you can see the trees haven’t even bloomed yet, and this little one is almost ready to leave home in a few weeks. This also gives you a great idea of how these owls will nest and how much they are exposed to the elements. This is a very short tree that broke in half at some point, which makes a perfect nest. Makes you reconsider cutting those broke in half trees in your yard! You just never know what might make it a temporary nesting site, since other owls such as Barred Owls and Barn Owls will nest like this as well.

Fledgling Great Horned Owl - After leaving the nest, the baby will hop around on lower branches until it can start taking short flights, and the parents continue to feed the baby for several months. It’s important to realize that just because you find an owl, or any bird, on the ground or close to the ground, that doesn’t mean it’s injured. More than likely, it’s just young and the parents are likely very close by! The Great Horned Owl is also not afraid to attack if they see you as a threat, so contact a local wildlife rehabilitator or a game warden if unsure if the baby owl is injured; you don’t want to be caught in those talons!

In a previous article, I had discussed all the owls that can be observed here in Tennessee. I didn’t go into much detail other than the Barred Owl. Given the time of year, I wanted to talk about the largest owl that can be found here in Tennessee, which is the Great Horned Owl. We often don’t think much is going on during winter in the animal world, especially birds nesting. But in reality, the Great Horned Owl should have already claimed their nesting sites and have more than likely laid eggs by now. I even know of a nest that already has babies about to leave the nest at this time of year. If you have a Great Horned Owl pair in your yard, be sure to pay close attention to them; they more than likely have little ones!

Contact: Kalleybcook@gmail.com

www.facebook.com/kalleycookphotography kalleycook.smugmug.com

Fierce Great Horned Owl - These owls are an apex predator, and, since it’s the largest owl in Tennessee, they will even hunt all other owls in its territory. The crushing power of their talons is reputed to range from 200 to 500 pounds per square inch, which is ten times stronger than the typical human hand. You also will notice where the Great Horned Owl gets its name, and you might even be surprised when I tell you those “horns” aren’t ears nor horns. They are called plumicorns, and their exact function is unknown.

Though wildlife and nature photography hold her heart, you can contact Kalley for all of your photography needs, including sports, portraits, still life, food, real-estate, weddings, and photojournalism.

Kalley uses a Canon 7d markii, paired with a Canon 100-400mm lens for all of her photos.

You can purchase photos or prints of Kalley’s wildlife photography on a variety of products (mugs, mousepads, magnets, etc.). Have a favorite animal that you’d like some text included? Custom orders welcome. Just go to https://kalleycook. smugmug.com or email Kalley. Shipping is available.

March, 2023, East Tennessee’s Mountain Views • 5B 865.408.0452 Tellico Village Professional Building 294 B Village Square Drive, Loudon, TN 37774 Loren E. Plemmons ATTORNEY AT LAW TELLICO TITLESERVICES INC. Choose, no … INSISTon the professionals at Tellico Title for your real estate closing! THURSDAY MARCH 23 | 11 A M - 12:30 P M OR 5:30 P M - 7 P M T o R S V P c a l l ( 8 6 5 ) 8 9 6 - 3 4 5 0 6 2 7 A m e r i c a n G l a s s W a y K n o x v i l l e T N 3 7 9 3 2 D e s i g n D e c o r K n o x v i l l e c o m E n j o y C o m p l i m e n t a r y R e f r e s h m e n t s W h i l e Y o u S h o p O u r L a t e s t D e s i g n e r C o l l e c t i o n s VIP ARTY Spring P YOUR SOURCE FOR SOMETHING NEW TO YOU! 320 LAKESIDE PLAZA IN LOUDON (TELLICO VILLAGE) | 865.458.9721 | PREMIERECONSIGNMENT.COM | MONDAY - SATURDAY 10AM-3PM Upscale furnishings, décor, art, rugs, lighting, and accessories New items arriving daily – visit us online or in-store Full-service consignment and estate sale specialists 90% OFF SAVE UP TO ORIGINAL RETAIL PRICES

In the Garden March

Patience is a virtue. I want you to keep telling yourself that for the next few week because some of you are already getting in a hurry. I’ve seen plants being replaced that aren’t dead, plants cut back that shouldn’t be pruned yet, and plants installed that shouldn’t be planted yet. Our average last frost is not until April 15th, folks. Replacing shrubs that aren’t dead (at the most volatile time of the year, no less) is a waste of time and money. Pruning struggling plants stresses them even more, and planting before the time is right is a recipe for failure. If you have questions, please call us before you proceed.

There are plenty of things to do this month to keep busy:

• March is the month to finalize your garden plans. What needs to be added, removed, divided, pruned, fertilized, or replaced? Would you like to start a vegetable garden? Do you need more blooms and less evergreens or vice versa? Do you want to attract pollinators? Want to remove plants that require too much maintenance? Now is the time to make these decisions and contact landscapers for installation. I cannot overemphasize how important it is to hire a good landscaper! I have seen too many yards that were over-planted or had them in the wrong place. Ask your neighbors, check with the BBB, then have

a good conversation with the person you choose, because you could be living with their work for a very long time.

» March is also a great month for preparing your beds. Remove all weeds and work a little compost, rotted manure, worm castings, and/or topsoil into the beds. Put down a pre-emergent like Preen to keep weeds from coming back, but not in a bed where you are going to plant seeds! Preen doesn’t know a good seed from a weed seed and will prevent them all from germinating.

» If you have a problem bed where everything seems to die, this is the time to do a soil test to see if your nutrients are lacking or your pH is wonky.

» Don’t underestimate the power of mulch. It will help to keep soil temperatures and moisture levels stable. Our temperatures will go up and down like a roller coaster the next few weeks, and shallow rooted plants can actually “heave” themselves out of the ground. Mulch prevents that. Use natural products that will decompose and add nutrients to your soil.

» Plant trees, shrubs, and cool season perennials in your yard as soon as the ground is workable. By workable, I mean when it isn’t a muddy mess.

Roots require oxygen, and they can’t pull it from the soil if it is saturated. They will drown. You can also plant pansies and violas if you didn’t get them in last fall or if your fall plantings froze.

» If you’re planting a garden this year, start warm season annual and vegetable seeds inside. Cool-season greens, onion sets, beets, carrots, potatoes, and radishes can be seeded directly into the ground. You can also plant cole crop seedlings (head lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts) mid-month if Mother Nature is cooperating. You can fertilize trees and shrubs after the middle of the month. Fertilize perennials when they begin to show new growth, crocus after blooms have faded, and daffodils when the leaves start to yellow. Organic products are less likely to burn your plants.

Divide and transplant summer blooming perennials such as daylilies, hostas, and Siberian iris.

There are a few things that can and should be pruned now. Prune summer flowering shrubs like roses and Crepe Myrtles before they start putting on new growth. By the end of the month, you can prune out any dead or damaged wood on shrubs that were zapped

by the Christmas freeze. That being said, there is a huge difference between pruning and butchering. Don’t prune like a toddler that just found a pair of scissors!

» Grasses and ground covers can be cut back now. For short grasses, set your lawnmower on the highest setting and run over them. Large grasses are easier to manage if you tie twine around the clump and then cut below the twine. Wear gloves!

» You may have perennials that look terrible right now. Once the new growth has emerged at the base of your perennials, cut all that ugly old stuff off. If you have questions, please call.

» Don’t forget the birds! Keep feeders clean and full of a good quality birdseed, and keep birdbaths clean and full of water. High fat foods such as black oil sunflower seeds and suet are best this time of year. Clean out birdhouses for new bird families.

We’re getting shipments in daily of gift items and plants, so stop by to see what’s new!

Meadow View Greenhouses & Garden Center 9885 Highway 11E Lenoir City, TN 37772 865.986.7229


THE BEST Home Underdecking System Available Anywhere – Period!

We frequently receive inquiries from homeowners who have recently visited friends and relatives that have installed an underdecking system on their home’s raised deck. I think it’s the appealing aesthetics that first catches their eye. Let’s face it: The underside of a deck as viewed from the patio below is dreary at best.

If you have ever investigated underdecking systems, you’ve already discovered that there are a variety of options to choose from. That’s why I would like to highlight a system that I truly believe you will find superior to any other system available.

First of all, we don’t purchase generic “off-the-shelf” components. All of the materials we install at your home were manufactured and fabricated at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specifically for your project. We use only 22-gauge galvanized steel coated with a Dura Coat polyester paint. Many of our competitors use a light gauge generic aluminum substitute.

Our patented system does not attach itself to the underside of your deck. Our system is fully supported by our gutter system that is installed along the perimeter of your raised deck. This protects your deck by promoting the free circulation of air that aide in the drying of your deck’s support joists.

All we install is Undercover Systems’ patented decking systems. We are not remodeling contractors installing windows today, cabinets tomorrow, and siding the day after. All of our installers are factory trained and certified.

I think that what our clients appreciate most is that I, Jim Conn, owner of Undercover Systems of Tennessee, personally supervise each and every installation. In fact, I often help install our patented underdecking system as well.

If you have ever considered installing an underdeck system under your home’s raised deck, I invite you to discover why Undercover Systems is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and why we have received the much-coveted Consumers’ Choice Award and Green Business Certification. Available in a variety of color options and our premium bead board design, discover how you can better enjoy your home’s outdoor living spaces all year-round by protecting your family from unexpected rain and the searing sun with Undercover Systems’ patented underdecking system.

Undercover Systems



6B • East Tennessee’s Mountain Views, March 2023

Make it Easy on Yourself with Custom Shelf Storage

Once upon a time, you wouldn’t think twice about perching on a stool to reach those high kitchen shelves or crouching in your bathroom to grasp an item under your sink. Today, it’s a different story. If you have mobility issues, you may be using those storage areas less and less. You love your home and aren’t ready to downsize. Now, you don’t have to. Get your cabinets back, and more, with the space experts at Shelf Help!

Celebrating six years in business, Shelf Help specializes in sturdy and attractive custom roll-out shelving and organizers for your kitchen, bath, and pantry. We’re your neighbors in Knoxville--not a franchise, but locally owned and operated. Because we’re a small business, our customers save 50% or more when compared to national brands. Best of all, everything we do is custom tailored to you.

In the Kitchen…

Whether you have limitations in movement or are simply “vertically challenged,” pull-down units will provide

effortless access to those hard-to-reach upper shelves in your kitchen cabinets. For help managing heavy pots, pans, and skillets, a soft-close pot and lid organizer pullout can be installed in lower cabinetry for clutter-free and easy-to-handle storage. And you no longer have to strain your eyes to see into those deep corner cabinets--we have a variety of solutions like a lazy susan, pull-out shelf, or corner half-moon shelf.

In the Bath…

Stop stooping in your bathroom to retrieve grooming products by installing a Salon Station with roll-out organizers for brushes, blow-dryers, and other supplies. Or try a powered vanity drawer that stores your plugged-in electric grooming appliances with an automatic shut-off switch when the drawer is closed. Under the sink, recover unused space around the plumbing with custom roll-out shelving, and try a removable basket to hold cleaning products.

In the Pantry…

From pull-outs to swing-outs, maximize your pantry with convenient rolling shelves that will store your canned items, dry goods, paper products and more. No matter the size of your pantry, you’ll be shocked at the amount of space you’ll gain after installing custom shelving. And prepare to do away with cumbersome, door-mounted storage racks--you won’t need them!

Make your day-to-day living comfortable and your house fully usable with Shelf Help custom-designed rollout shelves for your kitchen, pantry, or bath. Call us today for your free, no-obligation, in-home consultation. Our experienced design consultants will evaluate, design, and measure according to your lifestyle and unique needs, and our professional installers will provide thorough and competent service with a smile. Make it easy on yourself-call us for a free consultation today!

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East Tennessee History: ROSE ISLAND

Greetings, readers. I’m a 7th generation East Tennessean with a passion for local folklore. As this is the first installment of articles about the area’s past, it is fitting to recognize my publishers here at Mountain Views Kathy & Tim Rose. So, today’s report is all about Rose Island, though it has nothing to do with them. On the other hand, Rose Island did have some fabulous “Mountain Views.”

For geographic purposes, imagine you’re passing from Vonore toward Greenback on Highway 411, crossing the bridge over Tellico Lake, glance to your left downstream a couple of hundred yards. That’s where Rose Island existed in the Little Tennessee River channel, 280 acres of rich soil and forest. It was by far the largest island in the Little T River, hence the Cherokee name Mialaqua, or “The Great Island.” Of course, Mialaqua is not the only Little T Cherokee village name which carried over to neighborhoods in this area today. Just upstream from Rose Island lay Toqua, Chota, Tomotley and Tanasi. Sound familiar?

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Prior to the 1979 creation of Tellico Lake, archeological studies discovered Mialaqua artifacts dating back to the Woodlands and Mississippian periods, as well as implements used by generations of Cherokee Native Americans. Sometime in the mid-19th century the name changed to Ross Island in honor of John Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1828-1866.

The most famous individual to inhabit Mialaqua was the Cherokee war chief Tsiu Gansini, or Dragging Canoe. He refused to accept colonial treaties with the white man and made a name for himself leading raids on white settlements.

First of the white settlers in the area was Pioneer John McGhee who acquired over 15,000 acres surrounding current day Ft. Loudoun after the 1819 Hiawassee Treaty. About 1823 he purchased the island from the Indians, possibly involving a controversial trade of an expensive rifle. In 1898 a violent feud broke out along the Little Tennessee River between the Howard family and Pioneer John’s descendants. After his grandson John Barclay & great grandson Joe McGhee shot and killed a couple of Howards, they took refuge on what is now Rose Island. When the Monroe County sheriff came to arrest them, he was unarmed; however, the McGhees agreed not to resist if they could take their guns as far as the jail to defend against possible Howard revenge. It must have been a strange sight, the unarmed sheriff following his two prisoners who were still carrying firearms.

In 1960 most of the island had been converted to one of the largest tree nurseries in the south; in fact, the Rose Island Pine Tree Nursery was dedicated by Tennessee Governor Buford Ellington with the ceremonial planting of the 100 millionth pine seedling! A couple of years later I remember camping on the island with my Loudon Boy Scout troop, where we learned the seedlings only remained in the rich island soil for a few months before being transported to barren landscapes in need of hardy young tree growth.

One end of the island not used by the nursery was farmed by Mr. J. R. Pugh. He was one of the last holdout farmers who resisted the government’s use of eminent domain to condemn and confiscate land to complete the Tellico Dam project.

Consequently, in the late 1970’s I took a final Little Tennessee River canoe trip from just above ancient Chota Village, past the old sites of Tanasi, Toqua, Tomotley, Tuskegee, finishing at the Bat Creek Knobs, positioned between current day Rarity Bay and Tellico Village. The last landmark I recall passing was historic Rose Island, the Great Island of Mialaqua. It was sad viewing the site which would soon lie 31 feet beneath the lake’s surface during full summer pool. Deep, deep under the still waters of Tellico Lake remain the memories of primitive cultures, 200 years of farmlands, a unique tree sapling nursery which reforested our ecosystems and even the spirit of the epic Cherokee warrior Dragging Canoe...all in the memories of Rose Island.

Bo Carey is a 6th generation Loudon County resident with a passion for local history. He is the owner of Greer’s Home Furnishings in Historic Loudon and is available for lectures or programs for any area group or civic club. Call (865) 659-2300.

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On March 11th Our Place will celebrate one year of service to individuals with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia. An Open House will be held on March 11th, from 10-2, to mark the occasion. The ribbon cutting one year ago marked the culmination of architectural planning, financial support from community partners and donors, and embraced the vision of those who recognized the need for this facility and what could be provided in program and support for participants and caregivers.

Our Place, 103 Cheeyo Way, Loudon, is a licensed, non-profit Adult Day Center, open Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30; participants may attend 2-5 days a week. It

serves residents of Loudon and Monroe Counties, and surrounding communities. Celia Gruzalski, Executive Director, and Sarah Martin, Activities Manager, provide a wealth of experience and compassion. Volunteers assist the staff by providing different experiences, such as pet therapy, musical presentations, or cooking. Each day offers a variety of activities suited to each participants abilities, with a focus on socialization and stimulation. Moments of joy come in a participant’s smile, a helping hand, or laughter with a new friend.

In addition to providing day services, Our Place reaches out to all caregivers in our communities, through a Caregivers Support Group. The group meets the second Friday of each month (9-11) at the Public Library at Tellico Village, 300 Irene Lane, and is open to anyone who is an adult care partner. The meeting includes discussions with guest speakers on specific topics, with time for questions and sharing.

As individuals move through the phases of Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s important to focus on what a person can do, providing positivity and calm. Shared below are some basic understandings, found while researching for this article, about…

What your loved one might need:

» See what I can do, not what I cannot do.

» Respect me, I am an adult.

» Know me. I am unique.

» Meet me at eye level.

» Do with me, not for me.

» Give me a choice.

» Move slowly so I am not afraid.

» Laugh with me.

» Let arguments go.

» Celebrate small moments of joy.

» Thank you for taking care of me. I know it’s a hard job.

In closing, the following note highlights the amazing program that Our Place provides for participants and families. It is written by the son of a participant, and he shares these moments of joy… “I’ll just take a quick moment to say thank you thank you thank you to the Our Place staff… I haven’t had a chance to personally meet y’all yet… but I talk to my folks every week, and it makes me happier than I can possibly tell you to hear the warmth in mom’s voice when she tells me about your program. Our Place is a treasure, and has been a true lifesaver for dad, so again…THANK YOU!”

Our Place is a 501C3 non-profit organization. Information can be found on the website OurPlaceTN.org.

Our Place 103 Cheeyo Way, Loudon OurPlaceTN.org

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Moments of
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