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Dear Guests, So finally it’s here … this amazing summer 2014. We are all so happy and full of expectations, full of crazy ideas and plans for this season that will be the best one yet. Is there anything better than carelessly lying on the beach, drinking your favorite cocktail while having fun with your friends? Or simply swimming in this endless sea, dancing to vibrating rhythms of great music DJ is playing on and on? We were all so hardworking during the year and gathered so many new experiences – hoping most of them are good ones, but you know what people say … in the end, sometimes we realize that a bad experience is actually a good one ;). Some of you got a new job, new boyfriend, got married, became parents or maybe nothing landmarked happened in your life, but you just simply enjoyed your everyday rituals. Well, we’re all experiencing something similar right now – we’ve all come to this amazing beach bar, called Hula-Hula Hvar again. How could we forget about the crazy adventures that happened last year on this special island, named Hvar? No way … and because of all those crazy experiences, we decided to be here again. Because of you, our fans, we wanted to give you something new to show you our gratitude and appreciation, it’s this special summer edition of the magazine you are just reading. Here you can find many good tips for the island, from the culinary and sport adventures, events in our beach bar or in our partnering club, named Pink Champagne. Girls can enjoy the fashion themes or get some tips for good shopping, while guys can find out what the most popular cocktail is this summer, so they can surprise their new summer crush. You can all get a lot of information about the electronic music, find some new t-shirts from our clothes collection or simply check out what is offered to you from our culinary delights. This magazine is created with love, made for you, our lovely guests, prepared for the summer full of love, so you can see that in the summer season 2014 our slogan is still: Love is in the air. You just have to find it and spread it around. Let this magazine be a simple overture to that … Welcome and enjoy your Hula-Hula time.

With Love, Hula-Hula Hvar

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HVAR Diamond of Dalmatia Hvar, the new St. Tropez, is the most prosperous and most fashionable Croatian island. It offers both natureloving lifestyles and a rich cultural legacy. It is a place where you can enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate – just perfect for olive trees and many hours of sunshine: 7.7h of sun and 3.8h of cloud per day! By comparison, this is more than in Nice, which is known as extra sunny with »only« 7.2h of sun and 4.2h of cloud. The venetian fleet already knew this and anchored here for winters – because on Hvar it never frosts! As well the water quality is among the highest in the Adriatic. Annually some beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag, an eco-label for cleanliness. And as clear and as good as the aqua is, also the air and the terra are. No wonder that high quality lavender and honey products from this wonderful peace of earth are esteemed by connoisseurs all over the world!

Hvar is located in the center of the Adriatic, off the Dalmatian coast, between the islands of Brač, vis and korčula. It is 67.5 km long but at its widest point measures only 10.5 km. The island has a typical Mediterranean vegetation: it's covered with pine forests, holmoaks, vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and stunning lavender fields. In front of the southwestern coast of the island, vis-a-vis Hvar town there is a gorgeous tiny archipelago known as the Pakleni islands. In 1997 the readers of the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller voted the island one of the 10 most beautiful in the world: along with Anguilla, Bali, Bora Bora, Capri, kauai, Mykonos, Ponza, Upolu and zanzibar. Hvar town has been so proud of this that even today, a board near the market place is reminding of that award. Also in the following years it has been constantly listed in the Readers Choice Awards of the same

magazine – last time in 2011, when Hvar was voted in Europe's Top 10. But not enough: In 2006 Hvar has been chosen as one of the sexiest islands by Forbes Magazine and – also in 2011 – Sunday Times recommended Croatia's premier island as one of the top (relatively) affordable travel destinations. Recently, it has made it's way onto Lonely Planet’s list of 10 Top Destinations for 2012, in which Hvar took the fifth place. Every year more and more celebrities want to discover this beautiful island. Here is a list of the crème de la crème, that have been visiting Hvar since 1875: Andre Agassi, Bill Gates, Bernie Ecclestone, Beyonce, Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta Jones, Clint Eastwood, Daniel Craig, Eddie Jordan, Elizabeth Taylor, Emmanuelle Beárt, Eva Longoria, Franz Joseph I of Austria, George Clooney, Giorgio Armani, Goran Ivanisević, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Nicholson, Jay-Z,


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8 Jennifer Capriati, Jodie Foster, Jimmy Lee, John Malkovich, Kevin Spacey, King Abdullah of Jordan, Ivana Trump, Orson Welles, Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, Prince Claus of Holland, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Prince Harry, Roman Abramovich, Saif Al-Islam, Sean Connery, Stephen Spielberg, Michael Schumacher, Nicky Hilton, David Morales, Michael Douglas, Vladimir Klitschko ... and many more will follow!

for its two pebble beaches and nice for a family trip (4 km from Hvar). The almost deserted village of Velo Grablje (7), lying next to the completely deserted village of Malo Grablje (0) in the breathtaking interior of Hvar, is well-known for the Lavender Festival which takes place here every year on the last weekend of June. Last but not least, a village that is also called »Little venice«: Vrboska (554), a romantic small town with stone houses, narrow streets, complete with small picturesque bridges.

Towns and Population

Eating and Drinking

10.648 people live on the island, but up to 200.000 visitors come here every year.

Another great treasure of Hvar is undoubtedly its light and healthy cuisine. Local specialties or musttry dishes are goat's cheese in olive oil, black risotto, which takes its dark color from the cuttlefish's own ink sac, wild cabbage (very healthy and tasty), octopus salad (give it a try!), gregada (originally a poor man's dish using boiled whitefish, potatoes, onions, and wine), pašticada (also known as »Dalmatian goulash«, normally prepared for weddings and special occasions) and rožada (a fine caramel dessert made of eggs and milk). Hvar has a long tradition of wine-making too: The Greeks planted the first vines here in 384 BC and people from Hvar, who emigrated to the USA at the end of the 19th century,

The three largest and most important towns on Hvar are all located on the western side of the island: The capital Hvar town with a population of 3827, Stari Grad (1848), one of the oldest harbour towns in Europe (much quieter then Hvar, but no less interesting) and Jelsa (1798), a charming small town with an idyllic port, also famous for its production of excellent red wines. A long way off, on the very eastern tip of the 68 km long island, lies the lonely village of Sucuraj (378). Brusje (127), 6 km east of Hvar town is good for a quick trip for those who want to experience an authentic rural suburb of Hvar. Milna (105) is notable

were pioneers of winegrowing in California. The island’s greatest wines are zlatan Plavac, Ivan Dolac, Sveta Nedilja and Faros, which are all deep red wines made from the local Plavac Mali (Small Blue), a relative of zinfandel. You should also try home-made Dalmatian prošek: a sweet dessert wine, similar to sherry.

The Lavender Island Lavender: known for its stress relieving effects. On Hvar it blossoms in June and July. Lavender products, such as lavender bags packed with dried flowers or lavender essential oil in miniature bottles, are to find on nearly every corner in Croatia. But only lavender from Hvar is of highest quality among all sorts of that aromatic plant grown throughout Europe. As well, on this island you can be sure that it is ecologically cultivated – far away from a factory chimney! Once on Hvar, you should not miss to visit the breathtaking lavender fields in the island's interior. The best way to discover this fascinating lilac hanging gardens is by offroad tours organized by Secret Hvar. An annual Lavender Festival takes place on the last weekend of June in velo Grablje, a village with only seven inhabitants. Once a year people come together to celebrate this ethereal

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9 plant, that has been used for insomnia and anxiety for thousands of years. Tip: Add a few drops of its oil to your bubble bath or use it for a sensual massage!

A Famous Son of Hvar Ivan vučetić – the father of dactylosclopy. Ivan vučetić (1858-1925), a Hvar-born Argentinian criminologist, was the first man solving a crime based on the evidence of a fingerprint: On June 29, 1892 people near Buenos Aires were very much alarmed when a boy (6) and his sister (4) were brutally killed in their

home. The single mother Francisca Rojas blamed it on her neighbour Pedro velázquez, who was considered an honest man. But Pedro did not confess to the crimes and – as a matter of fact – there was no evidence against him so far ... But then an inspector found a bloody fingerprint on the door-jamb of the house. Since Francisca had denied touching her children's dead bodies, this print could only be left behind by Pedro. However, with Ivan vučetić's help the fingerprint was identified not to belong to Pedro: It came out to be the mother's. As it turned out, she wanted to get rid of her children, because this way she hoped to find a new partner.

Welcome to Hvar! This FREE guide will make your holiday twice as nice! Available for your iPhone and Android phone.

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HULA-HULA HVAR BEACH BAR The best place to be Hula-Hula Hvar is a synonym for Hvar's best beach dance floor It will leave you breathless with its unforgettable sunset views, grooviest music, and amazing people! During the day you can enjoy the lounge beach atmosphere planted on 600 m2 with chill out music, sunbeds, vip tables and open-air massage pavilion. We also offer many culinary delights made with fresh and quality ingredients, good vines, cocktails and much more. If you want to rent a boat, we are also here for you – around the Island you can see so much natural beauty and a boat is the best way to do it. www.hulahulahvar.com Hula Hula Hvar official HulaHulaHvar When the time for sunset comes, there is no better place to watch it than Hula-Hula Hvar beach bar. At the same time, the DJ starts with good music and relaxed atmosphere turns into the best dance place. This summer we will present to you many great DJs. Let us introduce you with a few:

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12 Active Line Six first showed interest for rhythm and music in 1994. As a 17 year old he became a resident at one of the most popular clubs in Zagreb, Croatia. Afterwards, he was also a resident DJ at club »88« which made him the youngest electronic music DJ at the time.

RESIDENT Active Line Six

During the next five years he was a guest at all major clubs and parties around Croatia. In the beginning, Active Line Six played trance and progressive music. A testament to that was the VIVID – BONZAI LABEL PARTY (Fly, Franky Cherrymoon, Kiki, Frajman, Active, Umek, Mary) he organized. With a team of 5 fellow DJs, he founded »Body&Soul« – a cult house program in the famous Zagreb club »THE BEST«, where many famous names

of the global electronic scene came to play, such as: David Morales, Shapeshifters, Barbara Tucker, Miguel Migs, Phats&Small, Claude Monnet, Silicone Soul etc. There he stayed till 2005. Now, 15 years later, Active Line Six releases his stuff on respected labels such as Sci+Tec, Soulmate, Family Grooves, Audiometric, Sonique Mannheim, Disko Massaka etc. We can proudly say that Active Line Six has been our resident DJ for the last 6 years. During the summer guests of Hula-Hula Hvar beach bar will have an opportunity to be warmed-up every day for after beach parties by a DJ who achieved remarkable success in the world-class production and proudly cooperates with a Grammy award-winner, Dubfire.

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13 Vice Vicious, also known as one half of the duo »Vice&SC«, started his music journey at an early age. Born in 1988, he fell in love with house music as the music scene in his home town Hvar developed. »My dream was to become the one who stands behind the decks and puts a smile on people’s faces by making them feel the music pumping through their body«, says Vice. At the beginning of his career he played in small bars, where he was gaining experience. He worked persistently, gradually progressed and first results were visible. His talent was soon spotted and he was invited to play in world renowned clubs of Hvar. His music mission made Vice Vicious play at the most popular events in this part of Europe, OHM, ENTER Festival and Ministry of Sound, where he shared the stage with masters of the house scene such as Antoine Clamaran, Behrouz, Kenny Dope, Kurd Maverick, Steve Angello, Tom Novy and Satoshie Tomie.

His first International tour started in Winter 2011 and catapulted him into the Atlantic music scene. He played at famous destinations in North America and Canada such as Maison Mercer, Club Muzique and Chicago Chop House. In 2012 he was a special headlining guest at club Bloke&4th. The sound of Vice Vicious is best described as Pure Groovy club sound combined with Tribal Drums, Sweetest Vocals and Underground Sound. »I love to mix different music styles and make my sets intensive, diverse and unique. That way they are almost poetic, comparable with an exciting story«, says Vice. Vice started producing intensively in 2011 when he began collaborating with SC on mutual projects. Inspired by labels such as Cadenza Music, Dynamic Music, Hot Creations, Purple Music or Toolroom, they try to present their passion and vision of music, combining Deep House and real House Music.

RESIDENT Vice Vicious

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14 Digital Seekers is a DJ duo comprising Tibor Kljakic (DJ Tibor) and Zoran Sisic (DJ Kazo). It was formed on December 1st, 2012. These two DJs started their career as a resident duo in DFK club, while their current resident place is the Boom Boom Room club in Banja Luka.


They have played their music across the whole region of former Yugoslavia. Some of their most prominent performances include: playing at EXIT festival in 2013 in Novi Sad, playing at Cirkus in Ljubljana, which is one of the best

clubs in Slovenia, as well as participating in many other festivals, such as Neofest, Adrenalin DJ Fest, Lunar Festival etc. Digital Seekers have worked (cooperated) with many famous DJs: Fatboy Slim, The Shapeshifters, Crazibiza, Jay Lumen, Paul Hazendok, Kiril Dzajkovski, Vlada Asanin, Marko Nastic, Mladen Tomic, Sinisa Tamamovic, DJ Lion, DJ Afrosoul Vision, Mark Funk, Loco Baby, Sevdah Baby and many other from their country and region. Their DJ sets include all types (genres) of house music: deep house, tech house.

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Loves the vibe of Hula-Hula Hvar Uroť Umek is a Slovenian born techno and tech house producer and DJ that has been setting trends and rocking dance floors around the globe for more than two decades. He scored number one hits all over the world, won a lot of music awards, remixed and produced over 500 tracks. The last big award is definitely the 29th Annual International Dance Music Award (IDMA) for the year 2013 presented in 2014, where he competed with names such as Sven Väth, Joris Voorn, Richie Hawtin and won in the category Best Techno/Tech House DJ. But most importantly, Umek was also one of our guests and we are very proud of this fact.

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17 Umek, can you please tell us a few sentences about your beginning of DJing? When and where did it all start? Since I can remember, I liked music very much and already as a young boy I was impressed by turntables. When I was 15, the doors of one Slovenian club (Palma) opened to me and that is where my entire carrier started. Perhaps I was the youngest DJ in that period far away. All my life I was a completely self-taught guy and every day there is something new I am still learning.

Who opened the doors of Ibiza nightlife to you and have you suspected that you will continue DJing in numerous famous clubs worldwide? Can you name one club where you performed, that you are most proud of? Well, there is always somebody who helps you, it’s always like that. I’m sure that you must mix good music and be a good DJ to begin, than you need little bit of luck, but the quality of the music is definitely a nr.1

rule for success in the music industry. There is no one who would push you or open you career doors, there is always your success, your effort and will. Sure there are a lot of people who helped me in my career and I‘m very thankful to all of them. One is absolutely Carl Cox, who has been giving me the opportunity to be the resident of his nights for years. For Ibiza the idea came from my Agency 1605, so there was no specific person whom I could highlight. They liked my music, they liked how I filled the clubs and later

it just turned into a residency of Ibiza parties. There are so many great clubs I have played for, so it’s really hard for me to name one specifically.

Which of the top DJs you have worked with was the best one to cooperate with? I am pleased to have worked with many different DJs, but the one I can highlight for sure is Carl Cox. The man who turned 50 but his soul is still a soul of a child, he’s very honest and pure, full of joy and happiness.

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Which DJ has been your biggest influence? I think you already found out . Again, Carl Cox. We can find a funny love letter on your website. Who inspired you for this kind of communication with your fans? (As our slogan is: »Love is in the air« we really like those love things )

   Well, everything what you see on my webpage, is my team’s work. Of course they always let me know what we’re going to show there,

but ideas used there are really not all my own. All those »love things« sound so hippy and sometimes too sweet for me. But it’s really funny that all things around us are actually full of love – all songs contain at least a little bit of love spirit, even if the desired effect is quite opposite. So there is definitely something about the fact that love is in the air.

Can you tell us a bit about your new hobby – sneakers design? When I have some free time, I simply like to take a brush or airbrush and

create. For me, this is not a designing surplus; it’s more painting or creating for myself and it’s good for my soul. Sneakers’ designing is really just a hobby for me and I don’t want people to think that these are my professional products for sale. But all in all, I really like showing my creative skills to my Facebook friends and fans or rather to say, I like to share my happiness with them. For the future, I also wish to create some sneakers suitable for sale, so my fans who like my work, will be able to buy them on my page. The only problem is time, as if you want to be successful in sneakers designing

(like other things) you must devote a lot of time to it and you must be very precise, so it’s not easy to be successful in this at all.

How did you connect with some of the celebrities, like Waka Flocka Flame, for example? Well, I’m lucky that in clubs where I’m present with my music there are celebrities. There’s always someone from film sport or music industry, like Lionel Messi who came in one of Ibiza’s night clubs where I was DJing. But I must say that I’m not very excited about this »celebrity thing« as

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19 I rather spend time with my friends – for me, they are the only real celebrities, they are in my heart and I love them, so I would never change them for any »stars«. Sometimes when I spend some time with a celebrity, I always come to a conclusion that a lot of them are empty-souled people, so unhappy and sad that it makes me unhappy. But ok, Flame is not one of them for sure; he is a good person, a very cool guy, funny and grounded, so I’m happy regarding this new project with him. We are preparing a new track together and this will be a hit, I’m sure, as my music and rap always looked incompatible, but you will see it is not like that at all.

How do you like this new generation of electronic music, such as Avicii or Skrillex? This sound is really not my kind of sound but I am not the right one to judge what’s good and what’s not. Obviously people like this kind of music as they fill-up big stadiums all the time. And I really think this is most important for organizers – I also wish for myself to fulfill an entire stadium with my fans one day.

Last year when the Ultra Music Festival was held, you were booked for Split

(ofcourse, in addition to Miami). As the VIP after party was in Hvar, do you feel sorry for not being booked for the »Hvar Ultra project«? Certainly I would also come to Hvar and surely, I would rather be on the Island as I like Hvar very much since I spent my first holidays there. But all in all, I am very pleased and thankful with my presence in Split also.

Do you like the Island of Hvar? What do you like about it the most? I really like it very much, it’s an amazing place. Always, when I’m traveling around the world, I talk to foreign people about this beautiful island. And a few times has happened that people really went there after my suggestion and after visiting Hvar, they called me with enthusiasm and big satisfaction about the place, people, etc. Hvar is really unique, I like the fact that the old part of town is closed for cars, that you can take a boat taxi and go away to the nice smaller islands, that you can snorkel around, enjoy in great restaurants and much more. It’s really a unique opportunity for fun and hedonism.

In 2012 you have been in our beach

bar, Hula-Hula Hvar in Croatia. How did you like it? I enjoyed it very much. I spent some great time with my friends – these were one of my best holidays ever. We went to one of Hula-Hula’s beach after-parties and the view of a sunset was amazing – I just cannot forget how people enjoyed this view with a cocktail in their hand and dancing in a great mood. The music was nice, beautiful girls, delicious food. Really unforgettable memories for me …

What did you like the most about our place? (Please tell us a little bit more about it) As I said, very nice young people, the place full of happiness and freedom. Good music and positive people always make a great atmosphere. I really like the sunset view from Hula, I think it’s one of the most beautiful views in the world. It was such a

relaxed feeling, contrary to a usually crowded party. The staff served us with interesting »tower plates«, full of tasty seafood. As I’m a big food lover, I really enjoy good restaurants and I remember that the food in Hula was so delicious, that we also came the day after this party, just to have lunch. Unfortunately, later we had to leave the island. When are you planning to come to our place again? Maybe in summer 2014?  (We would be glad to host you again!!) Maybe  Yes baby …

Umek thank you very much for this interview and we hope to see you soon in our beach bar.

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PINK CHAMPAGNE HVAR The hottest club on the island Real indoor clubbing You came to Hvar, one of the most beautiful islands ever. You are enjoying the beaches, amazing food and lounging around beach clubs and open venues. But, after all the fun in the city, around 2 am, you'll find yourself craving for more ... maybe a good portion of real indoor clubbing? Well then, let us introduce to you the hottest club on the island, Pink Champagne! Situated in the hearth of the town Hvar, just around the corner of the main city square, the club will welcome you with open arms and it's underground atmosphere. Luxurious sofas of the VIP area or the crazy dancefloor combined with amazing beats are all you can wish for in a wild night out. And this can be your daily routine, because Pink is open every day during the summer months, from 2 am to 6 am. This summer there will be no dull moment because the program includes three special nights – INFINITY, LUXURIA and WALKMAN. What they are all about, you'll have to see for yourself. One thing we can tell you, though, is that there are amazing DJ's to make your nights even more special. Among great resident DJ's, you can expect The Magician, Kraak & Smaak, Black Coffee and many more ... And remember, you better bring your sunglasses 'cause stepping out of the club in that first morning sun can be a bit painful ...


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REVOLVER HEART Collage style prints Revolver Heart is a fashion brand known for its unique edgy/elegant fashion printed shirts, sweaters and hoodies. You may recognize their two signature signs. Number one: collage style prints. Number two: a hand made silk satin tag, carefully sewed on the back of each item. Usually they tend to create couture, inspired by philosophical/art-pop concepts, but most of all, they would like to think of themselves as story tellers. One could say, they are lovers of philosophy, of pop culture, passion & timeless, yet daring couture! Revolver Heart's debut summer collection »Who Am EYE?« (S/S 2013) was about »the hard problem« of science, the ultimate

mystery; it was asking the big question about who we as people really are. Why we are here. Where do we come from. The continuation of that story was their second winter collection entitled »ANIMA« (soul) (F/W 2014), and it was about the realization of the universal truth. It was a clear answer to the first collection: we people are souls, timeless and spaceless. Revolver Heart dresses many celebrities as well as all young and older people willing to try and wear a different kind of T shirt! Watch out for them this summer as the Revolver team is releasing their latest summer collection »EYE walk the Line«. Check them out right now on their official facebook page: REVOLVER HEART.

The graphic Li ke a Virgin is a part of a ne 2014 collectio w Spring/Sum n, named »EYE mer walk the Line «

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THE STRENGTH TO SURRENDER FOR THIS SUMMER Finally summer is here and I’m enjoying my Martini on the terrace. This amazing Greek island gives me a special energy, the smell of summer fuels my spirit and my relaxed thoughts bring me to a photo shooting of Ana Vaas accessories, which we made yesterday. I just cannot forget this lux high-end fashion accessories line designed specifically for the European market. Ana Vaas is a stunning and sexy mix of classic tailored shapes, eclectic bohemian boldness with a rock 'n' roll edge. The photographer was in front of this sexy model and he was catching her silhouette, her legs which were decorated with these incredible gladiators. She had to play with him, cochete with him and I, like a side viewer, should recognize only her doing that, but mmm … I really couldn’t. This unique and cutting edge take on accessories designed to love and celebrate all legs totally assumed me. Versatile and stylish, beautifully combining buttery soft leather, accented with sleek brass hardware, designed to be worn on the ankle, mid calf or over the knee. I just saw the pair from the model on my legs … These must-have pieces are ideal for island living, perfect when worn feet free, poolside, boating or as a stunning statement piece with a leather sandal or high heel. My new leather Louboutin stiletto instantly dropped my mind and I could just imagine how this is the perfect match for a date with my Mr. Big I’m planning for tomorrow. So here I am, back in reality, the day after this incredible shooting. Yes, the girl was amazing, but yes again, I prefer these sexy accessories and dreaming about them. Did I say dream? Well, I actually went ahead and ordered them immediately. My ethereal maxi dress with a new top will be the perfect back drop to showcase the Ana Vaas Leather Leg Accessories tonight. Usually I’m not so self-confident, but I know he won’t be able to take his eyes away from my legs, I simply know he will adore me tonight. With my luxury of choice on my legs and a Martini in my hand, I’m ready for this amazing night. Girls wish me luck and surrender to Ana Vaas this summer, set the style benchmark, incite envy wherever you go and you will rock just like I will now ...

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m o c . c m - na a k e o t r . e w w w i F r e e s ty l Sk t e J R NF

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SPECIAL JET SKI AND FLYBOARD SHOW In front of the Hula-Hula Hvar beach bar

RNF Team Rok and Nac Florjančič named as RNF freestyle and racing team is a professionally operated jet ski race and factory Rickter freestyle team, following some of the most prestigious racing circuits around Europe and USA. Pushing to change the way teams treat their sponsors, RNF freestyle in past few years has become known for its professionalism, sponsorship representation, and out-of-the-box marketing techniques with results of one the most multitalented brothers Rok and Nac Florjančič from Europe, Slovenia. At age 7 Rok Florjančič stepped on the jet ski for the first time and the following year, at Zagreb’s lake Jarun, he won the competition in parallel

slalom. There were more and more victories and eventually he began to get bored. In search of new challenges he found jet ski freestyle. In Slovenia, there were practically no competitions, as well as coaches and mechanics to deal with this extremely attractive sport, but in 2001 he won the European Championship. A year later, as 17 year-old boy, he became the world amateur champion in jet ski freestyle. He was the youngest in history who has done it. And the best of all is the fact that Rok is still the jet ski freestyle world champion. Nowadays, he is a regular guest at the biggest moto-nautic competitions and shows all over the world.

* For dates of

the show chec k out our Face book page (Hula Hula Hva r official).

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HULA-HULA MOJITO * 2 tablespoons of brown sugar * Lime juice (1 lime) * A handful of mint leaves * Crushed ice * Havana club rum (Añejo 3 Años) * Sparkling water

When we make our heavenly mojito we put mint leaves and half of a lime juice into a glass and crush it with a muddler. We add the rest of the lime juice and two tablespoons of brown sugar, then we muddle it again. To make it extra refreshing we fill the glass with ice almost to the top. Over the ice, we pour the tasty Havana club rum (Añejo 3 Años) to give it a sexy twist and a bit of sparkling water. We stir it well and add more sugar for those who need some extra sweetness in their lives. When we garnish the glass with a lime wedge, our mojito is ready for you to enjoy it.

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the restaurant to remember

PASSAROLA ulica mate miličiča 10, hvar, croatia www.restaurant-passarola.eu www.facebook.com/passarola reservation: +385 21 717 374 passarola.hvar@gmail.com

This summer: special exhibiTion of sculpTures and painTings by academic arTisTs neno mikulić

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DELICIOUS SPAGHETTI WITH PRAWNS * Spaghetti (regular or gluten-free, 80 g) * Scampi (3 pcs) * Cleaned prawns (100 g) * Cooking cream * Garlic * Olive oil * Salt

While our spaghetti is boiling, we pre-heat a pan, put washed cleaned prawns in and splash some of the delicious and healthy domestic olive oil over them. For better taste, we add a bit of garlic and cooking cream, which helps you not to have problems in conquering . Then we pour a little bit of the spaghetti water inside, we salt it and spice it with a hint of pepper. We mix everything together and cook it for a little longer. After checking if the spaghetti is cooked, but still »al dente« (as we really want to take care of your health), we drain it and mix into our sweet prawn sauce, then sprinkle some parsley and basil over. Before serving, we decorate our sexy dish with three sweet scampi and it is ready for you to enjoy.

BEEF TAGLIATA (Juneći odrezak sa rikolom, maslinama, cherry rajčica I sir Grana Padano)


BEEF TAGLIATA (Grilled beef steak with rocket, olives, cherry tomatoes and Grana Padano cheese)

162 kn

TORANJ SNACK za dvije osobe (Pileća krilca i bataci, flautas, satays, taco chips, povrće, miješana salata, i naši domaći ludilo umaci)

SNACK TOWER for two persons (Chicken wings, flautas, satays, taco chips, vegetables, mixed salad, our very special dips)

TUNA STEAK (Odrezak od tune sa blitvom I krumpirom)

TUNA STEAK (Tuna steak with spinach and potatoes)

114 kn

THAI CHICKEN CURRY (Piletina, curry – kokosov umak, sa basmati rižom; LJUTO!)

Svaka sljedeća osoba samo For each additional person

195 kn + 72 kn

TORANJ MORSKIH PLODOVA za dvije osobe (Prženi škampi i gambasi, pohane lignje, lignje na žaru, ražnjići od grdobine, povrće, miješana salata, i tri ludilo umaka)

THAI CHICKEN CURRY (Chicken, curry with coconut milk and basmati rice; SPICY!)

96 kn

PEPPER STEAK MADAGASKAR (Goveđi file sa umakom od zelenog papra i restani krumpir)

SEAFOOD TOWER for two persons (Fried prawns, grilled prawns, calamari, fish fillet skewers, vegetables, mixed salad, our very special dips) Svaka sljedeća osoba samo For each additional person

PEPPER STEAK MADAGASKAR (Beef steak with green pepper sauce and potato rösti)

242 kn + 102 kn

162 kn

* Tjestenine je moguće naručiti i bez glutena! * We also offer gluten-free spaghetti (special order!)


32 kn

MALI BAS d.o.o. za ugostiteljske usluge Hvar Buffet »Bubba Gump« OIB 59076430305 PDV i ostali porezi su uključeni u cijenu. Knjiga žalbi nalazi se na šanku. Ne poslužujemo alkoholna pića mlađima od 18. Godina.

VAT & Taxes included. Book of complaints book is at the bar. We do not serve alcohol drinks to persons under the age of 18.

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DELICIOUS FOOD DORUČAK BREAKFAST SUNČANI DORUČAK (Prirodni sok od naranče, omlet, voće, sir, pršut, kruh, maslac i marmelada)


SUNNY BREAKFAST (Orange juice, omelette, fruits, chees & ham, bread, butter and marmalade)

72 kn


33 kn


20 kn 72 kn

DIMLJENI LOSOS (Sa rostijima od krumpira I specijalnim umakom)

SMOKED SALMON (With potato rösti and reddish – cranberry cream)


33 kn



78 kn

HULA-HULA SANDWICH (Klub sendvić sa piletinom, hrskavim špekom, pomfritom i salatom)

HULA-HULA SANDWICH (Club sandwich with chicken fillet, crispy bacon, french fries and salad)

88 kn

BUBBA GUMP SANDWICH (Klub sendvić sa govedinom, šparogama, zapečenim sirom i pomfritom)

CAPRESE (rajčica, mozzarella)

CAPRESE (rajčica, mozzarella)

68 kn

BUBBA GUMP SANDWICH (Fillet of beef & asparagus on toast, gratinated with french fries)

98 kn


THE BIG ONE (velika miješana salata)

THE BIG ONE (our big mixed salad)

48 kn

92 kn

* sa lignjama * with calamari

74 kn

* sa tunjevinom * with tuna

86 kn

* sa piletinom * with fillet of chicken

TAGLIATELLE AGLIO OLIO (Tagliatelle sa češnjakom I maslinovim uljem)

TAGLIATELLE AGLIO OLIO (Tagliatelle with garlic and original Croatian olive oil)

64 kn



98 kn

MAKARONI SA TUNJEVINOM I KAPARIMA (Umak od rajčice, tunjevina, kapari, maslinovo ulje, ovčji sir)

SALATA SA KOZICAMA (miješana salata, kozice, mozzarella, kapari, masline, rajčica)

PRAWN SALAD (our mixed salad, prawns, mozzarella, capers, olives, tomatoes)

98 kn

MACARONI WITH TUNA AND CAPERS (Tomato sauce, tuna, capers, olive oil, goat cheese)

74 kn

FLAUTAS – OUR TEX-MEX-SPECIALTY (Prženi pileći komadići I sir u taco tjestenini sa različitim ludilo umacima)

FLAUTAS – OUR TEX-MEX-SPECIALTY (deep fried!) (Chicken fillet and cheese in wrap tortilla with special deep and mixed salad)

92 kn

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0,35 l

Vodka RedBull

0,35 l

Gin Tonic

0,35 l

Vodka Lemon

0,35 l

Whiskey Cola

0,35 l

Rum Cola

0,35 l

Campari Orange

54 kn 54 kn 54 kn 54 kn 54 kn 56 kn

DOMAĆA ŽESTOKA PIĆA – RAKIJE HOMEMADE LOCAL SHOT Medovača Honey Višnjevača Cherry Borovnica Blueberry Orahovac Walnut

0,02 l 0,02 l 0,02 l 0,02 l

16 kn 16 kn 16 kn 16 kn


VODKA Absolut bull: Island Absolut vodka 0,7 l with 6 Redbull

0,25 l

840 kn

Cuba Libre

0,35 l



Grey Goose

7100 kn


4550 kn


1930 kn

1,75 l

1070 kn

0,75 l


1170 kn


0,03 l

Hennessy Cognac

0,03 l

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

0,03 l

Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch

0,03 l

Pampero Blanco Rum

0,03 l

Gordons Gin

0,1 l

Martini Bianco/Rosso/Dry

0,2 l

Prošek (homemade Croatian port wine)

0,03 l


0,03 l


0,03 l


0,03 l


0,03 l


0,03 l


0,03 l


0,02 l


31 kn

0,35 l

0,35 l

Long Island ice tea

0,35 l

Mai Tai

0,35 l


0,35 l

Bahama Mama

0,35 l

Sex on our beach

0,35 l


0,35 l


*We serve all cocktails in a pitcher of 1 l

69 kn 69 kn 69 kn 69 kn 69 kn 69 kn 69 kn 69 kn 71 kn

208 kn

31 kn 31 kn 31 kn 31 kn 32 kn 32 kn 19 kn


0,25 l

Peach Daiquiri

0,25 l

Pina Colada

0,25 l

* We serve all frozen cocktails in a pitcher of 1 l

52 kn 52 kn 52 kn

192 kn

28 kn


31 kn 28 kn 28 kn

Healthy Hell

0,25 l

38 kn

28 kn 41 kn 19 kn

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0,25 l

0,5 l

Jana still water

0,5 l

Jamnica mineralna voda Jamnica sparkling water

0,2 l

Sok: naranča, jabuka Juice: orange, apple

0,2 l

Ice tea

22 kn 22 kn


19 kn

52 kn

0,5 l

24 kn

0,2 l


0,15 l

Prirodni sokovi Fresh juice

0,25 l

Red Bull energy drink

16 kn


16 kn

Kava sa mlijekom Coffee with milk

15 kn

Espresso Macchiato

14 kn


0,3 l

Ledena kava Ice Coffee

0,3 l

Milkshake banana

0,33 l


0,33 l


98 kn

18 kn 18 kn 33 kn 24 kn


12 kn

Čajevi raznih okusa Tea: different tastes


0,75 l

Zlatan Pošip

0,75 l


0,75 l

Chardonnay Ager Reserva

0,75 l

Korta Katarina

0,75 l


0,75 l

Zlatan Otok

210 kn 210 kn 340 kn 240 kn 210 kn 260 kn


0,75 l

Pharos Reserva

0,75 l

Zlatan Plavac

330 kn 260 kn



0,3 l

Ledena čokolada Ice Chocolate

32 kn

0,75 l

Whispering Angel

0,75 l


210 kn 430 kn

32 kn 32 kn

PJENUŠCI SPARKLING WINE Prosecco (by the glass)

0,1 l



0,33 l


28 kn 32 kn 37 kn

0,75 l

40 kn 295 kn


0,75 l

Moet & Chandon

0,75 l

Dom Perignon

0,75 l

Veuve Clicquot

1050 kn 2800 kn 990 kn

0,75 l

Billecart – Salmon Rose

0,75 l

Billecart – Salmon

0,75 l

Armand de Brignac Rose

6400 kn

0,75 l

Armand de Brignac

4450 kn


2100 kn

1,5 l

8300 kn 1070 kn 1320 kn

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HulahulaHvarMagazine_2014_9 11. 06. 14 19:20 Page 44



Profile for Erpium | Web Agency

Hula Hula Special Edition Summer 2014  

So finally it’s here … this amazing summer 2014. We are all so happy and full of expectations, full of crazy ideas and plans for this season...

Hula Hula Special Edition Summer 2014  

So finally it’s here … this amazing summer 2014. We are all so happy and full of expectations, full of crazy ideas and plans for this season...

Profile for erpium

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