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Database for works of bridge, civil and structural engeneering contains structural, technological, architectural, historic and social information about more than 60 000 recent and historic bridges, tunnels, dams, skyscrapers, stadiums, towers and other structures from around the world, as well as over 100 000 photos that document and illustrate them.

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Titel: Fuß- und Radwegbrücke in Westzaan, Niederlande; Foto: Jeanet Dijkstra


Peter Marti

Hubert Bachmann, Alfred Steinle

Theory of Structures

Precast Concrete Structures

Fundamentals, Framed Structures, Plates and Shells

The book reflects the current situation in precast concrete construction. Besides

This book is a comprehensive manual for

general observations regarding building

analysing framed structures as well as

with precast concrete elements, the book

plates and shells using elastic and plastic

focuses first and foremost on the bound-

theory. It forms a work of reference for

ary conditions for the design of precast

a multitude of problems encountered in

concrete structures, loadbearing elements and façades. The book is a practical tool

everyday structural engineering. 2012. approx. 750 pages.

2011. 272 pages. 263 fig.

for engineers, but certainly also architects

approx. 600 fig.

15 tab.

and students.

approx. 30 tab. Hardcover.


approx. € 98,–

Karl-Eugen Kurrer

€ 79,–

ISBN: 978-3-433-02991-6

The History of the Theory of Structures

ISBN: 978-3-433-02960-2

Date of Publication: End 2012

From Arch Analysis to


Journal of the fib


lines the development from classical theory of structures to the structural mechanics

Structural Concrete, the official journal

and computational mechanics of the 20th

of the fib, provides conceptual and pro-

century. In doing so, the author has man-

cedural guidance in the field of concrete

aged to bring alive the differences between

construction, and features peer-reviewed

the players with respect to their engineer-

papers, keynote research and industry

ing and scientific profiles and personalities.

news covering all aspects of the design,

Brief insights into common methods of

construction, performance in service and

2008. 848 pages. 667 fig.

analysis, backed up by historical details,


help the reader gain an understanding of

Volume 13, 2012.

€ 125,–

the history of structural mechanics.

4 issues per year.

A membership with the fib –


International Federation for Structural

Luc Taerwe (Belgium)

Concrete, includes the delivery of the

Rolf Eligehausen, Rainer Mallée,

Deputy Editor:

journal print and online.

John F. Silva

Steinar Helland (Norway)

Anchorage in Concrete Construction

Annual subscription 2012

ISBN: 978-3-433-01838-5

demolition of concrete structures.

(print + online) This book covers fastenings with inserts,

fédération internationale du béton

€ 138,– net

anchors and power-actuated fasteners in concrete. It treats both the individual elements as well as their effects and load bearing capacities, showing readers how to select the correct fastenings. 2006. 391 pages. 465 fig. 33 tab. € 99,– ISBN: 978-3-433-01143-0

Journal Online Subscription


Structural Concrete For the first time, a book of this kind out-


Computational Mechanics

Holger Svensson

Rolf Kindmann, Matthias Kraus

Cable-Stayed Bridges

Steel Structures

40 years of Experience Worldwide

Design using FEM

This book describes the fundamentals of

Nowadays, the Finite Element Method

design analysis, fabrication and construc-

(FEM) has become a standard tool for

tion. The chapters on cables and erection

structural analysis. This book convey how

are a major focus of this work as they rep-

it can be applied practically to analysing

resent the most important difference from

structures and investigating cross-section.

other types of bridges. Holger Svensson

Practicing engineers and students alike will

provides first-hand experience as his name

find this book very useful.

2012. 458 pages.

stands for 40 years of large-scale bridge

2011. 552 pages.

1265 fig. with 887 in colour.


365 fig. 90 tab. Softcover.


€ 59,90

€ 129,–

ISBN: 978-3-433-02978-7

ISBN: 978-3-433-02992-3 Klaus Idelberger

The World of Footbridges Stefan Nixdorf

From the Utilitarian to the Spectacular

StadiumATLAS This book contains 85 examples of foot-

Technical Recommendations for

bridges built worldwide over the past three

Grandstands in Modern Stadia

decades and includes open pedestrian and cycle bridges, utility bridges and skywalks

This StadiumATLAS is a building-type

in many different environments. The collec-

planning guide for the construction of

tion is arranged according to load bearing

spectator stands in modern sports and

system and span length. There is a brief

2008. 368 pages. 695 fig.

event complexes. The principles of building

description of the location and structural

in colour. Hardcover.

regulations and the guidelines of important

system of each bridge illustrated by photo-

€ 85,90

sports associations are analysed and inter-

2011. 183 pages. 351 fig.

graphs, plans, elevations and in some cases

ISBN: 978-3-433-01851-4



construction details.

€ 69,– ISBN: 978-3-433-02943-5 Joachim Scheer

Failed Bridges

Michael Seidel

Case Studies, Causes and Consequences

man life, those involved may be unwilling

Tensile Surface Structures. A Practical Guide to Cable and Membrane Construction

to speak openly about the cause. Yet it is

Materials, Design, Assembly

possible to learn from mistakes. The les-

and Erection

When bridges fail, often with loss of hu-

sons gained lead to greater safety and are a source of innovation.

The mechanical characteristics of the

This book contains a systematic, unprec-

materials used raise the question of

edented overview of more than 500 bridge

“buildability”. This book provides answers

2010. 321 pages. 120 fig.

failures assigned to the time of their

2009. 240 pages. 368 fig.

by discussing the fundamental influence

15 tab.

occurrence in the bridges‘ life cycle and

196 in colour. Hardcover.

of material manufacture and assembly in

€ 79,90

to the releasing events. Primary causes are

€ 99,–

deciding the most suitable type of building

ISBN: 978-3-433-02951-0


ISBN: 978-3-433-02922-0

or structure and its detailing.

European Convention for Constructional Steelwork

The ECCS – European Convention for Construc-

Ed.: SCI – Steel Construction Institute

tional Steelwork – unites European steel construc-

Steel Designers´ Manual

tion associations, which have global connections to steel construction companies, architects, plan-

The Seventh Edition is fully revised to

ning offices, universities and research institutes under one roof. This combined

reflect current approaches and best

effort also results in publications for the international market by authors who are

practices and brought into compliance

making crucial contributions to steel construction development. These books are

with EN 1993: Design of Steel Structures.

jointly published with the Ernst & Sohn publishing company!

The Steel Designers' Manual continues to provide structural engineers and students the essential knowledge for the design of

Ed.: ECCS – European Convention for

conventional steelwork in one volume.

Constructional Steelwork 2010. 462 pages. 295 fig.

Design of Steel Structures

7th edition

105 tab. Softcover.

EC3: Design of Steel Structures.

2012. 1398 pages. Hardcover.

€ 70,–

Part 1-1: General Rules and Rules

€ 142,–

ISBN: 978-3-433-02973-2

for Buildings.

ISBN: 978-1-4051-8940-8 (Wiley-Blackwell)

Fire Design of Steel Structures



EC1: Actions on Structures.


Part 1-2: Actions on Structures

Steel Construction

21 tab. Softcover.

exposed to Fire.

Design and Research

€ 70,–

EC3: Design of Steel Structures.

ISBN: 978-3-433-02974-9

Part 1-2: Structural Fire Design.

2011. 272 pages. 139 fig.

Design of Plated Structures

tion. It skillfully combines steel with other

19 tab. Softcover.

EC3: Design of Steel Structures.

forms of construction employing concrete,

€ 55,–

Part 1-5: Design of Plated Structures.

glass, cables and membranes to form


2010. 452 pages. 134 fig.

Steel Construction unites in one journal the holistic approach to steel construc-

ISBN: 978-3-433-02980-0

integrated systems. The journal publishes peer-reviewed

Fatigue Design of Steel and Composite Structures

Volume 5, 2012.

construction. An internationally renowned

2011. 311 pages. 103 fig.

EC3: Design of Steel Structures.

4 issues per year.

Editorial Board assures a highly interest-


Part 1-9: Fatigue.

Editor in chief:

ing selection of topics and guarantees the

€ 55,–

EC4: Design of Composite Steel and

Dr.-Ing. Karl-Eugen Kurrer

high standard of the contributions.

ISBN: 978-3-433-02981-7

Concrete Structures. Annual subscription 2012

Steel Construction is the official journal

2012. approx. 512 pages.

(print + online)

for ECCS members.

approx. 300 fig. Softcover.

Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures

approx. € 70,–

EC3: Design of Steel Structures.

ISBN: 978-3-433-02979-4

Part 1-3: Design of Cold-formed Steel

Date of publication: Juni 2012


2012. approx. 500 pages. approx. € 70,–

Design of Connections in Steel and Composite Structures

ISBN: 978-3-433-02985-5

EC3: Design of Steel Structures.

Date of publication:

Part 1-8: Design of Joints.

I. Quarter 2013

EC4: Design of Composite Steel and

approx. 300 fig. Softcover.

Concrete Structures.

papers covering the entire field of steel in

€ 178,– net European Convention for Constructional Steelwork

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e.V.

Ed.: Deutsche Gesellschaft für

Recommendations on Piling

Geotechnik e.V.

Recommendations for Design and Analysis of Earth Structures using ­Geosynthetic Reinforcements – EBGEO

This handbook provides a complete overview of pile systems and their application. It shows their production as well as their analysis providing the new safety concept based on numerous examples for single piles, pile grids and groups. These

The recommendations deal with analysis

recommendations are considered rules of

principles and the applications of geosyn-


thetics used for reinforcement purposes in

2012. approx. 480 pages.

2011. 338 pages. 112 fig.

a range of foundation systems, ground im-

approx. 181 fig.

26 tab. Hardcover.

provement measures, highway engineering

approx. 98 tab. Hardcover.

€ 89,90

projects, in slopes and retaining structures,

approx. € 89,–

ISBN: 978-3-433-02983-1

and in landfill engineering.

ISBN: 978-3-433-03018-9 Date of publication: End 2012

Ed.: Arbeitsausschuss „Ufereinfassungen“


der HTG e.V.



Recommendations of the Committee for Waterfront Structures – Harbours and Waterways EAU 2004


Geomechanics and Tunnelling

Geomechanics and Tunnelling, the journal for engineering geology, rock and soil mechanics, foundation engineering and tunnelling.

The English edition of EAU 2004 contains

The single issues are focussed journals,

the safety concept with partial safety

dedicated to a current topic or a special

factors in accordance with the Eurocodes

project. Brief news, reports on construc-

Digitized and updated

and corresponding German standard.

tion sites and reports on conferences

Version 2009

Compared to printed edition modifications

Volume 5, 2012.

complete the content.

2010. CD-ROM

adopted by technical annual reports since

6 issues per year.

An internationally renown editorial board

€ 119,–

2006 are incorporated into the CD-ROM.

Published bilingual in

assures a most interesting selection of

ISBN: 978-3-433-02928-2

English and German.

topics and guarantees a high standard of

Editor: Österreichische

the contributions.

Ed.: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e.V.

Gesellschaft für Geomechanik Editor in chief:

Geomechanics and Tunnelling is the of-

Dr.-Ing. Helmut Richter

ficial journal for OeGG members (Austrian

Recommendations on Excavations – EAB

Society for Geomechanics) Annual Subscription 2012

The beginning of any building project is an

(print + online)

excavation. The aim of these recommenda-

€ 144,– net

tions is to harmonize and further develop the methods, according to which excavations are prepared, calculated and carried out. The recommendations are similar to a 2nd revised Edition 2008.

Journal Online Subscription

300 pages. 115 fig. 19 tab. Hardcover. € 69,– ISBN: 978-3-433-01855-2

set of standards.

Soil Dynamics with Applications in Vibration and Earthquake Protection


Christos Vrettos

Hugo S. L. C. Hens

Building Physics – Heat, Air and Moisture Fundamentals and Engineering Methods with Examples and Exercises

For numerous geotechnical applications soil dynamics are of special importance. In seis-

The book combines the theory of heat and

mic engineering this affects the stability of

mass transfer with typical ­building engi-

dams, slopes, foundations, retaining walls

neering applications. The line from theory

and tunnels, while vibrations due to traffic

to application is dressed in a correct and

and construction equipment represent a

clear way. In the theory, oversimplification

2012. approx. 200 pages.

significant aspect in environmental protec-

2nd Edition 2012.

is avoided. It is the result of thirty years

approx. 90 fig. Softcover.

tion. This book covers the basics of soil

approx. 300 pages.

teaching, research and consultancy activity.

approx. € 55,–

dynamics and building thereon the practi-

approx. 130 fig. Softcover.

ISBN: 978-3-433-02999-2

cal applications in vibration protection and

approx. € 59,–

Hugo S. L. C. Hens

Date of publication: III Q. 2012

seismic engineering.

ISBN: 978-3-433-03027-1

Applied Building Physics

Date of publication: July 2012

Boundary Conditions, Building Performance

Bernhard Maidl, Martin Herrenknecht,

and Material Properties

Ulrich Maidl, Gerhard Wehrmeyer

Mechanised Shield Tunnelling

As with all engineering sciences, Building Physics is oriented towards application, which is why, after a first book on fun-

This book presents the state of the art

damentals, this second volume examines

in mechanised shield tunnelling technol-

performance rationale and performance

ogy and the various types of equipment,


and provides design approaches as well

SET: Building Physics and Applied Building Physics

as structural advice. Other chapters treat drilling equipment, conveyors, tunnel 2nd, compl. rev. and enl. Ed.

securing, surveying and controlling as well

2012. 490 pages, 468 fig.

as occupational safety. Contractual aspects

2010. 322 pages.

44 tab. Hardcover.

and process controlling are also presented

101 fig. 20 tab. Softcover.

€ 119,–

in detail.

€ 59,–

Hens, Hugo S. L. C.

ISBN: 978-3-433-02962-6

Performance Based Building Design 1

ISBN: 978-3-433-02995-4

approx. € 99,– ISBN: 978-3-433-03031-8

Bernhard Maidl, Leonhard Schmid,

From Below Grade Construction

Willy Ritz, Martin Herrenknecht

to Cavity Walls

Hardrock Tunnel Boring Machines

With the need to upgrade energy efficiency, the interest in overall building

This book covers the fundamentals of

performance grew. This book applies the

tunnelling machine technology: drilling,

performance rationale, advanced in applied

tunnelling, waste removal and securing.

building physics, to the design of build-

It treats methods of rock classification for

ings, e.g. air tightness, moisture tolerance,

the machinery concerned as well as legal

acoustics, durability, fire safety.

issues, using numerous example projects to 2008. 356 pages. 256 fig.

reflect the state of technology, as well as

April 2012. 276 pages.

37 tab. Hardcover.

problematic cases and solutions.

172. fig., Softcover.

SET: Performance Based Building Design 1 and 2

€ 99,–

€ 59,–

approx. € 99,–

ISBN: 978-3-433-01676-3

ISBN: 978-3-433-03022-6

ISBN: 978-3-433-03024-0

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