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ENJOY The food from the Limfjord area Star Chef Tareq Taylor from BBC Lifestyle:

TV From the Limfjord to 80 mio viewers

The taste of the Limfjord!

Delicious recipes for you and your family!

Also read about: the world’s best oysters · Free range pigs on ausumgaard · fine dining at the manor




CONTENTS 04 The best oysters in the world Join Jutland Aquarium’s guide for oyster

22 French summer in Søndbjerg The Danish / French family Benedict holds their

Sevel Kro is known for its traditional Danish


annual vacation at the Limfjord - read why.

cuisine inspired by the classic French cuisine.

Everything is made from scratch.

06 Manor Adventure at Nørre Vosborg Romance, adventure, and culinary exper-

ences in nature out West.

08 North Sea’s own cheese Find out why the fresh, salty wind from

the North Sea is an important ingredient in

this award-winning cheese.

10 Diamonite and beer on the island of Fur Discover the 55 million year old diamonite

24 Food tours with crabs and bison

Join a guided tour along the food routes

through the Limfjord landscape and stop by

a number of manufacturers.

28 Venø lamb and potatoes

Pip Thoustrup talks about working with

sheep, lambs, and potatoes.

30 Limfjord luxury

Tambohus Inn will spoil you with birdsong, the fresh air, the waves and the delights of the inn’s first class cuisine.

cliff, Knud Cliff, and enjoy a beer from the

Fur Brewery. Nature and culture in perfect


32 Bring wild herbs and berries home to your kitchen

11 Modern hotel in the historic city center The BEST WESTERN Hotel, Gl. Skivehus,

It sharpens the senses to gather wild, edible

herbs and berries. See which kinds of herbs

located in Skive is close to shopping and

and berries can be found in the Limfjord area.

restaurants, the marina and the forest.

46 Sevel Kro

48 Organic Danish Duck

Martin Daasbjerg from Danish And tells us

about the good life his ducks have at the

family farm Vestergård. He talks about taste

and product development.

52 West Jutlands favourite foods

We look at a co-authored cookbook, West

Jutland Livretter, where the restaurant

Mallemukken has reinvented a turbot dish.

54 SanseFestival

At Sansefestival in Struer, there is market

atmosphere, food producers from around

the Limfjord, cooking school, cooking, open

kitchens, and more.

58 TV from the Limfjord to 80 million viewers

12 The best from the Limfjord

36 Holstebro - Denmark’s finest commercial town

The famous TV chef Tareq Taylor visited the

Visit Gløngøre Shellfish, which presents a

Limfjord area in the summer of 2013. With

Only a 1½ hour drive from Billund Airport,

treasure vault of delicious seafood. You can

the food program Nordic Cookery we can

you can walk around Holstebro, which

also hang out at the oyster bar.

follow in his footsteps.

is rich in art, culture, dining, and shopping


14 Golden schnapps in a rural idyll France, Italy and Spain have wine routes.

The Limfjord has a Schnapps Route, which

leads past Viskum Schnapps.

16 Farm shops

It is a special taste experience, when there

is something from the nearby land or sea

on the table. Visit a selection of Limfjord’s

country farm shops.

60 Free range pigs at Ausumgaard

38 Savillas - café and shop

Ausumgaard farm produces organic vege

Delicious salads, the smell of home baking

tables, salami with amarone, stone ground

and coffee, handicrafts, clothes, and charm-

flour, and happy pigs with curly tails.

ing flea market finds.

40 Staarup Haandbryg

Beers brewed here include the Barn Swallow,

which is a light and refreshing Ale, with a

bouquet of freshly cut hay and high skies.

44 Birdie at Café Humlum

18 Rødding - the apple town in salling The townspeople decided that the apple

should be the city’s landmark. Thus, 10000

apple trees have been planted already.

62 Fresh fish from Thyborøn

Michelin-restaurants in Copenhagen have

found fresh fish at the Danish Fish Auction.

64 Nice harbor and town life in Lemvig

People come to Lemvig from near and

Come for a round of golf with outstanding

far to shop in the specialty stores offering

views over the Limfjord, or dine at the café

butcher items, cheese, health foods, organic

of one of the Limfjord area’s young rising

vegetables and fish.

star chefs.

Enjoy Limfjorden After a short 1½ hour drive from Billund Airport, you will reach the Limfjord, where life is lived in harmony among the magnificent Limfjord landscape and spectacular views. Visit the cozy islands, charming Limfjord cities and explore the area’s treasure vault of delicious food, served directly from the land or from the Limfjord.

Here you find peacefulness, time and space to breathe freely. Breathe out and recharge. 
 You can participate in the Oyster Safari, where you, together with a guide, collect Limfjord oysters and cook them over an open fire at the beach. The Limfjord area also offers cozy restaurants where the best local produce is the main ingredient in this tasteful experience. We have a large variety of delicious recipes in this magazine that will hopefully give you an appetite for more. A day of shopping on Denmark’s most beautiful pedestrian street in Holstebro offers many designer goods and handicrafts. Once your shopping needs are met, you can enjoy a nice lunch in the sumptuous surroundings of one of the city’s leading restaurants. 

One of the area’s major summer events is the Sanse festival, where local food producers offer food samples and a cozy market atmosphere. This is West Jutland’s largest food market and many will travel from afar to meet with the food producers who supply ingredients for internationally renowned gourmet restaurants. 
 If you want to experience nature, then Knud cliff on the island of Fur will be an obvious choice for a visit. The Moler Cliffs are on the list of World Heritage by UNESCO, and here you can hunt for prehistoric fossils.

The Limfjord also encourages splash and play and for the more active ones, there are possiblities to surf, play golf, or cycle along scenic trails. 
 Enjoy the Limfjord and have a memorable holiday experience with the whole family. Sincerely Karin Juul Jensen Plan your vacation at

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The world’s best oysters

Armed with a bucket, rubber boots, and fishing pants you are ready to go on Jutland Aquarium’s oyster hunt in the Limfjord. And later, when you enjoy eating the cooked oysters over a bonfire at the beach, you will see why Limfjord oysters are called some of the world’s best.

Grilled oysters:

Make sure that the fire has high heat and the grill is hot. Open the oysters and place them on the grill for 2-3 minutes. Then add a few drops of white balsamic vinegar and chopped red onions. You can also choose to add buckthorn, which gives it a slightly sour taste.

The feeling of the cold water, the smell of salt, and the sound of lapping waves, while the eyes are focused on the sandy bottom in search of Limfjord’s delicate oysters, makes this an unforgettable experience. Jutland Aquarium offers oyster safaris for tourists and other interested parties, who want a unique experience of nature.

 - When we go out with a team of guests, we typically pick a bucket of oysters in 30 minutes. It’s almost faster than running to the fishmonger, and it’s free, as long as you only pick for your own consumption, says the guide for the Jutland Aquarium, Jens Hedevang Nielsen, with a smile.

He adds that the Limfjord is something close to a paradise for both the oysters and oyster lovers.
- There has been a rich crop of oysters in the Limfjord for centuries. This is because the water has just the right mix of salts and minerals, and also there is a steady flow of cold water from the North Sea. This means that the Limfjord oysters grow more slowly and are more tasteful, says Jens Hedevang Nielsen.


Jens Hedevang Nielsen is both guide and grill master, when he guides visitors on oyster safaris. Here is the recipe for grilling oysters over a fire on the beach at the Limfjord.

The type of oysters living in the Limfjord, is an old and by now rare breed called edulis. It is particularly meaty and tasteful, and it makes Limfjord oysters a coveted commodity at some of the most acclaimed gourmet restaurants in the world, including Noma in Copenhagen. Jutland Aquarium offers a variety of gourmet hunts depending on the season.
One can go with a Jutland Aquarium guide to search sea buckthorn, crab, mussels, oysters, and more.
 Read more about it and book a safari directly on

4 I 5

Manor adventure

at Nørre Vosborg

You can feel the history when you stand at the gate tower and see the 700-year old manor house Nørre Vosborg.

Here, the world-famous Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen, walked on the cobblestones in the 1800s, and if the buildings could talk, they would surely tell adventurous stories from the old days. Today, the manor is a cultural gathering place with luxury class hotel, restaurant, and conference facilities. All buildings have been lovingly restored, and you can clearly feel the atmosphere while enjoying a cup of tea in the beautiful, flower decorated rooms.

Lighthouse, oysters, and sea buckthorn
 Guided tour and dinner at Nørre Vosborg
 Bovbjerg Lighthouse evening tour in the dark, where you can listen to the story of the lighthouse Oyster Safari in Thyborøn
 Nørre Vosborg also organizes weekends, Lunch at Havneknejpen (harbor bar)
 where guests are invited to culinary adventures Buckthorn safari in the dunes

 of the West.

 Read more at Amber, Havneknejpen (harbor bar), and North Sea cheese
 Nørre Vosborg Tour Nørre Vosborg
Amber Safari in Thyborøn
 Vembvej 35, DK-7570 Vemb Phone: +45 9748 4897 Lunch at Havneknejpen (harbor bar) Bovbjerg’s milk’s journey from cow to North Sea cheese
Coffee and cake at the Bovbjerg Lighthouse

Nørre Vosborg invites to adventure and romance, and that is the reason many bridal couples from the home country and from abroad choose to celebrate their big day right here.

Venison with vegetables and malt soil The great manor house kitchen often cooks pheasant, red deer, or venison from the local supplier, Klosterheden Vildt. Here is their recipe for Venison: Venison filet with pea puree, carrot confit, and a variation of white asparagus sprinkled with malt soil, served with a strong red wine sauce. Venison filet: Trim the filet, so that all tendons are removed. Brown it in a pan with wild garlic and thyme, until it has a nice rosy crust on all sides. Roast in the oven at 100 degrees until it has a core temperature of 52 degrees, approx. 12-16 mins. Puree:
2/3 minced yellow onions ·
2/3 dl water
· 2/3 kg of fine peas
· 1 1/6 dl Creme fraiche 38%
· 1 1/3 tsp salt
· Freshly ground pepper. Bring onion and water to a boil in a saucepan and cook over low heat, covered, for approx. 2 mins. Add the peas and cook them for approx. 2 mins. Mix vegetables 2-3 times and pour the puree back into the pot. Add the sour cream and warm puree thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper. Confit carrots: 
4 carrots
· 500 g of butter · thyme · garlic · salt and pepper.
 Equipment: melon baller. Peel the carrot tops, use melon baller and make balls out of the 4 carrots. When those are done, take the butter and melt in a small saucepan along with the thyme, garlic, salt, and pepper. Warm it up to 90 degrees and add carrots. Leave them in the pan until tender, approx. 10-15 mins.

8 large, white asparagus · 100 g butter · salt and pepper · water Equipment: Mandolin iron.
Take the asparagus and bend the bottom where they break naturally. Now you have 2 pieces for each asparagus. Cut one into three equal pieces and steam in water, butter, salt, and pepper for a min., after which they are ready. The other halves cut thinly on a mandolin iron. The thin strips will be served raw on the plate. 
 Red Wine Sauce:
7 shallots · 1/2 bunch thyme · 1 cup balsamic vinegar · 1 tbsp honey · 5 ml red wine · 1 liter veal stock · 100 g butter · salt.
Chop the shallots, sauté in a pan with thyme, balsamic vinegar, and honey and reduce until there is almost nothing left in the pot. Add the red wine and reduce by half, pour in fond and let it boil until the sauce has got a good texture and flavor. Add butter to the sauce and season with salt. Bring to a boil and the sauce is ready to serve.

 Pickled onions:
12 pearl onions · 100 grams of sugar · 100 grams of vinegar · 20 grams of water · bay leaves · whole pepper. 
A little grated beetroot to add a little red color.
Peel and rinse onions. Put all the other things in a saucepan and heat it to boil. Add onions, along with beets. Let onions stand for a day, so they have time to turn a little red.

Malt soil:

100 g hazel - nut meal · 100 g of wheat flour · 70 g of malt flour · 30 g sugar · 70 g of beer · 30 g butter. Combine all ingredients in a food processor, spread on baking paper on a baking sheet, and toast them in the oven at 120 degrees for approx. 40 minutes until crisp. Garnish: Small wild garlic.

6 I 7

North Sea’s own cheese

The small organic Thise Dairy has established a cheese warehouse at Bovbjerg Lighthouse – pretty much as far West, as you can get. And the fresh salty wind from the North Sea has proven to be an important ingredient in the award-winning North Sea cheese.

North Sea Cheese is based of ingredients from seven Thise-farmers, who all live near the Old Damsgård property, where the North Sea cheese is stored for 26 weeks. The West Jutland conditions and the long storage time give the cheese its unique flavor. Good vigor and acidity characterize this popular cheese. It has a beautiful structure with a crystal-like texture. Cheese lovers from in and out of the country have acquired a taste for the North Sea’s own cheese and pilgrimage to the area to experience the process and hear its great story. At the Thise Dairy in Roslev they will tell you during “Limfjords Narratives” about the time when seven farmers with visions and dreams in 1988 established the organic Thise Dairy in the old dairy buildings from 1887.

 They were pioneers, and at that time most people thought that their idea of farming without pesticides or chemical fertilizers was a risky experiment. Today, Thise Dairy is recognized throughout the industry, and although it is still a small dairy, there has been a tremendous development since its inception. The dairy is currently owned by 75 members.
Now the wheels are spinning at the dairy, and 1,000,000 cartons of milk products are filled weekly. In addition, there is a significant production of organic cheese.
You can buy Thise dairy products in their own cheese shop in Roslev. Products from Thise Dairy are also sold in a number of supermarkets across the country, such as Irma, Super Brugsen, Kvickly, Lokal - and Dagligbrugsen and Fakta.

SKYR From THISE Dairy:

FOTOS: thise mejeri

In 2006 Thise Dairy brought SKYR to Denmark, when the dairy collaborated with the Icelandic dairy Agrice. SKYR, a low-fat sour and creamy milk product, has been produced in Iceland for more than 1000 years - way back in Viking age. In 2006, chef and confectioner Kathrine Velin Hansen publicized SKYR from Thise, when she became champion in the discipline of low-fat cakes with her recipe for this SKYR cake.

skyr cake: (by: Kathrine Velin Hansen) Walnut base:
70 g walnuts · 25 g icing sugar · 1 tsp baking soda · 1 1/4 dl egg whites · 20 g flour · Blend walnuts, flour, and baking powder into a fine paste. Beat the egg whites and powdered sugar until stiff. Mix in egg whites with walnut flour. Bake in springform at 180 C for 25 mins. Raspberry Truffle:
2 dl raspberry juice · 200 g dark chocolate.

 Heat raspberry juice and pour over chopped chocolate. Blend truffles until smooth and put in the fridge overnight. Skyr Fromage (skyr cheese):
400 g skyr · 1 ½ cups egg whites · 1 tbsp liquid sweetener · 1 ½ tablespoons of coconut · 1 tablespoon rum · 6 sheets of gelatine. Soak gelatine in cold water. Blend egg whites with sweetener until stiff. Mix the skyr with coconut. Dissolve gelatine in rum. Mix gelatine with the skyr and egg whites - not too much or it will separate the mass.

 Raspberry Jelly:
2 cups raspberry juice · 4 sheets of gelatine · Soak gelatine, dissolve in juice. The cake is assembled by cutting the walnut base into three layers. Put one base into a spring form. The others can be stored in the freezer.
Spread raspberry truffles across the base, so they are about 2 cm from the edge. Pour skyr fromage over it and let the cake sit in the fridge. After 1 hour, the raspberry jelly can be spread over the cake.
It is ready to be served after 2 hours.

 Bon appetite!

Customers stand in line and can often only get their hands on half of the cheese, they are willing to buy. Even the French admitted at the food fair in France: - Mais il est delicieux! (But it tastes delicious!) and sounded stunned. Quoted from: Technical magazine for employees in the food industry.

8 I 9

Diatomite and beer on the island of Fur The small Limfjord island Fur is known worldwide for the 55 million year old diatomite cliff, Knudeklinten, which is a candidate for being included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Knudeklinten is about 30 meters high and shows diatomite from -39 to +130. You may not be digging around at Knudeklinten, which is protected. However, you can go digging at some of the surrounding quarries, where you may be lucky enough to find well-preserved fossils. When the amateur archaeologist needs a break, he can go through the path system to FUR Brewery and the Restaurant Brewhouse, where he can have a beer and a delicious lunch.

However, in 2004, the owner, Mogens Fog, decided to establish a microbrewery. Mogens Fog was not aware of the new trend of microbreweries in Denmark. His inspiration came from traveling abroad, including Germany and Belgium. 
Today, beer from the FUR Brewery is known and loved all over the country, and around 40.000 guests visit annually both FUR Brewery and the Restaurant Brewhouse.

FUR Brewery is housed in an old diatomite factory, located in a 128-acre natural area on the northwest tip of Fur. When the diatomite production stopped, it was difficult to find a use for the buildings. There were many suggestions: museum, gallery, exhibition hall, and hotel?

FUR Bryghus Knudevej 3, DK-7884 Fur Phone: +45 9759 3060

Limfjord mussels steamed in Fur Wheat Ale We all know steamed mussels in white wine, but the Restaurant Brewhouse of course serves mussels steamed in beer. The recipe here also uses juicy and tasty mussels from the Limfjord.

Limfjord mussels steamed in Fur Wheat Ale.
 Served with herbs in the foam of nage sauce
serves 4 persons. Ingredients: 2 kg Limfjord mussels · 1 carrot · 1 onion · 1 clove of garlic · juice and zest of 1 lemon · 1 Fur Wheat Ale · ¼ cup finely chopped dill · ¼ cup finely chopped chervil · 3 cups whipping cream · 30 grams of cold butter. Directions:: 1. The mussels are cleaned and rinsed in cold water. 2. The carrot, onion, and garlic are cut into fine cubes and sautéed in a little oil. Mussels are added with the juice and zest of 1 lemon. 3. Fur Ale is added and mussels are steamed, covered, for approx. 8-10 mins. 4. Liquid is sieved into another pot, while the mussels are kept warm. Cream is added to liquid and brought to a boil.

5. Season with salt and pepper and add the chopped dill and chervil. 6. Just before serving, add the cold butter and blend sauce to foam with a handmixer and pour carefully over the hot mussels. Tricks and facts:
According to this year’s plan 80,000 tons of mussels will be caught in the Limfjord. The mussels are a lowfat meal and filled with vitamins ABC and D.
Limfjord mussels are being served all over Denmark and many of our well-known restaurants take great pride in serving the local specialty. It is very important that you observe some simple precautions, when it comes to preparing and eating mussels. They should smell of fresh saltwater, and the shells should be whole and closed when of fresh condition. Remove beard before cooking, (it can sit in the opening), and after cooking discard the mussels that have not opened.

Modern hotel in the historic city center The BEST WESTERN Hotel Gl. Skivehus is located in Skive, close to shops, the marina, and the forest. The hotel is of international class with a great atmosphere. The cozy breakfast restaurant serves a varied and tasty breakfast buffet. If you like fishing, you can bring your fishing rod and try your luck at the Karup river, located in the hotel’s backyard. 

 Adjacent to the hotel is the almost 300-year-old half-timbered house, the addition, which today houses a restaurant serving delicious meals. The cozy looking outer frames continue into the inside of the building, where you can enjoy a delicious steak in the local historical environment. Best Western Hotel Gl. Skivehus Sdr. Boulevard 1 · DK-7800 Skive Phone: +45 9752 1144

10 I 11

The best from the Limfjord The red wooden building at Glyngøre harbor reveals a treasure vault of delicious seafood: Oysters, crabs, lobsters, and mussels. It is the local fisherman, Svend Bonde, who has established Glyngøre Shellfish, which provides Limfjord oysters year round to the best restaurants in Denmark and the world. According to Svend Bonde, the Limfjord is the ideal habitat for oysters, because of the large amounts of water flowing back and forth from the North Sea to the Kattegat. The Limfjord is home to the world’s largest wild population of the original European oyster. And when the delicate molluscs thrive, they grow slowly, making Limfjord oysters particularly large and meaty. 

Yes - quality is top notch, and Glyngøre harbor is also proud of its fishing industry, which is constantly renewed and thus plays an important role for the city and for generations of families. All are welcome at Glyngøre Shellfish in the red wooden building at Glyngøre harbor. It is quite the experience to look in through the glass showcase and see the wide selection of fresh seafood.

Glyngøre Shellfish Kassehusvej 5, Glyngøre, DK-7870 Roslev · Phone: +45 9773 2330

You can also enjoy an oyster directly from the oyster bassin of your choice at the oyster bar. Enjoy it with a glass of Spanish Cava.

FOTOS: Glyngøre shellfishŠ

Svend Bonde has just gotten a new load of oysters ready for export.

12 I 13

Golden Schnapps in a rural idyll France, Italy, and Spain have wine routes. In the Limfjord land we have a Schnapps Route, which winds itself through different landscapes filled with fragrant herbs and berries, and through the old market towns, past castles, manor homes, inns, and ruins of monasteries, where schnapps recipes have been passed down for generations.
 On the Schnapps route you can stop and visit the Schnapps’ cultural history museums, and hotels, and monasteries where you can taste test different types of schnapps. Viskum Schnapps also lies on this route. It is located in a cozy, quadrangle farm from 1927. This is where Birthe Ladefoged has her workshop and where she produces schnapps made of

herbs and berries from the farm fields and the surrounding countryside.

challenge to get it to taste really good, she says with a smile.

- I have over 80 different herbs and berries in my little herbgarden, which can all be used for making schnapps. When you mix them together, it offers endless possibilities to create schnapps with different tastes and effects, says Birthe Ladefoged.

On the shelves of Birthe Ladefoged’s workshop you will find many different kinds of schnapps: Hole in One, Eternal Youth, Defibrillator, Limfjord Bitter ... there are actually over 90 different types of schnapps.

Originally she is a florist and has a keen interest in plants’ taste and healing effects based on the monks’ and nuns’ use of herbs in the monasteries.
- My schnapps is made with a mixture of 5-16 different herbs and fruits, and I always have a few secret ingredients to ensure the unique taste. It’s a big

Birthe Ladefoged’s schnapps is sold in specialty stores all around the country. Viskum snaps Vesterskovvej 5, DK-8830 Tjele Phone: +45 86 65 40 73

The Schnapps Route welcomes you to a world of schnapps, herbs, cozy inns, culture, and nature around the Limfjord. Read more at

Strawberry schnapps This strawberry schnapps is easy to make, and, according to Birthe Ladefoged, incredibly delicious as an aperitif on a warm summer evening. Ingredients: ½ kg fresh strawberries · 70 cl Brøndums schnapps Directions: Put strawberries in a bowl and cover with clear Brondum schnapps. After a week, strain and filter the infusion and the schnapps is ready to be served.

14 I 15

Farm Shops

Stop by one of the many country farm shops by the Limfjord, which, depending on the season, present a rich selection of quality meat from their own pigs, lambs, and cows, and home grown juicy fruits, and crisp vegetables. Everything is grown with a lot of care in the farmer’s own barn, or in his own soil, and it makes for quite a special taste experience.

Kræmmergård, Bækmarksbro (Farmshop, Bækmarksbro) At this recreational market garden you can pick your own strawberries during strawberry season and also peas and then purchase your picked fruit. You can buy new potatoes, various types of vegetables, jams, apple juice, honey, canola oil, sea salt and many more. And if you need a break during your fruit picking, you can enjoy the food you brought with you at the picnic site in the yard. Kræmmergaard Kræmmergårdvej 50, Møborg, DK-7660 Bækmarksbro

Tvis Honning, Tvis (Tvis Honey, Tvis) At Tvis Honey, you will find that there is a difference in the taste of honey, depending on the different nectar the bees have gathered. Nectar from hawthorn and willow herbs give one flavor, while nectar from flowering fruit trees provide another. They are tasty things, owner and beekeeper, Martin Mose, has to offer. In addition to honey, the farm shop sells items by other local producers, including sausages from Ausumgaard, fruit and vegetables from ØkoGrønt, organic Danish duck from Martin Daasbjerg and icecream from Hveddegaard.

Fur Ø Gårdbutik Klode (Fur Island’s Farm Shop Klode) Hereford cattle and Merino sheep from the Gårdbutik Klode graze among the beautiful hill country on Fur’s Northern End. Happy animals give good meat and the taste experience is top notch. The salamis and minced meat are lowfat (only 2-4% fat) and not full of chemicals. In addition to beef and lamb can you also buy knitwear, handicrafts, and creams made with diatomite from Fur. Furø gårdbutik Nr. Madsbadvej 38, DK-7884 Fur

Det grønne Hjørne, Thyholm (The Green Corner, Thyholm) While driving across gravel roads to the farm shop, Det Grønne Hjørne (The Green Corner), you can see fields with rows of salad, potato tops, and parsley. The products in the store are really fresh and look very inviting. Besides fruits and vegetables, pork products are also sold here and there is a variety of meat and fish from local suppliers, like Klosterheden’s Vildt. You can also purchase chocolate, crafts, and icecream from Staby. It is even possible to pick your own vegetables and get closer connected with the produce.

Tvis honning v/Biavler Martin Mose Smedegårdvej 9, Tvis DK-7500 Holstebro

Det Grønne Hjørne Kalkværksvej 10, DK-7790 Thyholm

16 I 17


the apple town in salling 15,000 apple trees by 2017 - this was the goal of Rødding, a small town close to Salling, when the townspeople decided that the apple should be the town’s landmark. And the apple is already rolling in great style. The city residents that wanted to learn how to grow fruit trees were trained, the municipality made land available, and already hundreds of apple trees have been planted throughout the town. Every spring the town is engulfed in a romantic and fragrant flowery smell when the many apple trees are blooming.
 In October, the town hosts the annual Apple Festival, where all are invited to come and get their apples made into cider, to join the festivities, and to taste the autumn’s harvest in Rødding. The apple can be used in many different ways. First of all to eat or to drink, but in Rødding, the apple also emerged as a source of inspiration in art and business.

RØDDING: Rødding, is located close to Spøttrup Castle, where you can explore the castle towers, a great hall, church - everything that belongs to the Middle Ages. It is an exciting experience for the whole family.

18 I 19

Book an organized

LUxury-Cycling vacation

A French summer in Søndbjerg

Every summer, Rikke and Christian Benedict and their five children drive from their home in the Bourgogne district in France to Thyholm at the Limfjord. The Danish summer destination has been carefully chosen for its successful community, beautiful scenery, and fantastic ingredients. The family’s French friends and neighbors flock to the Danish home, where the doors are always open.

By: Journalist Anni Heiberg Photography: Jens Bach

capital, Meursault, a small town with 750 inhabitants and a picturesque setting similar to most Danes’ summer dream. However, Rikke’s and - Just look at what we found here this morning! Christian’s summer dream is called Denmark, Rikke opens a blue checkered dress and reveals specifically Søndbjerg. Here they stay all sumthe black and blue colored, sunripened blackmer long, preferably seven weeks.The family does not dream of any other destinations, berries they had harvested. Then she reached over to two children buckets. There are oysters because on Thyholm they get what they consider to be the best recipe for a great summer: in one bucket and crabs in the other. They active days at a beautiful countryside, which were all caught by the family itself. Everything, including the crabs, will be used to make delialso offers an abundance of tempting ingredicious dinners prepared with great care by Rikke, ents. That is a key feature for the French-Danish the “real” French housewife . family. It was not only the career, but also the fascination of France, that caused Rikke and Christian Benedict to move south in 1999. Now they and their five children live in the white wines’

An active community Rikke and Christian Benedict bought the house on Thyholm in 2005. They had vacationed in Denmark with relatives or in rented homes for

some years, and they agreed that they needed a house for themselves in Denmark. A house that could serve as a base for their Danish vacation, Danish family, and French friends. In 2005 they found the abandoned country house in Søndbjerg. - We wanted to find a beautiful place in Jutland with an authentic and active local life, says Rikke, as she looks around the old garden with fruit trees and a view over the fields toward the fjord. French gourmet friends The Benedict family deliberately chose a house, where there is plenty of room for guests, and there are often many dining around the long table in the house’s kitchen-dining room.

Rikke’s crab soup: 20-30 shore crabs 2 shallots 2 cloves of garlic 1 carrot Bay leaves A pinch of saffron threads ½ bottle of white wine

500 g ripe tomatoes or 2 cans of peeled tomatoes Salt and pepper Possibly Cognac or Pastis to flambé Fresh thyme or basil

Get started: It only takes about half an hour to catch the crabs and children love it. Pour the living crabs into the boiling water and remove the pan at boiling point once they are dead. Take all of the crabs and fry them in a large saucepan with the shallots, garlic, and carrot. When the pot’s contents have gotten some color, you can choose to flambé everything or not, depending on your preference. Then pour the ½ bottle of white wine into the pan and add water until crabs are covered. Add tomatoes, bay, saffron, salt, and pepper. Let the mixture boil for approx. 20 minutes and then blend it with a hand blender until crabs are about half broken apart. If you blend them too much, the mixture becomes very difficult to get through the strainer. When the soup is blended, boil it for approx. 30 minutes until you reach the desired concentration and consistency. Then strain the soup and maybe serve it with grated North Sea cheese from the Bovbjerg cheese store. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Neither family nor friends have a hard time finding Søndbjerg and they often travel from afar. The French friends love Thyholm, and right now Sylvie and Jean-Baptiste Bozereau and their three children are staying at the house. And like all French holiday visitors, they are excited about the area and the availability of delicious ingredients. - Mersault is called the white wine’s capital, and Jean-Baptiste is one of France’s finest Burgundy producers. He and the rest of his family have been overwhelmed with the purity and authenticity they have found here. The French are sophisticated and well accustomed, but they

are always impressed by the fresh ingredients here, and they say they surpass the French. Our French friends also love the little roadside huts and farm shops where goods can be purchased directly from the fields and stables, and the quality is top notch. We also purchase fresh fish from Bjarnes Fisk in Lemvig. We rarely get a meal where not all ingredients are derived directly from the local area, said Christian. He adds, that the family also likes to eat a delicious meal at Tambohus Kro, located within walking distance from the water’s edge, with a direct view over the Limfjord.

New inspiration The stay on Thyholm leaves its mark long after the vacation is over. Rikke comes home with new inspiration for making meals in her French kitchen, and the same goes for the French guests. 
 - I have learned a lot about French food culture, and I use local ingredients according to the different seasons of the year. Here at the fjord we are in the midst of the most amazing food pantry. When our French friends go home, they look at cooking in a whole new way. They get very inspired by their stay here, says Rikke.

22 I 23

Food tours with crabs and bison Join a guided tour through the Limfjord landscape and along the food routes, where we look in at a number of producers to talk about their work of creating great taste experiences.

During the coastal food route West, starting in the small fishing town Thorsminde, we visit traditional agriculture, where they grow strawberries, fruit, and ice cream, produced from the milk of their own cows. We will also make acquaintances with the North Sea treasure vault of fantastic local produce.
 And this is where edible crabs make their entrance.
 - The meat from the crabs make a wonderful, delicate meal, on the same high level as lobster, but at a fraction of the cost, says Margrete Moore, who runs the Fish & Moore company, where she sells crabs wholesale to the country.

The edible crabs are purchased directly from the fishermen that have just brought in the fish from the North Sea. She also purchases other fish at the local fish auction in Thorsminde, which she sells in her restaurant Sommerfisk.
During the bus tour visiting various food manufacturers, a guide from the Holstebro Tourist office will entertain the guests with anecdotes and stories from the region. And you will also be able to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Kærgård. How they got the idea and what conditions bison require to thrive in Denmark, are among the many things you will find out along the food route east. We will also pass Ausumgaard and say Hello to the happy pigs and this trip will introduce you to some industrious bees and various organic taste experiences. In addition to the organized tours, you can always stop by the farm and look at the magnificent bison.

On the food route due east we get acquainted with the bison. The bison has always been associated with the North American Great Plains, but nonetheless, a large herd is also grazing on fields in between Vinderup and Holstebro. They belong to Jeannette and Bo Witte-Pedersen, who keep bison at North

Both food routes conclude with a meal prepared with ingredients from producers you have visited along the way.

Food routes

Brown crabs (Full meal for 4 persons)

Read more about the routes, see the prices, route schedules and book tickets at The different routes run on different days, so it is possible to go on both routes in one week.

Margrete Moore recommends this salad recipe, that she herself has invented. It may be a little cumbersome, because it requires that you boil and peel whole crabs, but Margrete thinks it’s worth it. Ingredients: 3 whole crabs, ca. 1½ kg (about 300 g crab meat ) · 600 g new potatoes · 2 bunches asparagus, ca. 1 kg · olive oil for brushing · 150 g baby spinach · 4 spring onions, 75 g · 1 large bunch of fresh herbs, choose among chives, dill, parsley, and watercress
possibly lemon wedges for serving Dressing: The brown crab meat · 6 tbsp. olive oil · 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice or vinegar · 4 tbsp of capers · 60 g pickles · 1 small bunch chopped herbs · possibly 3-4 pcs. salted anchovy fillets, oil storage · salt and pepper Directions: Cook the crabs. Break off the claws and legs from the body. Cut into claws with the knife shaft (not too hard, or there will be plenty of pesky splinters), and pull flesh out. If you have a lot of patience, then you can pull the meat out of the legs the same way. Use a lobster fork. Or, cook all shells and bones together to make stock. Place a thumb between the shield and body by the tail and pull them gently apart. Peel the meat out and separate the 
brown and white meat - any orange coral (eggs) go with the brown meat. Everything that’s soft inside is edible, except the fiber-like gills and the bony belly just behind the eyes.
Boil the potatoes in salted water until they still have a little bite, cool them, and cut them into smaller pieces if necessary. Break off the lower 4-5 cm of the green asparagus. Brush with oil and cook halves on the grill or a grill pan. Save 4 for garnish and cut the rest, incl. raw, in oblique pieces of approx. 1 cm.
Rinse and dry/ swirl the spinach and herbs. Finely cut the spring onions.
Dressing: Mix the brown crab meat and possibly coral with oil, lemon juice, capers, chopped pickles, chopped herbs, salt and pepper, and taste for dressing. It should be firm in texture and tart. To serve: Gently mix the potato pieces, spinach, scallions, sliced asparagus, most of the white crab meat (save a few nice pieces for garnish) with a little dressing. Serve on a pretty platter and spread the rest of the dressing over the grilled asparagus and add the last nice pieces of crab plus coarsely chopped herbs as a garnish. Possibly add lemon wedges!

24 I 25

A horseback ride through nature is

AcTIVe relaxation

Venø lamb and potatoes On the small island Venø, in the Limfjord, Pip Thoustrup produces high quality potatoes and lamb meat. For Pip Toustrup it is about will, desire, and providing the best conditions for the animals and the crops.

- “Join the party”, she calls, and the sheep come streaming up the slopes, facing the Limfjord. They want to say Hello and get some food, but otherwise they graze in the forests, on the fields, and at the beach, where they find nourishing herbs that provide both taste and good health.

She notes that not all sheep will have a long life and that is exactly why she makes sure that the life they do have, is as good as possible.

It’s the end of March - a hectic time when the sheep will have lambs and therefore must be inspected every 4 hours, around the clock.

In April the sheep and lambs are let out on the pasture: What a wonderful sight! Throughout the summer, they graze on meadows, moorland slopes, grasslands, and real grass fields. In early August the lambs are taken away. The lambs to be slaughtered are being fattened to a slaughter weight of at least 47 kg.

- We inspect the sheep that are giving birth and rescue the lambs, which possibly are facing the wrong way in the birth canal. We feed the weak born lambs with a feeding tube, rub hypothermic lambs until they are warm, and are constantly working hard not to lose any, either during or after birth, says Pip Thoustrup.

- Because our pigs’ welfare is of high priority to us, we ourselves drive the lambs in groups to be slaughtered at the small, local slaughterhouse in Sevel. We aim for the best quality meat possible, so the meat is allowed to hang for 6-8 days, says Pip Thoustrup, adding that in order to preserve the quality you must thaw lamb for at least 2 days in the refrigerator.

Once the lambs have been taken away to the slaughterhouse, the ewes will be let out on good grass fields again, so they can have the proper feeding conditions, and be in good shape when the rams join the pack, and thus we come to a full circle.

 - We hope that our lamb meat finds appreciation - the meat is certainly a product of nature, care, respect and consideration, says Pip Thoustrup.

Lamb shoulder (serves 4 people)

Venø Potatoes

Chef Casper Frederiksen from Café Humlum Struer is a regular customer at Pip Thoustrup. Here he presents a recipe that combines shoulder of lamb and potatoes from Venø.

Pip Thoustrup and Nørskovfarm are also well known for their Venø potatoes. They are the result of westerly winds and high sunlight radiation produced from the fjord and only a small usage of pesticides. The taste is exquisite, the quality is excellent, and Venø potatoes are sold to quality conscious consumers in supermarkets and specialty stores.

Lamb shoulder - with apricots, nuts, and herbs: 1 ½ kg deboned lamb shoulder from Venø · 800 grams of cooked Venø potatoes (with peel) · 1 bunch cilantro · 125 g almonds · 100 g apricots · 75 g ginger · 1 dl soy · 3 dl beef broth
 Turn oven to 160 degrees - hot air.
 Score lamb shoulder lightly on both sides. Heat pan with a little oil and butter. Brown shoulder well on both sides. Put shoulder in an ovenproof dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and add half a liter of water, also perhaps a few bay leaves.
The shoulder should now stay in the oven for 1 ½ hours.

 Meanwhile, get the remaining ingredients ready. The potatoes are cut into coarse slices.
Chop the cilantro.
Coarsely chop almonds.
Grate apricots.
Peel and finely chop ginger.
When the meat is cooked – take it out of the ovenproof dish and place it on a cutting board. Let it stands for 10 - 15 minutes. The meat will then be cut into coarse cubes.
Heat a little oil in a large frying pan, add potatoes and roast with ginger.
Add almonds and apricots and roast with the meat. Add soy sauce and beef bouillion .
Let it simmer and flip meat often!
Finally, add cilantro and season with salt and pepper.
Enjoy your meal!

28 I 29

Limfjord Luxury for body and soul When the sun is shining and you are driving over the hill from Hellerød on Thyholm to Tambosund, you can take in the beautiful landscape in quiet awe. From here there are panoramic views across the Limfjord to Venø, Jegindø, Mors, and Salling.

Below Tambo hill, almost at the water’s edge, you will find the royally privileged inn, Tambohus Kro from 1842. You are greeted by birds chirping, fresh air, waves, and big skies. Tambohus Inn is known for its first-class cuisine and its hospitality. As a guest you will be well taken care of and spoiled, especially with fish specialties and fresh produce from local producers.
 - Our area offers delicious ingredients yearround, and we take advantage of that, says the inn’s quality conscious chef, Karsten Pedersen.

From February to April, one finds fresh lumpfish caviar on the menu, and people come from near and far in May to enjoy the restaurant’s fried eel with butter sauce.

Danish Duck. The pork and sausages are available at Ausumgaard manor and pheasant and deer is provided by Klosterheden’s Vildt.

- We have couples that drive two hours or more to enjoy our fresh mussels that we get on Jegindø, which is right over there, says Karsten Pedersen, pointing out the window, where the Limfjord water casts back an appreciative glimmer of sunshine.

Besides the restaurant, Tambohus also has 29 comfortable double rooms to offer, of which 9 have a private balcony or terrace with panoramic views over the fjord.

He also has a good working relationship with local farmers and often picks up ducks at

Tambohus Kro Tambogade 37, DK-7790 Thyholm Phone: +45 9787 5300

Homesalted Lumpsucker Caviar Homesalted lumpsucker caviar from the Limfjord with green nuances of dill and cucumber.

 1 kg lumpfish roe 
Put eggs in a large pot. Add plenty of ice cold water so it will cover the caviar.
Add 3 tbsp coarse salt per liter of water. Now whip away the membranes with a whisk. Membranes will gather around the wires on the whisk. Remove the membranes, continue until all the membranes are gone.
Now pour the eggs into a sieve. Cover sieve with cling wrap. Put in refrigerator overnight.
The next day add fine salt to taste.
Pour through sieve again and after a few hours the eggs are ready for use. It is useful to make a large batch and freeze the eggs into smaller portions. Blinis:
2½ cups of buckwheat flour · 2½ ml flour · 5 dl whole milk · 2½ egg yolks · 25 g of yeast · 2½ egg whites · 5 tbsp sour cream · 1 tsp salt and sugar. Begin with warm milk. Pour a little of it in a bowl and stir the yeast into it. Add the flour - both kinds - and egg and remaining milk. Beat it to a smooth, thick batter and add sour cream to taste. Let rise for a few hours.
Beat egg whites until stiff. Mix gently into dough, right before you want to bake.

2-3 tbsp batter are poured into pan (you can put 3-4 blinis in one pan). Bake them in plenty of butter.
Use a blinis pan or just a standard pan. Heat before serving.

2 cucumbers · 1 bunch dill · 1 bunch chives · 1 pot of watercress · 1 tray cress · 2 red onion, cut into small fine pieces · 1 lemon · white wine vinegar · ½ liter sour cream 38%
Frissé salad · 1-2 tbsp smoked cheese · Fine and coarse salt, white pepper powder. Pickled cucumber:
Make balls of one cucumber and pickle the balls in 1 part white wine vinegar · 1 part sugar · 1 part water, and spices to taste. Pickle must be completely cold before the cucumbers are added.
Peel last cucumber into long strips, place in ice water and put in the fridge for serving.
 Green oil:
Mix 2/3 of the dill in a blender with 3 ml grape canola oil. Let run for about 15 minutes. When oil becomes hot, sieve, and is then ready for use.
 Smoked cheese cream:
Beat sour cream and smoked cheese until stiff. Mix with chopped herbs, the more the better.
Season with salt, white pepper, and lemon juice.

Served beautifully on a large plate: blinis, then caviar, then onions, smoked cheese cream and herbs, cucumber and finally put small drips of oil around the plate. Possibly add some crunchy malt chips.

30 I 31

bring wild herbs and berries home to your kitchen You can gather wild, edible herbs and berries in the Limfjord land. It’s a great activity for both, children and adults. It sharpens the senses and provides fresh red cheeks. And what great satisfaction, when you bring the harvest home to your kitchen and sample the goodies.

Read more about gathering routes and the terms for gathering on

Here is a little inspiration in Danish to which plants and berries to gather in nature, so you can use them when preparing meals.

32 I 33



Fredskilde Nørhå




The Limfjord area Årup


Hvidbjerg Klitplantage

Sønderhå Ove sø

Koldby 527

Morup Mølle

Ørum Tolbøl

Ørum Sø 181

Flade Sø

Øland Voldsted


Gammel Bedsted







Vestervig Kirke Æ Beeshus

Kirk Vig






D74 D71







nd osu




Ferring C191 Sø




Bovbjerg Fyr C182









Trans C181 Ferieby





Klosterheden Plantage


Aa Mølle




Bøvling Klit C173


C172 C171 C162











Nørre Fjand

Bjerghuse Sønder Fjand


Damhus Å



Nørre Vosborg




Vejrum Kirkeby

Hjerm 11 24



Hvam Mejeriby

Hindkær 189

Skærum Mølle

Råsted Plantage






Borbjerg Plantage

Skave 16


17 Vestre Plantage








Theuts Stenumgårds Plantage Plantage

Sahl Kirke








Harpøt Bæk



Struer Bugt


Amstrup Søer

Nees Hede


Remmer Vester Geddal Egebjerg

Ejsingholm Strand


Mangehøje Plantage

Sønder Lem Vig





Sønder Lem



Vejrumstad Asp


Flynder Å


Hostrup Strand


Fovsing Fovsing Kirkeby 509

Fåre Mølleå


Vester Lem

Venø By

Venø Sund







Bøvlingbjerg Bøvling Fjord







Lihme D415




Kår Sø

Søndbjerg Strand







Gudum Resenstad







Remmer Strand Toftum Bjerge


SpøttrupD435 Borgmuseum

Ålbæk Strand




Fjaltring Ferieby


Oddesund Syd

Nørre 565 Nissum Nissum Seminarieby

Knud Strand

Oddesund Nord



Tørring Huse






Gjeller OddeLem Vig Lemvig Feriecenter HORNS Ø



Ferring Strand


















Sillerslev Havneby




Vejlby Klit



C217 Flyvholm Redningsbåd Museum C214

Øster Assels

Vester Assels



Højriis Slot




Skibst ed












Oldtidskirkegården Ydby Hede

Sønder Ydby



Centrum AGERØ

Dover Plantage


23 25 C222

Tan ge øre




Doverodde Købmandsgaard

Ydby Doverodde


Jesperh Blomste











Øster Hvidbjerg

Tam b

Thyborøn Kanal

Vester Hvidbjerg


Tødsø Elsø

Morsø Traktormuseum Sønder Herreds Plantage




Heltborg Nes sS und

Vestervig 181



Fjallerslev Ovtrup Stræde Tæbring Mollerup Ovtrup



Alste 581






Solbjerg Baks Hede Landbrugsmuseum Gærup Skallerup Solbjerg Galtrup Torup Sønder Øster Solbjerg Jølby Erslev Vester Jølby Dragstrup


Sø D



Lodbjerg Fyr


Stagstrup 11










Istrup Plantage





Stenbjerg Klitplantage



11 26








Spilhussamlingen D102






Lendrup Strand








Nykøbing M










Øksenvad Øster Dølby 26 573



eÅ Sk iv


Højslev Stationsby 26

Skive Plantage





Liebes Plantage

186 Skallesø

Karup Å

HJERL HEDE Hjerl Hedes Frilandsmuseum


Vridsted Stubbergård Sø






Sevel Plantage



34 Nordre Feldborg Plantage


Morville Plantage


Sødal Skov


Bækkelund 186


Hald Hovedgård Dollerup Bakker

Hald Sø



Birgittelyst 13




Skelhøje Lysgård E Bindstouw

Rindsholm Sønder Rind








Vinkel Hald Ege


Guldborgland Plantage



Loldrup Sø

Viborg Hedeplantage

Finderup Plantage

Kongenshus Mindepark


Tje Ho






le L




Viborg Domkirke


Egelund 467


Article page 64

Margrethelund Plantage



Over Feldborg



Viskum snaps Resen

Bigum Skov





Sjørup Plantage


Bjergby Vivtrup


26 Lemvig


Mønsted Kalkgruber Mønsted Plantage

Daugbjerg Kalkgruber


Article page 62









Å 25 Danish Fish auctions als

Rogenstrup Gammelstrup

Klejtrup Hvolrisområdet








24 Ausumgaard

Kvosted– apple 13 Rødding town Kvols Hjarbæk Article page 18 Dalgas


Stubberkloster Plantage

Stubber Kloster

g e

Fly Kjeldbjerg

ArticleMøldrup page 52

Article page 60 Skringstrup Låstrup

Nørre Rind








Article page 48

Flensborg 23 Plantage 579

12 det grønne hjørne Sønder farm shop Ørum Knudby Article page 16 Lynderup




11 tvis honey Article page 16 Strandet Nørre Ørum




u es







Gl. Hvam

22 Organic danish duck






Den Jydske Rosenpark

Fjelsø Article page 46



Gammel Rønbjerg


Article page 14




21 Sevel Inn



Article Klotruppage 44

08 Viskum schnapps



Hejlskov 10 Fur Island Farm shop Bøstrup Virksund Sundstrup Article page 16



Lovns Article page 12



Aalestrup 20 Café Humlum

533 07 Glyngøre shellfish Gedsted


Staarup Hovedgaard

Article page 40 Testrup

Stenaldercentret Ertebølle











Vester Bølle

LOVNS BREDNING 09 kræmmergaard Article page16

Øster Grønning








Gl. Nøra

19 Staarup Haandbryg



Kongens T

Article pageØstrup 38








Article page 187 11

E838 Hessel














Nørre Andrup

Article page 10

06 GL. SkivehusUllits


Gislum St. Binderup

18 Savillas - café og butik



Article page 36


Fur Brewery










Article page 08 Risgårde



17 Holstebro









Havbro Article page 30

Article page 08



16 Tambohus Inn

04 Thise Dairy









Urhøje Plantage 03 North Sea cheese


Hvorvarp Article page 28

Trend Å


Stenøre Branden


Trend page 06 Article Skov


07 D470








Søttrup 14 Søndbjerg 187 Plantage Article page 22


Hornum Vester 15 Hornum Venø lamb and potatoes


02 Nørre Vosborg



10 Museum Nederby Madsbad

Dueholm Kloster

hus erpark

E790 Article page 04








Anshede Debel


Sjørup Sø

Bjørnsholm Overlade Bugt 01 Jyllandsakvariet

D510 Færker Vig




Visku Sko

Mam Vindum Skov

Bjerring Vindum


Fårup 525 34

I 35 Tange

Rødkærsbro Høbjerg






Gatten Plantage





Gundersted Ejdrup


Vitskøl Kloster





ns jør


Halkær Å




Rønhøj Plantage










Nørr esø

ønder Dråby






Holstebro - Denmark’s finest commercial town Only a good hour drive from Billund, between the Limfjord and Herning, you can find Denmark’s finest shopping street. The city’s image is characterized by a unique collection of art and sculptures.

In Holstebro, not only do they have a good relationship with art, but also they would like for all visitors to have it too and you are met with art and culture on each street corner.

 The Art of Shopping
 You will find Denmark’s finest shopping street in this town. A wide range of retail stores are located here, and if you are looking for something special, you’ll find it in Holstebro: Shoes and bags, handicrafts, toys, cosmetics, fashion for the woman, the man, and the children, and also everything for your home. You can buy food at specialty food stores or at the city’s major supermarkets.
 Taste experiences
 Delicious taste experiences await you in Holstebro and the surrounding areas. Restaurants with great atmosphere, pubs, and cafés offer mouth-watering dishes for all tastes. Organic produce, local food, and restaurants

with cultural history are some of the key words.
Would you like to enjoy an easy and delicious snack at the café, or a three-course gourmet menu? We have a restaurant for you. Chefs and waiters are on hand to welcome the guests.

 Town tour by watchmen Two cherful men, each dressed in an old-fashioned Watchman outfit, will take you on a cultural city walk, where they tell you about art while alternately singing and talking. This is actually free of charge during the summer months. The tour starts and ends at the Giacometti statue “Kvinde på Kærre” at the old town hall. See photo top right. “Kvinde på Kærre” has been the landmark of Holstebro and was the beginning of an almost 50 year old city’s image characterized by art and culture.

36 I 37

Savillas café and shop Savillas is a combined café and shop, located in the countryside North of Skive. It is the perfect destination if you like looking at clothes, handicrafts, charming flea market bargains, and new things for home and garden.

The café offers Sanne Villadsen’s and Jesper Garden’s delicious homemade cakes and fresh salads with unique combinations of ingredients.

 You can also choose to buy cakes, jams, relishes, and warm, freshly baked bread if you want to eat at home. Anything is possible in Savillas café, where you are always a welcome guest.

A few cyclists experienced that welcoming feeling, when they stopped by Savillas on a summer day, when Sanne Villadsen was unable to have the café open. To avoid any guests coming in vain, she put out a cooler with refreshments along with a basket for money.

It is this care and hospitality combined with delicious food and crafts that make the visit to Savillas special. Savillas Drivvejen 16, DK-7840 Højslev Phone: +45 9753 6860

Raspberry slices At Savillas you can get your teeth into freshly baked raspberry slices. They are delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. Just follow the recipe and try it for yourself. Shortcrust pastry: 300 g flour · 125 g sugar · 200 g butter · 1 egg · Raspberry jam · Icing sugar · Red juice (if there is cherry juice in it, the icing will turn out pink) · Sprinkles Mix flour, sugar, and butter thoroughly until the butter has blended together with the egg.
Let the dough rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

 Roll out into two equal pieces and bake at 175 degrees for approx. 20 minutes, until they are light brown.

 When cooled, spread a nice tart raspberry jam, preferably homemade, on them.
Put together and spread glaze on top.
In the café we always mix homemade juice with the powdered sugar. It will make a nice pink color and look lovely. Also, the glaze will taste a little tartish, rather than just sweet. Add some small sprinkles on top and cut into suitable pieces. Enjoy!

38 I 39

Staarup Haandbryg Pitchfork, Billy Goats Gruff, Bumblebee ... These are just some of the names of the beers that are produced in the micro brewery Staarup Haandbryg, in an abandoned farm near Skive. It is John Smith, who after 18 years in the furniture industry, has made these mouthwatering drops his career. And it is going well. He has 15 different beers in his repertoire right now. Some are suitable for dessert, some for lunch, and others for dinner.

 For example: There is a beer named Barn Swallow, which is a light, refreshing Ale with a deep bouquet of freshly cut hay and high skies. Barn Swallow is a really fresh tasting beer that can be consumed all throughout the year. It goes well with fish and poultry, or the first grilled beef cutlets with new potatoes. Yes - there is a beer for every meal and for every occasion in Staarup Haandbryg.

 The hand-brewed beer from Staarup Haandbryg can be enjoyed at selected restaurants, e.g. at Savillas on Lundø and Claudis Have in Lemvig. They can also be purchased at a few stores and when visiting Staarup Haandbryg. Staarup Haandbryg Stårupgårdvej 1, DK-7840 Højslev Phone: +45 3016 3333 E-mail:

Staarup Haandbryg The brewery and the garden are open to all visitors between 10.30 and 17.00, where you can enjoy your picnic with a cold beer from the farm brewery. During high season, John Smith opens the doors of his small brewery in connection with “The narration of North Jutland”, where you can sample beer from the farm brewery. Here you can learn all about Staarup Haandbryg and hear how life was lived so close to the Limfjord. Life was about farm men, housekeepers, chickens, and home-brewed beer.

 See more at

40 I 41

At the Limfjord you find clear skies, peacefulness and

plenty of open space Plan your trip now at

Birdie at Café Humlum Café Humlum, adjacent to the Struer Golf Club, has a great location with direct views over the Limfjord from 17 out of a total of 18 holes.

Since the golf course is located high in the terrain, most golf enthusiasts are often put to the test by the wind. If you are new to the sport, Golf Struer offers excellent opportunities for training and for games on pay-and-play courses. You can also just enjoy the view from Café Humlum, where Chef Casper Frederiksen swings the pots and pans in the kitchen. 

 Casper Frederiksen is one of the area’s young rising star Chefs. Among other things, he makes an active effort to spread awareness of

the local produce, including mussels, which for many is a meal easily overlooked. 

 - I have been to a local school to teach the children in 3rd grade, how to make moules frites and mussel soup. It was great fun and the kids really liked the food they had helped to cook, says Casper Frederiksen, who now hopes that the kids will eat more mussels in the future. 

At Café Humlum, mussels and many other Danish meals are being served with a creative twist that gives a taste for more of the Limfjord area and for more of Casper Frederiksen’s kitchen. Café Humlum Thagårdsvej 16, DK-7600 Humlum Phone: +45 9785 5800

Rosy fried duck breasts

Get started

Pan fried or grilled:
Ragout with comed duck breast, mushrooms, and peas, besides glazed carrots with top and
new potatoes with butter, salt, and dill.

Clean mushrooms and cut them into “quarters” - and then roast them on a dry pan. 
Heat up duck thighs in an oven for approx. 20 minutes. Peel off 150 g meat, add broth, juice from the thigh meat and put it all together in a small saucepan – let stand and simmer for 20 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Chuck peas and add to the ragout. Heat approx. 5 minutes before serving.

1 duck breast 300 gr, or possibly 2 smaller ones · 1 duck thigh (brined) · 1 kg new potatoes ·
1/4 pkg. butter ·
1 handful of fresh dill - from the garden or the local vegetable store · 1 handful of fresh parsley - from the garden · 250g mushrooms - depending on the season ·
250g fresh peas ·
4-6 carrots with top · 4 tbsp. honey · 1 dl boullion – chicken · salt – pepper

The carrots: 
Cut off most of the carrot tops, until they are approx. 5 cm long. Let carrots soak in water. Now take a pot of water and bring it to boil. While the water is heating up, rinse carrots and get rid off all the dirt. Pay special attention to the end of the carrots where normally a lot of dirt accumulates. Dump carrots into the boiling water and blanch. As soon as the water starts to boil again, take out the carrots and dump them in a tub with cold water. The potatoes:
Scrub potatoes in cold water and place in a saucepan with enough water to cover the potatoes.
Add a good handful of salt. Cook potatoes gently with the lid on. When the potatoes are boiling, remove foam and other impurities. Turn down to low heat and cook the potatoes 5-6 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the potatoes in the water for another 5-7 minutes.
Take out potatoes and serve with chopped dill, cold butter, and sea salt. The meat:
Cut ridges into the duck fat without cutting all the way down to the meat. Rub with salt and pepper and fry the duck fat in a hot pan until crisp (not on maximum power). When duck fat is crispy, flip over duck breasts, and turn down temperature, so the duck breasts are roasting on low until done. A duck breast weighing about 180-200 grams takes about 6 -8 minutes, but a duck breast weighing 300 grams will take a little longer. Cover up duck breasts and let rest for 10 minutes before you cut them in half. While duck breasts are resting, heat up a new pan with 4 tbsp. honey and half of the fat from the duck breasts. Add carrots and roast on LOW heat. 44 I 45

Sevel Kro The cozy village inn, which has been under royal license since 1802, looks very inviting with its white washed walls.

Historical atmosphere, hiking, fresh air, and delicious meals are on the menu here.
 - We usually recommend to guests, who come here to escape from their daily grind, to take a walk through the forest and moorland to Stubber Monastery or to the living open-air museum Hjerl Hede. When they return, their shoulders have relaxed and they have a big appetite, says curate Hans Kurt Nielsen, with laughter in his voice.
 It is very important to him that guests feel

comfortable and he gladly tells a few stories from the 1930s to the 1960s, when Sevel Kro was regularly visited by actors on tour.
 Today, Sevel Kro attracts both Danish and Foreign guests from near and far. Every Friday night during the summer, the grill on the patio gets fired up, and it is very popular.
 - We carefully select regional ingredients of the highest quality. Among other things, we have a good cooperation with Martin Daasbjerg, from Danish Organic Duck, who lives only a few miles from the inn, says Hans Kurt Nielsen.

And it’s not just the food that is selected and prepared with special care.
 - Like any other inn at the Limfjord, we have our own schnapps. It is made of herbs and berries, that we gather in the Wild. This golden nectar is the finishing touch to a good lunch, says Hans Kurt Nielsen. Sevel Kro Søgårdvej 2, 7830 Vinderup Phone: +45 9744 8011

West Jutland specialities from sevel kro (serves 4 pers) Sevel Kro is known for its traditional Danish cuisine inspired by the classic French cuisine. Everything is made from scratch. Guests can take a bite of home made mustard, homemade bread, hand-picked buckthorn, etc. ·

Ingredients: 8 duck chorizo sausages from Dansk And · 8 slices of Kammer ham · 8 slices smoked topside of Limouse veal · 8 slices of venison sausage from Klosterheden · good quality pesto · 12 salted almonds · fresh onion mayonnaise · egg yolk · 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar · cold - pressed canola seed oil from Morso Oil Mill · fresh horseradish
Sour cream 38% from Thise Dairy · seasonal herbs for garnish Directions:
Roast duck sausage in oil in the pan.

Stir egg yolks, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper together to make mayonnaise. Add the canola oil slowly in a thin stream while whisking until the mayonnaise is thick.
Grind whole peppers toss with creme fraiche 38%. Season with salt, pepper, and lemon.

Cut the onion into wedges. Pour a hot pickling mixture of ½ vinegar and ½ sugar over the onions and allow to soak for a few hours.

46 I 47

Organic Danish Duck Martin Daasbjerg, from Danish Duck in Handbjerg, loves his job. And it shows when he goes out to a field and stands among his ducks.

- At Danish Duck, we emphasize on our animals having a good life, before they are slaughtered. Therefore, our ducks and geese are “organic”. They live outdoors and have room to move, says Martin Daasbjerg.
 On Vestergård, the family farm, he produces a total of 145,000 ducks a year. The ducks are the so-called Peking ducks. That may just sound exotic, but they thrive in the Danish climate. They have a natural insulating layer of fat, just as they gear up with extra down during winter’s freezing weather. - The Peking duck has the perfect ratio of meat to fat. So it makes a difference in the flavor, when the ducks have been well. The duck meat is so juicy and delicious when you cook it, says Martin Daasbjerg.

 Many Danish families eat duck only on Christmas, but according to Martin Daasbjerg, it is

suitable for all seasons and occasions. Along with his wife Birte, who is a matron, he spends many hours in the kitchen experimenting with duck recipes of all kinds. 
- It’s great fun, when we find something exciting. When we do, we hand the idea over to a professional food expert for further development, says Martin Daasbjerg. He collaborates with a number of Danish food producers, including Suhl Pålæg, that smokes duck breasts and Carnad, that makes duck fat and stock. In South Jutland, Vollstedt makes duck pâté, seasoned with organic cranberries.
 On Vestergård in Handbjerg, located overlooking the Limfjord, the ducks live a good life and Danish Duck is not easily noticed from the main road.

- We do not have a sign by the road advertising the farm, but people who want to see how our ducks live are welcome to visit us or attend during “Limfjordsfortællinger” (Limfjord’s Narratives), says Martin Daasbjerg.
Danish Duck products are mainly sold at farm shops and also supermarkets like Rema1000, Coop, Lidl, and Irma. You can download any of Birthe’s and Martin Daasbjerg’s delicious duck recipes at their web page. The recipe for duck can also be found in the article about Humlum café. Martin Daasbjerg, Dansk And Fjordbakken 9, Handbjerg, DK-7830 Vinderup

48 I 49

Magnificent landscape with possibilities for

closeness and experience Plan your trip now at

West Jutland’s Favorite foods In 2013, the co-authored cookbook “West Jutland favorite foods” was published. Eight well-known Danes, from or with ties to West Jutland wrote about food and memories, living life and favorite meals. Sevel Kro, Vosborg, and the foundry in Holstebro contributed with a variety of delicious recipes that give insight into the chefs’ imagination and sense of taste nuances. The recipes are also composed with respect for the love and care of West Jutland manufacturers and the ingredients they have supplied through their craft.

The book is for sale in Danish at tourist offices and selected bookstores in the Limfjord area. Mallemukken Kystcentervejen 1, DK-7680 Thyborøn Phone: +45 9690 0001

Mallemukken’s recipe for turbot In the book, Tørfisk – Western Jutland’s own boyband, visits the restaurant Mallemukken which is housed in an upside down fishing boat. Along with the Chef, Lene Houlind, they reinterpreted their favorite Western Jutland’s food: Turbot. Ingredients - 4 people: 1 large or 2 small turbot · 1 bunch of fresh green asparagus · 500 g shrimp · Parsley and dill · Salt and pepper · Butter · Lemon · ½ l cream · ½ liter of white wine · Asparagus potatoes · 1 small glass Cavi • Art ® / Limfjord Caviar Cut up the turbot on one side into two pockets. Fill fish with asparagus, 400 g shrimp, herbs, salt, pepper, juice of one lemon, and a dollop of butter (into the two pockets). Put the fish in a baking pan. Pour white wine and ½ liter of water over the fish. Fry the fish at 180 C for approx. 30 minutes. Drain fish in a small saucepan and add the cream. Let the sauce simmer down. Garnish the fish with the rest of the prawns, lemon, and Cavi • Art ®. Serve with cooked asparagus potatoes.

Bon appetite !

52 I 53

sansefestival With 10,000 visitors, the Sansefestival in Struer takes first place as the leading food festival in Northern Jutland. Here you can find a great market atmosphere, food producers from all over the Limfjord land, a cooking school, open kitchens ... Come and taste, appreciate and experience the festival, held during the first week of August.

All senses are activated during the first Saturday in August, when the Limfjord town Struer hosts the Sansefestival. It is an enjoyment for your eyes, ears, and your palate, and the area’s food producers, retailers, and hobbyists tempt with delicious, world class produce.
You can talk with the producers supplying food to the finest restaurants in the world. NOMA in Copenhagen is among the restaurants that have earned international recognition, partly because of ingredients from the Limfjord.
 The festival in Struer is divided into different areas such as: The Sweet Tooth, Nordic Cuisine, West Jutland drops, the Fjord, Dining board, Experimantarium, Open kitchen and Play & Learning. There are also guest appearances and competitions.
 From Wednesday to Friday during the first week of August, the whole Limfjord area will have a number of activities in preparation for Saturday’s Sansefestival in Struer. You can, for example, visit local producers near Holstebro, Skive, and Lemvig. You also have the option to look over different celebrity chefs’ shoulders and have a chat about quality produce and help in creating the perfect taste experience. This will include pop-up restaurants where you can eat food in unusual places and have a special sensory experience.
 In 2014, the Sanse festival and its preparation activities will take place from the 6th to the 9th of August.
 Read more about the many exciting activites and taste experiences at

56 I 55 54 57

Lots of opportunities for

great views and overviews

TV from the Limfjord to

80 million viewers The famous TV chef Tareq Taylor visited the Limfjord area in the summer of 2013, for the food program “Nordic Cookery� with a focus on herbs, seafood, and a variety of other ingredients. This way over 80 million viewers were invited to the Limfjord area.

Pork chops with sautéed apples The TV crew visited Ausumgaard’s small manor shop, where they found ingredients to use in today’s menu: Ingredients for pork chops: 4 pork chops with bones · 1 teaspoon butter · 1 bundle of fresh thyme · 2 garlic cloves · salt Fry pork chops on a medium hot pan with thyme and garlic.
Turn the meat frequently, so all sides are a nicely golden brown.
To see if the meat is done, cut along the bone with a knife and check if the meat is white and juices run clearly.
Let the meat rest for 10 minutes before serving. Ingredients for sautéed apples: 2 apples · 4 green onions · 100 g cabbage · 1 tsp chopped fresh thyme · 100 g green beans · 3 tbsp capers · 1 tbsp white wine vinegar · 2 tbsp rapeseed oil.
 Cut the apples and green onions in large bulky pieces and grate the cabbage into large chunks.
Sauté everything in a very hot pan with canola oil. Add the thyme and cook for 2 minutes.
Cut the beans into slices and add them to the pan, along with capers and white wine vinegar.
Let it cook another minute until the beans are heated through.

TV chef Tareq Taylor stands, with his feet firmly planted on the beach, and points toward the Limfjord and enthusiastically tells how you can pick up oysters, mussels, and crabs with your own bare hands from the sandy bottom.

 “Nordic Cookery” introduces viewers to Limfjord land’s delicious produce and beautiful scenery. Tareq Taylor’s visits include the Sanse Festival in Struer, where he talks with a number of food manufacturers, including Martin Daasbjerg from Danish And. He gets fresh seafood at Glyngøre harbor with Svend Bonde from Glyngøre Shellfish, and on the island of Fur, he

prepares lobsters, mussels, and oysters with self-picked herbs and beer from the Fur Brewery. At Ausumgaard manor, Tareq Taylor waves at the happy pigs which are enjoying the outdoors with plenty of vegetables, roots, berries, and fallen fruit.

 80 million viewers get a good insight into the North West Jutland corner of Denmark. “Nordic Cookery” is aired on BBC and several other European TV channels in 2014.

One can get further acquainted with Tareq Taylor and “Nordic Cookery” at

58 I 59

Free range pigs at Ausumgaard Since Mary and Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj took over the family farm, Ausumgaard, in 2010 they introduced a number of new concepts and special products. At Ausumgaard, visitors can buy organic vegetables, salami with amarone, stone ground flour - and say Hello to the pigs, which are happily grunting with curles in their tails. 
 The idea behind Ausumgaard’s pigs happened during a spring fair. We thought that it might be fun to have a few pigs walking around, that our guests could get close to, says Maria Lundgaard-Karlshøj. The children and adults show great interest in the four-legged animals, and Ausumgaard has since developed a new concept, where animal welfare and especially the contact between the producer and the consumer is most important. Besides pork, there are also organic vegetables and flour produced on the farm. The grain is grown on the farm’s own land. It is grown with respect and consideration and of course

without the use of chemicals that shorten the straw. The flour is milled with a slow-moving stone grinder. This preserves essential vitamins and minerals in the flour. The idea behind the milling is that we would like to offer quality flour, grown and processed here in Denmark. The flour you buy in supermarkets is typically foreign, because the growing conditions are often better there. We gave it a try anyway and so far we’ve been lucky that the weather has been good. This means that both spring wheat and Ølands wheat has a high protein and gluten content and therefore a good baking ability, says Maria Lundgaard-Karlshøj with satisfaction. Goods from Ausumgaard can be purchased by self-service in a small farm shop along the road. Ausumgaard Holstebrovej 101, DK-7560 Hjerm Phone: +45 9746 4411

There are Spring and Christmas fairs at Ausumgaard with booths, music, and a very cozy atmosphere.

Ausumgaard dinner bread Ingredients: 25 g yeast · 1 tablespoon honey · 1 tablespoon salt · 6 cups lukewarm water · 300 gr durum flour · 400 gr wheat flour Ausumgaard. Things to sprinkle: Tzatziki spice · Ramson salt · Grill spice · oregano · thyme · rosemary or small sun-dried tomatoes and grated cheese - the only limit is your imagination. Directions: Stir the yeast in lukewarm water with honey. Add durum flour and stir well with machine or hand mixer. Add salt

and then the flour little by little. The dough should be soft and sticky. 
Stir the dough for approx. 10 minutes. Let the dough rise in the bowl for approx. 1 hour. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Line a baking tray with baking paper and using a spatula, spread the dough to an even layer. Sprinkle with your favorite spices, salt flakes etc. in straight lines across the bread. Try out different spices.

Bake 20-30 minutes until it looks well baked. The crust should be brown and hard.

Since 2010, Maria and Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj are the new generation on the farm.

60 I 61

Fresh fish from Thyborøn On the West Coast, where the wind blows strongly and cheeks quickly become weathered, auctioneer Sten Rønn Steen, swings his hammer at Danish Fiske auctions in Thyborøn. It happens with speed and ease, so you have to perk up your ears when this charismatic man from Thyborøn walks around among fish boxes, presenting the night’s catch.

- In July and August we have auctions on Wednesdays at 11 am for tourists and other guests, who want to experience the atmosphere of the fish auction, and to bid on some fresh fish that they can prepare and enjoy at home, says Sten Rønn Steen with a smile.

 He himself was brought up with fresh North Sea fish - his father and his grandfather were auctioneers in Thyborøn before him.

 - Where other boys dreamed of becoming a firefighter or a fighter pilot, I dreamed of walking as an auctioneer in my ancestors’ footsteps, says Sten Rønn Steen.

The dream became reality in 1992, when his father retired, and today he leads the auction with pride. There are goods of high quality in the boxes, so the business goes well. Even Michelin-restaurants in Copenhagen found out about Sten Rønn Steen and the fresh fish of Danish Fiskeauktioner, so vans are headed eastward on a regular basis. Actually, Danish Fiskeauktioner delivers fish all throughout Europe.

In 2001, the Danish Fiskeauktioner went online. This means that buyers sitting all around Europe are making offers over the Internet for the coveted fish from the North Sea. This type of fish auction can be attended all throughout the year. You can see the fish in the cold storage room at the auction hall. In July and August experience the traditional fish auctions of Danish Fiskeauktioner on Wednesdays at 11 am at Havne Gade 15, in Thyborøn.

62 I 63

Nice harbor and town life in Lemvig

Even before you enter Lemvig, you can experience the romantic and idyllic feeling of the area and the beautiful landscape with rolling hills. You find fresh air, hilly landscape, and calm waves across the Limfjord. The town of Lemvig has quaint and narrow pedestrian streets which house many businesses. At the harbor you can buy fresh fish, or eat lunch at a restaurant while observing the life in the marina.

Slagter Mortensen (Butcher Mortensen) Various amounts of salami are being smoked at Butcher Mortensen’s every week. They also produce lamb and beef sausage, smoked venison, and sell all kinds of fresh meat. As long as it is top notch quality, the meat is selected locally as often as possible. Just ask the butcher if you require a special cut of meat and he will make sure it is getting done for you. Slagter Mortensen Vestergade 17, DK-7620 Lemvig

Ostehuset (The Cheese House) Here you can buy the legendary North Sea cheese from Thise. Lemvig’s Cheese House also sells a variety of specialty cheeses from small dairies and makes their own, among others, garlic cheese. Good bread goes well with cheese, and this is also available at the Cheese House. And if you would like to have some olives, red wine or perhaps some relish with your cheese, you can choose between the many good products displayed on the store’s shelves.

Claudis Have (Claudi’s Garden) In this cozy shop you will find a wide selection of organic products. Everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to skin care, soaps, beer and wine. Also visit Claudi’s cozy Cafe, where the menu tempts you with delicious dishes prepared with the best local organic produce. Claudis have Østergade 14, DK-7620 Lemvig

Ostehuset Vestergade 17, DK-7620 Lemvig

Bjarnes Fisk og Fiskerteria (Bjarne’s seafood and fish restaurant) Freshness is the key word at Bjarnes Fisk at the harbor. You can see that for yourself when you let your gaze wander over the large variety of different types of fish in the store. A large amount of homemade smoked fish and tastily prepared fish specialties are being sold here also. Enjoy a lunch in the fish restaurant while gazing directly onto the fjord through large panoramic windows. The items on the menu are composed depending on the season and the catch of the day. Bjarnes Fisk Havnen 54, DK-7620 Lemvig

64 I 65

The short distance between farm and dinner table offers

UNIquE experiences

THE EDITOR: Project Manager at Enjoy Limfjord v / Karin Juul Jensen. TEXT: Journalist Jane Toft Olufsen, KOMMUNIKLAME. LAYOUT: Graphic designer Lars Nielsen, KOMMUNIKLAME. MAP: Multimedia designer Dorthe Lange Bjerg KOMMUNIKLAME. FOTOS: Jens Bach. PRINT: Vinderup BOGTRYK. ”Enjoy. Food from the Limfjord” is a free magazine and published in 5000 copies in Norwegian, 5000 copies in Danish and 5000 copies in German. There will also be online editions in other languages, which can be found at: COVER PHOTO: TV Chef Tareq Taylor from BBC Lifestyle. Enjoy Limfjord is an international marketing project in collaboration with the local tourist agencies in Lemvig, Struer, Holstebro and Skive to promote visits by foreign guests to the Limfjordland.

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