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March | April 2024
35 35 WOMEN TO KNOW In Georgia Engineering
TABLE OF CONTENTS ON THE COVER Lauren Curry – Chief of Staff, Office of Governor Brian Kemp 7 THE PULSE News Coverage From In And Around The Engineering Community 16 POLITICAL PULSE Stay Up-To-Date With Political News That Affects Engineers In Georgia 56 ASSOCIATION NEWS Updates From The Associations That Make Up The Georgia Engineering Alliance 66 A LOOK BACK A Back-Page Throwback Picturing Georgia’s Most Historic Landmarks 24 COVER STORY: Lauren Curry: Making History As The Governor’s Chief of Staff HOW CURRY’S ENTIRE CAREER PREPARED HER FOR THIS ROLE 30 100 Most Influential Women In Georgia Engineering A LOOK AT WOMEN IN AND OUT OF THE INDUSTRY MAKING AN IMPACT ON THE STATE OF GEORGIA’S BUILT ENVIRONMENT 44 35 Under 35 Women To Know THESE WOMEN ARE QUICKLY BECOMING INNOVATORS, INFLUENCERS, AND EXPERTS IN THEIR FIELDS
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Jennifer Stalcup

WWe are pleased to once again present our annual “100 Most Influential Women in Engineering” issue, which highlights the achievements of the amazing and talented women from the engineering, architecture and construction industry as well as the public agencies and private companies who are helping to create Georgia’s built environment. Georgia is blessed to have so many women in positions of influence in and around the A/E/C industry and we once again received a deluge of great nominations. While this is wonderful for our state and our industry, it made things rough for the Selection Committee who really had their work cut out for them in narrowing it down to just 100 women (plus our annual “35 Under 35” list).

We are also extremely honored to feature Lauren Curry on our cover and to shine a spotlight on the exemplary service she has given to our state, culminating most recently in her history making appointment as the first woman to serve as Chief of Staff to the Governor of Georgia. Lauren’s impressive career is a testament not only to her obvious talent, wisdom and intelligence, but also to her dedication to doing the hard and sometimes thankless behind the scenes work that makes state government work efficiently, effectively and that ultimately, leads to the kinds of policy achievements that benefit each and every one of us who call Georgia home.

On a more personal note, it’s always nice to see good things happen to good people and Lauren Curry is definitely “good people.” We are all fortunate to have someone like her in that important role.

Of course, Lauren is no stranger to our industry, having served in leadership roles at the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. She’s also appeared on the list of 100 Most Influential Women in Engineering multiple times and even graced the cover of our 6th issue along with Rick Dunn way back in 2016 when she and Rick were Deputy Director and Director, respectively, at Georgia EPD.

And since we’re on the topic of how long we’ve been doing this magazine, with this issue, Engineering Georgia magazine begins its 9th year of publication…just one year away from celebrating our 10th anniversary! As we look forward to celebrating our “tencennial” this time next year we would love to hear your suggestions on topics we should be covering or ways we can make this magazine even more valuable to you and your business. That’s something that hasn’t changed since our very first issue…and never will. So, drop me a line at – I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see in YOUR magazine.



CROFT & Associates has proactively responded to the industry's gender diversity challenge through its internal program, CROFT LeadHERship. This initiative is designed to address the gender gap and promote the inclusion of women within the A/E/C field. It is well-supported by male advocates at CROFT, who recognize women's needs to succeed and hold decision-making positions.

“Our firm understands that we need to break some barriers and have more women represented in leadership. The underrepresentation of women in leadership roles within the A/E/C industry has long been a challenge,” said Stacey Chapman, Principal & Senior Vice President with CROFT.

CROFT LeadHERship embodies the firm's understanding that more women should be represented in leadership. It acknowledges the unique insights and capabilities that women contribute, which are essential for fostering innovation and continuous success. Through this program, CROFT seeks to bridge the gender gap by facilitating the professional development of its female employees and connecting them with influential leaders in the industry.

The program includes several core elements aimed at nurturing the professional growth of women in CROFT. Internal mentorship programs connect experienced female professionals with those seeking guidance, enabling skill and knowledge development. External networking events extend beyond company walls, offering women opportunities to engage with leaders in the industry and observe various leadership styles. Community engagement initiatives are also a significant aspect of LeadHERship, with members participating in outreach programs to motivate the next generation of women to enter the A/E/C industry. Moreover, the program hosts sessions with pioneering women who have overcome industry barriers, providing inspiration and practical advice for aspiring leaders. Holistic leadership development further ensures that participants are well-prepared for professional and personal challenges, highlighting personal development, work-life balance, and wellness.

“We meet monthly and have women leaders share their journeys. Letting our team see that many women have walked in their shoes. But, also giving them the chance to be mentors,” Chapman added.

The vision for CROFT LeadHERship includes expanding its influence through collaboration with external educational and professional bodies. Partnerships with trade schools and industry organizations are already underway, with mentorship programs targeting women in construction, STEM fields, and those with interests in architecture and engineering.

CROFT's commitment to enhancing gender diversity extends to hosting events such as the recent visit from young women students enrolled in the Maker Industries program from the Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy (CITA). This event provided insights into the varied roles that support project delivery within the A/E/C industry, from marketing and business development to construction administration. Such outreach is instrumental in CROFT's mission to inspire and empower the next generation.

“[CROFT] had the young women enrolled at Cobb Innovation & Technology Academy who are in the Makerspace Program (construction and engineering) come in and meet with our women in each department from the support services group to the engineering group and they gave presentations in the life of the A/E/C industry,” Chapman explained. “It was a really great day!”

CROFT LeadHERship showcases the firm’s dedication to nurturing female talent and advocating for an inclusive future in the A/E/C sectors. The success and expansion of this program serve as an exemplar to other organizations, emphasizing the profound impact of cultivating a diverse and equitable workplace.


AtkinsRéalis has secured a $40 million contract to provide general engineering services (GES) for GDOT. Having supported GDOT since 2000, AtkinsRéalis holds 10 statewide contracts. Ian L. Edwards, President and CEO, attributes the firm’s success to a comprehensive range of services focused on innovation, safety, sustainability, and mobility in transportation systems. Under the indefinite delivery/ indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, the firm will offer on-call Engineering Design services for three years, extendable to five. With 23 active projects in GDOT’s Region 3 spanning 65 counties, AtkinsRéalis addresses diverse land use conditions and environmental concerns. Steve Morriss, President, U.S., Latin America, and Minerals & Metals, emphasizes AtkinsRéalis' expertise in anticipating and overcoming challenges, building trust over 50 years of operation. AtkinsRéalis has a strong track record in providing engineering services across several states. N

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Pictured from left to right are CROFT associates from their Interiors StudioAnna Adams, NCIDQ, interior designer and designers Ivanna Castaneda and Jamie Daniel shown presenting to the students.



San Antonio-based civil engineering firm, Pape-Dawson Engineers, has acquired Maxwell-Reddick, a Georgia-based consultancy. Maxwell-Reddick, established in 1964, offers planning, civil engineering, environmental science, and surveying services with over 20 employees across offices in Statesboro and Atlanta. This acquisition marks Pape-Dawson's third deal since a minority investment in April 2023. It follows the acquisitions of Costello in Houston and Poulos & Bennet in Florida. With the Maxwell-Reddick transaction, Pape-Dawson's reach extends to more than 750 employees across 12 offices in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. President Gene Dawson views this as a strategic move to expand markets and services, aligning with the firm's growth strategy.


Rivian, the electric vehicle manufacturer, has postponed construction of its $5 billion manufacturing campus in Stanton Springs, Ga. The decision follows the company's annual financial report revealing a $5.4 billion net loss. CEO R. J. Scaringe cited a focus on cost efficiency and long-term growth. Despite site preparation completion, the pause affects the project timeline. Rivian plans to commence R2 SUV production in Illinois earlier than anticipated, saving over $2.25 billion in capital spending. Scaringe reassured commitment to Georgia's future, emphasizing the state's strategic importance in scaling R2 and R3 production. Although construction timelines remain uncertain, Rivian intends to fulfill economic development obligations, including job creation, outlined in its agreement with Georgia.


Georgia Power has invested over $10 billion in the last decade to enhance Georgia's power grid, ensuring greater strength and resilience for its customers. These efforts, sanctioned by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC), have led to significant improvements in power reliability across the state in 2023. The company reported one of its best years in terms of the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), indicating fewer and shorter power outages. The enhancement of the power grid is largely attributed to the incorporation of over 1,000 smart, automated devices that facilitate quicker restoration times and less widespread outages by enabling remote control and power rerouting capabilities. With more than 60 percent of the distribution grid now considered "self-healing," Georgia Power has effectively minimized thousands of potential outages annually. Additionally, the company has made significant infrastructure upgrades, including the rebuilding of transmission lines, substations, and the relocation of power lines underground, further solidifying the grid's reliability. Coupled with a diverse generation resource mix and continuous addition of renewable energy sources, Georgia Power remains committed to delivering dependable and affordable energy to its customers, marking a significant leap towards a future of sustainable and resilient power delivery. A

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BURNS & MCDONNELL is happy to announce Don Chase has been appointed as Program Director in the Construction Group to work with Georgia Power, bringing over 35 years of experience back from Canada to play a pivotal role in the Southeast Region as a trusted adviser.

David Miller steps into the role of Regional Manager for the Aviation & Federal Group. A licensed civil engineer, Miller delivers clientcentric fueling facility and infrastructure solutions in the commercial airport, airline, and federal sectors, underpinned by his extensive project and personnel management experience.

Alex Garland, a seasoned Engineer-ProcureConstruct (EPC) Project Manager, has been promoted to Regional Manager for the Global Facilities Group at Burns & McDonnell. Since joining in 2019, Garland, with over a decade of expertise in the food and beverage industry, continues to lead the group's initiatives while expanding into aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and additional markets.

Fred Gibson assumes the role of Department Manager for Project Controls in the region, while also managing the Oak Ridge office in Tennessee. With a career at Burns & McDonnell since 2021, Gibson's near two decades of expertise encompass leadership, strategic planning, process optimization, and risk analysis.


COMPANY is pleased to announce the following promotions and new hires: Michelle Peavler, PE, has been promoted to Managing Partner, bringing her vast experience in mechanical engineering and project management to the firm's leadership.

Ben Moye steps into his new role as Partner, backed by 18 years in electrical engineering design. Moye will continue to lead commercial projects and mentor newcomers in the electrical engineering department.

Jeff Mitchell, PE, with 11 years of mechanical engineering experience, also joins as a Partner. Mitchell brings his expertise in HVAC systems, particularly from his extensive work with the Savannah Chatham County Public School System.

Joe Vitiello, EIT, joins the team as a newly graduated electrical engineer from Georgia Southern University. Starting as an intern in May 2023, Vitiello's dedication makes him a promising addition to Chatham Engineering.


is pleased to announce the following promotions and new hires: Jackie Ryan is promoted to Associate, bringing her senior architectural design acumen to support federal projects nationwide, including notable work for the National Park Service. She continues to drive employee engagement as Chairperson of the committee and is a Kennesaw State University alumna. N

Don Chase Michelle Peavler Jackie Ryan Alex Garland Joe Vitiello David Miller Ben Moye Fred Gibson
10 Engineering Georgia the pulse [ on the move ]
Jeff Mitchell

Parker Gordy is promoted to Associate in the Mechanical Group, where his expertise in mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems shapes various commercial projects. A Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State University graduate, Gordy’s professional affiliations include ASHRAE and ASME.

Wei Liu steps up as Associate, leveraging her architectural insight in the K-12 design studio to ensure educational projects are delivered effectively. Her work, including the new Atlanta Humane Society headquarters, is backed by a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan.

Parker Davis, PE, also rises to Associate, focusing on the design and oversight of electrical systems for diverse CROFT projects, including work with the National Park Service. He boasts dual degrees in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Amy Hadlow, a seasoned industry professional with 35 years of experience, has been promoted to Associate while continuing as the mechanical engineering department manager. Involved in projects like the Fort Yargo Cabins and community initiatives like ACEC's Introduce A Girl to Engineering, she brings a Georgia Tech mechanical engineering background, coupled with multiple professional certifications.


Michael Varner, P.E., PMP, CCM, as a new Practice Leader within the Georgia Transportation practice, positioned in the Midtown Atlanta office. Varner, an Atlanta native, joins the firm with two decades of experience in transportation programs nationwide. His expertise encompasses construction management as well as transportation operations and maintenance. A Georgia Southern University alumnus, Varner has a proven track record of managing complex projects and leading teams to surpass client expectations. With his family in Snellville, Georgia, he enjoys travel and quality time with loved ones.

KECK & WOOD congratulates

Jenni Olivo, PE on her leadership promotion in the firm’s Stormwater Practice. Olivo’s promotion allows her to provide more focus on the public and private stormwater services provided by Keck & Wood. A

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Parker Davis Amy Hadlow Michael Varner Jenni Olivo Parker Gordy
12 Engineering Georgia
Wei Liu
March | April 13


Five Must-Reads for Aspiring Leaders

Top Five is a regular feature in THE PULSE! Top Five explores recommendations for podcasts, books, activities, and more. In this issue, Engineering Georgia explores the development of technical management skills, the art of team leadership, effective communication, and the understanding of team dynamics. This month’s resources are tailored to help leaders at various stages—from those transitioning into leadership roles to seasoned managers—hone their ability to guide teams, drive innovation, and foster a productive and collaborative work environment.


This book serves as a manual and a collection of parables, offering both practical steps and thought-provoking tales to help shape effective leaders in the technical field.


Recommended for tech leaders

navigating growth and change, this book guides readers through the transition from engineering to technical management, highlighting key challenges and growth opportunities.

These resources offer a blend of leadership philosophies, practical management strategies, and analytical tools essential for today's engineering leaders to stay ahead in an evolving industry.


This guide helps engineering leaders find the right balance between authority and empathy, outlining strategies to be both a supportive boss and an effective manager.


Lencioni delves into the common pitfalls that can lead to a dysfunctional team, offering insights for recognizing and overcoming these challenges for better team dynamics and business outcomes.


eBook by Jellyfish

A data-driven approach is essential in engineering leadership, and this eBook presents 10 key performance indicators that are crucial for maintaining a pulse on team performance and business alignment.

14 Engineering Georgia
the pulse [ top 5 ]
March | April 15


Legislature focuses on addressing workforce shortages in the built environment

SSince the COVID-19 pandemic, the labor force looks vastly different. You may have noticed longer lines at airport security or the post office, or empty tables at your favorite restaurant that somehow has a 30-minute wait. The pandemic exacerbated a deepening fracture in labor availability that quickly became an untenable fissure from the pressures of social and political change over the last four years. From mental health professionals and OB/GYNs to engineers and plumbers, nearly every profession—and consumers of these services—are feeling the effects of lean staffing and workforce shortages.

In the built environment, however, current numbers highlight the need for increased participation. In the state, there are only roughly 23,500 licensed professional engineers (PEs) and about 1,000 registered licensed professional land surveyors (PLSs). As development in Georgia continues to increase due to its business friendly climate and attractive natural environment, the pipeline for new surveyors and engineers has not kept up with the demand.

While the pipeline for engineers has remained steady with roughly 1,500 to 1,600 individuals becoming licensed annually, the demand for professional engineers in the state intensifies the need to increase the number of those entering the profession. On the other hand, land surveyors are a much different, more acute story.

[ political pulse ]

Darren Mickler, the executive director of the Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (PELS) Board, shared the following statistics on PLSs in the state. Of the 1,049 active land surveyors in the state of Georgia, 420 of those have been licensed for 25 years or more; 218 of those have been licensed for 35 years or more; and 88 of those have been licensed for 45 years or more. Put another way, roughly 70 percent of all active surveyors in the state have practiced for over two and a half decades. Mickler elaborated further on some of the trends he is seeing; “[W]e have about 55 surveyors a year that are aging out of the profession and that will probably accelerate without a change. We also have to assume at least 100 [or] probably more are no longer actively working but keep up the license.” Over the last three years, the PELS Board has only issued 62 new land surveyor licenses and 56 land surveyor in training certificates.

Not all is lost though, the surveying and engineering industries are advocating for common sense solutions to perceived barriers to entry. The Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia, SAMSOG, created an internal task force to simplify the process of becoming a land surveyor through education requirement revisions and removing unnecessary barriers to obtaining licensure.

Their efforts have resulted in what eventually became Senate Bill 195 by Senator Larry Walker, R-Perry. The proposal was the culmination of a year-long effort by SAMSOG to address state statutes that may be hindering workforce participation and retention in the surveying industry. The proposed solutions are not unprecedented concepts. Other states have enacted similar policies to simplify the process for Land Surveying (LS) licensure by reducing the number of years of experience needed for each educational track that aspiring surveyors may pursue and would “decouple” the required experience and the exam. The successful passage of this legislation, should the Governor choose to sign it, will immediately affect roughly 40 individuals seeking land surveying licensure.

become academic-based and, unfortunately, the years of experience required, which separates the completed, necessary education and the exam, sets an undue number of individuals up for failure.

By decoupling the exam and the experience, applicants for PLS licensure will be able to take their required exam directly after meeting their education requirements, which should increase the overall passage rate of the PLS exam that is currently only 56 percent, according to Trent Turk, chairman of the SAMSOG Education Task Force.

Decoupling is not the only solution SAMSOG identified and advocated for. The proposal also reduced the number of years of experience an individual must have in order to become a surveyor, based on their educational pathway. Currently, aspiring surveyors with a bachelor’s degree must complete five and a half years of experience, while those with an associate degree must have seven years, and those with a high school diploma or GED must complete 10 years of experience. Any educational pathway chosen by an individual must include 18 semester credit hours of surveyor specific coursework. The new proposed pathways preserve the 18 credit hours of education but decrease the years of experience for those with bachelor’s degrees to three years, associate degree to five years, and high school or equivalent to eight years. By parsing through what other states have enacted, SAMSOG made the prudent decision to preserve the high school pathway as an entry option while other states have opted to eliminate it.


Next year, ACEC Georgia, in coordination with the Georgia Engineering Alliance, will undertake the task of advocating for decoupling the professional engineer exam and professional experience. This will allow aspiring engineers to take their exams, including the fundamentals of engineering (FE) and the principles and practicing of engineering (PE) exam, directly after completing their required education, rather than separating those requirements by years of experience.

Decoupling is a fairly new concept that many professions have pursued, including chiropractors, landscape architects, architects, geologists, and foresters. In this instance, decoupling means to uncouple the experience and the exam requirements, which would allow these requirements to happen independently of each other, not subsequent to one another. Current law requires both engineers and land surveyors to take the professional exam after experience is acquired. At one point the exams, which are managed and administered by the National Council of Examiners of Engineers and Surveyors (NCEES), were primarily experience-based. However, with time these exams have

The ultimate aim of these proposed policies is to increase retention and participation in the short term. In the long term, however, ACEC Georgia strives to spark the love of engineering and the built environment in students even before they take their first calculus exam through our events such as Introduce a Girl to Engineering and STEM Day. In the end, ACEC Georgia stands on the frontlines of policy debates and education outreach to ensure a thriving and diverse engineering workforce that will propel Georgia forward for years to come. A

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[ political pulse ]


HNTB was this year’s Title Sponsor for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Thank you, HNTB, for your support and for helping to pave the way for tomorrow's female engineers.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Gold Sponsors: Gresham Smith, HDR, Jacobs, Prime Engineering, RK&K, and Stability Engineering at their tables during the event helping to inspire the next generation of engineers! Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Gold Sponsors: Gresham Smith, HDR, Jacobs, Prime Engineering, RK&K, and Stability Engineering at their tables during the event helping to inspire the next generation of engineers! Representatives Brad Thomas, Holt Persinger, and Houston Gaines presented a formal resolution in the Georgia State House this year to recognize February 13, 2024, as Engineers at the Capitol Day.
the pulse
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Gold Sponsors: Gresham Smith, HDR, Jacobs, Prime Engineering, RK&K, and Stability Engineering at their tables during the event helping to inspire the next generation of engineers! ACEC Georgia staff at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort during a site visit to prepare for the Georgia Engineers Summer Conference! Participants of ACEC Georgia’s Young Professionals Network mingle and enjoy themselves at February’s Young Professionals Off The Clock event. Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Gold Sponsors: Gresham Smith, HDR, Jacobs, Prime Engineering, RK&K, and Stability Engineering at their tables during the event helping to inspire the next generation of engineers! Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Gold Sponsors: Gresham Smith, HDR, Jacobs, Prime Engineering, RK&K, and Stability Engineering at their tables during the event helping to inspire the next generation of engineers! Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Gold Sponsors: Gresham Smith, HDR, Jacobs, Prime Engineering, RK&K, and Stability Engineering at their tables during the event helping to inspire the next generation of engineers! Participants of ACEC Georgia’s Young Professionals Network mingle and enjoy themselves at February’s Young Professionals Off The Clock event.

10 QUESTIONS With Joy Ugi


Engineering Georgia magazine is proud to introduce "10 Questions," a new feature designed to offer deeper insights into the lives and careers of key figures at ACEC Georgia and in the A/E/C industry. In this inaugural edition, the spotlight is on Joy Ugi, the newest Director of Operations at ACEC Georgia who brings a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the organization.


We serve members whose daily activities literally impact people’s lives for the better — engineers and architects design and build the spaces where we live, work, and play. It’s a privilege to serve this community by bringing operational excellence to ACEC Georgia.


Living close to the Beltline, right now my go-to is the taco salad at Muchacho followed by a bevvie and people watching at Breaker Breaker.


Oxtail is a specialty in Brazil where my mom was born and grandparents grew up. For her birthdays, we’d often have it mixed in with a traditional pot of well-seasoned black beans and rice.



There are so many things I wish I could learn – singing, sign language, instruments (all of them), sports (all of them), cooking, baking, gardening, painting. It’s hard to pick just one!


Chalktoberfest on the square in Marietta is a must-attend for me. The artistry is inspiring and the community is inviting!


In my early teens, I started babysitting for families in my church and school. It was challenging, but fun - one of my regulars had five kids under the age of eight.


One of my college professors would repeat a piece of advice that’s always stuck with me: Under promise and overdeliver. It’s always inspired me to offer my best and serve others to the greatest capacity I can.


At the end of the pandemic, I drove to 40 U.S. national parks in 6 months. It was the most challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.


My happy place is the Jersey Shore – waves lapping, seagulls squawking, sun on my face, and Wawa hoagie in my hand.


There’s so much potential and opportunity to serve our members. It energizes me when I consider the possibilities of what we could accomplish together. I can’t wait to get started!

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GEORGIA NUMBERS by the the pulse

1889 2024

AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE, a private women's liberal arts college in Decatur, Ga., has been a pioneering institution for women's education in the state. Established in 1889, it was the first higher education institution in Georgia to receive regional accreditation.


ANNE GERTRUDE GARRELL ADAMS was the first woman in the United States to earn a Professional Engineer's (PE) license in 1923, after receiving a mechanical drawing degree from Indian State Normal College in 1920. She was also the second woman to receive a PE license in California, and the first Black woman to do so.

THE SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS (SWE) was founded on May 27, 1950, and the Georgia Institute of Technology's SWE chapter was established in 1958. The SWE is a non-profit organization that advocates for women in engineering and technology and offers resources for personal and professional development.

NEW YORK CITY marked the first Women's History Day, highlighting the plight of garment workers after a strike the previous year. Teenage immigrant workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, facing grueling 12-hour shifts and earning just $15 weekly (about $500 today), worked in perilous conditions.

THE THEME for Women's History Month is “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion,” chosen by the National Women's History Alliance to spotlight women dedicated to eradicating bias and discrimination for a better future.

March | April 23
1909 1950


How Curry’s Entire Career Prepared Her For This Role

LLauren Curry is never far from her cellphone.

At night she keeps it close to her head, especially if severe weather is in the forecast. On the weekend, it always dings with text messages. Curry’s role as chief of staff to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp means she oversees a staff of about 25 people, is reported to by 10 state agencies, and plays a central role in helping to implement the governor’s legislative agenda and budgetary goals. It’s a 24/7 job, to say the least.

24 Engineering Georgia

“I always say it’s a lifestyle, not a job,” said Curry, the first woman in Georgia history to serve as the Governor’s Chief of Staff on a permanent basis. “My whole family is invested in this, because I take time away from weekends, time away from vacations, and things just come up. I’m able to balance it all, and my whole family supports me in doing this. And very specifically for Gov. Kemp, I’m doing this because I very much support what he’s done.”

Curry was sworn in as Gov. Kemp’s new Chief of Staff on January 12, 2024, but in many ways, she’s spent her entire professional career preparing for the role. She had previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff under her predecessor, Trey Kilpatrick, who left the governor’s office to become Senior Vice President of External Affairs at Georgia Power. Prior to that, Curry had worked on Kemp’s staff as the Governor’s Chief Operating Officer, and before then as Governor Kemp’s Director of Government Affairs and Policy. N

March | April 25 engineering ga [ feature ]

She reached the Governor’s Office by climbing the career ladder through one state agency after another—running special projects for the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), working as Director of Public and Governmental Affairs for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), working as Chief of Staff for Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security (GEMA); and serving as Deputy Director of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD). The journey has helped Curry build an expansive working knowledge of Georgia government, both under the Gold Dome and beyond it.

“Lauren is uniquely qualified to serve as the Governor’s chief of staff, given her incredible state government experience and the trust she has developed with the Governor, First Lady and the entire Kemp family,” said Bert Brantley, who first brought Curry aboard Kemp’s team, and is now President and CEO of the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce. “As a friend, I’m extremely proud of this accomplishment, and as a Georgia citizen I’m very excited to see what she and Team Kemp will do over the next couple of years.”

Indeed, it was that wealth of state governmental knowledge, all of it burnished by extensive firsthand experience, that led Kemp to Curry after Kilpatrick announced his intention to move on. “Her track record in various roles across government agencies, her efficient and effective approach, and her reliable fortitude set her apart as someone with the unique experience and skills needed to succeed in this position,” Kemp said when she was sworn in. “We are grateful for both her and her family's willingness to serve, and look forward to her helping us keep Georgia the best state to live, work, and raise our children."

26 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]


There’s a reason Curry refers to the job as a lifestyle—her responsibilities are numerous, ever-changing, and often in constant need of attention. She manages staff and ensures that the different teams working within the Governor’s Office are operating effectively. Curry helps get Kemp’s legislative priorities onto bills that can be passed by the Governor’s allies on the House or Senate floor. In addition, every bill filed under the Gold Dome is assigned to someone in her office so it can be examined with an eye toward Kemp supporting it, vetoing it, or requesting changes to it. Curry also deals with the Governor’s budget, which is put forward in January, and subject to the usual give-and-take from the Senate and House. And then there are the 85 executive branch agencies with heads typically appointed by the Governor, all of whom ultimately report to Curry or someone in her office.

“It comes down to having the right people in leadership positions that you can trust with decision-making, and also then just maintaining communication,” Curry said. “Especially these days, things get on social media so fast, you have to keep up with it so that you’re not caught flat-footed. That can be very challenging.”

Count her predecessor as one who believes Curry possesses the skills to handle it all.

“I’m so proud of Lauren. It’s beyond fitting that she is the first female chief of staff in Georgia history—she brings experience and a unique skill set that no one else has. Not only is she incredibly qualified, she is one of the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” Kilpatrick said.

“She is a great communicator, has amazing relationships, and is trusted by influential leaders throughout state government. She knows how to bring people together and truly embraces a challenge—she is who you want in the foxhole with you when the times get tough. As Governor Kemp continues to focus on his mission of putting hardworking Georgians first and growing Georgia’s economy, there is no better advisor and leader for his office than Lauren.” N

March | April 27 engineering ga [ feature ]


Curry’s road to the Chief Of Staff’s office began far from the Gold Dome—she grew up in Peak, South Carolina, a town northwest of Columbia that as of the 2010 Census had a population of just 64 residents. Her father was a small business owner, allowing Curry at an early age to learn the value and rewards that come with hard work.

“I come from a family that really pulled itself up by the bootstraps and was able to succeed because we live in the United States of America,” she said. “People can do that, and hard work pays off. My dad was a small business person, so I definitely understand there's a place for government. But the place for government is not to over regulate, so hard-working small business people can innovate and thrive. That's how I was raised based on my family's experience, so it just it makes me want to be a part of that.”

Curry received a bachelor's degree at Wofford College and a master’s in public administration from the University of Georgia. She was interested not just in politics, she said, but the implementation of policy, and how it helps get things done. “It’s never been boring,” she added. “It's just always been so interesting because government by nature works with society's most difficult problems and most challenging problems, and the work is never done. When you come to work, even if you just help one constituent who can't figure something out, you're doing something that in a small way is part of the solution.” Her first leap into the Peach State political arena came in 2002, when Curry sent a resume to the office of Governor Sonny Perdue, which landed her a job as a press aide. It was a low-level role, to be certain, but it also helped her build relationships and learn a lot about the inner workings of the Governor’s Office—which would come in handy when she first went to work for Kemp in 2020. That role with the Perdue administration “gave me a framework of how things should work,” Curry said, “so even when I came back, I didn’t come in blind.”

The job in Perdue’s office served as a springboard into roles with several different state agencies—GDEcD, DNR, GEMA and EPD among them. Wherever Curry went, connections and recommendations followed. One of those she worked with was Brantley, who in late 2020 was offered the role of Kemp’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Brantley told Kemp and Kilpatrick that he wanted to build “an all-star team of government affairs professionals and policy advisors to help achieve the Governor’s aggressive agenda,” Brantley recalled. His first two calls were to Curry and Brad Bohannon, now the governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff.

“It can be a difficult decision for some to come join a Governor’s Office about to head into a reelection cycle, but both Lauren and Brad saw the opportunity to create a talented team and accomplish some great things for Georgia,” Brantley said.

“I think it’s important to remember what was going on at the time—we were still in the throes of the Covid pandemic, with the federal government about to roll out vaccines, and we were about to experience the 2020 election and its aftermath. So, it would have been understandable for some to be reticent to leave secure agency leadership roles. But both Lauren and Brad jumped at the chance, and I know that Governor Kemp shares my appreciation for them being willing to come join the team.”

Curry moved into the role of Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff in early 2023, after Brantley departed to take over the Savannah Area Chamber. She was routinely in meetings with Kilpatrick, whose office was right across the hall, and who she said always kept her in the loop. “I thought I was well-prepared,” Curry said. “No one person can do it all, and if you’re dealing with a crisis situation, somebody’s got to be able to take the lead.”

In late 2023, when Kilpatrick announced his intention to leave the Governor’s Office for Georgia Power, Kemp elevated Curry into the Chief of Staff role—in the process, making her the first woman in state history to permanently hold that position. Suddenly there was another rung on the career ladder for Curry to climb, one she had never really considered ascending before.

“Truthfully, I just did not think about that,” she said, when asked if she’d ever aspired to become Kemp’s Chief Of Staff. “Really, you're too busy. I was policy director, then I was chief operating officer, then I was deputy chief, and I was always just very focused on doing my best with the position that I had. So no, I’d never thought of being Chief Of Staff—until the day it happened.”


The lessons that Curry learned during her time at various Georgia state agencies still pay dividends in her current role as the Governor’s Chief of Staff. Her time at GEMA, for instance, left her very attuned to the impacts of severe weather and the need to respond quickly after natural disasters. “I want to be the first person they call if we have to have a weather or public safety conversation,” Curry said, “and obviously, the Governor is very passionate about those things as well.”

Kemp, she said, is a very hands-on and communicative boss, always available for a text or a phone call. While part of Curry’s job is to keep Kemp updated on events, the Governor has his own vast network of sources from his extensive time in public service and the private sector. “It’s a really good barometer of what’s going outside the bubble that is Capitol Hill,” Curry said, “Our relationship is very communicative, and we’re just constantly keeping each other up to speed and figuring out what we're going to do about whatever the problem of the day is.” And that problem could be anything—a tug-of-war with a member of the General Assembly over a budgetary item or a legislative priority, an issue at one of the 85 state agencies that report to the Governor’s Office, a hurricane swirling off the Atlantic coast or a thunderstorm that knocks out power to part of the piedmont. In any of those cases, Curry’s phone is going to ring. Which is why she always keeps it nearby, in the process thankful to play such a vital role in the day-to-day workings of Georgia’s government.

“It is humbling to be chief of staff,” Curry said. “The reward is that I have the opportunity to do things, to influence things, that I’d never thought of before. It definitely keeps me hardworking, because I don't want to waste a day. This opportunity is only going to be for a certain amount of time, and I don't want to waste one day when I could have done something either for my team here in the Governor's Office, or to support the agencies for the Governor, or for a constituent. You just want to make every day matter. Because it's just an honor to have the opportunity to be able to influence things at this level.” A

28 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]

[100] MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN In Georgia Engineering

Selected by ACEC Georgia’s 100 Influential Women in Engineering Committee

IIn the evolving landscape of engineering and technology, the drive towards gender parity has made significant strides, yet the journey remains arduous. The most recent data reveals that women have advanced in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields across the United States, but their representation, particularly in engineering, has experienced a slow yet steady increase. From a mere nine percent in the 1990s to 16.7 percent by 2023, women in architecture and engineering roles have shown resilience and growth, underscoring their critical but underrepresented presence in these fields.

The strides in education are equally noteworthy, with women acquiring bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in STEM at increasing rates. This progress is marked by a significant jump from around 720,000 women with bachelor’s degrees in STEM occupations in 2010 to over one million by 2021, an emblematic shift towards closing the gender gap in STEM education and employment.

Yet, the underrepresentation of women in the STEM workforce persists, challenged by enduring gender gaps in education pathways, limiting access, preparation, and career opportunities for many aspiring female engineers and technologists.

The 2024 100 Influential Women in Georgia Engineering list pays homage to women's relentless pursuit of excellence, diversity, and leadership in engineering. These trailblazers, hailing from various fields within the engineering domain, exemplify the pinnacle of achievement, leadership, and innovation. Nominated by their peers for their indelible contributions, these women are not just reshaping the built environment, but are pivotal in inspiring a new generation of female engineers. Their leadership transcends technical expertise, embodying mentorship, advocacy, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion in STEM.

As we celebrate the achievements and leadership of these influential women, we also recognize the collective journey towards a more inclusive and equitable engineering profession. Their stories of perseverance, innovation, and leadership light the path for future generations, marking achievements and milestones in the ongoing quest for gender equity in engineering and beyond. The 2024 list of Influential Women in Georgia Engineering isn’t just a recognition, but a testament to the changing tides in the engineering landscape, where women play crucial roles in driving innovation, equity, and excellence.

30 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]


Sr. Environmental Project Manager

Edwards-Pitman Environmental

Agerton brings 24 years of dedication to environmental consultancy, guiding local governments in transportation project delivery. At Atlanta DOT, as an Environmental Specialist and Project Manager, she skillfully oversees a portfolio exceeding $165 million. A leader at Edwards-Pitman, Agerton is committed to nurturing diverse staff as a mentor. Her industry involvement extends to ACEC Georgia’s Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality, and she's a vibrant community presence through the Kiwanis of Historic Roswell as Vice President and Youth Programs Committee Chair.


Assoc. Chair for Global Eng. Leadership & Entrepreneurship; Frederick L. Olmsted Prof; and Group Coordinator, Georgia Tech Amekudzi-Kennedy pioneers in multiple engineering domains, including Transportation/Infrastructure Asset Management and Sustainable Engineering. As the Director of the Infrastructure Research Group at Georgia Tech, she advances resilient and sustainable built environments through innovative decision-support systems. A trailblazer, she established ASCE's Committee on Sustainability and Environment and co-initiated Georgia Tech's Global Engineering Leadership Minor. Her leadership extends to ASCE Fellowship and the National Academy of Construction.


Interim Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner, Engineering City of Atlanta, Department of Transportation

Anderson Bomar, with roles including Interim Commissioner of Atlanta DOT and Assistant General Manager of MARTA, has demonstrated leadership in transportation throughout her career. She’s the entrepreneurial force behind Street Smarts and Data Smarts, culminating in a strategic sale to Stantec. Her expertise is recognized with titles such as ASCE Treasurer, ITE International Past President, and WTS 2023 Woman of the Year. With 16 years on the Duluth City Council, she’s currently working on a Ph.D. from UGA.


Vice President, Engineering & Survey Division

Patterson & Dewar Engineers

Atkinson steers the Engineering & Surveying Department at the forefront of electric utility infrastructure design. A Georgia Tech civil engineering graduate, she imparts her structural expertise on the Executive Advisory Board for Civil and Environmental Engineering. Atkinson's influence extends to SC4 of the NESC, NRECA TDEC Transmission, and the Gwinnett Stormwater Authority Board. Her dedication to engineering excellence is evident through her service with the ASCE and the Georgia Engineering Foundation.

MALORY ATKINSON, CPSM, LEED GA Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Shear Structural

Atkinson, at the helm of Shear Structural as Co-Founder and managing partner, champions structural innovation with a BS from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Georgia State University. Her leadership extends to board roles at Georgia Tech’s School of Building Construction, ULI Atlanta, and the Druid Hills Child Development Center. An alumna of ULI’s Center for Leadership, she’s earned accolades as Atlanta Business Chronicle’s ‘Small Business Person of the Year’ and 'Rising Star in Structural Engineering', alongside recognition in both Georgia Tech’s and GSU’s 40 under 40.


Senior Director Delivery Solutions

Jacobs Engineering Group

As the Director of Resource Planning on the Global Leadership Team at Jacobs, Baker leads the sustained growth and development of their leaders of the future. She’s passionate about people development and works to advance diversity and inclusion, strategic technical talent, long-term career development, and a sense of belonging in a global company. Her successes at Jacobs span almost 23 years, with a background in transportation, city administration, and environmental planning and conservation.


COO, Central Atlanta Progress

Ball significantly contributes to the urban renaissance of Downtown Atlanta through her role with Central Atlanta Progress. Ball oversees pivotal areas such as economic development, urban planning, transportation, and sustainability initiatives. Her stewardship includes transformative projects such as the Atlanta Arts & Entertainment District and the Downtown Atlanta Master Plan, with ongoing efforts channeling over $40 million into public space improvements. Ball's educational foundation includes bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Georgia Tech College of Design.


Co-Founder, Lumenor Consulting Group

Beato is the Founder & CEO of Lumenor Consulting Group, a woman-owned firm that provides management consulting, environmental, project controls, geospatial, planning, and technology services to the transportation industry. Active in both civic and leadership roles, she serves on the WTS International Board of Directors, as Treasurer of the WTS Foundation Board, as Co-Chair of the IAM Atlanta Branch, as Vice Chair of the APTA Systems Engineering Committee, and with IBTTA Women in Tolling. N

March | April 31 engineering ga [ feature ]


Senior Vice President, Southeast District Leader, WSP USA

Bilotto leads the Southeast District for WSP, one of the world's leading engineering and professional services firms. She’s responsible for the advisory, property and buildings, energy, transportation, and water businesses across an eight-state area. Bilotto is a teambuilder who serves clients with a focus on effective stakeholder engagement to successfully plan and deliver major infrastructure projects. She’s active in community, civic, and industry leadership activities, and believes that communities thrive when we’re engaged where we live and work.


Owner & Georgia Roadway Design Department Leader, Gresham Smith

Blackburn has over 15 years of experience connecting people and places across Georgia. She’s pushing boundaries toward multi-modal, technology-driven transportation solutions with a focus on safety and efficiency and expertise in GDOT’s design policies and design software. Blackburn is well respected in the engineering community and an active member of the ASHE Georgia Chapter, where she’s received numerous awards and currently serves as the section President. Additionally, Blackburn serves on Gresham Smith’s company-wide Workforce Development Committee and is leading the firm-wide formalization of a mentorship program.


CEO & Founder / Board Member

Douglas Consulting Group / MARTA Board of Directors

As CEO, Blakley drives innovative civil engineering solutions across aviation design and land development. Esteemed for her leadership, Blakley has been honored with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. She chairs the ATL Airport Chamber of Commerce and contributes to the growth of METRO Atlanta as a board member for MARTA, the Aerotropolis Alliance, and the South Fulton Parkway Alliance. Her leadership is further evidenced by her past presidency of the National Association of Black Women in Construction (NABWIC) Atlanta Chapter.


VP, Client Account Manager Transit Services

Jacobs Engineering Group

Briggins leverages her extensive three-decade career across federal, state, and local government sectors to serve as Client Account Manager for MARTA and Hartsfield Jackson Airport, overseeing an impressive $23 billion in program contracts. At Jacobs, Briggins champions environmental justice and fosters growth opportunities for disadvantaged businesses, particularly in Jackson, Miss. An active pillar in her community, she contributes to various organizations and holds directorship roles in both public and non-profit boards.


Deputy Commissioner, Engineering, City of Atlanta, Department of Transportation

Bromberg brings 27 years of distinctive experience in progressing projects from conception to reality in her role as Deputy Commissioner for the City of Atlanta’s Department of Transportation, Office of Engineering. Her breadth of knowledge spans program management to policy and value engineering. A Georgia Tech alumna, Bromberg chairs the ASCE Government Engineers Council and is lauded as ASCE Georgia Section Engineer of the Year for 2017-2018 and Georgia’s Engineer of the Year in Government for 2019.


Commissioner, City of Atlanta Watershed Management

Browning serves as the Commissioner for the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management. She’s an engineering leadership professional with over 20 years of experience in municipal and consulting within the civil and environmental engineering industry. Browning is a graduate of the University of Georgia and holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering with an Environmental emphasis. She’s a recipient of the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management/Clean Water Atlanta Program Management Team Award for Employee Excellence and the American Public Works Association Excellence in Service Award.

SUSAN BURNS, PH.D., PE, F.ASCE Professor, Georgia Tech

Burns serves Georgia Tech with distinction as the Dwight H. Evans Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, furthering her commitment as Associate Chair for Administration and Finance. An alumna with degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Burns spearheads geoenvironmental engineering research. Recognized by ASCE as a fellow and NSF with a CAREER award, she earned the prestigious Engineer of the Year title from the Georgia Society of Professional Engineers in 2020 and the revered Class of 1940 W. Howard Ector Outstanding Teacher Award.


Partner and Senior Vice President, CROFT

Chapman is a paragon of leadership, known for energizing her team at CROFT with fervent passion and empathy. Honored as Cobb County's 2023 Woman of Distinction and recognized among LiveSafe Resources’ Women of Achievement, Chapman's influence is palpable. A recent inductee into the Georgia Titan 100, she’s CROFT's Principal of Corporate Strategy, steering business development and marketing with innovative strategies across the firm's breadth. Chapman's philanthropic endeavors reflect her dedication to societal enrichment.

32 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]


Director of Airside/Landside for Planning and Development, Department of Aviation at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Click directs the Airside/Landside/Cargo division at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where she also excels as Senior Project Manager for major capital ventures. With 36 years in aviation and mastery over $650 million in project management, Click is a benchmark of quality and efficiency in airfield development. Her military precision stems from service in the United States Air Force. An Embry Riddle Aeronautical University alumna with a BS in Aeronautics, Click's career is a flight path of exemplary leadership and innovation in aviation.


Civil Engineer/Aviation, Kimley-Horn

Collins, a Georgia Tech civil engineering graduate, has seamlessly transitioned her skills from transportation into aviation design. With two decades of steering site development and community planning initiatives, Collins has led engineering teams across various agencies, leaving a substantial mark in both public and private sectors. Before her current role at Kimley-Horn, she directed an acclaimed aviation practice, managing extensive on-call contracts across southeastern airports. Collins' January 2023 transition to Kimley-Horn infuses the firm with her vast expertise and respected leadership in aviation design.


Cobb County Commissioner, Cobb County

Cupid is the first black and first female Commission Chair of Cobb County. She has served on the Cobb County Board of Commissioners since 2013. Cupid is known as a strong advocate for the fair treatment of all Cobb’s residents and stakeholders regardless of geographic, demographic, or economic standing. She’s an attorney and former mediator, policy analyst, and manufacturing process engineer. She lives in Smyrna with her two children and husband, also an attorney, law partner, and former electrical engineer. Both are graduates of Georgia Tech and Georgia State Law.


Chief of Staff, Office of Governor Brian Kemp

Curry has held various key roles in Georgia's government, currently serving as Chief of Staff in the Office of Governor Brian Kemp. With extensive experience in governmental affairs and policy, she’s previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer, and in leadership positions within state agencies such as the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency. Curry's diverse background also includes roles at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Georgia Department of Economic Development.


Executive Director, Sugarloaf CID

Davis leads the Sugarloaf Community Improvement District (CID), nurturing Gwinnett’s prime business and entertainment hub. Her tenure at Sugarloaf CID follows seven transformative years at Gateway85 CID. Davis, a Georgia Tech master's graduate in City and Regional Planning and an American Institute of Certified Planners member, also boasts leadership acumen from Leadership Gwinnett and the Regional Leadership Institute. Her commitment to community enrichment is rooted in her early career with Teach for America and as an educator in New York City and Atlanta.


Manager Watershed Compliance Program

Department of Natural Resources

DeCotis Smith is at the forefront of environmental stewardship in Georgia, managing the Watershed Compliance Program for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division since 2014. She ensures adherence to wastewater regulations and federal data reporting for the state. Previously, Smith led the Surface Water Unit, pioneering water efficiency and indirect potable reuse guidelines. Her educational foundation is solidly built on a BS and MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech.


CEO, Chatham Area Transit Authority

DiMassimo brings an impressive 43-year career to Chatham Area Transit as CEO, where she shapes the future of multimodal transport across local, regional, and federal domains. Her visionary leadership has been pivotal from Cobb County to Atlanta and Nashville. An FAICP with degrees from Auburn University, DiMassimo's influence radiates through roles with Leadership Savannah, the Georgia Transit Association, Gray’s Reef Foundation, Savannah Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club of Savannah.


Department Chair and Professor, Kennesaw State University

Dissanayake presides as the Chair and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Kennesaw State University. Commanding a department of approximately 800 students and a dedicated faculty, she shapes academic excellence and departmental administration. With over two decades in higher education, Dr. Dissanayake is a distinguished ASCE Fellow, a licensed Professional Engineer, and a recognized Fulbright Senior Scholar. Her dedication to cultivating future civil engineers is pivotal to Georgia's infrastructural advancement. N

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Board Member - 9th Congressional District, GDOT

As well as serving on GDOT's board, Dunn is CEO of Tom's Amusement Company, Inc., a traditional street operator headquartered in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Dunn is no stranger to civic involvement and has served on numerous boards over the past two decades. She currently serves on the board of the Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA) and is a recent past president. She served as chair of AMOA's Government Relations Committee and was pivotal in directing AMOA's battling Operation Choke Point activities.


Project Director, AtkinsRéalis

Dyson plays a pivotal role at AtkinsRealis, championing client relations, project strategy, and business expansion for DOT clients. With over 25 years' experience, her commitment to excellence and adept leadership steer through transportation project complexities. Dyson's passion extends to client service, professional development, and mentorship, reflecting in her roles as co-chair of the Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality (GPTQ) Consultant Relations Committee (CRC) and advisor for AtkinsRealis' Women Inspiring Leadership Atlanta chapter.


President/CEO, Edwards-Pitman


Edwards, with over 35 years of engineering and environmental expertise, established Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc. in 1994, growing it to nearly 80 employees across Georgia and South Carolina. Her portfolio boasts countless transportation, airport, transit, and trail projects, earning her numerous accolades, including the Female Business Enterprise Phoenix Trailblazer Award. Edwards' influential contributions extend to her eight-year tenure on the Mayor’s Roundtable for Women and her role as a founding member of the WTS Atlanta Chapter. Actively engaged in local commerce, she is a member of both the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, embodying her commitment to professional excellence and community enrichment.


President and Owner, Southeastern Engineering

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Epple’s aspirations to become a successful businesswoman, all while embracing the traditional family lifestyle, have been achieved. With the love and support of her husband of 30 years, their four children, and two grandchildren, Teresa established a forward-thinking, multi-disciplined civil engineering firm. Focusing on civil, transportation engineering, and surveying leveraging, Teresa specializes in traffic engineering.


President, Aulick Engineering

Aulick Etheridge is the Founder and President of Aulick Engineering, a woman-owned small business that provides engineering design and construction management services for transportation projects. She has over 20 years of experience focused primarily on hydraulics and hydrology for roadway and airport projects in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Outside of the engineering community, Jennifer is enjoying raising two sons and is involved with North Point Community Church and Club Pilates.


District Engineer, Cobb County Florim is a registered Professional Engineer with over 23 years of experience in the design and management of transportation systems at the local, state, and federal levels. She currently leads the Development Services group at Cobb County Department of Transportation, coordinating the review and approval of developments in the county. Florim is a Director at Large on the Board of WTS Atlanta and represents WTS on the Editorial Board of ACEC Georgia’s Engineering Georgia magazine.


Transit Division Manager/Deputy Director, Cobb County DOT

Foard currently serves as a Senior Program Manager with Cincar Consulting Group (C2G) in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to joining C2G, Andrea served as the Transit Division Manager/Deputy Director for Cobb County DOT, where she oversaw the CobbLinc bus system, associated operations and capital projects, and other major initiatives. She’s experienced in the successful delivery of major transportation and development projects.


Vice President / Area Manager, STV

Gallegos, as Vice President and Area Manager at STV, drives engineering operations with a focus on innovation and technical excellence. Armed with an engineering degree from the University of Kentucky, she’s forged a distinguished career marked by expertise in transportation, stormwater, and site design. Gallegos' leadership prowess enables her to guide diverse teams towards strategic objectives, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to exceed customer expectations. With a commitment to collaboration, efficiency, and continuous improvement, she plays a pivotal role in shaping STV's engineering direction across the southeast, ensuring its competitive edge in the Georgia market.

34 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]


Principal, Uzun+Case

Gamba, a Georgia Tech Civil Engineering alumna, began her career in Texas before returning to Atlanta to join Uzun+Case. She's conquered the eight-hour PE exam and the 16-hour structural engineering exam, earning registration in six states. Rising through the ranks to become a Principal and Owner at Uzun+Case, she's engineered landmark projects such as the Georgia Aquarium. Gamba actively participates in professional organizations, pursues continuing education, and drives business development, showcasing her dedication to advancing the field of engineering.


Director of Engineering, State Road and Tollway Authority

Gillespie serves as the Chief Engineer for the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA), the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA), and the Atlanta Regional Transit Link Authority. Leading the Engineering and Delivery Division, she spearheads toll systems engineering, transit facility design, and agency-wide project management. Gillespie also oversees toll, transit, and customer service business intelligence, along with programs such as Developments of Regional Impact and SRTA’s Grant and Loan initiatives, cementing her pivotal role in shaping transportation infrastructure across Georgia.


CEO, Georgia Power

Greene spearheads Georgia Power's mission to provide reliable electricity to 2.7 million customers statewide. With a remarkable 33-year career in energy, she commenced her journey in 1991 at Southern Company as an engineer, focusing on equipment design for fossil and nuclear power stations. Holding a bachelor’s in engineering science and mechanics from the University of Tennessee, a master’s in biomedical engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and an MBA from Samford University, Greene's academic achievements reflect her commitment to excellence. Recognized by the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame and recipient of prestigious awards from the University of Tennessee, her contributions to the energy sector remain unparalleled.


Division Director Stormwater Services, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources

Gurd, Project Administrator at Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources, oversees the Capital Improvements Program's delivery. With 25 years as a Georgia professional engineer, she ensures timely development of water, sewer, and stormwater projects. Gurd's expertise has shaped water resources projects in metro Atlanta, reflecting her dedication to community service. Notably, she served as past president of ASCE Georgia Section, embodying her commitment to advancing engineering standards and practices.


Transportation Systems Director, VHB

Hammond serves as VHB Atlanta's Transportation Systems Director, leading teams in transportation planning and traffic engineering to drive transformative projects across Georgia. Renowned in the state's transportation sphere, she's committed to enhancing quality of life and fostering economic prosperity through innovative mobility solutions. Hammond plays pivotal roles in major initiatives like GDOT’s Rural Statewide Active Transportation Plan and MARTA’s Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative.


Executive Director, Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)

Hanlon has overseen the organization’s daily operations and investments in transportation infrastructure since 2017. The CIDs have an annual operating budget of over $10 million. Previously, Hanlon was the Executive Director of the North Fulton CID. A native of South Georgia, Ann received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Government and Computer Science from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master’s of Public Administration Degree in Management and Finance from Georgia State University.


Program Director, ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)

Harris is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in strategic transportation planning and high-level project management. She currently manages the ATL Airport CIDs capital program and has a deep understanding of projects from conception to construction, with the ability to grasp content data quickly and easily. Harris has nearly 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, with her last 12 years spent at GDOT in various roles in Planning and Asset Management. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Chairwoman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

Love Hendrickson, elected chairwoman of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners in 2020, leads Georgia's second-most populous and diverse county of nearly one million residents. Under Hendrickson's leadership, Gwinnett County prioritizes building a more inclusive community, emphasizing transportation improvements and mobility for all with a new transit development plan. She champions housing affordability through the creation of an affordable housing development fund and revitalizes the local economy, ensuring economic security for small and minority businesses. N

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Vice President, Aulick Engineering, LLC

Henry joined Aulick in 2014 and currently serves as Vice President and Partner of the woman-owned DBE firm. With more than 16 years of diverse experience in transportation specializing in aviation, Henry actively engages in professional organizations such as ASHE, GAA, AGGAA, and ACEC Georgia. She holds positions on the Georgia Tech CISE Board for the School of Civil Engineering and the Industry Advisory Council for Third Lens. Henry was also recognized as one of Georgia Tech's 40 under 40 Alumni in 2023.


Chief Design Engineer, VHB

For over three decades, Hodges has dedicated herself to delivering top-tier transportation design projects. With a wealth of expertise in project management, technical design, and plan development, she’s left an indelible mark on state and local transportation initiatives across Georgia. Hodges' extensive project portfolio spans a diverse range, encompassing two-lane and multi-lane rural and urban roadways, interstate facilities, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, traffic operations studies, drainage analysis, and erosion control plans.


Director of Government Relations, HNTB

Hudgins has been an integral part of enhancing HNTB’s presence in Georgia. She was formerly the Vice President of Georgians for Better Transportation and Board Secretary to the Board of GDOT. In both roles, Hudgins worked to strengthen Georgia’s policies for better transportation and advocate for funding opportunities. She represents HNTB as Director of Government Relations in the southeast and the mid-Atlantic, where she has developed strong relationships with transportation peers/colleagues. Hudgins is a nationally recognized professional advocate and strategist for transportation initiatives.


Senior Project Manager and Market Lead for Georgia, Carallo Engineers

With over 20 years of experience, Jacob is a seasoned project manager and design engineer renowned for her expertise in the water industry. Her specialization includes the design of treatment facility expansions, water distribution systems, and pump station projects. Notably, she’s excelled as an Owner’s Engineer for large municipal water reclamation facilities. Actively involved in the field, Jacob currently leads as the Chair of the Georgia Water Environment Federation Board. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her dedication to fostering strong client relationships, has consistently led to the successful execution of award-winning projects that exceed expectations.


Owner, Shear Structural

Jenkins brings over 35 years of experience in architecture and structural engineering, holding professional licenses in seven states. As a co-founder and managing partner at Shear Structural, LLC, a women-owned structural firm in Atlanta, Jenkins exemplifies leadership in her field. She’s served as past president of the AIA Atlanta board and currently sits on the advisory board for the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech, where she also serves as the Board Chair for the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Additionally, Karen shares her expertise by teaching graduate-level classes at the College of Design at Georgia Tech.


Senior Engineer IV/Senior Project Manager, AtkinsRéalis

Jeon brings 22 years of expertise in transportation planning, traffic engineering, and sustainability. With a focus on climate resiliency and electrification, she’s been published extensively in sustainable transportation systems. Currently, she serves as Vice President of Georgia Section ITE and President of Korean American Women in Science and Engineering (KWiSE). Jeon is also an active member of International ITE's Data Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) Committee and EV, Electrification, and Emission Reduction Subcommittee.


Engineering Principal, DeKalb Department of Watershed Management

Johnson is a seasoned leader dedicated to ensuring safe drinking water and regulatory compliance within DeKalb County's Wastewater Consent Decree. With over 20 years of engineering experience, Johnson oversees crucial sewer design projects aimed at eliminating sewer overflows to safeguard Georgia's waterways. She spearheaded initiatives such as the Water Meter Exchange program, reducing water loss and enhancing meter accuracy, while resolving billing issues affecting communities. Johnson also initiated an Asset Management Program to adhere to EPD regulations, serving as Engineering Principal for the Department of Watershed Management.


Senior Associate | Georgia Right of Way Acquisition

Department Lead, Gresham Smith

Jones boasts more than 37 years of expertise in right-of-way (ROW) and more than 30 years at GDOT. While at the latter, she specialized in acquisition, negotiations, and ROW management. Recognized as an expert in both state and federal projects, she guides local governments and GDOT’s Office of ROW. Jones’ commitment extends to community engagement, leading Gresham Smith's involvement in ACEC Georgia's STEM Day and serving on non-profit boards.

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Owner and CEO, Juneau Construction Company

Juneau, alongside her husband Les, established Juneau Construction Company in 1997. Over 27 years, it’s risen as a premier woman-owned general contractor in the Southeast, boasting annual revenues surpassing $400 million and employing over 185 individuals across offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; and Tampa, Florida. Committed to community service, Nancy actively engages with various organizations and boards, earning recognition with the esteemed Titan 100 Award in Georgia.


Co-Founder & CEO, Modern Mobility Partners

Kemp is Co-Founder and CEO of Modern Mobility Partners, a DBE transportation planning and traffic engineering firm in Atlanta, Georgia. She oversees the marketing and growth strategy for the company, as well as manages pioneering transportation planning projects. With almost 25 years of experience in transportation planning, Kemp brings thought leadership to the industry as co-host of the Modern Mobility Podcast, a ground-breaking transportation planning podcast that provides practical step-by-step solutions to modern-day transportation challenges.


Board Member - 5th Congressional District, GDOT

Key is the President and CEO of the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC), Georgia's leading advocacy organization for supplier diversity and small business development. Key is a 25-year veteran with a variety of global brands, including IBM, Bellsouth/AT&T, Schlumberger, and Samsung Telecommunications. She’s actively involved in the community and serves on the Board of Directors of GDOT, Emory University Center for Ethics, the College Football Hall of Fame, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and the Midtown Alliance.


Board Member - 13th Congressional District, GDOT

Lemon is president of her family business, W.D. Lemon & Sons Funeral Home, a 64-year-old family business serving the Southern Crescent. She currently serves on the Trustee Board for Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia. Lemon is also serving her fifth term as the first woman elected to the Transportation Board of Georgia. Prior to her election, she served on the Davidson College Alumni Association and Henry County Chamber of Commerce. Her life of service was recognized in 2018 by the Georgia Senate and in 2012 by the Georgia House of Representatives, where she received resolutions and commendations for her contributions to the State of Georgia and unselfish and dedicated public service.


Senior Director, Capital Projects Management, City of Savannah, Georgia

Llewellyn Lawrence, a licensed professional civil engineer with 28 years of expertise, is Senior Director of Capital Projects Management for the City of Savannah, a role she's excelled in for five years. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Duke University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgia Southern University. Recognized as an ASCE Fellow and a LEED Accredited Professional by the U.S. Green Building Council, Lawrence is deeply committed to sustainability.


Business Manager/Engineer, Aulick Engineering

With 15 years of experience in transportation design, Lott brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Having worked extensively in engineering, she’s managed various aspects of roadway design, stormwater design, and erosion control. Currently serving as Business Manager at Aulick Engineering, she oversees critical functions including human resources and accounting, leveraging her dual perspective to bridge technical and administrative operations. Lott is actively engaged in industry organizations such as ASHE GA, WTS Atlanta, and ACEC Georgia.


Senior Transportation Engineer, Arcadis Matthews, a Professional Engineer and MSP Certified Project Manager, boasts over 20 years of expertise in the transportation sector. Currently serving as Deputy Program Manager at Cobb DOT within Arcadis, she spearheads a team of engineers and professionals dedicated to facilitating Cobb County's SPLOST initiatives. With a track record of managing award-winning projects in both Cobb County and at GDOT, Matthews also holds significant leadership roles. As Vice President for the ASHE Southeast Region and Co-Chair for the 2023 ASHE National Conference, she actively contributes to the advancement of her field.


Principal, McSwain Consulting Group

McSwain’s career spans 35 years in the public and private transportation sectors.

She’s highly skilled in building high-performing teams, strategic business growth, and partnerships. McSwain has a special interest in mentoring and STEM education. Her commitment to mentoring is exemplified through her volunteer leadership: supporting the WTS International Board; past national chair of the WTS Transportation You STEM Program; APTA Emerging Leaders Program; Leadership APTA Executive Program Committee; Georgia Supplier Diversity Corporate Mentor Protégé Program; and COMTO Youth Symposium and Scholars Program. N

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Chief Executive Officer, The Water Tower

Meeker has 30 years of experience in water resources management emphasizing water supply diversity and resiliency.

Having worked in public, private, and non-profit sectors, she currently serves as the CEO of The Water Tower, focused on enabling solutions in research, technology, training, and engagement around water.

Taking on the role in 2018, Meeker was the primary architect of this one-of-a-kind innovation center and has been with the project from inception, through construction and marketing, into full operations. In 2022, she was awarded the Gwinnett Chamber’s Moxie Influence Award.


Executive Director, Cumberland CID

Menefee serves as the Executive Director for the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID) and the newly established 501c3, One Cumberland. In her role, Kim spearheads collaborative efforts with commercial investors, government officials, and stakeholders to propel vital transportation and infrastructure projects, enriching the Cumberland community. With 25 years of senior leadership experience at WellStar Health System, Menefee brings a wealth of expertise to her current position.


Director of Planning for GDOT

Executive Director for SRTA State Road and Tollway Authority

Miller holds a multifaceted role as the Executive Director at the State Road and Tollway Authority, Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, and Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority, appointed by Governor Kemp. Additionally, she serves as his appointee for Director of Planning at GDOT. With an illustrious career spanning various government and private sector roles, Miller has served as Deputy Assistant Secretary and Senior Advisor to Secretary Elaine Chao at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Senior Advisor to the U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, and Director of the Center of Innovation for Logistics at the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Prior to her government service, she was the Senior Manager of Supply Chain Finance at The Home Depot.


Environmental Services Manager, VHB

Murphy manages the Environmental Division of VHB's Atlanta operations. In this role, she’s responsible for the growth of the environmental services practice, quality management, project execution, and client relations. In addition, she serves as the corporate-wide cultural resources discipline lead, providing guidance and support across VHB's footprint. Murphy has played a key role in the strategic and rapid growth of VHB within the Atlanta, Georgia market since 2015. In 2021, she was named by ENR Magazine as one of the National Top 20 Professionals Under 40.


Director, ATL Board of Directors

Nash has dedicated nearly four decades to serving Gwinnett County, progressing from a staff member to her current role as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. Throughout her esteemed career, Nash has actively participated in various civic and government organizations at local, regional, and state levels. Notable roles include serving as a board member for the Atlanta Regional Commission, chairing the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, and leading as President of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG). Presently, she contributes to the board for the ATL, the regional transit authority.


State Program Delivery Administrator, GDOT

Kimberly Nesbitt serves as the state program delivery administrator in the Office of Program Delivery, overseeing the design, bid, build program, and local sponsor projects for GDOT. With a tenure spanning 25 years at GDOT, Nesbitt started her career as a civil engineering technologist in the Office of Traffic Operations.

Throughout her journey, she advanced through various project and personnel management roles in offices such as Consultant Design, Traffic Safety and Design, and Program Delivery. Nesbitt holds a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering technology from South Carolina State University. Additionally, she proudly served eight years in the United States Air Force Reserves, honorably discharged as a staff sergeant.


Senior Project Manager, Client Account Manager

KCI Technologies

Painter, a seasoned Professional Engineer with two decades of expertise, focuses her career on design and client account management at KCI. Known for her exceptional skills, she collaborates with DOTs, CIDs, and municipalities, earning respect across the industry. Active in professional circles, she holds significant roles with ACEC Georgia and ITSGA, among others, showcasing her commitment to advancing the field. Recognized with prestigious awards like ENR SE "Top 20 Under 40" and the 2020 GSPE Young Engineer of the Year, Painter's stellar achievements reflect her dedication to excellence.


Deputy Director, Paulding County DOT

Parish boasts a career dedicated to local government, and has served various roles in Paulding County and Cobb County. Parish is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University, holding a bachelor's degree in civil engineering technology and a Professional Engineer certification. She resides in Paulding County with her husband, Jason, and their three children.

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NIKKI PARRIS, PE Project Director, AtkinsRéalis

Parris, a Georgia Tech alumna, boasts more than 25 years of experience in transportation engineering, with the last two decades dedicated to AtkinsRéalis as a Program Manager for various local governments and community improvement districts in the Atlanta metro area. She actively contributes to the ASHE Georgia Chapter, holding a leadership role as Chair of their National Conference on its National Board. Additionally, Parris is deeply involved in ACEC Georgia's committees and has recently joined its board. She also co-leads AtkinsRéalis' national women's diversity group, empowering women to excel in both their professional and personal endeavors.


Global Business Area Program Manager - Mobility, Arcadis

With more than 28 years of experience, Partain has dedicated her career to enhancing communities and governments across Georgia. As Global Business Area Program Manager for Arcadis Mobility, she oversees various infrastructure projects, from planning and finances to design, stakeholder engagement, and construction. Currently, she plays a pivotal role in assisting USDOT with the implementation of the inaugural Thriving Communities program, leveraging her technical advisory skills and capacity-building expertise to foster growth in disadvantaged communities.


Division of P3, GDOT

Patel, the Division Director of Engineering for the Georgia DOT, began her lifelong career at GDOT as a Construction Project Engineer in the Atlanta, Georgia office. Over the next 25 years, she served in several roles: Area Engineer in the Gainesville District, Senior Project Manager, Assistant State Program Delivery Administrator, and State Environmental Administrator.

Currently, Patel is an active participant on several committees: the Steering Committee of AASHTO Council of Active Transportation, AASHTO Work Zone Subcommittee (Vice Chair), AASHTO Active Transportation Research Subcommittee (Chair), GDOT Consultant Pre-Qualification Committee (Chair), and GPTQ Consultant Relations Committee (Co-Chair).


Chief Engineer, GDOT

Pirkle is the Chief Engineer at GDOT, a position she’s held since January 2015. As Chief Engineer, she oversees engineering, construction, and project management for the Department’s $2.5 billion statewide capital program. Pirkle also oversees the P3 program, statewide maintenance, traffic operations, and intermodal programs. Pirkle earned a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Vanderbilt University and a master's degree in civil engineering from Georgia Tech and is a registered Professional Engineer.


Board Member - 1st Congressional District, GDOT

Purcell, a former state legislator, is serving her third term on the State Transportation Board representing the 1st Congressional District. Her district encompasses 17 counties in Southeast Georgia including Bacon, Brantley, Bryan, Camden, Charlton, Chatham, Clinch, Echols, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long, Lowndes, McIntosh, Pierce, Ware, and Wayne. She’s the Chair of the Statewide Transportation Planning/Strategic Planning Committee and the Vice Chair of the Intermodal Committee and the Legislative Committee.


Executive Director, Town Center CID

Styf is the Executive Director of the Town Center Community Improvement District (TCCID). In her role, Styf works collaboratively with the local, state, and federal leaders to invest the approximately $3.7 million of commercial tax funds received each year to develop infrastructure, parks, and trails. She’s actively involved in her local community, serving on various boards including the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce, the Cobb Community Foundation, the Council for Quality Growth, the Georgia Transportation Alliance, Kennesaw State University, Select Cobb, and the Strand Theatre.


President & CEO, Accura Engineering and Consulting Services

Reddy is responsible for the strategic growth, development, and overall management of Accura Engineering and Consulting Services. She’s overseen the expansion of the firm's services and market segments and has been instrumental in developing the company into a respected firm known throughout the United States. Reddy is active in professional and personal organizations. She’s a member of ACEC Georgia and participates at many levels, including serving on a Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality (GPTQ) subcommittee and sponsoring events such as the Georgia Transportation Summit.


ChiefStrategyOfficer,ChiefExternalAffairsOfficer, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)

With over 25 years of experience spanning public policy, operational leadership, and business development, Reed Wilkins leads ARC's strategic planning, governmental affairs, and corporate partnerships. Having served in executive capacities for various Georgia state entities, including the State Road and Tollway Authority and Georgia Commute Options, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Dr. Wilkins actively contributes to several organizations, including the Atlanta Technical College Foundation Board, Georgia Driver's Education Commission, and Rotary Club of Buckhead, Georgia. She’s also a past president of WTS Atlanta and a member of COMTO Atlanta. N

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March | April 39 engineering


Vice President, Strategy and Growth, Southeast, Atlas

With over 25 years in the A/E/C consulting field, Riker serves as Vice President at Atlas Technical Consultants. A dedicated leader, she chairs the Council for Quality Growth and contributes to the Women’s Leadership Initiative for the Urban Land Institute (ULI). As a Fellow with the Society of American Military Engineers, she plays an active role on the Foundation Board. In her local community of Buckhead, Riker leads as President of the Mt. Paran Northside Citizens Association, showcasing her commitment to community service and civic engagement.


Senior Vice President, WSP USA

Ritzler serves as the Southern States Planning and Environmental Business Lead for WSP, leveraging over 23 years of experience as a proven leader. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, she excels in guiding high-profile transportation projects across the region. With expertise in transit and rail planning, as well as environmental documentation, Ritzler is recognized for her problem-solving skills and collaborative approach. She adeptly navigates complex projects, facilitating funding, consensus building, and seamless project delivery from planning stages to implementation.


Executive Director, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)

Roach was appointed as the ARC’s Executive Director in April 2022. She was previously Chief Operating Officer for Fulton County and, before that, worked as the County’s Chief Strategy Officer. Roach is ARC’s first female leader. She holds a law degree from St. John’s University and a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York, College at Cortland. Earlier in her career, she served as Assistant Deputy General Counsel for the District of Columbia Department of Human Resources, an administrative law judge in New York, and as appellate counsel for the Legal Aid Society of New York.


Managing Director / Principal, Walter P Moore

Roberts has 16 years of structural design experience in educational, healthcare, and commercial facilities. She’s a founding board member of the Lifecycle Building Center and a current Advisory Board member. Roberts is an MLAB member of USGBC Georgia and on the USGBC Materials & Resources Technical Advisory Group. She’s co-chair for the Atlanta Carbon Leadership Forum HUB, a Steering Committee member for AIA Atlanta COTE, and a member of ACI 318N. She’s founding chair of NCSEA Sustainability Committee and an SE 2050 Advisory Council member. Kelly is a 2021 Building Design + Construction 40 under 40 winner and 2022 Auburn University Outstanding Young Engineer.


Chief Capital Officer

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

Rocha, PE, CCM, serves as MARTA’s Chief Capital Officer overseeing the Division of Capital Programs, Expansion & Innovation (CPEI). The Division of CPEI is responsible for planning, developing, designing, and delivering capital projects to expand transit services that meet the growing needs of MARTA's service area, as well as improving the reliability and safety of MARTA's system through the State of Good Repair Program. Rocha is responsible for a portfolio of over 150 projects and an annual budget of over $500 million in the capital improvement program.


Transportation Planning Manager, VHB

Rojek serves as the Transportation Planning Manager for VHB in Atlanta, Georgia, bringing 17 years of experience to her role.

Passionate about enhancing communities, she focuses on planning and developing projects that improve lives. Rojek's expertise spans transit-oriented development, transportation, transit expansion, and community planning, where she explores the intersection of transportation and land use. Skilled in managing multidisciplinary teams, she collaborates across departments and disciplines to achieve project goals. Rojek cherishes her time serving on the WTS Atlanta Board of Directors for six years.


Senior Associate and Technical Manager

Michael Baker International

For nearly 25 years, Schwartz has been advancing transportation in Georgia, completing numerous projects for municipalities and GDOT. Known for her exceptional ability to move projects forward while prioritizing the needs of clients and citizens, she’s deeply passionate about her work. Active in the engineering community, Schwartz holds leadership roles in the WTS Atlanta chapter and is a member of ACEC Georgia, WTS Atlanta, and ASHE.


Director, Gwinnett County, Department of Water Resources

Shelton spearheads a major metropolitan Atlanta utility managing water, wastewater, and stormwater services, boasting a substantial annual budget of $400 million and catering to over one million residents. Beyond her professional commitments, she dedicates her time to community initiatives, including Rotary, local food banks, church activities, and engagement with ASCE. Shelton's involvement extends to leadership roles, serving as a two-time Past-President of the Rotary Club of Buford/North Gwinnett and currently holding the position of Region 5 Governor for ASCE.

40 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]


Principal Engineer & Co-Owner, KADAS, Incorporated

Shostak brings more than 25 years of experience as a distinguished environmental engineer in both the public and private sectors. As Principal Engineer and co-owner of KADAS, Incorporated, she specializes in stormwater management, due diligence, urban forestry, and expert witness services. Shostak's career began at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, where she oversaw environmental permit and NEPA compliance.


Civil Site Department Head, Simpson Engineering Consulting

Simpson boasts a rich background of more than 25 years as a Civil Engineer specializing in Site Development, dedicated to transforming client visions into tangible reality. Her expertise spans various sectors, including commercial/retail, healthcare, mixed-use, data centers, and industrial projects. Notably, her remarkable seven-year endeavor, the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta North Druid Hills Hospital and Campus, clinched the esteemed 2023 ASCE Georgia Section award for Project of Excellence.


Director of Projects and Planning, Town Center Community Improvement District (CID)

Smith has more than 24 years of experience in the A/E/C industry. Through strategic planning, she initiates infrastructure and place-making projects that address multi-modal transportation and quality of life needs for the district. These projects are then folded into county-wide improvements that create regional impacts. Smith oversees the Town Center CID’s portfolio of projects and collaborates with community stakeholders and local and federal agencies to ensure these investments are managed wisely and achieved on time. Her project diversity experience ranges from transportation, infrastructure, and planning studies to parks, trail networks, community involvement, and grant writing. Smith also manages the Town Center Alliance, 501(c)(3) project portfolio.


Senior Project Manager, Practical Design Partners

Snyder is an active member in the engineering community, dedicating two decades to various leadership roles within WTS Atlanta, ACEC Georgia, and the Georgia Engineering Alliance (GEA). Currently, she chairs the K-12 subcommittee of the STEM Workforce Task Force and contributes to the Scheduling and Programming Task Force with ACEC Georgia. Beyond her professional commitments, Snyder actively engages in her community as the treasurer of her neighborhood association and serves as Acolyte Co-Director and Chair of Children’s Ministry at her church. Since founding Practical Design Partners (PDP) in 2020, Snyder takes pride in its growth trajectory.


President & CEO, Paradigm Project Leadership Group

With 35 years of experience in project management, engineering, and leadership, Stovall-Dixon brings a wealth of expertise to the table, including over 13 years at GDOT. As the former Assistant State Program Delivery Administrator, she spearheaded a team responsible for executing a $9.5 billion program. In 2021, Stovall-Dixon launched the Paradigm Project Leadership Group, dedicated to supporting local governments in effectively managing and delivering federal-aid transportation projects. Actively engaged in professional networks, she contributes to WTS Atlanta and the Project Management Institute Atlanta Chapter.


Culture and Social Impact, Executive Lead, AtkinsRéalis

At the executive level, Thomas spearheads Culture and Social Impact initiatives across the United States, driving a strategic plan aimed at fostering equal and equitable communities, diverse business, and inclusive culture. Joining AtkinsRéalis in 2018 as Vice President of Regional Business Development & Strategy for Georgia, she leverages 22 years of experience to fortify client relationships and enhance market presence in the greater Atlanta, Georgia community.


Executive Vice President of Operations

Edwards-Pitman Environmental

Thomas serves as Vice President overseeing operations at Edwards-Pitman Environmental, a premier firm with 80 environmental professionals in the Southeast. Her leadership has propelled the company to the forefront of environmental consulting, particularly in the transportation sector. Thomas played a pivotal role in navigating the firm's transition to new ownership under Braun Intertec Corporation, driving growth in emerging markets. Additionally, she manages a Regional Environmental Services IDIQ contract for the GDOT Office of Environmental Services.


Project Manager | Landscape Architect, Pond & Company

Thompson brings 11 years of expertise as a landscape architect, shaping stunning and functional outdoor environments. Her portfolio spans high-end residential designs, acclaimed parks, public areas, trail systems, and urban planning initiatives. Renowned for her leadership and project management skills, Thompson adeptly guides complex multi-disciplinary projects and smaller community spaces. Beyond her professional commitments, Thompson generously volunteers her time, contributing to the Junior Board of ACEC Georgia and serving on the General Board of Directors of the Olmsted Linear Park Alliance. N

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Principal/ Marketing Manager, Thomas & Hutton

Arango, Principal/Marketing Manager at Thomas & Hutton, brings 23 years of expertise to overseeing marketing, communications, and community relations across the firm's 10 southeast regions. Actively engaged in community service, Arango contributes to various professional and non-profit boards and committees, including the Savannah Sports Council, TEDxSavannah, and the Society of Marketing Professional Services. She's a dedicated member of Leadership Southeast Georgia, Leadership Savannah, and Leadership Georgia, recognized as a Georgia Trend's 40 Under 40 honoree.


Vice President, Croy

Ugi, Vice President at Croy, a Georgia consulting firm with a Southeastern presence, directs the firm's external marketing strategies while fostering internal operations and communications. Ugi aligns Croy's team of more than 100 people on message, brand, and goals - cultivating a vibrant culture and training environment. Collaborating closely with clients, she ensures their visions are effectively communicated, fostering community engagement and acceptance for diverse projects. Ugi's leadership steers Croy towards strategic priorities and establishes a strong presence in the consulting landscape across the Southeast.


Director of Engineering, Southern US Toole Design Group

Walker, a professional engineer with 25 years of experience, excels in planning, designing, and overseeing public and private infrastructure projects, specializing in roadway design. Her expertise spans geometric alignments, stormwater management, erosion control, signage, storm sewer design, and more. As the Director of Engineering for Toole Design's South Region, she leads with a strategic approach, ensuring projects cater to diverse transportation needs.


City Engineer, City of Canton

Watson, serving as the City Engineer for Canton, Georgia, oversees capital improvement projects, water/sewer infrastructure, transportation, and land development. With over 15 years of municipal engineering experience, she excels in securing grant funding, winning over $10 million in the last five years for diverse projects, including transportation and park infrastructure. Watson spearheaded Canton's inaugural sustainability initiative, the Downtown Parking Deck, featuring EV Charging Stations and a Solar Canopy to offset City Hall's electricity costs. Alongside her husband, she nurtures her family of five children.


Director of Environmental Services, Lumenor Consulting Group

Throughout her 24-year journey in transportation planning and engineering, Weber has risen from a junior staff historian to her current role as Vice President of Environmental Planning at Lumenor Consulting Group, a distinguished woman-owned firm. Renowned for her leadership and mentorship, particularly for emerging women professionals, Weber has received accolades including the WTS Atlanta Member of the Year Award in 2021 and recognition among ACEC Georgia’s 50 Notable Women of 2022 and 100 Influential Women in 2023. Actively engaged in board leadership, she presently chairs the ACEC Georgia STEM Workforce Task Force, shaping the future of the industry.


Executive Director, Gateway Marietta CID

With over two decades of experience in economic and land development, public-private partnerships, and nonprofit leadership, Whaley brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Managing Partner at Strategic Community Partners. Armed with a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech, she specializes in CID start-up and management, economic development, and government relations. Whaley is currently dedicated to driving economic growth and infrastructure enhancements along the Franklin Gateway Corridor.


Civil Engineer/Senior Project Manager, Pont Engineering

With a 33-year career in the transportation sector, White boasts a diverse portfolio managing highway, bridge, and rail projects across the Midwest and Southeast. Certified by the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), she brings extensive expertise in Design Build-Finance (DBF), Program Management, Construction Management, and Government agency oversight. White has successfully led large-scale projects with budgets reaching $800 million, consistently delivering results within scope, schedule, and budget to stakeholder satisfaction. Currently, she serves as the Administrative Quality Lead on the prestigious $800 million Design-Build Finance I-285/20 East Interchange Project.


Treasurer, GDOT

Whitworth is charged with the administration and management of GDOT’s $3.9 billion annual budget. Having 32 years of accounting and finance experience in both the public and private sectors, Whitworth established a thorough understanding of GDOT’s finance and accounting practices by serving as assistant budget administrator, financial management administrator, director of finance, and assistant treasurer. She also serves on the AASHTO Committee on Funding and Finance and is the current SASHTO treasurer.

42 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]


Program Director, True North 400 CID

Winzeler brings her expertise to True North 400, formerly the North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID), as the Deputy Executive Director. With a focus on daily operations, projects, and team management, she spearheaded the successful re-branding and launch of True North 400 in 2023. A graduate of ARC's Regional Leadership Institute and GNFCC's Leadership North Fulton, Winzeler is deeply involved in leadership development. She served as the Immediate Past President of WTS Atlanta, having also led the organization as President during its 40th anniversary in 2022.


Georgia Area Manager, Parsons

Named as Parsons’ 2022 Rising Star, Woods has led an aggressive career that catapulted her into a visible and challenging leadership role within the multi-billion-dollar organization. She’s managed and served as Engineer of Record on projects with construction values of over $100 million. Additionally, Woods supports the Georgia office operations and oversees the financial and technical performance of all active transportation projects, engages in business development, and manages and mentors a team of engineers. Woods serves on the ACEC Georgia GPTQ Engineering Services subcommittee and previously served on the Auburn University College of Engineering Young Alumni Council.


Office of Alternative Delivery (OAD) Pre-Let Program Director, HNTB Corporation

Yu boasts 18 years of expertise in transportation infrastructure design, showcasing her prowess as a Strategic Senior Project Manager. Currently serving as the Pre-Let Program Director within HNTB's Office of Alternative Delivery, she guides a team of six project managers and manages over 25 projects. Yu's knack for delivering innovative solutions efficiently has earned her the trust of clients and peers alike. Beyond her professional endeavors, she’s dedicated to nurturing the next generation of engineers, actively participating in organizations like WTS Atlanta, ACEC Georgia, and ASHE GA, where she serves as the program chair.


Managing Director of Natural Resources, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)

Zitsch is a leader in planning for a resilient, long-term water supply. She heads the Natural Resources Group at ARC and is the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Director. In these roles, Zitsch plans for the region's water future; works with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on water supply issues; protects access to water in ongoing tristate litigation; and oversees ARC's climate and sustainability programs. Zitsch serves on the board of the National Water Supply Alliance and the Executive Committee of ACF Stakeholders. She previously served on the board of the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership. A

March | April 43
Selected by ACEC Georgia’s 100 Influential Women in Engineering Committee COMPILED & EDITED BY BRETT HILLESHEIM E Engineering Georgia’s 35 Under 35 Women to Know in Georgia Engineering is a celebration of the next generation of influential leaders within engineering and land development professionals. These women are recognized by their peers for their dedication, innovation, and leadership as engineers, planners, strategists, and civic leaders. 44 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]
35 UNDER 35 35 WOMEN TO KNOW in Georgia Engineering

1. ASHLEYANN ADAMS CHAMBERS, MBA Business Development Volkert

2. KELSEY BALDWIN, PE Department Leader – Georgia Water Jacobs

3. ALLISON BELL Transportation Planner VHB

4. M. GIZEM BOZKURT, PHD, PE, M.ASCE Senior Engineer Geosyntec Consultants

5. MELANIE BRUEGGEMANN, PE Municipal Utilities Department Head Croy

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HR Business Partner 2MNext
Senior Engineer Geosyntec Consultants
Project Manager Michael Baker International
Principal engineer Chick-fil-a
46 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]
Environmental Project Manager Edwards-Pitman Environmental
Project Engineer Neel-Schaffer
Project Liaison/Engineer III HNTB
Civil Engineer/Shareholder Kimley-Horn
Structural Engineer 2 ArcadisUSA March | April 47 engineering ga [ feature ]


Zero Emissions Transportation Lead Analyst

1898 & Co.


Project Manager



Civil Engineering Group Leader | Senior Project Manager

Eberly & Associates


Project Manager

Michael Baker International


Civil Engineer, Aviation & Federal Group

Burns & McDonnell

48 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]
35 21. JANINE PAYNE Transportation Engineer VHB 22. MOLLY REA, PE Project Engineer Benesch 23. ERIN ROBINSON Water Engineer I Arcadis 24. LEIGH SEXTON Associate HDR 25. ELIZABETH SHIN, PE Project Engineer Toole Design Group March | April 49
35 26. EMERALD SMITH, PMP Post-Let Compliance Manager Rohadfox Construction Control Services 27. ERIKA SUTTON, EIT Transportation Designer VHB 28. KARRI THOMAS, PE Project Engineer Jacobs Engineering 29. MELISSA TING Chief Operating Officer Blue Cypress Consulting 30. MARIA YESENIA TREJO, PE (GA, NC) Project Controls Lead HDR - Atlanta office 50 Engineering Georgia engineering ga [ feature ]


Bridge Engineer

Heath & Lineback Engineers


Project Manager



Capital Projects Manager

Lowe Engineers


Project Manager



Transportation Engineer/Associate


March | April 51 engineering ga [ feature ]
52 Engineering Georgia
March | April 53
54 Engineering Georgia

Georgia President


Our six ASCE Student Chapters competed with civil engineering students from 19 universities in Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico March 21-23, 2024 in Orlando, Florida. Titled the Southeast ASCE Student Symposium, it was hosted by the ASCE Florida Section. Weather moved events under cover yet competition remained.

The 2025 Symposium will be hosted by the University of Georgia. The Georgia Section looks forward to assisting our UGA Student Chapter to support and connect with students through the Symposium sponsorship program. Save the date for our Charity Golf Tournament scheduled for September 24, 2024, in Athens, Georgia.

JOHN PIERSON, P.E., F. ASCE Pierson Enterprises ASCE
56 Engineering Georgia


Gresham, Smith and Partners

ASHE Georgia President


The 14th Annual ITE/ASHE Transportation Winter Workshop was a hybrid in-person/virtual conference that took place at the Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa in Young Harris, Georgia! This year's theme was “Wheels of Change: Turning Challenges into Innovations”.

The conference was full of valuable insight that consisted of technical sessions, panel discussions, a group project, and a keynote presentation.

The conference would not have been a success without the ITE and ASHE Winter Workshop co-chairs Aimee Turner, Tabatha Carlton, and Jenny Lee. Thank you to everyone who attended and a special shout out to everyone who volunteered for the workshop!


We held two ASHE Georgia Section recertification classes in February and April. The turnout was great, and we are looking forward to continuing classes going forward.

March | April 57


GDOT GAITE President

The Institute of Transportation Engineers is an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. ITE facilitates the application of technology and scientific principles to research, planning, functional design, implementation, operation, policy development and management for any mode of ground transportation. Through its products and services, ITE promotes professional development of its members, supports and encourages education, stimulates research, develops public awareness programs, and serves as a conduit for the exchange of professional information.


With many national and state level professional organizations active in Georgia, it is easy for engineers to find a related organization to support their professional development. However, additional work is needed for an individual engineer to find the organization with sufficient breadth and/or focus to meet their needs.

The Institute of Transportation Engineers began with an emphasis on traffic engineering. This starting point has been strengthened as the organization’s members have added transportation planning, traffic operational analysis, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as significant areas of focus. Some of our recent national activities emphasize this trend. For example, ITE now provides a certification program for Professional Engineers in traffic operations, referred to as the Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE) certification. In order to be certified, applicants must have a PE with additional experience. ITE is planning similar certification for other transportation engineers and planners to reflect their levels of expertise. This combination of Engineers and Transportation planners is a unique aspect and strength of ITE.

association [ news ]
58 Engineering Georgia


The Clorox Company

GEF President


GEF dates back to February 1971, when the presidents of fifteen Georgia engineering societies met to discuss forming a non-profit, tax-exempt organization to improve engineering education and the image of the engineer in Georgia. GEF was chartered as a 501(c) (3) charity in July of 1971. GEF is made up of nine professional engineering societies and four associate member organizations.

For almost 50 years, the Georgia Engineering Foundation has sponsored a program that awards college scholarships to worthy Georgia students who are preparing for a career in engineering or engineering technology. Since 1985, nearly 1000 students have been awarded scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. In 2024, 50 awards were made and a total of $130,000 was given to students pursuing a field in either engineering or engineering technology.

All scholarships are competitively awarded based on the student’s demonstrated competence in academics, interest in developing a career in engineering, financial need, and school and community involvement. Look for the next application period to open again in Summer 2024.


For over 50 years, the Georgia Engineering Foundation has sponsored a program that awards college scholarships to worthy Georgia students who are preparing for a career in engineering or engineering technology. Since 1985, over 1200 students have been awarded scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

All scholarships are competitively awarded based on the student’s demonstrated competence in academics, interest in developing a career in engineering, financial need, and school and community involvement. Note that based on the direction of our scholarship donors, not all scholarships are awarded each academic year or the amount of the scholarship may be changed. Typically between 50 and 60 scholarships are awarded for a total value between $90,000 and $120,000.

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March | April 59


GSPE President


Recently, GSPE Board President JP Halliwell interviewed three trailblazing women in engineering about their achievements, challenges, and inspiration. Grace Kaylor, Maia Gatlin, and Dr. Annie Jones-Wyatt also shared inspiring words for women who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

Grace Kaylor's journey into engineering was sparked by her curiosity and a late discovery of what engineering entailed. Despite initially having no background in programming, she found her passion in software engineering through introductory courses in college. She emphasized the importance of continuous learning and engagement in technical discussions as a means to overcome challenges in the field, particularly highlighting how embracing new knowledge can dispel the imposter syndrome many women feel. Kaylor’s advice to young women in engineering is profound: "Never stop trying to learn. Software engineering is a field that constantly evolves, and staying curious and engaged is key to your growth and confidence."

Maia Gatlin's engineering path was ignited by a documentary on Disney Imagineering, transforming her from an Exercise Science major into an engineering enthusiast. Overcoming initial fears related to the rigorous academic demands, Gatlin has since built a fulfilling career in aerospace engineering. She shared her journey of building and launching a high-powered rocket and the pride in passing her PhD

qualifying exams. Gatlin stressed the importance of mentorship and finding female role models in engineering, which helped her navigate being one of the few women in her classes. Her message to aspiring engineers is simple yet powerful: "Believe in yourself. Your contributions are valuable, and you belong in this field as much as anyone."

Dr. Annie Jones-Wyatt's fascination with the mechanics of the world led her from contemplating marine science and environmental biology to mechanical and eventually aerospace engineering. Her work on International Space Station hardware as a summer intern stands out among her achievements, underscoring the joy of contributing to space exploration.

Dr. Jones-Wyatt addressed the scarcity of women in technical leadership positions, committing herself to mentorship and advocating for more women to seek leadership roles. She encourages young women to pursue their passions in engineering, highlighting the importance of applying to desired positions without fear of not checking every requirement: "Apply anyway. Men do, and so should you."

All three engineers discussed how their workplaces have supported diversity and inclusion. Employee Resource Groups, mentorship programs, and initiatives aimed at women and underrepresented groups in engineering were highlighted as crucial for building supportive communities within the engineering field.

The interviews with Kaylor, Gatlin, and Dr. Jones-Wyatt reveal a common theme of resilience, passion, and the importance of mentorship. Their stories serve as a beacon for young women considering a career in engineering, emphasizing that curiosity, self-belief, and persistence are key to overcoming barriers. They collectively underscore the message that engineering is not just a field for problem-solving, but also a domain where women can thrive, lead, and innovate for a better future.

As we celebrate the achievements and insights of these remarkable women, their journeys remind us of the critical need for diversity in engineering. Their experiences not only pave the way for future generations of women engineers but also enrich the engineering community as a whole, driving innovation and inclusivity forward.

60 Engineering Georgia



ITS Georgia President


ITSGA began our monthly meeting content in January with a presentation on The Hopper, an autonomous shuttle that runs in along the Cumberland Sweep in Marietta. Tarik Miller of the Cumberland CID and Par Bolina of Jacobs provided an overview of the shuttle, challenges that were faced during planning and deployment, and the lessons learned for future deployments.

In February, Alexander Estrada with GDOT and Bill Gunter with BBH presented on GDOT’s wrong way driver warning pilot deployment. This smart infrastructure was deployed at several strategic interstate off ramps throughout the metro Atlanta area to notify drivers if they were traveling in the wrong direction. Estrada shared the logic behind the pilot locations, the design elements of the system, and future expansion plans. Gunter provided information on the challenges that were faced deploying this new technology in constrained locations and testing procedures to ensure system operability.

Both monthly meetings are available on our YouTube channel and were well attended by private and public sector ITSGA members who engages with our speakers with questions and discussion. Consider attending some of our upcoming meetings including:

• April 24, 11:30 – ITSGA will be celebrating some of the winners of the 2023 Best of ITSGA Awards including the Gwinnett County Smart Corridor Deployment Program and John’s Creek ITS Network Enhancement. Join us as members of these teams walk us through their projects in more detail.

• May – Joint Freight event with partner organizations. Stay tuned for more information!

• Annual Meeting – September 15-17 – Meet us in Augusta to engage your peers as we get together and exchange knowledge and demonstrate new and emerging technologies. Don’t miss the networking, social events, and presentations at this exciting event. The call for abstracts will be opening shortly - don’t miss out on an opportunity to present and be recognized for all that you and your team are doing.

ITSGA thrives on the dedication of volunteers, serving as a gateway to becoming a Director or Officer. If you are eager to contribute, please reach out to me at or visit our website at for opportunities!


ITSGA members caught up over bowling in early March at Main Event. Madison Dorminey of AECOM is planning out socials in 2024 and hopes you can attend upcoming events. Keep an eye on our regular emails for more information on these events!

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March | April 61

Atlanta Post


SAME Atlanta Post President

With more than 500 members, SAME Atlanta Post is the premier networking and education forum for members of the A/E/C industry serving the federal government.

SAME is the premier professional engineering association in the United States that connects public sector and private industry professionals in the architecture, engineering, construction, and environmental and facility management fields to strengthen our nation’s security. Prospective Members, join SAME today to become part of a unique organization that connects professionals from the uniformed services with private-sector architects, engineers, and builders. Be a Leader. Make a Difference. These words challenge our more than 25,000 members representing 1,400 companies and public agencies, to go beyond the norm and to do something that makes a positive impact on our nation, and provides a lasting benefit on those countries in need of our assistance. With more than 110 Posts in the U.S. and abroad, SAME members have a wide network of support that also includes a vast array of education, training, networking and business opportunities. SAME membership provides valuable benefits, not found in any other association including opportunities to:

• Connect with top engineering officials from the public and private sector at SAME national, regional and local conferences and events.

• Learn about upcoming projects directly from the Engineering Service Chiefs.

• Build important relationships with SAME’s community of more than 28,000 A/E/C professionals.

• Strengthen relationships through our network of more than 150 Posts, field chapters, and student chapters worldwide.

• Get valuable education and education through SAME’s diverse Continuing Education Program.

• Be the first to learn about important A/E/C changes, contracts and awards through The Military Engineer magazine, which provides feature articles and news items of immediate importance to our community.

• Strengthen your leadership skills and enhance your visibility by serving on a committee.

• Shape young professionals by mentoring at the local and national levels and future engineers through our national Engineering & Construction Camps and student chapters.

• Enjoy members-only pricing at SAME national, regional, and local conferences and events.

Let SAME challenge you. Be a Leader. Make a Difference. Join SAME Today.

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62 Engineering Georgia



Topic: State of the Industry for S tructural Engineering in GA

Our April meeting will feature a State of the Industry update and panel discussion of current industry topics, including industry challenges, building code and permitting complications, diversity, equity and inclusion, Artificial Intelligence in engineering, and more.


The SE3 GA Chapter participated in a DEI education series in February with other SE3 participants and supporters from across the country. The series dove deep into personal biases and socialization in the workplace. This type of education is a must for any firm wanting to increase their DEI efforts and support of their employees.

Our panel of respected industry professionals will lead an open forum discussion on these topics as they relate to day-to-day engineering work. The industry update will also include a summary of the SEAOG State of the Industry member survey. Early registration for this dinner meeting is highly recommended, as space is limited and high attendance is anticipated.

Meeting Schedule

6:00 - 6:30 pm: Networking Happy Half-Hour

6:30 - 7:00 pm: Buffet Dinner (vegetarian options offered)

7:00 - 8:30 pm: State of the Industry update with round table panel discussion

Attendance Cost

Members: $50.00

Non-members: $75.00

Full-time students: $45.00

Please join us in this important discussion and read, watch, or listen here: diversity-equity-and-inclusion-series

For more information on the SE3 committee, please contact


February 21, 2024 Meeting

Members of SEAOG were honored to have Larry Kruth come down from Michigan to speak to our group about the AISC Code of Standard Practice. Larry provided great insight into the contractual obligations of designers and steel fabricators, as well as some of the complications posed by the current construction market and evolving project delivery methods.

Our accommodations at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant for our networking cocktail hour and buffet dinner service proved to be both cozy and tasty, and we look forward to returning to this location for more events in the future.


Need Speaker for Science National Honors Society Students

Present materials, science information, and research

Dunwoody High School, DeKalb County Day/Date is flexible. Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

If interested, contact John McFarland at for more information.

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March | April 63
64 Engineering Georgia


WTS Atlanta President


WTS Atlanta members enjoyed a facility tour and conversation with MARTA about its role in Atlanta’s transportation and history. Speakers included Paula Nash, Executive Director for Diversity and Inclusion and Ryan VanSickle, Director of Technical Services & Service Planning. Thanks, MARTA, for hosting our members for such an informative and enjoyable session!


The WTS Atlanta Chapter participated in the annual ACEC Introduce a Girl to Engineering event. WTS’s “Make your Own Glue” activity was well received by the participants. It gave them the opportunity to get their hands dirty. The option to add their favorite food coloring and glitter was a special highlight to test their homemade glue against the weight of pennies. The Transportation U Committee members who volunteered did an awesome job in the preparation and facilitation of the activity.


WTS is preparing to launch the 2024 installment of its Mentor Protégé program. The program will consist of a series of informative sessions which will be held throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta Area with a closing recognition ceremony facilitated by extraordinary leaders within the transportation industry. For more information on the Mentor-Protégé Program, please contact Tonia P. Brown at 706-945-3861, or Rebecca Keefer at 770-639-7096,

March | April 65 association [ news ]
A LOOK BACK Agnes Scott College, a private women's liberal arts college located in Decatur, Georgia, established in 1889, not only prioritized women's higher education as the first institution in Georgia to receive regional accreditation but also innovated on the technological front as the first building to be equipped with electricity in DeKalb County.
66 Engineering Georgia
Photo Credit: LBGPF4-006a, Lane Brothers Commercial Photographers Photographic Collection, 1920-1976. Photographic Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.

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