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TOFCO the leading international provider of fabrication, construction and offshore services for the oil and gas industry, with headquarters in the Caribbean. +1 868 651 0006

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f anything, the recession has been






a purifying fire that swept across

countries. Fuel industry is still as

the globe with a straight-faced

poignant as ever and we see that

consistency. An undeniable disaster

mining and mining logistics is still a

at the time it has left the business

highly employable and solid industry

field charred and blackened but has

where projects are based on long

provided the best opportunity for the


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germination of young businesses and

The retail sector in Britain, America

fresh ideas. Having equalized, it has

and Australia has taken a substantial

given the chance for regions such as

hit thanks to online ordering, however,

The West Indies to gain the purchase

in regions of Africa and the Caribbean

required to rise to be one of the giants

where internet connectivity does not

of tomorrow.

yet support a strong online-delivery

We have also been able to see

market, the retail sector is growing

which industries are the safest to be

and firmly establishing itself with

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involved. Even while Facebook has

expansion projects like the heady

recently admitted it may be going the

growth of Nakumatt Holdings.

same way as MySpace with so many

While the recession might have left

members leaving their cold, clinical

some of us with a taste of ash in our

embrace, there can be no doubt that

mouths, it is always refreshing to see

the online environment is a key place

the green shoots of tomorrow rising

for business. This month we feature

up to colour the landscape.

a quartet of gentlemen who are

Enjoy our May edition,

probably going to step in and fill the increasing gap left behind. Entertainment, food and security appear to be some of the solid industries, outliving social, political

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Blomming: Monetizing The Blogging Generation


The Things You Should Know If You Wish To Engage With Me On Twitter


Could Global Warming Actually Be Saving Us From An Ice-Age?


The Skoda Rapid Is Quite A Clever Car


Gadgets: Are You Gordon Gecko Or Bruce Wayne?


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20 Is Online Privacy Dead? Endeavour Magazine | 5

Alberto D’Ottavi, Nicola Jr. Vitto and Matteo Cascinari



MONETIZING THE BLOGGING GENERATION “The world has changed and those with fresh ideas will own this industry.”


his is how my interviewee opens up the interview

Quickly let’s look at the geniuses behind this.

and in a way he sums up the crux of the entire conversation.

At the helm of Blomming is Nicola Jr. Vitto, a young man with a

The world is no longer changing, it has officially changed and

history of working for an italian fashion e-commerce company. He

thanks to the minds of Nicola Junior Vitto, Alberto D’Ottavi, Andrea

started dreaming of a startup for Social E-commerce, so began coding

Salicetti and Matteo Cascinari the creative, innovative and inventive

Blomming. In the meanwhile, he also became a Sommelier or wine

minds of the internet will be making the money today and tomorrow.

steward, specializing in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and

I was lucky enough to speak with Matteo Cascinari and Alberto

food pairing. He is Founder and Head of Product at Blomming.

D’Ottavi who took time out of their busy day to speak with him about their bestselling product Blomming. “Blomming comes from the combination of two words,” Matteo

Alberto D’Ottavi, Co-Founder, Head of Content, Community and Communication, who is a solid presence on the web, enjoys blogging and Tweeting.

explains, “Blogging and E-commerce. It is monetizing the strength of

Matteo Cascinari has been CEO, Director or Manager of a

social media and we’ve had a brilliant response to the launch of our

number of Media and E-commerce companies and is Partner and


Head of Business.

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And Andrea Salicetti - the

industry that was just begging

Senior Product Developer for

for a good idea. And it’s got the

“We have about 400 000


attention they wanted, indeed,

monthly users,” Matteo explains,



have steadily risen.

remaining 70% appears on other blogging sites.” Also





just a few days after the launch

“And about 2 million monthly

numbers represent the number

entered the industry with the

in April over 2,000 bloggers and

page views. Bearing in mind that

of people eager to make use of

intention of making something

“Social Media Lovers” joined the

only about 30% of our business

their services either to market

great and filling a gap in the

program. Since then the numbers

is done on our site while the

their products or those of others. Endeavour Magazine | 7

It is closer to a network of entrepreneurs rather than just a network of social talkers. “Signing up to the new Social Affiliation by Blomming, offers an exclusive system that allows anyone to earn money with E-Commerce,” Matteo continues, “First Sales have been made from the very beginning through the simple Social Sharing of products via a Tweet, Like, Pin, +1 or blogpost.” The key to online business is making things as easy and simple as possible. Complicated, convoluted work


systems well


don’t many

online businesses have failed to pick up the interest of their intended market because they

The system is easy: the users just need to sign up as “Promoters”, pick the products they like and share them on the Web.

think that we live in a society of education. This has changed, we are now living in a society of

strength of social media and

entertainment where everything

e-commerce. The development

hosts more than 20,000 Shops.

is content driven. What’s been

was aimed directly at making the



Based in Milano and Cagliari,

missing for a long time was a

revolution to allow absolutely

500 have already joined the

Italy, offers a

simple way of monetizing the

everyone to sell online.”

Affiliation program, a number

peculiar model of purchase/


currently more

conceived to facilitate product search.

The system is easy: the

that is growing fast day by day.

sales/promotion that is available

“Blomming is the answer to

users just need to sign up as

Promotable Items are about

not only on your blogging site,

this and it was the brainchild

“Promoters”, pick the products

30,000 for a total 250,000

your social media site but even

of the youngest member of

they like and share them on


your phone.

this quartet, Nico Junior Vitto,”

the Web. Each link includes the

catalogue. The most interesting

“We’ve built it up in stages,

Matteo says, “who has spent a

Promoter’s details so that she/he

ones are highlighted online at

it first started as a widget for

long time in fashion e-commerce

earns a commission every time a


websites, then it became a

and saw a niche to combine the

sale is generated.

a bright new design has been

Facebook application, followed

blogging industry.

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Social Affiliation: We all give opinions on products and shopping advice to friends and relatives. And many of us do it on the net, where we interact daily with others via blogs or social networks like Facebook and Pinterest. Blomming, leading Social Commerce Platform, has designed its new Affiliation system to empower this. It represents a new channel for those who sell, but also allows every Internet user to give value to Recommendation and Social Sharing activities. Everyone can monetize their content production or curation. The system fits perfectly with Blogs and Publishing or Community websites such as Sports, Music, Food & Wine, Travel, Mom Blogs, Crafts, Handmade, Design, etc. Unlike other Affiliation programs, this is the first case in which promoters are able to choose products according to their taste. In this way, they will only share what their community is really interested in.

by an imbedded code for a

the very positive reactions we

success,” he says, “We can’t keep

systems available now, Blomming.

website and now a mobile

got from our Sellers, Bloggers

on sharing links of websites and

com can also be used on

application,” Matteo explains, “It

and Social Media enthusiasts.”

videos of cats. It has to be fresh

Facebook and on Smartphones

to hold people’s interest.”

opening up the opportunity to an

is easier for people to generate relevant content for their blogs by not being in an office than it is for them to be stuck in an office.”

Updating In updating the site Blomming made use of GNV&Partners, a design and front-end studio who have partnered and have been contracted by international customers




Mullenweg and Om Malik, as well as other start-ups. Nicola Junior Vitto stated that a








monetization of the Net. And with the Social Affiliation Blomming opens up this opportunity to everybody. We think that this is a significant leap forward for Social Commerce. We are pleased with

You can buy, sell or promote

Makes sense, the fresher

entirely fresh group of people. It

your content the higher number

is a simpler payment model not is designed

of hits you have, the higher

relying on PPC (Pay Per Click)

in a very open, manner which is

number of hits you have the more

which has become complicated

reminiscent of the leading social

sales you have. It’s a numbers

and daunting with the amount

networks that are popular at

game. On and the

of security procedures labelled

the moment. This has been very

various websites affiliated with it

on it.

carefully put together by these

you can Purchase the products,

“Everyone should have the

four to make their dream that

Sell the products or you can

opportunity to do this,” is the

much simpler to produce results.

Promote products. Ultimately

general consensus from them all.

“It can’t be complicated,”

depending on what you are

Alberto, head of communications

looking to do.

said, “It has to be simple because

“If you’re a blogger you want

the easier it is for people to use,

to make sure that the products

the quicker they will see results.”

on your site are relevant,” Alberto

Alberto who has brought to

says, “It needs to work with what

the team a concise and conclusive

you’re blogging about to get

vision of the future describes the

the best results and through

upcoming years of e-commerce,

Blomming we’ve set up a system

blogging and Blomming as a

where it’s easier to combine the

period of content driven success.


“We are facing new growth

Unlike some of the other

where relevant content will drive Endeavour Magazine | 9


On Twitter


A bit late in the game I know, but I have recently delved deeply into the action of Tweeting and as I feared I have become utterly addicted to it, tweeting my every thought, global solution, book promotion and 140 unit rant.


owever, after falling

tropical Equatorial line and mass

or “wet” solutions to them. Cow

the gene that makes venom

into a debate with a

farmed fruit and nut trees. When

flatulence producing too much

in scorpion tales, adds it to

student of philosophy

the civilization died out the

methane? Genetic science makes

cabbages and boom, caterpillars

from Long Eaton Nottingham

trees thrived unhindered within

cows that fart less. Too much

eat it and die. But the poison

about the philosophical standing

the conditions, overcoming the

carbon dioxide in the air? Grass

is harmless to humans. Win

of the Twilight series I decided

native vegetation and forming

that absorbs more of it. Pigs that


that it is only fair that people

the jungle we know today.

produce manure high in phytate,

Geneticists have been able

a form of phosphorus that enters

to grow a pancreas of a rat

2. Genetic Engineering Is

the watershed and causes algae

within the body of a mouse,

Good Because of Enviropigs

blooms that deplete oxygen in

which brings in a new era of

and Scorpion Cabbages

the water and kill marine life?




know a few things before they speak to me. 1. The Amazon is not a natural




And I don’t mean like when



an E. Coli bacteria and mouse

Robin Williams had a heart valve

Amazon Rainforest and think,

world. Formula 1 is used by the

DNA to a pig embryo. This

replaced by that of a cow or that

awesome nature, sweet, cool.

automotive companies to find

modification decreases the pig’s

American who was given a pig’s

Native Indians! But it’s only

out how fast and how hard they

phosphorous output by as much

liver, I’m talking cross species

thanks to the stories of the 1900

can push new designs on a track.

as 70 percent — making the pig

organ transplant.2

that we assume that the Amazon

Almost every major automotive

more environmentally friendly.

was filled with heathens but it is

discovery from fuel efficiency to

And for cabbages being

now accepted that the civilization

better steering that you enjoy in

eaten too much by bugs, but

term solution but it may be the

in the Amazon basin was as

your city car was once a test in a



short term solution we need

developed as that of Europe in

F1 car. With this in mind genetic




Every generation has their

the 10th century. A society with

scientists are able to look at age

everything it touches. Boom,

own problems and has to do their

a vast population made use of the

old problems and find organic

genetic science steps in, nabs

best to fix the problems left by

phenomenon It’s easy to look at the

10 | Endeavour Magazine

Genetic Formula






3. Nuclear power is not a long

“Where’s the focus on real immortality and the inability to die ever, to be the same forever? You’ll see civilizations come and go and you’ll see humans evolve, change, but you won’t be able to. “


the generation before. It isn’t

Of Warcraft Super Mage with the

perfect but it’s the only system

complexion of a pizza can study

we have right now that works

for a government funded degree

and it’s a system of patchwork

in “Taking Long Deep Thoughts

solutions and a finger plugging.

About Being Unemployed”, you

But, like an engine, to change

simply are not speaking on the

it you have to break it all apart,

same level as me. Furthermore

lay it out on the floor and decide

if, God forbid you are one of

what to do. Would you want to

these people, do not laugh at me

be the person who suggests that?

about how “It doesn’t matter that

Nuclear energy is dangerous,

you’re on a student loan because

and the radiated plutonium is

you don’t have to pay it back if

lethal for twenty five thousand

you don’t earn a certain amount

years, meaning that it’s lethal

of money.” I’m paying for your

level outlasts our longest historic

degree so get a job if you want to

records, meaning that it will

speak with me.

be dangerous long after we’ve lost the capacity to protect

5. Godhunter is the best book

ourselves from it. However,

ever written. Ever. By anyone.

right now it produces enough

And you should totally order a

energy to keep our civilizations

copy right now

moving, our economies growing

Too many books at the

and our electricity flowing. Any

moment use immortal characters

alternative options for energy

that are functionally exactly the

development including wind, sun,

same, a focus on what it’s like

ocean and hamsters in wheels

to live for a thousand years and

should be seriously looked at to

see human civilization change.

replace nuclear power but, until

But where’s the focus on real

someone has found something,

immortality and the inability to

vigilante, a giant in a trenchcoat

and tired of the semi immortal-

nuclear energy is going to be

die ever, to be the same forever?

who handles crime the same

neutered-vampire-rubbish that

and has to be used as it does, on

You’ll see civilizations come and

way a butcher handles a hanging

is spewed out by the truck load.

the whole, not include pumping

go and you’ll see humans evolve,

pig, and is set in one of the most

If you have the taste for

chemicals by the mega tonne into

change, but you won’t be able to.

notoriously beautiful and violent

an original story, some good

the atmosphere… until it falls out

You’ll have to face the certainty

cities in the world Durban,

violence, sex and action set in

and pollutes everything. 3

that absolutely everything you

eThekweni, South Africa.

South Africa, then this is very



could possible fear happening

This is an intelligent, Chris

4. I do not listen to opinions by

to you will happen because on

Nolan-esque take on vigilantism

anyone who doesn’t pay taxes

a long enough timeline it will all

and immortality. It’s intelligent,

happen to you.

clever and highly original aimed

Until you have the pleasure of watching a huge percentage of your salary vanish from your salary so that some skinny, World

That’s what Godhunter is about. Godhunter also features a

much the book for you.

at readers who want to have


something new and different to


dig their teeth into and are sick

3. Endeavour Magazine | 11



GLOBAL WARMING ACTUALLY BE SAVING US FROM AN ICE-AGE? I’ve been hearing a lot about global warming recently. It’s like a spotlight roaming the crowd, it’s not always on you but eventually it’ll come back to you. It’s a conversational bundle including businesses, economies, fuel, mining, and drilling and energy creation in a tight knot. Now, whenever there is a natural disaster that occurs there is an irrefutable link back to this grey area where the solid facts and evidence are buried in a sleuth of opinions and unsubstantiated rumours.





would be found mostly in the


poles whereas the Equatorial


regions would still remain warm

evidence and the arguments

and flourish. However these Ice

about human involvement are

Ages, on a long enough time line

mute - 30 billion cubic tons of

were very frequent and long

CO2 every year that is pumped






into the atmosphere is going to

This was the opinion of

have some effect. But, whether

several scientists including the

we’re at fault or whether it’s a

1787 Swiss, Bernard Kuhn who

natural development that we do

first noticed that certain types of

not understand doesn’t matter,

strata, rocks, were found lying in

global warming is happening and

areas where they did not belong.

it’s generally accepted that it may

Hundreds, sometimes thousands

not be a good thing.

of miles away from where they

But could it be saving us from something worse?

12 | Endeavour Magazine

should have been. These were called Erratic’s (Erratic rocks)

A few things we know: there

and at the time were considered

was never just a single Ice Age

to have been deposited there

but rather a series of them that

after the Biblical Great Flood.

lasted up to a hundred thousand

Bernard Kuhn theorized that

years and were interspersed

they had been carried to their

with periods of warmth for about

positions not by water but by ice.

ten thousand years. Remember

It however took a long

that the Ice Age, at its worst

time to prove including tireless

work from the Scottish pioneer

He also knew that cyclic changes

of geology James Hutton in

in the tilt of the earth affect the


relative warmth of the seasons,




later in the mid-1800s and Jean








amount of heat received by the

It was a difficult problem to

Earth from the sun is the same

solve convincing the scientific

each year sometimes summers

community who were at the

in the North are hotter than the

time predominantly made up








and occasionally exactly the

not doers, people who were

same. This pattern repeats with

interested in sitting around and

rhythms 22,000 and 41,000

discussing ideas instead of going

years long.



He proposed that it was not

out and finding evidence. two

necessarily freezing winters that

centuries to accept the idea

caused an Ice Age but rather

that the Earth has periodic

cooler summers. Ice and snow

frozen epochs and when it was

not being thawed during the





finally accepted it was swept up in a similar frenzy of creative activity as scientists, geologists and experts tried to outdo each other’s ideas. Fossils of giant

Ice ages last a long time, speckled upon the timeline with hot periods before slipping back into an Ice Age and we are due for one right now.

summer would accumulate. It wasn’t until the end of the 19th century that they could test his theory which basically stated that



mammals were discovered and

years ago the Earth should

this only added to the flame.

have been thawing out of an Ice Age, but at that time geological

Public opinion counted for a great deal and the most creative

throughout the year than the Northern Hemisphere, also why winter

evidence suggested they were

ideas were embraced quickly and

days are shorter and summer days are hotter. It all adds up.

in fact plunging into one. It

had the widest exposure.

There was a theory in 1842, proposed by a mathematician Joseph

turns out he had got it exactly

At the time scientists in the

Adhemar who said that the Earth travels more swiftly when it is

European community thought

nearer to the sun and spends seven days less transversing the winter

and believed in a very linear

half of its orbit than it does transversing the summer half. In the South


idea and marked an appropriate

winters are longer than summers and over thousands of years this

sediments and long ice cores

period on their calendar for

extra length of winter has allowed the Vast Antarctic ice sheet to

from Greenland and Antarctica.

the period of the Ice Age. What

grow. However we also know that because of a wobble of the spinning

Basically, ice ages last a long time,

followed was over a hundred

Earth, not unlike a wobbling spinning top, the pattern of the seasons

speckled upon the timeline with

years of misinterpretation, there

slowly shifts around the orbit of the Earth as the millennia go by.

hot periods before slipping back

was not just one. These periods

Some 11,000 years ago, Northern winter was seven days longer than

into an Ice Age and we are due

of global icing were frequent.

summer. 11,000 years before that the pattern was the same as today.

for one right now.

backwards. This was proven in 1970s analysis




You see, the orbit of the

This offers an explanation for not one but many Ice Ages,

However, it seems the only

planet Earth around the sun is

alternating in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. At the time

thing holding one back is Global

slightly elliptical as discovered

it was revolutionary however it was also wrong. The difference of a


by Johannes Kepler in the 17th

week was not enough to create the great loss of temperatures as was

century. This and the tilt of the

required. But it did point in the right direction and thinking about the


Earth is what creates our four

influence of the Earth’s tilt.

than we are an Ice Age and it’s

I think we are better prepared handle



primary seasons and also why

It took a Scottish scientist within the same period, James Croll,

typically a choice between “the

temperatures in the Southern

who worked out that the amount of ellipticity of the Earth’s orbit

devil you know and the devil you

Hemisphere are usually warmer

changes as time passes, with a rhythm roughly 100,000 years long.

don’t.” Endeavour Magazine | 13




On Our Watch will be hosting their first charity

event in the UK. The charity race day will be held at Sandown Race Park on Saturday

15th June to raise funds for the International

humanitarian Charity. “Not On Our Watch” was

zones and field reports to

“We’re delighted to be hosting the

founded by Jerry Weintraub,

document evidence of mass

“Not On Our Watch” Charity Race





Day in the UK this summer,” said




Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don


Cheadle, David Pressman and

George Clooney. “We believe that

Sudan. The project, launched

the event will be a huge success in

George Clooney and is committed

in December 2010 and fully

raising both awareness and funds

to robust international advocacy and

supported by “Not On Our

for the Charity but will also be a

humanitarian assistance. The charity

Watch”, aims for prevention

great day of entertainment that

aims to put an end to mass atrocities

rather than cure. CNN’s John

can be enjoyed by all.”

and gross violations of international

Avlon says that as a result of


human rights in areas of the world which receive minimal global

“Not On Our Watch” Initiative

film producer (Ocean 11, 12,

attention. In order to achieve this goal, Not On Our Watch draws

“dictators can no longer hide in

13 and Karate Kid to name a

upon mass media, international press and visible figures with

the dark.”

few) and co-founder of “Not On

uniquely powerful voices to generate lifesaving humanitarian

Each cofounder has a great

Our Watch”, will be joined by a

assistance and encourage governing bodies to take meaningful

amount of involvement in “Not

number of A list celebrity friends

and immediate action to protect the vulnerable, marginalized, and

On Our Watch” and the Charity’s

to raise money for this extremely


work in Sudan, Burma and

worthy cause.

“Not On Our Watch” accomplishments include the launch of the


The founders are

The Private Luncheon co-hosted

satellite sentinel project which aims to prevent human rights abuses

extremely thrilled to finally be

by Carol Hatton from Carol

before they occur. This project uses satellite imagery over conflict

raising awareness in the UK.

Joy London, Heloise Agelou



Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle David Pressman andcordially George Clooney. You are invited

to join Tickets Jerry are selling fast, please in Weintraub andbook friends at theAgelou advance to avoid disappointment.

HH Princess Nauf AlBander Al Saud

‘NOT ON OUR WATCH’ Horse Racing

Carol Joy London


I N S U P P O R T O F. . .

Saturday 15th June at Sandown Park

This charity’s mission is to focus global attention and resources towards putting an end to mass atrocities around the world. Drawing upon the powerful voices of artists, activists, and cultural leaders, ‘Not On Our Watch’ generates lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for the vulnerable, marginalized, and displaced. They encourage governing bodies to take meaningful, Luncheon, Raceday & Partyimmediate £420 action to protect those in harms way. Where governments remain complacent, ‘Not On Our Watch’ is committed to stopping mass Party only tickets £150 atrocities and giving voice to their victims. The charity was founded by:

followed by a party at The Brompton Club

Brad Pitt

Don Cheadle

George Clooney

Matt Damon

RSVP to: For more information visit

David Pressman Jerry Weintraub

As a representative of the charity, Jerry Weintraub will attend the event. the year will be hosted at the line Fisico. with a surprise performance from The names of those who will accompany him on the day will be confirmed nearer the time.

from Agelou Horse Racing and Princess Nauf AlBander Al Saud.

Brompton Club by Prudence

Guests will be able to party

a very special internationally

All guests will be welcomed

McNellis Founder of Prudence


acclaimed recording artist.


Production Limited and Cleo










In order to raise as much money

Canapés reception, whilst close

Rocos actress, British *Liauthor mi t e dand a vaowner ila b ilitySoprano / I n vitaLaura tion OWright, n ly

as possible for “Not On Our

acquaintances of the hosts can

of AquaRiva Tequila, sponsor of



Watch”, guests will also have the

enjoy an exclusive luncheon and

the “Not On Our Watch” Race



chance to bid on a selection of

Join us for a unique fundraiser hosted Heloise Agelou, Founded by:bywith to an exciting afternoon of The night will begin a fashion Morocco. An amazing evening of HH Princess Nauf Al Bendar Al Saud and Carol Joy Hatton.

amazing prizes throughout the

VIP C h ari t y L uncheon






live Charity auction. In addition


accompanied by DJ Van from

racing there will also be welcome

show, showcasing the beautiful

entertainment will be topped off

day in the silent auction.

Jerry Weintraub, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Damon, Don Cheadle &Italian David Pressman. and concert pianist Daniel Talented designer byMatt Classenti Pianos fromKhazen. pianist Daniel Grimwood and performance by famous concert Karen K Boutique shoe range Starts at 11.30 with a Champagne and canapé reception

violinist, Nazrin supermodel Karen El- “Not On Our Watch” website: serenaded by anRashidova exclusive created privatebyperformance sponsored Grimwood. renowned

Ferrari will also concert violinist Cristina Nazrin Rashidova.


Tickets for this event:

Drawing upon voices of artists, and The celebrity after the partypowerful of presenting her stunning fashion activists, A four course luncheon will be an afternoon of ‘NOT ONfollowed OURbyWATCH ’ generates cultural leaders, racing. Celebrity guest Jerry Weintraub and friends will lifesaving andWatch’. protection for attend to helphumanitarian the fundraisingassistance for ‘Not On Our the victims of mass atrocities around the world. Finish the wonderful day with access to your own VIP table for the celebrity after party of the year hosted by Prudence McNellis and Cleo Rocos




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Make no mistake, the Skoda Rapid is an accomplished and well thought-out car – but you’ll have to gloss over Skoda’s naming convention as sporting looks and a spirited drive is not what this car is about. If you want taught suspension and a torquey punch in the kidneys every time you press the loud pedal then look away now. If you want a mid-size car with a big car feel and super mini running costs then the Rapid ticks all these boxes and more. The model on test for my weekend break with the family was

without any sense of panic. The plucky little engine needed to

the intriguing 1.2 tsi. I had fully expected that a 1.2 engine in a four

be pushed hard when required but the rewards of over 50 mpg

door saloon, with the wife, kids and a weekend’s worth of luggage

outweighed any compromise in performance. Couple that with a

would have had us pulling over in laybys to let caravans and tractors

starting price of only 12k and road tax from £30 a year and this car

past but much to my surprise Skoda’s clever turbo and modern

really starts to stack up.

engine had ushered us all along at a fair pace.

Skoda offer a host of engine variants with only the 1.6 diesel beating

I was even forgetting myself at times and overtaking on b-roads

this on mpg but around town the 1.2 works perfectly.

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“The car gives you one of the largest boots in its class, almost capable of accommodating another entire family if required.�




starts to get a little tight. The

modern and in a way mildly



smooth drive and well insulated

Audi-like and, although this

entire family if required.

Volkswagen if a little dull and

interior make this car feel refined

focus-sized car looks like booted

I have to congratulate Skoda

you seem to get a lot a standard.

and comfortable with the 250

saloon, it is in fact a hatchback.

on slamming another nail in the

There was more than ample

mile round trip feeling effortless

Through this clever disguise the

coffin of badge snobbery and

legroom in the back but if you

and relaxed.

car gives you one of the largest

offering such a complete car for

were over 6 foot then headroom

The exterior of the Rapid looks

boots in its class, almost capable

very little money.


feels and



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THE FOLLOW ME APP Works by tracking your movements and relaying business calls to a pre-designated telephone number based on your current location.

This app automatically tracks your location and diverts your business calls to you based on where you are. Just register your locations via the SwitchboardFREE iPhone App and when you’re not within any of your pre-set destinations the system diverts calls to your mobile. It’s like having your very own PA or stalker.

There is now an app for your smartphone to stop your committing incest, the Islendiga-

THE ICELAND APP: Due to Iceland’s small population of 320,000 almost everyone is distantly related.

App was developed by programmers in university who shared their own stories of going to a family reunion and meeting an old hookup. Now. The Islendiga-App means “the Iceland App”. It would seem like a must have for the younger section of the population unless they enjoy really awkward





ICEBLACKBOX. ANTI-BULLYING. New ICE BlackBox App Launches To Decrease Bullying & Physical Offenses

With physical abuse and bullying remaining a serious problem worldwide why not use the technologies we cling to as defence? ICE BlackBox is a revolutionary new way to use your cell phone to defend against attacks from bullies, strangers and other violent offenders by streaming information to a secure server that can alert authorities.

This is the go-to app for runners which tracks your routes whether your running, walking, cycling or even kayaking. You


can then save the routes and share it with friends, colleagues, relatives or enemies. You can also share this with other fitness apps you might have use with. Particularly useful if you are a hiking guide taking guests out for a walk, a personal trainer or any sort of outdoors activity.

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Are you



adgets are changing the






this one has

credentials even


fanatical executive this wasn’t

more impressive some of our

very useful as the blood pressure

writers. It is specifically designed

there is a gadget to make



to “measure your readiness to

everything easier and if there

changes in blood pressure rather

train”. This is important for the

isn’t, then one is being developed.

than big ones. A measurement

executive Gordon Gecko and

Fitness used to be the activity

at rest accounted for 67bmp


of farmers, hunters and people

but after a quick run from the

physical injuries are caused from

with enough time between work,

ground floor to the sixth floor

lack of preparation. You get a

family, eating and sleeping to get

the measurement had jumped

chest strap, it hooks up to your

to the gym.

to 76bmp despite the simple two

iOS or Android via Bluetooth and





There is now a plethora of

finger carteroid test showing a

prescribes training zones based

apps and tech-heavy devices

whopping 180bmp. However,

on the day’s heart rate so you



using it for the measurement of

know what rate to train at if you

improve your health. Measuring

bloodpressure in a high stressed,

want to burn fat or build speed.

everything from calories burnt,

demanding working environment

It’s an impressive piece of kit.

heart rate, fatcells annihilated

for executives worried about

Definitely something that Bruce

and expected physical recovery

their daily health and needing to

Wayne would use to keep at his

time. Gadgets are making fitness

watch their bloodpressure it was

peak and to determine if he uses

a highly specific science and

very useful as it measures small

the Grapple or the comfortable

removing the value of fitness

changes very accurately. Perfect


instructors opinions.

for Gordon Gecko but not so



much for Bruce Wayne.

POWERBREATHE K5 - Not only does it illustrate the correct

fast changing life styles which

FITBIT ONE - This one was

time to use the last ‘e’ in Breathe,

are very technology dependent

more credible. You clip it onto

the Powerbreathe also actively

there is no reason why we

your belt and slip it into the

improves your health and doesn’t

shouldn’t all be as ripped as

included armband and via an

just measure it. It boosts fitness

Sylvestor Stallone.



by focusing on the inspiratory






Combining this with our

TINKE £95.00






within the device it measures

system- or “dumbbells for the

everyone is the very peak of

steps, calories burned, distance

diaphragm” as the marketing

physical perfection we are often

and stairs climbed. You can then

men put it before we paid the

sent gadgets to be tested as

upload it onto your Fitbit account

price tag. You empty your lungs

our fine, temple-esque bodies

(PC or Mac) or make use of the

into the mouthpiece and inhale

are the ideal testing ground for

Fitbit app (Android and iOS) and

sharply and for as long as you can

the marginalization of results.

chart your progress via graphs,

30 times twice a day for a month

Between ourselves we’ve found

tools and charts. Simple with no

before going down to doing

that in our office we fall into two

jargon to ham things up. Again

this every other day. The idea

categories: The Gordon Geckos,

useful for determining health of

is to increase your diaphragm

always office bound, stressed,

executives who don’t necessary

and ribcage muscles strength

rich and health conscious to

go into the gym you can wear it at

over time. We tried this and

keep themselves in this niche

night to assess you sleep quality

our explosive parkour output

comfort zone and then The

and for even more self-analysis,

over two months increased

Bruce Waynes, always bounding

including body fat measurement

significantly. Obvious, perfect for

up walls dressed in a Batsuit, rich,

and body mass index. Again

Bruce Wayne.

health conscious and lethal.

Gordon Gecko.

TINKE - using an IOS device you plug in the Tinke.

OMEGAWAVE - Used by elite athletes and coaches for years Endeavour Magazine | 19


Findings from the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future show Millennials embrace a new online reality


urvey identifies a “Millennial rift” revealing new views about privacy on social media and a willingness to cooperate online with businesses.

In Los Angeles a new survey shows significant differences in the

way Millennials think, compared to older users of the Internet, when it comes to online privacy, access to personal data and how they share information with businesses online. The survey, conducted by the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future and Bovitz Inc., reveals a “Millennial Rift” -- distinct differences in online behaviour and core values among Millennials (ages 18-34) compared to other users, many of whom are only a few years older. Millennials, the survey found, report more willingness to allow access to their personal data or web behaviour and a greater interest in cooperating with Internet businesses -- as long as they receive tangible benefits in return. “Online privacy is dead -- Millennials understand that, while older users have not adapted,” said Jeffrey I. Cole, director of the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future. “Millennials recognize that giving up some of their privacy online can provide benefits to them. This demonstrates a major shift in online behaviour -- there’s no going back.” The survey found that compared to Internet users age 35 and older, larger percentages of Millennials report: More enthusiasm about sharing their personal information with online businesses, greater receptivity to targeted advertising when 20 | Endeavour Magazine

their personal information is

Millennials agreed, compared to

rather they perceive social media

involved. More willingness to

42 percent of users over 35 . And

as an exchange or an economy


when asked if they would share

of ideas, where sharing involves participating in smart ways.




information relevant

information with companies “as

advertising, a greater likelihood


long as I get something in return,”

“Millennials say, ‘I’ll give up

that they allow access to their

51 percent of Millennials agreed,

some personal information if I

personal data or information

compared to 40 percent of those

get something in return,’” said

on their web behaviour and

age 35 and older.


“For older users,

much larger numbers of online

“We are seeing a whole new

sharing is a function of trust --

contacts and greater use of social

set of values driving Millennials

‘the more I trust, the more I am


in their behaviour online,” said

willing to share.’”

Ironically, the survey found a

Greg Bovitz, president of Bovitz

large percentage of Millennials

Inc. “The fact that Millennials

and an even larger percentage

are willing to part with personal

of users age 35 and older are



annual survey by the Center for



opportunities for businesses to

the Digital Future also reveal

having access to their personal

develop marketing models that

that Millennials are more active

data online or information about

capitalize on the wants of this

on social networks compared to


generation of Internet users.”

non-Millennials. The survey also






Millennials generally have more online contacts. Related findings from the

asked about the statement, “No

Millennials are also more

one should ever be allowed to

receptive than older users to


have access to my personal data

accepting targeted advertising

through social networking than

or web behavior,” 70 percent of

when their personal information

users over 35 do. The average

Millennials agreed, compared

is required. When asked about


with 77 percent of users 35 and

the statement, “I’m ok with



trading some of my personal

through social networking sites

found that Millennials regularly many



people regularly


whom contact

However, in spite of those

information in exchange for more

is 18, compared to only five for

views, significant percentages of

relevant advertising,” 25 percent

users over age 35.

Millennials compared to those

of Millennials agreed, compared

age 35 and older are willing to

to 19 percent of Internet users


give up some of that privacy.

age 35 and older.

networking sites than older

Millennials are also more

Again, only if they benefit from it.

“Millennials think differently

When asked if they would

when it comes to online privacy,”








users; almost half of Millennials percent)






said Elaine B. Coleman, managing


companies in order to receive

director of media and emerging

times a day, compared to only

coupons or deals for nearby

technologies for Bovitz. “It’s not

20 percent of users age 35 and


that they don’t care about it --





May book reviews

Go to page 70 for our latest book reviews.

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TURNING GREASE INTO DIESEL All-American Restaurant Chain Johnny Rockets Contributes to a Greener Earth


ohnny Rockets along

green program, Johnny Rockets’

“Johnny Rockets continually strives for ways to make our

with DAR PRO Solutions

29 corporate-owned restaurants

restaurants more eco-friendly and leave a lighter footprint on our

recycle all the restaurants’

recycle nearly 7,200 pounds of

environment,” states John Fuller, President and CEO. “As an all-

used fry oil into renewable diesel

Used Cooking Oil per year, per

American restaurant chain, we are proud to do our part to be socially


restaurant. The collection and

responsible and our partnership with DAR PRO Solutions is a great

recycling of Waste Oil not only

way to give back to our communities and environment.”

Each year, Johnny Rockets million

saves and produces energy, it

DAR PRO Solutions offers environmentally-safe methods for

pounds of American Fries and

also keeps the used product out

disposal and sustainable use of fry oil for national restaurant chains,

two million orders of Onion

of waterways and addresses the

grocery retailers and other food service businesses. The company

Rings, all of which use fry oil.

growing demand for renewable

converts animal fats and recycled greases, as well as plant oils such

Through DAR PRO Solution’s

energy sources.

as soybean oil into its exclusive biodiesel fuel, called Bio G-3000™




WE ARE HIRING Congratulations to Alex Smith on his promotion to Editorial Research Manager. Due to expansion we are recruiting Senior Editorial Researchers. Please contact and the upmost confidentiality will be assured. Great company, hours and incomes.

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Premium Biodiesel fuel.


G-3000™ can be used in place of diesel fuel without engine modification



reduction and is the fastest growing domestically produced


highlighted the company’s plans

mobi, a leading global mobile ad network, to monetise

for expansion & hiring across all

Yahoo’s premium mobile inventory. This partnership will

key Southeast Asia markets in

extend across key markets in Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

alternative fuel.

the coming year. is a leading Global


Commenting on the partnership, Vikas Gulati, VP - Business

Mobile Ad Network with a strong

biofuels, is only one way that

Development, Southeast Asia, , said, “Reflecting our

presence in emerging markets.

we contribute to greening of

strategic vision of enabling a win-win proposition for all our

Vserv’s pioneering technology

America, but in the recent past

stake-holders, we believe that today’s announcement will rake in


it has become the most talked

lucrative benefits for both Yahoo! and the advertiser ecosystem.


about use for our recycled

Being a premium digital publisher with a phenomenal number of

20,000+ Apps across platforms.



loyal viewers, Yahoo will be able to effectively offer their mobile

AppWrapper™ is the World’s


inventory to our wide advertiser base across Southeast Asia, while

Simplest App Monetization - it

being able to monetise it with optimal yields within the region.”








for DAR PRO, states. “Our








partnership with Johnny Rockets

& innovative pricing

is a testament to the fact that

models on any app,

foodservice organizations are

without coding, in just

working towards sustainability

one click. “As the only only

goals and are adding value to the

Ad Network with App

idea of a sustainable business.” DAR PRO recently partnered

media across feature

with Valero Energy Corporation

phones, smart phones

in a joint venture to build a Green


Diesel plant, which is designed


to produce 9,300 barrels of


renewable diesel per day. The


Plant will make use of the Norco

This could very well



advertisers reach



Dippak Khurana, CEO & Co-Founder, , further

be the necessary trunk card

7000 domestic stores to make

added, “With this partnership, our advertisers will be able to

needed for Yahoo to get ahead

Diamond Green Diesel available

leverage the powerful combination of our network’s superior

of their competitors such as the

nationwide. The Diamond Green

audience targeting capabilities with Yahoo’s premium inventory.”

corporate giants of Google. “




Diesel facility will convert as

Founded in 2010, is an award winning Global

When the giants of the

much as eleven percent of the

Mobile Ad Network, having been named “Media Company of the

internet are vying for the lead in

U.S.’ animal fat and used cooking

Year” at the MMA Smarties and listed in the Red Herring Top 100

the race for being the most used

oil into renewable diesel

Award. With the company’s flagship platforms AppWrapper™ and

Search Engine and the “next big


AudiencePro™, Vserv presents a compelling value proposition for

thing” you can be guaranteed

difficult, but this allows us to

the entire mobile ecosystem, including brand advertisers, premium

that the outcome will have a

change the fuel that our lifestyles

publishers, app developers and telecom providers. The company

definite effect on the way we all

run on- this is how we’re going to

had recently announced its massive growth in Southeast Asia, with


change the world.

Ad Requests growing 6X in the region. The announcement had also



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DSM Pharmaceutical Products, the custom manufacturing and technology business of Royal DSM which appears on the NYSE, Euronext: DSM KON, announced earlier this month that their new cGMP custom biopharmaceutical manufacturing ‘biologics plant of the future’ will open in June 2013.

The DSM facility was built with


to the Australian biotechnology

Queensland and Commonwealth

industry and will be a key



contributor to the entire Asia-



Karen King, President of DSM

Pacific region.”

Biologics, the biopharmaceutical



manufacturing business of DSM

President and CEO of DSM

Pharmaceutical Products, stated,


“We are thrilled to announce

commented, “We are particularly

the June opening of our new

delighted to be bringing our












to the Asia-Pacific region, an

DSM’s twenty five years of

important growth area in our

experience and high quality

strategic development in the

track record in mammalian cell


culture manufacturing with a

provide further value to our


customers in this region and

and Our

24 | Endeavour Magazine


has led to this important addition


development partnership

facility. with



around the globe.” Australia


has a vibrant biotechnology

Government of Queensland and

industry, but previously had

the Commonwealth of Australia

no custom mammalian-based

Netflix is bigger than you think. Netflix has

and totally delicious failure that tasted too

been on a roll recently. They just announced

good to not sell.

higher than expected earnings and their

Pepsi once owned the largest fleet of

original programming is garnering a lot of

submarines in the world. In 1990, Pepsi and

praise from critics. House of Cards, one

the Soviet Union made one of the most famous

of their original shows is predicted to

trades ever. In exchange for Pepsi products,

win a number of Emmys, and Arrested

the Soviets gave Pepsi Stolinchnaya Vodka

Development will probably bring down the

and a ship fleet consisting of 10 commercial

Internet for a few hours when it comes out in

ships, 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate and

May. In fact, during the peak hours of 9pm-

a destroyer! Worth $3 billion, it allowed

12am streaming video takes up 65% of all

Pepsi to expand their bottling network in the

North American traffic, and Netflix accounts

Soviet Union and it also helped the Russian

for half of that, or 33% of total Internet

Vodka market expand in the US. As this is

traffic! The second highest is Amazon at

not used in the marketing strategy against

1.8% of traffic!

their nemesis Coca Cola it has to be because

Milk Duds are named after a failed

this fleet is actually well in use. (They were


actually sold for scrap soon after).





delicious snack any human mouth has ever

You can clone your dog in South Korea. It

tasted and the mainstay diet of Twilight

costs a smooth £50 000.00 but you are

fans. The name ‘Milk Duds’ doesn’t seem

completely allowed to do it. If you’ve ever

too appealing, they might as well have called

had to say goodbye to your best friend you’ll

the snack ‘Milk Failures’. So, why exactly did

see the sense in this.

Hershey decide to name the snack ‘Milk

Always read the small print. PCPitstop in

Duds’ when they bought the company back

the States once hid a $1000.00 prize in their

in the 1920’s? Well they wanted to make thea

Terms and Conditions on the website and it

delicious candy that was perfectly round

took five months and over 3000 sales to find.

however, due to the limited technology, they

Why did they do it? they didn’t think anyone

weren’t. it was therefor deemed a complete

would bother reading it.

biopharmaceutical manufacturing operation in country.


Sciences and Materials Sciences

Queensland Government formed BioPharmaceuticals Australia


(BPA), who has partnered with DSM to bring this new facility and





operation to Brisbane.

progress and social advances


David Hughes, CEO of BioPharmaceuticals Australia said,

to create sustainable value for

“The opening of this facility satisfies a national capability gap. Our

all stakeholders. DSM delivers

partnership gives Australia and the wider region access to DSM’s


extensive experience, expertise and ongoing commitment to

nourish, protect and improve

developing improved bioprocessing technologies. DSM’s operations

performance in global markets

are a good strategic fit with Australia’s existing capabilities and we are


already seeing flow-on benefits from local alliances.”


The DSM operation will provide cGMP mammalian cell-culture







dietary care,

feed, pharmaceuticals, medical

contract manufacturing services from process development through to


commercial manufacturing. DSM Biologics operates with all standard

electrical and electronics, life

technologies and also has a portfolio of proprietary technologies for

protection, alternative energy

the optimization of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, reducing the

and bio-based materials. DSM’s

cost and risk of mammalian cell culture. The facility has an output

23,500 employees deliver annual

capability of 500kg and has expansion space available for further

net sales of around € 9 billion.

capacity utilization.

The company is listed on NYSE

Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in health,




nutrition and materials. By connecting its unique competences in Life Endeavour Magazine | 25


26 | Endeavour Magazine



It has been said that “An army marches on its stomach,” and has always been a fundamental truth of war and, today, business. Dealing with the long hours offshore or in the air, the physical and indeed psychological wellbeing of any staff member begins with a healthy and well balanced diet. There is one company in Trinidad and Tobago who has garnered this niche industry and provided an peerless level of quality and service. Don Campbell had the chance to speak with General Manager Trinidad Gillian Huggins. With over thirty five years in business Allied Caterers Ltd, Trinidad’s premier industrial and events caterer, has grown with their industry working at pace to keep ahead of their competition and making full use of their experienced and well trained staff. Servicing the airline as well as the offshore industry. “Our company is well known for high quality and full service catering,” Gillian tells us, “We pride ourselves on providing to our clients a culinary experience that is second to none.”

Endeavour Magazine | 27


Gillian Huggins, General Manager of Trinidad comes with twenty three years-experience in progressively challenging positions in Administration, Organisational and Business Development, Finance and Accounting, in Commercial, Industrial and State Enterprise. Her specific areas of expertise are: Operations Review and Analysis, Review and Analysis of Work Flows and Procedures and Development of Business and Strategic Plans.



pproaching her work with keen strategic mind set she

we’re not catering for passengers

has experience in three main areas of the food industry,

but for people who live there.

Flavour manufacturing, snack manufacturing and

Their needs are completely

catering services.

different. They need healthy,

“I have a passion for catering and event management,” she reveals,

well balanced meals. So we

“Over the years I’ve been blessed to be able to work in varied and

consistently provide them with

diverse scenarios and have learned a great deal.”

a menu, submitted a month in

Holding a BSC in Industrial Management (Hons) from the university of the West Indies, St. Augustine Gillian, who is also a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a woman with a determination to lead by example. In India she underwent intensive training at the Entrepreneurship

advance to be approved by the Offshore Installation managers.” Allied Caterers also offer hospitality offshore

services industry.




Development Institute in India, both on a Macro and Micro scale

the rooms, bed sheets and

and joined Allied Caterers TT in 2008 as Financial Controller but


was promoted to General manager in 2011. A valuable asset with a

living there. Offshore work has

reputation of getting results that not only meet the high standards of

the reputation for involving

the company but surpass them.

long gruelling hours in often

“I have a passion for giving back,” Gillian reveals, “If you’re going to succeed you have to exceed the expectations.”

The State Of The Industry “The industry is competitive at the moment,” Gillian tells us, “But we do have the edge. It takes a great deal of coordination, planning and logistical activity. We ensure a high quality of service by adhering to our strict policies and standards that permeate all sectors of our business including the airlines and the offshore business. “Two primary examples if we were to look at the airline industry - the menu is cycled every three months and the food has to be of a high standard while still falling within the load (weight/specification) required for the aircraft. United Airlines audits us every month to ensure strict adherence to every step of the food preparation, through to delivery on board the aircraft. “Offshore is a completely different scenario, as with offshore, 28 | Endeavour Magazine




unsavoury conditions and a price cannot be put on the psychological impact of coming

The company’s Restaurants and Events division

provides industrial catering to offices, factories, banks and educational institutions including Nestle Trinidad Limited, The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, BHP Billiton and Unilever Trinidad. This division also engages in full Events Management, coordinating events such as brand launches, corporate symposia, weddings, business meetings and offers in-home, fine dining, and other services.

possess the diligence, the drive

increase not only their footprint on the market but also their service

and ambition to succeed but lack


the guidance. I wanted to ensure we provided them that.”

a good position on the offshore oil production platforms but we are

A training matrix has been

aiming to get into drilling because it would be a plug and play scenario.

put in place to keep the staff

We believe we can offer a farther reach for this industry and would

up to scratch and as Allied

like to have a solid hold on it as we have on the airlines.”

Caterers is part of the, Goddard Catering

to a clean room with fresh bed sheets. The continuous push to establish footholds on applicable areas











Allied Caterers greatly. They have an established monopoly on the flights coming in to Trinidad and are the preferred service provider for offshore oil production platforms in their region. With clients including BPTT, Repsol YPF, BHP Billiton, British Gas Trinidad and the National Gas Company.

reputation of Allied Caterers and the strength of their name would not be possible if not for their staff. Of the four hundred plus who





Gillian, at their plant in Trinidad or in the kitchens on the offshore rigs, each one is provided with all the tools they need to develop themselves professionally. “We see employees as our most valuable asset,” Gillian explains, “I work with people. I’ve seen how so many people, be them entrepreneurs or our staff,

year as one of the mechanisms for expansion. “Whenever there is a shutdown at a platform for maintenance

Ltd., employees benefit from

we fly food in on a daily basis,” she explains, “This is refrigerated to

promotion, career development

keep fresh and we have a particular brand of oven that we utilise to

and mobility not only within

reheat the food on the platform. This is all in aid of serving safe meals.

Allied Caterers LTD but also

Development in this area would be a major factor in the upcoming

within the group.


“We place a high value on experience,” Gillian Huggins.

“At the core of everything are our quality and standards,” Gillian concludes.

Accountability Everything



Caterers LTD does is audited and thoroughly checked over, unlike many companies they are entirely focused on the quality and standard of their products and would rather have a reputation for that than a reputation for omnipotence. “Nothing is perfect,” Gillian accidents

The impressive and flawless



Innovations within the food business is also a focus for Gillian this

extension, Goddard Enterprises

reminds us, “But if even little


“Business expansion is priority for 2013,” Gillian affirms, “We have




Meet the Executive Chef - Merrick Wilmot

At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef Merrick Wilmot. Born in England, he has been in the industry since 1974 working within the hospitality industry. A culinary master Chef Merrick has studied at Huddersfield College, has worked in London and the Kensington Hilton in Jamaica and understands the chemistry of ingredients and has the passion needed to put them together to create something wondrous. “Our Cuisine takes its inspiration from many light and healthy international and contemporary styles of cooking and adaptations of traditional Caribbean dishes. While Our Menus are distinctive and flavourful, they are balanced with our desire to provide healthy choices to our customers.” Chef Merrick.

they can quickly accumulate into major issues, if you’re not accountable enough to fix it at the start. Our quality and safety managers work closely not only with our customers but also with our staff to see how things can be improved, and if accidents have happened how best to safeguard against them.”

New developments 2013 Customers quality





high rates

and Allied Caterers plans to further meet this conundrum through



and strategic alliances that will Endeavour Magazine | 29


30 | Endeavour Magazine


The GraceKennedy brand is one which considers itself synonymous with the Caribbean and is proud of the roots culture which still lies at the heart of the business. The company’s food and beverage manufacturing subsidiary, GraceKennedy Foods, has combined a love and passion for Caribbean cuisine, cheap, mass food production capabilities and a global footprint to achieve its mission statement of satisfying the unmet needs of Caribbean people wherever they live in the world. Today GraceKennedy Foods brings a taste of the Caribbean to people in every part of the world, and is still riding a wave of high growth which continues to lead the business into an ever increasing number of food and beverage markets in an increasing list of countries. Endeavour Magazine found out more about the GraceKennedy success story.

Endeavour Magazine | 31


GraceKennedy is a name which is very well known and either much loved or much regarded across the Caribbean, in particular the GraceKennedy Foods division of the business and its best-selling brands of manufactured food and beverages.



his brand, which is also

sporting events; activity which no

well recognised outside

doubt helps give GraceKennedy

of the Caribbean among

credibility as a business which is

Jamaican expatriate communities

loyal to its local roots, something

across the globe, is a subsidiary


part of GraceKennedy Limited, a

certainly never compromise in its

multi-billion USD Jamaica-based

desire to become an established

conglomerate with numerous

name in global business.

financial sector, food and retail







subsidiaries and interests within

GraceKennedy’s success story

its portfolio. In addition to this

today, the company’s birth as

business activity, GraceKennedy

32 | Endeavour Magazine


Grace, Kennedy & Company

is also active in the running of





philanthropic foundations which

was altogether more humble.

have provided support to the

Founded by Dr. John J. Grace

poor and disenfranchised in the

and Mr. Fred William Kennedy,

Caribbean region, as well as

Grace, Kennedy & Company

the sponsorship of high profile

Limited initially started life as a

general mercantile and commercial business which traded in a diverse range of products, ranging from food stuffs, coffee, hides and soaps to name but a few. During its early history, the business faced much in the way of adversity, as a result of events like the Great Depression, the sudden of imposition of trade restrictions with Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and the loss of European markets following the outbreak of World War II. In spite of such challenges, the company maintained steady growth throughout this period and by the 1950’s was enjoying sales of over £1 million. An explosive period of meteoric growth during the 1960’s and 1970’s, thanks to the considerable expansion and diversification of business activities, as well as the addition of numerous acquisitions to the Grace, Kennedy & Company Limited portfolio, saw annual turnover surpass the $1.5 billion mark by 1980, a trend which continued throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. Today the company is valued at $30.6 billion in terms of shareholder equity and over $100 billion in terms of its total global assets; which all in all is not bad for a business which proudly boasts the dubiously named cock soup amongst its vast selection of products and services. Through the utilisation of its parent company’s global reach and extensive resources, GraceKennedy Foods has shown an unerring commitment towards the expansion and diversification of its food

Endeavour Magazine | 33


and beverage manufacturing operations. As a result of this, the

easy in the knowledge that

to continue the rapid upward

GraceKennedy Foods division has successfully penetrated the

profit margins will improve, as

thrust of its food division, in

food and beverage markets of dozens of countries across the globe

will their long-term employment

line with GraceKennedy’s other

and today enjoys a reputation as one of the leading providers of


expanding business subsidiaries

Caribbean ethnic foodstuffs in every corner of the world. In particular,

In light of the division’s rip

GraceKennedy Foods has thrived in countries such as the UK,

roaring success in recent years,

like its business and banking

Canada and US which have societies that are something of a multi-

GraceKennedy Food intends to

The company has provided

cultural melting pot and a home away from home for large Caribbean

continue its adherence to this

a blueprint for success that

expatriate communities.

long-term 2020 Strategy, and

many in the business community

This aggressive strategy of foreign market penetration follows

will continue to push boundaries

would do well to follow, and truly

the implementation of the ‘2020 Vision’ strategy in 2010, which

and expand horizons as it strives

shows what can be achieved with


was intended to “transform GraceKennedy from a Jamaican trading company to a global consumer group with our roots in Jamaica” according to company President Lucky Lankage. GraceKennedy has undeniably demonstrated its unwavering loyalty to its island roots, a point proven by the fact that less than 50% of the food sold under the Grace brand is now manufactured in Jamaican factories. And with GraceKennedy planning to push its range of food and beverage products into the fast growing Far-Eastern markets as well as an unspecified portion of its manufacturing processes, the company’s Jamaican based staff and agricultural suppliers will no doubt rest

34 | Endeavour Magazine

GK Foods has provided a blueprint for success that many in the business community would do well to follow

dynamic leadership, innovative business practices and $30 billion in the bank. The proof is in the pudding; it is the reason that consumers on every continent from the Americas to Europe, Africa to Asia will

Consumers on every continent from the Americas to Europe, Africa to Asia will soon be able to sample the pleasures of the finest Caribbean cuisine.

soon be able to sample the pleasures of the finest Caribbean cuisine, exports such as Grace coconut water, ginger beer, kidney beans, sardines and of course cock soup. Delicious cock soup. GraceKennedy is one of the largest single-entity food manufacturers in the Caribbean. Over 50 per cent of the food sold under the Grace brand is manufactured in one of our four ISO and HAACP certified factories in Jamaica. For example, the highly successful Grace Tropical Rhythms line was developed at Grace Food Processors (Canning) and continues to be manufactured there. The inimitable Grace Cock Soup, a range of packaged soups, and our new range of Grace Instant Porridges is manufactured at our subsidiary, National Processors (NALPRO) in Temple Hall, Jamaica; while the Grace Hams and Grace Vienna Sausages are processed at Grace Food Processors our meat processing plant in Savanna la Mar, Jamaica. Dairy products such as Tastee Cheese and the popular This is Really Great Yoghurt are manufactured in Jamaica at Dairy Industries Jamaica Limited, a joint venture between GraceKennedy and Fonterra, New Zealand.

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RETSOL 0027 87 353 4912 WWW.RETSOL.CO.ZA

36 | Endeavour Magazine




Retsol was established in 2002 with the vision of becoming SA’s leading, privately held bakery & food franchise company. However, 2007 marked the beginning of Corner Bakery as it is known now when Retsol Stores (Pty) Ltd purchased the Corner Bakery trademark and business. The strategy for Retsol was to focus the company’s attention and hone it’s speciality in the convenience food market. Corner Bakery now specialises in offering the convenience market great bakery and fast food solutions, as well as Equatorial Coffee, which is an exclusive coffee brand launched by Retsol. In the African market the convenience channel is dominated by the petroleum forecourt stores and Retsol have moulded a convenience food solution that caters precisely for the challenges that this channel faces in trying to add a ‘fresh’ solution to their retail offer.

Endeavour Magazine | 37


As the largest forecourt bakery network in SA, Corner Bakery aims to become the largest bakery food service franchise/ brand in Sub Saharan Africa. Currently Corner Bakery boasts in excess of 300 sites within South Africa with the number expanding monthly. Retsol plans to continue this aggressive expansion into Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands and beyond, and are making great strides in this arena with Corner Bakery sites already set up across Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Reunion and Mauritius.


he Success of Corner

retailer, and sold it to Profurn in 1998. He is also a former executive

Bakery can be attributed

director of Profurn Holdings (a previously JSE-listed ALSI 40 mass

to the entrepreneurial

market furniture and appliance retailer – Morkels, Protea Furnishers,

spirit and experience of its

Barnetts Furnishers, Hi-Fi Corporation and Supreme Furnishers).

directors, Wayne Duncan, Gary

Retsol’s managing director, Gary Milne, has had extensive

Milne and Jason Knox. Along

operational experience in managing branded casual dining and fast

with the dedicated management

food outlets. He’s flair for successfully managing and growing brands

and operation team they have

markedly showed itself when he managed the operational aspects

built over the past 12 years.

of the Nando’s UK brand. Gary’s influence was pivotal in guiding

Wayne Duncan, who started

the brand from a single take away outlet to a sit-down, casual dining

his career as a Unilever Scholar

brand. His departure from Nando’s UK saw him plough his skills and

working for Unilever SA and

experience in the Spirit Pub Group, which he joined as the operations

Australia is the chairperson

director of their food led pub division of 220 outlets. While with Spirit

and director at Retsol. He has

he was part of the management team that led the acquisition of the

had vast general management

Scottish and Newcastle Pub Business.

experience in the franchising/

Jason Knox, an integral part of the team, is the Financial Director

retailing, technology and private

at Retsol. Jason has a wealth of knowledge and senior experience

equity spheres. He founded

in the retail sector with Mass discounters at the Game Stores Head

Canway Home Furnishings, a

Office. As a Chartered Accountant (SA) he’s headed up many finance

mass market specialist furniture

divisions with the most notable being Africa Finance Division for Game Stores, where he was responsible for financial aspects of the Game outlets located outside of South Africa. As a leader of this division his main responsibility lay in the financial management of existing African outlets and setting up subsidiary companies for Retsol Stores in new countries. The rise of convenience retailing as a major component of all traditional retail is not new in developed countries in Europe and the Americas, but the same trend is now rolling out in developing countries like South Africa. More and more traditional FMCG retailers are converting to smaller formats and running longer hours to accommodate their customers and remain competitive in the retail market. However in the smaller retail formats, the importance of the fresh departments increases. Traditionally these departments are

38 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 39


bakery, butchery and deli. These departments differ

a pizza, a speciality bread loaf

from the standard FMCG goods as they have a higher

or a hamburger, the consumer

frequency of purchase, coupled with a higher margin.

demands to know what they are

This allows the retailers to maximise the return on

eating. Who made this product?

their trading space, so as the footprint of the outlet

Where were the ingredients

decreases, the importance of the fresh offering

sourced from? What is inside the


product? Having a strict sourcing

However it is the consumer that is driving

and manufacturing policy is not

the change and such it understands this changing

always enough. Corner Bakery

consumer need that is the key to Retsol’s success in

offer the consumer a range of

this fast paced and competitive market.

meal solutions that have not

Retsol have identified 2 key areas that are changing

been made in a faraway factory,

the consumer’s behaviour and shopping patterns:

but rather right there, where

1. Health and wellness trend

the consumer can see! All this

2. Changing consumer living patterns and buying

allows Corner Bakery to offer


a “FRESH” department to the

The first is not a new concept, but is fundamental

forecourt space, something that

to the strategic objectives for Retsol. The Health and

in the past consumers were only

Wellness trend, according to Retsol, is not limited to

able to find in larger formal retail

salads and organic foods. This has extended to all food


consumption, with consumers demanding trustworthy and transparent products. Whether it is a sandwich,

40 | Endeavour Magazine

In addition to the demands of




consumers have and are changing

across all franchisees and staff

their living patterns and so

members. Retsol Stores has

their purchasing behaviour. The

identified an innovative and

concept of the monthly shop is

effective way to guarantee that

fast becoming extinct, while even

the franchisors and their staff

the weekly grocery shop is losing

on the ground receive standard

favour. Consumer’s lives are fast

and effective training on the

paced with massive demands

Corner Bakery operating system

on their ‘free’ time. With little

through an interactive online

time to enjoy life, consumers

system. The on-line classroom,

are demanding more convenient

which is an eLearning system,

retail solutions and that extends

forms an integral part of the


training required by the Corner




Consumers are choosing to


shop-on-the-go, preferring to

Retsol to consistently up skill

graze rather than stockpile. This

employees across the continent

results in them demanding more

in a consistent, focused and

ready-made easier to eat food,


but not sacrificing on the health

have the ability to empower all

and wellness.

employees to take control of








their careers and provide them

these trends are analysed and

with a free, easy to use platform

incorporated into all strategic

to increase their skill set and

developments and plans, Retsol

opportunities within the group.

are effectively able to offer

This training does not replace



current practical training, which


is handled by a team of Corner







partners. Within

Bakery Coaches, but rather it petroleum

will enhance the current training

industry, Retsol firmly believes


methods; making sure that an

that consumer differentiation

individual’s skills and knowledge

can only be maximised by the

are scored and recorded on the

addition of a strong retail outlet

online modules.

to drive customers to the site.

The inclusion of eLearning

And a great fresh department

modules has become necessary

is integral in ensuring that the


entire retail offering is profitable.

because it enables easier access

You need to offer the consumer

to training for franchisees that

an integrated retail solution,

will now be empowered to learn

pairing their need for daily FMCG

the Corner Bakery operating

with key fresh departments. The

systems at their own pace

local fuel station needs to morph

and convenience. The online

from a petroleum outlet retailing

training modules are also better

some convenience products to a

positioned to enforce quality

convenience retail outlet, (with a


great fresh department) where

showing detailed processes and

you can purchase fuel.

interactive tests being part of the

At the core of every franchise business is the people and the ability to achieve consistency










A division of Foodcorp(Pty)Ltd

Pieman’s, SA’s no.1 pie, proudly manufactures and supplies a unique range of large pies. Your customers deserve the best! Pieman’s is an ISO 22000, HACCP and Halaal (MJC) certified manufacturer. / +27 11 9534230 Endeavour Magazine | 41


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The MovieTowne brand is a cultural icon in the Caribbean and its name has become synonymous with the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. So far ahead of its time is this venture and so fierce is the drive of its CEO and founder, Derek Chin that it is set to become the standard of entertainment in The West Indies.

Endeavour Magazine | 43


A lush landscape, tempered with a prominent grace and a rich cultural heritage Trinidad and Tobago has formed the epitome of a welcoming Caribbean paradise. In addition to its outstanding natural beauty, the archipelagic republic which lies off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean is one of the wealthiest countries in the region and on paper enjoys a per-capita income many times higher than a majority of the surrounding islands, not to mention the wider Latin American continent.





diversifying the national economy

Trinidad and Tobago

and ever increasing investment

enjoy an abundance of

from private enterprise, Trinidad

oil and gas reserves, a naturally

and Tobago is laying dominance



to its rightful place as the central

vibrant, life-loving people who



tourist hotspot of the West

are making and have made

Indies. And much of the credit

significant strides to develop

for this must be given to one of

their nation to the point where

the most visionary and eccentric

the rest of the world are looking

businessmen to come from the

at this region of West Indies

islands, Derek Chin, founder of

as one of the fastest growing


economies. Via


Derek combination


government initiatives aimed at

44 | Endeavour Magazine





enjoys an extremely dynamic

When planning your next private or corporate event in Trinidad, call on the professional caterers of Boomerang Caterers to assist you. Boomerang Caterers will customize the perfect menu to accommodate your palate and budget. Our one of a kind hors d’oeuvres, diversified menus and impeccable service will assure you that your event will be a complete success!

868-628-2145 127 Long Circular Road, Maraval Endeavour Magazine | 45


Carrington & Co. Ltd. Painting Contractors for the past 20 Years. Specialising in Decorative Finishes for Commercial and Residential Painting, Industrial Coatings and Pressure Washing Services.

and illustrious career as the Chairman/CEO of MovieTowne (Multicinemas Trinidad Limited); Trinidad Commercial Development Company Limited; and Dachin Enterprises. As well as being a highly motivating force in business development he is also a keen intellect having attended Trinity College and St. Mary’s College. He then went on to the University of Western Ontario, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. After a period serving as the Senior Auditor with KPMG, Canada, he returned to Trinidad in 1981, where he pioneered the Video Arcade Gaming Industry.

MovieTowne MovieTowne is known as the premiere Cineplex, shopping and

Proudly supporting

Derek Chin and Movietowne,

wishing them continued success for the future.

entertainment brand of the region and since the opening of its flagship complex at Invaders Bay, Port-of-Spain in 2002, MovieTowne has successfully brought an authentic, high end silver screen experience to the Caribbean. It is no great surprise that MovieTowne has become synonymous with Trinidad and Tobago in the minds of all Caribbean islanders. “The cinematic industry in Trinidad and Tobago was on its knees

29 Borde Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. Tel:(868) 627-7121, Fax:(868) 627-1035,

before MovieTowne came into being,” Derek explains, “People preferred DVD’s, VHS and Betamax at home to going to the cinema

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(868) 689 7553 Cor. Warren & Rosalino Street Woodbrook, Trinidad, W.I. Email: Tel: (868) 628 3764 46 | Endeavour Magazine

You don’t really know how strong your insurance broker is, until you’re in hot water. Always present with unsurpased technical depth, strategic insight and confidence when you need it most.

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Service Xperts Limited, one of the larger well known HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) Companies in Trinidad, has been in existence for the past Twenty (20) years with over twenty-four (24) years work experience in the field. For the past Eighteen (18) years we have been incorporated under the Companies Ordinance. CH31, and NO.#1 on 11th October 1994. VAT Reg.#113020 as the name Service Xperts Ltd. Delivering years of reliable efficient cooling in the design, sales, installation service and repairs of top brand air conditioning systems for industrial, commercial and residential, we also do electrical and control wiring. Also we were one of the first companies to introduce pre-insulated kool duct ducting in the country. Service Xperts Limited intends to enhance their ability in this field in the near future by continually expanding our business internationally.

We are open for business:

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Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm Saturdays 9am - 1pm

and considering the conditions of the old auditoriums it is no surprise. There was little or no variety in choice, the bathroom facilities were deplorable and it was a dowdy and intimidating experience. Customer service was also far from polished.” MovieTowne’s emphasis on providing a flamboyant thematic cinema experience, state-of-the-art facilities, a wide selection of movies and exquisite customer service has quickly won over any sceptics who thought that this was perhaps an outlandish idea. But it is often the outlandish ideas that have the best drive. “MovieTowne changed all this,” he continues, “I wanted to bring the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood to movie fans here on the islands and give people a real experience. Also I wanted to introduce people to a far higher level of customer service than they were accustomed to. MovieTowne was ahead of its time and I believe we have really opened people’s eyes and changed their expectations.” Over the decade following this, MovieTowne has expanded considerably and alongside its flagship complex in Port-of-Spain which is comprised of a ten-screen multiplex cinema, 28 retail outlets, 8 kiosks, a PriceSmart US style shopping warehouse and exclusive hair salons, restaurants and cocktail bars, MovieTowne opened two

(868) 675-0510 |

further complexes. An eight-screen multiplex cinema at Price Plaza,

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z Woodbrook z El Socorro z San Fernando 48 | Endeavour Magazine

Chauganas, and a four-screen multiplex cinema at Gulf City Mall in Tobago, also accompanied by a selection of shopping centres, entertainment facilities, and restaurants are now open for business. “Our Cineplex is themed along the lines of Hollywood with the latest being a back drop of Jurassic Park with all the dinosaurs as an attraction,” Derek describes, “Including various life size models of Batman, Chewbacca from Star Wars, the Joker, Gollum and Shrek. these are just a part of our growing museum of film characters.” The scale of MovieTowne’s success is such that the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday reported how MovieTowne has ‘contributed towards enhancing the social and national fabric’ of the country for a variety of different reasons. As it is, Derek Chin has become somewhat of a folk hero in Trinidad and Tobago, an icon for young business people to aspire to be like. “MovieTowne is more than a business; it is now a cultural, educational and charitable institution on the islands.”

Influence in other areas A serial entrepreneur, over the years Derek has been intrinsic in the creation of a number of business including a Telecom Security Services, one of Trinidad’s leading security firms, Sign Tech Limited – a

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Cor. Charlotte St. & Eastern Main Rd, St. Joseph. Tel\Fax: (868) 645-5408 / 6269 Email: Endeavour Magazine | 49


Caribbean electronic sign innovator and the Ruby Tuesday, Wok Hay and Texas de Brazil local restaurant franchises. A keen horse racing enthusiast he is also responsible for the first Trinidad and Tobago online gambling system. But one of the key attributes to this man’s greatness is his continuous investment in people. “We promote and fund youth education through film,” he explains,

MARTIN’S MARKETING AGENCIES For all your Electrical Requirements

“We founded the Secondary Schools Short Film competition which enables film students to not only get specialist support and tutoring but win scholarships into higher education courses and we engage in

Commercial, Industrial, Domestic & Electrical Contractors

much charitable work while investing in communities.” Through access to its Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne has also provided

We wholesale electrical items • Great Competitive Prices • Timely Service • Free Delivery

a platform for many emerging artists to showcase and promote their talents, and for the last two years, MovieTowne has hosted the “Trinbago Kids Got Talent” competition.

We supply brand names such as

Osram Sylvania • General Electric • Satco • Westinghouse • Advance • Universal • Eagle • Cooper

17 First Street, Mt. Lambert, Trinidad, West Indies Tel: 675-3072/ 222-7174 Fax: 638-7687

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09/05/2013 15:18

As a company driven to the sustainability and awareness of today’s lighting demands, we pride ourselves in developing and researching products from new manufacturers all over the world to meet these demands. After being in the lighting industry for the past 16 years, we are proud to be at the forefront of most commercial projects in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. We aim to facilitate all your lighting needs by supplying a wide variety of superior products and consulting in all areas of lighting - commercial, industrial & residential.

Going Green

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Through this competition children from different age categories have been able to showcase their talents to thousands of patrons and receive constructive feedback on how they can hone their talents from local professional artists. MovieTowne has also been a lead collaborator in promoting foreign cultures with film festivals and is involved in charitable activities. “MovieTowne has been a wonderful addition to the islands.”

New developments And the spread of success continues, as Derek relates, “In Guyana we are opening 6 screens to accommodate approximately 2000 patrons. HiloFoods is our anchor tenant with 55000sq ft super store but we have interest from other tenants such as Wendy’s and Ruby Tuesday, including a bank FCB, First branch in Guyana. Construction has started with the piling works. In San Fernando we are the anchor for the proposed c3 shopping mall, a project owned by the JT Allum and Carlton Mack family of South Trinidad. Movietowne South will be 92,000sq feet of cinema and retail space and is probably going to be the nicest Cineplex of the whole chain.” “Fitted with 8 state of the art cinemas, digital and Dolby surround Skittles Ad _M&D.pdf









52 | Endeavour Magazine




sound systems , 3D technology etc., thematic layouts and maybe even

a VIP section. “ Since its inception in 2002, MovieTowne has achieved consistent annual increases in attendance, which now total over 1 million patrons per year.

Its world-class entertainment experiences are borne

out of an attention to detail in executing its vision as well as a strict adherence to the highest standards of quality. And the brand goes way beyond designed ambience, offering luxurious surroundings and welcoming service – all at a cost that is still less expensive than that of any movie outing in North America, offering citizens great value as an entertainment choice. “The Guyana development was initiated through efforts of the Government of Guyana to get me to invest there, and a 5th complex in South Trinidad is now in the final stages of planning and due to commence construction later this year,” says Derek Chin, “The Streets of the World project at Invaders Bay just behind the Port of Spain

Our tiles and interior products adorn homes and commercial spaces across Trinidad and Tobago and the Southern Caribbean. Our attention to detail, individual attention, high quality and reasonable prices make us the preferred choice for Movietowne and for residential and commercial projects across the Caribbean.

Contact us at any of our 3 modern showrooms and our staff will be happy to guide you through our vast selection helping you choose the right products for your project. Based in Trinidad we stock a wide selection of tiles to bring your vision of beauty and functionality to reality.

Movietowne is very important to me.” As one of Derek’s darling projects once completed this will change the attractiveness of Trinidad and Tobago making it a genuine tourist destination upon the same level as any found elsewhere.


St. James


1(868) 627-8453 1(868) 623-3537

1(868) 628-8881 1(868) 622-9318

1(868) 673-4711

“Trinibagonians have a lot to be proud of and this venture will make Trinidad the gem of the Caribbean,” he concludes.

Endeavour Magazine | 53


54 | Endeavour Magazine


Kenya is in the middle of an exciting economic development, with massive industry expansion taking place across sectors and a significant and all-important economic growth of the middle class. Considered to be the financial, communication and transportation hub of Eastern and Central Africa it benefits from a positive GDP growth supported by a high level of computer literacy, especially among the youth. In an environment that is not only rapidly developing but is considered to be highly investment friendly one company has watched their country grow around them and has supported it with their own immense development. Jack Slater spoke with Business Development Director of Nakumatt Holdings Ltd, Mr. Neel Shah.

Endeavour Magazine | 55


What started as a standalone Nairobi shop in 1987, has grown to become the largest supermarket chain in east Africa. Over the past two decades Nakumatt has ridden a high wave of growth and opened over 40 outlets across the east African region.


akumatt opened

to the country for the first time,

with systematic training at their in house training facilities, retraining



looking to set up home here can

and evaluation has created a sense of loyalty for Nakumatt that has

in 1996 and its


get everything they need to do

added significantly to the culture of the company. Comprehensive

tenth by 2003,” Neel reveals,

so. While we don’t stock food or

training is provided to each of the staff which is regularly and

“In 2008 the company ventured

produce for grocery shopping

studiously updated. A low turnover of staff is always impressive in any

outside Kenya into Rwanda

we have moved the focus away

retail environment.

and by 2009 it had opened its

from that. We started out selling

“All of our employees at various branches are east African,” explains

first branch in Uganda. In 2011,

mattresses and bedding and

Shah. “We firmly believe in empowerment of local communities and

we opened our first branch

have grown from there.”

people and as such employ locals.”

in Tanzania. At our current standing,




Focusing on the household goods,



approximately 1.5 million sq ft of



Seeing the value in local trade, Nakumatt is dedicated to supporting

selling space across our region.”

outdoor, leisure and lighting

local trade. At the moment 50 percent of all Nakumatt’s products are

A great deal of their success

has certain worked for them.

sourced locally and it’s looking to increase this percentage in the next

is attributed to their standing

From humble beginnings they

three years. Additionally, Nakumatt also utilises local distributors and

as a one-stop-shop, a location

now employ over five and half


where families can come for all of

thousand across their forty

the items they require for their


shopping. An ease of service, the availability of goods and the


Importance of using local trade

The staffing is something of particular interest to Neel.

benefit of lower prices proves to

“Many of the employees from

be a valuable asset for the local

our original shop still work in the

home maker.

company today,” he says proudly,

“You can get everything you need from a Nakumatt store,” Neel tells us. “Someone coming 56 | Endeavour Magazine

“And are now branch managers and production managers.” Internal promotion, backed

“The importance of making use of local companies to support Nakumatt Holdings is that it spreads the strength of our product by spreading the wealth across our suppliers as well as increasing the relationship we share with them,” Neel explains, “Major companies such as ourselves have a responsibility to support local service providers.”

Customer loyalty should always be rewarded When Nakumatt re-activated its customer reward programme in 2011, they received high promising feedback and it’s subscribed

customer base jumped from 500,000 to 700,000 in under a year. Neel, along with the other board directors, chose to push the campaign even harder in 2012 with this has carried onwards into 2013 and it now stands at over 900,000 subscribers. “The customer reward programme contributes to approximately 75 percent of our total sales,” Neel says, “The loyalty is definitely there and we are looking to pursue this in the future.”

Safe Investment And Expansion At the start of 2013 they launched their Private Label Programme across 12 categories with highly positive results but the main focus is on the expansion of the stores. “Expansion is the plan and within 3 years we want to double our footprint of established stores and double our turnover,” he predicts, “We have already identified our locations and are looking to open ten new stores per year.” In such a thriving and fast growing economy the strategy is clearly to get ahead on the competition from foreign countries and brands that will soon be looking to cross borders. In establishing such a presence not only in terms of square meters but also in the minds of the Kenyan population and the vast number of their customers they have safeguarded a hardened loyalty. “Kenya is after all an exciting place to be,” Mr. Neel Shah concludes.

EAGM regional offices and showroom have now moved to their newly created state of art Corporate Centre at Tea House in Mombasa. Our new premises is conveniently located in Mombasa City Centre with easy accessibility, adequate private parking facilities and security. The Corporate Centre boasts a large modern showroom facility and will be the centre for EAGM Group’s regional presence. | Everyday, a billion meals are enjoyed using our products

Endeavour Magazine | 57

G4S UAE 00971 4 3815 800 WWW.G4S.AE

58 | Endeavour Magazine

Security is a very topical word at the moment. As we all ride the waves of social and economic changes, security is something that we all deeply desire. Fortunately for those linked with this giant of the security world G4S has that well in hand.



Endeavour Magazine | 59


G4S UAE is the largest and fastest growing total security solutions provider. This rapidly growing list of products and services, along with the company’s global backing, means that we are uniquely placed to provide quality security solutions throughout the United Arab Emirates.


he first security company in the UAE to start the detailed work

registered offices are based

to apply for, and achieve, accreditation to ISO 9001:2000,

in Berne, Switzerland and The

which involved the identification of all key processes and their

Ligue is now represented on all

documentation to form part of the Quality Manual and was awarded

continents and in 34 countries.

early March 2003.

As a mark of the high esteem in

One of their mandates states, “Our Quality Management System

which the Ligue is held world-

is based on functional responsibilities and objectives being clearly

wide it is represented in a

defined to support the fundamental management principal that it is

consultative capacity as a non-

the responsibility of every individual in the organisation to deliver

governmental organization at

quality service to our customers. We are committed to maintaining

the United Nations and the

the Quality Management System. The key strategic objective is to

European Common Market.

achieve continuous improvement and innovation in all aspects of our

Where they operate

business process.” G4S UAE is also a member of Ligue Internationale des Societes de Surveillance. The members of the ‘Ligue’ are the leading security companies of the world in an organisation founded in 1934. The

With the international reach and resources to meet the security needs of the global age G4S has held the position

“Our extensive experience and expertise of operating at events worldwide means we always take into account the bigger picture while understanding the complex interdependence of different parts.”

60 | Endeavour Magazine

A G4S enterprise, IBG was launched 18 years back to satisfy a basic uniform need for the security industry is now a global business and high quality garment manufacturer & uniform solution provider for 70 countries and cover more than 1 million work force with fully integrated supply chain solution and just in time delivery system. IBG has 1,500 skilled workers in India and Jordan ( > 50% women) producing over 8 million garments on state-of-the-art machines for Security officers, Service Staff, Corporate, Hospitality, Healthcare & special clothing like Fire Retardant, Hi-Visibility, Water proof etc. The company is amongst the first 1,000 in the world to have achieved the very exacting SA8000. IBG has distribution centers in South Africa, Canada, Netherlands, Malaysia.

Endeavour Magazine | 61


as the world’s leading secure

As the largest security service provider in the Emirates, G4S

“At G4S, we believe that

outsourcing group for a long time,

operates from its 12 branch offices based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai,

such challenges provide the

with a speciality in outsourcing

Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujiarah, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman here alone they

opportunity to provide better

of business processes in sectors

employ in excess of 10,000 people.


where security and safety risks

Culture and values

experiences,” Alistair explains,

are considered a strategic threat.




Drawing on more than 100 years of history, G4S is proud of its

“Our extensive experience and

They are also the largest

distinct culture and strong values that guide how their staff conduct

expertise of operating at events

employer quoted on the London

business and develop positive relationships with all their stakeholders

worldwide means we always take

Stock Exchange and have a

including customers, employees, investors and the communities in

into account the bigger picture

secondary stock exchange listing

which they work irrespective of where in the world.

while understanding the complex

in Copenhagen. With operations

These include, Customer focus, expertise, performance, quality of

in more than 125 countries

staff, integrity and teamwork. These are the hallmarks of one of the


most remarkable employers in this industry today.




employees! “Whether you require a security solution in one location or across multiple continents,” Alistair Elder their commercial director




experience is always on hand to bring you advantages.”

62 | Endeavour Magazine

Leisure & tourism Among a vast array of service areas that include corporate, government, retail and private security Leisure and Tourism is one of their main features. Aiming to creating a safe environment for recreation and exploration which is essential for the true enjoyment of leisure and recreation time. However, in a world of diverse and increasing risk, the creation and maintenance of such environments is a complex challenge.




parts.” Indeed, for their clients, event organisers, governments and businesses, their solutions provide better security, reduced costs and increased revenuegenerating opportunities. And for their customers, that means improved experiences and the chance to enjoy their leisure and

recreation in safer and more secure environments.

G4S UAE partnership in sport Giving back is very important to G4S, and in addition to sport sponsorships they also encourage sport activities and competitions internally. Including Internal Sport Activities at their staff accommodations which include: The Ramadan Football Tournament held every year in David Village Staff accommodation; a Pool Tournament, where 20 players from across the company compete


for a cash prize and a Weight Lifting Tournament first held in 2008 to encourage Security officers to improve and maintaining their fitness.

Supporting the community “As a truly global organisation, G4S UAE has the potential to

G4S-UAE and Supplies Store; working together to secure you the best solution

Supplies Store – making IT about you

create a real impact for the communities in which we operate,” Alistair tells us, “We therefore recognise our responsibility to our local communities and strive to be a good corporate citizen, forging community links at all levels of the business.” With a selection of charity events, additional sporting events and social activities G4S has taken on the mantle not only as a hero not

SUPPLIES STORE P.O. Box 37936, Dubai, UAE T: 800-SUPPLIES (78775437) F: +971 4 340 9974 W:

only offering security but installing a far more fundamental sense of security within the hearts of their employees and the communities in which they work.

“We recognise our responsibility to our local communities and strive to be a good corporate citizen, forging community links at all levels of the business” Endeavour Magazine | 63


64 | Endeavour Magazine


It is a simple fact; energy is the key to economic growth and throughout much of the world, coal is still the only viable source of energy. A global backlash against nuclear energy in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan, improvements in clean coal burning technologies and a crippling power deficit in the Southern African regions have opened up huge potential markets for Botswana’s considerable reserves of high-quality thermal coal. Shumba Coal - a private exploration company whose focus is the acquisition and development of highly prospective coal exploration licenses in Botswana – has a vision to become Botswana’s premier coal exploration, development and production company, without compromising on its dedication to the improvement of its country and its people; a vision that it is now tantalisingly close to realising. Mashale Phumaphi, Managing Director of Shumba Coal, spoke to Endeavour Magazine about the story of the business and its plans for the future.

Endeavour Magazine | 65


The sub-Saharan nation of Botswana - which lies just north of neighbouring South Africa and south-west of Zimbabwe - has come a very long way since its birth in 1966, following independence from Great Britain. Having started life as one of the poorest nations in Africa with a GDP per capita of $70, Botswana has embarked on a journey of economic transformation which has seen it develop into the politically stable and thriving middle-income country that it is today. And with the economy currently one of the fastest growing in the world, and with its small population of two million people benefiting from the fourth-largest gross national income in Africa and a GDP per capita of $14,000, on the surface Botswana looks well placed to take off over the coming years.


n reality though, Botswana’s

development, production and supply of thermal coal in Botswana.



With it possessing a wide portfolio of coal exploration assets, local

economic growth faces a

knowledge and expertise Shumba Coal is very much at the forefront


major challenge as a result of a chronic power supply deficit

“We are the first private owned company within this field in

which now affects the entire

Botswana and we are strongly focused on the development of the



country’s coal exploration and mining industry for the benefit of the


country and its people. Shumba Coal is a citizen-owned company with

economies such as South Africa

an extensive knowledge of local markets and culture which we believe

and Zimbabwe. With Botswana’s

gives us a strong competitive advantage.


African local

power supply-demand outlook indicating



resources, and are listed on both the Botswana and Mauritius Stock Exchange. Shumba Coal is in its infancy and we have just completed

2016 onwards, it has become

feasibility studies of sites and staff training. Botswana has the largest

a matter of great urgency for

undeveloped coal reserves in Africa and the power supply crisis that


is affecting our local region is something we can help with. In global



At present we have over $USD21.5 million in assets and

energy will exceed supply from



alternative power sources.

66 | Endeavour Magazine

of Botswana’s fledgling energy renaissance.

terms we are benefiting from a move away from nuclear power

Fortunately for Botswana,

stations by the energy industry after the Fukushima disaster in Japan,

the nation is home to an

and improved technology which has made it possible to build clean

estimated 200 billion tons of

coal burning power stations which produce next to no emissions.

coal and Shumba Coal has a

These emerging local and global markets mean there is real growth

remit to play a leading role in the

potential for a Botswana energy export industry.”

Mashale Phumaphi, Managing Director of Shumba Coal

Endeavour Magazine | 67


As Mashale suggested, Botswana’s large and considerable

shipping. Overcoming this issue is

development of the business

reserves of coal will be much sought after, in light of recent studies

something of a matter of urgency

over the coming years will

which indicate that global demand for high-quality thermal coal has

for the company, and as a result

be the development of the

increased greatly. The dynamic economic growth of the Asian region,

two consortiums have recently

company’s future mining assets,

especially China and India, means that there are very strong growth

tendered plans to construct

in particular Shumba’s Secheba

markets to exploit within these energy-hungry economies and it is

two separate railway lines -

Thermal Project. The first stage

this growing Asian market that Shumba Coal anticipates will drive

The Trans-Kalahari route shall

of this will see Shumba begin a

demand for coal over the coming decades. Closer to home, there

terminate at ports in Namibia

full Preliminary Feasibility Study

is also scope for Botswana to use its coal to generate power and

and the Ponto Techobanine

and full Environmental Impact

monetise its thermal coal resources in its own local area. As is the case

rail route will terminate at the

Assessment at the Secheba

in Botswana, neighbouring countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe,

Mozambique port. In addition

Thermal Project, following the

Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho are all expected to reach the stage

to this, a further line to the Port

recent completion of a Positive

where demand for energy outstrips supply over the coming years

of Durban is anticipated. At

Scoping Study. This site is the

and though these markets are restricted by their smaller economies

present, significant engineering


and will be less lucrative then the Asian markets, they are also more

and financial hurdles remain

project to date, and with the two


but Shumba Coal will have the

main coal seams holding reserves

However before Shumba Coal and Botswana can begin to take

capabilities to export thermal

of an estimated 1 billion tons of

advantage of these market opportunities, there is still much work

coal to every corner of the globe


to do to make the company fully operational. Firstly, the biggest

upon completion of construction

coal, it is considered imperative

challenge that Botswana has in relation to exporting coal is the lack


by the business to develop the

of a suitable rail network to facilitate movement of coal to port for

68 | Endeavour Magazine

Another crucial step in the





area so that it is ready for mining

100 95

by 2015/ 2016. Secheba Thermal Project’s close proximity to75existing infrastructure such as the Francistown highway and a main rail link between Zimbabwe and South Africa will give Shumba access to these markets, as well as other energy hungry local markets in 25 Zambia, Angola and Malawi; an important first step indeed for the business in realising its ambitious future goals.


0 “As the world’s power requirements continue to grow then the

demand for thermal coal in the medium to long term shall continue to increase as there is no immediate obvious substitution for coal based power. In relation to the current weak global economic market we strongly believe that in the medium to long term the global economy 100 shall recover and that the growing middle class in the developing 95

markets of the world shall continue to have a ferocious appetite for 75 good, power. As a result we believe that our 5 year prospects are very

particularly considering that there could be a significant expansion of Botswana’s Coal industry. 25 I would like to say that Botswana has successfully retained its

image as a politically stable investment destination over the last few

Marsh’s global industry practices and risk specialities ensure our clients receive the BEST SOLUTIONS tailored to their particular needs, helping them MANAGE RISK FOR GROWTH.


decades and the time is very opportune for it to monetise its coal 0 resources given the regional power shortage and the increasing

global demand for thermal coal.”

A NEW PAN-AFRICAN LEADER Marsh Botswana Tel: +267 318 8000

ShumbaCoal_Botswana_Apr2013 19 April 2013 02:42:27 PM

“In relation to the current weak global economic market we strongly believe that in the medium to long term the global economy shall recover and that the growing middle class in the developing markets of the world shall continue to have a ferocious appetite for power.”

Endeavour Magazine | 69

WORLD WAR Z By Max Brooks


wo hundred million zombies. Who can even visualize that type of number, let alone combat it? . . . For the first time in history, we faced an enemy that was actively

waging total war. They had no limits of endurance. They would never negotiate, never surrender. They would fight until the very end because, unlike us, every single one of them, every second of every day, was devoted to consuming all life on Earth.” —General Travis D’Ambrosia, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

70 | Endeavour Magazine

schoolmate and neighbor, the young Truman Capote. Sound vaguely familiar? Lee went to college and focused on her studies which included English literature and writing. She was later accepted into law school, but left to pursue

WAYMAKER By Michael D Warden

her writing. Lee arrived in New York City in 1949, aged 23. She struggled




working as a ticket agent for


Eastern Airlines and for the ith the rediscovery

this coming apocalypse stands

fail—Sa’lei Lords of staggering

of the Book of

Gideon Dawning, a troubled


Dei’lo, the lines of

loner who has been marked by

minions within the Deathland

war have been drawn across the

prophecy as the Waymaker for

Barrens. Yet an even greater

Inherited Lands. Behind their

the Pearl. His charge: to find a

danger lurks within the realms

fortified walls, the forces for

holy sentient orb of power that

Gideon cannot see…where a living

good and evil are massing for the

has been lost for over 2,000

evil plots to capture his very soul.

ultimate conflict, pitting the two

years, and bring it safely to

With all the perils that lie before

Languages of Power against one

Wordhaven. If he succeeds, he

him, Gideon is certain of only

another in open battle for the

may avert the war. But there are

this: He must go. For if he cannot

first time...At the focal point of

many who would see Gideon

retrieve the Pearl, no one will.




British Overseas Air Corp. While in the city, Lee was reunited with old friend Truman Capote, one of the literary rising stars of the time. She



Broadway composer and lyricist Michael Brown and his wife, Joy. Having written several long stories, Harper Lee found an agent in November 1956. The following month at the Browns’ East




received a gift of a year’s wages


from them with a note: “You have one year off from your job to write whatever you please. Merry Christmas.” She quit the


airline and devoted herself to

o be one of the compulsory reads for school children across

writing. Within a year, she had a

the world has to be one of the best situations for a writer to

first draft. She eventually showed

find themselves in. However, Harper Lee once got a year’s

the manuscript to Tay Hohoff, an

wages as a gift. She took time off to write To Kill a Mockingbird!

editor at J. B. Lippincott & Co..

Nelle Harper Lee was born in 1925. She was known as a loner

At this point, it still resembled

and an individualist who wasn’t worried about looks and fashion

a string of stories more than

like other girls. Nelle Harper Lee, the youngest of five children of

the novel Lee had intended.

Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Cunningham Finch, was raised in

Under Hohoff’s guidance, two

Monroeville, Alabama. Nelle, her first name, was, her grandmother’s

and a half years of rewriting

name, spelled backwards.

followed. When the novel was

Her mother was a homemaker; her father, a former newspaper

finally ready, she opted to use

editor and proprietor, practiced law and served in the Alabama State

the name “Harper Lee”, rather

Legislature from 1926 to 1938. Before A.C. Lee became a title lawyer,

than be misidentified as “Nellie”.

he once defended two black men accused of murdering a white

Published July 11, 1960, To Kill

storekeeper. Both clients, a father and son, were hanged. As a child,

a Mockingbird was an immediate

Lee was a tomboy, a precocious reader, and best friends with her

bestseller. Endeavour Magazine | 71


72 | Endeavour Magazine


The Western region of Africa is witnessing a spectacular boom in the mining industry and both large players as well as more junior outfits are flocking to the area to explore. SEMS Exploration has developed a reputation as being the best in the business and as a result they enjoy an excellent relationship with global clients who have absolute faith in their expert consultancy services. Joe Collins, Country Manager of SEMS Exploration in Liberia spoke to Djamil Benmehidi about the company and its recent joint venture with the University of Liberia.

Endeavour Magazine | 73


The mining sector has seen meteoric growth over recent years in West Africa and SEMS Exploration has reaped the rewards in a similarly booming exploration industry. Since its birth back in 2002 as a one office outfit based in Accra, Ghana, comprised of a small team of exploration geologists, SEMS Exploration has grown rapidly and today boasts further offices in Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Liberia.


ffering a full turnkey exploration service to major

including gold, iron ore, manganese, bauxite and kaolin. All-in-all, with

industry players such as Anglogold Ashanti, Goldfields and

an ever growing portfolio of clients and reputation, times are good for

Newmont Mining to name but a few, SEMS Exploration

the company and its 120 or so staff.

offers technical consultancy which provides geological mapping and

However in spite of its success, SEMS Exploration has not

geophysical surveys, technical analysis, engineering services and

forgotten its local roots and as a result is fully committed to a policy

investment advice through the utilisation of their expert knowledge

of corporate-social responsibility which has seen the business

and understanding of the region. And it is this intimate knowledge of

invest resources in West African communities. In particular, SEMS

local geological, political and cultural issues, in addition to its world-

Exploration has recently embarked on a joint venture with the

class service which makes its clients choose SEMS Exploration over

Geology Department of the University of Liberia (UL) through

their often much larger industry rivals.

offering technical training in the use of its advanced software which

“We know the area very well and have maps which show the various minerals and their locations. With this knowledge we can advise our clients properly and remove much of the risk.

will enable students to combine data from geo-chemistry to geophysics and integrate them. “We have worked closely with the heads of department in geology and geo-engineering here at UL. Students will get the

“Exploration is an expensive business after all.”

relevant industry training that they need in the use of software

As the business has grown, so too has its area of expertise

here at UL and we will also be able to secondment them with other

and today SEMS Exploration works with a wide range of minerals

companies and clients so that they get real experience.

“There is real opportunity here in Liberia and there has been an influx of companies entering Liberia to explore mining opportunities.”

74 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 75


The syllabus covers various exercises involving grid patterns, use

It is anticipated that this

of GPS, carrying out correlations and the use of GIS software. The aim



dedication to its home region of

is that when students complete the programme, we will enable them

towards the wider process of

West Africa. It is for this reason

to use their expertise to enter the mining sector here in Liberia. The



that many of the businesses staff

location of the Fendell campus where the course is taught is behind a



are West African, supplemented

great deal of bush which will also give students a chance to train and

which is only just beginning to

by a small, specialist group of


bear fruit again following the civil

expatriate staff who supply the

wars that ravaged the country

skills that the company is unable

until recently.

to source locally.

This US$1 million training project which will offer students the opportunity to gain direct, first-hand experience of using industry


Exploration’s strong ties and

and fledgling

standard SEMS Exploration’s MapInfo software in a professional

“I got my degree here in

environment is expected to give Liberians access to the many job

Liberia before the war began




opportunities being created as a result of the country’s booming

and then had the chance to get




mining sector.

experience in Australia. I had

create a multilingual team, while


“There is real opportunity here in Liberia and there has been an


SEMS Exploration rotates and to


continual training on computer

influx of companies entering Liberia to explore mining opportunities.

do not have currently; this

software is also done in-house.

A mining conference highlighted the potential of this country and yet

programme will change that and

In addition to MapInfo, the

Liberians have so far been denied the chance to take new jobs that are

give Liberians the skills that are

company also uses Discover

being created,” Joe Collins said.

needed in the industry.”

and other packages for most

“Liberians currently lack the skills and expertise that are required

This programme of investing

GIS applications. Its Ghana and

by the mining industry and as a result, jobs that should be going to

in Liberia for the benefit of its

Burkina Faso offices are Pitney

them are instead going to foreign geologists.”

people is representative of SEMS

Bowes (the owners of MapInfo

76 | Endeavour Magazine

and Discover) accredited training centres where clients and SEMS staff attend Introductory and Advanced user courses. The company also places an emphasis on developing young talent

Power Generators, Lubricants/Oil Gas Home Appliances Telecommunications Building Material & Roofing: industrial commercial agricultural public buildings housing

as demonstrated by its partnership with the University of Liberia, and therefore works closely with other mining schools and universities in the West African region. With an abundance of high quality training courses in geology and mining engineering, SEMS Exploration is able to recruit technical staff straight out of university and are of the opinion that though these youngsters may have little experience, they make up for this in hunger. It is no surprise therefore that the company has very high staff retention rates, even though many of its competitors can offer higher salaries. Over the coming years, SEMS Exploration intends to continue expanding and investing in West Africa. Assuming that the region can maintain political stability, companies will increasingly invest in the area to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available and discover the vast mineral resources in West Africa. With its expert knowledge of the locality and a reputation for world class service that can be trusted, what is certain is that any growth in the mining industry will have SEMS Exploration as part of it.

Tel: + 231 6 511000


Momo T Cyrus, General Manager

Since our Establishment in 2004, SEGAL has concentrated on building a national leadership brand in Security Guard Services and intelligence support services. In so doing we have built a truly innovative security service firm that delivers best practices and value to its clients. Additionally we have the reputation for integrity, quality and excellence in the delivery of security and guard services. Today SEGAL has been repositioned from a physical or manned security company with one Hundred and fifty security Guards, to an integrated security intelligence niche comprising over One thousand two hundred


security officers. We provide security guard services, asset

SECURITY EXPERT GUARD AGENCY OF LIBIA 10th Street, Monrovia, Liberia • Email: Tel: 0880802700 • 0880802701 • 0880802703

protection, threat assessment, executive and VIP protection, Security Chauffeurs, awareness support services and security training and consultancy. Endeavour Magazine | 77

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