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MARCH 2019

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s a UK-based company fascinated

unclear what the future will hold for them.

by industry, it’s impossible for us

Will there be another spate of xenophobic

to enter March without nodding

feeling and incidents, as there was when the

to the events that will unfold around us

BREXIT referendum result was announced?

this month. On March 29th, at 11pm GMT,

Will EU Nationals be permitted to remain in

Lead Designer Alina Sandu

BREXIT is scheduled to come into effect.

the country? One group that are leaving the

Much of the world is watching to see how

country are big businesses, with successful

Publisher Stephen Warman

this historic divorce between the UK and

UK names such as Dyson moving their HQ

Europe will play out, and like many divorces,

overseas. The UK’s loss may be the world’s

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the proceedings have been strained and full

gain; all we know is, it’s a fascinating time

of difficulty. There are still those in the UK,

for the shape of global industry and trade,

including some MPs, who would like to see

and a concerning one for citizens caught in

BREXIT fail to go ahead, though the Labour

the potential fallout.

Party’s last-minute support of a second

We will be following the situation with

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referendum has struck many ‘Remainers’ as too little too late. Barring some finishline drama, it seems fairly certain that BREXIT will go ahead, but this is the only certainty in an otherwise foggy situation.

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the publisher. Any resemblance to real persons,

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As many ‘Remainers’ and ‘Leavers’ alike

the publisher.

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we do know is that the world of industry continues to impress us with inspirational stories the world over, and as always, we’re excited to bring a selection of them to you this month.


independent UK, and where will the ripples

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of the many ways that this split will have

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interest, both as UK residents and as an

brace themselves for lean years of transition, Europeans living within the UK are still Endeavour Magazine | 3




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Pacific. An MoD source has denied the visit was scrapped because of the speech.






understanding signed between the two

In the speech, Mr Williamson announced

nations during the visit include a $10 billion

A former high-ranking Chinese general

the HMS Queen Elizabeth would be

agreement on establishing an oil refinery in

has been sentenced to life in jail for

deployed to the region, as well as the Middle

the southwestern coastal city of Gwadar

corruption, state media reports.

East and the Mediterranean, on its maiden

and a $4 billion agreement on developing alternative energy sources.

Fang Fenghui, ex-chief of joint staff of

voyage. China is currently involved in a

the People’s Liberation Army, was found

dispute over territorial claims in the Pacific.

The deals are expected to provide

guilty of bribery and having huge wealth

Six countries have competing claims over

much-needed support for Pakistan’s ailing

that he had been unable to account for,

the South China Sea islands.

economy. The country has historically low

according to Xinhua.

Mr Williamson also said that China was

foreign exchange reserves and is currently

The 67-year-old accompanied President

“developing its modern military capability

in talks with the IMF for what would be its

Xi Jinping in his first meeting with US

and its commercial power”. Unconfirmed

13th economic bailout since the 1980’s.

President Donald Trump in 2017. Many

newspaper reports claimed the Chinese

officials have been jailed in what Mr Xi

government was unhappy about the speech.

says is an anti-corruption drive. The efforts have had a particular focus on the country’s military, which is the world’s largest and is

INDIAN AIR STRIKES TARGET MILITANTS IN PAKISTAN India says it launched air strikes against

undergoing a modernisation campaign.

militants in Pakistani territory, in a major

Fang Fenghui lost his post with no

escalation of tensions between the two

explanation in 2017 and disappeared from


public view. The government later confirmed

The government said strikes targeted

he was under investigation for alleged

a training camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammad


(JeM) group in Balakot.

Fang was expelled from the Communist

Pakistan said its jets had forced back the

Party last year ahead of his trial at a military

Indian planes and denied there were any

court. More than one million officials have


been punished in the anti-corruption drive started by Mr Xi when he took power in 2012, the government says. The anti-corruption campaign has been


Relations between the two countries have been strained since an attack on Indian troops earlier this month. India accuses Pakistan of allowing militant groups to

described by some as a massive internal

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed

operate on its territory and says Pakistani

purge of opponents, on a scale not seen

bin Salman has signed agreements worth

security agencies played a role in the suicide

since the days of Mao Zedong.

$20 billion with Pakistan at the start of

attack on 14 February, which was claimed by

an Asian tour widely seen as an attempt

JeM and killed 40 Indian troops.


to bolster ties and improve the kingdom’s image after a troubling year.

Pakistan denies any role and says it does not provide safe haven to militants.

The two-day visit to Pakistan is the first

The strikes are the first launched across

A visit to China by Chancellor Phillip

by bin Salman, commonly known by his

the line of control - the border that divides

Hammond has been called off amid reports

initials MBS, since he became crown prince.

India-administered Kashmir from Pakistan-

a speech by the UK’s defence secretary

His tour also includes India and China.

administered Kashmir - since a war between

angered Beijing. There were

The crown prince has struggled to plans

for trade






the two countries in 1971. Both India and Pakistan claim all of

between Mr Hammond and senior Chinese

following the murder and dismemberment


government figures during the brief visit.




of Washington Post journalist and Saudi

only parts of it. The nations have fought

However, the visit was cancelled shortly

critic Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate

three wars and a limited conflict since

after Gavin Williamson indicated the UK’s

in Istanbul last year. The crown prince has

independence from Britain in 1947, and all

intention to send an aircraft carrier to the

denied any connection to the killing.

but one were over Kashmir.

6 | Endeavour Magazine


southern region. President Magufuli doubled






the price of a kilo of cashew nut from 1,500

December 19 after the government tripled

to 3,300 shillings, or a little over $1.

the price of bread and quickly evolved into

Police in Kenya say they have a busted

Three months on, the Trade and

demonstrations against Bashir’s rule.

a seven-man syndicate which allegedly

Industry Minister Joseph Kakunda says

impersonated President Uhuru Kenyatta and

the government has realised that it lacked


other government officials to defraud local

capacity to process all the nuts. They are

announced measures to tackle the foreign

business tycoon Naushad Merali of a huge

now in search of buyers for 200,000 tonnes

currency shortage.

sum of money.

of the product.

In the face of public anger over Sudan’s issues,




The presidency said no more than

One of the men phoned Mr Merali, the

The Government says the money it is

$3,000 would be allowed to be carried by

chairman of Sameer Africa, mimicking the

seeking from the sale will be used to boost

any individual travelling outside the country.

president’s voice and persuading him to

processing capacity for the next harvest.

Bashir also ordered that buying and

release money to facilitate business deals,

The Minister also disclosed that payment to

selling of foreign currency be done only

local media quoted police as saying.

farmers was advanced as promised.

through official channels.

The exact amount is unclear - the Daily



shillings ($100,000; £76,000) while The Star

opposition who denounce an interference

put the amount at 80 million shillings.

in trade liberalization. But the government

have not yet been been charged. Police




The seven have appeared in court but



Nation news site gave a figure of 10 million



has defended its decision to keep one of the country’s main export crops.

KOREAN AUTO GIANT, HYUNDAI, OPENS ASSEMBLY PLANT IN ETHIOPIA Almost a month after German auto giants DW announced entry into Ethiopia, another

said they needed more time to carry out

global giant Hyundai opened an assembly


plant in the country on Thursday, February







21. The plant is a joint venture between

investigations and the number of suspects

the South Korean carmaker and decorated

involved, including some who are still at

Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebreselassie who

large, it is expected that the investigation

owns Marathon Motors brand.

will involve going through voluminous





documents including bank documents and

Mr. Won Hee Lee, was in town for the

call data records analysis,” a police affidavit

inaugural ceremony as was Gebreselassie

quoted by the Daily Nation said.


Mr Merali is one of Kenya’s leading industrialists, with interests in sectors ranging from IT and real estate. Mr Merali and Mr Kenyatta have not yet commented on the arrests.





including Foreign Affairs minister, Workneh


Ghebeyehu. The cost of the Hyundai Marathon

Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir on

motor vehicle assembly plant is estimated at

Monday unveiled new measures to end

half a billion birr. It will employ an estimated

protests that have rocked Sudan for over

200 people from the start, a figure that

three months now, including a ban on

could go as high as 1,000 when it goes fully

unauthorised rallies. In line with a state of

operational. It will be one of few assembly

emergency declared in Fabruary, Bashir also

plants in the region and has the capacity to assemble 5,000 cars annually.

The Tanzania government is struggling

gave the country’s security forces powers

to get buyers for cashew nuts it unilaterally

to raid buildings where “suspicious activities

Ethiopia’s economy has been on an

bought from farmers after a November 2018

were being carried out” and also search

upward trajectory in the last few years

price standoff with private buyers.

people, the presidency said.

despite anti-government unrest.

Government opted to buy all harvests

The decrees came amid fresh protests

International lenders have made key

after private buyers failed to up their prices

in various parts of the capital Khartoum,

budgetary support for the government

at the request of the president John Pombe

where security forces used tear gas against


Magufuli. The army subsequently collected

hundreds of students demonstrating inside

economy is being loosened up by Prime

all the harvests from farmers in the country’s

the campus of the country’s oldest women’s

Minister Abiy’s recent reforms.





Endeavour Magazine | 7


Pompeo added that “further action will

Canada, is being nominated to be United

be contemplated” at a meeting Monday

States Ambassador to the United Nations,”

of the Lima Group, the diplomatic body

Trump wrote on Twitter.

established in 2017 to help mitigate the

He followed up in a second tweet,

Even if everything goes according to plan,

Venezuelan crisis. He also pushed back

saying, “Kelly has done an outstanding job

it will likely be months before construction

against critics alleging that the White House

representing our Nation and I have no doubt

on President Donald Trump’s sought-after

was using the aid as a negotiating tool to

that, under her leadership, our Country

border wall can even start, according to

spur a regime change.

will be represented at the highest level.

senior defense officials.

When Tapper asked Pompeo’s response

Congratulations to Kelly and her entire

Trump recently declared a national

to groups citing previous instances of the

emergency on the southern border, a move

United States smuggling weapons along

family!” Trump’s announcement comes a week

that in theory will allow his administration

with humanitarian aid, he replied, “It’s just

after his first pick to replace Haley, State

to tap and repurpose more than $3 billion

humanitarian aid.” He added that it was

Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert,

in military construction funds to build

“USAID-marked” and that other countries

withdrew her candidacy.

sections of the wall. The declaration has

have also assisted aid operations.


been challenged by several states and some members of Congress. Trump also said that his administration would use the Pentagon’s counter drug

The US military announced that an

fund to build sections of the wall. Even if

airstrike in Somalia killed 35 Al Shabaab

the court and congressional challenges do

fighters on February 24th.

not slow the process, defense officials say it

That means at least 180 fighters from

will still be many months before the funds in

the al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group have

question could be used to build a wall.

been killed in 22 airstrikes so far in 2019,

While the defense secretary is required

according to figures released by US Africa

by law to make a determination that any

Command, which oversees US military

military construction funds tapped for a

operations on the continent.

border wall are being used to support the

The latest strike took place about 23

armed forces, defense officials say that there

miles east of Beledweyne, Hiran Region.

is no real criteria on which to make that

The US military currently assesses that no


civilians were killed in the strike.


there were 3,000 to 7,000 Al Shabaab

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States would take further action to pressure embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after several people were

The Department of Defense estimates fighters and 70 to 250 ISIS fighters in Somalia as of August 2018.


killed in clashes with the country’s military

intends to nominate the current American

targeting Al Shabaab in March 2017 in an

blocking humanitarian aid from entering

ambassador to Canada to be the new US

effort to bolster the Somali government.

the country.

ambassador to the United Nations.

Prior to that the US military was authorized






President Donald Trump authorized the US military to carry out precision strikes



in airstrikes in Somalia by the US since he

“There’s more sanctions to be had.


There has been a significant increase



There’s more humanitarian assistance, I

nominate Kelly Knight Craft for the position,

think, that we can provide,” Pompeo told

following former Ambassador Nikki Haley’s

CNN. “I think we’ll find other ways to make

resignation last year.

sure that food gets to the people who need it, and we will.” 8 | Endeavour Magazine

“I am pleased to announce that Kelly Knight Craft, our current Ambassador to

to carry out airstrikes only in self-defense of advisers on the ground. In 2018, the US conducted 47 precision airstrikes against Al Shabaab militants. In 2017, the US conducted 35 airstrikes, and in 2016 it conducted 15.


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Brazil 55 (11) 2164 7100 Argentina (5411) 4776 7002 Chile (562) 2656 7047 Colombia (571) 530 4512 / 530 4513

Peru (511) 637 4027 Mexico (52) 55 9171 8460 Costa Rica (506) 2201 1411


At least 24 European leaders were

make them. The demonstration was called

welcomed by Egyptian President Abdel

for by the Gaza-based Popular Movement

Fattah el-Sisi, who co-chaired the summit

for National Salvation, which comprises

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met

with European Council President Donald

Palestinian factions including Hamas, the

Iranian officials in his first visit to the Islamic

Tusk. Leaders including German Chancellor

group that governs the Gaza Strip, and other

Republic since the start of the Syrian conflict,

Angela Merkel and Italian and British prime

Abbas opponents in the enclave.

Syrian state media reported.

ministers, Giuseppe Conte and Theresa May

Assad met Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani on

were in attendance. On



“It’s an historic moment where we are standing here against injustice and tyranny,”



the movement said in a statement.

his first trip to Iran since the war erupted

struggled to settle on, were the issues of

Since 2006, there have been no

nearly eight years ago. Assad has only left

migration, security, the Middle East peace

parliamentary elections in the Palestinian

his nation twice since the conflict began,

process, and the wars in Yemen, Syria, and

territories and no presidential elections

both times to Russia.

Libya - countries that suffer from armed

since the year before that.

Syrian state television showed footage of Assad meeting Khamenei and said the two leaders agreed “to continue cooperation at all levels for the interests of the two

conflict, political deadlock, and economic deterioration. However, analysts dubbed the summit a “publicity stunt” for el-Sisi.

friendly nations.” The outlet also said Assad


“thanked the Islamic Republic’s leadership

Police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds

and people for what they have given to Syria

of protesters on a third consecutive day

during the war.” Assad’s office said, “both

of rare demonstrations against President

sides expressed their satisfaction with the

Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s bid for a fifth term in

strategic levels reached between the two

the April 18 presidential vote.

countries in all fields.”

The unrest came in the centre of the

Tehran has given the Syrian government

capital where hundreds of people took to the

billions of dollars in aid since the conflict

streets at about noon despite a significant

began and sent Iran-backed fighters to

police presence.

battle alongside his forces - assistance that has helped turn the tide in Assad’s favour. This week’s visit abroad to meet Iranian leaders is his third in total since protests against his family’s decades-long rule broke out in March 2011.


Members of Mouwatana and a few


dozen protesters gathered near Maurice Audin square where they intended to start their march but were quickly pushed towards the adjacent Didouche Mourad street.

Thousands of protesters gathered in the

Police prevented hundreds of other

Gaza Stripon to call for Palestinian Authority

people from joining the first group. There

(PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to resign

were reports of some arrests.

after his attempts to pressure Hamas with financial cuts in the impoverished enclave.

81-year-old Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been in office since 1999. Unable to speak

Arab and European leaders convened

The pro-Hamas crowd gathered at al-

or walk since 2013 when he had a stroke, he

in Egypt’s Red Sea resort city of Sharm el-

Sarya square yelled for the long-serving

has rarely been seen in public since he was

Sheikh for the first ever EU-Arab League

leader to “leave” and called on the PA to pay

re-elected in 2014.

summit as the region faces turmoil and

the full salaries of public sector employees

Bouteflika announced his candidacy in




in Gaza. They also demonstrated against

the April vote through a letter published by




Israel’s more than a decade-long blockade of

state media on February 10.




including the murder of Saudi journalist

the Gaza Strip.

The move was expected, but it still

Jamal Khashoggi, the Gulf crisis, regional

Israel says the blockade is necessary to

caused outrage on social media. Anonymous

wars, and Brexit, the two-day summit had

prevent Hamas, with whom it has fought

calls quickly spread on Facebook and Twitter

aims to “strengthen Arab-European ties”,

three wars since 2008, from obtaining

in the following days, announcing protests

according to an EU statement.

weapons or materials that could be used to

throughout the country on February 22.

10 | Endeavour Magazine


under 16, and four counts of committing an indecent act on a child under 16. The verdict was handed down in December, but it could not be reported until now for legal reasons.

DUTCH SEIZE 90,000 BOTTLES OF VODKA BOUND FOR NORTH KOREA Acting on a tip-off, Dutch authorities boarded a ship and seized 90,000 bottles of

Michael Gove’s environment department

The Vatican later confirmed that Pell

has scheduled an emergency meeting with

was prohibited from public ministry, and

business leaders.

had been banned from having contact with

UN sanctions levied on North Korea

minors. He has to abide by these rules until

because of its nuclear programme forbid the

any appeal is over.

importing of such luxury items.

The meeting will discuss emergency no-deal Brexit plans after the government

vodka they believe may have been headed to the North Korean regime.

confirmed that it does not have enough

The Catholic Church worldwide has

The ship’s destination was listed as

pallets for UK companies to export to the

in recent years faced a damaging series of

China, but it is suspected its real final port

EU in a no-deal Brexit.

allegations relating to sex abuse by priests,

was Pyongyang.

Most pallets currently used by British exporters do not conform to the rules which non-EU countries or “third countries” adhere

and claims that these cases were covered up.

The haul was found on board a Chinese ship in the port of Rotterdam.

Pell could face up to 50 years jail time.

The vessel had a total of 8,000 to 9,000

to, as EU member states follow a much more

containers on board, said customs official

relaxed set of regulations.

Arno Kooij. “One of those containers was

This means that UK companies would be

the one we were looking for,” he said.

in competition for a small number of pallets

The container in question was found

which meet EU rules, while those that

hidden beneath an airplane fuselage being

missed out would be forced to wait for new

transported by ship. Despite fears that the

pallets, which could take weeks to be ready.

fuselage could be damaged, Dutch trade

The admission left affected industry leaders baffled.

officials decided to extract the container. Mr Kooij, the customs official, said the

Labour criticised the “incompetency and lack of forward planning.”

seizure followed a tip-off from Hamburg the ship’s last port of call - that the container

Theresa May is under intense pressure to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal. Brexit will take place on March 29.

might be in violation of the sanctions against North Korea. Economic sanctions have been in place


against North Korea for more than a decade, severely limiting access to many goods consumer and military - in the politically isolated nation.

Australia’s Cardinal George Pell has been found of sexual offences against children, making him the highest-ranking Catholic figure to receive such a conviction. Pell






Melbourne’s cathedral in 1996, a jury found. He had pleaded not guilty. As Vatican treasurer, the 77-year-old Australian was widely seen as the Church’s third most powerful official. His trial was heard twice last year because a first jury failed to reach a verdict. A second jury unanimously convicted him of one charge of sexually penetrating a child Endeavour Magazine | 11


ADAPTING TO AFRICA’S ENERGY NEEDS A highly respected independent provider of oil and gas products and services across sub-Saharan Africa, Oryx Energies is on a mission to grow and develop in proportion with the region it is so committed to supporting. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


Attending to the oil and gas needs of Sub-Saharan Africa

for over 30 years, Oryx Energies (Oryx) has become something of an expert in the field. The result of an exciting merger managed by AOG, a private investment group that enjoys majority ownership of Oryx, the company has been consistently driven by both demand and consumer satisfaction in the oil and downstream sectors.


ur oil trading division began in 1987, as the first activity of the Addax and Oryx Group (AOG). Focused, initially, on the purchase and delivery of crude oil and refined

Private Oil and Gas Company Registered in 2014 in Kenya Trading in Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, South Sudan, Mozambique, Tanzania, Burundi and Somalia. Similar to the history of the Texas oil boom in the U.S, Texas Energy Ltd positions itself as a Pan African Oil and Gas company with a vision to offer African countries energy solutions to our African continent. Our purpose is to participate in the development of the downstream sector opportunities as well as partner in the upstream activities with renowned petroleum E&P companies in sustainable extraction and exploitation of oil and gas discoveries for the benefit of the African people Phone: +254 20 2000 421 Mobile: +254 708 414 874 13th Floor, Barclays Plaza, Loita Street, Nairobi. Kenya 14 | Endeavour Magazine

petroleum products for Africa, it rapidly expanded, ensuring imports of gasoline, jet fuel and heating oil for coastal and inland nations in West and then East Africa. It subsequently became a leading company in the independent petroleum trade in Africa.” To immediately enter into a programme of diversification and growth is a bold move, but Oryx clearly identified a gap in the market for certain products and took advantage of an opportunity to bring them to waiting consumers. This is clear from the fact that 1989, just two short years after initial oil trading began, extra offerings were added to the service roster, including a bunkering arm. Providing fuel, lubricants and vital services to offshore clients, this part of the company exploited the woeful lack of servicing available to commercial ships, fishing vessels and offshore platforms. It’s extraordinary to note that Oryx was able to offer services to a wealth of different customers and industries, while simultaneously remaining niche in its level of expertise. That truly is the mark of a special operation, but let’s not forget that downstream operations were also being undertaken. “Our downstream operations also began in 1989, when AOG acquired and upgraded the Exxon petroleum depot in Dakar, Senegal. This natural and rapid extension from trading into physical

AINUSHAMSI ENERGY has embarked on a rapid expansion drive in Kenya and other Eastern Africa markets aimed at positioning the company among the top leading oil marketers in the region.

In the last two years, the company has opened seven retail stations in Kenya and another six in Uganda under the AS Energy brand. In 2016, Ainushamsi introduced their own lubricants brand while this year, the company has ventured into the LPG segment.

Our Products and Services

Petroleum fuels (Diesel, Super Petrol, Kerosene & Jet Fuel) both Local & Export Fuel Oil, Furnace Oil & Bitumen Lubricants, Oils & Greases Bunkering & Ship Back loading Transport and Logistics ( Both dry & wet cargo)

Quality, High Performance Lubes Quality, High Performance Lubes

Ancillary Service Station services including Service Bay, Tyre Centre & Convenience Stores

Ainushamsi Energy Kenya Limited| P.O Box 5134-00506 | TEL: +254 704 923473 | Email: | 4TH Floor Mayfair Centre | Ralph Bunche Road | Nairobi, Kenya


Safe, Clean, Reliable Gas Endeavour Magazine | 15

ORYX ENERGIES assets reflected our early understanding and commitment to the

related specialist products over the years. These include Liquefied

need to respond to Africa’s growing energy needs by reaching end

Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a modern replacement for firewood,

consumers. This commitment has continued to grow over the years

charcoal and paraffin (kerosene) for heating and cooking; lubricants

and makes Oryx Energies one of the largest and longest established,

for consumers, businesses and marine customers and, more

and most experienced, independent downstream businesses on

recently, bitumen to support infrastructure development.”

the continent.”

So why has Oryx embarked on such a fierce programme of

With such expansion in place, support systems were duly looked

expansion? Firstly, there is a demonstrable need for the products

at next, with numerous secure storage facilities being erected in

and services that the company specialises in and secondly, Africa

strategically sensible locations. Designed to guarantee a reliable

needs innovative and committed organisations to support the

supply of high-quality products to both regional hubs and those

economy. This responsibility is taken extremely seriously at Oryx:

areas that are notoriously more difficult to service, these storage

“Our vision is to be the most admired, independent oil and

outlets were just another example of how important integrated

gas company in sub-Saharan Africa. With over 30 years in Africa,

solutions are to Oryx.

and a presence in over 20 Sub-Saharan countries, this vision

So many other operations would have simply sought to expand,

reflects our continued commitment to supporting economic and

without thought or acknowledgement of potential consequences

social evolution in Africa. Our business strategy for achieving

down the line, but Oryx is on a mission to “inspire change” and

this focuses on our becoming the most extensive, integrated

you don’t manage that through incomplete diversification plans. In

downstream platform in the region. This will reinforce our ability

fact, Oryx has made diversification look far easier than it actually is,

to respond and adapt, quickly and reliably, to the product and

in practice:

service needs of our oil and gas customers, whether businesses

“Our commitment to providing a complete range of energy solutions in Africa has seen us diversify into several energy-

or private consumers, across one of the fastest growing regions in the world.”

Northline Limited 4th Floor, AACC Building, Waiyaki Way, P.O. Box 50690-00200, Nairobi, KENYA Mobile: +254-704-231-737

are proud to be working together with

Oryx Energies

on their successful endeavours

16 | Endeavour Magazine

We at PRIMEFUELS aim to offer regional logistics solutions in East and Central Africa. We have a successful history of transporting bulk liquids and are happy to support Oryx Energies as a transport partner. As a team we are dedicated to providing transportation solutions that include trained staff, use of quality equipment with a focus on safety, reliability and use of technology to update our customers. The trust our customers place on our performance for each delivery is our highest priority.

Integrated Supply Chain in Motion.

Email: Contact: +255 784772701(Tanzania), +254 798449976 (Kenya), +256 706000198(Uganda) Endeavour Magazine | 17

ORYX ENERGIES There’s no questioning that this vision has been brought into being and that integration has well and truly been accomplished.

it’s the specialty products and services that will make the biggest impact on the country:

With a supply, storage and distribution operating model in action,

“Expansion of our network of LPG storage, filling and

Oryx is able to maintain industry domination, while satisfying

distribution centres that supply key industries and the demands of

customers countrywide and being ready to react to any and all

domestic cooking and heating in urban and rural areas of Africa will

market changes. As an added bonus, there is a level of environmental

be key. Growth of our young bitumen business, as a vital resource

awareness and responsibility being demonstrated that is unusual

for the infrastructure projects that are accompanying Africa’s

for high-performing companies within the energy sector:

development is also critical.”

“Our model will enable us to help to reduce the environmental

Having a proven track record of successful growth initiatives,

and health challenges of the extensive use of firewood, charcoal

there’s no doubting that Oryx is going to continue going from

and kerosene energy sources.”

strength to strength, but it will be fascinating to see how sub-

Oryx is therefore proving that diversification and growth don’t have to be attained to the detriment of other important issues. By constantly investigating environmentally advantageous energy solutions and promoting them throughout Africa, the future looks set to be a whole lot greener, as well as even more successful. In a bid to continue on the same path of conscious growth, with a side helping of social responsibility and new product development, Oryx has devised a corporate strategy that will see it focussing on presence expansion in three key areas. Both the fuel and storage and distribution arms are set to be significantly invested in, but

18 | Endeavour Magazine

Saharan Africa benefits from playing host to such a responsible and giving operation.

We don’t just represent our clients’ views. We champion their causes. A well-balanced blend of legal disciplines and outstanding skill KSMO Advocates is a private legal practice firm founded in October 2006. The firm has five (5) partners and a distinguished consultant with excellent academic and professional qualifications and vital hands - on - experience in legal practice.

KSMO Advocates is a full service commercial law firm with two broad practice areas, namely; Corporate and Commercial Services and Civil & Commercial Litigation.

Telephone: (+256) 414-237796 FAX: (+256) 414-237 794 Crested Towers 5th Floor, Short Tower, Plot 17 Hannington Road. P.O.Box 23064 Kampala.

P. O. Box 8710-30100 Eldoret-Kenya Phone: +254722647101 Office: Santury Court 2nd fl, Eldoret Email: Single-disciplinary company offering fuel logistics solutions

We have massively invested in the fuel transport sector so as to offer you with the most reliable fuel transport solutions.

Massive fleet of over 30 Fuel transport trucks

These vehicles are always in perfect operating conditions to ensure no unnecessary inconveniences are caused to our clients

GPS enabled trackers

The safety of your cargo is essential to us. Endeavour Magazine | 19


SEEKING HIGHER THINGS After 70 years, remaining successful and relevant proves that a business has more than just good old-fashioned experience behind it; it can adapt. We spoke with Davis and Shirtliff, an East African provider of water related equipment: for this wellestablished company, innovation and continuous improvement are watchwords, and it’s clear to see in its expansion and success. We spoke with Alec Davis, CEO and son of the company’s co-founder, to learn more about its ongoing journey. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Davis and Shirtliff was founded back in 1946, following the

end of the Second World War. E.C Davis has served in the military in Nairobi, and upon leaving, purchased a small, independent plumbing and water engineering firm in Kenya. Through a partnership with his friend F.R. Shirtliff, the two men took this company - RH Paige & Co – and grew it into what seeded the successful and wide-ranging company that stands today.


rom this small start, the Davis and Shirtliff Group now owns a network of nearly 70 branches in eight regional countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, S Sudan,

Ethiopia and the DRC. It also exports to many other regional countries including Malawi, Somalia, Somaliland, Zimbabwe and several countries in West Africa. This wide network of locations is complimented by a range of cooperative services that are able help each other to achieve optimum efficiency for the Group’s clients, covering water pumps, boreholes, water treatment, swimming pools, generators, solar equipment and irrigation. As Alec Davis told us: “We have a great advantage and strength from our branch network. We also have a very wide product range at various levels, from the volume level and the mass market to the more specialised products as well, in all these different fields. We’re also adding new branches and products all the time, so it does keep us ahead of the game.“ Early operations for the company largely involved work with the agricultural industries and local water supplies - both areas with a clear demand. From here, the company moved on to expand into water pump supply, and this has remained a key area of the Group’s operations. As Alec told us, “We’ve got a wide range of pumps for any application you can possibly imagine, and that is still a core part of our business.” This range of pumps includes those suitable for everything from drinking water to swimming pools, and is provided by three brands: the Group stocks Grundfos, one of the world’s

22 | Endeavour Magazine

Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration water treatment plant made by D&S and installed at a local mission hospital

Professional Power Manufacturer Email:

DAVIS & SHIRTLIFF GROUP largest pump industry players, Pedrollo, an Italian manufacturer of

customers: they also allow the company to better empower areas

quality domestic and commercial pumps, and it also produces its

in need. Davis and Shirtliff serves a wide customer base of private

own pumps under the brand “Dayliff”. These supplier relationships

sector, NGO and government institutions across all industries

have been long and reliable ones; the company has stocked

and sectors, and a large part of its job is the introduction of water

Grundfos for over 50 years, and Pedrollo for over 25.

supplies to areas that desperately need them.

Whilst this area of the business was solid, the company did

“I’ve been in the business for so long, the market has changed

not stay static. “We have three values,” Alec explained. “One is

beyond all recognition. However, we’ve always been in water,

quality, one is integrity, and the other is an old school motto: ‘I seek

we’ve always been with the government, and we’ve always worked

higher things’. Basically, it’s a focus on continuous improvement,

on projects providing for communities. It’s a part of our history.”

innovation and creativity, which we’re all very focused on. It’s

One of the most important technological advances for Davis and

important that we all keep moving forwards every year. We are,

Shirtliff has been the implementation of solar technology; the

within the region, an industry giant, and this value is what has taken

Group has expanded its operations into solar energy specifically

us to where we are.”

to power its solutions, including new solar pumping technology.

In the spirit of moving forwards, Davis and Shirtliff expanded

These technologies have been widely applied throughout many

their business by branching out into water treatment. This has now

installations, including hundreds of recent solar pump installations

been a part of their repertoire for some time, but that doesn’t mean

in remote sites that bring reliable water supply to marginalised

that’ve stopped developing what they offer: “We’re now moving


into high-tech water treatment such as ultra-filtration and reverse

“We have developed some huge projects for various agencies,

osmosis.” This water treatment work is just one of the many areas

such as the Danish refugee council, UNHCR and so on, in these

in which the Group continuously improves its technology, and their

remote areas, putting in large solar pumping systems.” Other

improvements do more than improve value and results for their

government and charitable initiatives the company has worked for

A D&S borehole installation team 24 | Endeavour Magazine

Proud to cooperate with Davis & Shirtliff include UNICEF, Kenya’s Red Cross, and the ministries of water in Uganda, Somalia and the DRC. “We carried out five large scale solar pumping installations in north-western Uganda in several months, for the Danish Refugee Council. Before, it was a very arid area and very hard to get wate. Now, they’ve got these water supply systems in, and it’s really improved these communities’ lives.” The other recent major project of this nature was in Kenya, where the Group carried out 100 smallscale solar installations for institutions, schools, health centres, community centres and so on. “This has made a huge contribution, as many of these sites didn’t have water beforehand.” This new technology allows for water pumping to take place in areas that were previously unable to access the power to support such infrastructure, and it is this sort of innovation that continues to place Davis and Shirtliff as the front of the industry in their region. Whilst remaining ever dedicated to this development, the Group also utilizes its decades of experience to combine the old with the new and bring clients the best of both worlds. One of their earliest and still most important solutions, on top of their wide range of pumps, are boreholes: “We are the leading supplier of borehole equipment in the region. Boreholes are one of East Africa’s most

The Nairobi D&S Group Head Office premises with staff in frontt Endeavour Magazine | 25

DAVIS & SHIRTLIFF GROUP important sources of water; there isn’t much surface water and

sell has increased by 100-fold since the late 70s. We haven’t grown

there isn’t much rain, but there is ground water, and we’ve done an

by acquisition – it’s been an incremental growth each year, assisted

awful lot of work in that area over the years.”

by the fact that the entire country has also developed and grown.

70-plus years in the industry has seen Davis and Shirtliff develop a wide reputation, including a reputation for how effectively they

The GDP of this country has also grown by 100-fold, and so, it’s created these opportunities.”

implement new technological ideas. Thanks to this, the Group is

The company continues to grow. In a clear example, it is

frequently approached by inventors and professionals with new

currently constructing a new $5 million. distribution centre, as

products and ideas, to the extent that the Group has established a

its operations have out-grown its previous facilities. The border

board whose role is specifically to review these ideas and choose

procedures between Africa’s many countries make the logistics of

which they will carry forwards. They have even developed a series

shipping around the country extremely complex, which is why stock

of apps, including one that details all of their other products and

on the ground in key locations is so essential. As well as investing

capabilities to allow for digital problem-solving, running through

into this, the company is also in the process of establishing several

the technical complications of difficult water supply demands to

new branches in Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania, as well as introducing

assess what the best way forwards would be. “It’s quite advanced –

a new range of irrigation products and the expansion of their

even our European suppliers have nothing like it, so it does give us

industrial chemicals range.

a great advantage in the marketplace.”

After 70 years of dedication to innovation, it seems unlikely

Davis and Shirtliff’s growth has been steady, the result of

that Davis and Shirtliff will slow down any time soon. Water and

consistent quality and the tireless pursuit of self-improvement.

energy solutions are both still in high demand throughout Africa,

Alec joined the family business 40 years ago, and has been the

and wherever its work is needed, we feel confident that Davis

CEO for the past 25. “We’ve grown organically. Obviously, when

and Shirtliff will continue to rise to task and develop ever-better

I joined, it was a much smaller company: the number of pumps we

technologies to tackle the challenges ahead.

26 | Endeavour Magazine

YANAN is a long standing partner of D&S,

the relationship being established for more than ten years. We are working closely to open the power generation market in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and other neighbouring countries. We are eager to share a clean, efficient, and reliable systematic electric power solution with Africa, and bring light, warmth and hope to the population.

D&S pump range

The Nairobi D&S Group Head Office premises with staff in frontt Endeavour Magazine | 27


STURDY SUPPORT Mining is a serious, and potentially dangerous, undertaking, with vast amounts of time and money invested into a site long before a full mining operation even begins. After all of the tests, hoops and investment that been involved in getting to this point, it is important that operations go smoothly and safely. With such high stakes, trusting your equipment is essential; enter companies like Coalseam. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Established in 1982, Coalseam Hydraulics & Mining

has been in operation for 37 years. Based in Jet Park in Boksburg, South Africa, the company provides underground coal mining operations with a range of high-quality products, from new and refurbished vehicles and machines to the literal nuts and bolts needed to safely construct and navigate mining shafts.

n top of these products, the company also offers a variety


Unlike many of their competitors, Coalseam also offer a torque

of support services, to provide further confidence in the

testing service. Correctly installed roofbolts are one of the most

equipment their customers have invested in. As long as

critical elements in mining safety – when operating underground,

a Coalseam product is present in your mining operation, then

any flaw in shaft supports can not only cause great expense in

Coalseam are invested in helping your operations be as smooth

the case of an accident, but can easily be fatal. To alleviate these

as possible.

concerns, Coalseam’s torque testing “allows you to install roofbolts

With almost 40 years of business behind it, Coalseam has

to optimum efficiency, adjusting machine settings where necessary

become one of South Africa’s leading suppliers in the coal mining

to ensure your roofbolts are torqued to the right setting, and the

industry. We spoke with Tswaledi Ngobeni, Coalseam Hydraulics’

roof is supported correctly.”

CEO, about the company’s progress during that time: “We have

As well as using their workshop to provide these services, it

grown our footprint quite considerably in our 37-year history.

is also used for inhouse jobs such as the restoration and rebuild

Coalseam is an international company; we have increased our

of second-hand machines. As well as supplying new models, the

position on exports over recent years and we are doing a lot of

company offers rebuilt continuous miners, shuttle cars, roof

cross border trading within Southern Africa. Demand for affordable

bolters, feeder breakers, augers, face drills, coal cutters, loaders

mineral exploration equipment within the rest of Africa remains

and load haul dumpers. These rebuilt machines are restored

high, and we are gearing up to aggressively enter new markets

to prime condition before re-use. Additionally, Coalseam offer

within Africa and the rest of the world over the next five years.”

customers full restoration services on their own equipment: “Our

Coalseam’s 5,000 square meter workshop is split into various

equipment rebuilds will have your machines restored to optimum,

sections including a boiler shop, conventional machine shop, CNC

like new condition. We do not take any shortcuts and pay attention

machine shop and hydraulic shop. From these facilities, they are able

to detail to every item and component that gets fitted to the

to provide the essential support services that work hand in hand

machine. Thereafter, the machine is coated in an automotive grade

with their equipment hire to provide efficiency, safety and peace

2K paint, leaving your machine looking immaculate. Depending

of mind. This includes not only the repair of faulty equipment, but

on your budget, we also offer to source core machine bodies, or

scheduled machinery maintenance, because prevention is always

manufacture complete new from the ground up.”

a better and cheaper option than a remedy after the fact. As the

Breaking it down in more detail, how does Coalseam achieve all

company describes; “Incorrectly maintained machinery and parts

of this under the roof of their workshop? The roofed 5000 square

can be the most costly issue for any mine. Our custom designed

meter space is complimented by three 20-ton and three 10-ton

maintenance schedules allow mine workers to focus on production,

overhead cranes, but it is within the workshop itself that the real

while your valuable equipment is looked after and maintained.”

activity takes place. The boiler shop is where the company carries

30 | Endeavour Magazine

HYDRASERVE HYDRAULICS (Pty) Ltd Home of Quality and Service since 1981

Tel +2711 864 7683 / 4 Fax +2711 864 4042 Email

10 Bentonite Street, Alrode Ext 7 Alberton, South Africa

HIGH QUALITY STEEL PRODUCTS AND UNMATCHED SERVICE Matsway Steels Services • Laser Cutting • High Def Plasma Cutting • Profile Cutting • Guillotining • Light & Heavy Rolling • Light & Heavy Bending • Drilling • Punching / Cropping • Light Fabrication

Carbon Steel • Mild Steel • S355 Jr/Jo/J2 • 430A - Boiler • SA 516 GR 60/65/70

NEW: Laser and bending machines

Wear Plate • Roq Last • Roq Tuff • Bennox • Hardox 400/500 • Liner Kits

Stainless Steel • 3CR12 • 304/L • 316/L • 310/L • 904/L Tel: 011 421 3880 Fax: 086 618 2532 P.O.Box 13036, Elspark

Endeavour Magazine | 31

COALSEAM HYDRAULICS & MINING SUPPLIES out all of its all fabrication and welding work. Coalseam boasts that

repairs and assemblies. Hydraulic components are delicately

it produces the “finest welding possible”: it’s a strong claim, but it is

assembled and further tested on a state-of-the-art test bench,

true that the company has invested a large amount of money into

and various other mechanical components and gearboxes are also

its welders and welding processes, as welding can literally make

assembled and tested here before being shipped out.

or break any repair or manufacturing job. The company employs a







highly qualified team that strictly follows industry standards, and

Coalseam a competitive edge during a challenging time for the

on top of that, they use top-quality equipment.

sector as a whole. Whilst Tswaledi tells us that the overall outlook

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine shop is where

for coal mining in Africa remains optimistic, it has been facing a

Coalseam produces its precision components. A CNC machine is an

series of socio-political pressures that have put financial pressure

automated milling device that make industrial components using a

on the sector and impacted its growth trajectory: “With the rising

set of coded instructions, allowing the fast and reliable production

energy and labour costs, coal producers have inevitably become

of small parts. The most common CNC machines are milling

cost conscious. For the better part of the past five years, Coalseam

machines, lathes and grinders, as well as drills and even plasma

has responded to this by internally implementing various cost-

cutters. Coalseam’s CNC division uses these machines to work

saving measures within our manufacturing processes. We have

around the clock to produce components for their clients, removing

significantly lowered our own cost of production by exercising

the risks of human error and the delays of human work-hours.

greater control over the supply chain; we are doing a lot more

However, certain products are too large for Coalseam’s CNCs, and

internally, and that has given us greater control on the overall cost

in these cases, the work is carried out under human guidance in

of production.”

the company’s conventional machine shop, with equipment such as traditional lathes, drills and boring mills.

The savings made possible by the company’s multi-purpose workshop and the in-house processes it enables have been passed

Lastly, the company’s workshop includes a hydraulics and fitting

on to Coalseam’s customers. Not only has passing these savings

shop, where Coalseam handles all of its hydraulic and mechanical

onwards allowed them to thrive and compete during hard times

32 | Endeavour Magazine

for the sector, it is also the key to Coalseam’s plan for boosting

pursue their studies part-time. Our employees are dedicated to the

both thte sector and their own business: “South Africa remains

mission and are extremely hardworking, and we’ve systematically

mineral rich, and part of our strategic objectives for the future is

put these programs in place to upskill our team and grant them the

to lower the cost of mining in order to make mining operations

opportunity for personal and professional development.”

more affordable and to make mining minerals more accessible to emerging players in the market.”

When you correctly encourage and invest in your staff, you invest in the entire company, and Coalseam is growing. “We are on a

Coalseam currently employ 120 members of staff. These staff

global expansion mission and we’ve begun building an international

are essential to the company’s success, and as Tswaledi explained,

brand. Coalseam has grown quite rapidly over the last few years;

prioritising their development has been one of the company’s

we have had consistent year-on-year growth in revenue, our staff

secrets to their success: “We put our people first. Coalseam’s

complement has grown quite significantly and we have moved into

employees are our first customers; if they don’t buy into us, nobody

two new facilities in just under three years.” To assist in this growth,

will. The return derived from this is a highly motivated team with

Coalseam has also taken on a new strategic partner in BIE, whose

the type of synergy that great companies are built on. We are then

innovations Tswaledi feels will give the company a competitive

able to deliver the best experience, the best product and reliable

edge in the hard rock mining sector, claiming that the partnership

after-market support.”

will see Coalseam achieving double digit growth in FY2019.

Coalseam supports its staff in many ways. For example, they

Conforming to ISO and SABS standards, Coalseam do all they

invest heavily in their team’s training and further development;

can to produce top-quality products and services that give their

as Tswaledi told us, “We created a very strong skills development

customers peace of mind, as well as the efficiency needed to

culture within the company, where employees are given

make the most of the resources under their feet. With the heavy

the opportunity to request for training to acquire new skills

investments it takes to develop and operate a mine, it is worth the

interdepartmentally. Coalseam also established a bursary program

funds to secure equipment that you can trust, and a company with

to fund formal tertiary education for employees who wish to

Coalseam’s level of experience behind them to back you up.




rom the time the first wind mills appeared

horizons across the world, some of which

that over 1 million people had died in China

in China, harnessing the energy provided

are up to 200 metres tall, with blades that

from airborne toxins alone, wind turbines

by this natural phenomenon has been

move at a speed of up to 200mph. Neither

are becoming a more common site across

an important resource for the human race.

would he have imagined that some countries

the vast landscape in an attempt to reduce

Now, wind power has become a fantastic

would utilize wind energy to supply up to


source of generating electricity due to the

20% of their electricity requirements.

In India, the Muppandal Wind Farm has

constantly changing gusts, gales and breezes

When it comes to the best location to

3,000 turbines producing 1,500MW of

we experience each day, being converted by

harness this natural power, vast prairies are

power. This was built in an attempt to reduce

an army of gigantic turbines.

top of the list just because of the constant

their reliance on fossil fuels, which has been

German physicist Albert Betz discovered

winds they experience. This is also why

noted by many other countries as a possible

the theory of wind energy in 1919, realizing

offshore wind farms have become more

solution to this significant problem.

that it would be a pollution-free solution. It is

widespread, making use of the gusts that

then no coincidence that Germany lead the

batter the coasts of many countries.

Roscoe Wind Farm in Texas covers 100,000 acres of land and took 4 phases to

way in the amount of wind energy produced

Gansu Wind Farm in China used to be

complete. Texas alone produces more energy

per year. However, Albert would never

the largest in the world, generating nearly

from wind than most of the other US States

have dreamed of the towering turbines that

7,900MW, which could power a small

combined, due to the vast open prairies that

have become a permanent feature of many

country. Following the release of information

dominate the land. Texas is also home to the

34 | Endeavour Magazine

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, another huge operation. When it comes to offshore wind farms, both the London Array off the UK coast and the Gemini Farm in the Netherlands are impressive sights to behold, with the massive turbines rising from the sea resembling some alternative version of Poseidon’s Trident. There are more problems in building offshore farms naturally, with the varying

Francisco, the Walney farm consists of phase

Wind energy is no longer just a gimmick

height of the sea bed and ensuring that all

1, phase 2 and now the Extension. Residing

or a novel way to generate power. The

turbines are connected to the shore.

in the Irish Sea 9 miles off the coast of the

sheer number of turbines appearing across

However, when it comes to the largest

UK, the farm has over 130 turbines creating

the world is testament to that. With wind

wind farm in the world, that honour now

1,000MW of power and took 8 years to

power now the largest source of renewable

goes to the Walney Project, which was

complete, covering an area of approximately

energy in Europe, the turbine titans you see

fully completed in September 2018. Twice

73 square kilometres. Walney generates

waving on the horizon look set to stay for

the size of Manhattan, and bigger than San

enough electricity to power 600,000 homes.

the foreseeable future. Endeavour Magazine | 35


HARD WORK PAYS OFF When a business rents, leases or purchases equipment, it is really trying to solve a problem with that equipment. Equipment downtime due to mechanical breakdowns result in additional cost to operations and frustration on the work site. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Support is the catalyst of service operation and

discipline and this is what places Kanu Equipment in a league of it`s own. In equipment rental, effective service and maintenance of machinery guarantees a satisfied customer experience yet in Africa it has been sorely missed within the industry. Masterfully, Kanu Equipment has filled this gap securing their path to success. Kanu is all about optimally functioning equipment…. all of the time. We caught up with company founder and CEO Stephen Smithyman, to find out about Kanu’s latest developments, and what is continually placing this company ahead of the opposition.


or a young company, Kanu Equipment already has an impressive

that the equipment is working optimally and downtime is kept to

reputation. In essence, Kanu Equipment realised that the key

a minimum.

differentiator between them and the opposition was service

“Our mission is to reduce our customers’ cost of doing

excellence. Through this devotion to service, the five-year-old

business. In part, that’s through the support we provide. Our slogan

company quickly carved out a space for itself in the equipment

is ‘Experience the Support”, as we differentiate ourselves by being a

rental field for Africa’s key heavy industries, including agriculture,

support organization to our customers in the hard areas where they

forestry, mining, earthmoving, construction and road construction.

do business”, states Stephen Smithyman.

When working in some of Africa’s more remote locations, this

The ability to have access to spare parts on site can mean the

support can literally be operation-saving, and the loyalty this has

difference between a minor hiccup and a costly delay. This is true

won Kanu, speaks for itself.

anywhere, but particularly in some of the more remote and far-

Kanu understands that good customer experience leads

reaching locations where Kanu’s African clients do business. “We

to brand loyalty. This brand association is ultimately what

have a very strong mutually beneficial relationship with all our

manufacturers are after. Excelling at customer service leads to

OEMs and have maintained this relationship because we provide

manufacturer preference for agents that are able to provide the

good service on the ground. Previously, African customers would

ultimate level of support, to sell and distribute their brands. Kanu

accept the fact that in these countries, they needed to provide their

Equipment has forged strong working relationships with several

own support.” Many African markets still operate with this model

large equipment manufacturers: Bell, Liebherr and Wirtgen, who

focused on selling rather than on customer service. Once the

focus mainly on the construction and mining industries, and Case

equipment is sold the problem becomes the customers’. “What has

Agriculture, providers of top-of-the-range farming and forestry

fundamentally changed now is that the world has become a smaller

equipment. Kanu’s entrenched relationships afford them the ability

place and customers require first-world support. Companies need

to keep world-class equipment available for their customers, as

to adapt to that or they will lose relevancy.”

well as a generous supply of related spare parts.

The company started out in Congo, followed by rapid expansion

This allows them to provide a maintenance support service of

into West Africa, Botswana and now East Africa. “We basically

their own, and consignment stock on the ground in order to ensure

started out in the hardest countries and then worked our way

38 | Endeavour Magazine

KANU EQUIPMENT around.” The idea for the company came to Smithyman when he

challenges eventually emerging wiser and more resilient. It is the

encountered his own difficulties in hiring equipment for a mining

story of how ‘hard work pays off’ and it is the ethos that is felt

exploration project. “We were trying to find a bulldozer to rent. We

throughout the company from their operational decisions and

couldn’t find one, and then when we eventually did, the rental rate

expansion plans right down to the daily choices of their employees.

was really high.”

Kanu’s dedication has pushed them to heroic acts of service:

“What inspired me to start the company initially was that I

whilst expanding its operations, Kanu moved into several areas that

saw there was a real lack of support for people who are running

were in the throes of dealing with the Ebola virus crisis. Instead of

machines in some of the markets. I was optimistic about the

leaving their customers unsupported, they stayed firm. Truly going

business opportunity – I knew that if we could provide exceptional

above and beyond the call of duty, Kanu proved that it values its

support and service to our customers, we would succeed. What

customers as family and that its promise to provide support will

inspires me now is that we employ over 570 members of staff across

hold true no matter how challenging the conditions. “We have

14 countries, who very often work in adverse circumstances. These

shown our customers that we were prepared to support them even

are the people that drive me to continue to grow this business so

in the middle of a crisis. Many of our staff put their lives at risk to

that their lives and that of their families can be improved. They keep

provide that support.”

equipment humming under trying conditions to make a difference

Despite stormy waters, Kanu’s loyalty to their customers has

to our customers and this, I believe, will grow mechanisation

led to their success in every market they move into. “Some markets

in Africa.”

are very new to us, whilst other markets like Botswana have more

Smithyman’s praise of his employees is well-deserved. The

established customers. We’ve been very successful in a variety of

Kanu name is inspired and derived from an old African tale ‘Kanthu

countries all for different reasons but with one common focus, that

N’khama’, a story about a small but brave and resourceful bird

we represent quality brands and we provide exceptional customer

that flies into a dark and formidable forest, where it overcomes

service”. As well as spreading their on-the-ground support

40 | Endeavour Magazine

throughout Africa, the company also has a physical presence in Europe, to reach the decision makers of larger industrial groups. Many companies that operate in Africa have decision-makers based in Europe, so our sales-arm in Switzerland meets with these key customers who wish to work in areas where we don’t currently have an active presence.” This face-to-face contact is important, and Kanu is constantly branching out to increase this physical in-market presence even further. Kanu continues with expansion into Africa. “In Tanzania, we’ll be very successful – we have a very strong customer support base there. Kenya is also a very exciting market for us, because there is a lot of machine demand every year, so we’re hoping to gain market share there.” Another exciting expansion plan is currently Namibia. “We are now the largest independent Liebherr Mining dealer in Africa as we represent Liebherr Mining in Namibia and Botswana. We’ve got a number of customers currently operating Liebherr Mining machines in Namibia. We believe there’s a lot of strong growth potential for mining in this region, especially now that mineral resource prices have increased. These customers have not been supported as well as they should have been in terms of stock, spares or on-the-

Endeavour Magazine | 41

KANU EQUIPMENT ground service. We are going to introduce a level of sophistication

set up to finance local entrepreneurs. We will buy a container and

around our IT system, and the support we can offer. We will also

give them training and IT support, allowing them to open up their

store a wide range of spares. We believe it will be a win-win for us

own spare parts business in areas where heavy equipment is used.

and the market. Everybody’s really excited about the launch.”

We’ll give all the technical backing, knowledge and spares to them,

Of course, not even Kanu can expand indefinitely. “Next year

and they will operate like a distribution centre for us. Through

will be a year of consolidation. The year thereafter, we will look

Project Hummingbird, we believe we could create about 1000

at expanding further, but only if we get the support we need to

entrepreneurs throughout the continent.”

ensure top-class customer service. Largely we would look at going

“Training is a very important part of our service offering. It’s

further into Africa – it is where we are mostly based, and where our

arguably one of the key drivers of our expanding business. Making

customers want us to be. Over the next few years, we aim to be in

sure that local staff are trained well means we have an opportunity

18 different countries, and then we’ll look at listing the business

to grow.” This development project not only contributes to Kanu’s

on the stock exchange. We want to double revenue every year –

operations and the increasing number of customers their support

that’s our plan.”

services can reach, but also creates jobs and serves as a boost

It’s an ambitious plan, but given the loyalty Kanu enjoys from

to local economies. They are running feasibility studies on the

their markets and suppliers, it’s a goal that is well within their

proposition, and are hoping to receive government backing to

grasp. True to their mantra, however, their own growth isn’t the

supplement their own contributions. If successful, the project will

only one that interests Kanu. Project Hummingbird, taking its name

be a fantastic boon to Kanu, but it will also be a life-changing one

from Kanu’s inspired logo, is a proposed initiative that will allow

to the entrepreneurs empowered by the programme. Once again,

Kanu Equipment to empower and establish a network of small and

this dynamic organization will not only achieve success for itself,

medium sized entrepreneurs that will serve as independent spare

but will ease and enable the industries and business around it, truly

parts suppliers for their products. “Project Hummingbird has been

allowing Africa to ‘Experience the Support’ like never before.

42 | Endeavour Magazine


A SHINING EXAMPLE Based in the UK but focused on two mining projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adriatic Metals is a perfect example of how a global approach can yield impressive results and weather any industry turbulence. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


Adriatic Metals is an impressive operation. A UK-based

exploration and development company, it has taken ownership of a special mining concession in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through its 100%-owned subsidiary operation, Eastern Mining. This is pertinent, as the mining industry is notoriously competitive and difficult to navigate, so to manage two high-pressure projects, from overseas, is quite an undertaking.


he Vares Project contains two advanced exploration deposits, Veovaca and Rupice, which have previously been mined for lead, zinc and barite. Operations ceased

prior to the commencement of hostilities in the Balkans in the early 1990s.” Understanding that the region has faced hardship is critical if we are to fully appreciate the potential for success being investigated right now, which will come about as a result of explicit objectives and company directives. “The primary objective of the Company will be to focus on

The UK’s foremost legal authority on high-risk jurisdictions and specialist risk services

mineral exploration of resource opportunities that have the potential to deliver growth of the Company for the benefit of Shareholders. In order to achieve this, exploration programmes have been prepared and budgeted and include, but are not limited to, drilling and assaying, resource modelling, metallurgical testing and potential mine scoping studies as well as tenement administration, general administration and geological services in relation to the Veovaca and Rupice Projects and satellite prospects.” There’s no room for misinterpretation here, as Adriatic Metals is clearly throwing its full weight behind the notion of company growth and shareholder satisfaction, which goes a long way to explaining why the Bosnia and Herzegovina sites were chosen

� +44 (0) 20 3875 7422 +44 (0) 7725 329437 � 46 | Endeavour Magazine

� � @proeliumlaw � Proelium Law LLP

for exploration. Recognised as being as being world-class in terms of having a metal mining legacy and benefiting from unilateral support from

ADRIATIC METALS a variety of national and localised authorities, there were few

While both the Veovaca and Rupice projects have previously

stumbling blocks to be concerned about. Add in low operating

been explored, with varying degrees of success and exploitation

costs and a commitment to operating in line with mining laws and

experienced, there are telling signs that there is far more potential

you have a perfect location for exploration projects, regardless of

to be unearthed. All it needs is an experienced company to take

where the overseeing company is based. Of course, viability needs

the lead, perform in-depth investigations and make a rational

to be ascertained, as a mining legacy is all very well and good but

assessment of the remaining viabilities. Adriatic Metals has

if the metal resources had been depleted too much, new projects

approached the task with a real vigour:

wouldn’t be financially viable:

“Adriatic has compiled historical exploration activities for the

“The results of the exploration programmes will determine the

Concession and surrounding areas and entered this data into a

economic viability and possible timing for the commencement of

database. Exploration by Adriatic has focused on activities at

further work including scoping studies and possible development

the Rupice and Veovaca areas within the Concession, including

on the projects. The exploration programmes and budgeted

geophysical programmes (induced polarisation) and drilling of the

expenditure outlined in the Independent Geologist’s Report are

historical resource at Veovaca and the advanced Rupice project.”

subject to modification on an ongoing basis and are contingent

Employing its subsidiary, Eastern Mining, Adriatic has become

on the circumstances of the Company and the market, results and

the first company to commit to any exploration in the area since the

other opportunities.”

1980s and has been pleased with the findings. The Veovaca site,

This realistic approach to either progressing or halting a project

for example, was closed due to hostilities rearing in the country and

is refreshing and demonstrates a level of fiscal responsibility rarely

has shown potential for being reopened and exploited, while the

seen in the modern business world, but that’s Adriatic Metals to a

Rupice site could be exceptionally exciting:

T. Pragmatic, transparent and thoughtful, these characteristics are clear to see in the Vares projects.

48 | Endeavour Magazine

“The Rupice Project is an advanced exploration project which exhibits exceptionally high grades of base and precious metals and

is located approximately 17km North West of the Veovaca Project.

the company is actively pursuing expansion opportunities in and

The Company completed an 8-hole, 1,458 metre diamond drilling

around the existing project sites and with good reason. After all,

programme at the Rupice Project in 2017, to confirm the historical

lead, zinc, silver, gold, copper and barite are showing no signs of a

results and the presence of precious metals with the base metals.”

decline, in terms of demand and when it comes to mining, more is

These initial findings are certainly promising and coupled with the low operating costs that Bosnia and Herzegovina can offer, there seem to be very few hurdles left to cross.

more and never a bad thing. Enjoying the advantages of supportive local authorities, low operating costs, easy logistics networks and two projects with

Being an exporter of energy, Bosnia can support any future

demonstrable promise, Adriatic Metals is putting Bosnia and

Adriatic metals mining projects with low cost power, but the

Herzegovina firmly back on the metal mining map and we look

geographical benefits don’t end there. The Veovaca site is

forward to reporting back when excavation endeavours begin

tantalizingly close to a working railway line, offering almost on-

in earnest.

site logistical support, and labour costs are incredibly reasonable, considering that the workforce is English-speaking and of an expert skill level. With these elements taken into account, alongside the seemingly undeniable potential of the two Vares region mining sites, extra regional possibilities are being looked into: “Discussions are underway with the Government to expand existing concession boundaries.” This brings us back around to the initial declaration that Adriatic Metals is all about growth and development. Far from simply relying on historical significance and initial exploration results,

Endeavour Magazine | 49


GATEWAYS TO OPPORTUNITY Airports are more than a logistical option for travelling from A to B; they are an experience that bookends holidays and business trips, and the success and smooth delivery of this experience can make or break our memories of the entire venture. The professionalism of an airport equals peace of mind for the businesses using them. Airports juggle and navigate a complex network of logistics, but aim to always deliver these with an ease and calm for their passengers and clients; with so many outcomes reliant on this happening successfully, companies like Oman Airports Management Company (OA) carry a heavy responsibility. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


A government-owned operation, OA has been charged

with the management and operation of all civil airports within the Sultanate of Oman. It falls to OA to ensure the seamless operation of Oman’s airports, from marketing and communications through to commercial real estate management and coordinating security, as well as overseeing the infrastructure of the airport itself, including terminal buildings, cargo buildings, runway, apron and car parking.


ot content to simply operate a reliable airport, OA wants to

further investments have also been committed to develop ancillary

make theirs one of the top 20 airports in the world by 2020.

infrastructure such as roads to and from the locations. David

Overseeing what they describe as the “gateways to Oman”,

broke down what this level of investment and effort has been able

the company states its purpose as “growing gateways to beauty and opportunity”.

to deliver: “There is no comparison between the old-world airports and the

Oman’s first airport, Bait Al Falaj Airport, no longer exists, but

new; every single part of the service offering for customers and the

the company now oversees four main locations: Sohar Airport,

systems behind our operations is different. In Muscat, a 44-year-

Duqm Airport, Salalah Airport, and Muscat International Airport

old 52,000 sqm building has been replaced with a new 360,000

né Seeb International Airport. Under OA, Muscat International

sqm construction, with a capacity of 20 million, and the airports

Airport has changed more than its name; both it and Salalah have

have already been developed to allow for future expansion in line

had numerous recent investments and expansions made to their

with the airports’ master plans. All airports now have boarding

facilities. In fact, the first anniversary of Muscat’s expansion falls

bridges, improved retail space and fully integrated systems and

this month; we took this opportunity to speak with David Wilson,

control centres, allowing us to provide a much higher quality of

Chief Operations Officer of OA, to take us through the various ways

service to airlines and passengers. Indeed, the new infrastructure

the company is working towards its 2020 goal, and in particular, to

is absolutely essential to be able to deliver the level of service that

tell us more about the fruits of this expansion.

our customers expect.”

“We are incredibly fortunate to have been able to work in

The new Muscat International Airport opened a year ago, on

partnership with the Government of the Sultanate of Oman to

March 20th 2018, and this first year has already seen positive

open new airports for the nation,” David tells us. “The scale of the

results for OA’s revenue, as well as the happiness of their clients.

projects to build and open the new airports were unprecedented

As David shared, “Our new retail and duty free offer a wonderful

in Oman in terms of investment, profile and prestige.” He isn’t

product portfolio which can compete with the best airports globally.

exaggerating; the new Muscat airport took ten years of planning

Passenger experience has also improved significantly since opening

and delivery with US$4.4bn of investment, and on top of this

the new airport and our satisfaction scores have improved across

effort, Salalah’s modernisation cost a further US$0.95bn. These

multiple indicators.” Especially excitingly, the new airport seems to

figures only account for work on the airports themselves, but

have turned OA’s 2020 goal into something of a reality: “Quarter 4

52 | Endeavour Magazine

Your Path Towards a Digital Future By Havier Haddad, General Manager for Gulf at Dell EMC The pace and scale of change that digital technology is enabling means organisations must adapt to remain relevant. And they must use digital technology to do so. In short, digital transformation is now a business imperative. Most organizations are still in the early stages of digital maturity, working on isolated projects that lack coordination. In contrast, the handful of organisations that fully understand enterprise-wide digital transformation are making increasingly-rapid progress, disrupting industries and leaving competitors behind in the process. This is because, digital transformation clearly means different things to different organizations and customers. Our customers need a technology partner that they can rely on to help them in their journey, and we at Dell EMC are here to be their trusted guide and implement a remedy to advance their digital transformation following four strategic and parallel paths:

Digital transformation: we are well positioned


Workforce Transformation: The experience of

Security Transformation: If the workforce is accessing applications and information from wherever they are, security transformation is needed as well. Data is moving further out to the edge on more devices than ever before, and so the security posture of organizations must evolve to protect the business without being an impediment to it. With its industry expertise along with its expansive set of infrastructure and software technologies, Dell EMC is a powerful ally to businesses in their transformation journey to fuel digital innovation.

to enable customers to shift the status quo and embrace a digital future through Digital Transformation. Our vast and comprehensive portfolio of products and services enable organizations and communities to adopt technology at the heart of everything they do – to accelerate the cycle of innovation and create competitive differentiation – in order to deliver the best experience and meet their customer’ needs first.

the workforce is fundamentally different. We power this workforce transformation by modernizing user experiences, empowering new ways of working and delivering innovative decision-making with intuitive apps and data insight.

Transformation: Digital transformation invariably leads to an IT transformation in the data center because the requirements driven by digital will break traditional IT infrastructure. IT must adopt a hybrid cloud strategy and base it on modern data center technology, automate and act as a service provider in-house and broker additional services from external providers.

To this end, Dell Technologies as a unique family of 7 businesses (Dell, Dell EMC, VMware, Virtustream, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks), brings together strong capabilities in the fastest-growing areas of the industry, including hybrid cloud, software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, platform-as-a-service, data analytics, mobility and cybersecurity, provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information!

OMAN AIRPORTS MANAGEMENT COMPANY scores in the ACI-ASQ survey (an airport benchmark quality survey)

new technologies are being brought into the aviation sector

have ranked Muscat Airport 18th Best Airport in the world for

regularly. Don’t ever think you know best. Market research and

overall satisfaction in the 5-15 million passengers airport category.”

listening to passenger feedback can help shape your future plans.

The new Salalah Airport terminal building, which was opened in

Benchmarking industry is very important too, so as we learn from

2015, is also performing very well. It experienced a record-breaking

others in the industry.”

Khareef season (Oman’s monsoon season) in 2018, processing over

Whilst the new airports have only been recently completed,

630,000 tourists who were visiting the region, compared to around

OA is already looking into improvements and new technologies

470,000 in 2017. Salalah Airport has been ranked 6th Best airport

to introduce to them. For example, they are introducing self-

for passenger overall satisfaction in the world in under 2 million

service check-ins and self-bag drops to speed up and streamline

passengers per year category. The airport also holds the number

passengers’ first experiences at the airport, and they are also

one ranking when compared to airports in the Middle East for

implementing technologies such as passenger flow management

overall satisfaction. This admirable achievement is reflected by

systems. These systems highlight hot spots throughout the entire

their overall success throughout the region:

passenger journey to allow the airport to predict ‘pinch points’

“Our performance is very positive. We are performing better than many other airports in the Middle East, especially during these

and areas that will slow down their progress smoothly through the airport process.

challenging times in the region. We’ve seen a 7% increase on our

David joined Oman Airports in June 2017, having previously

passenger numbers in the last year across all our airports, including

spent a year as COO at Mumbai International, India, following a

a 15% increase in transfer passengers in Muscat, which has been

lengthy career with several UK airports. This career has a slightly

made possible through forging and nurturing strong relationships

unusual origin, evolving from his decision to join the Rescue

with our airlines and other partners.”

& Firefighting Service at Edinburgh Airport in February 1993,

OA has also expanded Muscat through the cargo market, which has grown steadily for them for the past 12 months. This growth was partially facilitated by the opening of a new cargo facility as part of the airport’s remodelling, which has a capacity of 380k tonnes. “This is definitely a targeted growth area for Oman Airports over the coming years, and we will be working closely with our national stakeholders and international partners to continue to improve and manage the cargo market in Oman.” These ambitious developments were supported by many bodies throughout Oman: support from Oman’s government through the Ministry of Transport & Communication has been key, but on top of this, OA also benefits from strong bonds that it has built with a variety of other partners, including the Public Authority for Civil Aviation, Oman Aviation Group, Royal Oman Police, Oman Air and Oman Aviation Services. However, it is not only these prestigious external partners, but the excellence of OA’s own team that has led to its success. To date, OA employs a team of over 1,200 staff, 93% of whom hail from Oman. As well as supporting the country through this local employment, OA also provides training and additional learning opportunities to its staff through its Learning & Development Centre. 75% of OA’s total staff made use of these programs last year. To support good people, a truly competitive company in any industry needs to stay up to date with the latest technology. David is well aware of the importance of this advantage within a sector as complex as aviation: “We work in a fast-paced industry;

54 | Endeavour Magazine

following several years in the British Army. “During my time in the

RFFS, I was given a number of opportunities by the then operator (BAA) to experience many other parts of the airport’s operation, and also attended many courses to improve my technical knowledge, leadership and interpersonal skills.” This rise through the aviation industry combined with David’s time in the army allowed him to develop a broad knowledge and efficient approach to airport management. We asked David about his approach to leadership, and his answer…… invest time with your staff and stakeholders and always putting safety and customer satisfaction first: “Never compromise on safety and compliance, focus on delivering an excellent customer experience every day and always look for opportunities to operate at optimal cost.” With this sort of approach, safeguarding efficiency, service, standards and security, combined with OA’s constant search for the latest and most up-to-date facilities and technology they can offer, it seems that OA are on their way to achieving their 2020 goal. The difference between Oman’s old airports and the new facilities is staggering, and future success seems certain for David and the OA team. However, it’s the passengers who will really feel the

DDN’s vision and execution have made us

the world’s largest privately held data storage company. Our leadership comes from long-term investments in leadingedge R&D and our relentless focus on solving customers’ end-to-end data management. The emergence of AI is perfectly aligned to DDN’s capabilities where we speed up and streamline our customer’s data pipeline to deliver 10x faster actionable insight.


Ankur Arora +968 9701 6189 Endeavour Magazine | 55




n Northern Australia, a fearsome predator lurks beneath the water. Growing up to 23ft in length and weighing in at a mighty

2,600lb, this is certainly not a beast to be messed with. That’s right - it’s the salt water crocodile. Infamously known to be the largest of the Earth’s reptiles and notorious for their high levels of aggression as a major apex predator, whilst these creatures strike terror into the hearts of many, one can’t help but revere them as a magnificent monster within the animal kingdom. Salt water crocodiles, aka ‘salties’, are currently prospering in the wild of North Australia, and can also be found frequenting the swamps, estuaries and lagoons of South East Asia and Eastern India. Their name (like their cunning hunting techniques) is

to be justified. Alongside being aesthetically

situation on their own terms. To control the

actually quite deceptive, as they in fact

scary, they are commonly known for attacks

population of salties, unregulated hunting

choose to live in a habitat of fresh water. As

on humans. There are many accounts of

was allowed in excess. Due to the financial

of 2019, approximately 100,000-200,000

men, woman, and children being ruthlessly

value of crocodiles, trophy hunters launched

salties are now confirmed to be thriving,

ripped apart limb from limb by the salties.

frenzied attacks on the crocodiles to seek

but unfortunately this did not used to

These occurrences and the general threat

fortune and fame, and by the late 1960’s,

be the case…

to human settlements has led many to

the rife levels of hunting had almost wiped

bring it upon themselves to deal with the

the crocs out completely.

Crocodiles terrify many, and this tends 56 | Endeavour Magazine

Š Gregg Yan, CC BY-SA 3.0 Thankfully,





But how did such a dramatic turnaround

they want to live alongside such a dangerous

considered to be at a low risk compared to

happen in such a short space of time? Other

creature? Well now they had their reason

their plight in the 1960’s. The IUCN Red

than the ban on hunting in 1970, one factor

- money. Salties were already a valuable

List of Threatened Species defines itself as

of this tremendous feat can be attributed to

commodity, but trophy hunters could no

the most comprehensive, objective global

the commercialization of the croc. People

longer run rampant like they did in the first

approach for evaluating the conservation

who lived in areas surrounding the habitat

half of the 20th century.

status of plants and animals. Salties hold the

of salt water crocodiles needed an incentive

The salt water crocodiles have since been

IUCN’s lowest rating, LC (Least Concern).

to tolerate them. Otherwise, why would

left to prosper in the wild, but nowadays Endeavour Magazine | 57

a small amount of eggs are removed from

garments and fashion accessories from

injustice and abuse enacted on the animals

them and taken to farm. They are then

the salties’ hides.

of the Earth - whether they are endangered

placed into incubators, hatched, and raised

In December 2018, the late Karl

for slaughter. The salties become meat for

Lagerfeld of Chanel made the decision to

All is not rosy for the salties that escape

human consumption, trinkets and various

ban exotic animal pelts from the brand,

the fate of those that are farmed. Despite

souvenirs. Farmers earn a mean profit from

including crocodile leather. The world is

the best efforts of local authorities, illegal

their exploits, as the leather that is fashioned

becoming increasingly more aware of its

hunting still occurs. Their rapidly rising

from a crocodiles hide is worth 30 times the

influence on the environment, including

numbers have once again led to calls for

amount of leather from a cow. Many high-

the wellbeing of animals, and Lagerfeld’s

hunters to cull the population to avoid

end fashion designers such as Dolce &

sentiment echoes that of many pressure

attacks on humans. Habitat loss also have

Gabbana, Gucci and Louis Vuitton produce

groups who are now looking to rectify the

also taken a toll on the wild populous, due to

58 | Endeavour Magazine

or not.

their land being repurposed for agricultural

the creature has led to improved relations

dwindling species. One of these is another

means. Some fear that if these issues are

between humans and salties that share land.

might apex predator - the tiger. Currently,

not rectified, then it could lead the way for a

The salt water crocodiles are now a

tigers number fewer than 4,000 across

repeat of the near extinction that happened

$100m industry for the Australian economy.

the wild as of 2019, a similar figure to the

to the salties in the 1960’s.

Other species of crocodiles across the

amount of salties left remaining in the wild

For now, the salt water crocodiles of

world are more threatened than the salties,

in the late ‘60’s. This begs the question: is

North Australia remain relatively safe. Such a

so other countries may want to take note

this unorthodox approach the future model

remarkable turnaround in numbers over the

from the Aussie’s efforts. Despite the

of successful conservation, or should we

past 50 years has raised many an eyebrow

controversial (and arguably unethical) nature

find alternative ways to save species facing

amongst the conservationist sphere. The

of their conservation, some have suggested


divisive conservation efforts of monetizing

that this framework be applied to other Endeavour Magazine | 59


THE LITHIUM LIFELINE If you’re not au fait with lithium and why it’s such a valuable resource, read on and discover exactly why Piedmont Lithium is so vital to the continued development of new and exciting future technologies. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


Piedmont Lithium (Piedmont), located in North Carolina, is

taking a different approach to mining and exploration projects. Having identified a clear need for lithium supplies to be significantly increased, Piedmont has a defined goal in mind of “becoming a strategic domestic supplier of lithium to the increasing electric vehicle and battery storage markets in the US.”


t’s no secret that the electric vehicle market is increasing at an

“With continued land expansion, sampling and drilling programs

incredible rate, thanks to a number of initiatives being brought

scheduled during 2018, our aim is to fast track the Piedmont

in to encourage drivers to make the switch to greener energy.

Lithium Project towards production as a fully-integrated domestic

With this in mind, of course more lithium is going to be needed, but

source of lithium and capitalise on the widely anticipated shortfall

sourcing it from ethical companies and minimising its footprint has

of lithium in global markets over the next decade.”

to be a priority, which is where Piedmont comes in.

While many companies look at finalising a five-year plan,

The Piedmont Lithium Project is concentrated on North

Piedmont is defying the odds and thinking a full decade in advance.

Carolina, which happens to be “one of the premier regions in the

By maintaining such a steely gaze on the industry and more

world for lithium exploration, given its favorable geology and ideal

specifically, the material in question and the depleting nature of it,

location with easy access to infrastructure, power, R&D centres

the team is setting a precedent for always staying one step ahead

for lithium and battery storage and major high-tech population

of the competition.


There’s little cause for wondering where the exceptional levels

The high yields enjoyed by North Carolina have been well

of inspired leadership and market awareness spring from, as the

documented, with two large-scale mining operations being started

individuals that comprise the management team are known,

in the region from the 1950s to 1990s. In addition to these, two

respected and lauded for their previous successes within the

enormous processing plants were also brought into being, both of

mining industry:

which not only still exist but are also still supplying premium lithium

“Our leadership team’s successful mining ventures include a

products to consumers throughout America. It’s not merely a happy

multi-decade track record of creating wealth for shareholders in

accident that Piedmont can be found within 20km of these tried

mining ventures, experience in building top-tier management

and tested facilities; it’s calculated and considered management

teams in the US and the proven ability to fund exploration and

that can recognise a golden opportunity to lower production costs.

development stage opportunities.”

Building on an already successful business model might sound

Drawing on a range of industry experiences, from Wall Street

simple, but steady and well thought out expansion is the key to

strategic financing to banking, mining, geology, engineering and

sustained growth, as is integration. Piedmont knows this and has

law, the senior management team is made up of a unique blend of

set the wheels in motion accordingly:

talents that come together to create an unbeatable corporate force

62 | Endeavour Magazine


Endeavour Magazine | 63

PIEDMONT LITHIUM LIMITED that is spearheading the Piedmont Lithium Project. They have also

Keith D. Phillips, President and CEO of Piedmont went on

launched a comprehensive press strategy to keep relevant people

to reveal that, “The Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt has been

in the loop as to new developments and the profitability of the

described as one of the world’s largest lithium districts. Piedmont


has established a dominant position in the TSB and we hope to

The latest press release to come from Piedmont has revealed

consolidate large contiguous land blocks to build a large, world-

that the company has made inroads into continuing to consolidate

class integrated lithium business.

its mineral holdings within North Carolina:

substantial cost advantages of operating in North Carolina and

“Piedmont Lithium Limited (“Piedmont” or “Company”) is pleased to advise that the Company has increased its land position by 441

We have demonstrated the

one of our 2019 objectives is to make clear the sheer scale of the business we intend to build.”

acres to 1,824 acres in the Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt (“TSB”)

The scale of the company is set to be incredibly impressive,

located west of Charlotte in North Carolina. These additions were

thanks to a wealth of exclusive option agreements and land

achieved via a combination of option agreements and deferred

purchase deals that are in place to allow for immediate purchase

purchase contracts, making effective use of the Company’s funds

completions, should the right moment to expand arise. Totaling

to maximise exploration opportunities.”

a large amount of acreage, few other operations have access to

What this means is that Piedmont is able to boast of the

instantaneous expansion, but that’s the genius of Piedmont. Never

strongest lithium mineral position in the entire region. That’s

a company to look back, it is always firmly facing forwards and

no small brag, considering that the project has only been in

attempting to preempt not only market conditions but also material

operation since 2016, but thanks to the careful strategising of the


management team, a dream has come into being “the Company has

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019, plenty of excitement is on

made steady progress towards establishing a large contiguous land

the cards: “Piedmont will complete the Phase 4 drill programme

package within the historic Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt.”

and seek to extend Project life through an increase in the Project’s

64 | Endeavour Magazine

Mineral Resource, plus further metallurgical studies, including evaluating the potential for a Dense Medium Separation (“DMS”) before the flotation circuit, to further enhance operating costs in the concentrator. Permit applications will be completed and we will secure the necessary permits and approvals to commence mining and processing operations at the Project and continue expansion of the Company’s land position in the Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt with a focus on areas of high mineral prospectivity.” In short, more of the same that has seen Piedmont rise to such a prominent industry position in just two years. It will be interesting to see what the team can accomplish in the next two years, but one thing is certain; as long as there’s a demand for lithium, Piedmont will be ready to step up as a reliable supplier.


an international consulting firm headquartered in Bluefield, Virginia, U.S.A, has provided geological and mining engineering services worldwide for 44 years. MM&A’s involvement in the Piedmont Lithium Project includes overall guidance based on local experience, mine planning and design, waste dump design, waste rock and tailings geochemical assessment, geotechnical assessment, geophysical logging, and mine permitting. | | +1 276.322.5467 | Bluefield, VA

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LIGHTENING THE LOAD Offering cutting edge integrated solutions to airlines the world over, Gerry’s dnata is the last word in high-level one-stop solutions for a competitive market that is constantly in the spotlight. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


The first incarnation of Gerry’s dnata (Gd) dates back to

1959, when dnata was a humble five-man company, offering ground handling services in Dubai. Despite this somewhat inauspicious start, growth was created through determined, focused and expert operations, which lead to a merger in 1993. The joining together of Gerry’s Group and dnata, in Pakistan, allowed for a meeting of sterling reputations, fantastic resources and more importantly, a foray into the future of integrated ground handling provisions.


peaking with Syed Haris Raza, CEO of Gd, it quickly becomes

there. We have the futuristic automated cargo handling/storing

clear that this is no ordinary company. From personable work

warehouse, set to be officially launched in Q1-2019. We are

ethics to incredibly high operational standards and a deep

looking forward to it creating a huge impact on the air cargo and

respect for every member of the team, the secrets to Gd’s success are less covert than you might expect, but a strong hand on the wheel is also needed. Raza noted:

aviation industry as a whole.” The future, however, is a whole other subject and we will get to that shortly, as will Gd, at the rate the company is going.

“There can be no perfect combination of leadership skills, but I

Working exclusively within Pakistan, through seven stations,

strongly believe in four key aspects that are living proof of effective

doesn’t mean that Gd is at risk of remaining too localised, as the

leadership. A) Reliably delivering results, to ascertain the value

industry looks to have a wealth of untapped potential:

creation. B) Adaptability, to survive in the dynamic business world

“The industry is in a nascent stage of development and I am

and to be ahead of the curve. C) High engagement, which helps

positive and confident about the outlook. Pakistan’s aviation

create the right mix of intuition and data in critical decision making

industry bears great potential in terms of market size expansion.

and, D) Emotional Intelligence, which I believe to be a strong

With new entrants into the domestic and international markets, we

benchmark of intelligence and is a key attribute to succeeding in

are already experiencing a strong surge in passenger and air freight

any leadership role.”

to and from destinations across Pakistan.”

Add to this a personal mandate to “take responsibility for

Interestingly, many airports in the area are being upgraded, to

the selfless empowering of staff” and there’s no chance of

meet the demands of a modern consumer growth area and Gd is

underestimating just how critical the human touch has been in

working in tandem with these improvements, to extol the virtues

terms of Gd’s rise to the top.

of skill development in its people. The two elements will therefore

Citing organisational transformation and innovation as the main reasons for Gd’s continued acceleration, Raza is exceptionally

come together at the perfect time and allow for a symbiotic rise to prominence.

proud of the legacy he and his team are creating and rightly so.

In yet another move away from traditional business mindsets,

What was once merely a five-person operation has fast become

competitors are encouraged, not feared in the Gd world, but

Pakistan’s ground handling industry leader, servicing impressive

why? Surely, having a monopoly in a busy industry would be the

names such as DHL and Emirates, to name just two. Raza was

best situation to be in? Raza explained why he sees things a little

sure to reveal that there is plenty of further diversification to


come as well,

“I believe strong competition is essential for evaluation,

“We launched renowned international hospitality brand

assessment and designing a collective strategy to build upon and

Marhaba Lounge services in Karachi in 2017 and did not stop

work through areas of improvement. I have been working with our

68 | Endeavour Magazine

GERRY’S DNATA teams, across the organisation, on the concept of a transformational

It is my passion to invest time and energy in understanding

mindset and engraining it into the DNA of the organisation.

and acknowledging unique talents and identifying everyone’s

With this, every human resource has developed a great sense of

contribution to our growth.”

ownership, a laser like focus on the strategic perspective; all the

In addition to continuously applauding those within the

while keeping strong emphasis on excellence in service delivery. It

organization that have directly contributed to it being a success,

is a rare combination, yet not impossible to achieve.”

Raza knows that outside bodies deserve acknowledgement too.

Aside from the wonderfully lyrical description of how local

To witness such extraordinary levels of hubris and gratitude in

competition can encourage internal development, Raza makes it

the business world is something of a rarity, but with every nod

entirely clear that people, ethics and confidence are at the heart

of gratitude, Raza further confirms just how special Gd is. Yes, it

of Gd’s success. Despite having risen to prominence, the humble

initially identified a niche market and jumped in, but it’s thanks to

and grateful attitude of those initial days has remained, as has the

the dedication of staff members and support of clients that the

inherent respect and gratitude for loyal and talented staff members.

company is where it is. Raza was keen to take a moment to thank a

Made up of a crack team of thinkers and doers, Gd is truly

few particular supporters:

blessed when it comes to the men and women that are charged

“I feel a great sense of pride in attributing Gerry’s dnata business

with upholding its standards and reputation. Far from simply seeing

growth over the decade to Pakistan airport regulatory bodies, who

the team as a homogenous collective, however, Raza digs deeper

have been nothing but supportive of our vision. Progress has been

and identifies the individuals within:

remarkably driven with support from the Civil Aviation Authority,

“My approach to developing our people has been along the lines of assessing behaviours and work styles of each individual,

Pakistan customs, security forces and other law enforcement agencies.”

understanding their psychology and core values and aligning

Clients are also credited with driving the forward trajectory of

them to the organisational values. This in turn creates a universal

the company, which brings us to the future. Constantly evolving

winning model and instils a strong sense of purpose within people.

and seeking out opportunities to improve the services on offer,

70 | Endeavour Magazine

Gd is never not moving towards becoming a more integrated and innovative ground handling company, but there are a few new ideas being put into practice. Recognising that air cargo is a serious growth market, in Pakistan, Raza is overseeing an exciting project: “I believe the process of transformation is recurring. Gerry’s dnata aims to transform the Pakistan aviation industry as a whole, hence, in line with this vision, we have made significant investments. We have laid the foundations for serious innovations, such as the fully automated Phoenix import cargo warehouse. The warehouse is equipped with cutting edge ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) and robotics to redefine the air cargo handling in Pakistan. Our future projects are set to benefit from next-gen frontiers such as advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.” There we were assuming that the cutting edge technology of the aviation industry could only be found up in the air, but in reality, it starts on the ground. Gerry’s dnata is an incredibly unique company, both operationally and in terms of corporate attitude, which is why we have no doubt that it will continue to soar.

Ourpresence presencein inkey keymarkets markets like like Our theUS, US,UK, UK,Middle MiddleEast East and and South South the Asiahave havegranted grantedus usample ample Asia industryknowledge knowledgefor for nearly nearly industry threedecades. decades.Technological Technological three innovationisisat atthe theheart heart of of our our innovation business solutions. We embrace business solutions. We embrace innovations in technology as a innovations in technology as a means of employing our deep means of employing our deep function expertise and tailor a function expertise and tailor a solution to your specific business solution to your specific business and talent requirements. and talent requirements.



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THE TASTE OF TRINIDAD Since 1968, Royal Castle Ltd have been tempting Trinidadian taste buds with their pioneering fast food chain. We spoke with Sandy Roopchand, Managing Director, to learn more about the brand’s history and what it is that keeps them thriving in a market of growing competition. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Trinidad and Tobago are bustling hubs of industry, but

they are also booming with colour and good food. The beautiful Caribbean islands are home to music, flavours and festivals, combining celebrations and cultures from their broad mix of heritages, including African, Arabic, Indian, South American Jewish and European backgrounds.


erhaps the most famous of these festivals is Carnival, brought

42 restaurants in total. Of this figure, 32 restaurants are owned by

over by French settlers and celebrated across the islands

the company itself, whilst the remaining ten are franchises, four

last month, but spirits are also high for Christmas, Eid, and a

within Trinidad & Tobago and the other six overseas in Guyana.

colourful slate of Indian celebrations including Diwali, Phagwah

With business busy on the small islands, friendly competition is

and Shivaratri. This global melting-pot has developed a reputation

full on, but RCL were fortunate to get their foot in the door early

for inclusive culture, flavoursome food and a strong local pride:

and they seem to be here to stay. Sandy explained that the last ten

therefore, to thrive as a local restaurant chain, a company needs to

years, in particular, have seen many rival chains rise up, but few

represent all three.

have had the sticking power to survive the test of time. So, what

Royal Castle Ltd (RCL) was founded in 1968, making it

is the appeal of Royal Castle Ltd – beyond the tempting menu?

the first locally-owned fast food chain operating in Trinidad &

Sandy told us: “Our aim has always been to provide products of

Tobago. Now there’s some local pride! The company’s family-

impeccable taste and great quality at an affordable price while

friendly, quick-service restaurants offer a mouth-watering menu,

embodying a warm customer centric environment.”

focusing on delicious Trinidadian chicken but also celebrating fish

For Sandy, the most pressing challenges are competition from

and vegetarian options. We spoke with Sandy Roopchand, RCL’s

overseas and a fluctuating economy. The chain has weathered

Managing Director, and it soon made us hungry: “Our primary

both through its tight links to the islands, creating beneficial and

product is our succulent fried chicken and crinkle cut fries. We offer

essential relationships with local farmers and suppliers, therefore

other savory options such as rotisserie chicken, fried chicken breast

supporting Trinidad & Tobago’s economy as well as making

sandwiches, fish fillet sandwiches, veggie burgers and fish fillet

themselves securely tethered in it. “We pride ourselves in being

meals, along with an array of sides including potato salad, coleslaw,

able to support our local economy by sourcing approximately 95%

fresh green salad and newly added corn nuggets. We also have our

of our products locally. We have built relationships with numerous

famous pepper sauce, along with other sauces such as barbeque

farmers, chicken producers and other local bodies for a supply of

sauce, honey mustard sauce and tartar sauce to complement

quality products for our operation.”

our meals.”

“All our suppliers have been key supporters of our success,

Yum! Whilst other locally owned fast food chains have since

as they understand our commitment towards quality products

come into being, RCL began life competing purely against large

and ingredients for our customers.” As well as supporting local

chains from overseas. In both contexts, it has thrived, now operating

suppliers, especially in terms of farm produce, the brand also works

74 | Endeavour Magazine

ROYAL CASTLE closely with popular international sellers such as Nutrina, Fine

recognising the potential of their employees and not putting a cap

Choice, Kiss, Cavendish and the ever-popular Coca-Cola. However,

on how far their ambition and dedication can take them. “Without

it is this local support that is so important, both for the quality of

such an investment in our employees, we understand that we

RCL’s food and their position as an important cog in Trinidad and

would not be able to uphold our value proposition, nor ensure that

Tobago’s economic machine.

our customers receive a good service experience.”

As well as this fresh local produce, local representation and

For Sandy, responsibility for the success, quality and happiness of

a genuine passion between themselves and their customers are

her employees lies with her. “I strongly believe that an organization’s

key for RCL: “Our culture and our taste are represented in our

relationship with its staff must be mutually beneficial. I understand

brand. Our selection of quality ingredients, combined with our

my responsibility in building and maintaining conditions that make

well-trained, multi-racial, cultured staff make our customers’

service excellence possible and worthwhile. Knowing that is a

experience a unique, tasty and unforgettable one. There is an

culture change, and one that will create long term success. I also

emotional connection between our brand, our products and overall

hold myself accountable to my staff as I build trust, earning their

customer experience which represents a true sense of our rich Trini

respect whilst being authentic and aware of what’s happening at

culture.” RCL offer all of this with enthusiasm, and at an accessible

the various levels.”

price. “Our ability to live our value proposition has really been a resounding factor.”

Sandy Roopchand has been with the company for 13 years. In that time, she advanced from a managerial position in the finance

RCL currently employ over 500 members of staff, and the

department to Managing Director of the chain: “I have been

company has invested heavily in their training and well-being, from

privileged to lead such a dynamic business with supportive, diverse

floor workers to those in managerial positions. “We continue to

staff.” Over the years, she has seen Royal Castle’s market begin

recognise and reward our employees – they are our greatest asset.”

to shift, or more accurately, broaden: “Our mass market generally

The company also puts a heavy emphasis on internal promotion,

consists of customers aged 30 and older, due mainly to tradition.

76 | Endeavour Magazine

However, we have seen a steady growth of younger customers in

international wholesale market. The latter is no small feat, requiring

the last five years.” In part, this could be due to the high levels of

RCL to first invest in a new bottling plant to produce the product in

customer service that Royal Castle pride themselves in providing. It

enough quantity – and they’re expecting demand!

could also be a bonus of their other focus: expansion.

“Our Culture, Our Taste” – RCL’s slogan says it all. It is fitting

Within the last two years, RCL have conducted major renovation

that Trinidad and Tobago’s first locally owned and run fast food

works on several of their outlets, in order to provide a more up-to-

brand has remained so locally minded; even as they begin to scope

date, welcoming and on-brand appearance. They have also opened

out distant shores, the value of home-sourced ingredients and a

five new restaurants: “Our company is expanding rapidly as we

representative workforce has not been forgotten. As they expand,

continue to invest in opening new restaurants at various locations

it seems that Sandy and the RCL team plan to remember what has

to make our products accessible to all. Our aim is to enhance and

always been important to this chain: offering the world a fast but

continue to give our customers greater access to our products

authentic taste of Trinidad.

by convenience of locations and an appealing ambiance. We also continue to review our product offerings and do our best to excite our customers with additional delicious product options.” As well as increasing their reach and keeping their menus and atmosphere fresh, RCL are eyeing up greater changes. Firstly, they are increasing their appeal to young families by adding play parks to a selection of their restaurants, making Royal Castle a trip out instead of a ‘drop in’. They are also eyeing more international goals, hoping to grow their chain’s presence overseas, and even more ambitiously, to provide their iconic pepper sauce on the local and

Endeavour Magazine | 77


INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY When the economy sends you grey skies, the temptation can be to hunker down and protect your resources until they pass. However, in business, opportunities need to be seized upon fast, and this can’t be on done on a national scale unless the resources and personnel are already in place. We took at a look at Zambia’s National Council for Construction to see how they prepared the country for its industrial upswing, and how they continue to encourage and empower Zambia’s national development today. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


In October 1964, Zambia achieved independence from

the United Kingdom. Four years later, the Joint Liaison Council for the Construction Industry (JLC) was formed, with the goal of overseeing and streamlining the country’s construction efforts.


his would be the chrysalis within which National Council for

coup. Shortly after, Kaunda responded to and reinstated multi-

Construction (NCC) would form, but it would not emerge and

party elections, which promptly resulted in his removal from power.

formally begin operations until 1998. This lengthy incubation

Under the new government, let by Frederick Chiluba, responses

period was due, in part, to turbulent political changes for Zambia

to Zambia’s economic difficulties needed to be found. The party,

over these three decades, as we see time and again when a country

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD), prioritised private

embraces and finds its feet in a new era of independence.

sector led policies; they knew that with its reliance on copper

Shortly after Zambia’s separation from the UK, it faced a

still in jeopardy, Zambia needed to make sure that it would keep

serious blow to its economy. Copper had long been the country’s

growing and developing its business and infrastructure, instead

main export; in the mid-1970s, the price of copper took a drastic

of falling stagnant, if recovering were ever to be possible. It was

global plunge, threatening desperate ramifications for the Zambian

further decided that for meaningful development to occur in the

people. Given these declined prices, the cost of transporting

circumstances, the country needed an official body representing

copper to its markets at all was a great strain on Zambia, further

all issues related to the construction industry to give this growth

crippling the industry. The country turned to foreign lenders to

direction. Without this organization, the sector had no easy channel

get it through this dry patch, expecting the price to rise again in

through which to co-ordinate its efforts, nor personal reasons to do

mining’s usual pattern of ups and downs. However, twenty years

so – through an organizational body, business practices could be

later, the situation had not improved, and Zambia could no longer

steered towards sustainability and cooperation, with the country’s

handle its mounting debts. In fact, their per capita foreign debt

needs in mind rather than simply individual profit.

became amongst the highest in the world.

Thus, the NCC was formed; the council’s mission was to promote

Upon becoming independent in 1964, Zambian Prime Minister

and build the capacity of the Zambian construction industry

Kenneth Kaunda had become the country’s inaugural president.

by serving as a middleman between all trade organisations and

However, the extent of the country’s debt put growing strain on the

professional bodies in the sector. Through encouraging the active

Kaunda administration’s popularity. Ruling the country as a one-

participation of its constituents in the planning and construction of

party state since he removed his rivals in 1972, Kaunda faced riots

infrastructure, it sought, and continues to seek to enhance, support

from Zambians demanding that he reinstate multi-party elections.

and facilitate national development in Zambia, despite the national

Anti-Kaunda feeling was so strong that 1990 saw an attempted

difficulties that existed on its inception.

80 | Endeavour Magazine

NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR CONSTRUCTION - NCC By overseeing the industry and serving as a go-between, the

presence could now serve to make sure that smaller businesses

council is not only in a position to encourage communication and

are able to participate and compete, and work practices remain

collaboration between companies, but it is also able to ensure

accountable and above board.

that industrial practices remain open and fair. Following Zambia’s

The NCC does not just exist to police company practices,

issues with the previous government, integrity was a central tenet

however. As well as encouraging high working standards, it

of the NCC when it formed. Its core values are accountability,

make this more possible by providing and facilitating training

transparency and zero tolerance to corruption – values they are not

for employees across the sector. They are also able to guide

only committed to upholding in their own practices, but protecting

construction work to make sure that it does not only occur in the

and enforcing in the wider construction sector as well. Especially

most profitable, but the most needed areas. The NCC noticed that

in times of financial difficulty, corruption and backroom-dealing in

infrastructure development had previously largely been restricted

the industrial sector could further choke development by creating

to urban areas such as Lusaka and the Copperbelt, which left rural

closed doors and unofficial monopolies.

areas without access to vital services, and also made it difficult to

For almost four years, the NCC was following its charge to

access the natural resources in these areas.

regulate business practices, but had not been granted any actual

In the 2000s, Zambia’s economy stabilized, largely due to

legal and regulatory authority to do so! Finally, in 2003, the

a rise in investment within the mining sector and a recovery in

National Council for Construction Act No. 13 was passed, bringing

copper prices. This led to a rise in investor confidence in Zambia,

the NCC’s authority in line with the task it had been given. From

and thankfully, it now had the evenly-spread infrastructure and

then, the NCC was able to register all contractors, affiliations of

construction capabilities in place to seize this sudden opportunity.

professional bodies or organizations involved in the construction

It also had the capabilities in its construction personnel, which not

industry, and so make sure that these registered parties adhere

only allowed Zambia to respond to this new business and foreign

to proper business standards. Through this authority, the NCC’s

investment, but meant its workers were in a better position to

82 | Endeavour Magazine

compete with workers coming from overseas. The council is even beginning work in Zambia to participate in the sustainability race by going greener – an aim that not only benefits the planet, but will also save them substantial amounts of money when it comes to energy. This push is being promoted by the Zambia Green Jobs Program, who NCC recently committed to supporting in their efforts to future-proof their country ready for the next industrial game-changes, just as NCC managed before them.

Endeavour Magazine | 83


NO FOOLS Three years ago, Canadian mining junior Guyana Goldfields’ first mine went into full operation. Today, the company continues to expand at an impressive rate; we caught up with them to see how the future looks for mining in the South American country – especially given the predicted nearing spike in gold prices. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


A former British colony for a little over two centuries,

until it achieved independence in 1966, Guyana’s landscape and spectacular bio-diversity showcase the beauty of nature at its finest and most unspoiled. The peaks and plateaus of the Guiana Shield thrust out into the sky above a canopy of lush rainforest that blanket the land around it, and where this greenery doesn’t flourish, the country instead boasts otherworldly beaches and sweeping savannahs.


uyana’s natural gifts have provided the foundations upon

figures, impressive as they might be, don’t tell the full story for one

which a thriving eco-tourism sector is emerging, but as the

simple reason: they are conservative in nature, and don’t take into

miners who have entered the country in recent years have

consideration vast, as of yet untapped ore reserves onsite, nor an

found to their delight, Guyana’s natural gifts are as bountiful below

expansion of Aurora’s processing facilities that upon completion

ground as they are above.

will greatly increase production capacity.

Guyana Goldfields, one of Canada’s most promising up-

“We have ore reserves of 3.2 million ounces of gold, all very

and-coming junior miners, has discovered first-hand just how

high-grade at approximately three grams. Then there’s additional

extraordinarily mineral-rich the Guiana Shield region is – an

resources that could potentially ramp up reserves to around 8

area stretching across tracts of territory in Guyana, Suriname,

million ounces – we have a further 5 million ounces where we need

Venezuela, and Brazil. It is here that the company’s flagship project,

to do more drilling and technical work to expand accessible ore

the Aurora Gold Mine, is based, and make no mistake about it –

reserves. Right now, we have a 15-year mine life, although in reality

Guyana Goldfields have struck gold.

its lifetime could last a lot longer than that.” Last year, the company

“We announced commercial production in January 2016, and it

completed their expansion of the mine from around 150-160,000

represented our first full year of production with just over 151koz

ounces to about 220,000+ ounces per year – an expansion that

of gold. It’s been a great accomplishment and we’re pleased with

totalled $42 million.”

the progress we’ve made thus far,” said Scott Caldwell, Guyana

Constructed on time and on budget at a cost of US$250 million,

Goldfield’s President and CEO. He continued: “We also started

Aurora Gold Mine’s credentials place it firmly in the world-class

2017 off strong by producing just over 40koz in Q1’17 while

category and signal Guyana’s return to the top table of big-ticket

maintaining an excellent health, safety and environmental track

gold producers. However, as Caldwell mentioned, what is most

record, with over 3,000,000 hours accumulated without a lost time

exciting to Guyana Goldfields and their investors is that this already


top-tier asset hasn’t yet come close to realising its potential.

Such considerable output from what is a truly world-class gold

Indeed, realising this potential is the company’s foremost goal, and

asset signals Guyana’s return to the top table of global gold mining.

Guyana Goldfields is set to commit to a $6-8 million per annum

With estimated reserves in excess of 3.2 million ounces to be mined

spend on exploration and drill work which will not only incorporate

over an initial 15-year lifespan, Aurora presently yields in the region

brownfield work on the Aurora site but true grassroots greenfield

of 150,000 ounces of gold per year on average. However, these

exploration amongst other targets within their vast portfolio of

86 | Endeavour Magazine

GUYANA GOLDFIELDS assets in Guyana. Such a considerable outlay, along with the $42

reassuring attributes of the company is that there is a commitment

million that has been set aside for the mill expansion, is a statement

to getting to the top the right way, and to becoming one of the

of intent on the part of Guyana Goldfields.

sector’s premiere mining companies without compromising the

Technically speaking, Guyana Goldfields is, for all its strengths,

environmental integrity of Guyana in any way. Once upon a time, the

a junior miner, but Scott and the rest of the team have far greater

gold mining sector had a poor reputation that, due to incompetence

aspirations. And critically, the means are there to achieve organic

and malpractice, was well-deserved in many instances. Times have

growth through the drill-bit, mill expansion, and exploration, which

changed, however, and such negligence on the part of the mining

will in-turn deliver a sufficient enough production increase to see

sector is for the most part now an unpleasant chapter in history,

Guyana Goldfields rise to the next level.

but understandably a distrust of the sector lingers, especially in the

On this, Scott told us: “We believe, or at least hope that we’re

minds of the Guyanese who remember the Omai disaster in 1995.

going to find another deposit that will require us to build a new,

With this in mind, Guyana Goldfields has set-out to make itself a

second mill, and the goal is to organically grow from 220,000

valuable and conscientious component of the Guyanese economy

ounces to maybe 300-400,000 ounces. But we’ve got to get drilling,

that not only contributes wealth to the country’s national coffers,

then we’ll know if we’re going to be truly successful. There’s a lot of

but also invests in sustainable objectives that increase the quality

targets, we know there’s a lot of gold in the region, the question is

of living for the Guyanese people as a whole.

can we find it and put it into production? If we do and we continue

In every fibre and sinew of the company can be found an

achieving organic growth, we can go to the next level and become

overarching commitment to going about mining operations in a

the next mid-tier producer.”

socially and environmentally responsible manner, as Scott was

In terms of capability and expertise, there is little doubt that the

keen to iterate: “Our focus and efforts on CSR and sustainability is

Guyana Goldfields team have the means and resources to achieve

engrained. The company’s CSR Strategy, Community and National

this. However, what is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and

Initiatives target areas locally within our communities, and also on

88 | Endeavour Magazine

a national level that promote sustainable development in Guyana.

to do business. On the operations side - the mine is performing

We do a lot of work with children, in terms of investing in and

well, as is the mill and the processing plant. Our next focus is on

supporting educational efforts, and we also work with a number

the mill expansion which will bring our overall annual production

of indigenous communities on various initiatives. We invest in and

from 150koz of gold to over 200koz. Alongside that, we’re also

support schools and offer transportation to help kids get to school,

focused on organic growth through the drill bit and ramping up our

which can involve helping them travel by bus or by boat. Offering

exploration efforts to hopefully find that second mine”.

opportunity to children with a view to building a better future has been a central focus of ours.”

We also have a strategic investment in a company called Solgold PLC, a team that is based out in Brisbane, Australia. It

Through building relationships with local communities and

looks like they’ve found a huge porphyry copper-gold system in

taking great stride in operating in a conscientious manner to

Ecuador that looks very promising. Following our investment, we

eliminate any negative social or environmental impacts, Guyana

at Guyana Goldfields own about 7.2% of the company – clearly

Goldfields is winning hearts and minds. As they have shown,

as far as strategic investments go, it’s done quite well. All in all,

it is possible to marry commercial success with a socially and

everything’s looking pretty good. Things are going great at Aurora

environmentally responsible approach to doing business. Business

and our strategic investments are looking pretty good for us.”

is booming, and with gold prices continuing to rise it would be safe

Having worked with Guyana Goldfields over the years and

to say that over the short to medium-term, at least, the marketplace

having observed the company’s growth and development, it is hard

looks buoyant.

for us not to share Scott’s optimism.

When asked about what’s next for the company, Scott concluded: “We’re very happy working in the country, and we’ve got a great working relationship with the government and the local communities there. It’s a very friendly and supportive country

Endeavour Magazine | 89


ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS Diageo has a story that goes far beyond its 22 years in business; representing brands whose founders date back to the 1700s-1800s, they understand the importance of legacy – both honouring the ones that have been left to them, and bearing in mind the one they will leave. We spoke with Kimani Kirore Mwaura, Managing Director of Guinness Cameroun S.A, a subsidiary that goes above and beyond even the Group’s expectations to protect and give back to their country with every aspect of their business. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Guinness Cameroun SA (GCSA) has its origins on Africa’s

shores, when at the start of the last century, merchant ships from the UK and Ireland would bring Guinness with them as they crossed the sea. “Cameroonian consumers immediately fell in love with the ‘black stuff’”, Kimani tells us with a grin.

he dark beverage became an instant hit, and the demand for


Looking at that line-up, many if not most of us will see at least

supply remained until 1967, when GCSA was finally founded.

one name that evokes synesthetic memories of a good drinks

In this year, the first deposit opened in Limbe, and in 1969 a

on great nights; the music we hear and the faces we remember

brewery was built in Bassa, Douala. One year later, the first bottle

may vary, but the feelings are similar - they are deeply rooted in

of Guinness® was brewed. With the demand already in place, the

many of us, our relationship with certain beverages and the parts

brewery had a solid foundation from the get-go, and Cameroon is

they play in our social lives summed up in a brand. Like any truly

now Guinness’ fifth largest market in the world, with 35 distributors

successful marketer of lifestyle products, Diageo knows that it is

and partners covering the national territory.

this emotive response they are selling as much as their beverages;

Part of GCSA’s strength, on top of the strong demand, is the

it is an experience, and one that, because of their entrepreneurial

solid network they operate within as a part of the Diageo family:

‘ancestors’, they are dedicated to promoting responsibly. Kimani

whilst GCSA operates locally, the Group has a global footprint, with

shares this sentiment, knowing that GCSA’s customers are part

a presence in 180 countries. Every year, Diageo produces more than

of a much larger story; “People celebrate with our brands, and by

6.5 billion litres of their brands, from more than 100 manufacturing

doing so become a link in a chain that connects rivers and fields,

sites in 30 countries, and their products selling in 180. All of this

distilleries and breweries, transport networks, the hospitality

is achieved by over 33,000 employees worldwide. When Diageo

industry, and the people who work and live around us.”

formed in 1997, Guinness were one of the first brands to join it as

This focus on community is key for Kimani and Guinness

a subsidiary. Today, the Group is a world leader in premier drinks,

Cameroun. GCSA is working tirelessly to be a significant part of

representing not only beers but also some of the top names in

Diageo’s legacy and ongoing narrative, as well as creating their own;

wines and spirits. Under their umbrella, they represent 29 of the

“We strive to become the most trusted and respected consumer

top 100 most popular spirits in the world, including names like

products company in Cameroon.” They are pursuing this goal in

Smirnoff®, Johnnie Walker®, Baileys®, Gordon’s®, Tanqueray®...

two ways – through expansion, to give them the ability to readily

each brand was founded decades or centuries ago by an innovative

provide the best-quality products at affordable prices, and through

entrepreneur, and it is that history that informs and inspires

a strong ethical policy.

Diageo’s emphasis on integrity today. In their own words, they are a

“To support our ambition in Cameroon, Diageo has recently

“business built on the principles and foundations laid by the giants

granted us an important investment to carry out a capacity

of our industry.”

expansion,” explains Kimani, “Which will increase our beer

92 | Endeavour Magazine

production in the coming year.” Part of this expansion is an

Gordon’s®, VAT 69®, Dimple®, White horse®, Cîroc®, Gilbey’s®

innovation known as the CUBE. “We just invested £3 million in the

and a lot more. “The depth and breadth of our portfolio is second to

first ever portable spirits packaging and bottling line in Cameroon

none. Our strength lies in our scale, and our desire to continuously

and the sub-region.” The ultra-modern packaging line, which is

improve our performance. “

christened the CUBE, blends and bottles GCSA’s mainstream spirits

As well as increasing the production of these current brands,

– “Brands with strong heritage, high quality liquid and distinctive

Guinness Cameroun is using the CUBE to take on a new name;

packaging.” The CUBE’s efficiency will allow Guinness Cameroun

“After the launch of Orijin Bitters® a few months ago, we have

to produce their brands at a lower cost and a higher capacity,

proudly launched Black & White®, the first ever Scotch Whisky

enabling them to satisfy a growing market. “The CUBE will provide

bottled by Diageo in Africa. Although we have imported and sold

our consumers with a variety of mainstream spirits, meeting the

the brand since 1970, we seized the opportunity to finish and

needs of a growing middle class with first-class quality brands.”

bottle the Scotch whisky ourselves.”

“In July 2009, we started the distribution of spirits brands and

Kimani took over the role of Managing Director at Guinness

became a Total Beverage Alcohol company with the responsibility

Cameroun in April 2016. He had previously worked for another

of 22 markets in Central and Western Africa,” Kimani tells us with

Diageo subsidiary in Kenya, East African Breweries Limited, so

pride. Today, Guinness Cameroun go beyond the “dark stuff” to

when it comes to approaching leadership at GCSA, he knows how

produce and/or distribute many brands; as well as Guinness®,

to encourage his people the Diageo way. “The constraints of a

Guinness Smooth®, the non-alcoholic Malta Guinness® and

fast-moving consumer goods organization are such that you need

Harp® Premium lager, they also cover ‘Ready to Drink’ mixers

to find the right balance between openness, empathy, rigor and

Smirnoff Ice Red®, Smirnoff Ice Double Black®, Smirnoff Ice

direction. It all refers to Diageo Leadership standards, which are:

Electric Ginseng® and Orijin®, as well as multiple spirits such as

winning through execution, shaping the future, inspiring through

Johnnie Walker®, Baileys®, Smirnoff® Red vodka, Smirnoff®,

purpose and investing in talent. Having said that, my personal

DIAGEO GUINNESS take is that any good business leader earns the followership of

they speak English or French, to further empower the Cameroonian

his fellow employees by demonstrating clarity and being a fixed

people and make the most of the local talent at their fingertips.

reference point for vision. As a leader, I need to model trust and

“We’re here to co-create a future and a culture that is known for

respect, ignite pride and belief in what we do, raise aspirations and

the consistency of its performance, just as much as it is known for

celebrate success.”

its brands - its focus on people and its purpose.”

Guinness Cameroun employs over 400 talented members of

As well as protecting and empowering the future of their

staff. “Our success as a business depends on the success of our

employees and communities, Guinness Cameroun are committed to

people.” Despite stereotypical notions that beer is a ‘man’s’ drink,

Diageo’s drive for environmental sustainability; “Our Sustainability

the company actively encourages women to apply for roles within

& Responsibility (S&R) Strategy encompasses the actions Diageo

their company. GCSA’s goal is to reach 50% female employees,

takes every day to support every link in this chain, in every country

which they are striving for not through ‘minority hires’, but through

it operates in. We call this celebrating life, today and tomorrow.”

inviting women to participate in their honest meritocracy. As

This S&R Strategy focuses on three key areas: Alcohol in Society,

well as promoting women, the company hopes to promote young

Community Empowerment, and Water & the Environment. Their

people and support them as they begin their career journeys.

water programme follows the Diageo Water Blueprint, which aims

They are working towards this through internships and training

to prevent the depletion of natural resources, limit contribution to

programmes, particularly aimed at generation Y, who the company

climate change and avoid the damaging of any species, habitats

believes represent the future of the company, if they can gain a

or biodiversity - ambitious and commendable goals! However,

foothold on the industrial ladder. “We provide support so that

the company doesn’t stop here – as well as limiting their negative

all our employees can be responsible for their own growth, and

impact, they work to create a positive one by facilitating access

we ensure that everyone receives continuous and constructive

to water, hygiene and sanitation for underprivileged communities.

feedback.” When hiring, the company is open to applicants whether

Since 2006, the programme has changed the lives of over 900,000

94 | Endeavour Magazine

Cameroonians. On top of this, the company recognises its responsibility to address not just the impact of its manufacturing, but the social impact of its products. This not only includes work to promote the importance of sober driving, responsible retailing and alcohol awareness in young people, but also extends to the company’s efforts to reduce the production and selling of illicit products. It is always satisfying to witness ethical practises being rewarded with success. The Cameroonian beer market is entering a segmentation stage, with aggressive competition between established






Cameroun SA is well positioned to stay on top, not only through its guarantee of a top-quality product, but through this ethical involvement with its employees and communities. “We work hard to make the most of life, to be the best we can be at work, at home, with friends, in the community and for the community. Our values are not just words on a page - they underpin our business and guide how we work.” We’ll drink to that!

Endeavour Magazine | 95


RRP £21,345 Test car with extras £25,275 Three-year, 60,000 miles warranty Benefit in kind rating 26% 1199cc three-cylinder turbocharged petrol six-speed manual producing 108hp and 184lb ft of torque


he Citroën Berlingo is a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that has been derived from a van rather than a car. There is

an ongoing debate over which of these two camps is superior, but the general consensus is that whilst car derivatives are better looking, a van-based MPV will usually be roomier and more practical. What there is no argument over is that the Berlingo is one of the most spacious and practical MPVs on the market; it is an amazing family car. There are three individual rear seats, all of which carry isofixes for

the bottom of the vehicle, which can make

interior is very comfortable, and the fabrics

children’s seats. These can all fold flat,

it problematic to open if you have a wall

feeling durable and well put together. This

revealing the Berlingo’s van heritage with a

or parked car close behind you. However,

is a comfortable and capable people carrier.

vast, unequalled loading space. Even with

Citroën has answered this with an opening

Storage in the Berlingo is brilliant. You

the seats in place, the load area is still huge.

rear window to pop your bags through. Neat!

get an upper doored glove box, a lower shelf,

The rear doors slide, which make for easy

The Berlingo M Flair’s cabin is light and

seat and door pockets, as well as a full-length

entry, and are useful when putting your

airy with chunky, easy to use dials. The

overhead central storage shelf, under-seat

kids in their car seats in tight car parks, as

8-inch touch screen Infotainment centre

spaces and a pull-down storage box in the

there are no doors to swing out and squeeze

with smart phone mirroring isn’t the slickest,

roof of the boot, which can also be accessed

behind. If you need more space, you can buy

but it is more than capable, and a plus to

from the back seats. The passenger’s front

the seven-seater model, which adds 0.35m

have in a car of this value. Our test car also

seat also folds flat.

to the vehicle length.

came with a handy heads up display, which

In a car of this size, the ride is relaxed,

is a great addition at an extra £400. The

but if you rev it a bit you can get a wiggle

The rear tailgate reaches from the top to 96 | Endeavour Magazine

on. The only change I would want in a car

reason: some like its quirky and unusual

negatives that I could think of. If you are

of this type would be an automatic option.

looks, and others thought it was plain ugly.

after a great value-for-money MPV, then the

However, the steering is light and precise,

However, we were all in agreement that the

Berlingo is a brilliantly designed and practical

making the Berlingo a joy to drive. You

Sand Stone colour is a cracker.

family car that makes a nice change from all

benefit from the high driving position of a

Our test car had some nice extras such

the SUVs currently available. This is a car

van and the driver’s seat and steering wheel

as metallic paint, smartphone charging, a

that should be considered if you want an

have many positions to assure a pleasurable

load restraining net, park assist, a glass roof,

MPV - book a test drive, and you might like

driving experience. Despite its size, the

auto dial climate control, safety pack, keyless

it as much as I did.

vehicle also returns good MPG.

entry and start, heads up display, 230v

This is the type of car that will divide opinion, as it has in our office. The Berlingo

socket, family pack and XTR pack. Having all of these added ÂŁ4k to the price.

stands out in a crowd, but some of my

When I sum up the Berlingo, I feel the

colleagues felt it stood out for the wrong

car’s practicality and drivability outstrips any Endeavour Magazine | 97


CATERING TO EVERYONE Trinidad and Tobago go as hand in hand with offshore industry as the islands go hand in hand with each other. The offshore oil and gas industry is a central element in the islands’ economies, and with this central placement in Trinidadian’s lives, keeping the workforce healthily fed is of great importance to everyone; the employees, their employers, and the country as a whole. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


A well-balanced diet not only benefits people physically,

but also mentally and emotionally – it is essential for leading a healthy life. Fortunately for Trinidad and Tobago, Allied Caterers Ltd takes this need seriously. This full-service catering firm not only services events, but companies – it began as a caterer and flight kitchen for local airlines over 35 years ago, and now caters for every airline in the region.


xpanding from there, the company also branched out into corporate event catering and, in keeping with its industrial beginnings, catering for offshore platforms. In both air travel

and offshore operations, those present have no way to obtain alternative meals for themselves, so it is essential that the food Allied Caterers provides is both delicious and healthy. One might imagine that a catering company comes in and serves organised lunches or dinners, and that this is the full extent of their services. With Allied Caterers, you receive much more. The company’s numerous offshore customers include BPTT, Repsol YPF, BHP Billiton, British Gas Trinidad and National Gas Co: for these clients, who are stations at sea and cannot access simple resources such as the supermarket, the company also provides essential services such as groceries, laundry management and house-keeping, with all of its operations carefully tailored to each client’s needs. Given the long hours and often taxing work involved in the offshore industry, it is important for employees to not only fill up on healthy meals, but to return to a clean and welcoming room. Of course, serving prepared meals is still very much at the core of Allied Caterer’s operations. The menus for these meals can operate on a one-week rotation all the way through to six weeks, to make sure that resident staff on offshore sites receive variety. These menus are submitted in advance to be approved by the offshore installation managers. For airlines, the company will provide the same menu for three months, as they are serving one-

100 | Endeavour Magazine

ALLIED CATERERS off passengers rather than residents, and these meals are audited

its contracts, keeping as close an eye on its housekeeping as it does

by the airlines monthly to check them for quality. In both cases, the

on its meal preparation.

company answers directly to its clients and is responsible for both the healthy content and the quality of the meals they provide.

The catering industry in Trinidad and Tobago is competitive, and yet Allied have shown the edge required to take the lead. The

Allied Caterers does not only service the airline and offshore

company now belongs to the Goddard Catering Group (GCG),

industries, however; they also cater for corporate events such as

which was established in 2009, but it had many years in operation

meetings and seminars, from brand launches and fine dining events

before this, and it was this experience that has led to its success,

to weddings. They even cater for everyday corporate needs such as

as much as the support and wider network of the GCG family.

the provision of boxed lunches and snacks.

It is through a combination of the two that Allied Caterers has

As well as being closely audited by their clients, Allied also

achieved its monopoly on inflight catering for the region, and the

strictly self-audit, from the HACCP-compliant plant where they

company is confidently applying its same expertise and dedication

prepare set snacks and meals to their offshore operations and

to quality in other areas of its operations. With over 35 years under

in-flight kitchens. In total, Allied Caterers employ around 400

its belt, it is able to handle the logistical demands of coordinating

members of staff. As many of their clients are in such remote

not only traditional catering, but a whole array of varied services

locations as offshore platforms, some of their staff therefore also

for a range of clients, each with their specific set of needs. The

need to reside there. These staff are highly trained; residing on the

company believes that this ability will continue to carry it forwards,

site of the client company, it is essential that these staff members

and it aims to become the number one company in every business

represent Allied Caterers as well as they can, from their standard of

sector it caters for. In recent years, it has begun to expand its

service to their conduct. On top of careful and frequent training,

events management services to other Caribbean islands, and with

the company uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide its

the assistance of CGC, it may continue by expanding its other

staff and to monitor that standards are being met in every area of

operations throughout the region as well.

102 | Endeavour Magazine

HARTE GOLD WWW.HARTEGOLD.COM // 001 416 368 0999

A HARTE OF GOLD Making a huge name for itself in Ontario, Harte Gold Corp is on a mission to prove that all that glitters can be gold, if you apply solid business principles and an entrepreneurial spirit to everyday activities. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


Harte Gold Corp (Harte Gold) is a bright new star in the

Ontario business sky, joining the ranks of existing gold producers, while bringing something new to the table. Utilising its wholly owned Sugar Zone Mine, found in the White River region, Harte Gold is engaged in an extensive programme of exploration, production and expansion, all under the watchful eyes of an incredibly experienced management team.


t goes without saying that the gold excavation industry is both competitive and specialist, which is why the individuals in the management team at Harte Gold bring decades of experience

to this exciting new venture and that’s individually, not collectively. When you understand that the majority of the team brings at least 20 years of high-level expertise to the table, you know this is no amateur operation, but Stephen G. Roman, Chairman, President and CEO takes things to a whole new level: “Mr. Roman is an entrepreneur/financier who has been involved in the resource industry over the past 40 years and has successfully identified, financed, developed, and brought into commercial production many mining and oil and gas projects. He is also a member of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum and a former director of the Advisory Board of the College of Management and Economics at the University of Guelph. Most recently, Mr. Roman was awarded the honour of “Prospector of the Year” for 2016 and has received the ‘Bill Dennis Award’ from the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) in March, 2016.” Who better to lead Ontario’s newest and most promising gold exploration operation? With ethics and experience in equal measure, running throughout the company from the very top

106 | Endeavour Magazine

through to ground operations, it’s little wonder that the Sugar Zone

from 2021, thanks to a staggered expansion plan and extensive site

Project is already demonstrating impressive promise.

investigation that has led to a developed course of action.

The Sugar Zone Property is more than just an area of land with

Having taken a bulk sample from site in 2017, longitudinal

an adorable name; it’s a site that is 100% owned by Harte Gold and

longhole retreat stoping was decided upon as the best mining

showing signs of incredible promise. Found a short distance north

method for the geometry and composition of the area. From here,

of the White River, the plot is 83,850 hectares in size and covers a

a three-phase mining production schedule could be drawn up:

greenstone belt, but commercial production is yet to be optimised. This is going to be the next focus for the management team: “Harte Gold is currently in the final stages of advancing the Sugar

“In 2018-2019, initial operations are permitted to operate at 540 tpd, with low risk ramp up to commercial production. Use of mine contractors in early years will limit mining risk.”

Zone Project to commercial production. In 2017, Harte Gold has

With the Sugar Zone Project in full swing, Harte Gold is not

successfully mined approximately 100,000 tonnes of mineralised

simply sitting back and placing all its eggs in one basket. The

material to-date, through its Advanced Exploration Bulks Sample

truth is quite the opposite, as a new prospect is on the cards: the

and Phase I Commercial Production programmes. In early 2018, a

Stoughton-Abitibi Property.

PEA was completed for the project and a comprehensive US$70

Speaking about the potential new property, the Harte Gold

million funding package was arranged to complete construction. As

team revealed that, “The Stoughton-Abitibi Property is located on

of August 2018, construction of the crusher and mill complex was

and adjacent to the Destor-Porcupine Fault, 110 km east of the

completed and commissioning started.”

Timmins, 50 km north-east of Kirkland Lake, Ontario and 10 km

Given the impressive levels of funding that were released, it

due east of the Holloway-Holt gold mine and mill. The property

stands to reason that the PEA, or Preliminary Economic Assessment,

covers a 4 km strike length of the Destor-Porcupine Fault with an

demonstrated good promise, to the tune of commercial gold

overall length of more than 11 km along the upper portions of the

production being expected to reach 75,000 ounces per year, by

property, in close proximity to the 2.5 million oz. gold Holloway-

2020. This is predicted to rise exponentially, to 106,000 ounces

Holt gold mine.”

Congratulations to Harte Gold on the completion of the Sugar Zone project, from all of us at Scott Steel. We are proud to have worked with you on this exciting development and wish you great success for the future.

 +1 905 631 8708

HARTE GOLD Building on the success of the Sugar Zone Project, the

affect our activities; be diligent in complying with these laws, rules

management team is fully committed to investigating the potential

and regulations; make sure that all employees are also aware of

of this new site and plenty of evaluations have already been carried

these laws, rules and regulations.”

out. Data is in the process of being analysed for serious potential

You’d be forgiven for assuming that mining operations are

and if the findings are positive, a phased exploration plan will be

fraught with complex security, safety and ethical concerns,

put into practice.

but don’t let a few bad apples ruin the entire barrel. A shining

Having taken the time to properly assess the potential yield

beacon for mining operations throughout the world, Harte Gold

and feasibility of the Sugar Zone Project, the future is looking

demonstrates that commercial profitability, ethical operating codes

exceptionally promising for Harte Gold. While the site might be

and an entrepreneurial spirit can all go hand in hand, even in an

Ontario’s newest producing mine, concentrating on a high-grade

industry as competitive as gold mining.

product that can be excavated in a cost-effective manner, there’s plenty of scope for more developments, such as the StoughtonAbitibi Property. Despite a significant number of positive developments being on the cards, one thing most definitely will not change at Harte Gold and that’s the ethics and code of conduct that underpins every endeavour: “Our policy is to meet or exceed all legal and regulatory requirements that apply when and where we carry out our business. Many of our activities are subject to complex and changing laws, rules and regulations. It’s critical that we make every reasonable effort to become familiar with laws, rules and regulations that

Dedicated to creating safe work environments, TESC Contracting Company Ltd. is a multi-trade construction services provider, offering civil, structural, electrical, piping, millwrighting, boilermaker and scaffolding expertise. TESC was awarded the construction of the processing systems for Harte Gold Corporation’s Sugar Zone Mill Installation and is grateful to be a part of this exciting project. TESC successfully completed the structural, mechanical, platework, and electrical and instrumentation for equipment/components in the mill as well as the external installations of the crushing plant, belt feeders, conveyors and thickener. TESC administered all aspects of project management, including scheduling, quality, safety, environmental, resource and construction management.

108 | Endeavour Magazine

Congratulations Harte Gold Corp on the opening of the first high grade gold mine in Ontario, Canada in 10 years!



M-SPORT WWW.M-SPORT.CO.UK // 44 1900 828 888

RALLY TOGETHER In a world that seemingly becomes more sanitized and pedestrian with each passing year, it is reassuring to remember that mud and guts motor racing is there to offer a form of thrilling adrenaline-fueled entertainment that seems ever harder to find. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


British motorsport has long had a seat at the top table in

virtually all competitions, across all branches of the sport. This success comes from a genuine passion, and is also partly thanks to the skill and verse of companies like M-Sport. Endeavour Magazine revisited this thrilling company for another turn around the track.


sk a group of young people what they want to be when they

old with the new, the Hall itself has been fully restored, with a

grow up, and it would be a safe bet that racing car driver

state-of-the-art workshop constructed at the rear.”

would make the cut. You do not need to understand the subtle

To give some idea of the company’s caliber, consider this: of

nuances of rallying or touring cars or F1 to be a fan of motor racing

all the teams who compete in the FIA World Rally Championship.

– only that it is exciting to hear the throaty roar of engines and

M-Sport are often the only team entering privately, with no direct

watch mud spray as finely tuned, high-performance vehicles driven

backing from one of the automotive heavyweights, Hyundai,

with skill and superhuman nerve blast past at break-neck speeds.

Citroen or Toyota.

It’s a sexy, highly competitive industry, flush with money and

That said, M-Sport doesn’t go it alone altogether. The bond

testosterone, particularly at elite level - the spiritual home of the

that the company has forged with Ford over the past two decades,

biggest names in motorsport, and some of the most technologically

during which time the company operated Ford’s World Rally

advanced cars our species has created thus far.

Championship programme, is easily broken. A strong relationship

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why M-Sport is so fascinating. The company, which is the brainchild of Managing

exists between the companies still, and this has been an integral part of the company’s success in recent years.

Director Malcom Wilson, a British Rally Championship winner with

“We’ve still got very strong links with Ford – we couldn’t do

world-class racing credentials, is a thriving motorsport business

what we do without them – but since they withdrew marketing

which operates across three branches of motorsport: rallying,

support in 2012, we’ve basically gone it alone. It’s been tough, but

rallycross and GT3 racing.

we’re still here! We now operate within a technical partnership

“As a family-run business, there is a unique atmosphere amongst our employees that is very rare in the motorsport sector,” explained

with Ford, who we worked with to develop a fantastic car to suit the new regulations.”

Malcom. “All staff are fully trained, and we are actively involved in

Together, Ford and M-Sport have worked in close partnership

helping our employees to reach their full potential. Our mechanics

on the design and development of more than 1,000 cars, all of

have even been nominated for international awards.

which have competed in tournaments and championships around

“In addition to this, our base at Dovenby Hall is particularly

the world over for nearly a quarter century. As part of this, the

unique – a stately home set in 115 acres of lush parkland, which

Ladder of Opportunity scheme has been developed in order to

sits on the edge of the Lake District National Park. Combining the

allow talented aspiring competitors to rise up through the motor

112 | Endeavour Magazine

M-SPORT racing ranks and graduate from grass-root rallying all the way up

Blancpain series, has already borne fruit for both parties. Despite

to the very highest level in the FIA World Rally Championship.

having no prior experience of racing, Bentley were impressed by

Participants who enroll on the scheme begin their career with the

M-Sport’s business model and excellence, having already heard

Ford Fiesta R1, before graduating to the R2, R5, and then

of the company’s formidable reputation through the motorsport

the World Rally Championship.

grapevine. Their trust was well placed, and the Continental GT3

The commitment of both parties to this grass roots initiative

secured a number of victories around the world.

remains strong, as was evidenced by the collaborative development

So, what next? Between new facilities at Dovenby Hall,

of a new Rallycross car by both companies, the Ford Focus RS

including a £19 million Evaluation Centre, and ongoing design and

Granted. “Prior to this, we had the Ford Fiesta RX, which competed

development for the next generation of winning race cars, there is

in America, but the Ford Focus RS Granted was designed from a

plenty to look forward to from M-Sport.

completely clean sheet of paper, and made FIA World Rallycross history in the hands of Andreas Bakkerud and Ken Block for being the first car to ever win all of its preliminary heats, as well as its Semi Final and Final over the course of a single weekend. In addition to M-Sport’s longstanding competitiveness at elite level in rallying and rallycross, the commencement of a technical partnership with prestige automotive manufacturer Bentley Motors in 2013 represented another exciting venture that has since yielded positive results. This relationship, which has seen M-Sport design and develop the Continental GT3 and act as Bentley’s key technical partner in the



SXS Trial Rally Quads RallyRaid RallyCross AutoCross MotoCross SidecarCross

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here exist many ancient man-made monuments and landmarks around the world that modern historians simply

cannot deduce the exact purpose of: the Nazca Lines in Peru, the ruined city of Teotihuacan, and of course Stonehenge. The debates have been ongoing for centuries, but we are still no closer to a comprehensive understanding of them or even the cultures that created them. However, it cannot be denied that it is exactly because of the mystery these obscure remnants of human history hold that we are continually drawn back to them. Perhaps not the most likely place for one such historical riddle is the English seaside town of Margate, Kent. Generally held in the national consciousness as the perfect

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place for a bank-holiday escape or “jolly boys’ outing”, Margate also contains one of

with a primitive cement (covering a total

to us, as are the identities of the people

the most fascinating and baffling pieces of

surface area of 190 square meters). The

who made it and the historical era it was

subterranean architecture in the country:

patterns of the Grotto make spectacular

constructed in. The owner of the Grotto

the Shell Grotto.

displays at any point, but they reach their

will not (at present) permit the shells to be

zenith of complexity within ‘the Altar’, which

carbon dated, as such a large sample would


features renditions of suns, stars, and other

need to be taken - in order to rule out

generally conclude that it was in the early

astronomical bodies. There is also an area

previous repairs - that it might permanently

19th century, between 1835 and 1838.

called the Dome: a shaft that rises to the

damage the aesthetics of the building to

Whenever the exact date of the discovery

surface, featuring more complex cascades

do so. Subsequently, many rumours have

might have been, in 1838 an article printed in

of arranged shells and allows a glimpse of

spread, including that the tunnels could

the Kentish Gazette announced the Grotto’s

celestial daylight to illuminate the area.

be as much as 3,000 years old; that the

Although accounts of the Grotto’s original




presence to the general public and declared

As wonderful as the Shell Grotto might

arrangements of the shells combine to form

it open to visitation. Featuring a 70ft long

be, most people, after first seeing it, would

a type of pre-historic calendar; and that it

passageway of hewn chalk that concludes in

probably have many questions on the tip

was the meeting place for a secret society,

a 15x20ft chamber known as ‘the Altar’, the

of their tongues: who, what, when ,where,

such as the fabled Knights Templar.

Grotto is renowned for featuring intensely

why and how are all starting points, but, as

Whilst these suppositions and others

intricate geometric mosaics on all its walls,

of yet, we have no answers whatsoever. The

like them run the gamut of likely to flat out

all crafted from 4.6 million seashells adhered

purpose of the structure is totally unknown

‘conspiracy theory’, there is one significant

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fact that might shed some light on the matter: the shells themselves. The vast majority of shells found in the Grotto are common to the Kent coast, but a significant portion are much rarer. For example, the flat winkle is much more common to the Hampshire coast, roughly 150 miles to the West; some come from even further, such

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as queen conch shells in ‘the Altar’ chamber that originate from the Caribbean! If the

Some contend that the structure is nothing

from both sides, you will have to decide

Grotto truly does date back to before the

but a “rich man’s folly” from the 18th century,

yourself whether you belief the Shell Grotto

time of Christ, this evidence would suggest

which was subsequently, either innocently

to be a mystery or a hoax. Either way, this

these shells either washed on shore by

or mischievously, propagated as a legitimate

incredible work of art is truly spectacular

pure chance or voyages to the Americas

enigma. Opponents of this view counter by

and easily accessible to the general public. If

have been occurring millennia before we

questioning why a building constructed as a

you’re ever in the area: go, and let us know if

first thought.

statement of wealth would be kept hidden

you’ve worked it out!

Ultimately, though, the history of the

from public record for over a century. With

Shell Grotto remains shrouded in mystery.

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DIGGING DEEPER EVERY YEAR Founded on a desire to be unified voice for the mining industry, the Ghana Chamber of Mines has never been willing to shy away from education, open communication and community spirit. Endeavour Magazine took a closer look at how the chamber operates and the effect it is having on a tough marketplace. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


Citing its underlying mission as being “to represent the

mining industry in Ghana using the resources and capabilities of its members to deliver services that address members, government and community needs, in order to enhance development”, the Ghana Chamber of Mines (GCM) has made incredible inroads into what could be seen as a competitive, not cooperative industry.


ith an impressive legacy stretching all the way back to

the chamber at its very core and when we start to think about how

1928 the GCM is a one-stop shop for the representation

necessary the GCM actually is, these values become all the more

of collective interests of all reputable mineral exploration


companies, in addition to those operations that produce and

The mining industry in Ghana makes up 5% of the country’s

process mineral ores. Self-funded and entirely self-contained,

GDP and as such, requires thorough governance, protection

the Chamber is supported by financial donations from members,

and development. These are only possible through open and

making it the perfect model of an advisory body that works for,

honest communication, the sharing of ideas and information

with and thanks to its members.

and experienced representation, all of which are promoted and

Having survived a number of administrative changes and

encouraged by the GCM. It’s also critical that workers’ rights are

structural developments, the Chamber, as it stands now, was

protected, as the need for reliable team members is only ever going

converted into a Company Limited by Guarantee in 1964, with

to increase, though illegal miners invading the marketplace are

new offices being opened three short years later. Since then, the

continually threatening this.

organisation has gone from strength to strength without ever

Aligning with none of the core values of the chamber and giving little consideration to workers’ rights or the continued economic

negating the all-important focus on members: “The Chamber has remained a voluntary private sector

stability of Ghana as a whole, illegal mining operations are a

employers’ association representing companies and organisations

scourge on the otherwise immaculate landscape of the minerals

engaged in the minerals and mining industry in Ghana. Programmes

exploration industry and needs to be stamped out. The GCM has

and activities of the chamber are funded entirely by its member

risen to the challenge of taking on illegal mining, especially in the

companies, which are largely responsible for producing almost all

wake of the shocking death of John Owusu, the former Public

of Ghana’s minerals.”

Relations Director of the Anglogold Ashanti mine.

Naturally, there are strict covenants as to the way the chamber

Speaking about the influx of illegal activity, the Chamber

presents itself in the marketplace and as such, it operates in

commented that: “The country stands to lose heavily if the

accordance with the values that are expected from all members.

activities of the illegal miners are allowed to fester. There is a clear



and present danger to our environment and to Ghana’s economy

citizenship, commitment and unity are the pillars which support

as illegal miners fight large-scale mining companies for concessions


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GHANA CHAMBER OF MINES the latter have obtained legally. This in itself breeds a sense of

A two-pronged attack seems to be the order of the day, with the

insecurity and fear among investors, which will cause a slowdown

GCM protecting the rights of stand-up operations and supporting

in investment in the country’s minerals sectors.”

them wherever possible, with regular newsletters, conferences and

This in itself raises a very important question. How can Ghana

educational content and the Government being called on to install

continue to sell itself as a promising prospect for foreign investment,

military protection at legal mining sites. By working cooperatively,

therefore strengthening the wider economy, if security can’t be

the unsavory element that has been steadily creeping into the

guaranteed, thanks to illegal mining and violent confrontations?

Ghana mining industry can be effectively dealt with, without any

With the country earning little to nothing off the back of

of the specialist focus points being overlooked, such as health

illegal mining, it stands to reason that legal operations should be

and safety.

given more support than ever before, which is why the GCM has

Demonstrating a natural gift for protecting the rights of legal

been conversing and working closely with the Government, to

miners, as well as their wellbeing, issues pertinent to safe operation

encourage change:

are highlighted through annual health and safety competitions, as

“Honestly, the country earns next to nothing from the activities

well as strategic communications. This really does give a rounded

of these illegal miners. Only a few unscrupulous individuals benefit

impression of how hard every member of the GCM’s council needs

from it. It is no secret that the Government loses significant

to work and how accountable every member mining company

amounts of fiscal revenue every year as a result of such illegal

needs to be.

mining activities. Apart from projecting a bad image for the entire

It’s no secret that education leads to development, innovation

mining sector, the repercussions to the environment are ominous.

and communication, but it’s still relatively rare to discover an

If the activities of the illegal miners are not nipped in the bud it

association that is as intrinsically committed to these endeavours

would undermine Ghana’s efforts at attracting and sustaining the

as the GCM is. By stamping out the illegal miners, lifting those that

much-needed investment into the mining industry.”

operate within the law and for the benefit of Ghana as a whole and

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seeking to invest into the local economy, the GCM is leading the charge in terms of industry support systems and maybe it’s time for others to dig a little deeper and find a similar amount of resolve and resilience. Sulemanu Koney, CEO of the Chamber, is looking to the future and offers a fantastic final word in terms of what can reasonably be expected, in the coming years: “The Chamber’s presence on the internet is designed to harness the potential of information technology to disseminate information, facts and figures that will educate and correct the misinformation about the impacts of mining in Ghana. More importantly, it is envisaged that the website will become a useful tool to bridge the barriers of communication between our industry and the various publics.”

Working in partnership with international mining companies, PW Mining is a major contractor in the development of Africa’s Goldfields. Working in partnership with international mining companies, PW Mining is a major contractor in the development of Africa’s Goldfields.

We have completed mining projects in Ghana for AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Wexford Goldfields, Satellite Goldfields and Resolute. Our civil engineering division works successfully for Newmont in Ghana. Other contracts have been undertaken in Burkina Faso, Mali, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. Our expertise is geared to support large and small operations in the remotest and most testing conditions.

We have completed mining projects in Ghana for AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Wexford Goldfields, Satellite Goldfields and Resolute. Our civil engineering division works successfully for Newmont in Ghana. Other contracts have been undertaken in Burkina Faso, Mali, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. Our expertise is geared to support large and small operations in the remotest and most testing conditions. Contact: Tony O’Neill PW Mining International Ltd., 10 Abidjan Avenue, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

Tel: +233 302 518112 - 6 Fax: +233 302 518117


Contact: Tony O’Neill PW Mining International Ltd., 10 Abidjan Avenue, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

Tel: +233 302 518112 - 6 Fax: +233 302 518117 Email:

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GIVING THAT LITTLE BIT EQSTRA Business is about staying ahead - not only working to be the best at what you do, but when it’s called for, having the courage to start over and create something new. Murray Price took this gamble, and it’s been a call that has taken eight years of work to back up. Now, with a new product behind them and their future ahead, we spoke with Price about what kept his vision going throughout this long process, and what we should all expect from the new face of Eqstra Fleet. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


The 2008 financial crisis hit the whole world hard. In fact,

as most of us know all too well, it was the greatest economic sucker-punch since the Great Depression of 1929. Strong and fragile economies alike were shaken, and South Africa was no exception. 2008 was also the year that Eqstra Fleet unbundled from their original owners, the Imperial Group, one of the largest list groups in SA The collision of these two events put Eqstra in a precarious position, and one where they faced a choice: scale down, keep operating as they always have and try to live out the storm, or change.


f you were to take a view on our company originally,” explains

has been a daunting undertaking to produce, but the result is like

Murray Price, Managing Director of Eqstra Fleet, “we were

no other fleet management service out there: “The view for us was,

pretty much a leasing business, focused predominantly on

if you want to play in this market, you’ve got to be the lowest cost

vehicle leasing with a bit of maintenance and accident management

competitor, or you’ll never be able to compete effectively, and in

on the side, at best. With the events of 2008, we realised very

order to do that, we needed to automate.

quickly that we weren’t going to be able to compete on price going forward, and made the decision to diversify.”

This software was new territory, and whilst Eqstra planned the endeavour, they didn’t fully know what they were letting

Adaptation, it’s often said, is the key to survival: Eqstra

themselves in for – an eight-year process that is still ongoing, even

Fleet decided that in order to compete and keep their business

as they seem to be clearing the woods. “There were many times

sustainable, they needed to transform into a full fleet management

we questioned it. We’d get feedback from some fleet managers

company. Not only this – they needed to be a management

we know in the UK and they’d say ‘Oh, you’re insane.’ We were

company with a difference, bringing something new to the table

agreeing with them at one point! What kept me going was that the

that would out-do their competitors. The road to creating this new,

requirement had not disappeared and that achieving our objective

cutting-edge element was an organic part of their service growth,

would deliver measurable value to our wide base of customers.

but ‘organic’ by no means implies easy.

“We have always believed that what we’re selling to our

In diversifying, Eqstra introduced numerous new services: fuel

customers is the system. We don’t really make the car, we’ve never

cards, integrated tracking services, in-house roadside assistance,

towed, maintained or repaired one – we arrange for it to happen,

service and maintenance plans, and the administrative selling of

and that all comes down to the system.”

not only their packages, but those of other groups as well. In total,

So, what exactly does Quest offer that has makes it unique to

they now offer over 60 services. Arranging and providing such

fleet management (and has made it so difficult to produce)? Price

a range of products created new problems for Eqstra to solve,

breaks the services down for us:

the main one being organization. To manage their operations

“The system was built on Microsoft AX 2012, but we did a lot

effectively, they needed to streamline their data – this need

of dev on top of it. I think for me, the main differentiator is that you

prompted the birth of what would eventually become Quest, a new

have a single point of access to the full range of fleet solutions.”

software system that monitors, organizes and reports on every

Quest offers fully comprehensive fleet management data, analysed

layer of fleet management and activity through one interface. It

and easily accessible from one reference point. As well as recording

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EQSTRA FLEET MANAGEMENT the entire fleet lifecycle, from procurement to licencing to fines,

state their case to new personnel, and protects both parties from

short term rentals and complete maintenance information, the

false claims about what has been said or taken place. All in all, the

system also allows access to data on vehicle insurance, vehicle

system allows transparency, efficiency and certainty.

tracking and fuel consumption. However, the true difference comes in its stream-lined organization:

This all-inclusive system also allows Eqstra Fleet to manage personalised services for their clients without unnecessary

“For everything we do, we can create a case, and a case can

administration. Eqstra alter their 60+ products depending on their

have multiple services linked to it. For example, on an accident

clients’ individual needs, and this creates a headache of data – or

case, I might have 15 services: I may tow it, I may assess it,

it would, without Quest’s Product Masters keeping track. Finally,

whatever I need to do. This allows me to run a mini project, with

Quest reduces both human error and carbon footprints by operating

all the services against one case, so that when we’ve finished it, we

on a paperless system. The system has 350 in-built outbound

can produce the customer one invoice for all of the repairs for one

documents that are generated automatically by the system, whilst

incident, not in pieces.”

optical character recognition allows it to automatically process

More than invoicing, this system allows both Eqstra Fleet and

incoming documents. “We’ve processed about 300,000 or 400,000

their client to keep track of exactly what is happening during a

documents since we’ve gone live, coming and going through without

case. “What this system’s also doing is giving a detailed history, so

human hands.” Automation indeed – every element of Quest sets

we can see exactly who’s done what. It keeps careful notes, and

Eqstra Fleet up to operate in the future fast-lane of industry, where

we track all conversations, outbound and inbound, so we and the

data is king and hands-on-paper is kept to a slick minimum.

customer have a common clear view of what’s really going on.”

Like any new venture, there have been many hurdles along

This level of record keeping avoids many of the bumps that occur

the way; Eqstra’s main challenge was converting reams of data

between customers and support services: it removes issues caused

over from a less organized system into another, highly organized

by departments not talking to each other, customers having to re-

one in an entirely different format. Price confesses that they

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underestimate the sheer effort and time this would take: “The system took us eight years to build. It’s been live in Africa for three, and nearly a year in South Africa. Of the three years it has been live in Africa, it took us two to convert all the 175, 000 vehicles on our system from one platform to the other.” With doubts being cast by customers and other fleet companies, and the work ever more challenging and time consuming than they expected, some companies would have backed out of the project, but Price kept looking at the long-term. Adaptation needed to happen, and once it did, he was convinced, it would put Eqstra ahead of the crowd: “The thing that kept us going in was ‘We don’t have to convert again’. We needed to do this because it was about sustainability for our business. Whoever did it, it was going to be a challenge. If you expect to do something great and not take a lot of pain, you’re missing the truth of it.” Whilst changes are constantly being made, and Price feels it will be a couple of months before they can truly sit back and let the profit of their efforts roll in, Quest is already receiving keen feedback: “Global fleet directors have said they haven’t seen anything like it – not in the States, not in Europe.” Even competitors have started

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EQSTRA FLEET MANAGEMENT admitting that Quest represents the way forward, and some are

close time zones. “It’ll be interesting. We’ve got the right person to

looking to start adding similar services to their own models.

take the lead in the UK. Obviously, it’s about who you put in and

“I would say 90% of fleet management companies are facing a legacy problem in terms of system. Everyone’s going to have to do

whether they know the market. We can’t pre-suppose the market from here.”

it at a point, and in fact the more mature markets have got more

From there, Price is looking to enable local parties across Africa

legacy problems than the emerging markets, whose technologies

to use and distribute the software – a more cost-effective solution

have jumped over the older stuff.

than boots on ground, and one which will allow Quest to take off

“2008 felt like the worst thing that could happen to us, but it

at its own speed. After a slow birth, this could be the beginning of

forced us to get moving, and thank goodness we moved, because

a rapid global adventure for Eqstra, and a game-changer for those

the world around us is changing so quickly now.”

looking to keep up. Either way, Eqstra’s story is a testament to

With data and automated software more important and

innovation in crisis: instead of battening down in the storm, Price

advanced than ever before, Eqstra Fleet are well positioned to play

let it force the company forwards, to what is now the edge of a

with the big boys, whilst their competitors are going to have to start

potential booming future for the company and fleet management

the arduous journey they’ve just emerged from. Now that the battle

services as a whole.

is over, like any ambitious business, they are already looking at new horizons by considering Quest’s potential on a global market: “If you look at fleet anywhere in the world, the intricacies change, but the principles don’t. The core flow of what happens is pretty standard, so we think there might also be a global opportunity for the system.” To start, they are looking at testing Quest in the UK, because of the countries’ shared language and

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EAST AFRICAN AVIATiON INSURANCE SPECIALISTS Office In Nairobi And Tanzania Licenced For Insurance And Reinsurance Offering A Rated Coverage CLASS General Aviation Business jet Airline

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“Thanks again for all your work on this especially when I am out of the country. I am very impressed with Fred Black and think your services are worth much more than the insurance premium paid.” - Capt. Edwin Asante, Private Aviator

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