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e’re returning to the

Google Glasses that would change the

Festive side of the


sun that marks the






end of another year and we have the

governments across the world in the

chance to stop and take stock of what

most powerful nations made an active

2013 has offered us. Perhaps as many

and determined step towards online

of us were relieved the world didn’t

mitigation of public opinion, Facebook

end on the 21st December 2012, the

began dishing out its members to

year passed has been a popular one for

Tumblr. Yahoo hired a new CEO who

firsts. In February American scientists

came in with some fantastic ideas and

used a 3D printer to create the first

proved she had the grit to push them

living, lab-grown ear from collagen and

through and Ireland came so close to

animal ear cell cultures marking a first

beating the All Blacks in rugby that

for human body part development

everyone watching became a green

which could revolutionize the medical



Judging by the businesses, business

In culture, Benedict XVI was the first

leaders and personalities we have

man to resign as pope since Gregory

featured this year, 2014 will be twice

XII in 1415 and the first to do it

the year that 2013 ever was. We can

voluntarily since Celestine V in 1294.

expect even bigger developments

Two weeks later, Cardinal Jorge


Mario Bergoglio of Argentinia was

originating from the dreams of those

elected the 266th pop, whereupon he

leaders who will see them through.

changed his name to Francis and was

Thank you for spending this year with

the first Jesuit Pope, the first from the

us and whatever your culture, race,

Americas and the first pope from the

religious inclination or determination,

Southern Hemisphere.

please have a fantastic remainder of

It was also a year of business firsts,

2013 and we’ll see you next year.

eToro the community online trading






platform recorded the highest number of online trades taking place, Bitcoins proved to be the best investment possible and the world’s first online currency and Google teased us all with

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man of many firsts, Chris Hughton requires no introduction

spells with West Ham United and Brentford and the 53 caps he

for British football fans after over three decades of doing

earned while representing the Republic of Ireland national football

his part to help shape the Great Game into what it is today

team he was always known for his enthusiasm and passionate support

the most watched sport in the world. Born 11th December 1958,

of his teammates on and off the field.

Chris has been involved in professional football since he was aged

From 1993 to 2007, Chris served as coach and then assistant

twenty and was the first mixed race player to represent the Republic

manager for Tottenham before joining Newcastle United as first

of Ireland in 1979, and has occupied many different roles since then

team coach in 2008. Following their relegation he became caretaker

including coach, assistant manager and manager.

manager and led Newcastle back to the Premier League in his first

I had the opportunity to speak with Chris and found him to be an energetic and engaging individual with a wealth of knowledge about the game and a clear enthusiasm for the role he plays as manager of Norwich City Football Club. This enthusiasm has always been a factor

season in charge. During which he broke a number of records and secured a permanent managerial position, before leaving to manage Birmingham City for a season before joining Norwich City FC in June 2012.

of Chris’ character and has made him easily identifiable in a sport

Tyler Harrison: You’ve had a great playing career for Tottenham and

known for its animated participants. Through his thirteen years of

West Ham, is there a particular game that stands out for you?

playing for Tottenham Hotspur as a left back, to the relatively brief 6 | Endeavour Magazine

“One immediately comes to mind, the 1981 Cup Final for

Tottenham and probably for a few reasons. The game itself went to

tussles with on the field. A wonderful player for Nottingham forest, if

a replay and was won by quite a famous goal by Ricky Villa. It ended

we’re looking at competitions won then it would be him.

up being a wonderful final. We drew the first game and it wasn’t the

I’ve also been fortunate to play top players at not just the club

best of performances but the manner with which we won the final was

level but at international level as well. Internationally I would have

very exciting.

been Ruud Gullit and one particular tussle in the 1988 European

The biggest reason however was because it was the first achievement for me and the players within the game of winning something of note.” Tyler Harrison: Is there a particular player that you’ve played against that stands out in your head?

Champion, that’s the one I remember the most at international level. But club level would be John Roberston.” Tyler Harrison: While at Tottenham, is there a team mate you most enjoyed playing with? “I think that we were a very gifted team, probably the three players

“There are two ways this can be answered. One, with who

that stood out the most in them days were Glen Hoddle, for obvious

was absolutely the best player I’ve played against, and I have been

reasons, he was very different to anybody else, very gifted from

fortunate to play against some of the best and top players. But if I

a pure ability point of view. Probably as gifted as any other English

was going to name names it would probably be John Robertson of

player I know. Ossie Ardiles was another one, he had the wonderful

Nottingham Forest, probably one I remember having a lot of good

thing of actually arriving at Tottenham after winning The World Cup Endeavour Magazine | 7

in Argentina. He had a wealth of international experience and is somebody that perhaps didn’t have the tech ability like Glen but was fearless and if ever there was a thought about somebody who had overriding confidence in his abilities it was him. Also, importantly we had a one of a kind captain, Steve Perrymen. Tyler Harrison: Was there a particular reason that made you want to get into managing? “There are two ways to keep in football. Stay in game or manage, and I was a coach for more than fifteen years before I went into management. Some players know from the start of their careers in their early twenties they’ll always be in the

“It’s a tough industry and you have to be able to ride the highs and lows. And there is nobody that feels it more than the managers when you get defeated.”

game but that wasn’t the case for me. It was as I approached my late twenties that the drive to stay in football became more and more prominent. I started thinking about doing my badges and getting some coaching experience, coaching kids. As soon as I retired from playing it was an opportunity to stay in the game, after a spell at

It was around about the same

“I’ve enjoyed the city so far,

stint in Newcastle and a year in

time that I decided to manage.

the difficulty sometimes when

Birmingham it’s proved to be

So it was one that materialized

you’re the manager is that your

very different to them, not nearly

slowly over the period of my

weeks are so full on that you

as frantic as it is elsewhere but

twenties, closer to twenty seven,

spend a large majority of your

you have everything here you

twenty eight. Realistically, no

time at the training ground.

would get there. And Norwich is

other career would have been an option. I wanted to stay in football.”

But I like to get into Norwich as

a great city for supporters”

often as possible, you know, to

Tyler Harrison: Would you say

go for a meal or enjoy the place.

there’s a friendly atmosphere here?

West Ham I was able to go back

Tyler Harrison: How do you find

I’ve enjoyed the experience

“That’s part and parcel of the

to Tottenham as part of Ossie

Norwich as a city compared to

of living here. After being in

club you can’t deny there is such

Ardiles coaching staff.

living in London?

London and then a three year

a big percentage of local support.

8 | Endeavour Magazine

“You never know what the future holds and our business is such a precarious one. This is what I do and what I enjoy doing, so of course as long as you’re given the opportunity to do it you want to continue to do. It is a tough job, with a lot of pressure that comes with the role but that pressure comes from the role itself and is always there for the manager to deal with.”

That sort of thing is very important and I feel the club certainly

mutual respect as we all know

Norwich, we haven’t got the

appreciates the support, its special, different and loyal. In other cities

what each other is going through.

facilities and resources like some

you see lots of different shirts for different teams, but if you’re from

On most occasions you’ll sit with

of the other clubs but we’re

Norwich you’re a Norwich supporter and other clubs don’t really have

the opposition manager after the

fortunate that we’re managing

that. It’s the whole city’s support behind their team.”

game and generally, yes, there

a very well-run club, a debt free

is a mutual respect between

club, a good example of how far

everyone. But on a matchday

we’ve come in the last four, five

it is and always will be very

years and so much of that comes


down to the players and the

Tyler Harrison: Touching on the future, can you see yourself staying in management? “I hope so. You never know what the future holds and our business is such a precarious one. This is what I do and what I enjoy doing, so

support from Norwich itself.”

of course as long as you’re given the opportunity to do it you want to

Tyler Harrison: What does it take

continue to do. It is a tough job, with a lot of pressure that comes with

to manage a football team?

the role but that pressure comes from the role itself and is always

It’s a tough industry and

there for the manager to deal with. Whether Norwich, Tottenham or

you have to be able to ride the

Scunthorpe - you have to be able to handle that. Everyone gets highs,

highs and lows. And there is

lows, ups and downs and the highs are high and lows are lows- but you

nobody that feels it more than

have to be the sort of person who enjoys it.”

the managers when you get

Tyler Harrison: In matches you see managers getting very animated on

defeated. Winning every game

the touchline, how is the relationship between managers behind the

would make life easier but that


would also make it boring. You

“Oh yes, I think what you will see with managers is that they’re very

have to have broad shoulders

competitive when it comes to a game full stop. Irrespective of who the

and a clear strategy and the

opposition is. They’re competitive and you have to be competitive to

determination to push through

ultimately get the best out of your team and you have to know that

with that strategy.

the opposition will be doing the same. But there is a great deal of

We also realize we are

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I’m getting into the Festive Season a little apprehensively, as I have done every Christmas for the last ten years that I’ve lived in Britain.





approaches simultaneous





the British government can’t


bring themselves to let go


of redundant historic habits


unwanted and frankly horrible results. Firstly the country slides into winter and because they apply daylight savings. Initially intended to help with farming or something, it now means that we wake up in the morning and it’s dark, the sky is black and it is bitterly cold, during the day, according to what I can see through the window, there is a brief spell of daylight, which in

10 | Endeavour Magazine

Britain is seen through a grey stew of drizzle and when we get out

I hasten to point out The

was fattening up over Christmas

of the offices mid-afternoon at 4pm it is once again dark. Not getting



and so had missed out on much

dark, it is already night time.



H1N1/09 virus, is airborne so

of the world events that had so

I don’t mind this as for as long as I can remember my evenings

at no point was I doing anything

shaped their current rotundness.

have always been taken up by either a couple of hours in the gym or

immoral with pigs. It’s a full

However, I had an advantage

in a dojo, either pounding the weights or pounding the bags. I’m six

on kind of flu, about a third of

that they did not. And I want you

foot five and about seventeen stone. My favourite exercise is a clean

the way to Man Flu and I was

to appreciate what I mean by this

and press and after a good set I also drop the weights and roar before

forbidden by the doctors to train

because it will give you an idea

posing in the mirror…. Occasionally I pout and wink. But in honesty

while I was ill.

of the severity of Swine Flu and

we all do this.

It took a full month before

the horrors of Tamiflu the so-

Secondly, because it’s cold the office windows are closed, which

I was able to walk up the steps

called-cure for Swine Flu, I was

means that in the crowded offices of today everyone is breathing the

to my ground floor bedroom

completely empty. So with this

same, circulated air, everyone is breathing in everyone else’s germs

without taking a moment to

in mind I was on a fresh slate,

and there is always someone who is ill and coughing up

catch my breath and by the time I

whatever was left of me was

parts of their lungs with little consideration for

returned to the gym I found they

genuinely the toughest and most

anyone else who also complains whenever you

had repainted the entire building,

solidly connected parts of me.

try to get some fresh air into the room.

replaced half the machines and

I was ready to get back into

Each year this results in me getting ill for

finally changed the CD they had


Christmas, and this has happened nine years

played on repeat since their last

aspect of training is crucial

on the trot and this year I am not going to let

contractor hid the CD player

and something all serious gym

it happen.

behind a plaster wall in 2002!

goers and martial artists can



In 2009, I was not yet working for

Whenever changes happen

appreciate. It is that special

Littlegate Publishing and knew nothing about

while you’ve been ill for an

edge that separates Olympic

having my own office and workspace. Oh no, in

extended period you always

Gymnasts to dart players. It is

2009 I was working for another publication, in a closed up clamshell

question your place in things.

that physical gleam. A mental

of an office with someone spraying alveoli into the atmosphere and I

You never know when you’ll have

calmness and confidence. I was

managed to pick up the Swine Flu Virus.

a Rip Van Winkle experience on


If you don’t remember this, this was the virus that spread around

your hands. It was fair though, I

Of course, I’m not an idiot.

like wildfire and was meant to be the next Spanish flu one week

had been fermenting in my fluids

I wasn’t going to throw myself

and was pretty much forgotten about the next. But like a late night

like some bad mulled wine for the

into the free weights. Could you

punchup with Liam Neeson it knocked me on my back and stamped on

entire time that everyone else

imagine realizing I wasn’t quite

me until I was mush.

ready with seventy kilograms

I won’t describe the full two weeks I

of very rigid hard metal weights

had off work as I was quarantined inside

above my head? There are

my bedroom. Or the fact that I didn’t see

enough Youtube videos available

anyone for the entire Festive period as

to illustrate this. And besides,

my bedroom window has the view of the

some of the guys there were

neighbour’s shed and I was very ill.

very, very big and I was not. Endeavour Magazine | 11

Warming up and starting slow is very important in the

televisions while running away from the grunting, puffing walrus behind you.

This is Polo Shirt language, the duality of professionalism

gym. Gaining strength is about

“Hey Don!” one of the Polo Shirts shouted in greeting, appearing

consistent intensity and is not

like a sporty ninja beside me. All personal trainers are known as Polo

they have to say take it easy,

a training montage, to gain a

Shirts, because it’s the uniform. Shorts, trainers, polo shirts and over

don’t work too hard, don’t push

kilogram of muscle takes months

gelled, Boy Band Member Hair, “Good to have you back. Where’ve you

yourself too far, have you seen

of consistent effort. With this in


a physician before undertaking

mind, I went to the tread mill. A treadmill is the human hamster-wheel, usually placed in long rows so you can compete against everyone next to you as you run towards the television screens on the wall in front. Because cardio is a social sport and we like to travel in packs,




On the treadmill I hit the buttons for an incline, fast paced walk and

any physical activity, do you

start taking long strides to keep in the same place, “Hiya,” I responded

know of any reason why you

with a smile, “I’ve been at home.”

would drop dead in the middle of

“Bit of Christmas gluttony?” he said with a knowing grin, “You know that’s a sin right?”

the gym? Sadistically though they are more like, I will always push

“I had swine flu,” I said.

you to your limits, no matter how

Polo Shirt took a studious step backwards, looking concerned,

good you think you are it isn’t

“Are you sure you should be here?”

good enough, no matter what

“Yeah, flu can’t keep me down,” I said, pushing the button to

you do you’re not doing it well


accelerate the speed I was walking at to the point where I was

enough. You’ll know when you’ve

steppers and rowers are usually

marching. It’s about as fast as you can walk without starting to jog.

hit your limits because you’ll be

clustered together in rows so

I mentally checked, I’m still ready and feeling good. It’s good to be

losing your lunch and sweating

that you can pretend you’re

active again after so long struggling to lift the remote.




running towards those beautiful music



12 | Endeavour Magazine


“Okay well remember to take it easy,” Polo Shirt said pushing a button to increase my speed to a jog.

Polo Shirt departed and was instantly lost in a crowd of similar

shirts and hair styles. Like hyenas

… lying on the floor in a room

they prowl around the herd of

staring up at the ceiling while a

gym goers, looking for the weak,

Polo Shirt held up my legs and

the frail and unfit to pick off. Like

looking disapprovingly at me.

hyenas to the buffalo they all look the same. Fitter and manically enthusiastic.

Bewildered I asked, “What happened?” Smiling,



A couple of minutes in and

professionally, I was alive, Polo

I had picked up a good jogging

Shirt said, “Oh, you passed out on

stride, my legs working at a

the treadmill...”

decent pace I immediately felt

A sudden, very clear image of

a familiar stretching burn in

me running at seventeen miles an

my calves and quads while my

hour on a treadmill and suddenly

chest wasn’t burning at all. I

going vertical to horizontal with

took several deep breaths, filling

thud. I groaned.




survey into women’s body confidence suggests that there is still a long way to go into educating women about how models and celebs in fashion magazines have

had their images digitally enhanced.

my lungs to capacity, marvelling

“You landed about seven

Women Need Further Educating into Extent of Digital

at the speed of my recovery. In

feet behind the treadmill,” Polo

Manipulation of Models in Mags. The One Poll study, on behalf

the mirrors in front of us, over

Shirt added with a thinly veiled

of New Look, was commissioned this month as part of an ongoing

which Nikki Minaj screamed


campaign to encourage body confidence in women.

That explained the various

It found a number of disconcerting truths. For instance, 15%

looked at myself. A face, head and

aches that were starting to

of 18-24 year old women believe the images of celebs and models

shoulders above a line of people

present themselves to me. I

they see in magazines accurately reflect what the models look like

who were dull in comparison.

looked around the room I was in;

in reality. This is particularly concerning after all the effort that has



coffee table, threadbare sofas, a

been made to educate women about the ubiquity of Photoshop in

flummoxed, mine was focussed,

computer screen, more Red Bull

fashion mags.

clear, determined.

cans than I could count, “How did

gibberish out of the television I



I knew they were impressed,

I get into the staff room?”

The study found that over a third of UK women (from 2,000 respondents) are unconfident to extremely unconfident about

I knew they wanted to be me.

“Well,” Polo Shirt explained,

their body. 23.5% also said they were unconfident about their body

Everyone wants to be me. I’m

shifting his grip on my legs,

when going out with their girlfriends, which should surely be a time

awesome. I hit the buttons and

“We didn’t want you to be

for letting off steam and feeling relaxed.

upped the speed. Like a spurred

embarrassed so we brought you

steed the treadmill gave a

in here.”

32.5% of the women polled also feel the body they aspire towards is not possible for them to achieve.

preparatory cry of exhilaration

Another fast, merciless image

Jo Swinson MP, junior Equalities Minister, has campaigned

and the ground started spinning

hit me behind my eyes, that of me

tirelessly over the past couple of years to highlight the negative

away under my feet.

going passed all of those once-

effects the media can have on body image. She has said: “The

My shoulders level, head

admiring faces now giggling

images we see in the world of fashion are all pretty much the same

steady, my legs pounded the

and laughing at me as two Polo

– it’s as if there is only one way of being beautiful.”

machine hard. I was charging my

Shirts dragged me by my ankles

She continues: “9 in 10 people say they would like to see a

reflection in the mirror, charging

across the entire length of the

broader range of body shapes shown in advertising and the media.”

at myself like an Irishman tackling

gym to save my dignity. My arms

Big steps have been taken to combat body image issues, with

an All Black. My breath came in

had trailed behind me like the

Debenhams unveiling size 16 mannequins, Dove heavily promoting

pants, God I was good! Eyes in an

tentacles of a beached killer

their Campaign for Real Beauty and the YMCA campaigning with

ocean of faces turned to me with


the government to tackle societies’ obsession with body image

open admiration and intense awe. I

“Thanks,” I said.

basked in their glory, they thought

“No problem,” Polo Shirt said

I was some sort of DC or Marvel

with a wide grin.

ideals. But there is much more to be done. As Jo Swinson MP says: “There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance and

Superhero… I was everything that

An awkward minute passed.

wanting to look good. But it’s become so normal for people to

they wanted to be. I was powerful,

“Seriously, let go of my legs.”

worry about what they look like that it’s easy for people to ignore

I was fast, I was…

the real and damaging impact it can have.” Endeavour Magazine | 13

LOVE, LUST AND Everything IN BETWEEN We’ve all heard the cliché that there is ‘someone for everyone’, but with an increasing amount of, ahem, ‘specialist’ dating websites springing up, perhaps folklore has become fact.



hen we talk about catering for more specific tastes, we mean more than having a penchant for the tall, dark and handsome. How about tall, dark and vampiric? Perhaps

‘love me, love my cat’ has a deep resonance for you, or maybe you are only willing to commit to a relationship with someone who has the same computer platform preference as you. Whatever your tastes, it appears that the Internet can supply for all demands, and somehow, it manages to do so with a relatively straight face. Here are five of my ‘favourite’ dating websites that embrace niche markets and seek to introduce like-minded singles:

1. Yes, you have read that right and we have the Twilight franchise and True Blood television series to thank (?) for this particular trend. Filled with vampire wannabes and self-confessed ‘fangbangers’ (‘mortals’ wanting to enter into a relationship with a vamp), the site is proud to refer to itself as the premier source for dating and 14 | Endeavour Magazine

December Book Reviews

connecting with vampires. Does it matter that they

occasionally partake in animalistic sexual congress.

are not real? You bet your (eternal) life it doesn’t,

As with all these niche sites, Trek Passions has

this crowd are hungry for love and much more.

an element of elitism, belittling those who can’t distinguish between Next Generation and Deep

2. Ok, so the name doesn’t give much away, it

Space Nine. Set your fazers to stun, just in case your personality falls a little short of the mark.

could just sound like a run of the mill dating site right? Well think again, this is an introduction service reserved exclusively for Mac users. Yup, if

5. I saved the best until last, and no it’s not

you have a Dell laptop, move along Casanova, this is

fantastically weird or obscure, it is just the most

not the place for you. As you might expect, the site is

horrendous demonstration of why some people

white, uncluttered and resembles the actual Apple

are still single. Darwin Dating is proud to be the

website. It also, unsurprisingly, witters on endlessly

foremost site for ‘beautiful people’, banding around

about people coming together like beautiful design

a hideous tagline of ‘online dating minus the ugly

and efficient hardware. Disappointingly, this is as

people’. Well, some of the subscribers may be

close to a double entendre as we get.

physically attractive (though not all, despite the


claims of the site), but personality wise there is a lot of ugliness. With a comprehensive list of what

There are countless dating sites dedicated to

is not allowed (including blue eyeshadow, too many

cat lovers, but none as flagrant with the puns as

freckles and wobbly upper arms), daters can, if

this one. Before you think it, nothing smutty, just an

accepted as a subscriber, be introduced to a sea of

overuse of the words purrsonality and purrsonals,

shallow, self-obsessed narcissists. If you do happen

combining perfectly with kitsch cartoons depicting

to have any of the attributes deemed ‘unattractive’,

lovelorn kitties. Sign up is free, no doubt because

Darwin Dating comforts you with the knowledge

any spare cash will have already been spent on

that there are ‘plenty of ugly fish in the sea, and they

catnip and blankets for Captain Fluffernutter (I

can be found on all other sites’. Grab your rod I say!

admit it, I know of a cat with this name). Call me cynical, but I can’t help cringing at any site that

Whatever your tastes, it really does appear that

claims it will soon have me ‘feline in the mood for

your perfect partner is waiting for you somewhere,


it’s just a shame that in these cases it is probably in a galaxy far far away, wearing a kitty onesie, while

4. ‘Love long and prosper’. Could this be the best dating website tagline ever? It’s certainly in the running, but the applaudable elements of the site end there. Lonely hearts are compared to beloved characters from Sci-Fi shows, not necessarily a bad thing unless you are a Spock, in which case you are an emotionally stunted loner who seeks to

trying to fit their fake fangs by the light of their mac screen in order to take a gorgeous ‘selfie’ for their profile…

Turn to page 126

Pig Spotter If you’re South African you’ll know him as a valuable resource and friend on the road, a notable advisor and a hero standing up against the corruption on the roads. We felt this would be most applicable now as many South Africans will be taking to the roads during the holiday season. Before you go, read this, it is an exclusive interview we had with Pig Spotter. A South African Twitter icon.


s this is the first time we’re introducing you to our readers we’d like them to get to know you better. “But If I told you, I’d have to kill you! Ha!”

Where do you spend most of your time? “During the day, on the roads, spotting piggies. At night, attending

charity events/ launches and parties.” Good, we like our heroes to always be busy doing good. In your own words how would you define yourself and describe what it is that you do? “I would define myself as a businessman who is taking a stand every day against corruption and puts the safety of others before my own. Other than spotting cops trapping and daytime roadblocks, I report on stolen and hijacked vehicles, occasionally bad service experienced from police/ car manufacturers and bus companies. I pride myself on quality experiences, honesty, straightforwardness and integrity in EVERY aspect of my life, which is something my followers have come to expect and most respect.” How long have you been doing this for? I have been “PigSpotting” since July 29th 2010. You are known by many as a resource and a statement with a leading presence online and a dedicated following. How did you start out and what was your first big break? “As cliché as this may sound, it all started with one tweet on July the 29th, where the initial goal was to hit 3000 followers and have a nice little underground following, telling each other where the cops were hiding and trapping. The Big break came in September, 13th, when I had 5000 followers and a well renowned journalist Aki Anastaciou mentioned my existence in the Star newspaper. Over the next 3 days I was on the cover of every newspaper, on almost every radio station including BBC radio in the UK, and every channel: CNN,SKY,ETV, and SABC. They calculated the advertising worth, and came to just on a million rand. My following jumped up 20,000 in 2 days.” Wow. That’s incredible. Furthermore to that, for millions of South Africans you have become a symbol of freedom, an icon for people to look up to, with this in mind, how do you approach social networking? Ie. Twitter, Facebook and how important is liaising with your Followers/Fans to you? And why?

16 | Endeavour Magazine

“My approach has hardly

up a bit of my time, but doesn’t

passion. Personally enjoy driving and racing around on Kyalami track

changed. I remain opinionated,

interfere with my running of my

and gymkhana sessions on skidpans when the event arises. I’ve taken

honest and truthful, I interact

main company, the one that pays

a liking to blogging about cars and test drives I’ve had the pleasure of

with almost every follower who

the bills.”

doing. As silly as this sounds, one of my goals is to get onto the Top

posts a question and am always

I wish some of our writers

ready to assist with charities. If

were like that. What are your

anything, I have been humbled

thoughts on the future of radio,

by the support and as Spiderman


Gear BBC track in the UK. I love the show and THAT would be my dream job.” How often do you get to do the above?


“I travel from time to time, especially between Joburg and CPT.

says “With great power comes

combining into one media? As

Have been to Mpumalanga, KZN, PE,EL, Jeffrey’s Bay, Plettenburg

great responsibility”. I don’t have

seen with internet televisions

Bay, Knysna, George, Kruger Park etc.. I’ve been to Portugal twice, the

“great power”, but I do have a

and internet phones combining

UK once, France for a whole 5 hours, Mauritius for a week. I’ve been

platform from which things DO

everything. Is it good or bad and

on Kyalami track twice, Zwartkops once. Been in 2 gymkhana events,

get done. From where battles are

how would you adapt to it?

won one and came second in a competition between VW and AUDI’s



and I lost to a BMW M3, in my Audi 1.8T by 0.5 seconds…..go figure.”

won, be it against poor customer

“I think it is inevitable as life

service from Peugeot, or from

has become so fast paced, we

terrible drivers in company cars

need everything to be “on the

abusing the yellow lane, who

move”, mobile and immediate. I

get called in for disciplinary

think it is good and bad. Good

Who do you rely on when it comes to making the best of things?


from a business perspective,

“With regards to PigSpotter, I have a couple of people who work

Your Team


on the ground, paramedics, cops, all my followers and even a DA ward

product, what about what your

company, and it can be bad in

councillor, without whom I would only be able to provide a quarter of

fans don’t see? What kind of

losing that personal one-on-

the information. “

preparation has to take place or

one interaction, especially after









Friends in high places. What is exciting about the future? What are you excited about for 2014 and onwards?

is it all organic growth and word

hours when time should be

of mouth?

dedicated to families and loved

“I have plans and goals set with regards to “Where to from here”,

ones. I also feel in order for it to

where I want to be even more involved in charity, host more events


be a success in JHB, we need FAR

which I cant reveal right now, but people will be able to get the info

of mouth. I’ve never paid to

better internet connectivity. The

and invites on my Facebook account, my Blog, my website and of

advertise. Shirts sold was from a

infrastructure we currently have

course, Twitter.”

follower who had an idea, made

is no where near good enough.”

“Good question, It is ALL organic



What sort of preparation is going into this?

some money and due to work

A bit about you. Are there

“I’m busy in talks with certain promoters, organisers and getting a

obligations had to stop. Every

any other areas that you are

budget together. Drafts are being set up and sponsors being sought.”

single tweet you see is checked,

passionate about? Sports, fine





dining, travelling etc?

And finally, the main questions:If you were going to have an immortalized quote, what would it be?

“I do enjoy exploring new

“Ha! Never been asked this before…. Off the top of my head…. You

respect) and then finally posted

restaurants, different beers and

get 2 types of people in this world. Those that stand by idly watching

by me and me alone. It DOES take

whiskies, travelling is a major

the world pass by, and those who make it spin. Make your world spin.”

and spelling (I am OCD in that

Endeavour Magazine | 17





he Phaeton is the flagship of VW’s range and was conceived by

with an exterior temperature of 50 °C (122 °F) whilst maintaining

Ferdinand Piëch, then chairman of Volkswagen Group Piëch

the interior temperature at 22 °C (72 °F). Piëch requested this even

wanted Volkswagen engineers to create a car that would

though the Phaeton’s top speed was electronically limited to 250

surpass the German prestige market leaders such as Mercedes-Benz

kilometres per hour (155.3 mph). Very high standards were set from

and BMW.

the off to make the very best available.

Initial development of the Phaeton was given the internal project

The Phaeton’s platform is shared with the Bentley Continental

code VW611 and began with Piëch giving his engineers a list of ten

GT and Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Certain systems, such as

parameters the car needed to fulfill. Most of these specifications

the automatic transmission and some engines, are also shared with

were not made known to the public, but a number of them were told

the Audi A8. This platform is a stand-alone steel platform specifically

to automotive reporters. One of them was that the Phaeton should be

developed for the Phaeton and Bentley Continental.

capable of being driven all day at 300 kilometres per hour (186 mph) 18 | Endeavour Magazine

Development of the vehicle led to over 100 individual patents

It’s the invisible status car offering total luxury, impeccable engineering, serious performance, but also being completely envy-proof.






it’s like walking into one of those

Lots of the top end cars we review have a similar system however I did


‘relaxation rooms’ they have in

feel the VW was one of the slickest I have used.


a draftless four-zone climate system,



The driving position helped with my knee issues as did the seats.


The Phaeton has heated and

These are adjustable in 18 different ways ensuring you will find

suspension system, and standard

cooled everything, with little fans

comfort. There is good view all round (you get a blind-spot radar to


in the seats to make sure your

help with that, too). Under the bonnet you can choose the stupidly fast

back’s the same temperature as

six-litre W12 out of the Bentley Continental – but I had the smaller engine in the range, and I think the best choice, a 3.0-litre turbo diesel.



wheel drive. It’s car




your front. It’s even dehumidified,




so the windows never steam up.

impeccable engineering, serious




At 237hp it’s no supercar, but you really don’t want to be flinging


something this size around the bends, revving madly like an idiot. It

performance, but also being

Distance Control. I suffer with

belongs on the motorway, and sweeping down the fast lane is where

completely envy-proof. No one’s

a dodgy knee and on a long trip

this thing thrives.

ever going to scratch a key down

it can be a constant ache. The

The Phaeton is so smooth and quiet that you have to open the

the side, or stop you getting in at

Phaeton will watch how fast

window to confirm you’re really moving. That’s partly due to ‘double

a junction. Nor will they steal it as

the car in front’s going and slow

lamination’ soundproofing and partly to a great air-suspension system

it keeps winning awards for being

down or speed up accordingly

called Continuous Damping Control, which keeps you steady and

the most secure car on Earth.

giving me the opportunity to

even hunkers down at speed to improve grip. Its four settings, from

The Phaeton looks just like

move my legs around on a 8 hour

Comfort to Sport2, are brilliant: you can actually tell the difference.

a slightly bigger Passat. Inside

trip to Scotland. I usually fall out

Chatting in the cabin at high speed is not hindered by road noise.

it is a very different story where

of the car and limp for the next

Having put a lot of miles on the clock I’m very impressed with this

the rear seats are so big and the

day, whereas in the Phaeton I felt

car – it drives better than it looks, and the feeling inside is equal to

climate control so perfect that

like a spring chicken on arrival.

anything in cars twice the price. Endeavour Magazine | 19




ith all our automotive reviews of late, we feel that we have

play thanks to the great mirrors and no blind spots.

somewhat neglected our transport and logistics readers so

The short wheel base model is very spacious inside and when

along side our monthly look at the top car, we have decided to touch

loaded correctly can really move a substantial volume and when

on the unstoppable VW Crafter.

fully laden it is still demonstrates impressive fuel economy due to

We worked the crafter to the bone and moved an entire terraced

the regenerative breaks, low-rolling resistant tyres and of course the

house in two and half loads to ensure we put the crafter through its

2.0-litre TDI BlueMotion engine giving it a combined fuel economy of

paces. The VW Crafter comes in three wheel bases with four body

39 MPG.

lengths and three heights offering a wide range of payloads and in my

As a VW GTDI owner I instantly recognized the quality of

opinion makes it a great all-rounder for multiple purposes, available

engineering under the bonnet and to be honest the Crafter felt

in single and double-chassis cab, window van, drop side and tippers.

exactly the same to drive as my Golf.

The first thing that struck me was the great field of vision when

The 2.0-litre TDI engine provide plenty of power and torque &

reversing, as many vans lack the use of a rear window which makes

great acceleration. The Crafter comes with ESC electronic stability

reversing a tricky task but not in the Crafter. Reversing around a

control as standard like all Volkswagen vans along with electronic

corner following the kerb line with millimetre precision was child’s

brake force distribution and traction control systems to assist

20 | Endeavour Magazine



way by placing a box at the

a large compartments above the front windscreen while electric

Crafter comes with a three year



back of the van just behind the

windows are standard and the cruise control option (£215.00 optional

unlimited warrantee and three

doors and filling it with glasses

extra) is a must have for motorway/duel carriageway driving although

years Volkswagen breakdown

and breakables without any

comes as standard with all BlueMotion models. The visibility pack is


protection. When we arrived at

a great option too that includes rain sensors, headlamp washers and

our destination everything was

automatic lights and will only set you back a further £370.00. Sat-


NAV is an additional £1,640.00 however it is useful, especially if you

Poised and easily positioned it goes exactly where you turn it without the inherent body roll

The interior of the Crafter

you would normally expect from a

is spacious and comfortable,

plan to use the van for the transport and logistics industry. This also

van. When it comes to ride quality

particularly if you find yourself

All in all the Crafter is a sturdy and reliable machine with the

VW have done an impressive job,

on long journeys and provides

advantage of additional comfort coming in as a direct competitor to

seamlessly ironing out holes in

a good driving position with

the Mercedes Sprinter that is in my opinion superior.

the road. We chose to test this in

seat height, and reach-and-rake

a very unorthodox but effective

adjustment. Lots of storage with

includes Bluetooth integration.

Endeavour Magazine | 21

GADGETS iQi Mobile Wireless Charger by Donnie Rust

T RRP: $65

he iQi Mobile Wireless Charger For iPhone Indiegogo

iPhone user with a new iPhone needs for wireless charging. Being

crowdfunding campaign reaches its target with ample

only 0.5mm thick, the product is revolutionary. There is virtually

responses from funders.

no addition to the streamlined look or feel of the iPhone once our

Fonesalesman reports excellent response to their Indiegogo

product is added,” said Bavan Palasanthiran, founder of Fonesalesman

crowdfunding campaign for the iQi Mobile Wireless Charger for the

and designer of iQi Mobile, “We want to keep the momentum and

iPhone by reaching their $30k mark just 10 days shy of their target

continue to expand our offerings of wireless products. The market

date. So far, over 520 funders have risen to support the campaign to

has shown us there is a huge interest in wireless charging.”

bring the conveniently streamlined charging system to market in time

The campaign showed early signs of success by selling out of their

for Christmas. Clearly filling a need for iPhone users, the iQi Mobile

Early bird perks. And to ensure they continue to meet the demands, a

simply plugs conveniently through the lightning connector, and

new stretch goal of $50k has been set and all bundle perks will get a

seamlessly disappears into the back of any soft protective case. The

free iPhone 5/5S crystal clear case.

size of a credit card and Qi compatible, the wireless charging receiver,

Fonesalesman is based in London, UK and is a leading supplier

when placed on charging pad, like the Koolpuck Charger, produces

of innovative wireless charging systems. The company supplies

power for the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S or iPod Touch (5G) wirelessly.

Koolpuck Charger, Koolpad, The Thinnest Qi Wireless Charging

“No wires. No fuss. Just grab and go. iQi Mobile installed on Gold iPhone 5S with a crystal clear soft case. The response we’ve received

Receiver Card for Samsung’s Galaxy S4, as well as their newest product, the iQi Mobile for iPhone.

really doesn’t come as a shock because the iQi Mobile is what every

Give Your Windshield the HUD Sci-fi Effect by Donnie Rust

C Free

ar manufacturers have all agreed the importance of the SAT

sharp turn, and when you should

navigate difficult environmental

NAV not only as an automatic standard for driving safety but

be slowing down.

conditions, the Hudway App

also a good selling point. However, when driving conditions

With the dangerous turns

doesn’t have any specifications

are not ideal, as in snow, rain of fog following the Sat NAV can be as

displayed in red, road sections,

about how well it would work

dangerous as looking at your phone. Now thanks to a newly release

and road markers are shown for

during daylight, so it would

APP this could be a thing of the past — and you don’t have to spend a

every 160 feet to help drivers

appear that this is particularly


measure the distance to the

aimed at difficult condtions and

By using your iPhone as a projection device, HUDWAY beams a

next turn. You can also save and

nighttime. So more as a safety

steady panel of projected directions onto a regular windshield, no

share routes from the app with

touch rather than a replacement

special glass coverings needed. Simply lay your phone down on your

friends. Important to mention is

for your current SATNAV.

dashboard (might be a good idea to stick it down so it doesn’t slide

that an internet connection is not

off) and once activated, HUDWAY gives drivers a visual of the road

necessary to use the app.

along with information like current speed, the distance to the next 22 | Endeavour Magazine

Designed to help drivers

Currently, the app is free on iOS, with the Android version coming in February 2014.

A Bullet Proof Suit Will Save You From Bullets And Knives. At $20,000 by Jack Slater

N RRP: $20,000

ow you can carry that money in your pocket. First Fashion-

bulletproof suit also protects

first look at Garrison Bespoke’s

Forward Bulletproof Suit Using US Military Grade

against stabbing – the carbon

new collection, Town & Country,

Bulletproof Technology Launches Tomorrow by Canada’s

nanotubes harden on impact

inspired by the great outdoors.

Garrison Bespoke


The Garrison Bespoke bulletproof suit is a discreet and stylish alternative to the traditional bulky Kevlar vest.




penetrating. The


Each piece in the new collection





bulletproof by request.

Toronto-based luxury bespoke tailoring house Garrison Bespoke

bulletproof suit is a discreet

Garrison Bespoke is a luxury

will launch the first fashion-forward bulletproof suit tomorrow with a

and stylish alternative to the

menswear boutique in Toronto’s

live ammo field-testing event at the Ajax Rod and Gun Club at 11:00

traditional bulky Kevlar vest

Financial District that creates

am EST in Ontario.

The cost of a Garrison

“After receiving requests from high-profile clients who travel to dangerous places for work, we set out to develop a lightweight,

custom garments to help clients

Bespoke bulletproof suit starts


at $20,000.

with modern style and classic




fashion-forward bulletproof suit as a more discreet and stylish

The live ammo field-testing

foundations, Garrison Bespoke

alternative to wearing a bulky vest underneath,” said Michael Nguyen,

event took place today and as

pieces are conservative enough

co-owner and bespoke tailor of Garrison Bespoke.

we haven’t heard about how

to create credibility but unique

The Garrison Bespoke bulletproof suit is made with carbon

some poor guy was perforated

enough to stand out. A sharp

nanotubes created using nanotechnology and originally developed

by a hail of bullets, we can

pinstripe suit with crushed jade

to protect the US 19th Special Forces in Iraq. The patented material

assume that it was a success

woven into the cloth for good

is thinner, more flexible and fifty per cent lighter than Kevlar, which

and aptly demonstrated


luck is one client’s signature look.

is traditionally used for bulletproof gear. The Garrison Bespoke

suit’s capabilities and offered a

Secret suit pockets are the norm.

Hugo Beyts Iphone Charger Dock

T RRP: £24.79

his month I reviewed

5 and the other for the Iphone 4. The entire dock takes 108 LEGO

be folded down and as of now is

the Hugo Beyts Iphone

bricks to make and each stage of creation is clearly illustrated as to

sitting gloatingly on my bedside

Charger Dock, a dock

where the pieces go and how many pieces are needed. When building

table. This will definitely make

made purely out of LEGO! The

I got a nostalgic feeling of how fun LEGO actually is and scratched my

a great Xmas present for older

product was nicely packaged

head to remember if my old box is still being used as a space taker

children and adults alike.

and came with two separate

in my parents’ loft. It took me about an hour to assemble and dock

instructions, one for the Iphone

looked great just as it did on the website, it is surprisingly solid, could Endeavour Magazine | 23





city where not only

of Portland could give you a

is anything possible,

hundred reasons to visit or move



there, but I will give you a few that

which encourages individuals to

will get you booking your next

pursue their dreams, especially

flight to the PDX airport.

the weird ones! Portland, one of

The food is life changing,

United States most treasured

enough that you won’t be going

cities, ranking on the overall top

to the nearest McDonalds to

for basically everything you could

fulfill your cravings. Most people

think of.

would say that the best food is

Portland is located in Oregon,

in the United States, but they

northwest in the United States,

haven’t experienced anything

accompanying other cities such

until tasting Portland; the food



is naturally grown, they have


hometown cafes, and more food



Washington British


trucks in this city than in the

Portland is over 2 million, it

entire country itself. The fruits

still gives that personality of

and vegetables are freshly grown

a small town, but the events

and the meats are locally farmed,

of a larger city. Portlandia, the

therefore unlike other restaurants

award winning comical television

around the country, what you

series expresses the lifestyle of

order is exactly what you get.

Portland. The natural living, bike

Whether you are a vegetarian or

riding, and coffee shop lifestyle

meat lover, you name it and they

isn’t for everyone, but as the

got it. Their goal is to make you

urban living is becoming more



24 | Endeavour Magazine




popular, as is Portland. This isn’t

It’s bicycle paradise for all

just a city that is fun to to visit,

you cyclists out there. Bike riding

but one that is a wonderful place

is as popular for transportation

to raise your kids. The residents

as driving a car, even the bicycle

lanes are as big as the car lanes.

to be the most unique, and one

Scenic Area, including dozens of water falls and hundreds of different

This active lifestyle keeps the

to leave you talking. Unlike other

hiking routes. You can go kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding,

community united together and

cities, the best clubs aren’t the

and more to fulfill your activity needs. The weather is the definition

healthy, as bike riding or keeping

most modern, or the fanciest

of perfect, it’s never too hot or too cold. It’s not too rainy, but you

fit isn’t a chore to this city. You

but instead a place that is more

have your showers when needed. You have beautiful summers with

can get started by meeting

vintage with an urban crowd.

zero rain and blue skies, and the chill in autumn as the leaves begin

active people in the city by group

We cannot forget the beer in

to change. It’s no wonder the residents of Portland are as happy as

bike tours, one of which to look

Portland has been voted as the

they are!

at is Pedal Bike Tours (www.

best in the entire country, which

Coffee is just as necessary as water to many people, and Portland This will

is at same equivalent of a city

does it right being once again, one of the best in the country. The

offer you a head start, especially

symbol to the pizza in New York.

best coffee roasters isn’t Starbucks in this city, but instead a called

if you need that push to get you

The beer and liquor in Portland is

Stumptown (, even New York City and Seattle


also hometown made, meaning

needed a taste of this in their cities. Although they are the bigger

You don’t have to shop at the

everything you are drinking is

roaster in town, there is plenty of others that are just as brilliant and

generic stores such as Pacsun

just as fresh as what you are

worth finding.

or Hot Topic anymore, and no

eating. You can check out more

shop has same merchandise. The

on the local brews at Portland

shopping in Portland is different

Beer. (

After discussing with Portland residents, Laurie Cogan, had shared with me her inspiring view of her city, “I think what’s special about Portland is that it’s a perfect-sized city

than other cities, because it

“I would certainly suggest

with something for nearly everyone, whether it be food, art, culture,

gives you that Los Angeles

any first time visitor go to the

or just being in the outdoors. There’s also a great mix of old and new

designer feel but also taste of


Manzanita, Florence

architecture, as well as spectacular beauty, due to the surrounding

vintage paradise. What makes

and Newport are all great little

trees, rivers and mountains. In addition, there are also great parks and

it even better is that there is no

towns in their own rights. As

rivers, plus the ocean is only two hours away.

sales tax, unlike in other places

for Portland itself, I’m a fan of

On a personal level, I consider Portland to be a city of acceptance.

of the country, you just pay

the night life. Restaurants like

It’s a place where a shy, socially-awkward, but artistic kid from a small

what’s on the price tag. Little

Departure, Produce Row and

town can actually feel like she belongs, rather than feel like an outsider

boutiques, mom and pop shops,

Red Star all hum of originality

or ‘weirdo’. ‘Being yourself’ is actually encouraged here, rather than

and homemade merchandise is

and flair. The Rose Gardens and

feeling pressured to follow the herd. Even though I grew up in a small

what makes this city so intimate.

Pittock Mansion, located just

costal town of about 2,000 people, I do not consider the place home.

Hometown designers, and artists

above Portland in the West Hills

For me, Portland is home.”

give everyone a chance to fulfill

are also great places to stroll

If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, Portland is the right

their dreams, and be supported

and take in the natural forest

place to go. It is exactly what it looks like; it’s exciting, different and

by their community.

surroundings” said a former

that little bit of weird you need in your life. You will be welcomed by

Oregon resident, Rob Moog.

the nicest residents in Portland, creating friendship and memories

If you are looking for a good night out, Portland has a

It’s not only exciting in doors,

you’ll never forget. This is a city that makes life simple by putting

variety of bars and night clubs

but it’s beautiful landscapes leave

everything into perspective, it’s a life worth living to the fullest, being

that aren’t like any other. These

you speechless. You have the

active, enjoying the outdoors, experiencing real food and treasuring

owners have created their bars

Columbia River Gorge National

your friends. Now what are you waiting for, take a trip to Portland. Endeavour Magazine | 25


26 | Endeavour Magazine


In a run of articles we have highlighted the latest programs, websites and companies targeted at translating historically difficult and time consuming industries into user-friendly online platforms. We’ve looked at innovative giants such as Blooming. com, and now thanks to popular demand we’re highlighting the third in our list of essential websites to align yourself with and make use of.

Endeavour Magazine | 27


For any business on the high-street it’s not about how many people look at you through the window, it’s about how many people cross the threshold into your shop and become customers. Online is no different. If a website has a million hits, derived from high quality social networking and a selection of Google Adwords, but also has a bounce rate of 80% or higher then it becomes counter-productive to chase high hit rates alone.





website is simply something you can’t get away from. Websites

offers customers

are not only needing to be easily navigable, consumer friendly and


straight forward, but the trend is now leading towards them needing


means of increasing hit-retention of directing traffic and answering questions immediately.

to be interactive with human engagement. However, not every company has the budget to set up a fifty man customer service office like Amazon, and yet in a catch-22 situation it is often the smaller companies that need it the most. Small businesses

The Importance Of Customer Retention For Brands

hats, playing different roles across the course of a day and this means that people often don’t have the time to spend answering questions. For example, a small start-up law firm, working hard to make a

Big brands such as Amazon

name for themselves can’t immediately pay someone to stay on the

and eToro have recognized the

phone or online to help people with questions. So, while they’ve got

importance of interaction and

good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and they’re getting lots of

engagement on their websites.

people looking at their site, if there are enquiries they can’t always be

People are simply not happy

on hand to answer them and therefore lose clients. This limits growth

dealing with a Q/A Forum. Don’t

which is so important at the start of any business.

you find it annoying when you go onto a website and have a

Web Assist UK

question and are directed to a

Important to say, this is not about driving traffic to a website but

Q/A forum that doesn’t actually

instead about catching the traffic of visitors lowering the bounce rate

answer your question?

and actively engaging people to stay on the site.

Or maybe it does but you just

A Chatbox on the web page is on hand for anyone having a question.

want someone to show you what

Every query is important to turning a visitor into a customer, they may

to do and to say, Yes That’s Right,

be as simple, “Where is the contact number for your head office?” or

or No Don’t do that.

“Do you specialize in this?” and even, “I’ve made an appointment but

Customer 28 | Endeavour Magazine

with a handful of staff often have all of their staffs wearing different




need to reschedule.”

Simple, straightforward and effective the

importance of Web Assist UK speaks for itself.

system’s programming is able to predict with

Anyone who has run a business knows that you

unerring accuracy when a visitor is about to leave

cannot afford to lose business.

your site and will be able to open up a conversation

Use of Web Assist UK converts to 20% more

with them. Through this they offer many different

visitors into sales, and chatters are three times

services including a reception service, product

more likely to buy a product. Additionally, with

information, sales and after sales customer service.

operations from 6am to midnight you’re able to

How Essential Is This Really? If you’re a SME or a one man band, if you can’t afford to employ someone to provide reception services but know that you need one, then the

have an operable contact seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. To be a successful business you need to be in touch and up-to-date with what your clients need. Trust me, they need this. Endeavour Magazine | 29


30 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine focuses on First Quantum Minerals and the Çayeli Bakır Mine site, speaking with General Manager, Iain Anderson about their thirty year anniversary and their expansions and developments. An international mining company, First Quantum Minerals has seven mines and is developing five major mining projects specializing in copper, nickel, gold, zinc and platinum produce. Their current operations include the Zambian Kansanshi copper-gold mine in Mauritania, Guelb Moghrein copper-gold mine in Spain, Las Cruces copper mine, Finland Kevis nickel -copper-PGE mine in Finland Pyhäsalmi copper-zinc mine in Western Australia Ravensthrope nickel-cobalt mine and the Cayeli Bakır copper-zinc mines. WRITTEN BY DON CAMPBELL


Endeavour Magazine | 31


As this is the 30th Anniversary of the incorporation of Cayeli Bakır, the largest exporter of metal concentrates and the largest underground metal mine in Turkey. They account for approximately 30% of all copper mined within Turkey and we asked Iain about some of the history of the mine and its operations:


irst Quantum Minerals acquired sufficient shares in Inmet

Asia ,” Iain tells us, “And we are on target to make a further 8-10%

Mining to take over control of the Company earlier this

improvement which will result in another production record being

year on 22nd March 2013,” he opens up with, “Expansion


of the site commenced as soon as we began producing in 1994, with a project to sink a shaft that would more efficiently handle the ore.

Developing Their People

Prior to sinking the shaft all ore was hauled to the surface by truck. In

Çayeli Bakır provides employment for 492 people directly with

1995 the Sumitomo crisis hit the trading market, metal prices fell and

another 120 contractors who are indirectly employed at the mine.

didn’t recover for a number of years. Management at that time had no

The vast majority of their employees have had no previous exposure

option but to scale back the shaft sinking project and it was eventually

to the mining sector and are employed from the local region.

completed in 2007.” With looking forward at gaining a position to further expand their mining activities, Iain Anderson has brought a great deal of experience and understanding to the company. “I joined Çayeli Bakır as Maintenance Manager on the 8th of January 2009 and in August of 2010 I became General Manager

This said, Çayeli Bakır is a world class operation that operates to the highest possible Health, Safety and Environmental standards often exceeding the mandated requirements in a number of areas. “Given that the majority of our employees have had no previous exposure to underground mine operations or industrial safety maintaining these standards is certainly a challenge,” Iain says.

of the Company,” he reveals, “My time as Maintenance Manager

Every Çayeli Bakır employee has to undertake a mandatory safety

provided me with a very interesting perspective of the Company and

and environmental induction and this has the basic information that

how it actually operated which was very helpful in shaping my current

all employees are expected to know. The training that employees


receive after that largely depends on the role of the employee in the

Prior to this Iain worked in West Africa, Uzbekistan and at Ovacik Gold Mine in Turkey where he met his future spouse whilst working at Ovacik Gold Mine and became a citizen of Turkey in 2012.

company. “We build on people’s knowledge,” Iain attests, “Everyone is offered additional safety training such as Confined Space Entry,

Çayeli Bakır is an underground copper and zinc operation,

Energy Isolation, Underground Safety, Working at Heights, Handling

producing copper and copper and zinc concentrates. They first

Explosives, etc. In all there are approximately 20 general trainings

produced concentrate in 1994 with a mill capacity of 650,000 tonnes

devoted to health, safety, environment and Company culture that we

per year and since then their production rates have steadily increased

can offer an employee.”

over the years to 1,200,000 tonnes per year, which was a production record in 2012. “Our concentrates are shipped to our customers in Europe and 32 | Endeavour Magazine

In addition to this, the Training Academy at Çayeli Bakır Mine also provides vocational training. They train employees to be better miners, mechanics and electricians. In the underground mine they

ORTADOGU DRILLING LTD Explores the Deepest

BASKENT OSB 29. CAD NO: 3 MALIKOY/ 06909 SINCAN – ANKARA, TURKEY +90 312 472 2104 Endeavour Magazine | 33


have in excess of 20 different types of mobile equipment and these are very complex pieces of machinery so to operate and maintain this equipment they need highly trained and most talented employees.

Staying Ahead

more selective. Our Marketing

With all of their marketing


functions centralised in London










customers and sometimes find

employees have the opportunity to develop themselves and their

with the marketing team who

creative solutions like packaging


relay any concerns that their

different quality concentrates.”

What about individual staff training? How important is it that the

“In Turkey Çayeli Bakır is often referred to as the “university of




customers may have.


mining”,” Iain points out, “Çayeli Bakır has employed almost 2000

“We have a limited number

relationships and a commitment

employees since it started operation and many of those employees

of customers so when concerns

to our customers Çayeli Bakır

have moved on into leadership roles with other companies throughout

are raised about the quality of

could potentially be left with


our concentrates understanding

concentrates we cannot sell

these concerns and responding

especially during times of low


demand.” He adds.

From the very beginning of Çayeli Bakır, significant emphasis was placed on training and development of the employees. “We don’t believe that all development has to be done in the class




problem for Çayeli Bakır.” Aftersales

room. One of our key policies is we periodically rotate staff employees



into different roles so they can gain experience and we also invest in

“When demand for our products

their professional development,” Iain adds, “Our rotation policy has


resulted in staff employees who understand multiple facets of our






customers reminds

And as far as competitive strategy is concerned? “We are selling a commodity that is freely traded in many locations



business, a more flexible workforce, a pipeline of talent ready to

us, “But when demand for

world,” Iain tells us, “One of our

succeed into senior roles and a more dynamic work environment.”

metal concentrates drops our

advantages is Turkey’s unique

customers can choose to be


34 | Endeavour Magazine



Europe and Asia so we can easily ship our concentrates to the smelters located in these countries.” Commodity prices rise and fall it is therefore important for Çayeli Bakir to position themselves as a low cost producer. Their strategy is to maintain their position as a low cost producer relative to their peers in that way they will always sustain the Company through both good times and bad. “Çayeli Bakır’s unit cost of production has been relatively steady over the years even under the pressure of rising prices from the products we consume,” he says, “ Our secret to maintaining our unit costs over the years has been our commitment to Continuous Improvement. Due to our Continuous Improvement initiatives we have been able to increase production rates and reduce costs in areas where it is appropriate to do so to compensate for any price increases.”

“In Turkey Çayeli Bakır is often referred to as the “university of mining”. Çayeli Bakır has employed almost 2000 employees since it started operation and many of those employees have moved on into leadership roles with other companies throughout Turkey.”

The Integration And Relationship Building Of The Supply Chain “We do have a number of long term suppliers and contractors that we deal with many of whom have contributed to the success of our Company,” Iain specifies, speaking about the companies involved

Endeavour Magazine | 35


in their success story, “This

hopes that dealing with Çayeli

wasn’t by design as we remain


open to dealing with other like

customer base.

Hazardous Products Committee to drive continuous improvement

minded companies that share

Green And Sustainability

on environmental issues. Certainly their Company produces more

our views on ethical business behaviour and have Corporate




Çayeli Bakır has since established a Water Management Team, Energy Management Team, Hydrocarbon Management Team and

efficiently now than they have done in the past and Iain is honest to admit that even he is surprised at how they were able to make such

Responsibility Programs of their

“Like many businesses we

own. Given our commitment to

have struggled with these issues

“I am now definitely convinced that, investing time effort and in

maintaining our high standards

but I’m pleased to say we have

some cases money to address environmental concerns makes good

it is not always possible to deal

had great success in recent years

business sense!”

with or develop every supplier.”

reducing our water, energy and


fuel consumption,” Iain explains,


“One of the difficulties we faced

almost 20 years in that time

was that many of these issues

the mining sector has expanded

cross departmental boundaries

and other companies located in

and individual responsibilities.

the sector are demanding high

Our approach was to develop

standards of their suppliers too.


Iain wouldn’t say that Çayeli

representation from operational

Bakır has been key to the growth

departments to address these

of any of our suppliers but he


Çayeli producing







Is 2014 Going To Be A Big Year? 2014 looks like it is going to be a phenomenally busy and productive year and Iain was quick to point out exactly what is happening. Ore Pass Modification. “We have a system for transferring ore to the bottom of the mine by shaft called an Ore Pass,” he tells us, “The bottom sections of the Ore Passes have deteriorated over time and we have had to by-pass the worst affected sections of the Ore-Passes and rehabilitate some other sections.” This is important as should an Ore-Pass collapse, this restricts their ability to efficiently handle ore by the shaft conveyances and their production rates could be significantly constrained as a result. This project sustains their production by reducing the risk of a collapse of one or both of the Ore-Passes.

Your Solution Partner for Fabricated Parts and Underground Consumables

Exploration. “Çayeli Bakır is currently undertaking a soil sampling and geo-physics program of our entire mining concession in an effort to find additional sources of ore for treatment,” Based on known reserves the current life of their mine will end sometime in 2019. Exploration success not only has the potential to sustain but grow the business. Exploration is highly speculative but Iain is certain that their current approach will give them every chance of finding additional ore sources if they are there. Operation Innovation. “Operation Innovation is the name we have given to our continuous improvement effort. The purpose of

Aliaga Fabrika / Aliaga Workshop Adnan Saka Buvan No:10/1 Aliaga Organize San.Bol. Aliaga / IZMIR / TURKIYE Tel: +90 232 621 52 00 / +90 232 621 50 32 Fax: +90 232 621 50 31

Operation Innovation is to increase production rates by becoming more efficient and to reduce costs where it is pragmatic to do so.” The first wave of Operation Innovation resulted in an 8-10% increase in their mining rate this year and in excess of 1 million dollars of costs saved. They have recently rejuvenated the project by rotating new team members into the initiative, ‘Operation Innovation Wave 2’

Menemen Fabrika / Menemen Workshop 136 Sokak No:5 Koyundere, Menemen / IZMIR / TURKIYE

has commenced. Unless metal prices increase further they know that revenues will decline in future years. Operation Innovation is about maintaining their unit cost competitiveness and sustaining the employment of their valued employees. “Our real source of ore is our employees” Iain concludes.

36 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 37


38 | Endeavour Magazine



O.R Tambo is one of the leading airports in South Africa, falling under the representative umbrella of the Airports Company South Africa Limited (ACSA) a majority government owned company, operating under legal commercial law since 1993 who run the operations of all airports in South Africa and plays an important role in the development of the South African airways industry.

Endeavour Magazine | 39


ACSA has been essential in the development of South African infrastructure for the length of their involvement in the country, having developed a great deal of infrastructure capacity for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which was a major undertaking but also an important development for the company. This has resulted in the smooth and efficient transfer of traffic and peoples along the roads which has increased the efficiency of the roads leading into the airports.


n a country that is troubled

jobs that, due to passenger and cargo growth will increase by a further

by chronic unemployment,

one hundred and fifty thousand jobs over the next ten years.

ACSA has long contributed

to job creation in South Africa, achieved through infrastructure

Keeping Standards

investment and the partnerships

As one of the three major airports in the country which include

that are developed with the

King Shaka International Airport and Cape Town, O.R Tambo has

private sector. As recognised

formed a distinct parallel and obedience to the ACI (Airport Council

by global consulting firm Mott-

International)’s Airport Service Quality Programme, setting many



benchmarks for the standards of the 180 global airports taking part


in the programme. In this regard ACSA stands out in the lead having


won 20 separate achievement awards for passenger satisfaction.




the in


appropriate, leading to significant socio-economic benefits.

Strict adherence to the highest standard, ACSA was formed to own and operate the nine principal South African airports, including

It has been estimated that

the three main international gateways including O.R. Tambo, Cape

the airports in South Africa,

Town and King Shaka International Airports. As well as providing

directly and indirectly influence

worldclass, secure infrastructure for airlines to transport people and

the creation and longevity of

goods. Tourism, facility management, protection of the environment

over three hundred thousand

and economic and job creation all fall under their remit.

An airport is not only for air travellers. O.R. Tambo International plays host to about 20 000 people who go to work every day to provide the multiple services that tend to be taken for granted when visiting an airport. An airport is not just for flying: it is the heart of a network of transport arteries for cars, trucks, buses taxis and trains.

40 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 41



not just for flying: it is the heart of a network of transport arteries for

A large international airport should be thought of as a living entity. Although it is a collection of inanimate objects such as runways,



buildings, car parks, roads and

42 | Endeavour Magazine

by ‘meeters and greeters’, adding to the community that goes to an airport to eat, to drink, to browse in the shops, refresh and relax, and, of course, to fly!

A Proud Heritage

a host of physical structures

O.R Tambo International Airport today plays an important part in

to support the activities of an

South Africa’s history, named after Oliver Tambo, one of the country’s

airport, in reality it is an organism

national heroes and extraordinary freedom fighters. It also houses

that pulses with life, just like a

the Oliver Reginald Tambo Memorial Exhibition situated in the


International Viewing Deck, aimed at bringing his selfless character

In the same respect, an airport

DBI Consulting is a subsidiary of Ditibane Investments Holdings Group, a Black Owned and Managed Consulting Engineering, Construction,Capex Planning,Infrastructure and Facilities management headquartered in Gauteng Province.

cars, trucks, buses taxis and trains. Travellers are often accompanied

and great teachings to life.

is not only for air travellers. O.R.

The Oliver Reginald Tambo Memorial Exhibition celebrates both

Tambo International plays host

the life of OR Tambo and the history of the airport. Legacy is about life

to about 20 000 people who go

and living and it’s about learning from the past, living in the present,

to work every day to provide

and building for the future and both Tambo and the airport deserve

the multiple services that tend

to be honoured.

to be taken for granted when

In June 2013, O.R. Tambo International Airport embarked on

visiting an airport. An airport is

a campaign where airport travellers, the public, school children Postnet Suite No 102 Private Bag x 121 Halfway House,1685 8 Bauhinia Road Highveld Techno Park,0157 Berkley Office Park Unit 9 T:012-940-3840 F:012-940-3841

and Airports Company South

when it was still called Jan Smuts

Africa staff gathered to be

Airport, to Johannesburg Airport

part of this heritage focus by

in 1994 as part of the new

Phela-live is a premium wellness centre, combining a

personalising models symbolic

democratic order, and later O.R

top class gym facility and a spa, with an emphasis on healthy

of the thousands of people

Tambo International Airport.

lifestyles and giving members the opportunity to manage their stressful lives.

who welcomed Oliver Reginald

To move into the New South

Tambo back from exile. Over

Africa, O.R. Tambo International

Each member gets a “technogym” key to be in a position

the four-day period, participants

Airport was renamed on 26

to track their progress in achieving whatever they want

were guided through this process

October 2006 and has since

to achieve from the wellness centre, be it losing weight,

by 20 artists from previously

become the largest and busiest

getting fit, distressing, building strength etc.

disadvantaged backgrounds.

airport in the country handling

At its heart, O.R. Tambo International prides itself on its

over 19 million passengers every year.

rich history. They have a story to

It is an icon for South Africa’s

tell, of where the airport has been

democracy, heritage and it’s

and of OR Tambo, the selfless

continuous, ongoing endeavour

icon after whom the airport was

to rise above its past and claim

named. Part of its plan was to

the clouds.

document the airport’s history from its establishment in 1952

Endeavour Magazine | 43

SUBWAY SA 0027 11 326 1515 WWW.SUBWAY.COM

44 | Endeavour Magazine

One of the most recognized brands in the world and also one of the most popular, Subway, the legendary fast food sandwich joint has created an image that is synonymous with fresh food that is freshly prepared and has now overtaken McDonalds and in 2014 will see a projected store increase in South Africa of almost double its current store numbers with expansion into other African countries accelerated, says Debbie Martins, Area Development Manager Subway Sub Saharan and Southern Africa. WRITTEN BY DENNY MCELLIS


Endeavour Magazine | 45


While many South Africans are increasingly cash rich they are also finding themselves time short. And with more and more women entering the work place and a breakdown of the nuclear family, South Africans are finding it harder to find time to prepare meals at home. Unsurprisingly the fast-food restaurant option is booming. In the feisty world of franchising nothing beats a good old fashioned fast food outlet. It’s not happenchance that in the world top ten franchises, seven are fast food brands, and within this broad sector sandwich franchises are growing into a franchise genre all of their own.


ast year the US-based Subway overtook burger supremo MacDonalds as the franchise with the most number of outlets worldwide with over 41,000 sites in one hundred and two

countries compared with 34,492 for McDonald’s. In recent years Subway has made a major push into international markets with its successful franchised business model emphasising small, low-cost outlets. Subway came to South Africa ten years ago and now has fourteen franchise stores here with another twenty five projected for next year. There are twelve outlets across Tanzania and Zambia, and this year saw Subway opening the first store in the Kenya market, with a second store opening in February 2013. “Although we’ve been here sixteen years up till now there has not been a strong focus on building stores,” says Randburg-based Debbie Martins, Area Development Manager Subway Sub Saharan and Southern Africa. “But this year we have implemented a national marketing campaign. Our focus is to Build Sales, Build Profits, Build Stores. We are very excited about the prospects of continuing to building the Subway brand in South Africa and we feel the market is right for Subway and the introduction of our growth strategy.” From Argentina to Zambia, the Subway core menu - with cultural and religious variations – remains essentially the same along with a strong emphasis on freshness and customer involvement. As part of its new South African push, campaigns are rolling out every eight weeks, our focus is value, indulgence and customization.

46 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 47


While turkey meat is available in South African delicatessens and

way down the line. You might

The perception that sandwich

the cold cut sections of major stores, very few brands in the Quick

pick cheese from the menu

franchises are healthier than

Service Restaurant sector offer turkey. “Turkey meat is nowhere close

and then decide on the kind of

burger franchises is one reason

to being as popular as it is in Britain and the USA. We replaced that

cheese, which bread from five

for the rapid expansion of

with sliced chicken as this market is a chicken eating market, with

different types – in our stores

Subway. Lower start-up costs,

60% of our menu is made up of chicken products. ”

we bake every four hours - types

minimal equipment and space

A Subway menu highlights a selection of sandwiches low in fat and

of vegetables and all the way

requirements and the no cooking

low in calories and the brand has a reputation for offering customers

down to the sauces and extras


a better alternative to traditional greasy and fatty fast food. “We are

that go with it. And of course

reasons for the prospective

not by any means indicating we are a health shop, but we do give

we have vegetarian options and


healthier options, and ‘Eat Fresh’ is very much a focus for us.”








What makes a Subway sandwich a unique experience? “It’s made

“At many places elsewhere

franchisee, one that fits the ethos

freshly before your eyes, just the way you like it; the sandwich making

the sandwiches are pre-made

of the brand is obviously key,

process in very user friendly, and the customer becomes part of the

and I have to have what is offered

says Martins. So too is a sound


to me. But as a Subway consumer

business aptitude and a sound

“We have 17 standard sandwiches as well as options specific to a

I’m very much in control of what

business plan. “It’s all about team

country or particular market. In South Africa for instance its chicken

I am having in my sandwich. Walk

work, being an entrepreneur.

mayonnaise, in Tanzania an offering based around vegetarian cheese

by a Subway store and you can

Like any franchise Subway has

in tikka spice called pannier tikka .In Zambia the Subdog is the country

smell the fresh bread and the

systems and controls in place

favorit. As a customer you make the decisions on a sandwich all the

fresh cookies – very enticing!”

and unless someone fits the

48 | Endeavour Magazine

system and becomes part of the team, there’s no point in putting them on board. “Motivation is central to success, and initially you need to be hands-on. It’s not that simple to make a good return on you’re business when you are not involved.” The quality of training is crucial, and for South African franchisees this is undergone in a number of training centres across the world, South African’s franchiseesw generally go to either Dubai or India. Staff training includes Subway’s own on-line university as well as hands-on instruction. “The way you get to make the perfect sandwich is through practice.” Securing the right site selection is another imperative aspect of a successful Subway store, Subway undertakes extensive research into issues such as viability, visibility, accessibility and demographics. Identifying the major traffic patterns, the availability of parking, the cost of utilities, the rent per square foot are other factors to consider when locating a site. It takes eight to ten weeks from the signing of the franchise agreement to the opening of a store, and then a further three months – during which teething issues are identified and resolved – before the official Grand Opening. Franchisee investment input is between R850, 000 to R1.1 million, depending on store size, with those in

“At many places elsewhere the sandwiches are pre-made and I have to have what is offered to me. But as a Subway consumer I’m very much in control of what I am having in my sandwich. Walk by a Subway store and you can smell the fresh bread and the fresh cookies – very enticing!”

shopping malls and food courts among the smaller. Stores vary in size between 35-60 Square meters. “The main challenge is making sure we have the right people on board.” Subway’s suppliers are selected by price and reputation, and with a strong and growing focus on local producers. Contracts are reviewed every six months and in line with its growth plans. “We’ve got a really good group of suppliers on board, who understand our growth strategy, where we are going, and who want to grow with us.” In Tanzania and Zambia - where KFC, Debonairs Pizza, and Steers are established – the growth is impressive and accelerating, and Martins is encouraged by the potential in Kenya. “We are doing very well, absorbed into the market and consumers seem to seriously love Subway. “The big thing about Subway is that we are world-wide and Number One QSR in terms of volume. There are always challenges when you go into an emerging market, but all have been faced across the globe and we have reference to the experiences of a very large network. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel. “From the consumer’s point of view, having a Subway sandwich as a meal is healthy, and fun to make and eat. From the perspective of the franchisee there are exciting opportunities here in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa where we are positioned. We see our brand growing in leaps and bounds in the next couple of years - so keep your eyes open and see what’s happening in Subway Africa!”

Endeavour Magazine | 49


50 | Endeavour Magazine


The Future


Demir Export was founded in 1957 and has always been a very active player in the Turkish mining sector. With a number of glowing projects underway we spoke with General Manager Savas Sahin regarding it.

Endeavour Magazine | 51


“Demir Export produces 25% of the iron ore production in Turkey, representing 1.5 million tonnes per year,” Mr. Sahin tells us, “Core business is iron ore, but the future will be iron, gold and coal in three main business units including ferrous- iron, energy- coal and base metals- gold, copper and zinc. Construction for production for gold mine is under way. “We are active in three iron ore zones; Sivas, Kayseri, and Balıkesir. In total, we have seven iron ore mines, from where we are producing almost 1.5 million tonnes every year.” Mr. Sahin reveals.”


he main activities of Demir Export revolve around iron ore production for domestic integrated steel mills. As a group they are constantly investing in exploration and development

of new greenfield iron ore mines, as well as improvement of their processing facilities at their existing operations. “We are active in three iron ore zones; Sivas, Kayseri, and Balıkesir. In total, we have six iron ore mines, from where we are producing almost 1.5 million tonnes every year.” Mr. Sahin reveals. Another business unit is coal. Currently they are providing 6.5 Mtpa coal at Kangal TPP operated by another Turkish private company. At Turkish Coal Enterprises’ Soma coal fields they are developing Eynez East UG Coal Mine, which will start commercial production in 2015. This project is now at an advanced development stage. The mining method at Eynez East will be sublevel LTCC (longwall top coal caving) which is a very unique coal mining method and the operation will be fully mechanized from top down. The base metal (copper in concentrate) is being mined at their Lahanos mine in northeast Turkey, this is a small scale UG mine and alongside that Demir Export are exploring the possibility of base metals in northwest Turkey. One of their targets is Ulutas (Erzurum province), where they are exploring for porphyry Cu-Mo deposit. So far, the exploration results, 17.000 meters of core drilling completed and ongoing, proved to support their efforts to chase a +500 Mton reserve with local high grade intersections. “In 2013 we have started our first gold mine project, Bakırtepe in Sivas province,” Mr. Sahin explains, “However, the construction was

52 | Endeavour Magazine

halted for permitting issues and we are expecting the construction will restart in early next year and our target is to pour the first gold done by the end of 2014. Our exploration for gold also continues in different exploration tenements, in central and west Anatolia.”

Staff “We have 975 people working at our operations and head office in Ankara,” Mr. Sahin adds, “Including the contractors and subcontractor, this number reaches up to 1500,” “We have three layers of training,” he adds, “The first layer is generic HSE training given to all employees when they first start working with us. Other HSE training packages are also provided for the site personnel, such as risk management, incident reporting, etc. Some blue collar employees also receive technical training as well. Especially mechanical and electrical people receive specific training on the equipment they are dealing with.” The second layer is training for site supervisors. This training generally revolves around safety issues, such as incident/accident investigation, risk management, hazard identification and so on. The third layer of training is for developing managerial skills of managers and supervisors.

ORTADOGU DRILLING LTD Explores the Deepest

BASKENT OSB 29. CAD NO: 3 MALIKOY/ 06909 SINCAN – ANKARA, TURKEY +90 312 472 2104 Endeavour Magazine | 53


“Leadership training is given to our superintendents and

what we committed. So far, we

the current situation of the

managers,” he points out, “And moreover, our very technical training

have a very good and prospective

project is definitely exciting

(as required) is provided to our engineers and geologists, such as 3D

relationship with our iron ore

as they continue drilling and

software trainings, project management and advanced excel training.

customers and we are caring to

development efforts to target

continue this situation.”

a +500 Mt Cu-Mo porphyry

Our most important asset is our people.” With this principle, Demir Export places great importance on training to address the development of professional knowledge and

2014 And Beyond

deposit. This project will be inserted in the project pipeline

the skills of their people. In this regard, training plans are created for

“The most exciting project for

in 2016 with an aim to start

all staff members, and the related training is conducted within the

2014, is our ULUTAS (in Erzurum

commercial production in 2018

year and monitored by the HR department.

province) Cu-Mo project. This

or earlier and has a potential to


be largest base metal mine in the





Mining Bureau’s bidding process

country in near future. “Our



Demir Export’s biggest customers are domestic integrated steel

in 2012 and we rapidly moved

mills, namely Kardemir, Erdemir and Isdemir, and overseas buyers.

to the site and completed all our

is expanding with gold and

The most important demands of their customers are consistent


underground coal mining,” says

product quality and increasing production capacity and these are the



Mr. Sahin, “So far, we produce

important points that they take care to ensure customer satisfaction.

geochemistry to cover the entire

coal from open pit mine but now

potential of the tenement.”

we will use fully mechanized

“Although it looks like the resources market is not as competitive,




it is not true for iron ore market,” Mr. Sahin explains, “Domestic iron

On top these, Demir Exports

method to produce coal from

ore market is the same. As long as we honour our contracts from

have completed almost 17.000

underground. Underground coal

quality and quantity aspects we are more successful in delivering

meters of core drilling and

production is becoming more

54 | Endeavour Magazine

widespread in Turkey; therefore Eynez East Underground Coal mine project is very critical for our company.” The other exciting development is Bakırtepe Gold Project. Gold production from Bakırtepe will be the first for Demir Export and it is believed that it will be the first step to become a gold miner in Turkey. These developments help Demir Export to consolidate its position and being an international player. There are many domestic and overseas opportunities in gold and base metal mining areas also the historical developments of gold and mechanized underground coal mining sectors show that new opportunities will come. With help of new developments, Demir Export will be better positioned for the upcoming opportunities. “Our biggest investment is our people. We have expanded the exploration and project development teams in our headquarters. We have also added new positions in our operations to improve and extend on-site planning and project development skills and capabilities. Beginning from next year, we are thinking about bringing

Our biggest investment is our people. We have expanded the exploration and project development teams in our headquarters. We have also added new positions in our operations to improve and extend on-site planning and project development skills and capabilities.

experienced expats on board on contract basis to assist our local workforce to develop and maintain international safety standards at our operations.” Mr. Sahin concludes.

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An acronym for African Bitumen Emulsions, a.b.e. Construction Chemicals was founded in 1932 but started operations in 1939 in Durban as a supplier of bitumen to municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal. Over the years this company has grown in both size and diversity to become a major supplier of specialised construction products to the building, civil engineering and building maintenance industries, supplying products directly to customers through its branch network as well as through builders’ merchants and hardware stores.

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This network has ensured a wide net to capture and meet the needs for their clients with manufacturing plants in Boksburg, Johannesburg and Isipingo and Durban they have grown organically, never over-spreading and always ensuring that they were ready and able to support their clients. With Business Development Director Luis Ferreira behind many of the company’s newest expansions and product developments this company has made a name for strengthening their clients.


upported by a network of branches and distributors

the bitumen produced is used as

throughout South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian

the binder in asphalt for roads. It

Ocean Islands and Pakistan a.b.e. is ideally positioned

is also used in other paved areas

to service its customers with a range of categories that include

such as airport runways, car

waterproofing, flooring and special adhesives through to silicone and

parks and footways.

sealants, concrete repair and general construction products. Acquired by CHRYSO Southern Africa in September 2010 it was

asphalt involves mixing sand,

the successful integration and strong co-operation of all departments

gravel and crushed rock with

and divisions across the brand that has enhanced the group’s product

bitumen, which acts as the


binding agent. Other materials,







added to the bitumen to alter

Bitumen is an oil based substance, semi-solid hydrocarbon

its properties according to the

product produced by removing the lighter fractions (such as liquid

application for which the asphalt

petroleum gas, petrol and diesel) from heavy crude oil during the

is ultimately intended.

refining process. As such, it is correctly known as refined bitumen. In

A further 10% of global

North America, bitumen is commonly known as “asphalt cement” or

bitumen production is used

“asphalt”. While elsewhere, “asphalt” is the term used for a mixture of

in roofing applications, where

small stones, sand, filler and bitumen, which is used as a road paving

its waterproofing qualities are

material. The asphalt mixture contains approximately 5% bitumen. At


ambient temperatures bitumen is a stable, semi-solid substance.

The remaining 5% of bitumen

The vast majority of refined bitumen is used in construction:

is used mainly for sealing and

primarily as a constituent of products used in paving and roofing

insulating purposes in a variety

applications. According to the requirements of the end use bitumen is

of building materials, such as

produced to specification. This is achieved either by refining process

pipe coatings, carpet tile backing

or blending.

and paint.

It is estimated that the current world usage of bitumen is approximately 102 million tonnes per year. Approximately 85% of all 58 | Endeavour Magazine

Typically, the production of

Common Misunderstandings Petroleum bitumen is often confused with tar. Although bitumen and coal tar are similarly black and sticky, they are distinctly different substances in origin, chemical composition and in their properties. Coal tar is produced by heating coal to extremely high temperatures and is a by-product of gas and coke production. It was widely used as the binding agent in road asphalt in the early part of the last century, but has since been replaced by refined bitumen. Bitumen is also sometimes confused with petroleum pitch which, although also derived from crude oil, is a substance produced by a different process from that used for refined bitumen. Petroleum pitches are the residues from the extreme heat treatment or “cracking� of petroleum fractions. Their properties and chemical composition are therefore quite different from those of bitumen. Naturally-occurring bitumen, sometimes also called natural asphalt, rock asphalt, lake asphalt or oil sand, has been used as an adhesive, sealant and waterproofing agent for over 8,000 years. But it occurs only in small quantities and its properties are quite different from refined bitumen.

Manufacturer and Marketer of Industrial Packaging, Steel drums and tinplate pails and cans. Cut to length services for steel and tinplate coils

Rheem SA is proud to be associated with ABE. Congratulations on the milestones achieved thus far. // // Tel: +27319106900 // Fax: +27319106935

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Chryso SA Chryso SA has established itself as a major supplier of concrete and cement admixtures in South Africa thanks to its investment

Approximately 50% of products sold are produced locally in Durban and Boksburg with the remaining 50% being sourced both locally and from Europe as finished goods. The main segments that a.b.e. work in are as follows:

in plant infrastructure, new technologies as well as technical and

The export division provides specialised services and support

customer support. The acquisition of a.b.e by CHRYSO provided a.b.e.

to local and overseas markets. The export customer base consists

with the new technologies and ongoing research and development

of licensee’s, distributors, local export houses and an established

programs to further enhance its position in the market and add value

customer base mainly in sub Saharan African, with further

to their customers.

representatives in Bostwana, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana,

If a.b.e. are known for anything it is their focus to its sustainability

Kenya and Tanzania.

policy, adopted from the CHRYSO group, to sustain the seven values

Construction Sales consists of general contractors ranging from

across economic, environmental and social commitments and one of

large construction companies to the small house builder, as well as

the ongoing merits to a.b.e is the continual investment on improving

specifiers, developers, facility managers and various engineers.

its structures as well as upgrading production facilities. Strengthening

Retail customer base comprises of hardware and building supply

its research and development programmes while using existing

outlets ranging from the large groups with a national footprint to the

channels in the market to introduce new products has proven to be

small corner hardware store. Agricultural co-ops are also important

the best way to further enhance its current product range and service

customers, along with several agents and distributors who operate in

offered to customers.

defined markets.

There is a vision guiding a.b.e Construction Chemicals, a simple

Over the years a.b.e has acquired technology through its own

one but one that directs every decision made and guides every

development, strategic acquisitions of businesses and by forming

employee on a day to day basis, grounding decisions and giving flight

alliances with international manufacturers of specialized products.

to new ideas. This is to be the supplier of cost effective, innovative

Today a.b.e is a leader in its field with many well respected brands,

manufactured products, and the preferred distributor for leading

representing a number of quality international manufacturers and

brand owners to a.b.e’s chosen market segments.

looking to the future with a comprehensive laboratory for testing of products in both of its factories. The resellers’ customer base comprises hardware and building supply outlets ranging from the large groups to the small corner hardware




the agricultural co-ops, as well as the marine, refurbishment and garden sectors create the fundamental customer basis. Operating out of the Durban Branch, provides






and support to its overseas markets. Currently a.b.e. has representation



Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola and Zambia. Also, in addition, a.b.e. has license agreements with partners in Mauritius who produce and distribute a.b.e. products into these and the surrounding territories.

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ENPPI 00202 227 62100 WWW.ENPPI.COM

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Recognized as the international engineering and consultant contractor of choice, Enppi (Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries) is a limited liability Egyptian company. Established on January 15th 1978, and with an impressive catalogue of onshore and offshore accomplishments, we spoke with the Chairman and CEO Mr. Abdul Naser Salah regarding the steps taken to ensure the stability and longevity of his company. WRITTEN BY JACK SLATER

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As an international Engineering Consultant and EPC main contractor with many successes within the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical and other industry projects within Egypt, MENA region and worldwide; the company has benefitted from its historic footprint in the region and the strength of its focuses.


he company organization is structured to provide the




expertise required for the efficient coordination of

Enppi started embracing the

all phases of work starting from project development

challenges of the future through

studies, to completed turnkey facilities,” Mr. Naser Salah opens up, “To

new international business. In

this end the company applies state of the art technology and know-

Jordan, Enppi was awarded an

how based on worldwide sources including operating companies,

international project through

international engineering firms and technology licensors.”

a consortium structure for the

Starting in the mid-Nineties, Enppi expanded its services and

Development of the Jordanian

developed its workforce in order to address the business segments

Gas Transmission Pipeline from

in the international market. ADNOC, ADCO and ADMA of UAE

Aqaba port to Syrian / Jordan

were the first international clients followed by Al-Furat Petroleum

boarders on EPC Lump Sum

Company – Shell Syria (AFPC) of Syria, where Enppi had executed five

Turnkey basis.

major projects through international bidding.

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In the GCC Region, and

Ingersoll Rand products range from complete compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems. The diverse and innovative products, services and solutions enhance our customers’ energy efficiency, productivity and operations. Rotary Contact Cooled

Partners in Success... OIL Free Rotary

HOC Dryer

Rotary Skid Package

Centrifugal API Unit

Rotary Skid Package • • • •

Contact-cooled /oil free Rotary Screw Skid packages Air cooled / Water cooled API619/ ISO 10440 Part II compliant Oil Free Rotary Screw skid packages Skid packages including interconnected piping, Junction Boxes, PLC based Controller from compressor to system automation, communication with DCS system

Centrifugal Compressors

Centac Compressors: Process API Standard 672 Package • • • • •

Water cooled/Air cooled API 672 compliant gearing, rotors, casing and rotor dynamics Single and multistage arrangements ASME Sec VIII/Tema C Shell & Tube constructions PLC , Fully programmable , State-of-the-art control systems Dubai Office: Ingersoll Rand, 17th Floor, U Bora Towers, Dubai, UAE. PO Box 31000. Tel No : +971 4 4285219, M :+971 50 2612797, Email: Endeavour Magazine | 65 Cairo Office: Ingersoll Rand, 45 Abdel Hamid Badawy st. Heliopolis,Cairo,Egypt. Tel No +2 02 2624 1328/42/59/64 Ext. 236, M +20 1222 60 1122, Email:


specifically in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Enppi was remarkably

the certification and validation of its operations has been crucial and

successful in winning international tenders for Lump Sum Turnkey

for starters Enppi copes with international codes and standards such

contracts with Aramco and its JV companies such as YASREF and Al-


Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) Companies. In addition to executing

Enppi has been approved for compliance to international QEHS

projects in Libya and Sudan. Such increase of the company’s work

Management Systems i.e. “ISO 9001” for Quality Management

volume led to purchasing volume in the last 5 years to US$ 2 Billion.

Systems, “ISO 14001” for Environmental Management Systems,

Outside the MENA region; Enppi had internationally expanded its

“OHSAS 18001” for Health & Safety Management Systems and

business by executing projects in Venezuela. In this respect, PDVSA

“ISO 50001” for Energy Management Systems, by GL Systems

Gas Holding Company in Venezuela awarded Enppi several major

Certification in order to continually improve Enppi performance and

projects in Gas processing industries since 2006 providing integrated engineering, procurement and project management services for several large scale gas treatments, extracting and processing facilities. On the financial arena and during the past 15 years, Enppi had invested in newly formed Egyptian Oil and Gas companies over $120 Million in a continuous endeavor to pursue its role toward the support of the national economy.

Certifications For a company of its size, and with so many people relying on them,

maintain its status in the international engineering and the Lump Sum Turnkey contractors’ community. “Enppi has established successful business relationships with international business partners through executing projects as an EPC Main Contractor in 12 countries for BP, Shell, BG, PDVSA, Saudi Aramco, KJO, YASREF, QP, APACHE, ENI, TOTAL E&P, ADCO, Petro China and other major partners.” Mr. Naser Salah says. The company aims to penetrate further markets such as Colombia in South America and industries such as the fertilizers industry to strengthen its position in the MENA region and the global market especially Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Kuwait.

A complete power and automation solution from ABB An ocean of experience

ABB Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Services As a proven leader in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry and with continued investment and expansion of new services and solutions. ABB is uniquely positioned to support your changing requirements based on our industry, process, and technical expertise. ABB’s large and varied suite of support services are specifically designed to meet your production requirements in normal operating conditions and in critical, emergency situations.

ABB Electrical Industries (ABB Arab) S.A.E Oil & Gas Sector Tel.: +20 2 26251818 Fax: +20 2 26222568 - 9 Call center: 19290

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The Uniting Enppi Vision Bringing everything together is the united focus to execute projects in the fields of Oil &




Process Industries in the Middle East & Africa and support the national



in the field of oil and gas, petrochemicals



industries,” Mr. Naser Salah highlights, “This is achieved via Enppi’s most valuable asset; our employees who are confident, competent and caring.” The 2500 staff members have contributed to make this the

through providing state of the

$800 million company that it is,



and Enppi considers the human

and standards of excellence,

caliber as the most important

while striving to exceed their

factor in the formula of “success”

customers’ expectations.

for any organization. From this


“Our vision is to attain a

perspective, Enppi develops a


comprehensive plan to leverage

among most known international

the knowledge and skills of their

EPC / Lump Sum Turnkey

human element together with

contractors; executing projects

applying the requested essential



Since 1987 A.R.Technology carries out trading activity at international levels and it is leader in supplying goods destined to Oil&Gas companies, according to quality requirements and in compliance with most international standards. Our commitment to the industry, with our strong combination of experienced engineering and sales team working closely, make us the best able to provide our clients with first class products, excellent service and ultimately, satisfaction. A.R.Technology is associated with large and reputed manufacturers and contractors mainly from the Europe and U.S.

Putting ART in Technology // Via Angelo Moro, 109 20097 S.Donato, IT // +39 02 5578271 Endeavour Magazine | 67


work values to meet customer`s needs and requirements. This includes an annual training plan for each individual using

Sum Turnkey contractor. This has required the loss of ego and an openness to all kinds of feedback.

either in-house or outsourced experts in various fields of knowledge

“We have adopted a customer focused approach which shows

as well as the oil and gas sector such as: Engineering and technical

that Enppi is open to feedback,” Mr. Salah says, “And this includes

training, Project Management, Procurement, Quality, Health,

complaints which we take seriously and gratefully through being

Safety and Environmental Management Systems, Management/

dedicated to resolving these issues as we seek to improve ourselves.”

Administration, Finance and IT packages.

In addition to conducting the customer feedback survey regularly

“Our Enppi engineers receive on-site practical training at

on Enppi’s clients by the Business Development Department, they

different sites for companies operating in the Oil and Gas field in

are also in charge of detecting and preventing project and non-project

Egypt and abroad as part of their development program in order to


help acquire the necessary experience,” Mr. Naser Salah continues, “Moreover, on-job training is conducted for groups of engineers during the construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning & start-up phase of various company projects.”

Recent International Projects 2014 is going to be a very busy year for Enppi who, in addition to Egypt, are currently executing projects in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and

Since 2003, Enppi has executed a tremendous number of training

Iraq. In Saudi Arabia, Enppi is executing a project for YASREF based

programs to company staff as well as delegates from the Egyptian

on EPC Lump Sum turnkey responsibilities, Yanbu Export Refinery

Petroleum Sector and other Oil and Gas companies operating in the


Middle East and Africa. Enppi is trying its best to maintain the type

“The Yanbu Refinery Project aims to install a new refinery with

and quality of its employees and are recruiting the best from the

capacity of 400k barrels per day. The Tank farm package of Yanbu

Egyptian market.

export refinery includes 33 storage tanks, sizing up to 1.2 Million


Barrels and 13 spherical tanks 60,000 barrels each.” In Venezuela, several projects for PDVSA are ongoing; the

On the other side of the coin with the customers, Enppi’s aim is

PAGMI project phase I and II Gas Conditioning for domestic market

the continual improvement of Enppi Management Systems to provide

aims to treat and condition gas produced from the offshore area

them with the highest level of confidence for Enppi’s ability as a Lump

in Northeastern Venezuela to be used in the domestic market in

The global specialist in energy management From offshore and onshore to transport and processing, Schneider Electric Oil & Gas provide reliable and safe energy management solutions to lift your performance while preserving the planet. With operations in more than 100 countries with integrated solutions, Schneider Electric has leadership positions in energy (oil & gas, petrochemical and utilities), industrial processes, building automation, data centers/networks and residential market. We make people “Make the most of their energy” Schneider Electric Egypt & North East Africa Customer Care Center: 19775 Website:

68 | Endeavour Magazine

Make the most of your energy

visit our website: Customer care center 19775

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the PDVSA Complex, located

and Hydrogen Sulphide for the

supporting the national economy and the Egyptian petroleum sector,


natural gas upstream.”

to acquire the latest technology and methods, to increase their






Whereas in Iraq, Enppi is

The Fractionation Capacity

executing a Project Management

Increase at Jose (ACFJ) Project


which aims to the development

for Missan Oil Export Pipeline

of new facilities to process the


increase of NGL capacity to


50,000 BPD in order to cover the


requirements of the 1st phase of

competition and penetrate new industries.







The Importance of Giving Back “Enppi is committed to supporting the communities in which we work and live,” Mr. Naser Salah explains, “We believe it’s important to stay in touch with our neighbors and remain committed to our own community.”


“Through employment, we invest in people and have plans to

participate in numerous tenders

broaden our workforce to become 3000 strong,” he adds, “Through


and bids. International studies

the execution of mega projects we will accommodate the increasing

will be designed to produce

point out that Arab Gulf countries

number of professional employees and through training and

propane, ISO-butane, butane,

and countries of South America

investment will continue to increase our value.”

pentanes, gasoline, and heavy

are the future golden pot of oil

Soccer is another feature that has recently accompanied their

ends,” he says, “In addition to the

and gas reserves. And in this

company’s name. Enppi first team participates in the Egyptian Premier

Ethane Recovery Project which

regard, the company’s business

League, the Egyptian Cup and CAF Confederation Cup. Four players

aims to the installation of a gas


from Enppi first team were chosen to play for the Egyptian National

sweetening plant to completely

to cope with the company’s

remove the Carbon Dioxide

major objectives to continue

NGL production increase. “Each









A DRIVING FORCE FOR POWER TITAN 250 GAS TURBINES FOR THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY Trust. It’s at the heart of our business. Customers around the world rely everday on Solar Turbines to provide dependable, rugged equipment and they have chosen the Titan 250 gas turbine 30,000 hp and the C85 gas compressor 45,000 CFM from Solar to meet their power needs. Through long years and many projects across Egypt, Enppi has shown consistent and relentless support to Solar Turbines, for which we are incredibly grateful. Solar Turbines are proud to be one of the key suppliers to the O il and Gas Sector in Egypt providing a large range of gas turbines and gas centrifugal compressors with all the custom features required from one project to another. Solar Turbines’ Egypt office supports the Egypt fleet of more than 150 units and we looking forward to enlarge this fleet in Egypt. Tel: +971 4 816 8324 Fax:+971 4 880 7596 70 | Endeavour Magazine

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“Give me turnkey soluti ns for my most complex pro ects.”


Go ahead, challenge us. At Agility, we’re experts at providing turnkey solutions for complex projects, leveraging global procurement and assisting offshore operations. So we’re not only prepared to manage your project logistics, we’re opening doors that others find locked.

Agility is a leading logistics company with 22,000 employees taking care of our customers in more than 100 countries. Put your local office to the test: -44 208 917 3110. © 2013 Agility Logistics AG

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Privately owned and incorporated in Zimbabwe. Bilboes Gold’s operations are situated in one of the most lucrative gold-rich areas in the country. With a historic pick up of projects this has given the company an enviable advantage over any competitors. For the December edition we liaised with Chief Executive Officer Victor Gapare, regarding his company and the projects that are putting this company onto the map.


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To start with, Bilboes Holdings Limited is a gold focused mining and exploration company owning and operating four mines, namely Isabella, Bubi, When and McCays, these pre-existing mines are all situated in the Bubi Greenzone Belt of Zimbabwe and were acquired from Anglo American Corporation Zimbabwe Limited in 2003 along with most of their gold mineral rights in Zimbabwe.


ince its inception in 1989 Bilboes has produced 234,000 ounces of gold from oxides through open pit mining and a heap leaching processing method from their existing mines.

The company holds a total of 11,000 hectares in mineral rights and an additional 198,000 hectares of exploration licence applications otherwise known as Exclusive Prospecting Orders. A considerable amount of work has been carried out on claims including exploration, drilling and metallurgical test work which has confirmed the existence of a sizeable gold resource.

Employees All staff, at Bilboes Gold undergo the expected training of such a large and well established company, receiving the necessary certifications required for gold mining and machine handling. Internal promotion is important as the company invests heavily into the experience of their company and understand that it is only by building good, solid relationships with those who work with and for them that they will find continued success in the future.

Suppliers Safeguarding the relationships with their suppliers, vendors and subcontractors is something that has to be a fundamental priority for everyone in management and Bilboes Gold certainly approaches this in the best manner possible. Ensuring payment is on time and that the long term service of their business partners is assured.

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The Current Main Focuses Refurbishments of the existing plant equipment and the heap leach facilities play a vital role in the near-cash term projects for Bilboes Gold, these include the treating of oxide materials at the existing mines. This along with the procurement of additional equipment at a cost US$8 million (Bilboes Gold Summary Report July 2013). This investment is expected to pay significant dividends as it is anticipated to produce approximately 12koz/y of gold by the first quarter 2014. In the long term, the future of BIlboes Gold lies within the sulphide resources that underlie the oxide material. Thanks to a US$3 million drilling programme a total JORC resource of 4Moz of gold was established. (Bilboes Gold Summary Report July 2013). US$4.5

SMC Drilling is committed to safely providing its clients quality drilling services, with 17 years experience, our approach to meeting our contractual obligations is based on safety first, sustainable and efficient production based practices that ensure we complete the job within budget and on time. Our emphasis on SHE and Environment issues have culminated in our excellent safety record, making us the preferred service provider with both local and multinational mining houses in the region. Our modern drilling equipment ensures consistent quality core recovery, minimum downtime, dedicated support and skilled operators ensure maximum production with minimal waste.

million has been put aside to spend on the project in 2013/2014 on infill drilling, metallurgical and technical studies to put together a definitive feasibility study. To fund the company and the score of feasibility studies a total of US$17 million was raised at the end of 2012, indicating the strong reputation and steady focus of Bilboes Gold. Thanks to these raised funds, Bilboes has the potential to further develop its mineral resource base by taking advantage of the oxides and sulphides within its mines. Which leads us to the Matabeleland Oxide Project

Current Surface Diamond Core Drilling // LF90D Boart Longyear Drill Rigs Underground Evaluation Drilling // Percussion Drilling

SMC Limited 1 Orange Grove Drive, Highlands, Harare Tel: (263) 04 443179/80/81, Fax: (263) 04 443182

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Matabeleland Oxide Project The Matabeleland claims host two EPOs, covering Isabella, McCays, When and Bubi. Bilboes have already started treating the oxide material through the existing plant and heap leach facility with the aim to produce around 11koz/y of gold in order to establish a positive cash-flow by first quarter 2014 (Bilboes Gold Summary Report July 2013). By July 2013, in refurbishing the existing infrastructure, which including the earthmoving fleet and the process and crushing plant, Bilboes had invested US$8 million and reached 30% capacity finding themselves solidly on course to reach 100% by first quarter 2014 with future potential to increase production due to current exploration in the transition ore zone.

Matabeleland Sulphide Project

Gold mineralisation occurs in veins and quartz stockworks associated with disseminated sulphides, mainly arsenopyrite and pyrite and between August 2011 and June 2012 Bilboes drilled over 69 diamond drill holes, alongside a total of 123 holes previous drilled by Anglo American in the 1990s, to a depth of 200-250 m and over a 6km strike at a campaign cost of US$3 million in order to compile a resource estimate. Thanks to the results, in October 2012 SRK estimated a total JORC resource of 4 Moz of gold in sulphides across the Isabella, McCays and Bubi Mines. Bilboes is projecting gold production from the Sulphide project of a minimum of 100koz/y within a five year period. (Bilboes Gold Summary Report July 2013).

Gold Quarry Project Within the Mutare EPO application, lies the Gold Quarry, approximately 50km west of Mutare City, the Manicaland properties

Beneath the oxide resources lies sulphide material and in here lies

were acquired by Bilboes in 2006 from Anglo American. Here there

the most ambitious of Bilboes’ plans. The claim areas are underlain

is potential for both open pit oxide and underground sulphide mining

by felsic and mafic schists and greywackes of the Upper and Lower

with silver being a by-product.

Bulawayan volcanic units that form part of the Archaean Bubi

The claims are located within the Mutare Greenstone Belt

Greenstone Belt. This area is transected by three major structural

where gold deposits are scattered throughout the belt within the

breaks known as the Peter Pan, Robin Hood and Courtleigh faults

surrounding quartz diorite stocks, most of them have high silver

with a number of associated northeast-trending splays which control

content with associated lead, zinc and nickel. Of the sulphides present

the hydrothermal vein and replacement mineralisation.

included are galena, chalcopyrite, pyrite, pyrrhotite and arsenopyrite.

76 | Endeavour Magazine

Successful feasibility studies pending, Bilboes is anticipating first production from Gold Quarry at a rate of 30koz/y within a five year period.


Future Projects Interest in contiguous areas in Matabeleland (Gwizaan and Isabella) has led to the application for EPOs in those areas. Another pair of applications in the Midlands Province (Gweru and Lower

Risk Management Services (Pvt) Ltd Risk & Insurance Services Consultants

Gweru) and in Manicaland (Mutare). Four out of the five EPOs have already been recommended by the Mining Affairs Board for approval by the President of Zimbabwe. US$0.7 million will be spent on reconnaissance work covering mapping, geochemical, geophysical surveys and trenching over the next twelve months and desktop studies have commenced with a view of generating potential targets for further exploration work. In conclusion, Bilboes Gold is a leader in their field for a reason. A combination of strong leadership, long standing relationships and a good reputation have put this company in its current location and with such fruitful projects approaching in the future we are expecting great things from Bilboes Gold.

16 Oxford Avenue, Newlands, Harare P.O. Box BW 449 Borrowdale Tel/Fax: 04-707780/6

srk consulting zimbabwe 28 Kennedy Drive, PO Box GD773, Greendale, Harare Tel: +263 (0)4 496 182; Fax: +263 (0)4 490 144; Mobile: +263 (0)774 490 478 Email:

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Cinema will always offer something more to me than that which 3D home entertainment systems will. Technology is claiming to bring the big screen to the little one but it will never be able to replace the excitement of a truly big silver screen. There is something historic about a gathering of people being entertained together. We used to watch Gladiators and Lions in the Arena, we watched thespians on stage performing, we watch sport this form of entertainment is as intrinsically part of the international culture as anything else. WRITTEN BY DONNIE RUST


Entertainment EXPERIENCE

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What the cinema industry is doing is updating itself. 3D cinemas were just a come and go fad thirty years ago but the technology has developed and our culture has become more expectant of these advancements to our entertainment. To keep up to date with present movements and to be in the best position to take advantage of the next genre shifting change there was no better person to speak with than General Manager of Nu Metro Cinemas, Luke Roberts.


u Metro Cinemas

a movie going experience into

on their website has turned Nu Metro’s online

is a progressive

something beyond that of simply

presence into something more than a mere mechanism to view and

cinema business

watching a film. Their cinemas

book upcoming attractions. It has created a loyal culture of Nu Metro

with a true focus on delivering

have become a destination of

Fans from the youth of South Africa who prefer it to the other cinema


choice and are always impressive

options in the country. Unique promotions, event hosting and a knack

experience,” he opens up, “For us


for knowing what people want is what identifies Nu Metro as the

the focus has to be on impressing

procedures the most advanced


and up to date. They were one of

South Africa is well known for approaching the entertainment

the first cinema chains in South

industry with a precision strategy of leaving nothing to chance and


Africa to have a full functioning

Nu Metro is an example of this in action. So much of their approach






satisfaction.” Nu arguably

Metro one

Cinemas of





premier standard of cinema entertainment.


website in the early nineties and

occurs behind the scenes and one of the key areas is the training of

frequented cinema chains in

the first to open an all-digital

their staff and the businesses they choose to work with.

South Africa and with good

cinema complex at Emperors

As far as staffing is concerned training is ongoing and eclectic,

reason. Representing in South

Palace in Johannesburg on the

drawing on the best training systems available to ensure that all the

Africa 20th Century Fox, Walt

1st December 2001.

staff on the kiosk, the floor and within the cinemas have the same goal

Disney Pictures (video), Warner

The use of social media and

Bros, New Line Cinema and

the smart move of incorporating

Verifying this was our secret customer, Indian Ocean body

Bollywood Films, since their

the latest media news from

boarder and photographer Bryan Paynter who we sent to Nu Metro

inception in 1987, Nu Metro has

affiliate TimesLIVE to keep the

Cinemas by Littlegate Publishing on a fact finding mission. This is

taken the approach of turning

busy socialites of South Africa

what he responded with:

80 | Endeavour Magazine

in mind.

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“It’s always a treat to visit a Nu Metro Cinema as they seem to go

screens in these complexes have

projection. digital

been refurbished with luxurious


fully reclining leather chairs,

offered the use of three 3D

offering plenty of space to watch

out of their way to make it a big deal that you’re going to the cinema,”



he says, “The staff are helpful and always happy to help. The kiosks


are stocked with a variety of condiments, the seats are comfortable and well spaced so you’re not sitting against anyone. One of the things

sound systems. Called Auro,

your movie in ultimate comfort.

often not noticed until you arrive is how clean Nu Metro Cinemas are,

these 3 systems are 3 of only

“Our VIP offering, Scene,

the air is always fresh and it is as if everything has just recently been

150 in the world and give

is the first of its kind in South




this has






is a concept that has worked

Auro is due for installation

extremely well overseas as it



offers that extra value for money

in Hyde Park Johannesburg,

and that extra sense of luxury

Exciting changes have been happening at NuMetro Cinemas that

Pavilion in Durban and at the V

and presence.”

will bring a world class cinema experience to all its complexes in time

& A Waterfront in Cape Town in

for the December holidays which falls within the combined Christmas

January 2014.

Attention to detail is something that Nu Metro takes very seriously.

Entering The Digital Era

and Summer holidays in South Africa. This is a time of sunshine, of frolicking and when family outings serve to create lifelong memories.



immersive the


Comfort At Its Best




Scene also boasts its own exclusive lounge where you can relax and enjoy a drink from the bar ranging from alcoholic

By the end of November 2013 all 149 of the projectors at

In addition to these exciting

beverages to fresh fruit juice,

NuMetro will be 100% digital, meaning their customers will now get

technology changes, Nu Metro

tea’s or coffee’s. Delicious light

the latest world class sound and visual experience as provided by

is introducing a new VIP cinema

meals are also available from

their Belgium equipment partners Barco - the world leaders in cinema

concept called Scene. Selected

our exclusive menu, offering

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advantage of the entertainment-

gourmet sandwiches, burgers

hungry South Africa. But this

platters and decadent desserts.

rapid growth has not come at the

For those with a sweet tooth and

cost of customer enjoyment but

an eye on tradition, a wide range

rather because of it. And, with

of confectionary popcorn and

this in mind, Nu Metro is as South

soda is still available.

African as takkies, Savannah and

Conclusively, through the


pro-active assimilation of new

“We will continue to innovate

technologies and ideas and the

our offering so that South

day-to-day focus on customer

Africans get the world class

satisfaction and communication

cinema offering they deserve,”

through their impressive online

Luke concludes.

Projector Equipment • Network & Storage Equipment • Sound Equipment • 2D Screens • 3D Screens, Polarizers & Glasses • Confectionary Equipment For All Sizes Of Cinemas • Displays (Poster Boxes, Etc) • Ice Machines (Scotzman)

presence Nu Metro will continue to grow. Their rate of expansion as exploded over the last decade rising to 25 cinemas country wide, with Nu Metro cinemas appearing in all major retail parks and malls to position themselves in the right place to take //

“It’s always a treat to visit a Nu Metro Cinema as they seem to go out of their way to make it a big deal that you’re going to the cinema. The staff are helpful and always happy to help. The kiosks are stocked with a variety of condiments, the seats are comfortable and well spaced so you’re not sitting against anyone. One of the things often not noticed until you arrive is how clean Nu Metro Cinemas are, the air is always fresh and it is as if everything has just recently been cleaned.”

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Originally established in 2000, the Walvis Bay Corridor Group in Namibia, is a Public Private Partnership and brings about a connection to neighbouring countries to create an efficient flow of trade across borders. In the past, neighbouring countries had limited knowledge about Namibia and similarily Namibia has limited knowledge about Southern Africa in terms of trading opportunities. This is what the Walvis Bay Corridor Group offers and we spoke with Chief Executive Officer Johny Smith about what this meant to the country’s development and prosperity.

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During the first decade of Namibia’s independence their Government placed much emphasis on enhancing infrastructure of the port of Walvis Bay including the infrastructure for the Walvis Bay corridors realising the benefits of corridor development to accelerate the growth of the region’s economy including the SADC region.


ubsequent to the completion of the infrastructural developments, there was a need to improve cross border facilitation and trade which would link Namibia to our

neighbouring countries via the Walvis Bay corridors,” Johny tells us, “Hence gearing Namibia towards regional integration through transport.” Hence, The Walvis Bay Corridor Group were established to promote the Walvis Bay corridors using the port of Walvis Bay by exporting and importing cargo to and from southern Africa. The Walvis Bay corridors include the TransKalahari Corridor which links the port of Walvis Bay to Botswana, Gauteng and Zimbabwe; the Walvis Bay – Ndola – Lubumbashi Development Corridor which links the port of Walvis Bay to Zambia and the DRC; and the TransCunene Corridor which links the port of Walvis Bay to Angola. “The markets that we focus on are South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, the DRC, Malawi, the Americas, Europe and the Far East,” Johny adds.

What Does Walvis Bay Corridor Door Group Do? There is the sense that the group have to continuously identify opportunities, plan, coordinate, market, advocate for infrastructure development and trade facilitation. But it turns out it goes even deeper than this: “We were established as a service and facilitation centre to promote the benefits of using the Walvis Bay corridors through the port of Walvis Bay to and from southern Africa by emphasising on the 86 | Endeavour Magazine

short transit times compared to the costs of the complete logistics

“Each staff member is given an opportunity to take part in a

supply chain,” Johny explains, “We facilitate the removal of trade

capacity building programme to enhance their skills,” he tells us, “And

barriers along the Walvis Bay corridors and to enhance the utilisation

the development of each staff member is very important. It is key to

of the Walvis Bay corridors through projects such as the Spatial

building capacity within each individual to reach greater heights and

Development Initiatives, hence striving for Namibia to become the

therefore each staff member is encouraged to enhance their skill

Logistics Hub for southern Africa.”

through training.”

The Walvis Bay Corridor Group’s main organisational strength

On the other side of the coin, what are the specific focuses on the

is its unique public-private partnership (PPP) set-up of transport

customers, clients and various businesses that depend upon you. As

and logistics stakeholders from both the public and private sector.

an essential link in the supply chain what is done to ensure that quality

The partnership allows for the pooling of resources, expertise and

remains as high as possible?

authorities from both the regulators and the operators, who together

“We have Business Development Managers at WBCG branches

from an integrated transport and logistics service for potential

in Gauteng in South Africa, Lusaka in Zambia, Lubumbashi in the DRC

customers. Due to the PPP setup, it is able to lean on the public sector

and Sao Paulo in Brazil aimed at increasing our business presence in

for advice and action on issues such as customs, transport regulation

each market,” Johny points out, “This includes calling on customers on

and infrastructure development, while the private sector can focus

a regular basis to touch base on their experience in using the Walvis

on business development such as marketing and making practical

Bay corridors and also creating awareness with potential users of the

operational proposals and logistics solutions.


With about 26 staff working for the Walvis Bay Corridor Group

Walvis Bay Corridor Group’s unique institutional arrangement

and as they act as the crossroads for so many international, cross

as a PPP is a perfect example of how government and the private

border routes the success of the organizations endeavours really

sector work together to create an improved relationship to combine

do depend upon the expertise of each and every individual. This is

business potential and utilise transport.

something that is taken very serious by Johny.

“This results in trade opportunities to create wealth in the region

Walvis Bay is the Gateway to Southern Africa and beyond Savino offers fast, safe and cost-effective delivery door-to-door Comprehensive logistics solutions include warehousing and specialist vehicle delivery.

Dedicated Fleet Bonded Warehousing Reduction in Lead times

Contact us for your fastest routes into Southern Africa Jacques Steenkamp is our manager onsite +264 81 399 7823 Rob Doe heads up the Africa Pioneer team +27 76 166 7352 Endeavour Magazine | 87


and beyond,” says Johny, “It is also very important for economic

becomes increasingly important

the growth of the SADC region

development and for the growth of the private sector. Without such

to accelerate the growth of the

as a whole by providing a good

a partnership we would not be able to achieve efficient and effective

region’s economy and with the

option of gateway for Southern

Walvis Bay corridors.”

rapid growth in cargo volumes

Africa, hence costs and time

As the vision of The Walvis Bay Corridor Group is to be the

along the Walvis Bay corridors

savings are achieved along the

leading trade route in Southern Africa the customers are the very key

through the port of Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay corridors by offering

to their success.

and the benefits that the trade

the shortest possible regional

routes have to offer, Namibia

route on the west coast.

And What Lies Ahead?

has been identified to become

Once the transport corridors

Namibia’s role as a gateway to the rest of the SADC role has

the logistics hub for Southern

are fully established to be

become more prominent and has created more interest from the

Africa.” This has been supported

anticipated by 2017, it will be

regional as well as the international market. With more direct shipping

by the National Development

ready to be developed into

calls to Walvis Bay, high efficiencies, short transit times and strategic

Plan 4 (NDP4) that has made

economic development corridors

partnerships, the routes provided by the Walvis Bay Corridor Group

provision for the development of

that are ultimately a network of

are now in a robust position to serve the SADC market to the rest of

a logistics hub, hence the NDP4

supply and distribution depots.

the world. Volumes along the Walvis Bay Corridors have grown the

has prioritised the creation of a

Already, the port of Walvis Bay

past ten years from zero up to more than 700 000 tonnes per annum

Logistics Hub.

is gearing itself to accommodate

The port of Walvis Bay,

the increased capacity through

“One of the significant milestones for us is the development of

with its deep water depth and

the port expansion project which

Namibia into a Logistics Hub for the southern African region,” Johny

stable weather conditions, is

will commence in 2014 and

recalls, “Namibia has realised that the role of transport and logistics

strategically located to accelerate

increase port capacity from the

along these corridors.

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current 350 000 TEU per year to 1,000,000 TEU’s per annum. The investment towards the Port Expansion project is N$3 Billion. “Economic development in Southern African countries has accelerated the export of mineral resources such as copper and coal from Zambia. With this the DRC and Botswana are achieving economic development that will have resulted in the increase in demand in consumer goods, through logistics. In an effort to support the acceleration of corridor development, the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Namibia with the support of the Department of Trade in South Africa has mandated the WBCG to identify ways of attracting investment along the Walvis Bay corridors through the Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) programme. The SDI programme aims to increase the scale of economic activity and improve the diversity of economic activity along these corridors, thereby enhancing the economic growth of the region. The initial focus in terms of economic activities will be on the mining, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, fisheries and logistics sectors.

“One of the significant milestones for us is the development of Namibia into a Logistics Hub for the southern African region. Namibia has realised that the role of transport and logistics becomes increasingly important to accelerate the growth of the region’s economy and with the rapid growth in cargo volumes along the Walvis Bay corridors through the port of Walvis Bay and the benefits that the trade routes have to offer, Namibia has been identified to become the logistics hub for Southern Africa.”

“Thus far we are carrying out the Diagnostic and Scoping Study for the Namibia Spatial Development Initiatives Programme, through the assistance of Aurecon, a consultant firm, aimed at developing a master plan for the TransKalahari corridor, the TransCunene corridor

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and the Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi Development corridor,” says

Grootfontein to Katima Mulilo connecting to Zambia.

Johny, “This study aims at identifying spatial development initiatives

Regarding the One Stop Border Post between Trans Kalahari &

that can be rolled out in the short to medium term with the support

Mamuno Border Posts, a feasibility study has been conducted and

of government agencies in the infrastructure sectors such as roads,

presented to the Governments and private sectors in Botswana

power and water as well as other areas.”

and Namibia. Also, a proposal of a sustainable system has been

Other achievements include the increase in the number of shipping connections to Walvis Bay that has enhanced the status of the Port of Walvis Bay and also ensured a more competitive tariff structure for the importers and exporters in the region.

identified in terms of the establishment of a Corridor Performance Management System. The upgrading of the Okavango River/Divundu Bridge has been completed along the WBNLDC.

The proposed works included

These linkages have opened up the international corridors and

increasing the carrying capacity of the bridge from its present

in the long term will reduce the cost of doing business in the region.

60tons and also widening it from a single to double lane bridge. This

The Walvis Bay corridors are now linked to international destinations

significant milestone will clearly improve Walvis Bay’s chances as

via direct shipping routes from North America, South America, The

a viable shipping alternative to importers and exporters wishing to

Far East, Europe as well as the Middle East; commencement of the

move heavy duty cargo. Furthermore, the the construction of the

Northern Railway Extension project from Tsumeb in Namibia to

Sesheke-Mulobezi-Kaoma-Copperbelt road in Zambia, which once

Oshikango at the Namibian border post to Angola; the evolvement

completed will reduce the distance of the road from 1200km to

of the TransCaprivi Corridor Cluster into the Walvis Bay-Ndola-

800km between Sesheke and the Copperbelt in Zambia, which forms

Lubumbashi Corridor Committee;

reducing the cost of doing

part of the WBNLDC linking Walvis Bay to Zambia and the DRC. This

business in the region, as a result of cargo spending less time on the

significant infrastructure milestone will lead to even shorter transit

road due to the short transit times; launching of One Stop Border

times which will result in the reduction of costs and ultimately an

Post studies along the borders of Namibia and Angola and Namibia

increase in trade.

and Zambia; amongst others.

A fact finding mission on the Trans Cunene Corridor was

Developments along the TransKalahari Corridor (TKC) regarding

embarked upon to identify concerns that affect cross-border trading

the railway lines along the TKC which continue up until Gobabis from

in terms of transport with the aim of establishing a transport forum

the Port of Walvis Bay and then continues from Lobatse in Botswana

to oversee the operational issues of this corridor, which will comprise

include the application for funding of the pre-feasibility study and

of members from the public and private sector from Namibia and

has been submitted to potential investment agencies to extend the


railway line from Gobabis. The railway lines along the TcuC extends

“The support from the Namibian Government and equally

from the Port of Walvis Bay to Ondangwa and the construction of the

important the Governments of the countries along which the Walvis

line from Ondangwa to Oshikango is in progress. And along the TCC

Bay corridors traverse regarding the investments in infrastructure

the railway line extend from the Port of Walvis Bay to Grootfontein

and trade facilitation have been crucial and received with much

and then resumes in Livingstone, Zambia. The Namibian government

regard to make the Walvis Bay corridors more efficient in an effort to

is in the process of doing a feasibility to extend the railway line from

strive for regional integration,” Johny concludes.

“Each staff member is given an opportunity to take part in a capacity building programme to enhance their skills. And the development of each staff member is very important. It is key to building capacity within each individual to reach greater heights and therefore each staff member is encouraged to enhance their skill through training.” 90 | Endeavour Magazine

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Browncast Steel (Private) Limited “Browncast” is a 100% indigenous owned company operating in Zimbabwe. Formed in 2007, Browncast is a merchant and distributor of various types of steel, pipes and tubes mainly imported from outside Zimbabwe. NJR, a South African based company is Browncast’s primary supplier of steel. Browncast currently supplies steel to a varied clientele mainly composed of Zimbabwe’s largest mining, construction and engineering companies and in some instances, other steel companies. Endeavour Magazine wanted to find out exactly what it takes to be one of the best steel suppliers in the industry and we spoke with Chengetai Gumbeze, Chief Executive Officer to elaborate.

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The mining clientele have been thoroughly developed and Browncast boasts good relations with all the top mining houses in the country. Namely those into platinum, gold and diamonds. The focus of the business has always been to provide efficiency, especially in instances where steel products are not locally available.


e have perfected our supply chain and can have any section delivered within seven working days to our clientele anywhere within Zimbabwe or

the region,” says Chengetai.. Presently the main concentration of Browncast Steel is in Zimbabwe where there is still so much that can be done to develop the local market. “Nevertheless, we also have sight set on Mozambique in the Tete and Nampula region to be specific,” Chengetai highlights, “There is a lot of work owing to the coal and natural gas discoveries. We have also done a bit of exporting into Zambia and Malawi. The vision is to cover the whole of Africa with the Browncast footprint.” Browncast is involved in the following sectors, including bulk order steel supplies to existing and new clients in the mining sector for both large mines and medium scale mines. Bulk order supplies to existing and new clients in the engineering and construction sectors, dealing with a high volume of walk in clients, arrangements with the supplying of steel to hardware shops and joint tendering opportunities with construction companies. “Some of the large construction and engineering companies in Zimbabwe have approached us with this opportunity,” Chengetai reveals. At present there are thirty staff working at Browncast Steel including non-permanent staff, covering both sales and production of

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steel. All new employees have to be inducted and this is regardless of the level they join the company at. “We believe the vision has to be at all levels of the organisation because every employee is key to our success,” Chengetai explains, “To enhance and support this we provide career advancement training for selected departments. Mainly in sales as well as production. This is to enable us to stay competitive as well as relevant in the market.” “Each staff member is important to the organisation,” he continues, “In the same way, staff development is key to operations and has always been the key to our success. We encourage further education by offering education loans as well as hiring of interns and offering them employment upon completion of their studies.” “We also have a system of in-house hiring and promotions. This encourages employees at various levels to further their education because they recognise the opportunity for growth,” he adds. “As they say customer is king. There is individual follow up on all enquiries, orders and sales. Whether a sale is made or not, we ensure there is subsequent communication from a different individual to assess the service offered,” he tells us, “The MD is personally responsible for ensuring that the clients are satisfied and the brand and image of the business are up to standard.” Although many companies attest to taking customer relationships

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and after sale practises seriously, it is surprising how many fail at this

everything we do and we try to be extraordinary.”

marker either because of a laxidasical attitude or simple negligence

“For 2014 and beyond there is a lot going on in the mining side

however even more surprising is how passionate some companies are

of things,” Chengetai tells us, “We are currently exploring ways of

about it.

adding value to our clients by venturing into other mining products

“After sales, is right at the top with my need to breathe,” Chengetai says, “At Browncast we value feedback and model our business on

that complement our steel, such as machinery, industrial equipment etc. The idea is to have a one stop shop targeted at this industry.”

the needs of our market. Each client is different but they all have

Since dollarization they have certainly been experiencing growth

something valuable to add to our operations, hence we take this very

in the Zim market. There is now political stability and the trend is that


industry is starting to pick up. Capacity utilisation is on the increase

Listening to your customers feedback is the textbook of good

hence things can only get better and Zimbabwe is behind in terms

business and Browncast Steel takes it a step further by shaping their

of infrastructural development and things can only start moving

reactions around what kind of feedback is produced. This has created

forward. It is very exciting times for this nation.

an environment where a certain practise pops up again and again and has proved to be essential to keeping ahead of the competition.

“Seven years is not child’s play, and this is only the beginning,” he assures, “We have put a lot of time into Browncast and its nice to see

“Innovation,” he explains, “At Browncast, We try to be more than

the fruits of that labour. It hasn’t always been easy and relaxed, we’ve

just your average steel merchant company. The focus is to go a step

lost a lot of money along the way and learnt a lot of valuable lessons

further. We include this in our service as well as interaction with

that no amount of money can buy, and we are proud to see the heights

clients. Moreover in our product offering and style of doing business.

we now fly at.”

Its all about going that extra mile that the client least expects. Whether it is cut to length, free delivery or a friendly smile, we are innovative in

96 | Endeavour Magazine

And finally, “Thank you to all our brilliant staff for the support and help in building a stable business,” he concludes.

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A couple of chance encounters began the story of one of the fastest growing food importers in South Africa. One on the soccer field in Bedfordview, and again many years later in a coffee shop in Cape Town, Luciano Previtera and Michele Mirotto, both young and entrepreneurial, decided to combine their talents and share their passion for good foodand opened the doors to Rialto Foods in Cape Town in 1997. Being second generation Italian Africans they shared a deep understanding and appreciation of the quality and flavour of essential Italian foodstuffs and saw an opportunity to source and deliver these quality products into the local South African market. WRITTEN BY DENNY MCELLIS

A MULTI NATIONAL WITH A PASSION FOR Provenance Endeavour Magazine | 99


Ironically it all started when Luciano, whilst spending some quality time in the kitchen with his Nonna, decided to make a call to the supplier of her favourite peeled canned tomatoes. That bold enquiry launched one of Rialto’s first successful import lines and catalysed the prosperous business Rialto has become today.


he company has enjoyed regular



frequent diversification.

Driven by the kind of passion one identifies with Mediterranean gastronomy,



responded to the increasing and





for high

quality foods by importing and distributing




products. “The products that we import are well known, trusted brands in Italy, the brands that we grew up with,” says Luciano, “One of the first import lines was peeled canned tomatoes – the same brand used by my grandmother.” In





the its

retail market, Rialto Foods has evolved from a small familyowned business in 1997 to one of the leading importers and distributors of local and imported quality brands by entering into a 100 | Endeavour Magazine

partnership with Libstar in 2006. Going forward, Luciano is confident that the personal touch will remain the cornerstone to the success of growing Rialto’s market share.

The Ingredients To Success Rialto import and distribute speciality fine foods and beverages from Europe and around the world for their clients in the retail and hospitality channels with a strategy to be regarded as a specialist in every customer channel they service. In each and every product

Here at Saor Italia SRL we feel proud to have contributed, since 2008, to Rialto Foods’ and Managing Director Luciano’s business growth and success on the South African market. Quality, tradition and innovation are the key elements that put us together and we wish Luciano a long journey on this route of successes. Congratulation to Rialto Foods for their 15 Year Anniversary.

category they operate they have the focus on building brands long term. Combining innovation and experience gained over the last 16 years Rialto Foods import over 500 branded and private label products from pre-screened suppliers and these are constantly updated to keep abreast of the food industry’s ever changing palate. Luciano and Michele and the development team regularly attend international food fairs to keep up to date with the latest in cutting edge manufacturing, technology and food trends. Rialto Foods supplies products for all sectors of the trade – wholesale, food service, independents and retail with a specialty of sourcing products either as branded or under private label, importing a


Your reliable partner in Italy for authentic Italian Pasta Sauces, Pesto & Spreads, Antipasti, Soups and Fruit Compotes

www.saor sr Endeavour Magazine | 101


variety of long life and perishable

1984. The family business grew

recipes and ingredients, kitchen utensils and crockery with products

products for Woolworths Foods.

rapidly from a small ship supplier

found in Woolworths, Pick ‘n Pay, Spar, Checkers and speciality food stores around South Africa.

Rialto Foods manages the

(shipchandler) into a successful

supply chain end to end, from

Asian cuisine supplier for many

Taste of Asia strives to provide customers with quality products

sourcing of the product, to

shops, restaurants and private

and service; and with close to 1000 products to choose from, Taste of

placing and managing orders

buyers in South Africa. With the

Asia offers their customers and clients the luxury of choice.

and logistics, technical aspects

introduction of many exciting

as well as sales and marketing

culinary products from in and

related activities. They make the

around Japan, including India,

importing as easy as possible

Singapore, Malaysia and China,

to keep things simple. Keeping

Taste of Japan underwent a final

within the Italian methodology of

name change and is now known


as Taste of Asia. Taste

The Taste Of Asia





comprehensive basket of Thai,

How The Ingredients Are Mixed Operating from their offices and warehouse facilities in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Italy, the Rialto Team combine tradition, technology and personal service to ensure they deliver efficient service. With an experienced team dedicated to delivering the customer’s requirements on a daily basis and being a member of both the FEDHASA and the Italian Chamber of Commerce, they are in the best position to service the customer’s needs. Irrespective of what is

In 2011, Taste of Asia the

Indian, Chinese, Japanese and

Asian cuisine supplier based in

Indonesian cooking products and

Cape Town, South Africa, was

utensils that are necessary for

purchased by Rialto Foods. This

a true Asian eating experience.

company has its roots as Magnolia

They offer a broad range of

From humble beginnings in a warehouse and through slow and

quality food products, Asian

deliberate steps to build up the business into a stable customer base,

Ship Suppliers, established in

102 | Endeavour Magazine

thrown at them.

Understanding The Culture

Rialto have found strength in

the source of their success is

being loyal to their ancestry –

clear. They build long term, long

even so far as the name of their

standing relationships, removing



the title of customer, staff or

historical Rialto Bridge spanning

supplier and replacing it with

the Grand Canal in Venice




which was used as a means to simultaneously evoke the sense of traditional and exotic. This is what Rialto stands for, an authentic Italian association and the gateway to the markets beyond the East.

The Rialto Foods goal is simple: To provide authentic food products and new taste experiences from the Mediterranean and Asia to the customer’s table.

Add to this a high demand for quality long life Italian essentials such as pasta, olive oil and tinned tomatoes that has grown in steady popularity across South Africa as well as a natural relationship building with key suppliers and customers and

Endeavour Magazine | 103

SAIA 0027 11 726 5381 WWW.SAIA.CO.ZA

104 | Endeavour Magazine

There is a heart to every industry, a beating organ that sets the pace for the entire sector, influencing the efficiency and moral code of everything connected to it. For the insurance sector in South Africa this is the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) which has set in itself and its members a powerful mandate to ensure that security, trust and the highest level of customer service are the keystones to the industry. The SAIA and Endeavour Magazine are very pleased to welcome the newly appointed Chairman Mr. Themba Gamedze into his role and spoke with him regarding what he sees in the future of SAIA. WRITTEN BY DON CAMPBELL


Endeavour Magazine | 105


The roots of the SAIA can be found in the early part of the previous century when the Council of Fire Insurance Companies was formed in 1907. Various other associated bodies were subsequently formed. Such associated bodies include the Accident Insurance Council (1925), and the Insurance Council of South Africa.


he South African Insurance Association, as a controlling body of all the other bodies associated with the Council, was formed in 1973. At this stage, generally speaking, the

Association provided a forum for member companies to discuss matters concerning them, and it endeavoured to speak for the companies where consensus of option or representation needed. In this regard SAIA has been a Section 21 Company since December 1998, celebrating their centenary in 2007 and operating as a NPC, Not for Profit Company since 2012. “Since inception, the SAIA has dealt with many issues which have affected the industry,” Themba opens up, “However, the following areas have always been a constant; motor, image and reputation, governance and legislation,.” In August 2013, the SAIA Board adopted new priority areas and agreed on a structure to enable SAIA to effectively address industry issues. Of these new priority areas the follow areas were highlighted: Governance, regarding legislation, regulation and reinsurance; Insurance Risk including sustainability of motor and property insurance and other insurance risks such as agriculture, marine and engineering; Transformation and Social Risks, like human capital development, industry image and reputation, enterprise development and procurement and micro-insurance. Each key area reports into a Board Committee, where decisions on issues or projects are made and taken to the SAIA Board for approval. The SAIA’s duties don’t end at the above as they also administer The Association of Marine Underwriters in South Africa (AMUSA), The South African Machinery Insurers Association (SAMIA), The

106 | Endeavour Magazine

South African Pool for the Insurance of Nuclear Risks and The Intermediaries Guarantee Facility Limited (IGF). Themba Gamedze is as diverse and as interesting as the organisation he now heads up and has been in the industry since 1995. “I am South African by birth and was born in Thaba ‘Nchu in the Free State on 14 October 1958 and named “Bekithemba Mangaliso Gamede”. At the end of 1962 my family moved from Fort Hare where my father had been Chaplain from 1960 to Swaziland, where I received my primary and secondary education. During that time I was given three more names and have found them impossible to shed officially! Just after independence, our family surname acquired a “z” in line with the way it is universally pronounced there.” Before entering the commercial world Themba was a lecturer in Pure Mathematics at the University of Swaziland between September 1980 and August 1989, although most of that time was spent on

“If I were to highlight three areas that will play a vital role in the upcoming year Governance, involving Legislation, SAM and TCF, Insurance Risks covering the motor, property and agricultural insurance and the Transformation and Social Risks of enterprise development and image/reputation would be there.”

postgraduate studies in the UK rather than actually lecturing. “I have also been a freelance newsreader on television and played part-time, semi-professional football for a number of years,” he adds, “Those who live with me try to keep books out of my hands, as I quickly become engrossed in them. When I’m not reading I like to experience the great outdoors, whether it be sea, forest, desert or the mountains,

Endeavour Magazine | 107


although opportunities to indulge that particular whim have, until

interacting with all associations

very recently, been relatively few and far between.”

and organisations within the

Themba is aslo the CEO of Sanlam Strategic Projects, a position

insurance industry both local

that allowed him to establish himself as a man capable of getting

and abroad. Most importantly, is

results and developing and managing projects.

our SAIA Code of Conduct which

“I serve as an independent director on the boards and a number of board committees of Santam, Credit Guarantee, Sanlam Investment

is the setting for appropriate technical industry standards.”

Management and Sanlam Emerging Markets (SEM), as well as SEM’s subsidiary boards in Botswana and Kenya,” he relates, “I am also a member of the Audit Committee of the Unemployment Insurance Fund which advises the Minister of Labour on matters of risk and other aspects of the governance of the Fund.”

At Their Heart Representation of different genres and categories of insurance is one thing but there is a list of Core functions that identify SAIA. “We represent our members’ interests to the public, the

SAIA Committees The SAIA is empowered to represent the industry in a successful manner because of




the various committees. This participation with






government and the media in a proactive manner and we keep up to

insight on industry issues. The

date by provisioning a forum for discussion of common interests in


the short-term insurance industry,” Themba tells us, “Internally we

include fourteen different areas

facilitate the flow of information amongst our members as well as

including Motor, Access and

108 | Endeavour Magazine



Climate change

Solar battery manufacturer

Carpool mom

The power of renewable energy is endless. From the environment to new jobs to clean transportation, our future depends on sustainable energy sources. We have the know-how to provide you with risk transfer solutions that make investing in future technologies easier. Let’s build a better future together. Find out how at

Coverages are underwritten by individual member companies of Munich Re. Certain coverages are not available in all states. Some coverages may be written on a nonadmitted basis.


188mmx138mm.pdf 1 09/12/2013 02:59:10 PM










We’ve earned the trust of South Africa’s most successful companies. It could be our specialist business knowledge, world-class claims experience, thriving broker network or decades of experience. We’d like to think our strength lies in not one, but all of these combined. To find out for yourself, call us or speak to your broker. Santam. Insurance good and proper. Santam is an authorised financial services provider (licence number 3416).

Endeavour Magazine | 109




Education, Finance, Legal and

Our staff adhere to an internal code of conduct and are capacitated

fresh energy to the organisation

where skills gaps are identified.”

which has created a ripple

Themba goes on to say, “Our organisation is very small but highly

effect throughout the industry.


skilled. Employee development in terms of Education and Training is

A shake up of the organization’s

Assessment and Management

key in developing a high performing professional organisation. We

internal staffing has created

(SAM), OSTI Liaison Forum,

therefore engage with our Sector Education and Training Authority

new opportunities and a greater

Legal Expense Forum, Property

(SETA) regularly for opportunities and funding availability. This year

efficiency and while the manner


alone we have supported two staff members with their formal studies

to achieve the results may

and sent our staff on various training interventions.”

change, the targets remain the

Compliance, Treating Customers Fairly




Engineering (SAMIA), Insurance Data System and Non Registered Insurers.

The People Behind SAIA “It takes thirty members of staff and six interns, soon to be eight, to run SAIA,” Themba points out, “Adhering to our recognised levels



customer centricity and good

The Members: as an association SAIA is responsible for setting the


bar for standards in the insurance industry and to stand for something

“If I were to highlight three

important and to maintain a reputation for excellence. To keep the bar

areas that will play a vital role in

of standards as high as possible the members are required to meet a

the upcoming year Governance,

certain set of criteria before being accepted.

involving Legislation, SAM and

“Must be a short-term insurer registered with the Financial

TCF, Insurance Risks covering

Services Board (FSB),” Themba stipulates, “Must be a reputable





company adhering to our SAIA Code of Conduct and be a member of

agricultural insurance and the

the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance (OSTI).”

Transformation and Social Risks of enterprise development and

New Developments for 2014 and Beyond

work ethic with all stakeholders.

As the new Chairman to SAIA, Themba Gamedze has brought in a







Our Corporate and Business Insurance sets the standard when it comes to:

4025 Wetpaint Advertising

• Property • Commercial • Vehicle and Asset Finance • Marine • Guarantees Operating in the current tumultuous economic climate is stressful to say the least. The very future of your company and all its stakeholders depends on your debtors making good on their payments in full AND on time! But, you don’t need to shoulder that burden alone – you have a ‘Hero’ in Credit Guarantee! We assess the risk; cover the risk and mitigate the risk of non-payment so you don’t have to, both locally and internationally!

• Agriculture • Corporate Call us on 0860 999 334

Your cash flow, profit margin and business future are all in safe hands with us!

Standard Bank Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider (FSP224). A member of the Standard Bank Group. Moving Forward is a trademark of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited. Products are underwritten by Standard Insurance Limited. SBSA 3513-9/13

3513-A4-B-insurance.indd 1

110 | Endeavour Magazine

2013/10/15 10:00 AM

Endeavour Magazine | 111


112 | Endeavour Magazine

With a footprint in a number of industries, ACWA Power International is a developer, investor, co-owner and operator of plants with a generation portfolio of over fifteen thousand megawatts of power and three million cubic metres of desalinated water per day. The company’s investment value is in excess of USD 23 billion and it provides employment to two and a half thousand people. WRITTEN BY JACK SLATER

WHERE THE SUN SHINES Endeavour Magazine | 113


Acwa Power, which is incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has at its core business the delivery of electricity and desalinated water which is achieved by operating assets in which it has a meaningful level of investment to exercise operational control.


rom its head office in

by publication Euromoney in 2010 and 2012, and for three years in



a row as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Saudi Arabia.


Equally impressive, in January 2010 and 2011, its efforts in the field

throughout the GCC, and to

of corporate social responsibility were recognized through an award

Jordan, Egypt and further afield

for Responsible Competitiveness by the Saudi Arabian General

to Turkey, Morocco, and the

Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the King Khalid Foundation.


114 | Endeavour Magazine

Arabia, is

southern region of Africa. ACWA

The hierarchy of ACWA Poweris one where the top decision

Power has a vision of developing

makers understand the importance of the employees all the way to

the economic growth of its client

the bottom and take significant steps in providing the best places to






ingenuity and entrepreneurship

“Back in 2004,” CEO Paddy Padmanathan says, “Saudi Arabia

of the private sector to create a

turned to the private sector to share the responsibility for generating

reliable source of electricity and

electricity and producing desalinated water by using private public

desalinated water.

partnerships. Our founding shareholders saw an opportunity to use

ACWA Power has come a

this domestic platform to create a world class developer of high-

long way since the founding days

performing assets that competes with peers from the developed

of in 2004; far enough to have


been twice recognized as the

By 2009 ACWA Power had amassed a powerful portfolio and had

‘Middle East Sponsor of the Year’

taken its first steps outside Saudi Arabia with the strategic acquisition

Endeavour Magazine | 115


of a 58% share of Barka 1 IWPP,

been undertaken in strengthening the company’s organizational

This is a greenfield project

an operational plant in the

development by institutionalizing the processes and procedures. This

being developed on a BOO

Sultanate of Oman.

has been made a priority for the company for the medium term.

(build, own and operate) basis


“We have achieved our objectives of building a team and

located in the Northern Cape


assembling a world class portfolio of projects and implementing our

province of South Africa with a

offices, in Dubai, Beijing and

next plan which is based on our proven ability to reliably dispatch

net generation capacity of 50


water and power,” he concludes.

MW with 9 hours of thermal

ACWA established

Power five




Rabat and has on the ground

THE PROJECTSinclude a series of ambitious but well defined

energy storage. Once completed

presences in Jordan and Oman.

growth targets to be achieved by 2018: a portfolio approaching

it will be a CSP power plant with

Its employees provide a wealth

38,000 MW gross contracted capacity of power and five million m3/

the longest amount of thermal

of experience and are carefully

day of gross desalinated water, including a new Greenfield production

storage in the world.

picked, being the very best,

capacity of 17,700 MW of power and 1 million m3/day of desalinated

The Bokpoort CSP Project

to fuel the company’s growth

water; acquisitions of operating capacity of 7,600 MW of power and

comprises a solar field, a power

strategy. “Much of the glory

1.5 million m3/day of desalinated water; and most impressively, to

block, a thermal energy storage

for our achievements rightfully

have approximately 10% of its power generating capacity coming

system and related infrastructure

belongs to our multi-disciplinary

from renewable energy sources, principally from solar power.

such as grid interconnection and

team of employees who bring

Which brings us smoothly to the The Bokpoort CSP Project.

water abstraction and treatment

a wide range of skills to our

Expected to be commercially producing in 2015, the Bokpoort




Mr Padmanathan adds. Considerable


116 | Endeavour Magazine





CSP Project will be owned by ACWA Power Solafrica Bokpoort CSP

trough solar collector assemblies

Power Plant (Pty) Ltd, a limited liability company established under

make up the solar field, and

South African Law with the majority shareholder being ACWA Power.

collect the energy from the sun.





temperature of the heat transfer

in May 2012. Construction



fluid up to 393°C, the solar

begun and currently has 120

collectors are the magic material

people working on the civil side.

in this mechanism. The power

This project will definitely be a

block comprises a solar steam

test to ACWA Power’s ambition

generator and a steam turbine

and ingenuity.

delivering 50 MW. Thermal


However, when Bokpoort storage

CSP Project becomes operation

system consists of 2 tanks of

it will set a benchmark for the

molten salts and will provide

rest of the world and open the

approximately 9 hours of storage.

road for other countries also

The Bokpoort CSP Project is

seeking alternative means of

designed and will be constructed

energy generation to follow suit.

to comply with all applicable environmental laws, guidelines, regulations and standards as per World Bank, IFC and South African Environmental, Health

A NEW DAWN OF INNOVATION FOR CSP POWER, DAY AND NIGHT Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, is the proud Sponsor Insurance Adviser to ACWA Power’s Bokpoort CSP project. Our renewable specialists lead from the front, de-risking projects by creating innovative, bankable risk transfer solutions. MARSUN CSP, for example, our seamless risk transfer package will provide comprehensive cover for this flagship project, from pre-construction and out through to completion of its first year of operation. For more information about Marsh’s Renewable Energy and Power Practice please contact your local Marsh representative. Marsh South Africa is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSB/FSP Licence no: 8414). Co. Reg. no.1999/000348/07. Copyright © 2013 Marsh (Pty) Ltd All rights reserved GRAPHICS NO. 13-1161

and Safety regulations and it was awarded preferred bidder status

Partnering for impactSM Marsh is one of the Marsh & McLennan Companies, together with Guy Carpenter, Mercer, and Oliver Wyman.

Endeavour Magazine | 117


118 | Endeavour Magazine



With international recognition secured and a multi-million dollar regeneration project in the works, Uganda’s CAA talks with Endeavour Magazine to discover how one industry can contribute to the fiscal growth of a nation

Endeavour Magazine | 119


As a result of the crippling Uganda-Tanzania war in the late 1970s, aeronautical infrastructure in Uganda was in a state of disarray for decades. A number of international airlines had lost faith in the country’s aerodromes as a result of the precarious economy, inefficient transport links and serious security concerns. By the early 1990s, there was a piteous annual average of 118,000 international passengers heading through the gates at Entebbe, the country’s single-working airport at the time, and only nine international airlines were doing business there. Reflecting the severity of the tough political and infrastructural challenges facing Uganda, there was also little variation in the levels of export either inland or on any major transit route.


ortunately, the country’s economy has made ardent strides over the last 25 years with a registered growth of 7.5% per annum and successful integration with east African countries,

particularly since the discovery of oil within its borders. International markets have thus been embracing Uganda’s main exports, with recorded growth of 714% between 1986 and 2010 and revenue rising from US$406m to US$3.291bn. As a land-locked country, air transport is a vital commodity here, and the increasing import-export trade and passenger demands called for the industry to be poised to play a prime position in the continuing development of the nation’s wealth.

Getting Off The Ground In a bid to lift the dilapidated sector up and off the industry scrap heap, the autonomous Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) was established in 1991.“The cardinal objective [of the company] was to promote the safe, regular, secure and efficient use and development of civil aviation in Uganda,” Ignie Igunduura, the CAA’s manager of public affairs tells Endeavour Magazine. “Today, the core activities include regulation of the aviation industry, provision of air navigation services and management of airports.” After removing a chaotic multi-management approach to the aeronautical industry and streamlining a singular one, the UCAA has secured strong results in its operations, in particular with Entebbe Airport, thanks in part to its emphasis nurturing and developing the company’s 950 individual staff. “This [training] is a key imperative as the industry experiences rapid changes in the administrative, operational and technological areas,” says Igunduura. The result of this promotion is allowing the UCAA to deliver its mandate to ensure security and aviation safety at all of its airfields. In addition, significant 120 | Endeavour Magazine

grants of around US$50m from Spain and Denmark have contributed towards equipment upgrades and runway renovations at Entebbe, and a thriving departures gate has instilled a renewed confidence in the sector.

Flying High It seems the hard work and investiture is paying off. Last year, the UCAA attracted the highest number of new international airlines and saw passenger traffic grow at an average annual rate of 10% from 2010-2012, consequently winning them the ‘Global Trade Leaders’ Award. This prize, reserved for high-performing medium-sized airports, was heavily contested among strong entrants such as Qatar Air, Turkish Airlines and Gulf Air. But with passenger numbers moving through Entebbe expected to rise to more than 1.4m by the end of the year, surpassing the 757,200 projected for 2012, and now with 21 airlines on board (six domestic and the rest international), the airport can rank itself as one of the top performing global operations. According to Igunduura, Entebbe has already hit its projected passenger volumes for 2019, putting the airport six years ahead of its targets. “Their choice of Uganda was not in vain,” he told East African Business Week on announcement of the win. “The award is justified if you look at our traffic figures.” In light of such prestigious recognition, Igunduura and his team need to keep both employee and client satisfied but procedures are already in place: “Strategies for the improvement of services and competition management include regular staff training, facilities upgrade and incentives to investors and tourists,” he says. “The UCAA also constantly seeks customer feedback which helps in product and service improvement.”

Lasting Legacy A further aviation overhaul is also underway. Less than two months ago, the UCAA announced its 20-year ambitious ‘Master Plan’ which will ultimately channel further funds into the industry, double the current passenger handling capacity, improve upon its already high standards, and tackle decline in the country’s other airfields, particularly at Gula, Kasese and Arua, just three of the 13 airfields owned by the company. There are also plans to lengthen the runway at Soroti, the second largest airfield, from 1,860m to 2,500m, and install 24-hour landing lights. In line with proposals, Entebbe Airport will also receive a significant physical and financial lift with the development of modern passenger and cargo terminals to ease the capacity challenge, apron expansion, and the building of further car parking and vibrant shopping areas. The financial support the UCAA receives from the national treasury coffers will not only be reinvested back into the system through inland taxes, but contribute to further employment opportunities in the industry. Endeavour Magazine | 121


A further plan to convert three additional aerodromes into

proper planning and analysis of the project. Maintenance is a cost-

airports will come at a cost of around US$240m but it is hoped this

sensitive business, but the government there has worked hard with

will ease traffic at Entebbe significantly and create a more efficient

the UCAA to address corporate governance, environmental issues

system for both tourist travel, and the import/export of goods and

and industry safety standards with a cardinal objective “to promote

services. “The projects are estimated to cost US$300m, and are likely

the safe, secure, regular and efficient use and development of civil

to be completed in 2033,” says Igunduura.

aviation inside and outside of Uganda.”

The prospects have been met with significant enthusiasm, with

Uganda is currently enjoying the prestige of being one of the

investors from China, Canada and Malaysia already visiting Uganda

top tourist destinations in the world, so a thriving tourism industry

to discuss financial participation. In October, it was confirmed that

increasing the demand for air transport necessitates expansion of

Spanish engineering firm Ineco have been settled upon as plan

the sector and its facilities. There is clearly a demand, particularly to

consultants for the project. It’s looking very likely that the recent

provide high-end services to international tourists. The UCAA will

addition of oil as a trading commodity could see a significant change

clearly contribute significantly to the economic growth of Uganda

to the cost of fuel for the industry, and also increase the number of

thanks to the influx of investment and improvement to the country’s

inland flights. The impressive plans have also had a positive effect on

vital airfields and services. It will be wise to continue to deliver for

neighbouring countries, with Kenya recently announcing its intent to

both the international and inland consumer for years to come. As

take on an ambitious air transport project of its own – a temporary

Uganda takes great strides in its socio and fiscal development, and as

terminal at its own Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

the number of people demanding air transport continues to grow, its

To secure proper execution, Uganda’s Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has commissioned a study to look at proposals and ensure

122 | Endeavour Magazine

collaboration with UCAA seems to be one partnership that is destined only to flourish.

Endeavour Magazine | 123


124 | Endeavour Magazine

THE Roaring SUCCESS Lions Group Quarries, based in Lusaka West in Zambia, was founded in 2007 and is a supplier of crushed stones and quarry dust. The Company has recently invested $3.5 million in a new crushing plant and continues to expand the business. Endeavour Magazine | 125


We spoke to General Manager Piet Jordaan who gave us a bit of background on Lions Group Quarries. “The Company was started and owned by a Lusaka businessman, who began operations of an open pit limestone quarry in June 2008. In March 2013 a transaction was concluded, which saw it sold onto new Shareholders who have the proven ability to help the business realise its true potential”


hen the business

April to 90,000 tons in October 2013. In F2014 is planned to increase


this to between 100,000 and 120,000 tons per month.



being, the key lines

The Company has three crushers with a combined crushing

of business were the supply of

capacity of 450 tons per hour. These supply the quarry dust as well

crushed aggregates of various

as 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm aggregates, to the construction

sizes for construction purposes,


as well as the manufacture of

With a Dispatch and Logistics Department, Lions Group Quarries

concrete blocks. Things have

also delivers its products to customers in and around Lusaka. The



Mechanised Workshop Facilities on Site also enables the Company to

years and the business has

maintain and repair its fleet of vehicles as well as the stationary plant

subsequently discontinued block




manufacturing to focus on the supply of aggregates. Into the future, Lions Group

Strict standards Lions Group Quarries employ approximately 140 semi-skilled

Quarries is in the process of

and skilled members of staff excluding Management. We asked

doing various feasibility studies,

Piet Jordaan exactly what standards and procedures these staff

which are aimed at looking for

(members) have adhere to. He said: “The Company is constantly

growth opportunities for the

upgrading the standard operating procedures in search of safer and

business, both in terms of the

more efficient work practices’’.

length and breadth of its service offering to the Zambian market.

“Various types of training take place, from formal classroom sessions to practical on-the-job training. Staff are also assessed inhouse as well as by third parties.

What are Lions Group Quarries’ core activities? Lions

126 | Endeavour Magazine


“It is important for the Company to ensure compliance with the legislation that regulates the Industry, as well as the safety guidelines and direction prescribed by the regulatory institutions and senior staff.”


Because of the standards imposed on this sort of Industry, it’s

specialises in open pit mining.

important that staff are trained properly and treated well. Lions

The investment in the new

Group Quarries prides itself on its policy of internal development and

crushing plant has taken the


monthly aggregate production

Jordaan said: “Despite the limited promotion opportunities

from 42,000 tons per month in

afforded to this nature of business, it is the vision of Lions Group

Endeavour Magazine | 127


Quarries to offer development

and happy. We asked Jordaan

Our operation is one of seven similar in the area. Customers are free

and opportunities within the

what else kept the Lions Group

to choose from any of those should another neglect to pay attention

ranks, before seeking outside of

Quarries customer base loyal,

to their needs. We’ve very keen to keep our customers loyal and our

the employment base.”

he said: “A steady supply and

passion for keeping customers happy assists tremendously in doing



Quality that keeps customers coming back


of material is an important to

With so much competition in the local area, it’s important that

our customers. This is why we

Lions Group Quarries stay one step ahead of their competitors. They

have our own delivery fleet. The

do so by ensuring the following: A constant supply of product with

investment in an additional 3rd

quick delivery turn-around times; offering a steady price which allows


Crusher has allowed us to over

customers to plan well ahead in terms of their own cost requirements;


produce and to build stockpiles,

providing a quality product that is of the correct specification and size.

limestone that’s pure in colour.


This is a result of well-maintained equipment and constant monitoring

This is a sought after product

supply, to our customers.”

Lions supplies

Group ‘almost




in terms of quality checks.

that’s pleasing to the eye when it

“Also, a consistent price helps

comes to constructing buildings.

customers to plan their costs



without any nasty surprises. This

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s been the investment in the

removing gangue materials from

guarantees a happy customer

new crushing plant as well as studies into the feasibility of various

the pit to ensure the product


new developments.



stays as white as possible.

2014 and beyond

“There would be no Lions

We asked Jordaan how these developments would change things

This quality is something

Group Quarries without the

for Lions Group Quarries, he said: “Implementation of one or more of

that keeps customers satisfied

satisfaction of the customers.

these new business opportunities will allow the Company to diversify,

Microlink now offers even faster speeds and more choices at the same affordable fixed monthly prices. Truly UNLIMITED with no excess charges or caps. The sensible and economic choice for the Enterprise sector, from Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and even Corporates on a budget. Device independent - works with Airspan 4G, Motorola Expedience, Ubiquiti, etc. Just call 0977 111010 or email and we will connect you.

128 | Endeavour Magazine

spread the risk of the current ‘one product supply line’. It will also introduce additional opportunities which come with diversification and alternative revenue streams.” A lot of investment has gone into the expansion of the business, some of these investments include: During 2012, the Group’s holding company invested a significant tranche of working capital to “steady the ship”. In 2013, the Group’s holding company has invested approximately US$3,5 Million into upgrading and expanding of the infrastructure at the operations as well as the feasibility studies. In addition, there have been investments in three new senior staff members that have been employed with experience in various key areas within the business. This will help ready the existing staff when one or more of the expansion opportunities come to fruition. Lions Group Quarries is also part of a bigger Group, from which experience and knowledge can be drawn whenever and wherever it

Ctrack Intelligent Solutions is the trading name for Truth Verification Services Limited, a Zambian secure solutions company that provides full fleet management and vehicle tracking as well as integrated electronic security services. Ctrack is a world-leading provider of advanced tracking solutions with over 28 year’s experience. Ctrack prides its self in safeguarding our clients assets 24/7 through a state of the art national control room and call centre.

may be required. The continuing investment in the business furthers Lions Group Quarries ambition to become an even more effective and efficient company in Zambia and, in the medium to long term, the rest of Southern Africa.

Endeavour Magazine | 129


130 | Endeavour Magazine




Long-time purveyors of quality mining equipment, Belaz are ready to set the bar even higher for their industry with exciting strides forward in vehicle manufacturing. Endeavour Magazine | 131


Founded in 1948, Belarus-based Belaz Mining Equipment has continually strived to reach new heights within the market, transforming themselves from small-time peat transportation and agitator machinery producers, into a 14,000 strong workforce to be reckoned with.


ith a decade of experience under their belts, Belaz

once approved, are disassembled

began production of increasingly heavy-duty mining

and transported, via railway,

machinery, including dump trucks, in 1958, before

to either their destination, or

embarking on their campaign of extremely specialist vehicle

the shipping port for overseas

production in the 1990’s. This legacy, resulting in the creation of


a number of metallurgical and road construction machines has

Arriving at their destination,

set Belaz in good stead for an even more successful future and has

Belaz products are accompanied

provided a suitably sturdy platform for the launch of an extremely

by a dedicated and expert crew of

exciting development in 2015.

technicians, all highly trained in

Not willing to be pigeonholed into just the mining sector, Belaz

the assembly and commissioning

have expanded their product base, branching out into lucrative market

of specialist items. This level of

areas including construction, road building, mine servicing, freight

customer service and support

rolling stock, lifting/conveying and consumer goods. By opening

is just one of the many factors

themselves up to a program of diversification, Belaz have secured

which sets Belaz apart from

their place as one of the foremost suppliers of specialist vehicles and

their competitors and has lead to

equipment, with a range of over 75 products.

continued custom, resulting in a

With six production facilities in Belarus, Belaz are able to cater to the high demand for their products, in fact, they are currently producing seven vehicles per working day, including extra-high

program of investment into the company, and future products. Committed



payload capacity mining dump trucks, an impressive feat given that

internal staff development, all

the production process is hybrid of both automated and manual

employees are required to pass

processes. The work, however, does not stop once the unit is

an annual requalification test,

completed. Undergoing a rigorous testing procedure, the vehicles,

retaining exceptional standards

With six production facilities in Belarus, Belaz are able to cater to the high demand for their products, in fact, they are currently producing seven vehicles per working day, including extra-high payload capacity mining dump trucks, an impressive feat given that the production process is hybrid of both automated and manual processes.

132 | Endeavour Magazine

Belarusian Prime Minister Mr. Mikhail Myasnikovich and Commerce Minister of India Mr. Anand Sharma - atop Belaz 120T dumper in New Delhi Trade Exhibition held in Nov’2012


‘OJSC Belaz’ – world’s renowned manufacturer of heavy duty mining equipment, especially dump trucks of payload capacities (up to 500 Tones) has entered India. First four Belaz dump trucks with 120T payload capacity are being re-launched by the end of this year at one of the major coal mines in India. OJSC Belaz along with its Indian Dealer and Joint Venture partner ‘JV Gokal Group of companies’ has decided to expand its footprint in the Indian Mining Industry over a period of next 3 years. To provide professional after sales support, ‘Belaz-Enrika Mining Equipment Services Pvt. Ltd’, a Joint Venture company between ‘OJSC

Belaz and ‘Enrika Trades & Services Pvt. Ltd.’ (a JV Gokal Group Co.), was formed to set up a major Repair-Maintenance Centre.

2010 during the official visit of the first deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, Mr. V.I. Semashko in India.

This facility is created to serve Belaz customers Pan India, which will have a large inventory of critical spares, components and consumables for heavy duty dumpers and other mining equipment of Belaz range in addition to well experienced, dedicated and talented team of service engineers. This Joint Venture was signed on October

The company is confident that its Joint Venture will prove to be a formidable force in achieving the targets specially in reducing the operating costs of the End users, which in effect will stimulate the expansion of Belaz product range in India.

Enrika Trades and Services Pvt.Ltd 4th Floor, Sadhana House, 570, P.B.Marg,Worli.Mumbai-400018, India, Tel 022-6148-5656, Fax: 022-66693831 •


Endeavour Magazine | 133


of expertise and commitment to

production schedule, not to mention the active development of

relationships with Belaz, in some

the products and are encouraged

new products. With a standing commitment to the supply of new

cases up to 30 years, potential



generation equipment on an annual basis, Belaz is well placed to


courses. With many internal



announce their newest and most exciting creation; the 75710 dump

vetted to ensure a symbiotic fit.


programs available, employees







are offered the opportunity to

The largest vehicle in the world of its kind, the 75710 is a 27-

standards and the upholding of

either upgrade their current

foot, 8-wheeled unit, capable of carrying up to 450 tonnes. Powered

quality are essential elements

role or pursue a new specialty.

by two suitably huge 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines, each

in forging a relationship, which

With close ties to the Zhodino

supplying 2,300 horsepower, the truck is expected to reach speeds






of up to 65kph. Currently in the testing phase, at the Bachatsky open

before entering into business

Mining is clearly invested in the

pit coal mine in Siberia, the 75710 is expected to be released for

together. With exciting new

development of its staff as well

purchase in 2015, which will be happy news for eagerly anticipating

developments on the horizon,

as its product portfolio.



Working investment




Supplying both local and international clients, Belaz consistently



chain relationships is vital.


strive to build on their long-standing partnerships, combining product


to develop the company as a

development with high-level support services and environmental


whole over the period 2011-

responsibility. Setting themselves apart from their competitors, Belaz

Belaz are keen to draw attention











Mining endeavors to produce vehicles that adhere to stringent world


total of $644million into new

emission programs, despite specialising in an industry that is often

further set them apart from

facilities and plants, lending

associated with huge environmental impacts.

competitors in the quality-price

itself to a significantly increased

134 | Endeavour Magazine

Working with a supply chain of companies that have longstanding



releases, that


battle. Meeting market demand

with their 90 tonne dump truck

striving to optimise production



processes and develop new

transmission, 450 tonne dump

innovations, it comes as no

truck (the largest in the world),

surprise that Belaz Mining is a

and creation of a dedicated high

market leader in their industry

payload dump truck assembly

and will continue to be so. Their


commitment to a continued




production capacity and costs is


sure to follow.

diversification, in conjunction

With expertise, employee development





with exemplar customer service,


has secured an ever-increasing

responsibility permeating the

portfolio of loyal clients, eager to

company, and their ethos in equal

experience the new technologies,

measures, offering customers a


consistently improved catalogue

that Belaz offers.



BELAZ-EUROPA GmbH is a Germany-based subsidiary of JSC BELAZ, managing company of holding BELAZHOLDING. Our activity covers both the European market and emerging markets.

The main activities are: •

Advanced technical solutions in mining, road construction and railway areas

Organization of maintenance and supply of spare parts;

Cooperation in the field of technical innovations, technologies and engineering solutions.

of cost-effective products is a priority, one that results in significant time, resource and financial investments into the company. With in excess of 2,000 specialist engineers continuously

Following Traditions By Way of Progressive Development • Belaz Europa HP.indd 1

Endeavour Magazine | 135 12/12/2013 16:16

The Spirit Of A Place H

e has been voted “The World’s Most Influential Travel Writer”. He has changed millions of people’s perceptions of the world by seeing it and photographing it from the

most sublime and impressive locations, including the highest mountains and the most docile courtyard statues. It is his ability to capture an energy of a place, the spirit of a place and communicate that through to us what has made Paul Steele one of the most important people you can possibly connect with.. I spoke with him and found this man who has inspired and motivated so many people to be humble, friendly and very easy to speak to. Paul Steele is known as the Bald Hiker and despite his impressive following online is not a media hound or a celebrity by choice. Very simply, Paul is a hiker. At forty two, originally from Oldham and now living in Eden Valley, Cumbria he attests to leading a very nomadic life. Perhaps it was this nomad manner in which he grew up that has led to his blog becoming one of the most popular sites on the internet? “I haven’t been travel blogging too long really,” Paul opens up, “It is all a bit topsy-turvy to the norm. I joined Twitter and was

“I suppose you could say my fulltime job is a great bucket of allsorts. The tweeting is just a part, the blogging is just a part and the photography is just a part.

‘live tweeting’ my hikes and travels before it went mainstream. The blog came later so I could expand my thoughts and pictures. So essentially I blogged because of Social Media not that I social media because I blog.” In hindsight, seeing as I spend most of my day behind a desk, asking Paul about some of the places he’s been was a mistake because it resulted in me taking long deep thoughts about my direction in life. “Hiking and trekking was my background so highlights have been to climb the likes of Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua in the Andes and Mount Toubkal in Morocco for example,” he explained, “I am lucky enough to have hiked through Iceland, seen the northern lights in Norway, paraglided over Maui and much much more.” I asked Paul how it worked, if there was much planning beforehand or does he have a “throw a dart at the map” approach? “For the past few years I have been simply playing catch-up with places I have always wanted to go in life. Working hard in many fields of work (as I will mention) behind the scenes to enable

136 | Endeavour Magazine

me to get around the world and more of Britain. Some small parts

as I blog where I have been. I

favourite for me, so different,

of it is PR or tourist board driven,” he reveals, “I get asked to go,

end up giving myself a history

historic and filled with the most

see and do occasionally. One thing I always want to stick to even

lesson every day so I learn as

wonderful people. Maui is a

on the few sponsored press trips though is keeping it personal and

I go too. If one person reads a

paradise, but a paradise with so

my own views. I wouldn’t get any enjoyment out of going to a place

post I have done of a popular

much to see and do rather than

just to be spoon fed what to write, I would rather not go for that. It

spot and at some point says

sit on the sand for two weeks,

really is nice to get on those trips we do ourselves or with our open

‘Well! I never knew that’ then

which really is not my thing. In

minds. Go to a place, in our own time, have fun, enjoy the moments

that is a good thing to me.

fact I could name another five

and take some photographic

or six countries here that


warrant equal attention

Is this Paul’s fulltime job?

as a favourite.”

“I suppose you could say my

On the same note

fulltime job is a great bucket

are there any places Paul

of allsorts. The tweeting is just

would never go again?

a part, the blogging is just a

“Not really. I used to

part and the photography is

say that I wasn’t a city

just a part. I am involved with

person so avoided big

speaking engagements, social

cities for the open air and

media workshops, freelance

landscapes etc. I have

copywriting, consultancy for

slowly changed my mind



on a few. Delving deeper

media and lots more behind the


into a city can open eyes


culture and history. “

He adds, “I can never sit still.

So where is Paul going

Even on a quiet day I end up

in the future? What’s the

putting my hiking boots on and

next destination we can

hiking which normally leads

expect from him?

to content and thus it carries

“Over the past year

on. Also I have been enjoying

we have been making

taking some novices and social

some BaldHiker videos

media friends hiking, I get a real buzz getting people out of the city

“But as for a favourite

so we are looking at doing some

and doing something for the first time. You will be amazed how

destination? You know this

more of them soon. A couple

many there are whom have not experienced it.”

is the number one question I

of countries on the radar.

Paul has visited some beautiful places and has a knack for

get asked and I have never yet

However, I am feeling that

picking out the little things as well as the big things that people

been able to answer with one

although I have seen a lot of the

will like, but does he have a favourite location or destination?

word or place. Experiences

world over the last few years I

“It is just a personal thing that I have gotten more and more as

are amazing in different ways.

want to see more of Britain too.

time as progressed,” he says, “In this global world the iconic views

Iceland is an incredible place

Maybe a little tour of Britain is

have been shared and seen countless times. I now love to research

to hike. Azerbaijan is a big

in order,” he concludes.

Endeavour Magazine | 137

Bonang Matheba


Bonang Matheba is one of the most popular people on Twitter, not only in South Africa but the world and with over half a million Followers you know there is something about this native beauty from Mafikeng, in the North West Province in South Africa, that draws people to her. A number of successes have followed the twenty six year old who spends a great deal of time on Twitter, interacting with her many followers. Having hit the nail on the head on How To Tweet Bonang is the finest example of a modern day success. I was very lucky to catch up with her and was very eager to find out more about this woman who has become one of the most recognized faces on South African Television. Considering the demands of the job, where do you spend most of your time? “On a plane!” she explains, “I’m quite fortunate to have a job that requires me to travel all over the world. When I’m not travelling, I spend my time at home which is Johannesburg,”

138 | Endeavour Magazine


2’s Manhattan’s Fantasy Challenge. Her big break came when

to engage with them at that

become the hub for South


she went to co-host South Africa’s biggest music show, Live,




which enjoys an audience of 7 million viewers. Since then she

And, with everyone seeing

personalities and celebrities,

has made a definite impression on the industry and a large part

the final brand, what about

home to SABC (South African

of this has been by making use of the various technologies now

what the fans don’t see? What


available online to help communicate with the wider audience.

sort of preparation goes into


a host of the nation’s top

“I see social networking as an integral part of my brand as it

radio stations, most of the

grants me the opportunity to interact with the people who have

headquarters of the biggest

supported me from the begging till this day,” she explains, “My

“What people don’t know



supporters love to see what I get up to, from what I’m wearing,

is that a full on production

highest population compared

to upcoming projects and events. Social networking allows me

takes place behind the scenes,”



radio and television and are they different?

to the other main cities in the country. It is a bustling place and Bonang, who is one of the busiest of people, is perfectly suited for this pace. “I am a TV host, radio personality,



Brand Ambassador and a businesswoman, whose main focus is TV Production,” she reveals,



company Bonang Matheba Entertainment, is responsible for ‘Lights, Camera, Fashion”, the 2012 MTN South African Music Awards Yellow Carpet broadcast on SABC 1.” Bonang is also a presenter on SA’s long running, much loved,



Show Top Billing, Host of Clash Of The Choirs South Africa and on-air presenter of the popular radio show, “The Hot 99 RnB Countdown with the Queen B” on youth station, YFM. “I also had the privilege of hosting Prince Harry of Wales at his Gala Dinner held in Johannesburg in honor of his Sentebale Charity.” She adds. It’s been a busy ten years for Bonang, who started presenting at the age of fifteen as the host of SABC

Endeavour Magazine | 139

she tells us, “For my radio show, preparation includes going





is already prepared and sees

through the script, finding angles that work and execution of

Bonang has a clear opinion on

features on the show, going through the music, understanding

the future of radio, television

this as a good thing. “We

the mood and the vibe so that I can know how to deliver my links.

and the internet and sees a


For television, I go through the script, followed by a dry run and

point in the not-too-distant

international and local trends

sound check and then wardrobe and make up to ensure that the

future where all three will

are starting to merge. That is

final product is well put together.”

merge together. With this she

evident in how TV shows are




global where

starting to integrate social networks




radio stations are also taking this trend up,” she explains, “I have managed to fuse TV and the web to create my very own online reality show, B*Dazzeld - The first of its kind in South Africa and I feel this merge is definitely a good thing,



methods are a sign of human progression.” What about backstage and away from the radio, parties and television. Who is the woman behind the brand? “I’m




empowerment. and



experiencing cultures

about love different



fascinated about how different we can be, yet share so many similarities in the world, no matter how far apart we may be. I also enjoy empowering other women through sharing my experiences and giving advice and guidance.” “Growing up, I’ve always been into fashion, and I’m quite





incorporate my passions into my businesses. I’m currently working




retailer in South Africa to create my first line and I try to do my empowerment sessions at least twice a year.” As



is important, what would the Face of Revlon suggest?

140 | Endeavour Magazine

“Luckily I am naturally skinny. I come from a family of petite

and brainstorming sessions on

will involve teaming up on a

women, so I don’t really have to exercise. I am however strict in

how to take her brand to new

number of exciting projects

maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so I always try to watch what I

heights and beyond.

with the brand, which you can


And for the future? “I can’t

look forward to.”

Regards to the major decisions that have effected Bonang’s

say much at this stage, but I

life she cites her mother as being the driving force behind the

can promise you that 2014

decision making progress, relying largely on the sustainable

has a lot in store. I have a huge

“Rise above. Return hate

career that she has had in her field over the years. Regarding her

project launching in February,

with love. Kill them with

brand and the day-to-day public affairs a marketing and branding

which I’m very excited about.


consultancy looking after those, this means weekly status

Part of my work as Revlon SA’s

them with success,” Bonang

meetings with the team for updates and upcoming projects,












Endeavour Magazine | 141



l Aguila Invencible Volando”,


trips back to El Salvador to the



village where he was raised,

Eagle by El Salvadorian writer

Herrera encountered two of the

Perto Herrera, could be one

men who molested and sexually

of the most important books

abused him as a youth.

available today and definitely one




confront them he spoke with


them, explaining why it was “A mixture of horror and

wrong and the effects it had on

hope raced through my mind as I

him finally asking them if they

read this book,” Terra Heck

were still abusers. At the end of

family in a small village in El

142 | Endeavour Magazine


that should be on your reading

Raised in a poverty-stricken

The Invincible Flying Eagle By Perto Herrera

In 2010 on one of his early



the encounter, he embraced and forgave them.


Men who are victims of

accounts with brutal, lurid detail

sexual abuse don’t like to talk

the deplorable sexual attacks he

about their experiences which

endured as a seven-year-old boy

is why very few men will write

and his escape to Guatemala.

a book about being molested.

A life-long philanthropist, a

And no author, except Perto H,

headstrong business owner and

will write a book filled with raw,

a much requested author and

shocking and horrid detail about

speaker, Petro Herrera accounts

those experiences but that is

in The Invincible Flying Eagle

exactly what “The Invincible

with heartbreaking honesty the

Flying Eagle” gives. It is important

attacks, his mother’s denial of

that readers come to grips with

them, the hopelessness that led

the reality of childhood abuse

to several suicide attempts and

and understand just exactly what

the life changing event of an

‘sexual abuse’ entails.

eagle saving him from drowning

Two to three times a year

and rescuing him from a vicious

Herrera travels to meet face-to-


face with sexual abuse victims,

This book has been written

parents and family members

with a purpose to heal and

of victims, and men who are

provide the opportunity for

abusers. His message to victims

other survivors to find hope, to

is how to survive and escape

know that they are not alone.

from abuse through courage,

So strong is the belief that his

faith, and concerted action. His

book can change people’s lives

message to parents is to believe

Herrera had pledged that 75%

their children and protect them.

of the profits from The Invincible

Summing up his mission,

Flying Eagle will be donated to

Herrera says: “I want the victims

helping survivors of abuse but

of abuse to know that they are

this is not about charity this is

not alone anymore. I am here for

about growth, this is not about

them as they strive toward the

pity this is about strength.

pinnacles of personal recovery.”

Half-Minute Horrors By Susan Rich


f you want to find real horror of the kind that belongs in the

sock drawer, or even yourself in

reading material of haunted mental asylums then you just need to

the mirror the same way again!

browse through a selection of children’s horrors.

Children nevertheless can’t

Dive into the shortest, scariest stories ever created, with more

get enough of these books, and

than seventy instant thrills from the likes of Lemony Snicket, James

at very least it’s guaranteed to

Patterson, Neil Gaiman, R.L. Stine, Holly Black, Brett Helquist, and

keep them from climbing out of

Margaret Atwood. You’ll never look at your closet door, your cat, your

the bed at night.

The Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens


f you’ve only ever seen the

Christmas in a world still plagued

films, it’s worth while reading

with avarice and cynicism

the book because it is actually





better it also strengthen the ties

author of the Victorian era who

with the Bill Murray Christmas

not only loved nicknames, ravens

classic “Scrooged”.

and cold showers, of which there

In his “Ghostly little book,”

were many in Victorian England,

Charles Dickens invents the

he also enjoyed bringing the

modern concept of Christmas

ordinary and the extraordinary

Spirit and offers one of the

together. When he died he had



been married twice and had ten


children and left being a legacy

Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and

that has been propagated and

the Ghosts of Christmas Past,

promoted by the love his novels.






Present, and Future, not only as fictional characters, but also as icons of the true meaning of

Endeavour Magazine | 143

Do your bit – Help our Heroes

To donate by phone, please call 01725 514 130 or Text ‘Hero’ to 70900 to donate £5* Registered charity number 1120920 *You will be charged £5 plus your standard network rate. £5 goes directly to Help for Heroes. Helpline 01494 750 500.

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