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newsletter #5

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2012

Nisimazine The Conspiracy The map of Tallinn is still quite a mystery for most of us, obviously, except for the locations of the cinemas where the Black Nights Festival films are screening. We feed our bodies mostly with coffee and the occasional late night Hesburger, but we mostly feast our eyes and souls on the films we watch. Eastalgia and House with a turret both lead us into Slavic Eastern European cinema. While the first is a contemporary story, the second (about which we interviewed the producer Jana Wolff) takes us back to the end of World War II. We also have a review of The Conspiracy, a film bound to mess with your mind, seriously challenging the landmark position of Blair Witch Project in the found- footage genre.

Interview with Jana Wolff

Review by Ruta Buciunaite Black Nights’ guests are the third audience in the world to see a debut feature from the already acclaimed Canadian scriptwriter and director Christopher MacBride. The Conspiracy is a daring and innovative faux-documentary meta-thriller about two investigative filmmakers. Jim (James Gilbert) and Aaron (Aaron Poole) set out to unmask the secret string-pullers of our society after the mysterious disappearance of their documentary subject, the local nutcase Terrance R. read more


Interview by Saulius Kovalskas Eva Neymann’s film House with a Turret (2011), which is based on the novel by Friedrich Gorenstein, deals with the problem of humanity by placing characters in extreme circumstances which bring out both the best and the worst qualities of the human being. During the Tallinn Black Nights festival we had a chance to meet Jana Wolff, one of the producers. see more read more

Review by Maarja Hindoalla Eastalgia, Daria Onyshchenko’s debut film, explores the topic of emigration, a painful and relevant one for many Eastern European countries. It’s a sweet and beautiful, yet heartrending combination of three romantic stories, all of which have a bitter-sweet ending. read more

Nisimazine Tallinn #5  
Nisimazine Tallinn #5  

Nisimazine Tallinn, covering the Black Nights Film Festival