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newsletter #4

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2012

Nisimazine A Caretaker’s tale Watching films late at night has certainly taken its toll on our sleeping schedule, but definitely not on our enthusiasm. If you drop by Tallinn these days you’ll find us working hard at the Stalker press bar, fully benefiting from the coffee the Black Nights Film Festival is so kindly providing us. The films in today’s newsletter all deal with sexuality. Mona, whose director we interviewed, is all about contrasts and puts a strong emphasis on eroticism. The other two present two different takes on the healing powers of sex; A caretaker’s tale approaches the issue quite literally, while The Sessions is rather more about the healing of the soul than that of the body.

The Sessions

Review by Theo Prasidis They say Film and paraplegics share a long and tearful history of tense, heart-ripping drama. War, desperation and suicide are common themes in their mutual encounters. The fact that a more light and humorous paraplegic story comes along can only be received positively. Even more so because it deals with a very certain and usually untouched perspective of those people’s lives - sex. read more

Review by Irene Nikopoulou Cynical middle aged man-dried up by life’s burdens and abandoned by his wife- meets girl: A young, blond, beautiful girl willing to implement all of his desires. Will they get to live happily ever after? Probably not, but this film won’t provide us with this kind of answers, as it is a too personal, yet interesting film experiment, rather than another love read more story.

Interview: Director & Executive producer of Mona

Interview by Ruta Buciunaite Inara Kolmane is visiting Black Nights together with her crew to celebrate her feature fiction debut Mona - a twisted story of an impossible love and destructive passion between a has-been-Lolita from a small town and a rich businessman from the city. see more read more

Nisimazine Tallinn #4  

The Nisimazine Tallinn team is hard at work shedding some light for you on the Black Nights Film Festival

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