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The eco prof cleans Europe’s beaches

Carola Ludovica Farci is an Italian and History professor at a Hotel Management institute in Cagliari, Sardegna. She decided to take a year off and dedicate herself to the environment. So last October, she left with her dog, Polly, on board the “octomobile”—that’s what Carola calls her little car which has a giant octopus drawn on it. She has

the beaches of Italy, the Balcans, Bulgaria,

Greece and Turkey. Up until now she has collected more than two tons of trash. In September, she will be ready to return to school and share her experiences with her students.

Follow Carola’s travels on Instagram: ecoprof.travel

1 Avoid buying things that are

[ ] plastic.

3 Give new life to objects that are

a [ ] used.

Read Carola’s advice for the environment and choose the correct answer.

b [ ] glass.

2 Stop throwing away clothes and objects that are

a [ ] old.

b [ ] new.

The answers are on page 14.

b [ ] new.

4 Reuse, give away or

a [ ] throw away

b [ ] sell at the second-hand market things that we don’t use.


Are you ready to take this trip together? Let’s start this issue right from school…but don’t worry, we won’t get bored! ;-) We’ll talk about little geniuses, special young people like you, intelligent with big dreams to fulfill. Visit one of UNESCO’s most interesting World Heritage Sites, Bath, in the United Kingdom, and see what makes it so unique. Let’s also read about an American Fall favorite—pumpkin-picking. Zendaya is a multitalented entertainer—let’s learn more about her. Happy reading, guys!

Hi! I’m Grammy!

This month, we’ll learn about: G

- school subjects vocabulary

- talking about preferences

- qualifying adjectives

- the Present Simple

- the verb “like”

- basic prepositions (of, to, at)


- Descriptive adjectives

- The indefinite pronoun “everyone”

- imperatives

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Let’s Start friends! Lisa
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Advice from the eco prof
Ecology two


Speaking of Young Geniuses… on

Disney+ there’s a new TV series inspired by three novels by the American writer Trenton Lee Stewart: The Mysterious Benedict Society.

The series has been on TV since June 2021 and has a cast of really young actors: Marta Kessler (13 years old), Mystic Inscho (14 years old), Seth Carr (15 years old) and Emmy DeOliveira (16 years old). Young Reynie Muldoon (Mystic Inscho) wins a scholarship for an important academy. There he meets three very smart, brilliant young adults: Sticky, Kate and Constance. The director of the academy, Mr. Benedict, asks the four teens/ geniuses to go on a dangerous mission: sneak into a mysterious institute. In this institute, Doctor Curtain, a crazy, evil scientist, is threatening humanity. The four genuises use their intelligence to save the world with lots of adventures, mysteries and happy times along the way …

the present simple; qualifying adjectives G 3
The Mysterious Benedict Society three
4 1 history 5 grammar 9 physical education 12 physics 2 geography 6 chemistry 13 geometry 3 science 7 mathematics 11 information technology 4 literature 8 music 16 reading 15 recess 10 art At school! four 14 English

Classrooms around the world

Guess the school subject!

Read what each classmate likes doing and match it to the correct school subject.

17 writing

18 counting

19 painting/drawing

Hi, everyone! We are all friends and we are in the same class. We live in Aia, Holland, a big, modern city. We are all very different….Stella likes mathematics, Jan likes science.

Peter loves grammar and Esther loves chemistry. I like physical education and history. And you? What do you like?

1 Linda likes to study geometrical figures. Linda likes ________________ .

2 Dennis likes studying and understanding important events of the past.

Dennis likes ________________. .

3 Esther knows all the capitals of the world. Esther is very good at ________________ !

4 Mark is really good at painting and making cardboard sculptures. Mark is the best in the class at ________________ .

5 In class we cannot wait to go outside and have a chat. We really like being together during ________________ .


The answers are on page 14

school subjects vocabulary; talking about preferences; the present simple; the verb “like”; basic prepositions (of, to, at)

5 © Shutterstock

Young Geniuses Grow Up

Do you like school? Is there one subject in particular that you really enjoy? Let’s get to know these young people who are really… special!

Maitane, a genius...among the stars!

Maitane Alonso Monasterio is Spanish. She loves science and technology. She was only sixteen when she invented a machine to preserve food in a natural way. At 18, she won two awards at the World Championship of Science and Technology. Maitane presented her machine to NASA. As a reward, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) named an asteroid after her… “Maitane”!

Orchestra conductor... at 15 years old!

Morgan Icardi is 15 and lives in Turin, Italy. He began studying piano when he was five, in Los Angeles, in the United States. Now he is a pianist and ….an orchestra conductor! Music is everything to him. His favorite musician is Mozart. Morgan, with his unmistakable look—long hair, black clothing and tight jeans—tells young people that listening to classical music is good for them! It helps them “think and grow.” He has many fans all over the world and more than 200 thousand followers on Facebook.

6 G school subjects vocabulary; talking
introduction to
the verb
about preferences;
the past simple;

An incredible…genius!

Laurent Simons was born in Belgium. He’s 12 years old and…has a degree in physics from the University of Antwerp. His dream is to prolong people’s lives with the help of technology. He has studied engineering and electronics and has big dreams but…also likes playing with his dog and French fries!

Mysterious interviews

Read the three answers and guess who was interviewed!


“My new album also speaks to young people my age. I appeal to a lot of people on all continents with my music, even to those who don’t know anything about classical music. A lot of people write to me to tell me that classical music is a new and wonderful universe.”

Who is speaking? ________________ !


“I want to study medicine now. I want to help people with technology.”

Who is speaking? ________________ !

The answers are on page 14


“Do you consider yourself a determined young woman?”

“I don’t know…but I am a decisive and independent person. I have big dreams to fulfill. I am a person that asks a lot of questions, I am curious, I love science and research. Now I am studying medicine.”

“Who is speaking? ________________ !

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