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Mariagrazia Bertarini


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Unit 1 Actions and Numbers p. 2 Unit 2 Books and Jobs p. 10 Unit 3 Places in Town p. 18 Unit 4 Sea Animals p. 26 Unit 5 Food and Prices p. 34 Unit 6 Transport and Countries p. 42 Contents
Mariagrazia Bertarini


Actions and Numbers

Unit 1
Complete the sentences and solve the crossword.
1 She’s the piano. 2 He’s a beautiful song.
He’s his mother. Listen! They are about a party. They are playing a .
She’s hip hop. 7 He’s a tasty sandwich.
She’s orange juice.
He’s a message.
They’re photos.
She’s a video.
He’s pasta.
7 8 6 9 11 12 1 4 3 5 10 2

1 There is a dog behind a tree.

2 The third cyclist has got a red shirt.

3 The fifth cyclist has got glasses.

4 The man is sad.

5 The first cyclist is a boy.

6 The woman is taking photos.

7 The second cyclist has got yellow shoes.

8 The fourth cyclist is drinking.

9 Behind the fourth cyclist there is a girl.

10 In front of the second cyclist there is a girl.

3 Unit 1
2 Look and read. Tick ( ) or cross ( ).

3 Write the ordinal numbers. Then complete.

wColour the fourth picture blue.

Colour the thirtieth picture green.

Colour the twenty-third picture purple.

Write a sentence about the eighth picture.

Write a word starting with the tenth picture.

What’s the nineteenth picture?

Write a sentence about the twenty-ninth picture.

Write a word containing the seventeenth picture.

gAre you wearing the things in the twenty-fourth picture?

4 Unit 1
1st 11th

Draw a cross through the thirteenth picture.

Colour the eighteenth picture brown.

Colour the ninth picture yellow.

Write a sentence about the fourteenth picture.

Write a word starting with the twenty-first picture.

What’s the fifth picture?

Write a sentence with the sixteenth picture.

What’s in the twenty-seventh picture?

Write a sentence containing the twenty-fifth picture.

5 Unit 1
R j 6th

1 Listen and match. Draw lines. 2

Language in use
Josh Betty Daniel Patrick Amanda Cora Sam Lisa

2 Read the message from Matt and answer the questions.

1 How many tickets has Matt’s dad got?

2 Are the tickets for a basketball match?

3 Is the match in April?

4 What date is the match?

5 Where is the match?

6 Who invites Sam?

It’s Mum’s birthday on 21st April!

Dad’s planning a wonderful trip to the sea for all the family.

Love, Sam

Hi Sam, my dad has got three tickets for the Liverpool – Arsenal football match. Can you come to the match with us?

It’s on 21st April in London. Bye, Matt

3 Read Sam’s message and answer the questions.

1 Who has a birthday on 21st April?

2 Who is planning a trip?

3 Where is the trip?

4 Is it for all the family?

5 Can Sam go to the match with Matt?

7 Unit 1


At the Party

Listen to Kelly talking on the phone. While listening, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for questions 1-6. Only one answer is correct. 3

1 Kelly is talking to her…

A uncle.

B aunt.

C friend Ann.

D grandma.

2 Kelly is at…

A a birthday party.

B a school party.

C a friend’s school party.

D her birthday party.

3 Kelly is drinking…

A orange juice.

B apple juice.

C lemon juice.

D strawberry juice.

4 Kelly…

A has got a blue camera.

B has got a camera.

C hasn’t got a camera.

D has got a present.

5 On Kelly’s birthday cake…

A there are eleven candles.

B there aren’t candles.

C there is one candle.

D there are big candles.

6 Kelly’s aunt is…

A behind the door.

B in the garden.

C in the kitchen.

D at home.


An Invitation

Read the invitation. Are the sentences (1-7) true, false or not given? Put a cross (X) in the correct box.


WHERE My house

WHEN Saturday 23rd May

TIME 6 p.m. to 10 a.m.

WEAR Pyjamas

BRING A sleeping bag

WHY To celebrate my baby brother’s birthday

RSVP Elly 754 08712

not given T F

1 The party is at Elly’s house.

2 The party starts on Sunday.

3 The party finishes on Sunday.

4 You can wear jeans at the party.

5 At the party you can play video games.

6 There is pizza for dinner.

7 The party is for Elly’s baby brother.

9 Unit 1

1 Solve the crossword.

Books and Jobs

1 He / She works in a police station or on the road.

2 He / She works in a kitchen. 3 He / She goes to dangerous places. 4 He / She works in a hospital. 5 He / She works with animals. 6 He / She works in a very quiet place. 7 He / She works on a computer. 8 He / She works in a school. 9 He / She works with their feet and a round ball.
4 2 7 9 10 1 8 5 6 3
10 He / She works with colours and paintbrushes.

I like reading wildlife books. I love animals. When I grow up, I want to be a vet. My father is a vet too.

I love eating! I like reading cooking books. When I grow up, I want to be a chef. My parents have got a restaurant.

I love reading. I like all kinds of books. When I grow up, I want to be a librarian. My uncle is a librarian too.

I love reading sports books. I like team sports. When I grow up, I want to be a football player. My mother plays in a team.

11 Unit 2
likes She loves When she Olivia She When she Theo He When he Tom He When he
2 Read and complete. Susan

3 Look, read and write Mike’s answers.

When I grow up, I want to be a police officer.

When I grow up, I want to be an explorer.

Name: Mike

Age: 12

Birthday: 11/07

Name: Lyn

Age: 43

Birthday: 15/04

Job: art teacher Name: Luke

Age: 7

Birthday: 18/08

1 What’s your name?

2 How old are you?

3 When’s your birthday?

4 What do you like reading?

5 What do you want to be when you grow up?

6 What’s your brother’s name?

7 How old is he?

8 When’s his birthday?

9 What does he like reading?

10 What does he want to be when he grows up?

11 What’s your mother’s name?

12 How old is she?

13 When’s her birthday?

14 What’s her job?

15 What does she like reading?

My n a me’s Mike.

12 Unit 2

4 Write a question for each answer.

He’s my uncle.

Yes, he’s my father’s brother.

He’s cooking.

Yes, he’s very good at cooking.

His name’s Robert.

He’s thirty-nine years old.

His birthday is on 3rd December.

He lives in London.

He’s a doctor.

He works in a hospital.

Yes, he likes his job very much.

He likes reading science fiction books.

His favourite sport is tennis.

He usually plays on Sundays.

13 Unit 2

Language in use

1 Listen and match. Draw lines. 4

Mariam Claire Diana Eric Harry Ellen Greg Burt

2 Match the pictures A-H with the sentences 1-8.

1 Always walk, never run.

2 Do not eat or drink.

3 Ask the librarian for help.

4 Silence your electronic devices.

5 Put the books back in the right place.

6 Take care of books.

7 Read and talk quietly.

8 Return books on time.

15 Unit 2


Christmas Presents

Read the sentences about Megan buying presents for her family. Match the pictures (A-H) with the sentences (1-7). Write your answers in the boxes. Use each picture once only. There is one picture that you do not need.

1 Megan’s mother loves old castles and ghost stories.

2 Megan’s little sister can’t read very well, but she’s an artist.

3 Megan’s father is a PE teacher.

4 Megan’s grandmother is a very romantic old lady.

5 Megan’s grandfather is a fan of ancient Rome.

6 Megan’s brother loves cakes. He can make wonderful pies.

7 Megan’s mother is a vet. Her cat’s name is Tiger.


A Family of Readers

Listen to a boy talking about his family. While listening, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for questions 1-6. Only one answer is correct. 5

1 Bryan’s parents usually read books…

A in the living room.

B in the evening.

C in the morning.

D on Sundays.

2 Bryan’s mother is…

A an excellent teacher.

B a librarian.

C an excellent chef.

D a good chef.

3 Bryan’s mother always reads...

A romance books

B comics

C cooking books

D adventure books

4 Bryan’s father… reads detective stories.

A always

B often

C never D usually

5 When Bryan grows up, he wants to be…

A an ancient Greek.

B a teacher.

C a chef.

D a police officer.

6 Every evening Bryan’s brother reads…

A ghost stories.

B scary stories.

C spooky comics.

D zombie stories.

17 Unit 2
18 Unit 3 2
in Town 1 3 4 7 9 2 10 11 12 8 6 5 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 Solve the crossword.

2 Read and number in order the places where the boy and his family go. There are two places that you do not need. pet

On Saturdays I usually go shopping with my family. We usually go to the town centre at ten o’clock in the morning. We always go to buy food for my dogs, Dolly and Baxter, then we sometimes go to buy a T-shirt for me or my sister. Every day at the park I play rugby with my friends and I need lots of T-shirts. After that we have lunch. In the afternoon we watch a musical or a play. Then we go to buy new books. We like reading very much. Later, we go to buy some bread. We love potato bread. Finally, we go back home.


19 Unit 3
shop restaurant
baker’s theatre library toy shop
clothes shop

3 Look, read and answer. Use: near, next to, opposite, between.

1 Where is the pet shop?

2 Where is the theatre?

3 Where is the toy shop?

4 Where is the clothes shop?

5 Where is the museum?

6 Where is the bookshop?

7 Where is the swimming pool?

4 Read and choose.

Excuse me, where is the museum?

Sorry, where is the museum?

Cross the road, thanks.

Cross the road, please.

Can you help me, please?

Listen, I need help.

20 Unit 3

5 Read and think. Write the names Sam, Nick, Mark, Ann, Jenny and Carol on the correct chair.

Mark is sitting opposite a girl. Sam is sitting between two girls. He is not sitting next to Ann. Ann is sitting next to Nick. Jenny is sitting next to the window. Nick is sitting opposite Sam. Carol isn’t sitting near the window. She’s sitting opposite Mark.

6 Think about you at school. Answer the questions and draw a map.

Who is sitting on your right?

Who is sitting on your left?

Who is sitting in front of you?

Who is sitting behind you?

Are you sitting between two children?

Who is sitting far from you?

21 Unit 3
M a rk

Language in use

1 Read and complete the map.

Hello, I’m Jessica. This is my town map. Can you complete it?

Near the swimming pool there is the clothes shop.

The toy shop is next to the clothes shop.

Opposite the toy shop there is the bookshop.

The restaurant is next to the bookshop.

The pet shop is near the toy shop.

Next to the library there is the museum.

The theatre is between the museum and the supermarket.

Next to the supermarket there is the baker’s.

The station is opposite the baker’s.

23 Unit 3
2 Listen and choose. 6 2 The toy shop is 6 The swimming pool is 5 The pet shop is 4 The museum is 3 The clothes shop is 1 The bookshop is


Road Signs

Read the sentences. Match the pictures (A-H) with the sentences (1-7). Write your answers in the boxes. Use each picture once only. There is one picture that you do not need.

1 Don’t go straight on.

2 Turn left.

3 Stop and wait.

4 Don’t turn right.

5 Cross the road.

6 Don’t turn left.

7 Go straight on.


Asking for Directions

Listen to a man talking with a policewoman. While listening, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for each of the sentences 1-6. Put a cross (X) in the correct box. Only one answer is correct. 7

1 The man wants to go to a…

A library.

B restaurant.

C school.

D museum.

2 The man and his grandson want to have a…

A typical English brunch.

B typical English breakfast.

C typical English lunch.

D tasty lunch.

3 The man’s grandson’s name is…

A Alan.

B Alex.

C Andrew.

D Aron.

4 The boy is…

A four.

B fourteen.

C three.

D thirteen.

5 The restaurant is…

A opposite the bookshop.

B next to the bookshop.

C in front of the bookshop.

D between the bookshop and the museum.

6 The policewoman’s favourite food is…

A fish.

B fish and chips.

C meat and chips.

D fish and peas.

25 Unit 3

Sea Animals

1 Find the odd letters in each word and write them in the boxes. Then use the letters to write Tim’s message.

26 U
nit 4

The first snake is long.

The second

The third

The first shark is dangerous.

The second

The third

The first giraffe is tall.

The second

The third

The first spider is poisonous.

The second

The third

The first snail is slow.

The second

The third

The first dolphin is playful.

The second

The third

27 Unit 4
2 Complete.

3 Read and write comparisons between Charlie and Thomas.

Charlie the jaguar is 6 years old.

He’s 93 cm tall and 105 cm long. He runs at a speed of 45 km per hour. Charlie is an aggressive cheetah. He is a dangerous animal.

Thomas the tortoise is 34 years old.

He’s 42 cm tall and 110 cm long. He runs at a speed of 100 m per hour. Thomas isn’t an aggressive tortoise. He is a harmless animal.

28 Unit 4 1 old
2 young
3 tall
4 short
5 long
6 short
7 fast
8 slow
9 aggressive
10 peaceful
11 dangerous
12 harmless

4 Read and complete. Use superlative adjectives.

Eddy is 2 years old.

He’s 1.50 m tall and 1.90 m long. He runs at a speed of 25 km per hour.

Eddy is a very peaceful baby. He isn’t dangerous at all.

Emma is 35 years old.

She’s 2.70 m tall and 4.5 m long. She runs at a speed of 40 km per hour. Emma isn’t an aggressive elephant. She isn’t a dangerous animal.

Elliot is 43 years old.

He’s 3.80 m tall and 5.90 m long. He runs at a speed of 38 km per hour. Elliot isn’t a peaceful elephant. He is a very dangerous animal.

29 Unit 4 1 old 2 young 3 tall 4 short 5 long 6 fast 7 slow 8 aggressive 9 peaceful 10 dangerous 11 harmless

1 Complete about your country.

Large cities

Long rivers

High mountains

is large. is than is the city in my country. is long. is than is the river in my country. is high. is than is the mountain in my country.

Deep lakes

Small regions

is deep. is than is the lake in my country. is small. is than is the region in my country.

Language in use

2 Listen to a teacher asking questions to the children. Match the pictures and their answers. 8

31 Unit 4
delicious more delicious the most delicious slow slower the slowest interesting more interesting the most interesting fast faster the fastest easy easier the esiest difficult more difficult the most difficult


Kevin’s Family

Read the text about Kevin’s family. Answer the questions (1-8). Use a maximum of 4 words. Write your answers in the boxes.

Hi, I’m Kevin.

I’ve got two sisters: Emily and Ann. Emily is 18 years old. Ann is 15 years old. Emily is taller than Ann. Ann has got the longest and most beautiful hair in the family.

My mother’s name is Karen. She’s 40 years old. My mother is short and slim.

My father’s name is Richard. He’s slim too, but he’s very tall. He’s taller than Emily. He’s a teacher. He’s 45 years old.

My grandmother’s name is Poppy. She’s 65 years old and she’s shorter than Emily.

I’ve also got two dogs: Rusty and Bandit. Rusty is a big brown dog. Bandit is smaller than Rusty but he’s more aggressive.

1 How many sisters has Kevin got?

2 Is Ann older than Emily?

3 Who’s got beautiful hair?

4 Is Kevin’s mother younger than his father?

5 Who’s the oldest person?

6 Is Poppy shorter than Emily?

7 Which dog is the smallest?

8 Is Bandit more aggressive than Rusty?



Listen to a girl talking about starfish. While listening, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for questions 1-6. Only one answer is correct. 9

1 Starfish live in the…

A oceans only.

B oceans and the seas.

C seas only.

D rivers of our planet.

2 They are called sea stars because they…

A can fly.

B are bright.

C look like stars in the sky.

D have got five arms.

3 Starfish are…

A always red.

B often red.

C lots of different colours.

D white and blue.

4 Starfish have usually got from…

A two to five arms.

B five to forty arms.

C three to five arms.

D five to thirty arms.

5 Starfish…

A have got a small heart.

B have got a big heart.

C have got two hearts.

D haven’t got a heart.

6 Starfish eat…

A seaweed.

B small stones.

C fish and snails.

D other starfish.

33 Unit 4

1 Write the missing word, then complete and solve the crossword.

Across Down

2 Write the plural of the words.

34 Unit 5 Food
and Prices
2 a of milk 4 a of biscuits 6 a of cake 7 a of water 9 a of jam 10 a of cola 1 a of orange juice 3 a of rice 4 a of cheese 5 a of tea 7 a of chocolate 8 a of bread 1 bar 5 carton 9 jar 2 packet 6 bottle 10 bowl 3 piece 7 loaf 11 glass 4 cup 8 slice 12 can
6 9 10 7 4 2 1 4 5 3 7 8

3 Circle the correct value.

4 How much is it? Count and write the price.

35 Unit 5
1p £1 20p £1 £2 2p £1 50p 5p 50p £1 £2 £1 10p 2p £2

5 Listen and circle the correct price. 10

6 Answer. Write the prices in words.

1 How much is a bottle of water?

2 How much is a cup of tea?

3 How much is a slice of cake?

4 How much is a bowl of rice?

5 How much is a can of cola?

6 How much is a piece of cheese?

7 How much is a carton of orange juice?

8 How much is a jar of jam?

9 How much is a bar of chocolate?

10 How much is a packet of biscuits?

11 How much is a loaf of bread?

12 How much is a glass of milk?

36 Unit 5
19p 99p 60p 70p £2.00 £2.12 £2.00 £1.20 £3.40 £4.30 £2.90 £2.80 £2.05 £2.50 £1.00 £1.10 £2.30 £3.20 £2.30 £3.33 £2.50 £2.55 £1.00 £1.15

7 Look at page 36 and answer.

1 How much are ?

2 How much are ?

3 How much are ?

4 How much are ?

5 How much are ?

6 How much are ?

7 How much are ?

8 How much are ?

8 Write the questions and the answers. How

37 Unit 5
much ? How much ?
much ? How much ? £2.20 £1.05 £3.50 £1.20 £1.40 £3.15 1 3 2 4

1 Choose the correct answer and complete.

No, thank you. • Yes, please. I need a pen. • Here you are. It’s £5.00. • They’re £2.50 • You’re welcome.

Can I help you?

Anything else?

How much is that ball?

Can I have a glass of water, please?

How much are these pens?

Thank you.

Language in use
1 2 3 4 5

2 Listen to the dialogue and tick the correct answers. 11

1 What does the boy want?

2 How many scoops does he want?

3 Does he like vanilla?

4 What flavours does he want?

5 Does the boy like the ice cream?

6 How much is the ice cream?

39 Unit 5


In a Clothes Shop

Listen to a conversation between a boy and a shop assistant. While listening, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for questions 1-5. Put a cross (X) in the correct box. 12

1 What does the boy want to buy?

2 What size is the boy?

3 How much does he pay for the first item of clothing?

4 What else does he want to buy?

5 How much does he pay for the second item of clothing?

A B C D £35 £12 £20 £22
A B C D £5 £15 £25 £50
A B C D small medium large extra large

At a Restaurant

Read the menu of a restaurant. Are the sentences (1-7) true, false or not given? Put a cross (X) in the correct box.

Cosy Garden Restaurant

1 The restaurant is in Kensington Street.

2 The vegetable soup is the cheapest starter.

3 Lasagna is more expensive than pasta.

4 Baked potatoes cost as much as peas.

5 You can get two desserts with £6.

6 Coffee is the most expensive drink served in this restaurant.

7 Children normally get a discount in this restaurant.

41 Unit 5
Starters Green salad £3.50 Mozzarella sticks £3.75 Vegetable soup £4.00 Grilled mushrooms £5.00
Courses Lasagna £9.00 Grilled chicken £9.00 Fish £9.50 Pasta with tomato sauce £7.00 Steak £8.50
Dishes Chips £2.00 Baked potatoes £2.50 Peas £2.50 Grilled vegetables £3.50 Desserts Apple pie £3.00 Ice cream £3.25 Chocolate cake £4.25 Lemon pie £3.20 Drinks Mineral water £2.00 Cola £2.00 Orange juice £2.50 Coffee £3.50
given T F
38, Merry Lane, Manchester

Unit 6

Transport and Countries

1 Find the odd letters in each word and write them in the boxes. Then use the letters to write where Tim is going on holiday.


2 Listen and guess the country. Number the pictures. 13

43 Unit 6
3 Listen and tick. 14 1 Isabel is from… 2 Her father is… 3 Her mother is… 4 She’s going to… 5 They’re going by… The United Kingdom Australia The USA France

1 Listen and complete. Then write the names. 15

Every week I go to my lessons , but today I’m going to a concert and I’m going . I’m Erin.

Every year I go to the with my parents and we usually go , but this year we are going to a small island in Greece and we are going . My name’s Josh.

Every year I go to the with my mother and we usually go , but this year we are going to Dublin. It’s in Ireland and we are going . My name’s Beth.

Every year I go to the with my grandparents and we usually go , but this year I’m going to a with my school friends and we are going . I’m Ryan.

1 3 2 4 Language

Hello, my name’s Max. I’m , but I live in Rome.

I’m so

I’m going with Tommy, my best friend. He’s but he lives in Rome, just like me!

We are going to a sports camp. It is on a small island in England.

We are going by then by

At the sports camp we can choose two sports.

I love water and I can I can

Mmm... I hope!

Tommy loves playing

He wants to learn to play beach volleyball.

The rules are different.

Bye-bye and have a nice holiday!

45 Unit 6
2 Read and complete.


Where are they from?

Where are they from? Listen to some students talking about the town they come from. While listening, match the pictures 1-6 with the sentences A-H. There are 2 sentences that you do not need. 16

A He is from France.

B She is from Italy.

C He is from Spain.

D She is from Germany.

E He is from Greece.

F She is from Japan.

G He is from Australia.

H She is from Scotland.

Mark Maria Karla
1 4 2 5 3 6
Gabriel Pedro Sakura

Means of Transport

Match the pictures (A-H) with the sentences (1-7). Write your answers in the boxes. Use each picture once only. There is one picture that you do not need.

1 It is the fastest means of transport to travel from Europe to America.

2 It has got two wheels, but it hasn’t got an engine.

3 It can be fast or slow. It can carry lots of people.

4 It is used to fly to the moon.

5 It is used to cross a river.

6 The only means of transport that eats and drinks.

7 It hasn’t got wings, but it can fly in the sky.

47 Unit 6

Imagine your first day at your new school. Introduce yourself to your class.

name + age

Hello, I’m and I’m birthday address

How you come to school country



favourite subject


what you want to do when you grow up ability

48 Unit 6

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quinta La valigetta contiene: · Teacher’s Guide · Teacher’s Kit · 4 poster · 2 CD audio · 1 DVD La valigetta contiene: · Teacher’s Guide · Teacher’s Kit · 4 poster · 2 CD audio · 1 DVD Per l´insegnante Classe quarta Classe quinta
Inquadra QRcode 5 Development Learning to learn INVALSI practice Let’s Practise pp.
THE STORY GARDEN PREMIUM Student’s Book with Activities Mariagrazia Bertarini Story Mariagrazia Bertarini Premium Gard e n 5 the Inquadra QRcode Storytelling INVALSI activities Videos and animations Moby Dick Reader Student’s Book pp. 144 Reader pp. 16 competenze dei bambini delle Mariagrazia Bertarini Cittadinanza digitale 4 Let’s Practise pp. 48 THE STORY GARDEN PREMIUM Student’s Book with Activities Mariagrazia Bertarini Story Mariagrazia Bertarini Premium Gard e n 4 the Inquadra QRcode Storytelling INVALSI activities Videos and animations White Fang Reader Student’s Book pp. 144 Reader pp. 16 competenze dei bambini delle Cittadinanza digitale
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