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CHECKTIME significantly improves the airlines’ and airports’ winter operations page 7

“CheckTime uses real-time weather data to optimize the use of de-icing and anti-icing fluids on aircraft.”

VTT acts as a tour leader who brings ideas together | page 4

Wärtsilä and Seabin partner to clean up Helsinki’s waters | page 5

Smart city technologies develop in Tampere | page 9



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Citec – a multi-discipline partner for the Cleantech industry Partners for water excellence The circular economy is no fantasy trip – it’s a concrete reality Wärtsilä and Seabin partner to clean up Helsinki’s waters Wapice is a leading Internet of Things expert and software partner Saumalaakso expands into Western Finland The Vaisala CheckTime system helps to reduce chemical fluids use in aircraft de-icing, and makes airline traveling smoother A better life with electricity From Tampere to Saudi-Arabia Digibalance produces digital bookkeeping services for European micro-entrepreneurs Emergence’s energy-self-sufficient “taival” technology is set to revolutionize the global location device market Raumaster is a global leader in advanced material handling systems Build your bio-economy based business on strong ground Oulun Energia is building a solar energy revolution in the dark North Halti: 40 years of first-hand experience with the great outdoors Your wallet will say ‘thanks’ to this water saving system


“We plan smart electrical technology in order to assist people in everyday life.“

THIS ISSUE OF PROFESSIONALS is about responsibility, cleantech and environment. It gives you an insight into companies active in international markets. They will tell customers about their solutions and services. Innovations, competence, products and processes are all aimed at bringing state of the art solutions and services to the global market. PROFESSIONALS is a publication produced by Editor Helsinki. Editor Helsinki is an independent expert in business communications. We work in close co-operation with the leading media houses and reach the business decision makers in Finland. For additional information, please contact Valtteri Rantalainen | +358 40 561 7703


“We have completed over 3 300 advanced material handling projects globally.”

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or almost 30 years, Citec has offered multi-discipline engineering, consulting and information management services to the energy & power industries. “We have carried out engineering for more than 1000 power plant projects all over the world,” says Jonas Nylund, Citec Global Business Development Manager. FROM SINGLE DISCIPLINE TO MANAGING THE WHOLE PROJECT

According to Nylund, Citec’s core strength lies within its balance of plant engineering knowledge. “We have a wide perspective, and the know-how to engineer a working power plant as an entirety. That means we can provide an entire range of services and consultancies. From a single discipline within engineering, to EPCM services for managing the whole project, or specific parts of it: Feasibility, Concept Studies and Pre-engineering, (i.e. FEED), Basic and Detailed Engineering, as well as Site Services and As-Built drawings.” A BROAD RANGE OF REFERENCES


PARTNER FOR THE CLEANTECH INDUSTRY With 30 years’ experience in power plant engineering, Citec has the capacity to provide every type of service for the Cleantech industry. At this very moment, Citec is already involved in a number of plant projects, including – solar (CSP), LNG, and CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage).

Citec also has a broad range of Cleantech references, from which Nylund points out a Carbon Capture & Storage feasibility study for EGE (Energigjenvinningsetaten) in Norway. “Citec researched how to change an existing waste incineration plant, so that carbon dioxide recovery would be attached to it. Another interesting example is the LNG gas terminal in Tornio Finland, where Citec is responsible for the engineering management and engineering in six disciplines.” MH Read more | | Citec is a member company of Cleantech Finland | |

Jonas Nylund, Citec Global Business Development Manager


PARTNERS FOR WATER EXCELLENCE Finland has the best expertise available across all fields relating to water, including industry, technology, science, or management levels. As such, the Finnish Water Forum acts as a gateway that links you to Finnish water expertise.


inland is rich in water and the knowledge related to it. The backbone of the Finnish expertise in water is due, in part, to its nearly 190 000 lakes and excellent ground water resources, as well as the serious attention the country has paid to protecting these. “We have the best quality water and know-how in the world; our task is to serve as a gateway between global need and our Finnish expertise in water. The Finnish Water Forum represents a vast resource of different experts in the Finnish water sectors who have the knowledge to find solutions to global water challenge,” Managing Director Markus Tuukkanen states. QUALITY WATER IS MORE THAN JUST TECHNOLOGY

The underlying idea is that in order to guarantee the sustainability of water management you need other elements besides technology: maintenance, management, education, research, planning, and implementation, just to name a few, and all of this expertise exists in Finland. “Another interesting aspect, adds Tuukkanen, is the combination of ICT and water expertise, where Finnish companies are strong.”

“As a joint network of the private and public water sectors Finnish Water Forum serves as a platform for shared knowledge.” TECHNOLOGY CREATES OPPORTUNITIES

A good example is Kemira – a global chemicals company, which serves customers in water-intensive industries. According to Riikka Timonen, Kemira Marketing Director, Kemira is focusing on finding the best solutions for improving customers’ water, energy and raw material efficiency. One of Kemira’s three business segments supports municipalities and water intensive industries in optimizing every stage of their water cycle. “From our point of view, technology does not restrict you – it creates additional opportunities, due to combining Kemira’s water expertise and ICT , we can aid our customers in improving their water management processes in such a way that everything is kept under better control.”


From Kemira’s point of view, this means a remote monitoring system, as well as the ability to remotely control a customer’s waterworks processes. “We are able, with the help of the Kemira KemConnectTM platform, to read the parameters of a customer’s waterworks processes and to adjust the dosage of chemicals remotely – 24/7. Investing in water utilities is very capital-intense, so by increasing the process automation we can boost customer operations and improve investment results; which we believe is something of global interest.” MH Are you interested? | | | |




When you jump into the VTT tour and experience the circular economy of today, you may just stumble upon technologies and partnerships with new, innovative business activities that are already springing to life. Are you ready?


TT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is the leading research and technology company in Northern Europe, and produces international competitively-enhancing research and innovation services for companies as well as those in the public sector. Additionally, within the field of the circular economy, VTT acts as a tour leader who brings ideas, field-experts, and technologies together. “Solving challenges is an everyday occurrence for us; and because partnerships play a key role in creating the new innovations of the circular economy, we happily accept the role as a tour leader,” states Scientific Director Anne-Christine Ritschkoff. Jussi Manninen, who leads the Solutions for Natural Resources and Environment business area, agrees. “The circular economy generates new business activities but also challenges existing business models, networks and expertise. It is due to this that partnerships are needed; to act as a conductor for cooperation and the creation of novel value.”


Meetings play an important role in the development of new ideas, but one must have an opportunity to put newly emerged ideas into practice. “Through piloting, it’s possible to rapidly test new business models. Under VTT’s umbrella, research and development work can continue in cooperation with universities and research centres. Additionally, Finnish towns, and even municipalities are already eagerly offering their infrastructure as testbeds. Our cooperation networks also enable the utilization of the best competences globally,” says Manninen. NEW LIFE FOR JEANS

What kind of breeding ground does Finland offer to the circular economy? “Finland is an interesting development environment for the circular economy, and we have a number of great examples of value-producing business activities that have been done here, such as biofuels. The circular economy can, in

Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, Scientific Director of VTT, and Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice President of VTT.

our opinion, include the selling or sharing of use rights, or of prolonging product lifespans by repairing and updating existing products, in contrast to the buying and selling focus of today. The circular economy also breeds a demand for new services and platforms that can bring users and service providers together.” Ritschkoff reports that a piloting centre, where the circular economy will play an important role, is nearing completion in Espoo. “The piloting that will take place there will focus on bio-based circulations, such as recycled textiles. Experimental machinery will be located there as well; whereby, for example, one can manufacture new fabric and garments from an old pair of jeans. This is a good example of the fact that, in Finland, the circular economy is no fantasy, but rather a concrete reality that offers opportunities for international cooperation,” states Manninen. MH | |


Seabin prototype V4 with Peter Ceglinski and Andrew Turton.

WÄRTSILÄ AND SEABIN PARTNER TO CLEAN UP HELSINKI’S WATERS The Finnish technology group Wärtsilä is joining the Seabin Project to test an innovative floating trash collector. The three-year project stresses education, research and technology as solutions to ocean littering.


loating bottles and plastic bags are a familiar sight in oceans around the world, but Wärtsilä and the Seabin Project are working together on an inventive solution. Wärtsilä is sponsoring the city and port of Helsinki to trial the Seabin, a floating rubbish container. Surface water is sucked into the device and passes through a catch bag which filters out litter. It even has the potential to collect some oils and other floating pollutants. The Seabin uses as 12volt submersible water pump using power from the shore, but future developments are aimed at using solar, wind or wave power. “The team at Seabin Project are extremely excited to be partnering with Wärtsilä,” says Seabin’s co-founder Peter Ceglinski. “We have done our homework with Wärtsilä and are impressed with the environmental initiatives and responsibility they incorporate into their products and business model. We hope to work with Wärtsilä more in the very near future on improving the Seabin technology.”


The programme begins with two prototypes devices attached to docks in Helsinki’s waters. This will help validate the technology as well as provide information about the amount and types of litter and pollutants in the harbours. Four additional Seabins can be installed later once commercial production begins. “This partnership is important because it will help clean up plastics and other waste in our oceans,” explains Juha Kytölä, Wärtsilä’s vice president of Environmental Solutions. “But it is also important because it helps create awareness about the impact we have. It is up to all of us – each and every individual – to take care of our environment.” Wärtsilä has made cleaner technology and helping the environment a core business strategy. The company has developed exhaust gas cleaning systems and dual-fuel engines for ships. Other Wärtsilä innovations include clean technology to manage ballast water, optimised fleet manage-

“The partnership with Seabin is part of Wärtsilä Corporation’s Finland 100 year centennial programme. With cleaner sea the company wants to give something back to the country.” ment systems to reduce fuel consumption, and solar hybrid power plants. “We look at wide spheres of activity in the environment and see where we can help create solutions,” says Kytölä. “This is Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence, and we want to help make a more sustainable future for the seas, in Finland and elsewhere.” DC | | | |


WAPICE IS A LEADING INTERNET OF THINGS EXPERT AND SOFTWARE PARTNER Wapice promotes the competitiveness of industrial companies by introducing software solutions and products representing the most innovative technology, to the global market. Among these are Summium, which boosts sales, and IoT-Ticket, which opens the doors to the IoT world.


apice Ltd is a Finnish growth company that currently employs 320 software and electronics experts. “We are a software company, with a focus on industry needs. We develop products that, from a technological and software point of view, secure the competitiveness of customers active in the industrial sector. Software in industry is growing at a fierce rate, hence we want to offer service packages utilizing the most innovative technology to our customers; through which they can focus on their own business activities in peace,” says CEO Pasi Tuominen. SUMMIUM – PUT THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR BEST SALESPERSON TO USE

A great example of a Wapice product is the smart sales configurator Summium. “In practice, it transfers the intelligence of the best salesperson to be used by all salespersons.

Summium CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a visual browser-based tool that helps companies sell complicated, as well as customizable, products and services. Through Summium, Finnish export products – with a value of over one billion euros – are being sold even now.” IOT-TICKET OPENS THE DOOR TO THE INTERNET OF THINGS WORLD

Another fast-growing product is According to Tuominen, its growth is based upon its ease of use. “By using IoT-Ticket you can build a professional and productized IoT user interface in minutes! It gives customers a chance to easily manage their big picture, generate reports and perform analyses. We have, in practice, solved the entire chain, since IoT-Ticket connects a company’s machines and devices to the Internet and creates efficient and innovative business opportunities for industrial companies.” MH

Come and meet us at the Hannover Fair! HANNOVER MESSE 2017, 24 – 28 April | | | | | |


INTO WESTERN FINLAND The construction market is revved up, and Saumalaakso answers to the demand by expanding. Saumalaakso is Finland’s leading company in concrete element joint sealing – and growing fast. The company now provides its services from Southern Finland to Western Finland as well.



he number one criterion for our activities is quality, which is based upon domestic know-how and workmanship. We perform facade renovations, for condominiums mostly, and we are the primary contractor in 80% of our projects. The share of our own work in our projects is almost invariably 100%, says Anton Panschin, CEO of Saumalaakso. Facade renovations consist of element joint sealing, maintenance painting, facade cleaning, concrete patching, and other facade repair work. Early in 2017, Saumalaakso will be expanding its activities into the area of Western Finland, where it will join forces with a local partner. At this point, the company shall employ approximately 60 professionals.


“The share of our own work in our projects is almost invariably 100%.” Purchased products can be retrieved at our pick-up store in Helsinki, or Turku, or they can be ordered directly to a building site. As a customer, you also receive assistance regarding the selection and use of the products via the online store’s free-of charge chat service or a soon-tobe-launched mobile app. AV

Lue artikkeli suomeksi


In 2016, the turnover of the family-owned Saumalaakso, established in 1986, was approximately 4,000,000 €.

Additionally, Saumalaakso’s online store offers the largest assortment of joint sealing compounds, accessories and tools in the country.

More info | | Online store | |


“With the help of CheckTime, the de-icing protection time can be set even more accurately than before and the information is available with just pressing a button.” Marko Valtonen Captain, Chief Pilot Airbus Finnair Plc, Flight Operations


Utilizing de- and anti-icing chemical fluids on aircrafts is often a prerequisite for ensuring safe take-offs during winter conditions. Vaisala CheckTime increases operational efficiency and minimizes environmental impacts by combining realtime environmental data with information on de- and anti-icing fluids.


ou may have, as an aircraft passenger, wondered why certain fluids are sprayed onto aircrafts during winter months. “The surfaces must be clean before it can rise into the air because ice, snow and frost can affect the aerodynamic characteristics of an aircraft. After de-icing so-called second step anti-icing fluid is used to prevent re-freezing. De- and anti-icing is also prescribed by the regulations, meaning that a pilot cannot take-off if the wings of an aircraft are covered with frost, snow or ice. It’s the pilot’s responsibility to determine when de-/anti-icing must be done,” clarifies Vaisala Lead Consultant Pasi Piirainen. “The right timing is important, because if departure is delayed but the aircraft has already been de-/anti-iced, it may have to be done again,” adds Head of Aviation Tapio Haarlaa. DYNAMIC AND PRECISE DECISIONS

Vaisala CheckTime system provides the pilot updates every minute as it uses the precision weather measurement equipment on each airport to provide dynamic decision support information to the pilot in the cockpit.

“CheckTime uses real-time weather data to optimize the use of de-icing and anti-icing fluids on aircraft, creating a potential save of approximately 30% of the airline annual chemical fluid costs.” “That means the pilot is able to make more precise decisions regarding the need for de- and anti-icing,” says Haarlaa.

which can significantly reduce the use of these. Therefore, it is a valuable addition to the environmental management of the aviation industry as it provides assistance in minimizing the environmental footprint of airlines and airports,” says Piirainen. The system also enhances the functioning of airports, as the de-icing of an aircraft is carried out in a timely manner it reduces the rotation of airplanes for a repeat de-icing, especially in bad weather conditions. “This smooths not only the traffic flow of aircrafts but makes traveling by air a bit smoother for the passengers as well,” Haarlaa concludes. MH | |


With the help of CheckTime, a pilot can also check the protection periods of fluids, which helps to optimize the amount of fluids used and the possible need for re-treatment. “De- and anti-icing fluids create indirect greenhouse gases for airlines and airports. CheckTime provides accurate and reliable information,

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Building on 80 years of experience, Vaisala provides observations for a better world. We are a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services.


Ari Virtanen, CEO, Ensto

A BETTER LIFE WITH ELECTRICITY Ensto specializes in electrical solutions, and wants to improve the safety, functionality, reliability, and efficiency of smart grids, buildings and transportation. The company’s goal is to respond to the challenges and opportunities of global megatrends, and to improve everyday life through smart electrical solutions.


nsto’s CEO, Ari Virtanen, wants to make a move from technology-centric planning to human-centric planning. Behind this new strategy are five megatrends: urbanization, digitalization, sustainability, social change and the shift of economic power to Asia. All of these combine into the characteristics for what is known as a smart city, a place where the future of Ensto’s success is hidden. In Virtanen’s vision, Ensto is the provider of electrical solutions for smart cities. “When our strategy has been implemented and we have reached our goals, we will see that our innovative smart solutions genuinely make for an easier life,” he concludes. SMART ECOSYSTEMS

Ensto will play a part in the three primary ecosystems of smart cities; smart grids, buildings and transportation. Thus, many of their business activities are especially focused on the intersections of these.

“We plan smart electrical technology in order to assist people in everyday life.” “Charging stations for electrical vehicles can be part of a smart building, or EV batteries can serve as a power supply for a smart grid,” he explains. SUSTAINABLE ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER LIVING

Additionally, a smart city’s electric traffic will decrease small-particle emissions, as well as the health hazards and premature deaths that they can bring. As another example, Virtanen mentions the future potential of the utilization of growing local power generation. “Many consumers are also wind and solar power producers who can sell surplus electricity to the grid. This trend should be sped up, since

the sun is the cleanest source of producing energy, and electricity is the cleanest way to consume it.” “We are developing the technology for local production to be connected to the electricity distribution grid. There are already 1.5 million local electricity production units in Germany,” he says, “significantly less in Finland.” EL

Ensto was founded in 1958. It employs approximately 1 600 people in Europe, America, and Asia. Turnover: approximately 260 million euros. Divisions: • Ensto Utility Networks • Ensto Electrification • Ensto Lighting • Ensto Solutions | |

Janne Viinanen


The central waste collection station in Vuores Tampere fits into the surrounding residential area nicely.

FROM TAMPERE TO SAUDI-ARABIA Tampere acts like a living lab for companies developing smart city technologies. One great example is the pneumatic waste collection system in the Vuores suburb, which was used as a reference for Mecca in Saudi Arabia.


lthough Finland is a fairly small country, it offers an ideal testbed for next generation cleantech applications. Likewise, Tampere is no exception, and the Vuores suburb is a great example of what innovations can be brought to the city and to business. “There’s a lot of discussion about innovation platforms and what a city as an innovation platform means. In Tampere, we see the city as a platform provider, co-creator, and an innovative customer. The Vuores project is a perfect example of that,” says Oula Välipakka, Director of Renewing Industry at Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea. INNOVATIVE PNEUMATIC WASTE COLLECTION SYSTEM

The Vuores suburb will be the future home of 13 000 inhabitants, creating 1.9 million kg of residential waste and 650 000 kg of office waste annually. “Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto is a municipally owned company, so the concept of corporate social responsibility is broader to us than for a for-


“Tampere is a hub for innovative and sustainable solutions when it comes to developing smart city technologies.“ profit company. We saw that a pipeline for waste collection could significantly reduce the environmental impact in Vuores; as, with the MariMatic solution, waste and recyclables are conveyed through underground/above-ground pipelines with no need for traditional garbage pick-up. The pneumatic waste collection system is also an ecological choice: it only requires one fifth of the energy consumed by traditional waste transportation. The Vuores suburb served as a fine experimentation platform for this innovation, which will now be extended to other parts of the Tampere region,” states Harri Kallio, Managing Director at Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto.

MariMatic helped turn the Vuores suburb into a modern smart city and the Vuores suburb helped MariMatic scale their business internationally. “The Vuores project has been an important reference point for our international projects. Currently, for example, MariMatic is building the world’s largest automatic waste collection system for Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where – during Ramadan and Hajj – 600 tons of waste are generated daily by 2 million people. We´re now on a good track opening the doors for global export with this system,” says Mika Koivisto, VP Sales and Projects at MariMatic Oy. MH | |

Tredea assists international companies that are looking to find partners, set up research collaborations, and to find top-level staff in the Tampere region. Whether you’re looking for expertise, support or a vast network – we can help. Services are free of charge, with full confidentiality.


Mikko Ilves, based out of Nice area France with Paolo Caravello, a long-term Italian architect client based in Helsinki Finland.

DigibalanceApps will be downloadable later this spring.



The Finnish company Digibalance has already developed a completely digital bookkeeping service for European small businesses. Now, this pioneering company will also launch a mobile app for small businesses; a tool for business owners to monitor financial performance that can be carried in your pocket.


igibalance is a Finnish-owned accounting firm, established in 2008. Its vision is of producing Finnish origin online bookkeeping for small businesses in the entirety of the EU. The company’s primary target group consists of European start-ups, micro-entrepreneurs, and businesses of 1-4 employees in size. “This target group includes many people that employ themselves as entrepreneurs in unfamiliar environments. At the moment, we at Digibalance offer online accounting services in Finland, Estonia, France, the UK, and Italy, but our goal is to duplicate our services in all of the European SEPA countries. We are the best in on-going monthly accounting. For special taxation questions and Financial Statements, we use local expertise,” says the Chairman of the Board Mikko Ilves.

for the entrepreneur. Thanks to the digitalisation and automation of the process, the client does not pay for anything unnecessary. The service is also ecological and location independent, because all documents are transmitted online. In spite of the digital process, the client also gets assistance in case of need; since contacts with our team are conveniently handled online, for instance through Skype, and the service language is English.” Ilves reveals that online accounting, at its leastexpensive, costs € 40/month. “In addition, the monthly fee does not depend on the number of transaction documents; hence, a growth in business activity and the number of transactions does not automatically raise the monthly fee. This brings predictability into the everyday life of the entrepreneur.”



In practice, what does ‘digitalised bookkeeping services’ mean? “In the AutoAccount service we have replaced the arduous paper phases of accounting with automation. The service is effortless and affordable

Now Digibalance is launching a mobile application – Digibalance mobileApps, a tool for small business owners to monitor financial performance.

“Young entrepreneurs are especially used to taking care of their daily affairs through mobile devices. That is why we want to offer European small business owners the chance to handle business matters by mobile device as well.” Ilves says that Digibalance mobileApps works both-ways between Digibalance and the client. “The client can send us additional information and we in turn produce reports for the service. The idea is that when the micro-entrepreneur opens the mobile service, they see a view that reveals both the present situation of the business and a financial forecast. As a new feature, we also generate taxation forecasts in the service. Later, other services, in connection with entrepreneurship offered by various cooperation partners, can also be added to the service. We will launch the mobile service for clients during the spring.” MH Additional information: | |


The location solution is being tested at a seamark outside Helsinki.

EMERGENCE’S ENERGY-SELF-SUFFICIENT “TAIVAL” TECHNOLOGY IS SET TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE GLOBAL LOCATION DEVICE MARKET Finnish company Emergence Oy has developed a revolutionary location device – taival, capable of working ten years without charging or maintenance. The energy-self-sufficient and maintenance-free device is mounted onto the machine or device to be monitored, from which it transmits its location data around 20 times a day.


he small device is best suited for monitoring machines, devices and goods that are transferred from location to location, as the device requires no electricity access of its own. It is suitable for use with, among others, ground transport, shipping, and workshop containers, cranes and other rental machines, as well as trailers and vessels for collecting hazardous waste. “Cities, towns, companies and other organizations can have vast working areas full of equipment; occasionally tracking down the locations of specific pieces of equipment can cause a lot of extra work and cost. Our energy-self-sufficient and maintenance-free devices bring considerable time and cost savings. With a monthly fee well below 10 euros, the customer receives the location device, cloud service, and a global mobile data connectivity,” explains Emergence’s CEO Vesa Aaltonen.

“The problem with using other GPS devices across mobile networks is that their batteries only last anywhere between a few weeks to a couple of months. Additionally, without location devices location data must be manually updated in the device control systems, whereas the taival location device works on the mobile networks independently and communicates directly with the cloud,” describes Aaltonen.



Emergence’s location device was born out of a customer need discovered via client interviews, and through prototypes and piloting.

Additionally, the company has a location pilot program under way for maritime navigation via seamarks, in cooperation with the Finnish Trans-

“A 10 x smaller device, 10 x longer battery longevity and 10 x cheaper service make our service 1 000 x better than those of our competitors.”

port Agency, with the goal of improving nautical safety. The location data from this project would reveal when seamarks have been dislocated due to ice or other reasons. Previously, seamarks were inspected by sailing through 8 000 kilometres of waterways in the spring and getting observations from boaters. Automation makes the monitoring of seamarks more reliable, faster, easier and cheaper. EL | |

Emergence Oy currently employs ten persons and offers global location services. The company started its activities in Europe, and aims to be a global actor in 2018; each year Emergence Oy delivers tens of thousands of monitoring devices to the market.

Hans Ekestang


Raumaster is known as a renowned supplier of advanced material handling systems and equipment.


Bergman reveals that Raumaster delivers material processing equipment primarily to power plants, pulp mills and the mining industry. “Our core expertise relies heavily on the processing of biomass and bio-based fuels, which can be supplied to power boilers. So, we’re working with renewable energy. We make deliveries, and maintain plants worldwide, but our core knowhow relies on the competence of our Finnish engineers.” GROWING TOWARDS ASIA


A GLOBAL LEADER IN ADVANCED MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS Raumaster is a world-renowned supplier of advanced material handling systems and equipment. Thanks to over 3 300 delivered projects, and a strong focus on customer needs, the company is now regarded as a global leader in its line of business.


ince its founding, Raumaster has listened to customers’ needs carefully in order to develop a comprehensive design and service process. “We concentrate on delivering reliable processes and turnkey deliveries to our customers. It is typical that our previous customers return to us when they have new delivery needs: well above 70 per cent of all of our projects are repeat orders,” states CEO John Bergman.

It is no wonder then, that Raumaster is known today as a renowned supplier of advanced material handling systems and equipment. “We have completed over 3 300 advanced material handling projects globally. Additionally, thanks to the close co-operation with our customers, these projects have taught us more than we could have ever imagined.”

The Raumaster portfolio contains deliveries to nearly everywhere from South Africa to Northern Finland, and from Japan to Southern America. “Asia is an interesting market for us and during recent years, we have delivered a myriad of different systems into Asian countries. One of the largest deliveries we’ve done, was for the Samcheok Green Power Plant in South Korea. Samcheok plant has four boilers with a capacity of 4x550 MWe. Coal is used as the primary and biomass as the secondary fuel.” BIOFUEL STORAGE UNDERGROUND

Another interesting reference point is the fuel processing system of Fortum’s Värtan, co-owned by Stockholm city power plant in Stockholm, Sweden. “The specifics of this project include the fact that the entirety of the fuel storage is situated underground, and fuel is received from ships, rail and trucks. We delivered the whole fuel processing system for this project, including devices for the internal processing of fuel, and the systems for processing fly ash, lime and sand.” MH More info | |

Nina Filpus



BASED BUSINESS ON STRONG GROUND Is your company about to enter new territory in regard to the bio-economy or developing an existing business? SciTechService can flesh out your idea to the point of reality and provide it with a strong foundation on which your business can firmly stand.


ciTech-Service is a technology development company that offers process development and laboratory services in biorefining and man-made fibres. “Our company was founded in 1983, so we have been at the heart of the biomass business for a long time. Our experience covers the whole cellulose raw material field: from softwood and hardwood to bamboo, straw and sugarcane,” says Managing Partner Eric Enqvist. The bio-based economy is familiar ground for SciTech-Service, but for many companies it is still a somewhat obscure entity. “The central manifestations of the bio-economy are the traditional products of the pulp and paper industry, but a new wave of products is rapidly becoming available. It requires changes in value chains and technology as well as change management. And before you turn a piece of corn stalk into a t-shirt, the bottleneck for change lies mostly in technology. You need to be purposeful if you wish to develop the

technology involved so that the quality of the final product is good enough,” adds Senior Partner Heikki Hassi. SHOULD YOU ENHANCE EXISTING PROCESSES OR START FROM SCRATCH?

In particular, SciTech-Service provides companies with outsourced research and development. “We are a complimentary resource for companies who need in-depth understanding related to the use of biomass. When a company wishes to explore new ground in the bio-based economy, or to enhance an existing process or business activity, we analyse their problem based on technology and science. Through this, we´re able to find a strong foundation upon which the company can firmly stand,” clarifies Enqvist. “The customer could have, for example, a process sketch that we´re able to develop into a functional industrial process. After that the customer can easily contact an equipment supplier, investor or engineering company,” adds Hassi.


The bedrock of SciTech-Service is technology. The company’s motto even speaks to this: technology is the ability of applying scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially for achieving industrial and business objectives. “There are plenty of opportunities in the bio-based economy, but the starting point must always be the final product requirements. Thus, it isn’t enough that a product is simply bio-based, it must also be a product that the market wants, and that can be produced cost efficiently. If the customer has a technology and concept that make it possible to manufacture high-quality products from renewable raw materials, they have a good chance of succeeding – and we can be a very important link in ensuring their success,” states Hassi. MH Are you interested? | |


OULUN ENERGIA IS BUILDING A SOLAR ENERGY REVOLUTION IN THE DARK NORTH Surprisingly many large or middle-sized Finnish companies could generate a significant amount of the used electric power by emission-free and genuinely environment-friendly solar energy.


ulun Energia Oy is a forerunner of Finnish electric power products and services. It has invested heavily in solar energy production and is aiming at efficiently realising and promoting the cost efficiency of solutions that utilise solar energy to both companies and consumers. “Many people find it surprising that in Oulu, Oulun Energia’s home town, you can receive the same amount of solar energy annually as in Northern Germany,” says Jari Pirkola, the Business Director of Energy services of Oulun Energia. “It’s a mind-blowing thought. Many large companies and operators have stopped to think about this and come to the conclusion that it is worth the effort. It would be sheer madness not to utilise solar energy.”

versity,” says Aimo Hämäläinen, the Deputy Manager of Helsinki University Premises and Real Estate Centre. “This is an excellent investment in renewable energy and is well-suited for the main building of the largest know-how centre of biological and environmental sciences in Finland.” According to Hämäläinen, the decision on the supplier was easy to make. “Oulun Energia had the aim to prove the market and us as well, of course, that they can realise this kind of projects very well and at a competitive price. Oulun Energia helped us to get the best possible solution.”


The construction of the largest solar power plant in Northern Finland on the roof of Kaleva printing house was completed in August 2015. “We designed and installed the solar power plant for Kaleva as a turnkey solution. After its completion, the plant was the largest of its kind in Finland for quite some time,” says Jari Pirkola. “We had no intention to build the largest solar power plant in Finland. The plant was first measured against our needs according to our

A 140 kW solar power plant was connected to the network at Helsinki University’s Viikki campus in August 2015. The plant was built in the main building of the campus, Korona Information Centre. Solar energy covers nearly one hundred per cent of the energy needed for cooling the campus. “We are committed to promoting the use of renewable energy. Our aim and duty is to reduce the size of the carbon footprint of the uni-


“Choosing solar power improves company’s energy efficiency in an environmentally friendly way – and is a good investment in return.” power consumption – and accidently it then turned out to be the largest one in Finland,” tells Esko Jokelainen, the CFO of Kaleva. In the daytime solar power covers 90 per cent of the power needed by Kaleva printing house. “When we buy market price electric power, which is cheaper at night, we can avoid using the expensive daytime electric power by using our own solar power. Companies having a high power consumption in the daytime should consider this form of power.” The investment decision was made as for any other investments. “From my perspective it is simply so that first you calculate the potential benefit and then compare it with the sum to be invested,” Jokelainen sums up. More info | |

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Halti Oy CEO Sami Kiiski in front of the Helsinki Brand Store in the prime location in World Trade Centre on Keskuskatu.

HALTI: 40 YEARS OF FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE WITH THE GREAT OUTDOORS Halti Oy has been the best-known sports clothing brand in Finland for 40 years. Established in 1976, the business has an excellent global reputation with downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and extreme weather conditions. Its new corporate image doesn’t just mean a new logo, the whole brand concept has been given a makeover.


he new Halti has set a clearer target at urban women keen on exercise. That doesn’t mean the brand has discarded men, or downhill, or skiing, or multi-sports, it’s just that the marketing efforts will be most visible in the outdoor activities and active lifestyle segments. “In the big picture Halti will be investing more in the female customer segment who like to counterbalance busy working life with outdoor exercising and who generally lead an active lifestyle,” Halti Oy CEO from February 2016 Sami Kiiski says. GLOBAL AWARENESS

The brand’s extensive new collection includes products for every need and condition. The comprehensive collection can meet the demands of clients all over the world. “China, for instance, is a very important market. Together with our local partner, we have invested in Halti Brand Store in the capital city Beijing. This guarantees our brand excellent visibility and sales on the growing market.

Being a global brand, Halti products are sold in North America, Asia and Europe.” Behind Halti’s long success is relentless desire to develop products to the level where little things make a big difference between success and being the second best. “Our commitment to quality, technology and innovation show in the Halti brand,” Sami Kiiski explains. SUCCESS AT ISPO

A clear example of Halti’s commitment to innovation and technology is winning the largest sports gear trade show ISPO 2016 Award for a high-tech sledge as part of ski expedition equipment, available in two versions. “Halti’s sledge is light, durable and of very high quality. These are little things that can make or break your trip in extreme environments,” Sami Kiiski underlines, taking pride in Halti’s know-how and the company’s success at ISPO.

Comment from TV journalist “I have produced and edited a Finnish motoring programme for 12 years, 40 programmes per year, the arctic winters included. Getting the job, the first thing I did was investing in Halti’s coat and trousers designed for extreme conditions. I have been wearing those, filming Porsche’s ice test in the freezing cold in Levi, Lapland, hundreds of cars in harsh stormy weather on the Helsinki shoreline with temperatures as low as -40C. The results of this really long extreme testing are as follows: 1) Both items still look as good as new. 2) I have never been cold, but I also have used layering with the warm base layer from Halti. For a good reason.” - Antti Liinpää, editor

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“Once you know your water consumption habits, you can better alter them to obtain significant savings in your water bill,” Marko Paasu emphasizes.

YOUR WALLET WILL SAY ‘THANKS’ TO THIS WATER SAVING SYSTEM Our everyday water consumption, especially in terms of hot water use, has an impact on both our wallet and greenhouse gas emissions. We can easily forget that heating water triples its cost and increases carbon dioxide emissions. However, the Verto apartment based watermeter helps you save on water and your budget!


Finn uses an average of 155 litres of water per day. Of this, approximately 60 percent is cold water, and the remaining 40 percent is of hot water. Yet, when apartment complexes have installed the handy Verto water meters in each unit, consumption has decreased by an average of 30 percent. “It’s simpler to decrease water consumption when you can monitor your own use on an easy-to-read display, while at the same time knowing that your neighbour’s water use is not influencing your own bill. Additionally, the water savings of the system can be seen immediately in your own budget,” explains Business Director Marko Paasu. CONSUMPTION MONITORING IN REAL TIME

Now, it is even easier to monitor your own consumption. In December the new VertoMobile was launched, which can be downloaded from Apple and Android stores. With the VertoMobile app, the consumer receives usage data to their own phone in real time, as well as an alert if water consumption deviates from the norm. Thus, for example, an issue with your toilet’s flow-through can be more easily detected.

The Verto water metering system is the result of more than 30 years of product development by the Finnish company, Vercon Oy. “At our company, we are experts in the topic of water consumption and we are also able to produce predictive information for our users. Our reliable and exact Verto water metering system consists of remotely read Verto water meters with apartment-specific displays, the VertoLive cloud service for housing managers, and now the VertoMobile – a new innovation for consumers,” explains Paasu. VERTOLIVE IS ALSO AN AUTOMATED ALARM SYSTEM

VertoLive is easy to use with a browser, letting housing managers monitor water consumption apartment-by-apartment in a condominium or complex, and automatically produce the residents’ cold and hot water invoicing information. VertoLive also automatically alerts housing managers and janitorial services if water consumption has proceeded for two hours in any apartment. MLS | |

You can monitor your water consumption in real time with the stylish VertoLive apartment based water meters.

Water consumption facts • Having water meters in each apartment decreases daily consumption per person by an average of 150 litres to 110–100 litres. • This also decreases a property’s need for heating energy by nearly 10 percent. • Water consumption typically varies between 50 and 500 litres per person per day.

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