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All-Inclusive Transport Services Eera Industrial Development Fills the Gaps with New Businesses Finland Relocation Services Assists in Tackling International Mobility Challenges A Great Market Potential for Hygiene Products: The Demand for Airlaid Nonwoven Technology is Growing Around the World Icopal PolarTop Noxite Roofing Solution Releases he Hidden Potential of Roofs Become a REDI tenant Finnish Quality in the Sky Energy Business Needs High-Tech Specialists Thinking out oF the box in logistics A Workshop Producing Uncompromising Quality Enjoys Success on the International Market Cleantech company Evac grows rapidly Power of analytics TripleHard in Place of Hard Chromium Plating Oil-free and Energy-Efficient Compressed Air Conquers Industry Hartwall Original Long Drink is well on its way to conquer the world

Dear reader, This issue of Professionals gives you an insight into companies active in international markets. They will tell customers about their solutions and services. Innovations, competence, products, and processes are all aimed at bringing state of the art solutions and services to the global market. We hope that you will enjoy the magazine.

Professionals is a publication produced by Editor Helsinki. Editor Helsinki is an independent expert in business communications. We work in close cooperation with the leading media houses and reach the business decision makers in Finland.

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“AHA-Experience: Reliable and Easy. This is the feeling our customers get when working with us. Our service philosophy is to take care of our customer’s products as if they were our own,” says the CEO Tiina Haapala.


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HA Logistics handles daily several global import and export transports of all sizes by sea, road, rail and air. The company specializes in demanding project and over-dimensional transport. With its womanpower and strong professional skills, AHA Logistics has earned satisfied customers all over the world. The company’s strength is engaging in teamwork with the customer in order to find the most economical and innovative solutions for their deliveries. “Instead of just focusing on freight forwarding and transporting, we will find the best possible all-inclusive solution. For instance, we assist our customers with concluding contracts in order to ensure the happiness of our customers as well as their customers,” Haapala explains. The personnel of AHA Logistics are able

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to put themselves in the customer’s shoes, since in addition to long-term experience in the forwarding and transportation business, they also have experiences from the other side of the table. “We are always available and demand a lot from ourselves and from our subcontractors. The service must be perfect throughout the entire transport chain,” Haapala summarizes. In addition to skilled and committed personnel, the company’s strength is having several global agency networks – enabling AHA Logistics to choose the best possible overseas partner for each delivery. However, the customer’s partner is always AHA Logistics, a Finnish privately owned transportation and forwarding company. TEXT: MLS | |

According to Tiina Haapala and Jonna Ahkila-Niemi, the offices of AHA Logistics in Vaasa and Helsinki providing worldwide tailor-made logistics solutions have gained satisfied customers all over the world.

A Great Market Potential A GreaMarket A Great for Hygiene t Mark Products Potenti | page et 5 ntial Pote al forfor Hygieene Hygien Produc Products ts | page 5 | page


Thinking out of the box in logistics | page 11 Thinking out of the box Think in ing sout logistic of the 11 box in logis | page tics | page 11

Hartwall Original Long Drink is well on its way to conquer the world | page 16 Hartwall Origina l its way to conqueLong Drink is well on Hartwall Originalr the world | page 16 Long Drink its way to conq is well uer the world | page on 16

Kuva: Mia Heiskanen


”This is the reality in waste treatment in many countries outside the OECD,” comments Mikko Kantero.

EID is investing in the global waste treatment market by the establishment of Eera Waste Refining Ltd that specialises in producing raw materials and energy from waste and biomass. “By integrating and combining the technological expertise in a novel way, we can create economically feasible solutions for underdeveloped markets,” Mikko Kantero says.

Eera Industrial Development Fills the Gaps with New Businesses Technological breakthroughs in the operating environment that challenge traditional practices can generate gaps with concealed opportunities. Eera Industrial Development is prepared to collide traditional operation models and new technologies in order to create new business in such gaps.


n the field of consulting business, Eera is known as a courageous pioneer; the company’s core competence includes identification of new growth paths and building profitable growth for customers. “Over the years, we have also invested in generating new businesses in the name of our company and supporting start-up companies. By now, this industrial development activity has achieved such a scale that we decided to adapt the structure of Eera,“ says Mikko Kantero, Partner of Eera Oy. After the reorganisation, the management consulting activities will continue under Eera Oy, alongside of which the generation of new businesses will be entrusted to Eera Industrial Development Oy (EID) – under EID, we can focus more strongly on the creation of new businesses and companies in which we participate as an investor. New home for new business

EID is a natural extension of the Eera way of business. “Throughout our existence, we have helped our customers to grow and expand to new territories.” Experts at Eera have recognised that technological or market-related turning points might

We generate new businesses by colliding traditional operation models and new technology. generate new kinds of customer needs that may not be satisfied with traditional practices. “This creates a vacuum that can be filled by colliding different technologies and skills. We have also noticed that a company’s growth ideas can get stuck in the middle ground – in other words, become homeless. It is our task to provide the growth ideas a new home.” In practice, this means that if a company possesses a growth idea suitable for the generation of a new business, EID is prepared to use its own resources for refining the idea. “The marine technology company Norsepower and robotics process automation (RPA) company Digital Workforce Nordic are excellent examples of the work done by EID for new business development.”

Amongst other fields of business, EID focuses on the commercialisation of a systemic demand model for producing raw materials and energy from waste and biomass. “Especially outside the OECD area, there is little experience of waste recycling and the utilization of waste for energy production, hence the purchasers need a strong support for building the right kind of industrial concept.” The best growth ideas are refined into diamonds

The Eera staff includes a group of 15 Senior Advisors who are board professionals with long careers as business executives. “Our experts are accustomed to working with different kinds of companies, organisations, and operation models, thus, in addition to competence, they possess a critical eye. On the other hand, the growth ideas that have passed through our screening will be given a full treatment. This way, the best growth ideas are polished into real diamonds with excellent prerequisites for success, now and in the future,” Kantero concludes. TEXT: MH | |


Finland Relocation Services Assists in Tackling International Mobility Challenges Even in today’s challenging economic climate, the importance of international expertise for companies increases. Finland Relocation Services assists in the recruitment of foreign workers and coping with challenges of international mobility.

Is everything under control?

What kind of a situation does a company face after deciding to hire a foreign employee? “First of all, you need to ensure that the person has a valid work permit. Banking services, taxation, social security, and other official issues must also be considered. Nevertheless, the ‘official’ matters only make up a part of the whole thing. Finding a pleasant home, school and childcare issues, the well-being and employment of the spouse – these are some of the factors pivotal from the viewpoint of recruitment or posting success.” If the company loses control in the middle of the process, the costs can be severe.

“If the company loses control in the middle of an international mobility process, the costs can be severe.” – Petri Lautjärvi, Finland Relocation Services Oy

“Since legislation changes all the time, you need to consider whether your company possesses the resources for ensuring that all legislative requirements are met,” Lautjärvi says. Finland Relocation Services offers expertise, resources, and peace of mind

Finland Relocation Services offers a solution for the challenges discussed above. The company has supported the mobility of numerous Finnish and international companies for over twenty years. “We are on top of the official requirements and the latest legislation. Our customers can always rely on us to keep everything under control. When the relocation of foreign employees is completed without issues, the company saves time and money and the employees recruited can focus on their work. We can also prepare your organisation for the new colleague, thereby strengthening the organisation’s positive image as an employer.” Lautjärvi points out that the company’s services cover all international mobility-related relocation needs (moving abroad, moving to Finland from abroad, and moving between third countries). TEXT: MH | |

Kuva: Mia Heiskanen


ven though automation, digitalisation and technological development mow down jobs in several sectors, the importance of competence is still increasing. “How to attract the best talent, how to keep them in the company, how to find the next generation of leaders – these are among the primary concerns of a company manager,” says Petri Lautjärvi, the business development manager at Finland Relocation Services Oy. According to Lautjärvi, a company recruiting only on the local level risks losing some of the opportunities available for international growth. Failure to utilise international top talent properly is another feasible risk. “Foreign employees support internationalisation of the company and make up for deficiencies in the organisation’s skills. Fortunately, Finland has many strengths contributing to attracting international talents – based on the INSEAD GTCI 2015-2016 report, for example, we are the world’s tenth most attractive country for international experts. An excellent achievement for a northern country small in population.”

International mobility brings challenges that every organisation and individual will encounter. FRS has assisted its customers in overcoming these challenges for over 20 years. As proof of this the company has a consistently high level of customer satisfaction, the most respected quality certificate in the field as the first company in Finland, and tens of thousands of successful customer projects.


Airlaid paper applications include towels » sanitary napkins » diapers » bibs » pads » napkins » tablecloths » hospital products

A Great Market Potential for Hygiene Products:

The Demand for Airlaid Nonwoven Technology is Growing Around the World As the population increases, ages and prospers, the demand for hygiene, hospital, and table top products made of absorbent airlaid paper increases. Airlaid paper is a so-called nonwoven product. The Finnish company Anpap Oy designs, manufactures and supplies efficient & reliable airlaid nonwoven machines globally based on decades of experience.


hereas up to two hundred litres of water are needed to produce a kilogram of ordinary wet-laid paper, production of a kilogram of airlaid paper only takes about one litre of water. “In a wet-laid paper machine, hydrogen forms bonds between the pulp fibres, whereas in an airlaid machine the fibres are bonded by gluing, inter alia. This creates an absorbent, wet-strong, soft, fabric-like and environmentally friendly product,” explains Asko Vihtakari, President of Anpap. Airlaid paper applications include towels, sanitary napkins, diapers, bibs, pads, napkins, tablecloths, and hospital products. In case of many hospital products, plastic is laminated on one side of the product, thereby creating durable, hygienic wash gloves, pillowcases, surgical sheets, etc. Marko Mäntylä, Vice President of Anpap, tells that markets for airlaid products and manufacturing machinery enjoy strong growth because of increased consumption of hygienic and wiping products, among other reasons. “The consumption increases – the people are getting older and require incontinence pro-

Anpap – Ahead In Airlaid

“The markets for airlaid products and machines for manufacture thereof enjoy strong growth because of increased consumption of hygienic and wiping products.” tection products. Airlaid paper is an important raw material for diaper and female sanitary napkin production. As the amount of money available for consumption increases in developing countries, the demand for the aforementioned and hospital products increases.” According to Mäntylä, in North America, the value of hygienic products manufacture doubled between 2003 and 2013. In emerging markets, such as Indonesia, India, and Kazakhstan, the use of hygiene products annually increases by almost 20%. “As the population in countries with high birth rates increases, the market potential of disposable diapers grows.”

The history of Anpap builds on the efforts of the Jylhävaara workshop airlaid group of United Paper Mills and the technology group of Walkisoft business unit, which was later sold to Buckeye Technologies Inc. from the USA. Anpap became an entirely Finnish-owned company on 1st of July 2002. Long experience and unique understanding of airlaid process and machine design have created long lasting and close international customer relations. “Machinery and equipment are being continually developed and tested in practice in order to ensure our position at the forefront of innovation. Research and development often take place in cooperation with the customers. Modern companies producing airlaid materials require reliable, competitive and efficient machinery. Because of this, advanced material manufacturers invest into our machines,” Vihtakari says. TEXT: EA | |


Icopal PolarTop Noxite

Roofing Solution Releases the Hidden Potential of Roofs The Noxite roofing solution provides the possibility for involvement of the roof surfaces of buildings into ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly construction.


n the roof surfaces of buildings lies a huge – and mostly unexploited – potential. “The roof is traditionally perceived as protection for the building’s envelope. However, keep in mind that the roof is the largest single surface in the building, which means that it holds a great potential for recreational application, for example, not to mention making use of the solar energy,” emphasizes Mikko Nikander, Product Manager of Icopal Oy. Noxite – ecological and sustainable basis for future roof construction

The Noxite solution developed by the Icopal Group provides the possibility for building an ecological and sustainable basis for future roof construction. A Noxite roof is a roof that actually depollutes air. “This means that the bituminous roofing is coated with Noxite chippings, which neutralize the environmentally hazardous nitrogen oxide emissions in the air and convert them into minor amounts of nitrate under the influence of solar radiation, wind, and rainwater.” The PolarTop Noxite is a roofing membrane coated with air-depolluting Noxite chippings. “The depolluting effect of the chippings is based on the titanium oxide contained in them, which is a non-toxic substance used in the manufacture of foodstuffs. The chippings form a durable layer on the bitumen membrane that does not wear off. This way, the air-depolluting effect of Noxite roofing lasts throughout the service life of the roof.” A Noxite roof reduces atmospheric pollution

What are these nitrogen oxides harmful to the nature? “Nitrogen oxide emissions are generated as fossil fuel combustion products in transport, energy generation, and industry. Over the last 20 years, emissions from transport have declined

owing to more stringent vehicle emission regulations and cleaner fuels, but there has been little success in reducing the nitrogen oxide pollution.” The Noxite bitumen roofing affects the quality of local respiratory air and helps to reduce atmospheric pollution, since the amount of nitrogen oxides removed from the air by a 130m2 Noxite-coated roof is comparable to the amount of nitrogen oxides generated by a Euro 5 emission standards-compliant gasoline-powered passenger car over 15,000km. In Finland, the total area of Noxite bitumen roofing installed exceeds 300,000m2. “The annual nitrogen oxide emissions of more than a thousand cars are neutralized by this Noxite roofing area.” Comprehensive ecological value

A Noxite roof also produces other value-added. Owing to its light colour, the roofing reduces the building’s energy consumption, since as opposed to the traditional black bituminous roofing the light-coloured surface does not absorb solar heat. Because of this, less energy is required to cool the building. TEXT: MH | |

Noxite works like this. » UV radiation activates the titanium dioxide. » It acts as a catalyst, converting the nitrogen oxides into minor amounts of nitrate. » The nitrate residues are washed of the roof by rainwater.


The Tampere Hall takes green steps towards the future The Noxite roofing is an excellent choice for environmentally responsible companies and organisations, such as the Tampere Hall, the largest congress and concert centre in Scandinavia. Deciding in favour of even more ecological roofing material fits well the operating principles of the Tampere Hall. “Ecological values are important for us, and we’re glad to have chosen the Noxite roofing material for Tampere Hall roof renovation. For us, a pleasant surprise was that in addition to other ecological advantages, the surface of the Noxite roofing stays truly clean, since moss is not quite fond of it. This results in savings through reduced cleaning costs,” says Marko Koivisto, Property Manager. Green foodstuff from the roof

People at the Tampere Hall also intend to take advantage of the roof surfaces in another way. “In spring, we will build a greenhouse on the roof and intend to grow some green foodstuffs for the needs of our kitchen there. In the future, we will also utilise the roof area by installation of a solar plant system.” The Tampere Hall, a pioneer in the green way of life, is pleased with the choice of Noxite roofing material.


This is REDI




m2 of retail space, in the new heart of Helsinki.

metro stops per day.

million visitors in its first full year expected.

Become a REDI tenant Be a part of creating a next generation shopping experience. REDI is a novel, one-of-a-kind shopping centre and landmark in Finland with a 60,000m² of retail space in be the fastest expanding and most densely populated area in the entire capital region.


ituated in downtown Helsinki in Finland, REDI´s location is unique in many ways. Accessible by metro, bus, tram, car, bicycle, foot and boat, REDI is a place that combines shopping and modern living with urban culture in a brand new way – stretching 132 meters towards the sky. With retail distributed across four floors, REDI is surrounded by Helsinki´s trendiest neighbourhoods and attractions e.g. music festivals and events. The area is known for its versatile leisure activity options. The iconic Helsinki Zoo is also situated within walking distance from REDI. Upon completion in 2018, REDI will be the most modern shopping destination in downtown Helsinki. Easily accessible, it is the only neighbourhood in the city to have daily and specialty retail, entertainment and high-rise living under one roof – surrounded by urban parks and the sea. REDI has a catchment area of 1,1 million

people, who live within a 30-minute drive from REDI. In the next few years, with an estimated population growth of 30% by 2022, the REDI area is the neighborhood of the future on all levels. REDI is backed by an investment consortium that includes owners SRV, Ilmarinen, OP Pohjola Group and LocalTapiola Group, as well as banking syndicate of OP, Nordea, Helaba, Danske Bank and Swedbank AB. With building permit, investors and funding in place, things are moving fast at REDI. Construction works are proceeding rapidly and leasing is underway… will you be one of the tenants? | | | TEXT: MLS

Contact us today! Pia Svensk Commercial Director REDI Shopping Centre +358 50 389 0569 Jonna Majanen Leasing Manager REDI Shopping Centre +358 45 110 8802 Sofia Palin Specialist, Leasing REDI Shopping Centre +358 40 656 5051


Kari Talja, CEO of Tammer-Suoja

Finnish Quality in the Sky In aviation, safety always comes first. Because of this, manufacture of aircraft components is a tightly controlled and licensed business. Besides Finnair and Patria, Tampere-based Tammer-Suoja is the only company in Finland licensed to manufacture and sell aviation upholstery and interior components to airlines and the Finnish Air Force.


ounded in 1983, Oy Tammer-Suoja Ab is also known as a motor vehicle seat cover and blanket manufacturer. Kari Talja, CEO of Tammer-Suoja, tells that the company recognizes its social responsibility and intends to operate and employ in Finland in the future as well. “In airplanes, trains and coaches, the quality needs to comply with strict standards, and if we do everything in our own plant here in Tampere, we can control the quality more closely, Talja says. The company is focused on constant innovation and invests in product development and security of supply. “We haven’t had a delivery delay for three years. Of our staff of thirty people, four are engaged in product development. Our customers rely on us – Finnair, for example, has ordered from us carpets and replaceable seat covers for their Airbus A350 airplanes first in Europe,” Talja says. Traceability guarantees quality

When Kari Talja acquired Tammer-Suoja together with a capital investor in 2003, the company was already involved to some extent in subcontracting-based manufacture of seat covers for airplanes and coaches. “We started making seat covers for trains as well. At the same time, we developed and expanded our aviation operations. When the recession started in 2007, airlines used to buy

the materials by themselves and send them to companies like us for the production. We believed that delivery of completed goods under part numbers would be more reasonable, and so we applied for an aircraft components manufacturing licence. We were granted the POA21 licence in 2009, and now we also purchase the raw materials on behalf of the airlines. They only order finished products from us,” Talja explains. Tammer-Suoja issues airworthiness certificates to its products, which means that the company takes responsibility for that the products conform to approved design criteria and can be used on board aircraft. “Material batches delivered to us must be accompanied by fire safety certificates proving that each batch complies with the requirements. The products manufactured by us must also be traceable – in other words, bear a part number, manufacturing date, batch, manufacturer, and licence number.” Fire safety is the most important characteristic of aircraft interior materials. If an upholstery or interior fabric on board an aircraft is set on fire, it must go out by itself and formation of combustion gases is not allowed. Tammer-Suoja purchases most of the upholstery and interior materials from a Swiss manufacturer that has its own laboratories for the testing of materials as required by licence conditions. TEXT: EA | |

“If we make the products in our own plant in Tampere, we can control the quality more closely.”


Energy Business Needs High-Tech Specialists The Northern European Countries, especially Finland, are pioneering the development of intelligent energy systems as the energy efficiency targets and introduction of renewable energy generation are revolutionizing the industry. Staying at the forefront of this development calls for a strong expertise. This year, Landis+Gyr Oy, a company specialised in energy management solutions, recruits dozens of high-tech specialists at their technology center in Jyväskylä.


ri Tolonen, CEO of Landis+Gyr Oy, is glad to share some positive news: “Contribution to product development in Finland clearly proves that our globally operating company relies on Finnish engineering expertise. From the beginning of the year, about twenty people with strong background in software development have already been employed at Jyväskylä. However, we still need dozens of high-level specialists to develop a new generation of smart electricity meters, as well as smart metering and smart grid solutions.” In Finland, almost all electricity meters are smart and remotely readable, which allows up-todate invoicing and making use of the retail electricity market. In Estonia, this objective will be reached by the end of the year, while in Norway and Denmark the smart metering deployment projects are under way. In Sweden, the next generation of smart meters is to be introduced in the next years; the meters provide new interfaces to home automation systems and allow near real-time collection of energy data. In Finland, the second generation of smart metering will be introduced by the turn of the decade. “In the next few years, 200 million electricity meters need to be replaced in Europe. It is a remarkable enterprise from the viewpoint of logistics as well, since all of the old meters need to be properly recycled,” Tolonen explains the prospects

This year, Landis+Gyr recruits dozens of high-tech specialists in Jyväskylä.

The EU energy efficiency policy and increase in decentralised use of renewable energies require major investments in the digitalisation of grid.

for the nearest future. The Jyväskylä office of Landis+Gyr has a long history of developing smart energy metering solutions. It started in the 1980s with Enermet Oy introducing smart meters to the market as one of the first companies in the world. Today’s substantial investment into product development at Jyväskylä is aimed at retaining the global company’s position as a pioneer in the field. 120 years of innovation

Landis+Gyr is the global market leader in smart energy technology, delivering end-to-end advanced metering and smart grid solutions for energy utilities. The Finnish site serves as the headquarters for the company’s Northern European operations and is one of the company’s global technology centres. Landis+Gyr Oy employs around 200 people in Jyväskylä, Finland. TEXT: MLS | |

According to Ari Tolonen, CEO, the energy business is undergoing a revolution similar to the one the telecommunications industry experienced more than 20 years ago. The energy industry needs new top specialists to drive energy efficiency and reliable operation of the electricity grid.


The equipment used in the over 60 logistics units is state-of-the-art. For example, the company has developed and patented its own solutions for temperature-controlled transport operations.

“The founders of Exclusive Logistics have come from other industries, which means that we are free of the established burdens and understandings of the field. We love challenges and want to develop the transport sector into a real business instead of it being just an employment,” says Roni Penttilä.

Thinking out oF the box in logistics Breaking out of old familiar routines can bring savings to tens of percents of ordering customers, while ensuring that the carrier also operates profitably. This is an established practice for Exclusive Logistics Finland Oy, a full-service transportation expert.


he most important thing is to dare to think out of the box and to try out new procedures. As a cooperation partner, we want to be able to produce totally new added value for our customers by developing both the customers and our own processes as a whole – not as individual accomplishments,” emphasizes the CEO Roni Penttilä. In the transport sector, traditions and routines have become established over the decades. Because of this, the competition between companies has mainly focused on prices instead of developing transport operations as a part of larger company productivity. The individual sub-processes may even have functioned efficiently, but no one has managed or developed the whole system in order to achieve more benefits for all the parties involved. “As an example, we participated in reforming

“Dare to think differently.” – Roni Penttilä, Exclusive Logistics Oy

municipal catering logistics that had been managed in the same way for decades. As an outsider, we saw the situation from an entirely new perspective and our solution was altogether different from the one that had been used all this time. We were able to cut the service prices by 40 percent compared to the earlier level while making profit. The new operation model provided added value for other levels of the organisation as well,” says Penttilä. He emphasizes the importance of seeing the big picture:

“If a logistics process is merged with another existing process and the result is reformed, we can expect major savings. We strive towards synergy benefits, for example, by combining the functions of our customers in a manner favourable to all the parties involved.” Exclusive Logistics is a new innovative transport company and contractor network operating mainly in Southern Finland (now also in Estonia). The company is committed to promoting the transport industry and the procedures of its customers by developing new and innovative approaches verifiable by calculations. For example, the transport manager of an SME can have many other tasks due to the limited number of transport operations. “The transport manager’s skills can be purchased as a service that comes with a bonus: a comprehensive understanding of the logistics domain and experiences with various solutions adopted in other fields,” Penttilä points out. TEXT: MLS


A Workshop Producing Uncompromising Quality Enjoys Success on the International Market Large, dimensionally accurate components for gas turbines, propulsion equipment, marine engines, paper machines, and subsea oil & gas process equipment are examples of the expertise provided by the Finnish Konepaja Häkkinen Group to its international clientele. Continuous investment into manufacturing technology and know-how, and listening to the customers keep the company one step ahead of competition.


“We need to deeply understand our customers’ needs and be capable of resolving technical production issues in order to bring value added to their supply chain.”

he Group founded in 1980 has production facilities at four locations: units in Raisio and Turku and subsidiaries (Rautpohjan Konepaja Oy and Tikkakosken Konepaja Oy) in Central Finland. The Turku unit specialises in heavy engine components and the Raisio unit on precision-machined oil/gas industry, shaft-like and propulsion equipment components some to mention. Most of Konepaja Häkkinen products are exported to the Nordic countries, Central and Southern Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In addition to the right kind of product range, sales, marketing, and substance skills are required for achieving success on the international markets, as well as courage to respond to the customers’ needs. A good example is the ongoing investment into documentation and occupational safety development. “We need to deeply understand our customers’ needs and be capable of resolving technical production issues in order to bring value added to their supply chain. You need to listen carefully to what the customers have to say and find out their true needs by asking right questions,” say Antti Simula and Jukka Runola, CEO and Sales Manager of the Raisio unit, respectively.

Investments on the customers’ terms

Rautpohjan Konepaja in Jyväskylä is specialised in manufacture of demanding welded steel structures for international metal industry companies. According to Mika Penttinen, CEO, the company keeps up with the sector’s development by monitoring the markets and customers. “Investments are made on the customers’ terms and after hearing them out. Our success is based on lasting customer relationships and the customers’ trust in our expertise and delivery reliability,” Penttinen says. Tikkakosken Konepaja manufactures large precision-machined products mainly for major companies operating in Finland. Jukka Koistinen, CEO, tells that the company can actively participate in the customer’s product development owing to skills acquired over decades. “In addition to renewal of our machine base, we are constantly developing more efficient working techniques and manufacturing methods. Documentation and quality development also require ongoing training. If we master these, it is easier to expand the operation and find new customers,” Koistinen points out. “Competitiveness requires agility and good interaction with the customer. We have received good feedback regarding our efforts to keep the customer proactively informed on the progress of the manufacturing process,” says Olli Koivisto, Business Development Director. TEXT: EA | |


Cleantech company Evac grows rapidly


Evac’s waste, wastewater and fresh water management systems can be found aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas.

Dry solid waste

Food and Hazardous wet waste waste

Oily waste

Bio sludge

Waste 35,000 kg / 107 m3

Evac incineration system

Ash 432 kg / 0,54 m3



3,960 kg / 34 m3

1,150 t / 1,150 m3

Evac recycling system

Evac advanced wastewater treatment

Compacted waste 3,960 kg / 3.3 m3

Clean effluent


inland based cleantech company Evac is growing fast and has already established a position as the world’s leading provider of integrated waste-, wastewater-, and water management systems for the marine, offshore and building industries. Evac had a successful year in 2015. The company grew 40 % compared to the previous year and secured many large cruise, navy, coast guard, and offshore orders during the last quarter, increasing the company’s backlog value with 50 % compared to the previous year. Just recently Evac won a 30 MEUR cruise project including waste and wastewater treatment systems for four cruise vessels. Largest product offering

“Our major strength within marine industry is that we have the largest product offering in the market with in-house product development. It means that unlike our competitors we´re able to answer to all our customers´ waste, wastewater and water management systems needs

Power of analytics Bigdatapump Oy helps its customers make better fact-based decisions and efficiently control the ever-growing amounts of data in a modern company.


he core of this modern solution is always the same and it is customized to meet the customers’ needs. Our expert team is capable of developing top class business concepts, and can solve even the most difficult problems,” says CEO Martti Reilander from Bigdatapump. The benefits of the data management system are varied: in addition to increased efficiency, the quality of customer service will improve as well. Bigdatapump collects the information found in different parts of the company and analyses it using intelligent algorithms. Based on these analytics, the system creates visualized and self-learning models of forecast, which are becoming even more accurate in the course of time. In addition, customer-friendly and tailored user interfaces are built.

One of the co-operation projects is with MacGregor Finland Oy the development of new services based on data-analytics for container vessels. MacGregor offers world leading engineering solutions and services for the maritime industry. MacGregor aims to offer solutions that add value to customers’ business and that value can be validated. ”Bigdatapump has the data and analytics know-how that meets our needs in this project. It has been inspiring to see how data collected from different sources by sensors, combined with intuitive user interface, can give our customers the option to utilize digital technology in real-time,” says Janne Suominen, Manager, MacGregor Cargo system development. | |

which simplifies noticeably the project management and integration of the different systems,” concludes Tomi Gardemeister, CEO of Evac. Remarkable environmental impact

With Evac systems customers can collect and treat wastewater, recycle or burn dry waste and food waste and generate fresh water with remarkable environmental impact. “With our systems we can purify the wastewater to 99% clean effluent and 1% sludge that can be burned in our incinerators. Our systems also save a noticeable amount of water as our vacuum toilets only consume 1.2 l of water per flush compared to the 3-10 liters consumption of traditional gravity toilets. In average a cruise passenger flushes a toilet 10 times a day which means that the water saving in a cruise vessel with 3,300 persons is in minimum 59,000 liters per day,” Gardemeister adds. TEXT: MH | |

» 2015: turnover €1.75 million, increase from last year 70%.

» Employs more than 20 specialists

from different fields, from engineers to doctors.

» Export 35-40%, incl. United Arab Emirates, USA, Europe. » Participates in the Finpro export programme as an innovative analytics specialist.

Innovative co-operation between MacGregor and Bigdatapump opens up new possibilities for enhancing the efficiency of container ships.


TripleHard in Place of Hard Chromium Plating The new trivalent chromium-based TripleHard technology developed by the Finnish company Savroc Oy provides for cost-efficient manufacture of harder and more durable surfaces as compared to the traditional hard chromium plating utilising hexavalent chromium. Moreover, as compared to the hard chromium plating, TripleHard is environmentally friendly and occupationally safe alternative.


ue to the carcinogenicity of hexavalent chromium, use thereof will be licencebased within the EU from the year 2017. “Our technology has attracted worldwide interest in a short time, since we have solved the performance problems of trivalent chromium in demanding technical applications such as ball valves, shock absorbers and hydraulic cylinders. The company has filed six patent applications,” explains Osmo Jahkola, CEO. Savroc has managed to successfully scale up the process chemistry for trivalent hard chromium plating for industrial production in co-operation with the Spanish company Tecnocrom

“The TripleHard method allows costefficient manufacture of wear-resistant and hard coatings for demanding conditions without the carcinogenic chromic acid.”

Industries in case of various applications, for example, valve components, hydraulic cylinders, tubes, and moulds. “We have been a leading company in the coating industry for 55 years, mainly with hard hexavalent chrome and electroless nickel and in our continuous search for alternatives, more efficient and environmentally friendly coating solutions. We believe that the agreement with Savroc will allow us to implement this new technology in our plating lines,” says Rafael Fontanals, Tecnocrom’s owner and CEO. Tecnocrom has coated the first industrial-scale batch of cylinder rods using the TripleHard method for the Finnish company Hydroline Oy. “This new piston rod coating is a revolutionary innovation, which gives Hydroline a significant competitive advantage in the international market. Measured by all technical parameters, TripleHard coating is a significant improvement, and a more environmentally safe solution as compared to current hexavalent chrome coatings. For example, in coating hardness and corrosion resis-

tance, we can achieve over three times better performance,” says Manu Leinonen, Hydroline’s Vice President of Design and R&D. “The joint product development with Savroc is a great example of cooperation between a long-term family-owned company and a new start-up, founded by Juha Miettinen and Jussi Räisä in 2012. This demonstrates that even in traditional industry, new innovation can be created through open collaboration,” says Mikko Laakkonen, Hydroline’s CEO. Co-operation with Beretta, a leading weapons manufacturer, has also been successful. The company that has been manufacturing weapons for more than 500 years has tested the TripleHard method for the demanding coating of shotgun barrel internal surfaces. “Being a forerunner by taking innovative technologies in use, Beretta has decided to start a project and tests with the target to reach high technical requirements on shotgun components with Savroc’s green technology application,” says Andrea Vianello, Supply Chain Director. TEXT: MLS | |


“The future of compressed air business is oil-free, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free, which means transition to direct drive turbo compressors.”

Tamturbo is enjoying fast growth on the international level by selling its core technology globally to compressor manufacturers and (on selected markets) directly to end customers. This way, business is quickly scaled up on the global level. Timo Pulkki, CEO of Tamturbo

Oil-free and Energy-Efficient Compressed Air Conquers Industry As much as 13 percent of world’s industrial electricity consumption is related to compressed air generation. This equals to five per cent of the world’s electricity consumption. Because of this, huge global markets throughout all sectors of industry have opened up for the oil-free, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free new generation turbo compressor developed by Tampere-based Tamturbo.


ompressed air is needed in all industrial facilities worldwide. “The demand for compressed air continuously rises with the industrial growth and ever-growing automation. In addition, the number of applications requiring oil-free compressed air increases all the time,” says Timo Pulkki, CEO. “Replacing the old compressed air technology with our technology would cut industrial energy costs by 10-20%. On the global scale, this would mean truly significant power consumption savings,” Pulkki points out. Currently, 30 per cent of the world’s industrial compressed air is oil-free, and the share is expected to exceed 50 per cent by the year 2020. “The future of compressed air business is energy-efficient, oil-free and, maintenance-free, which means transition to direct drive turbo compressors. Technological development and increase in demand will triple the markets for our turbo technology on the global scale,” Pulkki concludes.

Maintenance-free and risk-free turbo compressor

The turbo compressor is based on the high-speed electric motor technology developed in Finland since the 1980s. It utilises magnetic bearing motors with the motor shaft and turbo impellers directly attached to it floating in the air. “Since the rotor and the impellers are not in contact with anything, no mechanical losses or wear occur,” explains Kimmo Pyykönen, Sales Director of Tamturbo. The direct drive turbo compressors by Tamturbo do not include a gearbox. This allows avoiding the need for lubrication, mechanical losses, wear, and the need for expensive maintenance. There is not a single drop of oil in the industrial compressors manufactured by Tamturbo, which means that oil cannot end up in the compressed air even theoretically. “During the life cycle, as compared to traditional oil-free screw compressors, our technol-

Kimmo Pyykönen, Sales Director of Tamturbo.

ogy will save 20-30 per cent of the electricity and maintenance costs. In most cases, the cost of our comprehensive leasing service is equal to the savings achieved. This means that the customer is not required to make an investment, and the capital formerly tied up in compressors can be freed for core business activities,” Pyykönen says. TEXT: EA


Hartwall Original Long Drink is well on its way to conquer the world Hartwall Original Long Drink® is a refreshing mix of Finnish premium gin and grapefruit soda that has charmed Finns for decades. This unique, world’s first cocktail in a can, was developed for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. Now this iconic drink is well on its way to conquer the world.


artwall Original Long Drink was originally developed for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. For the first time ever, Helsinki was going to be packed with visitors from all over the world. Since the local restaurants didn´t have enough manpower to serve them, Hartwall brewery developed an innovation: a cocktail in a can, easy to serve and ready to drink. “Hartwall Original Long Drink was supposed to be served only for the Olympic visitors, but since Finns fell so much in love with it, the production has continued ever since. Moreover, it even created a whole new category of ’long drinks’ in Finland – better known as ’lonkero’ among the Finns”, says Eeva Ignatius, Brand Manager of the Hartwall Original Long Drink. Original recipe

Hartwall Original Long Drink is a mix of Finnish premium gin and grapefruit soda. “The gin man-

“All the gin ingredients are hand-selected.”

ufacturing process is a carefully cherished artisan work, and the drink is still produced according to the original recipe from 1952. All the gin ingredients are hand-selected, and the final quality is ensured with triple filtering. The original taste, a mix of gin and grapefruit, is totally unique and cannot be found anywhere in the world.” Finnish icon

Year after year, Hartwall Original Long Drink rules the sales statistic as Top 1 alcoholic beverage in Finland. “It is a true Finnish icon and many Finns consider it as our national drink. Even

the package symbolizes our national heritage as the blue and white colours come from the Finnish flag. The thin white stripes on the other hand symbolize the running track of Helsinki Olympic stadium and remind us of the history.” Conquering the world has begun

Now Hartwall Original Long Drink has started to conquer the world convincingly. The long-waited sales started in Sweden in April 2015 and the drink was an immediate success in the Swedish liquor store Systembolaget. At the same time, Hartwall signed a distribution contract in the Netherlands and Belgium. The drink has already gained a strong foothold in the Baltics and more markets are to be opened. “Hartwall Original Long Drink was originally invented to be shared with the world and now it is about to happen”, Ignatius concludes. TEXT: MH