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“Traditional furnishing is simply not enough anymore.“

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University of Applied Sciences 6 Askola has excellent conditions for both residential and business developments 6 Update your interior design – and save energy 7 Future drivers will also be Roadscanners 8 All-inclusive expertise 9 Versatile and ecological school buildings 10 A cure that breathes 11 Is your business smothered by all the legal requirements demanded for your operations? 12 Mobidiag’s new diagnostics tool revolutionises the market 13 Analysis of public image gives new leverage for business planning and target setting 14 Finnish quality in the sky 15 A great market potential for hygiene products: the demand for Airlaid Nonwoven Technology is growing around the World

“Last summer we had students from as many as 19 different countries.“



“We can ensure moisture does not condense in the insulation layers inside the buildings.“


“Quicker and more accurate treatment decisions help to avoid unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics.”

THIS ISSUE OF PROFESSIONALS gives you an insight into companies active in international markets. They will tell customers about their solutions and services. Innovations, competence, products and processes are all aimed at bringing state of the art solutions and services to the global market. PROFESSIONALS is a publication produced by Editor Helsinki. Editor Helsinki is an independent expert in business communications. We work in close co-operation with the leading media houses and reach the business decision makers in Finland. For additional information, please contact Valtteri Rantalainen | +358 40 561 7703 PRODUCTION TEAM: Managing producer: Valtteri Rantalainen Layout: Pirja Suotamo and Hanna Voutilainen Editors: Maija-Liisa Saksa (MLS), Mia Heiskanen (MH) Cover photo by Lunden Architecture Company Printed by PunaMusta FEEDBACK TO EDITOR HELSINKI | +358 40 561 7703


The Suurpelto city concept aims to be ecologically sustainable. New and innovative solutions will increase energy efficiency in both construction and society.

A NEW KIND OF THINKING ABOUT CONSTRUCTION ICON Real Estate Funds, established in 2010, is boldly taking the traditional high-rise building into a more ecological and smarter direction. The goal is to build tomorrow’s homes today.


ounded in 2010, ICON Real Estate Funds Ltd. is one of Finland’s most lucrative real estate investment funds, the heads of which, Markus Havulehto and Teemu Nuutinen, have no lack of courage or vision. – We build environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient buildings, for a better tomorrow as well as a tangible profit today. Energy efficiency is close to our hearts, and it will become an even stronger emphasis in the future, Havulehto summarized. ICON especially focuses its investments in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and growth centers. – The Helsinki Metropolitan Area is currently home to about 1.4 million people, and it is estimated that by 2050, the figure will be more than 2 million, Nuutinen says. The idea behind the company’s thinking, then, is to follow the global trend of urbanization. – It is predicted that in the next 40 years, the number of buildings constructed across the world will be equal to the number that has been constructed during the entire history of human civilization to date, says Havulehto, smiling.

We also want to be the trendsetters in taking advantage of the potential of innovation and digitalization, because we feel that in this area, construction is still dramatically lagging behind other sectors. Digitalization makes possible effective metering, for example, which enables measurement of all assets used by the customer per apartment, up to and including heating, Havulehto says. A new way of thinking is also being introduced into construction solutions. – For instance, even the smallest of the apartments requiring a sauna will not need to lose a square meter of space to have one. The sauna will be placed on the roof and can be run by an outside entrepreneur, accessed using a smart key, and paid for according to use. Even the door to your home may be opened by a smart key, the losing of which does not mean the replacement of the whole lock system. Small things that, at the end of the day, do have a significant importance, Nuutinen concludes.


Many of these ideas will be materialized in the coming years in Suurpelto, Espoo. ICON Real Estate Funds Ltd. will manage the Suurpelto central block project (ICON Plaza), in which there will be a four residential apartment complex. TEXT: MH

What kind of real estate is needed in the future? ICON believes firmly in ecological values. – Our vision for the future is to build self-sufficient buildings that produce their own energy.


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olours do matter, says Nanna Ihamäki. Nanna works as a designer at Messukeskus and is known for her bold use of colours and diverse materials. Her aim is to create spaces where people want to return again and again. – In Messukeskus we reinvent ourselves constantly as we aim to provide our customers with the opportunity to organise their events in an energising yet functional environment. We listen to our customers and are always on the look-out for new ideas to develop. Comprehensive renovations were carried out this summer with an emphasis on comfort, ergonomics and a stimulating atmosphere. NO MORE JUST WHITE WALLS

Nanna designed the interiors for the new RENTO and LOISTO meeting rooms as well as the ecologically-oriented restaurant Olohuone. Her designs have already gained attention and acclaim. – Traditional furnishing is simply not enough anymore. Previously, customers arranged and outfitted the rooms, and the materials produced at meetings found their way onto plain white walls. Now people also want the meeting room to inspire them. The vision of Messukeskus is to provide a stimulating, people-friendly and economical meeting venue, and this applies to our interior too, Nanna explains. Ergonomics is an important part of well-being at work, which, in turn, is reflected in the competitiveness of companies. When people feel good at work, they work more effectively. The environment

Interior designer Nanna Ihamäki was interviewed by Marketing Manager Kaisa Siipilehto, who participated in creating new concepts for the meeting facilities at Messukeskus.

in which you spend your whole work day is not insignificant, regardless of whether we are talking about the office, or a training day location. FUNCTIONALITY IS THE KEY

Nanna provided flexibility and a personal touch to our meeting rooms. RENTO’s tables can be tilted and fully adjusted according to one’s height. Chairs and tables are easy to move, and adapt easily to the day’s event as they can be rearranged from a classroom setting into other settings ideal for team work, for example. In RENTO up to 40 people can meet in a relaxed and inspiring environment. RENTO is a windowless space, so colourful and lively wallpapers and furnishings were chosen to create a cheerful and light-filled atmosphere. Yellow is known for its ability to increase concentration, and green reminds us of nature and has a calming and relaxing effect on us. All this makes RENTO particularly suitable for all kinds of trainings and seminars. LOISTO is the diamond of our meeting facilities. The elegant salon and the sturdy meeting table accommodate up to 14 persons. – I wanted to create a dark-coloured and dignified space that nonetheless has some character. The humoristic fish pattern in the wallpaper gives a certain lightness even to more formal meetings, and the shiny brass details add a touch of luxury. This is a meeting room where you want to invite customers to pamper them with a little luxury. LOISTO is particularly well-suited for board meetings and elegant dinners to celebrate success, added Nanna.

RENTO is a windowless space, where colorful and lively wall-papers create a cheerful atmosphere.

LOISTO room is a luxurious room suitable for meetings and gatherings with a core team. | |


Studying at Lapland University of Applied Sciences is as exhilarating as catching the biggest fish.

CATCH THE BIGGEST FISH AT LAPLAND UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Lapland University of Applied Sciences is a place where you can combine high-standard studies for an Englishlanguage International Business or ICT degree or various special training programs, along with a pristine and natural living environment, to create an unforgettable life experience.


apland University of Applied Sciences is a leader in utilising new technologies and implementing rapidly-evolving digitalisation in the study programmes they offer. – We have one master’s degree and two bachelor’s degree programmes, which can be completed in English. The master’s degree programme is available as distance learning, which makes it suitable for those with a full-time job as well as for those who do not live in Finland, says Leena Alalääkkölä, the Director of Commerce and Cultural Expertise. Digitalisation will have a significant role in the new curriculum. Additionally, a new Business Digitalisation Educational programme was introduced this fall. Our educational and training programmes in English mainly centre on ICT and International Business. Co-operation with companies forms a significant part of the studies.

“International studies in a pristine and quiet natural environment.” – A theoretical base is, of course, important, but research and development activities have an ever-increasing role in the new curriculum. We have project partners all over the world, and our students have the chance to participate in international projects and gain experience in the actual

business world and simultaneously get the feeling they have contributed to something important and meaningful, Ms Alalääkkölä explains. Alongside studies leading to a degree, the Lapland University of Applied Sciences offers other study programmes, too. Arctic Summer School was launched in 2015, and everyone is welcome to attend the courses. – At the Summer School you can earn up to 30 Business and ICT credits in a very international atmosphere. Lectures are given by excellent foreign lecturers in co-operation with the Fulbright organisation. Last summer we had students from as many as 19 different countries, says lecturer Teresa Chen with a smile. Additionally, Lapland University of Applied Sciences provides training for foreign customers. Last August, 19 students from India completed a five-credit study programme in Innovation as a part of their master’s degree. The course focused on Scandinavian family entrepreneurship in particular. Training courses for foreigners wishing to apply for a place at an applied science university in Finland, as well as education export trainings for potential clients, have been organised abroad. The latest development is the four-week Artic Winter School in February 2017, which takes place in Rovaniemi. Alongside their studies, the students have the opportunity to experience spectacular Lapland with its snow, ice and northern lights and even meet Santa Claus. TEXT: MLS

Summer School students may earn up to 30 credits in Business and ICT studies while enjoying beautiful and quiet Lapland at the Tornio campus near the Swedish border, where the sun never sets during the long summer nights.

The bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Lapland University of Applied Sciences are also available in English. Co-operation with international companies is greatly emphasised in the study programmes.


“Askola is growing and developing,” Jouni Martikainen

ASKOLA HAS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS FOR BOTH RESIDENTIAL AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS Askola, located in eastern Uusimaa, offers an excellent environment for living, working and entrepreneurial activities. The region is on the outskirts of the Helsinki metropolitan area, within just a half hour driving distance.


any people pass through on a daily basis, for example, on their way to the city. From the perspective of corporate activities, we are located on the so-called Ring V, which provides excellent logistical connections in all directions, says Acting Mayor Jouni Martikainen. The location also offers great potential for affordable construction and living. The municipality offers plots of land at constant prices. Both forest and field plots are available for the development of single-family dream houses for 23 EUR per square meter, and plots for corporate construction offering excellent transport connections for 14 EUR per square meter. Active zoning enables us to keep the desired plots available all the time. – The number of inhabitants of Askola has increased since the year 2000, on average, one percent per annum, which, in addition to enlarging public services, has also enhanced the range of private services. Detached houses are integrated into a traditional rural environment – for example, the Porvoo River Valley landscape area, a national treasure, crosses through the municipality, Martikainen explains. – Our location is simply top-notch for entrepreneurship, for example with respect to the easy transport of goods to many destinations, such as to the Porvoo refinery, the Vuosaari harbor or the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, concludes Martikainen. TEXT & PHOTO: KAI LINTINEN



he new AirD is a unique system that individually adjusts ventilation for various rooms. AirD makes rooms more comfortable by keeping the air fresh and healthy. AirD also reduces energy costs significantly and opens up new possibilities for interior design. The stylish AirD terminal equipment replaces ordinary supply air grilles and can be entirely customised according to the required size, shape and material. AirD separately adjusts ventilation for each room and ensures optimal ventilation in every space. AirD is an ecological solution that helps to save up to 35 % in energy costs, as air “follows” people from one room to another. – AirD’s stylish ventilation terminals constantly monitor ventilation. If increased ventilation is required in one room, the settings are changed for this room only, explains Leena Salmi, Sales and Marketing Manager at AirD. The system is based on an innovative and fully real-time patented technology. This makes AirD ideal for cruise ships, hotels, schools and offices – basically, any space in which comfort and fresh air are very important and where energy costs for ventilation tend to be high. TEXT: MLS

Save up to 35% in energy costs. Stylish AirD terminals are individually designed to suit each particular interior. The system may be equipped with lights to create a cosier atmosphere.

AirD Fin Oy is a Finnish family-run business. The compact and high-quality AirD systems are made of recycled materials and are designed and produced in Finland.


FUTURE DRIVERS WILL ALSO BE ROADSCANNERS The nature of motoring will change as autonomous cars come on the market, but as they still do not fly through the air new problems will also develop. Have you ever thought that in the future an autonomous car could be a Road Scanner, which monitors the condition of the road? How? Let us tell you now.


n the future, there will be more and more autonomous vehicles on the road, which drive in accordance with programmed rules. – It may mean that the autonomous car will not react, for example, to a big pothole, but will just drive over it. With more and more cars doing that, there will soon be a larger pothole, which can become a source of danger. Road conditions will, therefore, become subject to different problems with the growing number of autonomous cars. That is why these new cars need to have sensors that automatically report the condition of the road to the road authorities, and also to other autonomous cars. All autonomous cars could operate as active Roadscanners, envisions President and CEO of Roadscanners Oy, Timo Saarenketo. NO PROBLEMS, ONLY OPPORTUNITIES

Saarenketo points out that autonomous cars drive on the road as if on rails, without wander in the sidewards. This will lead to a situation where the road surfaces will suffer increasing fatique and wear, and the need for repaving roads will escalate accordingly. – If we can manage road repairs more intelligently, then we are way ahead in our preparation for the future, Saarenketo explained. Saarenketo estimates that the share of autonomous cars in 2025 could be close to half of the total global fleet of cars. – The automotive industry and road administrators need to cooperate in order to turn the challenges into opportunities with the help of new

technology. At Roadscanners, we – as a dynamic developer of road network monitoring and maintenance products - are ready to make our contribution to this state-of-the-art vision of the future. ROADSCANNERS DIVES BENEATH THE SURFACE

What is happening in the field of traffic digitalization, i.e. the field of intelligent transport and autonomous cars, directly overlaps with Roadscanners’ core competence. – Digitalization has been the starting point of Roadscanners’ product development for the past ten years. The basic story is that we can now make

Data Analysis Maintenance Design

Road Doctor Survey Van Detailed road surface and subsurface diagnostics

a digital model of the road – but this is hardly anything new. What is cutting-edge is the fact that we can visually dive below the surface and make a digital image from underneath the road, in order to see what condition the road structures are in, Saarenketo added, as he outlined the new technology. If the structural condition of the road is poor, the functional condition is also automatically reduced, and this is economically very important. Proactive maintenance conducted on the basis of sensor data can significantly save on the annual costs of paving. But in addition to serving the interests of road owners and contractors, the sensor technology and the other Roadscanners products can enhance driving safety and comfort for motorists and aid car manufacturers in offering a safer, more comfortable vehicle. However, because the sensors of different car producers will differ from one another, it will be necessary to calibrate all the information conveyed by them at regular intervals. – And at Roadscanners, we have a functional solution for that as well, Saarenketo declares. TEXT: MH | |

Road Data Center

Maintenance Contractor

• Road condition data • Warnings • Structural data • Maintenance status data

Your Vehicle

Monitoring and receiving road condition and other data

Maintenance Truck Patching, de-icing and snow removal

• Daily maintenance operations control • Proactive maintenance design


Maintenance operation guidance and control


Regularly operating truck measuring route condition


ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPERTISE Best Hall Oy is a full-service specialist in erecting membrane cladded steel structured buildings, which today can be found around the world. Football in Iceland is played in buildings by Best-Hall, and JFK airport has a huge hangar through which jumbo jets thunder.


est-Hall is able to get the job done because of its professional experience since 1975. The company has produced more than 4,000 warehouses, as well as industrial and sports buildings all over the world. – We are a full-service provider, providing the customer with their desired building type as a turnkey delivery. Our service also covers all the building investment-related areas, from contacting the authorities all the way to the design, production, accessories, installation, maintenance and any future repurposing needs of the building, President and CEO Leif Fagernäs says. It has always been important for Best Hall to keep the know-how in their own hands. – We do not buy from random outside sources because the necessary technical and economic expertise can be found inside our own house. This way the customers can be confident that they will receive from us a guaranteed high-quality total solution, Fagernäs went on to say. MEMBRANE COVERED BUILDINGS THAT STAND UP TO HEAVY WEAR

The core of our activities centers on membrane covered buildings and related applications. BestHall’s PVC-covered steel-framed building will withstand time, weather, and transfers. The long

lifespan, durability, and versatility of the building makes it an option that allows a company to boost its long-term business. The durability of the building becomes particularly evident in circumstances where there are hard snow loads and otherwise harsh climatic conditions. THE WORLD’S LARGEST MICROWAVE OVEN

For example, Best-Hall has built facilities for football in Iceland, where the wind velocity may be greater than 50 meters per second. – We want, of course, to be able to claim that we have, with our expertise, contributed to the international success of Icelandic football, Fagernäs laughs. Another interesting example can be found at New York’s JFK airport. – There an aircraft de-icing hangar was completed ten years ago. It is the world’s largest microwave oven, because, inside the hangar, ice and snow are melted off of huge jumbo jets before they roll onto the runway. HYBRID BUILDINGS – STATE OF THE ART

Hybrid buildings represent the newest direction in Best-Hall’s product development. – Hybrid buildings are a cost-effective alter-

native that offers the best benefits of a PVC-covered building, and a fixed prefabricated building. When the client has to have an operating or production space quickly and without risk, the Hybrid and the unbroken dry chain of its construction process is an unbeatable combination. We are pleased that with this line we have succeeded in combining 40 years of experience in delivering membrane cladded buildings with truly state-of-the-art new solutions. The Hybrid structure also gives companies the opportunity to brand the building impressively according to their own look. TEXT: MH


Elemenco Oy’s stylish buildings are versatile and easy to convert, for example, from a school into a day care centre, or into an assisted-living facility.

350 pupils are currently studying in the modern 1,200+ m2 school building in Ukraine.

The school principal Ms Galina Luhova thanks Mr Antero Vartiainen, the CEO of Elemenco Oy, at the handing-over ceremony.

VERSATILE AND ECOLOGICAL SCHOOL BUILDINGS Eastern Ukrainian children, who had escaped the war in the western side of the country, just started their school year in a brand-new, modern and ecologically-designed school building. Finnish Elemenco Oy, a company specializing in building schools and day care facilities from pre-fabricated units, supplied the new school house.


lemenco Oy has produced and erected circa 50 school buildings, day care centres and assisted-living facilities in Finland to date. This project in Ukraine was of key importance to our export activities. The school building was delivered as a part of a humanitarian aid programme funded by the Finnish government, and despite the challenging location, the construction work went smoothly and was completed in time. Roads are currently in quite bad shape in Ukraine, so we decided to opt for large sandwich elements instead of the prefabricated units we usually use, and all in all 28 trucks were needed to transport the large horizontal elements to the building site. The wooden floors, intermediate floors, walls, and ceilings were carefully packed in Finland and erected on site in Herson, which is only 100 kilometres from Crimea, says Mr Antero Vartaiainen, CEO of Elemenco Oy. The latest solar energy technology was utilised, and together with an air-to-water heat pump system the building actually produces more energy

No problems with mould or excessive moisture. than it needs for air conditioning, heating, and for other energy demands. The solar air-conditioning system was supplied by Savosolar Oy, located in Mikkeli, Eastern Finland. Elemenco Oy has supplied mobile day care centres and school buildings for over ten years now. The company’s new premises in Kaavi, in Eastern Finland, have enabled a further increase in production capacity, and turnover is expected to double next year. ELEMENCO OY’S STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDE VARIOUS BENEFITS

– Our buildings do not have mould or moisturerelated problems because suspended ground floors are used, and a ventilated base floor prevents moisture from entering the structure. Addition-

Architect Eero Lunden designed an impressive and ecologically sound wooden school building for his business partners.

ally, the units are manufactured indoors and are protected from moisture already in the manufacturing phase. The buildings are extremely versatile as well as mobile, which opens up many new possibilities according to need. – A day care centre is easily converted into a school, or into an assisted-living building, Vartiainen pointed out, summing up how the users of the buildings benefit from the structural solutions. TEXT: MLS


A CURE THAT BREATHES Our buildings are falling prey to moisture and mould. It has swept over us almost like a disease. Walki has the cure.


ccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 80 % of all problems with building constructions are caused by moisture. Trapped moisture, either due to external intrusion or condensation from within, causes dampness, which further damages structures. The need to find ways to avoid structural damages to the buildings caused by this dampness has been apparent. Walki decided to take on the challenge. The result is Walki®Active, a dual-purpose, vapour variable membrane made from PP non-woven and a functional film layer. – In many countries, plastic films or other tight vapour barriers are commonly used as moisture barriers, and that triggers moisture challenges, says Heikki Korpela, Business Development Director, Walki’s CEO Leif Frilund

Technology & Innovations at Walki. Designed to adapt to environmental and climatic changes, Walki®Active’s key feature is its variable water vapour barrier property. It’s particularly suitable in countries where there big variations in temperature. – When the air humidity is low, the vapour barrier property of our laminate is high, and when the humidity is high, the barrier is low, explains Korpela. So in winter when it is warmer indoors than outdoors, vapour tends to flow from inside to outside but the functional film layer acts as a vapour barrier. This ensures that virtually no vapour can flow into the structure during cold weather. During summer, on the other hand, the coextruded special film opens to allow water vapour to flow from outside to inside. – By using this membrane, we can ensure moisture does not condense in the insulation layers inside the buildings, Korpela says. Walki’s CEO Leif Frilund has big plans for Walki®Active. – The construction industry is looking for ways

to improve the quality and lifespan of buildings. Better buildings are also the sustainable option from an environmental point of view. Having started with Germany, Walki intends to expand to other European markets. The disease of mouldy buildings is about to be halted. | |

Walki will participate in the BAU fair in Munich in January 2017 for the first time. BAU gathers everyone involved in the international community of planning, building and designing buildings. More than 250 000 visitors come every year from all corners of the world to see what the 2000 exhibitors from more than 42 countries have to offer.



Companies are now facing a huge – and growing – number of requirements, and non-compliance can pose a big risk. Is your company informed about all the requirements and all the changing demands? ENW can help you take full control of this situation.


good example is the new European Union data protection reform laws coming into force in 2018, which put new obligations on companies. – The new Data Protection Regulations apply to all businesses regardless of industry and mean that, depending on the seriousness of the issue, the company may be subject to millions of euros in penalties if it leaks personal information or if it is stolen, ENW Management Oy’s Managing Director, Marko Kiema, explains. EU regulations are just one example of the requirements and obligations. Obligations also arise, for example, from standards and bilateral supplier contracts. The big question is, therefore, how the company ensures that its entire supply chain meets the obligations of the legislation. It is a major challenge in a networked operating environment. FOCUS ON RELEVANT ISSUES

According to Kiema, it is quite normal that a company may have to comply with up to one hundred different standards. The identification and monitoring of the operational regulations and laws is a separate matter, an almost impossible task, particularly for smaller companies. – There is no question that the company would have to comply with each requirement to the smallest detail. The most important thing is to identify the requirements that must be complied with fully, as well as those for which there is no reason to be so worried about. Thus energy can

be directed to the relevant issues of the company, Kiema further clarified. FULL-SPECTRUM MANAGEMENT OF REGULATION THROUGH ENW

How will ENW help with the overall management of your business? In Kiema’s words, ENW’s role is to translate legal requirements into the starting points for planned business developments in such a way that the company’s operations are less risky, more efficient and more profitable.

To solve this challenge, we developed LAWLY, an online legal watch and compliance management tool. So inevitably, with our help, the company can be more productive in their business. The whole company will be dissected in terms of legal requirements, followed by an examination of the other requirements relevant to the business. After the basic study, a dissection review will take place, analysing how the requirements have been met so far. A goal will be set and a plan will be made on how the objective(s) can be achieved and how it (they) can be maintained, so that risks are under control. It pays to use external expertise of the kind ENW provides, in order for evaluation work to be carried out objectively and systematically. TEXT: MH

LAWLY is an online monitoring service LAWLY is an online legal watch and compliance management tool, which allows the company to follow the laws and regulations that affect its operations. • Health and safety • Environment • Food safety • ICT and data protection • Vehicle • HR (pending) • Finance (pending) | | | |


MOBIDIAG’S NEW DIAGNOSTICS TOOL REVOLUTIONISES THE MARKET Innovative molecular diagnostics help to avoid unneccessary use of antibiotics and enable a quicker and more accurate treatment decision.


obidiag, a company specialising in molecular diagnostics, will soon launch its Novodiag platform. The new platform enables quicker and more accurate treatment decisions, helping to avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics. – Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are important factors in modern healthcare. At the present time, antibiotic resistance is on the rise and more powerful antibiotics are soon likely to prove ineffective unless they are prescribed and taken appropriately. All this calls for new diagnostic methods that enable quicker and more accurate treatment decisions, and help to avoid unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics, says Tuomas Tenkanen, the CEO of Mobidiag. According to Mr Tenkanen, molecular diagnostics enable quick and accurate detection of the bacteria and viruses causing the disease, but the obstacles are the technically-challenging expensive equipment and tests. TACKLING THE CHALLENGES WITH TWO PRODUCT LINES

This is why Mobidiag is now resolutely focusing on tackling these two challenges in the modern healthcare sector. – Large hospital laboratories need a system that is able to handle a large number of samples

efficiently and in an automated manner. We developed the Amblidiag product line – which has already been launched – for this purpose. The product line enables extensive laboratory testing for intestinal infections, including for so-called super bacteria – and the products have been extremely well received in the marketplace, Mr Tenkanen adds. Small and medium-sized laboratories, on the other hand, need a system which enables easy handling of the samples and quick analysis results without the user needing to know anything about how the technology inside the cassette works. The Novodiag product line is Mobidiag’s answer to these needs. QUICK, INEXPENSIVE AND EXACT DIAGNOSTICS

Novodiag’s key idea is to enable the doctor to test for and identify several health issues with a single assay, without the need to deliberate on what exactly to test for. If the patient has diarrhoea, for example, one cassette enables broad testing of the bacteria causing the symptoms. – There are quite a few germs which do not need any treatment, so when we know exactly which bacteria are causing the symptoms, antibiotics are no longer required as a ‘just in case’ rem-

edy. All phases of the diagnostic cycle are carried out automatically inside the disposable cassette, and the test results are available in 1 to 1.5 hours. An additional benefit of the simple and inexpensive Novodiag cassette is the fact that most of the technology is located inside the equipment, Mr Tenkanen says. TEXT: MH Interested? | |

Mobidiag is a biotechnology company specialising in developing and marketing novel, innovative solutions for molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases. Established in 2000, Mobidiag has served the European clinical diagnostics market with its multiplex Prove-it™ product family since 2008. In 2013, Mobidiag merged with a diagnostic platform developer Genewave and a stool-based clinical assay development company Amplidiag, complementing our capabilities in developing and offering industry-leading diagnostic solutions and solidifying our position in the field of molecular diagnostics.





here is no point in collecting data, if you do not know what to do with it, says Annele Aerikkala, CEO of Meedius International, the first Full Member of AMEC in Finland. AMEC is the International association for the measurement and evaluation of communication for leading companies in the field. Meedius International is a modern and experienced provider of comprehensive media monitoring & evaluation services. The company originates in the Nordic & Baltic countries, with a wide global partner and client network. The team at Meedius has well over 15 years of experience in full Reputation Management and Market Intelligence services, which has made the company a prominent and agile player in the market. There are people behind each analysis we do, not just computer calculated algorithms, says CEO Annele Aerikkala. She gives an example of Coca-Cola for whom Meedius International provides both daily publicity reports and evaluation services covering 14 countries. The analysis is based on variables such as the quantity of publicity over time, how wide an audience was reached,

the tone of the publicity, as well as which themes and key messages were discussed in the media locally and internationally. Our clients also get a chance to benchmark themselves against other actors in the business field, and can thus take advantage of best practices. The Meedius experts help the clients understand and interpret the results of the media reputation analysis, explains Sanna Kurkela, SVP and Head of the Analysis and Consultative services. All of our services have the human touch, and our solutions are always tailor-made for each client. Meedius International has been accepted as Full Member of the International association for the measurement and evaluation of communication AMEC, as the first evaluation company in Finland. CEO Aerikkala is excited over the achievement and states that the AMEC Membership allows Meedius access to an even wider international network and to using the latest evaluation methods, which will benefit all of our clients.

Meedius International´s Annele Aerikkala and Sanna Kurkela received the appreciated international Corporate Image Analysis Award in London, June 2016.

Annele Aerikkala sums up the Meedius approach as B-to-B and P-to-P, since working with people and for people is the key in our services – because it is the people that make the companies succeed. We also give our international clients the possibility to measure their achievements and see the results both centralized and with a local view. And we combine our experience and knowledge with modern tools and technologies at their best.

| |

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FINNISH QUALITY IN THE SKY In aviation, safety always comes first. Because of this, manufacture of aircraft components is a tightly controlled and licensed business. Besides Finnair and Patria, Tampere-based Tammer-Suoja is the only company in Finland licensed to manufacture and sell aviation upholstery and interior components to airlines and the Finnish Air Force.


ounded in 1983, Oy Tammer-Suoja Ab is also known as a motor vehicle seat cover and blanket manufacturer. Kari Talja, CEO of Tammer-Suoja, tells that the company recognizes its social responsibility and intends to operate and employ in Finland in the future as well. – In airplanes, trains and coaches, the quality needs to comply with strict standards, and if we do everything in our own plant here in Tampere, we can control the quality more closely, Talja says. The company is focused on constant innovation and invests in product development and security of supply. – We haven’t had a delivery delay for three years. Of our staff of thirty people, four are engaged in product development. Our customers rely on us – Finnair, for example, has ordered from us carpets and replaceable seat covers for their Airbus A350 airplanes first in Europe, Talja says. TRACEABILITY GUARANTEES QUALITY

When Kari Talja acquired Tammer-Suoja together with a capital investor in 2003, the company was already involved to some extent in subcontracting-based manufacture of seat covers for airplanes and coaches. – We started making seat covers for

trains as well. At the same time, we developed and expanded our aviation operations. When the recession started in 2007, airlines used to buy the materials by themselves and send them to companies like us for the production. We believed that delivery of completed goods under part numbers would be more reasonable, and so we applied for an aircraft components manufacturing licence. We were granted the POA21 licence in 2009, and now we also purchase the raw materials on behalf of the airlines. They only order finished products from us, Talja explains. Tammer-Suoja issues airworthiness certificates to its products, which means that the company takes responsibility for that the products conform to approved design criteria and can be used on board aircraft. – Material batches delivered to us must be accompanied by fire safety certificates proving that each batch complies with the requirements. The products manufactured by us must also be traceable – in other words, bear a part number, manufacturing date, batch, manufacturer, and licence number. Fire safety is the most important characteristic of aircraft interior materials. If an upholstery or interior fabric on board an aircraft is set on fire, it must go out by itself and formation of combustion gases is not allowed. Tammer-Suoja purchases most of the upholstery and interior materials from a Swiss manufacturer that has its own laboratories for the testing of materials as required by licence conditions. TEXT: EA | |

Kari Talja, CEO of Tammer-Suoja

“If we make the products in our own plant in Tampere, we can control the quality more closely.”


Airlaid paper applications include towels » sanitary napkins » diapers » bibs » pads » napkins » tablecloths » hospital products


THE DEMAND FOR AIRLAID NONWOVEN TECHNOLOGY IS GROWING AROUND THE WORLD As the population increases, ages and prospers, the demand for hygiene, hospital, and table top products made of absorbent airlaid paper increases. Airlaid paper is a so-called nonwoven product. The Finnish company Anpap Oy designs, manufactures and supplies efficient, reliable airlaid nonwoven machines globally based on decades of experience.


hereas up to two hundred litres of water are needed to produce a kilogram of ordinary wet-laid paper, production of a kilogram of airlaid paper only takes about one litre of water. – In a wet-laid paper machine, hydrogen forms bonds between the pulp fibres, whereas in an airlaid machine the fibres are bonded by gluing, inter alia. This creates an absorbent, wet-strong, soft, fabric-like and environmentally friendly product, explains Asko Vihtakari, President of Anpap. Airlaid paper applications include towels, sanitary napkins, diapers, bibs, pads, napkins, tablecloths, and hospital products. In case of many hospital products, plastic is laminated on one side of the product, thereby creating durable, hygienic wash gloves, pillowcases, surgical sheets, etc. Marko Mäntylä, Vice President of Anpap, tells that markets for airlaid products and manufacturing machinery enjoy strong growth because of increased consumption of hygienic and wiping products, among other reasons.


“The markets for airlaid products and machines for manufacture thereof enjoy strong growth because of increased consumption of hygienic and wiping products.” The consumption increases – the people are getting older and require incontinence protection products. Airlaid paper is an important raw material for diaper and female sanitary napkin production. As the amount of money available for consumption increases in developing countries, the demand for the aforementioned and hospital products increases. According to Mäntylä, in North America, the value of hygienic products manufacture doubled between 2003 and 2013. In emerging markets, such as Indonesia, India, and Kazakhstan, the use of hygiene products annually increases by almost 20 %. – As the population in countries with high birth rates increases, the market potential of disposable diapers grows.

The history of Anpap builds on the efforts of the Jylhävaara workshop airlaid group of United Paper Mills and the technology group of Walkisoft business unit, which was later acquired by Buckeye Technologies Inc. from the USA. Anpap became an entirely Finnish-owned company on 1st of July 2002. Long experience and unique understanding of airlaid process and machine design have created long lasting and close international customer relations. Machinery and equipment are being continually developed and tested in practice in order to ensure our position at the forefront of innovation. Research and development often take place in cooperation with the customers. Modern companies producing airlaid materials require reliable, competitive and efficient machinery. Because of this, advanced material manufacturers invest into our machines, Vihtakari says. TEXT: EA