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northern lights, and Ivalo is no exception. Hotel Ivalo and Aurora Village, ran by family Suomalainen, best chances in the North Calotte to see nature’s own light show in the peacefulness of the wilderness.


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”Our guides are skilled photographers, who after an excursion send the customers pictures by e-mail.”

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A northern lights excursion is rich in atmosphere, and even indoors: in a covered and heated glass- roofed sleigh, pulled by a snowmobile.

Family Business Invites You To Their

sky,Winter so you Adventures can admire the dance of the Inslow Ivalo | Page 6 northern lights from your own bed. Each cabin also has a northern lights alert system.

A Strong Finnish Story Behind Finland 100th Jubilee Wines | Page 4 HOTEL IVALO Rooms: 92 rooms, 3 suites with sauna,

Cover Global Is Creating A Transparent World | Page 16


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Suomi – Finland 100 – A Trip Through Finnish Classical Music Food To Home Is The Food Ordering App That Gets You On The Map Anywhere In Europe A Strong Finnish Story Behind Finland 100th Jubilee Wines Family Business Invites You To Their Winter Adventures In Ivalo Escarmat Is The Place For Reliable Automation Know-How Mercedes-Benz #madeinuusikaupunki Is A Finnish Star Story From Sewing Machine Manufacturer To Becoming The Forerunner In User-Friendly Printing Technology Glycol Smell Kept In Check With Effe® Treatment Aviapolis Studios – The Upcoming Events Venue In The Nordic Region’s Most Interesting Metropolitan Area Innovation Is In Our Dna Senate Properties Offers Prime Areas For Development Automated Transport Works If Data Security Is Sophisticated Enough Saving Costs And Energy Building By Building Customised Transport Services Without Compromising On Quality Creating A Transparent World


9 “At Aviapolis Studios you can shoot live-event television productions and sell tickets for them.“


THIS ISSUE OF PROFESSIONALS celebrates the 100 year old Finland! It gives you an insight into companies active in international markets. Innovations, competence, products and processes are all aimed at bringing state of the art solutions and services to the global market. PROFESSIONALS is a publication produced by Editor Helsinki. Editor Helsinki is an independent expert in business communications. We work in close co-operation with the leading media houses and reach the business decision makers in Finland. For additional information, please contact Valtteri Rantalainen | +358 40 561 7703 PRODUCTION TEAM Managing producers: Christian Ehrström and Terhi Backman Layout: Hanna Voutilainen. Editors: David J. Cord (DC) Mia Heiskanen (MH), Eila Lokka (EL), Maija-Liisa Saksa (MLS), Anna Väre (AV). Cover photo by John Deere. Printed by PunaMusta

“FREJA offers flexible, customised transport solutions.”

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– A TRIP THROUGH FINNISH CLASSICAL MUSIC The Ondine compilation set ‘Suomi–Finland 100’ offers a magnificent crosssection of Finnish music from the past 100 years, including significant works from each decade.


ndine is a Finnish record label founded in 1985, specializing in classical music. With a catalogue of more than 600 releases to date, Ondine has established itself as one of the world’s most highly valued classical record labels. Its recordings by top artists and orchestras from Finland and abroad have received numerous international awards. “Our aim from the very first has been to present the best of Finland’s creative and performing musical arts. We are fortunate that Finland is so wonderfully rich in the field of classical music, and thus superb ground for a record label like Ondine,” says Ondine founder and CEO Reijo Kiilunen.

Finnish orchestral music, concertos, vocal music and chamber music. The set contains both celebrated works and lesser-known works that deserve a wider audience. The box set includes a booklet in Finnish and English exploring milestones in Finnish music over the past century, complementing the listener’s trip through the best classical music that Finland has to offer. MH Available at international web stores Visit us | |


To honor the centenary of Finland’s independence, Ondine is releasing a set of five compilation CDs, ‘Suomi–Finland 100’, showcasing

Tip! The Suomi–Finland 100 set makes an excellent business gift. Orders:

Innovation promotion


How it works PANTONE 369C





Go abroad, get hungry

Download the Food to Home app from Google Play or the App Store. When it’s time to eat, open the app and automatically find the best restaurants around you to select from. Browse, order from your favourite and pay for it up front – all within the app.



Are you heading to a European destination and already wondering how to find the best restaurants there? The good news is that by downloading the Food to Home mobile app you’re Finding food–on your travels about to become instantly connected to the local scene and able to order foodgreat online securely, andis in your the easiest part of your trip, thanks to the innovative own language, no matter where you are.

Feeling Uhungry?

sually, your first thought when arriving at a new destination is how to find the tastiest local restaurants – basically, where and how can you quickly find the best restaurants available? Food to Home Get whatever you fancy, solves that problem for you, since it is the first mobile restaurant service that worksyou in all are European wherever in languages the and countries. Meaning that, with its help, you´re immediateworld, with the the new ly up to date on the local restaurant map, and what’s more – in yourFood own language. to Home app ORDER, PICK UP AND EAT – WITHOUT HASSLE

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Perhaps on your travels, you’ve had that unexpected encounter of a restaurant that does not accept one of your cards or, because of connection problems, have had your card swiped so many times you dread what

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In practice, it works like this: With the Food to Home app you can already find 300,000 European restaurants. You have the opportunity to activate restaurants shown in the service, or any other restaurant into the service, by a personal code. When your restaurant registers in the online service, you will receive 30% of the turnover of every order made through Food to Home. The more restaurants you activate, the more you earn. MH

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Earn by activating restaurants

Your favourite restaurant isn’t using the Food to Home service yet? No problem - you have the opportunity to earn money by activating the restaurant using your personal code.



FINLAND 100th JUBILEE WINES Altia’s Wine Gallery – Suomi Finland 100 wine series, launched to celebrate the jubilee year of Finnish independence, intertwines Finnish history, art and the ageless Finnish Maiden. Even traditional wine houses make a toast to centenarian Finland!


he Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 wine series includes a red wine, white wine and champagne. Altia’s Brand Manager Laura Kuusela provides background on how the wine series for the jubilee year was created. “We thought that the centenarian, Finland, deserved worthy wines, and so we wanted to find wines which would have a link to Finnish history. In Alko’s archives, we found the pricelist published after the abolition of prohibition in 1932, and we saw that wines from Bordeaux and bubbly from Champagne in France were well represented. As a result, these formed obvious choices for areas of origin for the jubilee wines.


The theme of the Finnish jubilee year is Together, so the jubilee wines have also been born through cooperation. A team from Altia first crisscrossed France and made a pre-selection, on the basis of which 12 red and white wines as well as eight champagnes were chosen for a blind test by an expert panel. “The task of the expert panel was

not to choose their own favorites, but to choose wines that meet Finnish taste preferences. These wines should also be available for all Finns based on their price range.” TOVE JANSSON’S FRESCOES ON THE LABELS OF THE JUBILEE WINES

The Together theme was not only left to the contents of wine bottles, since the labels of the wines are decorated with the frescos Party in the Country and Party in the City, painted by beloved artist Tove Jansson in 1947. Kuusela thanks the Helsinki Art Museum, which mentioned Tove Jansson’s recently restored frescos. “The theme of Party in the Country and Party in the City stuck because this year Finns are celebrating together throughout Finland. Tove Jansson painted the frescos in 1947 to bring joy and ease to the war-torn country. We thought that the messages are still appropriate today. We were also glad that in this way we were able to present her as a versatile painting and visual artist.”


The Wine Gallery wines stem from traditional wineries. While enjoying the wines, you can also find confluences with Finland in the nuances of the wines. The Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 Bordeaux Rouge red wine comes from the Château Liversan vineyard estate in the HautCaroline Latrive is one of the few female cellar masters in Champagne.


Médoc area. The history of the estate stretches back to the 1850s. Bordeaux Rouge is a fullbodied red wine with balanced tannins. It was matured in oak barrels before vintner Philippe Marchal gave his bottling permission. “The red wine has good ageing potential, so it pays to buy an entire case and serve the wine on future Independence Days.”

”Oak is a good material for furniture - not wines.” - Count Stephan von Neipperg

The master minds behind the white wine are the von Neippergs, a noble family of German origin whose viticulture traditions stretch back 8oo years. Today, the vineyard estate is managed by Count Stephan von Neipperg, a valued wine grower in Bordeaux. “He is a funny gentleman, who has said that oak is a wonderful thing – but only in furniture!” The Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 Bordeaux Blanc has a fresh acidity and it goes perfectly with different fish dishes in the Christmas table, for instance. The jubilee year wine series is rightfully rounded off with a champagne. Ayala is one of the Champagne area’s legendary champagne houses, supplying the British Royal Court in the 1920s. Responsible for the sparkling wines of this boutique champagne house is Caroline Latrive, one of the few female cellar masters in Champagne. The Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 Champagne Brut is elegant and sophisticated, just like the Finnish Maiden, according to the cellar master. The wine is fresh, fruity and well balanced. MH The jubilee wines are available until the end of 2017 from Alko stores, the passenger shops at HelsinkiVantaa airport, Finnair preorder and webshop | |

For the Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 Bordeaux Rouge, a section from the Party in the City fresco has been chosen, where Vivica Bandler, Jansson’s lover at the time, is dancing with a dark cavalier! Photo: ©Per Olov Jansson, ©Moomin Characters™

Philippe Marchal at the Château Liversan vineyard estate in the Haut-Médoc area in France.

THE FINLAND 100 JUBILEE WINES bring Altia’s art wine concept to life. The 2018 Wine Gallery artists and art wines will be launched in November. Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 Bordeaux Rouge – strong ageing potential Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 Champagne Brut – elegant like the Finnish Maiden Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100 Bordeaux Blanc – a fresh companion to fish dishes

Château Liversan



TO THEIR WINTER ADVENTURES IN IVALO Lapland is famous for its nature and northern lights, and Ivalo is no exception. Hotel Ivalo and Aurora Village, ran by family Suomalainen, in the northern lights zone offer the best chances in the North Calotte to see nature’s own light show in the peacefulness of the wilderness.


or those who value silence and clean nature, Ivalo offers a wide range of experiences without the fuss of mass tourism. Hotel Ivalo is situated along the main road to the Arctic Sea on a riverside, but still near to services and the airport. Hotel room and restaurant windows face the river and the magnificent Lapland landscape, where, in the dark, you can admire the northern lights from either location, praises Juha Tuunanen, executive vice president of the hotel and CEO of Aurora Village. Our guests also have three saunas, warm whirlpools on the riverside, and a cold-water tub at their disposal. There is also direct passage to a hole in the ice from the outdoor sauna. A GENUINE EXPERIENCE IN THE PEACE OF NATURE According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, in the winter, the northern lights can be seen in Ivalo four nights out of five. The warm, cosy Aurora Cabins in Aurora Village, 1.5 kilometres from the hotel, are fantastic for spotting northern lights. In each wooden cabin, the glass roof faces the northern starry

”Our guides are skilled photographers, who after an excursion send the customers pictures by e-mail.” Snow shoe walking is a wonderful way to enjoy the snowy winter forests at your own pace or spiced up with the stories of an experienced snow shoe guide.

sky, so you can admire the slow dance of the northern lights from your own bed. Each cabin also has a northern lights alert system. Hotel Ivalo and Aurora Village also have many special services and activities on offer; northern lights excursions by snowmobile, reindeer, car, skis or snowshoes, as well as horse-drawn sleigh rides, husky safaris, ice fishing excursions, and ice karting. One of our most popular northern lights excursions is snow shoe hiking in the dark wilderness. During the excursion the guides tell stories about Lapland, the nature, and the northern lights, says Juha Tuunanen. EL

HOTEL IVALO Rooms: 92 rooms, 3 suites with sauna, a restaurant for 250 guests and a private restaurant for 40 guests. Aurora Village: 25 northern lights cabins, an ice sauna, and a restaurant Business areas: northern lights tourism, accommodation, and restaurant and programme services Contact information: | | |


The Mercedes-Benz A-class and GLC-model, which are manufactured in Uusikaupunki, both contribute in making Mercedes-Benz the number one premium car brand in Finland.

MERCEDES-BENZ #madeinuusikaupunki

IS A FINNISH STAR STORY The Made in Uusikaupunki Mercedes-Benz models have sped up not only brand sales, but also Finnish car exports to a new record. And the story goes on…


ho could have thought that more new cars are currently exported from Finland than are imported to Finland? The explanation for the phenomenal growth in Finnish car exports can be found in the Valmet Automotive car factory in Uusikaupunki, which is currently manufacturing the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and GLC models. The growth of Finnish car exports has followed the growth of production at the Uusikaupunki plant, and its value is expected to continue growing, due to Daimler AG’s announcement that it will continue to cooperate with Valmet Automotive on future MercedesBenz car models. CONFIDENCE IN FINNISH SKILLS

It is therefore no wonder that Mercedes-Benz importer and retailer Veho Oy Ab has proudly attached the slogan ”Made in Uusikaupunki” to the A-class and the GLC model. “We think it is a tremendous homage to Finnish skill that Mercedes-Benz, considered one of the strongest brands in the world, chose Finns to manufacture their star products. That being said, Valmet Automotive has also met their expectations. Last year, Daimler even named them their best partner – a fine achievement!” says Kasper

Jansson, marketing manager for MercedesBenz passenger car imports to Finland. “Together, it is a question of strategic partnership, which in the future will take on new forms. It is a positive signal from the point of view of the entire Finnish economy,” adds Sales Director of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars Klaus Pohjala. STRONG DEMAND FOR MERCEDES-BENZ CONTINUES

From Veho Oy Ab’s point of view, it is a positive sign that the demand for premium MercedesBenz models continues to show upward trend. “We are number one in premium models for the first time since 2003. The GLC, which is manufactured in Uusikaupunki, has been the bestselling plug-in hybrid in Finland in 2017, and sales of the A-Class continue at record pace,” states Pohjala. The start of GLC production in Finland has, according to Pohjala, been viewed as a clear stimulus, especially for corporate sales. “I would nonetheless still challenge Finnish corporate decision-makers to think about whether it pays to emphasize the make of car which directly supports the Finnish economy, indus-

try and expertise, when making a decision. The Finnish automotive industry has to a large extent been based up sub-contracting, but now we have premium-class manufacturing facilities of our own that we can be proud of.” HOW DOES THE STAR STORY GO ON?

It would also be wise to pay attention to news about the star brand in the future. Jansson specifically points at new winds that are blowing from the direction of both Mercedes-Benz and the Uusikaupunki plant. “Next spring, Mercedes-Benz will launch the completely new A-Class, and Valmet Automotive has in turn announced that it will begin production of a new generation Mercedes-Benz compact car.” Whether the new A-Class is up for grabs remains to be seen... MH So, stay tuned to see how this story develops #madeinuusikaupunki





Over 100 years old, the Brother Group is a Japanese multinational that was originally known for its sewing machines, and has, over the decades, transformed into a supplier of versatile printing technology as well as printing management and communications solutions. Its user-friendly devices and overall solutions aim at helping customers work smarter and more efficiently.


Glycol-based odors can be a major problem for those who live close to airports. Once in the ground, glycol can also lead to rising costs for a variety of construction projects. Glycol is not considered to be dangerous for humans or other living organisms.

rother, and the Brother Nordic’s subsidiary Brother Finland, which previously focussed on small and medium-sized enterprises have expanded their product range towards major customers. “Modern printers and multifunction devices reduce printing costs thanks to bigger ink cartridges and toners, and the new large displays improve user-friendliness. Devices can also be individually modified according to the customer’s needs,” say sales manager of Brother Finland Tom Forssell and product manager Sami Kivelä. With the slogan “At your side”, being close to the customer is part of the Brother operating philosophy. This means that customers receive the exact printing solutions they need from the company. The service also includes flexible financing solutions and comprehensive after-sales services, covering the whole Finland. “Most important for the customer, however, is that a device is reliable and easy to use. In the Nordic countries, our business equipment has a three-year unit replacement warranty. If the customer’s unit breaks down, they get a new unit in its place,” Sami Kivelä explains. EL


| |

he EFFE® GX15 method has been developed to eliminate gaseous substances and smells from water. As far as we know, never before has it been possible to solve the global problem of treating low contaminated de-icer runoff in a cost-effective way,” explains CEO Anita Salo from BK-Hydrometa Oy. EFFE® is a compact treatment system that can easily be deployed even in a small area. EFFE® is able to continuously treat up to 15 m³ water per hour and effectively eliminate odorous gases. At the same time, the metal and solid content in rainwater run-off will also decrease, and up to 10 ml of oxygen per liter of water will be dissolved from air into water. EFFE® GX15 is also suitable for the treatment of perched groundwater. MLS


EFFE® TREATMENT Airlines spray their aircraft with glycol in order to prevent ice from building up. During takeoff, excess liquid drains into the environment around the airport, and then further leaks into streams with rainwater. Glycol uses up large amounts of oxygen as it breaks down, which causes foul smells.


| |





he aim is to build the most modern entertainment and media concentration in the world in the most significant international airport area in the Nordic countries. At the center of Aviapolis Studios Media & Entertainment Hub, which covers a total of 65000 square meters of floor area, lies a world-class 5000-square-meter multipurpose and modifiable production and event venue. “The venue, which accommodates 3000–5000 persons, can host entertainment, music and gaming industry productions and tournaments and other events, such as big-scale live television broadcasts, concerts, conferences and trade fairs,” says Mikko Leppilampi, who is in charge of the project concept and chairman of the board of Aviapolis Studios Oy. “This also allows international television, film and gaming industry productions to be carried out in Finland.” ENCOUNTERS GIVE BIRTH TO IDEAS AND BUSINESS ACTIVITIES

According to Leppilampi, the aim of Aviapolis Studios is to be a kind of “ongoing Slush”, where actors from various industries can meet


Around Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the most significant urban airport area in the Nordic countries is under development, and its reputation and profile will be further enhanced by the global multipurpose center for the entertainment and media industries, Aviapolis Studios, which is currently under planning. daily, creating synergies and new innovations. “The importance of live events and conferences is continually growing. We need events where people and industries meet, innovate and crosspollinate. Since time is precious, venues allow for a smooth transfer and versatile ecosystem with the necessary services,” Leppilampi says. “The most significant airport hub in the Nordic region needs a world-class venue of its own. That is what Aviapolis Studios is.” José Valanta, Director of Business Development in the City of Vantaa, and Juha Jaakola, Director of Sales & Project Development at LAK Real Estate Oyj, also see Aviapolis Studios as a significant profile project. “When it materializes, it will bring an influx of people, events and services and strengthen the renown of Aviapolis as a metropolitan town that is alive around the clock.” EL | | “The size and facilities of Aviapolis Studios allows TV-networks and production companies to better utilize big television format phenomenas for commercial gain,” Mikko Leppilampi explains. “One simple example is by allowing live audience to buy tickets for the liveevent tv-shows they love.”


The rotating and levelling cabin improves operator comfort and productivity when working on difficult terrains.

INNOVATION IS IN OUR DNA John Deere Forestry brings novel 21st Century solutions to one of humanity’s oldest industries.


wenty years ago a Finnish company – known then as Timberjack – wowed the world with a walking harvester. The ground-breaking technology, such as automation and stability systems, underwent further development and are still applied in John Deere forest machines. The walking forest machine is now displayed in a place of honor at the Deere & Company Pavilion in Moline, Illinois, as a tribute to the Finnish technology. Now part of Deere & Company, John Deere Forestry still leads the industry in developing innovative and reliable machines that im-

prove their customers’ productivity. Machines with new innovative solutions are constantly launched, such as the current G-Series. “The G-Series cut-to-length forest machines respond to our customers’ requirements for reliability, productivity and fuel efficiency. The machines are of high quality, easy to operate and meet the continuously tightening emission regulations,” says Timo Ylänen, Director for John Deere’s cut-to-length forest machines. INDUSTRY LEADING INNOVATIONS

One of John Deere’s recent innovations is a rotat-

ing and levelling cabin. The cabin automatically follows the boom movements giving the operator a straight view to the work area. And it automatically stays level, absorbing terrain changes. “The rotating and levelling cabin improves operator comfort and productivity especially over a longer period of time. It also helps to attract and to retain the best operators.” Ylänen explains. “When you feel comfortable you will become more productive.” They also introduced Intelligent Boom Control, a milestone in forwarder technology and now also in harvester technology. This allows


operators to control the boom tip directly instead of controlling independent boom joint movements separately. Boom operation has become faster, easier and more accurate. MADE IN FINLAND

John Deere Forestry is headquartered in Tampere where about 250 people work in engineering, marketing and administration. Another 450 people work at the factory in Joensuu, which also keeps about 1,000 people busy at its local suppliers. “Close to 90% of our machines are exported,” Ylänen says. “Russia and Sweden are in tight competition to be our number one country for sales.” Forest machines have been manufactured in Joensuu since 1972. Deere & Company have invested tens of millions of euros into product development and the factory, always introducing the newest and most sophisticated technology to the industry. “The company’s extensive investments in the Joensuu factory demonstrate long-term commitment to Finnish forest machine competence. Innovation is one of Deere & Company’s core values and it guides the development of equipment and solutions that improve the productivity and profitability of our customers,” Ylänen says. John Deere Forestry is a long-term main sponsor of the Finnish biathlete Kaisa Mäkäräinen. She has finished on the World Cup podium 70 times and is one of the most popular athletes in Finland. “Biathlon has become a very popular TV sport. As a highly successful athlete and Joensuu resident Kaisa fits in with our corporate image very well,” says Ylänen. COMPANY ETHICS

John Deere is enjoying its eleventh year in a row on the Most Ethical Companies list. Compiled by the Ethisphere Institute, the list measures companies by a variety of categories such as ethics, corporate citizenship, leadership and innovation. “John Deere is 180 years old and you don’t survive that long without strong and sustainable company values,” Ylänen says. “For example, integrity is something we live up to every day. We want to maintain a good reputation in the market and to earn the trust of our customers. This is important for our shareholders and employees, too. We want them to be proud of their company.” DC | | | | | |

Timo Ylänen, Worldwide Wheeled Cut-To-Length Products & Forestry Europe, John Deere


The once massive railyard in Pasila is now brought alive and taking new shape in the form of new construction of commercial, hotel, office and residential properties with prime location.

SENATE PROPERTIES OFFERS PRIME AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT Finland has come a long way during its 100 years of independence. It has developed from a simple agrarian country to a global leader in everything from education to innovation. Developing alongside the Finnish nation has been Senate Properties, the state-owned manager of the Republic’s real estate assets.


ince 1811 Senate Properties has been managing real estate for the Finnish people. This includes everything from prisons to the National Museum. The Finnish government is releasing an increasing number of properties for sale and development because they are no longer needed for public use, due to structural changes in state administration, the increasingly digital and mobile nature of work and sustainable development considerations. Often these properties have been in public hands for decades, if not longer, and are in extremely sought-after areas never before open to private development. ATTRACTIVE DEVELOPMENT AREAS

A good example is in Pasila, almost the centre of Helsinki, where the state no longer needs a massive railyard. This freed up a giant chunk

of prime real estate. Minna Aarnio of Senate Properties says Pasila is one of the most exciting development area in southern Finland. “Pasila is really, finally, going to be the new heart of Helsinki,” Aarnio continues. “There will be 3.2 million square metres of floor space in Pasila with thousands of homes and offices and a huge commercial block. Private investors are invited to join the development.” IMPORTANT PLAYERS’ PARTNERSHIPS

Senate Properties works in partnership with local authorities and private developers. The same process is happening in a new project in Tikkurila, Vantaa, at Kielotie 15. “This is an old office building to be demolished,” says Senate Properties’ Marjaana Berger. “It is a fantastic location near the railway station and city hall. In the fall of 2017 we will

open a competition, looking for partners who can put together a plan for residential rezoning and new construction.” Kielotie 15 is an important project for the city of Vantaa, and in fact the city has their own commercial project right next door. The combined projects are a way to bring new, exciting development to a prime area. “Over the years we have been an important player in Finland’s real estate development,” says Mauri Sahi of Senate Properties. “We see ourselves as midwives, assisting property to get a new life. This is more important than ever after 100 years of independence.” DC | |


AUTOMATED TRANSPORT WORKS IF DATA SECURITY IS SOPHISTICATED ENOUGH Automatic means of transport are on their way, but need more intelligence to get by in traffic. Finland is an excellent laboratory for automatic transport projects such as ROBUSTA, where Nodeon Oy is developing a remote control system for vehicles.


hat makes Finland a good testing ground for transport? Finland is a pioneer country from a technological and legislative point of view thanks to the state administration, which has decided to encourage companies and communities to take action. In the field of transportation, the Finnish Transport Agency and The Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi have boldly and responsibly started promoting automation of road transport through experiments. The cities are also a significant factor in the experimentation, like the City of Helsinki in the ROBUSTA project, for instance, as Director Jarno Kallio from Nodeon Oy says. Nodeon has been involved in implementing the industrial Internet in intelligent transport systems, mainly in connection with transport infrastructure. “Now we have focused our competence on automated vehicles in the ROBUSTA research project, where we are responsible for the technical implementation of the remote control system. The aim of the project is to develop a safe, manufacturer-independent remote control system for automatic vehicles.”


According to Kallio, automated means of transport are on their way, but they still need human assistance in order to manage in traffic. “A plastic bag in the driveway may be an obstacle that automatic vehicles cannot solve independently, whereupon they stop. “In the ROBUSTA project, a reliable and safe remote control system for buses will in fact be created, allowing temporary remote control of buses and making it possible to adapt it for other vehicles in different traffic conditions later. The remote control system that will be developed through the project will accelerate the arrival of automated vehicles in traffic and help them fulfill their business potential. We believe that automated transport will improve overall traffic safety, if the data security of the automated traffic ecosystem is sufficiently sophisticated. MH | | |

LAMI DOORS – When the impossible is demanded from a door. LAMI DOORS is a well-established specialist in manufacturing hygienic GRP (glass reinforced polyester) doors. Innovative LAMI GRP doors have been developed with decades of experience for the most demanding and harsh environments where no other door material will suffice. LAMI GRP doors are specially designed for internal premises that reguires hygiene, water and moisture resistance and durability. LAMI doors are manufactured using a pressure moulding process. This process produces a door leaf that is completely seamless and has no joints or lippings. LAMI door selection includes LAMI Fire, Acoustic and X-Ray Doors as well as Standard Action and Double Action Doors. HIGH QUALITY BENEFITS OFFERED BY LAMI ENCAPSULATED DOORS: • • • • • • • •

Water & Moisture Proof Chemical Resistance – Hygienic Corrosion Free Long Life Expectancy Light Weight and Safe to Use Fire Safety Easy Installation with Choice of Frame Systems Co-ordinated Outlook


LAMI DOORS – Hygienic GRP Doors with over 50 years experience and expertise –




The focus on reducing energy and costs is rapidly rising around the world. Granlund can help companies become leaders in building energy efficiency.


ordic experience is useful when it comes to managing buildings and Granlund has decades of experience in helping organisations to efficiently manage building maintenance as well as to optimise energy consumption. Labour and energy costs are rising around the globe which is not only costly but also harmful to the environment.

“Granlund Manager indicates where the problems are, therefore we can plan our daily maintenance tasks and investments better, as well as having clear visibility of the energy consumption.” Marco Liu Rooms Division Manager, Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing, China

Two-thirds of the costs of a building are operational and the majority of these are staff wages, maintenance and energy costs. The Granlund Manager software combines energy efficiency with the maintenance of a building in a unique way. It’s able to help owners reduce the operational and energy costs of a building - for example by optimising the use of heating and cooling systems.

“We get big data, we create monthly or quarterly reports, we evaluate the workload, and so on. It is very important to be able to do this.” Heikki Karvanen Vice President, Country Real Estate Manager, ABB China

“Bringing technology into facility management makes a lot of sense. With Granlund Manager we can offer better service for our customers. It also helps us stand out from our competition.” Mohamed Al Seddiq Mutawa CEO, AlSaher Facility Management Services, UAE

The system not only analyses and optimises energy usage and real-time performance, but it also helps to visualise energy usage, maintenance reaction times, carbon footprints and indoor air conditions, thus informs about the well-being of a building and it’s users. The software also includes budgeting and approval procedures for future cost planning for buildings. The whole purpose of the system is to save money and energy.

Granlund Group’s international offices: Main Office Helsinki, Finland Granlund Middle East Dubai, United Arab Emirates Granlund China Shanghai, China Granlund in Scandinavia Malmö, Sweden

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WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON QUALITY FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy, a part of the Nordic FREJA Group, offers flexible, customised transport solutions by road, sea and air with more than 30 years’ experience. The turnover of the company is expected to exceed EUR 70 million this year and the trend is upwards.


he company has strong roots in the Finnish transport and forwarding history. In 2003 when Jörgen Hansen founder of FREJA and CEO Matti Urmas bought the Finnish company Maa ja Meri Oy, which was originally established in 1942, the turnover of the four-person company was just € 2 million. Now the Finnish FREJA employs 50 people and makes excellent profits each year. A SUCCESS STORY IS BORN FROM PEOPLE

The second largest unit in the FREJA Group is an important service provider in Finland. For the success, Matti Urmas commends committed and motivated employees, efficient IT solutions and marketing communication. “We are a trendsetter in the electronic business. You don’t win market share with PowerPoint presentations, but with the world’s best employees that have the best tools at their disposal, with which they serve customers better than others.”

“Our angle of incidence on logistics differs from that of others in that our customers do not need to step into our transport pipeline – we always build solutions based on their needs,” says Matti Urmas.

“Logistics is a human and network business, around which international logistics is always built. When you master these, a success story is born,” he says. According to Seppo Romana, Managing Director of Romana Management, which takes part in FREJA Finland’s recruitment and development of activities, Freja is an excellent employer, something that customers can also see. “FREJA is one of the best workplaces that we have cooperated with,” he says. As foreign trade picks up, the flexibility, accessibility, and customer-orientation of the logistics company are important competition factors – these along with production, which goes hand in hand with customer service and sales.

FREJA CEO Matti Urmas

“We also have a very extensive service portfolio that includes road transports, combined transports, sea and air freight as well as special and project transports all over the world. We can ourselves choose the best cooperation partners, which gives us a significant competitive edge,” says Urmas. EL

FREJA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS is a Nordic logistics and forwarding group, established in 1985. In 2016, it had a turnover of 327 million. It has over 600 employees. | |


Juhana and Päivi at a terrace meeting. In Finland, you can extend the summer using glazing.

CREATING A TRANSPARENT WORLD Make your dreams of modern natural living and enjoying scenic landscapes come true with CoverGlobal Ltd. Using glazing solutions, you can create a unique feeling of space and coziness in your home, enjoying your newfound comfort in the company of family and friends.


s autumn approaches and the days get cooler, it’s time to enjoy the colorful scenery on an enclosed terrace or balcony, where a frameless glazing system can offer an unobstructed view over a courtyard, out to sea, or across a mountain range. The possibilities for using the innovative balcony and terrace solutions developed by CoverGlobal vary widely according to the climate, construction culture and consumption habits of the object. “In Finland, you can extend the summer using glazing. In the southern states of the USA, glass walls which can open fully and that substitute outer walls and guarantee a complete pan-

Mountain-view in Nevada

orama view all year round are becoming more and more popular,” says CoverGlobal’s Development Director, Juhana Berner. Besides the USA, the market is now growing most quickly in Russia and France. One forerunner in glass construction is Switzerland, where partner company SIO AG has branded itself with Cover products through more than 20 years of collaboration. SIO AG ( is today one of the leading players in the Swiss market.

Bay-view in San Diego


The success of CoverGlobal is based upon a patented idea of a glazing system with horizontal running gear that can slide over various angles without a frame – something that the founder of the company, Jarmo Sjöholm, developed in his garage in 1991. Today, retailers around the world sell products incorporating this innovation. “My husband Jarmo had a great vision of the unique product that is still the core of our business activities. His legacy has given us the drive and determination to pursue the message of our company. Like the durability of our products, long-term cooperation and partner relations are a part of our values. It is important for us that our partners know the origin of our products and can depend on their quality and safety under any condition,” says CEO Päivi Rajamäki. AV

CoverGlobal is participating in Batimat 2017, a major construction business event that will be held in Paris on November 6th – 10th.

COVERGLOBAL is the original developer of the COVER glazing system and a pioneer in the balcony glazing industry. The company is building a global network together with local partners, offering tools to support their business activities. The company employs 10 people and has an annual turnover of €2.5m. | | |

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