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THIS ISSUE OF PROFESSIONALS celebrates the 100 year old Finland! It gives you an insight into companies active in international markets. Innovations, competence, products and processes are all aimed at bringing state of the art solutions and services to the global market.


A FOUR-STAR HOLIDAY VILLAGE ON THE SHORE OF THE BOTHNIAN BAY What could be nicer than kicking off your shoes in the entrance of a high-class villa, sitting down on the sofa, and kicking off a brainstorming discussion, with a view of the sea just outside the window?


his is possible all year round at Nallikari Holiday Village, which offers a breathtaking setting for meetings next to the open Bothnian Bay just a stone’s throw from the center of Oulu.


At the Nallikari Holiday Village, you can find many good options for business meetings or accommodation all year round. And what’s more, the accommodation is situated only walking distance from the seashore. The newest addition to the complex is the Poiju Villa area, completed in 2016 and comprising 24 high-quality villas. “The look and level of equipment in the villas is modern and fresh, and in practice they are like small family houses,” says CEO Sirpa Walter. Every villa has a kitchen, dining area, sauna, two bedrooms, a spacious kitchen-living room, open fireplace and a terrace. Some of the villas are semi-detached, and two of them can be combined to accommodate up to 8 + 4 persons.

Poiju Villa

The biggest of the villas, Villa Kippari, is, according to Walter, also perfectly suited for meetings and parties. “We also let out Villa Kippari for meetings for a day rate without accommodation. In between, you can drop in for lunch or dinner at the beach restaurant or for a cup of coffee at the Holiday Village restaurant.” NATURE IS PRESENT IN EVERY SEASON

Poiju Villas are modern, archipelago-style buildings with large windows that bring nature directly inside. In the summer, the sun caresses; when autumn arrives, the fall colors enthrall, and in winter visitors can marvel at the blue moments and the freezing sea. The surrounding nature offers an inspiring environment in which to meet guests in any season.

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Nallikari: A Four-Star Holiday Village On The Shore Of The Bothnian Bay


Food To Home Is The Food Ordering App That Gets You On The Map Anywhere In Europe


Accountor Blazes A Digital Path To Reinvent Financial Services


Trade Union PRO Renews Itself: Becoming A Trendsetter In The Trade Union Movement Using Lessons Learned From The Business


In Nallikari, the great outdoors begin on your doorstep. “Our location, close to nature, allows a variety of activities all year round. Guests can rent bikes, cross-country skis, snowshoes and kick sledges from the reception. We also work with activity organizers to put together tailor-made programs and activity packages.” The Bothnian Bay and the archipelago are elements that enchant foreign visitors in particular. Even in spring, skiers and wind sport enthusiasts can enjoy themselves on the ice. With the onset of fall, nature trails, bird-watching towers and campfires become keen sources of interest. Nallikari’s location is, in a word, unique. Nallikari is an island situated just three kilometers from the Central Marketplace in Oulu, along scenic routes through the islands off the coast of the city. MH

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It Is Easy To Recognize The Quality Of Lähitaksi


Ferratum Puts The Bank In Your Pocket


With Black Donuts, Business Is Global But Relationships Are Local

10 Kaufmann Finds Answers To Bottlenecks In Healthcare Service And Technology Development 10 Haltian’s IoT Expertise Strengthens Their Product Development 11 Breaking Into New Markets With Project Expertise 12 Safely Up In The Sky: Trust Is The Foundation For Working At Height 13 Cucumbers All Year Round 13 In The Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Trade, Being Local Is A Competitive Edge 14 Koja Boldly Implements Hundred-Year Plan 15 The Whole Is Exactly The Sum Of Its Parts 16 A Frontrunner In International Transport That

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Innovation promotion


How it works PANTONE 369C





Go abroad, get hungry

Download the Food to Home app from Google Play or the App Store. When it’s time to eat, open the app and automatically find the best restaurants around you to select from. Browse, order from your favourite and pay for it up front – all within the app.



Are you heading to a European destination and already wondering how to find the best restaurants there? The good news is that by downloading the Food to Home mobile app you’re Finding food–on your travels about to become instantly connected to the local scene and able to order foodgreat online securely, andis in your the easiest part of your trip, thanks to the innovative own language, no matter where you are.

Feeling Uhungry?

sually, your first thought when arriving at a new destination is how to find the tastiest local restaurants – basically, where and how can you quickly find the best restaurants available? Food to Home Get whatever you fancy, solves that problem for you, since it is the first mobile restaurant service that worksyou in all are European wherever in languages the and countries. Meaning that, with its help, you´re immediateworld, with the the new ly up to date on the local restaurant map, and what’s more – in yourFood own language. to Home app ORDER, PICK UP AND EAT – WITHOUT HASSLE

Regardless of whether you´re at a hotel, in a rented flat, at the office or even on the road, with Food to Home, you can get your meal delivered easily to your location using the restaurant’s own delivery service, pick up your meal yourself, or enjoy it in the restaurant. The main thing is that you can do it without any extra hassle by submitting, and paying for your order in advance. You can also receive interesting offers from local restaurants directly to your phone – wherever you are. NO MORE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE BEST WAY TO PAY

Perhaps on your travels, you’ve had that unexpected encounter of a restaurant that does not accept one of your cards or, because of connection problems, have had your card swiped so many times you dread what

Food to Home app, launching this summer. It finds local restaurants for you, so you don’t even have to the finalventure sum ofoutside your credit carddon’t bill could be. Food – if you want to. to Home overcomes theseat problems all or even Whether you´re a hotel,by in accepting a rented flat payment The app’s payment transactions oncards. the road, with Food to Home you canare getseyour cured atmeal the highest possible level, withita up, global pay- it in delivered, choose to pick or enjoy ment service provider –Whatever the sameyou which Netflix and the restaurant. decide, you can do it Spotifywithout uses – running insubmitting the background. This way, hassle by and paying in advance. all of yourPerhaps restaurant purchases are protected, with on your travels, you’ve had that the receipts saved together in the Food to Home ser-accepted, unexpected problem of your card not being vice, where you can lookup over yourcharge transactions whenor you’ve racked a huge for using it abroad. ever and wherever youwith wish. Not a problem Food to Home. The app accepts all payment cards with no extra fee. Transactions are ACTIVATE RESTAURANTS OFsaved YOUR OWN secure, and receipts are in the app. AND EARN MONEY! There’s even the opportunity to earn money Food tofrom Home hasto also turned earning logics upside Food Home. Activate restaurants you like down by launching a new era of the when sharing econousing a personal code, then that restaurant my. One of the underlying ideasyou’ll of thereceive Food to30 Home’s registers to the service, percent of Finnishthe developers employ (formade instance) Euroturnoverisoftoevery order through the app. pean young peopleFood by allotting the turnover Download to Home30% thisofsummer – just of in time Food tofor Home users activating restaurants. yourto holiday.

In practice, it works like this: With the Food to Home app you can already find 300,000 European restaurants. You have the opportunity to activate restaurants shown in the service, or any other restaurant into the service, by a personal code. When your restaurant registers in the online service, you will receive 30% of the turnover of every order made through Food to Home. The more restaurants you activate, the more you earn. MH

Eat and enjoy

Once you have received your food, picked it up, or sat down in the restaurant, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the food. No more waiting and no need to swipe your credit card in an unknown location.

Earn by activating restaurants

Your favourite restaurant isn’t using the Food to Home service yet? No problem - you have the opportunity to earn money by activating the restaurant using your personal code.



TO REINVENT FINANCIAL SERVICES One of the largest financial and HR services companies in Northern Europe is investing heavily in new technologies and new ideas.


igitalisation is disrupting practically every industry, yet it is certainly not uniform. Some places and industries go through disruption sooner than others. “We have been playing a pivotal role in the industry disruption in Finland and in the Nordic region,” says Asko Schrey, CEO of Accountor. “The interesting fact is that the rest of the world seems to be a few years behind. This offers a great opportunity. The world still lacks a Mc-

Accountor has a long history. Old accounting office suplies are on display at Accountor office in Hakaniemi. CEO Asko Schrey smiles while COO Niklas Sonkin is stamping documents.

Donalds, H&M or Google of this industry.” Accountor firmly intends to be the vanguard in accounting, HR and financial advisory services. This vision is nothing new – in fact, 30 years ago Schrey was considering the seismic change coming to accounting as he worked for the Bank of Helsinki. “Back then I already lived the digitalisation trend and anticipated it would drive two big changes to the industry: larger companies will be

tempted by outsourcing and economies of scale will exist,” Schrey says. “These trends have led to both organic growth and consolidation. In 2000 we were the second largest in our industry with 50 employees. Today we are the second largest in the Nordic area with 2,300 employees.” MORE PROFIT, FEWER HEADACHES

The reason for Accountor’s growth is simple: it is much more efficient for companies to hire an


expert partner to handle their financial administration. Companies save time, money and headaches by using their services. Yet Accountor also boasts a few extra strengths which their clients can’t get anywhere else. “Accountor offers services and software – and a combination of both – in the fields of financial management, HR and accounting,” explains COO Niklas Sonkin. “This combination of services and software makes us unique in our industry.” Accounting services include everything from invoicing to reporting. Companies might need Accountor’s help with payroll, expense claims or HR management. Others might want advice on taxes or financial management. Accountor’s software portfolio covers financial services, CRM, ERP and more. This comprehensive portfolio of administrative solutions is aimed at helping companies improve by using practical, effective innovations of the modern digital era.

MEET ACCOUNTOR Who: 2,300 professionals What: Experts in accounting, payroll / HR, advice and software Where: Offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine and the Netherlands Why: Only a minority of firms enjoy the benefits of digital administration | |

Yet digitalisation is a process, not a state, and Accountor sees many more improvements coming as we continue to progress. “Digitalisation has been much slower than I expected. Even today only about 15 per cent of small firms enjoy the benefits of digital administration processes: accuracy, immediacy and transparency,” says Schrey. “While digitalisation is developing, the next wave will be further automation in the processes using both robotics and artificial intelligence. I foresee a digital AI controller, producing outstanding deep analysis of financial numbers in real-time. We can easily anticipate more than 50 per cent added effectivity and higher quality with fewer mistakes.” “The real-time economy with fully digital end-to-end processes is the future,” says Sonkin. “This will enable businesses to make timely and accurate business decisions based on high quality information. We are part of the ecosystem driving the transformation from manual legacy processes to the new digital world.” For decades Accountor has developed the best services to help their clients and they are eager to continue that tradition in the years to come. “We are always ready for a dialogue with our existing and new customers,” Sonkin says. “We want to serve our customers with high quality solutions and help them to improve their businesses.” DC







IN THE TRADE UNION MOVEMENT USING LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE BUSINESS WORLD According to Jorma Malinen, a societal agenda according to the German model in Finland should be developed, through which the best practices can be found in order to create new jobs: ”All the central actors should be placed in the same sandbox and given common tools, so that we will not be left behind in international competition.”

Jorma Malinen, chairperson of Trade Union Pro, for experts and supervisors, is revitalizing the organization by introducing operating models that have been proven in business life. Among these are clear management structures with well-defined ranges of responsibility and customer service and communication systems that have been brought into the digital age.


orma Malinen’s 30-year career as a shipbuilding expert, 15 years as a board member of a shipyard, and his many years as chairman of the board of Pro give him a broad perspective of which kind of services the members need and through which channels they need them. The internal and external communication of the organization has been updated and electrified. Positivity and customer service thinking, familiar from business life, were chosen as starting points. At the same time, the public image and brand of the union are being reviewed. “Our members, who are of various ages, are at different stages of their working life and studies. That is why we cannot approach them with the same message. Through interviews, we get information on how we should approach different target groups,” Malinen says.


Next, the union will offer its members a job exchange that can be downloaded to mobile devices. Members who have registered for the service will be offered jobs that match their skills, and not the other way around. In addition, the newsletter together with the membership card and its membership benefits have both been transported to mobile devices. “A member who is registered in the membership card app gets daily topical messages and offers from us instead of paper-based newsletters. On our website, you can also find our own ProTV and an enormous amount of search results.” ”At the moment, topical themes include the changes that digitalization entails in working life, as well as conversion training.”

Trade Union Pro aims to get quick conversion training, based upon the needs of the business community, for those employees whose jobs disappear through digitalization. Thus, they can quickly get access to working life again. During company visits, Malinen also tries to find out what kind of digital strategy the company has in place. “Finnish companies cannot compete if we are not one of the top countries in automation and digitalization. Otherwise, our members would also not have work or workplaces,” he states. EL | |




THE QUALITY OF LÄHITAKSI Lähitaksi has gone through a monumental metamorphosis in order to make it even easier for taxi passengers to recognize quality. From the beginning of the year 2018, you will be able to recognize Lähitaksi’s high-quality services on the body tapings of the cars, the service attitude of the drivers, and their work uniforms.


ähitaksi has been dispatching taxis with excellence in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Uusimaa region since 1965. “We are a 52-year-old, reputable, reliable taxi dispatch company, whose services center around offering uniformly high-quality services 24/7. With the upcoming taxi legislation reforms, it may become difficult for consumers to differentiate between taxi operators, so for our part we wish to help the consumer recognize a high-quality traditional taxi service,” tells Lähitaksi’s marketing manager Heidi Säynäjoki.

According to Säynäjoki, even the smallest details from easy ordering of your taxi are part of the comprehensive service experience, including things like the taxi arriving as agreed and on time, the driver greeting you, taking your luggage, and opening the door even after the trip.


If a taxi passenger wants a more personalized VIP service, in the future you can also order the Premium taxi service from Lähitaksi. “This means Lähitaksi will offer customers the option of ordering, for instance, a black car without body taping and with a chauffeur wearing a black suit,” Säynäjoki explains. MH | |


Lähitaksi has gone through a massive transformation in the last year. Quality has always been the mainstay of Lähitaksi, but during the renewal of our brand the company wanted to ensure that it would permeate the entire chain from ordering a taxi until the end of the trip. The metamorphosis has affected Lähitaksi’s entire fleet and all the drivers. In practice, the metamorphosis means that from next year, all Lähitaksi cars will be colored black, white or silver grey. All cars have recognizable Lähitaksi body taping and the drivers will wear work uniforms. In addition, all drivers have gone through quality training, which aims at ensuring uniform quality.

HOW TO ORDER A LÄHITAKSI Call Lähitaksi’s call center at 0100 7300

(1,25 € + 0,25 € / 10 s + local network charge). Download the Lähitaksi mobile application. It is a free and easy way to order a taxi in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Download from app stores or at

Order corporate rides and inquire about contracts:

Lähitaksi’s marketing manager Heidi Säynäjoki


FERRATUM PUTS THE BANK IN YOUR POCKET Sometimes an idea is so good the world can’t help but take notice.


studied how Muhammad Yunus introduced microfinancing to the Indian subcontinent, and thought the principle was such a good idea that it should be brought to Europe,” says Jorma Jokela, CEO of Ferratum. “Muhammad Yunus’ idea went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize!” Ferratum has come a long way since it first began offering consumer microloans in 2005. They have obtained a full European banking license, were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and expanded to business loans. Yet Ferratum had no intention of settling down in the musty world of traditional banking. REAL TIME, MOBILE, GLOBAL AND EASY BANKING

Jokela believes Ferratum have solved mobile banking. “Our mission is to make banking as easy as using an email app,” Jokela explains. The problem with traditional banks is their legacy: they use old IT systems and are stuck in their old ways of doing things. Often if you want to open an account you need to go to a physical bank, wait for your appointment, fill out stacks of paper forms, and then wait some more for your account to finally open. “Banking should be four things,” Jokela continues. “It should be in real time, mobile, global and easy.”

Ferratum’s mobile banking services are exactly that: a customer can open an account in five minutes with her mobile phone, make transactions anywhere in the world, and easily use the simple and intuitive functionality.

“Our mobile bank has been very successful.”

Ferratum’s mobile banking service has been rolled out in Sweden, Norway, Germany, France and Spain, with further European expansion on the horizon. Just like Muhammad Yunus’ Nobel Peace Prize opened the world’s eyes to microfinance, Jokela hopes Ferratum teaches the world about 21st Century banking. “Our mobile bank has been very successful,” Jokela says. “I don’t think people realised how easy banking could be!” DC


Jokela’s vision is to improve the banking experience. Loans can be approved quickly, savings plans make automatic deposits to meet your goals, and you can link accounts in multiple currencies to your Mastercard. You won’t need to worry about foreign exchange charges when you travel because your card automatically identifies the correct currency and draws from the appropriate bank account. Need help? Then use Ferratum’s 24/7 video chat service. “We’re digitalising banking,” he says. “We want to create value as a service. We plan on an ecosystem where companies can bring their new content. In the future, we will look at even more partnership programs, like providing white label mobile services to partners.”


Free current account Multi-currency European account Flexible overdraft Free contactless MasterCard Send money via SMS Simple savings Paperless and hassle-free 24/7 customer support

| |


WITH BLACK DONUTS, BUSINESS IS GLOBAL BUT RELATIONSHIPS ARE LOCAL Tomi Pekkola, sales director at Black Donuts Engineering, is the envy of travellers everywhere: he never has to pack a suitcase before heading to the airport. But don’t think he has some secret formula, because his technique is actually preparation.


he truth is my travelling gear is always ready,” he laughs. “Whenever a customer is in need of any kind of assistance we’ll be there.” Black Donuts is a fast-growing, innovative and independent partner for tyre manufacturers. Based close to Tampere, Finland, they help their customers with tyre plant technology, tyre development, material development and testing. Much of their work takes place around the world, anywhere they are needed. “Personal relationships are very important in doing business around the world,” Pekkola explains. “Getting results is much easier and faster in face-to-face contacts than emails, telcos or Skype meetings. Due to language issues in some parts of the world a personal meeting is the only way to understand the customer’s targets during the first meeting.” MOTIVATION AND COMMITMENT

The company has been following their philosophy of building local relationships since their foundation by tyre industry veterans in 2010. This strategy is certainly working: in only six years they have grown to about 11 million euros in sales with almost 60 experts on staff. “Finnish engineers are committed and motivated towards their work,” says Pekkola. “In addition, Finnish engineering is a strong brand. It is trusted globally thanks to our experience and know-how. This makes my job easier anywhere in the world.” He often travels with Black Donuts engineers. Depending upon the client need, they might be helping to build a profitable and environmentally friendly plant, choose suitable materials, create innovative tyres, or even test those tyres so they meet all requirements. TRUST EQUALS SUCCESS

“When I travel my mission is always to listen to the needs of our customers in face-to-face meetings and get the results they demand,” says Pekkola. “I try to be as efficient on my business trips as possible. For example, most of the times when I arrive in a country there is already transportation waiting at the airport to take me to the meeting.” He misses his family, friends and Finland’s beautiful nature when he travels but says there is nothing better than flying home after a job well done. “I love travelling home with a feeling that there is trust between myself and a customer,” he says. “This lets me know that my journey has been successful.” DC

| |

Tomi Pekkola, sales director at Black Donuts Engineering. Photo: Jarmo Perälä




Petra Jäntti, CEO of the strategic service design agency Kaufmann believes that Finland has the prerequisites to rise to a position as a leading country in healthcare service and technology development – if customer needs and aspirations are placed at the center of all thinking and doing.


aufmann focuses exclusively on healthcare development. “We help our clients in the social services and healthcare sector to develop more human-oriented services, better processes and more meaningful dialogue. Our multidisciplinary design team works in Finland and in the other Nordic countries, with more humane healthcare as our shared goal.” ARE WE DOING THE RIGHT THING?

Kaufmann tracks development in the sector from the front row. The healthcare sector is in transition: an anticipated national reform is changing the rules of the game, new actors are entering the industry, and digitalization and big data often cause more confusion that stress relief among both patients and professionals. This is where the developers of new services and innovations should ask the following questions: are we really doing the right thing? Do we truly understand people’s motivation and needs? Are our solutions usable and easy to understand? If we want to develop services that work, we must shift our focus from clinical, technological or data-driven approaches to human-centered ones. DESIGN THINKING FOR POSITIVE IMPACT

These questions only scratch the surface of the challenges that Kaufmann are dealing with together with their clients and networks. “We analyze the client’s present situation, identify possibilities for new business concepts or technologies, and quickly develop solutions with our agile co-design process. Everything we do grounded in design thinking, so we always start with a user-oriented approach to challenges at hand. Our solid experience in the healthcare sector and strategic understanding ensures that our solutions are viable and that they have a positive impact on both individuals and society.” MH Interested? | |



Haltian is the largest and most successful spinoff from Nokia globally. Based in Oulu, the young company has already racked up a string of impressive connected devices.


ith our headcount of almost 100 professionals, we have a world class team who are experienced and skilled,” says CEO Pasi Leipälä. “We can develop a wireless device from an idea to a mass market product, and we can do it within one team.” Haltian’s product development team earned their wings in the tough wireless business. Now they offer their clients everything from design to engineering, testing to support. Moreover, this is backed by Haltian’s Thingsee, the customizable IoT devices platform and sensors, including development and management. “The Thingsee IoT platform can be customised as needed,” Leipälä continues. “They take their idea for custom devices and applications and put it on top of the existing platform.” These include the Ōura wellness ring which is packed with health sensors, Omata, the world’s first analogue and connected speedometer for bikes, and the Quieton noise suppression earplugs. “I can’t tell you more of our product development projects,” laughs Leipälä. “Those are our clients’ and Finns know how to keep a secret!” DC | | Ōura wellness ring which is packed with health sensors.

Omata, the world’s first analogue and connected speedometer for bikes.


Pictured on top of the Hebron, Dovre professionals get to work.

BREAKING INTO NEW MARKETS WITH PROJECT EXPERTISE Projects in the energy infrastructure and industry sectors have become larger, more complex and more global in recent years. Success depends on having the right people and making sure they’re in the right location at the right time.


ounded in 1983 and with a global network of offices, Dovre Group serves customers around the world. The company provides advanced project personnel and project management consultancy services. Its largest customers are the energy sector, especially the oil and gas business. “We offer advisory services, resource solutions and IT services related to project governance and project management. Trustworthiness is key in our relationships with every client we serve and every consultant we hire. We understand the challenges our clients face and have the know-how and experience to support them, from the start to the end of their projects”, says Patrick von Essen, CEO of Dovre Group. Dovre Group is one of the most international Finnish stock listed companies, with 98% of its net sales generated outside Finland. Dovre is also the only Finnish company accredited by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance to audit public projects in Norway. “Our roots are in the off-shore business of the North Sea. In recent years we have entered into new markets, including renewable energy, infrastructure and industry. Our 500 professionals do their work in the most demanding projects you

“We understand our customers’ challenges and have the knowhow and experience to support them.” can imagine on land, sea and in the air. Currently, we’re involved in projects such as Canada’s largest renewable energy project, off-shore oil projects in Pacific Russia, huge railroad projects in Norway, massive vessel projects in Singapore as well as construction projects in Dubai”, lists von Essen. GLOBAL, YET FLEXIBLE

Oil and gas investment activity has been at a low level in the past few years. Another change Dovre is facing is the rapid digitalisation and globalisation of the business. “When the oil and gas industry investments pick up again, there will be a massive competition for talent. We’re already preparing for that. We can already meet client demand much faster and with more accuracy than a few years ago.” According to von Essen, Dovre’s mission is to be

the project partner of choice for the world’s best companies. He knows how to get there. “We’re different – we are really focused on competence and quality. We’re large enough to have a global reach, yet small enough to be flexible and nimble. And being one of the very few stock listed companies in our trade, we are transparent and fully compliant.” KK

Dovre Group provides advisory services, project management solutions and professional project personnel • Partners include leading private and public organizations • Focused on projects in the energy infrastructure and industry sectors • Offices in Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the United States • Employs approx. 500 project professionals • Net sales of EUR 83.8 million (2016) | |


“Our machines are popular because they are easy and ergonomic to use,” Karin Nars says.


TRUST IS THE FOUNDATION FOR WORKING AT HEIGHT Finnish company Dinolift Oy has designed and manufactured high-quality DINO mobile elevating work platforms for more than 40 years. Today, customers around the world trust the company to take them up to the job.


inolift’s Chairman of the Board and Director of Sales, Marketing and Communication Karin Nars says that the company has always kept a close eye on changing customer needs. “We are constantly listening to our customers and monitoring the market to bring new machines into our offering and improve existing models in line with customer and market feedback.” Dinolift is also fully committed to continuous product and service development. Thanks to the company’s large product development unit, products and production can be adjusted to meet new business challenges swiftly and flexibly. “We’re continuously developing our product range, which allows us to launch new, specialized machines and customize production. We also design and manufacture lifts that are suitable for extremely demanding jobs. For instance, the lightweight self-propelled DINO 280RXT MEWP with outriggers is perfect for places with

“Our machines have to be reliable, safe and easy to use. People trust us with their lives.” weight limits, sloping terrain, and sites that are hard to access with heavy equipment.” 100% CUSTOMER-DRIVEN INNOVATION

Dinolift’s DNA is based on a very Finnish character trait – reliability. When Finns promise something, they tend to keep their promise too. “Our customers get our full support from the moment they invest in a Dino. For us, reliability is a source of pride and the foundation for good customer service. When our work platforms enable people to do their jobs safely and efficiently, we as a company are up to the job,” says Karin Nars. EL

Dinolift Oy is a manufacturer of mobile elevation work platforms with an export rate of 85% of production. DINO lifts have been sold in more than 40 countries all over the world. The main market areas are the Nordic countries and Northern Europe. | |


CUCUMBERS ALL YEAR ROUND Siggpac has been growing cucumbers in Närpes since 1988, and thanks to modern greenhouses, cultivation goes on all year round. The harvest is about 18 million kilograms per year and the goal is continued growth.


an-Erik Sigg grew up with cucumbers and tomatoes because his parents cultivated them. For him, it was a natural step to pursue the same path and Siggpac was launched in 1987, when a greenhouse that was for sale caught Sigg’s eye. In recent years, the company’s activities have developed rapidly. Today, an area of 93 000 square meters is under cultivation, and it has grown considerably since its start 30 years ago. Siggpac has 130 year-round employees, but in summer that number rises to 150 employees thanks to schoolchildren looking for summer jobs. ”It is important to be able to offer work. You cannot only think of yourself. Since we grow all year round nowadays, these are also secure jobs. You need your wages every month”, says JanErik Sigg. The employees take care of cultivation, sorting, packaging, and sales. Närpes cucumbers are delivered to other places in Finland and are on

store shelves the day after picking. ”Finns buy a lot of domestic cucumbers. Our cucumbers stay juicy and fresh by being wrapped in plastic immediately after picking.”MvK

FACTS ABOUT SIGGPAC Jan-Erik Sigg Ab grows Finnish cucumbers under the Siggpac brand. The number of employees varies during the year, but on average the company employs around 145 persons. The company sells cucumbers directly to wholesalers all around Finland. Major trading partners include, among others, Inex Partners, HL-Vihannes, and Fresh. Because of high domestic demand, Siggpac has no exports. Turnover is EUR 25-30 million. Read more at: | |


BEING LOCAL IS A COMPETITIVE EDGE Raskassarja is one of the biggest chains selling heavy equipment in Finland and is made up of independent companies. The organization, founded in 1989, has turned being local into a success story: it offers a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories at 21 locations and maintenance and repair services at 12 locations throughout Finland.


ommi Tapio, managing director of the chain, says that the company competes on the market not only through its pricing, but also with a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories, quick deliveries, and competent customer service in its spare parts stores and repair shops. “Our entrepreneurs are wholeheartedly involved in our business activities. Based on customer feedback, this is clear in the customer service, workmanship, and quality of the stores and repair shops. “Our ownership is completely local. Our businesses are mainly family-owned, and the fact that we do the jobs in Finland has a big impact on employment; in this way the money also stays in Finland.” EL | |

”Raskassarja wants to keep truckers’ wheels turning with a comprehensive product range and flexible repair shop services,” Tommi Tapio explains.


Koja masters the whole air conditioning system from system design to commissioning and service functions. Photo: Royal Caribbean International

KOJA BOLDLY IMPLEMENTS HUNDRED-YEAR PLAN Koja is family-owned Finnish company that has been operating in the cleantech field for over 80 years. At the core of its activities are perseverance in investments, building customer relationships, and above all, a strong belief in Finnish know-how.


oja is an international enterprise that develops and manufactures cost- and energyefficient solutions. The backbone of the company’s business activities is air, including air handling solutions for buildings, air conditioning systems in ships, process fans for industry, and comprehensive building technology solutions. The company, founded in 1935, is currently owned by the third generation of the Aalto family. “The family business background gives our activities momentum not typical for the quarterly economy. Our owners have created a hundred-year plan for the company, which definitely also gives employees a slightly different perspective on daily activi-

For us, energy is know-how. We are a competent partner for overall building technology solutions.

ties. For our customers, it is obvious in the way we want to build long-term customer relationships and offer sustainable and energy-efficient solutions,” explains Matti Sippola, CEO of Koja Oy. STRONG GROWTH FROM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ACTIVITIES

By no means does long-term planning in Koja’s activities mean stagnation. “Ten years ago, we were still a traditional Finnish equipment manufacturer, but today we are a significant provider of overall solutions, and we have been steadily increasing our business activities on the global market. Our subsidiaries, Koja USA Inc. in Florida and Koja OOO in Russia, as well as the office in Sweden, support international sales and service organization and bring services closer to the customers. Despite this, we are still committed to keeping production and workplaces in Finland. We believe in Finnish know-how, but it must be at a world-class level if we are to manage against international competition.” A LEAP IN GROWTH THROUGH INVESTMENTS

Koja is in fact currently implementing its largest investment program ever, by investing EUR 50 million over five years in modernizing and expanding production in Finland. Last year, the company invested several million euros in modernizing the manufacturing of air handling units for ships and buildings in Jalasjärvi. This year, a modern fan factory and a research and development center will be completed in Tampere.

The most modern welding automation is used in Koja’s new fan factory.

“The new fan factory will mean even better quality and productivity, shorter lead times and manufacturing of fans in new dimensions. Our unique R&D center, which it is even at a global scale, allows for faster development of our own products and solutions, as we can test them under real conditions. For customers, this means more energy-efficient equipment and systems for both buildings and ships in maritime business activities. By using the testing data hall built in the R&D center, we can also go in for delivery packages in connection with ventilation and cooling of data halls. Our aim is to exceed one hundred million euros in turnover by the beginning of the 2020s.” MH | |


THE WHOLE IS EXACTLY THE SUM OF ITS PARTS CNC Machining has committed itself to promoting Finnish industry globally. “In us, the customer gets a reliable partner whose quality or manufacturing capability need not be called into question,” states Quality and Development Manager Juuso Herranen.


NC Machining, which operates out of Joensuu, specializes in light and mid-heavy CNC machining, and the components that we produce are used, for instance, in turbo compressors, transmissions, heavy machinery, and equipment for the process industry. Thanks to our network, we are able to offer our customers every service under the same roof, from design and manufacturing to assembly. In addition to our extensive range of services, our competitive advantages include modern machinery and equipment but, above all, the strong craftsmanship and

work attitude of our employees. In our company, you can literally see that the whole is exactly the sum of its parts – whether talking about the product or the team making it,” Herranen explains. WELL-DESIGNED IS HALF-DONE

The strength of the company is its own design. Its strength lies in its excellent design of manufacturing and manufacturability, which guarantees functioning parts and durable assembly. The company can support the customer’s product design from the point of view of structures, materials and manufacturing thanks to the modern SolidWorks software used by the 3D design services. This increases cost efficiency significantly. CONTINUOUS RENEWAL IS THE WAY TO OPERATE

Most of the company’s customers operate on the global market. “In order to keep up with the competition, we continuously upgrade our manufacturing methods and equipment. Even now, we have an extension in our factory hall underway, through which we will increase our production capacity and at the same time raise the level

of automation. Thus, we will receive even better leverage in the machining of pieces and ability to meet our customers’ needs.” QUALITY AND CUSTOMER ORIENTATION ARE THE ALPHA AND OMEGA

According to Herranen, the areas where CNC Machining wants to distinguish itself on the market are in quality and customer orientation. “We make our expertise available to our customers immediately from the first contact and we cherish long-term customer relationships by being flexible, reliable, and efficient in all that we do. Often, it also happens that a customer for a single job becomes a long-term partner – perhaps this is evidence of our experts’ work ethic and the quality of our work.” MH Interested? Find out more at | | Joensuun CNC-Machining Oy



THAT DOES NOT STAY PUT A logistics company specializing in bulk logistics, RL - TRANS has a history of over 60 years in the business, but does not stay put. Internationalization, networking and safety are core words, meaning that the company has accelerated growth at a continuing annual pace of 15–20%.


L – TRANS is no newcomer to the logistics sector. The company was founded in 1955, and today it is one of the largest specialist bulk logistics companies in Scandinavia. “We offer customer-oriented, high-quality and competent logistics services Europe-wide,” explains Market Manager Andreas Lindedahl. RL – TRANS is a family-owned company that currently has just over 150 employees working on the bulk transportation of dry products, liquid gas, and value-added logistics services. The company specializes in bulk logistics, but there is also an ever-increasing demand for value-added services, such as logistics outsourcing and planning. “We do not just handle transport from point A to point B, but we can also be deeply involved in the customer’s logistical processes.” MORE AND MORE INTERNATIONAL GOODS FLOWS

Internationalization has for a long time been the company’s strategy. “We decided to go in for growth and international logistics, because we saw that the companies’ goods flows are becoming more and more international. In the early 2000s,

we were a domestic transport company with ten units. Today, we operate with more than 200 units internationally. This says something about our growth rate, which has been 15-20% each year. It has continually called for a lot of investments, but is now bearing fruit.” In fact, RL-TRANS today operates all across Europe. “International logistics requires us to also have a good logistical network of cooperation partners in Europe as well as an outstanding level of digitalization.” TERMINAL IN KRISTIINANKAUPUNKI

The company has also built a terminal in Kristiinankaupunki. “Powdered raw materials in packaged form arrive in Finland from further and further away. We can store the products on behalf of the customer, transfer the packaged goods to bulk, and transport them to the customer with silo bulk vehicles. Here, the customer does not need their own storage for the products, or any storage equipment or personnel to handle the packaged products. In this way, unnecessary operations and handling costs are eliminated from the customer’s processes.”


And even if RL-TRANS transports bulk products, the logistical solutions are not done in bulk. “Our mission is to optimize our clients’ logistical processes and implement solutions based upon the customer’s premises and needs.” SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY TODAY’S WORDS

The company also works constantly towards safety and environmental sustainability. “We continually train our drivers in ecodriving, behavior based safety, and we optimize routes in order to minimize our carbon footprint. When 200 units are moving around out there all the time, the puzzle pieces must fall into place each day.” MH Read more | |

Professionals Q4 2017  
Professionals Q4 2017