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Tom Sawyer is not a good boy. He doesn’t listen to his Aunt Polly, and he fights with his brother Sid. And sometimes he doesn’t go to school. But Tom’s life is full of adventures. Some are funny, some are exciting… and some are frightening and dangerous.


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Comic Strip



Mark Twain

Retold by Mark Foster

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THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER Mark Twain (1835–1910) was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He was born in Missouri, and raised in the town of Hannibal – which is the setting for his two greatest novels – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885). As a young man, Twain worked for a local newspaper, and then as a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River. He worked as a miner in Nevada, but then returned to newspapers, working as a journalist in a number of local newspapers. He wrote books about his travels in the U.S. and around the world, but his first major success as a writer was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.


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Look at the picture and answer the questions.



1. Who is this person? 2. How old is he? 3. Where does he live? 4. Is he rich or poor?


Look at the front and back covers of the book. What do you think happens in the story? 1. A man is killed. P 2. Tom Sawyer runs away. 3. Tom Sawyer gets into trouble. 4. A dog fights with a cat. 5. A pirate steals a boat. 6. Tom Sawyer gets married. 7. Two boys find some money. 8. Tom Sawyer gets lost in a cave. 9. Some boys play tennis. 10. Tom Sawyer catches a fish.


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Chapter One Looking for Tom Tom Sawyer lives with Aunt Polly. Their house is in Missouri, USA. Tom is not always a good boy.



No answer.

No answer.

Hello, Aunt Polly.

Why are you in there, Tom Sawyer?


Look at your hands? Is that jam? Tom, is that jam? 5

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8/19/16 4:22 PM

No, Aunt Polly. I like jam. I can’t help it.

What happens if you steal jam?

Stealing jam is bad, Tom.

I get very red hands!

Tom is in big, big trouble now. But he has an idea…

Why, you little…!

Aunt Polly! Quick! Look behind you.

Tom runs from Aunt Polly. He runs out of the house.

Bye bye, Aunt Polly.



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Tom runs away and laughs.

8/19/16 4:22 PM

Tom is not happy. He doesn’t like Sid.

Later, Tom eats dinner with Aunt Polly and his brother Sid.

Do you have school work, Sid?


Yes I do. But Tom doesn’t.

Why don’t you have school work, Tom?

The boys fight.

No school. No school work.

Boys, stop! Sid – go to your room. Aunt Polly must punish Tom. She is quiet for some time.

School is important Tom. I have work for you on Saturday – all day.


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8/22/16 2:25 PM

Chapter two Tom Has a Good Idea WOOF ! WOOF !


Good dog. You are always happy. Why are you always happy?

I know what to do.

On Saturday…

I don’t like painting.

Tom has an idea.

Of course!


Tom sees his friends. He paints the fence happily.

Tom, you look happy. Is painting fun? Can I do some painting?


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8/19/16 4:22 PM

Find your own fence. This one is mine.

Oh, please Tom! Here’s two cents. Please Tom!

Oh, O.K. But be quick.

Let me paint. Have my catapult.

Can I paint? Have my candy. My hat! You can have my hat, Tom! Two hours later, Tom is happy.

Make a thing difficult to get – and people want it more.


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8/19/16 4:22 PM

There is a new girl at school. Tom wants to sit with her.

How can I sit with Becky? Oh, I know.

Tom has an idea. He wants to be bad.


Tom Sawyer! I saw you. Sit at the front with Becky. And be good!

Hello Becky. How are you today?

Becky, you’re very pretty. I love you. Do you love me?


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8/19/16 4:22 PM

At lunch time…

Becky – do you love me?

Yes, Tom. I love you – but don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.

O.K. Becky. Are you engaged? Let’s get engaged.

O.K. Why not?

Yes! Oh Becky. I’m so happy. You must never leave me.

Tom is happy.

O.K., Tom.

You’re not like Amy Lawrence. She always leaves me.

What are you saying? Are you engaged to Amy Lawrence, too?

Girls! I don’t understand them.

Well... 11

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The adventures of tom sawyer  
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