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Puss in Boots

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Puss in Boots



Jack is very poor, but he has one friend, Puss. Puss is a very smart cat and he can help Jack. All he needs is a bag, some new boots, and some very good ideas.


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8/9/16 2:06 PM

Puss in Boots


retold by Richard Northcott

young readers

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Match the words and the pictures.















Read. Circle the correct number. 1. twenty-one





2. twenty





3. nineteen





4. eighteen





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7/18/16 9:37 AM

There’s a big house next to a river. Three boys live in the house with their father. Their father is a farmer. The farmer has a donkey. The donkey helps him. The farmer has a cat and his name is Puss. Puss doesn’t help the farmer. He catches mice. That’s all. Two of the boys are big now. One boy is twenty-one and his brother is twenty. They are men. Their little brother is eighteen. His name is Jack. 4

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7/12/16 1:18 PM

The farmer is an old man. One day he is tired and sick. He goes to bed. That night, the boys go to see their father. They are sitting next to his bed. “Boys,” says the farmer, “I am old and sick. I can’t work now. You can have all my things.” To one boy, he says: “You can have my house.” To the boy’s brother, he says: “You can have my donkey.” “What can I have?” says Jack. “You can have Puss, my cat.” Then the farmer shuts his eyes. He doesn’t open them again. The three boys are sad.


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7/12/16 1:18 PM

Time goes by. Now one boy lives in the big house. He is a rich man. His brother has the donkey. The donkey helps him. But the little brother, Jack, is not happy. “My brothers are rich, but I am poor,” he says. “They have a house and a donkey. What do I have? A cat! What can a cat do? It can catch mice. That’s all.” Puss hears Jack. “Don’t be sad,” he says. Jack is very surprised. “You can talk!” says Jack.


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7/12/16 1:18 PM

“Yes, I can talk,” says Puss. “And I can help you. But I need some boots. Can you get them for me? And I need a bag. Can I have your old red bag?” Jack gives Puss his bag. Then he goes to the store. He comes home with some beautiful blue boots. They have big buckles. Puss loves them. But now Jack is sad again. “I’m poor,” he says. “Don’t worry,” says Puss. “Wait here.”

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7/12/16 1:19 PM

Puss picks up the bag and goes to the forest. He is wearing his beautiful new boots. In the forest there are lots of rabbits. Rabbits eat carrots. Puss gets a big carrot and puts it in the bag. Then he puts the bag down. He is behind a tree and the rabbits can’t see him. Two rabbits see the bag. They want the carrots and they climb in the bag. Then Puss jumps on the bag and shuts it. Puss is a smart cat.


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7/18/16 10:15 AM

Puss picks up the bag and puts it on his back. “Let’s go see the king,” he says. Puss goes to the king’s castle and knocks on the door. A man opens the door. “I have a gift for the king,” says Puss. Soon Puss is in front of the king. He opens his bag and shows the two rabbits. “They are a gift from my master,” says Puss. “He is the Marquis of Carebas.” “Rabbits!” says the king. “I love rabbits. Thank you. And thank you to your master.” 9

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7/18/16 10:15 AM

Every day, Puss goes to the forest and catches rabbits. He catches ducks and chickens, too. Every day, Jack and Puss have a nice dinner. Puss often goes to the castle and gives food to the king. He often gives rabbits, but sometimes he gives a duck. And every time, Puss says to the king: “This is a gift from my master, the Marquis of Carebas.” The king is always happy with Puss’s gifts. 10

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7/12/16 1:19 PM

The king’s friends are surprised. “Who is the Marquis of Carebas?” says one friend. “Do you know him?” “No, I don’t,” says the other friend. “But he always gives nice gifts. Now we have a great dinner every day. The Marquis of Carebas is a good man. But who is he? Where is he?” Nobody knows the Marquis of Carebas. Puss hears the friends and smiles. “I have an idea,” he thinks.


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7/12/16 1:19 PM

The next day, Puss says to Jack: “Let’s go swim in the river!” Jack and Puss go to the river. Jack undresses, jumps in the water, and swims. Puss puts Jack’s clothes behind a tree. “The king always comes here at ten o’clock,” thinks Puss. Puss is right. At ten o’clock he hears the king’s coach. He runs to the coach. “Help! Help! My master is in the river. The Marquis of Carebas is in the river!”


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7/12/16 1:19 PM

The king opens the window of his coach and sees Jack in the river. “Is that the Marquis of Carebas?” says the king. “Yes,” says Puss. “He doesn’t have any clothes.” The king talks to his friends. “Go to the castle,” he says. “Find some clothes for the Marquis.” The friends run to the castle. Soon they come back with beautiful clothes. The friends help Jack and he puts on the clothes. “Get in the coach,” says the king.


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7/12/16 1:19 PM

Jack sits down in the coach next to the king. There’s a beautiful young woman in the coach, too. She is the princess, the king is her father. Jack likes the princess and the princess likes Jack. The king looks out of the window. The coach is going through fields. Some farmers are working in the fields. Puss runs in front of the coach. He has an idea. He says to the farmers: “Listen to me. The king is coming. Tell the king about these fields. Say ‘The fields are the Marquis of Carebas’s fields.’” 14

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7/12/16 1:19 PM

The king sees the farmers in the fields. He opens the window. “These fields are beautiful,” says the king to the farmers. “Whose fields are they?” “They are the Marquis of Carebas’s fields,” say the farmers. Then the king sees some farmers with cows. “These cows are beautiful,” he says. “Whose cows are they?” “They are the Marquis of Carebas’s cows,” say the farmers. The king thinks: “The Marquis of Carebas is a very rich man.” 15

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7/19/16 2:55 PM

Now Puss runs through the fields, very fast. He can’t see the coach now. He runs and runs. Then he comes to a big castle. “This is the ogre’s castle,” thinks Puss. “Good!” Puss is right. A big ogre lives in this castle. He is a rich ogre, too. The fields are the ogre’s fields. And the cows are the ogre’s cows, too. Puss knocks on the door and a little man opens it. “Please can I see the ogre?” says Puss.


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7/12/16 1:19 PM

The ogre is sitting in a big chair. Puss takes off his hat and bows. The ogre smiles. “A cat in boots,” he thinks. “That’s funny.” “Please sit down,” says the ogre. Soon Puss and the ogre are talking. Puss has an idea. “People say: ‘The ogre is good at magic.’ Are you good at magic?” “Yes, I am,” says the ogre. “I’m very good at magic.” “Can you change into an animal?” says Puss. “Yes, I can,” says the ogre. “Please show me,” says Puss.


CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 17

7/12/16 1:19 PM

“OK,” says the ogre. “Choose an animal.” “No,” says Puss. “You choose.” “OK,” says the ogre. “Watch me.” Now there isn’t an ogre. There’s a big lion. It’s on the ogre’s chair and it’s very angry. Puss is scared. He jumps out of the window and climbs onto a tree. “Come back,” says the lion. “It’s OK.” “I’m not coming back. You’re a lion,” says Puss. The ogre changes into an ogre again. He is laughing. “You’re a funny cat,” he says. 18

CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 18

7/12/16 1:19 PM

Puss comes back and sits down again. He isn’t scared now. “You’re good at magic,” says Puss. “Very good… But a lion is a big animal and you are big, too. Can you change into a small animal?” “Of course,” says the ogre. “Really?” says Puss. “Can you change into a mouse?” The ogre laughs. “Watch me,” he says. And he changes into a little mouse. Puss doesn’t wait. He jumps on the mouse and eats it. Nobody sees the ogre again. Puss is a very smart cat.


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7/12/16 1:19 PM

Now Puss sees lots of men and women in beautiful clothes. They are sitting around the ogre’s table. Puss is very surprised. “Who are you?” says Puss. “We are the ogre’s prisoners. But now we are happy. Thank you. What can we do for you?” “You can work for my master, the Marquis of Carebas,” says Puss. “He is a good master. You can be his servants.”


CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 20

7/12/16 1:19 PM

“My master is coming now,” says Puss. “He is with the king. Please tidy up the castle for them. And make a nice dinner.” Puss goes to the door and waits for the king’s coach. Soon the coach stops in front of the castle and the king gets out. “This castle is beautiful,” says the king. “Whose castle is it?” “This is the castle of the Marquis of Carebas,” says Puss. Puss opens the door and bows. “Please come in.”


CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 21

7/12/16 1:19 PM

The king goes through the door with Jack and the Princess. “Your castle is great,” he says to Jack. “It’s more beautiful than my castle. Are the rooms beautiful, too?” “I don’t know,” says Jack. Puss kicks Jack, and says: “The rooms are very beautiful. Please go in.” Jack’s new servants are waiting in the dining room. The king comes in and the servants bow. The king sits down at the big table and looks at all the beautiful food. Jack sits down next to the princess. 22

CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 22

7/12/16 1:19 PM

The party doesn’t stop all day. People eat, laugh, and dance. The king puts his arm around Jack and says: “Do you like the princess?” “Yes, I do,” says Jack. “Then marry her,” says the king. Jack smiles and the princess smiles back. “Please marry me,” Jack says to the princess, “and live in this castle with me.” “Of course,” says the princess.


CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 23

7/12/16 1:19 PM

It is the day of Jack’s wedding. People come from many countries. They are wearing beautiful clothes. They have nice gifts for Jack and the princess. Puss wears beautiful new boots. They are red with big buckles. Jack tells people the story of his smart cat. The people clap and Puss bows.


CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 24

7/12/16 1:19 PM

Jack and the princess live in the castle and are happy. The years go by. The old king dies, and then Jack and the princess are the king and queen. Puss lives in the castle, too. He eats nice food and drinks cream. He sleeps on a big bed. He is happy all day and every day. Sometimes he thinks: “I want some fun. Let’s catch a mouse.” So he catches a mouse, and then has a nice, long sleep again.

CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 25


7/12/16 1:19 PM


Who is speaking? Match the words and the pictures. 1. My brothers are rich, but I am poor.


2. Help! Help! My master is in the river.


3. Go to the castle. Find some


4. I’m very good at magic.


5. Please marry me, and live in this


clothes for the Marquis.

castle with me.


Match the questions and the answers. 1. Where’s the farmer’s house?

He’s eighteen.

2. How old is Jack?

The ogre.

3. What color is Puss’s bag?

It’s next to a river.

4. What’s the king’s favorite food?

It’s red.

5. What time does the king

At ten o’clock.

6. Who changes into a lion?


always come to the river?


CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 26

7/18/16 10:19 AM

Find one mistake in each sentence. Write the sentence correctly.



1. Jack has three brothers.

Jack has two brothers. 2. Puss can’t talk.

3. Jack goes to the store and buys some books for Puss.

4. The king comes to the river in his car.

5. The princess is the king’s sister.

6. The ogre changes into a bird and Puss eats him.


Put the words in order. 1. beautiful new / loves / boots. / Puss / his

Puss loves his beautiful new boots. 2. a nice dinner. / Every day, / have / Jack and Puss

3. and / in the river / jumps / swims. / Jack

4. “Can / a / change into / you / small animal?”

5. the story of / Jack tells / cat. / people / his smart

6. and / eats / drinks / Puss / cream. / nice food 27

CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 27

7/18/16 10:19 AM


Write the correct verb. Use the verbs in the box. catches 1. Jack






tidy up

Puss his old red bag.

2. Every day, Puss

rabbits in the forest.

3. The king’s friends

to the castle and find clothes for Jack.

4. The ogre

in a big castle.

5. “Please

the castle and make a nice dinner.”

6. Sometimes Puss catches a mouse, and then he

a nice

long sleep.


Complete the crossword.




1 C









5 4




6 28

CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 28

7/12/16 1:19 PM


Circle five words for clothes. house














Tick the correct sentence. Then read and draw. 1.

a donkey in boots

a donkey in a hat

a mouse in a sweater

a mouse in a dress



a cat in a T-shirt

CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 29


7/12/16 1:19 PM


catch stop and hold something change into turn into something different clap make a noise with your hands


cream thick, strong milk die when something stops living, it dies field where farmers keep animals in the country


find see and discover something forest


get out leave


CS1-ING-PR4-4023-1-PUSS IN BOOTS-LA-M16.indd 30

hear you hear things with your ears

7/18/16 10:21 AM

jump move very quickly off the ground king

nobody no people


idea a plan or thought that comes into your head

ogre a very dangerous giant prisoner a person who is not able to leave a place queen the most important woman in a country; the wife of a king servant a person who works for someone

knock hit on a door with your hands laugh the noise you make when you are very happy or amused marry become the husband or wife of someone master a man who has people to work for him mouse

shut when a door is not open, it is shut smile the movement of a mouth when someone is happy surprised when something happens that you didn’t expect swim move through the water wedding the time when two people marry


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7/12/16 1:19 PM

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