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Wilhelmus van Nassauwe


Wilhelmus van Nassouwe Ben ick van Duytschen bloet, Den Vaderlant getrouwe Blyf ik tot in den doot Een prince van Oraengien Ben ick vrij onverveert, Den Coninck van Hispaengien Heb ick altijt gheeert.

Mijn Schilt ende betrouwen Sijt ghy, O Godt mijn Heer, Op u soo wil ick bouwen Verlaet mij nimmermeer: Dat ick doch vroom mach blijven V dienaer taller stondt, Die Tyranny verdrijven, Die my mijn hert doorwondt.

Als een Prins op gheseten Met mijner Heyres cracht, Van den Tyran vermeten Heb ick den Slach verwacht, Die by Maestricth begraven Bevreesde mijn ghewelt, Mijn ruyters sach men draven. Seer moedich door dat Velt.

In Godes vrees te leven Heb ick altyt betracht, Daerom ben ick verdreven Om Landt om Luyd ghebracht: Maer God sal mij regeren Als een goet Instrument, Dat ick zal wederkeeren In mijnen Regiment.

Van al die my beswaren, End mijn Vervolghers zijn, Mijn Godt wilt doch bewaren Den trouwen dienaer dijn: Dat sy my niet verrasschen In haren boosen moet, Haer handen niet en wasschen In mijn onschuldich bloet.

Soo het den wille des Heeren Op die tyt had gheweest, Had ick gheern willen keeren Van v dit swaer tempeest: Maer de Heer van hier boven Die alle dinck regeert. Diemen altijd moet loven En heeftet niet begheert.

Lydt u myn Ondersaten Die oprecht zyn van aert, Godt sal u niet verlaten Al zijt ghy nu beswaert: Die vroom begheert te leven Bidt Godt nacht ende dach Dat hy my cracht wil gheven Dat ick u helpen mach.

Als David moeste vluchten Voor Saul den Tyran: Soo heb ick moeten suchten Met menich Edelman: Maer Godt heeft hem verheven Verlost uit alder noot, Een Conickrijk ghegheven In Israel seer groot.

Seer Prinslick was ghedreven Mijn princelick ghemoet, Stantvastich is ghebleven Mijn hert in teghenspoet, Den Heer heb ick ghebeden Van mijnes herten gront, Dat hy mijn saeck wil reden, Mijn onschult doen bekant.

Lyf en goet al te samen Heb ick u niet verschoont, Mijn broeders hooch van Namen Hebbent u oock vertoont: Graef Adolff is ghebleven In Vriesland in den slaech, Syn Siel int ewich Leven Verwacht den Jongsten dach.

Na tsuer sal ick ontfanghen Van Godt mijn Heer dat soet, Daer na so doet verlanghen Mijn Vorstelick ghemoet: Dat is dat ick mach sterven Met eeren in dat Velt, Een eewich Rijck verwerven Als een ghetrouwe Helt.

Oorlof mijn arme Schapen Die zijt in grooten noot, V Herder sal niet slapen Al zijt ghy nu verstroyt: Tot Godt wilt v begheven Syn heylsaem Woort neemt aen, Als vrome Christen leven, Tsal hier haest zijn ghedaen.

Edel en Hooch gheboren Van Keyserlicken Stam: Een Vorst des Rijcks vercoren Als een vroom Christen man, Voor Godes Woort ghepreesen Heb ick vrij onversaecht, Als een Helt sonder vreesen Mijn edel bloet ghewaecht.

Niet doet my meer erbarmen In mijnen wederspoet, Dan dat men siet verarmen Des Conicks Landen goet, Dat v de Spaengiaerts crencken O Edel Neerlandt soet, Als ick daer aen ghedencke Mijn Edel hert dat bloet.

Voor Godt wil ick belijden End zijner grooter Macht, Dat ick tot gheenen tijden Den Coninck heb veracht: Dan dat ick Godt den Heere Der hoogchster Maiesteyt, Heb moeten obedieren, Inder gherechtigheyt.


Grunnen’s Laid


Van Lauwerszee tot Dollard tou, Van Drenthe tot aan ‘t Wad, Doar gruit, doar bluit ain wonderland, Rondom ain wondre stad. Ain pronkjewail in golden raand Is Grönnen, Stad en Ommelaand; Ain pronkjewail in golden raand Is Stad en Ommelaand! Doar broest de zee, doar hoelt de wind, Doar soest ‘t aan diek en wad, Moar rustig waarkt en wuilt het volk, Het volk van Loug en Stad. Ain pronkjewail in golden raand Is Grönnen, Stad en Ommelaand; Ain pronkjewail in golden raand Is Stad en Ommelaand! Doar woont de dege degelkhaaid, De wille, vast as stoal, Doar vuilt het haart, de tonge sprekt, In richt- en slichte toal. Ain pronkjewail in golden raand Is Grönnen, Stad en Ommelaand; Ain pronkjewail in golden raand Is Stad en Ommelaand!



Born to be Wild Steppenwolf Get your motor runnin’ Head out on the highway Looking for adventure In whatever comes our way

Born to be wild Born to be wild

Get your motor runnin’ Yeah, darlin’ Head out on the highway Gonna make it happen Looking for adventure Take the world in a love embrace In whatever comes our way Fire all of your guns at once And explode into space Yeah, darlin’ Gonna make it happen I like smoke and lightnin’ Take the world in a love embrace Heavy metal thunder Fire all of your guns at once Racing in the wind And explode into space And the feeling that I’m under Like a true nature child Yeah, darlin’ We were born Gonna make it happen Born to be wild Take the world in a love embrace We can climbed so high Fire all of your guns at once I never wanna die And explode into space Born to be wild Like a true nature child We were born Born to be wild... Born to be wild We can climbed so high I never wanna die


Dear EBF Member, On behalf of the EBF Almanac committee we would like to thank you for reading, or at least opening, our almanac! We hope that you will enjoy reading it just as much as we did while making it. For the ones who did not notice; the theme of this year has everything to do with going into, and surviving the wild. Every individual lives in some sort of wilderness and it is up to themselves to master all the challenges and barbarian situations. This applies to your student-life, but especially to the big and scary world afterwards. Well, if it may help you: we believe in all of you! So remember, when you feel down and the wilderness is taken over you, you will always have this almanac to guide you through and motivate you to stribe for better times!


Jolinde Fledderus


Kim van der Schoor

Treasurer & Acquisition

Arthur Snijder


Ilse Ballast

Production & Lay - Out

Aaron van Gils

Production & Lay Out



Professor Doctor Harry Garretsen Dean of the Faculty Economics and Business At first, this year’s theme of the EBF Almanac seems like a bit of an odd choice. Aca-

demic life can be said to represent many (good) things, but the idea that academic life represents a wild life does not come easy. That is to say, compared to many other occupations, being a student or academic must seem rather dull to most people. Also, the city of Groningen rightly prides itself on being a very safe city so it is hard to argue that living in Groningen. At first, this year’s theme of the EBF Almanac seems like a bit of an odd choice. Academic life can be said to represent many (good) things, but the idea that academic life represents a wild life does not come easy. That is to say, compared to many other occupations, being a student or academic must seem rather dull to most people. Also, the city of Groningen rightly prides itself on being a very safe city so it is hard to argue that living in Groningen is like living on the edge of things. As students of economics and business you may, of course, beg to differ but economists and business people have the reputation of being rather dull. As the saying goes, listening to an economist is like taking a sleeping pill! So, if a wild life means a risky, “on the edge” kind of life, our faculty and students are maybe not the first candidates that come to mind. We are hardly risk lovers.

But “Into the wild” could also refer the unknown that comes along with doing new things in your life, like coming to Groningen and our faculty as a freshman and embarking upon a study in a new town, sometimes far away from one’s family and friends. Or it could refer to the big unknown step that follows upon graduation when one starts to look for a job in the “real” world. For most of you, being neither a complete novice anymore nor a Master of Science yet, the wild or unknown academic life refers to the question how to make the most of your studies and your time as a student. It is probably often only with hindsight that it becomes clear if your student years were years well spent. Most of you rightly opt for more doing more than just the nominal program. This seems like the right strategy to me. Getting your degree (a.s.a.p.) should be priority number one but by doing more than is merely required by taking more courses, by being actively engaged in study associations like the EBF, or by getting involved in the zillion opportunities that the University of Groningen has to offer, the value added to your student life is certainly enhanced. In doing so, “Into the wild” would imply that you really follow your interest even if that means doing previously unknown things and standing out from the crowd of fellow students. Going left where the easy well-trodden path would call for a right turn, does indeed mean to go into the wild. Whatever wild (or safe) academic route you take. I wish you all the success in the world on behalf of our faculty! Harry Garretsen


Retrieval Speech

It is always hard for people to change their current way of living, people find it scary to get out of their comfort zone and step into the wild. But putting yourself out there and taking chances is the best way to test, develop and surpass yourself. This at least was my way of reasoning when I applied for the EBF Board in April 2010. I needed new challenges; I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and to do something of which I was not sure I would be successful in doing. But it did not stop there: during our board year we never allowed ourselves to become accustomed to our newly created comfort zone by continuously setting new and higher goals, not accepting ‘good enough’ and pushing ourselves to achieve the maximum for the association. In doing this we realized some nice achievements in my opinion. Together with the conference committee we managed to get Al Gore to speak at the EBF Conference. Also we achieved to arrange a grant party at the Waagplein to open the new college year. But these are just two very visible achievements, behind the scenes a lot of work got done and I think that we can look back proudly at what we as a board, together with the great effort of the active members, managed to achieve for the association. Therefore I would like to thank my fellow board members of the EBF Board 2010-2011 Leonie, Joeri, Paul, Sophie, Thijs and Martin for their work hard, play hard attitudes, great ideas and support throughout the year. But as I said during the General Members Meeting, none of this is possible without the active members whom I would like to thank for the fun times we had, their motivation and the great activities which they organized. Currently the EBF Board 2011-2012 is out into the wild tryingto achieve new great accomplishments for the association. They have a promising and challenging year ahead of them with the upcoming Lustrum, their policy changes and the ongoing activities of the EBF! On behalf of the EBF Board 2010-2011 I would like to wish Eva, Mariska, Martinus, Sophie, Francien, Ewoud and Harmen all the best during their year. I am convinced you will do a great job in bringing the association to an even higher level! Lastly for those who recognize the urge to achieve more and get more out of their studies, sport, career, extra-curricular activities or for that matter their lives, good luck and don’t be afraid to try new things and step out into the wild! 12

Joram Kok Chairman EBF Board 2010 - 2011

Introduction Speech

Have you ever had the feeling that you were about to jump into the wild? To jump into a totally new experience or to do something you have never done before? If you recall experiences from your own life you must be able to find something that felt like you were jumping into unknown areas. One of them might be your first steps into the student life or the first tutorial of your studies. For me personally the moments that I felt going into the wild were two moments in special, the first one is the moment that I arrived at the Airport of Ankara in Turkey to experience my exchange semester. The first couple of hours were uncomfortable and I felt a little bit lost. However, after those hours I experienced the most fun and educational time of my entire studies. The first days and weeks as the chairman of the EBF Board I also felt like going in to the wild. Definitively a new and challenging experience. Think about what this means for you; Starting your studies, going abroad or maybe organising an event at the EBF? The EBF offers you the opportunity to develop yourself and experience new and challenging events, or even better, organise challenging events. With fun, exciting and interesting activities we try to make studying easier, more fun and relevant for you. There are plenty of opportunities to jump into the wild! Last year the EBF Board 2010-2011 brought the EBF to a higher level. They focused on member policy including offering study support, the image of the EBF and the communication by for example social media. Furthermore, they implemented a new website and wrote the strategy for the EBF for the upcoming five years. In the upcoming year we will focus on certain aspects of the EBF as well. We will try to make the association more internationally orientated, we will focus on operational efficiency and try to form an EBF Community by establishing interaction between all the stakeholders of the EBF. During the summer we enjoyed a very intense knowledge transition period. The EBF Board 2010-2011 prepared us for the challenge that we were about to experience. Therefore, on behalf of the EBF Board 2011-2012 I would like to thank Joram, Leonie, Paul, Joeri, Thijs, Sophie and Martin for their efforts, time and the trust they are giving us. Furthermore, I would like to say that you should be aware of the things you do and experience. If you are about to experience something new or challenging keep in mind that, for your own jump into the wild, it is really important to trust yourself and be trusted by others in your environment.

Eva Kool Chairman EBF Board 2011 - 2012




External Annual Report “Man’s unique reward, however, is that while animals survive by adjusting themselves to their background, man survives by adjusting his background to himself.” -Ayn Rand-


14 September Roma-Process againts France Viviane Reding, European Commissioner of justice and human rights, wanted to go to the European Court of Justice to start a process against France due to the controversial circumstances related to the ‘Roma’-expel procedure in France.

1 September End military activity Iraq President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced that the military activity of the American troops in Iraq will come to an end. The last remaining troops already departed at the 19th of August.

6 September Klink lays down his function Ab Klink, outgoing minister of health, welfare and sport, decided to immediately lay down his function in the chamber of deputies after a breach of trust within the CDA party. This breach was caused by the leaking of a letter of Klink in which he dissociated himself from CDA’s party chairman Verhagen.

29 September Gliese 581 discoverd A new exoplanet, which is a planet that orbits another star than earth’s sun, in solar system ‘Gliese 581’ was discovered. The scientist gave this exoplanet the very shocking name ‘Gliese 581 g’.


OCTOBER 2010 20

31 October Harry Mulisch died Dutch writer Harry Mulisch passed away at the age of 83. Mulisch was the last remaining writer of ‘the Big Three’. Mulisch was known for books such as ‘De aanslag’ and ‘De ontdekking van de hemel’ which became Dutch classics.

7 October Antonie Kamerling suicide Dutch actor Antonie Kamerling commited suicide after years of depression. Kamerling had two sons and was married with Isa Hoes.

9 October Independency of the Netherlands Antilles The Netherlands Antilles do not longer exist. Negotiations about future purposes of the country often took place in the past, but since today Curacao and Sint-Maarten are independent countries. The locals celebrated their country’s independence as the biggest victory next to the abolition of slavery.

14 October Mark Rutte new prime minister After a very long time of negotiation Mark Rutte finally became the Netherlands’ new prime minister. In his first speech as prime minister Rutte stated that the cabinet had to be formed with great care and patience and that he wants to focus on recovering trust in politics. The cabinet is formed out of the VVD and CDA, Geert Wilders’ PVV will support by tolerating.

13 October Mineworkers freed After 69 days of being trapped in a mine with a depth of 700 meters the 33 mineworkers are finally rescued. The men were trapped in the mines of San José near Copiapó in Chili after the roof of the mine collapsed.

26/27 October Tsunami Indonesia An earthquake, with the magnitude of 7,5 on the Richter Scale, near the Indonesian Mentawai-islands caused a huge tsunami. Especially the island Sumatra was hit by this tsunami, which resulted in 408 deadly victims and 330 missing people. As if one natural disaster was not enough, also a volcano erupted on Java. The eruption resulted in 34 deaths.


Heavy wintery conditions in the Netherlands

NOVEMBER 2010 22

20 November Failing railways The NS (National Railways) was not able to handle all the wintery conditions. Near the most occupied cities trains failed hopelessly. Almost 50 percent of all the train traffic in the ‘Randstad’ failed to reach the intended destination. Critique on the NS started to rise due to their inability to fix the problems.

29 November Traffic Jam The enormous amounts of snow in the Netherlands led to many infrastructural problems. It resulted in the most crowded evening rush hour ever, with a total length of 884 kilometers of traffic jam.

28 November Leslie Nielsen died The comedian/actor who was the star of the Naked Gun movies, died aged 84 due to the consequences of pneumonia. Nielsen starred in more than 100 movies and appeared in around 1500 television programs.

13 November Release of Aung San Suu Kyi The Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been released after being ‘grounded’ for 20 years. In Burma there is a lack of freedom of speech, which caused her imprisonment. Due to her unfair imprisonment and her performances, Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, many call her the ‘female version of Nelson Mandela’. 28 November Wikileaks Wikileaks’ started a worldwide political crisis when it published 250,000 documents and telegrams of secret governmental information from the United States. These documents contained information that showed that Saudi Arabia asked the US to attack Iran and that US diplomats were asked to spy on UN leaders.


DECEMBER 2010 24

7 December Storms in Eastern Europe During the entire month heavy rainfall in Eastern Europe led to massive evacuations. The amount of rainfall on the Balkan has been the heaviest ever, especially Albania got hit. Near 12.000 people had to be evacuated by boat, however the good news is that no one died or got hurt.

12 December Robert M A 27-year old former employee of two child care facilities confessed that he had sexually abused 87 children. The man was arrested after the Amsterdam police corps received a message from the United States which mentioned that there was a lot of child pornography coming from the Netherlands lately. In the Netherlands a discussion raised whether employees of child care facilities should not be screened thoroughly before getting hired.

25 December White Christmas For the first time in half a century do both Belgium and The Netherlands have a white Christmas on both Christmas days. However, the heavy snowfall keeps on causing problems in the Netherlands: there was a traffic jam until midnight for the very first time in history.

11 December Explosions in Stockholm Two explosions went off in the city center of Stockholm and caused one death and two injured. The damage could have been worse because the city centrum was overly crowded due to all the Christmas shopping. One of the bombs was placed in a parked car in one of the crowded shopping districts. The other bomb went off in Bryggargatan. The man who was responsible for the attack blew himself up, however only one of the six bombs that he had on him exploded.


JANUARY 2011 26

21 January Cut down of financial student support After the government announced to cut down the financial student support, many students started protests. The students mainly focused on the contradiction between the Dutch government’s objective to maintain their status as a knowledge country on the one side, and the budget savings on the other. For many students Master degrees or studying in the first place will become too expensive due to the reduction in financial support. The protests itself all went down rather peacefully, however some students started riots afterwards.

31 January Egyption riots and protests Today the Egyptian protests started their seventh day. Protesters were calling for a million-man march in order for the government to restrain. The protests become more violently every day and the pressure on President Hosni Mubarak becomes enormous. He therefore already agreed to discuss a potential reform with opposition parties.

8 January Tucson shooting A mass shooting occured near Tucson, Arizona. US Representative Gabrielle Giffords was holding an open meeting at a supermarket parking lot when the 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner opened fire. 19 People got hit, of which six died eventually. Among the killed was Chief Judge John Roll. Later on it turned out Loughner planned to assassinate Giffords.



22 February Gadaffi (Libya) won’t surrender Even after the defeats of the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt does Muammar Gadaffi not want to surrender without a fight. The leader of Libya even stated that ‘he will keep on fighting until the last drop of his blood’. Gaddafi claimed that the media had illustrated a false and misleading image of the current situation in Libya. If the Libyan youth wants to copy the behavior of the Tunisian and Egyptian youth, then Gaddafi would not fear to take rigorous measures. He, however, denied that civilians were already attacked and murdered during protests.

All the revolutions in Northern Africa are now given the nickname ‘the domino revolution’. Due to all the interconnectedness between the downturns of the regimes in all the different countries.


11 February Gadaffi (Egypt) falls After eighteen days of protests and riots in Egypt president Hosni Mubarak, who was in charge for almost thirty years, decides to transfer his power to the army. The protests began to become heavier each day, which led to people who burned themselves alive in order to get worldwide attention. Egypt is the second country, after Tunisia, in which the revolution led to success. 7 February Hongary’s censorship The European Committee and European Commissioner Neelie Kroes stated that the Hungarian media law is not consistent with the common European law. The Hungarian media law includes governmental censorship in order to maintain ‘objective’ journalism. When Hungary implemented this law at the 1st of January, critique immediately popped up. Hungary reacted with a statement in which they declared that they were willing to adapt their media law.

21 February Earthquake near Christchurch An earthquake, with a magnitude of 6,3 on the Richter Scale, occurred nearby Christchurch (a city in New Zealand with 380.000 inhabitants) . The earthquake causes damage with a worth of billions of dollars and, even worse, cost the lives of at least 166 people.


MARCH 2011 30

11 March Japan Earthquake A huge earthquake has hit Japan triggering a Tsunami which has swept several miles inland washing everything away in its path and causing massive devastation and loss of life. With a magnitude of 8.9, it is the sixth largest quake ever recorded. A nuclear emergency has been declared after a number of reactors automatically shut down following the quake. According to the Japanese police, the number of deaths by the earthquake and tsunami has increased to 28,000. The earthquake and tsunami of March 11 are one of the largest natural disaster in Japanese history.

19 March Military intervention by foreign air forces in Libya The UN Security Council has approved a resolution which allows military intervention in Libya. According to the UN are these measures necessary to protect the Libyan citizens against the persistent attacks of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.

2 March Elections Provincial States In the Netherlands the elections for the Provincial States are held. In Groningen the Partij van de Arbeid have received the largest number of votes. At the same time the Island Council Elections are held at the Dutch islands Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba.


9 April Alphen aan den Rijn Shooting Affair A 24-year-old man, shoot around in the shopping mall Ridderhof of the Dutch town Alphen aan den Rijn. Using a trifle, Tristan van de V. shot several people and then killed himself with another firearm. Seven people are killed and 17 injured.

APRIL 2011 29 April Wedding Kate and William The wedding between Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton took place at the Westminster Abbey in London.


12 April Fukushima highest level INES Japanese authorities acknowledge that the nuclear accident of Fukushima has reached the highest level of the INES (International Nuclear and Radiological Scale). The nuclear accident of Fukushima developed after the earthquake and tsunami at March 11.

29 April Rouvoet stops as leader Christen Unie Christen Unie leader Rouvoet announces that he will leave the Parliament. Arie Slob, who had previously been leader in the previous government’s term, will be the new chairman of the Christen Unie in the Parliament.


1 May Paulus II beatified Pope Johannes Paulus II has been beatified by his successor pope Benedictus XVI in Vatican City.

MAY 2011

15 May Ajax for 30th time national soccer champion AFC Ajax became this year for the 30th time in its history the national soccer champion. Ajax won the match against FC Twente with 3 – 1. The celebration was held in the city centre of Amsterdam, at the Museumplein square.

16 May Strauss Kahn suspected of assault The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Strauss Kahn is arrested in the United States. He is suspected of sexual assault of a 32-yearold woman in the luxe suite of the Sofitel hotel in New York.


13 May Greek economic crisis The economic conditions in Greece are again deteriorated. Previous year, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund granted Greece an emergency loan of 110 billion Euros, after it was revealed that the country's debt could no longer finance the capital market. It has become clear that Greece’s austerity targets will not be achieved. The Greek government failed to strict the austerity measures which had to be implement. Through this, the national debt will increase to 166 percent of the gross national product in 2012. This makes it impossible for the country to borrow at the financial markets.

2 May Osama bin Laden dead The leader and founder of the Islamist militant group Al Qaeda is killed by a team of the US Special Forces. The team shot dead a total of five including Bin Laden, in the house where he was hidden for five years. The team took with them Bin Laden's body and a hoard of computer data devices and other information containing intelligence about alQaeda and Bin Laden's activities.


19 June End of Space Shuttle program The 135th and final space shuttle mission of Nasa has lifted from the Cape Canaveral in Florida. After 30 years the Space Shuttle Program will come to an end.

JUNE 2011 36

23 June Acquittal Geert Wilders The court in Amsterdam acquitted Geert Wilders of inciting hatred of Muslims. The presiding judge said Wilders's remarks were sometimes "hurtful," "shocking" or "offensive," but that they were made in the context of a public debate about Muslim integration and multi-culturalism, and therefore not a criminal act.

23 June EHEC bacteria: 23 deaths The bacteria has caused danger in especially Germany and other European countries. Through the bacteria 3800 people in sixteen countries have been hospitalized en it has even caused 23 fatal causalities. EHEC is a very rare intestinal bacteria. After weeks of research, sprouts from a German organic farm appeared the source of the infections.

29 June Greek Parliament: 28 billion Euros budget cuts The majority of the Greece Parliament has agreed with savings of 28 billion Euros. Through this, the parliament hopes to borrow again 12 billion Euros from other European countries and the International Monetary Fund. Greece needs these 12 billion Euros to repay a part of its large liabilities.


JULY 2011 38

11 July Drought Somalia According to the UN is the Somalia drought one of the largest humanitarian crisis in decades. Tens of thousands of people are fleeing drought and famine in Somalia in search of food and water in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. The crisis has been brought on by a deadly combination of severe drought, with no rain in the region for two years, a huge spike in food prices and a brutal civil war in Somalia, where it is too dangerous for aid workers to operate.

15 July Large debts Italy The debts of Italy are estimated bigger than the debts of Spain, Portugal and Greece together. In order to reduce this, the Italian Senate has approved a cut of 48 billion Euros. The high debt is already twenty years over 100 percent of gross domestic product, but since the crisis of 2008, it increased nearly 15 percent. In recent years the debt is more palpable. A substantial reduction of the debt should cause a decrease in interest rates.

7 July FC Twente Stadium collapsed One person has been killed and a further 16 have been injured after a section of the roof at FC Twente's De Grolsch Veste stadium in Enschede collapsed. The roof collapsed when constructions workers worked on the redevelopment of the stadium.

22 July Utøya A gunman has on the Norwegian island Utøya certainly 84 people killed. By a bombing in Oslo another seven people were killed. The offender arrived at the end of the day, after in the center of Oslo a large bomb had exploded, to the youth camp dressed as a policeman. He said that he came to do a security check and shot the occupants. The offender, Anders Breivik, is an rightwing extremist. Breivik has confessed to what he calls "atrocious but necessary" actions, but denies criminal responsibility.


AUGUST 2011 40

6 till 10 August Riots in London Between 6 and 10 August, several London boroughs and districts of cities and towns across England suffered widespread rioting, looting and arson. Following a march on 6 August in relation to the police response to the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by Metropolitan Police Service, a riot began in Tottenham, North London. In the following days, rioting spread to several London districts and some other areas of Engeland.

29 August Hurricane Irene The edge of Hurricane Irene hit New York, bringing torrential rain, freshening winds and fears of widespread flooding after killing at least eight people in its run up the US east coast. On its march up the East Coast, the storm left at least 15 dead, as many as 3.6 million customers without electricity and thousands of downed trees. It forced the closure of New York's mass transit system, and the cancellation of thousands of flights.

14 August Merkel and Sarkozy hold talks on debt crisis The German chancellor Merkel and the French president Sarkozy met in Paris to talk about the debt crisis. They want to combat doubts over Europe's ability to solve its sovereign debt crisis. A crisis of confidence has gripped Europe’s banking industry and the amount it costs banks to borrow from each has soared


Interview Harde Baas

Martin ter Braake 42

Everyone in Groningen knows your name and your characteristic hat. Where do they come from? A long time ago, before I even was a DJ, I used the term ‘Harde Baas’ for other people. It wasn’t long before people around me started using the term and even calling me ‘Harde Baas’. Short after I started out as DJ and I was thinking of the most crazy and difficult names to call myself, a friend of mine came up to me and said: ‘’Dude, you should call yourself Harde Baas! Everyone already knows you by that name’’. In the beginning I had my doubts because the name might suggest that I find myself the coolest guy alive. But the good thing about it is that people remember the name, no matter what they think of it. As for the hat, one day I just bought one for fun. I wore it a lot, and after a while when I stopped wearing it, people would ask: ‘’Did you forget your hat?’’. For my last birthday my mom bought me another pair of exactly the same hats, in case I’d lose one. However, lately I’m wearing it less and less. That is because it was never my intention to make the hat my trademark. People should know me for my performance, not for what I wear. Have you always had the feeling you wanted to do something with music? When I was eleven, at school we had to play the song ‘Zombie’, by the Cranberries. By coincidence I had to play the drums, and there my love for music started. Since then I played in two different punk-rock bands, performing every weekend, until I was 22. By that age I went to a techno party for the first time, and from that moment I had a new love in my life. It wasn’t long before I borrowed a friend’s DJ equipment and started mixing techno music. Imagine: making music was not an option: what study would you have chosen? I simply can’t imagine life without music. If I couldn’t make music myself, I would be working backstage for another artist or band. Or perhaps I would organize music events. As a teenager I went to school in Leeuwarden to study Music Management. But after seven years there, I got a job at KPN and my DJ-career started to take shape. So I decided to quit school, which now I regret a little because I have to pay back all the ‘stufi’, haha.

I can have a great time watching Jersy Shore

What kind of music do you listen to at home? When I’m not selecting music, performing or producing, I listen to all kinds of genres. From film music by John Williams to Hip Hop, from Lady Gaga to, probably my favorite band of all times, Jimmy Eat World. Their song ‘Hear, You, Me’ I’ve listened to countless times, and it still doesn’t get boring. The best techno song of all times would be ‘Phobos’ by Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy. The way that song slowly comes to life gives me goose bumps.


What is, next to techno music, your favorite hobby? Sleeping! And I can also have a great time just sitting on the couch watching shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ or ‘Holland In Da Hood’. When you were young, did you already feel as comfortable being the center of attention? Well, my parents told me about this one time when I was young and we were sitting in a restaurant. Everyone was eating peacefully when suddenly I stoop up, walked over to another long table where lots of people were sitting, climbed on a chair and I shouted: ‘’How is everybody doing!?”. This illustrates that I was never too young to be the center of attention. This is, as long as I don’t have to speak in front of a big audience.

Do you think you have a ‘wild’ life? Not really! Admittedly, my weekends can be rather wild. But on Monday I prefer to return with my feet back the ground. I always look for a balance between sex, drugs and rock and roll (so to speak) in the weekend and being a responsible adult during the rest of the week. If I had to rate my life on a ‘wildness’ scale from 1 to 10, I’d give it a 7.5.

My life on a wildness scale? 7.5

What do you consider the ‘wildest’ thing you’ve ever done? When I was still in school studying music management, an American acquaintance asked me if I was interested in joining the successful punk-rock band ‘No Use For A Name’ on their month-long European tour as their roadie. I realized this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I didn’t hesitate and said yes. Neither my school nor my parents thought this was a good idea, but after all I had a great time and I’m happy I with the decision I made back then. Competition in the DJ world is fierce. What makes you better than other DJ’s? To be honest with you, I don’t even think I’m that good! There are many DJ’s who are technically more advanced than me. The reason I would be ‘better’ than other DJ’s is because of my taste in music. I usually combine warm and melodic sounds with dark ones, and before shows I never think too much about which records I will play. Also, people tell me that there are lots of unexpected twists in my sets. I don’t do this consciously, it comes naturally. I do want to take the crowd on a musical journey and But in the end I’m not really that different from other DJ’s, except for the fact that I’m 2 meters tall, haha.


Over a year ago, you joined the big label ‘Fire In The Disco’, which includes Joris Voorn for example. How did this move influence your career so far? From when I started out as a DJ until now Groningen has been my main stage. I don’t want the label to push me too much. The way I want my career to develop involves more of a wait-and-see strategy. This means that if organizers like me, they will hopefully want to book me again, so my popularity grows slowly but steadily. So far this strategy has lead to an increase in performances out of Groningen with the USC Lustrum and Amsterdam Dance Event being two of the highlights. The techno scene is often associated with drug use. What is your view on this? In principle I am not against drug use, for everyone has the right to put into his body whatever he or she wants. Fact is that drugs, especially XTC, and electronic music, especially techno, go together very well. This is not only because of the energy it supplies to dance through the night, but because of the vibe it creates in combination with the music and the people. However, I do condemn excessive drug use. There is a thin line between sensible drug use and addiction leading to self-destructive behavior. I recommend everyone to watch the docuDrugs and mentary ‘Ecstasy Rising’. It shows that there is a big taboo on XTC which is not rationally Techno go explicable. Alcohol and tobacco are widely together very accepted, whereas the damage these substances inflict to people and to society in well general is far greater than in the case of XTC. Do you enjoy being famous? Being famous, especially when it is the result of doing something you love, is amazing. Some fans can take it a little bit too far and this can be uncomfortable at times, but in general I enjoy it a lot. I consider this part of the deal. When I’m in a bar or out on the street and someone shouts my name, it feels like getting appreciation for what I do. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? I think every creative person, be it a painter, a musician or a writer, hopes to one day be able to live from his work. This applies to me too, in the way that I hope that in 10 years my productions and my career as a DJ abroad will be successful and I will be able to quit any ‘regular’ job I might have by that time.



“The students that, like the wild animal being prepared for its tricks in the circus called “life”, expects only training as sketched above, will be severely disappointed: by his standards he will learn next to nothing.” -Edsger Dijkstra-


EBF Board 2011-2012

Hereby we present the seven EBF Board Members of 2011-2012:

From left to right: Harmen Claassen; Francine Tol; Martinus van der Wal; Eva Kool; Ewoud Helder; Sophie Paulides & Mariska Kapelle Eva Kool Study: Age: Previous committees: Best travelling experience: If I were an animal, I would be: Position on EBF Board:


Bachelor Business Administration 21 EBF Bachelor Symposium 2009-2010 Honours Forum 2009-2010 Syria and Jordan Panda or a mountain goat Chairman

As Chairman is Eva is responsible for guiding the rest of the board members and thinking strategically about the association’s future. She also supervises the Mastercommunities and Honours Forum, and is second supervisor of the EBF Conference and Lustrum Committees.

Mariska Kapelle Study: Age: Previous Committees: Weirdest thing ever eaten: Best travelling experience: Position on EBF Board:

Bachelor Business Administration 22 ESR Istanbul 2009-2010 Crab, which I first saw walking around the kitchen floor alive and then fried myself before eating it Living and working for two months in Spain! Vice-chairman

Mariska is the Vice-chairman of the Board, which makes her the contact person for many external parties, such as other associations, the Board of Advice and the Association Council. She supervises the Christmas Ball, International Business Research and ESR May committees. Martinus van der Wal Study: Age: Previous Committees: If I were an animal, I would be: Craziest thing ever done: Position on EBF Board:

Master Finance 22 Dutch Inhouse Tours 2010-2011 Business Class 2009-2010 A squirrel Using a rainbow umbrella Treasurer

As our Treasurer, Martinus has the very important task of looking after the money of the association. He is also supervisor of several committees: Recruitment Days, International Business Research and Support. Sophie Paulides Study: Age: Previous Committees: Weirdest thing ever eaten: Wildest sport ever tried: Position on EBF Board:

Master IB&M 22 International Symposium 2010-2011 Crocodile Rugby Promotion & Secretary

Sophie has both the responsibility of promotion and secretary. This means she creates a lot of promotional material for the EBF and also does the year planning. She is also first supervisor of the Lustrum, Promotion Team, Almanac and Support Committees.



Ewoud Helder Study: Age: Previous Committees: Favourite expression: Weirdest thing ever eaten: Position on EBF Board:

Bachelor Business Administration 21 Speakers Team 2009-2012 International Symposium 2010-2011 “CBC� Avocado Commercial Relations I

Ewoud is the contact person for all companies that cooperate with or sponsor the EBF, as the Commercial Relations I. He supervises the Recruitment Days, Dutch Inhouse Tours, Consulting Event and Acquisition Team. Francine Tol Study: Age: Previous Committees: Best travelling experience: Craziest thing ever done: world: Position on EBF Board:

Bachelor IB&M 22 Introduction Camp 2009-2010 Mozambique, Zimbabwe & South Africa The highest bungee jump in the 218 meter Internal Relations

As Internal Relations, Francine has contact with all of the EBF Active Members and is responsible for the recruitment of committees. She supervises the International Activity Workgroup, Activity Committee, Introduction Camp and ESR Lisbon. Harmen Claassen Study: Age: Previous Committees: If I were an animal, I would be: Wildest sport ever tried: Position on EBF Board:


Bachelor IB&M 23 ProMedia 2009-2010 A monkey Motor riding Public Affairs and Commercial Relations II

Harmen, as Public Affairs and Commercial Relations II, enjoys the responsibilities of organizing Leadership Panels and cold acquisition. He also supervises several committees: the Speakersteam, Business Class, International Symposium, EBF Bachelor Symposium, Prospect, Technology Career Event and the EBF Conference.

F.l.t.r: Aa ron van Gils, Ilse Kim van Ballast, der Schoor, Jolinde Fle and Arthu dderus r Snijder.

Almanac The Almanac committee of this year wanted to try some new things. Ambitious, innovative and creative, that is what we stood for when making this almanac. We accomplished publishing our almanac online and interviewed leading people in both Groningen and the Netherlands such as DJ Harde Baas and chairman of the Dutch ‘Tweede Kamer’; Gerdi Verbeet. We noticed that producing an almanac results in very diverse kinds of activities; from taking pictures in the mud to suiting up for an interview. The almanac committee brings along lots of variation and at the end: recognition when you deliver a true masterpiece. Next to that you become real familiar with the EBF! It was a fruitfull year for us and we hope that you enjoy reading ‘our baby’ just as much as we did enjoy making it!


EBF ls, rijn Sette a M , k a , mon M ur Kamp e F.l.t.r: Si l F , r e l l e Sp ooij Lennart d Thijs M n a k e d e n Thijs Be

Activity Committee Hello everybody, We’re the activity committee, we will organize the best parties of the year in Groningen. Without us, the EBF would just be a boring study association, but now, everybody wants to be a member! We’re responsible for the monthly socials in ‘De Branderij’, but also the big parties such as The Almanac-party, beginning-of-the-year party and the end-the-year-party. Don’t miss it, be there!


F.l.t.r: Casp ar Leusink , Peter Frim Jan-Wille a, m Geut, Lis a D e k k e and Evertr Jan Baas

Acquisition Committee The Acquisition Committee is a new committee that has been set up this year. Logically there are no transfer documents from previous years and therefore, we have the ability to create something totally new! The overall goal of our committee is to achieve as much discount for EBF Members as possible and, of course, bringing in as much money as possible. If you have any questions regarding acquisition or just looking for a nice chat, we might know the answer. We are looking forward to a great year!


EBF erke, ita Nagelk n a J , w u e e n nie de Z ienks, Ria R r o lo F.l.t.r.: Leo F , d s n de Aren Theo Bruin d n Sophie va a m ra h as Sc Brackel, B

Alumni Committee

Do you already have your bachelor or master bull? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be afraid you will lose the valuable contacts you gained at the faculty! After your graduation, the aEB (Alumni Economics and Business) welcomes you as one of its alumni. Our goal is to keep alumni involved with their faculty. The contact is prolonged by sending digital newsletters and organising activities. In addition, a LinkedIn group can be joined to expand network opportunities with fellow classmates from the past. Our activities vary from social events with interesting speakers such as young talents and erstwhile professors to company visits and a once per year held Alumni symposium. Do not forget the EBF Alumnicomittee at the moment you graduate, you will definitely benefit from our activities! Our committee consist of five women and two man who all have shown their commitment to the faculty and the EBF in the past. Combining their valuable experience, they form the perfect team to make the Alumnicomittee and its activities successful!


F.l.t.r: Sta n Grauman s, Wieke S Wessel Ext mit, erkate, Gij s Elting an d Sylvie Sie rtema

Business Class This is the Business Class Committee 2011-2012. We’re an enthusiastic group of five people who have lots of fun, but besides that want to make studying more interesting and practical. We organize guest lectures that are linked to Bachelor programme courses at the Faculty of Economics and Business. The goal of these guest lectures is to give you more practical information and real-life experience from people from companies, the government and the alumni-network of the Faculty Economics and Business. We hope to see you at one of our guest lectures!


EBF rg, Meulenbe e i h p o S na , Erérien, An uitendijk B s e i l F.l.t.r: M r a oozen, M eld Eveline L n and Tim Menkv a h

Christmass Ball Committee As this party is for both the JFV and the EBF, this committee is equally split with 3 members from both faculty associations. The ball was held on 22nd of December and afterwards Christmas Holiday did its entrance. The Christmas ball theme of this year was ‘Roaring Twenties: Drink in fashion, enjoy with passion’. We hope that everyone did its best to suit up as much as possible in the style of the Roaring Twenties bestowed with luxury. Hopefully, Proces Kabaal and Arwin Lee made you go wild on music to subsequently enjoy unlimited free beer, wine and domestic distilled drinks.


F.l.t.r: Rob

bert Pels, M artien Sch eepens, Liesbeth v an der Mee r and Tim va n der Groot

Consulting Event We are the consulting event committee of 2011! Our committee is a joint venture between the EBF and the FMF, a unique co-operation combining the strengths of two different worlds. So far, this co-operation has proven to be fruitful on a professional level, as well as being a lot of fun! The Consulting Event is for talented students who are in the last phase of their studies and are interested in catching a glimpse of the world of consultancy. The event consists of two days and lays focus on management and strategy consulting. Through working on a case and interacting with professional consultants, students can get a feeling of what it is like to be a consultant. During lunch, dinner and drinks it will also be possible to interact with those consultants on an informal level. This year, we are proud to announce the participation of famous companies including The Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company and Hay Group.


EBF o, ewich de Ro d a H r, e jv om ra Schri rel Notenbo e F.l.t.r: Pet M d n a n e chobb Lucienne S

Dutch Inhouse Tours For the fourth time, the EBF will organize the Dutch Inhouse Tours in cooperation with SEFA (University of Amsterdam) and Aureus (University Amsterdam). This event is one of the largest inhouse events of the Netherlands and will take place in April and May 2012. We will organize approximately twenty inhouse days at several powerful companies and government agencies for master students or students that are finalizing their studies. With SEFA, Aureus and the four of us from the EBF, we will make sure that the Dutch Inhouse Tours 2012 will be at least as big a success as it was last year! So sign up to visit one of the top Dutch employers and learn about several business cultures and activities. Whether you are interested in consumer goods, banking, consulting, the government or any other industry, this is one step closer to your future! You can check our event at!


F.l.t.r: Ank e Smilde, E lias Schotsm Sebastiaan an, Wijsman, Sam Peetso and Inez v ld an der Vet

EBF Bachelor Symposium In May 2012, we will organize the first EBF Bachelor Symposium. This day will include interesting guest speakers and workshops. All ambitious bachelor students of the University of Groningen are invited to be part of this amazing day. Don’t miss this event! A funny fact about us, is that we are EBF’s most blond committee. And it is remarkable that during our meetings, the girls are hardcore black coffee drinkers, meanwhile the boys drink ‘kinderkoffie’ (coffee with milk and sugar). However, the functions in the committee are so that the men earn money and the girls spend it. As usual.. We hope Cheers!










EBF ine ine, Bert a v a id M hang, eanelle Yilling Z F.l.t.r: J , k in B Nick ra Riezebos, nke Jongst y N d n a s e Bas de Vri

EBF Conference “Reach the impossible” After meeting each other at the new active members weekend, we immediately started developing new ideas and tried to get comfortable with our positions as quick as possible in order to prepare ourselves for the tasks ahead. We are looking forward to the upcoming year. Everyone in our board is eager to put down a great conference next year. Therefore, our slogan for this year is “Reach the impossible.” In the last week of September, the EBF conference will take place. This is also the anniversary/lustrum week of the EBF, indicating that it will become a very special week. We are looking forward to organising this big event. During the coming year you can find us at our ‘office’ at the Interim building. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop by: you’re always welcome.


F.l.t.r: Celin e Glรถbel, Erik Breeuwsma, Erik de Jong, Carolina Ca st illo Werna, Eike Ellerbro ck and Steven Verhoeven

European Study Research May In the end of May the next European Study Research is leaving the Netherlands to travel to another exciting city. The city of this year will be Bratislava, which is the capital of Slovakia. So let me explain what you can expect of this wonderful trip. On this trip 25 highly motivated 2nd and 3rd students, 2 top professors and 6 enthusiastic committee members are going to visit Bratislava. Here they will do a research which is related to an international and economic theme. Six weeks before the trip there are several lectures to prepare the participants for doing their research at the companies located in Bratislava. During the stay the group will visit several multinationals and domestic companies and experiences the cultural and nightly activities in the city. Our goal is to have a wonderful and enriching trip, conduct high standard academic research and an incredible motivated group of participants.


EBF le, alerie Sieg V f, a ra G e es d ppen, F.l.t.r: Agn s, Merel Ko Dennis Reu idis and Savas Oroil l van der Kro Marjolein

European Study Research December “Lions versus sheep” In December the European Study Research Trip took place. Our destination was the beautiful city of Lisbon in Portugal. We took with us around 25 ambitious students and 2 teachers. The goal of this trip was to familiarize 2nd and 3rd year students with conducting a business research by visiting different kinds of domestic and multinational companies. The research theme was “Survival of the fittest: …competition in a changing environment.” Besides, we toured around the city and got the chance to see all the cultural and social highlights. Six weeks before the actual trip we already started with having lectures once a week followed by a social where everybody got the chance to know each other a little bit better.


F.l.t.r: Piet er Bot, Tim Kalisvaart Janine van , Bree, Kim Durieux an d Karin Ritse ma

International Business Research Brazil “Discover the Amazon of Potential!” Brazil, the ‘Amazon of Potential’, is the place where everything seems to happen. With an enormous economic growth, this beautiful country will host the 2014 World Cup Football and also the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. But there is much more to discover in Brazil, with its white-sand beaches lined with palm trees, tropical forests and amazing wildlife. In May 2012, IBR Brazil will travel to this beautiful country for ten weeks, accompanied by twenty students and two teachers. Five of these ten weeks will be spent performing research, and five of these weeks will be spent travelling freely. Info:


EBF inden, s van der L ij h T , e rg a nd ike B iaannet a st a F.l.t.r: Ma B t u o ders, Ew Kim Broe oelofsen Susanne R

International Business Research Indonesia “The Promising Islands” Indonesia is a great target for investments with more than 17 000 ‘promising islands’ and a population over 230 million. During a research period of five weeks, the focus will be on the dynamic island Java. Here you can not only find the metropolis Jakarta, but also the beautiful landscape that the countryside has to offer. After these five weeks of conducting research for Dutch businesses you will get the chance to travel around for five more weeks! You can visit the other islands with beautiful beaches, dive to the coral reefs, discover the culture, and explore everything else that Indonesia has to offer! In May 2012, IBR Indonesia will travel to this beautiful country for ten weeks, accompanied by twenty students and three teachers.



F.l.t.r: Nie rika Hama ekers, Nell Erik Merk i Wedel, us, Khaled a Pajman, J Osika and J ud olvie Keng ue Mahoun it gou

International Activity Workgroup

The International Activity Workgroup aims at uniting international and Dutch students at the Faculty of Economics and Business. Through the well-known International Day and more exciting activities, we seek to provide a combination of fun and education in an international context. Apart from organizing events for our fellow students, we also have a lot of fun together in this multicultural committee where we experience the social cohesion that we strive for this year. We are very much looking forward to this year and to see all of you at one of our activities.


EBF skam, ila, Niels O g a P a n ia nd F.l.t.r: D an ’t Hof a v r e d n a S el, Solveig Vog ger Kirsten Ja

International Symposium We, the International Symposium Committee, are a multicultural group consisting of students from Romania, the Netherlands and Germany. This year we are organizing the International Symposium 2012, which is held in June. This event gives young students, from all over the world, the chance to get acquainted with current economical and political issues, and to think critical. The EBF brings people together who have drive and enthusiasm for their work. Being an active member in the committee enables us to meet lots of interesting and like-minded people, to become confident in working as a team from different backgrounds and to accumulate knowledge, which would be beneficial for our future career. Besides continuously learning, the work in the committee provides the opportunity to form new friendships and to experience an amazing time with lots of fun. We are pleased for getting this great chance and we are definitely certain that it was the best decision to apply for the International Symposium!


F.l.t.r: B Luc Tholhu ritt Zoglmann, ijsen, JanWillem Ge Anna Dreis ut, cherf and A ukeline W ind

Introduction Committee Like every year, the Introductioncommittee organizes an Introduction Weekend for upcoming students. This gives the students the opportunity to get to know their fellow students, their faculty and of course the EBF. This year we departed to the German island Borkum with aproximately 450 students. We would like the students to experience a weekend they will never forget! In order to achieve this, we organized a lot of fun games, including a management game, and a theme party. This year’s theme was: Jungle, don’t get lost, get wild! We encouraged the students to bring their nicest outfit with them. “Don’t get lost, get wild!!”


EBF ls, atrick Uffe P , rs e t ie N en Belt, F.l.t.r: Cari k van den ir D , k in z mpen ie Martine N ijs van Kri G , k n ri e t sma ooge Ven Marin Tein Leontien H d n a g n o J Marieke de

Lustrum Committee

In September 2012 the EBF will celebrate her 5th anniversary. For the EBF this is her first Lustrum. We are really excited to organize the greatest event of the year. Although this is the EBF’s first Lustrum, we will do our utmost best to make this an event to remember. In this week, the EBF Conference and the Beginning of the Year party are held as well, in addition to other activities and parties. Students, entrepreneurs, academics and alumni should all note this event in their EBF agenda. This week will be organized by eight of our most prominent active members, who are all looking forward to this phenomenal happening.


Above .: Graciela Hoogendoorn Frank van , Loo, Jannes van der W Below f.l.t. al r.: Bas Wa genmaker, Esther Groen ert, Gjalt E Anna Dan ersteling, tuma and Hester Noten boom

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Team is a new committee of the EBF. It is a merger of the PR Thinktank and the ProMedia committee. Our job is to record all the events the EBF organizes by taking pictures or making videos. We do this to provide you with a lasting memory of these great events. Besides this we assist other EBF committees to come up with the best PR-activities possible. Because we are present at every event and work together with other committees we keep in touch with the whole association which is a lot of fun. This year we want to bring the promotional activities of the EBF to a higher level by making quality pictures and videos, combining the creative power of different committees and finally by doing our best!


EBF an, Pieter ick Lotterm R , a sm g er nijders cent B , Marieke S Remko es z F.l.t.r. Vin d E l iĂŤ rr es, , Ma sbeth Luim Lindeman lakke, Lie P a y tr d ls en oe p W se S Missing: n Kapell, Il fa te S i, oo M

Prospect Committee

Our committee is responsible for a tangible output that reaches every student, alumnus and staff member of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the RuG: Prospect Magazine! Five times per year, this full colour magazine provides you with interesting articles in the fields of business, economics and politics, as well as interviews with key people in aforementioned sectors. In order to bring students perspective in work opportunities, extra attention is spent on alumni and students with interesting work and/or internship experiences. As a member of the Prospect Magazine committee, you can develop your linguistic skills as an author or editor and explore your creative side in the lay-out. You can broaden your horizon of insight when working on current topics in articles and meet interesting people during interviews. We hope that you, as a reader, enjoy the content and presentation of our magazine. We are also open for discussion, so feel free to respond!


EBF Recruitment Days Perhaps you already know what your dream career or who your ideal employer is. However, you might still be waiting for the opportunity to get in touch with them personally; either in a formal or informal way. Another possibility is that there are other careers that you haven’t yet thought of which could stimulate and excite you even more. Each year the Recruitment Days provides you with the opportunity to meet the recruiters of approximately 40 companies and government agencies during a three-day event. Also this year, we as the committee of the Recruitment Days, helped you to make that first important step in your career, and to decide which companies best suit your professional objectives and profile. The Recruitment Days is one of the larger events of the EBF and MARUG, and the only cooperation between both associations. Therefore, organizing this event gives you a lot of fun as well as the opportunity to get in touch with a large number of recognized companies and fellow students.


F.l.t.r: An ne Siegel, Janine Voe Wagenaar, rman, Lara Daan Ru iter, Floor Mathijs Oo Wissels, sterhuis an d Rinse Bru ggeman


EBF s, oes Boman L , rs e in e lem ndra R , Jan-Wil n F.l.t.r: Sa o o B e sj o ote, J rt Bos) Jerrel Slo photo: Robe e h t n o g n issi Stoffer (M

Speakers Team

Speaker Team: The most beautiful committee of the EBF! Responsible for bringing well-known and interesting (international) speakers to Groningen to give a Leadership Panel. We also interview inspiring business people and politicians for the magazine ‘Prospect’. The business men give their views on the current economic situations and the opportunities it offers. The story of their career path to the top is very inspiring and will show you that nothing is impossible. We are looking forward to see you at the next LSP!


F.l.t.r : Folker t van Zanten Kwakman, R , Dana ang Kazzaz , Laura Molle Jurjen Lelifel ma, d, Boekema, Iren Dianne Warmelink, Bas e Gercama an d Ruud Buijse rd

Support Committee

The Support is a large committee consisting of nine motivated students. Our task is two-folded: we arrange books and summaries for students. In the beginning of each block we organise a two-day booksale, where everyone can pick up their books with a significant discount. Besides that, it is possible to buy summaries in our shop in the Plaza, which is opened every work-day from 12:30 till 13:30. It is also possible to write a summary of your course and earn a lot of money! The Support is a very enthusiastic and fun committee to be part of. Please feel free to contact us when questions arise or when you are interested in writing a summary!



er, van der Me se t ie S , ld e e Gierv s F.l.t.r: Ann evelink, Daan Frerik Elwin St

Ambizzious Ambizzious is the EBF Master Community of Business Administration: Strategy & Innovation, which connects pre-master students, master students and alumni with each other and with interesting companies. We do this by organizing both social events like drinks and dinners and future-oriented events like workshops and company visits. Furthermore, Ambizzious puts effort in improving the available courses provided during the academic program. The focus of Ambizzious is for its students to be able to gain most out of their academic studies, by bridging the gap between theory and practice. You do not have to apply for a membership, if you are a former-, currentor future student of Strategy & Innovation, you are welcome to join any of our events!

F.l.t.r: Kay

de Wolff, H enny Ziel a nd Marijke de Jong

Enterprise This year the master community for the master BA Small Business & Entrepreneurship was founded: ENTERPRISE! The goal of this community is the integration of fellow students, teachers and companies of our master field. Enterprise makes a connection between theory and practice. This is done by organizing two formal and four informal events during the year like an inhouse day, a company visit or socials and dinners. For more information:



nkers Allard Kli r, le rg u B chteld F.l.t.r: Ma s Luttje and Marloe

Explore We are Explore, the community of the master business development. Together we organize all kind of activities concerning our master. Our goal is to connect pre-master students, master students, professors and alumni of Business Development with each other and with companies, by organizing both formal and informal events. Do you want to know more about us or about or master? Contact us at Hope to see you at one of our socials!

F.l.t.r: Fra nka Reuve Janita Na rs, gelkerke, P aula Boom and Mariët Oost erveld

Human Resource Management “We Connect” Within the master Human Resource Management, students have different backgrounds in their studies; some come from the FEB, but others come from social and psychological sciences. Due to that, students may not know each other. That’s where we come in! As a committee we will organize formal and informal events during the year. These are; socials, in-house days, carrier night, guest lecturers etc. Our committee consists of four members! Franka Reuvers is our PR lady. Mariët Oosterveld and Paula Boom our acquisition duo who make sure that there is money to organize all our activities. And Janita Nagelkerke is the chairman/treasurer.



in Mulder, F.l.t.r: Erw lbersberg Daniel Aa , is u lh e m rum ruins Lynn ten B n der Meer and Theo B Liesbeth va

Transition Thinking about doing the Master Change Management? Wondering what you can do besides following the regular courses? Then Transition could be something for you! Our brand new community aims at making your final year more fun and interactive, inside and outside the classroom. Every month we organize a social to get to know each other in a more informal way. Other activities vary from company visits, guest lectures, workshops and symposia. We believe that this will give you the opportunity to get in contact with interesting firms and allows you to increase your network! We also created a platform on Facebook where discussions take place, books & summaries are exchanged, and of course the latest gossips are covered! Until now our community has been a success, so if you want to boost your final year, join Transition!

Subassociations “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.� -George Orwell-

MARUG Board 2011 - 2012 We are pride ourselves of being the board of a student association with a long tradition of organizing professional but foremost interesting and enjoyable events. This year our main goals are to continue to provide our members with the latter, to aid our committees in organizing these events and to always seek to improve every aspect of our organization. But the very essence of our organization, and in fact of life, is enjoyment and we will exert this through the way we execute our tasks and the cheer we have at our social events.


For us, the MARUG means:



The interesting field of marketing and all her facets


Getting to know our members and help them with their endeavors


Be part of and proud of a 31 year old heritage


Give students the opportunity to gain more insight into the way marketing works


Organizing and participating in many interesting events and activities


Strive hard to attain the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of our board year


Be creative, be open for learning opportunities and enjoy every minute of it

On the picture from left to right: Nynke van der Broek


Louk Goorhuis

PR & Promotions

Kirsten van Klooster

External Affairs

Marieke de Ruijter


Leon Scholte Albers


Chantal Hagen

Internal Affairs


MARUG Tsjerk B ottema, St Diana d en Heije even Hager, r, S Rosalie t er Braak andy Fidder,

BoM The Battle of Marketeers is a simulation game where about 50 students participate in. During the Battle of Marketeers 50 students will battle to obtain the title: “The biggest marketing talent of Groningen’’. Several companies will offer cases for which the students have to present solutions. The best candidates from the preliminary rounds will advance into the final round in which they will have to crack a business case and pitch their solutions to a qualified jury. If you think you have it in you to win the titel of ‘Marketing Talent of Groningen 2012’, subscribe for this event. The Battle of Marketeers is an accessible event for freshmen but it is also a challenging event for master students.


er, uidekop H n e Stoop, b u m R a : j r r . i t . ,M F.l de Laat ValĂŠrie lien Boonstra Rose

ComMa The ComMa is an event organized by the MARUG in collaboration with Commotie, the study association for Communication and Information Science. Since a couple of years, this event is organized by a committee consisting of students of both studies. The ComMa is an event that is suited for students who are interested in marketing as well as in communication. The goal of the event is to assign the overlap between the two specialisms. The day will exist out of lectures and workshops with about 80 students. The committee is an ideal opportunity to develop yourself in other specialisms and to get to know people from other faculties.


MARUG F.l.t.r.: Ger der Wie alda Wessels, l, L Ma Nicky C eonie van den rk van a Hoven, Not in t ron and Oscar van He his pict es ure: Sa nne Jon gsma

Commercial Break! The Commercial Break! committee engages itself in organizing an event about commercials and the advertising world. It’s open for anyone interested in marketing. Both the lectures and the workshops will provide new insight in the theme of the day. The day will end with a great social. This year, it is expected that around 300 students will subscribe to this event, making it one of MARUG’s larger events. Therefore, organizing this event gives you the opportunity to get in touch with renowned companies and a vast amount of students.


he gd, Myrt u e r V e d Stroet, ion F.l.t.r: D g, Laura van de Marksla lla Vermeij and rg Marce ertsenbe Ruben H

IME The International Marketing Experience (IME) is the annual study trip for students with affinity for marketing, taking place in May every year. During this 10-day trip students will visit a capital city linked to a specific theme. Students will visit the major companies located within this city, and get inhouse tours with lots of opportunities to get to know the companies better. Also, students will have the opportunity to explore the city’s culture and landmarks. In the past, cities like Helsinki, Madrid and London have been visited. Last year in Madrid, companies like TNT and Ogilvy were visited, as well as institutions like the Dutch embassy. This year, the IME will head for Rome!


MARUG F.l.t.r.: M a baan, Je urits van de Ven lco , Gert Ja n rice Hoek Paalhaar, Syl via Jorri Zuiderstra, Lin tsma, M da Zuide Krabben au ma and . Mart-Ja n

Markant There is a reason why Markant Magazine is proclaimed by many to be the best marketing journal made by students. Every three months, the committee members come together to draw a line: a time line to plot the course they will follow for each edition. Students, entrepreneurs and academics all put in the greatest effort to fill every edition of Markant Magazine with articles on great brands, recent developments, unique initiatives and reports on all the activities the MARUG undertakes. To ensure this a lot of research is done, trips are undertaken, prominent people are interviewed but most of all a lot of creativity is being put in by all the editors!


Not in this picture: Niek Agema, Robin Papa, Rinse Jacobs and Marieke Snijders

r, n Sligte a v e n o im ger, F.l.t.r: S eke Wig i L , s k e o r Vos Ruud Br ënzli and Esthe u Steven K

Marketing Conference Day Organization

“Get Real” The Day Organization Committee of the MARUG Marketing Conference supports the Executive Board of the MARUG Marketing Conference in her daily activities. This year’s Day Organization Committee consists of 4 enthusiastic students who will ensure a smooth organization during the day together with the Executive Board of the MARUG Marketing Conference. Each member has its own specific task related to the organization of the largest student Marketing Conference, such as Catering, PR & Promotions, City Acquisition and Logistics & Technology.


MARUG Marketing Commercial Night The MARUG Commercial Night is a new event that focusses on online advertising and television commercials: marketing in its most basic form. The Commercial Night will consist of several lectures and an open discussion related to the theme of the night, all presented in a multimedia setting. As a member of the Commercial Night Committee you organize a night consisting of lectures and entertainment related to online advertising and television commercials. Your committee will consist of four international students and the event will target about 40 students.


en, n Leeuw a v n nk, j i illem e Temmi F.l.t.r.: W ne Groen, Donni iels Suzan erman, N her Vos t i u R r u Fle s and Est Hinderk

MARUG Marketing Conference “Get Real” We are very proud to announce that this academic year we will be organizing the 23rd edition of the MARUG Marketing Conference. During this year, we try to do everything we can to find the most inspiring speakers and interesting workshops, all well connected with the theme of the day.The theme of the MARUG Marketing Conference is Get Real; back-to-basic in order to move forward. In a fast-moving world where social media leads to rapid globalization, the gap between a company’s brand identity and its brand image expands. The experience economy in which we live, assured that consumers are looking for products that are real, traditionally made and authentic. Companies should operate keeping their core values in mind. A company should live up to what it communicates and a brand should honor what it promises. Practice what you preach! We, The MARUG Marketing Conference board 2011-2012, are really dedicated to push the bar to the next level, ensuring the quality and success of former conferences. We hope to see you all on Tuesday the 20th of March 2012. 89

MARUG F.l.t.r: E lize ter B a Flierma n, Ruben lkt, Yvonne van Noo Laura v rloos, an de Me rwe and Robin Po t

MARUG Master Team The MARUG Master Team (MMT) consists of five master students. It has an intermediary function between the master students and the Marketing Department and besides this, the team organises three events for the Master Marketing students: the MARUG Master Introduction Day, the Brand Experience and the Research Event. During the lectures and workshops of these events students, business and university are coming together. Being a member of the MMT gives you the possibility to upgrade your organising skills, brings you in contact with big companies and gives you a great master year!


n, ldhuize nen e V n a e Rij Dick v rs, Meek burg F.l.t.r: e s s i V d ken Kjel ma Tur and Em

MARUG Media Committee

Four students collaborate in this committee to provide the latest and greatest marketing news on our blog. Moreover, they take video footage of our events in order to present these at the website. If you are in the knowing about marketing news and campaigns and would like to write about that, join the MARUG Media Committee!


MARUG F.l.t.r.: J olanda t en Hoev Warner e, Ro s, J Sophie M urrit Veltman, E bbert ol mma Feenema enaar, Yoran and Mar loes Thij ssen

NMS Finally Marketing goes national again! De Nationale Marketing Strijd is a Dutch marketing event that will take place in Groningen on the 28th of February till the 1st of March. De Nationale Marketing Strijd is the biggest marketing event organized by students and is organized and hosted by another Marketing Association each year. During this year’s event, 165 students have the opportunity to be selected for participation based on cv. When selected, you start the event with an inhouseday organized by one of our sponsors where you and your group mates put your knowledge to practice when working on an interesting marketing related case. In Groningen the battle continues with working on interesting cases. The final goal is to win the title ‘Marketeer of the year 2012’ and 2000 euro price money! The event itself contains interesting cases of top employers, two overnights in a luxury hotel, recruitment lunches and dinners, a fun evening program, drinks and a spectacular party!


lexa ebeek, A is, g a H y l el u F.l.t.r.: K Tol, Louk Goorh d r e an van d de Beek n a v a s Ro rouns Arlette B


The Promotions and Activities Committee (PAC) is the creative mastermind of the MARUG. Starting in October we will end the year in September with a smashing beginning-of-the-academic-year party. In between, the PAC organizes the legendary active member weekend, active member BBQ and support the other committees in their creative endeavors.


Risk Board 2011 - 2012

As the Board 2011-2012 we spend our exciting days during one year at room 5414.0040 to make all high quality activities Risk organizes possible. Together with more than 60 active members we work hard on a daily bases and strive for the best. All of this is aimed at providing interesting, valuable and of course fun activities for all students who are interested in financial topics.


For our nearly 1000 members we create possibilities to meet their potential future employer such as multinationals, banks, audit firms or consultants. Also, we organize interesting symposia and of course an annual conference. Last but not least we organize an international study trip to Panama and Costa Rica!


Clearly there are more than enough possibilities at Risk to meet your peers and companies both in an informal and formal setting. Of course, we would like to gradually invite you to one of our socials and other activities in the near future!

On the picture from left to right: Sander de Vries

Commercial Relations

Fleur Mulder


Helen Vonk


Angelina Bouwman

Internal Relations

Martijn Schoolderman

Treasurer / Vice-chairman


Risk! F.l.t.r.: Ru tger Roelin g, Nanda M Russchen a ann, Esthe nd Reinoud r Bekendam

Accountancy Tour


In May 2012, the 9th edition of the Risk Accountancy Tour will take place. During the Tour, 25 second and third years accountancy students will travel to a city in the Netherlands to visit several accountancy firms. During the company visits, students will get in touch with the firm by means of cases, presentations, and workshops. Next to the formal visits, there will be informal moments such as lunches, dinners, drinks, and other activities. During the Risk Accountancy Tour, students will get a first impression of the world of the accountant, but they will also get to know each other! Therefore, we hope to welcome you in May! Besides the Accountancy Tour, we also organize the EĂŠn Dag Accountant en Controller (One Day Accountant and Controller). During this day, first year students Bedrijfseconomie and Bedrijfskunde will get more information concerning the Bachelor Accountancy & Controlling. &

le, Lieke Pel , g r u b n e an Joosten homas Zw and Floor F.l.t.r.: T e g i n n i S Natasja

Accountancy Week “Fraud, don’t get caught!” During the fourth week of November, the Accountancy Week took place in Amsterdam. With a group of 25 bachelor and master students we visited Ernst & Young, BDO, Deloitte, the Rijksauditdienst, PwC and KPMG. All of the above firms presented themselves by means of lectures, cases and workshops. Next to the educational part, there was an informal part by means of lunches, dinners and drinks and during the evenings the group could enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam. Overall, the Accountancy Week gave participants a good impression of the auditing world! Next to the Accountancy Week, the committee organized the Accountancy Dinner. During this informal dinner, a group of students could get in contact with several accountancy firms. &


Risk! F.l.t.r.: Coe n des Tombe , Matthijs Moens, Jaa Bernelot p de Vries a nd Duco va n Rossem

Banking Tour Prestigious companies in the financial sector, 25 motivated students and time for informal moments; these are the ingredients for the Banking Tour 2012, which will take place in February. Ambitious students, in the last phase of their study and interested in financial cases travel to several banks and other firms during one week. As the committee, we strive toward organizing a varied programme by visiting several banks and other financial institutions that will present themselves to you by means of presentations, cases and workshops. Next to the formal company visits, there will be informal moments by means of lunches, dinners, drinks, and other activities. Take this chance to meet companies, to extend your network, and to explore different working environments! The Banking Tour will take place from February 19 to February 25. We hope to see you there!


bets, lsbeth Ha E , n e l u nd e sa Verm er Kam a d n a v r e F.l.t.r: Ro Rutg de Jonge, an Nes. Mariska Nicolien v

Conference Day Organisation The Day Organization of the Risk Conference will support the Conference Committee in her daily activities. The Day Organization is responsible for all practical affairs, and will ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of the Conference, which will take place on the 8th of March. Issues they will take care of are, for example, the technical details, the catering and the promotion. We hope to welcome you on the 8th of March in the Martiniplaza!


Risk! F.l.t.r.: Da niël Wiersm a, Emma v Wouter Jou an stra, Elsbet h Habets, W Nispen, Aanholt, J outer van ärvin van Veen

Conference During the Risk Conference 2012, the theme of ‘Ten years the euro: Celebration or Deception’ will be elaborated on by renown speakers. This interesting and very current theme will provide you with knowledge and more understanding of our currency, its benefits and its future. Besides the plenary lectures, several interesting companies will host a workshop and/or business lunch for students to get into contact with potential employers. Also there will be a discussion panel and of course a luxurious dinner and an after party! The annual conference will take place on March 8 in Martiniplaza, so mark your calendars! For more information visit!


, Helen Vonk s, e k m e L derik Jan Dijkstra F.l.t.r. Die nd Hilbert a t la P h t Kenne

First Expedition Strategy Board 2011 The First Expedition Strategy Board has set up a new activity this year. For the members of TBV Lugus, T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’, Risk and VESTING a three day trip to five renown and excellent strategy consultants is organized. During the three day Expedition Strategy that took place from November 30 to December 2 2011 OC&C, Bain&Company, McKinsey&Company, Booz&Company and Roland Berger were visited. The programme was widely varied and challenging, providing the 30 participating students with an interesting sneak peek into the life of a consultant. If you are interested in joining Expedition Strategy this year.




Keep an eye on for more information!


Risk! F.l.t.r: Guu sR Schmidt, M egelink, Niels Vermu e, Silke artijn van der Veen an d Sander Claassen

IFP Acquisition Committee

The IFP Acquisition Committee is responsible for the research assignments to be acquired from companies. Their spent several months calling numerous firms to explain the project and to find partners.


erhuis, icole Timm N , is u h ij ne kN uiper, San K n F.l.t.r. Anie la y D , Duuren eswijk Emiel van Pleuni Vre d n a ra st k Dij

IFP PR Activities Committee

The IFP PR & Activities Committee is responsible for the informal activities and to provide information to all interested via the website and a special issue of the Risk Magazine. They organize pub quizzes for all participating students during the drinks, a weekend with all students, and many more activities for during the time in Costa Rica & Panama!


Risk! F.l.t.r: Rin se Bruggem an, Lieke P Jurgens, Flo elle, Jeroen or Joosten & Mathijs Oo sterhuis

IFP Research Committee

The IFP Research Committee is responsible for the skills the IFP Students need to conduct sound and high quality research. They organize lectures related to culture, language, research skills and interviewing techniques.


uren, iel van Du m E , ĂŤ u rm and e ls V elot Moens rn e F.l.t.r.: Nie B s ij h t t kstra, Ma ens Sanne Dij Jeroen Jurg

International Financial Program In April 2011 the new Risk International Financial Program board started with the organization of a study trip to a country outside Europe. This year’s destinations are Costa Rica & Panama, two beautiful and promising countries in Central America! At the end of April 2012, 21 students and three professors will reside for five weeks in Costa Rica & Panama. The first 2.5 weeks of the program will consist of conducting research. After these 2.5 weeks, there is a possibility to travel around in Costa Rica, Panama, or other countries in Central-America. The students will conduct financialoriented research, some examples of subjects examined in previous years are: microcredit, market research, risk analysis and the conduction of audits. Besides these positive characteristics of Costa Rica & Panama, these countries are a perfect place to travel around! Are you interested in organizing this trip? Please send an e-mail to and for more information about the IFP visit 105

Risk! F.l.t.r: Rem

ko Struik, Frans Ande weg, Rogier Huuskes a nd Tom Ru iter

Investment Day For students interested in the art of investing, the Risk Investment Day is a day that should not be missed. The theme of this year will be announced in the near future. Like in previous years, interesting speakers will be present to share their knowledge on the theme and appealing companies will be there to give challenging workshops. Moreover, during the day you will enjoy a great lunch and it will end with informal drinks, where you can discuss the day with the participating companies and other students. We hope to welcome you on the Risk Investment Day 2012 on May 31!


an, Schoolderm n ij rt a M s r Mulder, Peter Prin d n F.l.t.r: Fleu a k a ra rB Gert-Jan te

Investment Team The goal of the Risk Investment Team is to enlarge the knowledge and experience of students in the area of investment and stock trading. This goal is realized by means of practice: 25 students have invested â‚Ź 300,- of their own money, which has been combined into investment capital. This capital is invested in stocks that the group chooses themselves. The process is as follows: during the meetings the participants pitch individual or group proposals to the rest of the group. The different proposals are discussed and eventually, the group votes on which proposals to accept. The meetings take place every three or four weeks in restaurant Louis XV. Are you interested in taking part in the Risk Investment Team or do you wish to receive more information? Then e-mail your request to


Risk! F.l.t.r.: Onn

o Kuitert, Kees Jansse n and Sipk Jelmer van e der Meulen

Investor Evenings This year, once again Risk will organize five Investor Evenings for students who are interested in investing. Especially in today’s troubled climate, an insightful approach in how to invest is incredibly welcome. Therefore, several prominent speakers will come to Groningen to share their perspectives on investments, their knowledge and experience with you during these investor evenings! Subjects that will be discussed during the five evenings, which will take place in Het Heerenhuis, are for example: technical analysis, and socially responsible invesments. After the presentation, there will be time for drinks. During these drinks, you can share your ideas with your fellow students and the speaker of that evening. Please visit for more information!


Magazine Five times a year, the Risk Magazine is published. This magazine is centered around a theme that is related to the world of finance and accounting. This theme is explored by way of articles and interviews with experts and chief players in the field. In the past, Jeroen van der Veer (former CEO of Shell) Hans Hoogervorst (chairman of the AFM) and Jan Kees de Jager (former State Secretary of Finance) have been interviewed. Every edition you can also find expert columns and in-depth articles which add value to the diversity of the content of the magazine. This year examples of the themes where; Fraud, Social Media, Drinks and Finance and Politics. Risk Magazine is a full-color glossy which goes out to 1.400 people, including Risk Members and Alumni, professionals, commercial relations, staff members of the Faculty of Economics and Business and other readers.


Risk! F.l.t.r.: Robin Simmering, W outer van Ma le, Hans Alers rand Daan M aarse

Multinational Cycle The Risk Multinational Cycle Committee 2011 once again organized two magnificent events. Firstly they organized the Finance and Controlling Symposium in September. A day with more than hundred participants, lectures, workshops and drinks. Secondly they organized the Multinational Cycle. From the 10th till the 13rd of October, a group of 25 students visited Ahold, PostNL, KPN, Heineken, Philips and Procter & Gamble. During these days, the students got to know the Dutch multinationals by means of presentations, cases, lunches, dinners, and drinks. Moreover, the nightlife of The Hague has been explored and the students spent the nights in a beautiful hotel in the middle of The Hague. Overall, it has been very successful events and once again we would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiasm and commitment! &



uis a ne Brinkh li E s, it rr e eG F.l.t.r.: Ing nema Hinke Fen

Risk Activity Committee During the academic year the Risk Activity Committe organizes four activities, of which two are formal and two are informal. We have already organized a guest lecture for Financieel Beleid and a pub quiz. We will organize another formal activity. The informal activities are meant for the students to get to know each other and to have fun together. Alltogether we enjoy organizing both challenging formal activities to learn from and informal activities to get to know each other! We hope to see you at our coming activities!



VESTING Board 2011 - 2012


First of all, I want to congratulate the committee that made the yearbook. From experience I know it is a lot of work to make it interesting for an entire association with lots of different people, all having their own interests. Even so, all you people have one thing in common: you are all a member of the study association of the faculty of economics and business EBF. For some years now, EBF hosts some great activities. Study related trips to foreign countries and what to think of last year’s conference? To serve particular groups of student in a better and more direct fashion there are as you all probably know also other study associations. VESTING is one of them. VESTING is the one and only study association for econometric students in Groningen. We host all kind of different activities, some as a board, but a lot is done by committees about which you can read as well in this yearbook. For those who are interested or for those of you who want a quick bite from our shop, stop by our room.

On the picture from left to right: Ruben te Wierik


Kevin Mann

Secretary/ Vice-chairman

Gijs Immerman

Intern Relations

Kelvin Lu

Commercial Relations

Kenneth Plat



VESTING F.l.t.r: Ma rie Scholten, N ke Vollebregt, Christia ynke van n der Zee, Ma Megen and rt v a n Viviënne H aring

Activity Committee We are the VESTING Activity Committee 2011-2012. This year’s committee is formed by Mart van Megen, Viviënne Haring, Christian Scholten, Nynke van der Zee and Marieke Vollebregt. The Activity Committee is a really nice committee, whose members are first year students. Being a member of the Activity Committee, you get to meet many other people. Four times a year, we organize a great activity. Last year, for example, we organized a wine tasting event combined with a search through Groningen. Furthermore, the Activity Committee organizes the famous VESTING End Of The Year Party, which no VESTING Member wants to miss. And hopefully, we will make this an active year again!


Ham, ariska van M , n e W g n d Allard F.l.t.r: Yilo ld Korse an e t h c e M s, o Robert Po r Kampschöe

Career Day On 24th of November we organized a Career Day at ‘Het Kasteel’. A moment to think about what’s next? A day to get in touch with your future employer, a day to help you choosing your master or a day of awaking the reasons why you decided to study Econometrics. You have been learning theories and studying all kind of subjects. But what do you do with all this knowledge? There are so many paths you can walk, which is why we do provide some insights. The Career Day is there to show possible paths you can take, paths that we think will lead to great opportunities to develop yourself and to become successful in your field of interest. The day was a huge success. All participants went with more information about their career opportunities to home.


VESTING F.l.t.r: Wies v an Eeden, Tom as Geurts, Jing Chen, S ander Cremer s and Roos Nijzing

Conference Committee This year it is up to us, Wies van Eeden (Chairman), Jing Chen (Secretary), Sander Cremers (Treasurer), Tomas Geurts (External Affairs) and Roos Nijzing (Day Coordinator) to organize the VESTING Conference. Even though we just started as a committee, the conference, which will take place on the 24th of May 2012, already promises to be a very informative day. During the rest of this year we will put as much effort as we can in finding the most interesting speakers and the most challenging workshops. Also, we will try to attract as much VESTING Members as possible. The VESTING Conference Committee of last year succeeded very well in organizing an interesting conference, but we are very confident that this year’s conference will be at least as interesting as last year’s!


evin rmans, K e t g i S n a ex-J roek. F.l.t.r: Al uit het B l e i h c i M Mann en

ICT Committee The VESTING ICT Committee is in charge of the sole most important aspect of VESTING, namely its website. At members can subscribe for activities, keep up with all VESTING related news and look at pictures of previous activities. After months of hard work the committee, consisting of Kevin Mann (committee feut), Alex-Jan Sigtermans (committee held) and Michiel uit het Broek (committee Twent), recently released a brand new update of the website. This new website no longer has the 20th century look and is probably (p-value = 10-9) the best website ever created. The road that lies ahead is yet uncharted, but we can safely assume it will lead us on a creative process with lots of programming, errors and frustration. The destination however is certain as always: improving the website and all ICT related matter within VESTING.


VESTING F.l.t.r: San ne van der Wal, Mich het Broek, iel uit W ie s van Eeden Maik Hav , inga and W ieke Boonst ra

Introduction Committee The VESTING Introduction Committee (VIC) has the honor of organizing the introduction camp for all freshman econometricians. After months of preparation, this year’s first weekend of September, in accordance with the theme “Vic a la playa”, Maik Havinga, Wies van Eeden, Michiel uit het Broek, Sanne van der Wal and Wieke Boonstra brought a little bit of Spain to the VESTING Introduction camp at Schoonoord with Spanish songs, sangria and a rodeo bull! Luckily for us, we had the last weekend with good weather of the summer, so we could even go to the beach for a swim! During our stay in Schoonoord we had the chance to get to know the freshman students and, of course, share a laugh with them. Looking back at the introduction camp, we can say that is was very satisfying to see our camp turn out so great!


ander nbauer, Alex r端 G e n li ro a , C F.l.t.r.: , Noortje Stolk k ri ie W te and Osinga, Ruben ies van Eeden W , er v ij ru K Wouter jer Joanneke Mei

Magazine Committee The Magazine Committee contains seven raging reporters, who share their impressive findings four times a year in the GAXEX. Those seven heroes are being admired widely across VESTING: they are being looked upon as some kind of supernatural life form. Despite this massive adulation, the committee members keep cool and capable of proclaiming their critical attitude towards the society clearly. This inspirational committee, solely consisting of great poets, provides the numerous readers of GAXEX a great experience every edition again. This is mainly done by a group of four editors, who provide time and time again indepth articles within a more general theme. Besides those brilliant writers, who could easily compete with Shakespeare, the committee is proud of her commissioner external articles. He always makes sure the most interesting articles are being submitted in the GAXEX. But, what would have all those enlightened minds been without one master of graphic arts.


VESTING F.l.t.r: Nie k Beudeke r, Roos Nijz Nikki Men ing, sink, Steve n Klusener, Ivo van der He ide

Sailing Camp In the last weekend of May 2011 many VESTING members participated in a great sailing camp in Heeg, Friesland. A weekend without difficult calculations and econometrics, but full of fun! During the day we sailed at the Heegermeer and in the evenings we had lots of activities and we dressed ourselves in theme: I love VESTING – find your inner nerd. Unfortunately the wind was very strong; two of our boats sailed into the cliffs and one almost collapsed. Nevertheless everybody had a great time, especially when we went to disco d’Ald Wal in Heeg. Here we proved ourselves Groningers in our beautiful outfits.


k, ennis Tijin D , rs e t e P n arte and F.l.t.r: Ma ske Veenstra e e G l, e k a B Sjoerd van me Bjinse Bou

Sport committee This year VESTING is proud to introduce the second Sports Committee. The Sports Committee is responsible to keep all of the VESTING members in top shape. The first activity, the indoor soccer competition, has proven that there is still a lot of work to be done. We will attempt to keep everybody fit by organising a couple activities including the famous running competition the Batavierenrace and a winter sports weekend. But not only the sporting part of these activities is important, we also want to show you how much fun all these different sports can be . This year the chairman of the Sports Committee is second year student Maarten Peters. He will be assisted by four ambitious first year students, namely: Sjoerd van Bakel, Dennis Tijink, Geeske Veenstra and Bjinse Bouma. Together they will try to organise sport activities that you will never forget!


The Sister

“Drinking when we are not thirsty and making love at all seasons, madam: that is all there is to distinguish us from other animals.� -Pierre Beaumarchais-


“The thing that differentiates man from animals is money.� - Gertrude Stein -

Asset Tilburg

For those who do not know Faculty Association Asset, a short summary: Asset is the faculty association for all students studying at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). Asset currently has more than 5500 student members. Faculty Association Asset one of the largest student associations in the Netherlands. Within the Faculty Association, seven study-specific associations are active for the various disciplines of the TiSEM. These associations are Asset | Accounting & Finance, Asset | Econometrics, Asset | Economics, Asset | FIRST International, Asset | Marketing, Asset | SBIT and Asset | Strategy & Logistics. Together, approximately 300 students are active within the Faculty Association, which organize formal or informal activities. I hope this gives you an idea of what Faculty Association Asset is. That leaves us with congratulating EBF Groningen with her almanac and wishing EBF Groningen a successful year to come.


Aureus Amsterdam

Aureus is the largest Study Association of Amsterdam. With more than 140 active members we organise interesting and challenging academic, career, international and social activities for the 4000 students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of VU University Amsterdam. As one of the leading Study Associations in the Netherlands it is important to continue our close contact with EBF, in order to learn from each other and to share experiences. Both associations can then achieve benefits for the long-term. This year the theme for this Almanac is “Into the Wild”! An interesting choice, since we definitely have to go “into the wild” in order to get to Groningen in the far north. A vast unknown landscape full of cows and crops have to be overcome in order to get there, and once you’re in Groningen, one never knows where (and how) you might end up. A few examples: (“‘t Vaatje”, “het Fust”, “de Tapperij”) come to mind. Places we have had the pleasure to explore with our colleagues from EBF. We hope that many of you will also embark on your own journeys into the wild, and perhaps we can welcome you in Amsterdam in the future. We look forward to the continuation of the great relationship between Aureus and EBF for many events in the coming years.




You can compare the study System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management to the movie Into The Wild. When you start your study at the faculty of Technology, Policy & Management, you’re literally thrown into the deep. You have the feeling you’re in the middle of the wilderness. Only by learning a variety of methods and techniques, you’ll experience how to find a way out of the jungle. Student association Curius is there with you during this difficult time. Curius is your light at the end of the jungle. Besides working hard, the relaxing factor is very important. You have to enjoy the adventures through the wild plants and animals. Last year Curius organized trips to Helsinki, China and Budapest. There will be plenty of trips this year to peer with that. If we want to escape from those wild life trips, we always drink a beer at our own TB-Café. Curious? Come and see it yourself!




Once upon a time there was a kingdom far, far away. In this kingdom lived 3 princes and 4 princesses in harmony together. In another kingdom, more south, lived another set of 2 princes and 4 princesses in harmony together. For these princes and princesses to get to the kingdom far, far away they had to go into the wild from Utrecht way up north to Groningen. Like for every journey in life it is the journey that matters the most. What you learn from your journey is what stands with you forever. Think about your journey now, your very own student life. Talking about going into wild! Studying, making new friends, going out, and in the end thinking about your future.




Into the wild... When you leave high school and begin student life, you are thrown into the deep. As Darwin once said 'only the best survive' and that is why students are searching for ways to excel. The Economic Faculty-association Rotterdam (EFR) offers guidance during these turbulent times. With over 4200 members and 125 active members, who are very committed to organising activities next to their studies, the EFR tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice. To help students find their way in the wild we offer the most prestigious students events in Europe, namely the EFR-Business Week, the World Leader Cycle and together with STAR, the Erasmus Recruitment Days. The most renowned activity is the EFR-Business Week. This annual student congress has developed into a true phenomenon with speakers, like Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Gerhard Schrรถder and Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. Naturally, this year we will continue with a lot of wild events!


Industria Eindhoven Industria is the study association of Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven and was founded in 1963. Almost each Industrial Engineering student is a member of Industria and about twenty per cent of these people are active members. Industria organizes, amongst others, several career oriented activities to prepare students on their way ‘into the wild’. By doing this, we hope students will be able to make their way through the jungle of job offers and potential employers. According to many, you can experience the wildest years of your life when you are a student. Studying alone can be a daring adventure, but getting involved in a study association is extra interesting. As an active member of a study association you have the opportunity to develop many competences by organizing activities for your fellow students. Those skills contribute to your personal survival kit of abilities that you can use the rest of your life.


Sefa, the study association of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at the University of Amsterdam, is one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands with approximately 4000 members. Sefa started to operate in the interests of FEB students in 1922. Being the faculty association, we provide services to students from all years, specializations and nationalities. Our goal is to enrich the lives of all student members by organizing distinctive activities in four key domains: academic, career, international and social.One of Sefa’s goals is bringing students and companies together and helping them put academic theory into practice. We achieve this by working closely together with companies and other study associations like EBF. Sefa is also a very social organization: we organize activities to go ‘wild’ like the legendary men’s and ladies’ night, drinks, a winter sports trip, a grand ball and many more.


Sefa Amsterdam

Rotterdam Star

"Venturing into the wild jungle that is Rotterdam student life is fantastic. A life full of parties, late nights, early mornings, overdue assignments, great success and miserable failure. Standing tall in the turbulent Rotterdam jungle is the mother tree that is STAR, the study association of the Rotterdam School of Management. STAR has almost 6,500 members (of which 1,000 international students), of which 250 are active member. STAR is for all students studying Business Administration, International Business Administration, and for all students doing one of the 12 different master programs at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). The activities of STAR range from a study trip to Shanghai to development aid in Kenya; from the largest on-campus recruitment event, the Erasmus Recruitment Days, to a STAR Management Week Party in the Maassilo with 5,000 students. The development of the students is STAR’s main priority: besides participating in STAR events, students get the chance to organize these events. By organizing and participating, students are actively involved in the student and business world.


‘Een kijkje nemen bij de Bierkoerier’ Vanaf het eerste moment dat ik in contact kwam met Tim Zwiers, medewerker bij de Bavaria Bierkoerier, liep het al soepeltjes. Ik vroeg hem of hij me wat meer kon vertellen over het reilen en zeilen van de Bierkoerier. Tim stelde al gauw voor dat het misschien leuk zou zijn dat we een dagje komen kijken hoe het er op ’t Pandje (het zenuwcentrum van het bedrijf) aan toe gaat. Een fantastische deal! Eindelijk is het zover, dè dag is aangebroken. De zon schijnt, de vogels fluiten en de pilslucht komt me tegemoet, des te meer reden om een mooie dag te hebben. Ik stap mijn auto uit en bekijk de Oliemuldersweg. Een klein idyllisch straatje in Groningen Oost, waar vandaan al die lekkere blauwe buizen de stad ingebracht worden. Ik bekijk het pand eens goed en loop een soort van klein pilsriviertje achterna dat me naar binnen leidt, waarna ik het vertrouwde blauwe Biermans busje zie. Deze zal vast zo ingeladen worden, of misschien was hij dat al wel. Het busje staat in de loods en ik loop wat ongemakkelijk naar binnen. Meteen links om de hoek is een kleine ‘kantine’ en Tim staat me al op te wachten. We geven elkaar drie zoenen en ik kijk om mij heen. Een betonnen vloer, een tafel en een bureau. Dit is ‘’the office’’. Tim vertelt me dat hier alle administratie gedaan wordt. Elke dag worden de adressen van de vorige dag ingevoerd om zo een financieel kloppend plaatje te krijgen. Als ik verder kijk zie ik overal T-shirts hangen, een kast met verscheidene bierflesjes van Bavaria door de jaren heen. Overal hangt promotie materiaal met de o zo bekende slogan; ‘Zo, nu eerst een Bavaria’. Er hangt een schilderij van het Bierkoerier team, acht jongens. Volledig enthousiast zeg ik’’ Let the day begin.’’ Tim laat me meteen zien dat ze niet alleen Bavaria bier verkopen, maar dat er ook nog toffe gadgets zijn. Door de nieuwe ‘’Biermans App’’ kan er heel gemakkelijk besteld worden en spaar je door middel van punten automatisch voor de gadgets. Zo kan je voor tien punten een leren zitje op een krat bier krijgen, en voor twintig punten kun je van twee kratten een tafeltje maken. Ook staan er overal glazen, pakjes kaarten en dobbelstenen voor de fanatieke bierdrinker die zijn punten inlevert. Helemaal achterin het pand zie ik iets wat ik nog nooit gezien heb. Een biervooraad van 1200 kratten! Een hele grote muur is bedenkt met drie rijen pallets pils. Naast deze

‘’bierzee’’ staat de grote koelcel. Hier worden elke avond zo’n 300 kratten ingezet.’’Tijd om deze jongens in te laden’’ zegt Tim. Ondertussen is de tweede Biermans gearriveerd. De jongens zijn de bus aan het inladen, en meteen gaat de telefoon. Als twee ervaren biermannen vliegen de boys naar de telefoon en de magische woorden volgen al snel:’’Bavaria Bierkoerier, zeg het maar’’. Alle info wordt vliegensvlug genoteerd. Voordat we het busje instappen, krijg ik gauw nog een shirt naar me toegegooid, voorop staat: Bel me! Op de rug staat Bavaria Bierkoerier 050-5268202. Een v-halsje, zit als gegoten! De bus is ingeladen en we kunnen gaan: ‘Zwiers, waar starten we?’ vraagt Joost. ‘Nieuweweg’ zegt ie. Het busje start, links van mij zit Joost de coureur, rechts van mij Tim, de tomtom. Ik krijg nog even te horen dat elke keer als het busje afslaat, er na afloop een pijpje gedronken moet worden. There we go! Met piepende banden scheuren we weg en in een mum van tijd zijn we op de plaats van bestemming. Gauw nog even bellen ‘Bierkoerier! We zijn er!’ , Tim stapt uit en levert de eerste kratjes af. Ik beheer even de pinautomaat, voer twintig euro in, pinpas er doorheen en de eerste deal is completed. Nu door naar de Tuinstraat. ‘Bierkoerier! We zijn er!’. De jongens stappen uit, de telefoon staat roodgloeiend, opnemen dan maar. BIERKOERIER, ZEG HET MAAR! Een bestelling van 4 kratjes. Ik noteer het adres en telefoonnummer in het logboek. We kunnen hem afleveren binnen een half uurtje. Dat was mijn eerste telefoontje. Tim reageert: ‘Wel klantvriendelijk zijn he, je blijft een vrouw!’. Volgende telefoontje: ‘Ja hallo, met de Bierkoerier, zeg het maar’ zeg ik op mijn allerliefst. Dit gaat beter, de bierdrinkers zijn blij verrast om een vrouwenstem te horen! Het adres wordt doorgegeven en Joost legt me

uit dat het streven is om binnen een uurtje op locatie te zijn, maar dat het door de enorme drukte van de laatste tijd nog wel eens wat later wordt. In de loop der tijd zijn er wat afwijkende adressen. Deze worden doorgespeeld naar busje 2; Pals. ‘Pals, lul! Hoe zuipt het?!’, ’t zuipt goed!’. ‘De volgende adressen zijn voor jou’: J.C. Kapteynlaan wordt doorgespeeld. De eerste paar uur gaan als een trein. Er wordt zoveel gezopen dat we terug moeten om nieuwe kratjes in te laden. De statiegeld kratjes worden gelost en de volle kratjes gaan er weer in, circa 90 stuks. Blijkbaar maak ik een zeldzame avond mee. We zijn honderd adressen afgegaan en bijna 300 kratten zijn verkocht. Onze maagjes beginnen te knorren, maar we hebben door de drukte geen tijd om tussendoor te eten. Als eerste werkdag wordt er van je verwacht ‘de Burger’ te eten, ziek belegd en ontzettend veel vet. Deze ‘Burger’ zal ik dus officieel naar binnen moeten werken. Het was negen uur en de dag bier bezorgen zit er bijna op. We rijden de laatste adressen af en we discussiëren over het avondeten. Joost heeft echt geen zin in de snackbar, ik heb toch wel zin in een pizza salami. De Napoli dan maar. Yes, niet de ‘wurger Burger’! Nadat we de pizza’s hebben afgehaald, gaan we het Rotterdammerstraatje langs, waar we de laatste kratjes afleveren. Nu weer terug naar ’t Pandje. Het busje is twee keer afgeslagen; 2 pijpjes drinken Joost! Joost rijdt het busje achterstevoren ’t Pandje in en we stappen uit. We lopen naar de kantine waar ik de andere coureur Pals ontmoet. Nu vreten dan maar! Nog gauw wordt er even het laatste deel van FC Barcelona – AC Milan aangezet. Uiteraard krijgen we een ‘pijpje Bavaria’ bij het eten en kijken maar. De kas wordt nog even nageteld, flinke dagomzet. Ik steek nog even een sigaretje op, terwijl de jongens de laatste kratjes uit het busje halen. Het is inmiddels half elf en ik besluit ’t Pandje te verlaten. Ik geef de jongens drie kussen, bedank ze en zij mij. ‘Slaap lekker zo, en de groetjes aan het bestuur!’. ‘Will do!’. ’s Avonds lig ik in bed en overdenk de avond. Ja, echt een tof concept, tof team. Topdag.

Internal Activities

“An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.� -Buddha-

Introduction Weekend

2nd - 4th September 2011

On September the 2nd, after months of hard work, it was finally there: the EBF Introduction Weekend! Early in the morning the first members of the Introduction Committee and the EBF Board had already left for the German Island called Borkum to get everything set for the weekend. The rest remained in Groningen to meet up with the first-years at the Zaanstraat. At 15.00 PM they were also ready to leave, and after a bus trip followed by a boat trip everyone arrived at the Island of Borkum. There the first-years were welcomed in the gymnasium after which it was dinner time. In the evening everyone was given the chance to get to know each other by playing introduction games, and then the party started.


The next day took off with some activities. We played different games, one of which was a management game. The games luckily could take place outside because the weather was nice. After the activities and a speech by the dean, Harry Garretsen, everyone left for the village of Borkum. There everyone had the freedom to do whatever he or she wanted, for example go shopping, swimming, lying on the beach or enjoying a drink on a terrace.

Once we got back, we all got dressed to match the theme of the weekend: ‘Jungle, don’t get lost, get wild!’. After a great party and little sleep, unfortunately the time to return home had already come. We are glad to be able to look back on a very fun and successful weekend! By: Aukeline Wind


EBF Socials

Every 1st Monday of the month



EBF 4 Charity 8th & 19th September 2011 In September two events were organized to raise money for a good cause, the Eric Bleumink Fund. This fund provides scholarships to talented underprivileged students in third world countries.

First, an auction and a market were organized in combination with EBF and BEAST, the faculty staff association. It took place at the beginning of September, where great items were auctioned off. Thanks to generous bidders and donations the proceeds were over â‚Ź1400!


Two weeks later, the 19th of September the BEAT THE FUTURE event took place. The party started at the Waagplein at 20.00 hour, where students could buy a special EBF Package which included drink tokens, entrance to the Kokomo and a donation to charity. Arwin Lee kicked off, later Shermanology rocked the stage and Billy the Klit closed the line-up for the partying crowd.

At 00.00 hour everyone went to the Kokomo Beach Club to continue the party! They were entertained by D-Rashid ft. Andrei Russo and Harde Baas and it was a great evening! The events were a great success, a total amount of â‚Ź3000,- was raised for the Eric Bleumink Fund. By: Francine Tol


EBF Conference

29th and 30th September 2011

The day began early, as usual at a conference. But this time something was different, there were queues lining up at the entrance and these queues reached up until the bicycle racks. It turned out that all these fellow students wanted to be early because the earliest birds would be rewarded with VIP-tickets which gave them the right to take a seat somewhere between row 9 and 16. I was one of these lucky ones and I saw Wubbo Ockels giving the first presentation and chairing the presentation that also included the big star of the show: Al Gore. Logically, the Conference was more or less focusing on promoting Al Gore as much as possible. And his speech showed us why. Not only did his iconic and American way of presenting show a contrast with the sober Dutch way, he also made some bulls-eye points; Al gore stated that definition of ‘feeling fine’ should be changed since GDP doesn’t include damage to environments or sustainability. Mother Nature clearly indicates that there is something going wrong; ecological areas are shifting and if it continues in the pace it is nowadays we can find our desserts in the Balkan, Mexico and Australia. Furthermore does the increased moisture in countries such as China, Russia and (again) Australia result in wholly different climates which would affect all kinds of operations and activities done in these countries but also the world as a whole. Nevertheless the current happiness-measurements do not take this into account. We, as a generation, should be asking these critical questions but we may also expect the current generation to not wait and take immediate action.


After this inspiring speech several Groningen-related questions were asked, but Al Gore gently mentioned that he was not in the position to be answering those specific questions since he did not have all the required information. So far Al Gore, an experience of which I can say: I was there! The day continued with a break of 2 hours followed by a lunch at the Zernike. Subsequently the Academic day kicked off with a lecture of Charles Hamden-Turner about the missing halves of Western theories. The group was split up and several presentations were given. The second day, Conference Day, differed per person. For me ORMIT and FrieslandCampina were the companies which gladdened me with a case and a company-presentation. Lots of students enjoyed the networking during the lunch but the big-networking-bang was at the dinner in the Martini-Kerk. For the students who did not have enough there was a social in the Golden Fust to conclude the two wonderful days. By: Aaron van Gils


EBF Socials

Every 1st Monday of the month



Recruitment Days 13th - 15th December After ten months of preparations and an intensive promotion period of five weeks, one of the largest events organized by the EBF and MARUG took place on 13th, 14th and 15th December in Martiniplaza, namely the Recruitment Days 2011. With this year’s theme “The First Step to Your Fortune�, the Recruitment Days provided students with the opportunity to get in touch with the recruiters of approximately forty companies and governance agencies in both a formal and informal way.


On Tuesday 13 December at 8.45 am the kick-off of the Recruitment Days 2011 took place by means of the first individual interview between a recruiter of Deloitte and one of the participating students. The upcoming days no fewer than 346 individual interviews, nine business lunches, five business diners, 16 business cases, 39 presentations, four trainings, one main sponsor social and several drinks would follow, all organized in order to provide students with the opportunity to get in contact with their ideal employer. Furthermore, students were able to enjoy photoshoots, fashion advice and trainings suited to broaden their capabilities for networking or interviewing techniques. Besides, for the first time in the history of the Recruitment Days, some students were able to have a speeddate session with several participating companies.

Looking back, the Recruitment Days 2011 can definitely be seen as a great success, particularly due to the enthusiastic participating students and recruiters, the great atmosphere, delicious lunches, tight organization, the overload of appetizing snacks and drinks, the impressive goodiebag (of at least 3.2 kilo!) as well as the amazing end party in &ZO. Therefore, the Recruitment Days is an event you certainly do not want and should not miss!

Sad that you missed this year’s chance to make that first step to your fortune? Don’t be upset, next year there will be another opportunity to make that first important step in your career! So keep an eye on the website ( and make sure that you will be there next year in order to toast together on all the acquired internships and traineeships! By: Janine Voerman


EBF Activities




Survival Guide “Generally speaking, a howling wilderness does not howl: it is the imagination of the traveler that does the howling.� -Henry David Thoreau-

How to survive your lectures

Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______ ____ ______ _







How to survive your lectures Beginning survivor

Die-hard survivor


Facts to remember ‘Happy Family’ Rats breed so quickly that in just 18 months, 2 rats could have created over 1 million relatives. ‘Sleeping standards’ Horses and cows sleep while standing up. ‘Hung’ Giant Arctic jellyfish have tentacles that can reach over 36 metres in length. ‘The Voice’ The blue whale can produce the loudest sound of any animal. At 188 decibels, the noise can be detected over 800 kilometres away. ‘Don’t touch my hear’ The horn of a rhinoceros is made from compacted hair rather than bone or another substance. ‘Michael Jackson’ Despite the white, fluffy appearance of Polar Bears fur, it actually has black skin.

‘Back and Forth’ Hummingbirds are so agile and have such good control that they can fly backwards. ‘Egg-tastic’ Sharks lay the biggest eggs in the world.

‘The women..’ Mosquitoes can be annoying insects but did you know that it's only the female mosquito that actually bites humans. ‘Ice cold women’ Alligator eggs become male or female depending on the temperature, male in warmer temperatures and female in cooler temperatures.


Find the Wild Thing in you Although you would not suppose so, we know that everyone has a wild side. However, for some people this wild side lays deeply covered, while others live like Rambo himself. It must be hard for you not to know how wild you are exactly. Well, hesitate no longer: it is time for you to figure out on which point of the wildness-scale you are positioned. 1.Darn, you overslept and you have only 10 minutes remaining before the doors to your crucial exam will close. You: A) Make a list of the most lame excuses for both your teacher and your parents and will try your luck on the resit. Too bad! B) Saunter to the nearest bus stop without any stress and trust on your convincing skills when arriving half an hour too late. C) Cycle/Sprint as fast as you can, climb trees, jump from roof to roof, and would move mountains in order to be on time. 2.In an average week your food schedule comes closest to: A) Potatoes, vegetables and meat. Every day with another exciting kind of vegetable! B) As long as you don’t have to cook yourself. Every day is an adventure because you never know in which state the pizza-boy delivers your pizza! C) Huge variation! Herbs and ingredients from all over the world are imported into your kitchen. ‘Knorr Wereldgerechten’ eat your heart out! 3.When going out you drink: A) Water, or anything else without any calories! Of course I always keep my hand on my glass to prevent that someone roofies me. B) It varies from Absinth to Tequilla. Mainly because I want to get a taste of all cultures in the world! C) Beer, liters of beer. Adventurous as I am I try beers from all brands and origins!


4.During a lecture you: A) Pay attention; you never know when all this information might save your life! B) Try to pay attention; it is hard to concentrate with all those wild fellow students around me. C) I’m not there; probably because I’m fighting with crocodiles or because I’m saving little kittens 5. Your favorite animal: A) My pet, I really love my rabbit! B) The lion I helped escape from the zoo C) The cow that fills my MacTasty 6.When going out, you request a song on which you will totally lose yourself, the name of this song will be: A) It doesn’t matter, as long as Bruno Mars is singing it B) Something that makes the beat go boom, papi. C) I don’t request a song, I’m only asking the DJ if he wants to put the volume down a bit. 7.Two years have gone by and now you have to visit the dentist again. What will the dentist say after the check? A) “I knew that some lions eat men, but you’re the first that proved that it also works the other way around..” B) “Thanks for warning me. I really needed my sunglasses to prevent me from becoming blind due to all your shine” C) “Where are your teeth?” 8.You’re getting robbed when walking in a dark alley. What is your reaction? A) You’re asking whether your roommate thinks this is necessary and after he apologizes you walk on B) You scream and run like Usain Bolt. No way he did expect that! C) You politely hand over your money. No worries, the student grant will be booked on your account in a few days.


Wild-thing sCORE POINTS 1. A = 0, B = 5, C = 10 3. A = 0, B = 10, C = 5 5. A = 0, B = 0, C = 10 7. A = 10, B = 0, C = 10

2. A = 0, B = 2.5, C = 10 4. A = 5, B = 0, C = 5 6. A = 5, B = 5, C = 0 8. A =10, B = 5, C = 0

0 – 22.5 The chicken among the crocodiles Probably we were wrong. You are one of the exceptions that does not have a wild side. However, don’t be sad the world has a lot of opportunities for people like you too. The cottonwool industry was looking for job applicants, but be carefull! You might cut yourself! Seriously, try to live a little and if not: then just be glad that Darwin did not already beat you up with one of his theories. 25 – 50 The survivor No worries, you will survive. And thanks to the chickens from category 1 you were probably not even the one that was always picked last in gym-class. You found a balance in holding back and your killer-instinct, which is good in a civilized society! If you will keep balanced like this in the rest of your life than you will make it. Of course, none of this applies when you selected an answer with Bruno Mars in it. 50 – 70 King/Queen of the Jungle As the title already says you’re the king or queen! .. Of the jungle. Seriously? Did you even had some education? A human is supposed to be scared sometimes, but not you. Chuck Norris and Rambo will take a chill-pill after a confrontation with you. This of course is something you could be proud of! On the other hand, try to respect the limits that came along with that ‘thing’ called society.


How to make a fire Imagine, you all alone without any reason nor memory dropped somewhere in the middle of nowhere. In the heat of getting lost you lost all your possessions. Which means that you have no wallet, no lighter, no food and no… .. not even your Iphone to navigate your way home. And now? Now it is getting dark and despite the cosy sounds of wild animals you feel chilly. It is time, time for you to (wo)man up and start building your own fire from scratch! There are several different methods of building fire without lighters or matches, but because YOU are the WILDEST only the thoughest manner of them all will satisfy you: Friction Based Fire Making!

What do you need? -Spindle, the stick which you spin on your fireboard to create friction -Fireboard, this has to be a bone dry peace of wood -Bark, also bone dry of course -Cottonwood, dry leaves or any thing else that will burn We were so kind to put it all on a ‘Post-it’ for you

How to do it 1) Block the wind with your body. Nothing will be as frustrating as seeing the wind killing your self made fire. 2) Build a nest of flammable objects in which you lay your fire board. Your board needs to feel home before it turns the heat up. 3) Put a piece of bark below the notch in your self made fireboard. The bark will catch the ember that comes of the friction between the fireboard and the spindle. 4) Start spinning! In order to create a glowing ember you have to place the spindle into the depression on your fire board. And then: start spinning until the blisters on your hands withhold your from it. 5) Carefully tap the ember of your fire board and let it drop on your bark and nest of flammable objects 6) Gently blow until the ember turns in to a beautiful flame. 7) Celebrate and control your self-made fire Now, we see you thinking: But what if it rains? Then pray for a tropical rain with a high temperature!


Movie Reviews Nothing in live will prepare you for surviving as much as.. .. a movie! So we put some movies in a row for you. They vary from everyones childhood favorite ‘The Lion King’ untill everyones’ father’s favorite ‘Indiana Jones’.

The Lion King (1994)


A young lion prince is born in Africa, thus making his uncle Scar the second in line to the throne. Scar plots with the hyenas to kill King Mufasa and Prince Simba, thus making himself King. Poor little Simba believes it was his fault and flees in shame. But with the help of Timon, Pumba and Nala he eventually returns to take back his kingdom. And they live happily ever after.


In to The Wild (2004)

After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life. Occupy, eat your heart out!

Cast Away (2000)


Chuck Noland, a FedEx executive, must transform himself physically and emotionally to survive a crash landing on a deserted island, luckily he makes a friend in the ‘person’ of Wilson. While his relatives live in the belief that he is dead, he devises ways to survive and escape from the island.


Without a Paddle (2004)


Three friends, whose lives have been drifting apart, reunite for the funeral of a fourth childhood friend. When looking through their childhood belongings, they discover a trunk which contained details on a quest their friend was attempting. It revealed that he was hot on the trail of the $200,000 that went missing. And where you can find money.. .. you can find Seth Green. So they decide to continue his journey.


Madagascar (2005)

At New York's Central Park Zoo, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, and a hippo are best friends and stars of the show. But when one of the animals goes missing from their cage, the other three break free to look for him, only to find themselves reunited... ...on a ship en route to Africa. Together with four highjacking penguins they learn first-hand what life can be like in the wild.

Indiana Jones the Raiders of the Lost Ark


A professor who studies archeology named Indiana Jones is venturing in the jungles in South America searching for a golden statue. Unfortunately, he sets off a deadly trap, of course or hero escapes. Then, Jones hears about a biblical artifact called The Ark of the Covenant, which can hold the key to humanly existence. Jones has to venture to vast places such as Nepal and Egypt to find this artifact. However, he will have to fight his enemy Renee Belloq and a band of Nazis in order to reach it. And a piece of cake it was..


“Smooth shapes are very rare in the wild but extremely important in the ivory tower and the factory.� -Benoit Mandelbrot-

Faculty Information

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You can visit the study advisor for questions like: - Is this the right study for me? - Which specialization cours fits me the best? - Can I quit my study for a while? Or questions about personal conditions and/or problems (illness, sexual harassment and such) Naturally all information shared will be treated in confidence. In case of obstructive personal conditions - like illness, handicaps or familiy matters - we strongly recommend you to contact the study advisors as quickly as possible


Visiting addre ss: Nettelbosje 2 9747 AE Gron ingen T: (050) 363 89 00 E: studyadviso www.r


Telephone consult hours For simple questions please use the Telephone Consult. If the advisers can not be reached or if you prefer to send an email, the address is: studyadvisors. Always mention your student number and telephone number! For personal consultation (usually 30 min). You can make an appointment at the secretary office by telephone or email.

Mw. Drs. Els I. Brilman BSc: IB&M, Pre MSc IB&M & Pre MSc HRM MSc: IB&M & HRM Duisenberg building room 67 T: (050) 363 7172

Mw. Yorieke Deen MSc BSc: Bedrijfskunde, TM & Pre MSc BA MSc: Bus. Adm., TM & Research Master Duisenberg building room 69 T: (050) 363 3382

Dhr. Dr. Nikolaj H. Bijleveld BSc: BE, A&C, FE &Pre MSc BA MSc: Bus. Adm., A&C, FE & Lerarenopleiding Duisenberg building room 63 T: (050) 363 3832

Mw. Margaretha H.M. Koster MA BSc: E&BE, EOR &Pre MSc IE&B MSc: IE&B, Economics, Econometrics Duisenberg building room 66 T: (050) 363 2315


Quest Speak Up! Quest stands for Quality of Education for Students. Our goal is to achieve excellence in the quality of education, provided by our faculty, together with the quality assurance officers of the faculty: Feenstra and Kevenaar.. Thijs Beudeker, student member of the faculty board supports us. Our tasks are quite extensive, but our main responsibility is the coordination of the Year Representatives (YR’s). Approximately 200 students equally divided over 40 YR’s, who meet after every block,which adds up to a total of 160 meetings in one academic year. A real challenge that we enjoy facing head-on! This academic year we started with the introduction of YR chairman’s who are the linkages between Quest and the students. Moreover, we are two of the editors responsible for the Nestor newspage but we are also the people behind the Lecturer and Thesis of the Year Award. Furthermore, we are involved in general improvement plans concerning the quality of the education of the FEB. Unfortunately a lot of students are not aware of the importance of the YR’s, the Program Committees and the electronic surveys. Did you know that your courses are actually assessed on the basis of the electronic surveys and that the outcomes of the electronic surveys are the basis for improvement plans, when needed? Our mission for this academic year is to motivate students to be more involved in improving the quality of the education of the FEB and even more to make them conscious about the impact they can have on the the quality of their program.

Lilyana Konstantinova and Shirley Elands.


Student Advisor My name is Thijs Beudeker, student Bsc. Economics, and this year I am the Advisory Student-Member of the Faculty Board. It is my duty to represent all students of our faculty and to advise the Faculty Board on all topics related to students and education. To improve our education, we need everyone at the faculty involved in educational improvement. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that students are involved in representation at all levels. From Program Committees to Faculty Council, all are important. If you are not involved yet, please be! If there are any suggestions or problems you have, feel free to contact me at or visit me at my office in the Duisenberg Building room 5414.0005. Hopefully, with your input I can do something for all students at the Faculty of Economics and Business this year. I would like to wish all of you a great academic year and good times in Groningen, Thijs Beudeker Advisory Student-Member Faculty Board 2011-2012


Wild... after..


Gerdi Verbeet Youth & Politics Can ‘The Second Chamber’ be considered as an organization? The Second Chamber consists of 150 Members of Parliament (MP’s), divided over

10 parliamentary groups. Next to it, it operates as a supporting organization which takes care of the supporting tasks that need to be done for the MP’s to do their jobs. In this sense the Second Chamber is similar to a business complex. The work of MP’s mainly consists of having meetings and voting on political issues. This takes preparation, for example in the form of reading files, paying working visits, consultations and talks with party members and countrymen. Before issues are discussed in the Chamber, al lot of activities - unknown to most people - take place. First, parliamentary groups talk about a certain issue, thereafter the issue is discussed in an official group meeting and then a special parliamentary committee is appointed to take care of the issue. Only then can the issue be discussed in a parliamentary meeting.

Can you be seen as the manager of the Second Chamber? The Chairman together with the Vice-Chairmen from the parliamentary groups

constitute the Presidium of the Second Chamber. Its members are responsible for the daily direction of the Chamber. On a regular basis they have meetings where they discuss the practices and procedures in the Chamber and about issues at hand in the civil organization. This way the Presidium functions like a supervisory board. The management team leads the civil organization.

In the spring of 2010 the cabinet Balkenende IV fell. CDA and PvdA could

not agree on the prolongation of the Uruzgan mission. Great chaos! Or were you prepared for this?

I wouldn’t call it chaos. Situations like that are part of this organization. At the mo-

ment we are planning on national elections in May 2015, but early elections are always an option to consider. We have roadmaps for those situations and everyone is prepared for it. After the elections a huge internal move takes place, because all the members of a parliamentary group want to sit next to each other. The manage-


ment team must run this process smoothly to make sure everything is ready on time. Parliamentary groups negotiate about the distribution of space; everyone of course wants the best seats. These negotiations can only begin after the results of the last election are known, and after these results have been converted into a roadmap. The process must be efficient and swift.

Is it true that your grandma’s stories made you into a social democrat? Yes. My grandma came from a family of fourteen kids and grew up in a poor neigh-

borhood in Amsterdam West. She became a maid in Amsterdam East. She told me about the poverty she witnessed at home in contrast to the wealth of the family for which she was a maid. These stories, about the vast differences between poor and rich, about the way she was treated and how she lived there, made that I became a social democrat like her.

Can you tell us some more about


In my opinion, a person should develop

himself based on his talents. And not based on the conditions under which he or she was born. People should seize opportunities but they must also be given opportunities. In the time my grandma was young there were bad schools for the poor kids, whereas the rich kids could afford to go to good schools. The effect that poor kids remained poor because they were presented little opportunities to develop themselves. This I find unacceptable. Because my mom had a job too, I spent a quite some time at my grandma’s house. She was a gifted and humorous story-teller and she told me a lot about her childhood and about the injustice she experienced. This way I naturally became politically aware at a young age. At home we were always talking about politics and I developed the vision that one must work hard, where there’s a will there’s a way.


Advice to students (especially female ones) ‘A human being is like a crystal of chances’ (Ellen Warmond). You once read this to the Chamber. Does it sound familiar to you?

Yes, I find this poem very appealing. I see a huge potential in people. I love people. That is why I enjoy my job so much. The poem implies that you have a choices in life, it’s not like you are destined to fail or to succeed. I also think that a person is accountable for what he makes of his life. Look for your talents and use them. When we want to have children, we are more or less required to stop

working for a while if we want to take care of the child personally. It seems that returning to the labor market afterwards is a difficult task in the year 2011. What is your opinion about that?


smart girl plans having a baby at young age. When I was 21 I already became a mother and this was a very intuitive decision. It was my wish to have children at a young age and I was able to combine motherhood with going to college. Only when I was 30 I got my first paid job and only when I was around 40 - my youngest son had already left the house - I started working really hard, having chosen a political career. By raising children you get to know yourself really well. This goes for grand children too: they demand a lot of attention and they force you to be strong, or else they will walk all over you. Raising children is not something that becomes easier as you get older. As you get older, missing hours of sleep because of a baby crying gets increasingly physically demanding. Also, with children, one quickly learns that not everything is controllable. Nothing is more chaotic than little children! I think this makes people grow as a human being, therefore I recommend experiencing it at a young age. For a career there’s also the advantage that you won’t have to quit your job when you’ve just left the start-up behind you.


I think it’s a pity if people wish to have kids but they are only postponing it for the sake of their career. To those people I’d like to say: ‘just do it, it will always end up going differently from what you expected’.

Do you have a favorite motto? ‘A problem in which you put a lot of energy will only get bigger’. Chiefly put your

energy in things that go well and in people who are willing to help you. Accept that people are working for themselves but at the same time they are not against you. Put energy in positive matters and let go of the negative ones.

To conclude, our Almanac’s theme is ‘Into the wild’. What associations does this bring to your mind? Every time I’m about to enter the plenary chamber it feels like going into the wild, haha! It is always unpredictable what is about to happen and that’s what I like about it. Politics is like an arena filled with exceptional people.


Questions to: Function: Department:

Winand Grooten

Teacher at the Faculty of Economics and Business Law

Can you tell us a little about your student years? My

student years were quite unusual. First I finished the PABO, after which I started working at an elementary school. There my goal was to find out whether working as a teacher suited me or not. If so, my plan was to go and study History. I knew that with a History degree there was a big chance that I would find a job as a teacher. This was a nice prospect because by that time I wasn’t feeling like doing research for a living. With time progressing it became harder and harder to find a job as a teacher, so I decided to let go of my dream of achieving a History degree. Instead, at the age of 26, I started studying Law at the Maastricht University. I didn’t have a hard time focusing on my Law study, because I had already seen the wild side of student life.

How did you end up at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen?

You were born and raised in Limburg.

Why did you decide to leave the south for the north of The Netherlands?

This happened by coincidence. After my internship at De Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authority, red.) I got offered a job there. For De Belastingdienst I had to stand on a fair at the RAI Amsterdam, where I met an old study friend who was a director at the Hotelschool in Leeuwarden. He offered me a job as a professor in Law at the Hotelschool. I didn’t have any problems leaving the south, because in my opinion distances are only relative. My wife and I are enjoying life in the north a lot.

At the Hotelschool as a mentor I guided What makes your field (Law) so inter-

students at internships, a lot of which took place abroad. For this job I got to travel around the world, with which came a lot of beautiful experiences. Although I had a great time being a mentor, after a while I needed a new challenge. This was offered by the RUG, so I decided to apply for a job there.

esting to you?


is a very big field of study, but there are a lot of specialization possibilities. Back in the day I chose Law because there was a large demand for Law specialists. The challenge for me is to always keep learning, because laws change constantly.

Do you have a favorite slogan you would like to share with our readers? My favorite slogan is: ‘’Nil Volentibus Arduum’’. This is Latin and means: ‘’Nothing is impossible for the willing’’ .


Questions to: Function: Department:

Janka Stoker

Vice-Dean & Professor in Leadership and Organizational Change HRM & OB

Can you tell us a little about your student years?


my student years I studied Psychology at the RUG. At the beginning of my second year I felt the need for a wider and more differentiated social surrounding so I decided to join the student association Albertus Magnus. There I was part of several committees, the wildest of which would be the introduction committee. Being responsible for hundreds of first-years for weeks was a very interesting and exciting experience. At my faculty I was quite active too, for example by working as a student-assistant and giving management training to students from the Hanze University. Are you able to identify any changes in the way leadership is interpreted nowadays in relationto a few decades ago?


In the 70’s, ‘leadership’ was still a dirty word associated with dictatorship and little was known about its implication for an organization. It’s only since the 80’s that a lot of research on the subject has been done, with most conclusions pointing towards a clear relationship between good leadership and a well-functioning organization. Subjects like ethics, sustainability and integrity have become increasingly important for leaders to take into account.

What did you do after your study Psychology? During my master Organizational Psychology I did an internship at KPN that involved research and it was there that I realized doing research was actually quite enjoyable. Because I wanted to find out whether I was a researcher, I decided to apply for the University of Twente to get my PhD in Human Recourse Management. The next step was Berenschot, an advice agency where I got to apply my knowledge about the subject that interested me the most: organizational change. After 5 years of advising managers I wanted a new challenge, which I found at the RUG. For 6 years I combined a job as consultant for Berenschot with the job of professor here at the Faculty of Economics and Business. One of the main reasons I returned to research was the fact that when doing organizational research, one is trying to find the answers to new, practical and thus far unsolved questions that organizations find relevant.

What advice would you like to offer to our readers? Bring out the best in you! This means getting good grades from the beginning and also developing yourself alongside your study.



Where are they now and what do they do?

Every student is studying in order to accomplish something in the future. This can vary from a well paid job, recognition, status, satisfaction in future jobs or one of the many other goals one can set for him/herself. Often students hear that becoming an active member opens new doors for you. However, it remains hard for you as a student to decide which door to aim for. Therefore we took a look at the past and asked several former active members which route they took at the moment they entered the wilderness.


Name: Currently working at: Position: Study: EBF Committees:

Mireille Bombeld Rabobank Corporate Management Trainee BSc Economie & Management (4 years) MSc Finance (1,5 year) Freshmen Symposium, Introduction Committee Economic Conference Prospect Magazine

EBF experience I remember the best: The most memorable moment for me would be the closing dinner of the Economic Conference 2007. Together with my committee we could look back on a great day. At that point we realized that a year of hard work was worth it! Tips for current members: Going to the parties and participating in different activities is great, but it becomes even better when you become an active member! It not only brings you practical experience and teaches you different skills, it also provides you with a great network of motivated and fun people. Name: Currently working at: Position: Study: EBF Committee:

Sikko Brandenburg Tommy Hilfiger Retail Business Analyst MScBA Marketing BIG Board 04/05

EBF experience I remember the best: BIG IC 2003: BIG ImpaCt - A Caribbean Experience / 26e BIG Congres "Handle the future". Both activities are very memorable to me because of the close involvement as committee and supervision respectively. The experience of working towards an event is priceless. Tips for current members: Looking back, I have to say that the year in the board was most valuable to me. As a board you either choose "shotgun" or "bitch seat". This team effort of constantly improving to outperform still drives me today. Your time as a student is full of opportunities: make sure to enjoy them while you can!


Name: Currenty working at: Position: Study: EBF Committee:

Marco Rooks Ernst & Young Partner Business Economics (94-99) Chairman EFV Board 98/99

EBF experience I remember the best: The EFV and Faculty celebrated their 50th anniversary in October 1998. We organised a celebration week including a Symposium with the Alumni association and the Faculty in the City Theatre of Groningen. The City Theatre was fully sold out with students, alumni and members of the Faculty. We had a great program, alumni from the faculty like Wim Duisenberg, George MĂśller and Hans Wijers presented their views on the economy. This symposium was the first step to a further partnership between the Faculty, Student association and Alumni association. Remembering this day, I still feel proud. Tips for current members: A study at University is your career basis. Make sure that this is solid and also includes social elements. A study is not only about studying and going to college, but it is also important to develop your social and organizational skills. If you develop these skills during your study period, you will benefit during the rest of your career.

Name: Currenty working at: Position: Study: EBF Committee:

Melanie de Waal De Nederlandsche Bank Supervisor and PhD researcher Bsc Business Administration, Msc Change Management Msc HRM (6½ years). International Week (BIG) EBF Board 2007-2008 PR ThinkThank.

EBF experience I remember the best: Every single day of my time as a member of the first board of the EBF. Not so much, the mornings after our EBF Socials or parties ;) Tips for current members: Keep being actively involved in activities of the EBF, by being member of the organising committee or participating in EBF Events.This is not only a lot of fun, but will also help you in your later careers. Enjoy your time in Groningen!


EBF/JFV Christmas Ball

EBF Social


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EBF Almanac 2011-2012  

EBF Almanac 2011-2012

EBF Almanac 2011-2012  

EBF Almanac 2011-2012