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“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”

Board of Trustees Margaret Alvarez President ISS International School

Stephen Cathers Vice-President International School Suva

Andrew Davies Treasurer International School Bangkok

David Toze Past President International School Manila

Barry Sutherland American International School Vietnam

Kevin Baker American International School Guangzhou

Ronelda Capadona Laurie McLellan Chiang Mai Nanjing International School International School

Saburo Kagei St. Mary’s International School

Lawrence A. Hobdell (ex officio) U.S. Department of State Regional Education Officer, East Asia Pacific

General Information About EARCOS

The East Asia Regional Council of Schools is an organization of 174 member schools in East Asia.These schools have a total of more than 148,163 pre-K to 12th grade students. EARCOS also has 154 associate members— textbook and software publishers and distributors, universities, financial planners, architectural firms, insurance companies, youth organizations, etc— and 40 individual members. Membership in EARCOS is open to elementary and secondary schools in East Asia which offer an educational program using English as the primary language of instruction, and to other organizations, institutions, and individuals interested in the objectives and purposes of the Council.

EARCOS holds one leadership conference every October and one teachers’ conference every March. In addition, EARCOS funds several weekend institutes hosted by member schools throughout East Asia. EARCOS also organizes a meeting for EARCOS heads of schools every April. EARCOS publishes its newsletter, the EARCOS Journal, which is distributed to its members three times a year, and a directory of all of its members.

Objectives and Purposes

To promote intercultural understanding and international friendship through the activities of member schools. To broaden the dimensions of education of all schools involved in the Council in the interest of a total program of education. To advance the professional growth and welfare of individuals belonging to the educational staff of member schools. To facilitate communication and cooperative action between and among all associated schools. To cooperate with other organizations and individuals pursuing the same objectives as this council.

EARCOS Team (Standing L-R) RJ Macalalad, Ver Castro, Edzel Drilo, Edward Greene, Bill Oldread, Robert Viray, and Rodz Catubig. (Sitting L-R) Giselle Sison and Elaine Repatacodo. East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) Brentville Subdivision, Barangay Mamplasan, Binan, Laguna, 4024 Philippines Phone: +63 (02) 779-5147 | (02) 697-9170 Fax: +63 (49) 513-4694 Mobile: 63 928 507 4876


Message from the EARCOS Board President & Executive Director


Dear Delegates, Welcome to our 51st EARCOS Leadership Conference, an important milestone on our journey to uphold EARCOS’ commitment to build on the wonderful legacy left by our former Executive Director, the Late Dr. Dick Krajczar, and to ensure our organization’s on-going relevance and sustainability in a rapidly changing education sector. This year’s conference theme ‘Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance’ affords us an opportunity to regroup, refresh and reset our own professional journey amongst our colleagues, the EARCOS family. A glance at the following pages will highlight the quality of the program that our hardworking EARCOS Office has provided for us. Our grateful thanks to you all. A special word of thanks goes to our Executive Director, Ed Greene and the EARCOS Team. We appreciate the tenacity, creativity and energy that is needed to deliver quality, cost friendly conferences and maintain the unique family atmosphere that EARCOS is renowned for. Once again, we are grateful to all of our delegates, presenters, exhibitors and sponsors for their support. Without you, EARCOS’ mission to advance professional growth, facilitate cooperative action, and promote intercultural understanding and international friendship would be incomplete. Have a wonderful conference,

Dr. Margaret Alvarez EARCOS President & Head of School, ISS International School Singapore Campus ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Dear Delegates, Welcome to the 51st EARCOS Leadership Conference. As the incoming Director of this globally celebrated organization, it is my privilege and honor to welcome you and to thank you for making time in your busy lives to reconsider, reflect, refresh, and re-imagine the vision that binds us all: creating a better world through the power of international education. A special note of thanks to Cambridge International, Taylor’s Schools and International Schools Services for sponsoring our three outstanding keynote speakers this year. Graham Brown-Martin and Will Richardson will address the challenges of leading schools during an age when re-thinking and redesigning are not merely interesting options but pressing realities. Carlene Firmin will share the results of her extensive research along with her celebrated efforts to help schools address peer on peer abuse, a profoundly troubling and growing challenge for school leaders everywhere. There is also a cohort of dynamic presenters who will offer pre-conferences and workshops on topics ranging from Board Governance and Child Safety, to Mentoring, Social Emotional Learning and Communication, to Accreditation, Curriculum Design, Advancement, and Evaluation. As always, the epicenter of an EARCOS Leadership Conference will once again be found in the presentations offered by the leaders of this region’s schools. Thank you to all who have given their time to prepare workshops on so many initiatives taking shape across the EARCOS region. And, I would be remiss if I did not thank the EARCOS team, all of whom have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to nurture this conference into life. The EARCOS team is but one of the many legacies our dear friend Dr. Richard Krajczar left us, but few are more important. I am grateful to him and to the team for their shared commitment to building, once again, the very best conference possible. Please do drop by the EARCOS desk and share your appreciation to them for a job incredibly well done. And let us know whenever we can do anything to assist you here in Kota Kinabalu. Again, a joyful Welcome to all of you as we embark on this year’s Leadership Conference together. Enjoy the presentations and workshops and, enjoy the time together as you make new acquaintances and rekindle those friendships from years ago. After all, an EARCOS conference is about one thing above all else—building and sustaining relationships between people who share some of the most exhilarating responsibilities imaginable. With all best wishes,

Edward E. Greene, Ph.D. Executive Director

“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”


Table of Contents 1 Welcome Message 2 Table of Contents & Conference at the Glance 4 Meeting & Banquet Rooms Floor Plan 6 EARCOS Strategic Plan 8 PRECONFERENCES 12 FIRST DAY OF CONFERENCE Keynote Speaker: Graham Brown-Martin 14 SESSION 1 18 SESSION 2 20 SESSION 3 22 SESSION 4 23 Welcome Reception & Cultural Events 24 SECOND DAY OF CONFERENCE Keynote Speaker: Carlene Firmin 26 SESSION 5 28 SESSION 6 30 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Job-Alikes ISS Heads of Schools Meeting 32 THIRD DAY OF CONFERENCE Keynote Speaker: Will Richardson 34 SESSION 7 38 SESSION 8 40 SESSION 9 41 Closing Reception WASC- Focused Visiting Committee Member Training 44 Delegate List Cover photo by Sutera Harbour Resort’s Communication Department

EARCOS Registration Desk Hours 07:30-18:00 07:30-19:00 07:00-19:00 06:30-17:00 07:00-17:00 07:00-14:00

MONDAY | 28 October 2019 TUESDAY | 29 October 2019 WEDNESDAY | 30 October 2019 THURSDAY | 31 OCTOBER 2019 FRIDAY | 1 NOVEMBER 2019 SATURDAY | 2 NOVEMBER 2019

International School Leadership Program University of San Francisco / Washington State University 08:30-20:00 09:00-20:00 10:00 - 18:00 10:00-18:00

TUESDAY | 29 October 2019 WEDNESDAY | 30 October 2019 THURSDAY | 31 OCTOBER 2019 FRIDAY | 1 NOVEMBER 2019

AD Institute Leadership Training Courses THURSDAY | 31 OCTOBER 2019 09:45-12:45 AD Institute - LTC 503 13:45-17:45 AD Institute - LTC 508 FRIDAY | 1 NOVEMBER 2019 09:45-12:45 AD Institute - LTC 510 13:45-14:45 AD Institute - LTC 510 SATURDAY | 2 NOVEMBER 2019 10:00-12:45 AD Institute - LTC 901 13:45-15:00 AD Institute - LTC 901 (Cont.) 15:00-18:45 AD Institute - LTC 902 2

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

EARCOS would like to thank our sponsors.

Conference at a Glance MONDAY | 28 October 2019 07:30-18:00 EARCOS REGISTRATION

Second Day of Conference FRIDAY | 1 NOVEMBER 2019

TUESDAY | 29 October 2019 07:30-19:00 EARCOS REGISTRATION 8:00-17:00 APAC/ADs Meeting 08:30-20:00 International School Leadership Program (USF/WSU) 08:30-16:30 Rami Madani Marilyn George 10:00-10:30 Morning Tea & Coffee Break 12:00-13:00 Lunch 15:00-15:30 Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break

06:45-07:45 07:00-08:00 07:00-17:00 07:30 08:00-08:30 08:30-09:15 09:15-09:45 09:45-11:00 09:45-12:45 10:00-18:00 11:15-12:30 12:30-13:45 13:45-14:30 13:45-16:30 14:30-16:30 13:45-14:45 14:45-15:15 16:00 16:30 17:30-19:30

WEDNESDAY | 30 October 2019 07:00-19:00 EARCOS REGISTRATION 08:00-17:00 APAC/ADs Meeting 09:00-17:00 APAC Head of Schools 09:00-20:00 International School Leadership Program (USF/WSU) 09:30-17:00 EARCOS Board Meeting 08:30-12:00 Leadership Through Partnership (LTP) Business Managers’ (EARASBO) 08:30-14:30 Marilyn George - WASC Visiting Committee Chair Training 10:00-10:30 Morning Tea & Coffee Break 12:00-13:00 Lunch 15:00-15:30 Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break 17:30-19:30 APAC 25th Anniversary Reception

First Day of Conference THURSDAY | 31 OCTOBER 2019 06:30-17:00 07:30 08:00-08:30 08:30-09:15 09:15-10:00 10:00-16:45 10:00-12:45 10:00-11:15 10:00-12:30 10:00-18:00 11:30-12:45 12:45-14:00 12:45-14:00 12:45-14:00 13:45-17:45 14:00-15:15 15:15-15:45 15:45-16:45 17:00-18:00 17:45-18:45 18:00-21:00 19:00-21:00

EARCOS Registration EXHIBIT OPEN Opening Remarks & Announcements Keynote Address: Graham Brown-Martin Morning Tea & Coffee Break EARASBO (Bussiness Managers) AD Institute - LTC 503 SESSION 1 School Board Precon Continued International School Leadership Program (USF/WSU) SESSION 2 Lunch ACAMIS Heads Lunch Meeting Lunch Meeting for Heads of Small Indonesian Schools AD Institute - LTC 508 SESSION 3 Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break SESSION 4 School Board Panel Cocktail Reception for New EARCOS Heads, EARCOS Board, and Special Presenters BAZAAR Welcome Reception

Women in Leadership Breakfast Breakfast Meeting for Heads of A/OS- Assisted Schools EARCOS REGISTRATION EXHIBIT OPEN Opening Remarks / Announcements Keynote Address: CARLENE FIRMIN Morning Tea & Coffee Break SESSION 5 AD Institute - LTC 510 International School Leadership Program (USF/WSU) SESSION 6 Lunch The Annual General Meeting (AGM) Job-Alikes Job-Alikes - Heads of Large, Medium, and Small schools AD Institute - LTC 510 Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break Golf Tournament ISS Heads of Schools Meeting Council of International Schools (CIS) Reception

Third Day of Conference SATURDAY | 2 NOVEMBER 2019 06:45-07:45 07:00-14:00 07:30 08:00-08:30 08:30-09:15 09:15-10:00 10:00-11:15 10:00-12:45 11:30-12:45 12:45-14:00 13:45-15:00 14:00-15:15 15:00-18:45 16:30-18:30 17:45-18:45 19:00-21:00

WASC Breakfast Meeting for EARCOS Accreditation Committee EARCOS REGISTRATION EXHIBIT OPEN Opening Remarks / Announcements Keynote Address: WILL RICHARDSON Morning Tea & Coffee Break SESION 7 AD Institute - LTC901 SESSION 8 Lunch AD Institute - LTC 901 (Cont.) SESSION 9 AD Institute - LTC902 MRISA Heads’ Meeting Cocktail Reception for Exhibitors and EARCOS Board Members Closing Reception

SUNDAY | 3 NOVEMBER 2019 08:30-16:00 08:30-14:30 09:30-10:00 12:00-14:00

WASC: Focused Visiting Committee Member Training Joint meeting WASC/IB/CIS/NEASC Morning Tea & Coffee Break Lunch

“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”


Meeting & Banquet Rooms Floor Plan

Male Toilet

Pacific Grand Ballroom

Female Toilet

Function Room 5

Foyer Foyer


Male Toilet

Function Room 1

Function Room 4 Function Room 3

Function Room 2

The luxurious 5-star Pacific Sutera Hotel features 500 immaculately appointed rooms and suites with contemporary décor and dramatic views of either the sprawling golf course or of the sea and nearby tropical islands.

Function Room 8 Function Room 7 Function Room 9

Function Room 6

Female Toilet

The grand entrance and high-ceiling lobby lounge offer an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the ocean and is a popular meeting point for leisure and business travellers. The Pacific Club guests enjoy the magnificent views from the top floors where breakfast and cocktails are served in the exclusive Pacific Club Lounge.

Function Room 10

The HIBISCUS is located at the Pacific Sutera First Floor. Two stairs down from Level 3. One stair down from Lobby Level.

The Pacific Sutera Hotel 4

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Meeting Room 3

Meeting Room 2

Meeting Room 4

Meeting Room 5

Meeting Room 1

Magellan Ballroom

Meeting Room 6


The Magellan Sutera Resort is a magnificent 5-star resort with 456 suites. The grand entrance is a majestic longhouse style lobby; an architectural tribute to the Rungus natives of Sabah. With fine timber furnishings and traditional handicraft artifacts, this resort is a favourite with families and couples and those seeking a relaxing, tropical holiday in Borneo. The suites are lavishly decorated and present fabulous views of beautifully manicured gardens or the South China Sea set against a backdrop of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

Court Yard

Meeting Room 10

Meeting Room 7 Meeting Meeting Room 9 Room 8

Five Sails Restaurant and Al-Fresco Restaurant are located in Magellan Sutera Level 1. Orchid Garden Room and Rose Garden Room are located at the Ground Level near Five Sails Restaurant.

The Magellan Sutera Resort “Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”



Strategic Plan EARCOS Mission

EARCOS inspires adult and student learning through its leadership and service and fosters intercultural understanding, global citizenship, and exceptional educational practices within our learning community.

Strategies STRATEGY A Provide specific targeted and differentiated professional development opportunities for various member communities. STRATEGY B Engage students and adults in learning activities across the region that will foster friendship, understanding, and global citizenship. STRATEGY C Develop collaborative educational partnerships within the region as well as worldwide to foster access to expertise. STRATEGY D Connect schools, communities, and individuals through the use of effective latest technologies to promote collaboration, intercultural understanding and access to broader educational opportunities. STRATEGY E Conduct relevant research and communicate resulting data to identify and enhance exceptional educational practices.

Core Value EARCOS believes:

• • • •


All individuals have intrinsic worth; their dignity and value are enhanced when they are honored and nourished. Diverse and inclusive communities nurture the well-being and growth of individuals and organizations. Learning is continuous and essential for individual growth and the advancement of society. Individuals and communities have the need and capacity to learn and grow.

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

• •

Individuals and communities are responsible for helping, supporting and serving others. Individuals and communities are responsible for stewardship of the natural environment. Individuals and communities are responsible for the choices they make. Integrity, honesty and striving for excellence are essential to our purpose.

Goals A. All member schools use EARCOS as their primary resource for the professional development of their learning community. B. EARCOS activities positively impact intercultural understanding. C. EARCOS programs and services strive to strengthen international mindedness and endeavor to recognize the global citizenship of member educators and the students they serve. D. EARCOS will remain nimble and flexible to assure the professional development programs and services consistently meet the high standards of its membership and the ever-changing professional educational environment. visit https://earcos.org/about_strat.php

Preconferences MONDAY | 28 October 2019 07:30-18:00


TPS - Function Room 3

TUESDAY | 29 October 2019 07:30-19:00


TPS - Function Room 3

8:00-17:00 APAC/ADs Meeting

TMS - Meeting Room 6

08:30-20:00 International School Leadership Program University of San Francisco / Washington State University

TMS - Meeting Room 7


RAMI MADANI Learning Focused Leadership

TPS - Function Room 10

Leaders are always on stage, the choices we make are about which stage to be on, and what impact we choose to have on the people we lead. This advanced pre-conference session will focus on four key components for educational leaders.Vision: How can we increase our ability to influence and inspire others and, when required, manage our positional authority effectively? Learning: How do we enhance our ability to observe confidently and give insightful, learning-focused feedback? Culture: There is much more to school culture than striving to be positive, respectful, and professional. What does a transformative school culture mean and how do we cultivate it? Facilitation: A leader’s capability to facilitate impactful learning-focussed meetings and conversations can profoundly impact how participants feel about their purpose and work. The workshop will suggest strategies that promote self-reflection that help us see how leadership is, at its core, very personal.

Marilyn George WASC Focus on Learning Accreditation Training

TMS - Rose Garden

The one-day interactive ACS WASC session will examine the guiding principles and essentials of the Focus on Learning self-study process and the many ways it can be adapted to a school’s situation to ensure a meaningful self-study process. The session will provide an opportunity for EARCOS educators to examine strategies inherent in Focus on Learning that support the school’s assessment of student learning in relation to schoolwide learner outcomes and academic standards. During the latter part of the session, there will be a panel of EARCOS educators who will share how they adapted the Focus on Learning process for their respective schools, including integration with strategic planning. This session enables participants to become eligible for serving on WASC visiting committees. 12:00-13:00 LUNCH 10:00-10:30 MORNING COFFEE BREAK 15:00-15:30 AFTERNOON COFFEE BREAK Venues: Café Boleh (Pacific Sutera) Venues: Function Room Foyer (Pacific Sutera) Five Sails (Magellan Sutera) Meeting Foyer (Magellan Sutera)

WEDNESDAY | 30 October 2019 07:00-19:00


TPS - Function Room 3

08:00-17:00 APAC/ADs Meeting 09:00-17:00 APAC Head of Schools

TMS - Meeting Room 6 TMS - Meeting Room 5

09:00-20:00 International School Leadership Program University of San Francisco / Washington State University

TMS - Meeting Room 7


TPS - Function Room 6


EARCOS Board of Trustees Meeting

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Leadership Through Partnership (LTP)

TPS - Function Room 7

(continued on Thursday)

Presenter: JOHN LITTLEFORD 08:30-12:00

Leadership Through Engagement: Becoming Truly Strategic Boards and Heads This session will examine the broad range of board governance practices from policy governance to generative governance. Which governance protocols are the healthiest and lead to the most strategic school work? The session begins Wednesday and continues Thursday morning when a cohort of new attendees will be integrated into a program focusing on head search, transition and succession. How to ensure that searches produce long-term leaders who leave a lasting legacy. Part I Significant Takeaways: 1. How to ensure truly “healthy” boards with the right players in the room with appropriate terms of office 2. The EIGHT key roles of the crucial governance/policy/nominating committee in board selection, training, discipline and development 3. The three key partnerships: head/chair; head/board; chair/board 4. The qualities most needed in a board chair and how to spot them? 5. Best and worst practice for head evaluation, chair evaluation and board evaluation 6. The “terms” of engagement of the board with parents, staff, alumni and others and managing constituent communication


Part II Leadership Through Engagement: Difficult Issues, Tough Conversations and Creative Solutions

TPS - Function Room 7

1. How to change the statistics on head turnover 2. Understanding your type of school: Are you an international school or an independent school and the importance of this distinction for board governance and community expectations 3. How to build a powerful culture of charitable giving in international school cultures 4. “Boundary issues” in school communities and how they affects board oversight of the Head 5. The three key factors in achieving and maintaining long term financial sustainability

Business Managers’ (EARASBO)

TMS - Meeting Room 3

Facilitator: NOEL KHNG 08:30-16:00

Developing An Effective Employee Handbook Introduction: An employee handbook is a collation of an organisation’s Human Resource policies, procedures, terms of conditions of employment, working conditions, and code of conduct that guide employees’ behaviour in the organisation. The objectives of an employee handbook include providing: - Employees with a working guide to the understanding of the day-to-day administration of human resource policies and practices - A general summary description of the company’s HR policies - Information on employee benefits, and - Expected code of conduct.

“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”




08:30 - 16:00

Harvey Alvy TMS - Meeting Room 1 Fighting for Educational Change: Choosing Initiatives of Substance Over Fads This preconference workshop by the author of the recent book, Fighting for Change in Your School: How to Avoid Fads and Focus on Substance (ASCD, 2017), will help international school leaders address the fads that undermine both innovative and timeless educational practices. This is a high stakes and urgent challenge that affects student achievement, teacher success, leadership effectiveness, curriculum, fiscal and resource accountability, professional development, and the confidence of international parents in their schools. To meet this challenge workshop participants will examine the book’s six “Red Flag” strategies to avoid harmful fads that educators confront (e.g., overpromising the effect of a new program); and six “Guidelines” to promote reforms of substance in schools (e.g., promoting both innovative and timeless practices). Interactive workshop activities will provide leaders with practical professional development strategies to take home and share with their school colleagues, to assess educational trends and positively impact student and teacher success. Chris Jansen TMS - Meeting Room 10 Enhancing a Leadership Network Across-Asia Through Mentoring The EARCOS network of school Heads/Principals and aspiring Heads/Principals has an enormous and largely untapped potential to grow its own capacity through the peer to peer sharing of expertise, experience and support. Over the last 3 years EARCOS has piloted a the EARCOS Leadership Mentoring (ELM) programme which involved experienced Heads undertaking an online training programme before being paired with first time Heads around the region. Although the benefits of this process have been excellent for those involved, the numbers participating in this process has been very small. (Read more on Whova App) TMS - Meeting Room 4 Lee Ann Jung Assessment, Grading, & Feedback: A Powerful GPS for All Learners to Succeed Is your school interested in making a move to standards-based learning and grading? Whether you are just beginning the conversation or are well on your way, you will gain important guidance for implementation. Learn about common missteps and how to avoid them. Meet and collaborate with others on the journey. In this session, we will take a look at our classroom assessment practices and ask the question, “How can we measure what really matters most to students?” We will revisit guiding principles of mastery learning and explore ways to use new paradigms, including principles of standards-based learning and grading, to make classroom assessment more meaningful for students and streamlined for teachers. We will consider the measurement issues in traditional assessment and grading that are causing problems with long-term student engagement and motivation and explore alternatives. See one school’s standardsbased report card and learn about their journey toward supporting deep learning that prepares students for lifelong success. Adam Olenn TPS - Function Room 8 Brand + Story Good marketing comes down to knowing who you are and communicating that clearly and with emotional resonance. We’ll begin the day with a seminar on what branding is–and what it isn’t–so we have a shared understanding and vocabulary for what it is, how it works, and why we need it. After a short break, we’ll talk through each other’s brand identities to understand where the real points of differentiation are and how to leverage them. After lunch, we’ll settle back in with a guided writing exercise, followed by a seminar on storytelling. We’ll then apply the principles from the seminar to our writing exercises until each one is a powerful marketing and recruiting tool. Finally, we’ll review those principles in their simplest form so we can go home and coach colleagues, volunteers, and board members to tell their own powerful and moving stories in support of our schools.” Jennifer Sparrow TPS - Function Room 2 Leading Innovative Change Schools regularly implement high-impact, innovative practices to better serve their students. School leaders play an important role in ensuring these practices are found across all classrooms instead of just a few. Although there are many resources to support school leadership and additional resources to explain how innovation scales (spreads) across a system, the intersection of the two is not commonly unpacked. This pre-conference will focus on a set of research-based leadership strategies that can help school leaders successfully scale innovative practices throughout their system. While theory will be explained using examples of how these strategies have worked in practice, the majority of the session will be focused on application. Participants should bring a change they are trying to implement in their context to use as a case study throughout the session. Ann Straub TPS - Function Room 9 Intercultural Leadership: Educating for Global Citizenship What is your school’s definition of global citizenship? How is this put into practice and measured? The words “global citizenship” often appear in school’s guiding statements, but what this looks like and how to accomplish this is often frustratingly vague with a “hit or miss” approach prevailing. This requires a leader who understands what is meant by intercultural leadership and strives to develop intercultural competence. In this interactive workshop, we will refer to research on intercultural leadership, reflect on our own leadership traits, and look at a school’s institutional responsibility toward the development of global citizens and how this can be operationalized in a practical sense. By discussing international school case studies, listening to an experienced school leader focused on global citizenship, and seeing successful school examples, participants will gain a much clearer picture of where their school is on this journey with subsequent steps in mind.


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

James Warnock TMS - Meeting Room 2 Feedback: The Engine for Student and Teacher Growth This practical, interactive presentation will focus on the critical role feedback plays in promoting both student and teacher growth. Drawing from our work at Research for Better Teaching, participants will first develop a common definition of feedback and then identify what must be in place both in classroom instruction and in teacher supervision in order for feedback to be possible. Video analysis of classroom instruction and teacher conferencing will be utilized to highlight key concepts and promote participant discussion and reflection. Kendall Zoller TPS - Function Room 1 Voices Leading From the Ecotone Using case studies from his most recent book, Voices Leading from the Ecotone, participants work through a leadership model designed to disrupt systems. Disruptions of creativity and innovation that challenge values and beliefs. The narratives are primarily practical in nature and drawn from school leaders at the highest needs schools in a large urban school district in the southwestern United States. Every day they grapple with social justice and equity: poverty, gangs, violence, racial tension, disability, and LGBTQ issues. Each narrative highlights a leader’s struggles, challenges, and the “a-ha” moments that help the school move forward.


MARILYN GEORGE TPS - Function Room 4 WASC Visiting Committee Chair Training The session will prepare EARCOS educators to chair a WASC visiting committee after having served several times as a visiting committee member. The chair roles that will be examined are the following: keeper of the school improvement vision; coach for the school and the visiting committee members; and organizer of the visit. Through dialogue and discussion there will be shared insights and advice from fellow EARCOS educators who have already chaired full, mid-cycle, and other special visits. (For the past several years we have done a session on Thursday, October 31, 2019, for 1 hour 15 minutes about becoming accredited. CIS joined us last year. It was a conversation with the participants. We always seem to have about 25-30 people.)

10:00-10:30 MORNING COFFEE BREAK 12:00-13:00





APAC 25th Anniversary Reception

TPS & TMS Room Foyer

TPS - Café Boleh(Level 2) and Hibiscus Garden(level 1) / TMS - Five Sails and Al-Fresco (Level 1) TPS & TMS Room Foyer

TMS - Sunset Bar (Open space next to Al-Fresco)

Reminders to Delegates: NAME TAGS are required at all conference sessions and social events.

“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”


First Day of Conference THURSDAY | 31 OCTOBER 2019 06:30-17:00




Opening Remarks 08:00-08:30 08:00-08:10 KOMPANG Opening Act

Level 3 Function Rooms Foyer & Ballroom Foyer

& Announcements

TPS - Function Room 3

The Pacific Sutera Grand Ballroom

Welcome to Delegates Margaret Alvarez, EARCOS President Edward Greene, EARCOS Executive Director Larry Hobdell, Regional Officer, Office of Overseas Schools, U.S. Department of State 08:30-09:15

Keynote Address

Introduction of the Speaker: Ms. Liz Duffy, President, ISS


Sponsored by


Learning Innovation in an Era of Exponential Change


The jobs of the future are the ones machines can’t do. Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Intelligent robots. Self-driving vehicles. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing. Artificial intelligence. Climate change. Population growth. Migration and the rise of the Precariat. What do these mean for the future of work, how do we prepare ourselves and our colleagues to thrive in this rapidly transforming world? Focusing on nurturing human potential, Brown-Martin considers the opportunities, exciting possibilities and significant challenges of the fourth industrial revolution and how organisations as well as individuals can respond.

09:15-10:00 TEA & COFFEE BREAK

The Pacific Sutera Grand Ballroom

For many years, Graham Brown-Martin has been building fast growth technology businesses in the entertainment, education and publishing sectors. Today he works with commercial and social sector enterprises from large corporations to start-ups to help them identify their innovation immune system and unleash their own creativity. As a serial disruptor, Graham draws on his experiences of creating startups and organisations that challenged the status quo across the digital, creative and education sectors. He designed mobile computers in the 1980s, interactive digital music systems in the 1990s and cloud-based storage systems in the early 2000s. He takes his audience on a journey that challenges them to think differently about the future. Inspired by a chance meeting with artificial intelligence pioneer Seymour Papert, Graham has been working with AI systems for nearly 30 years with a particular interest in its potential to transform education. (Read more on Whova App)

Sponsored by

TPS - Function Room Foyer, Hibiscus Garden & Grand Ballroom Foyer TMS - Meeting Room Foyer, Rose Garden & Orchid Room Foyer

10:00-16:45 EARASBO (Business Managers) Developing An Effective Employee Handbook (Continued)

TMS - Meeting Room 3

10:00-12:45 (AD Institute) LTC 503: Administration: Enhancing Organization Management Presenter: Douglas Killgore

TMS - Meeting Room 6


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019



10:00 - 11:15


Brad Augustine / PHIL ROGERS SEL TPS - Function Room 6 Making International Schools More Human: How to Build a SEL Culture and Strategy - Research shows Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills are teachable and benefit all students. However, balancing rigorous academic curriculum with a supportive well-being program is challenging for international schools. This interactive workshop invites participants to share ideas while examining how some international schools strategize for SEL at the secondary level. Graham Brown-Martin Making TPS - Ballroom 2 / 3 Learning by Making - Research shows that people learn better when they’re inspired and making something original for themselves or their community. This is learning by making and it is rooted in the learning theories of Vygotsky and Papert, social constructivism and constructionism respectively. During this highly interactive, hands-on workshop, Brown-Martin will explore with participants how, through the lens of making and project-based learning, we can de-silo traditional subject boundaries and nurture critical, creative and computational thinking skills to collaboratively solve real-world challenges. Stephen Cathers / Kris Stice Innovative Curriculum TMS - Meeting Room 10 Evolution of an Ocean Science Program - International School Suva decided to create an Ocean Science program as a school-wide distinctive program. This presentation will show how the program evolved from concept to a school-wide focus for curriculum, service, and global engagement. We will share the power of distinctive programs in general as well as providing some evidence of how in-depth, hands-on learning experiences seem to affect crossdisciplinary learning, student interest, overall achievement, parent involvement, and third party partnerships. Mercia de Souza Project-Based Learning TMS - Meeting Room 2 Preparing Generation Z for the Future - A Case Study - 21st Century Project-Based Learning is an innovative approach to learning that teaches a multitude of strategies critical for Generation Z’s success in a world where we cannot be sure that the knowledge we impart today would still be relevant when students enter the workforce. A case study. Ryan Foreman / Joseph Fonseca Child Exploitation TMS - Meeting Room 4 Combating the Overseas Sexual Exploitation of Children - Diplomatic Security works alongside the FBI as a dedicated team proactively involved in combating the overseas sexual exploitation of children. Based on their mutual experiences investigating the sexual abuse of children, the presenters will provide you with their insights, warning signs and steps to successfully protect your students from sexual abuse in your school. Mark Geraets Engagement TMS - Rose Garden It’s as Much about How Much You Care as it is About How Much You Know! - Student success is more than knowing the subject. The impact of a strong relationship, meaningful engagement, programs that place the student first have a huge impact. This workshop looks at our part in the nurturing of the individual, beyond the subject we teach. It provides a chance to reflect; ideas to engage, and examples of programs that work. T. Roosevelt said it so well: ‘Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care’. Gregory Hedger Managing Change TPS - Hibiscus Garden Managing Change in Our Schools - Change is one of the most difficult things we do as school leaders, yet one of the most important. We’ll look at managing change through activities, discussion, and examples. In particular, we’ll look at the work of John Kotter and his eight stages of change in relationship to our schools. Kelly Jo Larson Strategic Planning TPS - Ballroom 1 Changing Your Culture With A “DIY” Strategic Planning Process - Some contend integrating business principles in a school is like mixing oil and water. After completing year-three of a Balanced Scorecard Strategic Planning approach, we understand it can be transformational. Since our process was done internally and over time, it could be replicated by any school, no matter the size. Vimi Lima Santos / Veena D’Silva Leadership TPS - Function Room 2 Shared Leadership: Leading Together, Learning Together - This session looks at how to harness diverse cultural backgrounds, experiences and qualifications to create a sustainable model of shared leadership. We provide a case study on how our primary leadership team works together to transform school leadership into an example for the whole community: leading together, learning together. Rami Madani New Teacher Orientation TPS - Function Room 9 Innovative, Differentiated, and Sustainable Orientation Program for New Teachers - How do we ensure that the mission, vision, values and practices of our schools are sustained and advanced as faculty and staff turn over? How do we provide an orientation program that is differentiated, self-managed, and which encourages teachers to be self-directed learners? Access to differentiated online learning, flexible learning time, clearly defined expectations, and an approach that provides accountability are essential to ensure that new and returning faculty have the same set of knowledge and skills. This session presents how to develop a school’s knowledge base and use it to design individualized, manageable training, thereby better preparing teachers to operate in alignment with the school’s direction and practices. Adam Olenn Marketing TPS - Function Room 1 Web Slinging Without a Supervillain - Learn how one school took an entirely different and customer-centered approach to its website that sidestepped technical hurdles, kept budgets low, and delivered a revolutionary new user experience that transformed online inquiries.


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

School Board International School Precon Leadership Program Continued USF/WSU


10:00 - 12:30

11:15 - 11:30

10:00 - 18:00

Blake Roberts Co-Teaching TMS - Meeting Room 5 The Power of Co-Planning and Co-Teaching - Within this presentation, you will learn just how powerful co-planning and co-teaching can be. An explanation of both, co-planning and co-teaching, will be discussed as well as a plan to implement both within your school! Erin Robinson Diversity and Inclusion TMS - Orchid Room Beyond Tolerance: Courageous First Steps in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Is your school upholding its mission to develop global citizens--or is your school perpetuating a colonial model of international education? It takes courage to ask tough questions about the role of power and privilege in international schools. In this session, you will learn how to leverage opportunities that move schools toward greater cultural competence in policies, procedures, and practices. This interactive workshop is for leaders who want to galvanize their schools to move from talk to action. Dave Shepherd Advancement TPS - Function Room 4 A Road Map to Advancement - Establishing an Advancement function can be a daunting prospect. This workshop will guide you through the journey to establish a comprehensive institutional, sustainable and scaleable operation. The first part will ensure you have a thorough understanding of what Advancement is and is not for your school, how Advancement can distinguish your school from others and how to evaluate where you currently are on the journey. The second part will focus on establishing clearly defined goals, strategy, programme priorities, performance indicators and the opportunities for growth. It will stress the elements required to institutionalise Advancement work across the entire school. Ann Straub Intercultural Leadership TPS - Function Room 8 Leading Schools Interculturally - “What is meant by intercultural leadership, and do all cultures define and value leadership in the same way?” “ What are the universal traits of successful leadership as defined by the Globe Study, and what specifically is required for a school focused on developing global citizens?” These are a few questions which will be addressed in this interactive workshop. Most EARCOS schools have defined themselves as being “international” with the goal of developing global citizens. Participants will reflect on what this really means and will begin to develop an understanding of the leadership traits and strategies required to operationalize the vision of developing global citizens. This will be accomplished through looking at research, analyzing an international school case study, applying the traits of intercultural leadership using cultural frameworks, and reflecting on our own strengths as intercultural leaders. Dana Watts Professional Development TMS - Meeting Room 1 Professional Development in Our International Schools. The Study of a PD Addict: A Case Study of the International Educator - In a world where our access to knowledge and sharing continues to grow exponentially by the minute, as international educators, we have an insatiable thirst for professional development. Dana will share the results of her recent dissertation study on the relationship between professional development and professional capital within the EARCOS international schools in Asia. Find out what PD international educators are currently doing and why they like to keep doing it. Additionally, Dana will share her recommendations on how to create a sustainable PD program at your school that integrates the human, social and decisional capital within the content of your school. Kendall Zoller Presentations TPS - Function Room 10 The First Five Minutes - What should happen within the first five minutes of a presentation? Discover nine things you can do within the first five minutes to produce a positive learning environment, a sense of community, and a willingness of participants to go on the journey with you.You will create an opening and discover how simple yet eloquent a deliberate choreography can be. What you create can be applied to meetings people look forward to, don’t look forward to, or may even be captive audience members to. Whatever your perspective, you may never look at openings the same again and may never do openings the same again.


JOHN LITTLEFORD SCHOOL BOARD PRECONFERENCE (continued) (OPEN to all Delegates) Leadership Through Engagement: Search and Transition and Ensuring the Legacy of the Head

TPS - Function Room 7

1. Healthy search protocols including appropriate engagement of the community in the search 2. Managing internal candidates 3. Forming and guiding the search committee 4. The Importance of a transition committee and a transition plan 5. What should an “entry plan” for a new head look like? 6. “Rules of the Road” for heads in their first, second and third years

10:00 - 18:00

International School Leadership Program University of San Francisco / Washington State University

11:15 - 11:30

TMS - Meeting Room 7


“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”




11:30 - 12:45


Vanessa Allepuz Marketing TMS - Meeting Room 5 Using Digital Marketing to Attract Interest to Your School - Using Busan Foreign School as a case study, we will explore some of the digital marketing components I have found most useful for the purpose of increasing school brand awareness, building traffic to your desired media channel, and generating interest in your school. Expect many concrete and down-to-earth tips. WarRen Apel / Wes Przybylski Data Management TPS - Hibiscus Garden Measuring Progress: Our School’s Journey Towards Data-Informed Decision-Making - Like many schools, ASIJ was collecting data and underusing it. We stored it in silos and shared it in pieces. Join a team from The American School in Japan to learn how we’ve unified our systems to better collect, store, and analyze data. We’ll share the tools and techniques that ASIJ’s teachers and school leaders are using to create personal data dashboards, design feedback systems, and climb the ladder of inference. We’ll also share how we’re using data to measure progress and ensure our strategic decision-making is as datainformed as possible. Glenn Davies Distributed Leadership TMS - Meeting Room 2 Creating the Conditions for Learning in Your Organisation - 21st Century distributed leadership can be described as a group activity and is highly dependent on building capacity within our teams. Utilizing the experience of Simon Sinek and Jeff Weiner, and exploring the reframing leadership theories of Bolman and Deal, we will identify the conditions that create a learning organization. Myong Eiselstein Stakeholder Perceptions TMS - Meeting Room 1 The Importance of Perceptions - The perceptions of students, teachers, parents, and community leaders can have a significant impact on the school community. This presentation will delve into why school leaders should be mindful of the perceptions of each stakeholder group and what to do with the information. Dennis Harter / Elliott Bowyer Experiential Education TPS - Function Room 8 Experiential Outdoor Education in the Middle School - International School Bangkok has recently implemented an Outdoor Education program focused on experiential education and leadership and character development of students. We will share the key criteria and learning goals that drive the decisions we make for our students, along with hopeful next steps. We hope that session participants might consider their own students and schools to reflect upon how experiential education in the outdoors may serve as their community. Chris Jansen Change TPS - Function Room 10 Igniting Emergent Change - We are familiar with well-planned and programmed change management. However sometimes individual people get to the point where they see an issue that inspires or aggravates them so much that they just have to do something to respond to this immediate need in their context. This self-organising emergent change can be extremely powerful and yet the process by which it happens can seem ambiguous and perhaps risky. In this workshop we will use the phrase ‘Determined collaboration around a compelling purpose ignites possibilities’ to understand why such change occurs and how it can be impactful. (Read more on Whova App) Carol Koran Neuroscience TPS - Ballroom 2 / 3 The Brain and Learning: What Teachers and Students Need to Know - If learning is truly a collaborative endeavor, then it only makes sense that teachers and students should have a mutual understanding of how the brain learns and processes information. The challenge for teachers is to determine not only which current neuroscience research is valid for their context, but how to translate this knowledge into strategies and approaches that will have the greatest impact on student learning. In this presentation Carol will explore the basics of brain-based learning, the role of nutrition and sleep, stress and its effect on learning and the unique qualities of children’s brains as they grow from primary to middle and high school. Ellen Mahoney Global Mobility TPS - Function Room 2 Surveying the Landscape: Common Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities in International School Transition Support - In an effort to better understand the transitions support landscape in international schools, Sea Change Mentoring and Globally Grounded partnered to conduct an independent research project. Building on the important work of Barbara Schaetti, Council of International Schools, and Doug Ota, our research provides a deeper understanding of the transitions-support practices, challenges, and opportunities that the international school community faces. Join us as we share our findings and discuss the implications for how schools and organizations can improve the way they care for young people impacted by global mobility and how this kind of support is a learning and well-being issue. Craig Ortner Leadership TPS - Function Room 1 Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned From the Law - I will save you three years and six figures and explain everything I learned in the law that is applicable to the world of education. Highlights include: Ask the right questions, be responsive, don’t talk to police, think like a lawyer, but don’t act like one. Renee Rehfeldt Professional Development TMS - Orchid Room Practical Steps to Genuine, Job-Embedded Professional Learning - Job-embedded professional learning has high impact for student learning and community wellbeing. How can we make this truth reality? Learn practical strategies for a year-long approach to job-embedded, meaningful professional learning, facilitated by your staff. Take away an overview of differentiated options plus a simple design for authentic, school-managed courses.


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

ACAMIS Heads Lunch Meeting

Leadership Training Course (LTC508)


12:45 - 14:00

13:45 - 17:45

07:30 - 17:00

Will Richardson School Change TPS - Ballroom 1 10 Principles for Schools of Modern Learning: What Reimagination Looks Like - Based on a combined 50+ years of working with schools around the world, this session builds on the collaborative effort of Will and his colleague Bruce Dixon to identify the characteristics of schools that are successfully navigating a relevant, sustainable change process. We’ll not only look at the qualities of these schools, but we’ll also discuss jumping off points, places for further inquiry, and ways to enlist others in the school community to engage in the work. Tom Schimmer Assessment TPS - Function Room 6 Grading From the Inside Out - The development of a standards-based mindset is the oft overlooked but essential first step for long-term grading reform. Based on his recently released book of the same title, Tom will outline how to take a standards-based approach to grading, even when a traditional grading and reporting paradigm exists. The non-negotiable grading true north of accuracy and confidence will be featured, as well as the three essential practices that serve as the cornerstone for developing a standards-based mindset will be explored. Kevin Skeoch / Sonia Blanford / FRANK VINK / CHERIE MAR School Change TMS - Meeting Room 4 That’s Not My Job! Roles, Responsibilities and the Management of Change. How One Successful International School Reshaped Itself - How to move from good to great? High impact approach to inclusive change that improves commitment, wellbeing, student outcomes and staff retention. Jennifer Sparrow Innovation TPS - Function Room 9 Scaling Innovation - Understanding how innovation scales (spreads) across a system can help leaders target specific strategies to lead this type of change. This workshop will begin with developing an understanding of how innovation scales and then will focus on several practical leadership strategies to help make sure practices spread across the system. Participants should come with an innovative change they are leading to use as a case study throughout the session. David Trajtenberg Professional Development TMS - Meeting Room 10 Using Online Portfolios to Support Teacher Professional Development - Learn how one school leader uses e-portfolios to capture, communicate, and reflect on the professional practice of teachers in a school community. James Warnock High Expertise Teaching TPS - Function Room 4 The “Big Rocks” of High Expertise Teaching - Teachers make countless instructional decisions every day but which ones have the biggest impact on student performance? This workshop will explore the “big rocks” of high expertise teaching, i.e., the strategies and skills that have the largest effect size on students and their academic growth. Our work at Research for Better Teaching in this area directly connects with the research of Robert Marzano and John Hattie in highlighting what makes the biggest difference for students and their learning. Sally Wen / JAMES LEUNG Supervision TMS - Rose Garden A Journey to Establish a School-wide Professional Growth and Evaluation Process (PGEP) - Establishing an effective appraisal or evaluation system has been a challenge for many schools. Concordian has an opportunity to creatively merge teacher evaluation and the needs of professional development into one system--a PGEP (Professional Growth and Evaluation Process) system was established after several years of trial and adjustment.

12:45-14:00 Lunch Meeting for Heads of Small Indonesian Schools (Matthew Gaetano, Head of School, Surabaya Intercultural School)

TMS - Meeting Room 9

12:45-14:00 LUNCH Where to Eat Lunch The Pacific Sutera - Café Boleh Restaurant (Level 2) and Foyer of Hibiscus Garden (Level 1) The Magellan Sutera - Five Sails Restaurant & Al-Fresco Restaurant (Both in Level 1) 12:45-14:00 ACAMIS LUNCH MEETING Ferdinand Restaurant, The Magellan Sutera Resort


(AD Institute) LTC 508 - Legal Issues III (Hazing, constitutional Law, etc.) Presenter: Douglas Killgore

TMS - Meeting Room 6

“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”




14:00 - 15:15


Harvey Alvy School Change TMS - Meeting Room 1 Promoting Change that Counts: How to Avoid Educational Fads - This interactive session, a shorter version of the preconference workshop, will help international school leaders address fads that undermine both innovative and timeless educational practices. This is a high stakes and urgent challenge that affects student achievement, teacher success, leadership effectiveness, curriculum, fiscal and resource accountability, professional development, and the confidence of international parents in their schools. The session, by the author of the recent book, Fighting for Change in Your School: How to Avoid Fads and Focus on Substance (ASCD, 2017), will review six “Red Flag” strategies to avoid harmful fads that educators confront, and six “Guidelines” to promote reforms of substance in schools. Workshop activities will provide leaders with practical professional development strategies to take home and share with their school colleagues, to positively impact student and teacher success. David Beaty Digital Communication TMS - Meeting Room 2 IRL: The Value of Reality in a World of Digital Communications - Our world is increasingly dependent on digital communications. We text friends, post images and status updates on social media, and even work using tools like instant messaging. Are we missing something by communicating so much using digital tools? Attend this session to explore this question and learn more about finding a balance between our online and offline worlds. Andy Davies / Brenda Perkins Mindfulness TPS - Hibiscus Garden Growing Mindfulness in Your School - One School’s Walk in the Garden - International schools are becoming more and more challenged with how to effectively address Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and student well-being. Mindfulness programs are gaining popularity and acceptance worldwide as research supports positive learning and mental health outcomes for students who receive mindfulness teaching as part of their school experience. This workshop presents the case study of the International School Bangkok, and our journey to support mindfulness throughout the school and community. We’ll be exploring how to begin growing a culture of mindfulness at your school - and address the challenges to finding balance with bottom-up grass-roots cultivation and top-down nurturing from school leadership. Marilyn George Accreditation TPS - Ballroom 2 / 3 Becoming Accredited: Essential Elements - The session will address the essential elements that must exist and be operating effectively in a school whose purpose is to move into the accreditation process that focuses on student learning and well-being and ongoing improvement. This includes the following areas: mission, vision, beliefs, governance, administration and organizational issues, staffing, instructional program student support, culture and resources. Barry Jenkin / Greg Smith Activities Programs TMS - Meeting Room 5 Deep and Wide: Creating and Sustaining a Comprehensive Activities Program - Discussing the obvious benefits of an activities program within an international school context that is focused on what is core to the school beliefs, culture, curriculum, school-wide learner outcomes and is essential to the school action plan. Suggesting an Activities Program structure that does all this while also adding benefits to staffing, efficiency and financing the school Activities Program. Lee Ann Jung Inclusion TPS - Function Room 6 Your Students, My Students, Our Students: Rethinking Equitable and Inclusive Classrooms - The pressure for curriculum poses real challenges for schools aiming to meaningfully include students with disabilities and developmental delays. All too often, the focus of learning support time must be spent ensuring the student completes the high-level assignments required in the subject areas. But where do we find the time to “pause” the hectic schedule and use evidence-based practices to teach the critical skills these students need for long-term success? In this session, participants will engage in small and largegroup dialogue on this topic after learning four essential components of learning support for meaningful inclusion. Daniel Kilback / Matt Kelsey Recruiting TMS - Meeting Room 4 Zero Sum Game: Case Studies in Recruiting - Recruiting has undergone a sea change in the past decade. Teams are making decisions on tighter deadlines and with imperfect information. This session won’t make recruiting easier but will allow you time to reflect, evaluate case studies, and explore strategies for developing better questions and framing your school’s unique priorities. Marc L’Heureux / Genta Branstetter Collaboration TMS - Rose Garden Journey of Change: Building a Culture of Collaboration and Collective Efficacy at ASIJ - John Hattie contends no factor influences student learning more than collective teacher efficacy, or collaborative expertise. How does a school create a professional culture where teachers come together to share their expertise and passion? What can school leaders do to ensure teachers feel safe taking risks, exchanging ideas freely, and learning from others through collaboration? Join a team from The American School in Japan to learn how we‘re redesigning structures and norms to cultivate better collaboration. This presentation will focus on the journey ASIJ’s Elementary School has taken over the past few years to cultivate collaborative cultures that enhance learning for all students. Jane Larsson / Stuart McLay / Mark Orchison Data Protection TPS - Function Room 1 International Data Protection Law:What are Your School’s Responsibilities? - Considerable changes in international data protection law have been implemented over the past 18 months and many schools around the world are struggling to interpret what action is required. As a result, 9ine and the Council of International Schools (CIS) have partnered together to revise the CIS International Accreditation protocol, creating new tools to help school communities evaluate, implement and strengthen data protection and cybersecurity practices to comply with these new laws. This workshop will provide school leaders with an understanding of how to implement leading practice and meet new standards designed to protect and secure the personal information of your students and staff as you collect, store and share it.


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Tea & Coffee Break


15:15 - 15:45

07:30 - 17:00

Jon Nordmeyer ELL Assessment TPS - Function Room 9 Assessing English Language Learners: Turning Data into Action - 21st-century international schools serve increasingly diverse transnational communities. Multilingual students are both learning a new language and learning in a new language. Effective assessment practices help educators understand what learners can do, empowering teachers to build on student assets and scaffold both language and content learning. Kristie O’Brien EAL Placement TPS - Function Room 2 Equitable EAL Program Placement Systems - “Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.” - Brene Brown. Kind EAL program placement systems are framed by clear visions that view multilingual learners through an assets-based lens. This workshop is designed to support leaders in the analysis of their EAL program placement systems. Leaders will take away a data-based framework for building more equitable placement practices. Rick Odum School Improvement TMS - Orchid Room Bringing it All Together: Aligning Practice with Policy - All schools require structures which inform the practices which display, and define, the character of the organization. The four element model of alignment which emphasizes alignment of goals, curriculum, practices and professional development, provides a useful starting from which to both assess the organizations areas of policy growth, as well as a “roadmap” for continued school improvement by way of increased alignment. This session will walk you through the following school improvement steps: assessment of alignment in each of the four elements; prioritization according to the acuteness of need and logistical possibility; development of action plans to address identified target areas of need; and the continued oversight and review necessary to ensure progress. Mary Scott Crisis Management TPS - Ballroom 1 Managing Crisis in the Age of “Viral” Communications - What happens when a crisis explodes at a neighboring school and somehow your school is buried in shrapnel? Concordia Head of School will share both the events that kept her from attending 2018 EARCOS LC, and the learnings on getting ahead of unexpected crisis, negotiating swarm communications, and managing parent expectations. Dave Shepherd Alumni Programs TPS - Function Room 4 Enhancing Education through Alumni Engagement - Parents frequently indicate that ‘word of mouth’ is a key influencer in selecting a school. Having a strong alumni relations programme has multiple layers of benefit to both the individual alum and the broader school community. This workshop will guide you through the process of establishing or elevating your alumni programme, whether you are starting out or looking to refine further. A simple four phased approach will be presented as a framework to identify, connect, engage and build resources around your best advocates; the accumulative outcome of your educational experience. Ian Sutherland / Ted Mockrish Learning TPS - Function Room 8 Defining Learning in Educational Leadership - This interactive session explores our very understanding of learning, and common misunderstandings of the nature of learning. We espouse influence over the very thing that is so often misunderstood and ill-defined, learning itself. This workshop is based on the research and professional work by Dr. Sutherland and Dr. Mockrish. Katie Rigney-Zimmerman / PETER BARON Admissions TMS -Meeting Room 10 Enrollment Challenges are Real in International School Admissions - Twenty years ago the admissions office was the “hospitality hub” of the school. Today it is a research, data, and marketing hub. Learn how admission works at 400 international schools: from staffing/operations to marketing to enrollment outcomes. Use the survey results and practical takeaways in The 2019 International School Admission Industry Report to strengthen your school’s admission efforts. Kendall Zoller Communication TPS - Function Room 10 8 Steps for Delivering A Message When Groups Don’t Want to Hear It - Many of us have been in situations with colleagues where we have a message and we know they don’t want to hear it. Imagine being able to deliver that message in ways that preserve relationships while at the same time increasing their receptivity to considering it. This session introduces a nonverbal/verbal framework derived from Grinder (2010) and modified by Zoller that intends to honor the relationships and address the challenging issues.



Sponsored by

TPS - Function Room Foyer, Hibiscus Garden & Grand Ballroom Foyer TMS - Meeting Room Foyer, Rose Garden & Orchid Room Foyer

“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”




15:45 - 16:45


GAVIN Ailes Wordpress TMS - Rose Garden WordPress, a Viable Alternative Platform for your Website - Gavin’s most recent work experience was as a project manager working for a website design and build company specializing in WordPress. ISY are in the process of moving platforms to WordPress and in this presentation Gavin will be giving a topline overview of the platform, showing how it can be used with little prior experience. Scott Brown Child Protection TPS - Ballroom 1 Incorporating Child Protection Safeguards into Your Recruitment (For Overworked Administrators) - This session is intended for school leaders who want to incorporate child protection safeguards into their recruitment, but don’t know where to start and already squeezed for time. You will leave this session with a strategies and resources to take back to your school in preparation for teacher recruitment that is efficient and safe. BILL Elman Parent Administrators TMS - Meeting Room 1 Administrators as Parents:The Burden of Omniscience - A forum for parent directors and other administrators to discuss how to negotiate the difficulties of having one’s own children taught by faculty in remediation or some other kind of professional distress. I have no clear answers, but plenty of questions. We meet to benefit from the collective wisdom of our peers. Jim Hardin / Carole Nickle / Scott Wilcox Change TPS - Hibiscus Garden ASIJ 7.0: A New Operating System at One of the World’s Oldest International Schools - New research on student learning and change leadership, emerging technological drivers, and the projections of essential workplace competencies by groups like the World Economic Forum and the OECD signal that schools are at the cusp of a transformative era of change. How does a 117-year-old school, known for its tradition and academic reputation, navigate the complexity of this modern landscape? Join a team from The American School in Japan to learn how we’re refocusing the direction and updating the operating system of one of the oldest international schools in the world. Jeffrey Holcomb Wellness TMS - Meeting Room 4 Data-Driven Wellness for Students and Faculty - This year we piloted weekly student and faculty wellness surveys to track general wellness over the course of the year. For students, the surveys specifically track sleep, causes of stress and created an avenue for student disclosure. For faculty, the surveys tracked factors that caused and relieved stress. This session will share logistics of setting up this process, relevant impacts of the process, and reflections for future implementation. Scott Hossack / Caleb LOtt (AD Institute) Concussions TMS - Meeting Room 5 Getting Ahead of the Game, an International Schools Holistic Management of the Invisible Injury: Concussions - Concussions may be the only injury that occurs that temporarily affects students’ ability to learn. This presentation is one international school’s holistic approach to managing this type of injury focusing on sustainable community education, management and evaluation, return to learn process and the return to participation process. Patrick Hurworth Advancement TPS - Function Room 9 Building an Advancement Program from the Ground Up! - Beginning an advancement program in a school from scratch can be daunting. The International School of Beijing has recently developed this function in its school and will present some successes, frustrations and lessons learned along the first 18 months of the journey. Blair LeE / PETER ROW / CHRIS BOYLE / NATHAN BURTON Effective Meetings TPS - Function Room 10 Building Organizational Health Through Effective Meetings - Learn how to use Lencioni’s The Meeting Advantage model to build an effective structure for meetings. DAIS used technology and Lencioni’s principles to focus meetings on the important. You will walk away from this session with our meeting template and how to modify it to help your organizational health. Ellen Mahoney SEL TPS - Function Room 2 Choosing the Path Forward: Adapting Your School to Meet the Social Emotional Learning Needs of Your Students - “The promotion of social, emotional, and academic learning is not a shifting educational fad; it is the substance of education itself.”This is the 2019 declaration from The Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development. Even if leaders are only in the beginning stages of thinking through a social-emotional learning initiative in their school, odds are they already have many of the working parts needed to be successful. (Read more on Whova App) Adam Olenn Marketing TPS - Function Room 1 Ready, Action! Making Video the Best Tool in Your Kit - Learn the principles of filmmaking from a school marketing perspective, with guidance on technical, artistic, and budgetary considerations. You’ll learn how you too can make videos that look and sound great on whatever budget your department can afford. Azra Pathan / Julie Olson Inclusion TMS - Meeting Room 10 Leading Inclusion - This workshop will provide an overview of the complexities of leading your school into Inclusion. While nurturing relationships and building capacity, we will share systems and structures at the heart of building inclusive practices among all stakeholders in your school community. Come hear about ISKL’s journey to Inclusion; our successes and challenges may benefit you as schools become more inclusive.


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

School Board Panel


17:00 - 18:00

18:00 - 21:00


Amanda Zhang / Phil Clark Operational Staff TMS - Meeting Room 2 From Satisfactory to Outstanding: How to Develop and Recognize the Expertise of Operation Staff - All employees look to deliver good work to an organization, but how do we get this to a level we would define as outstanding? Most operational staff are occupied by day to day tasks which need to be completed. This sometimes makes it difficult for administrative staff to see the true value of these employess in the big picture. At the same time nonadmin staff sometimes do not see the ‘behind the scenes’ work that is completed and therefore complain that their needs are not met in a timely manner. How can we discover and improve the value of operational staff from both an administration and academic perspective? Tom Schimmer Assessment TPS - Function Room 6 Assessing Critical Thinking - Critical thinking sits at the heart of the critical competencies essential for learners to develop in the 21st century. This session will highlight how educators can take advantage of their assessment fundamentals to seamlessly assess critical thinking. Specifically, participants will come to know how the specifist and generalist views of critical thinking can both contribute to schools developing a comprehensive approach to critical thinking, the variety of tools that can be developed in support of assessment, the instructional implications for creating the critical thinking opportunities, and the dispositional habits of critical thinkers. Jan-Mark Seewald / Aaron Moniz Global Competence TMS - Orchid Room Partnering for Global Competence: Our journey Towards a Whole School Approach - We will explore how an “Empathy to Impact” and Global Competence approach within the IB (PYP, MYP, DP) and IC (IPC, IMYC) frameworks can inform learning across an entire school. Using examples of implementation plans, pilot projects, data collection methods and indicators from the SFS/Inspire Citizens’ partnership journey, we aim to spark collaboration across the region and help EARCOS schools meet the world’s greatest needs. Ann Straub Implicit Bias TPS - Function Room 8 Who, me?: Recognizing and Dealing with Our Own and Others’ Implicit Biases - We all have biases and prejudices which spread through a culture like currency. How can we prevent our natural tendency to stereotype people from becoming prejudical and discriminatory? As educational leaders, what is our role in schools, and how do we recognize and prevent the our own implicit biases--and those of others from inhibiting learning? In this interactive workshop, we will look at the Stereotype Wheel, the research supporting our innate tendency to have implicit biases and the effect on student learning and teacher performance, along with strategies to counteract this natural human tendency. Barry Sutherland Scholarship Programs TPS - Ballroom 2 / 3 The Impact of Scholarship Programs and How to Fund Them - Means-tested scholarships can only improve the socio-economic diversity in our international schools. The question is not whether to offer scholarships, but how to fund them. This model shows you how to reach the poor, involve your entire school community and fund it. James Warnock Leadership Trust TPS - Function Room 4 Building Trust: The Key to Strong Adult Professional Culture - Trust gives the leader the respect and the credibility to be listened to and followed. School leadership literature repeatedly identifies trust in the leader and trust among staff members as the sine qua non for high performing schools. Not coincidently, these qualities lead to feelings of safety and trust for students as well. But in between trust and the practices of strong adult professional culture is the mystery of what leaders do to build the trust and set those practices. This workshop will explore this “black box” while also facilitating participant discussion and reflection. 17:00-18:00 School Board Panel TPS - Function Room 7 John Littleford / Marc Frankel / Sharon Hennessy / Penelope RICHEY KIM The Qualities Most Important in a Board Chair This session will highlight the personal and professional qualities, background, experience and talents that international schools may need most in a board chair, and will describe a process for selecting a next chair using these attributes. 17:45-18:45 Cocktail Reception for New EARCOS Heads, EARCOS Board, and Special Presenters (By Invitation Only) 18:00-21:00

BAZAAR (Please support local handicrafts)


Welcome Reception & Cultural Event

Al Fresco (Open Space) TMS - Magellan Lobby Lounge

Special Thanks to TIECARE INTERNATIONAL for sponsoring the WELCOME RECEPTION

Tarik’s Lounge TMS - Magellan Lobby

“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”


Second Day of Conference FRIDAY | 1 NOVEMBER 2019 06:45-07:45

Women in Leadership Breakfast (Remarks from Carlene Firmin)


Breakfast Meeting for Heads of A/OS- Assisted Schools

TMS - Meeting Room 7



TPS - Function Room 3




Opening Remarks / Announcements The Pacific Sutera Grand Ballroom Morning Greetings by Stephen Cathers, EARCOS Board of Trustee Vice President & Head of School, International School Suva

Keynote Address 08:30-09:15 Introduction of the Speaker: Jamie Jin, Senior Manager, Cambridge Assessment International Education

TMS - The Rose Garden

Sponsored by



Build a Contextual Response to Peer-on-Peer Abuse in Schools This keynote will introduce the audience to the global nature of peer-abuse between young people in schools – focusing on the dynamics present in international school contexts. Presenting global research evidence base, and emerging lessons from workshops with international school colleagues, the keynote will explore the significance of the school environment itself, student and staff cultures and wider neighbourhood settings to understand the capacity of schools to take a proactive approach to safeguarding their students. Particular dynamics of family, peer, school and community contexts, both online and offline, will be referenced to highlight the contextual nature of peer-abuse and to provide an evidence-base upon which to build strategic plans including levers within policy and practice frameworks in international school contexts. Drawing upon an extensive research evidence base, this keynote will provide school leaders with an insight into routes for them to address one of the most significant safeguarding risks faced by young people within educational settings around the world.

Biography Carlene Firmin MBE is a British social researcher and writer specialising in violence between young people, and founder of the MsUnderstood Partnership. She is a senior research fellow at the University of Bedfordshire. Firmin was senior policy officer at Race on the Agenda (ROTA), and founded the GAG project (Girls Against Gangs, or Girls Affected by Gangs, or Gendered Action on Gangs). She has held positions of assistant director of policy and research at Barnardos, specialising in youth justice and sexual exploitation of children; principal policy adviser at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner; and head of the secretariat for the Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Groups and Gangs. Between 2011 and 2014 she wrote a regular column “Girl in the Corner” in The Guardian. In 2013 she founded the MsUnderstood Partnership, a joint project between Girls in Gangs, Imkaan and the University of Bedfordshire. The project “aims to improve local and national responses to young people’s experiences of inequality”. Firmin is a senior research fellow in the Institute of Applied Research of the Department of Applied Social Studies at the University of Bedfordshire. Firmin was awarded an MBE in the 2011 New Year Honours for “services to girls’ and women’s issues”, and was the youngest black woman to have received this honour.

09:15-09:45 TEA & COFFEE BREAK


Sponsored by

TPS - Function Room Foyer, Hibiscus Garden & Grand Ballroom Foyer TMS - Meeting Room Foyer, Rose Garden & Orchid Room Foyer

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019



09:45 - 11:00


David Chadwell Curriculum TMS - Meeting Room 10 Curriculum Documentation and Review That is Adaptive and Flexible - Curriculum documentation and review must respond to the needs of teachers and optimize flexibility, accessibility and choice. By freeing curriculum from laborious processes and fix cycles, teachers are empowered to develop curriculum in authentic and meaningful ways while still providing administration the structure they need. Come learn about how this can be done. Carlene Firmin Peer Abuse TPS - Ballroom 2 / 3 An interactive Case Study Exercise to Understand Peer-Abuse in Schools - This workshop will involve attendees taking part in an interactive case study exercise to improve how they understand and respond to peer-abuse in international school contexts. Participants will be guided to consider family, peer, school and neighbourhood factors that offer sources of protection and risk, and reflect on those that are most pertinent to an international school setting. Through this process they will identify points of learning for their own settings and actions they can taken back to develop safeguarding and practices within their setting. Marc Frankel / Abigail DeLessio Gender Diversity TPS - Function Room 8 The Future is Female - Available data demonstrates an undeniable link between gender diversity and organizational performance. In a recent update to a Zenger Folkman survey, women ranked higher than men in 13 of 16 leadership competencies, and a recent survey by Peakon found that women-led organizations are more likely to have engaged, inspired and satisfied employees. Still, it is estimated that globally it will take 217 years to reach gender parity. This workshop will focus on the need for systemic breakthroughs as opposed to incremental change. Through large and small group work, attendees will identify ways to meaningfully impact D & I, and defines ways in which women can be more effective champions for one another. The workshop will offer opportunities to practice skills essential to achieving gender parity: becoming a “Why Not” challenger, conceptualizing new futures, and identifying shortcircuit pathways to advancement. Roderick Fraser / RACHEL WESTGARTH Global Competence TMS - Orchid Room Turning Global Competence into Global Confidence with Round Square - Round Square offers schools an international values-based learning programme for students through access to collaborative partners, practical resources, and real-world experiences. In this workshop Round Square’s leadership team will explore outcomes of a 2-year independent research study that has identified the most effective methods of developing global competence in students. Richard Gaskell International School Market TPS - Function Room 10 The Pathway from International Schools to Higher Education - The international schools market is currently educating 5.8 million children, over 90% who are on the pathway to higher education overseas. Patrick Hurworth / ELSA DONOHUE Student Surveys TPS - Hibiscus Garden Improving Practice Through Student Survey Data - How can student survey data be used responsibly to help teachers reflect and improve practice? The International School of Beijing will share a narrative describing the implementation of its professional growth pilot scheme of which anonymous student surveys of teacher practice is an integral component. This session will also describe how the pilot scheme moved to whole school practice; the successes and the lessons learned. Lee Ann Jung Assessment TPS - Function Room 6 Healthy Grading Practices for Students with Learning Differences - Assigning fair and meaningful grades to students with learning differences is a difficult task faced by every teacher. Very little guidance can be found in policy or the field of special education to help teachers with this challenge. In this session, participants will learn about the move to standards-based grading for all learners. Participants will learn to use a 4-step Differentiated Assessment and Grading Model for grading and reporting achievement of students with learning differences in a way that is fair, meaningful, and legally defensible.The model is appropriate for students with disabilities, language learners, and those receiving intensive intervention. Kevin Krembs / John Everett SEL TMS - Meeting Room 1 A Culture of SEL: From Idea to Implementation - This workshop will provide an overview of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) journey HKIS has embarked on in the Middle School. We believe SEL is everywhere and the responsibility of all members of a school community. Attendees will walk away with a greater knowledge of SEL and become inspired to make changes in their school. This workshop will also provide an opportunity to share your school’s SEL journey with other attendees. John Littleford Marketing TPS - Function Room 7 The Most Effective Way to Market Your School and Build a Culture of Charitable Giving - The first goal of this session is to promote this important dialogue: If we could start with a blank slate, what faculty compensation and benefit system would we build and why? How would it serve the school’s mission and financial sustainability? How would it attract, retain and reward faculty who will advance a school’s mission and vision? We will show several salary system models and the messages that they send. The second goal of this session will outline for heads and boards a range of approaches that schools are using to recruit, compensate and reward heads, including providing various incentives. (Read more on Whova App) David Lovelin Wellness TMS - Meeting Room 2 Work Life Balance...Solution or the Problem? - Take back your life and promote balance with your faculty and staff. Come hear how one high school principal is walking the walk to promote a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. How many emails are you reading/sending/answering daily? How often are you on your phone in the evenings? How do you disseminate information? Are your faculty sending emails at all times of the day/night? Do you have a life outside of the school? During this session I will share tools that have helped to create a positive work/life balance for our faculty and administrative team. 26

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Leadership Training Course (LTC510) 09:45 - 12:45

International School Leadership Program


10:00 - 18:00

11:00 - 11:15

Kevin Lynch Storytelling / Marketing TMS - Meeting Room 3 Turning Buses Into Storytellers: Building a School’s Brand Through Storytelling - Shanghai American School has 166 buses and each tells a unique story about the school. This is just one example of how SAS employs storytelling in creative ways to strengthen our culture, lengthen our institutional memory, and differentiate ourselves in the second most competitive education market in the world. Rami Madani Learner Profiles TPS - Funtion Room 9 To What Extent is your School Meeting its Mission? A Systematic Approach to Embedding Life-Worthy Skills in Teaching and Learning - We all believe in the value of embedding essential, life-worthy skills and dispositions in our students. Some schools refer to these as School-wide Learning Results, a Graduate Profile, or the Learner Profile. This session focuses on top ranking skills and dispositions, provides simple, research-based indicators for each, and shares resources that help leaders plan so that teachers teach and assess each indicator. It will empower school leaders to concretize and demystify lifeworthy learning in their schools and provide them with tools, processes, and strategies to support their teachers to do the same. (Read more on Whova App) Ellen Mahoney Student Mentoring TPS - Function Room 2 Relationship-based Learning: International Schools’ Use of Mentoring to Deepen Student Learning - All around the world, we are seeing international schools increasingly embrace mentoring as a mechanism to foster students’ sense of belonging, to connect them to real-world learning opportunities, to strengthen teacher-student interactions, and to improve school climate altogether. In fact, as more educators understand that there is no separation between Social and Emotional Learning and academic rigor, schools are finding that mentoring is a perfect context for this kind of learning to take place. Join us as we explore the latest research, the most common implementation pitfalls, and the incredible opportunities mentoring affords schools. We will look at the examples of The American School in Japan, Singapore American School, Western Academy of Beijing and Beijing City International School and hear directly from them about their mentoring program experiences. Marta Medved School Change TPS - Ballroom 1 Governing and Leading the School Through a Dynamic Transformation - Western Academy of Beijing has embarked on a multi-year journey of educational innovation in order to become a school where personalized learning is happening across the whole educational continuum. This session is aimed at the school leaders and board members and focuses on how board - leadership interactions and levels of trust have been dynamically changing throughout different phases of WAB’s transformation: from the initial process of ideation, through the implementation and into the consolidation phase of parts of the innovation strategy. The session will also touch upon different governance and leadership models and their potential advantages and disadvantages in the various phases of change. Ted Mockrish / Ian Sutherland Professional Growth TPS - Function Room 1 Using a Definition of Learning to Anchor Teacher Professional Growth - This 2nd session operationalizes a definition of learning with a new approach to teacher professional growth. The Model focuses all teacher professional growth through a common a definition of learning, creates a common language of learning, and hence a common culture, for all adults and students in a school community. Nathaniel Rudd Professional Development TMS - Meeting Room 4 Incentivized Online Staff Training - How do you get your staff to really want to be trained, especially when it is so hard to get them together at once? Learn what qualities, features and incentives to consider when looking for a system for managing staff training. Dave Shepherd Giving Programs TPS - Function Room 4 Establishing a Culture of Philanthropy through Annual and Regular Giving - An annual and regular giving programme is often referred to as the bedrock of fundraising activity. It is, however, as much about the intangible benefits as it is about the financial benefit. This workshop will prepare you with the knowledge to implement a comprehensive giving programme; evaluating the programmes, donor segments and giving methods that will work best for your circumstances. We will look at some of the key metrics and data points and, finally, review some of the myths and trends in annual and regular giving, including the role of volunteers, technology and leadership giving. Darren Skov Effective Learning TMS - Meeting Room 5 There’s More to it than Meets the WHY (and how) - In schools/education, there should be little that we do without a compelling WHY. Of course HOW we do things is always under the microscope. This interactive session reveals that WHEN can be just as important as how & why if our hope is effective learning. 09:45-12:45 (AD Institute) LTC 510 - Legal Issues IV (social media, transgender, event management & security) Presenter: Douglas Killgore

TPS - Meeting Room 6

10:00-18:00 International School Leadership Program University of San Francisco / Washington State University

TMS - Meeting Room 7

11:00 - 11:15


“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”




11:15 - 12:30


Margaret Alvarez / Beth Pfannl / Liz Duffy Gender Diversity TPS - Function Room 7 Gender Diversity and Leadership: Associated Challenges and Opportunities in Creating Equitable, Inclusive and Just Communities in EARCOS Schools - Based on the results of the Diversity Collaborative global survey on diversity and leadership in international schools and other research on DIEJ practices, a panel of diverse educators from the EARCOS community will discuss why and how we can all recruit, support and develop diverse communities of educators at our schools. The panel will examine, in particular, gender diversity and associated challenges and opportunities. Panelists will share both successful practices and initiatives as well as obstacles to creating inclusive, equitable and just communities at EARCOS schools. Harvey Alvy New Principals TMS - Meeting Room 1 The Life of New Principals: Challenges Faced and Tips to Succeed - This workshop will examine the challenges (and surprises!) faced by new international school principals, and offer practical strategies and tips to succeed.The practical recommendations will focus on building relationships, positively impacting the school culture and, most importantly, teacher and student success. The workshop will also address how the principalship has changed in recent years, especially in relationship to leadership and management responsibilities. Critical workshop concepts are drawn from The Principal’s Companion (Corwin Press) and The New Principal’s Fieldbook (ASCD), both books co-authored by the presenter. Kevin Baker / Catriona Moran / Elsa Donohue / Edward Greene Leadership Transition TPS - Hibiscus Garden Getting Through the Wilderness : Lessons of Leadership Transitions - Each leadership transition is a significant, unique, and complex experience for a school, its community, and the incoming leader. This presentation panel of four leaders will center around lessons learned from their recent transition journey. The dialogical format will include stories, reflections, lessons, and advice for current and aspiring leaders and Board members to empower others to successfully navigate this unique challenge. The session will conclude with a collaborative discussion by all workshop participants. Mark Baker Curriculum TPS - Function Room 2 5 Pillars for Successful Curriculum Implementation and More Focused, Humane, and “Saner” Professional Lives - By creating and empowering subject-based mission statements, schools can more logically achieve greater synergy between professional development, instructional best practices, teacher growth and renewal, accreditation requirements, and hiring practices to achieve more specific student achievement than strictly relying on their overarching school mission. Everyone’s job will become clearer and easier. Graham Brown-Martin Making TPS - Ballroom 1 Learning by Making (Follow up from Session 1) Research shows that people learn better when they’re inspired and making something original for themselves or their community. This is learning by making and it is rooted in the learning theories of Vygotsky and Papert, social constructivism and constructionism respectively. During this highly interactive, hands-on workshop, Brown-Martin will explore with participants how, through the lens of making and project-based learning, we can de-silo traditional subject boundaries and nurture critical, creative and computational thinking skills to collaboratively solve real-world challenges. Sim Cook (AD Institute) Coaching TMS - Meeting Room 5 Positive Sports Coaching - Positive Sports Coaching is an evidenced based way of coaching teams and individuals based on the science of positive psychology. This presentation looks at how we can effectively coach using the science of optimism, positive feedback and process praise. There are 2 main focuses: 1. Improving performance and 2. Promoting wellbeing. Matt Corbett Recruitment TPS - Function Room 1 Reinvent Your Recruitment Process with a Performance-Based Approach - Tired of delivering the same old interview process during your yearly recruitment? Find out how one team tore up the list of standard questions and developed a performance based approach bespoke to their school - and how you can do the same to ensure you attract the right people. Marc Frankel Crisis Management TPS - Function Room 8 The Perfect Storm and How to Avoid It: Lessons from the Front Lines - Schools are delicate systems, easily fractured and driven into crisis. The time and energy required to defuse a crisis are costly, diverting the focus of leadership away from the strategic work that supports the achievement of a school’s mission. Using case studies based on real-world situations and large and small group work, participants will conduct in-depth analyses on ‘Perfect Storm’ situations. Attendees will be guided through the anatomy of a crisis, learning to recognize the conflation of factors that led to a negative outcome. Emphasis will be placed on the decisions and actions of stakeholders and how, at points of inflection, alternate approaches may have led to better outcomes. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to avoid the ‘Perfect Storm’ through intentional leadership, best practice in governance, and strategic communication. Joshua Fritts Inclusion TMS - Meeting Room 10 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity: Building Capacity Through an Inclusivity Walk Protocol - Unless we purposely take a critical look at our schools through the lenses of others, we risk overlooking critical opportunities for our students and families to see themselves as part of our school community. The Inclusivity Walk Protocol is a tool to help school administrators, faculty, and staff to experience school through the lenses of their students and families, and in turn develop a list of steps that can be taken to make the school more welcoming and inclusive for all. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the concept of cultural lenses, learn how to use the Inclusivity Walk Protocol, and begin to brainstorm ways to build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive school communities.” Brian Garner Mastery Learning TMS - Rose Garden Implementing Mastery Learning - Do you like Guskey’s articles on Mastery Learning? A re you inspired by Kahn’s TED talk on Mastery Learning. Are you interested in trying to implement Mastery Learning within a classroom or a campus? Come to this session to talk with a seasoned administrator who has facilitated Mastery Learning for the past 15 years. The first part will be a review of Mastery Learning components. The second part will be whole group discussion/brainstorm session. Any logistical or philosophical questions regarding Mastery Learning are welcome.


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Annual General Meeting (AGM)


13:45 - 14:30

07:30 - 17:00

Chris Jansen Strategic Planning TPS - Function Room 10 Collective Leadership Through Strategic Planning - They say “Culture eats strategy for lunch” and yet how often have we ourselves created the most superbly insightful and coherent strategic plan and yet wonder why this plan fails to gain traction in genuine transformation across our organization? Positive and sustainable change is notoriously hard to lead so it’s critical that we develop an approach that engages fully with the culture of our organisations and communities. In this workshop we will explore contemporary developments in strategic planning which prioritize ownership throughout the culture of our learning communities. (Read more on Whova App) Gavin Lazaro Substance Abuse TMS - Meeting Room 2 Students, Drugs & Alcohol:Toward a Coherent, Relevant and Impactful Approach - How do we support young people through the challenges of growing up in SE Asia where penalties for drug use are severe and alcohol often flows freely? This session will offer an introductory understanding of the complexities of situations that may arise, exemplars of good practice, and opportunities to connect with others on this all too prevalent topic. Richard Nunns / Peter GarnhuM Shared Pedagogy TMS - Meeting Room 4 Engaging the School Community to Define, Implement, and Embed a Shared Pedagogy of Transformative Learning - At the start of 2018, we embarked on a journey to define a shared pedagogy that was research-based, contextualised, and aligned with our vision and values. The result has been highly positive, with students, faculty, and parents understanding and engaging with a set of learning principles that support highly effective learning, including positive relationships, clear purpose, responsive teaching, essential skills, and student agency. We will share our own learning journey. Maeve O’Donovan / Jane McGee / Hieu Nguyen Governance TPS - Ballroom 2 and 3 Board Governance and Board Administration: A Match Made in Heaven? - Board members need to concentrate their time and energy on things that add value. Time should be spent discussing the issues at the generative levels and not hours collating Board and committee packages, archiving decisions and trying to remember what was decided last week, last month and last year. And who is ensuring those valuable discussions are captured, next steps followed up and in line with defined Board regulations? UNIS Hanoi has been leading the way in Board Governance, helped by the strategic role of a Board administrator. Come and hear how this faculty position can help your school and Board achieve optimal functioning. TK Ostrom Marketing TMS - Orchid Room Why Customer Service Matters - With international schools growing rapidly in Asia and the increase in competition for students, it is imperative that we look at the business world to provide us with good customer service processes and practices and learn how to apply them to our schools. As more and more people get connected digitally, we have become less and less connected to one another. While it is important to have information readily available for our communities, it’s also important that we find ways to personally connect with them as well. It is not only the stories we tell on our social media and websites, but we also need to show we personally care. This session will provide you with the tools and understanding about why it’s everyone’s role within the school to show that we value our internal and external customers. Erin Robinson / Michael Gassner Experiential Education TMS - Meeting Room 3 Get into Nature! Leveraging Outdoor Education for Student Learning - A connection with nature supports wellbeing, health, and is foundational to embracing sustainability. Outdoor education helps students become attuned to their surroundings and gain an appreciation for the natural world. It’s also full of opportunity for students to learn in resilience, collaboration, self-management, critical thinking and creativity.This interactive session will share lessons learned during a seven-year longitudinal research study on the impact of outdoor education on Middle and High School learning by United World College South East Asia and Oregon State University Cascades. Participants will learn how to give their outdoor and experiential education programmes a critical review and how schools might better leverage outdoor education for student learning. Joe Schaaf / Leah Zhao / Ben Chen Learning Centers TPS - Function Room 4 Establishing a Sustainable Student-Staffed and Managed Learning Center - This presentation introduces The Literacy Lab, a student-staffed and managed learning center that provides support for grade 5-12 students using discussion-based learning strategies. The lab is staffed by 40 student volunteers and records over 800 visits a year from students seeking academic support (four times the number of enrolled students). Tom Schimmer Assessment TPS - Function Room 6 Instructional Agility - Critical thinking sits at the heart of the critical competencies essential for learners to develop in the 21st century. This session will highlight how educators can take advantage of their assessment fundamentals to seamlessly assess critical thinking. Specifically, participants will come to know how the specifist and generalist views of critical thinking can both contribute to schools developing a comprehensive approach to critical thinking, the variety of tools that can be developed in support of assessment, the instructional implications for creating the critical thinking opportunities, and the dispositional habits of critical thinkers. Ann Straub Global Citizenship TPS - Function Room 9 Developing Global Citizens: What Does It Take? - The words “global citizens” often appear in our school’s guiding statements, but what this looks like and how to accomplish this is often frustratingly vague with a “hit or miss “approach prevailing. What does it look like to focus on developing global citizens as an institutional responsibility for doing so beyond the usual community service, social studies units, school garden and plastic bottle ban? By assessing where your school is by taking a 360 degree look at your whole school community, viewing examples of successful global citizenship frameworks and strategies used in other international schools, and learning about the place of intercultural competence within the development of global citizenship, you will leave this interactive workshop with an idea of where your school is and actions to take to realize your mission/vision of developing global citizens.

12:30 -13:45 LUNCH The Pacific Sutera - Café Boleh Restaurant (Level 2) and Foyer of Hibiscus Garden (Level 1) The Magellan Sutera - Five Sails Restaurant & Al-Fresco Restaurant (Both in Level 1)

“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”





13:45 - 14:30

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is limited to EARCOS Heads of School. The AGM helps members understand the organization’s growth and its potential for improvement. It offers insights into recent developments and challenges and the steps being planned to help EARCOS become more successful. It helps members and the Board of Trustees consider future courses of action as well as providing a forum for the election of new Trustees. Venue: TPS - Function Room 7



13:45 - 16:30


Job-Alikes offer opportunities for peers in similar roles or interest to meet, to discuss common challenges and experiences. Admissions Tina Herman, International School Beijing ......................................................................... Marketing, Advancement & Kevin Lynch, Shanghai American School .......................................................................... Communications High School Principals David Trajtenberg, St. Paul American School Hanoi ................................................... Jeff Marquis, Prem Tinsulanonda International School Middle School Principals Dennis Harter, International School Bangkok ............................................................... Amanda Pekin, International School Manila Elementary School Principals Anna Laurenson, Shen Wai International School Shenzhen .................................. Learning Directors & Mei-Lyn Freeman, Chadwick International School ...................................................... Curriculum Coordinators Werner Paetzold, Chadwick International School Human Resources Brian Tucker, Canadian International School Singapore .......................................... I.T. Directors Warren Apel, The American School in Japan ................................................................. Deputy Head of Schools Daniel Legault, Shen Wai International School ............................................................. Boarding Schools Richard Nunns, Dulwich International High School Suzhou ................................. Athletic/Activity Directors Simon Parker, International School Beijing .................................................................. 13:45-14:45

(AD Institute) LTC 510 - Legal Issues IV (social media, transgender, event management & security) Presenter: Douglas Killgore

TMS - Meeting Room 3 TMS - Meeting Room 4 TPS - Function Room 9 TPS - Function Room 4 TPS - Function Room 10 TMS - Meeting Room 2 TPS - Function Room 1 TMS - Meeting Room 10 TPS - Function Room 2 TMS - Meeting Room 1 TMS - Meeting Room 5 TMS - Meeting Room 6

(after AGM) 14:30-16:30 Heads, Large Schools Tarek Razik, Jakarta Intercultural School .......................................................................... TPS - Function Room 6 14:30-16:30 Heads, Medium Schools Catriona Moran, Saigon South International School ................................................. TPS - Function Room 8 Blair Lee, Dalian American International School 14:30-16:30 Heads, Small Schools Anthony Keen, American School in Taichung ................................................................ TPS - Function Room 7

14:45-15:15 TEA & COFFEE BREAK

TPS - Function Room Foyer, Hibiscus Garden & Grand Ballroom Foyer TMS - Meeting Room Foyer, Rose Garden & Orchid Room Foyer


GOLF Tournament


ISS Heads of Schools Meeting - Greg Smith, International Schools Services


Council of International Schools (CIS) Cocktail Reception


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Sutera Habour Resort and Hotel TMS - Meeting Room 2 TPS - Hibiscus Garden

Third Day of Conference SATURDAY | 2 NOVEMBER 2019 06:45-07:45

WASC Breakfast Meeting for EARCOS Accreditation Committee TMS - Ferdinand Restaurant

07:00-15:30 EARCOS REGISTRATION 07:30

TPS - Function Room 3


Opening Remarks / Announcements The Pacific Sutera Grand Ballroom 08:00-08:30 Morning Greetings by Andrew Davies, EARCOS Board of Trustee Treasurer & Head of School, International School Bangkok Keynote Address 08:30-09:15 Introduction of the Speaker: BK Gan, President, Taylor’s Schools

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This Is Personal: Learning in the Modern World The modern, networked world increasingly values and rewards those who are self-determined, voracious learners, those who are literally able to learn their way through problems and projects on a daily basis. Developing the skills, literacies, and dispositions to become that type of a learner must now become the focus of every school experience and environment. That all starts with honoring and expanding the freedom and agency of our students to learn what they want, when they want, with whomever they want, in whatever ways make most sense to them. Today more than ever, learners will inherit the earth. That starts with us.


Will Richardson is an education thought-leader, best-selling author, international speaker, and passionate school change advocate A former public school educator of 22 years, Will has spent the last 15 years developing an international reputation as a leading thinker and writer about the intersection of social online learning networks, education, and systemic change. Will is a co-founder of Modern Learner Media and co-publisher of ModernLearners.com which is a site dedicated to helping educational leaders and policy makers develop new contexts for new conversations around education. Most recently, Will co-founded Change School and, in addition, the Modern Learners Community, two online destinations for educational leaders interested in creating relevant, sustainable change in schools using a coaching, curation, and community approach. In 2017, Will was named one of 100 global “Changemakers in Education” by the Finnish site HundrED, and was named one of the Top 5 “Edupreneurs to Follow” by Forbes. He has given keynote speeches, lead breakout sessions, and provided coaching services in over 30 countries on 6 continents. (Come on Antartica!) Will has two adult children, Tess and Tucker, and lives in rural New Jersey with his wife Wendy. >> https://willrichardson.com/aboutwill/

09:15-10:00 TEA & COFFEE BREAK Sponsored by TPS - Function Room Foyer, Hibiscus Garden & Grand Ballroom Foyer TMS - Meeting Room Foyer, Rose Garden & Orchid Room Foyer


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019



10:00 - 11:15


Ke’alohi Reppun / Paris Priore-Kim Shared Leadership TPS - Hibiscus Garden Divisions No More: Principal Partnership For Systems Change - junior school (K-8) and high school (9-12) Principals at the Punahou School in Honolulu Hawaii, Dr. Paris Priore Kim and Dr. Emily McCarren, have successfully led broad scale changes in their institution. This session will offer a reflection on the elements that make their partnership work and a discussion of the insights and lessons learned from cross-divisional work that has led to system-wide change in complex schools. Harvey Alvy Leadership TMS - Meeting Room 1 Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: A Template for 21st Century School Leaders - President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is only 272 words.Yet that short extraordinary speech captures many of the attributes we expect from exemplary school leaders.These attributes include: communicating with clarity, promoting core values, focusing on the mission, displaying humility, modeling collaboration, and fostering hope. During this interactive session, presented by the co-author of Learning from Lincoln: Leadership Practices for School Success (ASCD, 2010), participants will analyze the speech with colleagues, and use it as a template to reflect on their own, unique, school leadership journey. Critical workshop goals include affirming and celebrating that journey, and considering ways to refresh one’s skills for the challenges ahead. Darren Brews Marketing TMS - Meeting Room 5 Accomplish More With Less - International School Marketing and Communications - The international school market is becoming more competitive every day, and the effective utilization of resources has become an art unto itself. This presentation will focus on cost-effective strategies that have worked for us at M’KIS and may spark a debate of where the future of international school marketing is heading. Peter Burnside Teacher Engagement TMS - Meeting Room 10 Teacher Engagement in International Schools - What does teacher engagement look like in international schools—and what are the factors that drive or hinder teacher engagement? In this session I present the findings from my study on teacher engagement in EARCOS schools and suggest a model for developing a teacher engagement strategy. Susie Clifford / Craig Coutts Leadership TMS - Meeting Room 3 Leadership Pathways - Leadership Pathways focus and generate conversations about leadership development. With our focus on leading for learning, the Leadership Pathways provide growth pathways for skills, knowledge, understandings and dispositions. Designed to be by from emerging leaders to highly experienced leaders, the Leadership Pathways support and develop leaders who have an increased impact on the ‘right’ areas. Elsa Donohue / Sandra Seadstedt / David Chojnacki Chair-Head Relationship TPS - Ballroom 1 The Board Chair/Head of School Leading Together: Ginger and Fred on the Dance Floor - A real, dynamic and supportive Board Chair- Head of School relationship is essential to the success of a Board of Trustees that is committed to best practice in governance. The presenters will share their own journey in developing such a partnership and the challenges/opportunities they met along the way. The session will be grounded on recent work done by Rick Detwiler and David Chojnacki, who have been researching the topic. Marc Frankel / Abigail DeLessio Future Strategy TPS - Function Room 8 A Fresh Approach to Making Strategy - Strategy for international schools has never been more urgent in importance nor daunting in complexity. A school’s strategic domain lies within a space bounded by the future of education (particularly international education) on one side, the future of each school’s locality (economically, demographically, socially, and politically) on another side, the school’s economic model on the third, and the competitive private school environment nearby. All four are (increasingly) fluid, meaning that the landscape onto which we plot strategy is itself undulating and unstable. Dynamics such as these call for a new design-thinking approach to strategy and this session will walk through ways to keep boards and administrators on a stable footing while preparing for futures that will look little like the past or present. Join us for fresh thinking on the strategy-making front. Lee Ann Jung Assessment TPS - Function Room 6 Assessment, Grading, & Feedback: Digging Deeper - For those who have been on the path to reforming assessment and grading practices, we will dig deeper into your priorities. In this interactive and adaptive session, meet and collaborate with others on the journey to heathier assessment and grading. Participants will engage in an activity to generate their top priorities for questions and concerns to address. We will use small and large group dialogue to construct an understanding of the challenges ahead and share with one another those solutions, processes, resources, and connections that have been helpful on this journey. Jennifer Le Varge / Monita Sen Leadership TMS - Meeting Room 2 Self-Censorship in Leadership: Towards An Understanding of Implicit and Explicit Theories and Releasing Your ‘Voice’ - Have you ever been in a leadership meeting and wanted to state your perspective on the issue at hand, but instead remained silent? Self-censorship can erode transformative leadership and hinder innovation yet leaders often self-censor for a variety of reasons, both explicit and implicit. This session will encourage participants to explore their own self-censorship habits and implicit voice theories, discussing strategies for self-reflection and steps leaders can take to release their personal voice as well as honour others’ voices in school-wide decisions.


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Leadership Training Course (LTC901)


10:00 - 12:45

07:30 - 15:15

John Littleford Compensation TPS - Function Room 7 Mission-Based Faculty and Head Compensation: Recruiting, Retaining, Supporting and Rewarding the Best - The first goal of this session is to promote this important dialogue: If we could start with a blank slate, what faculty compensation and benefit system would we build and why? How would it serve the school’s mission and financial sustainability? How would it attract, retain and reward faculty who will advance a school’s mission and vision? We will show several salary system models and the messages that they send. The second goal of this session will outline for heads and boards a range of approaches that schools are using to recruit, compensate and reward heads, including providing various incentives. Whether or not one believes in performance related pay for heads, the trend is for more competitive and creative compensation regardless of school size. A head support subcommittee of the board should annually benchmark the head’s compensation and provides for a process that makes heads and their families feel valued. TMS - Rose Garden David Munro / Eileen Rueth Modern School Challenges - Schools have seen a dramatic shift in the challenges students face; heightened student anxiety, suicidal ideation, sexual misconduct among peers, drug and alcohol issues, student’s submitting fraudulent college applications. Join us in a hands-on collaborative exercise sharing strategies and resources to help us engage with these challenges collectively. Jon Nordmeyer EAL TPS - Function Room 10 Collaboration to Support Multilingual Learners: NCPA and WIDA - Nansha College Preparatory Academy (NCPA) uses an innovative approach to coplanning and co-teaching to ensure that effective EAL teaching happens every day. Important ingredients in the NCPA recipe for success are 1) integration of WIDA assessments and instructional resources and 2) leveraging students’ native Chinese to build literacy in English while unlocking content learning. Adam Olenn Marketing TPS - Function Room 2 Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About - Shopping for an education for your child costs about the same as a new luxury car every year, except that the stakes are much higher. That’s why traditional product marketing has less impact, and why word of mouth remains the dominant marketing tool for most schools. Learn how to design a program of experiential marketing that makes word-of-mouth work for you far beyond your enrolled families. Will Richardson School Change TPS - Ballroom 2 and 3 Making Change Happen: A Process for Moving from Old to Bold - While every school is different, there are a series of consistent steps that schools must take in order to create change that is relevant and sustainable. In this session, we’ll take a look at a process that has been repeated over and over by those schools who have decided to shed the ineffective practices and structures of traditional schooling and create cultures and classrooms where modern learning flourishes. Jennifer Sparrow Leading Change TPS - Function Room 9 Leadership Actions for Different Types of Change - Not all change is created equal. Some changes require a certain set of leadership strategies while other changes require a different approach. Unfortunately, many school leaders do not take the time to analyze the type of change taking place to drive what strategies they will use. This workshop will begin by helping leaders develop an understanding of different types of change and how this should impact the leadership strategies they use. Participants will then focus on one or more changes underway in their context to determine what strategies they should start, stop, and/or continue using. Jim Sweeney / Jane Martuneac Kang / James Honey Learning Communities TMS - Orchid Room Building Learning Communities: A Transformative Process - Transforming a school from single-cell, traditional classroom teaching to dynamic, relevant Learning Communities requires a dramatic shift in pedagogy. The orchestration and management of this change by the academic leadership team has resulted in collaborative teaching teams that create authentic, individual learning opportunities for the students within the Learning Communities. James Warnock Adult Professional Culture TPS - Function Room 4 What Leaders Can Do to Build Strong Adult Professional Culture - Our learning at Research for Better Teaching, supported solidly by research, is that there will be no sustainable improvement in student results and no elimination of achievement gaps until leaders and teachers succeed in strengthening key norms of behavior between adults. This workshop will share and explore 12 observable norms of interaction between adults we find to be central to the culture of a school that gets results for students. Handouts will be provided to support further participant reflection on the degree to which these norms of strong adult professional culture are observable in their schools. 10:00-12:45

(AD Institute) LTC 901 - Introduction to International School Athletic Program Administration Presenters: Scott Hossack & Catherine Tanco-Ong

11:15 - 11:30

TMS - Meeting Room 6


“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”




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John Littleford Governance TPS - Function Room 7 Governance Standards for Accreditation for Nonprofit and Privately-Owned Schools - What does an accrediting body look for when it delves into the governance aspect of a nonprofit and privately-owned school? How many members are there and how are they chosen? Is there any evidence of a conflict of interest on the board? How transparent is its decision-making? Is there a long-range financial plan in place? Has it engaged in any strategic planning? When it comes to governance practices, all boards must adhere to the same standards of best practice. Learn how to be prepared for the governance review of the accreditation process. Carlene Firmin Peer Abuse TMS - Meeting Room 3 A Guide to Safeguarding Resources for Preventing Peer-abuse in Schools - In the workshop participants will be introduced to a number of resources designed for and with educationalists to use in the development of their safeguarding work. From study surveys, to bystander intervention, school policies to staff training, this workshop will offer participants the time to consider a catalogue of resources they could draw upon to address peer-instigated harm between students. Resources particularly support participants to identify and address contextual factors associated to harm which have rarely been considered in standardised safeguarding work. Tom Schimmer Assessment TPS - Function Room 6 Raising the Rigor in Assessment Design - Rigor is about cognitive complexity, not volume. This session will focus on the ways in which teachers can ensure that the rigor of their assessments matches the intended rigor of curricular standards. Specifically, participants will come to know the strengths and limitations of each assessment method, how to select the most appropriate method to ensure reliable information, why learning progressions are critical for sound assessment design, and the various types of rubrics that can make criteria transparent. The quality of assessments is critical to creating a rigorous learning experience that supports students in their pursuit of excellence. Chris Jansen Peer Mentoring TPS - Function Room 9 Growing Leadership Through Mentoring - Leaders of learning grow the capability of the colleague that they work with. This involves shifting from the role of line manager to that of coach and mentor. In this workshop we will explore several modes of mentoring including a) more experienced to less experienced leaders (ie a supervisor or coaching style of model) and b) a peer to peer model where the support is mutual between pairs or small groups of leaders. Workshop participants will experience a number of practical tools for each mode that they can adapt and apply in their settings. Finally, we will connect to the outcomes of the pre-conference workshop which will have focussed on reviewing and refreshing the EARCOS Leadership Mentoring (ELM) programme to in order to extend the scale and impact of this programme. Marc Frankel / Abigail DeLessio Leadership TPS - Function Room 8 Culturally Congruent Leadership: A New Take On an Old Problem - Management guru Peter Drucker’s famous quip that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” applies to leadership as well. Leadership that is culturally incongruent with a school and its stakeholders will fail even though it may be technically flawless in other respects. The wave of demographic change now sweeping across international schools from Bogota to Brunei is bringing with it cultural changes that up the ante for leadership and governance. This session will include a survey of the implications of culture change for schools, plus a model of how school administrators and board members can adapt their leadership to bridge any gaps between their styles and those now demanded by the school community. Culture is not the enemy of either strategy or leadership, but an equal player in the game, not to be underestimated or overlooked by those trying to move a school forward. Participants will leave this session with both a new appreciation for culture and a way of leading that. Liz Hutchison Curriculum TPS - Function Room 2 Spice up your New Teacher Orientation and School Pre-Service with Curriculum! - How do you maintain sustainable curriculum and set your faculty up for success? This workshop helps new faculty learn the school’s learning systems and helps existing faculty assess their status regarding curriculum. It is personalized. It provides WHAT YOU NEED and WHAT THEY WANT. Sonia Bustamante / Dave Han GSuite TPS - Function Room 4 A Googling Administrator Version WASC - Use GSuite for Education to be efficient, save time, and collaborate with all of your stakeholders throughout the WASC Self-Study Process. Gather, save, analyze and disaggregate data. Collect evidence in Google Drive and create easy access for all stakeholders and for the Visiting Committee. This will be an interactive session with plenty of opportunities to share and learn valuable tips to digitally transform your school’s current or future WASC Self-Study process. Paul Martindale Data TMS - Meeting Room 1 A Data-Driven Approach To Building Quality Educational Services - American Statistician W. Edwards Deming famously said: “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” This session explores performance metrics as the major starting point for improving all educational services.


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Leadership Training Course (LTC901)


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07:30 - 15:15

Christie Powell Culturally Responsive Practice TMS - Meeting Room 2 Nimble or Not? The Journey Toward Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Practice in international schools - There is little debate that the landscape of international schools has evolved in recent years including, in some schools, a significant shift in our student demographics. But how nimble are we in responding to that shift through cultural and linguistically responsive practice to ensure equity in access to high quality learning? During the course of this session, I will share aspects of our journey at Stamford while using community learning exchange protocols to involve the voices of all participants in focusing on the opportunities, successes and potential roadblocks in our journey to truly embrace these practices. Mark Sullivan / Megan Eddington Student-Led Learning TMS - Meeting Room 4 A BCIS Story: IDEATE – The Journey to Student-led Learning - Join us on our journey--a pathway to learning that combines Voice and Choice, Rigor, Life-long Learning, and Authentic Assessment within a future focused high school program. This session will share with you how our innovative program manages to offer students the flexibility and opportunity to delve deeply into areas of interest within a structure that leads to a highly valued high school Diploma. Sarah Verdaguer Student Leadership TMS - Meeting Room 5 Developing Leaders for Today and Tomorrow - The recent focus on student voice has led many schools to re-think their teaching and learning practices. This session will examine student voice from the leadership perspective. It will look at how students can develop an understanding of what leadership entails and implement the qualities of leadership themselves. Frank Volpe Universal Design for Learning TMS - Meeting Room 10 Universal Design for Learning: a Framework for Inclusive Schools and Personalized Learning - This workshop is designed to introduce educators to the guidelines and principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL provides an easily accessible framework for building common differentiation practices across the written, taught, and assessed curriculum. This research-based framework is designed to help educators reach learners at all levels, including gifted learners. The role of UDL in supporting inclusive efforts and personalized learning will be emphasized. Kendall Zoller Effective Communication TPS - Function Room 10 Voices from the Ecotone - Many of us have been in situations with colleagues where we have a message and we know they don’t want to hear it. Imagine being able to deliver that message in ways that preserve relationships while at the same time increasing their receptivity to considering it. This session introduces a nonverbal/verbal framework derived from Grinder (2010) and modified by Zoller that intends to honor the relationships and address the challenging issues.

12:45-14:00 LUNCH Where to Eat Lunch The Pacific Sutera - Café Boleh Restaurant (Level 2) and Foyer of Hibiscus Garden (Level 1) The Magellan Sutera - Five Sails Restaurant & Al-Fresco Restaurant (Both in Level 1) 13:45-15:00 (AD Institute) LTC 901 - Introduction to International School Athletic Program Administration (cont.) Presenters: Scott Hossack / Catherine Tanco-Ong

TMS - Meeting Room 6

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“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”




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Nel Capadona / Chris Capadona Effective Marketing TPS - Function Room 9 Meetings Matter! Maximizing Collaborative Time with Your Staff - Admit it, not every school leader runs an effective meeting. We propose a fundamental shift in how educators think about meetings: they could potentially be the most important venue where learning can take place. Practical tools will be presented to show how meetings can become a strategy in school improvement. David Coleman / Marc Montague Accreditation TMS - Meeting Room 4 Putting it all Together: Seamless Systems Development for International School Accreditation - Preparation for an accreditation visit requires proven protocols to maximize effective collaboration and encourage cooperation among all stakeholders. In this session, participants will learn how to design the critical systems necessary to facilitate involvement while ensuring a consistent, efficient, and meaningful experience for all. From committee assignments and meeting schedules, to strategic evidence collection and website design, to crafting the report while maintaining a singular voice, this workshop covers the do’s and don’ts of setting up a successful school accreditation. Genevieve Ermeling / Anne Love / Billy Thomas / Lisa Hawkins School Change TPS - Function Room 6 The Ripple Effect: How Might We Empower Teachers to Lead Change? - Administrators often hear about innovative teaching practices or inspiring learning opportunities from passionate faculty. By examining the journey of bringing Design Thinking to Concordia and using it for human-centered design, participants will learn a process that allows innovation and effective practices to flow through an entire school community. Angela Hollington / Celeste Krochak EAL TMS - Meeting Room 1 From ‘EAL’ to ‘BML’ a school’s paradigm shift in its teaching of English Learners - Using the latest research on how the mother tongue supports students in international schools to learn English, this presentation will demonstrate how our school changed its model of teaching ‘EAL’ to a literacy inclusion model. We will explain the process, the research which led to the change and the benefits to our students and teachers. David Hoss / Lisa Wan PLC TPS - Hibiscus Garden Building Collaborative, Personalized Learning Communities within Elementary Schools - As we consider a personalized approach within the early learning years (K-2) we know there needs to be a balance between providing a defined set of prerequisite skills that students must know and opportunities for personalized learning. In this session we will walk you through a plan that the Singapore American School has developed to move personalized learning forward for our youngest learners to prepare them for one of the most transformational times in human history. Kedra Ishop University Admissions TMS - Meeting Room 5 Trends in U.S. University Admissions--What They Mean for the EARCOS Community - American-style universities have always had a strong connection to EARCOS member schools. Understanding the important trends and emerging practices in U.S. college admissions is essential for EARCOS school leaders. This interactive session, featuring a seasoned global higher education enrollment leader, will focus on the issues most important for EARCOS school leaders to understand in order to support their students’ college & career aspirations. AnnA Laurenson Wellness TMS - Meeting Room 2 Sharing Responsibility for Learning, Health and Well-Being - Agency for adults. Voice, choice and ownership for teachers, building learning communities where teachers take the lead. What is the secret to building a learning community where everyone can make a difference? Ellen Mahoney SEL TPS - Function Room 2 It Starts With Us: Developing Social-Emotional Competencies in Faculty and Leadership - The number of international schools embracing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is sharply increasing. Schools are investing in SEL curricula and programs that teach teachers how to employ proven SEL pedagogy. However, research suggests that there is a critical gap in teachers’ professional development in SEL: the development of their OWN social and emotional competencies. How can we expect students to develop SEL competencies if there are inconsistencies in the modeling of such competencies by the adults around them? Join us as we discuss the latest Social and Emotional Competencies research, consider which competencies faculty and administrators need to develop, and what effective professional learning might look like in this space. Jon Nordmeyer ELL TPS - Function Room 10 Assessing English Language Learners: Turning Data into Action (Repeat) - Twenty-first century international schools serve increasingly diverse transnational communities. Multilingual students are not only learning a new language but learning in a new language. Effective assessment practices help educators understand what learners can do, while empowering teachers to build on student assets so they can scaffold both language and content learning. Julie Olson / Azra Pathan School Change TMS - Meeting Room 3 Managing Large Scale Change: Holding it All Together - How do leaders keep a steady forward movement amidst rapid and extraordinary change? We will share the ISKL story of 2018-19 school year--unprecedented growth in faculty and students; the enormous undertaking of joining together on one campus; establishing new routines and processes for virtually everything in the ES; the implementation of inclusion. Keeping the precarious balance of a healthy school culture close in mind throughout the year, we will share strategies, structures and stories of ways we managed change and attended to culture, capacity and learning. Alan Phan Diversity in Leadership TPS - Function Room 7 Gender and Ethnic Diversity in International School Leaders - The presentation will share the research survey results which contains information about gender and ethnicity of international school leaders - Heads of School, Principals, and Directors of Teaching and Learning. Armed with this information, are leaders willing to do something to change the current landscape? 40

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Leadership Training Course (LTC902)



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Dave Shepherd Fundraising TPS - Function Room 4 The Art and Science of Major Gift Fundraising - Whilst the quantum that defines a major gift varies widely, the strategy, techniques and pipeline management required to secure any face to face gift does not. This workshop will look at the science behind a major gift programme from prospect identification, prioritising, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship. It will focus on the art of the respectful “Ask”, evaluating what should be said by who and when. Finally, the workshop will introduce some performance metrics and key performance indicators that will give you the confidence to implement this potentially transformational work into your school. Aaron Willette / Thomas English Leadership TPS - Function Room 8 Leadership Through Relationships: Building Stronger Learning Communities by Crossing Boundaries - Leadership is a dynamic social process that is dependent on relationships . In this session, you will experience how to use CLE pedagogies to build a stronger, more inclusive learning community. Modeled examples of CLE pedagogies will be presented to demonstrate how this process can be incorporated into your specific context. 15:00-18:45 (AD Institute) LTC 902 - Principles, Strategies and Methods for Athletic Programs in International Schools Presenters: Todd Parham / Sharon Leung 16:30 - 18:30

Mekong Region International School Association (MRISA) HEADS’ MEETING Facilitator: Jane McGee, United Nations International School of Hanoi


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SUNDAY 3 NOVEMBER 2019 The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS-WASC) 08:30-16:30 WASC: Focused Visiting Committee Member Training TPS - Function Room 4 Facilitator: Marilyn George This session will: 1. Prepare educators to serve on WASC visiting committees, emphasizing the role and responsibilities of a WASC visiting committee member and 2. Examine the guiding principles and essentials of the Focus on Learning process and its adaptability to support ongoing school improvement.


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“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”


Delegate List SCHOOLS BANGLADESH International School Dhaka Theodore (TJ) Coburn Regine de Blegiers CAMBODIA International School of Phnom Penh Elizabeth Ford Gareth Jones Lindy Leonhardt CHINA Access International Academy Ningbo Michelle Han Dan Waterman Shirley Xia American International School of Guangzhou Rick Adams Kevin Baker Dee Baker Dirk de Jager Sanja Ilic Corey Kydd Trixie Siemens Kerry Timmerman Zoe Timms Carmen Wu Winston Zhang American International School Hong Kong, (HK) David Han Anita Simpson Beijing City International School Donald Caldwell Phil Clark Debra Cota Alan Cox Megan Eddington Tanya Farrol Julie Lawton Yooah Nguyen David Nguyen Chantelle Parsons Sally Richmond Darren Skov Mark Sullivan Denise Sullivan Amanda Zhang Lucila Zornosa-Sanchez Beijing International Bilingual Academy Sharyn Baddeley


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Canadian International School of Hong Kong Jane Camblin Steve Doleman Zoe Heggie Vivienne Wallace Chinese International School (HK) Christine Doleman Concordia International School Shanghai Andy Aldrich Lisa Baermann Evelyn Chaveriat Genevieve Emerling Doug Grove Lisa Hawkins Curt Larson Kelly Jo Larson Anne Love Turner Neal Brenda Petersen Mary Scott Eric Semler Billy Thomas Fred Voigtmann Tanya Wu Dalian American International School Chris Boyle Nathan Burton Michael Felker Blair Lee Peter Row Dulwich International High School Suzhou Campbell Douglas Peter Garnhum Thomas Hughes Mark Jones Richard Nunns Diane Vaughan Hangzhou International School John Koski Pat Long Ben Milburn Hong Kong International School Brent Brayko Gene Cheh John Everett Kevin Krembs Sharon Leung David Lovelin Ron Roukema Virginia Udall Ann Wardwell

International Christian School Hong Kong Nerilee Hall Liz Hutchison International School of Beijing Jo Cole Tina Herman Patrick Hurworth Kenneth Lee Mimi Lee Kenneth Lee Cissy Mu David Munro Garrett Nunan Simon Parker Eileen Rueth Clarissa Sayson Jun Wang International School of Dongguan Todd Brink Hal Hennenfent Kelly Kramer Denny Kramer Nic Lun Horace Song Stella Xiao Vivian Yuan International School of Qingdao Alison Allen Karen Anderson Rocky Hawkins Jones John Ross Jo Anna Kolbe Lynn Mallory Jenny Min Stephanie Murphy Angela Patterson Diane Sonam Rebekah Teusink Ben Yap Nanjing International School Alex Chen Ruth Clarke Laurie McLellan Arek Owczarek International School of Tianjin Nathan Dunbar Frank Jiang Justin Lobsey Steve Moody Joe Schaaf Jenny Zhai Nansha College Preparatory Academy Patrick Kane Christine Palumbo

QSI International School of Shenzhen Brian Garner Shanghai American School John Ashenden Emmanuel Bonin Marcel Gauthier Scott Hossack Mohammad Kazerouni Sue Luh Kevin Lynch Kate Mouton Christina Ye Shanghai Community International School Daniel Eschtruth Jeff Ginter Melanie McClure Kristie O’Brien Patricia Qu Mathew Walsh Cissy Ye Shanghai SMIC Private School Emmanuel Vincent Shen Wai International School Fritha Jameson Anna Laurenson Daniel Legault Amanda Shepherd Ally Wu Shenzhen College of International Education Lisa Haitana Neil Mobsby Shenzhen Shekou International School Rachel Bishop Leda Cedo Michael Collins Rob Cormack Barry Jenkin Harish Kanabar Craig Ortner Philip Rogers Greg Smith Brent Wang Ewen Bailey Richard Bruford Bridgette Miller TEDA Global Academy (Formerly Teda International School) Cicily Coney Tim Warren Diane Warren

Tianjin International School Rico Corporal Lan Du SuJung Ham Ryan Witt UIS Guangzhou Robert Service Western Academy of Beijing Nicolai Amdrup Nathaniel Atherton Nathalie Azzopardi Michael Christiansen Ken Forde Martin Halpin Marta Medved Krajnovic Liam Patrick O’Shea Yingshya Pee Stephen Taylor Jean Zhang Wuhan Yangtze International School Barbara Foster Edgar Franks Karen Klumpp Amanda Thornton Christina Watson Xiamen International School Peter Burnside Yew Chung International School of Beijing Mark David Adams Rita Chen Eurika Foster Damien Hehir Yew Chung International School of Chongqing James Honey Ryan Hotham Yew Chung International School of Qingdao Yvonne Ma Jane Martuneac Kang Yew Chung International School of Shanghai Stephen O’Connor Geoffrey Slade Jim Sweeney Stefanie Wang Ian Ward Jinyi Wu Jessie Xiao Frank Zhang YK Pao School Siobhain Allum Lucy Liu

FIJI International School Suva Melissa Bjorkman Stephen Cathers Carlos Legaz-Clua Craig Sims Kristofer Stice

Medan Independent School Darren Acomb

INDIA Bangalore International School Anu Monga

Surabaya Intercultural School Sonia Chowdhury Tylene Desfosses Matthew Gaetano George Santiago

Canadian International School Bangalore Regis Caudrillier Ted Mockrish Oberoi International School Anthony Batchelor Veena D’Silva Vimi Lima Santos Barry Phipps The British School New Delhi Meghna Gomes Mark Defield Taitt INDONESIA Bali Island School Ratih Nurruhliati Kilburn Roby Garth Wyncoll Canggu Community School Keegan Combs Ben Voborsky Global Jaya School Cory Carson Oscarina Dewi Kusuma Andrew Dougharty Yohanes Edi Sunarya James Merry Steven Spannring Sarah Verdaguer

North Jakarta Intercultural School Lady Diana Gerald Donovan Justin Wallace

Saint Maur International School Rachel Forbes-Dias Annette Levy Timothy Matsumoto Seisen International School Ann Kagei Paul Mitchell Colette Rogers

JAPAN Canadian Academy Sim Cook Riana Job Renee Rehfeldt Jon Schatzky Rob Smailes

St. Marys International School Colleen Ashmore Michael DiMuzio Simon Faulkner Br. Michel Jutras Saburo Kagei Koji Shimomura

Canadian International School, Tokyo JP Jamieson

St. Michaels International School John Aspinall Gill Tyrer

Christian Academy in Japan Pam Kumate Winnie Langelaar David Marshall Nathaniel Rudd

The American School in Japan Warren Apel Genta Branstetter Jim Hardin Jon Herzenberg Marc L’Heureux Carole Nickle Ginny Prairie Wes Przybylski Scott Wilcox

Fukuoka International School Robin Schneider Hokkaido International School Alan Bossaer Neil Cooke Barry Ratzliff Kyoto International School Taylor Boyd Makuhari International School Trent Citrano

Hillcrest International School Tim Cripe Karen Cripe Kim Mills

Marist Brothers International School Marijana Munro Brian Munro

Independent Schools of Riau Julie Hunt

Nagoya International School Aubrey Curran Erik Olson-Kikuchi Matthew Parr Carol Walter

Jakarta Intercultural School Penny Amies Christophe Henry Elaine Nicholson Tarek Razik Peggy Shaw Justine Smyth Joanna Sommers Jacob Stockman

Osaka International School Steve Lewis Kurt Mecklem

Nishimachi International School Carol Koran Karen O’Neill Kalpana Rao

Tohoku International School Nick Schirmer Yokohama International School Susie Clifford Craig Coutts LAOS Vientiane International School Vivien Brelsford Rachel Dechaineux Elsa Donohue Humberto Marum Randy Peale Tina Santilli Chloe Savanvaly Sandra Seastedt MALAYSIA Alice Smith School Damian Broadbent Andrea Grassby Gavn David Lazaro Maura Quigley Marama Schnitker Roger Schultz Alif Ayman Tawfiq Ayman “Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”


Delegate List Dalat International School Cindy Boyd Brian Brewster Jeremiah Davis Karl Steinkamp Tressa White Shawna Wood

MYANMAR Ayeyarwaddy International School Brock Hughes Aung Ko Latt Yee-chen Robson Barbara Schultz Matt Smith

Garden International School Kuala Lumpur Matthew Corbett Nicola Nelson Robert Stitch Amy Ward

International School of Myanmar Mark Baker Ben Marsh Scott Slabaugh

IGB International School Aga Chojnacka Anne Fowles Govindan Nair International School of Kuala Lumpur Praxia Apostle Christine Baker Ian Brown Charlotte Diller Paige Emerich Deborah Fairman Jeff Farrington Catherine Gresse Jeff Harwood Brad Knowles Kwan Lee Joel Llaban Jr. Julia Love Ika Azwa Muzamal Julie Olson Anna-Marie Pampelonne Azra Pathan Patricia Podorsek Doug Woodward Jessica Wright International School of Kuantan Datin Noor Ainie Abdullah Nurita Abu Tahir Richard Carroll Mont’Kiara International School Darren Brews Trevor Laboski Tom Spence Murray Tehuki Raffles American School Lyle Moltzan MONGOLIA International School of Ulaanbaatar Tuul Arildii Gary Biondo William Elman Cynthia Wissman 46

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

The International School Yangon Gavin Ailes Greg Hedger Kirstin Hedger Cameron Janzen Nimmi Jayaram Steven Linn Christina Powers Sandy Sheppard Yangon International School Jason Carpenter Courtney Konyn Mike Livingston Gaylene Livingston Robin Montgomery Aileen Phyu Michael Shyne Sonny Zin PHILIPPINES Brent International School Baguio Celeste Coronado Jeremy Ryan Power Brent International School Manila Jason Atkins Sonia Bustamante Scott Carpenter Roehl Castaneda Louela Floresca Meredith Jewell Benjamin Josephson Catherine Ong Maria Cristina Pozon John Whalley Todd Wyks Brent International School Subic Brett Petrillo Cathrine Aster Rivero Ximena Silva British School Manila Glenn Neil Hardy Richard Healy Christopher Jones Martin Van der Linde

Cebu International School Glenn Davies Dale Wood Faith Academy, Inc. Jon Barlow Brian Foutz Carol Foutz Leighton Helwig Angela Mendoza Tom Potter International School Manila Adam Campbell Mike Dickinson Amanda Pekin Jasmeen Philen Steve Robinson Supriya Singh David Toze SINGAPORE Canadian International School of Singapore Heather Beck Cherie Boltong Mick Cooper Colleen Drisner Angela Henderson Angela Hollington John Kernis Celeste Krochak Aimee Meditz Michelle Sharp Jeffrey Smith Brian Tucker Geoff Ward Huali Xiong Chatsworth International School Michael Berry Daniel Costich Mark McCallum Tyler Sherwood Adrian Smith International Community School Singapore Sarah Donovan Sarah Majestic James Rader

Dennis Steigerwald Lisa Wan Stamford American International School Michael Day Elena De La Rosa Clare Johnstone Christie Powell Eric Sands Patricia Sands United World College of South East Asia Rebecca Butterworth Pascale Dillon Michael Gassner Erin Robinson SOUTH KOREA Asia Pacific International School Stephanie Frank Meg Hayne Eddie Kim Sarah McRoberts Amanda Meyer Andy Ris Chris Stapleton Kevin Woo Busan Foreign School Vanessa Allepuz Carl Brenneman Iain MacFarlane Chadwick International School Soleiman Dias Mei-Lyn Freeman Ted Hill Werner Paetzold Blake Roberts Daegu International School Scott Jolly Sarah Jolly Chris Murphy

ISS International School Margaret Alvarez Christopher Hayward

Dwight School Seoul Thomas Cho Paul Chung Mark Geraets Cherie Mar Kevin Skeoch Frank Vink Grace Zimmerman

Singapore American School Kate Brundage Jason Cone David Hoss Rachael Kumar Lee Ann Spillane

Gyeonggi Suwon International School Tony Cartmel Thomas Penland Shirley Penland Scott Wigenton

International Christian School Pyeongtaek Collin Thornton Korea International School Daniel Choi Daniel Kilback Jennifer Le Varge Sunny Ji Hyun Park Michelle Quirin Jeff Hyunwoong Shin Jim Slaid Will Vreugdenhil Korea International School-JeJu Campus Douglas Randolph Barringer Scott Jeffrey Brown Patrick Michael Carroll Benjamin Mark Fisk Jungwoo (David) Lee Mary Cameron O’Bryon Jones George Richard Odum Shawn Vento Benjamin Jay Wilkins Seoul Foreign School David Beaty Colm Flanagan Andy Freeman Jeff Holcomb Madeleine Kim Penelope Kim Aaron Moniz Damian Prest Jan-Mark Seewald Justin Smith Dawn Stark Clif Wilcox Catherina Yoon Sharon Yoon Seoul International School John Benavidez David Coleman Art DeFilippo Irene DeShazo Chang Yong Hong Marc Montague Taejon Christian International School Gail Smith Yongsan International School of Seoul Jeonghwa Chu Sean Garrick TY Hong Min Ah Jang Homin Kang Brian Marshall April Reyes Susan Sevey

TAIWAN American School in Taichung Anthony Keen Anna Lee Suzanne Pearson Annie Tung Dominican International School Jean Bergado Judy Cooper Mercia de Souza Donald Hilden Gustl Pido Ed Solis International Bilingual School of Hsinchu Jess Cheng Yichi Chu Chien-Wei Lee Seth Roberts Shu-Hui Wang Peggy Wu Karen Wu Kaohsiung American School Eric Chang Candy Chiu Jessie Coyle David Hwang Denny Ko Ken Lin Jammie Lin Brian Meehan Cory Pavicich Barnaby Payne Ben Ploeger Torey Ploeger Dawn Rock Tony Shien Bin Wang Monica Yang Morrison Academy Missy Basnett Doug Bradburn Heinsman Julie Dilley Larry Susanna Myburgh Finch Scott Tim McGill Taipei American School Grace Dodge Michael Dodge Jill Fagen Sharon Hennessy Daniel Hudkins Daniel Long Nathan Smith Anne Tsao

THAILAND American School of Bangkok, The Aidan Hamill Alissa Kordprom Brody LaRock Lady Tavedikul Pam Tavedikul Heather Webb Bangkok Patana School Jason Cooper Peter Taylder Chiang Mai International School Megan Ames Nel Capadona Chris Capadona Jurij (Yuri) Halushka Concordian International School James Leung Theerasak Somsai Sally Wen Aaron Willette Ekamai International School Sarita Arora Hazel Ilao Grace International School Jennifer Ford Carol Chawla International School Bangkok Kelly Armitage Elliott Bowyer Shelley Bragg Debi Caskey Andrew Davies Jennifer Delashmutt Kayleigh Ghiot Dennis Harter Brenda Perkins ISE International School Alexander Bennett Kelley Potisit KIS International School Linda Belonje-de Vries June van den Bos Michael Hirsch Paul Johnson Lanna International School Thailand Sarah Reynolds NIST International School Yvonne Trisynthia Laura Vervoort Prem Tinsulanonda International School Justin Jarman

Rachel Keys Jeff Marquis Ruamrudee International School Madeleine Bystrom Gretchen DePoint Tam Fawcett Josh Fritts James O’Malley Todd Parham Mathias Sanders Dan Smith Thai-Chinese International School Yosapol Changcharoenkij Shih Hui Chung Thomas Andrew English Betsy Louise Fitch John Mcgrath UWC Thailand International School Wendy Van Bramer Wells International School - On Nut Campus Katherine Caouette Ray de la Pena William Fraser-Jones Katina Grigoraskos Kristin Halligan Gona Narula Prerna Paryani Peng Suvilaisunthorn USA Punahou School Paris Priore-Kim Kealohi Reppun THINK Global School Russell Cailey Adnan Mackovic VIETNAM American International School, Vietnam Tracy France Trung Ho Barry Sutherland Concordia International School Hanoi Stephen Conroy Kim Stephens Ian Sutherland Steven Winkelman International School Ho Chi Minh City Brad Augustine Christine Byrne Thu Nguyen “Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”


Delegate List Saigon South International School Molly Burger David Chadwell Tim Chute Phuong Dinh Catriona Moran Donna Norkeliunas Tanya Olander Katie Rigney-Zimmermann Jon Wrzesinski

Autex Industries Ltd (Malaysia) Jai Guinness Nathan O’Brien

St. Paul American School Hanoi Moo Eiselstein David Trajtenberg

Callido Learning LLP (India) Yuvraj Lehr Krishna Mor

United Nations International School of Hanoi Tarique Al-Iesa Maria Chung Michelle Dinh-Jones Le Thanh Forsberg Teri Katleen Ostrom Stephen Lush Jane McGee Hieu Nguyen Maeve O’Donovan Misty Shipley Marc Vermeire

Cambridge Assessment International Education (UK) Su Li Chong Jamie Jin

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS 21st Century Learning International Limited (Hong Kong) Justin Hardman Sean Yeo ACHIEVE3000 (USA) Nick Black Lee Anne Housley ACS WASC (United States) Marilyn George Stephen Massiah David Ottaviano Barbara Parker Alana Steward

Better Chinese LLC (USA) James Lin BridgeU (Hong Kong) Shellie Gazdik Cristina Michelini

Can fish climb (England) Matthew Bennett Paul Grainger Carney, Sandoe & Associates (USA) David Chojnacki Fred Wesson Cezars Kitchen K.K. (Japan) Sharil Azlan Akbar Dadabaev Phillip Smith Chris Zarodkiewicz Cigna & CMB Health Insurance and Benefits (Thailand) Alisa Bee Mahaarnichanon Mayuree A. Phatarakamphon Cigna & CMB Health Insurance and Benefits (China) Jenny Whitaker Simin Zhu Clements Worldwide (USA) Smita Bhargava Scott Jacobs

Amazing Adventures in Education (USA) Shelley Cook

College Board (United States) Carol Choong Kedra Ishop

AQIA (UK) Kirstie Pruett Luke Whitehead

Collins (United Kingdom) David Wright

Australian Council for Educational Research (Australia) Tom Hilton Dona Niagara Dinata

Council for Advancement and Support of Education (Asia-Pacific) (Singapore) Kai Yi Ong Cheryl Torrado

Council of International Schools (CIS) (The Netherlands) Brian Bedrick Caroline Hartevelt Jane Larsson Stuart McLay Pauline O’Brien Curriculum Associates (USA) Jason Good Christina Richards Dawsons Music Ltd (UK) William Thompson Dragonfly Limited (Hong Kong) Will Huetinck East Carolina University (USA) Lynda Tredway Education Horizons Group (Australia) Chamil Fernando Waye Wynn Lee Justin Patterson Edx Education (Taiwan) David Jackson Engage by Double First (UK) Steve Jones Kieran Millar Virawat Tangjitsirichai EquipMySchool LLC (USA) Andrew Schmidt Paula Schmidt etr educational travel (Switzerland) Greg Godar Fanny Laurent Expenovate (Singapore) Abdul Wahab ExploreLearning (USA) Suzanne Saraya Faria Education Group (USA) Steven Born Tim Davis Aaron Parker Lakshay Sachdeva Finalsite (USA) Pamela Wallace Findel Education (UK) Gary Bond Firefly Learning (UK) Simon Hay


EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Follett (USA) Seonad Cook Karl Dzelzkalns Furlong (UK) Steven Weller Furnware (Singapore) Simone Baldwin Ryan Yearsley George Fox University (USA) Marc Shelton Global Online Academy (USA) Bonnie Lathram GROUND Asia (Thailand) Lauren Groves Harlequin Floors plc (Hong Kong) Jennifer Chan Annie Shek Houghton Mifflin Harcourt International Publishers (USA) Niamh Fagan Hussey Seating Company (Vietnam) Apple Chan Hien Hoang Spencer Pierce Todd Pierce iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd (Thailand) Wong Chee Weng Elaine Kum Hattie Walters IMPACT Marketing International, Inc (Canada) Deborah Janz Maryanne Lechleiter Jessica Thompson Insurance Services International (USA) Kevin McPeak Steve Raffellini Julian Teston International Baccalaureate Organization (Singapore) Monita Sen Ashish Trivedi International Medical Group IMG (USA) Ricardo Urbina

International Schools Services (ISS) (USA) Amanda DeCardy Liz Duffy Victoria Guo Carlene Hamley Lila Leung Laura Light Elizabeth Martinez Beth Pfannl Lory Thiessen Wayne Wang Dana Watts Serena Weng iSAMS (UK) Jamie Reid ISC Research Ltd. (UK) Sam Fraser Richard Gaskell Stephanie Quayle Island Connections International (Indonesia) Matthew Ray Maruli Simanjuntak Jostens International (USA) Patrick Roberts Jungle Lore Student Expeditions Pvt Ltd (India) Gaurav Athalye Ayush Singh Kompan Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore) Kevin Chng Justin Edwards Sze Ying (Karlie) Yeap Learning A-Z (USA) Marc Cabianca Leo Liu Lockton Companies Singapore (Singapore) I Putu Kusuma Hadiwijaya Michael McGurn Pondra Permana Gavin Snook ManageBac LLC (United States) Alex Lewis McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) (Singapore) Wee Liam Ng Lawrasari Suardy Mercer (China) Ltd (China) Jenny Li

Modern Teaching Aids Pty Ltd (Australia) Tanya Hoare Ethan Wong Moonlight School (Nepal) Santosh Koirala MSH International (China) Isabelle Jiang Gloria Shen Kelvin Xu New England Association of Schools & College (NEASC) (USA) Trillium Hibbeln Northwest Evaluation Association | NWEA (USA) Lance Atchison Debra Atchison Sisi Chen Lucia Chen One World Cover | Health Insurance Specialists (China) David Bortz Michael Pennington Oriental Benefit Group (China) Zikai Liu Ally Tan Pacific Prime - Simplifying Insurance (Hong Kong) Jason Armer Pierre de Mirman Gautam Mahey

Richmond Associates, UK Office (Singapore) Sonja Dunphy

Think Strategic For Schools (Australia) Maxine Driscoll

Rocket Science Sports, LLC. (USA) U-Jeana Chen

TieCare International (USA) David Carter Marina Lee Eva Lopez Mark Tomaszewski

Sage Publications (Singapore) Afif Hariri Ana Shahara Schoolbox Pty Ltd (Australia) Ellen Richards Grant Van Der Kruk Schrole Group Ltd (Australia) Nick Allan Sam Cowley Kate Deane Rob Graham Peter Liddell Search Associates (USA) Gez Hayden Norma Hudson Nick Kendell Ray Sparks SENIA Pricilla Leighton SkoolSpot Inc. (Canada) Ash Pugh Rebecca Young SUNY Buffalo State (USA) Michael Lovorn

Perkins Eastman (USA) Sherry Han Ron Vitale

Taylors Education Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) BK Gan Karl Engkvist Ros Yeoh

Pronin International (Australia) Chris Pronin Nick Pronin

teach away inc (Canada) David Macfarlane Doug Morrow

Raeco (Australia) Phillip Babich Trevor McCann Chhaya Patel

The Enrollment Management Association (USA) Peter Baron Kristen Carey Power

Rediker Software, Inc. (USA) Manish Mathew Rich Rediker

The Investment Center International / Tietax (USA) Stephen Boush David Lim

Rephouse (M) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Neil Warden Richmond Associates, Asia Office (Singapore) Beng Hwee Chua

The Virtual High School (VHS, Inc.) (USA) Xuan You

TOTEMA TeamStyle (China) Millie Ma George Qiu True Teaching Pte Co. Ltd (Thailand) Nadine Tyro TTS GROUP (England) Fiona Moring Unifrog (United Kingdom) Daniel Keller Farhana Somani Nick Weir University of Nebraska High School (United States) Barbara Shousha University of San Francisco (United States) Walt Gmelch Glenys Hill Danfeng Koon Virco, Inc. (USA) Dan Hansen Washington State University (USA) Roger Rada Wenger Corporation (USA) PooiSan Kow Western University, Faculty of Education (Canada) Ian Deakin Glenn Odland INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS Mitch Andres (Timor Leste) Martin John Blackburn (Indonesia) Adam Broomfield (Hong Kong) Glenn Canterford (Oman) Emily Cave (China) John Cheska (Taiwan) Kathy Cheska (Taiwan) Mary Chua (Philippines) Deidre Fischer (Australia) Beccy Fox (Hong Kong) Richard Henry (Singapore) “Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”


Delegate List INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS Mark Lockwood (Macau) Tracy Lockwood (Macau) Mike Lucero (Indonesia) Kevin Maxfield (Macau) Barrie McCliggott (Indonesia) Alex Metelev (Myanmar) Oscar Nilsson (Indonesia) Diane Riggenbach (Bangladesh) Pam Sephton (Cambodia) Minjing Shen (China) Howard West (Hong Kong) Endang Wrestiaty (Indonesia) NON-MEMBERS AUSTRALIA Duncan Davison Chris Gould BANGLADESH Catherine Crawley CAMBODIA Merve Sanli Bulut Mike Belloni Andy Gordon Robert Hyndman Jacinta Seng Jenna Tui Carol Waddell Mary Wastell Joy Young CHINA Derrick Berry Ja Chang Christopher Coates (HK) Myles D’Airelle Abbi DeLessio (HK) Mark Dominguez Darcie Flansburg Jacky Fung (HK) Hui Han Jessica Heyman Chris Irvin Sherdeana Jordan Jesse Kennedy Brian Lalor Angie Lee (HK) ZhuLin Li Katrina McClure Adam McGuigan (HK) Allan Morrison Britni Padilla Richard Pratt (HK) Gaye Rawding Pat Romano (HK) Katie Saunter (HK) Caroline Scott Alan Shen Kathy Shi Upashna Rai Simandan 50

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Ashley Simpson Matthew Sneyd (HK) Anne Sweet Jamie Stark (HK) Thomas Tucker Brantley Turner Jinsong Wang Ellen Yi INDIA NC Mohan Chandramohan INDONESIA Iqbal Bayhaki Julie Browett Jon Cherry Romy Irmawan Adam Martin Bambang Eko Nugroho Poppy Rusdi Sastri Sarimaya Ayudiah Nadine Winspear JAPAN Megan Roe Robert Skinner MALAYSIA Charlotte Emily Baker Michelle Chaplin Joseph Fambro Victor Ferriera Jessica Hale David Matthew Hallas Leigh Janett Rajeswary Kanaga Rajah Margaret Renshaw Rajeev Sharma Marc Shuflin Jo Smith Peter Wells MONGOLIA Roger Dutcher Ariun Zorigt MYANMAR Theingi Aung Tamara Doak Mike Gordon Lynda Howe James Joubert Rene MacQuillin Patrick Paing Tha Htoo Dhanesh Tulsidas Zaveri PHILIPPINES Mary Concepcion Cancino Jobell Villacorta QATAR Joneen Walker

SAUDI ARABIA Richard Davies

Brenda Williamson Carol Ann Warnock

SINGAPORE Neil Corrigan Darryl David Matt Harris Deidre Hazlewood Olivia Ng Angelica Nierras Renato Rainone Maureen Russell

VIETNAM Ben Armstrong Mark Bell Matthew Buxton Angela Meikle Michael Miller Thuy Nguyen Sean Noga Michael Perry Jo Roberts Erin Tacey John Michael Tower Nguyen Tran Nhu Hoa Thao Trinh Anh Vu

SOUTH KOREA Justin Boyd Jillian Iwanuk Hyoshin Kim Minjeong Kwon Sterling Loza Youngwoo Park TAIWAN Steven Bates Jay Billones Martina Chen Harriet Chien WenJyh Chyn Stephen Cravak Ed Eibel Quyen Scriven THAILAND Johanna Cooper Joe Fonseca Claudio Macron Andrew Read Francis Sherwood Andrew Shutsa Ryan Silverthorne Hadden Allen UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Paul Richards Cory Willey UNITED KINGDOM Rod Fraser Mark Orchison Cameron Strange Rachael Westgarth Conor Wilson USA Tim Carr Brant Childers Marcus Choi Karen Coyle Amy Dean Ryan Foreman Garett Freeman Kevin Lindsey Matt Northrop Tim Thompson

PRESENTERS Harvey Alvy (USA) Graham Brown-Martin (UK) Carlene Firmin (UK) Marc Frankel (USA) Chris Jansen (New Zealand) Lee Ann Jung (USA) Noel Khng (Singapore) Douglas Killgore (USA) John Littleford (USA) Rami Madani (Malaysia) Ellen Mahoney (USA) Jon Nordmeyer (USA) Adam Olenn (USA) Will Richardson (USA) Tom Schimmer (Canada) Dave Shepherd (Singapore) Jennifer Sparrow (Singapore) Ann Straub (USA) James Warnock (USA) Kendall Zoller (USA) EARCOS OFFICE (Philippines) Edward E. Greene (Exec. Director) Bill Oldread (Asst. Director) Ver Castro Edzel Drilo Christin Greene Beth Oldread Elaine Repatacodo Giselle Sison Robert Viray GUESTS Larry Hobdell, (U.S. Department of State Regional Education Officer, East Asia Pacific) Tom Ulmet (ACAMIS) Benny Chen (Int’l School of Tianjin) Leah Zhao (Int’l School of Tianjin)

Acknowledgments Special Thanks to Dr. Larry Hodbell, U.S. Department of State Regional Education Officer East Asia Pacific and Dr. Thomas Shearer, Director, Office of Overseas Schools for their continuing support of EARCOS schools. The Sutera Harbour Resort Hotel Gerard Tan - Deputy Chief Executive Officer Hasnaffina Hassnar - Director of Events Management Noorhayati Amat - Senior Events Manager Sutra Harbour Golf & Country Club - Paul Wong Joshua Chaw - I.T. Special Thanks to Golf Tournament for organizing the Annual EARCOS Golf outing Todd Parham, Ruamrudee International School Catherine Ong, Brent International School Manila Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) Chloe Chong Wen Feng - Sales Manager – Association Sabah Tourism Board Christina Wong - MICE Executive BORNEO PASSAGES SDN BHD Sharon Civilian Jenny Daniel


“Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance”




EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

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EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019  

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