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GSA DOE National Nuclear Security Administration Campus

S C IF : Sensitive Compar tmented Information Facilities

GSA IRS Processing Center

SCIF & Secure Space Compliance JE Dunn has a deep portfolio in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) and ICD/ICS 705 (formerly DCID 6/9) compliance. We know the critical security elements that must be implemented during construction and the inspections that go along with the accreditation process for a SCIF facility. Proper pre-testing and communication of expectations is crucial to ensure secure facilities can be certified and put into service. We are accustomed to dual electrical feeds, RF shielding, low-voltage, detection, security, and CCTV, which are found in most SCIF Environments. JE Dunn is familiar with TEMPTEST Certification, Basic Egress Certification, and follows the guidelines in the NCSC 2017 v 1.4 Technical Spec for Construction & Management of SCIF for ICD/ICS 705, the 2010 Intelligence Community Standard 705-2 accreditation, and 2010 ICS 705-1 Technical Spec. Proper planning includes developing a Construction Security Plan (CSP) to serve as the guiding document for the digital and physical security of the site and related documents and a Site Security Representative (SSR), who is responsible for all physical and document security-related matters as the primary conduit between the JE Dunn team and the client’s assigned site security managers.

JE Dunn has experience with critical security elements that must be implemented during design and construction and the inspections that go along with accreditation process for a SCIF facility.

Sampling of JE Dunn’s SCIF project experience: • GSA DOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Campus, Kansas City, MO [$550M] • Idaho National Laboratory Cybercore and C3 Data Centers, Idaho Falls, ID [$93.6M] • USACE Historic Fort Leavenworth Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS [$109.3M] • Confidential Aerospace & Technology Client, CO [Confidential Cost] • Quality Technology Services FW1 Data Center, Fort Worth, TX [$18.9M] • GSA IRS Processing Center and KC Main Post Office Relocation, Kansas City, MO [$272.5M] • United States Postal Service Philadelphia Processing and Distribution Center, Philadelphia, PA [$170.3M] • USACE Peterson AFB SOCNORTH Theater Operations Support Facility, Peterson AFB, CO [$51M]


Idaho National Laborator y Cybercore Facility SCIF FACILITY INSPECTIONS

• Idaho Falls, ID

JE Dunn completed two new highly-secure buildings totaling 148,000 SF for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and Idaho State Board of Education: the Cybercore Integration Center and the Collaborative Computing Center (C3). INL is the nation’s leading center for nuclear energy research and development and is one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s national laboratories. When working in a SCIF facility, each element is inspected at every phase. Not only will they be inspected by JE Dunn personnel and our QA/QC specialist, but also by the AHJ, the AO and in most cases someone from the Owner’s team or another certified third-party. At the Idaho National Laboratory Cybercore Facility, the walls alone required five separate inspections at different construction stages: 1. Framing 2. 1st Layer of Drywall & Insulation 3. 2nd Layer of Drywall & Insulation 4. The 10 Gauge Plate Under Drywall on Interior Wall 5. Paint – Specifically to the Lay-in Ceilings This was especially important to the Department of Energy; they wanted to inspect every layer of drywall and the top of wall details. We knew the DoE could look above ceilings to see if anyone had tried picking a hole in the drywall to plant listening devices. We work with Owners to determine the most important areas to create the necessary inspection protocols. For all other areas, we followed the ICS 705 inspection guidelines.

Project Facts Cost: $93.6M Size: 148,000 SF total (Cybercore: 88,000 SF) Deliver y: CM @ Risk


GSA DOE National Nuclear Security Administration Campus INCORPORATING DESIGN CHANGES WITHOUT IMPACTING COST & SCHEDULE • Kansas City, MO JE Dunn served as the design-builder for the 1.5M SF NNSA Campus for the Department of Energy. The complex has sophisticated physical and electronic force protection systems and entry points as well as SCIF areas that house conference rooms with specialized sound attenuation to avoid inadvertent conversation disclosure, security grilles over all duct openings, sound attenuation in all vents, ducts, and pipes, secure access ports for systems inspection, and specially designed security joints at precast panels. Within the campus is a three-story steel frame administrative office building. The building has “outer,” “middle,” and “inner” areas and access is restricted accordingly. The spaces can be reconfigured in a quick and cost-effective manner. The design incorporated workplace standards that increase productivity, with special consideration for work flow, efficiency, work stations, lighting, and technology. The Director of Central Intelligence Directive 6/9 was the standard when the design of NNSA began. During design, the new ICD 705 requirements were issued. JE Dunn was able to modify the design to meet evolving security standards and incorporate both DCID 6/9 and ICD 705 requirements into the project without impacting the schedule and cost.

Project Facts Cost: $550M Size: 1,572,278 SF total (SCIF SF: Building 1: 6,000 SF, Building 2: 20,000 SF, Building 3: 295,000 SF) Delivery: Design-Build


USACE Peterson AFB SOCNORTH Theater Operations Support Facility

USACE Historic For t Leavenwor th Command and General Staff College

Colorado Springs, CO

Fort Leavenworth, KS

JE Dunn is constructing the new U.S. Special Operations Command North (SOCNORTH) Theater Operations Support Facility at Peterson AFB. The two-story, 87,019 SF building will serve as a headquarters and command/control center and will feature office space, storage, and SCIF areas designed and constructed to ICD/ICS 705. Critical elements implemented under the contract include employing a dedicated Site Security Representative (SSR) and the execution of a Construction Security Plan (CSP) in compliance with these standards.

This 96-classroom facility integrates technology in every phase of its operation, allowing the students to utilize fully-integrated data, voice and video in a variety of learning simulations. The building was designed to allow maximum flexibility for system upgrades so learning experience evolves with technology. The facility contains space (approximately 4,000 SF of office and conference areas) designed and constructed with Director of Central Intelligence Directives (DCID 6/9) standards incorporated for Electronic Equipment and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs).

Cost: $51M

Cost: $109.3M

Size: 87,019 SF

Size: 420,447 SF

Deliver y: Design-Build

Deliver y: CM @ Risk

Quality Technology Ser vices FW1

GSA IRS Processing Center

Fort Worth, TX

Kansas City, MO

JE Dunn completed 15,000 SF of a SCIF data hall buildout for 3MW of critical infrastructure in a N+2 Mechanical and 2N Electrical Block redundant distribution. The interior SCIF walls are comprised of two layers of 5/8 Gyp Board, expanded metal and Radiant Foil Shielding. There were minimal penetrations in the SCIF walls. Each section of the wall build was verified and documented by a 3rd party accreditation official. Phase 2 consisted of a 14,000 SF SCIF data hall buildout with the identical 3MW of infrastructure installed.

The GSA IRS Data and Operations campus was designed and constructed to consolidate IRS operations. The project included a large underground space not seen at street level, with complex utility and data systems that support the facility’s mission. JE Dunn managed and constructed the facility’s highly secured SCIF, as well as complex security and monitoring systems to safeguard IRS processes, which included “eye in the sky” security monitoring of tax return processing. Force protection measures consisting physical barriers, surveillance and motion detection are also included.

Cost: $18.9M

Cost: $272.5M

Size: 15,000 SF

Size: 620,000 SF

Deliver y: CM @ Risk

Deliver y: Design-Build

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