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BALLYFERMOT Unit 1 Phoenix SC, Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate, Dublin 10. Tel: 623 1393



WEST EDITION 17 september 2010

CLONDALKIN/ LUCAN NEW MOBILE TYRE FITTING SERVICE Wheel call to your home or office! Just call 623 1393/457 8086

We won’t be beaten on price.

Unit 1, Esso Service Station, 9th Lock Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. Tel: 457 8086 Open Mon - Sat 8.30am to 5.30pm Ballyfermot Branch only: Sun 11am - 4pm


Delivering to: Ballyfermot ● Lucan ● Leixlip ● Celbridge ● Clondalkin ● Newcastle ● Palmerstown ● Rathcoole

Ballyfermot backs Mary

MILLS & BLOOMS FLORISTS Funerals • Weddings • Birthdays • Deliveries Worldwide Let Flowers say it for you

For all your floral needs The Mill Shopping Centre, Clondalkin. Telephone 01 457 7181.

By Catherine Blake Ballyfermot is bristling with pride and excitement as rumours that local X factor contestant, Mary Byrne, has made it through to coveted Live T.V. stages of the competition, abound. THE BOOKIES, Paddy Power helped to fuel the rumour mill by recently installing her as their 5-1 favourite to win this year’s X-Factor following her stunning performance at the Croke Park auditions. The single mum wowed the judges with her version of Shirley Bassey’s ‘I who have nothing’ and is already been dubbed by the British press as Ireland’s answer to Susan Boyle. Paddy Power told The Local News: “X-Factor forums have been buzzing recently with talk about Mary’s Croke Park performance and it seems they were absolutely right. We’ve taken over 200 bets on her to win this year’s X-Factor since last night's show was broadcast and already have been forced to cut her odds from 8-1 to 5-1. She seems to be the real deal and is definitely the one to beat.” Of course nowhere is the excitement more palpable


BRIAN McELROY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Monastery Road, Clondalkin, D22. Tel: 464 0048 (anytime)

Thoughtfully located in Clondalkin Village than among her friends and co-wokers in Tesco, Ballyfermot. “I’ve worked with Mary for 15 years and knew right from the start she was destined for greater things,” says Caroline O’Callaghan, who attended the X Factor auditions with Mary. “She didn’t have enough confidence in herself untill recently, maybe it was the terrifying prospect of turning 50

Wishing Mary very success are Tesco colleagues Anne O Callaghan, Caroline Foster, Caroline O'Callaghan, Peggy Hegarty and Nicola Doyle.

that did it,” Caroline laughs. “She entered a TG4 singing competition last year and won, nothing came of it but it gave her the confidence she needed to go for X factor, and we couldn’t be more delighted for her.” Another work colleague, Caroline Foster, who also attended the auditions with Mary told The Local News:

“I’ve been working with Mary for 11 years and she was forever breaking into power ballads whilst working on the tills. She has a great personality and was always popular with customers, who would happily queue just for a bit of Mary’s ‘Tesco therapy’. “But since she appeared on the X factor the atmoscontinued on page 2

OUR SERVICES TO YOU: Burial or Cremation • Repatriation • Care, preparation & presentation of your loved one • Floral Service WE WILL CALL TO YOUR HOME AND ARRANGE EVERYTHING IN FAMILIAR SURROUNDINGS, SHOULD YOU WISH.

Dublin 624 9710

Newbridge 045 431 281

€289 Deliveries to: Ballyfermot, Celbridge, Clondalkin, Leixlip, Lucan and Palmerstown

Valid on 21/09/10


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The Dublin Property Specialists

Use The Best WILSON MOORE now recognised as one of the most successful Estate & Letting Agents in Dublin are always available to advise people considering selling or letting a property in the Dublin area. Vendors and Landlords alike are aware of the company’s incredible track record throughout the capital especially on the west side and north side and respect Wilson Moore for their success in difficult times. Their performance during the recession has been remarkable and their reputation for selling and letting property is known citywide. As the managing director Christina Wilson proudly states “we get an enormous amount of referrals from satisfied clients who recommend us to neighbours, family, friends, and work colleagues.” As the Wilson Moore slogan states ‘No Waffle just results’ and that is exactly what you will receive from this world class award winning estate agents. If you really want to know how much your property is worth and how long it will take to sell they will tell you out straight and get the job done. With their state of the art premises, superior marketing and renowned selling skills this company is the one to sell your property. The company’s customer friendly staff are well known for the time and effort they put into every property transaction. “Before I set up my company in 2006 I felt that the service levels within the industry could be improved an awful lot and that is what I was determined to achieve from day one a

reputation for high quality service and excellent results” emphasises Christina Wilson. “Yes I totally agree we both think the exact same about performance neither of us believe in excuses just results that is why I chose to join Wilson Moore as Sales Director” adds Patrick Leonard. In the current market place it is not just the sales service that is important but equally the after sales service to get the transaction completed without unnecessary delays and brought to a successful conclusion as soon as possible. “We will always do our utmost to ensure that all aspects of a property transaction are monitored very closely and ongoing communication with all parties concerned is essential until the deal is done “ states Christina Wilson. “Separate to sales we know that a lot of landlords are concerned at the moment about the rental market and are having problems securing suitable tenants for their properties” states Patrick Leonard. The company’s Lettings Department is always on hand to advise landlords on current market conditions and assist them in every area of property management. Their offices are open Monday through Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 12.00 noon. Take some time to view the Wilson Moore corporate video on and/or phone the Lo Call number 1890 80 80 80 to talk with the Dublin property specialists.

PH: 1890 80 80 80

phere in the store is electric, the amount of cards and gifts that customers have sent in is amazing.” Anne Farrelly, who is Mary’s team leader, has also been a family friend for years, “ I used to go watch Mary sing in Tim Young’s and the Shamrock pub with her brother, ‘Tommy Lee Jones’ and always knew she was destined for greater things. “She is the soul of the check out, nobody wants to go to the express checkouts when she was on the regular till,” she laughed. According to the two Carolines who both attended the auditions with Mary, the audition process was a long and grueling one. “We arrived at 11am in the morning and we didn’t get home till after 1am the following morning. Mary had to wait 12 hours before she was seen by the judges but she still managed to blow them away.” Indeed Mary’s powerful performance on the X Factor judging panel saw her sail through to the boot camp stage of the top TV show. Her performance was so electric that it moved judge Cheryl Cole to tears, who, declared it ‘one of the best auditions in Dublin’. A teary-eyed Cole congratulated Byrne, saying: “That was my favourite audition from Dublin so far. It was just full to the brim with power, emotion and passion. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact I found myself getting goose bumps it was fantastic.” Fellow Judge Louis Walsh told the Tesco worker that her act was one of the best auditions of the day. Mary told the judges that she loved singing. “ My name is Mary and I work on the tills in Tesco. I always sing at the till. What I really want to do is sing.’ Before being unanimously passed by the judges, guest judge, American superstar Katy Perry,

over Ballyfermot and beyond have set up a Facebook page in honour of their new heroine. The page already has attracted thousand of followers with numbers steadily rising. Mary’s daughter

asked Mary what stopped her from pursuing her dream in the past. Mary replied “low Self esteem.”. Thankfully self esteem is no longer an issue for Mary as devoted fans from all

Deborah, thanked the legions of facebook fans for supporting her mother in the competition and expressed the hope that they will get a chance to vote for her. Whether Irish fans will be able to

vote from the Republic is a contentious topic that is still under tough negotiation between TV3 and ITV. The Local News wishes Mary the very best of luck.

46,000 awaiting treatment The National Treatment Purchase Fund is denying that there are any lengthy delays on hospital waiting lists. The NTPF has said waiting lists have been reduced from up to five years in 2002 to a current average of two-and-a-half months. However, new HSE figures show that by the end of July there were more than 46,000 people awaiting In-patient and Day Case treatment.


DID YOU KNOW You can have your window Roller Blinds Cleaned? ALL AREAS OF DUBLIN Main Offices: Walkinstown & Tallaght Branches at Stillorgan, Coolock, Castleknock & Swords

Phone: 450 9950/450 7997/419 8328 CARPET & BLIND CLEANING SERVICE New blinds supplied. Venetian, vertical, roller blinds - cleaning. New chords supplied if required. Carpets, upholstery and blinds cleaned at your home, office, hotel, bar etc. Stair carpets moved, underlay supplied. Curtains removed, cleaned and rehung. Curtain rails supplied or repaired.



2pm Payout €960

3pm Payout €2700

Books only €4 and €6

Books only €7 and €11

Books only €4 and €6


1pm Payout €600

2pm Payout €960

3pm Payout €2700

Books only €3 and €5

Books only €7 and €11

Books only €9 and €12

Gala Bingo, Ballyfermot. Tel: 626 2620. Free parking at rere.


25 years in business ‘Punctuality and Reliability is key to our success’

CCCTB – it was always just a matter of time SINN FÉIN Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald has strongly criticised the EU Commissions intention to proceed with the introduction of a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) for member states. “Government, Fine Gael, the Labour party and big business interest groups such as IBEC swore blind during both Lisbon Treaty debates that this could never happen. It is now happening.”

GAS SERVICES Limited are proud to celebrate it's 25th Anniversary in business. The company started trading in October 1985 and the present owner of the business Philip Cassin joined in 1986. From small acorns big oak trees grow and such was the case with Gas Services Ltd. Due to commitment, long hours, and a belief in being reliable and punctual the company has grown from two engineers in vans with mobile phones the size of a brick, to the well respected business it is today. Gas Services Ltd employs a staff of 24. It has a Southside

branch and also a Northside branch. It has 16 vans on the road and 16 mobile engineers available to service your gas appliances. The owner Philip firmly believes that punctuality and reliability is key to building a successful business. Call freephone 1800 66 77 89 book a gas boiler service and if you are waiting more than 30 minutes you will be refunded €10, no ifs or buts and definitely no days off work are wasted. The origin of the companies success has been on offering a reliable service from day one in the 1980's

when they specialized in maintaining Potterton boilers and attending to warranty breakdowns as they occurred. Their reputation for excellence has enabled them to retain clients from the beginning and to attract new customers on an ongoing basis. In fact Gas Services is now one of the largest Gas Boiler servicing companies in Dublin. To further ensure that appointments are kept on time, technology by way of a tracking system for the service vehicles is employed. This ensures all vehicles are constantly being monitored in

order to optimize appointment times for you the householder. Visit the Gas services Ltd website for further information on Regular servicing of your Gas Boiler will not only ensure that it is running safely and efficiently but will also greatly reduce the incidence of untimely breakdowns, saving you money in the long term. So feel free to make that call to 1800 66 77 89 and schedule a service now and arrange a time that will be convenient to you and remember punctuality is a given with Gas Services Ltd.

“The Commission has been working on the introduction of a CCCTB for Europe since 2001. The EU has to varying degrees consolidated economic, social and monetary policies. Taxation policy is the next step. Sinn Féin argued against giving the EU further powers during the public debates on the Lisbon Treaty.The EU Tax Commissioner Algirdas Semeta has clearly stated that if member states do not sign up a CCCTB he is prepared to force the issue by using an enhanced co-operation procedure.” “The country is broke, billions are being lost to Anglo’s black hole and the ECB is the only taker when it comes to Irish bonds.The bigger member states are eager to finalise a CCCTB for Europe and Ireland is totally unable to stop them. Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation can Batt O’Keeffe can huff and puff all he wants, but he knows the government has not got a leg to stand on.”


Feeling safer visiting Arthur Griffith Park Hansel & Gretel Playschool & Afterschool Care Service ● Fully Trained Staff ● Indoor & Outdoor Supervised Play ● Children from 2 years 6 months ● IPPA member ● HSE approved

E-mail: Foxborough Road Lucan. Tel: 01 628 2938 or Mobile: 086 272 7070


The Roof & Gutter Doctor Emergency Repairs Flat Roof Specialist Gutter, Fascia & Soffits

SINN Féin Dublin Mid West representative Eoin Ó Broin has welcomed the results of a Community Safety Survey in Arthur Griffith Park, Lucan, indicating that 67% of respondents feel as safe or safer in their homes and communities compared to this time last year. However with 33% of respondents feeling less safe than this time 12 months ago Ó Broin called for ‘increased resources to be directed to the Gardaí and relevant community services to ensure that all residents feel safe in their homes and communities.’ The door-to-

door survey carried out by Sinn Féin, asked residents a number of questions about community safety and anti social behaviour issues. 48 households participated in the survey. The information from the survey will be passed to the Gardaí and the Council to assist them in their work in this area. Speaking after the launch of the survey results Eoin Ó Broin said: ‘There is positive news in this survey with 67% of respondents feeling as safe or safer in their home and community compared to this time last year. ‘However with

33% of respondents feeling less safe there is clearly a case for greater resources to be directed to the Gardaí and relevant community services to ensure that all residents feel safe in their homes and communities. ‘Of those who completed the survey, the majority were concerned with anti-social behaviour and drugs related issues. There was also a particular concern expressed by a significant number of respondents with access points into the park, especially at night. ‘In the coming days I and my Sinn Féin colleagues in South Dublin County

estd 20 yrs

Call 086 221 5060 for a no obligation quote

Billy Byrne Motors We service Lucan, Leixlip, Celbridge, Maynooth, Clane, Sallins Diagnostic Testing • pre NCT Servicing • Tyres • Batteries • Punctures etc... Tel: 045 893545

01 628 1074 & 087 928 5515

Congratulations to Scott Cashin who successfully completed his Leaving Certificate at Kylemore College. He’s pictured with friends Brian Carrich, Sean Cassidy and Keith Donohoe (back).


All Dry Cuts

The Cornmilll, Mill Lane Leixlip, Co Kildare Tel 01 624 6528

Reading • Writing Basic Computers and Maths Free & confidential Service Individual Tuition or small group Flexible Times & relaxed Atmosphere Some Junior and Leaving Cert Courses

River Forest Shopping Centre, Leixlip.

Ph: 085 777 2103

Council will be bringing the findings of the survey to the attention of the Council and Gardaí. We will be discussing what action is most appropriate to address the community

safety concerns of those residents in Arthur Griffith Park. ‘Dublin Mid West Sinn Féin will also be conducting further door-to-door surveys in Lucan, Palmerstown and Clon-

dalkin as part of our ongoing work to ensure that the community safety concerns of local communities across Dublin Mid West are brought to light and addressed.’

“I wanted it all to just go away” WHEN a pregnancy causes fear and distress, instead of brining joy and happiness, where can you go for support? Cura: Crisis Pregnancy Services provides immediate and easy access to counselling and support to anyone in distress because of an unplanned pregnancy. Cura has 16 centres throughout the country. We provide a safe and confidential space where you can begin to explore your feelings about your pregnancy without judgement, opinions, advice or conditions with trained counsellors. “Thinking of starting a family was extremely painful, it brought up so many unresolved feelings from the time I had the abortion as a teenager” Cura provides counselling after an abortion support to women and men who seek this support in the weeks, months or even years after an abortion. Cura services are • Free pregnancy testing. • Crisis pregnancy counselling and support. • Counselling and support at any time during the pregnancy. • Information on Social Welfare and other rights and entitlements. • Linking clients with other support services. • Support with

accommodation, if required. • Support for mums after the birth of a baby. • Pregnancy counselling & support to father’s and other family members. • One to one counselling for those feeling loss, grief or distress after an abortion. • Counselling and support for baby’s father and other family members after an abortion. • School Awareness Programme. All Cura services are free and confidential National help line: Locall 1850 622 626. See for details on centres throughout the country. Cura Dublin 01 6710598 Cura Dublin are seeking volunteer to train as crisis pregnancy counsellors for their Centre situated at 30 South Ann street, Dublin 2 and for the planned new outreach services in Tallaght and Blanchardstown. If you are interested in the work of Cura you may contact the Cura Centre Dublin 30 South Anne Street Dublin. Tel. 01 671 0598 Open information evenings will be held in: Tallaght, Monday 4th Oct, Maldron Hotel, 7-9pm, Dublin City, Thursday 7th Oct, Ashling Hotel, 2-4pm and 7-9pm, Blanchardstown,Monday 11th Oct, Crown Plaza Hotel, 7-9pm,

Unexpected Pregnancy is Hard to Face CURA SEEKS VOLUNTEERS OPEN INFORMATION EVENINGS WILL BE HELD AT: 1. Tallaght, Monday 4th Oct, Maldron Hotel, 7-9pm 2. Dublin City, Thursday 7th Oct, Ashling Hotel, 2-4pm and 7-9pm 3. Blanchardstown, Monday 11th Oct, Crown Plaza Hotel, 7-9pm. If you are interested in training to become a crisis pregnancy counsellor with CURA in our Dublin Centre or planned new outreach services in Blanchardstown and Tallaght please come along or you can contact CURA Dublin Tel: 01-6710598 or email


Over 2,000 awaiting speech and language therapy service EMMET Stagg TD. questioned the Minister for Health in relation to the number of children in Kildare awaiting assessment for Speech and Language Therapy, the numbers awaiting therapy following assessment, and the waiting times involved.

The HSE responding to Deputy Stagg on behalf of the Minister has provided alarming figures as at 30th June this year which show that 470 children in Kildare are awaiting actual therapy following assessment whilst 1,588 children in Kildare are await-

ing assessment. The breakdown of the numbers and waiting times are as follows: Number of Children on Priority Waiting List stood at 103 with waiting time for therapy 4 to 6 weeks. Number of Children on General

JU B S ar be T r IN Sh op’S

Waiting List stood at 367 with waiting time for therapy 4 to 6 months. Commenting on the figures Deputy Stagg stated that the Speech and Language Service for Children was in disarray in Kildare and the Government don’t appear concerned. Early intervention is critical for these children in their developmental years and International Studies have shown that for every €1 spent on early in-

tervention you save €7 at a later stage. Children who do not receive appropriate timely therapy can suffer from emotional, psychological, social and educational disadvantage. Deputy Stagg concluded by stating that he intended to raise the issue further in the Dail and that he would be calling for the recruitment of additional Speech and Language Therapists for the service in Kildare.


The Sun Hut 205 Le Fanu Road, Ballyfermot

Tel 01 623 9283 Sun Beds

Justin's Barbers HAVE MOVED to a Brighter Cooler shop same Building in the premises of the former tattoo shop. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support all year round.


Early Bird Special €45 for 60 minutes available between 10-4pm Guaranteed all over tan - no white spots Safe, hygienic and self-contained Dual airflow for comfort

087 622 6391

Tone up now for the holidays/debs

Opening Hours Tuesday to Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Use our Power Plate for 4 weeks for only €85 The Power Plate® provides a large range of exciting fitness options for all ages and fitness levels, from beginner to advanced high intensity trainers.

Mary J. Styles

Key benefits include: increase metabolism, reduce stress, increase coordination, improve core conditioning, stability and reflexes, increase explosive strength and power, reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve muscle and skin tone.

288a Ballyfermot Road. Over the Bed Linen Store

Tel: 085 164 3687 Looking everywhere for that something special to wear? Well look no further… Mary J Styles has dresses and accessories for that very occasion!

suds launderette

Suds Laundrette


Application for mast at Celbridge House deemed invalid

We are open: Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 5.30pm ALTERATION SERVICE AVAILABLE

More successful Leaving Certificate students pictured just after receiving their results at Palmerstown Community School.


Deputy Emmet Stagg and his colleague Cllr. Kevin Byrne have been advised by Kildare Co. Council that the third planning application for a 21 metre telecommunications mast in the amenity area adjoining the Celbridge House Public House Site on the Maynooth Road, Celbridge, has been declared invalid. This follows previous planning applications which were deemed invalid last February and last May.The previous Planning applications were declared invalid stated Deputy Stagg because of problems with the site notices but in this instance there were a number of discrepancies in the paperwork relating to the actual site notices and various drawings submitted as part of the planning application. Deputy Stagg stated that Telefonica O2 are likely to submit a fourth planning application in the near future and he indicated that both he and Cllr. Kevin Byrne would be objecting further to the proposal.

Collection & Delivery Ph: 623 0222 or 087 939 4935

OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK from 8.30am – 5.30pm Le Fanu S.C. Ballyfermot ● Dry Cleaning, Washing & Ironing Service available ● Collection & Delivery Same Day Service ● Discount for Football Clubs ● Discount for old age Pensioners ● Specialist Dry Cleaning Wedding Dresses, Debs Dresses, Irish Dancing Costumes ● Special Discounts on Large Quantities


Construction activity falls again AEC Electrical

Summer Sale House Repairs from ..............€2,000 New Fuse Boards ......................€200 Pump Electric Shower ..............€540 (Comes with 3 years manufacturers warranty)

CCTV – Access Control – Emergency Lighting

ALL ELECTRICAL WORK UNDERTAKEN Free Electrical Safety Check with this Advert August Only! Ph: 01 620 8992 or 087 276 0894 Email:

J. O’Brien

Estd. 1990



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all orders and repairs

Upgrade your house with new upvc windows and doors.


Phone: (01) 451 4225 or John 087 273 5450 FOR A FREE ESTIMATE


AUGUST data indicated that overall operating conditions in the Irish construction sector continued to deteriorate during the month, despite a marginal increase in new business. Activity and employment both fell further, extending the current periods of decline to thirtynine and forty months respectively. The Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index™ (PMI™) – a seasonally adjusted index designed to track changes in total construction activity – remained below the no-change mark of 50.0 in August, signalling a further reduction of activity in the sector. However, the reading of 48.4 – up from 45.0 in July – indicated that the rate of contraction was the weakest in the current sequence (which began in June 2007). According to respondents, lower activity reflected continued uncertainty among clients. Commenting on the survey, Lynsey Clemenger, Economist at Ulster Bank, noted that: “While the Manufacturing and Services PMIs have signalled expansion over the past 5-6 months, the latest reading of the Ulster Bank Construction PMI reveals that operating conditions in the Irish construction sector remain particularly tough. “In fact the PMI is telling us that the sector has been in contraction for 39 months now, by far the longest period of decline in the survey history. In terms of the detail, activity declines remain broad-based across the three main subsectors housing, commercial and civil engineering. Furthermore, with new work remaining scarce, and the continuing focus on cost containment, employment levels across the sector fell for the 40th consecutive

month.“However, there were also some tentative signs of encouragement in the latest survey. Even though activity is still contracting, the rate of decline continues to ease, with the headline index now at its highest level since May 2007. In addition, new orders rose for the second month running in August, albeit that it is important to point out that the in-

crease was very marginal. Nevertheless, this explains in part the continued optimism amongst construction firms that activity in a year’s time will be higher than the extremely depressed levels that prevail at present. While these signals are welcome, they should be viewed in the context of what has been an extraordinary period of weakness for the

Irish construction sector over the last 3 years or so.” New orders rose for the second consecutive month in August. However, the rate of expansion was again only marginal as tenders remained difficult to

secure. With projects reaching completion and new work rising only slightly, Irish constructors cut employment sharply in August. Job cuts have now been recorded in each of the past forty months.

HEGARTY FLOOR SANDING Restoring old floors to former glory!

Sanding • Lacquering • Staining 10 Years Experience

Government needs to deal with unemployment crisis

Follow up advice available

The Irish National Organisation for the Uunemployed has said the Government needs to "pay more than lip-service to the unemployment crisis".

For excellent quotes & reliable workmanship

In launching the 17th 'Working for Work' booklet, the INOU called on the Government to outline a strategy to deal with the scale of the problem.


The handbook provides information for the 450,000 people out of work.

HM Windows & Conservatories

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K&D Kitchens & Wardrobes €from only 995

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LAMINATED FLOORING See our full range of Laminated, Semi-Solid & Hardwood Floors. Call for a free quotation in house! 3 BEDROOM DEAL - SMALLEST ROOM FREE Average Price from €499. For a limited time only. SPECIAL OFFER - EXAMPLE 11 X 11 ROOM

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Hugz Babystore is now open on the Naas Road, beside the Green Isle Hotel. We have a full range of baby products on display.

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€419.99 Please quote Local News to avail of a free gift when you spend over €100. We stock a large range of Maclaren Strollers and Accessories. We also stock a large range of furniture and baby essentials. Please view our website for 24hr shopping. Also join us on Facebook for weekly offers!

Come to Hugz Babystore, Your Affordable Babystore! Add a carseat for €119.99

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Hugz Babystore, Unit 9/10 Green Isle Business Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. Phone 01 464 0600 See our website or email us at

Unit 3 Dutch Village Shopping Centre, Clondalkin. OPENING HOURS: Mon - Wed 12noon - 12.30am Thursday 12noon - 1am Friday 12noon - 1.30am Saturday 4.30pm - 1.30am

Sundays & Bank Holidays 4.30pm - 1am DELIVERY TIMES: 5pm - 12am 7 Days


Teen care units ordered to close over safety fears

Janelle O’Keefe, Jessica Gore and Paul Madden pictured after receiving their leaving certificate results from Caritas.



HAIR PRODUCTS COMPLETE RANGE conditioners • toners • oils • colours

Excellent rates & service CARGO SERVICE TO AFRICA

Unit 13 Bawnogue Business Centre, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 Contact us: +353 1 467 0003 • +353 87 215 6884 • +353 86 323 0874 Emai: • Web:



Bringing your inner beauty to the surface! 34 Superquinn Shopping Centre, Lucan


• Facials • Nail Care • Eye Care • Waxing • Fake Bake Tan • Massage Ask about our packages for:

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HEALTH watchdogs have ordered the closure of two special care units for disruptive teenagers over safety concerns. The Health Service Executive (HSE) was warned to stop sending youngsters to Ballydowd and Solas in Palmerstown, Co Dublin, until they were overhauled. Inspectors from the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) reported both premises were unsuitable, inadequate and unsafe for providing care to children. “The inspectorate requires that the HSE cease the use of both Ballydowd and Solas as a special care facility with immediate effect and not place children in either until the buildings and campus are brought up to standard and their safety is assured,” the report added. The HSE first proposed to close Ballydowd as far back as November last year after a damning report by HIQA criticised care practices at the unit, which was deemed no longer fit for purpose. However inspectors who visited the facilities, which are on the same site, unannounced in July, found a teenage boy was admitted to Ballydowd as recently as June 30. They stated the environment and physical condition of the accommodation and campus had since deteriorated. Elsewhere three teenage girls remained in Solas, which opened as a temporary unit following a fire in Ballydowd last October. “Overall, inspectors found this unit

to be unsuitable for the purpose of providing a good standard of special care,” the report added. The inspectors revealed: - There were 76 instances of physical restraint involving 10 children and 51 of single separation involving nine children since November. - There had been 36 unauthorised absences by eight children, 19 relating to one child and ranged from one to 53 hours. - There had been 36 unauthorised absences by eight children, 19 relating to one child and ranged from one to 53 hours. - Staff went unsupervised and six did not have training in Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children. - The quality of files and documents on children were poor. - Disused units open at the rear on Ballydowd contained maintenance equipment, dangerous implements and other objects that posed a safety risk. The HSE revealed Ballydowd will remain open as an interim measure due to a significant increase in referrals for special care services in 2010. Aidan Waterstone, National Lead for Alternative Care Services, said the HSE was treating HIQA’s findings as a top priority, adding a full refurbishment programme was under way in both facilities.

at Paul’s Plaice Tower Road CLONDALKIN

3 doors from Tuthills

FRESH FISH SPECIALS EVERY DAY All Types of Fish available to Order Fresh Cod, Ray, Salmon Trout, Mackerel, Mussels, Smoked Cod, Salmon, Crab Meat, Lobster OPEN: Tuesday-Friday 8.30-5.30pm and Saturday 8.30-3.00pm

Jennifer’s Alterations Unit 9, Palmerstown Shopping Centre.

THIS YEAR’S SCHOOL BAGS IN STOCK Specialists in alterations: Coats • Dresses • Trousers etc. Additional services include sewing machine repairs, ladies and gents shoe repairs, key cutting Large selection of wools, knitting & sewing needles, patterns, buttons, crochet needles & many other accessories

To advertise in the Local News Phone: (01) 453 4011 Email:

Also children's clothes & mass cards available

Open Tues-Sat 10am-6pm


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BROE auctioneers

Whether you are buying, selling or renting your property why not contact our dedicated and professional sales/lettings team for a free valuation.

Lisa O’Donoghue, Rodney Elliott and Craig Leap. BROE auctioneers have 35 years experience servicing South/West Dublin. Our aim at Broe auctioneers is to provide a cost effective and professional service offering Residential Sales / Lettings, Written Valuations and Rent Reviews. We pride ourselves on our experience, professionalism, work commitment and our excellent local knowledge of the property market. Our success over the years has been built on recommendation from satisfied clients.

Clondalkin Village, Dublin 22.

Telephone (01) 459 4433 Email: • Website:



49-51 Decies Rd, Ballyfermot. Tel: 626 5019

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Liberty belle goes for gold By Catherine Blake A 14-YEAR-OLD local girl is attempting to kick box her way to a gold medal at the World Kick Boxing championships currently being held in Serbia. A former majorette, Shannon McGee, started kickboxing in 2008 at the tender age of 12 at The

Liberties Kickboxing Academy For Kids (Fuscos Gym). The talented teenager was instantly bitten by the boxing bug and duly committed herself to three rigorous training sessions per week. Shannon’s outstanding dedication quickly paid off and she competed for the first time nationally in February 2009, scoop-

Meath Street.

ing the All Ireland Mugendo junior championship title. Hot on the heels of this stunning debut success, she entered the AKAI/Kickboxing Ireland Lenister championships, where she wowed the judges by effortlessly disposing of all other wouldbe contenders to become Lenister champion .

Phone: 454 0598

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Master Filippo Fusco and Sensi Christy Stringer with student Shannon Magee (age 14 ). Riding the crest of this victorious wave, Shannon then set her sights on the All Ireland, AKAI/ kickboxing Ireland, where her impressive performance quickly secured her place as the youngest member of The Irish Kickboxing Team- no mean feat! As part of the National team, Shannon (who has been dubbed ‘The Liberty Belle’) subsequently traveled to Croatia in September 2009, where she made both her community and her country proud by making it to the final and winning a sliver medal. “I was so excited about going to Croatia even though I was way younger and less experienced than the rest of the team”, Shannon told The Local News. “It was a

beautiful country, I met so many friendly people and we had a big party at the end. I love kick boxing so much I don’t mind having to train three times a week, I even spar with the adults when I get a chance.” Currently the ‘Liberty Belle’, who is the youngest of seven siblings, is competing in the Wako World Championships in Serbia, aiming for gold and Shannon’s mum, Catherine, couldn’t be more proud. “She has been 100% dedicated to the sport for the past two years and we couldn’t be prouder parents,” enthuses Catherine. Catherine does admit however that she wasn’t always as enamoured with the idea of her daughter boxing. “I was a bit surprised when she

first said she wanted to Kickbox,” explains Catherine. It was a bolt out of the blue because she’s a real girlie girl and was really into doing majorettes. However, when she

started kickboxing, there was no contest and the majorettes got the boot,” she laughs. “ I have to admit I was worried about whether she would get injured at the start, but she gets regular checks. I try to go to most of the championships, and her Dad, Harry, goes to every event without fail.” Amid all her success however, a lack of an official sponsor has cast somewhat of a shadow over Shannon’s glittering career. “Harry lost his job in the recession last year and so we are finding it a bit of a struggle to fund her travel ex-

The BUZZ Stop

penses etc, so we are actively looking for a sponsor to get behind Shannon,” Catherine told The Local News. Shannon is however not short of local support, especially in the family’s local pub The Bayno in Francis Street. “ The owners of the Bayno, Gerry and Christine are very supportive of Shannon and have decorated the pub with her championship pictures,” said Catherine. “ And they pass around sponsorship cards to customers who have also been very encouraging, the local support has been amazing.”

118 Thomas Street (Beside Lidl)

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Lucan Tidy Town success By Catherine Blake THE Lucan Tidy Towns committee has been inundated with congratulations after receiving the Dublin (South County) award at this year’s Tidy Towns ceremony which took place in The Helix on Monday last (Sept 13). Lucan’s overall marks jumped from 269 last year to 276 this year, signaling a significant improvement for the village. Local Councillor, William Lavelle (FG) told The Local News: “The year-onyear progress is a fantastic result for Lucan Village and the entire community should be grateful to the small group of committed and hard-working volunteers who make up the local Tidy Towns committee. “The adjudicators also made suggestions on areas for further improvement and I will be raising

these matters at council level to support of the Tidy Towns group’s efforts to further improve Lucan’s marks for next year. “While this is a great result for Lucan Village I continue with my efforts to tackle litter problems in Lucan South.” Lucan was also recently ranked 10th out of 53 large Irish towns for cleanliness, in a study by the Irish Businesses Against Litter (IBAL) and An Taisce. The Judge’s report from An Taisce said that Lucan’s performance this year represented a big improvement as last year the village ranked quite far down at 38 in the IBAL league. A number of areas in Lucan were singled out as ‘top– ranking sites”, which means they were not only clear of litter, but also well-main-

tained. These included the Village Green which was commended by the judges as an “excellent amenity which has been well-respected and cared for. It is a top ranking site.” Two residential areas, Ardeevin

Avenue and Gleann an tSruthain were found to be clean and to create a positive impression. Meanwhile St Jospeph’s Secondary School also got a mention with the judges declaring: “All aspects of the school were in good condi-

tion – the car park, the grounds etc were spotless.” To maintain the good work, residents are now being invited to participate in IBAL’s Twitter campaign, which will enable them to tweet about litter hotspots in their area, publicly

Garda intimidation of school children Éirígí Councillor for the Ballyfermot/Drimnagh ward, Louise Minihan, has slammed an operation by the Gardaí in St. Johns College Ballyfermot. Commenting on the incident, which saw the entire student population, of the secondary school searched on Tuesday morning by Gardaí using sniffer dogs, Minihan said: ''I Completely condemn the operation by Gardaí” These are the actions of a police state. Children, some as young as 12, and in their first week of secondary school, were lined up against the wall and forcibly searched. They must have been terrified. In a progressive society, the top priority is the protection of our children, not attempts to intimidate or to criminalise them. ''The Gardaí and the school need to explain the legal basis as to why this happened. The wall of silence from both the Gardaí and the school is a cause of great concern to parents and the wider community, many of whom have contacted me to express their outrage. One parent said, “He couldn’t believe that the school let this happen, he put his trust in the school to look after his child while on their premises and is outraged that they subjected children to such an intimidating situation” Minhan continued: ‘Is this something the Dept of Education and the Gardaí intend rolling out at all school gates, or is it only the working class who are being targeted and criminalised? Councillor Minihan confirmed that she will be working with local parents to get to the bottom of this incident, and ensure the safety and dignity of school Children are respected at all times.

listing and showing littered areas around the country on the internet. Photos of

littered areas can be emailed to

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Telephone: 01 457 3573



Saturday 18th September

Monday 20th September



Westmanstown Sports Complex at 8pm. Presented by Westmanstown Gaels/Garda GAA Club. Admission charge, a percentage of door takings going towards Lucan Festival

Venue and time to be confirmed

ART EXHIBITION of local artists and photographers. Festival

Gallery at Douglas Newman Good building, Main Street Lucan. Official launch of the exhibition at 7 pm. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend

Tuesday 21st September LUCAN VILLAGE – HISTORIC WALK

Wishing every success to The Lucan Community Festival from BALLYOWEN and FINNSTOWN

Starting point St Mary’s Car Park at 11am. Curator: Joe Byrne (Finnstown). This is a free event, discover a little more about your local heritage.

22nd September


Talks – on the history of the Phoenix Park. Kenny’s back lounge at 3pm (free event)

of local artists and photographers. Festival Gallery at Douglas Newman Good Building, Main Street Lucan. Exhibition open from 5pm to 8pm . This is a free event and all are welcome to attend.



ART EXHIBITION & POETRY Tonight’s focus is on Poetry featuring local and guest poets. Curated by Eamon Lynskey and Niamh Bagnell. Festival Gallery at Douglas Newman Good Building, Main Street Lucan. Exhibition open from 5pm 8.30pm. Poetry reading from 7pm to 8.30pm. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend

LUCAN DRAMATIC SOCIETY Perform extracts of Love Letters by A. R. Gurney. Lucan venue (time & location tbc). This is a free event and all are welcome to attend

Thursday 23rd September LUCAN VILLAGE – HISTORIC WALK through Lucan Village.

Highlights from the Lucan Festival Launch Party at La Banca Starting point Muintir Na Tire centre at 11am. Curator: Joe Byrne (Finnstown). This is a free event, discover a little more about your local area.

CINEMOBILE – ‘KIDS MOVIE’ in association with McDonalds. Ticket price €7 (including meal offer!). Cinemobile – Superquinn Car park. Feature starts at 3.30pm

ART EXHIBITION of local artists and photographers. Festival Gallery at Douglas Newman Good Building, Main Street Lucan. Exhibition open from 5pm to 8pm . This is a free event all are welcome to attend



tee of at 11.40am. Organised by: Kenny’s Lucan

Cinemobile – Superquinn Car park. Admission €6 at 6.30 pm


‘LADIES NIGHT AT THE MOVIES’ – MAMMA MIA Pre screening Cheese & Wine reception at Superquinn cafe. Cinemobile – Superquinn Car park. Admission €10 including reception. Pre – booking essential

Friday 24th September FESTIVAL GOLF INTER PUB COMPETITION Lucan Golf Club - first

local author Brendan Nolan will present an evening of storytelling with pipes and whistles provided by Martin Nolan. Lucan Methodist Church at 8pm. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend.

ART EXHIBITION of local artists and photographers. Festival Gallery at the Douglas Newman Good Building, Main Street Lucan. Exhibition open from 5pm to 8pm. This is a free event all are welcome to attend


"Lucan Golf Club, est 1897, wish Lucan Festival every success”. MEMBERSHIP AVAILABLE WITH DEFERRED ENTRANCE FEE PAYMENT Senior Opens every Tuesday during September & October

Call 01 628 0246 for Details



Saturday 18th September – Sunday 26th September 2010 SOCIETY perform extracts of Love Letters by A. R. Gurney Lucan venue (time & location tbc)

CLUB 4U DISCO The Spa Hotel (time tbc)

Saturday 25th September

A HISTORIC VIEW OF LUCAN through photographs, documents and other memorabilia. St. Andrews Parish Centre 2pm – 6pm. This a free event and all are welcome to attend. Curator: Joe Byrne (Finnstown)



Club Fund-raising event (admission charge). Lucan Sarsfields Club Grounds, Lock Road.

A fun event for all kids and an opportunity to make some cool discoveries in the village area register at 11.30 am at the Festival Gallery, at the Douglas Newman Good building. This is a free event, prize for winner! Curator: Tom Dowling


WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? A Genealogist helps trace your family’s history. Lucan Presbyterian Church. At 12 noon (admission €2).

5pm to 8pm. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend



10 Main Street, Village Court Lucan. Telephone: (01) 628 3414

2pm to 6pm (free event)

‘A SONG IN MY HEART’ Colette Grant recital. St. Andrews Parish Centre. 8pm – Admission €10

Sunday 26th September

In association with Finnstown House Hotel. Open Day and inter club tournament. First event at the New Station Road Park, Adamstown. From 12noon. This is a free event all are welcome




of local artists and photographers. Festival Gallery at the Douglas Newman Good building, Main Street Lucan. Exhibition open from

through photographs, documents and other memorabilia. St. Andrews Parish Centre from 2 -6pm. Curator: Joe Byrne (Finnstown).

2pm on Main Street. Don’t miss it – you could be part of this dance routine!

WISHING THE BEST OF LUCK TO THE LUCAN FESTIVAL! This is a free event, and all are welcome to attend

ART EXHIBITION of local artists and photographers, Festival Gallery at the Douglas Newman Good building, Main Street Lucan. Exhibition open from 1pm to 6pm. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend

LVPA – WILDLIFE & REPTILE ZOO The Village Green. 1pm to 6pm. This is a free event and proved very popular last year.

BOUNCY CASTLES & LOTS MORE street entertainment acts, meet Dexter from Westside Stage School! The Village area from 2pm – 6pm

THE GIG MARQUEE Main Street, Lucan 2pm -6pm. Dancity Ireland, Lucan Comhaltas, Lucan Concert Band, Westside SWAGGA Crew featuring dancers from Pineapple Studios – London, Lee Byrne Dance Academy, Morgan La Faye, Intercultural acts from around the world, Adamstown Taekwon-Do demonstration, Lucan Dramatic Society and more!


Lucan Garda Station. The station will be closed as a working Station from 6am – 6pm, and all areas of the station will be accessible to the public from 12 noon. The Garda Band will perform an afternoon concert adjacent to the station from 2pm to 4pm. Members of the Garda traffic unit including motorbikes, the mounted unit, cycle unit and Garda sub aqua unit.

LUCAN DRAMATIC SOCIETY perform extracts of Love Letters by A. R. Gurney. On street performance in the GIG Marquee


LIFFEY SOUND FM OUTSIDE BROADCAST Broadcasting from Lucan Garda station and various locations around Lucan village throughout the day

AFTERNOON CHORAL PERFORMANCE Garda Ladies Choir, Tara Ladies Choir and other acts tbc. St Andrews Church 4pm to 6pm. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend

COUNTRY MARKET STALLS This event has still tbc

South Dublin County Council Lucan LEA

Cllr. GUSS O’CONNELL Independent Not just at festival time, but all year round. Let’s work together for Lucan’s benefit!

Tel: 01 626 8554 087 683 8254 Email:

Wishing the very best of luck to the festival!

Best to wishes an the Luc l! Festiva

sponsored by CPLN Partnership. Lucan Village 2pm – 6pm. Information stands on African culture. Finger food stalls from all the continents of the world. Music and dancers from Ireland, Cuba, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and more!

Catholic Marriage Care Service


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Conor Lambert of Custard Pie Puppet Company. Shows at 3pm & 4.30pm These are free events and and a must see for a all young children.


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Start with something special and you’ll finish with a room you love Let’s be honest, for many of us, the fun part of decorating our home is finishing it. We see ourselves lovingly adding those little personal touches like photos or flowers, finding the perfect lamp or finally hanging that beautiful photo we took last year. And naturally, we plan to enjoy the streams of compliments about our impeccable taste and style! UNFORTUNATELY, before we can reach that pleasant summit of achievement, we need to make big decisions about floors, window coverings, sofas. All expensive items that represent a major commitment. Get them right and we're well on our way. But get them wrong and they’re very hard to hide. Is it any wonder that so many of us end up playing it safe - with neutral floor coverings, neutral blinds, neutral suites. And yes, we can accessorise to our hearts content, but maybe it’ll never be quite the gorgeous, vibrant room we had hoped for. So, we've summoned the help of four experienced Dublin interior designers from, a website which presents photos and customer recommendations

Pick nothing in isolation. Get all your samples together first for floors, curtains, wall paper, sofas and look at them together. Don’t jump ahead and buy say the sofa first.

2. Don't jump to conclusions Pick nothing in isolation. Get all your samples together first for floors, curtains, wall paper, sofas and look at them together. Don’t jump ahead and buy say the sofa first. You've

3. Keep it consistent Aim to maintain the one style throughout the room and preferably throughout the house, whether your chosen style is traditional, modern, contemporary or of a particular era. If your style is eclectic, choose carefully, as it is a style that can

look very disjointed and messy rather than stylish. 4. Live with your samples I always leave samples with the clients so they can live with them day and night under all lights and circumstances.

an open mind on what’s a feature. It could be a fireplace, or maybe an old fashioned chandelier, or a painting.

Beware also the effect that the weather today may have on your decision. "Customers have a strong tendency to pick dark floors in Summer and light floors in Winter. It‘s just something to be aware of.

1. Start with something special

effectively tied yourself down and you won't get the result you want.

7. What's the weather like today

from home improvement professionals to give us a little courage for the trip. Here’s their advice….

Start with something that you love and that excites you - maybe a fabric or a picture or even your favourite teacup. And let that set the theme for the room. You'll find that the rest of your decisions will follow from that. For example, one of my clients started with a shaped chair. Just that simple item, led us to a room that was curvaceous and soft.

Home & garden advice from the professionals at

Good wallpapers and wallcoverings can be durable and cost effective. For example, it might take 3 days to paint a room because of the preparation and undercoats involved. However, that same room can be papered in a day.

5. Bringing in colour

6. Feature something (but not everything!)

Wallpaper is a really good way of adding extra dimension and colour to a room.

Don't try and make everything a feature! Let the real feature stand out. And keep

And don't automatically go for a suite, especially if you‘re limited for space. Consider a sofa and some individual chairs or recliners because the chairs that come in a suite are often hugh. 9. Are you a fashionista? If you want a timeless look that won't date, then steer clear of fashions. Stick to what's beautiful and organic, like wood, stone and other natural materials.

8. Remember that showrooms are very big places

10. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help

It's a common mistake to buy furniture in a showroom that looks way too big when you get it home. Measure and test before you buy. Use sheets of newspaper to mark out floor area that will be covered. Bring in old chairs and cover them with sheets to get a feel for height.

A consultation with an interior designer at the early stages can save you a lot in the long run. Here’s three reasons why… Reason 1: An interior designer will help you avoid expensive mistakes. It costs the same amount to get a room right as to get it wrong. And a good

interior designer should be able to work to your budget. Reason 2: An interior designer should have a good network of contacts among tradespeople. So, we can get the work done and we know what's good value. Reason 3: Convenience, your interior designer is also your shopper. We know what's out there and bring it to you. So you don't have to run all over town. So that’s it. With a mix of something you love and lots of checking and double checking you can create a room that you can love for ever and that has lots of personality – a room that’s a worthy setting for lots of finishing touches – finally! would like to thank interior designers, Form Concepts 087 657 2831, Interiors 1850 331000 and Taylored Interiors 01 2888635 for their advice for this article. To see photos of their work, visit You will also find lots of other home improvement specialists – including builders, architects, painters and landscapers. If you would like information about presenting your company’s work on, please call us on 01 4966176.

Electric Appliances 562 South Circular Rd, Rialto. Tel: 4539128 Mob: 087-2502175 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Sales n Repairs Spare Parts Washing Machines Electric Cookers Vacum Cleaners Tumble Dryers Fridges Microwaves

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Deloitte to create up to 200 jobs DELOITTE Ireland has announced that it is recruiting for up to 200 positions across the firm. The positions are primarily comprised of a combination of experienced hires in

the firm’s Technology and Consulting Practice and graduate recruitment positions for 2011. Following a number of significant business wins recently, more than

30 technology consulting positions are currently available. The firm is seeking individuals at a number of levels who can bring experience in implementing leading technologies and

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solutions. Positions are available for junior and senior Java developers, Solution and Application Architects, Project Managers and Cloud Computing specialists. In addition, there are a number of advisory roles within the firm’s audit, consulting and enterprise risk services departments. The roles are based in Dublin and commence immediately. Further information can be found at /career. Graduate recruitment positions will also be available in the Dublin, Cork and Limerick offices, across all departments of the firm including audit, tax, consulting and corporate finance. At least 150 positions will be available for a 2011 start, while there are a small number of positions available for a 2010 start. The positions will be available to graduates with a range of different disciplines – including not only those with accountancy and business backgrounds, but also graduates with engineering, IT and legal backgrounds amongst others. Deloitte will be accepting applications on its dedicated graduate recruitment website from today, Monday 13th September. Commenting on the opportunities Pat Cullen, Managing Partner, Deloitte said: “We are delighted to be in a position to offer these positions. Despite the challenging business environment over the last two years, we as a practice have focused on the development of our service offering and opportunities therein and we have found that as organisations look to reduce costs through the more efficient use of IT, opportunities to supply services in this area are created. In addition, we have retained a strong advisory practice and believe our multidisciplinary offering is a competitive advantage for us in the current marketplace and will create further opportunities for the f i r m .” G r a d u a t e s joining Deloitte will have the opportunity to work across a variety of different industries - including financial services, consumer business, real estate and infrastructure, technology, media and telecommunications, energy, and the public sector.

Trainees at Deloitte will receive top-level training in the state of the art Deloitte Academy, the opportunity to work with some of Ireland’s most prestigious companies, as well as rapid career progression, opportunities to work abroad and a whole range of benefits both on a professional and personal level. Career development of its people is a major

focus for the firm training and development programmes are offered at every stage of a person’s career. In addition, Deloitte has also implemented a number of HR policies in order to ensure the wellbeing of its people. The “STEPS” and “Equilibrium” programmes offer a wide range of initiatives designed to reflect the balance of priori-

ties in people’s lives and ensure an adequate work-life balance. For further information on graduate opportunities with Deloitte, interested applicants can visit the dedicated graduate recruitment website at aduate. For information on the technology and advisory opportunities please visit

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Victory for Dublin trio DUBLIN fight fans were served up a great night of boxing last Saturday as the National Stadium hosted two European Title Fights and a number of other bouts involving local Fighters. Heading the “Battle of Europe” show was Belfast Middleweight Brian Magee who successfully defended his European Title and Spain’s Kiko Martinez on winning was crowned European Champion for the second time on Irish soil. The first being that awful night for Irish boxing when he robbed Bernard Dunne of his European title in front of a shocked crowd at the Point Depot in 2007. There were also a number of undercard fights involving some of Dublin’s finest that brought big crowds to the near capacity Stadium. The most ea-

Also on show was Tallaght’s EU champion Paul Hyland who fought in a six rounder against American Robert Daluz. Hyland who had been out action

for six months shook of the ring rust to out box his opponent on his way to a points victory. Hyland fights again on the 6th November in Limerick and it shouldn’t be

long before he gets a crack at a major title. To top off a great night of boxing Finglas’s very own Brendan Fitzpatrick made his pro debut against Poland’s Mariusz Radziszewski. Fitzpatrick impressed his large following of supporters bursting into action from the first bell, landing an array of punches to

By Stephen Sharpe the body and head of Radziszewski. A combo of punches followed by a cleanly delivered body shot forced his opponent to take a standing count. When the fight commenced another right hand to the body off Radziszewski brought the fight to a

conclusion with one minute to go of the second round. A clearly delighted Fitzpatrick who trains in Belfast celebrated his first win as a professional to the roars of his appreciative supporters and capped off a great night of boxing at the national Stadium.

Jas Fagan 75 Thomas Street, Dublin 8. Tel: (01) 453 5896. Est. 1971 gerly awaited of these was the third installment of Innercity’s Anthony Fitzgerald against Tallaght’s Robbie Long for the Irish super-middleweight title. Fitzgerald retained his title on points in a more timid affair then the

Antonio’s Food Fare

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first two fights. There was a big crowd in attendance for this one, with both side’s claiming victory following the final bell. But Fitzgerald who trains in the Crumlin Boxing Club was the clear winner and takes his belt back to the inner-city.

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Grants to protect our seniors Minister Pat Carey has announced funding of over €8500 in the Ballymun Whitehall area under the Community Support for Older People Scheme.

THE money is being granted to the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership. The money will go towards installing se-

curity alert systems for older people. “The equipment funded will enable these older people to continue to live se-

curely in their homes with confidence, independence and peace of mind”. The Minister said. “The new Seniors Alert Scheme replaced the Scheme of Community Support for Older People on 24th May 2010. The new Scheme provides grant support towards the cost of supplying and installing items of safety and security equipment, including personal monitored alert systems. Grant support is provided through community, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations registered with the Department. Grant

support is available to persons who are

aged 65 years or older, of limited

means and alone.”





ALL AROUND MAN PHONE: (01) 454 9008 086 126 8949

KELLY’S BLINDS WINDOW BLIND CLEANING SERVICE Mass to Celebrate the Centenary of the birth of Mother Teresa at the Missionaries of Charity, SCR. Councillor Ruairi McGinley (FG) cuts the carke to makr the centenary of the birth of Mother Teresa, along with Sr Simeon MC, Sr Bonificia MC, Sr Deepthy MC (Sup), Sr Felice MC and Sr Augelica. Photo: Dave Kenny

D&T KITCHENS & WARDROBES Unit A3 Ballymount Industrial Estate, Dublin 12

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DID YOU KNOW You can have your window Roller Blinds Cleaned? ALL AREAS OF DUBLIN Main Offices: Walkinstown & Tallaght Branches at Stillorgan, Coolock, Castleknock & Swords

Phone: 450 9950/450 7997/419 8328 CARPET & BLIND CLEANING SERVICE New blinds supplied. Venetian, vertical, roller blinds - cleaning. New chords supplied if required. Carpets, upholstery and blinds cleaned at your home, office, hotel, bar etc. Stair carpets moved, underlay supplied. Curtains removed, cleaned and rehung. Curtain rails supplied or repaired.


JC Guttering Systems Specialist Roofing • New Roofs • Roof Repairs • Flat Roofs • Torch on Roofing specialist • Slating • Re-roofing • Flashing • Tiling • Valleys • Chimney Work • Lead Work • Storm Damage Insurance Work

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The Carruths box clever in Drimnagh Papa Mio & Toni’s Pizza & Pasta Order online with:WWW.PAPAMIO.IE powered by 93-95 Emmet Rd, Inchicore. Phone:

01 473 0701

Orders from Papa Mio or Toni's just one call! Delivery Times: Monday to Wednesday 5.00pm–12.00am Thursday to Sunday 5.00pm–1.00am

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LORD Mayor Gerry Breen will officially name an existing roundabout in Drimnagh, Carruth Rounda b o u t / Ti m p e a l l á n Carruth on Tuesday, 7th September at 3.30pm at a ceremony in Drimnagh Boxing Club, Keeper Road, Dublin 12. The roundabout is located on Mourne Road at its junction at Slievenamon Road. “The naming of the roundabout is a fitting tribute to thirty years that the Carruth family have been involved in the Drimnagh Boxing Club which culminated in the achievement of Michael Carruth in winning a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. The occasion is further enhanced by the presence at the ceremony of Ronnie Delaney who won Ireland’s previous gold medal at the 1956 Games in Melbourne” said the Lord Mayor.

SIX MONTH BRACES at Walkinstown Dental Care

Six Month Braces have arrived in Walkinstown - The next Revolution in Cosmetic Dentistry. Significantly change your smile in a reasonable amount of time. Braces used to mean a mouth full of metal and years of treatment - Not any more! We use clear, aesthetic brackets and the average treatment time is just SIX MONTHS. See our website gallery for the dramatic results we have achieved and what the braces look like. You're a phone call away from the smile you always wanted.

Michael Carruth and Ronnie Delany, both olympic gold medalists, with Lord Mayor of Dublin Councillor Gerry Behan and Councillor Ruairi McGinley at the reception in the drimnagh boxing club. The granite stone plaque errected in Drimnagh in honor of Michael Carruth. Photos: Dave Kenny.

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Energy needs of older people not being met THE notion of replacing grants for home energy saving measures with a series of discounts under a new national energy retrofit programme, leaves much to be desired, according to Catherine Byrne TD. 'This is especially with re-

gard to the effect on older citizens', she stated. “Thirty two million euro of these energy grants were unclaimed in 2009 so it is clear the system needed to be changed. The question is: how will the new scheme make it

easier for older people to make preparations for the harsh winters coming upon us? Will the new scheme be user friendly and help older people keep their homes warm? “Will the Minister outline what measures are being

introduced to counterbalance the carbon tax for older people and will the fuel allowance be reformulated to include central heating oil? The Minister

needs to be clearer on how he is eliminating the scourge of energy and fuel poverty. Vulnerable households should not have to make a choice between

feeding themselves or their families and paying exorbitant heating and lighting bills.”

Harold’s Cross Boys Club Harolds Cross Boys club are trying to collect older, unwanted mobile phones to get a defibrillator for their club. If you can help please leave phones at the KCr House pub for collection. Your support will be appreciated.

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How to beat back to school bugs! HELPFUL ADVICE FROM YOUR LOCAL PHARMACIST Fiona Boyle MPSI, McKee Pharmacy 2 McKee Road, Finglas, Dublin 11. Tel: (01) 836 1203

Clinical Hypnotherapist

KIERAN FITZPATRICK advises in his regular column on how to achieve your goals. WHEN I started writing these articles we were in a time of economic boom. Many people may have looked on these articles as just help for those in some kind of pesonal crisis. But from the start, I have said that the methods and techniques and ways of thinking that I have shared with you here can benefit everyone whether they are in crisis or doing very well thank you. However, it is more often in a time of crisis that people look for and most need some help in getting through an experience that is difficult, unpleasant and possibly new and confusing to them. Unfortunately, with the current economic downturn, property price corrections, unemployment and the credit crunch surrounding us and coming at us from all angles, we have all found ourselves in changed circumstances. So now we have a situation that is common to pretty much everyone and a real life example of where we can all use the material that I have been sharing here. Throughout this series I have been talking about feeling better. The daily news this year would hardly help anyone to feel better. There is such a sensational focus on bad news. And bad news affects everyone negatively. And yet, if you are to be at your best, you need to be feeling good! Then you are giving yourelf the best chance to succeed. So in this issue of The Local News I am going to start with this live situation and apply what I have been writing to surviving this credit crunch/economic crisis/ recession. We cannot always control what thoughts come into our head or are put into it from outside. But we CAN decide whether or not to continue thinking them. And, most of the time, we CAN actually decide what to think about or focus on. And this is going to be our first step in getting in good shape to succeed in this difficult period. I have always talked about goals and targets and they are what determine our mood, give us motivation and energy. Things we need in difficult times. Most people being affected by all of this gloomy news are undoubtedly focussed on all of the negative aspects, this is what they are thinking about and this is why they are feeling down, worried, demotivated and scared. So, before the next article I want you to start to take control of what you think about and focus on the majority of the time. I want you to start to focus on your goal. And if you are wondering what that goal is, what I want you to begin focussing on is where you want to be and what you want to be doing when this recession is over. There is not much that most of us can do about what is happening to the economy in general right now. So there is no point in focussing on and worrying about the general situation. But there is a lot you can do about your own future. If you do not have a destination, you just wander and drift and never get anywhere. If you have a destination, goal or target then you can decide your route and begin your journey there. We will start doing that in the next issue. See you then. Kieran Fitzpatrick ADHP MIAPH (Member of The International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts) is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Practitioner and Personal Coach. His practice is between Terenure and the M50 in Dublin. For more details call 0871227361, e-mail: or see

THE summer has gone and the harsh thoughts of going back to school are prevalent in the minds of all the young kids the dreaded homework, early mornings are things all young kids hate. Headlice is very common in young children particularly between ages 4-11

years and it often occurs when kids return to school as they are in close contact with lots of others so the Headlice infection can easily spread. Many parents feel embarrassed that their kids have Headlice but they should not as it is very easily treated. The best way to

check for Headlice in your child is with a fine tooth comb over a white piece of paper. The hair should be damp to make the combing process easier and less painful. Such a check should be carried out regularly say once a week particularly behind the ears and around the nape of

the neck. The presence of live lice will require a treatment, please ask your pharmacist to recommend a specific product for your child. All the products offer different advantages for different people for example certain products are more suitable for asthmatic patients or people with sensitive skin. Examples of products available at McKee Pharmacy are Derbac M, Lyclear, and Hedrin. As prevention is the best option there are numerous Headlice repellent sprays available and the use of Tea Tree shampoo is also helpful as a natural repellent. Another common childhood complaint is that of the Threadworm. Usu-

ally parents will notice first signs of the child scratching his or her bottom, this is a classic symptom of the threadworm as it is caused by an allergic reaction to the substances in and around the worms eggs laid around the anus. Itching is generally worse at night. Persistent scratching can lead to secondary infections which may require referral to a doctor so it is important to identify the presence of an infection sooner rather than later. The appearance of cream coloured thread like objects in the faeces is not uncommon. Parents should remember to treat all members of the family at the same time even if only one person has symptoms. It

s important to cut fingernails short so as to avoid tearing skin but also to prevent the transmission of eggs. Hands should be washed before eating and also showering before bed and in the morning to wash away any eggs will help too. Vermox liquid or Vermox tablets are available at McKee Pharmacy and can be given to children from the age of 2 years upwards, so please contact Fiona on 8361203 or call in if a treatment is required. In my next article I will be discussing Asthma. Contact Fiona in McKee Pharmacy, 2 McKee Road, Finglas to discuss all your families health needs. Tel 836 1203.

First impressions last IT IS NOW widely accepted that you have less than 10 seconds to make an impression with someone you have met for the first time. In most cases, people make up their mind about you in 4 seconds or less, and that is before you’ve even opened your mouth to speak!! Immediately you will be put into one of 3 brackets, Good, Bad, or Undecided. So now you know how quickly a first impression is made but how do you make sure your first impression is a good one? Well really, it doesn’t have to be a good impression; it just can’t be bad one. We all know that if you greet someone with a nice warm smile, you are automatically

Consultants warn against health cuts The Irish Hospital Consultants Association is calling on the Government not to reduce health sector funding in the Budget. The IHCA has said frontline services are already under strain following a cut of more than €1bn in health spending this year. In its pre-Budget submission, the association said the Government must reverse its plans to make further cutbacks "in the interest of patient safety". The IHCA President, Dr Margo Wrigley, said the reductions in acute hospital and mental health services are creating a crisis. Dr Wrigley said: "It's having a very devastating affect in terms of theatres closing, out-patient clinics being closed over the summer and people spending protracted periods of days on hospital trolleys before they are admitted to acute beds."

taken out of the bad impression bracket and put into either the undecided or good bracket. So you could say that smiling is the first step to creating a good impression. But what if you hide your smile? At Evolve Ireland, we have found that the majority of people that we speak to about Laser Teeth Whitening, have come to us because they are ashamed or not happy with the condition of their teeth. They also tell us that they hide their teeth when smiling which gives the impression of a false smile and a lack of self confidence. When we have performed the procedure, we can see the confidence in

clients as they leave the clinic with a beaming smile. We can lighten the shade of clients’ teeth by up to 10 shades!! Sometimes we can do it less than an hour but sometimes it may take a little longer. And best of all, there’s absolutely no pain involved (unless of course you want some, in which case, we would have to charge extra for!!) So whether you are going for a job interview, meeting with potential clients, attending a social occasion or even going on a hot date, make sure that you have the confidence to greet people with a smile because we all know that “First impressions last…”


Congress concerns over new ‘workfare’ scheme CONGRESS is particularly concerned about the reports over the weekend that unemployed workers will be under threat of losing their social welfare if they do not participate in the proposed new Work Opportunity Scheme. In a letter to Minister for Social Protection, Éamon Ó Cuív, Congress General Secretary, David Begg has said that trade unions will vigorously oppose mandatory participation and 'workfare' schemes that are more about punishing the unemployed than helping them. David Begg has asked for an urgent meeting with the Minister to discuss the scheme which, it has been reported, includes a proposal for a weekly pay-

ment of €210 for participants if they carry out a range of community or other employment tasks. He said any scheme should not be used to down play cut backs or make up for dwindling funds for local and community work. It must not be used to replace jobs nor to create a pervasive climate of fear, David Begg wrote.He called on the Minister to include a number of safeguards that Congress wants to see in the proposed scheme including the extension of existing employment rights for all participants. He said that the scheme must be voluntary and refusal to participate should not result in any negative impact on social welfare or secondary


benefits. "Participants on the work opportunities scheme are employees and must be recognised as such. All employment rights must apply, such as health and safety, sick leave, holidays, protection from discrimination, force majeure and maternity and the right to union membership and collective bargaining," David Begg wrote. "These are minimum decent standards and it must be clear that these legal obligations fall on not-for profit employers. Otherwise, there is a danger that conditions for these workers will be unsafe, unfair, at the grace and favour of their employer and contrary to human dignity." He said that employees on the

work opportunities scheme must be provided with an entitlement to time off to attend at interviews and should not be required to work a notice period. "It would be contrary to the purpose of the scheme if workers could not attend for interviews from fear of losing their social welfare or if they were unable to take up job opportunities because of notice periods," he said. Participants on the work opportunities scheme should be allowed to modify their working time to allow them to take up part time work opportunities. He said the scheme must ensure that women are not disadvantaged from participating due to child or other care responsibilities.


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Teens with arthritis ARTHRITIS Ireland has launched the first ever Juvenile Arthritis month taking place in September 2010 to raise awareness of the issues facing teenagers living with arthritis and funds to continue to provide vital services for them. Being a teenager

in Ireland is challenging: Being a teenager in Ireland with a disease that people normally associate with old age is even more so. Juvenile Arthritis (JA) is a debilitating chronic disease that affects 1,000 people under 18 in Ireland. To mark JA

Crystal Electric House Wiring Extra Sockets & Switches Time Clocks Security Lighting Garden Lighting Showers • Immersion Fuse Board Changeover Fully Insured

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443 South Circular Road, D8. Phone: (01) 454 4275 Branches also in Coolock & City Centre

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month Arthritis Ireland has launched Fizz Friends, an online chat room where teenagers can talk to other young people with arthritis in confidence and share their experiences with each other on the unique range of issues that they face every day. Michelle Towey, JA Programme Coordinator with Arthritis Ireland explains “Being a teenager with arthritis can be very isolating. We have developed Fizz Friends to re-inforce the vitality of young people with arthritis as opposed to the disability. It will give these teenagers the opportunity to talk

freely, openly and without fear about how their arthritis has affected their life with other young people who are going through the exact same challenges every day. Simply visit Arthritis Ireland has also developed ‘Positive Future: a weekend workshop to support young people making the transition from childhood to adulthood. By participating in this workshop they learn how to understand their arthritis, develop independent strategies for living and realise that a positive

future is possible with the right supports. However, the cost of providing these services is significant. Arthritis Ireland is calling on the public to sell JAsper pins in your school, college, office, workplace or community area to ensure that they can continue to help teenagers navigate their way through the complex physical, psychological and social issues that they face. Simply contact Arthritis Ireland on 01 6470203 or email to register to sell pins.

Some of the children and staff enjoying class at the Totally French school in Sandymount who cater for all age groups.

Thousands missing out on PLC courses AN AVERAGE of three applications has been received for every place in Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) courses in colleges of further education, it was claimed. The Teacher's Union of Ireland (TUI) has called for the limit on student numbers imposed by the Department of Education and Skills to be removed immediately. "Research conducted by the TUI shows that there were over three applications for each of the 30,000 places in the sector, a massive increase on demand last year," the union said in a statement. "Some colleges have reported that increasing numbers of the recently unemployed are looking to secure a place." However TUI Deputy General Secretary Annette Dolan

said severe restrictions on the sector still exist because of the cap on student numbers. "We estimated this time last year that there were two applications for each place, but the ratio this year has jumped to over three for each place," she said. "In the good times when we had almost full employment there was a cap on numbers in PLC colleges of about 31,000 places. "It is therefore incredible that the limit has not been raised at all in the recession in which we now find ourselves," Ms Dolan added. "The Government should and must meet the demand for places in further education colleges by funding more places in PLC colleges so that school leavers and those recently unemployed can up

skill and retrain." "We urgently request that the cap on student numbers be lifted to assist them in doing so.”

CLASSES IN: City Centre (Gardiner Place) DLR • Meadowbrook, Ballinteer

151A Drimnagh Rd Zips (beside “The Eleanora”) Replaced

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Open 10am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri Looking forward to seeing you

Established 1969. 30 Gardiner Place, Dublin 1.


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