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MAY 2024 ISSUE FIVE Weallhaveatracktorunon
“Turn your frustration into fascination.” Zig Ziglar




What if we visualized our results in novel and visual ways.


Staying in the sales conversation a decade later.


Sales scripts have a role in how we lead, love, and bring change in our community.


Play with your data and find juicy rewards


Critical thinking is easier when you combine your favorite or proven things.


Initiating change is easier with scripts.



It’s time the visuals in business evolve and are easier to grasp. When I wrote Financial Joy, the Cash Creator was inspired by the motivational words of Eric Lofholm, “We all have a track to run on.”

Imagine if your approach to sales and social media were even more playful. Isn’t it really a game against your set of skills last month?

Last month, I was out at the races and it gave me new insight when I saw how they reported their time. So much of data art is about speed and pace and I will connect some important elements by sharing about my sales coach.

Watching a crash is strangely thrilling and terrifying. In business when we crash and burn it’s not as entertaining, yet there are elements of skill and focus that need to be addressed quickly.



What if you approached your next sales cycle like an art project?

I had no idea that my business would morph into sales motivation around social media. I started out with a major resistance to sales. I could open a conversation and learn all about someone’s needs but when it came to closing, I was a mess.

It was because of my sales coach, Eric Lofholm that I learned many new skills, scripts, and the value of continuous sales improvement.

While I feel called to lead a visual movement, I respect that words play an essential role in business. I joke that I am “woo-woo with structure,” because I see it as an energy game and a numbers game.

Bringing art into the conversations allows for flow and ease in our reflection.


To run any successful business you need 7 areas of competence: Leadership, sales, marketing, customer service, product development, financial management and operations.

The cash creator is looking at core sales activities: Conversations, sales appointments, proposals or invoices, and payments received. It’s simple really.

It was Eric Lofholm who really showed me the power of words through scripting. When we want to inspire change, our language improve. We can learn from each and every sales opportunity.

For years his daily and weekly videos have brought my focus back to my best stories, probing questions, appointment-setting scripts and my own internal scripts.

Sales is a crucial element of those top 7 business areas of competence.

If a business can’t find their own rhythm and success with sales, they’ll be out of business.

Acommissioncheckis earnedbytheresultof helpingsomeonemakea seriesofdecisions andtakeactionona specificdesiredbehavior. Whatdecisionmustyour customermake?What behaviormodificationis necessary?Ibelievevisuals helpanysalesprocess.

Ourdreamscomewithvarioussetsof data.Ifsellingwellisonyourradar,I encourageyoutopickupdataartasa professionalhobbytomakesenseof yourchoices. IalsoencourageyoutolearnfromEric, I’vebeengettingbenefitfromworking withhiscommunityfor10yearsnow!

LearnmoreaboutEricLofholmat EricLofholm.com


Peopletellmeallthetimethatthey wanttohelp“alotofpeople.”

Iusuallysmileandask;howmany peopleisalotofpeople?Theyoften stareatmewithabankexpression. Oftentheysay12,around40,or 500plus!

UsethisSocialAudienceMatrixto inspiresomeofyourgoal-setting anddreaming. Withtheinternetandvideo,helping 500+peopleisquitedoable. Ourpostingstrategychangeswhen westepawayfromourbusiness pageasouronlyoption.Oursphere ofinfluencemayincludelargeand smallgroups.

Community Empire Group Gathering Assembly Huddle Population TargetAudience Universe Mastermind Regional Neighborhood Statewide Cohort Blue-outversion Network DREAMOSITY'S

Eric taught me all about scripts but it was my Mom who taught me the value of a sales territory.

She drove a fancy Corvette for her sales calls. She would leave our home in Issaquah and drive up I-90, then on to 405 to Bellevue, making a bunch of stops along the way and then hit Kirkland, and Lynnwood then swing down through Seattle and back across I-90 over Mercer Island then home to Issaquah.

She knew her track to run on.

She loved to serve her customers and drop off literature. She was always available as people needed and so generous to toss someone the keys to drive her sweet ride.

For Digital Brands, a sales territory might look very different. With data art this really begins to comes to life.

Ericteachesweallhaveatrackto runon.Inordertohitsalesgoals, wehavetohaveenoughpeoplesay yestoouroffer.Ivisualizedthis tracktorunonwithmyCash Creatorframework.Thinkofthis circularrepresentationas amonths’trackto runon. It’saninfographic ofyourpersonal salesactivitywhen filledin.Whenweunderproduce assalesprofessionals,itshowsup clearasdaywithdataart. Distractionsanddisappointments canslowusdowninanygiven month.

Competingwithwhowewerelast monthcanbefun!! Now;thenet-profitinamonthis determinedbyacombinationof effortsthatshowupontheCash CreatorANDtheCashFlow Circle(thisincludesincomeand expenses),basedonhowwellwe soldandallocatedourresources, wegetanet-profit.Toooften whenIaskothersiftheygetthis document,theysay,“No.”

Hereisajuicyandcolorfulwayto helpyouleaninas youlearn.

It’simportantwebecomeourown bestcheerleaderwithoursales routines.Doodlingthedatapatterns andmentallybeinggratefulforeach conversationcangroundyou. It’salsoaboutmakingrejection prettybysketchingalittleheartor petalwhenwemakeanattemptto closeorinitiateaconversation.

Thiskeycaneasilybeadaptedto yourfavoriteiconsorcolors.Ijust think“fruitsofourlabor,”can reallycementour accomplishments.

Thebetterwesellonemonth, themorechoiceswehavethe followingmonth.It’snotalways aboutdollarsperhourbutresults perhour.



Ifyouwantto gamifyyoursales results,think backtolast month.Whatdid yourcurrent salesskills achieveyouas anet-profit? Whatifyou couldonly doodlethedata withthecolorsof thatfruit?Color restrictioncan aidusinnoticing winsorlessons.

11,000 12,000 13,000 14,000 15,000 20,000 19,000 18,000 17,000 16,000


Copywritingand infographicscombined arepowerfulresources.

Whenaclientmentionstheywant tomakemoremoney,copywriting isthediscoverydecktacticIlookto first.Professionalscriptsor improvisedinfluenceisaskillthat anyonecandeveloptosellmore, orhavehealthierrelationships.

WhenIfirstwroteFinancialJoy,I didn’tcoversphereofinfluence.I onlyreallylookedatthepatternsof salesandfinancialmanagement.I createdavisualframeworktohelp otherspayattentiontotheflowof moneyandpatternsofrevenue generatingactivities.

Tacklingdataartasitappliestoour socialnetworksisafunwayto approachasalesplan.

Iadvisemyclientstohave5-25 placestheynetworkintentionally. Whentheyvisualizetheirinfluence inthesespaces,itcanbehumbling orencouraging.

Whetheryouhaveapre-defined salesterritory,avagueconceptof sphereofinfluence,oraplaceyou consideryourministry;critical thinkingmergedwithcreativity canfocusteammembersand remarkableleadersastheyset forthtoachieveagoal.

“Aspreadsheet hasnevertold metohurryup!”

Copywriting is the #1 verbal skill to develop if you are wanting to help people make the best decision for themselves.

In business... or life!

I truly believe sales is simply an invitation to collaborate. It is choosing to walk through a door together, it could be for 90 minutes, for 9 months, or a lifetime.

How many sales conversations do you need to have each month to hit your sales goal? As much as I’m a fan of video, running these sales appointments is what gets us paid. It’s easy to miss this! Data art shows patterns so quickly! 5 conversations 6 conversations

sales appointments

Storytelling imagery in general doesn’t help us decide. It helps us see a character at a point in time. Data art looks back at the choices we made in our prior month.

We become a character to study, encourage, and embrace.

UntilIstumbledacrossdataart,lookingatthedatawasn’t enjoyable.I’verealizedmydatamaynotinspireyou,butifyou lookatyourdatainnewways,itmayabsolutelyinspireyou.It’s notaboutdecor,butusefulmetaphorsthatmaylead toremarkabledecisionsandinsight.

Thiscircularmodellooksatamonthofsalesactivitywithvisuals unlikeaspreadsheetwhichdoesn’treallyshowgapsintime.It’s richwithstorytellingpotential.Improvingconversationsand shiftingtempoisimportantandIencourageyoutodoodlethe dataandnoticeyourpatterns.RecentlyIheardthatyouonly needtorun12salesappointmentstoachieveyourgoal,which obviouslydependsonalotofvariables.Howmanydoyouneed toruntoachieveyourgoal?


Garnering influence in one network doesn’t directly move across spaces. Layering the amount of conversations, sales appointments, proposals, and checks paid is a different type of data compared to where the conversations come from. This image has removed sales conversations but is showing a sphere of influence or sales territory.

The darker the circle, the more influence we have. The lighter the circle, the more unknown we are. Which group do you have the most clout or influence in? How big is it? Use the social audience matrix to scale the size. It goes from 1 to 1 million.

Your phone

House list


Facebook Group #3

Meetup Group

LinkedIn group #1


Chamber Gatherings


Facebook Group #1

LinkedIn group #2

Facebook Group #2

Know the data behind your dreams.

Picture5ofyourbestonline communitieswhereyoualways getkindwordsandengagementwith yourvideosorposts.Wheredidyour last3opportunities bubbleupfrom?

Ifyouweretosketchyoursphere; whatmightyouinclude.

Erictaughtmeabouta“houselist” andthat’sacompany’sinternalemail list.Knowyournumberif youhaveone.

Yourphone-noticethelast10 peopleyoutexted.

Scrolltothebottomofyourcontacts, arethere200peopleor1,500+? LinkedInGroups. Meetups.. Masterminds. Facebookgroups,getspecifichere.

Measuringinfluence…. Doyourblogpostsresideinthese groups?Videos?Selfies?

EricLofholmhasaremarkable bodyofworkandhisbookscan allbefoundonAmazon.His facebookgroupsaresomeofmy favoritesandI’vefollowedhim throughmanyofmytoughest thatI’mtrulygrateful&inspired.

How specifically have you contributed to your groups? What evidence is there of your contributions here? Did you know Facebook group admins can click on any member and see a “contribution score?”

By the way, if you aren’t in my group Humor Heals, what are you waiting for?!

This is definitely my most used and favorite group. The screenshot above is from there. You should have a high number in your own groups.

Consider this, Who are the movers and shakers in your community? Have they provided a testimonial? Have you encouraged their participation? Do they love to attend your events and bring friends?

Whenotherssaytheydon’tlikesales... Iwonderwhichpartofsales?

sales advice

sales humor

sales improv

Rejection in sales sales process

sales teams

data about sales scripts in sales

sales receipts

sales motivation videos on sales

book sales

hashtags about sales big sales department store sales developing skills in sales

sales revenue

sales from social media

sales systems

sales challenges

sales from friends rejection in sales

sales conversations

sales from strangers

sales videos setting sales appointments

sales that lead to beautiful places


Between the greeting, the questions, and the invitation; are you crystal clear on what you want to say and achieve during your sales conversations?

How many tech touches might someone have before they get to you on the phone? Need help

A sales process is a combination of language and technology. Technology
Book time at dreamosity.com/schedule
connecting the dots on a sales process?

Social media touches ALL 7 of these core competencies

Social media touches ALL 7 of these core competencies

OftenIwilltellmyclientsit onlytakes7elementstocreate asuccessfulbusiness.Wedon’t needtobe100%amazingat eachofthemallthetime.We doneedtoconsiderhowthey connectandhowwecan improvethemfrequentlyifwe wanttogrow.

Doaquickanalysisnow,howis yourleadershipfrom1to100? HowisyourMarketing?Sales? Customerservice?Howabout Financialmanagementor Productdevelopment?Areyour operationsandadminsworking well?Giveyourselfarough% foreachcategory.

Aslifethrowsyoucurveballs andremarkablewindfalls,these willshiftandvolleyeachtime youreflect.Tome;dataart makesthiswaymorefunand enjoyableanditimprovesthe conversationswithcollaborators whenavisualbringsit alltogether.

55% 74% 33% 40% 64% 47% 70%
Kon w t hedatabehindyourd r e sma Kon w t hedatabehindyourd r e sma
Marketing Sales tsuC o mer service Productdevelopment Financialmanag e tnem Operations

The Revenue Ringlet

Influencers, bloggers, journalists, and salespeople welcome! Apply now TheRevenueRinglet.com
Connect logical information with artistic presentation so you can make decisions quicker and more effectively as you navigate the internet.

Help others bend time!

Spatially and visually track progress in a way spreadsheets can't.

Helpotherswith awarenessofcash flowandskillsto increasetheflow.

The cash creator and cash flow circle can become monthly rituals for creatives in business. Snag your copy of Financial Joy at Dreamosity.com or book Marcelle to motivate your team and learn important insights quickly with a data art demo.

Listen to Eric Lofholm and Marcelle Allen from years ago

How to grow your business with technology.

The internet collapses time in a way that is hard to explain. Posting a video to your one business page isn’t the only place people might benefit from it. Visualize your sphere of influence to help more people find your videos & resources!

Data art is a novel and complex topic. I’m happy to be interviewed on podcasts, instagram lives, or co-create to help bring this important message to more people.

Stay well, Marcelle

Scrips to fix shady behavior?

Recently The Seattle Times reported on a murder that happened from a leader is our community! Yes, a leader. He was an ex-councilman in Bothell and the story of what happened was heartbreaking.

What good is social media if we can’t come together to discuss important ideas. Sure, our cute shoes and new puppy need a place to be shared but what about our deep pain and alarm for behaviors that could be improved.

Killing someone’s over money, sex, or anything really doesn’t need to be. Having good mental health means we feel good in our own mind and are capable to set boundaries, communicate successfully and ask for what we need.

I was pretty upset when I found that article behind a bunch of fun zebra articles. My inner alarm bells went off. I went for a drive to relax. I drove by a fire station and wonder if they would brainstorm with me. I didn’t stop.

Behavior change looks different among the generations. What behavior do you think was lacking? Is there a place in your city where they could have gone to learn how to be effective with that type of behavior?

What words or lessons didn’t they learn from their parents, teachers, or employers. With all these “influencers” these days, are they leading the important conversations?

What type of topics have you initiated lately?

I could tell she didn’t have Financial Joy. What are we learning from failed relationships? Money is the biggest cause of arguments. Being a financial burden to anyone is difficult. There are so many skills that need to be learned to get back to financially stable, let alone joyful.

Influencers… I can’t

hear you.

When people die, they don’t get to finish their race in the way they might have imagined. I have little data on this woman who had her life taken, yet this is how I might represent her final month.

You can’t move mountains by whispering at them. Pink Thinkoftheproblemsthatseemunfixable andthenthinkofalltheremarkablepeople youknow.Doyoureallyneedtoschedule morecoffeedatesorsomesortof renegaderoundtable?
If change begins in language, what important conversations will you initiate?


method can be applied to scripts.

What if there was a faster way to examine threatening language? When good words are highlighted and toxic words are in a different color, would we notice what needs to change faster??

How many toxic conversations can one endure before they begin to initiate toxic talk? ��

Scrollingaloneisn’tasfunas withafriend!Askabuddythese curiosityquestionsandseeif youcanmakeagreat connectionorreferral.

Check them out and hone your conversational resourcefulness.

All Instagram usernames are clickable or you can use the search feature. Click through to learn about these business resources in our community. Network away! Interview each other. Have some fun with data art discussions. Behind every username is a wealth of information and sometimes it takes some digging to truly get to where we need to go.


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Distractions happen. Data art will show it.

Reflect carefully

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Advance enthusiastically

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Your data, your medium

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