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There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they are falling in. Desmond Tutu



THE VISION The value of visuals paired with experiences and encouragement.


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Celebrating Champions and Exceptional Connections.


BODY OF WORK Any bit of data can be turned into something more attractive and useful.


GROWING A GARDEN When a garden supports your health and vitality goals.


DYNAMIC SPEAKER DIRECTORY Opportunities to co-create and find expert speakers.


RETHINK TIME & ROMANCE Do they know the data behind their dreams?


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CELEBRATING CHAMPIONS AND EXCEPTIONAL CONNECTIONS The visual landscape is going through a transformation and it’s important that we grow as creators... and conversationalists! Last issue I asked, “Is harmony in every home possible?” I believe we can work toward it and my featured remarkable leader has insight on exceptional connections. While it’s the month of love, I’m referring to this as a business love language and respectful networking. Cyndi O’Neill Dady has been nurturing her network for 14 years now. She’s grown through many storms and highlighted dozens of talented speakers. Her community continues to evolve and expand. I’m going to highlight several types visuals from Dreamosity’s Discovery Deck in this second issue and share 4 mini articles on her business, Exceptional Connections. Please enjoy and play with your data.

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Develop your body of work and experience the harvest of your labor. If you have ever written an article or published a blog, you have a body of work.

There is a good chance only a few dozen people saw it or maybe a few hundred.

If you have recorded dozens of videos or been on podcasts, you have a body of work.

Too often I’ve seen promoters on social media give up on cool programs or events because the money never came.

If you have thousands of photos on your phone, you have a body of work. The opportunity for you is to optimize that portfolio.

In the Revenue Ringlet, I encourage members to reach at least 10,000 people with the solution before scrapping it. What if our neighbors 11,000 houses away were seeking this exact thing?!

Let’s not abandon clever Marcelle Allen solutions because it Editor-in-Chief didn’t achieve a grand slam in month one.

BODY OF WORK “WOW!! Look at the body of work you have Cyndi, this is remarkable!”

In some spaces people just want to shove their business card in your face or or set an appointment before truly connecting. Often beginners are way out of step or never learned to network. This has helped me!

The Connection Circle I remember the first time she screen shared with me and I could see all the memes, all the articles, the checklists, the blogs, the headshots, the infographics; I was inspired. Cyndi O’Neill Dady runs a community called Exceptional Connections. It is designed for small business owners to hear from speakers, share their businesses and learn better ways of networking. This infographics here represents thought leadership and her method of how great communicating happens in a networking space.

In Financial Joy I encourage readers to track the number of conversations they have each day and in the month. Usually we use a dot or a seed as the “mark.” In general, mark making is random and playful. With data art, it’s intentional and it represents something.

This infographic of the Connection Circle is remarkable. It’s providing a best practice to having better conversations. I recall so many times early in my career where I would skip one or two of these. I would contribute before I discovered or I would completely skip the follow up. It’s a life-skill to learn and what I love about Cyndi’s networking event is she encourages us to practice the skill with other members in the room. It’s always fun & valuable. The graphic designer who captured Cyndi’s Connection Circle Infographic vision in 2018 is Leslie Akin, from The Brand Boss. They co-created this over zoom and Cyndi weighed in on every detail. I encourage you to make infographics.

“Generating infographics elevate you on the Social Audience Matrix.”

Consider your expertise for a moment. What complex idea could you simplify? Designers around the state have skills in designing easy to grasp visuals from complex topics. If you want others to see you as a specialist or expert, start co-creating with someone who can simplify your topic.

Cyndi is dynamically spiritual, and I love that she prayed for me after many of our coaching sessions because with my health hazards last year. I needed somebody rooted in their faith to lift me up and help me see that there were many ways to healing and well-being. What I find confusing with some believers is a lack of respect for money, lack of desire for money, or a fear of money. Many have a dysfunctional understanding of it, and I encourage everyone with this article is that you can value something temporarily. For example, you always value your faith and things like patience and joy and honesty but when we look at business, there’s a time to put on the hat of momentum, the hat of diligence, the hat of creativity, or the hat of innovation. Be inspired by Tina’s word from 2023 “momentum” as you consider how far your visuals can move across the internet & community. Within The Revenue Ringlet, we are looking at six different sets of data with six different sets of values that I encourage people to lean into occasionally throughout the week.

For example, with module two, we talk about momentum and my social audience matrix and one of the key ideas is results per hour which is not your typical “work hard & do good.” Momentum is about leverage & speed.

Consider your audience size for a moment. Color in the boxes of your comfort zone from this last month.

How do I either create better content to get my message further or leverage video? Do I get on a podcast to connect to somebody else’s audience? In terms of growing your vision and expanding your territory, it’s absolutely in scripture in the Prayer of Jabez. "Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory!” Expand the vision of your territory. I’m not saying value things that go against your core values, but on a secondary level you can value peace, love, harmony and winning. Win-win-wins are successful launches and fantastic videos.

Did your video get 100 views? 1,000? 10K?

GROWING A GARDEN In Financial Joy I use a flower metaphor and harvesting as a way to make sales in business. Cyndi and I really connect over the fruits of your labor concept because she is a master gardener. She has a beautiful backyard that she transformed because of her health needs, and because of a desire to know exactly what she’s putting into her body. She told me a metaphor of the healthcare system being like a conveyor belt; and once you’re on it, you’re kind of just going go through their system. She opened my eyes to see dozens of other methods and concepts, mindsets, and ways to honor your body that are off of that conveyor belt. I know that the typical doctor has layers of expertise and may not be an expert on nutrition. Cyndi inspires me to create a garden so that is something I’m working on this year.

Photo of Cyndi by Marlee Huber Photography.

Make a visual of your health choices on or off a conveyer belt.

Cyndi also throws the coolest garden parties! Below: From ‘Grow your Garden’ on Facebook is this thoughtful photo of the lifecycle of a strawberry. Well, the final stage might truly be on a salad or in my mouth! It reminds me of my 2 circular frameworks to showcase time and progress.

DYNAMIC SPEAKER DIRECTORY Are your goals to be public speaker? Cyndi has one of the most dynamic speaker directories I’ve seen on any websites in Snohomish County. She has honored the speaking career of dozens of women and men who have significant thought leadership and knowledge around various topics. If you or your company is ever looking for inspiration for your podcast, a conference or a workshop; definitely look up the Exceptional Connections Speaker Directory. Cyndi, herself, can speak for 20 minutes, 45 minutes or 90 minutes to inspire your team to “Six Steps to Exceptional Connecting – Becoming a Person of Influence.”

On the Discovery Deck, I have print design, website, headshot and logo as items in the world of professional speaking. A speaker sheet is a combination of multiple visual icons to showcase the product a.k.a. the person speaking and it’s something that if you’ve got a dream to be on stage, you should consider having a one sheet. Also known as a Speaker Sheet; it’s an easy promotion of who you are, what you’re about, your big ideas such as a book. It’s important to note that a speaker sheet has multiple elements of the Discovery Deck. You really can’t get there without the logo, without the headshot, without the book cover, without the testimonial, and professional copywriting. When you look on Cyndi’s website, check out all the speaker sheets for inspiration.

Click through to visit more Speakers

It was my friend and client, Elisa Hawkinson who first invited me to the Exceptional Connections community. She continues to be a remarkable resource and I’m truly grateful. Here is a little data art & social imagery of the community we developed over the years to grow her professional organizing business. 11

Fave Lifestyles Exceptional Connections

Bothell Community

Smooth Organizers

Modern Widows Club Seattle

Influencers, bloggers, journalists, and salespeople welcome!

Help others bend time! Spatially and visually track progress in a way spreadsheets don't.

Help others with awareness of cash flow and skills to increase the flow. The Cash Creator and Cash Flow Circle can become monthly rituals for creatives in business. Snag your copy of Financial Joy at Dreamosity.com.

Making profits can be quite juicy! 1000










Last July, I had the opportunity to present, “The Revenue Ringlet” to Cyndi’s Exceptional Connections Community. I think it’s neat to see data displayed but it really doesn’t sink in for people until they put their own data into the flow. The following examples have mock data & KIDS CAN PLAY ALONG were first presented to ECN. Looking back at last month; have you run your numbers or received your report from your bookkeeper yet? You can request to get them by a certain day each month. If you wait a year, the lessons get lost. Have a youngster learning to work? See if you can calculate their net profit for a month. A negative month would be a rotten fruit.




Rethinking time - week 1 5 conversations

2 conversations & a sales appointment 5 conversations and 1 sales appointment 2 proposals


3 conversations No activity

Sales Appointment

4 conversations Proposal

Check $ / Paid Invoice

Rethinking time - week 2 Conversation Sales Appointment 6 conversations & 1 sales appointment Proposal 2 conversations & 2 sales appointment Check $ / Paid Invoice

3 proposals 1 paid invoice & 2 conversations

3 conversations & 1 sales appointment & 1 proposal No activity 3 conversations

Rethinking time - week 3 Conversation Sales Appointment


Check $ / Paid Invoice

8 conversations No activity 2 conversations & 1 proposal 1 paid invoice & 3 conversations 9 conversations

No activity 1 sales appointment

Rethinking time - week 4 3 day vacation

1 Proposal and 3 conversations 1 Proposal and 2 sales appointments 2 conversations

Conversation Sales Appointment

1 paid invoice & 3 conversations Proposal 3 sales appointments 5 conversations 1 sales appointment

Check $ / Paid Invoice

Lets look at a quarter 3 months, 3 infographics Conversations Sales appointment Proposal/invoice Check

Conversation Sales appointment Proposal

June 2023

Check This pattern of sales activities less expenses resulted in about $4,000 net profit.

This pattern of sales activities less expenses resulted in about $5,000 net profit.

This pattern of sales activities less expenses resulted in about $7,000 net profit.

Conversation Sales Appointment Proposal Check

If you were to connect the months together, a ringlet would form. Note the Cash Creator and Cash Flow Circle's are looking at different data.


Reflect carefully Twice a month we review our marketing efforts together, discuss leverage points, and examine results.

Advance enthusiastically Leverage your sphere of influence in new ways, collaborate creatively, share intentionally and enjoy expanding.

Your data, your medium Know the data behind your dreams for the week, month, and each quarter. Be able to connect the dots and gain new insights.


TheRevenueRinglet.com 360-420-9966

You might ask, why should I doodle the data or sketch my sphere? The answer is gratitude; it leads to a wonderful awareness.

Rethink how your patterns show up and find the opportunity.

I’ve heard that school-aged students are now making infographics in school. That’s exciting if true!! Doodling the data and making data art at the end of the month is basically making an infographic of the month’s sales activity within the Cash Creator. The Cash Flow Circle is looking at buying and spending patterns each month. My beef with spreadsheets if they really don’t spatially show how large a transaction is.

Patterns are all around us. This is the lamp from the waiting room when my surgeon gave me the green light to get back to my regular activities. Notice the patterns!? I find it absolutely beautiful in its consistent flow. I’ve yet to find one person so predictable. We have wonderful days and weird ones. We care deeply some days and are emotionally flustered other days. Notice your patterns of spending and earnings. Play with your data.

adership e L

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ice rv

Gamify your business. Every industry has nuances to the style of companies and products but every company requires harmony among these 7 elements. I like knowing you can borrow successful styles from other industries to improve an area of your own.

s tion a r

70% developm ct

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These can shift almost daily based on what you see, create, and experience in your social network.

Prod u

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39% Sal e

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a behind y t a


Do a quick analysis now. Rate your leadership from 1 to 100, and how do you know? How is your Marketing? Sales? Customer Service? How about financial management or product development? Are your operations working well or bumpy? Assign a number for each category.


Memes are sweet and short little bits of information or inspiration. Sometimes they are funny, factual, or fascinating. Cyndi does a nice job of highlighting the phrases her speakers say. Here are a few of mine from over the years and one about networking.

It’s amazing how a string of conversations can change things.

With the rise of Zoom and digital meetings, it’s pretty simple to doodle during a conversation. Depending on your purpose; you may write action items, names of important people or places, lovely phrases, great questions.., or a cool design completely off topic. I didn’t realize when I wrote Financial Joy that I was creating data art. Months into the pandemic I stumbled across art which mapped a conversation… so I started to doodle lines as other people were speaking. When someone new spoke, I switched colors. “Champions are good at the basics.” - Coach Wooden Having successful conversations in business is the foundation of exceptional connecting. Consider the basics of your ideal conversation. Doodling the dialogue will quickly show the difference between mediocre and successful conversations. A conversation is simply a string of micro-decisions. Connect, discover, listen, contribute, follow-up, and nurture. Create a beautiful experience.

Conversations may be wobbly depending what type of choas someone is emerging from.

Your data, your medium. You can pick from any artistic medium to make data art. Rethink how you evaluate progress and your pace. Getting creative can help you better understand points of leverage and opportunity. If you were to embrace data art, would you use pencil, watercolor, digital design tools, or crayons!?


I find large chunks of text exhausting and undesirable. I honor the written word, yet I encourage you to consider graphics that help make decisions easier. This design above was a Cover Image I used awhile ago in an attempt to shift the conversation about speed. Cover Images are like a billboard for your social media.You can feature anything there! What type of conversations are you inviting on your Cover Image?

Cover Image

Events Drive Engagement

Often marketers are frustrated with lack of activity and engagement on their business pages on Facebook. Events provide experiences for people to connect and participate with your brand. It’s a fairly simple strategy that may build a community someone has been hoping to find. I’m not talking about events nobody knows about, I’m talking about creating an event through your Facebook business page. You will need a Cover Image, location, time, etc. Don’t turn off discussion if you want engagement. Stay tuned for a DREAMOSITY event about harmony.

“I’LL SHOW YOU MY STOCK PORTFOLIO IF YOU SHOW ME YOURS.” What if couples shared more openly on financial matters?

Coming Summer 2024




Reflect creativity Twice a month we review our marketing efforts together, discuss leverage points, and examine results.

Advance enthusiastically Leverage your sphere of influence in new ways, collaborate creatively, share intentionally and enjoy expanding.

Your data, your medium Know the data behind your dreams for the week, month, and each quarter. Be able to connect the dots and gain new insights.


TheRevenueRinglet.com 360-420-9966

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