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Care Remarkably JANUARY 2014


When we avoid difficult conversations, we trade shortterm discomfort for long-term dysfunction. Peter Bromberg



THE VISION The value of visuals paired with experiences and encouragement.


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR It’s not about the fancy decor as much as steering folks to decide.


AN INTRO TO DATA ART Any bit of data can be turned into something more attractive and useful.


DECISION DRIVING DESIGN Why remarkable leaders can influence faster than ever before. Mapping your sales territory with Canva.


A PLAYFUL APPROACH Opportunities to co-create and collaborate on important visuals.


RESTOCKING IMAGINATION Ponder this picture like a mermaid.




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THE VISION ENCOURAGING CONTENT, USEFUL VISUALS The visual landscape is going through a transformation and it’s important that we grow as creators. Imagine if your content truly served your audience. Imagine visuals that helped people make wise decisions. Picture a place where advertisements weren’t ignored but inspired action. What if every search result actually gave you what you were looking for and every internal doc was clearly labeled for the purpose it was intended. How cool would it be if every transaction lifted your spirits and every project was easy to achieve? The visuals we share and how we visualize information has an important role in our well-being. Is harmony in every home possible? 3

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR When community is done right, nobody is lonely and nobody is broke. For over a decade now I’ve felt called to lead a visual movement. After 45 days of recovering from surgery and tons of reflection and reviewing old journals and tardy tasks in my productivity app. I’m committed to sending out a visual form of encouragement to those in my network. Think of them as intellectual excursions or business art projects.

I truly believe words are often misunderstood but if people can connect over a visual; common understanding can be shared. I’m tired of seeing emails and newspapers that constantly miss this visual inspiration mark. I’m also tired of complaining about it. I’m now ready to inspire change and hopeful dialogue.

In the Revenue Ringlet, I encourage members to consider how to best communicate from a list of 25 visuals. I will be sharing many of these styles here and encourage you to develop and expand your visual communication methods.

Marcelle Allen Editor-in-Chief 4

It’s amazing how a string of conversations can change things. Imagine that someone doodled a simple line for every phrase you said in one color, and when the other speaks up the line color switches.


This is a conversation illustrated roughly.

Visualizing conversations in this way can quickly show patterns Picture three different conversations below. Some may be win-win, some are scripted, and some are complete improv. One conversation might lead to a discovery, another might earn a check, and one might end up sharing tacos.

Search “Squiggle” in Canva if you want to create something similar or simply pick up 2 colorful pencils. The difference between normal art and mixed media is each mark is representing something with data art. It’s about appreciating the time, amount, or other element.


DECISION DRIVING DESIGNS Your network visualized belongs in your wisdom guide or social media policy.

Where do the best conversations come from you might ask? Your sphere of influence! Tackling data art as it applies to our social networks is a fun way to approach a sales plan. I advise my clients to have 5-25 places they network intentionally and when they visualize influence in these spaces, it can be humbling or encouraging.


Whether you have a pre-defined sales territory, a vague concept of sphere of influence, or a place you consider your ministry; critical thinking merged with creativity can focus team members and remarkable leaders as they set forth to achieve a goal. To me, Financial Joy begins with conversations soaked in gratitude. Opacity is a design term for how transparent or translucent an object is. Transparency was a huge phrase in a recent political campaign I was a part of and there is a huge opportunity for both parties to rethink their “universe” by examining sets of historical data with design. I will break this down for members of the Revenue Ringlet and encourage you to start by listing out your online groups you network in. Give yourself a 0-100 score of how well known you are, or your ideas are in that group.

Until I stumbled across data art, looking at the data wasn’t enjoyable. I’ve realized my data may not inspire you, but if you look at your data and new ways, it may absolutely inspire you. It’s not about decor, but fancy metaphors may lead to remarkable decisions and insight. This circular model looks at a month of sales activity with visuals unlike a spreadsheet. It’s rich with storytelling potential. Improving conversations and shifting tempo is important and I encourage you to doodle the data and notice your patterns.


A PLAYFUL APPROACH TO BUSINESS Bringing pleasure and play into business is possible. When we enjoy our projects, more people benefit from the results. Develop a sweet and soulful approach to social media this year. Look at your net profit every month and give yourself a juicy grade from the key on the next page. Did you get an apple? A pineapple? A string of 12 months might make for a juicy piece of jewelry. I know I’ll never look at a lady with a bunch of bracelets the same with this in mind.


If you need help getting these reports, I can recommend several great bookkeepers to interview.


My friend, Stacy, says that defining what’s “enough” is a self-care activity. I feel the same regarding Financial Joy. It’s not always, “a lot more” that is required to find Financial Joy. Sometimes it’s slowing down, a new approach to budgeting or learning new sales script that works. I’ve been experimenting with color restriction as a way to gamify results. Consider the key on the previous page. 11

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Consider gamifying your business with incentives along the way. Often I will tell my clients it only takes 7 elements to create a successful business. We don’t need to be 100% amazing at each of them all the time. We do need to consider how they connect and how we can improve them frequently if we want to grow.

Do a quick analysis now, how is your leadership from 1 to 100? How is your Marketing? Sales? Customer service? How about financial management or product development? Are your operations and admins working well? Give yourself a rough % for each category.

As life throws you curveballs and remarkable windfalls, these will shift and volley each time you reflect. To me, data art makes this way more fun and enjoyable and it improves the conversations with collaborators when a visual brings it all together. 12

Rethink how creatives leverage the Discovery Deck in community communication.

This deck has steered the majority of my digital services. I want them in every business toolkit. When I moved back in Washington after traveling for years, I needed to express all the types of visuals someone could leverage to be successful. You can combine various elements as innovation arises and you can apply on various mediums.


Every communicator has a comfort level when creating these elements. I encourage you to circle things you know well and lean into what the others are. Perhaps you haven’t needed them all yet, you might need them soon. You have likely seen each of them in designs in the wild and you will definitely grow in understanding in this publication.

Influencers, bloggers, journalists, and salespeople welcome! 14

01/24 ISSUE 15

We all have limits in understanding on various topics. One thing I’ve wondered about lately is the stock market. What if it was visually presented differently to the creative mind? What if conversations around selected ticker symbols were more enjoyable. I think of the mermaid in the Little Mermaid when she sings that song about gizmos and gadgets of plenty. What if young people were given tours of other peoples choices in a way that made sense, to something similar to what they know. Mason jars. We’ve all held a jar or seen a row on a shelf. What if your stock portfolio was displayed visually and attractively? Want to co-create a design with your real stock shares, let me know. Email questions or comments to marcelle@dreamosity.com


Help others bend time! Spatially and visually track progress in a way spreadsheets can't.


Help others with awareness of cash flow and skills to increase the flow. The cash creator and cash flow circle can become monthly rituals for creatives in business. Snag your copy of Financial Joy at Dreamosity.com.

Your data, your medium. You can pick from any artistic medium to make data art. Rethink net-worth. Any accounts with a negative balance go below the horizon and any positive accounts go above. Your net-worth is always under construction.



Reflect carefully Twice a month we review our marketing efforts together, discuss leverage points, and examine results.

Advance enthusiastically Leverage your sphere of influence in new ways, collaborate creatively, share intentionally and enjoy expanding.

Your data, your medium Know the data behind your dreams for the week, month, and each quarter. Be able to connect the dots and gain new insights.


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