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Finally, setelah lebih dari dua tahun mengalami pandemi, akhirnya kita sudah dibebaskan dari pemakaian masker dan jaga jarak. Dua tahun lamanya kita was-was jika ingin bertemu dengan orang lain atau sekedar berbicara. Event-event ditunda, pernikahan diadakan dengan sangat private bahkan untuk makan di restoran juga membuat perasaan cemas. Namun kita juga disadarkan akan betapa berharganya eksistensi orang lain. Seperti ada yang mengatakan “ You don’t know the meaning of someone, until it’s gone”. Kurang lebih seperti itulah yang kita rasakan setelah kita harus menjaga jarak dan berjauhan dari orang lain.

Akhirnya kita tiba disaat kita boleh bertegur sapa, boleh berpelukan dan boleh ngobrol dengan orang lain lagi. Dan tepat di saat Ramadan pula, momen yang sela -

ma ini kita tunggu-tunggu dimana kita ingin berkumpul bersama orang tersayang di hari Lebaran akhirnya bisa terwujud juga. Marilah kita tidak sia-siakan lagi waktu yang ada, undanglah kerabatmu ke rumah, kunjungi orang tua di kampung halaman, ajak buka bersama sahabat-sahabatmu, hadiri konser dari penyanyi atau band favoritmu.

Di edisi kali ini juga kami mempertemukan dua sahabat yang juga bekerja di industri entertainment: Jefri Nichol dan Julian Latif. Sama-sama memiliki nama berinisial J, kedua aktor ini kami ajak foto (luckily without mask) untuk menghiasi cover edisi April sambil berbicara tentang makna persahabatan. Ternyata, persahabatan juga memiliki pengaruh penting dalam kesehatan mental mereka. Seperti apa interview kami? Simak di artikel cover story kami ya.



Amazon Studios dropped the first official trailer for Air, a film starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck which shows how Nike got Michael Jordan on board and revolutionised the world of sportswear. The movie, which premiered at SXSW ahead of the official theatrical release scored a very rare 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which basically means that all the critics present loved it.

The film is set in the early 1984 when Nike was still trying to make a name in sportswear and Jordan was a rookie. It shows how the massively popular Air Jordan brand was born.

“This moving story follows the career-defining gamble of an unconventional team with everything on the line, the uncompromising vision of a mother who knows the worth of her son’s immense talent, and the basketball phenom who would become the greatest of all time,” the film’s logline reads.

What we know about the film Air

First trailer focuses on Sonny Vaccaro

The trailer of Air reveals that the film will focus on Sonny Vaccaro, the legendary sports marketing genius who convinced Nike to sign Jordan. But the trailer is set in a time when Vaccaro hadn’t yet become the celebrated icon he is today.

As the trailer reveals, Vaccaro had to be really persistent on his mission. While convincing Nike wasn’t easy, he had to also get the approval of Jordan’s mother,

Image credit: ana carballosa/Ana Carballosa/Prime Video – © ana carballosa/IMDb

Everything You Need to Know About Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic (and so is this cast).

The film will center on a doll living in Barbieland, who’s forced to leave due to her so-called imperfections—setting off on an adventure in the real world and discovering along the way that perfection can only truly be found within. If that sounds painfully clichéd, it’s worth noting that feminist auteur Greta Gerwig ( Lady Bird ) is both writing and directing the movie, with input from her partner Noah Baumbach ( Marriage Story )

Greta Gerwig has teamed up with Margot Robbie and Warner Bros. for a live-action Barbie  movie, based on Mattel’s famed doll. Robbie, who will also produce under her LuckyChap Entertainment banner, will play the title character, while Ryan Gosling will portray her not-so-plastic boyfriend, Ken. Gerwig’s adaptation will feature multiple variations of Barbie and Ken, rounded out by a star-studded cast that includes America Ferrera, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu, and more.

An official logline reads, “To live in Barbie Land is to be a perfect being in a perfect place. Unless you have a full-on existential crisis. Or you’re a Ken.”

Robbie previously said to expect the unexpected, while Will Ferrell, who plays the CEO of Mattel in the film, called it a “loving” and “satirical” homage to the brand. Barbie will be “an amazing comment on male patriarchy and women in society,” he told Wall Street Journal .

Below is everything we know so far about the  Barbie  film.

Who will direct, write, and produce?

Gerwig will direct the film, which she co-wrote with her partner and fellow filmmaker Noah Baumbach ( Marriage Story, Frances Ha ). Robbie will produce alongside LuckyChap’s Tom Ackerley and Mattel’s Robbie Brenner and David Heyman. LuckyChap’s Josey McNamara and Mattel’s Ynon Kreiz will also executive produce.

Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’ | CREDIT: WARNER BROS.

Who will star in  Barbie ?

As mentioned above, the cast is stacked and will feature different variations of Barbie and Ken, with Robbie and Gosling playing the central pair. The other Barbies will be played by Issa Rae, Dua Lipa, Kate McKinnon, Nicola Coughlan, Alexandra Shipp, Hari Nef, Emma Mackey, Ana Cruz Kayne, Sharon Rooney, and Ritu Arya.

The hunky assortment of Kens will be played by Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Ncuti Gatwa, and Scott Evans. Will Ferrell is the CEO of a toy company, while Helen Mirren is the narrator. Other notable cast members include Michael Cera as Allan and Promising Young Woman  director Emerald Fennell as Midge, as well as America Ferrera and Ariana Greenblatt, who are teased simply as “humans.”

Connor Swindells has been described “an intern or something,” while Jamie Demetriou will play a “suit.” Check out all the character posters below.

Ryan Gosling in ‘Barbie’ | CREDIT: WARNER BROS. PICTURES Issa Rae in ‘Barbie’ | CREDIT: WARNER BROS. PICTURES Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’

Simu Liu in ‘Barbie’



Alexandra Shipp in ‘Barbie’



Ritu Arya in ‘Barbie’



Nicola Coughlan in ‘Barbie’




Hari Nef in ‘Barbie’



Kingsley Ben-Adir in ‘Barbie’



Jamie Demetriou in ‘Barbie’



Kate McKinnon in ‘Barbie’




Emerald Fennell in ‘Barbie’



Dua Lipa in ‘Barbie’



Sharon Rooney in ‘Barbie’



Arianna Greenblatt in ‘Barbie’




Connor Swindells in ‘Barbie’



Ana Cruz Kayne in ‘Barbie’



Helen Mirren in ‘Barbie’



Scott Evans in ‘Barbie’




When will it debut in theaters?

Barbie and her pink convertible will cruise into theaters July 21, 2023.

Is there a trailer yet?

Yes! The first one borrows from Stanley Kubrick‘s  2001: A Space Odyssey

Weren’t there other versions in the works?

Yes.  Barbie  has been in development since 2014. (Really.) Amy Schumer was initially tapped to star as the title doll in 2016. That

iteration, under Sony, was billed as a new feminist take on the famous ’50s Mattel doll. It would have centered on Barbie as she began to realize she didn’t fit into her perfect world of Barbie Land. After she’s kicked out, she finds herself in the real world in a fishout-of-water tale in the vein of  Big  and  Enchanted . Schumer departed the project a year later, saying in an interview that it was due to “creative differences.”) Sony courted Anne Hathaway after Schumer’s exit, with delays occurring not too long after. Finally, in 2019, the film moved over to Warner Bros., where Gerwig took the helm. ‘


Emma Mackey in ‘Barbie’



Will Ferrell in ‘Barbie’



Ncuti Gatwa in ‘Barbie’



America Ferrera in ‘Barbie’




Deloris Jordan, for what he envisioned for her son.

In the flashes of the trailer, Vaccaro is seen trying to make Nike co-founder Phil Knight see the brand’s future with Jordan. Deloris, on the other hand, wants the world to take note of her outstandingly talented son.

The cast of Air

Damon plays Sonny Vaccaro while the role of Phil Knight is essayed by Affleck. Deloris Jordan is portrayed by Viola Davis. Other cast members include Jason Bateman as Rob Strasser, Chris Messina as David Falk, Marlon Wayans as George Raveling, Chris Tucker as Howard White, Matthew Maher as Peter Moore, Gustaf Skarsgård as Horst Dassler and Julius Tennon as James Jordan.

Why is Air highly anticipated?

Besides the Michael Jordan connection, Air is one of the most anticipated films of 2023 because of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

The longtime friends won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for writing Good Will Hunting (1997), a film in which they also shared the screen. The two actors recently reunited as co-stars for The Last Duel (2021), a Ridley Scott

historical film whose script they wrote.

Affleck won his second Oscar when Argo (2012), a film he directed, won the Best Picture. On the other hand, Damon also has three Oscar nominations in acting categories and a nomination as a producer when his film Manchester by the Sea (2016) was in the running for Best Picture.

Air is the first film where Affleck is directing Damon. It is also the first film from the two friend’s production company, Artists Equity.

The film, Air, will premiere on 5 April in theatres and will later be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

Image credit: Amazon Studios © Amazon Content Services LLC

Deloris Jordan, for what he envisioned for her son.

In the flashes of the trailer, Vaccaro is seen trying to make Nike co-founder Phil Knight see the brand’s future with Jordan. Deloris, on the other hand, wants the world to take note of her outstandingly talented son.

The cast of Air

Damon plays Sonny Vaccaro while the role of Phil Knight is essayed by Affleck. Deloris Jordan is portrayed by Viola Davis. Other cast members include Jason Bateman as Rob Strasser, Chris Messina as David Falk, Marlon Wayans as George Raveling, Chris Tucker as Howard White, Matthew Maher as Peter Moore, Gustaf Skarsgård as Horst Dassler and Julius Tennon as James Jordan.

Why is Air highly anticipated?

Besides the Michael Jordan connection, Air is one of the most anticipated films of 2023 because of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

The longtime friends won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for writing Good Will Hunting (1997), a film in which they also shared the screen. The two actors recently reunited as co-stars for The Last Duel (2021), a Ridley Scott

historical film whose script they wrote.

Affleck won his second Oscar when Argo (2012), a film he directed, won the Best Picture. On the other hand, Damon also has three Oscar nominations in acting categories and a nomination as a producer when his film Manchester by the Sea (2016) was in the running for Best Picture.

Air is the first film where Affleck is directing Damon. It is also the first film from the two friend’s production company, Artists Equity.

The film, Air, will premiere on 5 April in theatres and will later be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

Image credit: Amazon Studios © Amazon Content Services LLC


Jefri Nichol blak-blakan soal dream role, a lil bit of his personal life dan bagaimana makna persahabatannya dengan Julian Latif dalam kesehariannya kini.

Photographer Iona Chavela @ionachavela

Fashion Director Caroline Meliala @carolinemeliala

Makeup Artist Kiky Lutan @kikylutan

Videographer Rico Leonard @ricoleonard

Editor Oliph Viola

Jefri Nichol adalah sosok aktor yang sering mendapat publikasi akan ke-macho-annya, apalagi setelah berita tentang keberaniaannya menantang balik netizen yang terlebih dulu mengajaknya duel di ring tinju. Berita ini sempat membuat kami was-was ketika akan melakukan pemotretan untuk cover Dmuse edisi April ini. Apakah kami akan baik-baik saja, bagaimana kami harus bersikap agar dia tidak terpancing emosi dan lainnya, sempat berputar-putar dalam pikiran kami saat mempersiapkan photoshoot kali ini. Namun semua rasa cemas sirna ketika anak muda berbadan tegap dan berotot ini tiba di studio dengan senyumnya yang ramah dan attitude nya yang sangat santun.

Tak banyak berbicara, namun dia sangat atentif pada keadaan sekitar dan selalu bertanya akan apa yang diinginkan oleh photoshoot team. Inisiatif ini benar-benar mencairkan suasana dan membuat cover shoot kami kali ini malah terasa ringan dan fun . Dia bahkan rela mengabaikan sakit pada kakinya saat itu yang habis terkilir dan mendapat treatment dari dokter karena sudah berjanji melakukan photoshoot ini. Dengan semangat pula, Jefri banyak mencetuskan ide yang menarik dan ‘out of the box’ during the photoshoot . It’s like we are not only collaborating with an actor, but also a director at the same time.

Shirts and pants, all by Sejauh Mata Memandang Jefri’s loafers by Jackson Shoes Top and pants, Hartono Gan

Dalam kesempatan kali ini, kami tak hanya tertarik dengan perjalanan karir Jefri Nichol namun ingin pula mengangkat tema tentang ‘persahabatan’ dalam hidupnya. Dan siapa sangka, ternyata teman dekat Jefri juga adalah seorang public figure pendatang baru slash photographer yang sama-sama berinisial J: Julian Latif yang mana sering juga menjadi fotografer kontributor Dmuse Magz. Meski baru kenal semenjak Julian ikut gabung dalam manajemen Jefri Nichol, Kite Entertainment, namun mereka sudah seperti kakak-adik.

Diwawancarai langsung oleh videografer kami kali ini, Rico Leonard, simak obrolan seru Dmuse Magz bersama duo J ini.

D: Jefri dengan latar belakang sebagai aktor dan Julian sebagai fotografer, gimana awalnya kalian bisa bertemu dan jadi sahabat?

Jefri dan Julian: karena kerjaan sih awalnya. (Julian): jadi awalnya manajemen Jefri hubungin aku untuk foto manajemen mereka. Jefri: tapi seharusnya satu tahun sebelumnya Julian harusnya fotoin aku buat salah satu majalah tapi nggak ketemu waktunya.

D: Lalu, kalian langsung cocok?

Julian: Aku basically orangnya emang gampang klik sama orang karena aku ekstrovert anaknya. Makanya aku sangat excited ketemu orang baru, bahkan dengerin cerita hidup Jefri tuh bisa menginspirasi aku juga dalam menjalani hidup.

Jefri: Julian itu pendengar yang baik sih. Sampai masalah personal banget juga dia dengerin dan bikin nyaman.

D: Siapa yang lebih sering cerita?

Julian: Jefri sih

Jefri: Setuju. Tapi sekalinya Julian ngomong sih ngga bisa berhenti. Waktu itu Lebaran di rumah aku, sampai dua jam ngga stop ngomong, ha ha.

D: Ada kesamaan selera film atau musik?

Julian: Kayanya ngga ada sih, kita lebih sama-sama tertarik urusan fashion. Eh, tapi ada sih film yang kita sama-sama suka, kaya film psycho gitu kadang kita suka nonton bareng. Cuma kita nggak pernah ngobrol dalam soal film.

D: Aktor favorit?

Jefri: Dari Indonesia aku idolain Om Tio Pakusadewo, menurutku dia Marlon Brando-nya Indonesia. Kalau dari luar, of course Marlon Brando. Kalau aktris aku suka dari Indonesia, ngga tau kenapa lagu suka banget sama Adinia Wirasti. Tapi kalau dari luar belum ada suka siapa-siapa sih.

D: Kalau aktor luar yang masih hidup?

Jefri: Brad Pitt kayanya ya. Menurutku dia agak underrated. Gara-gara muka dia ganteng jadi acting skill dia agak terkesampingkan dari penilaian orang. Padahal menurutku solid banget akting dia.

D: Julian?

Julian: Aktor favorit Indonesia aku suka Rio Dewanto, kalau aktris: Lutesha. Kalau aktor luar: Eddy Redmayne, kalau aktris, Anna Taylor-Joy.

D: Film favorit?

Julian: Inception, Laskar Pelangi dan The Menu.

Jefri: Wall-e, Fight Club dan Farha.

Top and pants, Hartono Gan Wardrobe, Burberry (Julian’s Personal Own) Puffer vest, Balenciaga (Julian’s Personal Own) Puffer vest, Uniqlo. Sandal, Jackson Shoes

D: Apa sih tantangan terberat kalian dalam akting?

Jefri: Tantangannya adalah ngelakuin hal yang ngga biasa gua lakuin sih. Kaya dulu waktu gua main di Jakarta VS Everybody , gua ngga pernah lihat shabu, ngerokok, ngga tahu cara ngelinting… jadi di situ aku harus belajar sama mantan kurir-nya. Itu menjadi salah satu tantangan terberat. Bahkan saat shooting itu aku sampai tidur di lokasi aktingnya demi mendalami karakter.

D: Kalau pengalaman ngga enak?

Jefri: Paling ya pernah dipulangkan waktu lagi shooting FTV dulu, ya ngga apaapa, itu jadi tabungan rasa buat seorang aktor, ha ha.

D: Kalau Julian?

Julian: Semuanya sih pasti, meskipun baru main series sekali, FTV sama Jefri sekali, film juga sekali, tapi rolenya masih kecil.. tapi tantangannya harus lebih mendalami karakter ya karena memang belum pernah diberi kesempatan juga mendapat peran utama atau besar. Kalau bitter memories dalam fotografi, ya paling kalau di Indonesia itu persaingan tidak sehatnya lumayan fenomenal. Karena kalau di luar negeri, dulu saat masih kuliah lalu bekerja di sana, ada associate yang melindungi hak-hak fotografer.

D: What is your dream role?

Jefri: Aku sih pingin banget dapat peran action kaya James Bond gitu, yang dandanannya bagus, jam tangan mahal, pake suit, tapi bisa fight.

Julian: Kalau aku sih dream big dulu aja, pingin bisa menang award , he he.

D: Apakah itu artinya Julian akan meninggalkan dunia fotografi?

Julian: Hmm mungkin aku sekarang sedang pasif di foto karena mau serius pursue acting career tapi aku nggak mungkin meninggalkan fotografi karena itu yang membesarkan namaku dan menjadi salah satu sumber mata pencaharian.

D: Kalau Jefri sendiri kan sudah menjadi salah satu aktor muda besar Indonesia, sempat mengalami titik jenuh nggak?

Jefri: Wah ukuran sepatu berapa nih bang, he he. Ngga sih, malah bersyukur orang-orang bisa menganggap gitu. Tapi kalau aku sendiri masih anggap diri ini biasa aja; bocah asal Bekasi yang main film aja gitu. Dan semoga aku bisa konsisten kasih performa yang baik sehingga orang-orang yang nonton bisa terhibur, karena itu tujuan gua dalam akting.

D: Hal positif terbesar dari persahabatan kalian?

Jefri: Wah Julian ini sangat ngedengerin aku kalau curhat masalah keluarga, dan memang bukan langsung kasih solusi tapi dia bisa comforting aku, sehingga aku jadi lebih tenang.

Julian: Jefri ngajakin main terus dan rasanya kaya punya adik, karena saya anak satu-satunya.

Dari satu perbincangan yang hangat dan penuh keakraban bersama Jefri Nichol dan Julian Latif, terungkap banyak hal menarik tentang mereka - dua talenta muda Indonesia, yang kami yakin akan terus mendobrak batasan dalam industri tanah air dengan energi kreativitas mereka.

Puffer jacket and knit vest, Uniqlo All
by Jefri’s Personal Own
Coat by Hartono Gan Coat by Uniqlo Shirts and pants by Sejauh Mata Memandang Loafers by Jackson Shoes Coat by Hartono Gan


Here are tips about how to keep your skin hydrated during Ramadan

Alas, the scorching hours of our tropical island have arrived. Across the globe, travel plans include travelling into East Asia for the lilting atmosphere of spring blossoms and pink skies. But for the  Muslims  in our community, the time of the year also beckons in a crucial month ahead:  Ramadan . To the uninitiated, Ramadan is a month-long spiritual affair where Muslims—who are able and well enough to—are required to fast from dawn to dusk. Whilst the more pressing concerns might be ensuring that your internal  system is fed with enough  nutrients  and minerals, it’s important to note that one’s  skin  will also be prone to suffering from dehydration during this period of time.

By abstaining from food and water over an extended duration, it might not take you very long before you begin to notice your countenance turning dull and dry—as a result of the lack of H2O running through your body. Interrupted sleep due to daily Sahurs  (the time in the

morning when Muslims wake from their sleep to eat before the sun begins to rise) also leads to a drastic change in one’s rest and recovery cycles, hence potentially compromising the skin barrier’s ability to repair itself. And as a result of leaving your mouth dry for close to 12 hours of the day, it’s also a common sight to find that one’s lips are chapped or parched.

Should you be entering Ramadan yourself, perhaps some of these concerns might be no stranger to you. And whilst you may be dousing your body with enough food and nutrients come  buka the stipulated time when one can break their fast—it’s imperative that you give your skin just as much, if not even more attention, during this month. As the beauty guardians we call ourselves, it’s come to our attention that we’re wellplaced to give you some  tips  on how to keep your skin hydrated during Ramadan—to maintain a radiant, healthy glow that you’ll be proud to flaunt come the  Hari Raya Aidilfitri  celebrations. Glean them all, below.

1 / 5

Keep a lip balm on hand

It’s hardly a surprise that your lips are going to begin showing signs of dryness during the month of Ramadan. Cracking and flakiness is to be expected—both of which are common issues one also faces when travelling to the colder parts of the world. As you would for your winter travels, it doesn’t hurt to bring around a lip balm and coat your lips with a layer or two throughout the day, all to ensure that your lips are protected from drying out. Trust  Fresh’s Sugar Mango Hydrating Lip Balm  or  Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm  to do the trick If you’re willing to put in the extra effort, you can also opt for a lip scrub that will exfoliate away all your flaky, dead skin, leaving you with a moist, youthful-looking pout.

2 / 5

Mist away

If you can’t feed your skin internally, it would be best to opt for ways in which you can feed it with moisture directly. One easy way—that will also help you keep you feel cool in the sweltering heat of our climes—would be to constantly drench your skin in a facial mist for a sensorial experience akin to a light shower. Not only does it provide your skin with the boost of hydration it needs, certain options such as  Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist  or  Supergoop’s (Re)setting Refreshing Mist SPF 40  will do wonders in doubling up as additional skincare as well.



3 / 5

Incorporate superfoods into your meals

When you’re limited to eating only during a few hours of the day, eating right is as important as any skincare trick in the book. The aim is to get as much important nutrients as you would need during your morning sahur— so that you’ll be energised throughout the day. Adding superfoods to your meals would help in this area, as you would be packing your meals with sufficient proteins, anti-oxidants, fibres and minerals to your diet. Whilst whole ingredients such as salmon, eggs, olives and avocados will do the trick, whipping up some easy jams or post- buka  snacks using chia seeds might also help to ensure you’ve got enough energy throughout the day.

Mask up

The same logic of hydration applies here. If you can’t give your skin the moisture it needs via your internal systems, then you’ll have to utilise additional resources to make sure your skin is kept hydrated and healthy. An extra mask pack or two will go a long way in retaining your skin’s moisture—and increasing the frequency of your weekly night masks will do wonders. For those of you early risers (or if you’re opting not to return to your slumber after the morning  sahur ) try applying a mask in the morning too, before you get ready for the day.

4 / 5


5 / 5

Drink enough water (when you can)

Whilst this should go without saying, the best way of keeping your skin hydrated is to drink enough water—when you can. Whilst hydration packs such as masks and toner mists might help to provide the extra moisture, making sure to hydrate yourself with enough water after you break fast is essential in the long run, but be careful not to chug it all down and space your water intake out through the night.


More has always been more with Jeremy Scott. Though the designer had just announced that he’s stepping down as creative director of Moschino after a decade, his legacy will forever be remembered at the house.

During his tenure, the endlessly creative US designer became a master of the runway “moment” and pushed playful themes each season, becoming more experimental as the years went on. Above all, he knew how to make a statement, whether wrapping his model muses inside floral bouquets or encasing them in chandeliers.

Like his eponymous designs, Scott’s Moschino collections were a medley of colours, prints and kitsch pop culture references—he’s paid tribute to Barbie, My Little Pony, SpongeBob SquarePants and Mickey Mouse—and there’s never been a shortage of talking points. Remember when Gigi

Hadid closed Moschino’s spring/summer 2019 show in a bubble-hemmed wedding dress with a veil “carried” by butterflies? Or when Jourdan Dunn stormed the catwalk in a floor-sweeping ball gown in the shape of a Hershey’s Kisses wrapper at his debut collection for the house?

Not even the pandemic could scupper his imagination. For spring/summer 2021, he staged a puppet performance in place of the look books that other designers turned to in absence of real-life shows. Made in collaboration with special effects company Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Scott’s fantasy-filled presentation featured 30-inch marionettes dressed in his new season propositions, complete with Vogue ’s Edward Enninful and Anna Wintour watching (as puppets) on the front row. “We need to dream, we need to be inspired, we need to uplifted and transported, now more than ever,” he told Vogue in a preview.

Let’s honor Jeremy Scott’s masterpiece by vieweing his most memorable catwalk

Scott’s hype-generating showmanship knows no bounds. “I think I was built for social media,” the designer told Vogue in 2018. “It’s about a picture that is less than the size of the palm of your hand. What is impactful is not an all-black look. It’s about being colourful and bold and my work was already that and has always been that way. It’s kind of like that world has caught up to me.”

As his Moschino journey draws to a close, Vogue revisits Jeremy Scott’s most memorable creations to date.

Courtesy of Moschino 1 / 18 FW14 Courtesy of Moschino 2 / 18 SS21 Courtesy of Moschino 3 / 18 SS17 Getty 4 / 18 SS19
Courtesy of Moschino 5 / 18 FW20 FW17
Courtesy of Moschino 6 / 18 FASHION NEWS
of Moschino 7 / 18
Courtesy of Moschino 8 / 18 SS23
Courtesy of Moschino 9 / 18
10 / 18 FW23 Getty 11 / 18 FW16
Courtesy of Moschino
Courtesy of Moschino
/ 18 SS18
Courtesy of Moschino
/ 18
Courtesy of Moschino 14 / 18 FW17 Courtesy of Moschino 15 / 18 SS18
Courtesy of Moschino
16 / 18
Courtesy of Moschino 17 / 18 FW18
Courtesy of Moschino 18 / 18 SS15

Celebrate Ramadan in Style

Lengkapi Momen Kebersamaan

dengan Koleksi Hari Raya UNIQLO

UNIQLO dalam memenuhi kebutuhan gaya hidup di setiap momen berharga melalui pakaian yang nyaman dan berkualitas,” ujar Lisqia Lalantika, Marketing Manager UNIQLO Indonesia.

Bulan Ramadan identik dengan kegembiraan dan semangat menyambut Hari Raya Idul Fitri dimana orang-orang sudah mulai mempersiapkan kebutuhannya untuk melengkapi momen-momen spesial bersama keluarga, mulai dari shalat Idul Fitri, bersilaturahmi ke rumah keluarga serta kerabat terdekat, hingga mudik ke kampung halaman. Tidak lengkap rasanya jika Hari Raya dilalui tanpa memakai baju baru.

Hari Raya Idulfitri menjadi momen yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh semua orang, karena momen ini memberikan keceriaan dengan hangatnya kebersamaan saat berkumpul bersama keluarga, sahabat dan orang terkasih. Menyambut momen tersebut, masyarakat mulai mempersiapkan banyak kebutuhan termasuk pakaian terbaiknya untuk mendukung segala aktivitas yang dilakukan selama hari raya dengan nyaman. Sebagai tempat tujuan belanja masyarakat, UNIQLO hadir untuk pecinta LifeWear dengan menyediakan berbagai pilihan koleksi pakaian yang bisa dikenakan oleh semua orang untuk selebrasi momen kebersamaan Hari Raya yang selalu dinantikan ini.

“Bagi banyak orang, kegembiraan dan keceriaan bisa didapatkan dengan berkumpul bersama orang terkasih, mulai dari keluarga hingga kerabat terdekat, salah satunya di hari spesial Idul Fitri ini dimana banyak aktivitas yang bertepatan dengan hari raya yang dilalui bersama. UNIQLO hadir untuk melengkapi kenyamanan tersebut melalui rangkaian koleksi pakaian dan aksesoris untuk pria, wanita hingga anak-anak yang bisa membuat Anda dan seluruh keluarga tampil gaya saat merayakan momen kebersamaan yang akan terus dikenang hingga nanti. Merupakan komitmen kami untuk memudahkan pelanggan setia

Hadir dengan koleksi LifeWear yang mengutamakan kenyamanan, UNIQLO menyediakan berbagai macam gaya yang dapat dipadupadankan menjadi tampilan yang stylish untuk segala acara dan untuk semua orang. Berikut beberapa item esensial dari koleksi LifeWear beserta ide gaya yang bisa menjadi inspirasi dari pilihan terbaik untuk melengkapi momen istimewa Anda di Hari Raya tahun ini.

Koleksi pakaian pria

Dengan padatnya aktivitas dan mobilitas yang cukup tinggi saat hari raya, pakaian yang versatile menjadi sangat penting karena bisa digunakan untuk acara formal maupun santai. Atasan model baju koko dengan desain kekinian seperti Kemeja Katun Modal Kerah Tegak Lengan Pendek maupun Kemeja Linen Katun Kerah Tegak menjadi salah satu pilihan yang cocok karena dilengkapi bahan yang diperbarui sehingga terasa lembut, sejuk, dan nyaman dipakai seharian.


Koleksi pakaian wanita

Saat hari raya, biasanya para wanita akan lebih sibuk dari biasanya karena banyak yang harus dipersiapkan untuk menyambut keluarga di rumah maupun persiapan untuk bepergian. Pakaian dengan bahan yang lembut, tidak mudah kusut dan serbaguna seperti Blus Rayon Lengan

Panjang dipadukan dengan Celana Lebar Lipit yang menggabungkan sejuknya nuansa rayon dan drep yang elegan serta lipatan tengah yang memberikan efek mempesona dan potongan lebar akan membantu para wanita untuk bergerak dengan leluasa namun tetap tampil elegan. Selain itu, koleksi Tunik Rayon Lengan Panjang juga masih menjadi pilihan yang kini dilengkapi dengan kancing pada pergelangan agar mudah digulung.

Koleksi Batik

Untuk Anda yang ingin tampil rapi dan sedikit berbeda namun tetap kasual, pilihan koleksi Batik Motif seperti Kemeja Batik Motif Lengan Pendek untuk pria yang lembut dan warna cerah dipadupadankan dengan Celana Chino Slim Fit yang bersiluet ramping dengan detail yang begitu stylish .

Untuk tampilan senada, para wanita bisa menggunakan Blus Batik Motif Lengan Panjang dengan fitur aksen pada pergelangan dan leher dipadupadankan dengan Celana Smart Ankle yang terbuat dari bahan two-way stretch dan dilengkapi waistband elastis untuk kenyamanan bergerak dan cocok untuk seragam dengan keluarga.

Koleksi pakaian anak-anak

Momen hari raya biasanya sangat ditunggu-tunggu oleh anak-anak karena saatnya bertemu dan

berkumpul dengan saudara. Koleksi gaun anak

seperti GIRLS Gaun Rayon Motif Bunga Tanpa Lengan yang terbuat dari 100% rayon yang lembut serta dilengkapi aksen kerut di bagian pinggang atau GIRLS Gaun Gather Seersucker

Lengan Pendek dengan bahan 100% katun seersucker yang tidak mudah melekat serta aksen frill yang menggemaskan pada lengan membuat anak perempuan Anda tampil cantik.

Semangat menyambut kegembiraan saat berkumpul bersama juga dirasakan saat momen istimewa ini. Untuk anak laki-laki, pilihan KIDS Kaos Polo Dry Pique (Bordir) dengan bahan pique lembut dengan teknologi DRY yang cepat kering dan siluet yang sederhana mampu memberikan kenyamanan walaupun sibuk bermain seharian. Untuk acara yang sedikit formal, koleksi KIDS Kemeja Katun Linen Kerah Tegak sangat cocok untuk anak laki-laki Anda yang ingin terlihat rapi namun tetap kasual karena didukung dengan potongan lengan pendek dan bahu yang rileks.

Segera lengkapi kebutuhan pakaian Anda untuk menambah keceriaan dan kehangatan agar momen istimewa hari raya terasa lebih bermakna dan tidak terlewatkan. Saatnya menikmati kebersamaan bersama orang tercinta dengan nyaman bersama rangkaian koleksi LifeWear yang bisa didapatkan di seluruh toko UNIQLO di Indonesia dan

Informasi mengenai koleksi Hari Raya :

Untuk informasi terkini tentang UNIQLO Indonesia, kunjungi:

Instagram Resmi UNIQLO Indonesia:



Bucket List Travel: 5 Locations in the Middle East and Africa to Visit

As lockdowns around the world are slowly being lifted, those of us with travel wanderlust are preparing for when we can finally add another stamp on our passport. Many of us would love to explore the earth’s majestic, natural beauty or get lost in a quaint, storybook town like Blue City. You can find these alluring destinations and more in the MENA region, as it has some of the most exotic sights and attractions–from beach fronts, to lush gardens, and ancient archaeological sites. Listed below are just some of the magical locations to visit in the region.

1. Dubai Miracle Garden, United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Miracle Garden in the UAE, unveiled in 2013, is quickly becoming a must-see attraction when visiting the country. As the largest garden in the world, with over 150 million flowers, it is a sight to see. The vibrantly colorful and whimsical floral displays will transport you to a make-believe world like Alice in Wonderland. Some of the garden’s most eye-catching sights are the flower castle, flower clock, and the heart flower passage. Its beauty is one of the most surreal attractions on this list.

2. The Blue City, Morocco

Chefchaouen City, known as “The Blue City,” is one of Morocco‘s most well-hidden gems in the mountains. This picturesque town is painted electric blue and features artisans selling beautiful fabrics in its cobblestone streets. You can also find potted plants along the walls, which further capture the quaint nature of this city. Just beyond it, are mountainscapes for hiking and sight-seeing as well as waterfalls surrounding the city.

Photo: Shutterstock Photo: Shutterstock

3. Wadi Ash Shab, Oman

Wadi Ash Shab, located in the Al Sharqiya region of Oman, is one of the many lush Wadis that can be found throughout the country. Imagine a waterfall surrounded by cliffs, hidden caves, a sandy terrain, palm trees, and cerulean blue pools. These are all of the breathtaking characteristics of the Wadi Ash Shab that make it a prime destination for relaxation. This natural wonder is perfect for hiking, swimming, and engaging with this earth’s beauty.

4. Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia

A desert oasis, Al-Ula, in Saudi Arabia, is being primed to be the next big tourist destination as it offers a time capsule dating back to ancient civilizations. At first glance, visitors will see an expansive land of relics and structures. Taking a deeper look, they will see what is called Ikmah , the library of Lihyan or the “Open Library” where ancient locals could study politics, economic, and social affairs. It also exhibits mud-houses that were recently inhabited just six years ago. The highlight of this site is Mada’in Saleh, a settlement of the Nabataeans, and the first Unesco World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia. At the moment, there are small-scale hotels to stay at with larger resorts underway for the future. A trip to this mostly uncharted archaeological basin will be an unforgettable experience for those longing to explore ancient culture.

5. Asir Province, Saudi Arabia

The Assir Province in Saudi Arabia is a budding tourist destination covered in forests and mountain ranges. When visiting this province, you will be immersed in its rich culture and villages. Locals welcome you with festivals in the capital city of Abha each year. On tours, guests will get a taste of their lifestyles through dance performances and more. From hiking through numerous natural parks to taking a cable car ride down to Habala, known as the Hanging Village, there is much to be explored.

Photo: Shutterstock Photo: Shutterstock Photo: Shutterstock


33 tahun sudah Sogo menemani customer Indonesia berbelanja, kini siap memanjakan pelanggan dengan koleksi dan service baru

Selama lebih dari 3 dekade, SOGO Department Store terus berkomitmen dalam memberikan pelayanan terbaik dan berinovasi dalam memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan. Dengan seluruh gerai yang tersebar di 7 kota besar di Indonesia, SOGO sebagai pioneer retail modern, selalu memberikan kemudahan dengan memberikan beragam brand dan produk yang lengkap, mulai dari kebutuhan fashion, beauty, home and living, serta barber, restaurant dan massage.

Kembali mengusung tema japanese di ulang tahun ke-33, kali ini SOGO menekankan ornamen-ornamen bunga sakura da -

lam menyambut sukacita musim semi yang memiliki makna kebahagiaan serta harapan untuk SOGO kedepannya. Dengan berbagai aktivitas selama bulan anniversary ini, SOGO mengundang Japanese Community dan memberikan berbagai kegiatan tradisional khas budaya Jepang, seperti Taiko Dance Performance, Japanese Fashion Show dan Japanese Brands yang dapat ditemukan pada acara puncak seremoni ulang tahun SOGO di Main Atrium Pondok Indah Mall 2 pada hari Sabtu, 18 Maret 2023.

Handaka Santosa, selaku Managing Director SOGO Indonesia menerangkan bahwa


SOGO melakukan aksi giveback kepada masyarakat, melalui program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dengan tajuk #SOGOScholarship yang menggandeng mitra, sebuah platform crowdfunding terpercaya di Indonesia untuk mengajak seluruh customer SOGO, bersama-sama membantu pendidikan anak-anak di tingkat SD, SMP & SMA untuk mencerdaskan generasigenerasi muda penerus bangsa.

Arnolda Ratnawati Sidarta, selaku Marketing Director SOGO Indonesia juga menambahkan bahwa selama 33 tahun berdiri di Indonesia, SOGO selalu mengutamakan pelayanan terbaik kepada pelanggan setianya dan mengukuhkan posisinya seba -

gai leading Department Store di Indonesia. SOGO terus berkomitmen dalam memberikan service excellence dengan tidak hanya memperhatikan product display, suasana gerai, proses transaksi & pengantaran yang mudah dan aman, tetapi juga pelayanan kepada customer seperti alteration service, gift wrapping maupun return policy. Selain itu, SOGO juga turut merangkul para pelaku UMKM dan memberi ruang kepada local designer ternama Indonesia untuk dapat menampilkan kreasinya yang bisa ditemui di seluruh gerai SOGO.

Maraknya belanja online juga tidak membuat SOGO gentar karena SOGO senantiasa memberikan pengalaman berbelanja


dan program-program yang menarik kepada para pelanggan setianya yang tidak bisa didapatkan dengan belanja online. Dalam rangka memeriahkan anniversary kali ini, SOGO kembali menghadirkan lucky draw dengan hadiah utama 1 unit All New Mazda CX-5, 20 Liontin berlian dari merek perhiasan ternama Frank & Co serta 15 Logam Mulia 24 karat dari Lakuemas. Tidak hanya itu, SOGO juga mengadakan program all about 33, yang dimulai dari 33 juta MAPCLUB Points, Cashback 133.000 MAPCLUB Points, Special Anniversary Discount 33%, Shopping Voucher up to Rp 800.000,-, SOGO Lucky Wish dengan hadiah ITSU Massage Chair dan VSpring Mattress, serta Doorprize yang akan memenangkan iPhone 14. SOGO terus berinovasi dan mengikuti perkembangan tren

untuk menghadapi persaingan dunia ritel, dengan total 17 gerai di 7 kota besar di Indonesia, hadir secara digital melalui fitur whatsapp chat SOGO Click & Shop serta memberikan berbagai program menarik seperti Big Sale dan Late Night Shopping dalam menghadapi euphoria belanja online. Sebagai one stop shopping destination, SOGO juga dilengkapi dengan food and beverage seperti Genki Sushi, coffee shop Starbucks, bookstore Kinokuniya, barbershop, hingga swalayan The Food Hall. Koleksi SOGO Department Store dapat ditemui melalui situs belanja online MAP Emall

( Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang SOGO, silahkan mengakses Instagram @sogo_id.